I can assure you that in the reality, Friar Marcos has not told the truth in a single thing he has said.

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
To Viceroy Mendoza, 1540

Nathan: Dante…

Dante: I got a report that shots were fired by the river.

Mercenary: It was nothing.

Dante: I'm telling you it was Drake. You can tell your men to up their game or there's going to be a lot less of them around come payday.

Nathan: …son of a bitch. I'll see you in hell.

Prologue: "I'm Telling You… It Was Drake…"Edit

[Nathan climbing on the other side of the ruins.]

Mercenary: Drake's been spotted, the upper chamber. Kill him on sight. Dante's orders.

Nathan: One of Dante's mercenaries… Bastards…

[Nathan makes his way through the ruins eliminating mercenaries. When he trying to get to the other side, he spotted by a mercenary with RPG.]

Mercenary: I got him! You're a dead man! See how you like this!

[The mercenary shoots at Nathan and he falls.]

"Two weeks earlier…"

Dante: Oh, damn it… jeez. Damn muddy roads. I just got these cleaned.

Nathan: Those are fancy.

Dante: Yeah.

Nathan: They sell men's shoes where you got those?

Dante: Oh, very funny. Mr. Nathan Drake, always good for a laugh. Hey, look at the these. Sea-turtle. You know how much they set me back?

Nathan: What's the matter? Couldn't find you baby hippo boots?

Dante: So, now you've joined Greenpeace all of a sudden?

Nathan: It's just I don't go around wearing endangered species on my feet.

Dante: Yeah, well they cost me a lot. More dough than you make in a year.

Nathan: Oh yeah? Which year? I've had a couple of good ones.

Dante: Oh really?

Nathan: OK, one.

Dante: Yeah.

Nathan: Hey Einstein.

Dante: What?

Nathan: Do you know these says 'Keep Out'…

Dante: Oh, you can read Spanish? Yeah I know that. We got special permission.

Nathan: I always said you were special.

Dante: Yeah, funny guy. From here? - We take the scenic route.

Nathan: Last time we took the "scenic route" I would up in a ditch behind the Taj Mahal. Naked.

Dante: Well it doesn't get any more scenic then that. Does it?

Chapter 1: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"Edit

Dante: Are you keepin' up, or what?

Nathan: What's the hurry?

Dante: There's no hurry… We just got a lot to see.

Nathan: Well, since when you are a rock climber?

Dante: I'm not, I'm a rope climber.

Nathan: Uh, huh. Cute.

Dante: Remember what Sully used to say? Necessity breeds invention.

Nathan: Trust me, you don't want to hear Sully talk about 'inventive breeding.'

Dante: Quite at the father figure. Up we go.

[On the next cliff…]

Dante: Damn it, where's my rope?

Nathan: I'm no expert, but I'd say it's been cut.

Dante: Guerro, that son of a bitch.

Nathan: Wait… what did you say? Guerro? Drug runner, I kidnap-tourist-for-ransom, blow-up-the-Panama-canal Roberto Guerro?

Dante: Oh, you've heard of him?

Nathan: Deaf kids in Caracas have heard of him. Dante, please tell me we're not in General Loco's backyard?

Dante: He ain't a goddamn general no more, alright? The revolutionaries lost of the war, remember? And besides, now he's just another pain in my ass. And… Drake, don't worry, Guerro don't go where I'm taking you.

Nathan: OK, so now you're a rock climber. This I gotta see.

Dante: Just don't stare at my ass, and try to keep up.

Nathan: Whoa. You don't see that every day. This why I'm here?

Dante: You ain’t seen nothing yet. Come on.

[They start to climb.]

Dante: Feel how worn these hand holds are? What'd ya think? Three thousand years old? Four?

Nathan: They feel like the ones at Mesa Verde. Remember? You were so scared, I thought you were gonna cry.

Dante: That was different. It was dark, and twice as high and I had a bag of pottery shards strapped to my back.

Nathan: I saw tears.

Dante: Careful. It's a long way down.

Nathan: Hey, I was the one who taught you how to do his, remember?

Dante: Yeah sure, whatever you say.

[They find a bridge.]

Nathan: This is the ‘great mystery’ that ‘only I can solve’?

Dante: Keep your pants on, will ya? I’m getting to it. Alright, see our squat little friends here? Shit like this’s scattered everywhere up on this ridge. So, c’mon smart guy, tell me who made ‘em.

Nathan: You're quizzing me? Oh, I never thought I’d see the day.

Dante: Just makin’ sure you’re worth the price of admission.

Nathan: Hmm. Look at this.

[Nate makes charcoal copy of pillar’s carving.]

Dante: Alright, hey, try this guy.

[They cross to another side of the bridge.]

Dante: Let’s try those. Be careful. Watch your step, these planks are slippery as hell.

Nathan: Yeah, especially if you’re wearing seaturtle boots.

Dante: Its called style, Drake! You should try it once in awhile — you with your sneakers. Sheesh. You look like my Uncle Mikey.

Nathan: Careful.

Dante: I hate this.

Nathan: You still afraid of heights?

Dante: Heights? No. Falling to death, yeah.

Nathan: If you do fall, you want me to bury you in those shoes?

Dante: Sure. As long as you get to wear your sneakers to the funeral. No dying on me now. Not while I still need you.

Nathan: Thanks for your concern.

Dante: No problemo. That’s what friends are for, right?

[Nate makes another charcoal copy.]

Nathan: Looks like I need one more.

[After making the last copy Nate assemble the puzzle.]

Dante: It’s about damn time. Whaddya think it is?

Nathan: Well it’s not Mayan or Aztec.

Dante: Yeah?

Nathan: I’d say Muisca, but they never migrated north of Colombia.

Dante: Nathan Drake, walking encyclopedia.

Nathan: The Kuna? They were in this part of Central America.

Dante: Come on I’ve got more to show you.

Dante: Whoa, whoa, whoah! Watch this log… it’s a little squirrely!

Nathan: Squirrely? Where’d your learn that? Girl scouts?

Nathan: What, are you king of the jungle?

Dante: It’s a rope Drake, not a vine.

Dante: Damn monsoons keep washing out the trail.

Nathan: There a reason we didn't just follow the road?

Dante: And miss all this?

Dante: See, what’d I tell ya? Shit like this is everywhere up here. Most of ‘em? Never touched.

Nathan: Looks like your General Guerro wants to keep it that way.

Dante: Goddamn it, I told you, he ain't a general no more. Now, come on.

Dante: Hey, there's something there. Can you reach it?

Nathan: Maybe, hold on.

[Nathan takes his first treasure.]

Dante: Hey, hey. Everything you find up here is mine you know. We're almost there.

Nathan: Hold on. There's a glyph that looks like the one from the bridge statues.

[Dante can not wait to look at the found treasure.]

Dante: Gimme it, lemme see, lemme see.

Nathan: It's right here, relax. It's turquoise. It's a glyph of some kind. The style matches the symbol at the rope bridge.

Dante: Glyph, shmyph. You know what this thing's worth? And it's just the beginning. C'mon. This way.

[The heroes cross a boisterous river, jumping over rocks.]

Dante: Now we're havin' fun.

Nathan: It you say so!

Dante: Whoa, watch that one.

Nathan: Hate to admit it, but you just might be right for a change.

Dante: I'm always right. That's why you still hang out with me. An ugly bastard, ain't he?

Nathan: And you say ruins like this are scattered everywhere?

Dante: A hundred square miles of the stuff. Come on, we gotta go up through that gully up there.

Chapter 2: “No Prison Tats”Edit

[Heroes climb the huge statue …]

Dante: Try not to kick him in the junk. He's kind of sensitive.

Nathan: When's that ever stopped you?

[Heroes walking along a fallen tree …]

Dante: Hey, you see that up there?

Nathan: Yeah.

Dante: Why don't you go take a look.

Nathan: Is that why I'm here… to be your errand boy?

Dante: Ok, never mind. It's behind that thicket of bamboo. You can't get to it anyway.

Nathan: Oh really?

Dante: Yeah.

Nathan: What do you think I brought this for?

Dante: Oh I thought you were playin' pirates or something.

Nathan: Alright. Wait here for me.

Dante: OK.

[Nate starts chopping down the trees with his machete.]

Dante: This is why we need clear cutting. Monsoons wash all this shit down through the canyons… See, they make it hard to get anywhere. Look at my boots!

Nathan: Yeah, they invented something that fixed that… They're called 'roads'.

Dante: Oh, roads, yeah. Well up here they can be even more dangerous. Trust me.

[At the fork…]

Dante: This road leads back down to the strip mine, where we started.

Nathan: Oh, so we took the short cut?

Dante: It's the scenic route, smart ass. We're almost there.

Nathan: Who's shooting at us?

Dante: How do I know? Must be poachers. They come up here all the time.

Nathan: Maybe Guerro's men?

Dante: No, I told you. Guerro don't come up here.

Nathan: You know how to shoot that, or did you just bring it to look cool?

[After the shootout, the heroes climb onto a huge truck to get to the other side.]

Dante: These guys ain't fooling around.

Nathan: Great place to park a tractor.

Dante: The miners discovered all of this when they were cutting the road. They were pissed as hell when they had to shut it down.

Nathan: Yeah I bet. Who needs all this rainforest?

[Soon Nathan sees another fence …]

Nathan: Since when did the IOA start using razor wire?

Dante: You know how many footers they get down here each year?

Nathan: Didn't keep you out.

Dante: Oh yeah. That's because I'm special. Don't go there, alright?

Nathan: I didn't say anything.

Dante: You had that look in your eye. Here… here's the combination.

[Nathan opens the combination lock, then tries to push back the heavy iron door.]

Dante: I'm just sayin'… nice job.

Nathan: By the numbers. Ugh. Don't bother helping.

Dante: Yo got it.

Nathan: Ugggh. No really, I got this.

Dante: OK.

Nathan: Ugggh. Thanks for your help.

Dante: No problemo. That's what friends are for.

[Heroes go to the site of massive excavations…]

Dante: Here we are. Whaddya think, huh?

Nathan: It's a mass grave, obviously.

Dante: They dug up over 60 of the poor bastards. That's a lotta bones. Here.

[Dante gives Nathan an old helmet.]

Nathan: Hmmm. Spanish.

Dante: Yeah.

Nathan: How old?

Dante: You tell me.

[Nate cleans the helmet incidentally sharing with Dante his knowledge in archeology.]

Dante: Yeah I knew that.

Nathan: 16th century. New Spain. These guys died a long way from home.

Girl: They didn't just die. They were murdered.

[Nate points his pistol at her.]

Girl: Oh, hey, hey, hey, whoa there, pal.

Dante: Chase, what are you doing out here?

Chase: Oh, I don't know. You said you were going out to get supplies, and seeing how you never lie to me, I followed you.

Dante: Oh, you followed me. Well, it's not like I don't have enough problems.

Chase: Humm, humm.

Dante: This is… Nathan Drake - he's a buddy of mine from the old days.

Chase: Hi, Marisa Chase.

Nathan: Nate, call me Nate.

Marisa: Strong hands. I like that. Nope. You're not one of Dante's 'buddies' no prison tats!

Dante: You have no idea.

Nathan: You've got a strong grip yourself. You guys wanna tell me what you're doing up here?

Nathan: Sure, you'll be the first to know - once I find out.

Dante: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Look, we're just doin' a little business, alright? Here. And I did tell you about him, you just weren't listening.

Marisa: Uh, no, you didn't.

Dante: Oh yes, I did.

Marisa: No, you didn't.

Dante: I… What now?

Nathan: Guerro?

Dante: Yes I did.

[Dante is talking over the radio.]

Dante: Go ahead. What? What's he doing? No, no, no, no, no, no. That wasn't even part of the… Alright, I'm on my way.

Marisa: Let me guess, you missed a payment to Guerro again.

Dante: Don't you worry your pretty little head about it I got this.

Nathan: What the hell's going on?

Dante: Would you put that thing away. It's nothing. It's just a little misunderstanding, that's all. All right? I'm gonna be right back. And don't just stand there. Make yourself useful, you know, show him around or something. But - don't dig up anything without me, you got it?

Nathan: Dante, wait a minute!

Dante: Eh, I got my eye on you two!

Marisa: Wow, he's really pissed them off this time.

Nathan: It's one of the few things he's actually good at. And you… why don't you tell me what you're doing spying on your partner?

Marisa: Partners… right. Sorta how the Spanish were 'partners' with the Kuna. Spanish got the gold, while the Kuna got the shaft.

Nathan: You know what happened here? It looks to me like the Spanish are the ones who got the shaft.

Marisa: We don't know. These soldiers were murdered, and not by the Kuna. Look for yourself.

[Nathan checks one of the skulls.]

Nathan: There are no crush marks. Kuna use maces.

Marisa: Exactly. These soldiers were poisoned. All of them.

Nathan: Poisoned?

Marisa: Arsenic. We found traces in the teeth fragments.

Nathan: So this is the great mystery that Dante says is worth a fortune? I don't get it.

Marisa: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. He did mention you - oh, you're the 'expert' on, on, esoteric books, maps, artifacts.

Nathan: Right… like Dante would know what 'esoteric' means.

Marisa: This. This is why you're here.

[Marisa shows Nate a huge stone with symbols carved on it.]

Nathan: A grave marker?

Marisa: Is it?

Nathan: The markings aren't Spanish.

Marisa: No, no it's like nothing we've ever seen before. No one has any idea what it means.

Nathan: Hmmm.

Marisa: You know…

Nathan: What? Uh, no, no.

Marisa: You know what it means.

Nathan: No.

Marisa: Oh come on… I've been around treasure hunters my entire life - I know that look when I see it.

Nathan: I don't know what you’re talking about…

Marisa: Ok. Well you know what? Dante's trying to cut me out, and you know he'll do the same to you. So let's you and me be partners.

Nathan: Jesus.

Marisa: C'mon, c'mon… tell me.

Nathan: Give me one good reason why I should.

Marisa: I'll give you two.

[She starts to undress.]

Nathan: Really? I don't think this is the place…

Marisa: First, because you can actually trust me. And second… Because Dante hasn't seen this.

[Marisa shows Nate the medallion.]

Nathan: Alright, now that's a good reason.

Marisa: Uh-uh. Partners?

Nathan: No.

Marisa: What? Why?

Nathan: If you, know… Dante at all, you know he's not the kind of guy you should cross.

Marisa: Alright, whatever.

Nathan: Well, wait… doesn't mean we can't still… cut a deal. Just, leave Dante out of it, right? You show me yours, and I'll show you mine.

Marisa: I don't know why I trust you, but I do. Here.

[Marisa gives Nate a look at the medallion, incidentally talking about what's on it.]

Nathan: I've never seen anything like it.

Marisa: Hello? Uh… your turn?

Nathan: Oh, right, uh. Sorry. Grab my pack for me, will ya? Thanks. Here.

[Nate goes to the huge stone.]

Nathan: Ok, first of all, believe it or not, this symbol is Visigoth.

Marisa: Visigoth? No, it can't be.

Nathan: I know. The last of the Visigoth kings died in the, what, 8th century? Long before the Spanish conquered all of this. But look -

[Nate makes a copy of the image on the stone with coal and paper.]

Marisa: A charcoal rubbing? How very cool.

Nathan: Yeah, see, the faint markings go all around the symbol.

Marisa: How did we miss this? Now I know why Dante wanted you up here. So, uh, do you know what it means?

Nathan: No. Unless…

Marisa: Unless what?

[The explosion is heard and shooting starts.]

Nathan: Get down! C'mon! Back here! Here.

[The explosion is heard and shooting starts.]

Marisa: No - I can't.

Nathan: What? Fine. Stay here and keep your head down!

[After the shootout …]

Nathan: Doesn't look like Dante's cleared up his 'little misunderstanding' yet.

Marisa: Hey, you're not going to tell him about our secret, are you?

Nathan: Uh, let's worry about that after we get out of here.

Marisa: Ok, ok. You're right. It's just that…

Nathan: What?

Marisa: Never mind. Hey, come on. I know a trail we can take that leads to the strip mine.

Nathan: Great, another shortcut.

[Nate and Marisa climb the mountain on a rope. After a while, Nate notices the sign of radioactive danger on the fence.]

Nathan: Well that's just great - we’re going to start glowing in the dark?

Marisa: No. That's the tailing area from the old uranium mine. A world Superfund site in the making.

Nathan: Let me guess: that's where we're going.

Marisa: Yep. After you.

Guerro’s Mercenary 1: Guerro said to stay here.

Guerro’s Mercenary 2: No, we stay here, guard the passage in. Shut up and patrol.

[Nate quietly assassinates the mercenaries and walks to the river with a tree pawned through it.]

Marisa: Over here.

Nathan: Oh, are you sure this is the trail you took?

Marisa: It's safer than it looks.

Nathan: I'm not worried about me… I do this for a living.

Marisa: I'll be fine. Come on. Whoah, whoah. Alright, ya know why don't I just stay here until you get across.

Nathan: Yeah, maybe that's a good idea.

Marisa: Nate! Oh, no! Nate!?

[Mercenaries appear in the middle of the path and start shooting.]

Nathan: Ok, now!

Marisa: Oh my God!

Nathan: Go! Go! Go! Well, it looks like it's my turn.

[Nate goes over to the other side, and they move on.]

Marisa: Hey. I came up this way!

Nathan: More ropes… great… Hey, Guerro's men like to cut these you know…

Marisa: Would you hurry!?

[While heroes descends, mercenaries attacks them.]

Marisa: They're gonna cut the rope…

Nathan: I told you! Let me see hat I can do.

[At the next precipice…]

Marisa: Oh, great.

Nathan: Hey, wait, whoah, whoah! Careful!

Marisa: Uhuh, don't worry about it. Doing this since I was fifteen.

Nathan: Of course you have. C'mon.

Marisa: Ahh, nope. Not going that way. Guerro's men have cut my rope, again.

Nathan: Seems to be a habit for him. Wait, wait. Dante said Guerro's never been up here.

Marisa: Yeah, well, Dante says a lot of things.

Nathan: Great. Alright, we came up from over there. There's another trail that leads down to the road.

Marisa: Yeah, I know. But… but, so does Guerro.

Nathan: You have any other ideas? No, I guess not. C'mon.

[At yet another precipice…]

Nathan: Alright, listen. When you jump, just make sure…

Marisa: Aahhh!

Nathan: Whoah!

Marisa: Whew. Oh, sorry. You were saying?

Nathan: Uh… heh. Since you were fifteen, huh?

Marisa: Yep.

Nathan: Nice.

Marisa: Thanks.

[Heroes walk along the narrow edge of the cliff above an unsuspecting mercenary.]

Nathan: Careful.

Marisa: Kay… I am.

Nathan: You alright?

Marisa: Yeah…

Nathan: Wait. Wait here. Gotta time this just right…

[Nate picks the moment and jumps on the mercenary.]

Nathan: This isn't one of Guerro's thugs.

Marisa: It’s one of Dante’s men… hired to guard the site.

Nathan: Hmph… Well he's doing a good job. He had this. Looks like -he was after more.

[Nate shows Marisa the first treasure he found.]

Marisa: This is what set Guerro off… he's pretty strict about where we can excavate.

Nathan: Excavate? Is that what Dante's calling it?

Marisa: It's what I call it. Dante calls it 'portfolio enhancement'.

Nathan: Sure, if a "bookie account's" a portfolio. Let's go.

Chapter 3: “Nothing But Some Old Bones”Edit

Marisa: Nate, look out! More of Guerro's men.

Nathan: Get down!

[Nathan defeats all enemies.]

Marisa: Oh, I hate this bridge.

Nathan: Yeah. I'm not too crazy about it either. OK, looks clear. C'mon.

Marisa: See? This is why I didn't wanna come this way.

Nathan: Ok, whatever you do, don't stop. If more of Guerro's men show up…

Marisa: Yeah, yeah, alright. You don't have to tell me. Okay, here goes. Whoa… It's never been this wobbly…

Nathan: The ropes… They've been cut.

Marisa: It's not going to hold us…

Nathan: Oh crap… Jump, jump…

[The bridge collapses but Nate manages to grab hold of the boards.]

Marisa: Nate? You made it!

Nathan: Yeah, I don't know how, but I did!

Marisa: How did you do that?

Nathan: Uh… Years of practice… You hurt?

Marisa: No, I'm fine. You're bleeding!

Nathan: A little blood I can live with. Or not…

Marisa: There's no way down… I can't get to you.

Nathan: Just stay there, keep your head down. I'll find another way across.

[Nate climbs onto a rock above the location of Marisa and sees mercenaries behind her.]

Nathan: Oh crap. No, no, no, no. Behind you. Yes.

Marisa: Ah… Oh no… They--they're shooting at me! Uh, hello? Uh… help… over here!

[Nate kills mercenaries from a sniper rifle.]

Marisa: Oh god, Nate! They’re gone. Man, they would have killed me.

[Nate goes to Marisa.]

Marisa: Wow, that was impressive.

Nathan: You liked that, huh?

Marisa: Yeah. What, were you raised in a circus, or something?

Nathan: Let's just say I've been doing this even longer than you have.

Marisa: Oh?

Nathan: Yeah. But like someone once said… it's a 'long story.'

Marisa: Fair enough.

Nathan: It looks clear. Dante's jeep should be over that way.

[They come down from the cliff in a fight with mercenaries (only Nate shoots, of course).]

Nathan: Jeep's gone. Dante must have taken it.

Marisa: And left you stranded here? Oh, no, he wouldn’t do that. C'mon I'm parked over this way. Hey! Since we're 'partners', I'll give you a ride.

Nathan: We are not partners!

Marisa: Nate, look out! More of Guerro's men!

Nathan: Get down!

[The shooting begins, after which the characters find a small scud in the open air.]

Marisa: Stacks of equipment from the mining company. Some of this stuff has been here for years. C’mon, my jeep's over here. This way. Whoa, that's not my jeep.

Dante: Easy, easy… don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Nathan: It's Dante.

Marisa: Goddamn it. I almost peed myself.

Nathan: Put your hands down. I'm not gonna shoot you. As much as I'd like to.

Dante: Oh, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks. I wasn't talking to you.

Nathan: Huh?

Dante: I was talkin' to them!

Marisa: Oh, crap!

[A few armed men come out of the truck.]

Nathan: Guerro?

Guerro: Drop it. Now.

Dante: Hey you, watch the boots.

Nathan: Whatever you say.

Marisa: Hey, ahh, not so friendly.

Guerro: Senorita Chase, always a pleasure.

Marisa: General.

Guerro: And senor… ?

Nathan: Drake, Nathan Drake.

Guerro: I must admit, senor Dante, I am very confused. You tell me you are alone, and yet I find a truck full of your men stealing glyphs from my ruins, like so many migrant workers, just picking fruit.

Dante: Look, I told them not to touch that stuff…

Nathan: Excuse me, uh… I'm sorry to interrupt… But, uh, we're not really part of all this… so, why don't Chase and I just head up the road and get out of your way…

Mercenary: Hey!

Nathan: Or not.

Guerro: And here I see your partner, with yet another of your men.

Nathan: Well, I'm not one of his men…

Dante: Ok, ok, ok. So I took some folks out here today and I forgot to tell you about it. It musta slipped my mind. I'm sorry. Look, we didn't find nothin' but some old bones. I wouldn't lie to you.

Marisa: Hmmmph. Ahh, c'mon! Ow please!

Nathan: Get your hands off her.

[Mercenary finds Marisa's medallion.]

Mercenary: General! Here.

Dante: What the hell, you been holding out on me?

Guerro: Ohhh, what's this?!

Marisa: It's mine!

Guerro: Just some “old bones”, huh? Well! These are some very lovely “old bones” you've found. Search them.

Dante: I didn't know.

Marisa: No. Wait. Don't touch me!

Nathan: Hello, don't you think you're getting a little personal?! General, what are you doing?!

[A fight begins. Guerro creeps up to Nate with a gun.]

Marisa: Watch out! Guerro, no! Nate!

[Guerro hits Nate with a pistol grip.]

Guerro: Some very lovely bones… indeed.

[Nate comes to his consciousness in a cell.]

Nathan: What happened? Great, the pack's gone. What else did they take? Alright. What is that - smoke? Great… pile it on. I can take it.

Chapter 4: “Why’s the Building On Fire?”Edit

Nathan: …keep going. Woah… woah!

[Nate gets out of the camera and hears the voice of Marisa coming from the window.]

Marisa: Nate! Hey, over here. Hurry up.

Nathan: Chase? What are you doing? Where are we? Where's Dante? Why's the building on fire?

Marisa: Shhhh! No time. Guerro's men are everywhere. C'mon, get up here! Oh, crap. I gotta go!

[Nate finds her machete.]

Nathan: They didn't take everything. I got just the thing for this. Now we're cookin'. Oh… crap! Oh this is crazy! Woah, that was close! Ohhh! Not good. Not good. Run! I'm outta here.

[Leaving the burning building, Nate meets Marisa.]

Marisa: Hey, you OK?

Nathan: I’m fine.

Marisa: Sorry about that fire. I tried to create a diversion… it kinda got a little out of hand.

Nathan: Yeah, you could say that. What happened at the dig site? Last thing I remember I was beating up the butt of Guerro's pistol with my face. Oh, looks like you tried the same stunt.

Marisa: It's nothing. Guerro took me to his office for a little game of '20 questions.'

Nathan: Well, it doesn't look that bad. So much for the soldier's code of honor, huh?

Marisa: Yeah. When it was Dante's turn, I managed to escape.

Nathan: Dante? Where is he?

Marisa: They still have him.

Nathan: Alright. Show me where. We need to grab him and get the hell out of here. C'mon.

Marisa: No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait! Guerro still has my amulet. Look, I'm not leaving without it.

Nathan: What are you kidding? Look, when we get back Panama City, you can drop him a nice note. Maybe if you ask politely he'll return it.

Marisa: I'm serious!

Nathan: I bet you are. Oh crap. Look's like your diversion worked a little too well. I don't suppose you have a gun?

Marisa: I told you I don't do guns.

Nathan: …don't do guns. Great.

Chapter 5: “I’m Not Leaving Without It”Edit

[Nate grabs a mercenary and takes the gun from him.]

Mercenary: Oh no! Son of a bitch!

Nathan: I'll take that.

[Heroes go on.]

Marisa: C’mon, down here.

Nathan: Here, I’ll hold it up, you slide under.

Marisa: Got it. Ok, I’m clear. More of Guerro's thugs! Crap. I thought there was a ladder.

Nathan: …don't wanna cut myself.

Nathan: Alright, I'll help you up. Ready?

Marisa: Yeah.

Nathan: Up you go.

Marisa: Wait there. I'll find a rope or something. Whoa… look out!

Nathan: Kind of a heavy rope.

Marisa: Sorry. It's all I could find.

Nathan: Up this way.

Marisa: Guerro's men! This way. Lift me up again. C'mon, over here. Nate, look out. Nate? Oh my God, that was so close.

Nathan: You can say that again. Just stay when you are, get down, stay out of sight. I'll find a way to get to you.

Marisa: I'll keep an eye out for patrols…

Nathan: Let's hope you don't find any… Crap… crap! Woah, that was close! Ohhh!

Marisa: Nate! I've spotted more of Guerro's men. Drake! Nate!

Nathan: I'm up… What am I doing?

Marisa: Oh thank god, I thought you were hurt…

Nathan: I told you to stay down, you could get us killed, or worse.

Marisa: I thought you'd want to know about a patrol…

Nathan: Oh, ok. Fine.

Marisa: But if you don't want me to warn you…

Nathan: No really.

Marisa: Fine.

Nathan: Chase… ok, this way.

Marisa: Look! They're down there! Hey, it's up this way.

Nathan: Okay-- OH, get back. Back.

Guerro: You what are you doing?

Mercenary: General, I was just looking for…

Guerro: Admiring the view, uh?

Mercenary: No sir.

Guerro: Just standing around while the rest of the compound burns to the ground.

Mercenary: No, no, sir, I was looking for the girl, she…

Guerro: Round up some men and put out those fires!

Mercenary: Yes, sir.

Guerro: Must I give the orders for everything?!

Dante: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Get your hands off me. You know how much this shirt cost?

Guerro: Senor Dante, I think it's time we finished our little talk. Bring him.

Dante: Look, buddy. I know you're just followin' orders, but If you touch me again, I'm breaking your goddamn fingers.

Mercenary: Move.

Marisa: At least we know he's still alive.

Nathan: I once saw Dante talk his way out of La Sabaneta. The prison in Venezuela that's famous for the… never mind.

Marisa: You're saying Dante can talk his way out of anything? Yeah, I get that. Ok, Guerro's headquarters are up that way.

Nathan: Place is going to be crawlin' with his men. How did you get through?

Marisa: Warehouse. They bring in the supplies through the silos.

Nathan: Oh, alright, y'know, wait here. I'll see if I can take care of some of these guys quietly.

Chapter 6: “I’ll Break Your Fingers”Edit

Marisa: I came down a ladder here… Oh no. The ladder's gone.

Nathan: Of course it is. Alright, wait there. I'll find another way up.

Marisa: Watch out! Try going under that shack… Careful now. Wait… look out! Guerro's men!

Nathan: Not good. Not good. That was close!

Marisa: Where did you learn to do that? You really did grow up in a circus.

Nathan: God no. Terrified of clowns. Crap. Stay down.

Marisa: I came through here…

Nathan: Alright, here we go. Alright, go!

Marisa: God, it weighs a ton.

Nathan: Boy, it's stuck.

Marisa: It's not going to move…

Nathan: One more.

Marisa: Whew!

Marisa: Would you put that away!

Nathan: What? Why?

Marisa: The entire place is filled with these.

Nathan: Acetone. Great.

Marisa: Yeah, just breathe too hard and the whole place goes up.

Nathan: Nice. Ok, c'mon, this way.

Chapter 7: “He Cut A Deal”Edit

Marisa: Crap…

[Nate and Marisa stumble upon mercenaries. After the fight the find a huge door…]

Nathan: Chase, over here. C'mon, give me a hand with this.

Marisa: Ok.

Nathan: Ready?

Marisa: Yep.

Nathan: Alright, go!

[At an elevator.]

Marisa: This is how I got down. Damn it, uh, it was working before.

Nathan: Sounded like they were trying to fix it.

Marisa: Ok, so… what now?

Nathan: Alright, y'know what? Wait here. I'll go up there and see If I can get it running.

Marisa: Of course you will.

[As Nate climbs up we hear Marisa’s voice.]

Marisa: Raised in a circus, I'm telling you. Nate! Oh, thank god. Nice work.

Mercenary: I'm sorry, sir. The lift… the repairs have taken longer…

Guerro: How long, soldado… eh?

Mercenary: Sanchez, sir.

Guerro: Sanchez. Flow long?

Mercenary: A few more hours, at least…

Guerro: No, no, no. You misunderstand me. I meant to say, how long is it that you have been this incompetent?

Mercenary: General… I do not understand.

Guerro: Oh you don't?

[Guerro throws him from the balcony.]

Dante: What the hell? That's uh… some leadership skills you got there… Your men must love you.

Guerro: I do not seek their love, only their respect.

Dante: Ho oh, well, I bet you got that. (to mercenary) Hey, what am I, invisible?

Mercenary: General… there's still no sign of them.

Guerro: They must be found. Search the entire camp. They can't have gone far.

Mercenary: Yes sir. Of course, sir.

Dante: Hey, hey! We need them alive.

Guerro: I give the orders around here, senor Dante, not you.

Dante: Look, unless you wanna just keep pushin' these shitty narcotics to finance this little war of yours, you gotta start listenin' to me.

Guerro: If I was not already a very good listener senor Dante, you would be down there, keeping soldado… Sanchez company. You know, perhaps that is not such a bad idea.

Dante: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry! But look, we need them alive Chase is holdin' out on us. We don't know what she don't know, and Drake? He found more up there in ten minutes than the old man found in, like, twenty years.

Nathan: Old man?

Guerro: Momento. Si. Bueno. Get the men ready. My trucks are returning with more men and supplies. If we do not find your friends before they arrive… this industrious soldado Sanchez? He's looking very lonely.

Dante: Me? C'mon, why me? If you woulda hired the kinda guys you don't have to chuck over the railing, Drake never would have escaped. C'mon, they let a girl get.

Guerro: Talk, talk, talk. You! Get in there and fix that lift.

Dante: General!

Marisa: Nate??? What's taking so long?

Nathan: Chase, I've released the brake. It's on its way down. Let me know when you're ready.

Marisa: OK. Nate, I'm ready.

Nathan: Crap. Power's out. Just stay in the cage. I'll find another way to get you up. Counter weight. Bingo.

Marisa: Ok, I'm clear! I put-the brake on. I thought I heard Dante's voice.

Nathan: You did.

Marisa: Where is he?

Nathan: He went that way, with his new pal the General.

Marisa: Huh, he cut a deal with Guerro.

Nathan: They seemed pretty chummy, yeah.

Marisa: See? I knew he'd cut you out… Hey? 'Partner'?

Nathan: From what I hear you already have a partner.

Marisa: Who? Dante? No, you've…

Nathan: No, no, no. I overheard them talking, something about an 'old man'?

Marisa: Nate, look…

Nathan: Eh, you know what? I wet it. Part of your 'long story', right?

Marisa: Look, the road's on the other side of Guerro's headquarters. Help me find my amulet Once the coast is clear I will tell you everything.

Nathan: Alright fine. You're nothing if not persistent.

Chapter 8: “Learning The Hard Way”Edit

Marisa: C'mon, over here.

Nathan: Whoah, look out.

[The bridge they walk collapsing under their feet.]

Marisa: Look out! Woah! Oh! Nate? You okay?

Nathan: Yeah… Yeah I'm ok. Jesus, doesn't Guerro ever fix anything around here?

Marisa: Can you climb back up?

Nathan: Uh yeah. Just wait there.

[Nate finds a pickaxe and cleans it up.]

Marisa: You found a pick.

Nathan: Yeah. Know who it belongs to?

Marisa: No, no. Probably just belonged to one of the archaeologists at the site. Hey, come on.

Marisa: C'mon. Guerro's headquarters are this way.

Nathan: Get back.

Marisa: Hey, that hurts, what are you doing?

Nathan: Sorry, but i you want to get your amulet back, we have to do this my way. Look.

Marisa: Got it. Like I told you, I'm not an expert. So what now?

Nathan: We have to get in there?

Marisa: Yeah…

Nathan: Ok, wait here.

[Nate defeats all the mercenaries, and they go on.]

Marisa: Come on, through here.

Nathan: Hey, hey, hold up.

Marisa: What? It's all clear…

Nathan: Could we… just find a way In that doesn't scream come kill us?

Marisa: Ok, alright… I'm all for that.

Nathan: Over here. I'm going to boost you Up. Alright, see if you can get in through there, then find a rope or something…

Marisa: Ok, lets go.

Nathan: Without getting yourself killed.

Marisa: Hey, I'm learning.

[Nate gives Marisa a boost.]

Nathan: Good lord.

Marisa: Sorry. I keep stepping on your fingers. Hey, I'm gonna go find that rope.

Nathan: Alright, hurry, but be careful.

Marisa: Be careful. I get it. I'll be right back.

Nathan: And make it an actual rope this time… I'm sick of climbing crates.

Nathan: Grenades. Hello!

Nathan: How long's it takes to find a rope?

Marisa: Nate, here.

Nathan: Hey, what, did you get lost?

Marisa: Well it's not like they keep boxes of ropes by every window you know.

Nathan: Hey, wait. You gotta wait for me.

Marisa: I already checked this room, remember? It's clear. See? I am learning.

Nathan: Yeah, let's just hope you don't learn the hard way.

[As Nate climb up the roof he sees mercenary choking Marisa.]

Nathan: Chase…

[He beat the shit out of him.]

Nathan: Hey, you OK?

Marisa: Yeah, I'm fine.

Nathan: Y'know, things would go a lot smoother if you'd use one of these. I know. You can’t. Another one of your long stories.

Marisa: Ok, Guerro's offices are in a loft above the garage bay.

Nathan: Uh wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me go first this time.

Chapter 9: “He Gave Them Everything”Edit

Marisa: Hey, Guerro's thugs were loading up these trucks. My amulet might be inside.

Nathan: Alright, I’ll take a look. But hurry.

[After short gunfight…]

Nathan: Well?

Marisa: Nothin'. It's gotta be here somewhere. Let's go check Guerro's office. Guerro's office is up these stairs. Hey, this is it! This is it! Oh, locked?

Nathan: Yeah. Alright. Alright, you just wait here. I'll uh…

Marisa: …find another way in. Yeah. I got it.

Nathan: Woah. That is a lot of dynamite.

[Nate finds the way into the office and open its door for Marisa.]

Nathan: Hey. Chase, what is all this?

Marisa: Oh my God, he's given them everything Maps, papers, photographs… they've gutted the entire field office. C'mon, we have to gather as much of this stuff as we…

Nathan: Stop. You wanna know why we're not 'partners'?

Marisa: What? Why?

Nathan: Gathering all this? - took years. Dante's a two-bit grave robber. He couldn't have done any of this It's time you tell me your 'long story.'

Marisa: Nate, look…

Nathan: Remember you were the one who asked me to trust you.

Marisa: Ok, ok, you're right. I'm sorry. It's just that things have been a little crazy around here.

Nathan: Things are always crazy… but I'm flying blind here.

Marisa: This is my grandfather, Vincent Perez. Twenty years ago, the mining company discovered all of this… The grave site the ruins. The IOA was called in and my grandfather ran the dig site.

Nathan: So all this research was his. He found the amulet.

Marisa: He tried for twenty years to figure out what it meant.

Nathan: What happened?

Marisa: He ran out of time. Last year he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Nathan: Chase… I'm sorry.

Marisa: Yeah, well, he wasn't sorry. He was desperate. He I decided to hire someone who had special 'contacts'… y’know, someone who could deal with Guerro.

Nathan: Dante.

Marisa: And then three months later he… he just vanished… he… he disappeared.

Nathan: You don't think it was Dante, do you? Nah, uh, Dante's a lot of things, but he's no murderer. A thief? Yes.

Marisa: Look, all I know is, Dante took over the entire operation and then… he just gave it to Guerro.

Nathan: Well, lust because he has It, doesn't mean he gets to keep it. I say we grab as much stuff as we can carry and Wt get the hell out of here.

Marisa: Thank you! Ok, the maps are too big to carry, so, um… take as many photos as you can.

Nathan: Nathan Drake, world famous photographer.

Marisa: Who knew? A friend of Dante's would turn out to be a nice guy…

Nathan: Uh, just remember where nice guys usually finish…

[Nate starts taking photos of every map with Marisa’s camera.]

Marisa: My amulet's gotta be here somewhere.

Nathan: Keep looking. You'll find it.

Marisa: I can't believe Dante gave all this to Guerro.

Nathan: I can. Dante will do anything if there's money in it.

Marisa: Oh. Sounds like the voice of experience.

Nathan: Well, you know, not anything.

Marisa: Hey, you take all those map photos yet?

Nathan: Hey, do they have to be in focus? Just kidding. There. I think that's all of them.

Marisa: Great. At least one of us got something. It's not here. My amulet… it's gone.

Nathan: Wait. Look around. Guerro must have a safe. I found it. Here.

Marisa: Hey, hey. This was with Guerro's papers. You think it might be the combination?

Nathan: Well if his security is in the same condition as everything else around here, it might be. Let me see.

[Nate opens combination lock and finds the amulet.]

Nathan: This is what you're looking for?

Marisa: Oh, thank god. I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost it. Someone's coming! Whoa… I'm going.

Nathan: Oh crap! Quick, hide.

Marisa: Oh no.

Nathan: No, not in… the truck with all the dynamite. Damn it.

Guerro: Move this out of here. Oh, and uh, drive very carefully. There's enough dynamite in here to blow up half of Panama, uh? Heh.

Dante: Blowin' shit up, hey that never gets old, does it?

Guerro: Senor Dante, you seem to be running out of time.

Dante: Yeah, eh, about that. Um… You know I was thinking… General, maybe we don't need them after all.

Guerro: Well that's very strange. Earlier, you were singing a different song.

Dante: I know, I know. But hear me out here I mean half your compound is on fire, right? Drake's probably more trouble than he's worth.

Guerro: The other trucks will be here soon. Ready the rest of the gear, huh? Forgive me. Continue.

Dante: Yeah, all I was sayin’ is that Drake – is just a – he’s a pain in my ass, and Chase, well, you know what she is.

[Nate defeats all the mercenaries and sees someone Chase choking again.]

Nathan: Not again! Why don't you pick on someone your own size, you son of a bitch. Chase… ooh, nice. Now get the hell out of there.

Chapter 10: “That Makes Three of Us”Edit

Nathan: Steady…

Mercenary 1: There, she's by the bridge.

Nathan: C'mon, Chase, move!

Marisa: Okay… Okay… I'm moving.

Nathan: Where are these guys comin' from? Keep moving… Not more… crap! Go go…

Mercenary 1: Stop her.

Nathan: Oh, no, no no… Why are you stopping?

Marisa: The pipe's loose.

Nathan: Are you kidding me?

Marisa: Getting shot, falling to my death, there a difference?

[After the fight…]

Nathan: You OK?

Marisa: Yeah, oh, thanks. For a second there I thought I was done for.

Nathan: Still think that amulet is worth all this trouble?

Marisa: Oh, you have no idea.

Nathan: Yeah, well, you got that much right.

Marisa: Nate, trucks are coming!

Nathan: Ah crap.

Marisa: A lot of trucks.

Nathan: Get down!

Mercenary 1: Stop her.

Nathan: We have to find a way to take out that turret. Wait a minute, there were explosives in the back of that truck I was in… no… no… No, that's the stupidest idea ever.

Nathan: Yeah it is. Completely idiotic.

[Nate shoots the explosives and whole bridge is destroyed.]

Nathan: Yes! C'mon, lets get out of here.

Marisa: Nice job!

Nathan: Thanks.

Marisa: Over here. Boost me up.

Nathan: C'mon.

Marisa: Oh!

Nathan: Whew! I don't know how, but we made it.

Marisa: I don't know how either.

Dante: Oh well, that makes three of us.

[He points his gun at Nate.]

Nathan: Dante. You son of a bitch.

Marisa: Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Dante: Ah, ah! C'mon, go put it in the drink. Do it!

Nathan: Fine.

[Nate throws his gun in the river.]

Nathan: There you happy? Now why I don't you put yours away and I'll show what 'a pain in your ass' I can be.

Marisa: Stop it! We have to get out of here.

Dante: Oh, you heard that, huh? Well good, 'cuz now you know that the three of us, we aren't going anywhere. Christ, Drake, ya know how much trouble we're in because of you? I mean look at this place. And my boots! Jezus H. Christ…

Marisa: Your boots? Are you kidding me?

Dante: No, I…

Marisa: You stole everything my grandfather worked for and, you just… you gave it to Guerro.

Dante: Hey hold on a goddamn minute. I…

Marisa: You son of a bitch!

[She pushes Dante in the river.]

Dante: No!

Marisa: Oh!

Nathan: Chase!

Marisa: Oh my god, Nate, I didn't mean to do that.

Nathan: It's alright. He's been swimming in sewers his entire life. He'll be fine. (he hears gunshots) It's Guerro! C'mon, let's move!

Chapter 11: “Finders Keepers?”Edit

Marisa: Time to go! Oops! Slippery.

Nathan: Look out! Big ledge!

Nathan: Don't let that stop you.

Marisa: No, I won't!

Nathan: Keep going! That is if you know where we're going.

Marisa: No idea. Just following the river. Hey! There's something glittery on that rock!

Nathan: Are you kiddin' me? Keep running!

Marisa: Hello! Hooh! This guy's all yours.

Nathan: Thanks!

Marisa: That had to hurt!

Nathan: Him more than me! Get out of my way.

Marisa: You want me to wait, slowpoke?

Nathan: Go! Just go!

[They run to the edge of a cliff.]

Nathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa… look out!

Marisa: Whoa…

Guerro: Alto!

Marisa: Whoa… Get back…

Nathan: Oh crap.

Marisa: Son of a bitch.

Guerro: Senor Dante warned me you would be trouble, more than you are worth. It seems now perhaps that he was correct.

Marisa: Look, General I… I don't know what Dante told you…

Guerro: Oh, your partner was very informative, senorita. What was it that he said again? Oh yes, that you are a thief and liar.

Marisa: The amulet belongs to my grandfather, not you.

Guerro: It was found here! This is our country, it belongs to us - not you.

Nathan: Y'know, where I come from? We have a saying - ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’…

Guerro: Gah!

Nathan: No? How about, 'finders… keepers'?

Marisa: What are you doing? General, my grandfather filed a claim…

Guerro: Y'know senor Drake, we also have a saying, - 'abierto el cajon, hasta el mas honrado es ladron'. ‘when the box is open…

Nathan: …even the most honorable is a thief.'

Guerro: You speak Spanish.

Nathan: Si.

Guerro: Very good.

Nathan: Y'know, General. I think, uh, you've been dealin' with the wrong guy. This Dante, he's… he's an idiot. I can give you what you want.

Marisa: Nate, wait, what are you doing?

[Nate trying to take Marisa’s backpack.]

Nathan: Stop it.

Marisa: Let go…

Nathan: (whispering) Chase, it's not worth your life.

[He pushes Marisa off the cliff.]

Marisa: Naaaate!

Guerro: Oh, ha ha ha.

[Nate hits Guerro with Marisa’s backpack and jump off the cliff himself.]

Guerro: Kill them!

Chapter 12: “What That Means To Me”Edit

[The heroes gets out of the river.]

Marisa: How could you do that to me? That amulet was my grandfather's.

Nathan: Hold on a second. Chase, I'm sorry.

Marisa: Do you have any idea how important that was to me?

Nathan: Yeah. I think I do.

[He pulls out the amulet from his pocket. Chase hugs him.]

Chapter 13: “My Grandfather’s Sanctuary”Edit

[Scene changes to some library where Nate and Marisa preparing for their next adventures.]

Nathan: So you're really staying?

Marisa: Yeah. I'm not gonna let them push me out.

Nathan: Hey, you can't be pushed if you're walking away.

[Marisa shows Nate a photo of her grandfather.]

Photo: To My Grandfather and Best Friend, Love Marisa.

Nathan: Look, Marisa…

Marisa: It's Chase. Only my grandfather calls me Marisa.

Nathan: Fine. Chase…

Marisa: And you know, you're not walking — you're running.

Nathan: Yeah, I tend to do that when an army of thugs is using me for target practice.

Marisa: Ok alright, I get it.

Nathan: You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Dante will cut his losses and move on But Guerro? He's gonna look for you until he finds you… Until he finds this… and like I said before - it is not worth your life. There will be other treasures.

Marisa: Oh, so I see. You think it's all about the gold.

Nathan: It's always about the gold.

Marisa: Yeah, maybe for guys like you and guys like Dante… But my grandfather? He spent decades, up to his neck in dirt, digging and scraping for the smallest clues… all the guys at the institute scoffing at his work. And do you think he ever made a dime?

[Nate notices a book in Marisa’s hand.]

Nathan: Wait, wait. Let me see this.

Marisa: He wanted to be the next Heinrich Schliemann… famous archaeologist, discoverer of Troy! He wanted to rewrite history. It was never ever about the money.

Nathan: Fine, it's not about the gold. Let me see that.

Marisa: Were you even listening to me?

Nathan: My God, he found them.

Marisa: What are you talking about? Who found what?

Nathan: Look familiar?

Marisa: The symbols… they… they match.

Nathan: Yes they do. Your grandfather wasn't as blind as Dante thought.

Marisa: He kept it a secret, even from me.

Nathan: Yep, probably to protect you from Dante. You say he's never seen any of this?

Marisa: No. No. My grandfather considered this his inner sanctum… no one was allowed in here but me.

Nathan: Sete Cidades… Of course – That's where I've seen this before.

Marisa: The Visigoth symbol?

Nathan: You see the Sete Cidades were an obscure religious order with roots going all the way back to the Visigoths… It was ah offshoot of Arianism.

Marisa: Aryans?

Nathan: Well, no. Not like the Nazi's. It's Arianism with an ‘i’. You see, when Spain fell to the Moors in the 8th century, seven bishops supposedly sailed away, taking the riches of Spain with them. They're said to have founded seven perfect cities, portals to heaven.

Marisa: Where?

Nathan: God only knows… literally. That's why the Sete Cidades were founded. Their entire order was dedicated to answering that question: where?

Marisa: OK, but what's all this got to do with our Spanish grave marker?

Nathan: Gold.

Marisa: I don't get it.

Nathan: Well neither did the Spanish. See, it's one of history's little jokes. The Spanish had a legend about seven cities filled with treasure. The Aztecs and the Mayans had a legend about a city of gold. When the two civilizations collided…

Marisa: The Spanish grave site… the… the soldiers were looking for the seven cities of gold!

Nathan: Yeah, but they weren't alone.

Marisa: But why would the Sete Cidades poison them?

Nathan: You know, if I can translate these, maybe we can find out.

Marisa: That parchment is blank.

Nathan: Is it?

Marisa: The ink… it’s sensitive to light.

Nathan: Exactly. All I have to so is find a light bright enough to reveal all the symbols.

Marisa: Then you can use those symbols to translate the charcoal rubbing of the grave stone.

Nathan: ‘The Sword of Stephen shall bear witness to our sacrifice in the Chamber of the Seven Fathers.'

Marisa: Seven fathers? What do you think that means?

Nathan: I don't know, but I'm guessing your grandfather did. You said he went missing a few weeks ago?

Marisa: Yeah. That's right.

Nathan: Well, then I was right. Dante didn't have anything to do with it.

Marisa: Wait. So you think my grandfather translated the symbols and then went looking for the chamber by symbols and then went looking for the chamber by himself.

Nathan: Exactly. It's the only thing that makes sense. See, the order would have had a retreat, a holy place, where they could secretly worship, study bury their dead. Now, in the 16th century the only place south of Mexico City with Spanish settlements was along the coast, here.

Marisa: It wouldn't be in Casco Viejo?

Nathan: No… No, the order was underground even then. There. That's gotta be it. If we can find that retreat, we can find the chamber. And if we can find the chamber…

Marisa: Whoah. Whoah, whoah, whoah. You said ‘we’.

Nathan: Yeah. I guess I did.

Marisa: You're gonna help me.

Nathan: I guess I am. On one condition.

Marisa: Hey, anything.

Nathan: Partners?

Marisa: Partners.

[Scene ends.]

[New scene. Marisa and Nate finds a truck in the jungle.]

Marisa: This is my grandfather's truck. Nate, he's here.

Nathan: Wait, Chase, this’s been here for weeks…

Marisa: Yeah, I know. I know. It's OK.

Nathan: Are you sure?

Marisa: I know why he didn't tell me. He came here alone, because he knew he was never coming back. C’mon. Let’s go see what he found.

Chapter 14: “He Was Never Coming Back”Edit

Nathan: Okay… we have to find a way down into this sinkhole. There, that tower.

Marisa: We have to climb all the way up there?

Nathan: Not afraid of heights are you?

Marisa: No… Remember how long I've been doing this?

Nathan: Since you were fifteen. I remember. Alright through here, c'mon.

Marisa: Got it. See? Easy.

Nathan: That’s this? Perez’s map of the catacombs. Looks like he has all sorts of artifacts mapped out.

Nathan: (to Marisa) Just follow me. This way.

Marisa: Right behind you.

Nathan: C'mon, Chase. Remember the monkey bars?

Marisa: Sure…

Nathan: …like the playground. Except if you fall here, you'll probably die.

Marisa: Woah… well thanks for the pep talk.

Nathan: You're doing great.

Marisa: Hey, thanks. Not doing so bad yourself. Over here. C'mon, I'll give you a boost. Okay…

Nathan: Watch out! Nice.

Marisa: C'mon. Let's go this way.

Nathan: Ohh… slow down there, slick. Don't get too far ahead of me. Those are, uh, nice jeans. They fit you well.

Marisa: …thanks. Let's go across here. Careful. It’s a long way down.

Nathan: Here we go.

Marisa: Just climb around. You can get down like this. Trust me, Drake. C'mon, slowpoke.

Nathan: You think I'd get more splinters doing stuff like this, don't you? Thick skin, I guess.

Marisa: It's not what I heard.

[They climb down the tower.]

Marisa: The Spanish didn't dig this giant hole. I wonder what caused it?

Nathan: The wrath of god… Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't know. How're you doing? This better than a greasy chain?

Marisa: Uck. Yeah. My grandfather knew how to rig ropes for safety.

Nathan: It seems pretty solid…

Marisa: So long as Guerro's thugs aren't cutting them.

Nathan: Hey, don't jinx us.

[Nate and Marisa find massive stone door with symbol on it.]

Marisa: Wow… this is so amazing.

Nathan: Yeah? And think about this: the Sete Cidades carved this out of sandstone over four hundred years ago by hand. No tractors. No backhoes.

Marisa: I'm not Dante you know.

Nathan: What?

Marisa: I mean I think I know they didn't have backhoes in the 16th century.

Nathan: I wasn't lecturing… just thinking out loud, y'know?

Marisa: OK.

Nathan: Hey, look at this.

[Nate picks up something and clean it up.]

Marisa: That’s my grandfather’s. His ID from the antiquities office.

Nathan: He must have dropped it. These IOA cards can be used to get into dig sites anywhere in the world… I wonder what Dante would give for this?

[Nate finds some marks on the ground.]

Nathan: Here. Look at these scrape marks. They're fresh… maybe a few weeks old.

Marisa: He went into the catacombs through here!

Nathan: (trying to open the stone door) Humph. It's not gonna budge. We gotta find another way down.

Marisa: How did he move this by himself?

Nathan: No idea… There. That's where we have to go.

Marisa: I thought you said we were going down.

Nathan: Well, The stairways have all been eroded. We have to find a way up to that ledge.

Marisa: We uh… thinking out loud again here?

Nathan: No… that time I was lecturing.

Chapter 15: “Chimera to Ward Off Evil”Edit

Nathan: Chase, over here. I think we can push through these stones. You ready?

Marisa: Yeah.

Nathan: One more, here we go.

Marisa: Wait while I light this. Hold on, another sconce.

[After a few minutes of exploration…]

Marisa: It's a dead end.

Nathan: Looks like there was a ladder here at one point…

Marisa: Maybe there's another way up there.

Nathan: See that ledge up there. Let's see if I can help you reach it.

Marisa: Sounds good… Look out.

Nathan: Oh! Watch it!

Marisa: Hey don't even say it! That was not my fault.

Nathan: I didn't say a thing!

[They find a wooden door.]

Marisa: It wouldn't budge. Trust me, that door has not been opened in centuries.

Nathan: Huh.

Marisa: What, you didn't believe me.

Nathan: No, I believed you.

Marisa: Oh, but you just had to try it for yourself.

Nathan: Oh, did I?

Marisa: Uh huh.

Nathan: Ahhh, force of habit. C'mon, we'll find another way around.

[Nate notices a place he can reach by jumping.]

Nathan: Wait here. I think I can make that. Whoah! Woah!

Marisa: I think I'll wait over here.

Nathan: Good idea.

Marisa: Who knows what else you'll collapse?

Nathan: I heard that.

Nathan: I'm at the door. You there?

Marisa: Yeah, I'm right here.

Nathan: One, two, three.… Open!

Marisa: You made it! Oh, these gargoyles are incredible.

Nathan: They're grotesques.

Marisa: Yeah, well I guess they are pretty ugly.

Nathan: No, no. They're grotesques, chimera… they're like gargoyles but without the water spouts. They were uh, in the middle ages they were placed near doors to ward off evil spirits.

Marisa: Wow, I guess I should've paid more attention in school.

Nathan: Well I didn't learn any of this in school.

Marisa: Well, chimera, gargoyles, whatever they are… they're… they're ugly, but they're still pretty amazing.

Nathan: Yeah, that they are. Of course they're not gonna help us get through this door.

Marisa: Hey, hey, maybe they do have water spouts. (she pulls the ring) Ah!

Nathan: Chase!

Marisa: Ah! The head moved! Boy, that scared me half to death!

Nathan: Then again, maybe they will help us get through this door. Nice work.

Marisa: Thanks. I think…

Nathan: Here, I'll jump up and grab this one - you do that one. Ready? Alright, that's good. Bingo.

Marisa: We did it!

Mercenary 1: He’s alive!

Nathan: Take cover. Hide!

Marisa: Is it Guerro?

Nathan: His men. They must have followed us.

[After the fight.]

Nathan: Ok… think it's clear.

Marisa: You sure?

Nathan: Yeah. But if they're here, we better hurry. Hey, more chimera.

Marisa: Oh hey… Hey, there's one up there.

Nathan: Yep.

Marisa: Another one over here.

Nathan: Look at this.

[He walks to giant door with code lock on it.]

Nathan: This is it.

Marisa: This is what?

Nathan: You see the chimera on the door?

Marisa: Yeah?

Nathan: We turn these wheels and we line up the correct symbols. Presto.

Marisa: Oh, so you're saying each wheel is linked to a chimera.

Nathan: Exactly. Exactly. OK. C'mon, we have to do charcoal rubbings of all seven symbols.

Marisa: Let me guess. You want me to do the three easy ones while you do the rest.

Nathan: There's no such thing as an easy charcoal rubbing, OK? I mean, you rub too hard, you tear the paper.

Marisa: Oh, is that right?

Nathan: Yeah, that's right. It's a science.

Marisa: Uh huh, yeah, just get started.

Nathan: But… it's a science. You can get charcoal dust in your eye… watch out for that.

[He starts exploring.]

Nathan: (to himself) How the heck am I supposed to get up there. Up I go. How am I going to get over there? Exposed beams. Makes perfect sense. How'd they get this up here.

[He finds the first gargoyle.]

Nathan: I found one!

Marisa: Great! Keep looking.

[He finds the second gargoyle.]

Nathan: What the hell is this supposed to be? A tapir? (to Marisa) I got the second one.

Marisa: Awesome. Keep going. (to herself) This one's hard.

Nathan: See? You tore the paper didn't you?

Marisa: I did not. You asked me to do these, remember?

Nathan: Yes, I remember. (to himself) Where did these guys come up with this stuff? Now what? Hello handsome. (to Marisa) Third one down. One to go.

Marisa: Good work. I'm almost done. Hey, I finished the second one.

Nathan: Nice! Keep it up! (to himself) I get it. Up here.

Nathan: Last one. That should do it. Chase, meet me at the door.

Marisa: On my way.

Alright, let's hope this works.

Marisa: It's got to, right?

Nathan: Trust me. You can never be sure.

[Nate open the code lock.]

Nathan: There. Done.

Marisa: Nice work. The door's moving. Oh man, I hope there's another way out of here.

Nathan: There's always another way out, right? Down this way.

[They break through another brick wall.]

Nathan: You alright?

Marisa: Yeah. Ow- it's nothing.

Nathan: Let me see. Strong hands. I like that.

Marisa: Very funny. You know what, for your information, archaeology is very demanding work - we all have strong hands.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, I bet.

Marisa: Uh-huh.

Chapter 16: “Chamber of the Seven Fathers”Edit

[Out heroes walk into a room with seven statues in it. Each of the statue holds golden item – sword, scale, staff etc.]

Marisa: The Chamber of the Seven Fathers. This is it.

Nathan: Looks like somebody beat us to it…

Marisa: …my grandfather.

Nathan: …of course they took a short cut, it's not exactly fair.

Marisa: Nate, his journal.

Nathan: Gotta hand it to the guy - he really knew his stuff. Listen to this… ‘Last week spent searching the archives. My suspicions confirmed. De Niza, secretly a high priest of the Sete Cidades.’

Marisa: De Niza… that name sounds familiar.

Nathan: It should. Friar Marcos de Niza was a scout, working for Coronado… the governor of what's now Northern Mexico. See, Marcos and his guide, Esteban the Moor, came back from a scouting expedition in 1538 – right about here in what would become Arizona and New Mexico - they claimed to have discovered Cibola… You remember history's little joke about colliding myths?

Marisa: Oh, Cibola was one of the seven cities of gold. That’s right. Coronado went north with an entire army, what was it… 600 soldiers? But it was just a wild goose chase.

Nathan: He ended up here, in Nebraska where their ‘great discovery’ was a few buckskin teepees and a prairie full of buffalo chips. History branded Marcos the ‘Liar Friar.’

Marisa: So why did he lie, and how did he end up down here?

Nathan: Because maybe he didn't lie… at least not about finding the city. See, on the original scouting trip… if Marcos and Esteban had gone south, instead of north, they would have ended up here.

Marisa: The dig site, where the Spanish soldiers were murdered.

Nathan: Not murdered, sacrificed. Remember the inscription on the stone. ‘…we sacrifice these souls in the name of the Holy Spirit. The Sword of Stephen shall bear witness to their crime in the Chamber of the Seven Fathers.’‘The Sword of Stephen…’ Look, these are pages from Marcos's journals.

Marisa: It must have taken my grandfather days to gather all this.

Nathan: ‘In the year of our Lord, 1537, we came upon the sign of seven, the gateway to eternity, as we thought, but to our dismay, learned t'was not the door to heaven, but of hell.’

Marisa: The sign of seven… the seven Bishops.

Nathan: Yeah.

Nathan: ‘All was death and we fled. The captain and his men seeing only gold, and not the mortal peril of their souls, vowed a solemn oath to return, their blasphemy…’ Part of the parchment's burned here… something about a sacrifice at the throne of gold…

Marisa: Oh my god, Nate. Its about the massacre, the Spanish soldiers.

Nathan: Listen. ‘…under threat of excommunication. In the dark of night…’ something about poison… ‘…that they might lose their lives to save their souls.’

Marisa: Marcos murdered the soldiers.

Nathan: ‘The Temple of the Serpent guards the pathway to hell. The Sword of Stephen, like the flaming sword of Uriel, shall guard its entrance for eternity. Our sacrifice shall remain within these hallowed walls, forever more. ‘Signed ‘Friar Marcos de Niza.’ ‘The Sword of Stephen.' Your grandfather didn't come here to die…

Marisa: He came for the sword.

Nathan: But he never found it. Maybe it was never here. Marcos could have been speaking figuratively - Stephen was the first Christian martyr, stoned for his beliefs…

Marisa: No. No, if my grandfather believed the 'Sword of Stephen' was real, and it was here somewhere… you can bet on it.

Nathan: Ok, maybe you're right. It's the moor.

Marisa: Esteban?

Nathan: Of course. The 'Sword of Stephen.' Esteban was also known as Estavanico, Stephen the Black, Stephen the Moor. According to Marcos, he was killed during the original scouting mission…

Marisa: Well then… So Marcos could have buried him here.

Nathan: And his sword with him. And that's the key. See, the Sete Cidades, they were steeped in ritual and symbology. The chimera, the statues, the gravesite… everything they touched is covered in symbols. If we can find that sword…

Marisa: Hey wait, whoa, whoa, whoa… listen to this: ‘I have spent days searching for the sword, to no avail. The statues are the key, but I am too weak… I will find another way…’

Nathan: Seven bishops offering alms at the gate of heaven. Look at the floor…

Marisa: Those are grooves. That's what my grandfather was talking about. The statues can be moved.

Nathan: That's right… now we just gotta figure out where.

Marisa: Nate, up here. From here you can see the statues of the fathers and the entire floor. You coming up?

[Nate solves the puzzle of the monks.]

Marisa: The door to Esteban's tomb… it's opening. Come on. I know I keep saying this… but that's amazing.

Nathan: It never, gets old, does it?

Marisa: And you're pretty amazing too… I mean, you're almost as good at this as my grandpa!

Nathan: Well… give me a few more years of practice. C'mon, let's go see what those guys were guarding.

Marisa: Oh, careful. Let me get some lights on in here.

Nathan: Good idea. Ladies first.

Marisa: Oh, thanks.

Nathan: Alright, careful now. You got it.

Marisa: Yep.

Nathan: You alright?

Marisa: Yeah. Hey, how will his tomb be marked?

Nathan: Well, Esteban was from Morocco, so it's probably something in Arabic.

Marisa: Hey there's another chamber under here.

Nathan: Maybe this infinity symbol.

Marisa: I see a light on.

Marisa: Oh my God!

Nathan: Chase?!

[It appears to be that Marisa find her grandfather’s body.]

Nathan: You alright?

Marisa: Yeah. I was just a little startled, you know?

Nathan: Yeah. Y'know, I think we can get him back to the surface…

Marisa: No! No… This is what he wanted. It's why I came here.

Nathan: You sure?

Marisa: Yeah. Go… go on… Go find the sword.

Nathan: No, I'm not leaving you here.

Marisa: Nate, I'm fine. I'm just… I just wanna sit with him for a few minutes.

Nathan: Chase, I really think you should…

Marisa: Please. Just let me sit here. Alone, for a few minutes. Go find the sword.

Nathan: Ok.

Marisa: I'm fine. Fine. Really.

Nathan: I’ll just be out here. (to himself) Perez was so close… the sword must be in here somewhere… Now where would a 16th century monk hide a sword? (he go to the crypt) This has got to be it… Esteban's crypt… Alright, let's see what you got Stephen… (he try to move the lid) Why couldn't they make these things out of wood?! Aright, here we go… The Sword of Stephen I presume. Well, Esteban old buddy… here's your sword… where the hell are you? And I was right… more symbols.

[Nate copy the markings on the sword.]

Marisa: ‘The Sword of Stephen’… you found it.

Nathan: Yeah. This is it.

Marisa: That's great.

Nathan: Chase, wait. You know we never would have found it without him, your grandfather. And if we find Quivira, it'll be his discovery, and yours.

Marisa: No, it'll be ours. Partners, remember? He may have started it, but we're gonna finish it. That's what he would have wanted.

Nathan: Is it what you want?

Marisa: Yeah. It's what I want. C'mon. Alright. Let's go see why our good friar was hiding that sword.

Nathan: Chase… you sure you wanna do this for a living?

Marisa: Yeah, I think so. It's, what my grandfather wanted.

Nathan: Yeah, well, look around… Treasure hunters live in places like this.

Dante: I'd listen to him, babe - cuz we also die in places like this.

Marisa: Dante?!

Nathan: Uh uh uh - put that over there. Do it.

Nathan: All right.

Dante: Come here, you.

Marisa: Uh, wait… uh.

Nathan: You followed us.

Dante: Yeah. It's a good thing too. You two were gettin’ all cozy down there.

Marisa: Wait, I can explain.

Dante: Yeah? You gonna explain that little stunt you pulled back at the shanty town. I was cleanin' mud outta my hair for a week.

Nathan: C'mon, Dante, you know that whole thing was an accident.

Dante: Oh yeah, you sneakin’ around behind my back, huh? Doin’ a little double dealin’?

Marisa: Don't…

Nathan: At least she's not in bed with Guerro.

Dante: Oh, it's a little hard to say ‘no’ Drake, when a lunatic's got a gun to your head, ain't that right babe?

[Suddenly Guerro comes in with a few men with him.]

Dante: Oh, hey, uh, El Generale, I was just saying to these…

Guerro: Yes, that is the problem with you Americans… talk, talk, talk, too many words.

Dante: What are you doin’?

[Guerro pushes Dante off the ledge.]

Marisa: No!

Guerro: There you are, senor Dante, the ‘lunatic’ no longer has a gun against your head. (to Marisa) But you are not so lucky.

Nathan: Leave her alone, Guerro. She's got nothing to do with him anymore.

Marisa: What do you want?!

Guerro: No, no, no. No more words. I know why you're here. I want the sword… And you, well, it's more what you don't want… this pretty girl's face to go… Poof!

Nathan: Fine, look. Just let her go, and I'll give you the sword.

Marisa: Nate, no. He's just gonna kill us anyway!

Guerro: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Give me the sword, then we'll see about the girl.

Nathan: Ok - since you asked so nicely… (he trows the sword at Guerro) Run! Chase!

Guerro: Enough! Get her out of here.

Nathan: Damn it Guerro, so help me, if you've hurt her…

Guerro: Words, senor Drake, will never stand before this. Now I understand why you wished to steal it from me. It's a very nice sword, a soldier's sword, to be sure… Even after all these years, it has still not lost its edge.

[He cut the rope.]

Nathan: Son of a bitch!

Guerro: Talk, talk, talk. When senor Dante wakes up… if he wakes up… you can talk as much as you wish. Adios. Kill them!

[After the fight.]

Dante: Ohhhhh. Ahhhh.

Nathan: Dante?

Dante: Ohhhhh. Ahhhh.

Nathan: No way. I don't believe it.

Dante: Holy shit… my back! C'mon, I'm feelin' the love here.

Nathan: Good! If you weren't so spineless, you'd be dead. Thanks to you Guerro has Chase… And this place is about to become the ‘chamber of the nine fathers…’

Dante: Oh ho, that's cute. Oh, man. I shoulda seen that coming! Hang on. How exactly is this my fault again? Huh? Did I drag her ass down here? No. Some friend. I ask ya to help me and this is what I get.

Nathan: Friend? I'm your friend now. I thought I was ‘a pain in your ass…’

Dante: Ok, ok, ok. Truce! C'mon Drake we used to be pals huh? That's gotta be worth somethin'…

[Dante search for a gun in his pocket but Drake already taken it.]

Nathan: Oh yeah… here's what it's worth. How about I hold onto this for awhile?

Dante: I deserve that. I do. I deserve that… I'm hurt, but I deserve that.

Nathan: Right.

Dante: No, I'm hurt. Ok. Hey hotshot - how do we get outta here?

Nathan: This must be how Perez got in…

Dante: The old man? In here?

Nathan: Yeah, we found him, back there.

Dante: Oh, I wondered what happened to the poor bastard…

Nathan: Leave it, will ya?

Dante: What? Sure. What, you think I'm gonna steal his gold teeth or somethin'? Christ Drake, I'm not a monster.

Nathan: No. You just sold your friends out to one.

Dante: Hey, I'm just tryin' not to stop any bullets with my head.

Nathan: You really think it'd make a difference? Over here. We can push right through this.

Dante: 16th century masonry. You gotta love it. These guys really knew their stuff.

Nathan: Yeah, unlike you. How's that 6th grade education working out for you?

Dante: What?

Nathan: You see the mortar? This was sealed in the mid 1700s. After the order was banned.

Dante: Oh, banned? Nah, no, no. You got it wrong Drake. They were condemned to hell… that's right, imprisoned in a tomb for an eternal lecture on the finer points of church history, jackass.

Nathan: Are you through professor? Put your shoulder into it. (after a push) One more should do it. Ok.

Chapter 17: “Give Me My Gun”Edit

[After stealth killing some Guerro’s men, Nate sees someone…]

Nathan: Chase!

Dante: She's pinned down. Gimme my gun.

Nathan: Why, so you can help Guerro finish her off?

Dante: Christ, Drake…

Nathan: No way Dante… you're just a hired gun now…

Dante: Come on, that son of a bitch almost broke my back, you remember? Drake… she's gonna die.

Nathan: No… no. she’s not.

Dante: Drake, my gun.

Nathan: Yeah right.

Dante: Jezus, Drake. Gimme my gun.

Nathan: Already enough guys shooting at me, Dante. I don't need one more.

Marisa: Nate? Thank god!

Nathan: Chase, run. I'll cover you.

Marisa: (to mercenaries) You bastards! Get away from me!

Nathan: Go, go! Chase, go!

Marisa: Alright, here we go! I can’t move!

Nathan: Stay there! Get going!

Marisa: Here goes…

Dante: Alright, my turn. You gonna keep them off me?

Nathan: Just get your ass over here!

Nathan: C’mon, we have to get to her.

Dante: Christ Drake, you almost got her killed… again.

Nathan: Just move. Here, help me push this. We can still get to her.

Dante: Oh, so now you need my help all of a sudden.

Nathan: We don’t have time for your bullshit.

Dante: My bullshit? She almost got killed just now… In fact, Guerro’s probably gonna break her pretty little neck, all because you won’t give me my goddamn gun.

Nathan: If you’re so worried about her, why don’t you help me…

Dante: Drake, how long have you known me? Have I shot anyone in the back, ever?

Nathan: No. But I’ve never seen you get in bed with a thug like Guerro before either.

Dante: Come on.

Nathan: Fine. (he gives Dante his gun) But don’t think this means I trust you.

Dante: See? All that fuss over nothin’… are you gonna help me with this or not?

Nathan: Smart ass.

[After a while they stumble upon some mercenaries.]

Dante: Looks like Guerro's left some stragglers. Good I'm ready for some payback.

Nathan: C’mon, she ran this way.

Dante: I got your back.

Nathan: Keep moving! We have to get to Chase.

Dante: What? Do I look like I’m just standing around?

Nathan: Through here!

Dante: Yeah, yeah. I hear her. She’s gotta be…

Nathan: Whoah, get back!

Marisa: Nate??? Let go!

Guerro: Kill them! (Marisa bites him) Puta!

Marisa: Ahhh!

[The heroes notice station machine gun strafing the room.]

Nathan: Jesus that is a big gun!

Dante: Yeah, no kiddin’…

Guerro: Finish them!

Nathan: Son of a bitch.

Dante: We ain’t going up that way unless you’re gettin’ tired of breathing.

Nathan: Alright, we gotta find another way around then.

Dante: Uh, uh. You find another way. I’ll stay here and guard our escape route… just in case.

Nathan: Thanks. You’re a big help.

Dante: More than you deserve. If I were you I’d hurry… el Generale sounds like somebody spit on his churro.

[After Drake dealt with the station gun, the heroes find a hole in wooden floor.]

Dante: There’s no way Guerro’s fat ass came down this way.

Nathan: Good. We can get ahead of him then.

Dante: Well that's a great plan. Stay in front of the guy with the army.

Nathan: You got a better idea?

Dante: Well it’s your job now, remember? I'm just a ‘hired gun’ with no paycheck… After you.

Nathan: Great.

Chapter 18: “Spilling Blood For Me”Edit

Marisa: Get off of me!

Dante: What’re you doin’!?

Nathan: Guerro!

Guerro: Senor Drake… you are more persistent than a bloodless tick. But I wonder, is it the girl you seek? Or this? (he looks at the Sword of Stephen)

Nathan: I don’t want the damn sword. Just let her go.

Guerro: Oh really? Then who would translate all these beautiful symbols, uh?

Dante: Symbols?

Nathan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Guerro: I’m sure you don’t. Look around you… there, just above your head. This entire place is rigged to blow. Goodbye, senor Drake…

Marisa: No, wait. You let him live, I’ll help you.

Nathan: Chase, don’t. You can’t trust him.

Guerro: A soldier’s word can always be trusted. We have a deal. Move the men out. You lose, my friend. (he pushes the button on bomb’s remote.)

Nathan: Yeah… we’ll see.

Dante: No. We do lose.

Nathan: The bastard set the timer.

Dante: Those can’t be shut off. We gotta move! Gotta get outta here!

[Everything around starts to explode.]

Nathan: …Oh shit! Hurry!

Dante: Yeah, no kidding!

Nathan: Jeez.

Dante: Alright, this way. C'mon!

Nathan: Right behind you!

Dante: I think it's up this way. Somebody build some damn stairs here.

Nathan: Yeah… that would have been nice.

Dante: This place is cavin' in.

Nathan: Keep going!

[After getting out Nate sees Marisa hanging on a rope.]

Nathan: Chase?!

Marisa: Nate??! Help me!

Dante: That’s what you get for making a deal with Guerro.

Nathan: You would know. Hang on. I’m coming!

Marisa: Hang on? Are you serious?

Nathan: Just stop kicking! You want them to drop you?

Marisa: Yes!

Dante: That’s a first… a pinata that kicks and screams…

Nathan: Really? Now?

Dante: I was kidding.

Nathan: We have to find a way up there.

Dante: That’s not gonna be so easy.

Nathan: It never is. C'mon. We gotta find Chase.

Guerro: Senor Drake… I would say I’m surprised… but this would be a lie.

Nathan: Chase, are you ok?

Marisa: Yeah… I’m…! Ahh.

Guerro: Countless men have died in this war… so far the women? They have been spared. I would be very sad to see that she was the first…

Marisa: This isn’t a war… you’re just a petty thug trying to steal my grandfather’s work.

This belongs to the men who have spilled their blood for me. Now I suggest that you keep your head… senorita… Finish them!

Chapter 19: “Proving Your Worth”Edit

Dante: Why stick my neck out for you? It's beyond me.

Nathan: Just go!

Dante: This ever end? Why's everything so damn high?

Nathan: Oh man, do you ever stop complaining? They're shooting at us. C'mon, we gotta keep goin’.

Dante: Down we go! Hey right there. Dammit, keep moving! Don't step on my hand will ya! Step on your head, you moron. Hey!

Nathan: Let's go!

Dante: Where is she?

Nathan: This way.

Dante: Now what?

Nathan: We keep going, that's what. C'mon.

Dante: I don't know why I follow you into these things, Drake.

Nathan: She could be in trouble. Let's move!

[Marisa is taken away by truck.]

Nathan: We’re too late.

Dante: Calm down. Chase is a big girl. She can take care of herself. You? Not so much.

Nathan: You’re the one who brought Guerro Into this. You just gonna let him kill her?

Dante: Did I say that? Huh? Lemme tell you something. You know why Guerro tried to cut me out? Cuz I got connections.

Nathan: You know what, your pimp in Buenos Aires isn’t gonna do us much help.

Dante: Imagine that. Guerro s smarter than you. He’s afraid of me, Drake. Good thing about the U. S of A – we got the finest hired guns money can buy.

Nathan: Ah, so now you’re General Jason Dante, huh? Gonna go buy yourself an army?

Dante: Yeah, somethin' like that.

Nathan: No, what you’re going to do is get Chase killed.

Dante: You know what the difference is between you and me? Cuz I got somethin’ you don’t. Moola, Drake, moola.

Nathan: Well there it is. We finally agree on something. All you’ve ever cared about is money.

Dante: Oh yeah? Look who’s talkin’. You with your stupid ‘heirloom’ ring. What are you tryin’ to prove you’re worth something? What’ve you done the last ten years except work pissant jobs for schlubs like me.

[Nate point his gun at him.]

Dante: What’re you gonna do? Shoot me? Go home Drake. I’m tearing up your contract. You let me worry about Chase. You? You go crying back to Sully. You know you’re gonna.

Nathan: I don’t need Sully.

(After half a second.)

Nathan: Sully, I need you.

Sully: That much I got. What I don’t get is why you’re stickin’ your neck out for this ‘Chase’ girl that you just met.

Nathan: OK, ok, but you’re not gonna like it.

Chapter 20: “Sticking Your Neck Out”Edit

Sully: I already don’t like it. You know what it cost me to get here?

Nathan: She’s in trouble and it’s all my fault. I let Dante talk me into…

Sully: Oh for Christ’s sake, Nate! Tell me Dante’s not in this thing.

Nathan: OK… ‘Dante s not in this thing.’ Not anymore at least. But… Guerro is, yeah, and he’s got the girl.

Sully: This just gets better and better. So it’s el Generale’s army that s headed into the rainforest?

Nathan: So you’ve heard of him, huh? Yeah, I know. Everybody’s heard of him. But hey, he’s not a general anymore.

Sully: Tell that to his goddamn army. Alright, let’s forget about it… Just finish your story. Where is he taking her?

[Nate shows Sully his charcoal rubbings from the Sword of Stephen.]

Nathan: La Selva de las Serpientes.

Sully: The ’Serpent Jungle’?

Nathan: That’s where he’s taking her.

Sully: OK, great, fill me in… where exactly?

Nathan: Well, if I’m right, this is the Temple of the Serpents… the gateway to Quivira.

Sully: Holy shit… The city of gold?

Nathan: Yeah. Her grandfather spent years searching for it. I mean, to see Chase’s passion for his work… I don’t know, Sully, I guess I just got caught up in it. I should have talked her out of it.

Sully: What the hell are you talking about?

Nathan: You remember why I got into all this?

Sully: Of course I remember.

Nathan: Then why don’t you tell me why I’ve wasted so many years working crap jobs for guys like Dante.

Sully: So the business can get a little rough once in awhile.

Nathan: See, that’s just it. It’s a business to us. But it’s not for her.

Sully: First off, lighten up a little bit, because from everything you’ve told me this girl is perfectly capable of taking care of herself… she was involved with Dante and Guerro long before you showed up, right?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, I guess she was.

Sully: Then she’s probably smart enough to give ’em just enough information to keep herself useful.

Nathan: So as long as Guerro needs her…

Sully: She’ll be fine.

Nathan: Hmmm. Ok.

Sully: Now we gotta be just as smart. We don’t have a goddamn army, so we’re not going that way. But what about this, this river basin here? I happen to know a guy who can outfit us… no questions asked.

Nathan: So you’re gonna help me?

Sully: Of course I’m gonna help you. I’m here, aren’t I? That’s what partners do.

Nathan: No. That’s what good partners do.

[Scene changes. We see a river in a jungle and a boat with Nate and Sully in it.]

Sully: Hold on, hold on.

Nathan: What’s the matter? You’re not getting tired are you?

Sully: Ugh… what, after just three days of paddling upstream in the heat, and the goddamn mosquitoes and piranha? Perish the thought.

Nathan: Ah, well, You are looking a little uh, stiff…

Sully: That’s what Consuela said… a little sweety I left back in Bogota to come up here and play games with you.

Nathan: Alright, I don’t want to hear it. Now you’re just stalling.

Sully: No, no. So uh, how much farther did you say it was?

Nathan: Well I didn’t… somebody dropped the GPS into the drink, remember?

Sully: You still got a goddamn map, right?

Nathan: I don’t know. We’re close. As soon as we reach the aqueduct ruins, we head inland. Alright, C’mon. You ready?

Sully: Well, y’know kid? I’ve been up shit creek plenty of times… but the first time I’ve had a paddle.

Nathan: That’s not what Consuela said.

Chapter 21: “Without a Paddle”Edit

[They continue to rowing and talking.]

Nathan: Couldn't afford a motor? You know… maybe an outboard, or something?

Sully: And miss all this exercise? Besides, I thought the whole idea was to sneak in the back door… quietly.

Nathan: They make quiet motors.

Sully: Not on our budget. Now, maybe if you found some more of those gold coins… Keep your fingers out of the water… unless you want to lose them.

Nathan: What? Why?

Sully: Piranha… entire river's infested.

Nathan: C'mon, what're you talking about? There's no piranha this far north.

Sully: I know what the book says… But I’m telling you, I’ve seen ‘em. Ok kid. You got the map. Which road?

Nathan: The one less travelled?

Sully: Damn, how about one with less mosquitoes?

Nathan: Put on more of that shitty cologne. God, that’ll keep the jaguars away.

Nathan: Smart ass, huh? Don’t forget, you are down stream of me.

[He pours Nate using a paddle.]

Nathan: Hey, c’mon, you’re getting the map wet. Ok, I think we’re here. Yeah, we go left.

Sully: You’re sure?

Nathan: Of course I’m sure. C’mon, how do you get lost on a river?

[They continue paddling.]

Nathan: Now I know why your friend doesn't ask questions.

Sully: Yeah? Why's that?

Nathan: The shape this canoe s in, he didn't wanna know where we drowned.

Sully: That's very funny. But don’t worry… The piranha get you long before you’d drown.

Nathan: Comforting.

Sully: You sure this is the right way?

Nathan: Hmm… not sure. Let me check the GPS… Oh…

Sully: Oh, Jesus. Alright… alright. Sorry I asked. Uh oh… it looks like we're hittin' some white water, kid… time to pick it up a notch.

Nathan: Oh come on. You call this white water? Don't you remember the Pango rapids?

Sully: Oh, I remember. There was a little gal in Pradesh province who uh…

Nathan: Enough! Paddle. We're not making much headway! Faster! Faster!

Sully: Yeah, that's what she said!

Nathan: Sully!

Sully: Look… I’m going as last as I can!

Nathan: Yeah, that's what you told her!

Ok, ease up. We‘re through.

Nathan: Whew! Now that was a workout.

Sully: No, no. That's what she said.

Nathan: Really? I mean, really?

Sully: Hey, Nate? I, uh, I didn’t want to say anything, but how come we’re suddenly going down river?

Nathan: What the hell is this? Where are we?

Not that I’m complaining mind you. I could get used to this. Heh. Give me a fishing pole and a good cigar…

Nathan: Oh crap… Sully, I had the map upside down. Paddle backwards… Paddle backwards, now!

Sully: What? What the matter? Ok, ok… holy shit!

[He sees a waterfall.]

Nathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sully?

Sully: All right back, back, back! Goddamn… it… get up here! Jeezus Nate… are you trying to kill us?

Nathan: Sorry Sully… it’s not like I’ve ever done that before.

Sully: Oh really? I guess we forgot that little fiasco down in Angkor Borei

Nathan: Hey, I did not have the map upside down that time…

Sully: Right.

Nathan: Just had the wrong map.

Sully: You ready?

Nathan: Yeah.

[They continue paddling.]

Nathan: Oh, why do yo always bring up Angkor Borei? I mean seriously?

Sully: What are you talking about?

Nathan: You never let anything go.

Sully: That is not true at all. But you do know what that Khmer statue was worth?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. A lot, I know. How could I forget? Especially with you around.

Sully: Quiet, Nate. Guerro's men are crawling all over the place. You keep rowing while I take care of these guys. And keep the boat steady so I can aim.

Nathan: What are you going to shoot 'em with? Tobacco spit?

Sully: Remember I said we couldn't afford a motor? This little baby is why… (He takes out a hand grenade launcher.)

Sully: (after a successful shoot) Nailed him! That bastard's dead! These guys are like clay targets!

Nathan: There… in the trees! Taking fire!

Sully: These the ruins we’re looking for?

Nathan: They must be. Aqueducts… yeah.

Sully: I thought only the Romans built this stuff?

Nathan: Evidently the Quivirans did too… the aqueducts were one of the reasons that Marcos thought he was on the trail of the Spanish Bishops. Uh, Sully?

[The canoe’s leaking.]

Sully: Oh shit. C’mon… we gotta get this tub to shore before it sinks and we’re fish food.

[They get out on the beach. Canoe sinks.]

Sully: Shit. And there goes the fist of our gear.

Nathan: Dammit Sully. I told you to wear your pack…

Sully: I know… I know. I should have listened. .

Nathan: Alright, well… we’re here, and in one piece. Let’s find a way across this river.

Sully: Holy shit, it’s a regular lncan highway…

Nathan: Quiviran, Sully… the Incas were in Peru… and a couple of centuries later.

Sully: Just testin’ ya, kid.

Nathan: Right. So how’d I do?

Sully: Not bad. Couldn’t-a said it better myself.

Nathan: Nope. No you couldn't-have.

Sully: Looks safe enough.

Nathan: Whoah… careful… the mist from the waterfall… slippery as hell.

Sully: Huh. That's great.

Nathan: Alright. I think if we follow these ruins it should lead us right to the temple complex.

Sully: You sure you got the map right-side-up this time?

Nathan: Hey, that could have happened to anyone.

Sully: Yeah, it could have. So stop giving me shit about the damn GPS

Nathan: Deal.

Sully: Back!

Nathan: Guerro’s men.

Sully: Yeah, that is not good.

Nathan: No, no, actually it is. They’re a long way from the Temple of the Serpents… you were right. Chase is buying some time.

Chapter 22: “Chew the Hide Off a Rhino”Edit

Mercenary 1: Snake temple, or something. Just keep your eyes open.

[After the fight.]

Sully: I tell you what, having Guerro’s thugs shooting at you is still a million times better than rowing around on that goddamn flimsy death trap.

Nathan: Hey, you bought the canoe.

Sully: Yeah well, sometimes I'm more cheap than smart.

Nathan: That's really cheap. Oph! Get down!

Sully: That is a goddamn 50 caliber. That’ll chew the hide off a rhino.

Nathan: Any ideas?

Sully: Well he’s shielded from the front. I’ll distract him, you try and flank him.

Nathan: That work back in the day?

Sully: You see any chew marks?

Nathan: Just the rhino. Alright, here we go.

Sully: We can’t hit that turret from down here! Help me clear these guys out! You’re all clear! Find a way to climb up and flank that bastard!

Nathan: Alright, Sully. Watch yourself. Ok? Alright, Sully, here I go.

Sully: Hey boys, here! Yo, hey!

Nathan: Ooof. Jesus.

Sully: Hey! Over here! Holy shit!

Nathan: Ooof. Crap.

Sully: Yo! Hey! YOU! Whoa!

Nathan: Jesus.

Sully: Hey boys, here!

Nathan: Ah crap!

Sully: Yoo hoo! Hey guys!

Nathan: I'm almost there. You just hang in there. All clear.

Sully: Nice work kid. Wait for me there. I’ll be right up… and in half the time.

Nathan: Yeah, well it’s easy when nobody’s shooting at you.

Sully: Nah, nah, the bullets keep you movin’…

Nathan: Yeah? Well time to prove it. C’mon! Move!

[Here comes the reinforcement…]

Sully: Oh, Christ!

Nathan: C’mon sully. Go!

Sully: I'm making a break for it! Cover me! Dammit, clear them out.

[After the fight.]

Nathan: I think those cigars of yours are starting to slow you down.

Sully: Not by a long shot… Lungs of leather.

Nathan: Well, good! Then you won’t mind a little more climbing. After you.

Sully: Son of a bitch. That’s a tall one.

Nathan: Nothing we can’t handle. C’mon, I’ll give you a boost.

Sully: Up, Nate! Up! C'mon.

Nathan: Consuela ever complain about you crushing her?!

Sully: You can’t crush a spinner… Now grab my hand. That was nothing… Oh! You see the size of that mosquito? It was like a rat with wings. You ever wonder if rats were really just mosquitos without wings?

Nathan: No, not really. That's absolutely ridiculous. Y'know, I forgot how philosophical you become when you’re thirsty.

Sully: Why did I come down here again.

Nathan: Doing all right?

Sully: Yeah. Yeah. Just great. Dammit… I'm getting dizzy in this fun house.

Nathan: Claustrophobic much?

Sully: If start screaming, just slap me.

Nathan: I'll be glad to get the hell out of here.

Sully: Not soon enough for me. We're going where? Shit. Uh, damn it. Dead end.

Nathan: Not when you’ve got a pair of these. (he shows Sully his hands.)

Sully: I don’t know kid. You’ve seen how unstable this shit is. It’s like trying to climb shale.

Nathan: Come on. It’s been here for a few thousand years. It’ll last a few more minutes. Fine. I’ll go first.

Sully: Hey, what’s wrong? Not as sturdy as you thought, eh? Oh no! Get off that thing! Now! Nate?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah. I'm OK.

Sully: Well, I’m waiting…

Nathan: Fine. You were right. The ruins are uh, a little unstable.

Sully: Thank you. Hey, and look. No more dead end. Had for that temple mound. We’ll meet up there.

Nathan: Alright. Hey uh, you know I could have done this on purpose, y’know? Giving you a nice clear trail to follow?

Sully: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

Chapter 23: “Keep Your Head Down”Edit

Sully: Oh man… there’s no way we’re getting across here.

Nathan: The river must have cut a channel all the way to the mountains. Sully, look out!

[Some Guerro’s men joins the party.]

Sully: I see ‘em. A little help? Somebody wanna tell me what the hell is takin' so long? Nate!? Hello! Nice work, kid! Even if it did take forever. Nate! I’m pinned down over here.

Nathan: I'm on it! Hang in there!

Sully: I’m trying! Hey, I could use a little help!

Nathan: Just keep your head down… I’m trying Sully!

Sully: Mind helping me take a few of these guys out?

Nathan: I thought you wanted ‘em all to yourself!

[Nate manages to help Sully.]

Nathan: You ok?

Sully: Oh yeah. Never better. Nate, I can't get across, and I’m too high up t climb down. Come and lower this damn bridge for me.

Nathan: Yeah, right. How am I gonna… Oh hello! Hang on, Sully! I got a plan.

Sully: Now go cut that rope loose, so I can get off this goddamned thing.

Nathan: Now that’s what she said.

Sully: Just lower the goddamn bridge, will ya?

Nathan: All set!

Sully: Thanks, kid! See you on the other side…

Nathan: Shit. More of Guerro’s men… a lot of Guerro’s men. This sucks! Oh sure. Snipers, too?! Bring it on!

[After the fight.]

Nathan: Sully?

Sully: Yeah, right here. Get down!

Nathan: Another 50 caliber?

Sully: Guerro sure does have a penchant for those damn things.

Nathan: Yeah… there must have been a sale at the army surplus.

Sully: Well, you’re on your own this time kid… I don’t have shit for cover over here.

Nathan: Alright, well… just stay there, I'll figure something.

Sully: This turret's too high! I'm pinned down! How about those ruins heading up the canyon? Maybe you can get behind him from there!

Nathan: Good idea!

Sully: How’s it going, kid? You got a vantage point on that sucker yet?

Nathan: I’m working on it!

Sully: Take out that turret, Nate!

Nathan: Steady… move slowly… be careful…

Sully: Nate, what the hell are you doing? What's taking you so long? Just flank him and shoot!

Nathan: (to gunner) There you are, you son of a bitch.

Sully: Nice job. So how many more of those you figure el Generale's got in his back pocket?

Nathan: A few dozen, if I had to guess.

Sully: Well, those aren’t just light patrols. We gotta getting close to his camp.

Nathan: Yeah… Alright, let’s go. There must be a place we can cross the chasm up ahead.

Sully: Right. Well, see you on the other side.

Nathan: …you said that once.

Nathan: Yeah? Well I’ll say it as many damn times as I want. C'mon, let’s go. Hey, Nate, just up ahead there’s a bridge that crosses the chasm. Find a way to get to it. I’ll meet you on the…

Nathan: …on the other side. Got it. Yeah… that's a long way down.

Sully: You know how I love heights.

Nathan: What are you doing up there?

Sully: Hanging on for dear life, mostly! It's a nice view though.

Nathan: Woah, crap!

Sully: You alright?

Nathan: This way. Come on.

[They find an entrance to a temple decorated with two statues of a snake.]

Sully: Oh, La Selva de las Serpientes. ‘The Serpent Jungle’.

Nathan: This must be one of the outposts of the temple complex. We’re getting close.

Sully: Yeah… wait a second… you hear that?

Nathan: What?

Sully: Sounds like choppers…

Nathan: Lemme know when you hear ’Ride of the Valkyries’… then I’ll worry.

Sully: No, no, goddamnit… I’m serious. Listen.

Nathan: What? Oh yeah, yeah… I hear ’em.

Sully: Guerro must be bringing in more men. You suppose he found the Serpent temple?

Nathan: If he did, Chase is in trouble. They came from that way. We gotta move.

Chapter 24: “Ride of the Valkyries”Edit

Mercenary 1: We dig in. They can’t hit us down here.

Sully: Don't stay in one spot too long! If you have to move, zig and zag! And then zig and zag again.

Nathan: Oh shit, Snipers! Keep your head down.

Sully: Stay close, Nate! More snipers! Bastards have us sighted! That's the last of ‘em! C'mon, we can climb up here! Nate, c'mere. Give me a boost.

Nathan: Ok.

Sully: C'mon, put your back into it.

Nathan: You should try it from my end!

Sully: …here. Grab my hand. Now, was that so hard?

Nathan: Yes it was. C'mon. Let’s get to the top of this thing so we can see where we are.

Sully: I’m followin' you. Oh! Jesus.

Nathan: What's wrong?

Sully: Just a little dizzy….

Nathan: You alright?

Sully: Yeah. I’ll be alright in a second. This damn thin air. Oh nice.

Nathan: Yeah… that’s a long way down.

Sully: You know how I love heights.

Nathan: Just don't look down.

Sully: I'm tryin' not to.

Nathan: That's the trick.

Sully: Oh! I looked down.

You alright back there?

Sully: Oh yeah.

Nathan: I can see my house from here.

Sully: It's a nice view though.

Nathan: Whoah.

Sully: You alright?

Nathan: Yeah, I'm ok. It's just… not as much fun as it usually is. Alright… not too much further.

Sully: Good.

Nathan: Hey.

Sully: Hey, hey! Hold it up kid.

Nathan: What? What are you doing? There’s light up ahead. Don’t rest now.

Sully: Jesus… I am not resting. I got a headache from this damn thin air up here.

Nathan: Oh, maybe I should gather some fronds and make you a nice comfy bed, huh?

Sully: Oh, would you mind?

Nathan: In your dreams princess. Come on, let’s go.

Chapter 25: “I Forgot to Mention”Edit

Sully: Ah swell. More patrols.

Nathan: Nah, this is good. They have no idea we’re here. Take them out quietly.

Sully: Uh oh! He’s got a shotgun!

Nathan: Alright. That's the last one, I think.

Sully: Ho, ho, ho… man. Now that is a view.

Nathan: Wow. Hey, that’s gotta be it… the Temple of the Serpents.

Sully: What the hell is that?

Nathan: It’s gunfire.

Sully: I know it’s gunfire… but who’s shootin’ at who?

Nathan: I don’t know… whoah… that’s not good.

Sully: Nate get down…

[A chopper flying above their heads.]

Sully: Well here's the choppers we heard. YH-1 Cherokees… transport. But something’s not adding up here, Nate.

Nathan: What do you mean.

Sully: I mean that Guerro doesn’t have anything like that in his fleet…

Nathan: Oh crap… Dante…

Sully: Wait a minute… I thought you said Dante wasn’t in this thing anymore.

Nathan: He isn’t… or he wasn’t…

Sully: Then?

Nathan: He may have mentioned something about hiring an army…

Sully: Oh God… that’s just great.

Nathan: I thought he was kidding.

Sully: Oh Christ, Nate. Have you ever known Dante to kid about anything where money is involved? Anything else you forgot to tell me?

Nathan: I’m sorry. All right? I should have told you. Oh man, we gotta move. Chase’s in the middle down there. Get back!

[Some mercenaries comes to the top of the temple.]

Sully: Let’s just, uh… cover our own asses right now? We sure as hell won’t be much use to her dead.

Nathan: Good point.

Mercenary 1: They’re near the top. Find them!

Sully: Stay with me! This way, kid!

Nathan: Sully? I don't see a way down on this side. We'll have to go back the way we came up.

Sully: Hold on. Not so fast.

[He brings a rope.]

Nathan: Where did you get that?

Sully: One of Guerro‘s men. He won't be needing it. Let me tie this off. Here goes nothing! This is way better than climbing tip! C'mon! Try and keep up, will ya!

Nathan: Just remember five minutes ago you were the one who needed oxygen. Look! Up there! More Guerro’s men.

Sully: Son of a bitch. These guys just won’t give up.

Nathan: Get moving, Sully!

Mercenary 1: They’re going down the side… stop them!

Mercenary 2: The second temple site is under attack. Radio Guerro!

Nathan: Sully, get moving!

Sully: Take him out first!

Nathan: Jesus, Sully. You flying to get us killed?

Sully: Just keep those guys from cutting our ropes!

Nathan: Where’ve I heard that before? Oh yeah… from a girl…

Sully: We’re getting close! I can see ruins below. On your left! We’re sitting ducks, Nate! We're almost there, kid! Try and keep up!

Nathan: Last rope, I swear! Nate! He’s cuttin’ the rope! I’m out of ammo…

Nathan: Oh, crap!

[They fall.]

Nathan: Thanks for breaking my fall.

Sully: Don’t mention it. What’d I tell ya?

Nathan: You told me?

Sully: Oh God, I’ve seen fire escapes in Hong Kong more stable than this damn thing…

Nathan: Yeah? Well give them another thousand years, then we’ll see… alright… c’mon.

Chapter 26: “Farther Than It Looks”Edit

Sully: Hey, those aren't Guerro's men.

Nathan: No. Dante's mercenaries. Professional killers.

Sully: Yeah, well you and me? We’re professional survivors. They got nothing on us. I'll wait here while you do your thing.

Nathan: Oh, shit, I'm gonna need some help down here!

Sully: On my way! One down, only a complete army to go. Let’s get the hell out of here. I want to be long gone by the time reinforcements arrive… Oh shit! Reinforcements! That's the last of ‘em… for now. C'mon, let’s move.

Nathan: (looking down the crevasse) What’ya think?

Sully: Piece of cake.

Nathan: Really?

Sully: No. But what the hell. We’ve seen worse.

Nathan: Ok, ok, here goes nothing.

[He makes the jump… barely.]

Sully: There, see? What’d I tell ya? Now back up.

Nathan: Hold on Sully… that was too close.

Sully: No, no, C’mon, what’re you talking about? Just move back a little.

Nathan: Hey, listen to me. It’s way farther than it looks. I barely made it.

Sully: Kid, I was scaling the great pyramid of Giza when you were still climbing the rails of your crib.

Nathan: Ok…

[Sally trying to jump but fails.]

Nathan: Sully! Sully!!! Sully! Are you alright!? Talk to me! Don't worry! I'm coming!

Sully: It’s ok! I'm alright!

Nathan: Alright, don’t move! I’m on my way down. Dammit, Sully, what are you trying to prove?

Sully: What’d I tell ya? Piece of cake.

Nathan: You scared the crap outta me.

Sully: Yeah, well, you should’a seen it from my angle. Uh, uh… watch the leg.

Nathan: Is it busted?

Sully: Oh, maybe. But that’s not what hurts… Oh, jeezus. At least that’s not all that hurts. Give me a hand.

Nathan: Alright… you know, a fall like that would’ve killed a lesser man.

Sully: Yeah… well… back in the day…

Nathan: …yeah… you would have made the jump with your eyes closed. I know. C’mon, let’s find Chase and get the hell out of here.

Mercenary 1: Old man’s hurt… take him out.

Sully: Of course these assholes had to show up.

Nathan: Just stay back, I'll handle this.

Sully: I'm not an invalid, you know!

Nathan: I was wondering…

Sully: They don't stand a chance against us!

Nathan: Really? Us?

Sully: Stay close, Nate! We showed ‘em!

Nathan: Yeah. We did. C'mon. Snake temple’s gotta be that way.

Sully: I’m coming just as fast as I can.

Nathan: Sully, what’d you say those choppers were?

Sully: YH-1 Cherokees. Standard cavalry for the U. S. -of- A since 1952.

Nathan: And how many men they can carry?

Sully: Eight to ten… Twelve if they’re traveling light.

Nathan: So three of them running all day… Dante could have entire army out here.

Sully: Yeah… easy.

Nathan: Great.

[Nate finds a chopper in the jungle.]

Nathan: Look… their staging ground.

Sully: Yeah…

Nathan: Alright, Temple of the Serpents is up the mountain… you ready?

Sully: Whoah, whoah, whoah… hold up, kid.

Nathan: What’s wrong?

Sully: Nothing’s wrong, but with this bum leg, there's no way I’m climbing up there. I’ll just hold you up.

Nathan: You’re not going to hold me up.

Sully: Hey, Nate, hear me out. Once you get Chase, we’re gonna need a ride outta here, right? I mean, I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’m hiking anyplace after this…

Nathan: Wow… yeah, I hadn’t thought of that.

Sully: Well, you get going. You find her. I’ll wait here and the first chance I get I’m stealin’ one of those…

Nathan: You think you’re up for that?

Sully: Heh, I might be little rusty but… yeah I think so. You know when I was in the Navy, I used to… yeah, yeah… another story, another time. Go on, get outta here.

Nathan: Ok. I’ll be back.

Sully: All right. Hey, Nate? You be careful out there. Remember my retirement plan.

Nathan: Hey, I’m not the one who busted up his leg.

Sully: Hey, it’s just a bad sprain. I’m feeling better every minute.

Nathan: Right.

Sully: Alright. Good luck, kid. I’ll see ya’…

Nathan: …on the other side. We've been over this.

Sully: But with the girl, right? She better be worth all this.

Nathan: That’s what I said.

Mercenary 1: Dante, everything’s clear up to site two.

Dante: (over the radio) Then why do I keep hearing gunfire?

Mercenary 1: There’s still some resistance at site three, on the other side of the temple complex. And I’ve got reports of fighting by the river.

Dante: (over the radio) Drake.

Mercenary 1: Sir?

Dante: (over the radio) Never mind. Dante out.

[After the fight we return to the scene from the beginning of the game.]

Nathan: Dante…

Dante: I got a report that shots were fired by the river.

Mercenary: It was nothing.

Dante: I'm telling you it was Drake. You can tell your men to up their game or there's going to be a lot less of them around come payday.

Nathan: …son of a bitch. I'll see you in hell.

Chapter 27: “The Gateway to Hell”Edit

Nathan: No, no, no, no.

Mercenary 1: Drake’s been spotted, in the upper chamber. Kill him on sight. Dante’s orders.

Marisa: One of Dante's mercenaries… Bastards…

[Nathan makes his way through the ruins eliminating mercenaries. When he trying to get to the other side, he spotted by s mercenary with RPG.]

Mercenary 1: I got him! You're a dead man! See how you like this!

[The mercenary shoots at Nathan and he falls… but manage to cling to the ledge. After long fight he go to the entrance of the temple.]

Nathan: Whoa… Why do I suddenly feel like Jonah stepping into the mouth of the whale? No wonder Marcos thought this was the gateway to hell.

Chapter 28: “Trapped Like Rats”Edit

Nathan: Dante…

Dante: Get that bridge raised… I want those bastards trapped in here like rats.

Mercenary 1: Guerro’s men are falling back. It’s a complete rout.

Dante: Good. What 'are you doing standing here yapping about it? Get down there… Wait. You have them save Guerro for me, you got it? I owe that son of a bitch a little payback.

Mercenary 1: Sure boss, whatever you say.

Mercenary 2: Ah, goddamn it smells like shit in here.

Mercenary 1: Sure it wasn’t you?

Nathan: Keep moving…

Mercenary 1: How does he do that. I can’t get a bead on him.

Dante: Did you get that lower bridge raised? If any of Guerro's men get past you there's gonna be hell to pay.

Mercenary 1: We’re on it.

Nathan: Up I go. Careful now. Where are these guys comin’ from? (using machete) …don't wanna cut myself.

Mercenary 1: Kill him on sight. Dante’s orders.

Mercenary 2: He’s moving too fast.

Guerro: Where are your men?

Mercenary 1: It’s a slaughter…

Guerro: Get ahold of yourself.

Mercenary 1: They have guns…

Guerro: Soldado! Escuchame! Rally the men. Get them to the cavern of bridges. There we will make our final stand, eh? Bierta! We are so close! Don’t you see? With so much gold…. the revolution will live!

Mercenary 1: The girl is not cooperating.

Guerro: I will deal with her later. Come… we are not finished yet.

Chapter 29: “Doorway of the Gods”Edit

Marisa: Tell Guerro to go to hell!

Mercenary 1: It’s Drake. Get him. Stop him at the bridge.

Mercenary 2: The female target's been found.

Mercenary 1: In the lower passage, in the doorway chamber.

Nathan: Chase!

Marisa: (to mercenary) Stop! You don’t have any idea what you’re doing!

Mercenary 1: Shut her up!

Marisa: These are support columns. If you blow them up, the entire cavern comes down on our heads! We all die!

Mercenary 1: I said, shut her up!

Marisa: Ok, line, you know what? Just give me enough time to get out of here, OK?

Mercenary 1: Stop or I’ll shoot.

Mercenary 2: Shoot her!

Marisa: ‘Shoot her, shoot her’… Do you know how tired I am of hearing you guys say that? You wanna shoot me? Go right ahead… Set that timer, and we’re all dead anyway.

Mercenary 1: Alto!

Nathan: Hey! Assholes!

[Nate kill all the mercenaries and reunites with Marisa.]

Marisa: Nate!

Nathan: Hey. It’s okay.

Marisa: Thank God! I thought Guerro killed you!

Nathan: Not for the lack of trying. Did he hurt you?

Marisa: No, no. I heard gunfire a couple hours ago, but uh, Guerro disappeared.

Nathan: That was Dante keeping him busy.

Marisa: Dante? Here?

Nathan: Yep, with a small army. C’mon, we leave now, we can get out of here while they’re busy killing each other.

Marisa: No! No, I’m not leaving.

Nathan: What?

Marisa: You gotta see this. C’mere. We are so close… look. This is what Marcos was writing about. He called it the Doorway of the Gods. See? The symbol of the sun, the seven rays of morning…

Nathan: Yeah… Chase!

Marisa: …illuminating the pantheon of the gods… just think about how terrified he must have been… challenging everything that he knew…

Nathan: Alright… Chase!

Marisa: All I need to do is find one piece of evidence that proves that… that Marcos was here.

Nathan: Marisa! You have to listen to me.

Marisa: I told you… don’t call me that. I know what you’re going to say. You’re gonna stay this isn’t worth my life, right? But it is, Nate, it is. This is the chance of a lifetime. And I am not just going to walk away and give it all up to Guerro.

Nathan: Wait.

Marisa: And I’m sure as hell not going to give it to Dante.

Nathan: Let me see that.

Marisa: Why do you keep doing that? Would you… Would you just listen to me?

Nathan: I am listening… I’m just not paying attention.

Marisa: Arrgh!

Nathan: Chase, your grandfather had the key to Quivira the whole time.

Marisa: What?

Nathan: Watch…

Marisa: Oh my God, it’s a key.

Nathan: It’s a combination lock actually See the… the rings? They move… The lock must activate a mechanism inside the door. All we have to do now is find the right combination.

[Nate opens the lock.]

Nathan: Back up! Back up!

Marisa: Whoa. Whoa!

Nathan: We did it.

Marisa: This door hasn’t been opened in over four centuries.

Nathan: Wow… Hey, hold up.

Marisa: What’s wrong?

Nathan: There is a good chance we're not coming back this way, so let's take everything we need with us. (he picks up Marisa’s backpack) Alright. Hey listen, if we’re gonna do this, we need to move fast, alright?

Marisa: Ok.

Nathan: Here, we might need this.

Marisa: C’mon. Let’s go this way.

Chapter 30: “The Lake of Ghosts”Edit

[After a bit of exploring Nate finds a body.]

Nathan: Look, over here.

Marisa: Quivirans!

Nathan: Or what’s left of them. They’ve been here for centuries…

Marisa: But they’re so well preserved… their bodies are all contorted… like they died in agony.

Nathan: Maybe, maybe birth defects of some kind? Maybe sacrificed to the gods of the underworld?

Marisa: Imagine what poor Friar Marcos must have thought when he stumbled across them?

Nathan: There’s still no proof that Marcos actually made this far. C’mon, let’s keep moving.

[A little further ahead…]

Nathan: Whoah, the Lake of Ghosts.

Marisa: It’s like ice in here.

Nathan: This is all glacier melt. So swimming’s probably not a good idea.

Marisa: Yeah, unless we want to freeze to death. Woah. (she sees giant statue carved in a cave wall)

Nathan: Hey, check it out. Over here.

Marisa: Wow. I think they went a little crazy with the whole Temple of the Serpents thing, huh? (she notice an ancient boat) You think it’ll float?

Nathan: Yeah, it seems sound enough, but I guess we’ll find out. Here, help me push it into the water. Ready?

Marisa: Okay.

Nathan: Let’s do it. One more.

[They sit on a boat and set sail.]

Marisa: When I was a kid my grandfather used to take me all over the world on his artifact hunts. We took a boat not much bigger than this all the way from Para Brazil to La Paz in Bolivia. Now that was quite a journey. That’s Atchihuatli, god of lakes and drowning.

Nathan: So if you're in a canoe a mile beneath the earth, you wanna stay on his good side?

Marisa: Probably a good idea.

Nathan: So… you were raised by your grandfather, huh? How'd that happen?

Marisa: …Not much of a story. Both my parents were killed when I was a little kid.

Nathan: Really?

Marisa: Yeah, I know, rough, right? But it was a long time ago. Evidently there was a break in… they were both shot. I don't remember much about it.

Nathan: Uh… Chase… I’m sorry.

Marisa: It's okay. So how about you? From what Dante told me, you had it rougher than I did.

Nathan: …lake's not big enough for me to tell my story.

Nathan: A Sete Cidades emblem.

Marisa: Friar Marcos must have left it here, fearing that evil spirits, devils, had claimed the souls of the dead civilization. He would have believed it had the power to ward off evil.

Nathan: Probably. But there's no way to prove it was his. Let's keep rowing. We have to find the throne room.

Marisa: So, what are we looking for again?

Nathan: As if you don't know… c'mon.

Marisa: Oh, you’re just testing me. Okay, the throne chamber is beneath the visage of Itzicaltli, the god of death. He rules the underworld. If we find him? We find the chamber.

Nathan: Nice.

Marisa: According to my grandfather, in Quiviran mythology this place is called the Tears of Chihopotex. She was this place is called the Tears of Chihopotex. She was separated from Mahuaquiotex when the world was made and cried for a thousand years, her tears filling the second level of Mitzican. Because she was the goddess of childbirth, she cursed child-bearing women to an eternity of pain.

Nathan: Heh. Now you're lecturing.

Marisa: No I'm not. But since you asked.

Nathan: Nope. I didn't.

Marisa: The chamber we’re looking for contains the Throne of Gold, the center of Mitzican, the lowest level of the Quiviran underworld.

Nathan: Guarded by the four aspects of Teochicatol. I read his journal too you know.

Marisa: Oh yeah.

Nathan: And… who's this?

Marisa: Huezicaltli, the god of disease, pain, plague and insanity. One of Itzicaltli's servants.

Nathan: Ah, such a cheerful pantheon of gods.

Marisa: Yeah, no kidding.

[They mooring.]

Nathan: Huh… the pattern on this floor looks familiar… But the mosaic is all scrambled… You say they're embracing here? Looks to me like they're at each other's throats.

Marisa: Well, they were married for a million years or so.

Nathan: Ooh… that’d do it.

[Nate assembles the floor tiles.]

Marisa: You did it again. Boy, doors within doors within doors. Whatever’s in here… the Quiviran’s wanted to protect it pretty badly.

Nathan: Yeah. Let’s find out why.

Chapter 31: “A Sacrifice of Blood”Edit

Nathan: There’s a sconce. Man, I wish I’d remembered to bring a lighter.

Marisa: Oh… wait, I have one. Wait while I light this.

[They enter the room with gigantic gold veins on the walls and the golden city beneath.]

Marisa: Wow, look at the walls.

Nathan: The Golden Abyss.

Marisa: The what?

Nathan: It’s something that Marcos wrote in his report to the Sete Cidades… ‘and there, below the throne of the Morning Star, great veins of gold coursed through the walls as blood from the Beast of Mammon, a golden abyss to guard the gate to hell…’

Marisa: How do you remember all this stuff?

Nathan: I have perfect recall…

Marisa: Really?

Nathan: Yeah… and a good journal.

Marisa: Uh huh, c’mon. C'mon, slowpoke. Come on up here. I hope this lighter holds out.

Nathan: I thought only old guys who smoked cigars carried lighters…

Marisa: What’s that?

Nathan: Uh--Never mind.

Marisa: Wow, I thought I’d seen everything. This is amazing. The Throne of Gold.

Nathan: We made it.

Marisa: Yeah. Come on. Oh my God, Nate. Look at his clothes.

Nathan: Moorish. 16th century.

Marisa: Esteban! It’s gotta be. But how is he so well preserved?

Nathan: I have no idea. I tell you one thing. He didn’t stay behind willingly.

[He trying to pulls out a dagger from dead man’s chest.]

Nathan: Let's get serious.

Marisa: Careful!

Nathan: Really? (looking at the dagger) 16th century. Spanish.

Marisa: I don’t get it. You don’t think…?

Nathan: We’ll know in a second.

[Nate cleans up the dagger and notices a symbol of Sete Cidades.]

Nathan: Here’s your proof. This could have only have belonged to one man.

Marisa: Friar Marcos. He murdered Esteban.

Nathan: No. Remember what you said at the massacre site? Not murdered, sacrificed. Esteban was a Sete Cidades offering. Blood sacrifice to seal the gates of hell.

Marisa: My grandfather was right all along. This is going to rewrite history.

[They hear an explosion.]

Nathan: The Doorway of the Gods… Bastards set off the explosives.

Marisa: Can’t be… this entire place would be coming down.

Nathan: Either way, it doesn’t give us much time. Just grab what you can and let’s get the hell out of here.

[Suddenly Marisa hear some strange noise…]

Marisa: What is that?

Nathan: Step away!

Marisa: It was in Guerro’s pack. I must have accidentally switched it on.

Nathan: It’s a Geiger counter… What would Guerro be doing with a Geiger counter? The tailing area from the strip mine… near the Spanish gravesite. There must be uranium deposits throughout these mountains.

Marisa: Oh my god. The gold…

Nathan: It’s radioactive. All of it.

[Dante comes up to them from behind, clapping his hands.]

Dante: Nice. Nice. Someone give Mr. Rhodes Scholar here a prize for figuring out the obvious.

Nathan: How did you get here? We took the only boat.

Dante: Same way I always beat you Drake… by being smarter than you. I’ll take that… (he takes Drake’s gun) Hey babe. I’d take your gun too, but we all know, you don’t carry one, huh. Wait a minute… what’s this? Our little rose has grown a thorn? (he takes the dagger from Marisa)

Marisa: Give that back!

Dante: Oh, this is important to you? Huh? Well, it’s very, very nice. (he throw it away)

Nathan: Chase, don’t.

Dante: You kids have found all kinds of swell toys, ain’t ya? (he takes Geiger counter from Marisa) Hello gorgeous, I wondered where you were.

Nathan: Wait, you knew all along.

Dante: What, about the gold being hot? Sure. El Generale figured it out by accident when he had Chase’s amulet. Who cares. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click. Here it is. Here it is! It’s kinda like music, isn’t it? Huh?

Nathan: And you’re just gonna take it anyway.

Dante: Oh, you sound so surprised.

Marisa: You can’t do that. Once this gets into the world market… jewelry, coins, dental work…

Dante: Come on, what’re a few rads among friends? Right?

Nathan: Use your head, think of the radiation poisoning… millions could die.

Dante: Don’t be so melodramatic, Drake. Huh? It’s just low grade, nothing worse than an x-ray or two, huh? Can you feel it? Besides, this? This little thing? It’s just gonna end up in a museum… Besides, who goes to museums anyway except for old people, right? Who’s it gonna hurt, really?

Nathan: Yeah… wonder if that’s what they thought.

Dante: Maybe we should ask ‘em. Hey, did you hate living with all this beautiful gold? Huh? Let’s take a moment and cry for all the poor Quivirans - ‘boo hoo.’ Sucks to be them. Come on, it took like a century or two, and they lived with this stuff. I’m gonna have this and they lived with this stuff. I’m gonna have this littered throughout the black market before you can say, ‘Hey, have you had that mole checked?’…

Nathan: Wise ass, right to the end.

[Nate grabs Dante’s gun and kills a mercenary. The fight with Dante begins.]

Dante: C'mon buddy… Show me what you got.

Nathan: That the best you got?

Dante: I'm gonna kill you.

Nathan: Hah! Nice try!

Dante: Piece of shit. Son of a bitch. I'm gonna kill you. How's that feel, huh? You like that rock taste good? C’mon Drake!

Nathan: Didn't your mother ever tell you not to run with a knife? Huh?

[Nate takes Dante's knife and puts it to his throat.]

Dante: Do it.

Nathan: Get up. We’re leaving.

Dante: Nice. Nice. We coulda been partners, Drake. The two of us all this gold? This coulda been ours.

Nathan: You know what? Keep it. Gold is yours. But when get to that Doorway of the Gods, I’m setting off Guerro’s explosives and I’m sealing this cavern up for good.

Dante: No you ain't. You know why? Because you ain’t got it in you.

Nathan: We’ll see. Oh, there’s your princess. Oh, look out! She’s got a gun! She played us both, Drake… the whole time. Keeping her hands squeaky clean with her self righteous bullshit… letting me take out Guerro for her.

Marisa: You know what, not everyone thinks like you do, Dante. You’re the one that uses people, not me.

Dante: Oh sure. You stand there, watching the two of us tear each other’s throats out. And when we’re gone, who’s left with all the beautiful gold, huh?

Marisa: You’re pathetic.

Nathan: Forget him. We’re leaving.

Dante: Good luck with that buddy. The only way outta here now? Is through an army of my men. You still want to go with her?

Marisa: (notices a rope) The passage to the lake…

Mercenary 1: Drake! Drake! You’re going all soft. It’s Sully’s fault. That’s why you always leave empty handed. Drake! Empty handed! Empty handed!

Nathan: More of Dante’s men. They must not know the war’s over. Alright, wait here.

Marisa: Fat chance.

Nathan: You took Dante’s gun.

Marisa: Yeah, like he said, need to start taking care of my own business.

Nathan: Chase, listen to me. For some things… there’s no turning back.

Marisa: Well, it’s too late to worry about that now, isn’t it? You ready?

Nathan: Yeah, okay, but stay behind me.

Chapter 32: “There’s No Turning Back”Edit

[Nate and Marisa climbing and fighting an army of enemies.]

Nathan: Hey, come on.

Marisa: My hands are about to fall off.

Mercenary 1: Up there, on the ropes!

Marisa: Not more ropes! Okay, I can do this.

Mercenary 2: Over there! Watch it!

Marisa: Uh, remember when I said I wasn’t afraid of heights? I lied!

Nathan: Climb, Chase, climb!

Marisa: I’m trying.

Mercenary 1: To the side! To the side!

Nathan: Hurry!

[Eventually they get to the Doorway of the Gods.]

Marisa: Here it is.

[Nate finds the remote to detonate all the bombs in the cave.]

Nathan: Yeah. Okay, listen. Once I push this we haul ass, okay there’s no way to shut it off.

Marisa: Come on. What’s the matter?

Nathan: He was right.

Marisa: What are you talking about?

Nathan: I can’t do it.

Marisa: Nate?

Nathan: I can’t bury him alive.

Marisa: He just tried to kill you.

Nathan: I know.

Marisa: Quivira is poison Nate. It killed my grandfather. I’m not letting it kill anyone else. (she takes away the remote from Nate)

Nathan: Chase, wait!

Marisa: I can’t. I’m sorry. (she pushes the button)

Nathan: Ah crap! We gotta move.

Chapter 33: “Getting My Hands Dirty”Edit

[Nate and Marisa run out the cave fighting mercenaries on the way.]

Marisa: Look out!

Nathan: Careful. Oh… crap.

Marisa: Here goes! The bridge is gone!

Nathan: We gotta keep moving!

Marisa: Hey, I’m right behind you.

Nathan: Oh, big jump!

Marisa: Watch it! Wh… Which way now? Look out! Watch out! Oh no! We have to climb on that??

Nathan: Whoah, whoah, whoah… That was close!

Marisa: Woah! Ah! Woah! Oh god! Okay.

Nathan: Go! Just go!

Marisa: They've got me pinned down!

Nathan: Alright, come here. We can reach that together.

Marisa: You said down was sometimes up… this looks like a while lotta down.

[The column they climbing begin to fall apart.]

Marisa: The column… It's collapsing. Nate, look out! Run!

Nathan: Chase?! Chase!

[It lies on the ground, crushed by a fragment of a column.]

Nathan: Chase, come on, don’t give up on me now.

Guerro: Senor Drake. I’m so very pleased to see that you are well.

Nathan: Guerro.

Guerro: There’s no need to mourn the seriorita. You will soon be joining her.

Nathan: Come on, Guerro. Look around, can’t you see? …whole place is coming down.

Guerro: I see perfectly, I assure you. It is you that are blind. Do you see this, senor Drake? (he shoot at Nate with rocket launcher)

Nathan: Ah… nice little upgrade from your toy sword. Did you get tired of cutting ropes?

Guerro: This? This is all that’s left of my army. The revolution is over. Tell me, senor Drake… what is a general without an army?

Nathan: Oh, I don’t know… unemployed?

Guerro: He is nothing. I have but one cause left - I will die here today, but you, you will die with me.

Nathan: Talk, talk, talk. Come on Guerro… stop feeling so sorry for yourself. So some jersey street punk kicked your ass. Not the first time you’ve lost, right? And you can always get a job beating up defenseless women… maybe some kids?

Guerro: Yes. You are so right. Enough talk.

Chapter 34: “The Revolution Ends”Edit

[While Guerro tries to shoot Nate with rocket launcher, he climbs up the ruins trying to get to him.]

Guerro: Senor Drake…

Nathan: Woah, that was close!

[When he succeeds, the fateful fistfight begins.]

Guerro: Now, we are both trapped. Eh?

Nathan: Stop this Guerro… we still have time…

Guerro: There is no honor in defeat, senor Drake, only in death.

Nathan: Yeah? Let’s find out.

Guerro: Huh, Senor Drake?

Nathan: …damnit!

Nathan: Come on, Guerro. No honor in defeat, remember?

Guerro: You know why that revolution of yours failed? ‘Es un cobarde’…

Guerro: A coward? Name calling… is that the best you can do?

Nathan: You’re just like the rest of those worthless thugs who served in that pathetic mob you call an army.

[Nate throws Guerro on a fragile bridge and it collapses. Guerro falls into the fiery abyss.]

Nathan: Now go find your honor… Hold on Chase.

[Nate runs to Marisa with all the strength left. He raises the fragment of column using a lever.]

Nathan: Chase! Chase! Oh, Come on! Damn it! You all right?

Marisa: Yeah. Alright… Oh God.

Nathan: Alright, we’ll get you fixed up, don’t worry.

Marisa: This is so painful.

Nathan: Alright, quit your bitchin’. (laughs)

[Next scene.]

Marisa: Oh no… it’s a dead end!

Nathan: No, there’s gotta be another way up.

Marisa: Well, can you climb it?

Nathan: I don’t see any handholds.

Nathan: Nate?!

Nathan: Sully! Sully where are you?

Sully: Hey! Up here!

Marisa: Sully? Who's that?

Nathan: It’s Sully!

Marisa: What?

Nathan: It’s a long story. Come on, let’s go!

Sully: C’mon hurry it up… we haven’t got all day. There we go, darling.

Nathan: …Alright.

Sully: Alright, come on, we gotta move.

Nathan: Come here… come here, I got ya’. (he helps Marisa)

[They’re get out of the cave.]

Sully: All right. That ought to hold you for now.

Marisa: Thank you, Mr. Sullivan. Hey, look… if you hadn’t shown up…

Sully: Yeah, well, that’s me, darlin’, I'm a regular guardian angel. And please, call me Sully. Only the IRS calls me ‘Mr. Sullivan’

Marisa: Alright. Thanks Sully.

Sully: Oh, man.

Nathan: I gotcha…

Marisa: You okay?

Sully: Yeah, never better.

Nathan: Well, you two make quite a pair. The Quivirans would have sacrificed both of you.

Marisa: Ha, ha. Very funny.

Sully: Well they probably would have been doing me a favor. Alright… I’m gonna go see if this bird’s got enough gas to get us home.

Nathan: Good idea. Hey… thanks!

Sully: Sure.

Nathan: (to Marisa) Here, let me help you.

Marisa: I’m fine, I’m fine… Ok, maybe not. (she stands on her feet) Okay, see? See… not so bad.

Nathan: Hey… It’s your amulet.

Marisa: Huh! Well Dante was wrong. You are not gonna leave here ‘empty handed’.

Nathan: Oh no. Nope. This belongs to you.

Marisa: No, it was never mine… It was never my grandfathers… You know, I think Marcos was right after all. This? This belongs in hell. (she throws the amulet and almost fall herself)

Marisa: Uhhnn!

Nathan: Careful!

Marisa: Whoah!

Nathan: Wow… Nice arm.

Marisa: Thanks.

Nathan: You do realize that was your only proof… about all of this.

Marisa: Yeah, my grandfather, he would’ve understood, believe me. Besides, I'll find another way to rewrite history. (she shakes Nate’s hand) Strong hands.

Nathan: Don’t start that again.

Marisa: Dante was wrong. You know you’re not gonna come away from this ‘empty handed’ after all.

[She almost kisses Nate.]

Sully: You two ready to go?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah. We’re coming.

Marisa: Yeah… ow.

Nathan: Hey, watch that leg. Try not to put any weight on it, okay?

Marisa: Ow. How can that hurt so much?

Nathan: Might have had something to do with that nap you took under a three ton statue.

Marisa: Yeah, maybe that was it,

Sully: That reminds me… Chase, have you ever been to Buenos Aires?

Marisa: Oh, please. Marisa. Call me Marisa.

Nathan: What? Wait a minute. Why does he get to call you Marisa? I thought only your grandfather called you Marisa!

Marisa: Well he reminds me of my grandfather.

Nathan: That’s gotta hurt.

Sully: Anyway, Marisa, they got a hospital down there with two of the most gorgeous nurses I have ever seen. They would fight over who would take care of me. A pair of goddesses they were…

Nathan: The ‘Pair of Goddesses’ story… heard it a million times.

Marisa: Yeah… you know what? I just met you and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this story.

Sully: Anyway, they wouldn’t let me lift a finger. If you’re gonna break your leg? Argentina is the place to do it.

Nathan: You know the last time you told this story, they were from Sao Paulo.

Marisa: Hey, would you just let the man finish?

Nathan: Trust me, you don’t want him to finish this story.

Sully: Anyway, the little one… her name was Maria… oh, Maria, the lips on that girl.

Nathan: And her brother was Isabel.

[Marisa laughs.]


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