Find out how it all started in Yakuza 0


[It was raining heavily on the streets of Kamurocho. Peaceful citizens are fussing with umbrellas, hurrying home. And only criminals aren't disturbed by any weather. They're beating the debt out of some poor guy.]

Yakuza: When you gonna have the rest!?

Man: Next week… Next week I'll have it! Please, give me a little more time!

OCTOBER 1, 1995. 5:47 P.M.

[Rain outside the window is getting worse. You can hear the sound of thunder. Kazuma Kiryu stands with a gun in his hand. On the floor is the body of his boss, Sohei Dojima. The police are already in a hurry to break into the room. Kiryu sees a red stone ring on the floor and picks it up. There's an inscription on the inside of the ring - Yumi. The police burst into the room.]

Policeman: Freeze!


[A family member is driving Kiryu in a car.]

Thug: Sir?

Kiryu: Yeah?

Thug: Sorry about this. I shouldn't have to drag you out on a regular collection.

Kiryu: I told you, don't worry about it, Shinji.

Shinji: ...Thanks.

[SHINJI TANAKA Of The Dojima Family.]

[KAZUMA KIRYU. Lieutenant Advisor Of The Dojima Family, A Tojo Clan Subsidiary.]

[Kiryu and Shinji get out of the car.]

Kiryu: So who are these guys causing trouble?

Shinji: Just some local loan sharks. They were actually on another family's bankroll for a while. But they were barely even keeping up with the interest. It got so out of hand, we needed to step in.

Kiryu: Got it. And how much have they racked up?

Shinji: 200 million. The families agreed on a 50/50 split, so we'll be up a hundred mil out of this.

Kiryu: That’s nothing to scoff at. All right, let's go.

Go to Peace FinanceEdit

Shinji: Look sir, it's another new sex shop.

Kiryu: You still into that kind of stuff?

Sinji: Heh, maybe you should give it a try yourself. Y'know, I've got some recommendations. You want to grab a bite after we're done?

Kiryu: Sorry, tonight is…

Sinji: Oh yeah, you’re going to Serena.

Kiryu: Right. Another time, then.

[They walk to a building called 安心と信頼のピースファイナンス – literally “Peace Finance with security and trust”.]

Shinji: This is the place, sir. They're on the fifth floor.

Kiryu: Okay, let’s go.

[They enter the building… or rather, kicking the door out and enter. A few guys are boxing things up. In the center is the president of the firm, Hirata.]

Hirata: Wh-Who the—!?

Kiryu: Sorry to drop in on you so late. I'm Kiryu, from the Dojima Family.

Hirata: (flatteringly) Ah, Kiryu-san, I hope we haven't caused you any trouble…

Kiryu: You know why I'm here. My man here discussed it with you yesterday.

Hirata: (bows) Tomorrow! Please give me until tomorrow! I beg of you!

Kiryu: Can't say I'm feeling sympathetic when it's so obvious you're getting ready to skip town. It's best not to make promises you can't keep.

Hirata: (continues to bow) I'm sorry! Can't you make an exception!?

Shinji: Hey, quit your groveling!

Hirata: (murmuring) A-Are you going to kill me?

Kiryu: Excuse me?

Hirata: Isn't the Dojima Family known for resorting to murder during collections? If you can't pay, you get made into an example. That’s what everyone says!

Shinji: Oh, come on. Those are just rumors started by people who don't pay their dues, and besides—

[Hirata pushes him and Shinji falls to the floor.]

Shinji: Whoa!

[Hirata takes a golf club out of his bag.]

Hirata: I'm telling you, I don't have your money! So… This is my only choice!

[Kiryu teaches him and his men good manners, and at the same time stretches his muscles a little.]

Hirata: I'm sorry! Please… forgive me!

Shinji: Sir! I got the money.

Kiryu: (to Hirata) It's what you owe. Don't blame me.

[Kiryu and Shinji are leaving the building.]

Shinji: Sir, thank you very much. You know, it's exciting that the Kiryu Family is finally going to become a real thing! Kazama-san himself was just saying, sir, that a family under your leadership would be in good hands.

Kiryu: Nothing's set in stone yet, so don't get your hopes up.

Shinji: Y-Yes sir. By the way, you're heading to Serena to meet up with Nishiki after this, right? You can only get in from the back today, Just go through the alley On Tenkaichi Street and upstairs to the second floor.

Kiryu: Right.

Shinji: Well, gonna keep watch here for a while to make Sure the Cops don't show up. I'll hold onto the 100 million yen and get it to the client later. You don't have to worry about this half.

Kiryu: Nice, thanks.

[He goes to the alley by the bar and accidentally bumps into some yakuza.]

Yakuza: Whoa! Watch it, man! Tough guy, eh? What family you from!?

[Kiryu is not going to waste time and just apologizes.]

Kiryu: 'Scuse me.

Yakuza: That ain't gonna cut it, asshole!

[Kiryu has to explain to him where he's wrong with his fists.]

Yakuza: Wh-Who ARE you?

Familiar Voice: I saw that shit, Kiryu-chan!

Yakuza: S-Sir! Kiryu!? You mean…

[Majima enters the alley with an umbrella in his hand.]

Majima: Yep, the Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu-chan!

Kiryu: (bows) It's been a while, Majima-san.

[GORO MAJIMA. Captain Of The Shimano Family, Patriarch Of The Majima Family.]

Majima: Put a lid on that formal shit. Heard you were gonna head up yer own family soon. By the way… That bar over there. That's where your sweetheart works, yeah? I heard she's real easy on the eyes… Everyone's sayin' so. They all just want in on the action! Anyway... Whadda we do with this fool?

Yakuza: I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you, Kiryu-san!

Kiryu: No, it’s fine.

Majima: Too soft, Kiryu-chan! Soft as a marshmallow! You gotta make things right… Like so!

[He thrumps the Yakuza in the face with an umbrella.]

Majima: I ain’t even done! Ya! Ya! Take it!

[He beats over and over again smashing his face to bloody mess. Then he takes an umbrella like a spear and wants to stab the Yakuza in the face, but Kiryu stops his hand.]

Majima: The hell?

Kiryu: That’s enough.

Majima: I was only doin’ it for you…

Kiryu: And I say it’s enough, so…

Majima: Ohh...? Well, fine then. But when ya get your own men, you're gonna have to lay gown the law. Let’s roll.

Kiryu: Yeah. I’ll keep that in mind. But...

Majima: Huh? But what?

Kiryu: I'm going to do things my own way.

Majima: Hmm… And what way is that?

Kiryu: It’ll be the right way.

Majima: The hell? You tryin’ to start shit? I'll fight you right here, right now!

Kiryu: No. I've got no reason to fight you. There’s no point.

[Majima slaps him.]

Majima: How 'bout now? That enough reason to fight?

Kiryu: If I've made you angry, Majima-san, I apologize.

Majima: What was that?

[He starts hitting Kiryu in the face with an umbrella. Kiryu doesn't react.]

Majima: C’mon! Show me you've got some balls, and fight back!

Kiryu: And with that… Are we done here?

Majima: Huh!?

[He throws out an umbrella and takes out a short blade – tanto.]

Majima: You talk tough… But how long will that last?

[He strikes... but he stops a millimeter away from Kiryu's face. The Dragon of Dojima hasn't even moved.]

Majima: Whatever… No point? You're just makin' things harder on yourself. Deprivin' yourself for no damn reason. You think the world gives two shits if there's a point or not? Keep that up, and it'll break you.

Kiryu: You can see it however you want. But… Nothing you can say is going to change my mind.

Majima: No matter what happens?

Kiryu: Right.

Majima: (happily) You got it, then! I’m gonna see those ideals of yours to the end! I’ll have my eye on you , 24/7!

Kiryu: What?

Majima: And the when there's a point… Are ya gonna be willing to fight me?

Kiryu: I won't know until the time comes.

Majima: (cheerfully) Hell yeah! Then all I need to do is come up with a plan to make ya fight me! Let’s bounce, guys!

Majima’s Men: (bows) Yes, sir!

Majima: See you son, Kiryu-chan! Look forward to some fun! Man, this is gonna be sweet!

[He and his men are leaving. The Yakuza decides to thank Kiryu.]

Hiyama: If it wasn't for you, my boss would have killed me. Kiryu-san, thank you so much!

Kiryu: Are you okay now?

Hiyama: Yes! I'm used to Majima-san being pretty rough.

[Kiryu goes up the stairs and enters the bar. Nishikiyama sits there, as usual.]

Kiryu: It's always so nice and quiet in here.

Reina: Because with you two around, normal customers can't enjoy their drinks! So I closed up for the night.

Kiryu: Reina, where's Yumi?

Reina: She's out shopping. She figured you guys would be hungry.

Nishikiyama: True that. So, how's the Kiryu Family coming along?

[AKIRA NISHIKIYAMA of the Dojima Family.]

Kiryu: It's not even a done deal yet. That's up to the boss.

Majima: Like the boss is gonna object. Kazama-san's got his weight behind it. He's the one keeping the Dojima Family afloat at this point anyway. Dojima is somethin' else these days. All he does is yak about his glory days.

Kiryu: Watch it, Nishiki.

Nishikiyama: You beat me to the punch again, eh?

Kiryu: Come on, Nishiki. How's your sister doing?

Nishikiyama: Next month... She's up for another surgery. It'll probably be the last.

Kiryu: The last?

Nishikiyama: She can only hold out so much longer. If this one doesn't work, then...

Kiryu: I see…

[A girl with full bags enters the bar.]

Girl: Oh! You guys are here!

Nishikiyama: Yumi!

Yumi: What? Drunk already? How dare you start without me!

Kiryu: Go ahead, be my guest.

[Yumi has the same red stone ring on his arm that we saw at the beginning of the game. They've been drinking and talking for a while.]


[We go back in time, but we stay at Bar Serena. Yumi entertains a bar visitor.]

Yumi: Sorry, but it's the thought that counts!

Client: Aw, did I just get rejected, Yumi-chan!?

[Kiyu and Nishikiyama enters the bar.]

Nishikiyama: (to Reina) Hey! We're paying customers too, y'know!

Reina: Sorry, sorry. That guy's practically a regular these days. The usual, then?

Kiryu: Sure.

Nishikiyama: So, is that little venture going to take off?

Kiryu: Huh? Oh, the casino thing? I don't know. I'm not really into the idea of conning money out of civilians...

Nishikiyama: What's wrong with you? This is your time to prove you can handle your own family. If you pull some nice numbers with this, it's all but sealed. You'd be at the top of Dojima's Kiryu Family! A patriarch among the Tojo Clan's legends. This is no time to hesitate, man.

Kiryu: I'm already a lieutenant advisor. It's a respectable job. Isn't that enough?

Nishikiyama: As usual, you can't see the forest for the trees. A lieutenant is respectable in name only. I mean, sure, you're not exactly hurting... But that's not how you move up in the world. You've hit the glass ceiling. And now, thanks to Kazama-san, you're finally getting your big chance. If you want to make this happen, then you've gotta work your ass off. Otherwise you'll just get burned and tossed out with the garbage. It's any yakuza's dream to be patriarch of his own family. Am I wrong?

Nishikiyama: I wonder...

Reina: (putting glass on the counter) Sorry for the wait. By the way, I was just talking to one of the other customers about birthdays. You know Yumi's is coming up, right? Did you guys get her anything? A present, perhaps?

Kiryu: Ah... I didn't realize it was already that time...

Nishikiyama: Dumbass, did you actually forget?

Kiryu: No, I've just been so busy lately...

Reina: How about you, Nishikiyama-kun? Did you get her something?

Nishikiyama: Of course. I got her a pink diamond necklace that'll really suit her.

Reina: Ooh! Sounds expensive!

Nishikiyama: Right? I ordered it months ago and it finally came. Actually, I brought it with me today. All wrapped and ready to go.

Reina: Oh, you really went all in! We should have a little party!

Nishikiyama: Oh, good idea. I can go get us a cake from a nice little bakery I know.

Reina: Really? That would be great, thank you. Kiryu-chan, does that sound good?

Kiryu: Hm. Could we maybe take a rain check?

Reina: Absolutely not! You still have time, so why not go buy her something?

Kiryu: But I wouldn't know what to get her.

Reina: I know, how about a ring?

Kiryu: A ring, huh?

Nishikiyama: I think that sounds safe enough. Good choice, Reina.

Reina: You're welcome.

Kiryu: What kind of ring should I get?

Nishikiyama: You'll have to use your brain, bro. I can't help you with that one.

Reina: Don't make it harder than it needs to be. If your heart's in it, she'll appreciate it.

Kiryu: It's no use. I have no idea what she would like.

Reina: Boy, you really are hopeless... Oh, I know! How about this?

Kiryu: What's that?

Reina: How about a ring from a famous French brand? They just came Out with a new style, and the ladies are loving it. The other day, Yumi-chan and I were browsing through some magazines, and she said she'd love to have one, too.

Kiryu: Really…

Reina: Well, why don't you get her one?

Kiryu: Good idea. Okay, I'll try that!


Kiryu: (Yumi's birthday, huh? I completely forgot. Around here, the best place to buy a ring would probably be... Le Marche, on Showa Street. I should head over there now.)

Get the RingEdit

[Kiryu enters a luxury jewelry store.]

Le Marche Employee: Welcome! Anything catch your eye today?

Kiryu: Well, actually... I hear there's a popular women's ring that's made in France...

Le Marche Employee: Ah, I believe you're referring to this one.

[He points to a ring with a red stone.]

Kiryu: Hm. Wow…

Le Marche Employee: It's a very high demand item right now, and it happens to be the last of our stock. Our next shipment may be a ways off, so if you don't act fast...

Kiryu: All right. I'll take it.

Le Marche Employee: Very good, sir. Will this be a gift?

Kiryu: Y-Yeah, It's a birthday present.

Le Marche Employee: If you're interested, we do offer an engraving service. Would you like a name engraved?

Kiryu: In that case, can you put "YUMI" on it?

Le Marche Employee: Yes, of course.

[Kiryu paid ¥120000. Everything he’s got, by the way.]

Kiryu: (Good, I bought the ring. Reina said this is something Yumi wants, so I hope she likes it. Better head back to Serena.)

[On his way to the bar, he bumps into a middle-aged man.]

Suspicious Man: Whoa, sorry pal.

Kiryu: Oh, uh...

[The man runs away.]

Kiryu: (Huh? The ring is missing! Damn, it must have been that guy!)

Get the Ring BackEdit

[He rushes into a chase.]

Kiryu: (Where'd that guy go!?)

Male Voice: Uh, um…

[Kiryu turns around.]

Male Victim: Pardon me, were you pickpocketed as well?

Kiryu: Uh, yeah. Did he get you too?

Male Victim: Yeah. He cleaned me out… He's got a reputation around here. He robs you, then he goes into hiding. He's been getting away by slipping into alleyways. Or even hiding behind vending machines.

Kiryu: Seriously…

Male Victim: Earlier, I watched him run from that alley towards Tenkaichi Street, but that was the last I've seen of him.

Kiryu: I get the picture. But no matter where he hides, I'm going to find him and take back what he stole from me.

Male Victim: If you track him down, please, avenge me too!

Kiryu: You got it. (Tenkaichi Alley, huh?)

[He questions passers-by.]

Watchful Woman: Some strange man in a coat just darted off into that alley. What was that all about?

[Kiryu sees a man hiding behind a vending machine like a child.]

Kiryu: (Hm? Isn't that the pickpocket?) Hey, you!

Suspicious Man: Ack!

Kiryu: Give me back the ring you stole!

Suspicious Man: Crap! You found me!

[He runs away.]

Kiryu: Hey, get back here! He's fast...

Man: Oh no, my wallet's gone! That guy was a pickpocket!

Kiryu: (He even picks pockets while he runs? He's good, but now he's really on my shit list.)

[He continue to question passers-by.]

Kiryu: Have you seen anyone suspicious around here?

Curious Guy: Yeah, some guy bumped into me and then rounded the corner of this convenience store. What was that all about?

Kiryu: Hey, did you see a guy in a coat running by?

Pickpocketed Man: That thieving bum of a pickpocket, you mean? Yeah, he got me, then booked it toward Suppon Street.

Kiryu: Suppon Street. Got it.

Pickpocketed Man: I should have waited to make that withdrawal...

[Kiryu finds the thief again, hiding behind a sign.]

Kiryu: (Hm? He's hiding in plain sight!) Hey! Finally found you! Give back that ring!

Suspicious Man: Dammit, you found me again!

[He tries to escape again, but this time Kiryu won't let him do it.]

Kiryu: Hold it. No way you're getting past me again.

Suspicious Man: Wh-What the hell... Why would anyone go to all this trouble to track me down? Wahaha...! But the joke's on you.

Kiryu: Hm? What makes you say that?

Suspicious Man: If you want your ring back, you'll have to take me down! But be warned! I am the heir to a deadly lost art of assassination!

[Kiryu sighs and kicks his ass with the lost art of chair fighting.]

Suspicious Man: I-I'm sorry! I'll stop training as an assassin...

Kiryu: How about you stop pickpocketing? Now, give back the ring you stole from me.

Suspicious Man: Actually, I don't have it anymore.

Kiryu: What? What did you do with it?

Suspicious Man: I pawned it off, just a little while ago.

Kiryu: Enough of this! You need to go buy it back, then!

Suspicious Man: Well, sorry to say that I sort of... Well, I kinda used that money to buy lottery tickets.

Kiryu: What!?

Suspicious Man: The jackpot is huge right now, so I'm hoping I can win it big! But we won't know until later...

Kiryu: (Damn. I need to go to the pawn shop and buy it back, now!)

[He runs to Ebisu Pawn Shop.]

Employee: Welcome. Can I help you?

Kiryu: Hey, that ring is mine.

Employee: Excuse me?

Kiryu: It was stolen from me, so it was originally mine. Can I have it back, please?

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: Oh, I hear this sob story all the time. Lots of swindlers out there.

Kiryu: No, I'm not lying. It really was mine.

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: Why would I take the word of a yakuza!? If you're going to get “persistent,” I'll call the cops!

Kiryu: Damn! (Fine, I need to come up with that money somehow! Maybe I can ask someone in the family if they'll spot me… Damn... Now I don't even have enough cash to buy it back. Do I know anyone who would loan me that much?)

Shinji: Hm? Kiryu, sir, what's up?

Kiryu: Shinji!

Shinji: Fancy seeing you here. You on your way to a soapland too?

Kiryu: Shinji, I'm glad I ran into you. Can I trust you to lend me some money, no questions asked?

Shinji: Eh? Sure. no problem. I won't pry, but it must be a pretty big deal if you're strapped for cash. This soapland you want in must be way expensive.

Kiryu: Sorry, but the clock's ticking. Can I borrow it or not?

Shinji: Oh, sure.

[Kiryu borrowed ¥120000.]

Kiryu: I owe one!

[He runs away.]

Shinji: Of course. Let me know how you like her!

[Kiryu returns to Ebisu Pawn Shop and finds that the price for the ring became ¥150000.]

Kiryu: Hey! You changed the price!

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: It's you again... Sorry, but I had to raise the price. It's a pretty popular item, you know.

Kiryu: Please, this is the last ring they had. I can't buy it again somewhere else.

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: Then buy it from me. If you've got the money, of course.

Kiryu: I know! There's a way to tell if the ring is the One that belonged to me. If it's mine, it'll have the word “YUMI” engraved on it!

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: I don't care how many times you say it! If you want this ring, you've gotta pay for it.

Kiryu: Damn! (This is ridiculous... but I need more money. Maybe Shinji is still in area? I really need mere money! I'm sorry, Shinji...)

Kiryu: Shinji!

Shinji: Back already, sir? That was fast! I take it you went for the short-and-sweet?

Kiryu: Shinji, I'm sorry. Can I borrow more money? I have to go back one more time.

Shinji: Sir! You liked her THAT much!?

Kiryu: No time to explain. Some other guy might get there before I do.

Shinji: Oh sure, of course! I totally understand!

[Kiryu borrowed ¥30000.]

Kiryu: Thanks!

[He runs away.]

Shinji: Man, I should get out there too! Maybe tonight's the night for a soapland crawl!

[Kiryu goes back to the Pawn Shop.]

Kiryu: No! The ring is gone! It was here a moment ago... Did someone already buy it?

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: Oh, I figured you'd be back.

Kiryu: Hey, what happened to the ring that was here!?

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: No need to panic now. I set it aside for you.

Kiryu: What? Really?

Ebisu Pawn Shop Employee: Well, you looked so serious about it. I couldn't shake the image. I checked out the ring like you asked, and it did have a name engraved on it. I believe you, about how it was stolen from you.

Kiryu: Really... Well then, would you sell it to me?

Ebisu pawn Shop Employee: Oh, no need to buy it. If they find out we're selling stolen goods, we get in trouble with the law. Besides, I see a lot of people come through here with this kind of stuff. I always hope it's going to people who will really care for it.

Kiryu: Thanks. She'll take care of the ring. rm sure of it.

[Kiryu gets the ring back! All that's left is to go to the party. Yumi is blowing out the candles on the cake. Nishikiyama blowing up the party popper. Everyone claps and congratulates the birthday girl.]

Reina: Yumi-chan! Happy birthday!

Nishikiyama: Happy birthday, Yumi!

Kiryu: Happy birthday!

Yumi: Thanks, everyone!

Nishikiyama: Here, Yumi. I got you a present.

Yumi: What, really? Can I open it now?

Nishikiyama: Of course.

Yumi: Wow, it's gorgeous! Are you sure!? Is this really mine to keep?

Nishikiyama: Absolutely.

Kiryu: Umm, Yumi. Actually... I have a present for you too.

Yumi: Oh, really? Thank you!

Kiryu: Here... Here you go.

Yumi: A ring... Kazuma, is this for me?

Nishikiyama: Hey hey, what's up with that tacky ring? You find it in the bargain bin?

Reina: C'mon, don't be mean!

Yumi: Oh! It has my name engraved on it!

Kiryu: Was that too much?

Yumi: No, not at all! Thank you. I'll treasure it.

Kiryu: Sure.

[We're going back to the present time.]

Reina: By the way, isn't it almost your birthday, Yumi-chan?

Client: Oh, is it? I'll have to get you a present! How about... a ring?

Yumi: A ring? Thank you for the offer, but... That would be too much.

Client: Huh? What do you mean?

Yumi: You know, I'd want a ring from… From someone I was in love with, so...

Client: Oh, what? Are you saying you're in love with someone?

Yumi: Oh no, it's not like that, but... Sorry, but it's the thought that counts!

Client: Aw, did I just get rejected, Yumi-chan!?

Nishikiyama: Hey! We're paying customers too, y'know!

Reina: So, what are you going to get me when my birthday rolls around?

Nishikiyama: No idea.

Reina: Then Kiryu-chan, you can give me a necklace. And Nishikiyama-kun can get me… A ring, maybe?

Nishikiyama: Seriously? Well, if that's what you want.

[They're all laughing.]


[Kiryu sleeps at the counter.]


Reina: Morning, Kiryu-chan. Were you tired? You slept like a baby.

Kiryu: Hm? Where did Nishiki go?

Reina: Nishikiyama-kun? He left hours ago. He said, "Kiryu can't hog ALL the glory around here," then he left looking really excited.

Kiryu: I see... What time is it now?

Reina: It's just about four o’ clock. Shouldn't you be heading to Kazama-san's place pretty soon?

Kiryu: Yeah, you're right. I'm gonna go. How about you?

Reina: Well, after I'm done prepping to open tonight, I'll close up shop for a bit and enjoy a cup of tea somewhere.

Kiryu: By the way, where's Yumi?

Reina: She went home for now. Then she'll take care of the shopping before coming back here to relieve me.

Kiryu: I see... In that case, I'll stop by later tonight.

Reina: All right. We'll see you later.

Go to the Kazama Family OfficeEdit

Kazama: Ah, there you are,

Kiryu: (bows) How do you do, sir?

Kazama: Fine, thanks.

[SHINTARO KAZAMA. Patriarch Of The Kazama Family, A Dojima Family Subsidiary.]

Kiryu: Here's this month's cut. I'll leave it with you.

Kashiwagi: Thanks.

[OSAMU KASHIWAGI. Captain Of The Kazama Family, A Dojima Family Subsidiary.]

Kazama: You didn't do anything reckless?

Kiryu: No, sir.

Kazama: Kazuma. If you push things too far, the men under you will too. They all began as punks, looking for trouble wherever they could find it.

Kashiwagi: Don't worry about Kiryu. He has his head on straight. Besides, the boss here has no room to talk… You know, he used to be the Tojo Clan's finest assass —

Kazama: Kashiwagi!

Kashiwagi: I-I'm sorry.

Kazama: Give us a minute, if you would.

Kashiwagi: Yes, sir.

[He leaves the room.]

Kazama: To think, you're about to become patriarch of your own family. Seems like only yesterday you were just a child.

Kiryu: I wouldn't be here without you, sir. I'm grateful for that.

Kazama: Hey, don't get all formal on me.

Kiryu: Yes, sir.

Kazama: Have you been to Sunflower lately?

Kiryu: No. Neither has Nishiki or Yumi.

Kazama: You should drop in now and again. That orphanage is more or less the only place all three of you can call home.

Kiryu: You're right.

[Someone knocks the door.]

Kazama: Yeah?

Yakuza: Sorry to bother you, sir. Kiryu-san, you have a phone call. It's Shinji-san.

[Kiryu is looking at Kazama. That nods and lets him answer. Kiryu picks up the phone.]

Kiryu: It’s me.

Shinji: This is Shinji! Reina-san told me to get you, sir! A second ago, Patriarch Dojima grabbed Yumi-san and took off!

Kiryu: Yumi!? What does the boss want with her!?

Shinji: I don't know the details. But, Nishiki took off after the boss as soon as he heard.

Kiryu: Nishiki? Where'd he go?

Shinji: The Dojima Family office. The one next to the theater!

Kiryu: Got it, I'm heading there now!

Kazama: What's wrong?

Kiryu: It's Dojima... Apparently the boss took Yumi by force. And then Nishiki went off to save her by himself.

Kazama: This sounds bad. If a girl catches his eye, the boss is capable of just about anything. Add Nishikiyama to the mix, and who knows what might come of it.

Kiryu: I have to go.

Kazama: Don't! If you get involved, you'll just make it worse for all three of you. You need to tough this out. Stay put, at least until I can do something.

Kiryu: Sir. Yumi and Nishiki are practically family to me. So... I need to go, now!

[He runs out of the room.]

Kazama: Kazuma!

Go to the Dojima Family OfficeEdit

[Kiryu rushing all the way to Dojima's office. Hirata, with whom Kiryu had a recent encounter, stands in his way.]

Hirata: Kiryu... I'm going to make you give back that money!

Kiryu: Look, I'm in a hurry here!

Hirata: After you ruined me, there's no way I can just back down. Now I've got some muscle to even the playing field. No way you make it out of this alive! Get ready to die, asshole!

[Kiryu quickly kicks Hirata and his bruiser’s asses and runs to Dojima Family Office. It's raining heavily. You can hear the sound of thunder. Kiryu bursts into the main office.]

Kiryu: Yumi! Nishiki!

[When he enters the next room, he slowly opens the door. Nishikiyama stands on his knees and holds a gun with shaking hands. Yumi lies on the floor - she seems barely conscious. Also on the floor lies... Patriarch Dojima. One of the lens in his glasses is broken. His chest is covered in blood.]

Kiryu: Nishiki… Patriarch Dojima!

Nishikiyama: Kiryu... The boss, he… He forced himself on Yumi. So... I shot him… I lost it, so... I shot him... I shot him...

[Kiryu runs up to Yumi.]

Kiryu: Yumi. Yumi!! Hey... Talk to me!

Nishikiyama: I killed him… A direct Tojo associate...

Kiryu: Nishiki. Take Yumi and get out.

Nishikiyama: Are you nuts? You take her and go!

Kiryu: If you were gone, what would happen to your sister!? Isn't her next operation her last? How is she going to get through it without you? You know you can't be here.

Nishikiyama: But... What about you?

Kiryu: Just go, Nishiki. Take care of Yumi.

Nishikiyama: Kiryu!

Kiryu: Go!

[They're leaving. The police are breaking into the room. ]

Policeman: Freeze!

[Kiryu is being taken away. In the next scene, he's already sitting in the interrogation room. The detective punches the table.]

Detective: Bullshit!

Kiryu: I did it. We were arguing over money.

Detective: Don't screw with me!

Detective 2: Date-kun, that's enough.

Detective: It doesn't add up!

[MAKOTO DATE. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective, Criminal Investigation Division.]

Makoto Date: He was just about to take charge of his own family. No way he'd throw that away. He's covering for someone!

Detective 2: This is an internal yakuza dispute. It hardly matters who did it. It's better to get this case closed as quickly and quietly as possible.

Makoto Date: Damn it!

Kiryu: Detective. There should have been a ring among my possessions. Can I ask you to give that to Captain Kazama? And to tell him... I'm very sorry.

Makoto Date: You're really pushing your luck.

Kiryu: I know.

[When he comes out of the office, he throws a phrase...]

Makoto Date: No promises.

Kiryu: Right.

[In the next scene, Kiryu is already in her cell. Cut almost bald and in a prison robot. A jailer comes up to him.]

Jailer: Inmate 1240. You've got a visitor.

[Shinji is coming to visit him. He barely holds back his tears and lends him the letter.]

Kiryu: Expulsion? Are you sure that's right, Shinji?

Shinji: Yes...

Kiryu: I killed the patriarch. Shouldn't it be complete banishment?

Shinji: Tojo Clan Third Chairman Sera himself... decided on an expulsion.

Kiryu: What do you mean?

Shinji: I don't know the details. But Kazama-san told me to give this letter of expulsion to you, sir.

Kiryu: What'll happen to the Dojima Family?

Shinji: Kazama-san's family is taking command.

Kiryu: I see.

Jailer: Time's up!

Shinji: Sir! Yumi-san is missing! Since the day after the incident! Yumi-san doesn't remember anything! She couldn't remember you or Nishiki... Then she disappeared from the hospital! I'm sorry! Kazama-san told me not to tell you.

Jailer: Hey! I said time's up!

Kiryu: Is anyone looking for her?

Shinji: Yes. Nishiki and Kazama-san are,

Jailer: Are you deaf!?

Kiryu: Shinji, take care of Yumi! And tell Nishiki to do the same!

Shinji: I will. Understood, sir.

[In the next scene, we see the prison dining room. Murderers were given forks for some reason, and they're happily using to maim each other.]

Prisoner: Asshole... The fuck is your problem, huh!?

[He forks a prisoner's hand trying to steal a bun from him.]

Jailer: You! What are you doing!?

Prisoner: The hell!? Lemme go!

Jailer: Shut up and come on!

Prisoner 1356: Man, what a dangerous place. And hey... (point to Kiryu) This one here looks like he fits right in. The yakuza who killed his boss?

Kiryu: Shut up and eat.

Prisoner 1356: As dignified as they say... The Dragon of Dojima. Dojima Family Lieutenant Advisor, Kazuma Kiryu.

[He tries to stab him in the eye with a fork, but Kiryu stops his hand.]

Prisoner 2: What's going on!?

[A few prisoners are pushing the tables aside to clear the place.]

Prisoner 1356: You took out a Tojo Clan officer... Surely you expected this? Give my regards to Patriarch Dojima when you see him in hell!

[Kiryu wipes the floor with the jerk.]

Kiryu: Who gave the order?

Prisoner 1356: Chairman Sera. Third Chairman of the Tojo Clan.

Kiryu: What'd you say!?

[A jailer comes up at the back and knocks him out with a baton.]


Yakuza in Red Jacket: The "Dragon of Dojima" my ass! That son of a bitch needs to die!

Virgin Mustache Yakuza: I still can't believe it though. A guy like Lieutenant Kiryu killing the boss… It's gotta be some kind of mistake, right?

Yakuza in Red Jacket: He was caught red-handed! What kind of mistake could there be!?

Green Jacket Yakuza: Damn, man... Just as he was about to start paying in to the Dojima Family as a patriarch... He must have had his reasons, but he's caused a real shit storm...

Yakuza in Red Jacket: At the end of the day, Captain Kazama will handle things, and the family will be fine… But accountability in the upper ranks is fucked up. How's he gonna handle this? After all, Kiryu was his favorite.

Virgin Mustache Yakuza: Speaking of the captain's favorites. What is Nishikiyama gonna do now?

Green Jacket Yakuza: Who knows? Haven't seen him. What's he got to do with it?

Virgin Mustache Yakuza: Well, I was thinking... If it'd been him who did the boss and got arrested... This wouldn't be half as complicated.

Green Jacket Yakuza: Ha, true, Why don't we put a piece in his hand and tell him to give himself up?

Yakuza in Red Jacket: I just told you, Kiryu was caught at the scene of the crime, dumbasses! Yeah well, he's still a useless piece of shit. What's he ever done for the family?

[But… Nishikiyama stands right outside the door and overhears! He is embraced by rage. He grinds his teeth. In the next scene, Nishikiyama comes to Serena and tells Reina everything. She goes crazy with this news, walks around the room and pulls Nishiki by the sleeve.]

Reina: No... How is this possible? Please say it's not true! You promised me. Nishikiyama-kun! You said I wouldn't have to worry about Yumi, that you would protect her! How could you have let this happen!? How? Why couldn't you save them? Was there nothing you could do?

Nishikiyama: What's that supposed to mean? Are you calling me useless?

Reina: No, that's not what I—

[Nishikiyama strike a slap on Reina. She falls to the floor and cries.]

Nishikiyama: (screams) You think I'm good for nothing too!?

[Realizing what he did, Nishikiyama looks at his hand for a long time.]

Chapter 2: TEN YEARS GONEEdit

DECEMBER 5, 2005

[When it comes time for Kiryu to get out of prison, the world around him has changed a lot. There are phones, the internet... but that wasn't the only thing that changed. His friends have changed, too.]

[Soon Kiryu will no longer live on schedule...]

Jailer: You may begin eating!

[His papers are already signed...]

[Parole of Kazuma Kiryu: APPROVED]

Jailer: Inmate 1240. Mail for you. First time in ten years, right? Your parole starts tomorrow. Guess someone's waiting for you on the outside.

[Kiryu is looking at the sender's name.]

Kiryu: Kazama-san…

[Meanwhile, in the main building of Tojo Clan there is a large gathering of all heads of families. Kazama-san is walking along a paved path, leaning on a cane. Also, a familiar face is approaching the building...]

[FUTOSHI SHIMANO. Patriarch Of The Shimano Family, A Tojo Clan Subsidiary.]

[The gathering begins.]

Shimano: (smoking a cigar) So, Third Chairman. Care to tell us what's so damn important that we all had to meet up today?

Sera: Our colleague here apparently has an urgent matter to discuss.

[MASARU SERA. Third Chairman Of The Tojo Clan.]

Shimano: Does he now?

Kazama: Hey. Who do you think you are, calling an officer's meeting at your own discretion? Nishikiyama.

[AKIRA NISHIKIYAMA. Patriarch Of The Nishikiyama Family, A Tojo Clan Subsidiary.]

[Nishikiyama has changed a lot. He had a sharp and impudent look in his eyes. A smile doesn't slip from his lips. His appearance screams about a lot of money.]

Nishikiyama: In the presence of all the direct clan patriarchs... Third Chairman, an inquiry... We all know that the clan's funds are held in the safety of Touto Bank... A sum of ten billion yen. Is it true then, that it was all stolen?

[The attendees are horrified and begin a heated discussion.]

Shimano: (screams) Shut the fuck up! Hey. If you're pulling this outta your ass... Your pinky ain't all I'm gonna cut off. Third Chairman?

Sera: What is your source on this?

Nishikiyama: Kansai. Terada, of the Fifth Omi Alliance.

Sera: I'd planned to disclose this after I'd ascertained the details.

Shimano: You mean the ten billion…

Sera: Yes.

Shimano: (screams) What the fuck!? Me 'n 25,000 of the Tojo Clan's best busted our asses to serve up that cash. And you've lost ten billion!? You got any fuckin' clue how much blood that is!?

Kazama: Shimano! You'd best watch your tone. You are all to defer to Tojo Clan Headquarters to resolve the matter.

Sera: Today's meeting is adjourned.

Shimano: Hey! We ain't done!

[Sera comes out of the room. Nishikiyama and Kazama exchange long piercing looks. Meanwhile, Kiryu is reading Kazama's letter in his cell.]

Kazama: “Ten years. In the ten years you've been away, the Tojo Clan... has changed. I can't even be there when you get out. With regard to Nishikiyama and Yumi... There is much to discuss. And one more thing. There's this club called "Stardust." I want you to meet Kazuki, the owner. I'll let him know you're coming. —Shintaro Kazama.”

[Kiryu leaves prison and returns to Kamurocho.]

Kiryu: (I wonder if Tamura the informant is still in town. I'm sure he knows enough to bring me up to speed. Maybe I can track him down.)

Find the Information BrokerEdit

[Kiryu is going to Theatre Square. Someone shouts at him on the way.]

???: Hey. Wait the hell up.

Kiryu: Hm?

Majima: Ooh! It's really you, Kiryu-chan. I knew it!

Kiryu: Majima-san? It's been a long time, but it's good to be out.

Majima: Word on the street was that you'd be out soon, so I've kept my eye out for ya. Heh heh, looks like I was right on the money, too!

Kiryu: Why would you look for me?

Majima: Why the hell not? Now that's the question! Didn't I promise to be watchin' ya, 24/7?

Kiryu: Oh, yeah... I guess you did say that, a long time ago.

Majima: But then ya had to go and get yourself thrown behind bars for ten damn years, all for one sorry murder charge! Shit happens, but I was half tempted to follow ya into the slammer, just 'cause it was so goddamn boring out here!

Kiryu: ……

Majima: Well, whatever. Ready to throw down, then?

Kiryu: Heh. Somehow I knew you'd say that. Sorry, Majima-san, but I have no reason to fight you here. And I told you a long time ago, I won't fight you unless there's a reason.

Majima: I got a reason, man.

Kiryu: And that is?

Majima: If you were half what ya used to be, ya wouldn't get caught from behind with your pants down. If rd wanted to kill ya, you'd already be dead.

Kiryu: I appreciate the warning. But I don't see how that gives us any reason to fight.

Majima: These days in Kamurocho, shit’s just that dangerous. A damn fool who's gone soft can't go bumblefuckin' around anymore. That bein' the case. Kamurocho's gonna be your new proving ground, to see if you're even qualified to be here.

Kiryu: You're calling me a “fool who's gone soft”?

Majima: Damn right I am! But if you'd beg to differ, how bout ya prove me wrong, right here, and right now!?

Kiryu: All right. If this is a challenge... then I accept!

[He gets into a fight, but... he shamefully loses.]

Kiryu: Huff... Huff...! I'm not moving like I used to!

Majima: So even you see it like it is. The past ten years have made ya rusty and dull. Ya got no horsepower, and ya got no technique. Just another sorry punk fresh outta the joint. That's all ya are now. Kamurocho ain't so plush anymore. No way you're gonna make it on these streets.

Kiryu: Damn…

Majima: Heh... But there's one thing ya haven't lost while you were doin' hard time... It's those eyes.

Kiryu: What?

Majima: Your eyes are still blazin'! Mark my words, you'll find your old self again. Hell! You'll become somethin' greater than you've ever been.

Kiryu: Majima-san…

Majima: Listen, as long as you stay in this town, I'm gonna be on your ass. Wherever ya go, there I'll be. If ya don't wanna die in some worthless fight against me, then ya best call up the old Dragon of Dojima's strength that ya used to have!

Kiryu: I get it. I can't let it end like this, and even if it takes using you as a stepping stone, I'm going to rise back up.

Majima: Heh. Can't wait to see ya try, Kiryu-chan!

[Majima's leaving. Kiryu reflects on his words and decides to regain his former strength. He walks far down the street and meets a brazen middle-aged man.]

Punk-ass Abe: Hey, you. Never seen you around before. Whaddaya think you're doing tryin' to get through here?

Kiryu: None of your business.

Punk-ass Abe: As a matter of fact, it is. It's clear as day that you're no civilian. So why are you sniffing around, huh?

+I'm looking for Tamura.
I'm not sniffing around.
I'm looking for Stardust.

Kiryu: I'm looking for a guy named Tamura.

Punk-ass Abe: Huh? You mean that old informant? Ain't seen him in some time.

Kiryu: Fine. Sounds like we're done here then. Later.

Punk-ass Abe: Hold up, old-timer! What do you need Tamura for? You're getting sketchier by the minute. You and I need to have a little chat.

Kiryu: And if I say no?

Punk-ass Abe: Well then, you leave me no choice. I'll have to teach you a lesson that'll leave a lasting impression!

[Kiryu teaches him to respect the elders.]

Punk-ass Abe: Y-You win! Who in the world are you?

Kiryu: Better that you don't know... Anyway, what's your problem?

Punk-ass Abe: Oh, I'm just following orders here, man. The boss told me to keep watch. See, there was a murder today, so I’m supposed to keep tabs on anyone who looks suspicious.

Kiryu: I see now. Fine. In that case, shouldn't you at least know an info broker or two here in the neighborhood?

Punk-ass Abe: Uh, yeah, sure. The most famous informant in these parts is Aoki, a journalist. I think I saw him around Theater Square.

Kiryu: Got it... And try to stay out of trouble, for your own good.

Punk-ass Abe: Uh, yeah, sure.

[Kiryu enters the square and sees an informant standing in its center.]

Kiryu: Hey, you're... Aoki, right?

Aoki: ...Oh, Kiryu-san? From the Dojima Family?

Kiryu: Yeah. You remembered me. It's been a long time, but I'm back.

Aoki: (bows) Congrats on time well served. Ten years is a helluva sentence.

Kiryu: You knew I was in prison?

Aoki: It was the talk of the town for a while. The Dragon of Dojima killed his patriarch. Anyone in the city would know that one.

Kiryu: It was that big a deal, huh? But anyway, what's Tamura up to these days?

Aoki: Uh... Tamura-san, he... He died five years back.

Kiryu: What?

Aoki: Tamura-san was following your case, Kiryu-san, ever since the day you were convicted ten years ago. He was adamant that a guy like you would never kill his own boss. He wasn't a reporter, but he was pretty aggressive about hunting down information. It was already a big deal in information dealing circles, but even then, Tamura-san wasn't exactly conventional in his methods. And then, five years ago, Tamura-san just up and vanished from the city without a word. One week later, a corpse smothered in concrete got pulled up from the bay. If you ask me, he got in too deep.

Kiryu: I hadn't heard…

Aoki: Yeah. Tamura-san taught me a lot about this city… I worked with him pretty often for a couple years there, so I really owe him a lot. That's why I decided to take up his trade, and I started brokering intel. I act as an informant and report the news at the same time. So, Kiryu-san, you must need some info.

Ask About Stardust
+Ask About Serena
Ask About Nakamichi Street

Kiryu: Does Serena still exist?

Aoki: Serena? Yes, it does. It's in the exact same place as it was ten years ago. But they aren't open today.

Kiryu: Is Reina still there?

Aoki: Yeah, she's still working. Although she only opens the bar when her regular customers show up nowadays. Tamura took me there to stop in for a drink once. It was a nice little place. In this day and age, it's pretty rare to find a bar where you can just relax with a good drink. Come to think of it, I just saw some deliveries going up to her place. They might be open tomorrow. Why don't you go when you have some time? Did you want to ask about anything else?

+Ask About Stardust
Ask About Serena
Ask About Nakamichi Street

Aoki: Stardust? Oh, you must be talking about the host club on Tenkaichi Street.

Kiryu: A host club?

Aoki: Yeah. I guess there weren't any host clubs on Tenkaichi Street ten years ago… But these days, you'll find them on just as many main streets as back alleys. And of all the host clubs popping up, Stardust is hands down the most popular.

Kiryu: Is that so?

Aoki: Their club is on the opposite side of Serena, the bar you frequented ten years ago, Kiryu-san. You'll know which one it is as soon as you see it. Did you want to ask about anything else?

Ask About Stardust
Ask About Serena
+Ask About Nakamichi Street

Kiryu: What happened on Nakamichi Street?

Aoki: Oh, that ruckus. Details are pretty light right now, but it seems someone at the executive level of the Tojo Clan was murdered in a building over there.

Kiryu: An executive?

Aoki: Yeah, when a murder brings this many cops out of the woodwork, it must be someone with some brass. To be honest, I remember the case from ten years ago pretty clearly. When Dojima-san died, it was like this too.

Kiryu: Any idea who did it?

Aoki: Nah. No details yet. If it helps, the rumors are saying it was an internal dispute, though. Without you around, Kiryu-san, the Tojo Clan went through some pretty big changes, you know. Did you want to ask about anything else?

Kiryu: Interesting. Thanks for the tips.

Aoki: No problem. I know I don't hold a candle to Tamura-san, but if I've got the info, ifs on the house for you.

[Kiryu says goodbye to Aoki and goes to the club. Before he gets there, he hears a shout.]

Angry Man: Hey! What do you think you're doing!? You ARE here on some business... right?

Kiryu: I'm here for Kazuki, the owner.

Angry Man: Alright... What family you with, huh? Shimano and his goons!? I'll make this clear, we don't need "protection" from anyone!

Kiryu: What are you talking about? I'm only here to talk to Kazuki. I don't belong to any family.

Angry Man: Bullshit! It's obvious from one look at you! You're as yakuza as yakuza gets! So what the hell are you doing here!? What do you want with Kazuki-san!?

Kiryu: Listen up… I'm here on my own, and I didn't come looking for a fight.

Angry Man: Well you got one! You assholes think being yakuza gives you the right to do whatever you want!? Even in a town this scummy, there are people who won't bow to the yakuza.. People working hard to make it by themselves! Kazuki-san can say he built himself up to where he is now with his own two hands. And I won't let you yakuza tear him down!

Kiryu: I'm trying to tell you, I'm not yakuza. Or do you just not want to hear it?

Angry Man: Shut up! I hope you realize... I would give my life to protect this club!

[Kiryu cools down the heat of a loud bouncer.]

Angry Man: Sonuvabitch...!

Kazuki: Yuya! What in the world are you doing?

Yuya: I'm sorry, Kazuki-san! This yakuza...

Kazuki: Are you Kiryu, of the Dojima Family?

Kiryu: Yeah.

Kazuki: (bows) A pleasure to meet you. Kazama-san told me you were coming. Please, come in.

[Kiryu enters the club and goes up to the hall for the VIP.]

Yuya: I'm sorry about earlier! I thought...

Kazuki: No, it was my fault. I'm truly beyond sorry about this.

Kiryu: Don't worry about it. So, what's your relationship to Kazama-san?

Kazuki: Right… Yuya, can you give us a minute?

Yuya: Yes, sir.

[He walks away.]

Kazuki: Kazama-san's been in my corner ever since I opened this place. All without "protection" money. He taught me everything I know about running a business. Now this place is thriving, thanks to him. So he came by the other day... He said he wanted to use the club to meet someone important to him. And he wanted it kept secret from the "family."

Kiryu: I see… Then, where is he now?

Kazuki: I tried reaching him earlier, but he's tied up with the chairman incident.

Kiryu: Chairman incident? Did something happen?

Kazuki: Yes… The Tojo Clan's Third Chairman, Chairman Sera… He was killed.

Kiryu: What!?

Kazuki: It happened late last night. They don't know who did it yet. It's all over the news.

Kiryu: What the hell is going on?

Kazuki: I'm not sure. But it's been ten years since the passing of Patriarch Dojima. And now the same Tojo Clan families are igniting a turf war from the shadows. The Dojima Family was in power for a while with the Kazama Family's huge force at its helm. The other families couldn't touch them. But a few years ago, a betrayal from inside the Kazama Family caused a rift.

Kiryu: Who?

Kazuki: That's…

[Several Yakuza enter the club, breaking bottles and making a mess.]

Yakuza: Quiet! Get the owner down here!

[Kiryu goes down to the ground floor to find out what's going on there.]

Kazuki: Excuse me, Kiryu-san.

Yakuza: Well, well. You're the owner of this fine establishment, right?

Kazuki: And you're one of Shimano-san's, correct?

Shimano Family Yakuza: Damn straight. Y'know, we only came to have a few perfectly harmless drinks... But your gorilla over there came and started yellin' at us to—

Yuya: Bullshit. This is just a shakedown!

Shimano Family Yakuza: Hardly... We only came to drink today.

Yuya: Liar!

Shimano Family Yakuza: I said, we only came to get a goddamn drink!

Kazuki: I apologize, but tonight I have a guest. Would this convince you to leave?

[He takes out an envelope in a form that resembles a banknote.]

Shimano Family Yakuza: Aw, how nice. We really didn't come to collect, but if ya insist...

Yuya: Kazuki-san, are you serious? I can't let this happen! Paying off this low-life piece of shit...

Kazaki: Yuya!

Shimano Family Yakuza: Piece of shit? Hey dumbass... Did ya just call me a piece of shit?

Yuya: My bad, actually… You're even shittier!

Shimano Family Yakuza 2: That's it, fuckboy!

Kazuki: Yuya!

[The second Yakuza tries to hit Yuya from behind, but Kiryu punches him first.]

Shimano Family Yakuza: Who the hell are you?

Kiryu: Kazuki, Yuya has a point. There's no need to pay this scum.

Kazuki: Very well!

Shimano Family Yakuza: Are you guys kidding me? Boys, trash this dump!

[Kazuki, Yuya and Kiryu are kicking the ass of a dozen Yakuza from the Shimano family. After getting a couple of bruises, the main Yakuza pulls out a gun and shoots it in the air.]

Shimano Family Yakuza: Now I remember... You're the one who whacked Patriarch Dojima and went to the can. Looks like I have a gift for my boss, Shimano.

Kazuki: Kiryu-san!

[He's aiming at Kiryu, but somebody shoots a gun out of his hands.]

Shimano Family Yakuza: Lieutenant Tanaka!

Kiryu: Shinji!

Shinji: (putting a gun to Yakuza’s head) What do you think you're doing here? This isn't Shimano Family territory. There won't be a next time.

[Once the garbage is removed, they go back up to the second floor.]

Shinji: (bows) It's been far too long, sir.

Kiryu: Yeah. You've climbed the ranks, Shinji.

Shinji: Well, actually...

Kazuki: Kiryu-san, as I was saying... The one who betrayed the Kazama Family.

Kiryu: Yeah?

Kazuki: ...It was Nishikiyama-san.

Kiryu: (startled) Nishiki!?

Kazuki: With Kansai's 5th Omi Alliance's Chief of HQ, Terada, backing him... Nishikiyama-san's been aiming to go independent.

Kiryu: The Omi Alliance...

Shinji: Sir, as it stands, I'm a Lieutenant Advisor to the Nishikiyama Family.

Kiryu: What do you mean?

Shinji: Sir. Nishiki... is not the man you once knew. Kazama-san suspected as much... and transferred me into the Nishikiyama Family to monitor them.

Kiryu: Shinji. Kazama-san said he wanted to talk to me. Is there any way to see him?

Shinji: The Third Chairman's funeral is being held tomorrow at headquarters. I doubt he can leave. And then there's the issue of the ten billion.

Kiryu: What are you talking about?

Shinji: The Tojo Clan's entire ten billion yen... has gone missing from the safe. Right after this was brought up in an emergency officer's meeting, the chairman was murdered.

Kiryu: And Kazama-san is going to be at the funeral tomorrow?

Shinji: Yes.

Kazuki: Wait, you're not going, are you!? But, what if the Shimano Family finds you?

Shinji: Kazuki. Don't waste your breath. He never changes his mind.

[He goes down to the ground floor to talk to Shinji.]

Shinji: You're finally free after ten long years, but you're already finding trouble? You haven't changed, sir.

Kiryu: Nonsense. I kept pretty quiet behind bars. I haven't been in a fight in who knows how long.

Shinji: You mean that, sir? Even if you didn't start the fights, I'm sure your fellow inmates came looking?

Kiryu: Maybe at first. But when they figured out I'd keep ignoring them when they provoked me, they eventually gave up. I was a model prisoner, really. I made parole in just ten years thanks to that.

Shinji: The guy who used to punch first, ask later went a decade without a fight? Well, I guess ifs you were talking about. Glad to see you haven't changed one bit.

Kiryu: I haven't changed, huh?

Shinji: Why? Something I said?

Kiryu: Just before I got here, I actually ran into a guy who said I'd gone soft over the last decade. And it's true, I can't help but feel a little rusty.

Shinji: Hard to believe… But knowing you, sir, you’ll be in the same shape you were ten years ago in no time flat.

Kiryu: I can hope.

Shinji: Anyway, the venue for the funeral is Tojo Clan HQ, so they'll be there in full force. If they find out who you are, sir, it's going to be bad news. There's no telling what's going to happen there, either. I think you should be prepared for the worst. So, are you ready to go?

+Yes, I’m ready.
I should prepare more.

Shinji: Very well. Then let's discuss tomorrow's plan of attack.

[We're moving back in time to learn about the events after Kiryu's arrest.]


Nishikiyama: Are you serious, Kashiwagi-san?

Kashiwagi: Why so surprised? After all the work you've done recently, it should hardly come as a shock.

Nishikiyama: But, to really be a patriarch of my own family...

Kashiwagi: And, since you don't have anyone under you yet... We'll give you some of our most capable men. Make good use of them. They can show you how to manage your business.

Nishikiyama: Kashiwagi-san… Thank you very much! (bows)

Kashiwagi: Save your thanks for Kazama-san. This is all his idea, you know.

Nishikiyama: Kazama-san?

Kashiwagi: The boss has high hopes for you, if you couldn’t tell. And then... There's the issue with Kiryu.

Nishikiyama: Kiryu? What about him?

Kashiwagi: Even though he did what he did... One day, he's going to get out. Officially, he's been expelled... But that doesn't mean he's banished. He may even come back into the fold. He killed the patriarch. The Kazama Family can't take him. That's why... When the time comes, Kiryu will be in your hands.

Nishikiyama: Me? Take Kiryu in?

Kashiwagi: That's right. You're the only one who can look after him when he gets out. So make the Nishikiyama Family strong enough for him to feel at home.

[He gets up from his chair with joy and impatience.]

Nishikiyama: Yes, sir! I'll work hard, for Kiryu's sake too! (bows)


[Back to the present. Futoshi Shimano is sitting in a chair getting his head shaved with a dangerous razor. Enter the Yakuzas who recently got their asses kicked at the Stardust Club.]

Yakuza: B-Boss! I'm sorry!

Shimano: So, it was really him, huh?

Yakuza: Yes, sir! There's no mistakin' him!

Shimano: Well, well. So Kiryu's really back. Haha... Hahahaha! Ah!

[The girl who shaved his head accidentally cut him.]

Barber Girl: Ahhh... Ah!

Shimano: So, was that bastard Kiryu still tough as nails?

Yakuza: Yes sir, tough as ever. I see, I see. Well, good work then. Lemme see that hand of yours real quick.

Yakuza: Yes, sir.

[When he approaches, Shimano grabs his hand and cuts off two fingers with a razor.]

Yakuza: Aaaghhh!

Shimano: I'm in a good mood, so be glad I'm only takin' two fingers.

[Meanwhile, Kiryu is coming to the funeral. He's wearing a strict black suit and black glasses. Kiryu remembers the plan he discussed with Shinji.]

Shinji: You ready, sir? Here's a blueprint of Tojo Clan Headquarters. This is the building Kazama-san will be in. The back entrance is only lightly guarded. But if you tried to jump the wall, you'd draw too much attention. Instead, dress like a guest and walk right through the front gate. After you get in, head straight-to-the end of the path. Then turn right. That's the back entrance. I'll wait for you there, sir.

Kiryu: (I need to meet up with Shinji. I'd better move slowly, so they don't get suspicious.)

Meet ShinjiEdit

[Kiryu gently passes the guards and approaches the stairs leading to the main entrance. There are many people standing on the stairs who are grieving for the deceased.]

Kiryu: (It's too dangerous to go through the front...)

[He walks around the stairs on the right side and approaches the main entrance.]

Concierge: I'm sorry. Please sign in at the reception desk. You may enter only after you've signed the guest book.

[Alas, they are not allowing in without registration - Kiryu’ll have to pass the procedure and put his name in the guest book. He approaches the tent near the entrance.]

Receptionist: The family extends its gratitude for your attendance today. Can you please sign in here?

Kiryu: You need my name, huh?

+Write "Kazuma Kiryu"
Write a Fake Name

Kiryu: ……

Kiryu: We're good here?

Receptionist: Yes. Thank you very much.

Receptionist: ……Kiryu... Kazuma!? Hey asshole, aren't you the one who did hard time for murdering Patriarch Dojima!?

Yeah, got problem?
+Nope, different Kiryu.

Kiryu: Nope, that's a different guy.

Receptionist: Of course. If that gun-toting traitor showed up, he'd dead at the gates. No way he's THAT stupid. The service is about to start. Please make your way inside.

[Kiryu enters the Klan Tojo building and talks to a mortician.]

Mortician: Oh no... Now I've really gone and done it… Oh, I'm here working for the funeral service, but I lost my mourning band somewhere. That's the only way they're letting people through the rear entrance... What do I do? Maybe I dropped it in the reception area outside...

[Kiryu goes outside and finds the band. It was just lying on the ground.]

Kiryu: (This is how they know you're with the funeral staff. Hm, maybe I can use this to get through…)

[Suddenly, the same man who lost his band approaches him.]

Mortician: Oh! That's the mourning band I lost. You found it!

Kiryu: ……

Mortician: Thank you so much! You saved me!

[He's taking his band and runs away.]

Kiryu: (Damn. There goes my chance to get in through the back. Guess I'll have to find another way.)

[He goes back to the building and sees the mortician talking to his boss.]

Mortician: B-But sir, I found the band I dropped!

Funeral Director: That's not the issue here. Didn't I tell you how important it was to hold onto that, especially here? And we both know this is just the latest in a string of mistakes since you started working here, right?

Mortician: I see. I get it. I'll turn in my resignation, then. I hated this job anyway!

[He runs away.]

Funeral Director: Wha? Hey! For crying out loud... Young ingrates.

[Kiryu searches for the ex funeral worker and finds him outside. He smokes a cigarette.]

Mortician: (bows) Ah, you're that fellow who found my mourning band. I appreciate it.

Kiryu: I overheard you arguing with your director.

Mortician: Ah, you saw that? Yep, he found out that I lost my band. He was probably going to dock my wages, so I just took the initiative and quit.

Kiryu: I see…

Mortician: I don't think I was suited for this job in the first place. And my manager was a jerk, so it's for the best. I hope you didn't go through too much trouble to find my band, because I tossed it in the garbage. I'm done with funeral work. And on that note, I'm going to go on home.

Kiryu: (He must have thrown it into a trash can in the area. Guess I need to get my hands dirty. There it is. Glad it's near the top.)

[Finally, Kiryu goes to the rear entrance.]

Undertaker: Ah, you're with the staff? The funeral is about to start, so you better get ready.

[He runs to the door, but the fat Yakuza stops him.]

Fat Yakuza: Stop. We gotta have a few words.

Shinji: (in Kiryu’s head) With Kansai's 5th Omi Alliance's Chief of Headquarters... Terada, backing him, Nishikiyama-san's been aiming to go independent.

[Kiryu sees a pin with 近江 on a fat Yakuza jacket.]

Kiryu: The Omi Alliance.

Fat Yakuza: So ya thought ya could waltz right in through the front door... Kiryu-han of Dojima.

[He shows him a printed screenshot from the game.]

Kiryu: What does the Omi Alliance want with me?

Fat Yakuza: It was a request. From your former brother... The patriarch of the Nishikiyama Family wants the man in this picture captured.

Kiryu: Nishiki?

[He remembers that fateful night of Dojima's murder and the gun in the shaking hands of Nishikiyama. Taking advantage of the moment, the fat Yakuza hits Kiryu in the face, breaking his glasses.]

Fat Yakuza: That's right! Ha! Really? The Dragon of Dojima hardly lives up to his name.

[Kiryu is proving him wrong. After that, he finally goes out to the yard where he meets Shinji.]

Kiryu: Shinji. I just got attacked as I got through here.

Shinji: What?

Kiryu: It was a guy from the Omi Alliance. And he said it was an order from Nishiki.

Shinji: No way! Nishiki-san never said anything about it to me.

Kiryu: That means you need to be on your guard too. Got it?

Shinji: Yes, sir. Alright, we better get to Kazama-san's location.

[Kiryu follows Shinji.]

Shinji: It may be a funeral, but who knows what these guys are thinking. We're talking about the death of the Third Chairman here. Who killed him, who's going to succeed him… They're all trying to feel each other out. Chairman Sera was young when he took over the clan. A lot of people envied that about him. Some of these people are probably glad he's gone. Speaking of… The bosses were talking about how hard it is to have funerals these days. In the ten years you've been gone, the laws have really cracked down. Makes it harder to even do business with civilians. These days, mortuaries are scared to do yakuza funerals. So holding a funeral this size in this day and age… Tells you that the Tojo Clan still has a lot of sway. But I was careless… I didn't think Nishiki would predict you'd be here, sir. We better hurry to Kazama-san. If people find out you're here, it'll be a riot. No matter how many times I come here, the sheer size of the place impresses me. Though I guess if Tojo Clan headquarters were small, it'd be odd.

[They approach the room where Kiryu is to meet Kazama.]

Shinji: Can you wait here for a few? I’ll go get Kazama-san.

[Kiryu enters the room and wait.]

Kiryu: (Portraits of the clan patriarchs... Let's see how things have changed while I wait for Kazama-san. Third Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Masaru Sera. 1993-2005. Chairman Sera... Did he really order the hit on me while I was in prison? Whatever the case, there's no way to ask him now… Shintaro Kazama, Kazama Family founder. Est. 1996. Kazama-san... His family was around way back when, but he only became a direct patriarch after Dojima died and he absorbed the remainder. If I hadn't gone to prison, I’d probably be a Kazama Family man today. Maybe I'd even have my own family under his. Akira Nishikiyama, Nishikiyama Family founder. Est. 2000. According to Shinji, he betrayed the Kazama Family to start his own. Something tells me there's more to it than that… Would Nishiki really go that far to get ahead in the clan? Kazama-san will know the truth. Futoshi Shimano, Shimano Family founder. Est. 1987. Shimano... If what I've heard so far is true, then he's not changed One bit. Probably still has bad blood with Kazama. Even now, it's tough to look at that ugly mug. If I run into him here, things are going to get even uglier, though. Sohei Dojima, Dojima Family founder. Est. 1985. Dojima... A Tojo Clan executive who rose to prominence in the 80s. I served directly under him. The stigma of killing such a highly-regarded patriarch will probably be with me the rest of my life. To this day, I have no idea why Chairman Sera didn't banish me from the clan ten years ago. Now I never will…)

[Shintaro Kazama enters.]

Kazama: Kazuma!

Kiryu: Kazama-san! (bows)

Kazama: For ten years... I couldn't do anything for you.

Kiryu: I was responsible for my own actions. Nothing you could do, sir.

Kazama: You never change, do you?

Kiryu: Sir... What's happened? To the Tojo Clan... and Nishiki.

Kazama: Have you seen him?

Kiryu: No.

Kazama: After that incident ten years ago… He changed completely. Once he lost his sister, you, and Yumi... Ascending the ranks at any cost became his sole ambition. He embraced the demons inside him... And there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Kiryu: Sir...

Kazama: There's something else I need to tell you. Regarding Yumi.

Kiryu: Yeah, I know she's missing.

[A sniper rifle pops out the window of the next house. Apparently it's an amateur, because true snipers never do that.]

Actually, Yumi is—

[He gets shot in the right side of his chest.]

Kiryu: Kazama-san!

[Two Yakuza burst into the room.]

Yakuza: Ka-Kazama! ...Bastard! You're... Kiryu!

[Shimano enters the room. He's wearing a classic Japanese costume. He must have come straight from the ceremony.]

Shimano: Kiryu!?

[He's pushing the Shakuza, who's crowding in the doorway.]

Shimano: What is this shit!? First Dojima and now Kazama? The fuck is wrong with you!?

Kiryu: Shimano!

Shimano: All of ya! Don't let this murderous fuck outta here alive!

[Kiryu goes on rampage and beats up his attackers with a sofa. The last one he throws out of the window.]

Yakuza: Asshole!

Shimano: Stop strugglin' and give up, Kiryu!

Kazama: Kazuma... Run, Kazuma... Take care of Yumi... and the ten billion... Go!

[He jumps out of a broken window and runs to the main gate, beating dozens of Yakuza on the way. When he approaches the exit of the building, he meets... Goro Majima. Majima drags him into a fight, but Kiryu wins.]

Majima: Heh, looks like you've improved at least a little bit since last time.

Kiryu: Majima-san...

Majima: I hadn't planned on steppin' into this shit show. But when the brass says jump, I say how high. Keeps morale up, y'know? But, I think that's enough for now. Well save the real fightin' for another time, eh, Kiryu-chan? rm already lookin' forward to it.

Kiryu: ……

Majima: Get a move on. Far as I know, there's someone really fired up about meetin' ya hangin' out at the entrance.

Kiryu: Shimano?

Majima: Maybe hell show ya what makes him such a beast. Been a while since he's cut loose. Good luck, Kiryu-chan!

[Kiryu leaves the building and approaches the main gate. There are many Shimano Yakuza and their boss waiting for him.]

Shimano: Hold it!

[He removes the top of his costume, revealing a beautiful tattoo of a growling tiger in cherry blossoms.]

Shimano: You ain't gettin' past me!

[Kiryu comes into battle with this mountain of muscles and rage. Boss Shimano has great endurance, and his shoes can break the tiles under his feet. Kiryu has to use all his agility and strength to defeat this monster. He's running to the exit. There are dozens of Yakuza running after him.]

Yakuza: Get back here!

[For a second, turning around, Kiryu sees Nishikiyama standing nearby. He smiles and leaves. We go back in time again to find out how Nishikiyama became who he is.]


[Nishikiyama hits the table with his hands.]

Nishikiyama: Matsushige! I dare you to say that again!

Matsushige: (picking his ear) I said... these meetings are pointless.

Nishikiyama: Excuse me?

Matsushige: I'd rather listen to some butt-ugly bitch in a dingy cabaret club... than be stuck here listening to you.

[The rest of the Yakuza are quietly laughing.]

Nishikiyama: You son of a... You're crossing the line!

[Matsushige gets up from his chair and approaches Nishikiyama and hits the table.]

Matsushige: Listen, boss-man. Let's make one thing crystal clear. We're only here because Kazama gave the order. Certainly wasn't our choice.

Nishikiyama: What?

Matsushige: The boss knows what kind of earner I am. I mean, he had to have clued you in, right? That's the value I bring to the table. I figure I deserve a little respect. It'd be another story if Kiryu were here, but my patience is running thin. I'm not gonna take orders from some punk who got here by kissing officer ass. So we're gonna keep doing our thing.

[He and the other Yakuza are leaving.]

Nishikiyama: Hey! I'm not finished with you!

Matsushige: Just shut up and watch. You wanna see how the big boys make bank? Watch and learn!

Chapter 4: AN ENCOUNTEREdit

[Meanwhile in the present, the Yakuza managed to surround Kiryu at the entrance.]

Yakuza: End of the line. Give it up!

Yakuza 2: You're dead! It's over!

[Kiryu is preparing to defend her life to the last drop of his blood... but then a car bursts into the crowd.]

Yakuza: Hey! What the hell!?

Yakuza 2: Whoa!

Makoto Date: Get in!

Yakuza 3: Who the—!? He's getting away!

Yakuza 2: Get back here! Stop!

Yakuza 1: Heyyy! Goddamn it!

[Kiryu and Date are leaving. Kiryu jumps in the car and Date steps on accelerator pedal. The Yakuza run after them. At the same time, passers-by are watching Kiryu fight - it's on local news. The huge screen says 関東最広域定暴力団会葬儀会場, which can be roughly translated as “A funeral meeting for the largest gang in Kanto”]

Reporter: We now go to footage of the funeral service... of suspected crime boss Masaru Sera, Third Chairman of the Tojo Clan. Details remain at large, but... reports confirm one man began to attack the other guests, causing havoc at the scene. The assailant's identity is currently unknown. We'll have further updates as we get them.

[The news is being watched closely by a little girl who looks like 5-8 years old. Having listened to the report to the end, the girl leaves. Kiryu, meanwhile, is driving in the car with his savior.]

Makoto Date: Two days out and already raising hell, huh?

Kiryu: You are?

Makoto Date: Heh, you're breaking my heart here... Kiryu.

Kiryu: Date-san!?

[They come to a small bar in Kamurocho called, interestingly, "Bacchus."]

Makoto Date: Kazama?

Kiryu: Yeah. I don't even know if he's okay.

Makoto Date: But the ten billion Kazama mentioned, and this Yumi... What was he trying to tell you?

Kiryu: I wish I knew.

Makoto Date: I see.

Kiryu: Date-san, why did you save me?

[He shows his card with the following text 警視庁組織犯罪対策部組織犯罪对策第四課 部補 伊達真 which roughly means Police Department, Organized Crime Countermeasures Division, Section 4. Department Assistant Date Makoto.]

Kiryu: Division Four? You're in organized crime now?

Makoto Date: Ten years ago, the Dojima murder... I stepped out of line on that case, and then... I got demoted to babysitting punk yakuza. I'm just like you... A nuisance to the organization now. My wife and daughter couldn't stand me anymore, so they left too. Thanks to you... my whole life got derailed. Kiryu, I'm currently investigating the murder of Third Chairman Sera. And you're gonna help.

Kiryu: I do owe you for saving me. But at this point, what can I do?

Makoto Date: The Tojo Clan loses ten billion. The Third Chairman gets killed. Then I find you at the center of all that commotion. The pieces are starting to move, Like they were all waiting for Kazuma Kiryu. Take this.

[He gives him his cell phone. Kiryu looks at him without knowing what it is.]

Makoto Date: Ha ha, these days, even kids have those. I'm going to look into the ten billion. You look into your girl, Yumi. I'm sure the two are related, somehow. I'd say we benefit from cooperating, wouldn't you?

Kiryu: I guess so. All right.

Makoto Date: So do you have any leads?

Kiryu: No. But I'll start by visiting an old friend. At a bar called Serena,

Makoto Date: Got it. Barkeep, we're done talking. You can open up shop now.

Barkeeper: Yes, sir.

Makoto Date: Kamurocho's changed a lot while you were in prison, didn't it?

Kiryu: Yeah. My favorite restaurant's gone now.

Makoto Date: That place on Senryo Avenue? It closed down and became a date club… Then that closed down and became a clip joint, which closed down… Huh, what is it now, anyway? Serena, eh? I think it's on Tenkaichi Street. If something comes up, I'll call your cell. Talk to you later.

[Kiryu goes outside to his new Kamurocho.]

Go to SerenaEdit

Kiryu: (Serena... I don't know if it's still there, but I'd better check it out anyway.)

[Kiryu entering the bar during work hours, took Reina by surprise.]

Reina: Welcome to...

Kiryu: It's been a long time, Reina.

Reina: Kiryu-chan!

[Kiryu tells her about recent events.]

Reina: ...So that's what happened to Kazama-san. But you showed up out of the blue, Kiryu-chan It took me by surprise.

Kiryu: Sorry about that.

Reina: I should be used to it by now, huh?

Kiryu: Reina, Kazama-san asked me to... To look after Yumi.

Reina: Mm-hmm.

Kiryu: Do you know anything about what happened to her?

Reina: Only that she disappeared from the hospital back then. Nothing more. But, Kiryu-chan... A woman named Mizuki showed up here about five years ago. She introduced herself as o Yumi Sawamura's sister.

Kiryu: Yumi has a sister?

Reina: Yes. But even Yumi-chan wouldn't have known about her. Yumi-chan was separated from her family when she was born, she said.

Kiryu: Sounds about right. And where is this Mizuki now?

Reina: Actually, I'm not sure. Mizuki-chan used to come here from time to time. She wanted to follow in Yumi-chan's footsteps, so she asked for a job. She worked here for about four years. Then she suddenly decided to open her own bar. She named the place... "Ares."

Kiryu: Where is it?

Reina: She was supposed to tell me when it opened.. But I haven't heard anything. I'd ask, but I can't seem to reach her anymore.

Kiryu: I see.

Reina: She... looked a lot like Yumi-chan. You'd recognize her right away. She had a tattoo right here... of a flower.

Kiryu: Hardly sounds like Yumi's sister

Reina: That's true.

Kiryu: I'll get out of your way.

Reina: You can come back anytime. If there's anything I can do, I'd be happy to help.

Kiryu: Thanks.

Reina: You're not going to ask about... Nishikiyama-kun? Did you already hear... elsewhere?

Kiryu: Yeah.

Reina: Oh.

Kiryu: But I have to see for myself. No matter what they say.

Reina: Mm-hmm. Hey, Kiryu-chan. Do you know the Millennium Tower? It was built five years ago. There's a small bar on the other side of that tower. That barkeep knows all the restaurants and bars. If a new place opened up, he'd know. I'm sure he'd know Ares too.

Kiryu: What's this bar's name?

Reina: “Bacchus.”

Go to BacchusEdit

[Kiryu goes to the Bacchus bar and gets on... the scene of a mass murder. There are several bullet-damaged corpses on the floor. Even the bartender was killed. Behind the counter, Kiryu hears somebody's breath. He comes closer and sees a little girl. She holds a gun that doesn't even fit in her hand. Kiryu quickly takes away her gun. This is the same girl we saw earlier.]

Kiryu: What happened?

Girl: When I got here, everyone... Everyone... was...

Kiryu: Why'd you come here?

Girl: I'm looking for my mom... I asked around, and...

Kiryu: What's your name, kid?

[She keeps quiet and takes her eyes off.]

Kiryu: We have to get out of here.

[They go out of the bar and into the street.]

Girl: Shouldn't we tell someone about what happened?

Kiryu: That was big enough to make waves. I'm sure the cops on the way.

Girl: Okay…

Kiryu: But is it just me, or are there fewer payphones now? They used to be all over city...

Girl: Well, everyone 'has cell phones now. You only use a payphone if your battery dies.

Kiryu: Oh... Is that right?

Girl: Huh? Mister, do you not have a cell phone?

Kiryu: D-Don't be ridiculous. Of course I do.

Girl: Good! That's a relief.

[She notices some scumbags throwing rocks at a puppy.]

Low Life Form 1: Bullseye! That one hurt! Hear it cryin!?

Low Life Form 2: That was sick! Put it out of its misery!

Haruka: (whispers) Stop… Stop it…

[Kiryu puts his hand on her head and goes to the scum. When they throw another stone, Kiryu catches it and throws it back with such force that it breaks the scumbag’s face into a bloody mess.]

Low Life Form 1: Ꭼhhh?

Low Life Form 2: Yo-chan! You okay bro!?

Low Life Form 1: The fuck, man!?

Kiryu: I'm having a pretty rough day. And I'm pissed off about it. So this whole mess... Bad luck on your part.

Low Life Form 1: That so?

[Six other guys are coming up to them.]

Low Life Form 1: Who's got bad luck now, old man!?

[Kiryu blows off steam and sends this bunch of assholes to rest in the hospital.]

Low Life Form 1: Ugh… Ehhh… Huh!? What the...Who the fuck was that guy?

[But Kiryu didn't waste any more time on this filth and he's already gone. They’re stopping for a break at the kerb. The doggie, who, by the way, is a shiba breed, whines pitifully.]

Kiryu: Come on, let's go.

Girl: But... I can tell he's hungry. Look how skinny he is.

Kiryu: Kid... Where's your mother?

Girl: Huh?

Kiryu: Aren't you looking for her?

Girl: I don't know. I've been looking all day...

Kiryu: Where do you live? You don't have a home, kid?

Girl: The orphanage. I snuck out.

Kiryu: You live in an orphanage? Wait, kid—

Girl: It's not "kid."

Kiryu: Huh?

Girl: It's Haruka. Not "kid." What's your name, mister?

Kiryu: Huh? Oh. It's Kiryu. Kazuma Kiryu.

Haruka: Then, please... Can we give him something to eat? He might die if we don't.

Kiryu: I do feel bad for him, but even if we help him now... He'll just have the same problem later. That's the world for you.

Haruka: What? But I can't just leave him here. Mister...!

Save the DogEdit

[Kiryu goes in search of dog food, but luckily the neighborhood convenient store sells it.]

Haruka: Mister, I need food for him. Or else he could die!

[Kiryu gives her dog food.]

Haruka: Thanks, mister. Huh? What’s wrong?

Kiryu: He stopped eating. But I thought he was hungry?

Haruka: Hmm…

Kiryu: Maybe he's thirsty too, and he's having trouble swallowing the food.

Haruka: What should we do?

Kiryu: I've got water.

Haruka: Thank you. But…

Kiryu: I guess he can't drink out of this. We'll need some kind of plate to put the water in. Can we use this?

Haruka: Yeah.

Kiryu: Good, he's drinking. That should whet his appetite.

Haruka: Yup!

[The doggy got a little better and it started to eat with an appetite.]

Haruka: I knew he was hungry. Poor puppy.

Kiryu: You mentioned you live in an orphanage.

Haruka: Mm-hmm.

Kiryu: And you're sure your mother is here?

Haruka: I think so. That's what the letters said. But I've never met my mom before.

Kiryu: So what are you going to do now? Is there anyone else who can help you?

Haruka: All I have is my mom and my Aunt Yumi. That's why...

Kiryu: Yumi?

Haruka: Yeah. Mom's sister. She always brought me letters.

[She passes out and falls right into Kiryu's hands.]

Kiryu: Hey, what's wrong?

Haruka: So tired...

Get Haruka to SafetyEdit

[Kiryu takes Haruka in his arms. His cell phone rings.]

Date: It's Date. How are things going on your end? Were you able to make it to Serena?

Kiryu: Actually, things got a little complicated… Ended up back at Bacchus, but it was a dead end. Any leads there have been erased. (tells him all about it) ...And that's what happened.

Date: What!? So even the owner of Bacchus...

Kiryu: Yeah, unfortunately.

Date: I see… For now then, just get the girl to Serena. The police can take custody of her late .

Kiryu: That's true. Good plan.

[He carries Haruka to the bar, smashing his face of a thugs attacking him.]

Hooligan: Hey, old-timer! rd like to punch you in the face!

Yakuza: Hey, you! You think it's fair to hog the whole road!?

[Kiryu finally walks into Serena.]

Kiryu: Reina, the girl...!

Reina: A cop named Date-san called me to tell me about her. Sounds like she has a fever. Can you take her to the back room? I'll get some medicine.

Kiryu: Yeah, thanks.

Reina: Okay, she took some medicine. All she needs now is rest. I think the shock and fatigue finally caught up with her.

Kiryu: Yeah, give her some time.

Reina: Wow, she must have been shocked to be in a situation like that.

Kiryu: Yeah. Do you have anything she could eat?

Reina: Sure.

Haruka: Mister?

Reina: Oh!

Haruka: Where am I?

Reina: This is my bar. Nice to meet you, Haruka-chan.

Kiryu: This is my friend, Reina.

Haruka: Wait, where's the puppy?

Kiryu: Huh?

Haruka: Do you think he's okay? Do you think he's better now?

Kiryu: Uh... Yeah... He's fine.

Haruka: Really?

[Reina brings in the puppy in her arms.]

Reina: You mean this little guy?

Haruka: Oh!

Reina: Thank goodness, I thought I'd never see him again.

Kiryu: He followed us?

Reina: He looks pretty happy too.

Kiryu: Haruka, earlier you said something about an Aunt Yumi..

Haruka: Uh-huh.

Kiryu: And she delivered letters to your orphanage?

Haruka: Yep. Aunt Yumi is really nice. She came to Sunflower every month with letters and presents from my mom.

Reina: What?

Haruka: Hm?

Kiryu: You were at Sunflower?

Haruka: Mm-hmm.

Kiryu: And your mother's sister's name is "Yumi."

Haruka: What's wrong?

Kiryu: What's your mother's name?

Haruka: Mizuki.

Reina: What?

Haruka: (to Kiryu) Do you know my mom? You know where she is? Where's my mom?

Kiryu: No, I'm actually looking for her myself. And Yumi too. Haruka, do you know where Yumi is?

Haruka: No...

Kiryu: I see.

Haruka: Um, mister? Would it be okay if I looked with you?

Kiryu: I was going to ask where your mother's bar is at the place I found you. But now I have no leads.

Haruka: I know where it is. “Ares,” right?

Reina: Really, Haruka-chan?

Haruka: Yeah, so can I go with you? I can't find my mom alone. Please mister, is that okay?

Kiryu: Guess I've got no choice.

Go to AresEdit

Haruka: Mister, do you want to go to Ares now?

Kiryu: Yeah, let's get going.

Haruka: Okay, let's go!

[They're coming out of the bar.]

Haruka: Mister, have you ever been to Millennium Tower?

Kiryu: No. I only recently heard about it. Crazy, to think they'd build that there of all places…

Haruka: There?

Kiryu: Things... happened there a long time ago.

Haruka: This city has a lot of memories, huh?

Kiryu: It does…

Haruka: Mister, why are you looking for my mom?

Kiryu: It's a long story… I'm looking for Yumi. So I figured her sister, who's your mother… might know where she is.

Haruka: I get it. I wonder there Aunt Yumi went...

Kiryu: What made you decide to come find your mother?

Haruka: Why…? She's my mom. Do I need a reason to look for her?

Kiryu: No... It was a dumb question. Sorry.

[They're being stopped by a policeman suspecting something.]

Policeman: A moment, sir! What is the nature of this relationship?

Haruka: Huh? “Relationship”?

Policeman: Answer the question, sir. Are you the father of this child?

That’s right.
+No, I'm not.
Let's run, Haruka!

Kiryu: No, I'm not.

Policeman: You're not her father, but you're dragging her around at this hour?

That’s right.
+No, I'm not.
Let's run, Haruka!

Policeman: Don't try to wiggle out of this! had my eye on you! The two of you are coming down to the station with me.

Haruka: Don't do it, mister! I'll get sent back Sunflower!

Policeman: Well, we can discuss this further at the station! Come on, let's go!

Kiryu: ……(We need to run!)

Policeman: Hm? What are you doing? Resisting arrest, huh?

Kiryu: ……

Policeman: Why were you trying to run away? Hmm!?

Haruka: Okay, that’s enough!

Policeman: Huh?

Haruka: Mr. Policeman!

Policeman: What is it?

Haruka: Please stop bullying my dad.

Policeman: Wha—?

Haruka: My dad might look scary, but he's really shy. And I can tell you're making him very nervous. I apologize for my dad. So please stop bullying him!

Policeman: Ohhh! so he really is your father?

Haruka: Yes!

Policeman: Sir... You have a very smart daughter. And... You really need to get your act together!

Haruka: May we go now?

Policeman: Yeah, sure.

[They keep going to the Millennium Tower...]

Kiryu: It was Yumi who brought the letters, right?

Haruka: Yeah… She brought a letter. from my mom to Sunflower for me every month.

Kiryu: Was there anything different about Yumi?

Haruka: Something different? Hmm... Oh, I remember!

Kiryu: What is it?

Haruka: I think Aunt Yumi changed her shampoo recently. Her hair smelled really nice.

Kiryu: Heh… Did it?

[They approach the tower that is giant compared to the other buildings. This monster of glass and concrete looks even threatening, as if it attacked the city.]

Haruka: This is it, mister. What a huge building...

Kiryu: It couldn't be easy to run a bar here.

Haruka: I bet my mom worked really hard.

Kiryu: I'm sure she did.

Haruka: I've never been up a building as high as this. I wonder what the view is like on the top?

Kiryu: I bet you can see out past Kamurocho to all of Tokyo.

Haruka: Mom’s amazing…

[Kiryu and Haruka go inside. Turns out this building is a future shopping mall, which is currently closed.]

Kiryu: By the way, when that officer stopped us back there… How did you manage to lie so well?

Haruka: You mean when I said you were my dad? That would be pretty normal to a stranger, right?

Kiryu: You're quite an actress. Maybe you could be on stage when you grow up.

Haruka: I'm not good enough to be an actress!

Kiryu: Never figured I'd be old enough to pass as a dad… Having my own men, maybe, but a kid your age? Not even.

Haruka: What!? I can't imagine people taking orders from you!

[They're getting in the elevator. Kiryu presses the 60th floor button but nothing happens.]

Haruka: Can I try?

[She presses a few buttons.]

Kiryu: What are you doing?

Haruka: Mister, press 60.

Kiryu: Huh? Okay...

[He presses the button and the elevator starts to go up.]

Kiryu: How 'bout that... A security code.

Haruka: Mom told me about it in one of her letters. She's really proud of her bar.

[They go up to the 60th floor to the bar itself. The room is astonishing with its expensive decoration, furniture and flowers.]

Haruka: Wow… It's as big as a castle!

Kiryu: The whole floor is her bar. Quite an accomplishment. I never saw a bar this big even back in the bubble.

Haruka: Bubble…?

Kiryu: Oh, it was a time when the economy was good, and everyone in Japan was rich.

Haruka: Wow! So you were rich too, mister?

Kiryu: Maybe I was… but the bubble popped.

[He approaches a portrait of Mizuki hanging on the wall.]

Kiryu: (So this is Mizuki? Reina was right. She does kind Of look like Yumi, in a way. And there's the flower tattoo on her chest. Yumi was always so casual, but she seems... pretty sophisticated. Reina said Yumi probably doesn't even know she has a sister. But could these two really be related? Guess I'll have to find her and ask for myself.)

Kiryu: Haruka, why were you placed in an orphanage?

Haruka: How would I know?

Kiryu: Your mother knew you were at Sunflower, right? Then...

Haruka: She told me she couldn't come get me. I asked why in the letters, but she never answered.

Kiryu: And Yumi said the same thing?

Haruka: Yeah, but the last time I saw my aunt… She gave me this, from my mother.

[She shows a locket locked with a little key.]

Haruka: But that's when I thought that... I... might never actually meet my mom.

[A couple of Yakuza enter the bar.]

Yakuza: You Kiryu-san? Formerly of the Dojima Family? A real pleasure to meet ya. I'm from the 5th Omi Alliance headquarters. Name's Hayashi. I've heard a lot about you.

[HIROSHI HAYASHI. Lieutenant Advisor Of The Omi Alliance.]

Kiryu: Omi Alliance. Does that mean Nishikiyama sent you? You're after me, right?

Hayashi: Nope... Your phone's ringing. Go ahead, answer. We'll wait.

[Kiryu answers the phone.]

Kiryu: This is Kiryu.

Date: It's Date. Kiryu, I figured out who took the ten billion. It's Yumi. The woman you're looking for is the suspect.

Kiryu: What?

Date: There was a ring at the crime scene.

Kiryu: A ring?

Date: Yeah. The one you left with me ten years ago. Anyway, the Tojo Clan is after her and her partner in crime.

Kiryu: Partner?

Date: Right. Let's talk tomorrow at Serena. That work for you?

Kiryu: Yeah.

[He hangs up and turns to the Yakuza.]

Kiryu: I see. So you're after Yumi and Mizuki, too.

Hayashi: Nah. We want the little girl ya got there.

Haruka: Huh!?

Kiryu: Why her?

Hayashi: That, I can't say. I'm Omi Alliance, after all. Kiryu-san, be a pal and hand her over.

Kiryu: You think I'd do that?

Hayashi: I gotta warn ya then... Killin' a guy like you in a place like this would be a cryin' shame.

Kiryu: Don't get ahead of yourself.

Hayashi: What?

Kiryu: Before you can kill me in a place like this... You'll have to beat me.

Hayashi: Just as I'd expect from you, Kiryu-san. Guess I got no choice. Do it, boys! Kill 'im!

[A big fight starts with breaking furniture and broken dishes. Hayashi also fights with his men, showing himself to be a talented fighter, but Kiryu is stronger.]

Haruka: Mister, why? Why are these people after me? Hm? Why!?

Kiryu: I don't know. Not yet, anyway.

[He's looking closely at Mizuki's portrait. By the way, it says ご挨拶 ご来店頂きまして, "誠にありがとうございます 当店ならではの贅沢をお楽しみください" which roughly translates as "Welcome. Thank you for visiting our bar. Please enjoy the luxury."]

[We're going back in time. Judging by all, it's the same year 1996, but there's no inscriptions on the screen. Location - hospital. Nishikiyama is talking to a doctor.]

Nishikiyama: A heart transplant?

Doctor: Yes, I'm afraid any further surgeries would be futile. This is the only option that remains to save your sister.

Nishikiyama: How much will it cost? No... I don't care how much If it'll save Yuko... I want you to do it, Dr. Hiyoshi!

[We see the badge on the doctor's robe - Dr. Hiyoshi, Touto University Medical Center]

Dr. Hiyoshi: Very well, the matter of funding is understood. However, I can't begin to predict when a compatible donor might appear. Even then, if we did find one, there is a waiting list… It could very well take years before we find a suitable match.

Nishikiyama: Years? Yuko's not going to last that long. (screams) Isn't there any other way, Doc? There's got to be another way! Please, do something! I'll do whatever it takes!

Dr. Hiyoshi: Really? Whatever it takes?

Nishikiyama: Y-Yeah… If it'll save my sister, I'll do anything.

Dr. Hiyoshi: Do you know what an organ broker is?

Nishikiyama: Yeah... I've heard of them. What are you getting at!?

Dr. Hiyoshi: I do have some contacts... And I could reach out to them. But in that case... There will be further costs in addition to the operation fees.

Nishikiyama: How much?

Dr. Hiyoshi: 30 million. Can you get that?

[Nishikiyama is going back to his office.]

Matsushige: Yo, boss-man.

Nishikiyama: Matsushige.

[He comes up to him and gets down on his knees.]

Matsushige: What's all this then?

Nishikiyama: I need your help with a financial issue. 30 mil... I need you to get it! I won't question your methods. Just help me! Please, Matsushige!

[Matsushige slowly gets up from the chair and approaches Nishikiyama.]

Matsushige: You don't care how I get it? Is that what you're telling me?

Nishikiyama: Yes.

Matsushige: This is all you needed to do from the start… Right? Well then. I think you and I are gonna get along just fine. Boss-man.

[He grinned nastily stepping on Nishikiyama's head. Nishikiyama cries but tolerates mockery.]

Chapter 5: PURGATORYEdit

Date: So... Yumi's sister is Mizuki from Ares. And probably her partner in the ten bil heist.

Kiryu: And Haruka is her daughter.

Date: Despite her disappearance, Yumi was still meeting up with her.

Kiryu: Yeah.

[There's a phone ringing on the bar counter. Reina's shouting from the next room.]

Reina: Sorry Kiryu-chan, can you get it? Oh, and be polite!

Kiryu: This is Serena.

Voice: Is that you, sir?

Kiryu: Shinji?

Shinji: I knew it. I've been trying to reach you everywhere.

Kiryu: Yeah? What's going on, then?

Shinji: Well… Right now I'm on the run with Kazama-san.

Kiryu: What!?

Shinji: He got treated at the hospital, but he hasn't regained consciousness… But sir, considering the circumstances, it had to be a Tojo Clan insider who shot him. If they figure out where he is, they may try to finish the job.

Kiryu: Where are you now?

Shinji: I'm trying to hide him with someone I trust. Once that's settled, I'll get in touch. Should I call Serena?

Kiryu: No. I have a cell phone.

[He hangs up.]

Date: Kiryu. Do you have any leads?

Kiryu: No. Not a clue. I need to get out and see what I can find.

That’s not going to get you anywhere. Personally, I think we need to find an information broker.

Kiryu: You mean this “legendary informant” I'm hearing about?

Date: Exactly. You know him? They call him "The Florist of Sai." Apparently he's got intel on the entire town. Problem is, he keeps to himself in that sketchy park.

Kiryu: “West Park,” huh?

Date: Right. Otherwise known as "Purgatory." The local homeless all but own the place. And this informant operates from somewhere inside. You'll need to watch your step. That park's so dangerous, even the cops steer clear of it. Getting in is dangerous, getting back out's questionable.

Kiryu: But I have to go. There's no time to lose now. Date-san. Can I ask you to look after Haruka?

Date: Yeah. Although it's not exactly safe here, either. I'll protect her, though.

Go to PurgatoryEdit

[Kiryu goes to West Park. The whole park is fenced with metal shields, so it's pretty hard to get in. He's asking local hobos about how to get in and he's told that there's a toilet entrance. He goes in there and meets two menacing homeless people.]

Scowling Homeless Hey, you. Didn't ya see the sign? “Out Of Order.” Can't you read?

+I saw it.
I didn't see it.

Scowling Homeless Man: Well, then you can't complain if you get hurt.

[Kiryu is surrounded by several homeless people. They are armed with guns.]

Homeless in Baseball Hat: Scram! We don't want anything to do with yakuza! I said, get outta here!

[Kiryu abruptly grabs his gun and move it aside.]

Kiryu: Aren't public bathrooms for public use?

Homeless in Baseball Hat: Damn you!

[All of a sudden, the phone rings. The bearded homeless guy picks up the phone.]

Bearded Homeless: Yeah... Yeah. Yes, that's right. Understood. Let him through.

[What's happening is being watched through a security camera. The bearded homeless man opens one of the booths.]

Bearded Homeless: This way.

[At the entrance, Kiryu is met by a beefy black man speaking Japanese with an obvious accent. ]

Beefy Guy: I will take you, Kiryu-san.

Kiryu: You already know me, huh?

Bearded Homeless: That's Purgatory for you.

[Kiryu is led through the park. A lot has changed here since 1988 - the park has become a kind of a separate kingdom on the territory of Kamurocho, like the Vatican, only inhabited by homeless people.]

Beefy Guy: Boss is waiting for you at the far end, underground. Go ahead.

[Kiryu goes down to the subway station and opens his mouth in amazement. At the flooded station there is organized something like an ancient Japanese red light quarter - there are many brothels everywhere and a special coliseum for fighting without rules. Kiryu enters a palace at the far end of the quarter. There he is met by a fat, middle-aged man in a robe.]

The Florist: Kazuma Kiryu. Out on parole and raising hell already, eh?

Kiryu: Are you the Florist?

The Florist: You need intel on something?

Kiryu: The Tojo Clan's ten billion yen. And... Yumi and Mizuki, two sisters.

The Florist: And my fee?

Kiryu: How much are you asking?

The Florist: There are expenses to gathering info. I have men planted everywhere. From the color of a cabaret girl's panties, to a backroom deal... Even murders that never make it public. All of that information comes through me. I connect the billions of details... and offer accurate data to my customers. That's why my intel comes at a premium. You get it, right?

Kiryu: I can't pay you right now. But I don't have much time.

The Florist: I figured.

Kiryu: Hey. Hey!

The Florist: Ten years ago... The Dragon of Dojima was a force to be reckoned with. I hate yakuza to my core. But in the end, info brokering is really just... a hobby for peeping toms. So what will you do after making enemies out of the mighty Tojo Clan? Let's just say I'm curious.

Kiryu: So then...

The Florist: But if I give you info for free, my reputation takes the hit. I prefer to keep the playing field fair.

Kiryu: And that means?

The Florist: I have a job for you. Something only the Dragon of Dojima can do.

[They come to an underground coliseum. A fierce battle is already underway in the arena. Fatty fatbags smoke cigars and enjoy the company of prostitutes.]

Kiryu: An underground coliseum?

The Florist: That's right. Rich fools with too much money to burn… and bloodthirsty psychos are my clientele. It's kill or be killed here, and that's just fine. This is Purgatory. The Sanzu River runs through it.

Kiryu: What is this job you'd have me do?

The Florist: Beat three fighters, the prize money's yours. If you can actually do it... You can use that money to buy my intel. Listen, Kiryu. Behind those doors is the ring where you're going to fight three men in a row. Other than our "no arms, no armor" policy, there are no rules. Long as it's bare-knuckle, anything goes. Since the prize is big money, you'll be battling some real tough customers. Win against all three, and your work here is done. You got all that? Then when you're ready, let me know. Give the audience something to remember, huh? Have fun.

[Kiryu takes off his armour and equipment and enters the arena.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! We have a surprise fighter here! Feared for ten years as the Dragon of Dojima... Mercilessly killing his patriarch with his own two hands... Kiryuuuuuuu, Kazuma! Taking him on is a man with two wins already.... A fugitive from the United States convicted of first-degree murder... Daniel Feldman! And now.. No time limit, no rules!

[Kiryu defeat this beefy convict.]

Announcer: The great Kazuma Kiryu... has shown off his killer yakuza style! Here's the next challenger... Former Muay Thai middleweight champion... Gaowayan Pramuk!
Gaowayan Pramuk! This will be Kazuma Kiryu's first defensive battle! What kind of fight will we see!? And now, the gong!

[Kiryu defeats this skillful and fast fighter.]

The surprise challenger Kiryu is unstoppable! And now... The next fighter...

[The Florist is calling someone.]

Announcer: ...has been determined! What a shock! The undefeated man returns to the cage! Over the past three years, he has yet to lose a single fight! The Vegas underground fight circuit champion... Gary "Buster" Holmes!

Beefy Guy: Yo. So we meet again. What a coincidence, Kiryu-san. "Instant" death or "climax" death? Which you want?

Kiryu: That Japanese doesn't mean what you think it does.

Announcer: The invincible yakuza versus the undefeated underground king! Don't miss this battle! And now, the gong!

[Kiryu barely defeats a pumped-up fighter.]

Announcer: Our strongest fighter yet! The yakuza wins! He takes down the undefeated king... and becomes the new champion!

Kiryu: (to The Florist) Now it's your turn to do some work.

The Florist: Don't worry, I'll keep my promise. I told you, I keep it fair.

[They're going back to the office.]

The Florist: So you wanted to know about the Tojo Clan's ten billion, and about some women named Yumi and Mizuki… The Tojo Clan's Third Chairman covered up the robbery. But then, a family patriarch named Nishikiyama exposed it all at an emergency officer's meeting. My best guess is that Nishikiyama killed the Third Chairman. Busy as he's been, I wouldn't be surprised to hear he's gunning for the title of Fourth Chairman.

Kiryu: Maybe you're right...

The Florist: But right now the Tojo Clan is practically in civil war. The Third Chairman's dead, and a successor has yet to be chosen. Which means... the man who recovers the ten billion will be named Fourth Chairman. After Nishikiyama's big reveal causes them all to tear of course. Chivalry among yakuza is a joke. But it turns out the-ten billion was actually stolen by a woman named Yumi. Got that one on an anonymous tip.

Kiryu: What?

The Florist: The Tojo Clan conducted their own investigation and found out her sister, Mizuki, had closed down Ares and vanished right before the theft. So that means they're both prime suspects, but neither of them have turned up. Therefore...

Kiryu: Mizuki's daughter, Haruka.

The Florist: Say that again?

Kiryu: The Tojo Clan has been searching for Mizuki's daughter. Haruka is safe with me right now.

The Florist: Haruka... So that’s who it was. Two days ago, a strange woman hiding her face showed up. She asked me to find a girl by the name of Haruka.

Kiryu: Is it possible this woman was Yumi or Mizuki?

The Florist: Not sure. From only the glimpse I caught of her face, I couldn't say for sure if it was either of them. I didn't last this long by working with people I don't know. So I sent her away.

[The phone on The Florist's desk is ringing.]

The Florist: What is it? Alright, got it. (to Kiryu) You have a visitor.

Kiryu: A visitor?

The Florist: Let's go look. Watch your step.

Kiryu: What?

[The Florist presses a button and the table, along with a piece of floor, go down to the ground. They're going down to The Florist’s secret hiding place full of monitors.]

Kiryu: What is this?

The Florist: Amazing, eh? This is what "Purgatory" is really all about. Five years back, the police installed 50 cameras. They said it was to prevent terrorism... But it didn't do 'em-much good in the end. So I'm watching the town with my own eyes. With the 10,000 cameras I had installed. Hey, let's see our customer, Got it!

Kiryu: Date-san! He's bleeding? What happened?

The Florist: Let's roll back and see... Pull up the other surveillance. Date, eh? He's really down and out now, isn't he?

Kiryu: You Know Date-san?

The Florist’s Employee: Boss! This is footage from ten minutes ago.

The Florist: Hm?

[In the video, Date and Haruka are walking down the street. A van drives up to them and someone takes Haruka. Date is trying to save her, but he's being shot.]

Kiryu: Damn..!

The Florist: Boss, you need to see this!

The Florist’s Employee: What is it?

The Florist’s Employee: Switching to live feed.

[Wounded Date is surrounded by homeless people.]

The Florist: Kiryu. Date's in trouble.

Save DateEdit

[Kiryu is running to the rescue of the policeman. He finds the Date lying on the pavement.]

Kiryu: Hey! Date-san!

Date: Sorry... Haruka's...

Kiryu: I know.

Homeless: Hey, he's a cop!

Homeless 2: Yeah, no mistaking it. He busted me in the park a while back!

[The homeless man tries to hit Date with a stick, but Kiryu catches it.]

Kiryu: You've done enough!

Homeless 2: Not yet! I could kill him 100 times!

Homeless: Mind your own business, outsider!

Homeless 3: I owe him at least one good punch!

Homeless 4: Kill him!

Homeless 5: Yeah, I think we'd better kill him.

Kiryu: So there's nothing I can say?

Homeless 2: Yeah, nothing! Why should we listen to you, anyway?

[Kiryu gets back on his feet.]

Homeless: Really? Whatchya gonna do?

Date: Don't, Kiryu.

Kiryu: If you want to kill him so badly... You'll have to go through me!

[He beats up the homeless people with sticks.]

The Florist: Your strength is insane.

Date: You're... The Florist?

The Florist It's been a while, Date-san. Kiryu. The car that took the little girl stopped at the batting cages. Don't worry. You can pay me later for that one.

Kiryu: Thanks.

[The Florist leaves.]

Date: He's an ex-cop. He was leaking police intel, and I blew the whistle on him. After that he fell off the radar but I never imagined meeting him here. Kiryu. The guys who took Haruka were from the Majima Family.

Kiryu: The Majima Family? Of all people, it had to be Majima-san...

Save HarukaEdit

Kiryu: Date-san, can you wait at Serena?

Date: But that’s…

Kiryu: With those injuries, you're no match for the Majima Family. And I'm worried about Reina. I don't want her left alone.

Date: I get it. Just watch your back.

[Kiryu runs to the game center. When he enters the main hall, a lot of spotlights come on. Some tough guys with bats come out into the hall... and of course, their leader - Goro Majima.]

Majima: It's been a while... Kiryu-chan! I feel like I'm gonna burst with joy... Now I get to face the Dragon of Dojima! It'll be a glorious fight, with our very lives on the line. Right, Kiryu-chan? Ya get me? Right!?

[He gets a ball in the face from a tennis cannon. Majima is laughing and his men are also laughing, squeezing out the laughter. Only one of them is silent. Majima starts beating him brutally with a bat.]

Majima: This is the part where ya laugh! Laugh it up, dumbass!

Kiryu: Stop it!

Majima: Huh?

Kiryu: Give Haruka back!

[Majima strikes one last blow, apparently killing the guy.]

Majima: Sure, no prob. She's just behind that door. Didn't I tell ya? Kiryu-chan... I just wanna have a proper fight with ya, that's all.

Kiryu: Are you being serious?

Majima: I'm seriously serious. Dead serious!

[He takes out his tanto.]

Majima: So stop teasin' and let's get on with it, Kiryu-chan! Ready? Let's go!

[Kiryu is attacked by a dozen of Majima's men and the guy himself. Kiryu faces a fierce fight, but he manages to win.]

Kiryu: Man, you are one tough customer... That's my boy, Kiryu-chan. But whatever... I ain't done!

Kiryu: It's over. I'm taking Haruka.

Majima: Oh hell no!

[He turns around and sees Majima's bald sidekick with a knife in his hand running at him.]

Bald Sidekick: Die, Kiryu!

[But Majima covers it with his body and gets stabbed in the stomach.]

Bald Sidekick: Boss…! Why?

Majima: Kiryu-chan... He belongs to me! You jackass!

[He knocks out the bald man with one blow.]

Majima: I'm the only one allowed to kill him!

[He falls to the floor.]

Kiryu: Majima!

Majima’s Man 1: Boss! Hey, call an ambulance! Hurry up!

Majima’s Man 2: Right!

Haruka: Mister...

Kiryu: Haruka!

Haruka: I was scared! I was so scared!

Kiryu: Sorry I took so long.

[They're going back to Serena.]

Date: I'm sorry, Haruka. I wasn't able to protect you. You were scared, huh?

Haruka: Yeah. I was tied up in a dark room. But suddenly it got loud outside, and then... A man I didn't know came and told me to run.

Date: A man you didn't know? Any ideas, Kiryu?

Kiryu: None...

Haruka: When I thanked him he asked if I still had the pendant.

Date: What are you talking about?

[It shows a richly decorated pendant that looks like a pocket watch. There's an opening for the key on the case. It's the same pendant she showed Kiryu before.]

Haruka: This Aunt Yumi gave it to me.

[She remembers talking to her aunt, and we see its visualization.]

Haruka: Where's Mom? Why can't I see her?

Yumi: I'm sorry.

Haruka: I don't like this. I want to see my mom. Aunt Yumi, please! Let me see my mom! Oh, please!

Yumi: Listen, Haruka-chan.

Haruka: Huh?

Yumi: I brought this today. Your mother used to carry this pendant.

Haruka: It's Mom's?

Yumi: Yep. And I brought it to give it to you. She needs you to hold on a little longer. Okay?

Haruka: Okay.

Yumi: It's a valuable good luck charm, so don't tell strangers that you have it. That's really important. Haruka-chan, it's yours, and yours alone.

Date: Did this stranger want your pendant?

Haruka: No, he just told me to take care of it, because... "It's worth ten billion yen."

Date: Let me see it a sec. It needs a key. I wonder if we could force it—

Reina: No! You can't!

Date: It was just a thought...

Kiryu: Haruka, do you remember what this man looked like?

Haruka: It was so dark, I couldn't see him too well… But he told me to tell Mister Kiryu about the pendant.

Kiryu: He knew my name?

Haruka: Mm-hmm.

Date: Who could it be?

Kiryu: No clue. The only thing I know for sure... is that we've stumbled right into the middle of this thing.

[We go back to 1996. Nishikiyama, clearly in distress, is walking down the street. He sees Matsushige.]

Nishikiyama: Hey, wait a goddamn minute!

Matsushige: Look who we have here... If it isn't the boss-man.

Nishikiyama: I heard you were running collections on stores in Kashiwagi-san's turf… Are you seriously moving in on his take!?

Matsushige: Yeah. Km getting that cash you asked for. There a problem?

Nishikiyama: Are you insane!? Why would you do that!?

Matsushige: Hey, hey... Do I have to explain everything to you?

Nishikiyama: Excuse me?

Matsushige: There was a time when places here were popping up like spring dandelions... But those days are over. Nowadays, to get on top, you've gotta take territory by force.

Nishikiyama: (screams) Have you no respect!?

Matsushige: Respect, eh? Well, if Captain Kashiwagi comes knocking, you'll answer the door, right boss?

Nishikiyama: You bastard!

[Matsushige grabs his jacket and pulls him up.]

Matsushige: 30 mil… That's what you said you needed, by any means possible! If you don't like my methods... Then try climbing the ladder with yours!

[He throws Nishikiyama on the pavement.]

Matsushige: Otherwise, stop crying, because you can't do shit on your own!

[Matsushige's leaving. Nishikiyama runs to bow to Kashiwagi. He's obviously hitting him in the face.]

Kashiwagi: You little shit! So, this is how you repay me?

Nishikiyama: (bowing on the floor) I'm sorry! I'm truly sorry! You can have my pinky if it would make things right...

Kashiwagi: I don't want it! What good is the pinky of a piece of shit leader... who can't even keep his men in line!? Huh!?

[Nishikiyama bumps his head on the floor.]

Nishikiyama: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

[Kashiwagi lights a cigarette.]

Kashiwagi: For heaven's sake. I'm glad I caught this before it got up the chain to Kazama-san. I'd hate to disappoint him with a pathetic incident like this. I'll look past your mistake this time. But there won't be a next time.

Nishikiyama: Thank you very much! Thank you so much!

Kashiwagi: This never would have happened if it were Kiryu…

[Hearing these words Nishikiyama flinches with resentment.]

Kashiwagi: You better stay sharp from now on.


[Some time passes. Haruka falls asleep on the sofa covered with a little rag.]

Reina: Haruka-chan must have been so exhausted. She's sound asleep. So Kiryu-chan, what are you going to do today?

Kiryu: I need to look for new leads. Ill try hitting the streets.

Reina: Will you be okay? You always seem to get yourself caught up in the worst kind of trouble...

[He leaves Serena and a homeless man runs up to him.]

Lost Soul of Purgatory: Hello, I'm from Purgatory. My name is Mogusa. I've been working for the Florist. Sir, could you come see the boss, if you don't mind? I guess there's some trouble involving his family, and it’s put him in a real foul mood. Not that he tells us anything.

Kiryu: The Florist has a family?

Mogusa: One that left him a long time ago. The boss's son is just another one of this town's hooligans. Though to be fair, he's never even seen his father's face… Our boss is fond of you, Kiryu-san. I think it'd lift his spirits if you went to go see him. The boss has holed himself up in Purgatory's monitor room. Can you help him?

[Kiryu runs to West Park, but on the way, a policeman stops him... though his face seems familiar...]

???: Stop in the name of the law, Kiryu-chan! Wait, did he just call me Kiryu-chan? Majima-san!?

Kiryu: Great, a cop with an attitude...

Majima: Heh, are ya actually surprised?

Kiryu: Y-Yeah, actually I am. What the hell are you doing?

Majima: Well, we heard rumors about a guy rampagin' through town with a bat and a dagger... So the Majima Family is on the case!

Kiryu: (Pretty sure that'd be you...)

Majima: So, Kiryu-chan! I'm gonna have to pat ya down to see if you're carryin' any dangerous items!

Kiryu: You really have that kind of authority?

Majima: Of course I do! I ain't gonna let ya off the hook just 'cause I know ya! Now show me the goods!

Kiryu: What do my possessions have to do with this?

Majima: Shut up and spread 'em! Ya got anything you're tryin' to hide? Oh! Perhaps ya got a smut video hidden inside that jacket of yours?

Kiryu: I don't! Geez... Fine. If I show you, you'll be satisfied, right?

[Majima is checking the contents of Kiryu's inventory…]

Majima: What have we here!? Naughty, naughty, Kiryu-chan! You have a weapon!

Kiryu: Tch, you found it.

Majima: Not good, Kiryu-chan. What were ya thinkin', walkin' around in public with a dangerous item like this? As an officer of the law, I gotta make sure ya pay for your crimes! It's in my very moral fiber!

Kiryu: What? Then from the very beginning, you were trying to...

Majima: I told ya, didn't I, Kiryu-chan? If I can give ya a proper reason you'll have to fight me!

Kiryu: Fine then. Bring it on!

[Kiryu kicks the ass of Officer Majima.]

Kiryu: Tch, fighting you was the only choice I had... But I haven’t fought like that in a while.

Majima: Yeah, looks like you're on the way to regainin' what ya lost. All my hard work is payin' off with sweet, sweet returns. But don't get cocky. Ya ain't your old self by a long shot. Your ten year gap was a massive ravine ya still gotta cross.

Kiryu: So you're going to keep doing this?

Majima: Damn straight! Until I get the man worthy of bein' called the Dragon of Dojima that I wanna fight, then you're gonna be in my sights!

Kiryu: Seriously…

Majima: Now how am I gonna force ya to fight me next time!? Heh heh! Just the thought of it gets me fired up!

Kiryu: (He has a point. Majima-san's constant interruptions are making me regain my old strength. Maybe these fights are inevitable. Still, if I ever plan on carrying a weapon, I better be careful so Majima-san doesn't find out.)

[Kiryu returns to the Florist's underground palace and goes down to his secret room.]

Kiryu: So that's your son, huh?

Florist: Kiryu! When did you get here!?

[The Florist is watching his son and his girlfriend through the cameras. They're sitting on a bench. The girl's holding a big bag.]

Kiryu: She's a nice girl. He's got good taste.

The Florist: Yeah, she's not bad. Other than being the daughter of a family patriarch!

Kiryu: In this town?

The Florist: Nah, some two-bit family in Asakusa. I've got nothing for you right now. Sorry to waste your time here.

Kiryu: It's all right.

Go to the Battling CenterEdit

Kiryu: (Guess I'm helping the Florist. I should head to the batting cages.)

[When Kiryu comes out to the surface, a young man runs up to him.]

Man: Excuse me! My good sir, is it really you?

Kiryu: Hm? ...Who are you?

Man: I-It’s me. Can't you tell?

Kiryu: Could it be... Tamura?

Tamura: Yes, it is! My word, ifs been such a long time!

Kiryu: You... You're supposed to be dead.

Tamura: Heh, that much is true. The official story is that I'm dead. Did Aoki tell you that, perchance?

Kiryu: Yeah, that's right. I heard you were investigating my case when they found your body in Tokyo Bay.

Tamura: Heheh. That's the Florist’s doing. He concocted a complete and perfect alibi for me.

Kiryu: Care to elaborate?

Tamura: Well, five years ago I went into Purgatory and met the boss. I realized then how inferior I was, as an informant. So I decided I'd disappear and come work for the man who was clearly my superior.

Kiryu: But why lie about dying?

Tamura: Well. Luckily, I don't have a wife or kids, so I knew no one would really miss me if I died. And being dead would have the advantage Of making it a lot easier to gather intel, so I asked the Florist to orchestrate my “untimely demise.”

Kiryu: I see... But Aoki is still looking for you, even now.

Tamura: Is he really? But please, Kiryu-san, don't tell him about me. I beg you!

Kiryu: It’s fine. I won’t.

Tamura: Well then, see you.

[Kiryu enters the game center, pretending to be an ordinary passerby. Florist's son, unable to withstand the tension, runs up to Kiryu and hits him with an iron bat, but Kiryu blocks the hit with his hand.]

Kiryu: The hell are you doing?

Florist’s Son: Damn! Kyoka, run!

Kyoka: Okay!

Florist’s Son: One guy!?

Kiryu: Hold it. I think you've confused -

Florist’s Son: Shut up! Go tell your boss... that I'm… going to make Kyoka happy!

[He attacks Kiryu and has nothing left to do but beat him up.]

Florist’s Son: Damn it... Please, can't you let us go!? I know! We can split the money! Just tell them we got away, and —

Kiryu: Calm down. I was just passing by.

Florist’s Son: So, you're not with the Atobe Family?

Kiryu: No, and you owe me an explanation. What's going on?

Florist’s Son: They're chasing us down. That is. ...Kyoka's father, and the Atobe Family.

Kiryu: What for?

Florist’s Son: Kyoka asked me to run away with her. Oh crap! I need to catch up with her!

Kiryu: Where'd she go?

Florist’s Son: Club Debolah. At the plaza in front of the theater. Do you mind if I go now?

Atobe Thug: Not so fast.

Florist’s Son: You guys…

Atobe Thug: Takashi. Heard you wanted off the team. That ain't something you put in a text!

Takashi: I was going to make things right later!

Atobe Thug: No way. You were just tryin' to bail. This is exactly why… we've been givin' you the shit jobs!

Takashi: Look I need to be somewhere.

Atobe Thug: You takin' this seriously or not!?

[Kiryu comes up to them with a bat on his shoulder.]

Atobe Thug: Got a problem, old man?

Kiryu: Go, Takashi. I just felt like swinging the bat around today. And you guys get to be the curveballs.

Atobe Thug: The hell!?

Takashi: You’re…

Kiryu: Go.

Takashi: Thank you!

[He runs away.]

Atobe Thug: Old man... It's too late for apologies.

Kiryu: (to the camera) Hey. You owe me one for this.

[Kiryu starts playing baseball, only without a ball and accidentally breaks the heads of this young scumbags.]

Atobe Thug: Dammit!

Kiryu: Hey. Leave Takashi alone.

Atobe Thug: Either way, he's done for. He's got tons of guys lookin' for him.

Kiryu: Why is he such a big deal?

Atobe Thug: His girlfriend… ran off with her old man's money.

Kiryu: Her father's? Must be the family's.

Takashi: (in Kiryu’s head) Club Debolah. At the plaza in front of the theater.

Kiryu: These kids are a pain in the ass.

Go to DebolahEdit

[Kiryu runs to a youth club called "Debolah". As usual in such places, the hall has only 5 people on a huge area, absolutely mediocre music playing and the design of the club is also mediocre. Kiryu comes up to the second floor to talk to the director of this kennel.]

Kyoka: Out of my way! I'm not going home!

Boss: Miss… We don't want to use force here.

Kyoka: And Takashi? What will you do to Takashi!?

Boss: He's a lowlife punk trying to con you. He'll be answering for that.

Takashi: What!?

Kyoka: It's not true! I took the money on my own. Takashi had nothing to do with it!

Boss: Miss... You're mistaken. He's convinced you to think that way.

Takashi: Kyoka, stay back. I've long since made up my mind. I'm going to protect Kyoka no matter what!

Scream from afar: Get back here!

[Kiryu is breaking into this "party".]

Guard: I'm sorry, sir, this guy barged in...

Kiryu: Looks like quite a party.

Boss: It's none of your business. Stay out of it!

Kiryu: Can't do that. You guys are gonna kill that kid.

Guard: Shut up!

[He tries to attack, but Kiryu throws him off the second floor.]

Atobe Thugs: You come here to die, dumbshit!? What do you think you're doing!?

Boss: You've got guts, considering the odds. But we're done talking. Get him!

[A big fight is about to start. Kiryu fights like a beast, throwing thugs right into the hall. A few of the club's customers run out of it. A boss armed with a short sword is also involved in the fight, and as everyone gets a couple of bruises.]

Kiryu: Takashi.

Takashi: Huh?

Kiryu: Leave the money and go. Don't push your luck.

Takashi: Fine...

Kyoka: No! What are we going to do without any money?

Takashi: But…

Boss: You little punk! You plan on running off with the lady while you're still nothing? Your gang considers you an errand boy. You can't even quit without screwing it up.

Takashi: Stop it! It's okay, Takashi. Let's go.

Boss: Miss! Your father only wants your happiness.

Kyoka: Then why isn't he here?

Boss: Well, that's... because...

Kyoka: I'm sick of it! My dad just had to be a stupid yakuza…. And it ruined my life!

Boss: I understand that. You couldn't make friends... And you were always alone. Your father felt terrible about that.

Kyoka: Takashi?

Takashi: I...

Boss: Huh?

[He falls to his knees in front of his boss.]

Takashi: I know I'm still a loser. But I'm going to work hard! I'll work at it! I'll work at it! And I promise to make Kyoka happy!

Boss: Talk is cheap.

Takeshi: I'll prove it.

[He runs up to the table, takes a knife and prepares to cut off his little finger.]

Kyoka: Takashi!

Takashi: Ꭺaaghhhhhh!

[Kiryu stops his hand.]

Kiryu: Don't. You're not yakuza. Just do what you've promised him.That okay by you?

Boss: I have a message from your father.

[He takes out a piece of paper.]

Kyoka: What?

Boss: Kyoka. I am and always will be yakuza.

[What happens through the cameras is watched by the Florist and... Kyoka's father.]

Boss: I have command over so many men... Yet I failed to make my only daughter happy. A yakuza's failure... I have no right to hold you close. So… go on. Kyoka... Take care of yourself.

Kiryu: So her father planned this from the start?

The Florist: You seen enough?

Kyoka’s Father: Yeah. The monitor… is getting a little blurry. (turns away to hide his tears)

The Florist: Heh, whatever you say.

Kyoka’s Father: I'd heard you hated yakuza with a passion.

The Florist: Yep.

Kyoka’s Father: You're okay with this?

The Florist: You're just the father of the girl my son chose. That's all.

Kyoka’s Father: He's a fine lad.

The Florist: I can't take credit for raising him.

Kyoka’s Father: Likewise.

[The monitor turns off.]

Kiryu: (I guess go cash in a favor from the Florist.)

Go to PurgatoryEdit

The Florist: Oh, yeah. The father of Takashi's girlfriend left this for you.

[Kiryu got Goemon.]

Kiryu: Kyoka's dad... wanted me to have this?

The Florist: Yeah. We were both here watching what you did. He was very grateful. Consider it a token of his appreciation. Just take it. Oh, by the way, you know this little city has an underground casino? I've given you access. Drop by if you're feeling lucky.


Kiryu: (I should get back to Serena.)

[His cell phone is ringing.]

Kiryu: Hello?

Reina: Hi, Kiryu-chan. It’s me, Reina.

Kiryu: Oh. What's up?

Reina: Date-san's at Serena, blackout drunk. Could you come back to Serena for a bit?

Kiryu: You got it. I'll head over now.

Reina: All right, please hurry.

[Kiryu goes back to the bar and sees that Date is sleeping behind the counter.]

Kiryu: He was drinking this stuff? What happened?

Reina: Who knows? He's got his troubles too.

[Date's phone on the counter is starting to ring. Reina nods to Kiryu to answer it.]

(Incoming Call: Saya)

Saya: How come you always stand me up!? Jerk!

[She hangs up.]

Reina: That was...?

Kiryu: It was a woman named Saya. Date-san must have stood her up.

Reina: That's Date-san's daughter. He mentioned her after he drank enough. He was supposed to meet up with her near here... I guess that's out.

Kiryu: Near here?

Reina: You know the back alley across the street? Where Public Park 3 is, the little park back there.

Meet Date’s DaughterEdit

[In the park, two girls come to Kiryu.]

Girl 2: Hey mister, you free? You wanna hang with us a while?

Girl 1: You can have one or both of us, it's okay. We don't have any rules to speak of, as long as it's not too extreme.

Kiryu: What do you mean?

Girl 2: You know we mean...

Girl 1: Sorry, forget about it.

Girl 2: (to Girl 1) But what are we gonna do, Saya?

Saya: We'll find someone soon. Let's go!

[Kiryu grabs her arm.]

Kiryu: Saya?

Saya: Hey!

Kiryu: Are you Date-san's daughter? So, does Date-san know about this?

Saya: Huh? Of course he doesn't, What are you, mental?

Kiryu: Not as dumb as you two. I'm not the one with my body on discount.

Saya: That's none of your business! If you wanna tell on me, go right ahead. I just need money right now. So leave me alone!

[She runs away.]

Saya’s Friend: Saya! Mister, are you on Saya's side?

Kiryu: Probably.

Saya's Friend: I see. Well the thing is, Saya got herself involved with this sketchy guy. His name is Shotaro. From a Champion District bar called “Shellac.”

Kiryu: And?

Saya’s Friend: This guy costs her a LOT of money. That’s why she's trying to sell herself. so she can keep seeing him. But now, mister… think she's in real trouble. You look strong, and you're friends with Saya's dad, right? Can you help her?

[Kiryu goes to the specified bar. It turns out to be located in a slum and yet quite expensive drinks are poured there.]

Barkeep: Welcome.

Kiryu: Is Shotaro here?

Barkeep: You a friend of his?

+Yeah, I'm a friend.
That doesn't concern you.

Barkeep: You don't say... so, you gonna order something? You know what? Let's play a game... Pick which drink is the most expensive here.

The Premium Malt's
Courvoisier X. O.
Laphroaig 10-years-old
+Yamazaki 25-years-old
Hibiki 17-years-old
Stop rambling and answer me already.

Kiryu: Ha, that's an easy question...

Barkeep: An easy question, you said? I guess it was. I like you. I'll tell you where he is. Shotaro isn't here anymore. He moved to this club called Stardust three months ago. He said he was going to be the city's number one host. He goes by Shota now.

[Getting the information Kiryu goes to the host club of his new friends - Kazuki and Yuya.]

Yuya: Oh, Kiryu-san. Welcome! By yourself today?

Kiryu: Actually... I'm looking for a guy named Shota.

Yuya: Shota? He's over there. That's him over there.

[Before Kiryu gets close to Shota, Date bursts into the club, pushing Yuya away.]

Yuya: Wait a sec!

Kiryu: Date-san?

Date: Saya!

Saya: Dad!?

Shota: Excuse me, sir. We're in the middle of -

[Date pushes him to the floor.]

Date: Step aside.

Saya: Shota! Are you okay?

Date: Saya, what are you doing in here?

Saya: What am I doing in here? What now you want to play my father? You already flaked out on me today!
Date: That’s...

Saya: You always do this, Dad! When we meet up, you barely speak a word, and you act like you're bored stiff... But one wrong turn and there you are.

Date: Saya...

Saya: I'm leaving.

Shota: Saya-chan!

[She’s picking up her purse and run out of the club. Date squatters and covers his face with his hands.]

Date: Damn it…

[Saya's voice is coming from the street...]

Saya: Hey, what are you guys doing!?

Date: Saya!

[He's running out on the street. There's some scumbags messing with his daughter.]

Saya: Stop it! Let me go!

Scumbag 1: Shut up! (to Date) Hey, what are you doing!? Got a problem, old man?

Date: Let her go this instant!

Scumbag 1: Huh? I'm afraid she owes our establishment a pretty penny... And it's none of your business, so butt out!

Date: Money!?

Scumbag 1: Yeah, this chick's a host club regular, and she's deep in it... If she can't pay, she'll just have to sell the goods she's got!

[Hearing these words, Date's face squeezes in rage and his palm clenched in fist.]

Scumbag 1: Keep an eye out for her upcoming video debut! Pre-order it now, old man!

[Date hits the bastard in the face.]

Scumbag 1: Asshole...!

[The second scumbag tries to hit Date with an empty bottle box...]

Saya: Dad!

[...but Kiryu kicks him right in the stomach.]

Date: Kiryu!? What are you...

Scumbag 1: You old bastards... Hope you've got a will!

Kiryu: Date-san, we can talk later.

[Kiryu and Date teach scumbags to respect elders.]

Date: (to Scumbag 1) I'm the girl's father. Now tell me where your boss is.

[Date goes to the boss, and Kiryu stays waiting at the club.]

Yuya: Date-san sure is taking his time... Do you think it was okay to let him go alone?

[Kiryu is going to see if everything is all right.]

Yuya: I’m a little worried.

Kiryu: About what?

Yuya: About Shota. He's a great earner and he's polite enough, but I don't really like the crowd he falls in with. Hope he's not involved in anything weird.

Kazuki: I’m sorry. Kiryu-san. I didn't realize all this was happening while I was away from the club.

Kiryu: No, it's fine. I’m just worried about Date-san.

Kazuki: I wasn't aware Saya-chan owed the club money. Although that does explain why Shota asked for an advance...

Kiryu: Advance?

Kazuki: That's when a host borrows money from the club. Usually, ifs for when their customer can't cover their tab, and the host pays it for them upfront. ...Then the host collects it on his own.

Kiryu: So, Shota needs money to pay back the advance?

Kazuki: No, I think that’s somewhat unlikely. The advances at our club don't charge interest or impose deadlines.

Kiryu: Then where's Shota?

Kazuki: He had an early shift, so he's clocked out already.

[Kiryu is on his way out of the club.]

Saya: Kiryu-san... Shota was telling me... that he needs to pay off what he borrowed from the loan shark, immediately. He asked me to help him get the money.

Kiryu: How long have you been doing this?

Saya: Actually, that was the first time. But he said that if he didn't get the money by next week, he could get killed!

Kiryu: So the punk is scared for his life, and asks his girl to do something about it? If he cared about you at all, he would never ask you to do that.

Saya: But Shota is all I have!

Kiryu: If it were Date-san, he would protect you. Even if it meant going to hell and back. It isn't Shota who cares the most about you. Date-san does.

Saya: You know, Kiryu-san? I'm worried about Dad.

Kiryu: Do you know where the loan shark is?

Saya: On Pink Street, in the Hanagata Building. They have an office there.

Kiryu: Let's go, Saya. You're coming with me.

Go to The Hanagata BuildingEdit

Saya: Kiryu-san, what's your relationship to my dad?

Kiryu: Hm? Oh, well I was under his care at his work...

Saya: I knew it! I figured as much.

Kiryu: How did you know?

Saya: Kiryu-san, you look like a total yakuza!

Kiryu: When did you start coming to Kamurocho, Saya?

Saya: About six months ago… School is boring and we're always fighting at home… That's when I met Shota...

Kiryu: And ended up, getting into debt… So all of this is because a kid stuck her neck out in an adult world. If you want to be treated like an adult, you have to own your actions.

Saya: You don't have to put it like that!

Kiryu: I used toque a lot like you, actually.

Saya: What…?

Kiryu: I didn't understand that I was just a helpless kid. So I went around doing what came naturally, and caused a lot of trouble.

Saya: Kiryu-san...

Kiryu: It's not too late yet. Let’s hurry up and find Date-san.

Saya: Yeah!

Kiryu: What are your-conversations like with Date-san?

Saya: We haven't talked lately... He keeps flaking out on me.

[They enter the building. They've already been brutally beaten there.]

Date: You son of a...

Shota: Listen, old man. As Saya's father, you're welcome to pay her debt. Then we'll let her off the hook for that video.

Date: How much is it?

Shota: Her tab was 200 grand. I paid that but with interest it's more like… Four mil.

Boss: Shota borrowed that money from our affiliate. So the interest is on you!

Date: Screw you!

Shota: If you don't pay, then Saya-chan... She'll do what she's gotta do, eh?

[Date gives him a "Glasgow Kiss" – hits him on the face with his head.]

Boss: Shota! Sit your ass down!

[The boss hits Date and his police badge falls out of his pocket.]

Shota: What the… He's a cop!? Wow, Division Four? Organized Crime, eh?

Boss: Seriously? This is bad!

Shota: Hold on a second... Hey, "Daddy"… Organized Crime must have a shit ton of guns you've confiscated, right?

Date: What?

Shota: If you pass some of those to us, we'll let Saya's debt slide. How 'bout it? Good deal?

Date: Out of the question.

[Shota slaps him.]

Shota: Stop screwing with us!

[Meanwhile, Saya and Kiryu approach the office...]

Saya: Shota? He's here!?

Shota: What a heartless father. Don't you care about your daughter?

Date: I do. Of course I do. I won't let you lay a finger on Saya.

Shota: Then set with the picture!

Date: I'm Saya's father. But I'm a cop, too. So I'm passing on your little offer.

Shota: Then you don't care what happens to Saya? Huh!? You'd choose your job over her!?

Date: Kill me already.

Shota: What!?

Date: I told you to kill me. If I die here, you clowns will never get away. Don't underestimate Japan's police force. And as for Saya... I'm sure my friend will protect her.

Shota: Then I'll grant your wish.

[He takes a knife out of his pocket.]

Shota: We're not afraid of the pigs. We've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

[At that moment, Kiryu bursts into the office.]

Saya: Dad!

Boss: Who the hell are you?

Shota: You!

Kiryu: So you were all in this together!? You're scum... All of you.

[He beats up Shota and his gang.]

Kiryu: 200 blew up into 4 mil, eh? If you're joking, it's not very funny.

Shota: N-No...

Kiryu: The contract. Hand it over.

[Shota is so scared that he's doing everything Kiryu said without delay. After that Kiryu and Date go out to sit and get some fresh air in the park.]

Date: I owe you one, Kiryu.

Kiryu: Nah.

Saya: Dad...

Kiryu: Now you look like a high school girl, proper.

Saya: Hey, don't stare like a creeper!

[Date gets up from the bench and goes to his daughter.]

Saya: Dad…

[He slaps her.]

Date: Saya, I'm a failure of a father. Ten years ago, I ran away from you and your mother. So I know I don't have the right to ask anything of you. But still, could you... promise me something? Please... Take better care of yourself. If you want to find happiness, you need to be happy with yourself first. And if you ever find yourself lost, or in trouble, I'll be there to protect you. I’ll... protect you!

Saya: I get it. I got it, so no more crying.

[They're hugging. Kiryu gets up and leaves them alone.]

Date: Kiryu…

[This Date's field is going to his work at Kamurocho Police Station.]

Chief: Good morning, Date-kun.

Date: Chief? Yes?

Chief: Right... We need to talk.

[They go into 署長室 <i>(Chief of Police Office).]</i>

Date: What is it, sir?

Chief of Police: Ten years ago, there was a case you continued to investigate at your own discretion... Your career derailed after that incident. Surely you understand that can't happen again?

Date: Yeah, sure...

Chief of Police: You need to step back from this case you're on.

Date: Which case is this?

Chief of Police: Look, this is non-negotiable, Date-kun. Just step away from it, now. That is all.

Date: Excuse me, then.

[He gets up and leaves the office.]

Chief: H-Hey! Date-kun!

[Two men in suits are coming out of the next room.]

Man: So that was Detective Date.

Chief of Police: Yes sir.

Man: What do you think, Sudo-kun?

Sudo: He's the kidnapper, then? This friend of Date-san's?

Man: Correct. I can't say from whom, but we have a missing persons report. This comes all the way down from the top brass. Can Division One take the case?

Sudo: Understood, sir.

[We go back to 1996. Nishikiyama roams the streets aimlessly, shocked by the latest news.]

Voice: Judging by your sorry state... Kashiwagi ripped you a new one, eh?

[Boss Shimano comes out of the corner.]

Nishikiyama: Shimano, sir... (bows)

Shimano: I've heard rumors... that you're strugglin' to keep your men in line, Nishikiyama.

Nishikiyama: After all that Kazama-san went through to get me settled... I screwed up everything.

Shimano: Then it's playin' out just as I suspected. Who knew Kazama had such a cruel streak?

Nishikiyama: What do you mean?

Shimano: If he really meant to help ya come up... Then why'd he give you men ya couldn't control? He's makin' ya suffer... And he's waitin' for you to break.

Nishikiyama: No way...

Shimano: Just keep this in the back of your mind. All Kazama wants... is Kiryu to have his own family. What Kiryu pulled is beyond forgiveness. But who am I kiddin'? Ironic as it sounds, Kiryu's reputation has never been stronger. Seems offin' a big shot... only gave him more street cred. Once he gets out... He'll be on a level you couldn't even hope to reach. He's a beast who killed his boss, but... In our world, all it takes to move up the ranks is street cred. Come to think of it... Maybe one day he'll have such a big-ass family even I'll be green with envy.

Nishikiyama: But… Kashiwagi-san told me I would be taking care of Kiryu when he got out.

Shimano: Dumbass! You blind!? You're the sorry shit who needs takin' care of. But then, I guess even Kiryu would have a rough time... figurin' out what the fuck to do with you. A little bitch who can't pull the trigger won't last long here. Consider goin' back to civvy life.

[Nishikiyama puts his head down. Shimano smirks and leaves.]


[Date shows Kiryu a photo. They're sitting in Bar Serena. Haruka sleeps peacefully on the sofa.]

Date: Hey, Kiryu. Take a look at this.

Kiryu: What is it?

Date: They pulled a drowned female body out of the Tokyo Bay this morning.

[There's a flower-shaped tattoo above the girl's right breast.]

Kiryu: This tattoo…

[Kiryu remembers seeing the same tattoo on Mizuki's photo in her club Ares.]

Date: The cause of death is from a contusion and shock due to blood loss. The body had concrete attached to make it sink. She was brutally tortured.

Kiryu: Could it be Mizuki?

Date: Hard to say. But this tattoo… Isn't it the same one Mizuki had?

Kiryu: This...

Date: What?

Kiryu: Right here, look closely. You see the small "uta" character for "song"?

Date: Oh.. Oh!

Kiryu: This is the work of Utabori II. He puts his signature on all of his art.

Date: So he's the one who did her ink?

Kiryu: Yeah. He did my back, too. He works between Senryo Avenue and Pink Street, at the Ryujin Hall. If this woman in the picture is Mizuki... Haruka will be devastated. Let's not tell her until we know.

Date: Right.

Kiryu: (to Reina) We're heading out.

Reina: See you later.

Go to Ryujin HallEdit

[Kiryu goes to an old tattooist.]

Kiryu: It's been a while, sir. (bows)

Utabori II: Ah, if it isn't Kiryu.

Kiryu: Yes, I made parole just the other day.

Utabori II: And then you rampaged through Sera's funeral. What can I do for you? Need a touch up?

Kiryu: No…

[He shows him the photo.]

Utabori II: This design... It's the "queen of the night." It blooms only once a year on a single night.

Kiryu: So... this tattoo...

Utabori II: Are you asking if it's my work? This is my design, but lately there are many who imitate my style. I remember every single tattoo I've inked. And this one isn't mine.

Kiryu: I see…

[The phone rings on the tattooist's desk.]

Utabori II: Hello? ...Oh, it's you. Yeah, he's here. It's Nishikiyama.

[Kiryu flinches in surprise.]

Kiryu: Huh?

[He's picking up the phone.]

Kiryu: This is Kiryu.

Nishikiyama: Been a long time... bro.

Kiryu: How did you know I was here?

Nishikiyama: Information tends to centralize around large sources of power. And from where I'm sitting now, let's just say I get what I want. Did you see Mizuki's corpse already?

Kiryu: What did you say?

Nishikiyama: We need to talk, man to man. Tomorrow. Let's say 10PM. At Serena.

[Nishikiyama hangs up.]

Utabori II: Kiryu. I'll touch up the dragon on your back. A faded dragon cannot defeat Nishikiyama now.

[The tattooist corrects tattooing on Kiryu's back in an ancient way - manually, with the help of a needle.]

Utabori II: It's been over ten years. You got the dragon... And Nishikiyama got the koi on his back. The radiance of a tattoo can change depending on who carries it. As we speak, Nishikiyama's back should be brilliant to behold. He can finally compete with you as an equal.

Kiryu: With me?

Utabori II: The koi swims up the Yellow River, crossing the mountains to enter the Dragon Gate. At the end of the Dragon Gate River the koi becomes the dragon. He is swimming upstream through the Dragon Gate. In order to be reborn as the dragon... Perhaps he requires a powerful rival such as you.


Kiryu: (I should go back to Serena...)

[Back at the bar...]

Date: Nishikiyama's coming here?

Kiryu: Yeah.

Date: Haruka is in the Tojo Clan's crosshairs. You need to get her out of here.

Kiryu: Purgatory would be our safest bet.

Date: There? Well... I guess that's true enough.

Haruka: I'm not going.

Reina: Why not, Haruka-chan?

Haruka: Mister... You went looking for information about my mom, didn't you? But... How come you didn't take me with you? I want to see my mom. I didn't come here to play!

Date: Hey, Haruka...

Haruka: It's this pendant, isn't it? Everyone just wants the pendant. No one cares about what I want. I know you're just after the ten billion yen, and that's why you've kept me—

[Kiryu slaps her.]]

Kiryu: Sorry.

Haruka: Please tell me about my mom. You know something, don't you? Please tell me! Why won't you say anything?

Date: Haruka. Kiryu just doesn't want to say that... your mother—

Kiryu: Shut up! Don't say it! Haruka, I just need you to believe in me. That's all I can say for now.

Haruka: I want to believe you. But... My mom is all I really have! If you're just going to do whatever you want... Then I'm going to do the same.

[She puts the pendant on the counter with force.]

Haruka: Goodbye!

[She's running out of the bar.]

Reina: Haruka-chan!

Date: Haruka...!

Find HarukaEdit

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