Greetings to you, a brave user who decided to make video games a little more accessible to all the people around the world!

First of all, if you new and want to upload your script or translation to our wiki, then use your blog - study the tools, write a draft, and when you are confident - upload to the main pages. Remember - on the main pages we upload only scripts in the original language + official English translation is allowed. Translations into other languages (or fan traslations) are posted to blogs in a unified category, after which they can be accessed from the main wiki page.

Second, do not create blank or almost blank pages in the hope that someone will do the work for you. Everyone has their own tastes and an empty page can lie down for a long time.

And third. When creating / editing pages, I strongly recommend using Source Editor instead of Visual Editor, because the latter can break the page structure.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact me by e-mail at, through our Discord channel or leave me a message on my profile wall.

Keep that in mind and let's get started.


If you notice a mistake in the text, it is best to fix it immediately! It's very simple!

1) Click the arrow next to the Edit button and select Source Editor from the list.

2) Find the error by pressing Ctrl+F and entering it into the search field.

3) Fix the mistake or mistakes.

4) Describe the changes you made in the Edit Summary field, which is important for the history!

5) Click on the Publish button. That's all!

If you still have doubts - just leave a comment. More experienced users can fix it for you.


0) You can translate not only our scripts but also the work of other people, if they do not mind of course! An excellent source of game scripts is the site GameFAQs. On our wiki we have a special list of all the scripts from this site that we found - here it is.

1) Translate into a language you know well. You should read and write in it without problems.

2) Do not use automatic translation. Most people can already translate a page with a script into the language they want. By reading your translation they want to see a good literary adaptation of the text.

3) Split the original text into chapters or otherwise into meaningful pieces. Working with such pieces is much easier and more convenient than translating a huge text of 400 pages at once.

4) Try to have the same names, terms, titles in your translation everywhere. It's very convenient to use programs from the CAT tools category. OmegaT is a great free program is such category. I use it myself and recommend it to you.


Before I start, I'd like to point out some important moment - creating a full game script is quite a lengthy process, taking (depending on the game) from a couple of days to a couple of months.

0) You have to be in a good mood! Desire to kill every human being on the planet will affect you writing. Watch some funny cat videos first!

1) Decide on the game. This should be your favourite game, which must be beaten at least once. This moment is extremely important, since it is very difficult to maintain your motivation for a long time working on an uninteresting game.

2) You need a computer with any word processor on it. Make sure it has some spell checker in it to help you correct obvious misspells. Of the free ones, I strongly recommend LanguageTools. Also Google Docs ia a great choice!

3) Choose a walkthrough for the game.
Before you begin, be sure to watch the walkthrough on rewind and make sure that it is complete and and contains all the plot. Personally, I prefer longplays, because I want to have the whole game at once and not be in a situation when the last video in the series is not there or it is blocked.

4) Download the walkthrough on your computer.
It will be more convenient to you, I promise. You can transfer the file to, for example, a tablet, and work on the road. Also it will help you very much if YouTube blocks the video during the work (with me, unfortunately, such things have happened).

5) Use VLC player
This player has all the popular codecs for video playback. It also has flexible settings for rewinding using hotkeys, which facilitates the work.

6) You’ll need a good keyboard!
At first, it may not be noticeable, but soon you'll understand - typing a lot of text without a good keyboard is very difficult. I won't recommend you specific models, since each of us has his own tastes and preferences, but I would say that mechanical keyboards justify their high price in terms of typing large amounts of text.

7) Other ways of typing out the script.
Of course, you can just sit down and start writing the dialogs. However, there are several ways to do it (maybe) more conveniently for you.

- If you have a smartphone, try recording text using voice recognition. Personally, I use Speechnotes (this application can continuously record your voice).

- Also, a smartphone (with a good camera) will help you with recognizing large pieces of text (for example, notes) via Google Translate (or any other application). I have been using this feature myself for many years and very happy with it.

- If you have a microphone or a webcam (good quality) - try to use the voice recognition function in Google Docs.

8) Constantly check your text for misspells and errors.
When I typed a lot of text, I noticed that then I typed a page of text and revise it, I will definitely find 1-2 mistakes - commas, the form of the word, the wrong character name. This often leads to hilarious moments that make me very happy.

9) Write actions only where it is necessary, it is not necessary to describe every little thing.

10) Define for yourself how your script will look and stick to it throughout the text.

11) It will be even better if you are currently playing the game you are writing a script for.

12) Do not try to put EVERYTHING in your script. Ask yourself - do I need this diaries/subplots/sidequests to understand the story? Don't overdo - it'll be for the worst.

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