“I am a Man of Fortune, and I must seek my Fortune”
Henry Avery, 1694

[We get into a boat, swinging in a strong storm. Behind the wheel is our main character - Nathan Drake. Next to him is a guy named Sam.]

Nate: Ah, crap. This is… really not good. Hold on!

Sam: Nathan! They’re gaining on us!

Nate: Yeah, I know! I know!

Sam: Well, crank it!

Nate: Sam, I’m going as fast as I can!

Sam: Well, shit. Keep heading towards the island. I’ll try to hold-- Ah shit. Here they come! They got smaller boats. Ram ‘em!

Nate: Got it.

Sam: Hey, assholes! Tell your bosses to find their own damn treasure! I’m not doing much damage here.

Nate: Just keep them at bay!

Sam: Ha! You took em out!

Nate: Down you go!

Sam: There! Uh… big boat. Big boat!

Nate: Oh shit.

Sam: God damn it -- they’re dropping mines!

Nate: I see ‘em!

Sam: Just keep heading towards the island, don’t let em get in front of you! Oh shit!

[Nate falls into the sea.]

Nate: Oh, God damn it. Hey! I’m okay… I’m okay…

Sam: Shit, the engine’s out.

Nate: What?!

Sam: I can… I can fix it, just… just cover me!

Nate: God damn it.

Sam: C’mon… C’mon…

[Mercenaries attack their boat.]

Mercenary: Blow them out of the water!

Sam: Grenade launcher! Take him out.

Mercenary: They’re fish in a barrel!

Nate: Holy shit.

Sam: Ha ha. Karma’s a bitch.

Nate: Damn it! More coming!

Sam: Well shit.

Nate: Sam, how’s the engine?

Sam: Making progress! C’mon… C’mon, go… There! There, I got it!

Nate: It’s working?

Sam: Head straight to the island. Nathan! Rocks, dead ahead!

Nate: I can barely see out there. Shit. Get them off of us!

Sam: I‘m doing the best I can here. Nathan, hurry!

Nate: Just hang on!

Sam: On your right! Watch it, watch it!

Nate: Oh, shit! Aahh!

[They crush into a mercenary boat and roll over.]

Sam: Nathan!!

[The scene changes dramatically. Young Nate is reprimanded by a nun for a fight.]

Nun: Nathan. Nathan… What are we going to do with you? You must be tired of these lectures. I know I’m tired of giving them. Now you have to stay here with me all weekend instead of going on the retreat with everyone else.

Nate: I don’t care.

Nun: Yes, that is the crux of the problem.

Nate: I don’t see why I’m the only one being punished.

Nun: Because you started the fight.

Nate: He wouldn’t give me back my book.

Nun: I told you to leave those books in your room… You only have yourself to blame.

Nate: Doesn’t give him the right to just snatch it from me.

Nun: Does that give you the right to start throwing punches?

Nate: It wasn’t just about the book…

Nun: What was it, then?

Nate: Nothing. I’ll save it for confession.

Nun: No matter what I try… you seem insistent on going down the same, sad road as your brother. What a waste.

[The nun leaves. Nate looks out the window and sees Sam on the next roof. He gets out of the window and follows him.]

Chapter 1: The Lure of AdventureEdit

Nate: Sam! I see you. Up and around we go. Whoa! Okay… nice and quiet. Uh oh.

Priest: Isn’t it our job to help boys like him?

Nun: In the meantime, I’m neglecting the other dozen boys under my care.

Priest: (sighs) What do you want me to him?

Nun: You know my opinion.

Priest: Well… I’m not ready to give up on him yet.

Nun: You can’t keep avoiding it.

Priest: (sighs) Look, I’ll… talk to him in the morning. Okay?

Nun: (sighs) Good night, Father.

Priest: Good night, Sister Catherine.

[Sister Catherine comes up to a window to smoke. Nate's waiting for her to go out that window.]

Nate: Gotta get to that window… C’mon… (sighs) Move it, Sister.

Priest: Sister Catherine?

Nun: Oh, darn…

Priest: Ah, Sister Catherine. I’ve forgotten my keys again. Can you open the gate for me?

Nun: Coming, Father.

Sam: C’mon.

Nate: Almost there…

Sam: Ooh, you gotta learn to watch your back. (laughs)

Nate: All right.

Sam: Hey, it’s good to see you, little brother. (sees Nate’s bruise) What? What is that? Really? Again?

Nate: It’s nothing.

Sam: You told me you’d stay out of trouble, though.

Nate: (sighs) But he was talking shit about us.

Sam: So?

Nate: He said that… dad dumped us here cause we’re worthless. And mom is in hell because--

Sam: Nathan. Nathan, c’mon. They’re just saying it because it gets to you. All right? You just gotta learn to laugh it off.

Nate: You wouldn’t.

Sam: Well, do as I say, not as I do. Here. You’ll catch a cold.

Nate: (sighs) So… What are you doing here like this anyway? If the nuns catch you, they’re going to call the cops.

Sam: Well, I got something for ya and it couldn’t wait til Christmas.

Nate: What?

Sam: It’s outside.

Nate: What happened to us staying out of trouble?

Sam: Well, this is an exception.

Nate: Uh-huh… Heh, nice jump. Here, gimme your hand.

Sam: Sheesh, you’re light. The Sisters feeding you enough? Place’s kinda empty. Where is everyone?

Nate: Some Bible retreat.

Sam: Yeesh. I remember those. How’s Father Duffy doing?

Nate: He’s the one decent guy in there. You should come and say hi.

Sam: Nah… I didn’t need the guilt. This way. That was easy. C’mon. (sighs) Damn.

Nate: You didn’t prop it.

Sam: I… I did. At least… I thought I did. (sighs) No, it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna take the high road.

Nate: The high road?

Sam: Just follow me. Watch… this.

Nate: Whoa.

Sam: And now… we take the high road.

Nate: Have you done this before?

Sam: Ah… once or twice. Here, come on. Your turn.

Nate: So, whatcha been up to?

Sam: Working, mostly.

Nate: You still dating that girl?

Sam: Who… Crystal? Eh… on again, off again. Currently… off again. Okay… No guts, no glory!

Nate: Whoa, whoa…

Sam: Hey, just don’t think about it. You got this!

Nate: Ah!

Sam: I gotcha! (sighs) See? No big deal.

Nate: Yeah. Nothing to it.

Sam: Hey, stay with me. Pretty cool, huh?

Nate: Yeah. Totally.

Sam: Through here.

Nate: Right behind you.

Sam: Hey, there’s a jump coming up.

Nate: Okay.

Sam: Okay… right down the middle. Nice and easy.

Nate: Aah! Nice and easy.

Sam: Oops. Was that a sin? I think that’s a sin. You ready, Tarzan? All right, go ahead. It’s a nice view, huh?

Nate: Yeah… not bad. You ever been up here before?

Sam: This particular roof? No.

Nate: But… you do know where you’re going, right?

Sam: Eh, more or less. You wait here, and you watch me. Whoa… whoa! Whew… Your turn!

Nate: Okay… you got this. You got this, Nate.

Sam: All right, go ahead. Just don’t overthink it.

Nate: Oh crap! Ahh!

Sam: I gotcha! C’mon! C’mon.

Nate: (chuckles) I did it.

Sam: Yeah. Course you did. Here, follow me. You know what? How about you take this one.

Nate: Really?

Sam: Yeah. Really. I’ll follow your lead.

Nate: Okay…

Sam: Attaboy, Nathan.

Nate: Whoa! Okay.

[They’re leave the territory of the orphanage. Sam shows Nate his motorcycle.]

Sam: Just like that… we’re out.

Nate: All right.

Sam: Check it out. Huh?

Nate: Whoa. You got the 250?

Sam: 250? What are you talking about? No, this is the 500cc, twin.

Nate: No way. Where’d you lift it from?

Sam: Whoa… That’s a low blow. But hey, I’ll have you know that I am a… changed man, ought this with hard-earned cash. Here, C’mon, take a seat. What?

Nate: The only time you pull a stunt like this… is when you’re trying to make up for something.

Sam: You are too smart for your own good, you know that? All right. I got this job. Pays well. Really well. But, uh… I gotta leave town for a little bit.

Nate: What’s a little bit?

Sam: Like a… a year. At the most. And then I‘ll be back before you even know it, all right?

Nate: You’re bailing on me.

Sam: Ah c’mon, don’t be so dramatic.

Nate: What, so it wasn’t enough to leave me in that place? How could you do this to me, Sam?

Sam: Hey wait, I’m doing this for you. The money I make is for the both of us. And then in a couple of years, when you’re out…

Nate: A couple of years? Take me with you.

Sam: I-- I can barely support myself.

Nate: I’ll pitch in.

Sam: I know you think the orphanage sucks…

Nate: You have no idea.

Sam: Yeah, but it’s the best thing for you right now. You just gotta trust me on that one.

Nate: It’s not fair.

Sam: Hey, about our lives has been fair… but we’ve made it work. Right?

Nate: Sure.

Sam: Well, you know… the bike wasn’t the only surprise. I guess I’m gonna have to ruin the next one.

Nate: What?

Sam: I found Mom’s stuff. Everything that Dad sold. I tracked down the buyer.

Nate: If you’re saying this just to make me feel better…

Sam: No, I swear to God.

Nate: Where?

Sam: Eh… on the other side of town. Whaddaya say we go and get it back?

Nate: You mean steal it?

Sam: It’s not stealing if it was ours to begin with.

Nate: I’m pretty sure the cops aren’t gonna see it that way.

Sam: Well, then let’s not get caught. You ready for this?

Nate: Hell yeah.

[The scene changes. Nate takes a punch from some inmate in prison.]

Gustavo: (laughs) ¡Esto va estar mas fácil de lo que esperaba! (This will be easier than I expected!) (laughs) Whoo-

Nate: You’re… gonna have to do it better than that, pal.

Gustavo: Acabemos con esto. (Let’s get this over with.)

Nate: Let’s go.

[They have a fist fight.]

Gustavo: (laughs) ¡Chingada, este gringo sabe pelear, eh! (This gringo knows how to fight, eh!) ¡No puedes conmigo! (You can’t beat me!) A ver como te sales de esta! (Let’s see how you get out of this!) ¿¡Qué tal esto?! (How about this?!)

Nate: Ah -- asshole, let- go of me!

Gustavo: ¡Agarrenmelo! (Grab him!)

Nate: Right back at ya!

Gustavo: ¡Lucha como un hombre! (Fight like a man!)

Nate: All right… you asked for it. I got you now.

Gustavo: ¡Ja! Toma esto, pendejo! (laughs) (Ha! Take this, asshole!)

Nate: Come on! C’mon amigo! (C’mon, "friend!")

Gustavo: Esto es por meterte con nosotros. (This is for messing with us.)

Nate: Ha!

Gustavo: ¡Ahora si, pendejo… te vas a arrepentir! (Now, asshole… you will regret it!)

Nate: Whoa, good save.

Gustavo: ¡Estas muerto! (Die!)

Nate: Ahh shit--!

Gustavo: ¡Te voy a matar, comemierda! ¡Te voy a cerrar la bocota, gringo! (I’m going to fucking kill you! I’m going to close your mouth, gringo!)

Nate: Get offa me…

Gustavo: Ya basta. (Stop)

Nate: All right -- my turn!

Gustavo: Uh. ¡Ha!

Nate: Agh! What the hell?!

[The warden arrives and stops the fight.]

Vargas: Ya basta, idiotas! (Stop it, you idiots!)

Gustavo: ¡Suéltenme! (Let me go!)

Nate: Hey, we weren’t fighting! Huh? Right little guy?

Gustavo: ¡Te voy a matar, gringo comemierda! (I’m going to fucking kill you!)

Nate: Hey, give me a call when you’re tall enough to ride the rides!

Gustavo: ¡Te voy a sacar las tripas por el culo!

Vargas: (to Nate’s guards) ¡Solitaria! (Solitary cell!) (to Gustavo) ¡Céllalo! (Shut up!)

Gustavo: ¡Te voy a estar esperando aqui, eh! (I’ll be waiting for you here!)

Vargas: (to cell guard) ¡Abre! (Open it.)

Nate: Ah, come on. How long am I supposed to be in here? Huh? And where’s the toilet?

Vargas: You’re looking at it. Have fun.

Nate: I will. Gracias. (Thanks.)

[Some time passes.]

Vargas: Get up.

Nate: Oh man. I was having a great dream too… Eh… Hey, hey… Easy.

Vargas: Go!

Nate: All right. Calmate. (Take it easy.)

Guard: Es por tu culpa, pendejo. (It’s your fault, asshole.)

Chapter 2: Infernal PlaceEdit

Nate: Hey, ah, any chance I can take a shower?

Vargas: Céllate. (Shut up.)

Nate: Morning, boys. Or is it evening? It’s hard to tell down here.

Vargas: ¡Oye, idiota! (Hey, idiot!) Get up the stairs! ¡Viene saliendo un prisionero! ¡Abran la reja! (A prisoner is coming out! Open the gate!)

Nate: Hey. Nice to see you. Eesh. It’s bright. Ah, and humid.

Vargas: (laughs) Welcome to Panama. ¡Atras! ¡Muévanse! ¡Quitense, cabrones! (Back! Move! Get out, you bastards!)

Guard: ¿A dónde lo llevas? (Where are you taking him?)

Vargas: (laughs) Es una sorpresa. (It’s a surprise.)

Guard: (laughs) Diviértete. (Have fun.)

Nate: I do speak a little Spanish, you know. (laughs) Wait… What did you say?

Vargas: You’ll find out soon enough.

Guard: (beating a prisoner) Te lo adverti, pero no escuchaste. Qué estan mirando? (I warned you, but you did not listen. What are you looking at?)

Nate: Nada, amigo. Nothing…

Vargas: Atras. De este me encargo yo. (Back off. I’ll take care of this one.)

Guard: Bien. (All right.)

Nate: Where are you taking me, anyway?

Vargas: You’ll see. No no. Not that way.

Nate: Oh. All right…

Vargas: After you.

Nate: Yeah. This isn’t sketchy at all. Hey, you know this doesn’t look like the warden’s office.

Vargas: Go left. Through there.

Nate: Through here?

Vargas: Here we are.

[He takes Nate outside the prison.]

Nate: All right. Okay. Take these cuffs off or what?

Vargas: I want in.

Nate: In?

Vargas: Whatever you hope to find up there… I want in.

Nate: Now c’mon, Vargas, the deal was just to get us in and out of here, that’s it.

Vargas: “Just?” I’m sticking my neck out for you gringos…

Nate: Yeah and Rafe is paying you a lot of money for your trouble.

Vargas: Si. But not nearly enough.

Nate: You were told not to open that…

Vargas: Yes. I was also told not to take bribes… not to bring anyone here… and not to beat on my inmates. But here we are…

Nate: All right, but just be careful with that, it’s three hundred years old.

[Vargas read the note aloud.]

Vargas: “I was a member of Captain Henry Avery’s crew…” You know who that is?

Nate: He was a pirate.

Vargas: The pirate who pulled off the biggest heist in history… and got away with it. I looked him up.

Nate: That’s great. Can we…?

Vargas: Over four hundred million dollars worth of gold and jewels. All from one single ship. Uh… the “Gunsway.”

Nate: Yeah. Yeah, I’m familiar with the story. Can you get to the point?

Vargas: Uh, huh huh… “I occupy the highest cell in the Spaniards’ prison…” And here, “I hope someday you will find your way into this infernal place, bear my cross, and discover the riches of paradise.”

Nate: What? What do you want?

Vargas: “The riches of paradise.”

Nate: Oh, chr- It’s a metaphor.

Vargas: No, no, no no, no, no. You and your friends did not pay to get into this “infernal place” in search of a metaphor. I want in.

Nate: All right. I’ll tell you what, you let me go up there, check out the prison cell. If there’s still anything there after three hundred years, you can take this up with Rafe. Now c’mon. Letter. Por favor.

Vargas: How you gonna get up there, anyways?

Nate: Climb. Oh, unless of course you want to do it, since you “want in,” and all.

Vargas: Just don’t break your neck.

Nate: Yeah… Well, that’s the plan. Hey, did you bring what I asked?

Vargas: Yeah. Hid it just over there, under the work table, uh… by the crates.

Nate: Great thanks. There we go. Piece of cake. Need my gear. (he takes a rope) Bingo. Now we’re in business. Here we go…! Looks like I can slide down there… hook on that post… (laughs) Wait till Sam hears about this. (sighs) Onward and upward. Well, I gotta find the highest cell. Oh, shit! At least Burnes had a nice view before he was executed… Hard to believe there were dozens of pirates holed up in here just waiting to be hanged. Okay. Where to? Can barely believe the place is still standing. The Spanish sure knew how to build a sturdy prison. Wonder how many pirates die here? All right, not gonna lie. (laughs) This is pretty awesome. Whoa, whoa. Ah man, Sam is missing out. Here we go. Burnes’s cell. Cell… More like a suite. Okay, where to begin? Sun and moon… Alchemy symbols for gold and silver. Wait a sec… I saw something like this on the letter. Huh. Well, that’s part of the symbol… Ah. There’s the other half. Now then… That’s more like it. Okay, got a zodiac symbol, Sagittarius, and the Scorpio sign. Ten and two… X and II. Well, would you look at that…

[He solves the puzzle and take some old crucifix. He read its inscription.]

Nate: Digna Factis Recipimus. Huh… Hm. I guess this is it. Time to head back. C’mon… Whoa! Better watch that first step. Down we go… Hm. Now what? Whoa…! Careful… All right… one more time… Whoa ha ha! Yeah, let’s see Rafe do that.

[Nate leaves a Spanish prison breaking the door.]

Nate: Aggh, there goes my shoulder. There’s Vargas. “I want a cut.” Ha. “I want in.” I’ll give you in. Ah crap, no, no no no. Oof! Made it. Now we’re talking.

Vargas: You made it. What’d you find? Drake?

Nate: Place was picked clean. If there’s a clue hidden up there somewhere, I couldn’t find it.

Vargas: Are you sure? Were you looking in the right place?

Nate: You know maybe I just… I missed something in the letter. There could’ve been another tower that collapsed centuries ago.

Vargas: Mierda… (Shit…)

Nate: There ah, any plans to this place? You know, like blueprints?

Vargas: Ah… could be, there’s a bunch of old files.

Nate: Okay, great. Great. Go look through those. Okay, see what you can dig up. Meanwhile, I’ll talk to Sam. He’s our Avery expert. Maybe he can make sense of this whole mess.

Vargas: Right… I’ll look to the files. Turn around.

Nate: Yeah…

[Vargas puts Nate in handcuffs again and returns to prison.]

Vargas: All right. When you’re done talking to him… come and find me.

Nate: You got it.

Vargas: (push him in) Gringo, if I catch you fighting one more time, one week in the hole for you!

Nate: (whisper) That’s some nice acting, Vargas. Almost as good as mine.

[He finds Sam playing dice with prisoners.]

Sam: Huh--

Prisoner: Mierda. (Shit.)

Sam: ¿Qué puedo decir? Suerte de principiante verdad. (What can I say? Novice’s luck.)

Prisoner: Hijo de puta. (You motherfucker.)

Sam: Lo siento, chicos, tengo que irme. (I’m sorry, guys, I have to go.)

Prisoner: Claro, tgvas cuando estas ganando. (Sure, when you’re winning.)

Sam: Para ti. (For you.) (to Nate) Jesus, they worked you over good. You all right?

Nate: Eh. Just another day at the office. C’mon.

Sam: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not gonna keep me in suspense are you?

Nate: You were right.

Sam: (chuckles) No, we were right. Now we just gotta find Rafe.

Nate: Ah, Rafe…

Sam: Don’t, don’t start. Please?

Nate: Oh, c’mon. Like you said, we did this. You and me. Now his rich asshole comes in on the tail end--

Sam: How long have we been trying to get in here? Hm?-

Nate: (sighs) We had some leads…

Sam: No, we didn’t. Okay, not one. So like it or not -- No Rafe. No Vargas. And no getting in here.

Nate: Yeah, speaking of Vargas… we got a problem.

Rafe: What kind of problem? Did he let you into the old prison?

Nate: Yeah, yeah, he did.

Rafe: All right.

Nate: After he read the letter.

Rafe: Oh… Hm… So how much does he know?

Nate: Enough that he wants a cut.

Sam: Ah, shit… Rafe, if anybody else finds out about this…

Rafe: I’ll-- I’ll work it out with Vargas, don’t sweat it. Right now, let’s just… let’s get on to more important matters…

Nate: All right. Let’s find somewhere a little more, uh… private.

Rafe: Yep.

Sam: All right, coast is clear.

Rafe: Okay. So, what do we got?

Sam: Ooh, shit.

Nate: Huh… Hey.

Rafe: May I?

Nate: Just be careful, okay?

Rafe: Wood with gold and silver inlay. It’s well made. It’s hollow. Why would one of Avery’s men go through the trouble of hiding a cheap crucifix?

Nate: It’s not a crucifix. Technically, a crucifix is a representation of Jesus. It’s not Jesus.

Rafe: Well, you’re right. No crown of thorns, he’s tied to the cross. Well, if I not Jesus then--?

Nate: Read the inscription.

Rafe: Uh… “Digna factis recipimus.” We receive…

Sam: “We receive the due rewards of our deeds.”

Nate: Yeah.

Rafe: Look at you.

Sam: There’s a benefit of growing up in a Catholic orphanage. It’s Saint Dismas.

Nate: Yeah, the penitent thief… but what’s the connection?

Rafe: Guys, let’s just pretend I skipped all of Sunday school…

Sam: Ah, okay. During the crucifixion Jesus is placed between two thieves. Okay, one of them mocked Jesus. The other one, this guy… was penitent. He accepted his punishment with grace…

Nate: And Jesus brought him to Paradise.

Rafe: Penitent thief.

Sam: (laughs) You figured it out.

Sam: There is a Cathedral of Saint Dismas… in Scotland.

Nate: Wait, he last sighting of Avery was in Scotland.

Sam: It can’t be a coincidence. (chuckles)

Rafe: You know, I had my doubt about you. But… Let’s find Vargas. Get the hell out of this shit hole.

Gustavo: (whistles)

Rafe: I’ll-- (scoffs) Let me guess, this is the guy you picked a fight with?

Nate: Ah… Didn’t know he had so many… friends.

[They leave but stumble upon Gustavo.]

Gustavo: Te dije que no habíamos terminado. (I told you we were not finished.)

Nate: Mira, ya nos ganaste. Okay? (Look, you already beat us. Okay?)

Gustavo: Muy tarde para hablar, de aqui no sales. (Very late to talk, you do not leave here.)

Sam: Hey, you know what?

Gustavo: Tú no te metas-- (Do not interrupt--)

Sam: Okay--

[He hits Gustavo in the face. The fight begins.]

Rafe: Jesus, did you have to pick on the most popular guy in this joint?

Nate: Well, I didn’t hear you volunteer…

Sam: Guys! Save it for later!

Rafe: Ha ha!

Nate: ¡Buenas noches! (Goodnight!) ¡Sientate! (Sit down!)

Rafe: C’mere, you.

Nate: Pendejo! (Asshole!)

Sam: Ah shit. We’re not done here guys!

Rafe: Let’s make this quick so we can get out of here!

Nate: Bastard!

Gustavo: ¡Eliminen a estos pendejos! (Kill these assholes!) (grabs Nate) Hora de irse, gringo. (Time to go, gringo.)

Nate: Sam! Need some help here!

Sam: Get off!

Nate: Thanks.

Sam: Don’t mention it.

Gustavo: ¡Estas muerto! (Die!)

Nate: Hey! Hey, get off! All right. ¡Espera! (Wait!)

Gustavo: (laughs) Ya basta de hablar. (Enough to talk.)

[Suddenly Vargas appears and beats Gustavo with a baton.]

Vargas: ¿Alguien más necesita que les recuerde las reglas? (Does anyone else need to remember the rules?) Alinéense! (Against the wall!)

[One of the guards finds Nate’s crucifix.]

Guard: ¿Qué es esto? (What is it?)

Vargas: ¡Dame! (Give it to me!) Are you bringing in contraband?

Nate: Vargas…

Vargas: ¡Callate! (Shut up!) Who do you think you are? Llévalos a su celda! (Take them to his cell!) Me trae a los gringos a mi oficina. (Bring these gringos to my office.)

[In Vargas’s office…]

Vargas: (to the guards) Déjanos. (Leave us.) Déjennos! (Leave us NOW!)

Rafe: Took you long enough. We almost got killed, you know.

Vargas: (unholster his pistol) You still might.

Rafe: Vargas-- seriously?

Vargas: “Oh, I didn’t find anything, must be in a different tower.” Well?

Nate: What can I say, I was raised Catholic. I always carry one.

Vargas: Funny.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey look -- it’s worthless, all right?

Vargas: You think I’m an idiot?

Rafe: Okay. You want to renegotiate? Fine. Stop acting like a third world thug. Now put the gun away. Thank you. We’re willing to give you ah… ten percent.

Vargas: (laughs) Think half.

Rafe: We’re doing most of the work. Twenty. And you’d never find it without us.

Vargas: Twenty-five. Equals.

Rafe: Twenty-five… Does that sound fair, guys?

Sam: Suppose I can live with that.

Nate: Yeah, sure. Four hundred million divides nicely by four.

Rafe: Looks like we have a deal.

Vargas: Yes, we have a deal.

Rafe: All right.

Vargas: And if you ever cross me again--

[Rafe swiftly stabs Vargas with a self-made knife and take his gun.]

Nate: Jesus.

Rafe: That’s that.

Nate: Are you out of your goddamn mind?

Rafe: Do you want to find out?

Guard: ¡Abran! (Open the door!)

Sam: Guys, what are we doing here?

Rafe: We’re sticking to the plan.

Nate: Was this part of the plan?

Rafe: Just follow me.

Sam: C’mon. C’mon!

Nate: God dammit…

[They start to run.]

Sam: Rafe, where we, going here?

Rafe: The lighthouse. Vargas said the boat is right under the lighthouse.

Guard: ¡Ahi estan! (They’re here!) ¡Abre esa puerta! (Open that door!)

Sam: But which way?

Rafe: I don’t know. We’ll get outside and figure it out. Shit. Dead end.

Sam: Uh… the window. Nathan, gimme a hand.

Rafe: Hurry up.

Guard: ¡Mierda, tiene un arma! (Shit, he has a gun!)

Nate: There, it’s open!

Sam: We got it!

Rafe: Then go!

Nate: I don’t see the lighthouse.

Rafe: Right now let’s just get away from the guards. Through here.

Rafe: Don’t stop. Keep going!

Sam: Watch yourself.

Nate: Oh, crap!

Guard: ¡Los encontre! (I found them!)

Sam: Over there. To the left!

Guard: ¡Alto! (Halt!)

Sam: This way… Ah, no, no, no, no, wait. Over here. C’mon. C’mon.

Rafe: They’re surrounding us.

Sam: Damn it. It’s locked.

Rafe: Guys! We can climb this. Shit! Another dead end.

Sam: The fire escape! Nathan, get me up there.

Nate: C’mon, Sam. Ready? And…

Rafe: Let’s go!

Nate: Yeah, after you.

Rafe: Over the roof. Follow me.

Nate: Ahhh! Uhhh!

Sam: Are you sure?

Rafe: Yes. C’mon, move it!

Nate: Ah, shit. Seriously? Let’s clean house. All right. We need to catch up with Rafe… quickly. I thought you trusted him.

Sam: I do… to a point. There’s a vent here. Help me push.

Nate: He‘s going to leave without us, isn’t he?

Sam: Not if we’re quick. C’mon. After you.

Guard: ¿¡A donde mierda se fueron?! (Where the fuck did they go?!)

Nate: Oh, they’re everywhere.

Sam: We’ll be fine, just keep going.

Nate: Okay, looks clear.

Sam: God damn it, this place is like a maze.

Nate: Yeah, it’s like they don’t want us to leave or something.

Guard: ¡Alto, pendejo! (Stop, assholes!)

Rafe: Hola, amigo! (Hi friend!)

Sam: Hey, Rafe. Good to see you. Kick down that ladder for us.

Rafe: We’re close! There’s the lighthouse. Like I said, stick to the plan.

Nate: Yeah, don’t celebrate yet.

Guard: ¡Los perdimos! (We lost them!)

Nate: That’s right, just keep searching over there.

Guard: Mierda. No pueden estar leios… ¡Pongan mas hombres en las puertas! (Shit. They can not be there… Put more men on the doors!)

Nate: Don’t mind us.

Guard: ¡Disparen a matar! (Shoot to kill!)

Rafe: C’mon… and don’t drop the cross.

Guard: ¡Vamos! (Let’s go!)

Sam: All right. Keep going’ I’m right behind you!

Guard: ¡Alli! ¡Sobre el techo! (There! On the roof!)

Nate: Ah, hell…!

Rafe: On me! Get to the wall! NOW!

Nate: Sam?!

Sam: Just keep going. Go!

Nate: Whoa! I got it… Sam! C’mon! I’ll pull you up! I gotcha! C’mon!

[The guards shoot him with an assault rifle.]

Sam: (gasps)

Nate: Sam – no. No, you hold on!

Sam: (coughs) Oh…

Nate: Hold on! Gimme your other arm! C’mon, reach! No!

[He falls down, punching the roof with his body.]

Rafe: We gotta move.

Nate: No, no, he’s still down there…

Rafe: No, he’s gone. C’mon, the boat’s just beyond the wall.

Nate: No. No, I can’t. I can’t-- I can’t leave him behind.

Rafe: Nate. Your brother is dead. Either come with me or join him.

Nate: No, he just--

Rafe: Have it your way! (runs away)

Nate: Sam… Oh God no, no. Shit. (he runs after Rafe)

Guard: Es su ultima oportunidad! Rindanse o mueran! (It’s your last chance! Surrender or die!)

Nate: Oh God. Okay. Okay, gotta get outta here.

Rafe: Come on!

Nate: I’m coming, I’m coming! I gotta keep going, right?

Rafe: Whooaaa!

Nate: Aaaaahhh!

[He jumps from HUGE height into the sea. The name of the Game appears.]


15 Years Later

Nate: All right. Made it to the bottom.

Jameson: Okay… according to your signal you’re at the coordinates -- any sign of our haul?

Nate: No. Not yet, anyway. You got any pings from up there?

Jameson: Afraid not.

Nate: All right. I’ll just keep heading downstream.]

Jameson: Copy that, keep me posted.

Nate: You got it.

Chapter 3: The Malaysia JobEdit

Jameson: Hey. By my watch you’re down to a quarter tank. You wanna come up?

Nate: Nah, I’ll be fine. It can’t be far.

Jameson: If you don’t find it soon, I’m calling it.

Nate: I’ll find it.

Jameson: All right.

Nate: Ah… there you are. I found it.

[Nate finds a wreck.]

Jameson: All right. How’s it look?

Nate: It’s beat up, but intact. All right… here we go. There. Whoa. (chuckles) Morning, fellas. Well, looks like a lot of it’s still strapped down. See, we got one, two, three… Okay, by my count we’re shy two crates. I’m gonna go round ‘em up.

Jameson: Hold on, how about you came up first, get a fresh tank?

Nate: Ah, the crates gotta be nearby. I got this. Aha! Found one. Agh, crap. The crate’s pinned beneath the trailer.

Jameson: Tell you what-- secure the other crate first, then we’ll lift the trailer up for ya.

Nate: Y’see, that’s why you get paid the big bucks.

Jameson: Heh. Yeah.

Nate: Aha! Found the other crate.

Jameson: One down, one to go. Secure it in the trailer, we’re nearly at your position.

Nate: All right. See you soon. All right, that’s one crate secure.

Jameson: Good timing. We’re right above you, sling’s on its way down. Coming down… Okay, it’s in position. Hook up the trailer, we’ll raise it up a bit for ya.

Nate: Okay, got the cable… Gonna try looping it around one of the axles.

Jameson: That should work.

Nate: Yep. Oh yeah, that’s one…

Jameson: All right, you watch your oxygen now.

Nate: Ah, it’s fine. And that’s two. Okay, trailer’s secure, ready to go.

Jameson: All right. Get clear, we’ll lift it up.

Nate: Ready when you are.

Jameson: And up we go… Okay… that enough?

Nate: Yeah. Plenty. Just don’t drop it on me.

Jameson: (laughs) No promises.

Nate: Okay… got the other crate, gonna strap it in with the others. C’mon, C’mon… there you go. Oh boy. All cargo present and accounted for. And with five minutes of oxygen to spare.

Jameson: Jesus… hey, maybe you should hang out then, see if you can find some other treasures down here.

Nate: (chuckles) Nah, I’m good.

Jameson: Want a ride up?

Nate: I’d love one.

Jameson: Lemme know when you’re on the sling.

Nate: Okay, I’m in position. Get me outta here, will ya?

Jameson: You got it. Going up.

Nate: Whew.

Jameson: Mm mm mm, look at that beauty. How you feeling?

Nate: Better now that I’m outta that river. I’m gonna stink like fish for a week.

Jameson: (chuckles) All right. We’ve gonna come to you. Hang on.

Nate: Hanging. What’s up, boys?

Salvage Worker: Good to have you back, Drake!

Nate: Yeah, it’s good to be back.

Salvage Worker: Toss down your gear.

Nate: Here you go.

Salvage Worker: Thanks.

Nate: Whew.

Salvage Worker: Whoa. This tank’s kinda light.

Nate: I’m just making your job easier, right?

Salvage Worker: My man… How’d we do?

Nate: How do you think?

Salvage Worker: Full recovery?

Nate: Every last bit.

Salvage Worker: (laughs) You’re making the rest of us look bad.

Nate: I’m making the rest of you look good.

Salvage Worker: Here, uh… I need your signature on this…

Jameson: Okay. Done. Man, I wish they’d move all this to computers.

Salvage Worker: (laughs) Government’s like ten years behind the rest of the world, right?

Jameson: Let’s wrap this up later. Come on. Let’s go see what you brought us. Hey, so how about you let someone else be PO man next time? You’ve earned a break.

Nate: No, no thanks. I’ll take a dive over being at the office any day.

Jameson: Yeah, well uh, either way it’s gonna be a while ‘til the next dive.

Nate: What are you talking about? What about Thursday’s job? Oh, come on, no.

Jameson: Got underbid.

Nate: You gotta be kidding me.

Jameson: Hey, competition’s tough. Let’s see here now… Care to do the honor?

Nate: Yeah, sure. Thanks. Wow… look at that. We struck copper.

Jameson: Well, you’d be surprised how much this stuff is worth. Client’s paying good money for the full recover.

Nate: Sure you don’t wanna just melt it down, make some pennies?

Jameson: C’mon, let’s go celebrate. First round’s on me.

Nate: Bar hopping with you guys? No… no, no. Not unless there’s hazard pay. If it’s all the same to you, I think I’m just gonna do the paperwork and get home and crash. Raincheck though?

Jameson: All right, suit yourself. Hey – Good work today.

Nate: Thanks. (to himself) Copper…

[Next scene.]

Jameson: Hey! Hey, Nate! Nate. Hold on.

Nate: Hey. What are you doing here?

Jameson: Ah… I got a present for ya.

Nate: Present? What’s this?

Jameson: Got some news from my contract about that wreck tiff the coast of Malaysia…

Nate: Oh, no…

Jameson: Ah… the ship’s intact.

Nate: Yeah?

Jameson: Cargo’s ripe for the packing…

Nate: You are a persistent one, I’ll give you that.

Jameson: And… all the money came through for the equipment, too. We all set. Except, ah… my best guy-- the guy I trust for the job -- the only one. He… he’s go cold feet.

Nate: My feet were never warm to begin with. Tell me, this “contact” of yours… he get the permits?

Jameson: No, he did not get the permits. Can’t no one get the damn permits…

Nate: Course not.

Jameson: But Nate, don’t you see that works in our favor. No permits means no competition. The shit is ours.

Nate: No permits means no go.

Jameson: Nate… this is retirement money. For the both of us. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be working salvage when I’m sixty. Do you?

Nate: Sure beats prison. Listen, I have to pass. And trust me so should you.

Jameson: Okay just take it. Humor me, okay?

Nate: I’m not gonna change my mind.

Jameson: Then don’t hurt to sleep on it, does it?

Nate: Say hi to Karla and the kids for me, okay?

Jameson: All right. No pressure, Nate! But think about it!

[Next scene. Nate’s office.]

Nate: You really did your homework on this one. Narrowed down the search area. It would make a hell of a find. Son of a bitch. (chuckles) No. No, no way. You are going with the others.
[He puts the file with the others.]

Chapter 4: A Normal LifeEdit

[Nate gets up from his chair and starts hanging around the attic remembering his adventures… He's picking up a little statue of the cruel goddess Kali…]

Nate: Climbed your big brother some years back.

[…a handmade skull…]

Nate: Yeesh. One of the stranger things I’ve collected along the years.

[…a coin…]

Nate: A Spanish doubloon found in a German U-boat… in the middle of a jungle. Who woulda thunk?

[…an old notebook…]

Nate: Sir Francis Drake takes a bullet for Sully.

[…a notebook entitled Shambala with a photo…]

Nate: Shambala… hmph. (takes out the photo of Tenzin) Miss ya, pal.

[…a test tube with green glowing rocks…]

Nate: So many men killed each other for a piece of this.

[…a crucifix…]

Nate: Yeah. Thanks for nothing, St. Dismas. (thinking about looking at pictures) Nah…

[…a circle puzzle…]

Nate: Sir Francis and his elaborate puzzles.

[…a belt buckle…]

Nate: Not really my style any more.

[…a notebook entitled Iram of the Pillars…]

Nate: Now this was a crazy ride.

[He's pulling a note out of his notebook.]

Nate -
How’s things? I’ve been up to my usual shenanigans. Nothing major, but enough to keep the heat on and the wine stocked.
Caught wind of something that sounded right up your alley - should you ever change your mind, give me a yell, I’m always on hand for a quick getaway.
Love, Chloe

Nate: Hmm. Another lifetime, Chloe.

[He finds a toy gun.]

Nate: Yeah… Here they come. Take cover! I’m surrounded. Bullseye. Take that! And that. All right. Don’t let ‘em flank you, Nate. Eat plastic! Gotcha. Back in business. Like a pro. Yeah, bring it.

Elena: Hey Nate! Are you coming down to eat?

Nate: Yeah! Yeah, I’ll be right there. Well, play time’s over.

[He comes down from the attic and walks up to Elena.]

Nate: Heh. Wow. Now that is a good one. Oh, is this what you’re working on?

Elena: You were up there a long time.

Nate: Well, I was researching something.

Elena: Oh, is that what we’re calling it these days?

Nate: I was.

Elena: Hey, would you mind grabbing the food? I’m just… wrapping up here.

Nate: Oh. Yeah, sure thing.

Elena: Thanks.

Nate: There we go.

Elena: And… Done. Okay.

Nate: Finish it?

Elena: Yeah. You know, it’s probably too long, and full of typos, but that’s what editors are for, right?

Nate: Heh.

Elena: God, I’m starving.

Nate: Looks good.

Elena: Mmhmm… So… wa wzz yr dy?

Nate: What?

Elena: Hm?

Nate: Got none of that.

Elena: Oh, sorry. I’m sorry. How was your day?

Nate: Oh. It was fine.

Elena: Mmhmm.

Nate: Typical day in paradise.

Elena: Hm.

Nate: I, ah… I got to pull a bunch of garbage out of a river.

Elena: Hmm… At least you got to go for a swim. Did you find any exciting garbage?

Nate: Oh, some… brilliant stuff. Brilliant stuff. It was a, um… early twenty-first century truck… we got. Apparently the natives called it a “semi”.

Elena: Oh dear lord…

Nate: So… boring stuff. Tell me about the article.

Elena: Well… it started out as this fluff piece… about tourism in Bangkok, but… I don’t think the magazine is gonna like the angle that I’m taking because… Everyone… immediately commented about how rude the smog was… that it was like shock to the lungs, like, the second that you got off the plane.

[Nate stop listening and watch a picture of a beach in a jungle.]

Nate: Ah--! What?

Elena: Where are you?

Nate: I’m here… being stabbed with a fork.

Elena: Oh, really?

Nate: What? Just keep going! It was – it was interesting.

Elena: Oh?

Nate: Yeah.

Elena: Interesting. What’s my article about?

Nate: Wha--this one?

Elena: Mm-hmm.

Option 1: Flights in Bangkok….
Option 2: People… of Bangkok …? (you pick that one)
Option 3: The lost city of Bangkok…?

Nate: Ah… the people of… of… ah, Bangkok. And-- and the smog. And how they – they can’t get a flight anywhere. And… people can’t breathe.

Elena: Wow…

Nate: All right, I’m sorry.

Elena: No, it was valiant. That was really--

Nate: I was in the ballpark, right?

Elena: In a different state. But, yeah, you were in a ballpark.

Nate: (laughs)

Elena: Jameson asked you about that Malaysia job again.

Nate: Jameson always asks me about the Malaysia job.

Elena: Look, Nate… I really think that you should take it.

Nate: You know what, I don’t want it. Really. I mean, he doesn’t have the permits. And we agreed, we’re not gonna take that kind of work anymore. It’s just not worth it.

Elena: Okay, but… it… it doesn’t sound that risky. All right? If it’s just the permits--

Nate: No way.

Elena: You could call Sullivan.

Nate: (sighs)

Elena: You haven’t seen him in what, two years?

Nate: Elena. Look, could we please drop this?

Elena: Hey, I just don’t want you to not take it because of me.

Nate: I’m not taking it because of me, okay? I appreciate the gesture. It’s just… (sighs)

Elena: I’m gonna go ahead and do the dishes.

Nate: Stop, I’ll do them. No, hold on.

Elena: You did them last night…

Nate: No, you cooked. I clean. It’s fine. I mean… at least -- at least, uh, let m -- let me try to earn it or something. Let me, uh… play you for it.

Elma: You’ll “play me for it?”

Nate: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, your little TV game thing. I bet I can beat your high score.

Elena: You think that you can beat my high score on my “TV game thing?”

Nate: Yeah, I think yo scared now.

Elena: You don’t even know what it’s called. (laughs)

Nate: I don’t need to know what it’s called. I’ve seen you play. It’s jumping and running and I have a natural talent for that.

Elena: Oh, really? Right.

Nate: So what do you say, chicken? Is it a bet? (chicken clucking noises)

Elena: Oh wow. Okay, cowboy.

[And… they play PS1. Crash Bandicoot.]

Nate: Okay. Watch and learn.

Elena: Oh, I’m learning all right.

Nate: Is this it?

Elena: No. It has to load.

Nate: Load?

Elena: Yes.

Nate: This is taking a really long time.

Elena: You have no patience.

Nate: When you turn something on, you expect it to-- Okay, here we go. “Crash Bandicoot.”

Elena: Is there a problem?

Nate: No. No, just ah… How do you, ah… How do you make it go?

Elena: Push the START button.

Nate: I knew that.

Elena: All right. Okay… so you want to run towards the camera.

Nate: Run to the camera. Got it.

Elena: And the Circle button is your spin attack.

Nate: Spin attack!

Elena: Okay, run away from the boulder!

Nate: Why is the boulder chasing me?

Elena: Just run away from it.

Nate: I did nothing to this boulder.

Elena: Use your spin attack! Wait, jump. Jump!

Nate: Stop yelling at me.

Elena: I’m encouraging you, I’m coaching you. Keep going, keep going.

Nate: What is that thing, a fox?

Elena: A bandicoot.

Nate: Looks like a fox. It’s like a fox in jeans.

Elena: Okay, smash the boxes.

Nate: Why is a fox smashing crates?

Elena: Bandicoot… and that’s just -- It’s what he does.

Nate: It’s a fox and It s not very realistic. Huh, these graphics are pretty good. Aren’t they? Perfect. By the way, foxes can’t do this.

Elena: It’s a bandicoot.

Nate: That doesn’t look anything like a bandicoot.

Elena: Have you ever seen a bandicoot?

Nate: Uh-- no, but I’m sure they don’t wear sneakers.

Elena: That was-- that wasn’t… hmmm… not too bad. Is that it? You asked for it…

Nate: You gotta be kidding me. I practically had it.

Elena: You can give it another shot. C’mon, double or nothing. My car could really use a good cleaning.

Nate: Really? Really, you’re gonna start the smack talk now?

Elena: Yeah. There’s this mode called “easy” mode. I just switch it.

Nate: Wow.

Elena: It’s way easier on “easy” mode.

Nate: You know-- you know, just keep talking… Keep talking…

Elena: What are you gonna do?

Nate: I’m-- I’m warning you…

Elena: What are you gonna do?

Nate: I’m warning you.

Elena: In real life, what can you do? Show me.

Nate: Hey. I’m telling you--

Elena: What can you do in real life?

Nate: I’m telling you. What do you think about that, huh?

Elena: Hey, are you happy?

Nate: Yeah, of course. You?

Elena: Um…

Nate: “Um?” Really?

Elena: C’mere.

[And then they have some sexy time. On the next day…]

Nate: We’re not open yet! We’re closed! C’mon, man. All right, I’m coming, I’m coming! Asshole. Yeah. Can I help you?

Sam: Yeah, I’m uh… lookin’ for my little brother. He’s about your height… little bit leaner… definitely less gray in the temples.

Nate: Sam…?

Sam: It’s good to see you again, Nathan.

Nate: Oh my God, Sam!

Sam: Whoa! All right, all right. Take it easy, take it easy.

Nate: How…? I thought you-- I saw you get shot.

Sam: Yes, you did. Right… there…

Nate: Jesus.

Sam: The doctors they-- “doctors”-- they patched me up… and they tossed me right back into the cell.

Nate: Yeah, but I… I made calls, I checked everywhere. Everything I heard, everything I found… it all confirmed you were dead.

Sam: Nathan, we killed a guard. They wanted to see me rot in that cell for the rest of my life… and I nearly did.

Nate: Jesus, Sam, I… If I’d have known, I swear to you I would’ve come af--

Sam: You would’ve come back. I know, Nathan. I know. What’s important now though is that I’m out. Hey, hey! You still with me?

Nate: Yeah. I need some air.

Sam: You’re not gonna pass out on me or nothin’, are you?

Nate: I… I just might. It’s a lot to digest y’know? How’d… how did you get out? When did you get out? How’d you even get here? Find me?

Sam: All right, all right. Slow down. Okay? Have a seat. I want to hear about you, huh?

Nate: Me?

Sam: Yeah.

Nate: What’s to tell?

Sam: Well… I called some of the old contacts… they tell me some pretty crazy-ass stories…

Nate: Jesus… what crazy stories?

Sam: Gut-shot, hanging from a derailed train in the Himalayas?

Nate: Yeah. That ah… That actually happened.

Sam: C’mon, man, what did I miss?

Nate: Jesus, Sam, where do I start?

Sam: Start with the best part.

Nate: Okay, um… Do you remember the theory that we had that Sir Francis Drake faked his own death?

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Nate: Okay… He did. I found the coffin.

Sam: Off the coast of Panama?

Nate: Yeah. And get this -- okay, I open it up, right?

Sam: Right.

Nate: And there’s no body, but-- But… at the bottom… is his old journal.

Sam: You shittin’ me?

[They talking for couple of hours. Nate tells Sam what’s happened in the Uncharted trilogy.]

Nate: I mean what can I say? Another lost city destroyed, and uh… we made it out alive… barely.

Sam: Unbelievable.

Nate: Yeah. Yeah it was. I wish you could’ve been there.

Sam: No, it’s literally unbelievable. You tell me you stumble upon yet another archaeological gold mine… and somehow you managed to walk away… with nothing.

Nate: Yeah, well, it’s the story of my life I guess. But y’know, I managed to grab a few trinkets here and there.

Sam: Hmm…

Nate: Paid off the car, the house, engagement ring… Engagement ring. I’m married. I can’t believe-- Elena, from the stories? That’s my wife. You gotta come meet her. Tonight, dinner. At my place. You’re coming to dinner; I can tell her all about you. Shit, I gotta tell her all about you.

Sam: Nathan… I’m in a lot of trouble here.

Nate: What? What are you talking about? I kind of trouble?

Sam: Does the name Hector Alcazar ring a bell with you?

Nate: Yeah, he’s the drug lord.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Nate: “Butcher of Panama,” right? Why?

Sam: It’s a funny story, but um… for the last year he was my cell mate. So this is how I got out of prison…

[Sam tells Nate his story…]

Sam: What, you’re not reading tonight?

Alcazar: Samuel, come here. Listen. The guards. They’re singing.

Sam: Eh, well, they’re probably drunk.

Alcazar: Perhaps. But they’re content. How can they be content with their small lives… their miserable jobs?

Sam: Well, I mean, they have lives to go home to. What do we got? Hmm? No offense.

Alcazar: We have ambition.

Sam: Oh.

Alcazar: And when we get out of here… that ambition will take us to places these idiots cannot even imagine.

Sam: Yeah, well, amen to your optimism.

Alcazar: What will you do when you get out, Samuel?

Sam: That’s if I get outta here. I’m sure you can imagine.

Alcazar: I can. But I want to hear you say it.

Sam: I will find the greatest pirate treasure of all time… which I am sure you are sick of hearing about by now.

Alcazar: Oh, no… The tale of Henry Avery and his four hundred million in jewel and gold has… become a sweet lullaby for me. Do you really think you can find it?

Sam: Given the opportunity? Absolutely.

Alcazar: Ambition… What is that Avery quote?

Sam: “I am a man of fortune, and I must seek my fortune.”

Alcazar: Hm… I like how he thinks.

Sam: What the hell was that?

Alcazar: The opportunity of a lifetime.

Henchman: Senior Alcazar. Un gusto verlo. (A pleasure to see you.)

Alcazar: Saquenme de aqui. (Get me out of here.)

Sam: Whoa…

Henchman: ¿Qué hacemos con él? (What do we do with him?)

Alcazar: Samuel. Are you ready to seek your fortune?

Sam: Yeah.

Alcazar: ¡Vámonos! (Let’s move on!)

Chapter 5: Hector AlcazarEdit

[Sam escapes the prison with Hector.]

Sam: Holy shit.

Alcazar: ¿Los demas, estan en posicion? (The others, are they in position?)

Henchman: En camino. Todo ya de acuerdo al plan, senor. (On the way. Everything is according to the plan, sir.)

Alcazar: Fantástico. (Fantastic.)

Sam: How long have you had this planned?

Alcazar: Since the moment I set foot in this place. Samuel. Keep up. We’re going to have to move quickly.

Sam: Holy shit.

Guard: Pedazo de mierda. Nunca saldras de aqui vivo. (Piece of shit. You will never get out of here alive.)

Alcazar: Ocupate de la puerta. Silencio. (Take care of the door. Quietly.)

Sam: Jesus.

Alcazar: These men are sadistic. We’re doing the world a favor, huh? Here. (give Sam a gun) You’ll need this. You remember how to use it?

Sam: Yeah, it’ll come back to me.

Alcazar: Abran todas las puertas. (Open all the doors.)

Sam: Hector. You do that and you’ll start a goddamn riot.

Alcazar: (laughs) Exactly. Haganlo. (Do it.) Stay close, Samuel. Ponganse listos. (Get ready.)

Guard: ¡Oh, mierda! (Oh, shit!)

Alcazar: Stick to me. Move it.

Sam: This is crazy.

Alcazar: (laughs), We’re going to need to earn our freedom. ¡Sigan al frente! (Go ahead!)

Sam: Here we go.

Alcazar: Let’s go. Samuel, take cover! ¡Déjennos pasar… y los deiamos vivos! (Let us pass… and we leave them alive!)

Guard: ¡Pudrete, Alcazar! (Fuck you, Alcazar!)

Alcazar: Let him go, damn it!

Sam: Thanks!

Alcazar: You see? The plan’s working.

Sam: Yeah, I see. So now what?

Henchman: Estamos en posicion, estan listos? (We are in position, are you ready?)

Radio: Si. Busquen donde cubrirse. (Yes. Find where to cover yourself.)

Alcazar: Samuel. Get behind something.

Sam: What? Why?

Alcazar: Just do it! Samuel. Get behind cover! (coughing) I told you.

Sam: (coughing) Holy shit.

Alcazar: You all right?

Sam: Yeah, my ah… my ears are ringing but… but I’ll live.

Henchman: Senor Alcazar? (Mr. Alcazar?)

Alcazar: Estamos bien. (We are fine.)

Henchman: Entendido. Siganme. Las camionetas estan en camino. (Understood. Follow me. The van is on the way.)

Alcazar: Muy bien. (Very well.)

Henchman: ¡Cuidado! ¿Y este gringo? ¡Tenemos que salir de aqui! (Watch out! And this gringo? We have to get out of here!)

Alcazar: El gringo esta conmigo. Manténganlo vivo. (The gringo is with me. Keep him alive.)

Sam: God damn it…!

Alcazar: Samuel! Run!

Guard: (grabbing Sam) ¡Te tengo, gringo! (I have you, gringo!)

Alcazar: Get back, son of a bitch! C’mon. Up the stairs.

Henchman: ¡Te cubrimos! (We cover you!)

Sam: It’s go time.

Guard: ¡Ahí arriba! (Up there!)

Alcazar: ¡Liquidarlos! (Kill them!)

Henchman: Casi estámos… (We are almost…)

Alcazar: We’re almost there.

Sam: Yeah… almost…

Henchman: El area esta asegurada. (The area is secured.)

Alcazar: Estamos bien. (Very well.) Samuel! Come on. Samuel, take cover! Samuel. In a minute, we will either be free or dead. Are you ready?

Guard: ¡Deténganlos!(Stop them!)

Sam: Oh shit!

Alcazar: They’re on us!

Guard: ¡No los dejen escapar! ¡Matenlos! (Do not let them escape! Kill them!)

Sam: Let’s do this.

Henchman: ¿Listos para irnos? (Ready to go?)

Guard: ¡Salgamos de aquí! (Let’s get out of here!)

Alcazar: Samuel, stay back! (laughs) ¡Bien hecho! (Well done!) ¡Cuiden al gringo! iNo quiero que le pase nada! (Take care of the gringo! I do not want anything to happen to him!)

Henchman: ¡La torreta! ¡Cuidado con la torreta! (The turret! Beware of the turret!)

Sam: Shit! What the hell do we do now?

Alcazar: Keep moving up!

Sam: We’re not going to make it!

Alcazar: Keep shooting!

Sam: Shit. I’m pinned down!

Alcazar: Just hold on! Patience, Samuel.

Sam: Whoa! My God…

Alcazar: (laughs) You see? No time to catch your breath… move it!

Hehchman: Las camionetas están en camino. (The van are on the way.)

Alcazar: No se paren. No nos pueden detener! (Do not stop. They can not stop us!)

Henchman: ¡Atras! (Behind!)

Alcazar: Go! Don’t bother with them. Keep running.

Guard: ¡Deténganlos! (Stop them!)

Sam: They’re everywhere! Okay. Oh, shit!

[They get in the van and drive off.]

Alcazar: Agua. (Water.) Here. Samuel, drink.

Sam: Oh, no, no, I’m good. I’m better than good actually.

Alcazar: (laughs) Here. You’re dehydrated. Go on, drink.

Sam: Thank you.

Alcazar: So… What’s next for Samuel Drake, huh?

Sam: Jesus, what is next… uh… I’m gonna take a bath. Gonna sleep in a real bed.

Alcazar: Yeah.

Sam: Maybe find a nice warm body to sleep next to me. Uh… track my brother down. That seems like a pretty good start.

Alcazar: Yeah… It is. So… How long do you think it will take you to retrieve Avery’s treasure?

Sam: Uh… I don’t know, I mean, I get back to the States, I can resume my search.

Alcazar: How long?

Sam: It’s kinda hard to say until I get started.

Alcazar: You said you know where it is.

Sam: Yeah, I do, but-- Listen, it’s not like Avery left some map with a big red X on it, okay? …but I’ve, I’ve got some very solid leads.

Alcazar: ¡Deténgase aqui! (Stop here!)

[The van stops. Sam is pulled out of him and put a gun to his head.]

Sam: Oh, okay. Just-- Just-- Wait a minute! Ta-- Hey! Take it easy.

Alcazar: I like you, Samuel. More importantly, I believed you. That is why you are here.

Sam: I-- I can get it, okay? I just need some time.

Alcazai: Dame un cuchillo. (Give me a knife.) You see the problem is…

Sam: Oh God…

Alcazar: I’m having all these doubts enter my mind.

Sam: Hector, listen to me. I will find it. I swear it. Six months.

Alcazar: People are lazy. They always ask for more time than they actually need. Three months.

Sam: Three months is impossible.

Alcazar: Three months. Half the treasure. Can you do it? Say it.

Sam: Three months. Half the treasure.

Alcazar: Now… If you run, or try to hide the treasure or do something really stupid like go to the authorities… I’ll know. And when you least expect it, I will be there. At that point… death is not a mercy I will grant you. Here C’mon, the nearest town is ten kilometers in that direction, towards the sunrise. Been while since we’ve seen a sunrise outside, huh? ¡Vamos! (Let’s go!)

Sam: When I find it… then what?

Alcazar: Don’t worry. When the time comes… I’ll be there to collect. Buena suerte, Samuel. (Good luck, Samuel.)

[We’re back to Nate and Sam talking.]

Sam: So, Alcazar lets me go, and… here we are.

Nate: This is bad.

Sam: No, we just pick up the trail where we left off and--

Nate: Wait, trail? Sam, there’s no trail. After Rafe and I escaped, he took his parents’ fortune and bought up all the land around the Saint Dismas cathedral. We combed that place for weeks. Avery’s treasure isn’t there. Not that that’s stopped Rafe. Moron’s been digging for years. Still hasn’t turned up squat.

Sam: Not really surprised.

Nate: What does that mean?

Sam: Well I just, you know, happened to do a little digging of my own… And uh… Bet you Rafe doesn’t have this. It’s really amazing what you can find on the internet these days.

Nate: It’s just the Saint Dismas cross.

Sam: Oh, is it? Because the one we found was broken and hollow, remember?

Nate: Holy crap, it’s still intact. Avery made more than one cross.

Sam: So whatever’s missing from one in Panama…

Nate: …is probably still inside this one. Well, all right. Where is this?

Sam: Oh, this exquisite is going up for auction in three days at the Rossi Estate.

Nate: The Rossi Estate.

Sam: Oh, you know it?

Nate: Uh, yeah. How do you plan on securing an invite to an exclusive, heavily guarded black market auction?

Sam: Well, you don’t necessarily need an invitation, per se.

Nate: Yeah, and where are you gonna get the money to outbid all the high rollers? I could take a second mortgage out on my house and it still wouldn’t be enough to… Yeah, you’re gonna try and steal it, huh?

Sam: No. We are.

Nate: Oh no. No, man, listen, I can’t. I’m out.

Sam: What?

Nate: No, I just don’t do that kind f thing anymore. Besides, there are plenty of other guys that are much more equipped to handle this kind of thing.

Sam: Like who?

Nate: Um. I don’t know, like uh…

Sam: Jesus.

Nate: Anybody-- Charlie Cutter?

Sam: No.

Nate: No, he’s my go-to guy for this sort of things.

Sam: No, no, no, absolutely not. I don’t trust Charlie or anybody else you got on that phone with my life. Okay? I need you on this one.

Nate: Oh man. Sam, there’s gotta be another way.

Sam: Not with the time I’ve got left. And certainly not with Alcazar.

[Nate calls Elena.]

Nate: Hey, hon, it’s me. Yeah, listen, you’re not gonna believe this. Jameson just walked in here with the permits. Yeah. I know, I know. But uh… Looks like I’m going to take the Malaysia job after all.

[In the next scene, Nate and Sam are already sitting near the mansion and watching with binoculars.]

Nate: See anything yet?

Sam: Just a bunch of high class, low-life criminals, all cleaned up for prom. And no sign from Sullivan yet.

Nate: Well, there’s still plenty of time. Looks like the storage room is in the building behind the manor. Looks like the storage rooms in the building behind the manor. You see it from up there?

Sam: Just the very top of it. Ooh, I wonder what they got tucked away in there?

Nate: Let’s just focus on Avery’s cross, okay?

Sam: I don’t know. You sure you don’t wanna pick up something for the wife?

Nate: That’s cute. Just keep it simple.

Sam: Right. Simple. It’d be a whole lot simpler if it was just the two of us.

Nate: Sam…

Sam: We could be inside already.

Nate: Yeah. Not cleanly.

Sam: Have you even thought about a backup plan in case Sullivan gets cold feet?

Nate: No, because he won’t.

Sam: Or if he got caught?

Nate: Sam.… he knows the people running the auction. He’s gonna schmooze is way right through that party, get upstairs, unlock the window, and we’re in. It’s a solid plan.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Nate: All right, fine. Go ahead. Say it.

Sam: What if he stole the cross for himself?

Nate: Not in a million years.

Sam: Victor Sullivan. The same Victor we’re talking about, right?

Nate: Yes, he’s double-crossed people in the past. But not us.

Sam: No. Not you.

Nate: I know you two have never seen eye to eye.

Sam: Huge understatement.

Nate: But I trust him, all right? He’s family. No, no, no, look-- I just need you to trust him too.

Sam: Fine, fine.

Nate: He’ll come through for us. Eventually.

Sam: But, I mean, come on, you have to at least just for one second consider the possibility--

[He notices a signal from Victor.]

Nate: There! See? Trust. Hey--

Sam: Just try to keep your tux clean.

Nate: Thanks.

Chapter 6: Once a Thief…Edit

[Our thieves go to the mansion…]

Sam: I can’t believe I’m out. Can’t believe I’m here… with you… in Italy, huh?

Nate: Yeah, me either… just wish the circumstances were less tense. You know?

Sam: Yeah, well…

Nate: Well, the sights are a bit more enjoyable at way.

Sam: Oh… uh… so this-- this isn’t your first time here?

Nate: No, it’s more like… third? Had a couple of odd jobs.

Sam: With Sullivan?

Nate: Well… yeah.

Sam: Okay. There’s no way up onto that bridge.

Nate: Well, there’s that exposed beam underneath.

Sam: Hey, you think you can rope it?

Nate: Do I think I can rope it? Hmmph. Watch this.

Sam: I’m watching.

Nate: I, uh… I missed…

Sam: (laughs) Well, you see, it’s… ah, it’s all in the wrists. Here, let me see it.

Nate: Ha. See?

Sam: Yeah, it’ ‘hot bad… for a second attempt.

Nate: You see that?

Sam: Oh, like a pro!

Nate: Your turn!

Sam: Whoa!

Nate: Hey… bet we can swing off that beam up there.

Sam: Definitely. Here, let’s switch places. All right, climb over me, I’ve-- I’ve got a good grip.

Nate: Okay…

Sam: Okay, here we go… (laughs) First try.

Nate: All right. No one likes a show off.

Sam: Okay. C’mon, Nathan. Looks like you can climb down and make your way over.

Nate: Right behind you. Okay…

Sam: Shhh shh. Hold up.

Nate: Okay, we’re good.

Sam: Jesus. Did you see him? That rent-a-thug packing some serious heat. Shoulda brought guns.

Nate: Sam, we’re gonna pull this off so smoothly, we won’t need ‘em.

Sam: I hope you re right. (sighs) All those years… it’s the little things that you miss the most.

Nate: Like what?

Sam: The smell of fresh citrus. Ah, riding a motorcycle. It’s little things, but… they add up.

Nate: That should hold. All right, come on down.

Sam: These landings are a little more pain than I remember.

Nate: Yeah, tell me about it.

Sam: So, uh… your other wonderful finds… the ones I missed. You at least take any pictures?

Nate: This looks promising.

Sam: I think you mean “precarious.”

Nate: Oh, shit!

Sam: You okay up there?

Nate: Yeah… yeah, I’m good. It’d suck if you missed right now.

Sam: It sure would. But I don’t miss.

Nate: All, right, thanks.

Sam: Ah… Nathan…? Nathan?

Nate: What?

Sam: Okay…

Nate: You all right? How do I look? Like four hundred million bucks. Let’s go.

Sam: All right. I’m right behind ya.

Nate: Sully?

Sullivan: Know what I love about partying with a bunch of crooks?

Nate: What’s that?

Sullivan: Nobody cares if you smoke indoors.

Nate: It’s been a while.

Sullivan: Too long, boyo.

Nate: You remember my dead brother, right?

Sam: Victor.

Sullivan: I’ll be goddamned. Fifteen years…

Sam: Yep.

Sullivan: Good to see you alive, Sam.

Nate: Let’s uh… try keeping him alive by getting this cross, huh?

Sullivan: Yeah, uh, about that…

Sam: What? What about that?

Sullivan: C’mon, lemme show you something. Take a look.

Nate: That’s Avery’s cross.

Sullivan: They brought it out of storage just before you guys got here.

Sam: They changed the lot order.

Sullivan: Take a whole pile of cash to make that happen.

Nate: All right, well how long before they start the bidding?

Sullivan: Ten, fifteen minutes tops.

Nate: Well, there’s gotta be some way we can grab it.

Sullivan: There is just the small matter of a few hundred eyewitnesses down there.

Nate: Okay, okay… but we just need a diversion.

Sullivan: Like?

Nate: Like, um… Like I don’t know… but there’s gotta be something.

Sullivan: Well, if the guards see us making for that cross--

Sam: What if they don’t see us? Jesus, you guys act like you’ve never spent time in prison. If you want something dirty done… then you wait…

Nate: For lights out.

Sullivan: For lights out.

Sullivan: Where’s that electrical panel for this place?

Nate: There’s ventilation… electrical… That’s it up here. So we just have to climb up there and kill the lights…

Sam: Grab the cross in the dark.

Sullivan: There will be an emergency generator.

Nate: That’ll give us a few seconds of darkness to work with.

Sam: Meaning… we’ll have to be right next to the cross when the lights go out.

Sullivan: Except there’s no way we can get that close without being noticed.

Waitress: Scusate, signori… (Sorry, gentlemen…) Antipasti? (Appetizers?)

Nate: I’m all set.

Sam: Hi. How are you?

Waitress: Ciao. (Bye.)

Nate: Would you focus?

Sam: A waiter wouldn’t get noticed.

Sullivan: That could work.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Nate: That will work. All right, I’ll get to the breaker room, kill the power.

Sam: You mean I’m the waiter?

Nate: You’re the best pickpocket. You head down to the floor, keep an eye on the prize, okay? Let us know if anything, uh… hinky… goes down.

Sullivan: Roger that.

Nate: .All right. Listen, we’ve still got this. Ready?

Sam: Ready.

Sullivan: All right, follow me. We’ll cut through the cellar.

Sam: I gotta say, Victor. The years have been kind to you.

Sullivan: Thanks. I chalk it up to going vegan.

Sam: Really?

Nate: Mi dispiace. (I’m sorry.)

Sullivan: (laughs) Are you kidding me? Hell, no. Cellar’s just through there. Let’s go.

Nate: Oh, this place is fancy… Of course they’d play douchey European techno.

[They find the cellar.]

Nate: Oh, hell… it’s locked…

Sullivan: Shit, it was open earlier.

Sam: Well, no what? Can we pick it?

Nate: No, it electronic.

Sullivan: We’re gonna have to find another way in--

Sam: You see that?

Sullivan: Keycard… back left pocket.

Sam: Yup.

Nate: I’m on it.

Sam: Oh, whoa, whoa. You sure you wanna do that? There’s a lot of eyes out here.

Nate: I think I can handle a simple lift.

Sam: All right.

Sam: Oh, real smooth.

Nate: I’m not even trying yet.

Sam: Yeah, I can tell.

Nate: (scoffs) And he doubted me.

Sullivan: A pleasure to watch professionals at work.

Nate: Okay.

Sullivan: All right… let’s try this again. We’ll still need these.

Nate: Great.

Sullivan: Good luck.

Nate: We’ll be in touch.

Nadine: Hands in the air. Hi, Victor.

Sullivan: Hello, Nadine. Pleasure to see you again.

Nadine: Only this time, I’ve got the drop on you.

Sullivan: Well, I guess I should be glad that’s not a real gun. Hardly recognize yo outta your fatigues.

Nadine: Yeah… You know how it is. Every once in a while a job requires us to get all… dolled up. Looking sharp, by the way.

Sullivan: Not too bad yourself.

Nadine: Feel so out of place here. Can’t tell you what a relief it is to run into another English speaker… even if you are American.

Sullivan: You’ll have to blame my parents for that one.

Nadine: I was on my way to the bar. Can I get you something?

Sullivan: Yeah, scotch -- on the rocks.

Nadine: Be right back.

Sullivan: Nate. You catch all that?

Nate: Yes, I did… sounds like a lady’s trying to buy you a drink.

Sullivan: Yeah. Nadine Ross is buying me a drink.

Nate: Nadine Ross…? Wait, doesn’t she own that army-for-hire? What’s it called, Coastline?

Sullivan: Shoreline.

Nate: Yeah. Right. Thought you had a run-in with them?

Sullivan: That’s putting it mildly. Fortunately, she does not seem to be holding a grudge.

Sam: I’m good to go here.

Nate: All right. Listen, we’re all set, Sully. You, uh… stay out of trouble, okay?

Sullivan: I’ll try.

Sam: You ready?

Nate: Yeah. Let’s do it.

Sam: Gotta find where the waiters and caterers are hanging out.

Nate: Lure one out of the kitchen, probably.

Sam: Then let’s go find the kitchen.

Nate: Man, there’s enough food down here to feed a small town. Crap…

Sam: You see a waiter in there?

Nate: No… just more heavily armed goons.

Sam: The hell is this? This gate wasn’t on the blueprint. Locked, of course. Okay, Plan B… There you go. See some vents up there… Nathan, come check this out.

Nate: Here we go. Let there be light…

Sam: Bad electrical in this joint.

Nate: Don’t suppose you brought a fl-- Yeah, that’ll do. I guess it’s always a good idea to bring a smoker along. Unless you need to run.

Sam: Oof, man… I’m starting to get a little drunk off the fumes in here.

Nate: Good thing Sully’s driving. Maybe the vent access is behind these casks…

Sam: Good job. That’s a lot of really rare vintage.

Nate: Yeah, maybe Alcazar can just settle for some good wine.

Sam: Hey, uh… should we worry that Victor is chatting up Nadine Ross? I mean, I’ve heard some chatting up Nadine Ross? I mean, I‘ve heard some pretty scary stories about her crew…

Nate: Don’t worry about Sully. Guy can talk his way out of anything. This way.

Sam: Hey… look, the vents. That’s our way out.

Nate: Yeah, I got it. No need to give me a hand or anything.

Sam: I’m holding the lighter.

Nate: Holding the lighter… Okay, up we go. All right, there. Vent’s smaller than it looked, huh?

Sam: (coughs) And a lot more dusty.

Nate: Shh, shh, Shh!

Sam: Damn it… waiters. And baldy looks like my size, too.

Nate: There’s no shortage of waiters around here. Crap.

Sam: Nathan, back this way.

Sam: Alley oop. Shh shh shh shh…

Nate: You shh shh shh…

Sam: Finally. Shit. Guards. Fresh air, here we come… Hey, check this out. See that building with the radio tower?

Nate: You mean the cell tower?

Sam: The what? Whatever. Listen, that’s the power room.

Nate: Yeah, you’re right. Let’s see how we get past the gate.

Sam: Hey Nathan, check it out.

Nate: Sam, up here. I’ll boost you up. Good thing you kept in shape.

Sam: There ya go.

Nate: Sully, we just got out of the wine cellar. Heading to the power room now. How’s it looking? Sully…? You there? It must be a bad spot for a signal. Hopefully he’s doing okay.

Sam: Bingo. Found the kitchen. And of course, it’s locked.

Nate: Sam, look, maybe we can use that, find a window, drop into the kitchen.

Sam: That’s a good idea. I’ll boost you up and you take care of the ladder. Got it?

Nate: Heads up, heads up. Buonasera. (Good evening.)

Waiter: Che sta facendo? (What is you doing?)

[Sam knocks him out.]

Nate: Easy on the civilians, Sam.

Sam: What? So he wakes up with a headache in his underwear. We’ve both been there before, right?

Nate: Heh. Right…

Sam: Well, I got mine. You get yours.

Nate: Okay. Let’s get to the power room. Sam, you good?

Sam: Yeah, these pants are just a little bit too tight.

Nate: Well, that’s the style these days.

Sam: Really? Well, when in Rome…

Nate: Ha. ‘Cause we’re in Italy. I get it.

Sam: All right, I’m gonna head back to the ballroom, smart-ass. See you soon--

[Nate’s radio works funny again.]

Nate: Sam, you there? Sully? Great. Guys, if you can hear me, just about at the power room. Should be there soon. Ish. (laughs) Ah! Oh shit! (he falls)

[We switch to Sully and Nadine talking.]

Nadine: I can’t believe you got away with that.

Sullivan: Oh, we did not. No, we had our liberty taken away for a month.

Nadine: And what about the horse?

Sullivan: Fortunately, we had a lot of carrots on board. (chuckles)

Nadine: Recognize someone?

Sullivan: No. I thought I did, but no.

Nadine: Hey, when am I finally going to meet that partner of yours… Drake?

Sullivan: Well, that’s ex-partner.

Nadine: Hmm.

Sullivan: No, I’ve been flying solo for a while now. Drake’s out.

Nadine: Oh. Like… “dead,” out?

Sullivan: Oh, no. More like “retired.”

Nadine: Hmm.

Sullivan: Last I heard, he settled down, got married.

Nadine: Hm.

Rafe: Well, then he might as well be dead, right? (laughs) Victor Sullivan! How the hell are you?

Sullivan: Rafe. How long has it been?

Rafe: How long has it been? Ten years? Twelve?

Sullivan: Fifteen.

Rafe: (chuckles) It’s amazing. All these years gone by here we are -- we’re still haggling over dead people’s junk. (chuckles)

Sullivan: Really? Aren’t you running your parents’ business?

Rafe: My business now. But yes, that is my day job.

Sullivan: Ho ho. That is one helluva day job. You could probably afford to buy up everything on the block tonight.

Rafe: Well, sure… but, what would be the point in that? These days I’m only looking for the… good stuff. Big scores.

Sullivan: Hmmm.

Rafe: Any advice on what I should pick up tonight?

Sullivan: Ha. Yeah, like I’d want to bid against him.

Rafe: (chuckles)

Sullivan: But, um… just between you and me… I did notice they changed the order.

Rafe: Hmm.

Sullivan: I think somebody might be trying to rig this auction.

Rafe: Hmm. Well, remember where we are. This crowd didn’t get rich by playing fair.

Nadine: Which is why you really need someone watching your back in a place like this.

Sullivan: Ah. Well, I do hate to break it to ya… You are working for an American.

Nadine: With. We’ve partnered up on this one.

Sullivan: I see. (chuckles) Talk about a power couple.

Auctioneer: In a few moments we’ll begin bidding on our next item… an inlaid wooden crucifix from the Trott Estate.

Sullivan: Well, I know when I’m a third wheel. You two kids have fun tonight.

Rafe: Just hold on, Sully. How’d you find out about it?

Sullivan: It? Now what “it” is that, Rafe? Nadine, I think your partner here has had too many Bloody Marys--

Rafe: (breakes Sully’s glass) Cut the bullshit, old man. Now I don’t know Flow you scammed your way in here. But if you think… about bidding on Avery’s cross, I can tell you exactly how you’re going to be leaving. In a goddamn body bag.

Nadine: Rafe!

Rafe: (chuckles) Well. You get my point.

Sullivan: Lovely seeing you both. (leaves) Nate? Nate?! God damn it, kid. Where the hell are you?

[We switch to Nate. He managed not to die and climb up.]

Nate: Okay. Power room. I can do this. God, why did I pick the power room? Here we go. Now… where the hell are the circuit breakers? Ah, crap. Sam? Sully? You there?

[He reaches Sully on the radio.]

Sullivan: Goddamn it, kid, where the hell’ve you been?

Nate: I made it. Had a few close calls, but--

Sullivan: Yeah, well if you’re gonna cut the power, now would be a good time.

Nate: All right, well, I’m gonna need a minute before I can reach the panel.

Sullivan: We don’t have a minute, Rafe’s about to walk out of here with your cross.

Nate: Wait, what? Rafe? Rafe is here?

Sam: Yes, Rafe is here. And as of right now, he has the high bid.

Nate: Well, outbid him.

Sullivan: With what? I don’t have that kind of scratch.

Nate: Sully, We’re stealing it, remember?

Sullivan: What if he calls my bluff?

Nate: (sighs) He won’t.

Auctioneer: We have ninety thousand, do I hear any more bids?

Sam: Guys, if we do not get this cross, I am as good as dead.

Sullivan: Yeah, well I end up with the highest bid, we’re all dead.

Nate: Sully, I teed you to buy me more time.

Auctioneer: Since we have no other bids…

Nate: Trust me.

Auctioneer: Going once… Going twice…

Sullivan: Ah, screw it.

Auctioneer: Bene! (Well!) We have one hundred thousand euros in the room. Thank you. Do we have any other bids? (Rafe bidding) We now have one hundred ten thousand euros in the room.

Sullivan: In for a penny, in for a pound. (bidding)

Auctioneer: That bid brings us to one hundred twenty.

Nate: Don’t worry, you’ll be out of there in no time.

Sullivan: Better be.

Nate: Okay… just gotta smash the lock. But with what?

Auctioneer: Now the bid has reached one hundred thirty thousand.

Nate: Nope. Nothing. Damn it.

Auctioneer: We are now at one hundred forty.

Nate: Gotta be something… C’mon…!

Sam: Hey man. Starting to sweat bullets here.

Nate: Yeah, gimme a sec!

Auctioneer: Your bid, signore, takes us all the way to one hundred fifty thousand euros. The bidding stands at one hundred sixty thousand euros in the room.

Nate: Yes!

Auctioneer: Signore’s bid makes one hundred seventy thousand.

Nate: (laughs) Gotcha!

Auctioneer: We are non, at one hundred eighty thousand euros in the room.

Nate: All right, boys-- I’m at the switch. You ready?

Sam: As I’ll ever be. Victor?

Sullivan: Just a sec.

Auctioneer: The gentleman’s bid: one hundred ninety thousand euros.

Rafe: Five hundred thousand! Let’s get this show on the road here.

Auctioneer: Uh… thank you. We have five hundred thousand euros in the room.

Rafe: Had me worried there for a minute, Victor. Thought I might have to kill you!

Sullivan: (laughs) Okay. Let’s ruin this asshole’s evening.

Auctioneer: Anyone else? We are going once… Going twice… Then I shall sell it for five hundred thousand-- (lights out) Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm. The backup power will come on shortly. It’s gone!

Rafe: Move it! Get out of the way! Stop him! Hey-- stop that guy!

Guard: Fermo! (Stop!)

Rafe: What’re you doing? You’re letting him get away! Do you speak-- !

Guard: Sparisci! (Get lost!)

Rafe: Fine.

Chapter 7: Lights OutEdit

Nate: Sam, tell me you got the cross.

Sam: I got Saint Dismas right here, you wanna say hi?

Sullivan: Yeah, we’ve really kicked the hornet’s nest down here. Ballroom’s locked down, security’s scrambling.

Sam: Hey, Victor, where’s our getaway?

Sullivan: Come to the driveway out front… just follow the spotlights. I’ll bring he car around.

Nate: Oh, shit! Okay… maybe we should’ve brought guns. Gotta climb and get a good vantage point…

Sam: How we doing, Nathan?

Nate: I’m on my way… heading to higher ground to get my bearings.

Sam: All right, see ya soon.

Nate: Yeah. There’s the ballroom… driveway’s right in front. Okay. Everything’s fine. No one got a good look at me. I‘m just going to play it cool, stroll right on out of here. (sees Nadine in the door) Oh! Scusi. (Sorry.)

Nadine: You’re not supposed to be back here.

Nate: Well, neither are you. But I tell you what-- I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

Nadine: You have something I want… and you’re going to give it to me.

Nate: Really? Well, I’m flattered but I’m afraid I’m spoken for. Now if you’ll excuse me--

[She hits him in the face.]

Nadine: I’m not in the mood for games. Give me the crucifix.

Nate: Lady… you’re lucky I ‘m a gentleman, ‘cause if I weren’t, I would--

Nadine: You’d what?

Nate: All right, fine. Just remember… I didn’t want to do this.

[Epic fight begins!]

Nadine: Let’s see what you’ve got. Nice try.

Nate: I gave you that one. Freebie.

Nadine: Come here--!

Nate: Ah…!

Nadine: Now, hand me the artifact.

Option 1: Be specific
Option 2: It’s not yours
Option 3: Bargain (you pick that one)

Nate: All right, look… I have this nice… astrolabe back home-- slightly used-- I’ll give it to you for a fair price.

Nadine: Ha, I have a better idea.

Nate: Oh, god… All right, look… I’m still a little jet-lagged. Oh, son of a…

Nadine: Have you had enough? Or do you want to keep being a smart ass?

Nate: Well, you know… being a smartass has gotten me this far in life… why quit now? All right, wait. Wait! It’s in my back pocket.

Nadine: Where is it?

Nate: Right… there! (sucker punches her)

Nate: Whoaaa--!

Sullivan: All right, I’m at the car. Where the hell are you guys?

Nate: Ah, just met your friend Nadine Ross. She’s lovely.

Sullivan: Yeah? Well, it’s total chaos out here. They’re trying to keep it contained, but everybody’s freaking out. I don’t wanna rush you, but… hurry the hell up!

Sam: Nathan, where you at?

Nate: Good question. You?

Sam: By the ballroom. Look for this round sign thing, it’s on the way.

Nate: Round sign thing, check.

Sam: Good news is, I got a gun. See you soon.

Nate: Okay, we’re good, we’re good. Oh, shit!

Sam: Nathan! What’re you doing?

Nate: What’s it look like?!

Sam: Oh shit! Nathan! Catch!

Nate: Wait-- what? Oh crap. (laughs) Hey, I got it!

Sam: Nice shooting. You all right?

Nate: Yeah, hanging in there.

Sam: (laughs) I can’t get to you from here, you got a way down?

Nate: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Sam: Okay. I’ll meet you at the driveway, just head towards the ballroom.

Nate: All right, see ya there.

Sam: Victor, I’m kinda stuck here, any ideas?

Sullivan: Fastest way is through the ballroom!

Sam: You said the ballroom’s locked down.

Sullivan: Yeah, well now that they know it’s you guys, they cleared the place out.

Sam: Ballroom it is. You get that, Nathan?

Nate: Yeah, got it! Okay… almost to the ballroom.

Sam: Nathan, I’m pinned down in here! I could use a hand!

Nate: On my way, Sam! All right, here we go. Ha ha! Aaaaaahhhh!

Sam: Jesus Christ. Nathan?!

Nate: Hey! How’s it going?

Sam: Uh… think I’m done with this auction, huh?

Nate: Oh yeah. Me too.

Sullivan: All right boys, change of plan! Too many people trying to leave, the driveway’s all jammed up.

Sam: Shit. What’s our backup?

Sullivan: There’s that fountain just outside the ballroom. I’ll meet you there!

Sam: Nathan, move!

Nate: Got it. Let’s go!

Sam: He’s down! Nathan, they brought more friends! We need to get the hell out of here!

Sam: I hit him!

Nate: Outta my personal space!

Sam: Got ya, Nathan!

Nate: Yeah, keep doin’ that. Sam, fills way!

Sam: Right behind you!

Nate: Sully, we’re running out of time here!

Sullivan: Hold on, kid… nearly there! Almost there.

Nate: Unless you’re driving a hearse, you better hurry.

Sam: Guy’s down!

Nate: No, no, no, no!

Sam: Downed one!

Sullivan: Someone call for a limo?

[Nate runs into Sully’s limo.]

Sam: Nathan, time to go! Go, go, go!

Sullivan: Hang on!

[Next scene. Hideout.]

Sam: (ready to smash the cross with hammer) Okay. I hope I don’t go to hell for this. Shit.

Nate: What?!

Sam: It’s empty.

Nate: What? (sees a note from the cross) Ah, you’re such an asshole.

Sullivan: He’s your brother. All right, skull and crossbones. Very good sign.

Sam: That’s Avery’s insign… What is this? Ah… “Hodie mecum eris in Paradiso.”

Nate: “Today you will join me in Paradise.”

Sam: --in Paradise. It’s what Jesus said to Saint Dismas on the Cross, but…

Nate: Right.

Sam: What about these numbers here? at do you make of this?

Sullivan: Some kind of code? Or a phone number?

Nate: C’mon. They’re dates…

Sam: Huh?

Nate: Look. 1659…

Sam: That’s the year Avery was born.

Nate: 1699.

Sullivan: Lemme guess, the year he died?

Sam: By most accounts, yeah, but… That means we have date of birth, date of death and “Paradise.” Which means we’re looking for… Avery’s grave.

Nate: At Saint Dismas’ Cathedral…

Sam: Huh.

Sullivan: Wait a second. Hasn’t Rafe been scouring that site for ages already?

Nate: Yeah, the cathedral. See these symbols?

Sullivan: Yeah.

Nate: These are found on old Scottish gravestones. Right? Now look at this. The layout of his place is really unusual.

Nate: Here’s the cathedral. But the graveyard… is way over here.

Sam: Rafe’s been focusing on the wrong area.

Nate: Exactly.

Sam: Guys. We’re going to Scotland.

Sullivan: All right, all right. Wait-- wait up. You do realize that Rafe knows you’re coming?

Nate: Yeah, we can deal with that when we get there.

Sullivan: That psycho would like nothing better than for you to show up. Plus he’s got Nadine and her hole army to back him up!

Nate: Yeah, but he doesn’t have this. The biggest pirate treasure of all ti is within our grasp.

Sullivan: I thought this was about saving Sam.

Nate: It is. But come on, it’s both, right? We need the treasure so we can save Sam.

Sullivan: How is Elena cool with all this? Oh, Jesus, kid.

Nate: Look, it’s just not that simple.

Sullivan: With all that you two have been through together.

Nate: She wouldn’t understand this.

Sullivan: Yo are not giving her enough credit.

Nate: I can’t take that chance.

Sam: Nathan, he’s right. Things have changed. Rafe’s involved now. And… I can-- I can take this on my own. Really.

Nate: Great. Well, thank you for your Both of you. Excuse me. (calling Elena offscreen) Hey. Hey, it’s me, yeah. No, the reception’s lousy. Yeah…

Sam: (to Sully) Something on your mind, dear?

Sullivan: Look, I um, I realize it couldn’t have been easy… all those years way. And I’m sorry for what happened to you.

Sam: Hmph.

Sullivan: But it’s not his fault.

Sam: I never said that it was.

Sullivan: Took a long time for him to get out of this game.

Sam: You see a gun to his head? He chose this. Okay. He’s meant for this life.

Sullivan: You really believe that?

Sam: Why are you here, Victor?

Sullivan: Because somebody’s gotta keep an eye out for him.

Nate: No, I’ll just see you in a few more weeks? I love you too. Bye. (to the guys) Just told her that the job is gonna take a little longer than expected. Which is the truth. So come on, what do you say? Sam could still use our help.

Sullivan: Well… I do hear that the weather is particularly fine in Scotland this time of year.

[They drink and scene changes to Scotland.]

Sam: Well. Rafe’s really going all in, isn’t he?

Nate: Well; they’re all concentrated around the cathedral, so that‘s good… because we are going to have that graveyard all to ourselves. Sully.

Sullivan: Yeah?

Nate: Hey, listen, we’re good to go here.

Sullivan: Okay, kid. Happy hunting.

Nate: Last chance to come with.

Sullivan: Yeah, well, unless you can find me an escalator, I think I’ll pass.

Nate: All right. We’ll see you in a few.

Sullivan: Hey, Nate--

Nate: Yeah?

Sullivan: Just-- Ah, just bring me back something shiny, will ya?

Nate: That’s the plan.

Sam: Well… Let’s go pay our respects to Captain Avery, huh?

Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry AveryEdit

[Nate and Sam walk to the cathedral on snow-capped mountains.]

Sam: A Scottish cathedral. Strange place to bury your treasure, no?

Nate: Not really. I mean, by the time Avery would’ve sailed here, the place was already abandoned.

Sam: I guess that’s true. Plus, with the massive bounty on his head… it’d be a good place to hide. So… what happened between you and Rafe?

Nate: I couldn’t deal with him… and I’m pretty sure he’d had enough of me.I was still coming to grips your, uh… “death,” and with his frustration from not finding the treasure… Well, I’m pretty sure he was ready to kill me by the time I bailed.

Sam: Ha. Imagine what he’d want to do to you now.

Nate: Yeah. Trying not to. Sam, listen. He’s ruthless. I mean even more so than when we teamed up with him. I mean, I’ve heard stories.

Sam: Trust me, me too. All the more reason I don’t feel bad about any of this. (whistle) It’s a long drop.

Nate: Yea. Need to find another way down. Hey, this should hold.

Sam: Oh. Good call.

Nate: What the hell is all this.

Sam: It’s excavation equipment.

Nate: Shoreline…?

Sam: What?

Nate: Look. I thought they were just by the cathedral!

Mercenary: Look, they’re here!

Sam: Oh, shit, get down! I got one! Okay. We’re good.

Nate: Yeah, nice to meet you too, Shoreline. Seems like they were expecting us.

Sam: …And like they’re searching away from the cathedral.

Nate: Which means we should get to that graveyard, pronto. (quickly)

Sam: Exactly. What is this place?

Nate: The monks had several living quarters… the main one being by the graveyard, of course.

Sam: Location, location, location.

Nate: Now what do you bet…? Hey! Dynamite!

Sam: Hey, be careful with that stuff, huh?

Nate: There ya go. Take that, door.

Sam: You’re pretty good with that stuff.

Nate: Well I’ve blown a lot of shit up over the years.

Sam: What’s the, uh… plan with the crate?

Nate: Not sure yet.

Mercenary: The explosion definitely came from here. Let’s do a full sweep, hey?

Sam: Shit, Shoreline. Hide! That shut him up . Get down! Good shot! Got ‘em! Nathan, take cover! I got one! All right. Nicely done… that could’ve been bad.

Nate: Yeah. Let’s get out of here before anyone checks in on them. There. C’mon… let’s go. Got it.

Sam: Whoa, careful.

Nate: I can hook that. There. Whoo. All right, you think you can do that?

Sam: What are you talking about? I taught you that move!

Nate: All right, let’s see it then.

Sam: There, you see?

Nate: Sam! There’s a ladder just out of reach.

Sam: All right, hold up. I’ll come over. All right. Gimme a boost. Hold up. C’mere. I’ll pull you up. There ya… go.

Nate: Ah, thanks.

Sam: There…

Nate: All right, there it is. The monks’ dorm. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Sam: Ah, don’t jinx us.

Nate: Down we go. Ah! Whoo, burns a little.

Sam: (laughs) Well, those are fun.

Mercenary: The next, he’s paying us double to wipe them out.

Nate: Shh. Quiet.

Mercenary 1: You go where the money leads you.

Mercenary 2: That’s cold.

Mercenary 1: It gets colder. I’m gonna take a leak while you educate our young recruit here.

Mercenary 2: So what happened next? Did he put down the revolt?

Mercenary 1: Wih our help he kept it at bay. But once money ran out… well, there was no reason for us to stick around anymore.

Sam: Nice one.

Nate: You get the left one, I got right.

Mercenary: And the general? Didn’t even last the night.

Sam: Gonna have to do better than that, fellas.

Nate: Let’s see if we can keep this up.

Mercenary 1: You two done prepping the site? The cemetery is ready for Rich Boy’s visit.

Mercenary 2: They’re not slowing down are they?

Mercenary 1: Boss lady wants results and she wants them yesterday.

Mercenary 2: Have they found anything?

Mercenary 1: Heard they uncovered some stuff… but I don’t know the details.

Nate: Did you see that? Like a ninja.

Sam: Ha ha. Pretty slick, brother. Pretty slick.

Nate: Right beyond those walls. Down we go.

Mercenary 1: Where does that rich arsehole get off?

Mercenary 2: Easy, bru.

Mercenary 1: I nearly blew my goddamn arms off only to get chewed out by that prick! I shoulda popped him.

Mercenary 2: The guy’s fronting our entire crew. What do you think Nadine would do to you?

Mercenary 1: I was following her order.

Mercenary 2: Still, what do you think she’d do?

Mercenary 1: Turn me inside out.

Mercenary 2: Exactly. Take some deep breaths and go walk it off.

Mercenary 1: Stroppy prick thinks he can tell me how to do my job. The American sure isn’t making any friends. Well, as long as his money’s good, that’s fine by me.

Mercenary 2: You think Drake’s gonna show up?

Mercenary 1: Nadine seems to think so. I’d love to see him and his crew make an appearance.

Mercenary 2: That goes for all of us.

Sam: All right, let’s keep going.

Nate: Sam, this way!

Sam: Nice.

Nate: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, shit!

Sam: Okay, if he did it, I can do it. Whoa, whoa. (chuckles) It’s better than bungee jumping.

Nate: Have you ever been bungee jumping?

Sam: No, but I’m sure this is better. So, this is what you’ve been up to all these years? Jumping around ruins?

Nate: Yeah. That and… getting shot at. Blown up. Punched. Kicked.

Sam: All right, all right. I get it.

Nate: Knifed. Drugged. Ha ha. And that’s that.

Sam: Ah, not quite. Still gotta climb higher to cross the ravine.

Nate: All right, I hope we’re done sliding for a while. My ass is full of gravel. (laughs) Stuck the landing. Come on. (they open a door together) All right, I got it. Go.

Sam: Okay. Come on.

Nate: And we’re here.

Sam: (laughs) Yes we are. Jesus. Look at this place.

Nate: Welcome to the Saint Dismas dormitory… alleged final resting place of one Henry Avery.

Sam: (chuckles) Let’s find that grave. Hey, Nathan. Check it out. This one’s got a pair of cutlasses. Just like the scroll from the cross.

Nate: But the dates aren’t right.

Sam: Well… one down and… a hell of a lot to go.

Nate: Okay… crossed cutlasses, skull and crossbones, and the dates 1639 to 1699. We find a tombstone with all three and we’re in business.

Sam: Well… let’s desecrate some graves.

Nate: Let’s. No skull and crossbones. Nice Celtic cross… not the grave we want, though. Yeah, well… the swords are a match. So is the year… Sam, c’mere.

Sam: What, did you Ind it?

Nate: Look. Benjamin Bridgeman.

Sam: That’s Avery’s alias. (laughs)

Nate: Something odd about this skull though. It’s like it doesn’t belong to the stone.

Sam: Well yeah, what’s odd about it is… that’s not Avery’s sigil.

Nate: Oh, yeah… I mean, the skull should be facting--

Sam & Nate: Sideways.

[They turn the skull.]

Sam: What is that? (stone ladder appears) Oh my God.

Nate: (laughs) You ready for this?

Sam: Oh, I’ve been ready for a long time. Look at that.

Nate: Let’s see what we got… It’s a crypt.

Sam: A crypt, hidden behind a secret door?

Nate: I assume the secret door was added afterwards.

Sam: To hide his loot.

Nate: Well, fingers crossed. Whoa, the gang’s all here. Jesus… Dismas on the left…

Sam: Penitent thief.

Nate: Gestas on the right…

Sam: Jerk thief.

Nate: (laughs) Avery sure had a thing for Saint Dismas, huh?

Sam: Well, Avery fancied himself a “good thief,” right? Only plundered and murdered the non-British heathens.

Nate: (laughs) Guess that’s what passed for “good” back then.

Sam: Good enough.

Nate: Some kind of lamp. Hey, smokey-- Need your lighter over here.

Sam: You know, that hurts my feelings.

Nate: Not as much as it hurts your lungs.

Sam: Thank you, Father Duffy. (he lights the lamp) Ooh.

Nate: Well isn’t that something?

Sam: Uh-uh. The light’s coming from the other side of the wall .

Nate: All right, let’s see here. Ah. I can aim the lights. Hey, here we go…

Sam: I think you got that one! Uh, connect the dots.

Nate: There we go.

Sam: Nathan, that’s it! You got it!

Nate: Okay. Let’s give this a shot?

Sam: (chuckles) Open sesame.

Nate: Wrong treasure.

Sam: Shush.

Mate: (chuckles)

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: Well, nice view. No treasure though.

Nate: No, but… look, you see those crosses?

Sam: Oh, yeah. Hey, is that a cave… right below?

Nate: Yeah, I think Avery’s trying to tell where to go next. Uh, there’s one problem though. Going back that way n ans we have to go back toward the cathedral.

Sam: And back towards Rafe.

Nate: Shit.

Sam: Well, let’s not keep him waiting.

Mercenary: Spread out! You know the drill.

Nate: Shit.

Mercenary 1: Anybody heard from the scout party uphill?

Mercenary 2: Nothing. You think we have guests?

Sam: Straight ahead.

Mercenary 1: Don’t I wish. The storm’s been messing with the radios. They’re practically useless.

Mercenary 2: If we don’t hear back from them soon, I’ll go check in with them.

Sam: Well, this should be fun!

Nate: Shit!

Sam: Get off him! They’re surrounding you!

Nate: Whoa. Shit. Nathan, watch it! I hit him!

Sam: Picked up some new tricks, I see!

Nate: Okay. I think we’re clear.

Sam: Well… that could’ve gone better.

Nate: Hey, well… we’re still breathing. That’s good enough.

Sam: Let’s just get that gate open.

Nate: How you holding up?

Sam: (chuckles) Great. Was kinda hoping to find the treasure back there, but… you know, it’s never that easy, right?

Nate: That’s been my experience.

Sam: Plus there was that cool constellation thing.

Nate: Yeah it was cool. Wow.

Sam: Hmph. Pretty spectacular.

Nate: Right under that high cross… that’s there Avery wants us.

Sam: Well, what Avery wants, Avery gets.

Sullivan: Kid? What’s your status?

Nate: Hey, Sully. We’re on the trail, but the treasure’s closer to the cathedral than we originally thought.

Sullivan: Oh, boy. So what do you need me to do?

Nate: Well, just keep those engines warm. We’ll be back before too long.

Sullivan: You got it. Keep me posted.

Nate: Will do.

Sam: Patrol up ahead.

Nate: I hear ‘em.

Mercenary 1: Getting real antsy here.

Mercenary 2: You of all people should appreciate the downtime. Nobody wants another Port Moresby, on our heads.

Mercenary 1: How about don’t talk if you weren’t there, hey? Everything’s called a massacre nowadays to generate buzz.

Mercenary 2: We don’t need that kind of press.

Mercenary 1: We don’t need rival companies stepping into our jobs.

Mercenary 2: You know what… forget it.

Mercenary 1: Why’d you bring it up then?

Mercenary 2: I said forget it.

Mercenary 1: Whatever, man.

Sam: We’re good. They don’t see us. I guess there’s no getting away from these guys.

Nate: Yeah, and there’ll only be more as we get closer to the cathedral. Here we go. Come on, I’ll boost you up there.

Sam: All right… Ah, hell. I’m too high to reach you. Yeah, hang on a sec.

Nate: Hanging.

Sam: Let me see what’s by that wooden structure over there. Hey, I got something. Here… we… go… Christ, this thing’s heavy…

Nate: What exactly are you doing?

Sam: Giving you… a way up. That’ll support even your weight.

Nate: Ah. Thank you.

Sam: Hey, you don’t think the monks built this?

Nate: No way. It’s some kind of pulley system.

Sam: Ah, to lift a whole bunch of treasure?

Nate: To lift something… I can’t believe I missed this. (laughs) Hey, we can climb this!

Sam: On my way.

Nate: Okay… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Aaahhh!

Sam: Incoming! (laughs) That was amazing.

Nate: Well, save your strength, huh. We’re not done yet.

Sam: Just lead the way.

Nate: Hope this holds. Whooaa! I hope this was a good idea. Oh shit! Damn it.

Sam: Gotta say, you have a real knack for breaking things. Especially cliffs.

Nate: Tell me about it. A-- Ah! For Christ’s sake.

Sam: You okay?!

Nate: Yeah…

Sam: Like I was just saying…

Nate: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Sam: All right, hold on. I’ll-- I’ll see if there’s another-- Oh, shit!

Nate: Sam! I guess it runs in the family, huh?

Sam: (laughs) Maybe so. Oh. You got it. I can’t feel my hands… I think my blood thinned out or something after all those years in Panama. Hold on. I’ll help you up. There ya go. Where would you be without me, huh?

Nate: Uh, probably at home… drinking hot cocoa.

Sam: What are you, five?

Nate: Oh, tell me you wouldn’t go for some hot cocoa right now.

Sam: Well, I mean… yeah.

Nate: Exactly. Here we go.

Mercenary: Fire in the hole!

Nate: Jesus.

Mercenary 1: How we lookin’?

Mercenary 2: Still some debris blocking the way in. We can’t get all the way through.

Mercenary 1: Kak. That was the last of the dynamite.

Mercenary 2: Next patrol will bring more by. Just sit tight.

Nate: Okay.

Sam: Jesus. That was close.

Nate: Hey, careful… might be unstable after the blast.

Sam: Who does excavation with dynamite?

Nate: Hey, Sam. Help me with this.

Sam: Whoa-- What if it’s the only thing holding the tunnel up?

Nate: Then I’ll apologize. Go!

Sam: All right.

Nate: There, see? No problem.

Sam: Yeah, for once. Those things look sturdy to you?

Nate: Sturdy enough. Hey, be extra careful on these. Oh, crap!

Sam: Remember, “extra careful?”

Nate: Uh uh, okay. Okay, we’re good. We’re good.

Sullivan: Kid, storm’s picking up. How’s it looking?

Nate: We’re about to head into the cave.

Sullivan: The cave?

Nate: Yeah… might lose contact for a bit. Don’t get too worried.

Sullivan: All right, I’ll keep the porch light on for ya.

Nate: All right. Call you soon.

Sam: (laughs) We made it. It’s quite the detour.

Nate: Let’s go see what Avery left for us.

Sam: Yes please. (scoffs) Those Shoreline assholes were right next to this cave.

Nate: Yeah, but I think we’re the first ones in here.

Sam: Oh… is that a door?

Nate: It sure looks like it. C’mere. Check this out. A little slimy. There’s a handle in here or something.

Sam: Well… Give it a-- give it a pull.

Nate: What? Could be a trap.

Sam: You’re already in there. What’s the… what’s the worst that can happen?

Nate: Uh, I lose my hand?

Sam: So we’ll get you a nice hook. Give it a pull.

Nate: Nice hook. All right, here we go. (chuckles)

Sam: Really?

Nate: Hello, hello.

Sam: (whistles) Pretty interesting decor.

Nate: “For those who prove worthy, Paradise awaits… To those who prove false, behold your grim fate.”

Sam: Yeah, well I guess Avery was a better pirate than a poet.

Nate: This… this isn’t Avery’s.

Sam: What do you mean?

Nate: Look.

Sam: It’s the Rhode Island Pirate.

Nate: Thomas Tew.

Sam: Yeah. But it can’t be him. I mean, this is clearly his sigil, but… Tew died attacking the same treasure fleet as Avery.

Nate: Yeah, well at least that’s what the stories tell us.

Sam: If this really is Tew’s mark… then that means he’s involved in all of this… how?

Chapter 9: Those Who Prove WorthyEdit

[Sam and Nate begin to explore the insides of Avery’s crypt.]

Nate: That’s a damn good question. So who do you think these guys are?

Sam: Those who prove false, I guess. I think Avery, or Thomas Tew there just trying to scare us.

Nate: Good thing we’re jaded treasure hunters.

Sam: (laughs) Good thing.

Nate: Whoa… It’s okay, it’s holding! Come on.

Sam: These bridges are clearly not built to code.

Nate: Sure they are. The pirate code.

Sam: (laughs) Not bad.

Sam: No, no, no, no! Well, we’re not going back that way.

Nate: At least we didn’t get dropped in a pit or something.

Sam: This is… elaborate.

Nate: You could say that. Found another switch. Yeah, I’m just gonna take the… hand… out. Whoa.

Sam: Jesus. It’s a pretty elaborate test? Or trial?

Nate: Yeah… one this guy clearly failed.

Sam: Then let’s do better. There’s something on the bottom there.

Nate: It’s a bucket.

Sam: Huh. Okay. Now what?

Nate: Aah. Oh! Bucket filled!

Sam: All right, pass it up to me. I’m gonna put it back in that big wheel thingie. Bingo.

Nate: All right, let’s see what these wheels do. Okay… I think I see what’s going on here.

Sam: There’s something with the three crosses?

Nate: Yeah. I’m guessing we’re looking at Jesus, our good thief Dismas, and the jerk thief Gestas.

Sam: Well, I’m gonna figure the white cross is Dismas.

Nate: So the black one is Gestas. There we go. Hey Sam, was Dismas to the left of Jesus?

Sam: Well, are you looking at them from the front or the back?

Nate: The front.

Sam: Then yeah, he was on the left.

Nate: Okay, that’s what’ve got.

Sam: Hey check it out – something up there moved when you put the bucket on top.

Nate: There’s a channel running from the mechanism to the door.

Sam: Okay… so bucket on top is good. Keep it there.

Nate: Think that’s it?

Sam: Well, you could try pulling the switch.

Nate: I could. Okay, that’s gotta be it.

Sam: Let’s find out.

Nate: Ah, ah…

Sam: Nathan, look -- I think you got it!

Nate: (laughs) All right, see.

Sam: (sighs)

Nate: No shishkanates, no natekabobs today.

Sam: So, if that was a test… what do you suppose it was testing, exactly? Filling a bucket?

Nate: Had to know about Saint Dismas, who I bet Avery and all of his crew were intimately familiar with.

Sam: Not that hard of a test.

Nate: Whoa… watch your step.

Sam: As I live and breathe, would you look at this place.

Nate: Hey, come here. I’ll boost you up there.

Sam: Coming. Okay, I got something for ya up here. Use this to reach those hand holds on the wall.

Nate: Good call.

Sam: Follow me! They’re sure not making this easy, are they?

Nate: I imagine it was easier when all the… bridges and walkways weren’t broken.

Sam: (laughs) I guess we’re a couple hundred years late. Let’s see what’s in here. Hey, there’s a low ceiling here. Watch your-- Ow!

Nate: Watch my… ah?

Sam: Can it. This way. Ah, maybe through here? I see some light through here. Ah, catacombs.

Nate: That makes sense… we’re under a cathedral. Hey, hold-- hold on…

Sam: What?

Nate: Listen.

[They overhear Nadine and Rafe.]

Nadine: Anything noteworthy by the dormitories?

Mercenary: Not unless you count some cleverly worded headstones.

Nadine: Have you finished digging by the chapter-house?

Mercenary: We have, ma’am. The northwest sites are wide open as well.

Nadine: And what about the southern perimeter?

Mercenary: Not yet; It’d take us a day to move the crane over there.

Rafe: Nadine.

Nadine: Make it happen. In the meantime see when you can dig up without it.

Mercenary: I’ll send a couple of men over there.

Nadine: Good. Rafe, any luck with those manuscripts?

Rafe: Can we have a minute?

Nadine: Keep me updated.

Mercenary: Yes, ma’am.

Nadine: Did you hear? They found a whole annexed area under the cathedral.

Rafe: I did. Have you seen it?

Nadine: No. Why?

Rafe: Because there wasn’t much left… after they’d finished “finding” it.

Nadine: My men have been a bit liberal with the dynamite.

Rafe: They’re like a hundred well-armed bulls in a china shop.

Nadine: …but they’ve made more progress in two days than we’ve made in months.

Rafe: (scoffs) Progress? I can’t analyze rubble.

Nadine: Okay.

Rafe: Thank you.

Nadine: I’ll let them know to give you a heads up before they do anything drastic.

Rafe: Or you can tell them to sit tight until I analyze the few clues that haven’t been blown up.

Nadine: No, we can’t sit around waiting any longer.

Rafe: All due respect, I think I have a bit more experience with this sort of thing than you do.

Nadine: We tried things your way.

Rafe: Bullshit. You’ve been wanting to level this place ever since we got here.

Nadine: No. I wanted to steal that cross long before it ever even made it to that auction. The same auction where I couldn’t have my men around to deal with any surprises.

Rafe: The auction was the cleanest way to get the cross.

Nadine: But instead of going with my gut, I listened to you. And now we have competition.

Rafe: Well, I didn’t think he’d show up.

Nadine: Or maybe you wanted to draw him out.

Rafe: (scoffs) Why-- Why the hell would I do that?

Nadine: Because you think you need him. And maybe you do. Point is, I’m done trying to do things the clean way. If the treasure is here, we’ll find it. And if not, well… maybe it’s time to move on, huh? Hey… it’s not personal.

Rafe: Of course.

Nadine: I’ll let you know if anything turns up.

Nate: Let’s get moving before they blow that treasure to bits.

Sam: Or they start making out.

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: Hey, wait… You think she was right, though?

Nate: About what?

Sam: About Rafe wanting to draw you out.

Nate: As long as he doesn’t get the upper hand, who cares? Doesn’t matter.

Sam: What annexed area you suppose they were talking about?

Nate: It’s gotta be some side chamber because we’re the only ones here.

Sam: Ah, a little too high to jump up there, unless you’ve got a… trampoline.

Nate: Left it in my backyard.

Sam: Wait do you -- do you have a trampoline?

Nate: I wish. Hang on.

Sam: Oh, look at you.

Nate: One crate, coming up.

Sam: Why thank you, good sir. Jesus.

Nate: Well, we’re definitely getting closer to Gotta say, this is far more sophisticated than I was expecting.

Sam: Me too…

Nate: Bridge is out. Gotta find another way across. Here goes nothing!

Sam: It’s a good thing you’re not heavier than the crate.

Nate: Okay… Made it.

Sam: What‘s the plan?

Nate: I’m working on it. We can hook our ropes onto this.

Sam: That’ll work.

Nate: Ah… who needs bridges?

Sam: I don’t know. I-- I wouldn’t mind bridges, per se.

Nate: Well, can’t go through there.

Sam: So, how do we get through?

Nate: Over here.

Sam: Look at that.

Nate: If this place wasn’t completely falling apart, we’d probably Be trapped again.

Sam: (whistles) Nathan. Look around you.

Nate: Holy crap. This must’ve been another test, but… it all just crumbled into the ocean.

Sam: Well, I guess the test now is, how the hell do we get to the other side?

Nate: What’s this? (he read old note)

April 1701
Let it be known that I, Thomas Howard - Captain of the Dauntless - am a gullible fool.
It started with the cross: a cryptic message from my old compatriot with a vague promise of Paradise. I was skeptical, but the thought of living the remainder of my days at home, wondering what might have been, was too much to bear. And one does not ignore a letter from the King of Pyrates.
I survived being marooned off the coast of Madagascar, I survived the attack of the East Indiaman Pembroke, but I will not survive this. My leg is broken and my crew - too cowardly to set foot in these damned caverns - cannot hear my calls for help. Who could have imagined my deeds would bring me here, to die an ignoble death so far from home?
May God Himself curse you, Henry Avery. And may my ghost haunt you the rest of your days.

Sam: That really safe-looking wooden seesaw thing might do the trick.

Nate: Worth a shot. Well, here goes nothing. Whoa, whoa. Steady.

Sam: Nathan, Nathan, stop! You won’t make it, you’re too low. I’ll weigh it down. Go.

Nate: Made it.

Sam: All right! Uh… now… What about me? Check out all that machinery: You know, really makes you appreciate everything that goes into making one of these deathtraps.

Nate: Ha. Don’t be glib.

Sam: Who’s being glib? This is a marvel of human engineering! Any luck?

Nate: Yeah, gimme a sec. Okay, found something to weigh down the seesaw.

Sam: Excellent. You sure that’ll work?

Nate: It’s heavier than I am.

Sam: I don’t know about that.

Nate: Yeah, yeah. There we go.

Sam: Going up! Whoaa, whoa!

Nate: Hey nice air time.

Sam: Ah. Well, if treasure hunting doesn’t work out, we can always join the circus.

Nate: Oh, crap!

Sam: Run! Quick! I got you. There.

Nate: Thanks.

Sam: That’s another test den.

Nate: At this point, I’d rather take another deathtrap.

Sam: At this point I hope we’re at the end of this thing.

Nate: Okay… getting a bit dramatic with the statues here.

Sam: Seriously. Why decorate a treasure burial site?

Nate: Or build elaborate tests. Ugh. I’ll never get used to this.

Sam: It’s another cross. At least this one has some jewels on it, right?

Nate: Whoa, whoa, don’t… touch it.

Sam: What? Why?

Nate: Look at it. It’s the only valuable thing we’ve seen in this cave.

Sam: Right.

Nate: This is another test.

Sam: Greed.

Nate: Yeah. Or lack thereof.

Sam: Okay, so…

Nate: It’s-- It’s gotta be the coins.

Sam: Coins. Are we sure about this?

Nate: Well, pretty sure.

Sam: “Pretty sure” will have to do.

Nate: All right, just… just one now.

Sam: I got it. Greed. Please don’t be a trap.

[Sam take one coin and light coming from the ceiling and draw a map on the floor.]

Nate: Whoa. (laughs) You recognize the shape?

Sam: It’s Madagascar.

Nate: Look. The star right here.

Sam: That’s Kings Bay.

Nate: Yes it is.

Sam: (chuckles) Son of a bitch. He’s screwing with us…

Nate: What are you talking about?

Sam: Avery. He’s screwing with us. This was supposed to be it. So where’s the goddamned treasure, huh? I mean, King’s Bay? Great, But what’s next? North Pole? Outer space? Nathan?

Nate: “For those who prove worthy… Paradise awaits.” He-- was recruiting.

Sam: Who was recruit--

Nate: Avery… was recruiting.

Sam: Recruiting for what?

[Explosion. Nadine appears.]

Nate: Ah, crap.

Nadine: You gentlemen, are very, very noisy. Guns on the floor. Slowly. I still owe you from last time.

Nate: Throwing me out a window didn’t do it for you?

Nadine: Rafe. Rafe, come in.

Rafe: I’m at the graveyard. Nadine, they were here.

Nadine: Yeah, I’m looking at them right now.

Rafe: What? Where are you?

Nadine: Come back to the Cathedral. Follow the holes.

Rafe: I’m on my way. And for God’s sake don’t shoot them yet.

Nadine: Might want to hurry, then. King’s Bay.

Sam: Yeah but, uh.… where in King’s Bay? You’ll need that cross over there to figure it out. But… there’re only two people that can tell you how to use it.

Nadine: Let me guess… you two.

Nate: Well, you wanna leave it to Rafe, you’re gonna be waiting a long time.

Nadine: Sorry boys. I’m not here to negotiate. Bring me the crucifix.

Nate: It’s not a crucifix.

Nadine: What?

Nate: Well, technically a crucifix refers to a cross that… You know what… never mind.

Nadine: Don’t touch it!

[The mercenary takes the cross and the floor falls. Sam and Nate runs away.]

Mercenary: Aaaggghhh!

Nadine: Shoot them!

Sam: This way, c’mon!

Nate: Ah! God damn it!

Sam: Holy shit. Nathan!

Sam: Get out of there! I’ll cover you!

Nate: On it! Oh, shit!

Sam: Nathan?!

Nate: I’m okay! Ah, gotta get off this thing. Now’s my chance! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.

Sam: And stay down. Shit! Sucks for you. Ah, hell. What’s the plan? Up there! C’mon, you ready? We gotta go up to get out. Nathan?!

Nate: Coming!

Sam: Nathan!

Nate: Here… we… go… Oh, no, no, no! That works. Hey, Sam!

Sam: Coming! Good work! Happy to help. Man, we really kicked the hornet’s nest, didn’t we?

Nate: Yeah, we kicked it, punched it, and set it’s on fire.

Sam: (laughs) I got one! Nice shot! Got ‘em!

Sullivan: God damn it, Nate. I can hear the fireworks from here. What the hell’s going on?

Nate: Long story; short version is get us the hell out of here!

Sullivan: Yeah, I figured. Hold tight, be there soon as I can!

Nate: Ah, hell-- Sam, watch the turret!

Sam: Good shot!

Nate: My turn now!

Sam: To your right!

Sam: I hit him!

Nate: Whoa. Shit.

Sam: Nice shot, little brother! That’s it, let’s keep moving!

Nate: Ah, shit--! Sam! Sniper!

Sam: Jesus! Nice shot!

Nate: Find cover!

Sam: Up there, more of ‘em! All right, you got him!

Sam: Downed one! Keep running! Don’t stop! Is this how it always is for you?!

Nate: No! Well, kind of. Yeah… yes. Yes, definitely.

Sam: I got one! God, wasn’t Victor saying the weather is lovely this time of year?! I can’t see shit.

Nate: Just keep heading down until we hit the water. Sam, down here! Crap, we gotta get past these guys.

Sam: Good shot, Nathan! Guy’s down!

Nate: Shit.

Sullivan: Boys, they’re shooting at my plane. Hurry the hell up, or your ride’s gonna sink!

Sam: You got him!

Nate: Okay, here we go… ahh! Get ready!

Sam: Ah, this is gonna suck!

Nate: Aahh! Sully! Get her going! C’mon! C’mon! Go, go!

[They get to the plane and fly away.]

Nate: Here. That was a close one, huh?

Sallivan: They shot up my goddamned plane, Nate!

Sam: We’re fine, thanks. How soon can you get us to Madagascar?

Sullivan: No treasure, then.

Nate: Not yet.

Sam: I don’t know what you’re talking about? Look. We’re rich! (shows them the coin he get in the cave)

Sullivan: Jesus… Suppose it’s a start. And you think the rest is in Madagascar?

Nate: There was a chamber back there with a giant map of Madagascar on the floor, so… Yeah, it’s probably there.

Sullivan: This is beginning to smell a whole lot like wild goose, kid.

Nate: Look, the treasure was never in Scotland, okay?

Sam: Then what was the point of all that, huh? Of the Saint Dismas cross?

Nate: Look. It’s like I said, I think Avery was recruiting people. The cross was an invitation. The caves were just some sort of… initiation.

Sam: Oh, so we all passed, huh? Congrats, Victor. We get eye patches and parrots now.

Sullivan: I don’t get it. Why the hell would they go to all that bother just to weed people out?

Nate: To protect himself. the most wanted man in the world at that time. He had to enlist people that he could trust in order to keep their treasure secret.

Sam: Whaddya mean, “their” treasure?

Nate: Just-- think about this. Thomas Tew was a successful pirate in his own right. What would he possibly stand to gain from joining Avery? I think Avery sent out crosses only to the other wealthy pirates like himself. What if they pooled and hid all their treasure together?

Sam: That would make the Gunsway haul look like chump change.

Sullivan: Ho ho, holy shit. Okay, so where exactly in Madagascar are we going?

Sam: King’s Bay. It was an old pirate haven back in Avery’s time.

Sullivan: I know it well… It’s a big place. Anything more specific?

Sam: Well, that map chamber completely caved uh, so, you know… What are you laughing about?

Nate: The people who survived the caves… the recruits. What’s the one thing they would’ve left with?

Sam: (looking at the coin) There’s a volcano on this.

Sullivan: Huh… and there’s a volcano near King’s Bay. Which means we need to get to a move on.

[Next scene. Nate calls Elena.]

Elena: Hey! Hey, Nate?

Nate: Hi, honey.

Elena: Hi, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. Are you okay?

Nate: Yeah, of course. What do you mean?

Elena: Oh, you know, the news… there’s been all that flooding. Maybe going to Malaysia during the monsoon season wasn’t such a good idea?

Nate: Yeah, right… Right. Yeah, it uh-- it grounded us for sure, you know… Had some equipment failure… but you know no one’s hurt or anything.

Elena: Well, as long as you guys are safe. So, are you going to start work tomorrow?

Nate: Postponed, actually. Looks like we’re gonna need maybe another ten days or so.

Elena: Ugh, ten days? Hey, well… why don’t I just uh, go ahead and buy a ticket then.

Nate: Oh, you know you don’t have to do that. It’s fine. I mean, you know these guys always overestimate things. I’m sure it’ll be less time than that.

Elena: Okay, well… You know, don’t rush, make sure that you’re safe.

Nate: I will. Always do. Listen, I’m-- I’m sorry I gotta go. Jameson’s calling me over.

Elena: Okay…

Nate: I love you.

Elena: Love you too.

[Next scene. Savanna.]

Sam: What’s the satellites saying, Victor?

Sullivan: Right now, not a goddamn thing. I lost the signal.

Nate: Hey, y’know what never loses its signal? Paper. All right, this route right should take us straight to the volcano. Might get a little bumpy though.

Sam: Let’s get this show on the road.

Sullivan: Okay.

Nate: All right.

Chapter 10: The Twelve TowersEdit

Sullivan: So, what’re we doing for out here?

Nate: Well, the map shows all these structures around the volcano. Some abandoned outposts, a handful, of watch towers.

Sullivan: Watch towers?

Sam: Avery was the most wanted man in the world, so if he was hiding something out here, makes sense he’d heed lookouts.

Nate: And one of those towers is right on the volcano.

Sullivan: With Avery’s treasure?

Sam: Fingers crossed.

Sullivan: I see some ruins up ahead.

Nate: Wait here, I’ll go take a look.

Sam: So, Victor, you still do a lot of traveling these days?

Sullivan: I try… I tend to, pick jobs that get me away from the computer.

Sam: I was telling Nathan… it’s shocking how much of the business has moved to the internet. I mean, I bet you have all sorts of options to get rid of hot cargo now.

Sullivan: Yeah, sure but I prefer talking to clients face-to-face… get a good read on ‘em. Hard to do that in a chat room talking to some guy named “Antiquity Master 37.”

Nate: Hmm. Not much to see here.

Sam: Well?

Nate: Ah, nothing worthwhile. C’mon, let’s keep going. So with our luck, what are the odds this volcano is going to erupt on us?

Sullivan: Zero. It’s extinct. Trust me, that’s the first thing I looked up when we said we were heading for a volcano. That, and where to rent the cheapest 4x4.

Nate: Wait, Sully… you’re telling me that you actually did some research?

Sullivan: Can’t let you be the know-it-all every time, kid.

Sam: That bridge there is what you would call “rickety.”

Nate: Ah, this looks promising. C’mon, c’mon, baby. Let’s go. Go, go, go, go! Made it.

Sullivan: Okay, kid. Just… don’t drop us.

Sam: Hey, just-- keep it slow… keep it in the center.

Nate: Yeah, there’s a lot of backseat driving going on right now.

Sam: Whoa!

Nate: We’re good. Everything’s good.

Sullivan: Jesus Christ. Onward and upward.

Nate: Agh, we’re getting nowhere fast.

Sam: You need traction here. Nathan, the rocks.

Nate: I got it, I’m got it. Okay, think I’m getting the hang of this…

Sullivan: Oh, Jesus. Oh, my spine.

Nate: Look, tire tracks-- someone came up this way.

Sam: Hey, look up there on the hill! Got a tower or something.

Sullivan: Now we’re talking.

Sam: Hey, Victor, what were you arguing with the rental guy about?

Sullivan: Oh, your brother insisted on getting a 4x4 with a winch.

Sam: So you sprung for the winch, but you couldn’t spring for the suspension. I got it.

Nate: Hey it’s important. Going off road, it might rain, might be muddy.

Sullivan: I’ll bet we go this whole goddamn thing and never use that winch.

Nate: Whoa!

Sullivan: Ah shit--! Take this slow, kid…

Nate: Yeah…

Sam: So Nathan, you’re thinking Avery, Tew, and some other big-shot pirates pooled their treasure, and came out here because… why, exactly?

Nate: Who knows, maybe for protection? British authorities we’re closing in on ‘em.

Sam: Sure. Maybe he helped them disappear? I mean, the guy clearly had a knack for hiding things.

Nate: And… go!

Sullivan: And… no.

Sam: Ah, it was a valiant effort.

Nate: Let’s go check out that tower.

Sam: I’ll come with. It’s in pretty good shape for something several hundred years old.

Nate: Yeah. They’re definitely ruins from Avery’s era. Sam, look.

Sam: That’s Christopher Condent’s sigil. Captain of the Fiery Dragon. Operated out of Madagascar around Avery’s time. So… maybe Avery recruits pirate captains… to what, be his lookouts? That don’t make any sense.

Nate: Huh… bark’s stripped away. Something was wrapped around this tree. (to Sully) Hey, did you know our car came with a winch?

Sullivan: No, really? I didn’t know. Whatcha gonna do with it?

Nate: Not sure yet. (straps the winch) There. That oughta do it. (sliding the mud) Whoo… whoa… whoa…

Sullivan: Well, that looked like fun.

Nate: Steeper than it looks. All right, ready?

Sullivan: Give it a shot.

Nate: Here we go. Steady… (laughs) You see, Sully? Winch. Totally worth it.

Sullivan: We cleared a hill. It hasn’t exactly paid for itself.

Nate: Well, not yet. Small victories.

Sullivan: Yeah, well, I’ll celebrate the big ones.

Nate: I just gotta put the winch back and we’ll be on our way.

Sam: Feast your eyes, gentlemen.

Nate: Wow.

Sullivan: Spectacular.

Sam: Just imagine… you’ve come here, a well-to-do pirate, far away from your oppressive government.

Sullivan: (laughs) Poor, oppressed pirates. All they wanted to do was to murder and pillage in peace.

Sam: No, no. They wanted to live as free man.

Nate: Well… if you’re gonna pick a place to run away from society, you could do a lot worse that here.

Sullivan: It’s taking forever to get to this volcano.

Sam: Patience, Victor. Patience. Do you know how those pirates got here? They had to start in England, sail to Brazil, then cut back across the Atlantic to South Africa…

Sullivan: Sam--

Sam: And they figured all that out with paper, charts, and by looking at the stars.

Sullivan: Hey. You’re describing sailing to a former squid.

Sam: The point is, we got it pretty easy.

Sullivan: Yeah? Well… still taking a long time.

Sam: Hahahahaha!

Nate: Sorry, sorry… Good car, don’t die… don’t die on me.

Sam: Hey, Nathan, cheek out that cave there.

Nate: I’ll be right back.

Sullivan: Hey, you see something?

Nate: Let’s roll.

Sullivan: This thing come with airbags? Or parachutes? (hear an explosion) Oh, shit! Stop, stop!

Nate: I see ‘em. Here…

Sam: What do we got?

Nate: Military types, poking around.

Sam: Nadine’s guys?

Nate: Yep.

Sam: Son of a bitch.

Nate: Looks like they found an old colony outpost.

Sullivan: But the wrong one, right?

Nate: That’s the good news.

Sullivan: That means there’s bad news.

Nate: The only route to the volcano is straight through them.

Sullivan: Well, shit. We do have the drop on ‘em.

Sam: What’s the play here, Nathan?

Nate: Just follow my lead.

Mercenary 1: Howzit – you have that dinges hooked up yet?

Mercenary 2: We’re still set up just waiting on approval from Nadine to blow it.

Mercenary 1: Good. Place looks empty. I’d like to get it over with and move on.

Mercenary 2: Let’s go, gentlemen! It’s gonna be a hot, long day and we have lots to do. If those Drake boys show heir pretty faces, you all know what to do!

Mercenary 3: I serve ‘em right, too. Just hope I bag ‘em first.

Mercenary 4: Ha. Your shaky hands couldn’t do anything ‘til they get in bludgeoning distance. I’m afraid it’ll be my honor.

Mercenary 3: Up for a wager on it. For the usual amount?

Mercenary 4: Oh, you re on.

Mercenary 5: I got one!

Sam: Well, this should be fun!

Sullivan: Nate, sniper!

Nate: Uh, oh, no, no, no, no.

Sam: Got ‘em! They’re on your left!

Sam: Saw that. Good one!

Nate: Okay… I think that’s it.

Sam: God damn it… Rafe and Nadine must have dozens of guys out here. They could just stumble of to the treasure through blind luck…

Nate: Oh, crap.

Sullivan: Jesus, these pirates really need to work on their infrastructure.

Sam: Now how do we get outta here?

Sam: C’mon, c’mon!

Nate: (laughs) Again with the winch, Sully. Pretty handy, right?

Sullivan: I wasn’t against getting the winch, I was against getting ripped off.

Sam: Easy…

Nate: Sully, just how well do you know Nadine?

Sullivan: Why…?

Nate: I was thinking, maybe you can contact her, convince her to call off her goons.

Sullivan: (laughs) Yeah, right.

Nate: What if we promise her a bigger cut than Rafe?

Sullivan: No, that’s not how she operates. She’s more a money-up-front kind of mercenary. So Rafe’s got the advantage there.

Sam: Look. Shoreline.

Nate: Yeah. They‘re definitely going all in, aren’t they?

Sullivan: And get getting awful close to that volcano.

Sam: I was thinking the same damn thing. What if they found the treasure already?

Nate: Well, look, they’re searching every inch of this place, if they’d found it already, they wouldn’t be searching.

Sam: Yeah… yeah, you’re right.

Sullivan: Hey Sam. If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you pass the time in prison?

Sam: Well, well, well. (laughs) Get it? You know, ‘cause it’s a well.

Nate: Sully, he stole your joke.

Sullivan: I noticed. Good sense of humor, though.

Nate: What have we here?

Sullivan: Did ya film something down there?

Nate: Maybe. Do me a favor, get behind the wheel for a sec?

Sullivan: Will do.

Nate: Hey Sully! Throw the car in reverse.

Sullivan: Okay, give me a second.

Nate: (find a note) Damn. These pirates weren’t messing around. Okay…. What do we have here?

Sullivan: So?

Nate: Nothing major, I’ll show ya back at the hotel. Sully, what were you talking about?

Sullivan: Uh… Yeah, so… If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you pass the time in prison?

Sam: Ah, y’know, reading, mostly. There was this one guard, saw me as a charity case, I guess. He’d check out books from the library for me.

Sullivan: So what’d you read.

Sam: History, especially everything related to Avery and other pirates… just in case, you know.

Sullivan: Sure.

Sam: You know, besides books…

Sullivan: Ah, hell. See that smoke?

Sam: Whoa, whoa, Shoreline. Slow down.

Nate: Sorry. You were saying?

Sam: Um… oh, right. You know, besides books… push-ups… smoking… trying to stay out of fights between rival gangs… Just a whole lot of thinking. That’s pretty much it.

Nate: Sam, if you had a guard doing you favors, why didn’t you use him to at word to us?

Sam: Oh, I tried. I asked him to mail a letter – to your P.O. box.

Nate: I never got it.

Sam: That would be because th warden saw it. I got busted up pretty bad and never saw that guard again.

Sullivan: Jesus.

Sam: I got my own back when the warden decided to room me with Alcazar. That didn’t turn out how he expected.

Sullivan: You know, come to think of it… I actually dealt with Alcazar a few decades ago, even before I met you two.

Sam: No shit? How are you still alive?

Sullivan: Well he wasn’t quite the man he is today. Still working his way up the criminal ladder then. I sold his boss a few woodcut prints I’d smuggled out of Japan. He was into shoguns and such. Alcazar was the go-between.

Nate: What was he like?

Sullivan: Soft spoken, but intense. Like he could explode at the slightest provocation.

Sam: (chuckles) Well, he hasn’t hanged much then has he?

Sullivan: I got my money and got the hell out of there.

Sam: So… pirate walks into a bar…

Sullivan: Oh great. Here we go.

Sam: And he’s got this steering wheel sticking out of his crotch.

Sullivan: All right.

Sam: So the bartender goes, “hey man, what’s with the wheel?” And the pirate says back, “Arrrr! It’s drivin’ me nuts!” (laughs) Ahhhh I love that one.

Sullivan: Don’t make me leave you out here.

Sam: Whoa.

Sullivan: Looks like Shoreline found something. Go slow.

Nate: You got it.

Sullivan: This thing come with airbags? Or parachutes?

Nate: Check it out, boys…

Sam: That is it?

Nate: Cool.

Sam: Holy shit. You can probably see all of King’s Bay from up here.

Sullivan: Yeah. Hey look, there’s the city…

Sam: And there’s the river valley…

Nate: Hey guys, there’s another tower just over the hill.

Sillivan: See any Shoreline mercs?

Nate: I can’t tell.

Sam: Well, wouldja look at this.

Nate: Quite the view.

Sam: I just keep waiting to wake up, and find myself in solitary or something. It’s all some kind of dream.

Nate: Sam.

Sam: No, no, no guilt grip. I’m just… let’s go find this thing.

Nate: You bet. (to Sully) So, how’re you doin’?

Sullivan: Eh, still in one piece.

Nate: I appreciate you coming along for the ride. And especially for negotiating with that rental guy.

Sullivan: (laughs) No problem. Hell, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying myself.

Nate: Me too.

Nate: Well, it would appear we got here first.

Sam: Let’s check the place out and keep moving. Whaddya make of the drawbridge, Nathan?

Nate: A little out of place. But you don’t put up a drawbridge unless you’re trying to hide something…

Sam: Such as… pirate treasure?

Nate: Maybe… Huh… Shoreline must’ve been here before. Finders keepers.

Sam: I’m gonna go check out that drawbridge.

Nate: Sounds good.

Sullivan: Hey, be careful, kid.

Sam: Hey Nathan, the stairs are busted. There’s no way up to the drawbridge crank.

Nate: All right, I’ll see if there’s something up here! Whoa! Hey guys, there’s a massive tower just past the drawbridge. Biggest one yet. (pushing big crate) Sam! Special delivery! (falling with it) Whhooaaa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Sullivan: Hey kid, you all right?

Sam: You all right?

Nate: Yeah.

Sam: You go, this?

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Sam: All right, see you in a few.

Sullivan: I’ll bring tie car closer!

Nate: You two just relax, I got this.

Sam: I mean, there’s only one crank, ow?

Sullivan: (laughs) Keep up the good work, kid. Stop, stop! Shoreline coming!

Sam: Nathan! Shoreline!

Nate: Oh, no. Guys! Hide! Ah, these clowns are really getting on my nerves.

Mercenary 1: Rental car-- must be theirs.

Mercenary 2: Form a grid! I want him found. No warning shots. You see them, you take them down.

Mercenary 3: Come out, come out! I promise to make it quick for ya.

Mercenary 2: Careful. Lots of hiding places around here.

Sullivan: Sniper!

Sam: One down!

Sullivan: I got him, kid! Nate, look what I found. (laughs) Going somewhere, pal-y? Shit, there’s more of ‘em! I got him!

Sam: Nathan, get 0 r0

Sullivan: You still got it, kid!

Sam: Gotcha! Nice one!

Sullivan: Hey, Nate! Let’s go before more Shorelines show up!

Nate: All right… now… let’s get that bridge down. Let’s try that again. There we go. Big tower on a volcano.

Sam: Looks like the end’s in sight, huh? Y’know, not to nit-pick, but Avery spent all that money on towers, would it have killed him to put a guard rail up here?

Nate: Gonna take a look around.

Sullivan: So, just how much do you owe Alcazar?

Sam: Uh… half.

Sullivan: Half of what?

Sam: Well, he only knows about the Gunsway heist…

Sullivan: Which is worth 400 million.

Sam: Right, but if Nathan’s theory is correct, then there’s a lot more treasure at play.

Sullivan: Well, you shoulda told him it was…. 200,000. You never tell your partners how much job is really worth.

Sam: Wasn’t exactly expecting to be “partners” with him.

Nate: We’re all set. Here we go…

Sullivan: Uh oh… Oh, shit!

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…!

Nate: Okay! Don’t panic!

Sullivan: I am very much panicking here!

Sam: That cable’s gonna snap--!

Sullivan: Nate…?

Sam: Nathan! I gotcha!

Sullivan: Hold on tight, kid!

Sam: I gotcha! C’mon, c’mon!

Sullivan: You okay?

Nate: I’ve been better.

Sullivan: Get us out of this, kid!

Nate: All right, hang on!

Sam: Hail Mary full of grace our Lord is with thee blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb…!

Sullivan: Easy kid… easy…

Nate: Ah… well, that was fun, right?

Sullivan: Yeah? Well, I’m definitely sharing this one with my shrink.

Sam: (laughs) Wait, you have a shrink.

Sullivan: No… but I will after this.

Nate: Come on, you guys are over-reacting. I had the whole thing under control. Hold onto something!

Sam: Ah, ha, ha…!

Nate: Ah… well, that was a nice change of pace.

Sam: Yeah, I’m almost disappointed… almost.

Nate: Now… let’s fir d our way in.

Sam: Let’s go claim our treasure, boys!

Nate: Can’t get in that way. Let’s see what we got here…

Sullivan: Hey hey hey, careful with that thing, kid.

Nate: Huh. Looks like there’s something back here, Sam…?

Sam: Yeah, let’s do this. Damn, it’s bricked over.

Sullivan: The hell are you doing, kid?

Sam: Time to see that’s inside.

Sam: Hurry up, you two!

Sullivan: And he’s off.

Nate: Sam, wait up!

Sam: Come on! Nathan, Victor! This way!

Sullivan: He seems excited.

Nate: He’s got a lot riding on this.

Nate: Whoa.

Sullivan: Magnificent. Don’t see a treasure though.

Sam: Hey, guys…?

Nate: Coming!

Sam: Come check this out.

Nate: Ah, Saint Dismas… we meet again.

Sullivan: So… what do we got?

Nate: More sigils. There’s our boy Avery. Thomas Tew. And that’s, um…

Sam: That’s Adam Baldridge. That’s Joseph Farrell, and that’s Richard Want.

Nate: Hm. Pirate captains.

Sam: All right, so maybe yo pirate pool theory wasn’t so ridiculous after all.

Nate: All right, so uh… Let’s see, what do you think the trick is here? You gotta push a button, pull something?

Sam: Maybe… maybe one of the arms, or…?

Nate: Give it a shot.

Sam: C’mon…

Sullivan: Boys. Whenever you’re done fondling poor Saint Dismas, I think you might want to come take a look at this. The trapezoid is obviously the volcano. The crown, that’s King’s Bay. We’ve got ourselves a map, gentlemen.

Sam: Victor, you’re a goddamn genius.

Sullivan: You hear that, Nate? Genius.

Nate: Yeah, yeah. Okay, so, if we’re here… this tower lines up with Avery’s sigil.

Sam: Okay, so then the other sigils…

Nate: Must be the towers from Avery’s time.

Sam: Well, I mean… our treasure’s gotta be in one of them, right?

Sullivan: Yeah, but which one? I count twelve towers.

Sam: Hey, ah… Victor?

Sullivan: Huh? You didn’t start smoking cigarettes by any chance, did ya?

Sullivan: Looks like we’re not the first ones here.

Mercenary: Fire in the hole!

Nate: Get down!

Mercenary: We got the drop on ‘em!

Sam: Oh, shit! It’s an ambush! Nathan, armored guy! Nathan, take cover!

Nate: Uh-oh.

Sullivan: Here they come again!

Nate: Son of a bitch! Guy’s a real charmer.

Sam: Nice shot!

Mercenary: Don’t let up! They’re trapped in here!

Sam: Grenade launcher!

Nate: No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh boy!

Sam: Get down!

Sullivan: Jesus. That all of ‘em?

Nate: Well, let’s hope so. You okay?

Sullivan: Yeah. Yeah, fine. Sam?

Sam: Yeah, over here!

Nate: Hey, what’re you doing?

Sam: Just confirming a suspicion. Shit. Look at this.

Nate: They figured out the towers too.

Sam: Locations, sigils, the works.

Sullivan: So now what?

Sam: Now what? Now we’re screwed. Okay, because there’s three of us. And there’s God knows how many of them? And they have a head start.

Nate: Yeah, but they don’t know which tower to go to yet.

Sam: That’s great, Nathan, cause neither do we.

Nate: Yes we do. Look. It’s a little worn down. Right there, that’s a match.

Sam: Are you sure? Because I mean it could be this one, too.

Nate: Crap.

Sullivan: But still… two beats the hell out of twelve.

Sam: All right. I’m gonna take this tower.

Sam: All right. I’m gonna take this tower. You and Sully, you take that one. You and Sully take that one.

Nate: No, no, no, no,no. Rafe’s guys are all over these towers by now.

Sam: Exactly. So if we wanna have a chance to catch them, then we’ve gotta split up.

Nate: Sam, just hold up a second, will ya?

Sullivan: Nate, he’s right. These towers are at opposite ends of King’s Bay.

Nate: (sighs) Damn it. If you run into any of those Shoreline clowns, you call us, okay?

Sam: See you soon.

Nate: (sighs)

Sullivan: C’mon, Nate. We gotta hurry.

Nate: Yeah.

Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain SightEdit

Nate: All right, there’s our tower.

Sullivan: You really think all that treasure gonna be just sitting in the middle of a goddamn market?

Nate: Oh yeah, that’ll be crazy.

Sullivan: (scoffs)

Nate: But we’ve seen crazy before.

Sullivan: That we have.

Nate: Comin’ through. Excuse me.

Woman: Apples! Buy my fresh apples! Only fifteen hundred Ariary! (about )

Nate: Ah, no. Okay. Fine. Fine. Here.

Woman: Ah, thank you very much, sir. Enjoy your apple! And tell your friends!

Nate: Hey there, little guy. How you doin’? Hey, you like that? Huh?

Sullivan: Nate. Tower.

Nate: But, Sully, c’mon. It’s a lemur! C’mon. Come say hi.

Sullivan: (scoffs) That’s all right.

Nate: (chuckles) So cute. Whoa-- hey! Hey, Sully, look who’s back. (laughs) Hey! He stole my apple.

Sullivan: (laughs) Can’t trust anyone these days.

Nate: Hey, you know what? After this is over and done with… I’m gonna get a dog.

Sullivan: Hey, we come out of this in one piece, I’ll buy you the damn dog.

Nate: Can I name it Victor?

Sullivan: (laughs) Sure. Oh man. Something smells really good.

Nate: Excuse me. Hey, here we go… Locked… I guess we’re gonna have to sneak in.

Sullivan: Discreetly.

Nate: Implied by the use of the word “sneak,” Sully.

Sullivan: Ah. Hey, check it out – that window over there is broken.

Nate: Hey Sully! Think we can squeeze through here.

Sullivan: That’ll work. Jesus. Long way down. You okay back there?

Sullivan: You keep your pace. I’ll keep mine.

Nate: Yeah, well, at least you got a great view, right? Okay. Let’s see what we got.

Sullivan: Wow. This place is in much better shape than the other towers.

Nate: It’s right in the middle of the city. Holy…

Sullivan: This is a very tall clock tower.

Nate: Yes. Yes it is. Now what do you bet…?

Sullivan: Oh ho… I think we’re onto something. Scorpion… guy with a… large pitcher…

Nate: (laughs) They’re zodiac symbols. Look, there’s Leo.

Sullivan: Ah, and Taurus.

Nate: Yeah four signs…

Sullivan: And four bells way up there. And these things in the middle of the floor look like locks.

Nate: I got it. Let’s go ring some bells. Crap.

Sullivan: Shit. Now what?

Nate: This is definitely the place. Call Sam!

Sullivan: On it.

Nate: Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus.

Sullivan: Voicemail. Hey, Sam. Looks like we’re at the right tower Call us. They don’t have the best coverage in this city.

Nate: Well, no reason to wait. I’ll be right back. Okay. Hoo boy. (laughs) I’ll be damned. Hey check it out, Sully -- the clock still works!

Sullivan: Yeah I noticed. Now try not to get tangled in those gears up there.

Nate: You bet! Whoa! Uh oh. Better move! That was too close. You okay?

Sullivan: Yeah, all right!

Nate: Okay, just gotta jump through that gear. Leo. I dated a Leo once. Scorpio. Bet Avery was a Scorpio. Agh! Okay, that is really loud.

Sullivan: Hey Nate, that did the trick! The Scorpio lock just released!

Nate: Okay, moving on to the next one! Oh… feelin’ a little nauseous here… Aquarius. Always nice people. Jesus…

Sullivan: Two down, two to go, kid!

Nate: Well, let’s see here. Should have brought earplugs.

Sullivan: Leo is unlocked!

Nate: Okay, one left… Okay. Got it. Hey Sully, any word from Sam?

Sullivan: Not yet!

Nate: Yeah, he’s probably fine… maybe just forgot to charge his phone… Oh. Thank you.

Sullivan: Nate, that did it!

Nate: Great!

Sullivan: Taurus is unlocked and Avery’s sigil just appeared in the floor.

Nate: And?

Sullivan: Damn. That’s it. Nothin’.

Nate: Well hey, there is that big bell at the top. Hold on. I’m headin’ on up.

Sullivan: Okay! Watch those gears!

Nate: ‘Kay, here we go. Uh oh. Better move! Whoa whoa whoa-whoa whoa whoa! Whew. (chuckles) Ah, that was fun. Huh. This gear isn’t doing much for me. Maybe see what’s out that window. Wow, now this is a nice view. Oh! No no no no no…! Well, there you are. I sure hop you’re doing okay out there, Sam. Okay Sully, I made it! Ah, crap! Sully! Heads up!

Sullivan: Jesus. What the hell happened?

Nate: Sorry! The handle broke.

Sullivan: Yeah, well try not to drop anything else on my head, all right?

Nate: I’ gonna have to ring it myself. All right, here we go. Sully! Get the hell out of the way! Get ready to jump. Now! Got it! Okay! Go, go, go, climb. Gotta get Up, gotta get up…! Holy shit. Ha ha.

Sullivan: Jesus Christ.

Nate: Hey Sully. Oh shit. At least I got the door open though, huh?

Sullivan: That’s one way to do it. You all right?

Nate: I don’t know yet. You?

Sullivan: Deaf.

Nate: C’mon. Let’s see what Avery has in store for us. All right.

Sullivan: Yep. Hey, look. The coin. You want it?

Nate: Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s see what‘s down here.

Sullivan: Fingers crossed for piles of gold and jewels. Sam! Finally, you okay?

Sam: Just searched my tower. I got nothing.

Sullivan: Yeah, well, we’re definitely in the right place. Make your way over here.

Sam: Are you serious? Okay, I’m on my way.

Sullivan: He’s coming.

Nate: Good. Sully?

Sullivan: Way ahead of ya.

Nate: Whoa.

Sullivan: Hey, are, those our boys.

Nate: Yup. Henry Avery, Thomas Tew: partners in crime. Founders. Founders of what?

Sullivan: Worst scavenger hunt ever?

Nate: (chuckles) Here are Avery and Tew’s signs. These are a little different though.

Sullivan: Yeah. They got those star patterns on them.

Nate: They turn. But which way are they supposed to go… (solve the puzzle) Whoa…

Sullivan: Okay… Should we go look?

Nate: Yeah… just a second.

Sullivan: More pirate symbols.

Nate: Adam Baldridge, Anne Bonny, and uh, Christopher Condent. (trying to solve the puzzle but fails) I mean there’s too many permutations.

Sullivan: I say we see where hat door leads. Still hoping for some treasure here.

Nate: You and me both. Hey look, I was right. Baldridge, Bonny, and Condent.

Sullivan: Splendid. But why are they here in the first place?

Nate: Well, let‘s find out. Whoa. That mustache. It almost as impressive as yours.

Sullivan: Eh. It’s all right.

Nate: Hmm. Hey, look at these stars. They’re just like the ones on the Avery and Tew sigils in the other room.

Sullivan: Hey, you’re right.

Nate: Ah, that’s right. Condent went by “Billy One-Hand.” Guess he had one made. Here’s another one of those star patterns.

Sullivan: Yeah, but this one’s different than that first one.

Nate: Oh yeah. Good catch.

Sullivan: Thank you. See I’m not just a pretty face. What do you think?

Nate: Those Avery and Tew sigils. The stars on those lined up, remember? I bet these line up too.

Sullivan: Huh.

Nate: Voila.

Sullivan: (Nate solve the puzzle) More of ‘em. And another doorway.

Nate: Yeah.

Sullivan: So who were these guys?

Nate: That’s… Um… They are ah…

Sullivan: You don’t know do ya?

Nate: Hey, here were a lot of pirates out there, you know.

Sullivan: So we’re stuck?

Nate: No we’re not stuck. Would you-- give me your phone.

Sullivan: What you’re gonna phone a friend?

Nate: Close. Text a brother. (sends the photo) There.

Sullivan: You know, these are actually some nice paintings. If we don’t find the treasure, maybe we could sell them to a museum.

Nate: Let’s find those star patterns.

Sullivan: Hey. Just saying.

Nate: William Mayes…

Sullivan: American?

Nate: Yeah, from Rhode Island, just like Thomas Tew. Hey. You still in the tower?

Sam: Yeah, just climbed back down. What’s with the picture you just sent?

Nate: I’ll fill you in later. For now, just tell me who’s who.

Sam: Well, the dolphins are Richard Want. The trident is Joseph Farrell, and the two hands with the pearl is William Mayes.

Nate: All right, great. Stay where there’s good reception. I might need your help again.

Sam: Wait, Nathan. Did you find the treasure?

Nate: No, not yet. But I got a mechanism to solve here; I’ll let you know.

Sullivan: Books, globe. This Want guy looks like a scholar.

Nate: Hey, Richard Want. He was the Captain of the Dolphin.

Sullivan: Whoo. Looks like he and Baldridge were in a best wig competition.

Nate: Mm. Nah. Aha. Hey Sully, gimme a hand.

[They put the painting in the place.]

Sullivan: You got it.

Nate: Thanks. Is it straight?

Sullivan: Who the hell cares?

Nate: Well, I care.

Sullivan: God, look at Farrell’s face. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

Nate: Nada. (Nothing) (solve the puzzle) There.

Sullivan: Oh, god damn it. Okay. So who do we have here?

Nate: Ah--

Sullivan: You know, I’m honestly shocked you don’t know this stuff.

Nate: Oh, I do. I just want to make sure Sam knows… You know, because he likes to feel useful. That’s all.

Sullivan: Aha. Of course. Shit. What happened here?

Nate: A torch probably fell or something. C’mon, let’s see what’s left. I don‘t recognize this guy.

Sullivan: Looks a lot younger than the other pirates.

Nate: That’s one. Oh, Sam texted me back.

Left to Edward England.
Tariq bin Malik, Yazid-al-Basra
I’ve never seen the monkey sigil before

Nate: Ah, you see there Sully? Turns out Sam doesn’t know everything either.

Sullivan: Gloating is unseemly.

Nate: Yeah, I know… Let’s just look at the paintings. Huh… no name. This guy’s getup looks Moorish. Found the stars… But who are you? Huh. Yazid al-Basra.

Sullivan: Looks Indian.

Nate: Close. Mughal.

Sullivan: Wait, aren’t the Mughals the ones Avery robbed.

Nate: Honor among thieves.

Sullivan: Huh, yeah, like that’s ever the case?

Nate: Nuh uh. Mmm Nada. (Nothing) Nuh uh. Hmm. Edward England.

Sullivan: Stout little fellow.

Nate: And four. All right… I got the names of two of them. We should still be able to figure this out. (solve the puzzle) Boom! (laughs) Would you look at that.

Sullivan: Here we go. What do we got?

Nate: Ah… not sure yet.

Sullivan: Maybe send it to Sam?

Nate: Really?

Sullivan: Hey. You’re the one that said he’s the pirate expert. Just saying.

Nate: (taking photos) Okay. That’s one. And two Last one. All right, let’s see what he makes of ‘em.

Sullivan: You know… That kinda looks--

Nate: Hold on. (making graphite copy)

Sullivan: What’re you doing? You just took pictures.

Nate: Hold that. Y’know, Avery’s recruits wouldn’t’ve had smartphones, obviously…

Sullivan: Obviously.

Nate: So this would’ve been the only way for them to get to the next clue.

Sullivan: (chuckles) These are clues?

Nate: Yeah, lemme see. Voila.

Sullivan: (chuckles) All right, these could be trade winds… yeah, and these look like I

Nate: Yeah.

Sullivan: And I would guess that we are packing our bags again, boy-o. What?

Nate: “Pro Deus quod licentia.” No, no -- it can’t be.

Sullivan: Can’t be what?

Nate: Oh my God. It’s so obvious.

Sullivan: Nate?

Nate: Why didn’t I see this before?

Sullivan: Jesus, enough with the “beautiful mind” shit. What the hell are you talking about?

Nate: Just, just, hang on.

Sam: Did you get the photos?

Rafe: (laughs) Here I am, I’m calling what I thought was Sullivan’s phone… and look who picks up. How you been, Nate?

Nate: Hey, Rafe. It’s been a long time. How’d you get this number? Sullivan leave it on a cocktail napkin?

Rafe: (laughs) I wish. That only would’ve cost me a few hots of rum, right? No, no, I had to pay top dollar to find you guys.

Nate: Yeah. Well, I hope you didn’t spend too much on this whole very thing. I hear the competition’s fierce.

Rafe: Yeah, you pulled off some clever moves there… but in the end all that matters is who Avery’s treasure first.

Nate: (chuckles) That sounds like a bet.

Rafe: Hey, Nate, you know I’m always game but my partner… Well, she prefers to… mitigate unnecessary risks.

Nate: Wow. Rafe Adler taking orders from somebody else. Oh, how times have changed.

Rafe: Look, Nate. I’m gonna make you a one-time offer here… You drop everything… go home, live your life… and I’m willing to forgive and forget. For old time’s sake.

Nate: As tempting as that sounds, Rafe… I gotta say, I’m… not normally the kind of guy who likes to quit while he’s ahead.

Rafe: Okay. “Pro Deus quod licentia.” For God and liberty. These are nice pictures, Nate. Good composition.

Nate: You hacked our phones.

Rafe: You stole my cross! Listen, Nate… if you’re half as smart as you think you are… you’ll accept my offer. What’s it gonna be.

Nate: Listen, as nice as it’s been to catch up with you, I… really got to take this call so…

Rafe: Well, Nate, one more thing-- Nate!

Nate: What?

Rafe: You, uh… you do realize that your phones are equipped with GPS, right? I’ll see you soon, buddy.

Nate: Shit.

Sullivan: Let me guess. Goons with guns on their way here now?

Nate: Sam.

Sam: “For God and liberty.” Nathan, do you understand what this means?

Nate: Sam, listen to me. Get off the streets right now. And destroy your phone.

Sam: What’s going on?

Nate: Rafe knows where we are! All right, you gotta find some place to hide.

Sam: Oh shit!

Nate: Sam? Sam! (sighs) Damn it.

Sullivan: Hey…!

Nate: I’ll buy you a new one.

Sullivan: Okay.

Nate: Sully… Think that’s Sam’s tower.

Sullivan: That’s definitely Sam’s tower. Come on. This way.

Sullivan: Eh… Pardon me.

Nate: Excuse me. Excusez-moi (Excuse me) How long you think before Rafe gets here?

Sullivan: (chuckles) Let’s not stick around to find out.

Nate: Sorry, pal.

Sullivan: Come on. Down here, Nate! Nate, watch out! Everyone out of the way! Good work. Down! Whoa! You know, I’m not 100% sure, but, I think they found us! That one didn’t work, Nate! Jesus Christ! Nate, get out of there! Nice one! Up the stairs!

Nate: So, having fun yet?

Sullivan: Oh, a real blast!

Nate: Oh, you son of a.…

Sullivan: Bastard!

Nate: You good?

Sullivan: Great. Floor it!

Nate: All right, how do we get to Sam?

Sullivan: We just keep heading downhill.

Nate: Brilliant.

Sullivan: Nate, more of ‘em!

Nate: Oh, shit! Hang on!

Sullivan: Oh, Christ!

Nate: Get outfit the way!

Sullivan: Whoah, whoah, whoah, careful! Jesus! Damn it! It’s that goddamn truck again!

Nate: Oh, crap! Look out!

Sullivan: Please don’t run anyone over!

Nate: Sorry!

Sullivan: Sam’s tower is at the bottom of this hill, keep going down! God damn it! We gotta shake that truck!

Nate: Working on it!

Sullivan: Hey, that was clean laundry!

Nate: They can wash it again!

Sullivan: Where the hell are you going?

Nate: You’re the um i “just head down!”

Sullivan: Jesus!

Nate: Coming through!

Sullivan: Oh this was really a great idea, Nate!

Nate: Do you wanna drive?

Sullivan: No, you’re doing just me.

Nate: See? I got it. Ah, crap! These guys ‘don’t give up! Okay… Through here…

Sullivan: Whoa whoa, whoa, stop, stop, STOP!

Nate: Damn stick shift.

Sullivan: Come on, come on, get outta here!

Nate: Okay…

Sullivan: Go!

Nate: Uh… I’m just gonna… Cut through here! What am I supposed to do now?

Sullivan: Hey, up those stairs!

Nate: Here we go!

Sullivan: Whoooaaahhh!

Nate: Man, Rafe really wants us out of the picture!

Sullivan: Gee, ya think.

Nate: Yeah! (laughs) I think we lost ‘em!

Sullivan: Hey Nate?

Nate: Yeah?

Sullivan: We can never, ever come back to this city.

Nate: Add it to the list.

Sullivan: Ha! Whoa whoa whoa! Watch it!

Nate: Really?

Sullivan: Well you’ve got a 4x4, go around.

Nate: Hang on!

Sullivan: Sorry fellas. First time driver here. Yeah, we’ll be out of your way in a second.

Nate: All right… Let’s see that truck get past that. Oh, come on!

Sullivan: Cut right! Cut right! Wait, wait!

Nate: Don’t worry, I got this. I got this. I got this! I don’t got this!

Sullivan: Holy shit!

Nate: We’re close! Keep an eye out for Sam!

Sullivan: Hey! I think that’s him. Right there!

Nate: Hold on!

Sullivan: Whaddya think I’ve been doing?!

Nate: How do we get to him?

Sullivan: Damned if I know. Just keep following that convoy. Man! You think they’ve sent enough goons after us?

Nate: Well, we’re still alive, so maybe not.

Sullivan: There they are!

Nate: You see any way to get to Sam?

Sullivan: Not yet, but we’re running out of road, kid!

Nate: I know, I know!

Sullivan: Uh, Nate! Nate!

Nate: Here! Take the wheel!

Sullivan: What? Are you out of your goddamn mind?

Nate: Yep, probably! Coming through! Ow! God!

Mercenary: He’s dragging behind us!

Nate: Are you shitting me? (laughs) Ah, Christ! Move it! Oh, shit-- !

Nate: Hi there. Get out!

Sam: Hey, brother! Whoa!

Nate: Get closer!

Sam: I’m trying! Okay! Okay! Hop on!

Nate: Hop on! Sam, get in the goddamn car!

Sam: I’m faster! Stop arguing!

Nate: Watch out! I gotta get out of here.

Mercenary: No slimmin’ way he could have survived that. Why chance it?

Nate: Damn it. That’s not good.

Mercenary: Holy shit, he’s still alive!

Nate: Oh, crap. C’mon… Hop on! Gun it!

Sam: Here! Take this! How we doing back there?

Nate: Not good! Not good at all!

Sam: Keep shooting!

Nate: I am! I hate this truck!

Sam: Hang on, Nathan!

Nate: Sam, it’s right up on us!

Sam: I’m going as fast as I can! This is gonna be close! Holy shit.

Nate: Yeah…

Sam: You good?

Nate: Yeah. Let’s get outta here.

[Next scene. Ikopa Motel.]

Sam: All right, I think the coast is clear.

Nate: Yeah. All right… “Pro Deus quod licentia.” This looks like a simple cipher.

Sam: “For God and liberty.” It’s their damn motto. All the “paradise” references. I can’t believe we missed it.

Sullivan: See you two made it out okay.

Sam: Way better than okay. We found Libertalia. (laughs)

Sullivan: Liber-- Liber-what-ia?

Nate: Libertalia. Seems Avery founded the legendary pirate colony.

Sam: It’s more of a pirate utopia really.

Sullivan: Okay. But what about the treasure?

Sam: See, as the story goes… this place provided a safe haven for hundreds… maybe even thousands of pirates. And they shared everything. Property, resources…

Sullivan: Money?

Sam: And they kept all in one common treasury building.

Sullivan: Okay. So… Where is this… Commie pirate sanctuary?

Nate: Right here. That island. Just northeast of King’s Bay.

Sullivan: And Rafe has a copy of this.

Nate: Yeah, tell, by the time Rafe figures it out… we’ll be well on our way to Libertalia. Tellin’ ya that treasure… is as good as ours-- ssshit.

[He sees Elena in their room.]

Elena: How’s the Malaysia job going, Nate? Seems like you’re a hair off course.

Nate: Elena, it’s… It’s not what it looks like.

Elena: Really. Because what it looks like… is that you’re searching for Henry Avery’s buried treasure. And given the Shoreline soldiers that are all over town… I’d bet you’re not the only ones looking for it.

Nate: All right, well I… I guess it’s kinda what it looks like. But, but I can explain. Look it’s gonna sound crazy.

Elena: Try me.

Nate: Well, for starters, um… This is Sam. Sam Drake. My brother.

Sam: Hi.

Sullivan: I’m sorry.

Nate: I, I thought he had died in a Panamanian jail.

Elena: I need to--

Nate: But I was obviously very wrong. He’s been stuck in there for fifteen years. And it’s because of me. And the guy who broke him out wants a lot of money. And the only way we can pay off the debt is Avery’s treasure. But that’s the good news, we found it! It’s on an island just off the coast.

Elena: Okay, just stop. Was there… ever… a Malaysia job?

Nate: I…

Elena: Okay… (leaving)

Nate: C’mon, C’mon, wait. Elena, wait!

Elena: I don’t get you.

Nate: Look, I wanted to tell you.

Elena: You know what, enough.

Nate: No, I wanted to! But how could I?

Elena: I don’t know, just say it?

Nate: I had to protect you.

Elena: That is bullshit, Nate. You just didn’t have the nerve to face me. Again.

Nate: I knew you would react like this.

Elena: How would you react? You lied to me… for weeks. If you were killed, I… wouldn’t have even known about it. And now you have a brother? Who are you?

Nate: Come on. I’m me. C’mon, it’s me. It’s different this time.

Elena: Oh my God.

Nate: I have to save him. I don’t even care about the treasure.

Elena: The look on your face when you walked into this room… If you’re done lying to me… then you should stop lying to yourself. I got a plane to catch. You do what you have to do. (leaves)

Sullivan: Hey… Hey, what are you doing? Go after her.

Nate: We’re not done here.

Sullivan: Well, maybe we should be.

Nate: What are you saying?

Sullivan: I’m saying maybe there’s a smarter-way to save Sam.

Nate: Such as?

Sullivan: Such as, we give him a new identity. We… we… put him in hiding somewhere, I got contacts--

Nate: He’s been in prison for fifteen years-- he’s not going into hiding.

Sullivan: Okay, fine. You go after your wife. Sam and I will head off for Libertalia.

Nate: Without me? Come on, you’ll get both of you killed.

Sullivan: Really? (chuckles) Kid, I’ve been doing this for a helluva long time. I think I might be able to handle--

Nate: Hey, you want to be helpful, Sullivan? Go keep an eye on her.

Sullivan: Whatever you say.

Sam: Need a hand with anything?

Nate: I got it. Just pack your bags.

Chapter 12: At SeaEdit

[Nate and Sam sailing on a yacht.]

Sam: Hey, Nathan!

Nate: Yeah?

Sam: Land ho! What do you think out at, huh?

Nate: That’s pretty cool.

Sam: Take the wheel for a second. You know, all this running around, surviving by the skin of our teeth… I don’t think we’ve actually take to step back and appreciate… just how far we’ve come. (gives Nate a beer) Huh? Sic parvis magna. (Greatness from small beginnings)

Nate: Sic parvis magna. (Greatness from small beginnings)

Sam: Yeah… Listen, little brother… she will get over it. I mean we bring back a treasure like that, anyone would.

Nate: I don’t know. I think maybe I’ve, ah… done this one too many times.

Sam: Huh. Somehow I imagined it… bigger.

Nate: Yeah, well, we’re definitely in the place. I’ll find us a spot to set ashore.

Sam: Well. I mean… at least there’s an island, right?

Nate: At least there’s an island. Just keep an eye on anything man-made.

Sam: Ah-ah… you mean pirate-made.

Nate: Ha. Sure.

Sam: So, maybe Libertalia is more of a small beachside shack…

Nate: Yeah, maybe it’s a tree house. (moors) Sam, let’s check this out.

Sam: Sounds good to me.

Nate: Supplies… from an earlier expedition.

Sam: What you got there?

Nate: (read a note) Burnes…? Holy crap, Sam… this was written by Burnes’ grandson!

Sam: Well, makes sense: the cross in Panama was hollow. Must be following the same clues as us.

Nate: Ready to go?

Sam: Yeah, let’s do this. (set sail) Nathan, up there!

Nate: Well, that definitely qualifies as man-made.

Sam: Ah, ah… pirate-made.

[Nate moors. They search the island.]

Nate: Huh. It’s a door of some kind. Covering a… chamber?

Sam: A massive chamber… for storing a bunch of treasure?

Nate: No way. Not with his ego. Wherever Avery put the treasure’s gonna be the most elaborate place we’ve seen yet. And it would be well protected too.

Sam: That makes sense. Looks like an old lookout tower. Let’s see if we can spot something from up there.

Nate: Okay, up we go. Sam, this way.

Sam: This looks promising.

Nate: Huh. Some kind of symbol.

Sam: Looks like a compass arrow.

Nate: Whoa. How did you know to do that?

Sam: Well, if there’s one thing We learned from you… press everything.

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: Down there. It’s the same symbol.

Nate: It‘s another arrow.

Sam: Let’s go find out where it’s pointing, huh? C’mon. Boat’s right below us.

Nate: Yup. It’s follow these arrows, see where they go. (set sail) Hey, look-- another arrow aver here.

Sam: Hey, check it out. A dolphin.

Nate: Yeah, you’ve seen dolphins before, right?

Sam: Well, yeah I have. But many, many, many years ago.

Nate: Well, you’d be happy to know they haven’t changed much.

Sam: Oh look, there’s another one.

Nate: Yeah, I see it.

Sam: Mm, giant gate.

Nate: That’s a good sign. (moors) Here we go.

Sam: You gotta admit… this is pretty cool.

Nate: What? Climbing this cliff?

Sam: Yes! Climbing this cliff on a giant secret pirate island. I mean, c’mon.

Nate: Right.

Sam: Well I think it’s pretty damn cool. Whoa, whoa…

Nate: Wow, Avery wasn’t much for subtlety or understatement, was he?

Sam: Well; he had the money, If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? So…? Does this qualify as “the most elaborate place we’ve seen yet?”

Nate: It’s up there.

Sam: C’mon. Let’s get a closer look.

Nate: Hey, Sam--c’mon. Give me a hand with this.

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Nate: Go.

Sam: Okay. Come on through…

Nate: Thank you.

Sam: Yeah, sure thing. Jeez… there’s lots of lifting and crawling under things, huh?

Nate: The glamorous life of a treasure hunter.

Sam: What do you suppose this place was?

Nate: These arches remind me of the Saint Dismas Cathedral… but, uh… I don’t know.

Sam: Oh, rope bridge up there.

Nate: C’mon. See what you can find tip there.

Sam: You got it.

Nate: Well?

Sam: There’s a path… but I don’t see another way up yet. Hold on.

Nate: Sam!

Sam: Whoa!

Nate: You okay?

Sam: At least I’m on the other side. Okay… still need to get you up here. Hold tight.

Nate: Sam? Anything? Sam, hey! You still there? God damn it. Well, let’s see here. I ruined my marriage. Drove my best friend away. Got two psychos and their army after me. And now my brother’s gone missing. But, on the bright side, there’s no one around to tell me I’m an idiot.

Sam: You’re already up here?

Nate: Where were you?

Sam: Finding a way to get you up here… All right, jump across then.

Nate: Thanks.

Sam: Everything all right?

Nate: Yaw. Everything’s me, as keep going.

Sam: Okay. (Nate move a crate) Nah, we don’t need that -- you’re already up here. Let’s let’s keep going. Yeah, that’s where I tried to go -- couldn’t find a way through though. (whistles) Nice view.

Nate: You didn’t hear me?

Sam: When?

Nate: Back there. I called out to you.

Sam: Didn’t hear you. Why, were you worried?

Nate: I was worried you got distracted.

Sam: Oh, I’m distracted now?

Nate: What’s that supposed to mean?

Sam: Nothing. Shall we?

Nate: Yeah. Let’s.

Sam: Here I come… How’re you doing?

Nate: Not this way… Sam, in here!

Sam: Got it!

Nate: All, right, looks like we’re still on the right track.

Sam: (whistle) It’s a long drop. How the hell did no one find this? So back at the orphanage, did you ever think we’d be doing crazy shit like this?

Nate: No, I can’t say I did. Looks like we’re heading down.

Sam: Right behind you.

Nate: Ah… that work out. Whooa, whoa! Sam! Come around this way.

Sam: Hoooo-lyyyyy shiiiiit…! (laughs) All right.

Nate: You doing okay?

Sam: Yeah… piece of cake!

Nate: Wow. What is all this? Sam, look.

Sam: Hey… uh, maybe they were planning a massive theme park?

Nate: Pirate Land.

Sam: Ha ha!

Nate: Blueprints. Well… brownprints. Sam, check it out. Look, pirate captain sigils.

Sam: All gathered around Avery.

Nate: Avery and Tew… holding court over their captains.

Sam: It looks like they’re writing their code of conduct.

Nate: Pirate Bill of Rights. It’s Avery’s Ship…

Sam: (laughs) The Fancy.

Nate: Yeah, attacking the Gunsway.

Sam: It’s how it all started. Nathan, this is-- this is the story of the founding of Libertalia.

Nate: Lots of supplies in here. Tools, seeds…

Sam: Ah, provisions… probably past their sell-by date.

Nate: Sam, check out this diorama.

Sam: Uh, that looks like a city street. You think they actually built all this stuff?

Nate: these guys… I don’t know anymore. It’s really well made.

Sam: So what the hell was this place?

Nate: A staging ground of some kind.

Sam: Oh my God, it’s where they planned Libertalia…

Nate: Question still stands… did they actually go through with it?

Sam: Pfft, I mean, they must have. Look at all this. You don’t commit your entire life to something just to walk away from it at the end.

Nate: Yeah, well things don’t always go as planned. Hmm.

Sam: Here we go…

Nate: Ah, crap. Mechanism’s busted or something.

Sam: Oh no no no-- one way or another we’re getting in there. Let’s just lift it together, all right?

Nate: Okay. Okay, let’s do this. Oh God, this is heavy!

Sam: Just think about all that treasure. rust thinking about my back. Mostly just thinking about my back. Shit. Whoa.

Sam: Looks like we’ve got another trial.

Nate: It sure looks like it. Let’s see that these do. Whoa. Okay.

Sam: Some impressive engineering here. Yeah, nothing.

Nate: The symbols on the spheres don’t match the ones in the light. Ah, they turn the symbols.

Sam: That’ll help. Let’s just finish what we started, huh?

Nate: There we go. What’s that?

Sam: Whoa, look.

Nate: Statues.

Sam: Pirate captains. There’s Bonny… Baldridge… Yazid-al-Basra. I can’t remember that guy’s name.

Nate: Who was this Al-Basra character?

Sam: He was a Mughal, one of the soldiers on the Gunsway.

Nate: What’s he doing teaming up with Avery?

Sam: Stories have it he was taken to be executed, but he got free during the battle and blew up the Gunsway’s gunpowder cache.

Nate: Oh, so grateful Avery brought along?

Sam: Exactly.

Nate: What about that other guy?

Sam: Heard he started as a nobody, but became a fearsome swordsman. Well, here you go. Now you just gotta get ‘em into the lights.

Nate: Got it!

Sam: Here we go again…

Nate: Who’ve we got?

Sam: Let’s see… Joseph Farrell, William Mayes, Tanriq bin Malik, and… Christopher Condent.

Nate: Eight out of twelve. Hey, look. The symbols on this ring are constantly rotating. Devious. That bin Malik guy looks Moorish.

Sam: Ah yeah, that he is.

Nate: What’s he doing so far from the Barbary Coast?

Sam: Pfft. Same as us… coming to where the action is.

Nate: Okay… gotta track how far off they are when they’re in the light. (laughs)

Sam: I think you got it! (laughs) And thedast of our crew… Richard Want, Edward England, and Thomas Tew.

Nate: Sam, look. Guess that’s where we’re going.

Sam: Whoa-- whoa-- wait a minute. That’s only eleven pirates.

Nate: We’re missing our star pirate.

Sam: Uh-huh. It’s kinda weird.

Nate: Well, let’s see. Okay, where to now?

Sam: Holy shit…

Nate: There’s your missing Avery statue.

Sam: You know. I’m starting to get the feeling that our friend was a bit of a narcissist.

Nate: Ya think?

Sam: (chuckles) Let’s go see what he’s got in store for us. Ooo, that’s a that’s a long way down. So, Nathan… and be honest with me… how does this stack up? You know, compared to your other adventures?

Nate: Ask me again when we finish. Don’t snap, don’t snap, don’t snap…! Ha! Didn’t snap… sweet. Boat’s down there.

Sam: After you, captain. Whoah! Okay… island with monstrous Avery statue is to the right. m so excited my ha-- my hands are literal shaking.

Nate: Yeah. I know the feeling.

Sam: Either that, or I-- I need another cigarette. Maybe a little bit of both. Looks like he’s got a spyglass… but he’s not really looking through it.

Nate: Maybe he wants us to look through it.

Sam: Treasure Island, eat your heart out.

Nate: Hey, C’mon… Sam…

Sam: Oh, no. No, you do the honors. I insist, c’mon. Alley-oop!

Nate: All right, Captain. What are we looking at? There.

Sam: So…? Big, skull-shaped island? What?

Nate: Big island. No skull.

Sam: That’s gotta be it.

Nate: That’s optimistic, considering everything.

Sam: You know, it is just us here. You’re allowed to feel just a little bit of excitement over this.

Nate: I’ll get excited when we get Alcazar’s noose off your neck. C’mon.

Sam: Okay.

Nate: What?

Sam: I said okay.

Nate: No, no, no. Your “okays” are never just okay. It usually means the opposite of okay.

Sam: Whoa, whoa…

Nate: Is that our boy Rafe?

Sam: Who the hell else?

Nate: Ah, shit.

Sam: Nathan! They’re gaining on us! Oh, shit! Nathan!

[There is a scene from the beginning of the game.]

Nate: Sam!

Sam: Head straight to the island! Watch it, watch it!

Nate: Oh, shit!

Sam: Nathan!

Chapter 13: MaroonedEdit

[Nate appears on an island.]

Nate: All right… c’mon, Nate. I gotta get off this beach. Sam! Sam, can you hear me? Maybe farther up shore. All right, first things first-- get to higher ground. First rule, Higher ground. Find out where you are. Sam, c’mon answer me! Whoa Ah, shit. All right. Ah, Sam god damn it. Sam! Sam, are you there? Oh thank God, our supply box. Oh, for God’s-- Of course. Everything’s gone. Wait, maybe that’s a good sign. Maybe Sam took it. Well, on the bright side, can’t lose anything else… besides my life. Talking to myself, that’s-- that’s the first sign of… being crazy. Okay. I’m all right… I’m all right. Just push through… Just push through it. Whoa! No, no, no, no! C’mon. Oh, to hell with this place. Ah, damn it. Gotta keep going, gotta keep going. Aaaah! Come on. Aaaahhhh! S… Sic parvis magna. Sam… C’mon… Where are you? Crap. (sighs) Gotta get to that… creepy mountain. Just stay put, Sam… I’m coming to you. No-- no! Come on, come on. Ah! No! No, no, no! Okay… All right… All right… Up we go. (laughs) That’s a… that’s a long way… long way down. Whoa! Rafe. Ah, damn it… What if your back, Sam. Now what? That should hold… let’s hope. Whoa… Huh. Where to now? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Jesus. Oooh! Aaah! That’s refreshing. Oh, hey. Seen anyone come by here? Tall… lanky… filled with big, stupid ideas about pirate treasure? (to some skeleton) Bad luck, huh? (reads a note)

March 20, 1808
Burnes this morning as we were making preparations to leave the caves.
Our crew and food stores diminished, I demanded we return home so that we might return with more men, more supplies. Burnes laughed - laughed! - and repeated his mantra: the treasure is within our reach.
I held firm: even if we were to find Avery’s stash, with one ship remaining we shall barely have enough room for ourselves on the return voyage, let alone any Hindoo gold. I turned to First Mate Hayes for affirmation, but he backed away as though I had the Plague.
Now Burnes approached me, a smile on his face, urging me to consider the good of the expedition, that I not foment dissent among the crew. The threat behind his words was plain - I suggested that perhaps I needed rest and retired to my camp.
To hell with these fools. I have no intention of dying here, my only legacy words in that man’s book. If Burnes believes this place to be Libertalia - if he wishes to go on - then he and the others shall go on without me. I shall break from this group at first light. Let us see how they fare with no navigator.

Nate: Agh… Poor bastards. Were you trying to climb up there? In those boots? (he takes a pylon from a skeleton) Pretty sure you don’t need this. Yeah. That’s working. Almost there. Okay… Oh, shit.

Mercenary 1: Oi, oi! (Hey, hey!) You got a target?

Mercenary 2: Saw something, maybe… movement along the treeline.

Mercenary 1: Well, that’s thick jungle over there, hey. It’s all moving. I don’t see anything.

Mercenary 2: Damn it. All right, everyone, false alarm! But keep an eye out! Let’s go.

Mercenary 3: So which one of them did they spot?

Mercenary 4: The older brother. He shot a couple of our men and run off.

Mercenary 3: You think the other one’s alive?

Mercenary 4: Until we find a body, I’m going to go with yeah.

Mercenary 3: How’d they survive that wreck?

Mercenary 4: They keep getting lucky.

Mercenary 3: Well, luck eventually runs out.

Mercenary 4: We’ll see.

Nate: Oh no. Whew. Oh, jeez. Perfect. Holy shit. Ah damn. Ah, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. Oh shit. Oh no. Whoa… geez. Uh-oh. Uh. Okay. Where to? (find a note) What’s this?

To whoever finds this note, know that Jonathan Burnes, erstwhile leader and financier of our expedition, has murdered me - and others - for want of Avery’s treasure.
He worked the crew to the point of exhaustion, promising them glory but bringing them illness and starvation. He bound a man to a mast and left him to die. And then I witnessed the bastard push our navigator to his doom for daring to speak his mind.
He found me making preparations to leave for home and confronted me - I brandished my pistol and informed him I was returning to England, where I would inform the world of his deeds. And when I turned away, the blackguard shot me in the back and fled into the jungle, I returned fire, but I am not certain if the bullets hit their mark.
My time grows short and my hand weak. In the absence of Earth-bound Justice, I beseech you: pray to God above that Burnes pays for his treachery.
Walter Hayes
The First Mate of the Suffolk
March 23, 1808

Nate: Wow… that is pretty dark. Seems like Burnes’s crew had about as much luck as me with this treasure. Ah, you gotta be kidding me. Ah… Oh no. No! No, no! Holy shit.

[He find Sam.]

Sam: I nearly shot your head off.

Nate: Sam… You’re okay.

Sam: Yeah. Nothing I can’t walk away from. It’s good to see you’re alive, little brother. C’mon. We got a treasure to find.

Nate: Hold up, man, I mean-- What are we doing?

Sam: What do you mean?

Nate: I mean our supplies are at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Sam: Okay, so we go steal some from Nadine’s army.

Nate: Yeah, and there’s that… We’re going up against an army!

Sam: We’ve been holding our own so far.

Nate: While being marooned in the middle of nowhere.

Sam: We were flying to get here, remember?

Nate: When we had an escape plan. Okay. Just hear me out-- crazy suggestion… let’s go down there and at least secure one of Rafe’s boats?

Sam: The boats can wait. You want to know what we’re doing here? We are buying my life back. Okay. And we’re doing that by stepping into that jungle and finding Libertalia.

Nate: Have you even seen any signs of a massive pirate colony? ‘Cause I sure the hell haven’t.

Sam: You’re a little late to start developing doubts, don’tcha think?

Nate: Look-- an we at least acknowledge the chance that maybe Avery’s idea for a secret pirate utopia didn’t pan out? And maybe we’re just swept up in this fantasy, when instead we should be looking for a real way to save you?

Sam: I’m gonna scour this island inch by inch if I have to-- until I find that treasure. Now, if you’re confused about what you’re doing here… then you can go home, Nathan.

Nate: Wait, wait, wait. I can go home? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea what I put on the line to get you here?

Sam: How about what I put on the line? Okay? The last fifteen years of my life--

Nate: Oh, C’mon. This has nothing to do with that!

Sam: It is everything to do with that. What?

Nate: (find Avery’s sigil) Holy crap.

Sam: You still wanna go home?

Nate: Let’s just see what else we can find.

Sam: This way.

Nate: I’ll be damned.

Sam: Off to a good start.

Nate: Yeah. Let’s just hope the rest of it isn’t buried under centuries of dirt and rock.

Sam: Glass half full, if you please. Nathan, this way.

Nate: Sam. Up here.

Sam: I’m coming.

Nate: No one’s home.

Sam: This place has seen better days, huh?

Nate: Sam, this way. Agh… Yeah, that‘s not happening.

Sam: Hey, Nathan. Think there’s a way through here. Nathan, it’s this way.

Sam: Ahh. Feels good to stretch out again.

Nate: Yeah, gin said it. Hey, there’s a way out.

Sam: Ah… It’s too high, even for a boost… let’s find something to stand on.

Nate: There’s a crate. I got an idea. Here we go. Heads up!

Sam: Alright, we’re in business. (chuckles) You’re gonna wanna see this.

Nate: Whoa.

Sam: What do you see?

Nate: No houses. Wide street. Clearly a commercial district of some kind.

Sam: Yes… thank you for that, Nathan. C’mon. What do you see?

Nate: You just wanna hear me say it, don’t you?

Sam: Really want to hear you say it.

Nate: All right. Libertalia.

Sam: (laughs) Libertalia! The long-lost, legendary pirate utopia. Discovered, after three hundred years, by one Samuel Drake.

Nate: And…

Sam: And… and his younger slightly less charming brother who happened to be tagging along for the ride. You know, I always knew you’d make something of yourself one day.

Nate: Yeah, just so you know, it’s not my first lost city.

Sam: Shhh. Shh. Just… Enjoy the moment. So where do you want to start?

Nate: How about that building right over there.

Sam: Oh, you mean the one with the massive guard tower?

Nate: Yeah. I say we go see what it was guarding.

Sam: Works for me. This is-- I mean-- I’m speechless. Holy Goddamn shit, Nathan!

Chapter 14: Join Me in ParadiseEdit

Nate: That’s your idea of speechless?

Sam: God. How long do you think it took to build this place?

Nate: Years. Decades, even. How the hell did they keep it a secret all that time? (find a letter) This letter’s still legible.

Father -
You no doubt heard my vessel was destroyed by an East Indianman ship. If you grieved for me, I beg your forgiveness, but I needed the world to believe me dead.
Not only is your son alive and well, you shall be happy to hear I have resigned my Captaincy. I no longer make my fortunes as a thief, instead, my stalwart crew of buccaneers and I have joined with other like-minded souls to further the cause of Liberty.
We are founding a colony where every man is considered equal and free to do as they wish. To that end, I have chosen to work the fields and livestock - which I imagine would amuse you to no end - but it brings me satisfaction the likes of which I never found back home.
For now, our location must remain secret. But I hope one day you can come here and see what we have accomplished: a society free from the unjust subjection you have grown to accept.

Nate: Hey, Sam, check it out. It like a pirate code a conduct.

Sam: Hmm… thought the whole point of this place was not having rules?

Nate: Even pirate ships had their own rules. Locked, of course. Captain Avery. Was wondering when you’d turn up. Guess even a pirate utopia needs a place to lock up riff-raff.

Sam: Can you imagine who pirates put in prison? That’s a little hypocritical don’t you think? Pirates having a jail?

Nate: Well, I guess every group has its assholes. What’s this symbol?

Sam: I saw a few of them when I was coming to find you.

Nate: So who’s marking these places? Is that another sigil?

Sam: No. Not that I know of…

Nate: Maybe invaders? I mean, I’m sure these guys had plenty of enemies out there.

Sam: Pshh… That’s a good point.

Nate: This way follow me.

Sam: Looks like there’s a tunnel through here.

Nate: Hey Sam. C’mere. This looks promising.

Sam: Right behind you.

Nate: Looks like a hideout of some kind.

Sam: Yeah, but who would they be hiding out from? Themselves?

Nate: Look at this. Looks like the layout of the commercial district.

Sam: Yeah and… Boom here’s our treasury right there. See, there’s the tower.

Nate: What were these guys up to? That’s our way out of here. I see some light down below… Shhh shhh. Look.

Mercenary: There’s more building this way.

Sam: Ah hell. Shoreline.

Mercenary: Jislaaik… It was a whole city, man.

Nate: I don’t think they’ve seen us yet.

Sam: Let’s keep it that way.

Nate: All right. Keep your head down.

Mercenary: Did anyone get word to Nadine?

Sam: Just about to tell you the same thing.

Mercenary: Ja, they’re on their way just now.

Nate: Yeah, yeah.

Mercenary 1: So where do we go from here?

Mercenary 2: I’m not the treasure hunter. Let’s keep the area secure ‘til he gets here.

Nate: Okay.

Sam: They’re on us! Nathan, watch out! Jesus! Nice shot! Take cover! Good shot!

Mercenary: Anyone see them?

Nate: Ah crap. More Shoreliners.

Mercenary 1: Not yet. Maybe our boys fixed ‘em up already?

Mercenary 2: They would’ve called it in, I don’t like this.

Mercenary 1: Keep your cool and keep your eyes open.

Sam: Look out, armored guy. All right, you got him! I got one!

Nate: You see any more? Or we clear?

Sam: I think we’re clear.

Nate: You all right?

Sam: Yeah. Just a little winded. Nathan. Got s’more friends up ahead.

Mercenary 1: Eina! (Ouch!) Eish, this whole place is falling apart.

Mercenary 2: Pasop (Be careful), man. You could see the whole building over the edge.

Mercenary 1: Hey, you ever done anything like this?

Mercenary 1: Nah. Overthrown a couple of governments, looted, villages --but this… this is something else.

Mercenary 3: Any news on Nadine?

Mercenary 4: Yeah, some bridge collapsed. They’re having to drive around the river -- they’ll be here soon.

Sam: Heads up, on your left.

Mercenary: Okay gents stay sharp. Let’s keep this job nice and tidy for the Boss lady.

Sam: Bad guy over there. Nathan, they’ve seen us! Shotgun! Watch it! Find some cover!

Nate: Whoa, shit. That’s it.

Sam: For now. We just better keep moving.

Nate: Over here. C’mon, ready?

Sam: Ready. Okay. All right.

Nate: Thanks.

Sam: Careful… it’s a long way down.

Nate: Yeah, I see it. Oh crap! Whoo. Watch that first step.

Sam: It’s a doozy.

Nate: Yeah…

Sam: Ah, ladder’s busted in the middle.

Nate:.We’ll make do. Keep heading up. How you doing back there?

Sam: It’s a hell of a view.

Nate: Almost there, Sam!

Sam: Okay… now that?

Nate: Trust me and follow my lead. Okay?

Sam: So, do all of that then?

Nate: Yeah. Something like that. (whistles) We’re definitely in the high-rent district now.

Sam: Not residential, though. What do you think? Some kind of administration building?

Nate: Probably. Maybe Libertalia had a zoning committee?

Sam: Yeah… maybe they paid taxes?

Nate: Who knows? Nothing up here… Holy crap.

Sam: Well; I see our missing colonists.

Nate: Jesus. Cannons… improvised barricades… What the hell happened here?

Sam: Some kind of battle.

Nate: It’s a a rhetorical question.

Sam: (sighs)

Nate: The real question is: who’s fighting who? And why?

Sam: Some of these bodies are dressed a bit more fancy. Look like soldiers.

Nate: Man… this is impressive.

Sam: Ah, to say the least.

Nate: And here… we… go.

Sam: Or not. You wanna give me a hand?

Nate: Yeah.

Sam: It’s empty.

Nate: ‘Course it is.

Sam: (sighs) You think Rafe?

Nate: No. Nothing’s been touche in here for hundreds of years.

Sam: Right… Well… search for clues?

Nate: Yeah. Search for clues.

Chapter 15: The Thieves of LibertaliaEdit

Nate: (search a driver) Empty. (looking at portrait) “Thief”. What’s this? Old manifest. Lots of treasure. (looking at statue) Captain Avery… You’ve certainly seen better days. Nah. Hello. Huh. (find a note) Another one. Is this what was on the shelves?

Sam: Wait a sec. Nathan! Over here.

Nate: What’d you got?

Sam: Libertalia money.

Nate: This has Avery’s sigil on it…

Sam: Um-hm.

Nate: He must-have melted down the old, minted his own currency…

Sam: So based on that, all the manifests on the shelves… the treasure was here. That leaves the bigger question-- where is it now?

Sam: Okay… so we know that there was fighting outside.

Nate: Yeah and inside.

Sam: What, you think the colonists stole it.

Nate: No… I think they were trying to reclaim what was theirs. Look. Here’s Avery, Tew… Founders of Libertalia. All marked with the word “thief”. Not “murderer”, not “tyrant”.

Sam: “Thief”. So by the time the colonists busted in here… treasure was already gone.

Nate: Yeah, because these guys had already taken it for themselves. Pirates will be pirates, right?

Sam: Yeah, pirates will be pirates. Huh. I know where they moved it.

Nate: Where? It’s a map.

Sam: Yeah, right there… that’s our treasury…

Nate: This-- it’s a map of Libertalia…

Sam: Right, so follow it to the other side of the island and look… right there.

Nate: “New Devon”. Wait. Avery was from Devon, England.

Sam: He sure was. Man, those are some seriously large mansions.

Nate: Each of them has its own sigil too.

Sam: Because that’s where they lived. (laughs)

Nate: (laughs) Whaddaya say we uh-- climb that watch tower huh? Get our bearings?

Sam: New Devon here we come.

Nate: Now… how do we get up there?

Sam: Okay, ready? Okay, that’s step one. Step two…

Nate: Raise the chandelier. Good idea.

Sam: Ha. You sound surprised.

Nate: Just take the compliment.

Sam: (chuckles) Thank you. All right. Now the place is looking classy.

Nate: Let’s get up there.

Sam: Oh, nice one, Tarzan.

Nate: Oh, sorry, Condent.

Sam: Baldridge.

Nate: What?

Sam: You’re stepping on Baldridge.

Nate: Oh. So I am. All right, up we go.

Sam: I’m really shocked the stairs are intact.

Nate: Hey, hey, hey. Don’t jinx us.

Sam: Whoops. Spoke too soon.

Nate: Like I said.

Sam: Nathan, you seeing this tower?

Nate: Sure am. Hey Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Nate: All right. Just making sure you haven’t plummeted to your death.

Sam: Ha ha. Just about there!

Nate: Huh. He sure is excited. Need a lift?

Sam: I’d love a lift.

Nate: C’mon, ready?

Sam: Ready. All right. Found something. Hey, stand back! Here… you… go.

Nate: Whoa. Quite the crow’s nest, huh?

Sam: There it is. Just on the other side of the river.

Nate: Well, whaddya say we go… rob from the rich, huh? Hey, is there a path down here?

Sam: Ah, of sorts. C’mon. So, how long you figure it’ll take us to get to New Devon?

Nate: Well, couple hours. Depends on what or who we bump into along the way.

Sam: Ah, shit! Nathan! RPG!

Nate: Ah! Shit! You all right?

Sam: Yeah! Come on! Through these windows!

Nate: Ahh! Sam, lookout! Move!

Sam: Jesus!

Nate: Whoa! These guys love blowing shit up, don’t they?!

Sam: Nathan! Down here!

Nate: I’m coming!

Sam: I’m down here! Come on!

Nate: Ah, God damn it.

Sam: Look out!

Nate: Whoa shit! Jesus, that was close.

Sam: Something tells me they’ve had enough of us.

Nate: Really? What gives you that idea?

Sam: Down here, quick! Get up, brother, we gotta go! We gotta go! Now! Oh! Oh shit!

Nate: Don’t wait, just go!

Sam: Oh… God!

Nate: Shit, shit, shit! Assholes.

Sam: Come on! Up here! Climb up the rope!

Nate: Ah, great.

Sam: C’mon! C’mon! Oh, what the hell?!

Nate: Run! Ahh-- !

Sam: Quick! Whooaa! Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. Don’t stop. Don’t slow down!

Nate: Jump!

Sam: Nate. There. Whoa.

Nate: Ah, this is nuts. Run!

Sam: Keep running! Don’t stop! Grenade! Damn it.

Nate: Oh no! Aaahhh!

Sam: Nathan!

Nate: Oh, I’m gonna feel this in the morning.

Sam: Asshole!

Nate: Kick his ass, Sam. Shit. All right… let’s try this again. Okay, wait, wait. Hey Nadine. Great to see you again. Ow! Okay, Mango! Mango!

Nadine: What are you on about…?

Nate: Ow, well it’s my safe word.

Nadine: Hm. Are you always this clever?

Nate: I have my moments.

Nadine: Yes. You and your brother have proven yourselves the more capable treasure hunters on the island. Shame we’re not on the same side.

Nate: Wait there’s… there’s still time.

Nadine: Trust a Drake? Hm. I’m not falling for that again.

Nate: Hey, hey, iust-- just let’s just talk about this. Okay, that was a… bit rougher than expected. I’ll just ah… see myself out.

Nadine: After everything… you think I’m just going to let you walk away?

Sam: That’d be the wise thing to do.

Nate: Oh come on Nadine, really? We know you’re a bad-ass and all, but… there’s two of us.

Nadine: You don’t think my men are on their way here right now? All I have to do is buy some time. That’s if I don’t finish you myself.

Nate: (sighs) God damn it.

Sam: Go!

Nadine: I’m tired of this island! Tired of your brother! And I’m tired of you!

Sam: Ah, no you don’t!

Nadine: Get off!

Nate: Agh. Ah, how does she do that?

Sam: C’mon!

Sam: Nathan!

Nate: Can we just talk about this?

Nadine: I don’t think so.

Sam: Now-- now hold on!

Nadine: No!

Nadine: Oh no you don’t…

Nate: Ah. Hang in there Sam. I’m coming.

Nadine: How many men I’ve lost? Of course not. It’s all just a game to you.

Nate: Almost there, Sam. Nadine!

Sam: (aiming a gun at her) You’re fast… but you’re not that fast.

Nate: Hey forget about her. We gotta get out of here before they-- (Rafe appears. Sam takes Nadine hostage) Shit. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Everybody just… Just calm down, okay?

Rafe: Well, this is interesting. Nate. Samuel.

Sam: Put your guns down! All of you.

Rafe: No.

Nadine: Rafe, this guy’s on edge.

Rafe: Oh, don’t worry about him, Nadine. These guys don’t kill anyone in cold blood. It’s just not their style.

Sam: You willing to bet her life on that?

Rafe: Go ahead then. Shoot her.

Nate: Sam!

Nadine: I die you both die.

Sam: So be it. Not another step!

Rafe: You mean… like this?

Nate: Sam… put the gun down.

Sam: I warned you.

Rafe: Do it.

[Sam shoots but Nate takes his gun.]

Nadine: Rafe!

Nate: It’s done!

Rafe: Hold your fire! Don’t shoot! (to NatePut it down?

Nate: It’s done. Okay? It’s done.

Nadine: “Don’t worry Nadine. It’s not their style.”

Rafe: What can I say? I didn’t think he hid it in him. Samuel. You okay? I guess you knew this moment was coming, huh? (hits him)

Nate: Hey! C’mon, man. You got got us. Take it easy. C’mon now, you’re a businessman. Let’s just… work it out a deal.

Rafe: Oh, a deal. Oh yeah, I’d love to hear what you have in mind. (hits Sam again) Oh, you can go ahead. I’m listening.

Nate: All right, just… all right… look, you wanna find Avery’s treasure? We’ll help you find it.

Rafe: And in exchange, I let you live?

Nate: Yeah. That… and a small cut…

Rafe: (laughs) The gauchos on this guy.

Nate: Just enough to get his freedom, okay?

Rafe: His freedom?

Sam: Nathan--

Nate: Yeah. He did hard time. Our time. And he guy who broke him out, Hector Alcazar… he owes’ him a lot of money.

Rafe: Whoa. What the hell are you talking about, Nate? Hector Alcazar died in a shootout in Argentina like six months ago. I’m the one that got Samuel out.

Nate: What-- ?

Rafe: Ohhhhh. Wow. What did he tell you? Sam, what kind of story did you cook up? Alcazar? Really? You lied? You lied to your baby brother?

Nadine: We’re wasting time.

Rafe: Just a second. (sighs) Thing is, Nate; I never stopped looking for Avery’s treasure. I just kept running into these dead ends. (laughs) You know? And then I hear that our dear ol’ Samuel Drake, an authority on Avery-- is alive and somewhat well. There was no breakout. I bribed the prison warden and your brother waltzed right out the front gate., he just He spent the last two years tracking down the second St. Dismas Cross. And you know what? He did It all with me.

Nate: No.

Rafe: Oh yeah.

Nate: No, that’s bullshit.

Rafe: Oh Sam? Care to refute?

Sam: Nate…

Nate: Aw, Sam… Ah, Jesus no, no…

Sam: Listen, Avery’s treasure was ours… It was always ours.

Nate: No! I left my life for you!

Rafe: (laughs) Hey look, look, Nate, if it’s any consolation, he duped me too. He pulled Houdini on me. He brought you… and that old man back into the mix. And I cannot lie, Sam, that really… pissed me off. But you know… all behind us now.

Sam: You don’t deserve it.

Rafe: You do? Last I checked we’re all a bunch of thieves… digging around where we shouldn’t.

Nadine: Rafe?

Rafe: What?

Nadine: One way or another end it. Or I will.

Rafe: Well, you heard the lady.

Nate: Hey, you miss one clue and you can kiss that treasure goodbye. You said it yourself: you keep running into dead ends. Why don’t you face it, Rafe. You need us.

Rafe: Yeah, you’re right. You’re half right. I just need Sam.

Nate: Wait now, you’re making a mistake, you got--

Sam: Rafe, don’t! Rafe, don’t, don’t, listen I--

[Rafe shoots at him, but Sam takes the bullet. Nate fall of cliff into the sea.]

Sam: Nathan!

Elena: Oh… Oh my God. Nate. Hey. Nate! Nate!

[We switch back into Nate’s past. He and his brother ride up a motorcycle to a mansion in which their late mother’s things are kept.]

Sam: Well… there it is.

Nate: Who the hell lives here, anyway?

Sam: I have no idea. But this is definitely the address. Been scoping the place out for the past few days. No one’s home.

Sam: (sighs) And here we are.

Nate: Whoa… This place is humongous.

Sam: (laughs)

Chapter 16: The Brothers DrakeEdit

Nate: Where do we even start?

Sam: Eh well, we start by finding a way in. And then we can take the grand tour.

Nate: You think this place has an alarm?

Sam: Let’s try and find a way in that doesn’t involve breaking a window. See? What’d I tell you?

Nate: Well, it was worth a try.

Sam: I’m pretty sure the front door will be locked.

Nate: Jeez… what do you think a place like this costs?

Sam: I think knowing the answer would make you sad. All right. Let’s look around back, huh? Hey, Nathan-- look. It’s an open window.

Nate: Oh yeah.

Sam: Here, follow me. Okay, gimme your hand. All right. There you go. C’mon, Nathan. Whoa.

Nate: Whoa.

Sam: Huh.

Nate: Whoa.

Sam: Huh.

Nate: Spooky.

Sam: Yeah. Well, here. I brought a spare.

Nate: So, are we looking for any particular room?

Sam: Just keep an eye out for any books, journals, any kind of research papers, you know?

Nate: Hmm, nothing in here. (sighs) Nope.

Sam: Eh, it’s not going to be in this attic. Boxes are filled with old traveling and camping equipment. Down we go.

Nate: So, how do we Ind them?

Sam: What, Mom’s notebooks? I mean, don’t you remember? She always used that off-white leather binding.

Nate: Here we go. White leather.

Sam: I think I found one. For real? You got the right idea, though. Let’s keep looking.

Nate: Was this your house?

Sam: Hey, these boxes remind you of anything?

Nate: Every place we ever lived?

Sam: Exactly.

Nate: (sighs) I remember Dad always being like,Why bother unpacking? We’re just gonna move again in a month.”

Sam: Yep. Always the asshole.

Nate: Hey Sam… call me crazy but This looks like a Ming Dynasty vase.

Sam: Nathan, who in their right mind would have a Ming Dynasty vase just sitting around like that? Nah… it’s probably a knock off of some kind.

Nate: Agh -- It won’t budge.

Sam: Here. Let’s do it together. You ready? Push. What the hell?

Nate: Whoa. It’s… some sort of sarcophagus.

Sam: Yeah… look around… This whole place is filled with sarcophaguses er… sarcophagi.

Nate: Hmm. Sam… this is real.

Sam: What is this place? Let’s go find out.

Nate: Huh, this one’s Roman… third… maybe fourth century. Hmmmm.

Sam: Hey, you recognize that one?

Nate: Uh… I… I’ve seen something like it before.

Sam: Reclining figures… It’s Etruscan.

Nate: Ah… that’s right.

Sam: Yeah, husband and wife… buried together. It’s kind of dark… in like an awesome sort of way.

Nate: (chuckles) Yeah.

Sam: This place is like a damn museum.

Nate: (laughs) Think they’ve got a dinosaur wing?

Sam: Wouldn’t surprise me.

Nate: Here’s another one… (sighs) Nope.

Sam: I do believe this is an ancient Mesopotamian washer/dryer combo.

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: (laughs) I was the funny one. Always was. Hey, Nathan, check me out. Now who am I? Huh? Dr. Livingston, c’mon. (laughs)

Nate: (chuckles) Nice. (Looking at invitation to Adventurer's Gala) Man… what I wouldn’t give to get an invite like this.

Sam: So, where are we going?

Nate: Huh?

Sam: Well, if you could go anywhere in the world. Where would you pick?

Nate: Anywhere?

Sam: Anywhere.

Nate: Okay, well… Here we go… India.

Sam: Yeah, we’ll visit the Taj Mahal.

Nate: Round and round she goes… Soviet Union. Let’s go to Moscow.

Sam: Yeah might be a tad difficult to get in. Always wanted to see the Red Square though.

Nate: Let’s try again… England. (sighs) Sure would be cool to see Windsor Castle… Right, Sam?

Sam: Hey. Hey, don’t look at me. It’s not my fault you weren’t’ born yet. It’s not like I remember much of it anyways And… It wasn’t that cool.

Nate: Uh huh… Okay… one last spin. Brazil.

Sam: He w you’re talking! All kinds of undiscovered places in the rain forest.

Nate: And all kinds of undiscovered tribes with poison darts.

Sam: Yeah… that too.

Nate: Hey, check it out!

Sam: (laughs) Hail, Caesar!

Nate: Fertility totems.

Sam: Hey, aren’t you a little young to be looking at that stuff?

Nate: Wow. This table’s as big as the ones in the orphanage dining hall.

Sam: I bet the food here was better.

Nate: (chuckles) Wouldn’t take much.

Sam: Damn, they must’ve thrown some great parties in here.

Nate: Judging by the artifacts… they certainly had enough money for it.

Sam: Yeah. Looks like it’s been a long time since the last one, though.

Nate: Woah… Lawrence of Arabia. Jousting armor. Looks French.

Sam: Hey, maybe don’t go waving your flashlight around the windows too much?

Nate: Hmm. It’s locked.

Sam: Mom’s stuff might be in one of these rooms… we gotta find another way in. Hey… the air vent. Up there!

Nate: Oh yeah… That could get us into the room below it.

Sam: Not us. You.

Nate: What?

Sam: I… I can’t fit in there. Can you handle it?

Nate: You kidding me? “Can I handle it?”

Sam: All right. Let’s see what you got then. Is that a latter? Heh. Nice-- liven up the place.

Nate: What’s left of it. Someone wanted to buy their stuff…

Sam: ‘Scuse me, I am a man of many tastes.

Nate: Guess they said no.

Sam: All right, you ready? Oh, whoops.

Nate: It’s a Polaroid.

Sam: Yeah, lemme see. I think it still works. C’mere. Now smile, all right?

Nate: (chuckles)

Sam: (chuckles)

Sam: (chuckles) (give Nate a picture) Don’t lose it.

Sam: Okay -- up here.

Nate: A dragon gong. Huh. Looks like it’s from Southeast Asia.

Sam: Nice.

Nate: Going it alone. Look at these. Compass, sundial…

Sam: Just imagine being lost at sea, and those instruments are the only thing standing between death and salvation.

Nate: Yeah. It’s crazy. Hey, they’ve got your favorite book here.

Sam: Really? Which one?

Nate: “A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates.”

Sam: (scoffs) More like “a generally made-up history.” Even the author’s name is a fake.

Sam: Hey, don’t fall.

Nate: There.

Sam: I’ll see ya on the other side.

Nate: Okay. It’s a good thing I’m not claustrophobic. All right…

Sam: Can you get the door open?

Nate: Uh… hold on. Huh. Codine. Lots of painkillers. (sighs) It’s locked from this side too.

Sam: Look around is there a key nearby?

[Nate finds a note.]

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this letter. I was hoping our last conversation made my intentions clear. I was hoping that ignoring your repeated attempts to contact me would eventually send the right message. Discovering you sent my daughter a check in the mail means the message was too subtle for someone like you.
I don’t need your money, and more to the point, I don’t want your money. I can take care of my family just fine without your help. It’s insulting to both of our intelligences to pretend that your hollow gesture would somehow “rekindle” our relationship.
What little was left of our bond died the moment you couldn’t bother to show up for Dad’s funeral. Right up to the moment he drew his last breath, he still loved you. I don’t.
I pray you find peace, with whatever it is you’ve been seeking your entire life, but do not contact me or my family again.

Nate: Got it.

Sam: So… anything?

Nate: (sighs) Didn’t see any journals.

Sam: (sighs) All right, well, we still got the other locked door so, c’mon.

Nate: Oh, wow…

Sam: Journals galore… Well, let’s see what we find.

Nate: Whoa. Sam.

Sam: What, you got something? (laughs) This is it! (laughs)

Nate: (reading one of journals) Riches of paradise…? Whoa… Henry Avery… Gunsway heist…

Sam: Whoa… Oh, what do you got there?

Nate: We never seen this one.

Sam: Yeah, me either. But that-- Yeah, no, that’s definitely mom’s handwriting.

Old Woman: Put up your hands. Slowly.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey. There’s no need for that.

Old Woman: What is he holding?

Sam: Hey, hey, hey! You keep your gun on me.

Old Woman: Give me my journal. (coughs)

Sam: All right… all right… I’m sorry, Nathan. So, what now?

Old Woman: Now… we wait… (sighs) for the police.

Sam: Yeah, you don’t want to have to deal with that headache…

Old Woman: Stop.

Sam: I mean, the hassle of ruining two kids’ lives. That’s--

Old Woman: I really don’t want to shoot you.

Sam: C’mon, lady. It was no harm no foul, all right?

Old Woman: We all must face the consequences of our actions. Hmm?

Sam: Then at least let him go. I brought him down here so he could see our mom’s stuff. That’s it. He had nothing to do with this.

Old Woman: What?

Sam: I’m telling you that this is all on me.

Old Woman: No. Your mother’s… stuff?

Sam: Yeah, that-- that journal… it was our mom’s.

Old Woman: You’re Cassandra Morgan’s boys.

Sam: Uh… hi.

Old Woman: My God. (coughs) I could’ve shot you.

Sam: Yeah, you still might, so uh… do you mind?

Nate: You knew our mom?

Old Woman: She worked for me. As I’m sure you’ve noticed… I’m a collector of sorts.

Sam: That’s sort of an understatement.

Nate: So… Mom was, like, your translator?

Old Woman: Your mother… was the most brilliant historian I have ever met. We could have accomplished so much together. But then her illness it… I’m sorry.

Sam: No, It’s all right. Happened a long time ago.

Old Woman: Of all of her discoveries… his would have been her crowning achievement. “Sic parvis magna.”

Nate: Greatness from small beginnings.

Sam: Sir Francis Drake’s motto. Yeah, Latin and historical figures-- Those were our dinner conversations. We were ah, a weird family.

Old Woman: Did she ever tell you her theories… regarding Sir Francis Drake and his heirs?

Sam: Uh…

Nate: Sir Francis Drake didn’t have a y heirs.

Sam: Yeah.

Old Woman: Uh-huh. That’s what history tells us. But your mother and I believed otherwise. Learning that old pirate’s secrets is one more adventure I have to let go. I guess there’s a lot I have to let go… Forgive me. Ramblings of an old woman. Here. It is as much yours as it is mine. Who knows? Perhaps one day you’ll be able to finish what she started.

Sam: Ah… ah, so uh… Yeah, so uh… we’re off the hook, right?

Old Woman: I’ll handle the police. You found your way in. I trust you can see yourself out, hmm?

Sam: Yeah.

Nate: Here.

Old Woman: Thank you.

Nate: I’m sorry about the mess.

Old Woman: (chuckles)

Sam: All right, C’mon, Nathan. Let’s go.

Old Woman: (gasps)

Nate: Are you okay?

Old Woman: (exhales sharply)

Sam: Holy shit. No, no, no, no, no, no. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Nate: Sam?

Cop: Ma’am?

Sam: Ah, crap.

Cop: It’s the police! You all right?

Nate: Wait, we have to do something.

Sam: Yeah. We need to get the hell outta here.

Nate: Can’t just leave her here.

Sam: There’s nothing we can do for herw. All right, we have to run. If the cops find us here then there’s--

Cop: Ma’am?

Sam: Nathan! We gotta go. Right now. Oh, shit. Window! Window, c’mon!

Cop 1: Okay. You -- check upstairs. You – come with me.

Cop 2: Copy that.

Sam: Hurry.

Nate: Wait up.

Cop 1: Hey, you check over by that fountain?

Cop 2: Don’t see ‘em.

Nate: Aah! Crap.

Sam: Careful.

Cop 1: Haven’t heard back from the guys inside.

Cop 2: It’s a big place. Might take a while.

Cop 1: Yeah.

Nate: Sam!

Sam: I got you. Just jump! The chimney. C’mon.

Nate: Comin’.

Cop 1: Search the gardens! I’ll go look behind the house.

Sam: Ah, damn it.

Cop 2: Took you guys long enough.

Cop 1: We’re here, aren’t we? What’ve you got?

Sam: The front gate looks clear.

Cop: Two suspects, one juvenile. They’re on the grounds somewhere.

Nate: Front gate. Got it.

Cop 1: They armed?

Sam: Hey, go slow.

Nate: Okay. (falls) Aah! Agh!

Sam: Nathan! You all right?

Cop 2: The hell was that?! You there! Don’t move!

Sam: Run for it! This way! We can lose ‘em!

Cop 1: This is Officer Murphy, we’ve got two burglary suspects on foot. One adult, one juvenile, both male…

Cop 2: Freeze, God damn it!

Cop 1: You there! Down on the ground, hands on your head!

Sam: Oh, shit.

Cop: Stop, God damn it!

Sam: C’mon! Go, go, go!

Cop: There! There they are! Gotcha!

Sam: C’mon, go!

Cop 1: Call for backup!

Cop 2: I did already!

Cop 1: One more warning! Down on the ground! Hands on your heads! Gotcha!

Nate: Ah, shit.

Sam: Whoa! Here, come on…. Run!

Cop: Stop, God damn it!

Sam: Nathan, run! You get outta here!

Cop: There! By the guest house!

Sam: Run!

Cop: Aw, shit. They’re bolting!

Sam: The dumpster, c’mon!

Nate: Okay!

Cop 1: They’re getting away!

Cop 2: Go back around! Back to the main gate!

Sam: On the bike, now! C’mon! All right, hold on tight! (they drive away)

[Next scene]

Sam: I’d say we’re clear. How about we catch our breath a second. (sighs) Some night, huh?

Nate: Some night. That old lady…

Sam: Hey… Hey, you listen to me, that wasn’t our fault back there. I mean, that lady she She was umm… sick. I mean, it’s okay to feel bad. But there was nothing we could do about it.

Nate: So, what are we gonna do now? I can’t go back the orphanage. You can’t go back to your job.

Sam: Then we don’t.

Nate: Sure.

Sam: No, I’m serious. We get as far away from this place as we possibly can.

Nate: Yeah? And how long ‘til the cops find us?

Sam: Oh, I think they’ll be looking for Nathan and Samuel Morgan.

Nate: Yeah, that’s us.

Sam: What if it wasn’t? Nathan-- back at that mansion… you knew just as much about that stuff as that poor old lady. Here. I always felt that we were destined… for something great… but, until tonight… I didn’t know what that meant. But this… Mom’s unfinished work… This is our chance… to restart our lives. With brand new identities.

Nate: What are you talking about?

Sam: I know some guys. Pretty good at forging papers, too. Now as for our new name… Mom believed that Sir Francis Drake had heirs. Who’s to say he didn’t?

Nate: You’re serious, aren’t you.

Sam: Nathan, we were meant for this. And I promise… you and me, together? We’re gonna go far. So what do you say… Nathan Drake?

[Scene changes to present day. Elena help Nate with his wounds.]

Nate: And everything changed after that. Y’know, we became… explorers. Adventurers. Mostly thieves. Ow.

Elena: Okay, just hold still.

Nate: You know, for a while it felt like… if we weren’t taking turns going to jail… it was because we were in jail together. And… after I lost him, I-- Or, after I thought… I lost him--

Elena: You didn’t want to bring him back up again.

Nate: Something like that. Well, that’s it. Now you know everything.

Elena: With you, I doubt that that’s everything. But… it’s a lot.

Nate: Love to know what you’re thinking.

Elena: I’m thinking that you’re lucky that I found you when I did.

Nate: Yeah.

Elena: I’m glad you didn’t lose a limb or anything. It would’ve been a royal pain getting you out of here.

Nate: How did you find me, anyway?

Elena: Oh you know, easy. Just follow the sound of gunfire.

Nate: Yeah. No, I mean, how did you get here…? (hears an airplane) Oh… of course.

Elena: Come in, Sully.

Sullivan: Hey, darlin’. How’s he doing?

Elena: Oh, you know, he’s banged up, but he’s alive. Par for the course.

Nate: Ow…

Elena: Now we just need to rescue the other Drake.

Sullivan: What do you mean?

Elena: I’ll let Nate tell you.

Nate: Hey, pal. Glad you could join us.

Sullivan: Yeah, wouldn’t miss it. So what happened to Sam?

Nate: Rafe’s got him.

Sullivan: Shit. You know where they are?

Nate: Yeah. They’re headed to the northern side of the island. See if you can find a place to set down over there. Once we get Sam, we’re going to need to get outta here pretty quick.

Sullivan: Copy that. Hey, hey-- What about the treasure?

Nate: Forget it. We don’t need it.

Sullivan: But Alcazar?

Nate: No. There’s no Alcazar. It’s all bullshit.

Sullivan: Wait. You mean… the debt, the… the escape?

Nate: Yeah. Sam made it all up. What an asshole, right. Look, I’ll fill you in on everything when I see you.

Sullivan: Yeah. I can’t wait. Look, you two be safe down there.

Nate: You know us.

Elena: Trade ya. (give Nate a gun and take the radio)

Nate: Thanks.

Elena: Sure.

Nate: No, I mean… Thanks for saving me. Again.

Elena: I almost didn’t this time.

Nate: Right…

Elena: C’mon. I got us a ride.

Chapter 17: For Better or WorseEdit

Elena: So… we’re head northern side of the island?

Nate: Yeah, New Devon. It’s home to the founders of Libertalia.

Elena: And that’s where Rafe is taking your brother.

Nate: Treasure’s probably there; just need to save Sam before they find it.

Elena: Look. Up there. I borrowed it from your Shoreline friends.

Nate: You slid all the way down from there?

Elena: Yeah, it was the quickest way to get down to you. Now we just gotta figure out another way back up. Nate -- boost me up this ladder?

Nate: Yeah, here. So… have you been here long?

Elena: On the island? A few hours now.

Nate: Did you see the colony?

Elena: I did. From the air.

Nate: Pretty incredible, right?

Elena: I didn’t get the full tour… I was a little preoccupied with finding you.

Nate: Right. So… Did ah, Sully fill you in on the deal with this place?

Elena: Yeah. Henry Avery, four hundred million, twelve founders, hundreds of colonists… something like that.

Nate: Yeah, that just about covers it.

Elena: Wow… is that an elevator?

Nate: Sure looks like it. I swear, Avery recruited the best engineers of his time.

Elena: He must’ve used it to move supplies up river.

Nate: Yeah, that’s a fair bet. There’s your car. Just need to get up there.

Elena: Well, what do you think? Which way?

Nate: Well, let’s take a look. Here we go. I can boost you up there.

Elena: Great. (the ladder crushes) Whoa! Oh. Sorry… Hey, do you think there’s another way up?

Nate: Uh…

Elena: Hey I see a path up here. There’s a way through over there.

Nate: See if you can find something I can use.

Elena: Yup. Hey, I found something. Hold on… Look out below.

Nate: Thanks. Nope. Whoa… Hey, nice jump!

Elena: Not bad, right?

Nate: Way to go, Nate. Piss a girl like that off. Idiot.

Elena: C’mon. I’ll meet you around.

Nate: Oh no. Not good. Not good.

Elena: Nate!?

Nate: I’m okay…! Sort of. Everything’s under control.

Elena: See if you can get back up here.

Nate: Yeah… yeah, roger that.

Elena: Nate? Can you find a way out of there?

Nate: It Io Its like a dead end.

Elena: Well, maybe the elevator still works…?

Nate: I doubt it. It’s 300 years old. Been exposed to the weather. I mean who knows if it ever work--

Elena: Got it!

Nate: Oh look. It works.

Elena: Going up?

Nate: Next floor, menswear. (chuckles) Ohh… jinxed it. You know, I’ll just ah… meet I guess.

Mercenary 1: Chips, you got any smokes?

Mercenary 2: Who the hell-- ?

Nate: Agh! Crap. Oh no.

Elena: Hey!

Nate: Holy shit. Uh… nice moves… hun.

Elena: Nothing to it. Now then… Which way’s the car?

Nate: It’ll be easier to spot from higher ground.

Elena: Right, good idea.

Nate: Well, we’re getting some exercise at least, right?

Mercenary: There’ nobody here. It’s definitely the one she stole, though.

Elena: Look. Shoreline.

Nate: They found your car.

Elena: Technically, it’s their car.

Nate: So, let’s get it back.

Mercenary 1: You think she’s with Drake?

Mercenary 2: Gotta be. Some of the men said they heard a prop plane, too.

Mercenary 1: Sounds like a party.

Mercenary 2: Stay alert, gentlemen.

Elena: Nate, sniper! Oh man.

Nate: Ah, crap! Son of a bitch!

Elena: Whew.

Nate: Oh, crap!

Elena: Wanna hop in and drive the hell out of here?

Nate: Might be worth a shot! Okay. I think that’s it.

Elena: Shoreline’s certainly earned that reputation. Let’s go before more of ‘em shows up.

Nate: Hey, you see a way out?

Elena: Up river. There’s an opening by the falls.

Nate: Wow. Check out that elevator.

Elena: It’s massive.

Nate: Yeah, I’m guessing New Devon’s at the top.

Elena: Then let’s get up there. So here’s question: why does Rafe Adler want Avery’s treasure? It’s not like he needs the money.

Nate: He wants the glory. Doesn’t want to be known as a guy who only got rich because of his inheritance. Walking away isn’t an option for him.

Elena: Well, Rafe is a good match for Shoreline. He needs their muscle and they need his money.

Nate: They do? They seem pretty well stocked.

Elena: Shoreline got involved in a couple of civil wars that didn’t pan out for them. Nadine inherited her father’ mess. She’s probably hopping that this’ll put her back on the map. So far good. Keep heading up stream.

Nate: Bet you could write a killer article about all this.

Elena: I could. I doubt anybody would believe it.

Nam: Well, you could take pictures, too.

Elena: I didn’t bring my camera. Kinda wish I did though. So… why do you think Sam didn’t come straight to you? After Rafe got him out of prison?

Nate: I think he wanted to gather every clue that Rafe had on Avery before bailing on him. Plus, he needed time to come up with that crazy Alcazar story. Ugh, I mean-- If I had just looked it up… That is one crazy contraption.

Elena: It looks big enough to fit the car.

Nate: Here’s hoping this one works as well. All right, let’s look around. There we go.

Elena: Stand clear, I got it.

Nate: Okay!

Elena: How’s that?

Nate: Looks like I can get up there now. Thank you. Okay… Agh. There.

Elena: Anything?

Nate: Nothing yet. Gonna climb higher. Need an elevator just to fix the elevator.

Elena: You made it!

Nate: Was there ever a doubt?

Elena: Wait, hold on. I got an idea. Okay, ready!

Nate: That’s my girl.

Elena: I’m gonna detach the finch now.

Nate: Okay!

Elena: I’ll bring the car to the elevator.

Nate: Here… we… go… Ha ha! We did it!

Elena: Oh, what the hell--? Nate, the elevator’s moving! Get on, quick!

Nate: Ah, crap. I’m coming!

Elena: Nate, hurry!

Nate: Oh, hi there.

Elena: Hi. Um… now what?

Nate: Hm… maybe I need to… Oh, never mind.

Elena: Okay. Nate, watch out!

Nate: Stay down! Use the car as cover! Let me see if I can flank them.

Elena: Sniper!

Nate: Yeah. Right.

Elena: Hey! Get off my elevator!

Nate: Elena, you still with me?

Elena: Yeah, I’m still here. The car’s got some holes in it, though. Watch it! Sniper! Get back!

Nate: Damn it. She’s a sitting duck in there. C’mon. Move it, Nate. Holy hit.

Elena: Are you okay, Nate?

Nate: Yeah…

Elena: Well? C’mon! You drive.

Nate: You sure? You seem to be doing fine.

Elena: After all that… I need a break.

Nate: Well… definitely earned it.

Elena: So I was thinking… All this engineering and architecture, it doesn’t come cheap. Do you think there’s even any treasure left?

Nate: We were wondering that ourselves.

Elena: There’s the elevator.

Nate: Here goes nothing. Whoa. Hang on. Ah, there. I got control again.

Elena: We’re getting there.

Nate: You didn’t happen to bring us some spare clothes, did ya?

Elena: I did.

Nate: Great.

Elena: They’re on the plane.

Nate: Not great.

Elena: That dam… we c an drive through the sluice gate.

Nate: Here we go…

Elena: Hey, Nate, it’s no good – it’s blocked.

Nate: Okay. I’ll try the other one. Shoulda seen that coming. And behind door number two… Looks like this one’s clear!

Elena: Nice work!

Nate: We’re good. Watch this. Hang on!

Elena: We did it.

Nate: Hey, you sound surprised.

Elena: Maybe a little.

Nate: And… we’re up. What are the odds that elevator’s working?

Elena: Eh, so far we’re two for two.

Nate: Leah, which means we’re due for some disaster.

Elena: The water wheel’s working. That bodes well.

Nate: Hey, give me hand with this? Ah, crap. I’ll hold it. Just get the car. Oh God. Ah, that’s heavy. Okay. Here goes nothing.

Elena: Three for three.

Nate: You gotta love that rate engineering.

Elena: Wow. It’s like a postcard.

Nate: Yeah, Libertalia. Come or the beautiful views… Stay for the life-or-death gunfights.

Elena: (laughs)

Nate: So, what made you change your mind?

Elena: Hm?

Nate: You said you… almost didn’t come back.

Elena: Well, I couldn’t leave then you were clearly in over your head. And you know, here’s that whole “marriage vow” thing.

Nate: For better or worse.

Elena: Yeah. For better or worse. Here. Gimme a hand with this.

Nate: All right.

Elena: Okay. You know, even if you think that you’re protecting me… you don’t have a right to shut me out like that. No matter what it is… you’re supposed to come to me so that we can work through it… together! As a team.

Nate: I know that. Really, I do. It’s just… I, I, I… (sighs)

Elena: We should stay focused. There be time for this later.

Nate: (sighs) Next stop: New Devon.

[They drive in silence. A beautiful piano piece plays.]

Sullivan: Hey, Elena? Nate?

Elena: We’re here, Sully. Where are you?

Sullivan: Still in the air. Saw a bunch of Shoreline vehicles heading north.

Elena: I guess we’ll see them soon.

Sullivan: You two doing okay so far?

Elena: We hit a few hitches but… so far so good.

Sullivan: All right, good. Keep in touch, will ya? I’m not the ‘no news is good news’ type.

Elena: We’ll try. Over and out.

Nate: Okay. Should be on the other side of the bridge. Hung on tight…

Elena: Nate?

Nate: Hold on!

Elena: Floor it!

Nate: Oh, I hate bridges! No, no no no no! Aaahh! Ah, hell--

Elena: Turn around, we’re heading for the falls!

Nate: I can’t… current’s too strong!

Elena: Nate, there! We can climb up those rocks!

Nate: On it! All right. Go! Go!

Elena: Ah, I got it! Come on!

Nate: Come on…

Elena: Nate! Agh…

Nate: Ah… (laughs) waterfall… Waterfall! Haha! Ha…

Elena: Nate!

Nate: It’s okay! I’m okay!

Elena: The tree! The tree is not okay!

Nate: Oh, come on!

Elena: Over here! Quick! Gotcha! Well. So much for the car.

Nate: (chuckles) Yeah.

Elena: C’mon.

Nate: I wasn’t trying to protect you. It-- it’s just I-- I made a, promise that I was done with this life.

Elena: We both did.

Nate: Yeah, but I broke it. I didn’t tell you because. I was afraid…

Elena: Afraid of what?

Nate: Of losing you. I guess I was, um… protecting myself. You know?

Elena: We have a lot of ground to cover.

Nate: Yeah. Should keep moving.

Elena: Yeah. This way.

Nate: At least we’re on the right side of the river now.

Elena: (buckles) Yeah. That would’ve been bad. I see an opening up there.

Nate: Good call. Now… how do we get up there?

Elena: Avery sure picked a gorgeous island.

Nate: Well, maybe we can come back here on a vacation, huh?

Elena: Yeah, maybe.

Nate: Ah, it’s slippery. (to skeleton) Oh, out by your lonesome? Well, rest in peace my pirate friend. Whoa.

Elena: Oh, yikes.

Nate: Hello.

Elena: Who is this…?

Nate: Well, look at the sign. “Traitor.” It’s one of the rebels.

Elena: That’s a bad way to die. Here’s another one.

Nate: Sorry, buddy. No disrespect.

Elena: More gibbets.

Nate: Oh my God.

Chapter 18: New DevonEdit

[Nate and Elena finally find New Devon.]

Nate: Well, I guess that’s one way to crush a rebellion.

Elena: I have to wonder if this was always the plan.

Nate: What… to slaughter all the colonists?

Elena: No… To lure them here in hopes of finding a utopia. Only to rob them of everything that they have.

Nate: Well, we’re dealing with a bunch of pirates.

Elena: Well… that is pretty diabolical, even for pirates.

Nate: Just need your help for a sec.

Elena: Those things not look steady.

Nate: They’re not. Be careful. Whoa! Excuse me. Come on. You all right?

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Wow. Welcome to Avery’s neighborhood.

Elena: It’s a nice place. If you don’t mind some structural problems and water damage.

Nate: Clearly some drainage issues.

Elena: A real fixer-upper opportunity. Okay, so… Looks like somebody blew that dam and then flooded the whole place.

Nate: You know, I forgot. Pretty good at this.

Elena: All right, so which one of these do you think is Avery’s?

Nate: Ah, my money’s on… that one. One that’s still intact.

Elena: Ooh. You’re not so bad at this either.

Nate: Yeah, well, you know, had a little practice, read a few books.

Elena: Shit. Shit.

Nate: What? What?

Elena: The front door.

Nate: Sam.

Elena: He’s still alive.

Nate: Yeah, for now. Come on. All right, keep your eyes open for Shoreline types… Here goes nothing. Whoops.

Elena: Whoa.

Nate: You all right?

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Through here. Watch your head. Oh, someone had it in for this guy. Oh, another one note. Shit. Shoreline. Elena, get down.

Elena: I see them.

Mercenary: Patrols haven’t come back with our 4x4. Drake’s probably still out there. So lock this place down. We need to be prepared if they show up.

Elena: Nate, look out.

Mercenary 1: More prepared than the river patrol was. What’s that?

Mercenary 2: Ah, nothing, boet (brother).

Mercenary 1: Had better be nothing…

Elena: Watch it.

Mercenary 1: All this for one man?

Mercenary 2: After everything, you’re really asking me that?

Mercenary 1: Ha. Fancy digs. Certainly doesn’t look like a pirates’ house. Where’s all the valuables?

Mercenary 2: The brother’s leading them on a wild goose chase. Why haven’t they shot the scaly bastard yet?

Mercenary 1: Rafe has his reasons, I reckon.

Elena: I got him! Sniper! Get down! Nate, sniper!

Nate: Whoa. Shit. Whoa. That‘s too close. Oh, great. Whoa, shit. Whoa… geez. Jesus. I think that’s it, You okay?

Elena: Yeah. Let’s push on. Might be a way through this cave.

Nate: Yeah, it’s worth a look. Ah crap. How many people did you bring here, Nadine?

Elena: She does have an entire army. You think they found the treasure?

Nate: Well, legs hope not. For Sam’s sake. Look, something here. It’s addressed to Richard Want. Signed Adam Baldridge.

Elena: They were both Founders?

Nate: Whoa. Okay. Current’s a little strong Might come in handy. Look out below.

Elena: Nice one.

Nate: Crap. Can’t get a held of it. Come… come to papa. After you.

Elena: Aw, how sweet. You want me to be your decoy?

Nate: No, I was being gentlemanly there.

Elena: (laughs) Just busting your chops.

Nate: Yeah, well the chops are plenty busted already. Thank you. Oh shit.

Elena: Whoa. Nate!

Nate: Hang on! Agh -- whoa!

Elena: Whoa!

Nate: Ah no no! Whoa!

Elena: Ugh.

Nate: That’s wasn’t too bad.

Elena: Whew.

Nate: You okay?

Elena: Yeah, I’m fine… You?

Nate: Well, wet again. Tired, bruised. A little hungry. I could eat. (chuckles) Other than that I’m, me.

Elena: (laughs) Yeah… Whew… Okay, C’mon. Let’s keep going.

Nate: C’mon, let’s try cutting through this house.

Elena: Yeah, I’m right behind you.

Nate: Huh, what’s this? Jesus. Got all “Lord of the Flies” in here.

Elena: No kidding.

Nate: Hey, check it out. These cannons looks like they were retrofitted.

Elena: Yeah. Improvised defenses. Guess they didn’t expect they’d be fighting each other.

Nate: Guess not. Ooh. Nice water feature. Time for another swim, I guess. Whoa, whoa. Stronger than it looks.

Elena: Hold up. I’ll weigh it down for you.

Nate: Great. Okay!

Elena: You’re welcome!

Nate: Thank you. You make a great counterweight. Uh… I mean…

Elena: It’s okay, I’ll choose to take that as a commitment.

Nate: Swallowed some water. I made it. I’ll find a way up for you. This should work. All right, stand clear… There you go.

Elena: Okay, great!

Nate: Let‘s move this out of the way.

Elena: Yup.

Nate: Okay. Hey look-- Thomas Tew’s sigil.

Elena: So we’re in his mansion.

Nate: Second in command. Going up the pirate hierarchy.

Elena: (sees many dead pirate captains at a table) Good lord.

Nate: Looks like we found the party.

Elena: Looks like we’re a little late.

Nate: (chuckles)

Elena: Hey, Nate. Check it out.

Nate: It’s another sigil. Oh my God…

Elena: What?

Nate: It’s them. Elena, these are the pirate captains that founded Libertalia. What the hell happened here?

Elena: Well, I’m no forensics expert, but I would say… bad drinks?

Nate: Apparently.

Elena: So, what was this? Some kind of… wealthy pirate suicide cult?

Nate: (chuckles) Yeah, not likely. Not these guys.

Elena: “On behalf of Lord Avery, I invite you to my manor at sundown tomorrow. The time has come to abandon our animosities… and reunite under the banner of God… and liberty.” Signed Thomas Tew.

Nate: What do you bet… Thomas Tew. Henry Avery. Looks like our hosts didn’t stick around to clean up heir mess.

Elena: Well that wasn’t very gracious of them.

Nate: Okay, so… So these guys sparked a full-scale revolt when they claimed the treasure for themselves. Now, they took care of the colonists, but then they had to deal with each other. And I’m guessing things got pretty messy. So, Avery and Tew invite them up here. To umm… Ah, what was it, uh-- ?

Elena: “Abandon our animosities.”

Nate: “Abandon the animosities.” Avery makes a grand toast…For God and liberty,” Argh, ahoy, mateys, all that.

Elena: (laughs)

Nate: And they all take a swing… Except these two. And just like that. All the treasure of Libertalia becomes the sole possession of two men. These are… These are… some of history’s greatest pirates… and they all perished… in an instant. At this very table.

Elena: It’s incredible.

Nate: Yeah. I’m -- I’m sorry. I uh. I’m sorry.

Elena: It’s okay. So, since our missing hosts aren’t here at Tew’s manor…

Nate: We should head over to Avery’s.

Elena: Yeah. Let’s go.

Nate: There. For posterity. Hey, up here. Slowly.

Elena: Right behind you.

Nate: All right, be careful. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Aaahh!

Elena: Nate!

Nate: I’m okay! I got it.

Elena: I’ll meet you up top!

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Hi.

Nate: More cannons. Just like at Tew’s mansion.

Elena: I guess the poison is mightier than the cannons.

Nate: What?

Elena: You know, ‘cause he ended up poisoning… Yeah, that was bad… Sorry.

Nate: Yup, pretty bad. And we are officially inside Henry Avery’s house. Word of the day… “ostentatious.”

Elena: So why didn’t he kill Thomas Tew? Was he like his right hand man?

Nate: Yeah, that’s exactly what he was. Can you imagine taking orders from a paranoid psychopath?

Elena: Yeah, sounds like my first job.

Nate: What, the producer on your TV show?

Elena: No, my manager from Macho Nacho.

Nate: You worked t a Macho Nacho?

Elena: It was a high school job.

Nate: Did you wear one of those hats?

Elena: The point is… my boss was a paranoid psychopath.

Nate: He was the manager at a Macho Nacho.

Elena: Just watch it, okay?

Nate: Look. Shoreline barricaded the front door.

Elena: And left a bunch of muddy footprints behind.

Nate: Let’s see where they went. Huh. Hello.

Elena: So, where are all the Shoreline guys?

Nate: I know, right? I expected to see someone by now.

Elena: Yeah, it’s like they all up and vanished.

Nate: You don’t suppose there’re… pirate ghosts?

Elena: Don’t even joke about that.

Nate: Hey, here we go… Elena, check it out. Footprints go through this door. Crap, it’s blocked from the other side.

Elena: Why bother barricading their path, unless…

Nate: They found something. All right, help me push this open.

Elena: Yeah… Oh shit! Shoreline.

Nate: Ah, crap. Someone woke up cranky today.

Elena: Watch it! Sniper! Nate! It’s not over yet!

Nate: More coming!

Elena: Hey, to your right!

Nate: Outta my personal space! Hey, good timing. Oh, crap.

Elena: Okay…

Nate: Oh shit. Uh-oh.

Elena: Sniper!

Nate: Jesus. You all right?

Elena: Yeah… they were just waiting to ambush us.

Nate: Yeah. All right, let’s get that door open. See what they didn’t want us to find. Okay, here we go. You ready? (see a skeleton) Oh. Hello there. What is it?

Elena: It’s a letter. Signed by… Avery.

Nate: Really? Read it.

Elena: “My loyal subjects… As the sun sets on our glorious paradise, we must endeavor to preserve its riches… The traitorous Tew knows bur secrets, so we must act quickly. Destroy the dam, cleanse New Devon…”

Nate: Here we go.

Elena: Uh-huh. “…and move my treasure through the passage to my ship.”

Nate: Tew and Avery turned on each other.

Elena: Are you really surprised?

Nate: Well I guess not.

Elena: Here you go.

Nate: Thanks. Let’s go find that passage.

Elena: There’s no more footprints; they end here.

Nate: Okay, so… where did they go?

Elena: Pirate ghosts.

Nate: (chuckles)

Elena: Let’s look around.

Nate: It’s Sam’s lighter.

Elena: Did he drop it?

Nate: Yeah, on purpose. Whatever it is we’re looking for has to be somewhere around here.

Elena: There’s gotta be another way out of this room .

Nate: Maybe that passage Avery mentioned in the letter. But where’s the switch? Maybe this is a switch? No.

Elena: Nate…

Nate: Yeah… Did you find something?

Elena: I think so.

Nate: Whoa. (laughs)

Elena: It’s a good thing they figured that out for us.

Nate: How did you do that?

Elena: There’s a bloody fingerprint right here where Libertalia should be, and I… pushed it.

Nate: Nicely done.

Elena: So the letter said that Avery was moving his treasure to the Ship.

Nate: Yeah.

Elena: Do you think the treasure’s still on the island?

Nate: I think-- Uh… I think it doesn’t matter any more. Here we go.

Elena: Careful, Nate. Hey, watch your head.

Nate: Yeah.

Elena: Oh. Looks like Avery built himself a panic cave.

Nate: (chuckles) Yeah, I wonder where this goes? (the door shuts) Crap.

Elena: Guess we’re gonna find out.

Chapter 19: Avery’s DescentEdit

Nate: (sighs) This place doesn’t look very stable.

Elena: Yeah…

Nate: Look. Fresh footprints. They must’ve come this way.

Elena: That’s a lot of footprints. Let’s take this slow.

Nate: (the flashlight goes off) Crap…

Elena: What the hell was that--?

Nate: My money’s on Nadine’s men. They’ll use any excuse to use dynamite.

Elena: They’d have to be pretty dumb to use it in here.

Nate: Yeah, they’re pretty dumb. Uh oh.

Elena: You bring any spare batteries?

Nate: Yeah, yeah. But, they’re at the bottom of the ocean.

Elena: I won’t ask.

Nate: I won’t tell. Whoa, whoa. Hold up.

Elena: So… some kind of deathtrap?

Nate: Uh… Yeah. But Sam and the others somehow made it across… We just gotta follow their lead.

Elena: Wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t creak so much.

Nate: Just don’t go where the footsteps aren’t.

Elena: (chuckles) What?

Nate: I’m just a little preoccupied with not blowing up right now. And… unclench. Woo. Elena, look. Footprints stop here.

Elena: They must’ve made it through and it collapsed behind them.

Nate: Hey. Just gonna move this out of the way, here.

Elena: Yeah. Damn it.

Nate: We’ll have to find another way. Oh no. Just hold out a little longer…! Crap. Come on. Damn it.

Elena: Hey-- you still have Sam’s lighter?

Nate: Yes! Good idea. C’mon. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Of course he used it all up. Smoked like a goddamn chimney on the boat ride over…

Elena: Relax, I brought some matches.

Nate: You did?

Elena: Of course. There we go. (scoffs) Ow! Sorry. Just… one sec.

Nate: Ow! Ow, that’s my head. Hello.

Elena: Over here!

Nate: Ow, uh. I tripped.

Elena: Over here.

Nate: Thanks. Glad you came prepared.

Elena: Somebody had to. C’mon, let’s find a way forward.

Nate: Nice romantic lighting, huh?

Elena: You have a funny idea of romantic.

Nate: (chuckles) Yes I do. Hey, this looks promising. Boost you up?

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: C’mon. Okay, here we go.

Elena: Okay. Come up. Come on up.

Nate: Okay. Thanks.

Elena: Watch your head.

Nate: Yeah…

Elena: Careful.

Nate: Whoa.

Elena: What the hell is this…?

Nate: “The hands that stole from me.” Wow Avery’s not even pretending to be sane at this point.

Elena: I don’t like this place.

Nate: Me either. Let’s get out of here. Hey, look. Avery had some gibbets left over.

Elena: Gibbets.

Nate: What?

Elena: It’s pronounced JIH-bets.

Nate: Are you sure?

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Well. No one likes a know-it-all.

Elena: Gibbets.

Nate: Wait, is that… a mummy? (explosion) You okay?

Elena: Yeah, I think so. What was that?

Nate: Trap. Avery really didn’t want any trespassers down here. All right, watch your step.

Elena: Me? You’re the one that stepped on it.

Nate: Fine, watch my step. Ah, hell--! (explosion) Aagh! (coughing) God damn it!

Elena: Are you okay?

Nate: Ah, so far so good… Maybe I’d just stay a little ways back. Oh crap. (explosion)

Elena: (coughs)

Nate: You okay?

Elena: Yeah… Well, now we know what caused the explosion we heard earlier.

Nate: Yeah, no wonder so many parts of this passage have caved in.

Elena: Hey Nate-- I found a shortcut.

Nate: How do you know it’s a shortcut?

Elena: Trying to be optimistic here.

Nate: Oh. All right. Jesus. Oh damn it. More mummies. Don’t explode, okay?

Elena: Just… careful.

Nate: Agh! Jesus--! What did I just say?! Oh, for Christ’s sake--! (explosion) (coughs) Oh, this can’t be healthy to breathe.

Elena: Nate! Are you okay?

Nate: Fine, I-- Fine. I wish I’d brought ear plugs. Am I yelling?

Elena: Nate, careful.

Nate: Yeah. And Avery’s gone all Egyptian. Except this mummification wasn’t, you know, voluntary. Well… we’re back on the trail.

Elena: The footprints go this way.

Nate: Be ready for a fight.

Elena: Oh, I always am.

Nate: Wait, is that in reference to me?

Elena: No. Would you calm down?

Nate: You calm down. Eesh. Guess these guys weren’t paying attention. There’s no sign of Sam.

Elena: We’ll find him.

Nate: Ah! Elena, get down! You idiots trying to bring the whole place down?!

Elena: Got ‘em!

Nate: Woah… Jesus!

Elena: Ah crap, shotgun!

Nate: Oh shit--! Elena, get behind something! (explosion) (coughs) Well, for once, I appreciate Avery’s exploding mummies.

Elena: “The mouths that spoke ill of me.”

Nate: I’d hate to see this guy’s Christmas tree.

Elena: I don’t see any footprints. We must be on a different route than the others.

Nate: All right, let’s see if we can catch up. Why… hello.

Elena: Hey. So, I guess this loops around?

Nate: Guess so. Jesus. This was one of Avery’s guys.

Elena: Dead men tell no tales. Looks like a fight broke out.

Nate: Yeah, Tew’s men versus Avery’s. Excuse me. Hello…

Elena: Some kind of key. What’s that note?

Nate: Oh, right. It’s uh… it’s from Tew to his men. We can use the key to get out of here.

Elena: That’s good.

Nate: Hmm. There are some symbols on the back.

Elena: Well, let’s go find a keyhole.

Nate: (sees a bunch of mummies) Oh boy. Ah, crap--! Ah! I’m okay! You gonna explode now, huh? No? How ‘bout you?

Elena: This guy had some serious trust issues.

Nate: Oh God, oh god, oh god ! (coughs) Okay, okay, you done?!

Elena: Nice moves.

Nate: Huh. Not quite as creepy as all the hanging bones.

Elena: Still, it’s a little creepy.

Nate: Yeah, maybe three out of ten though.

Elena: I’d say four.

Nate: Really, four?

Elena: Mmm hmm. Oh, my ears just popped.

Nate: Yeah. We’re definitely descending.

Elena: Okay. It’s another deathtrap.

Nate: Yeah, no footprints to guide us. The symbols match the ones on those posts. Huh. Tew showed his men how to get past the traps. Okay, we’re off to a good start. Follow my lead, okay?

Elena: Just be careful…

Nate: I’m always careful.

Elena: (laughs) Says the guy who set off every mummy bomb in this place.

Nate: Well, you know, not a lot of experience with the mummy bombs. Thank you.

Elena: So far so good…

Nate: There! Made it! In your face, Avery. That’s our way out of here.

Elena: Ah-- God, are those the rest of Tew’s men?

Nate: Yeah, gotta be. We know Avery likes to make an example of his enemies.

Elena: He definitely likes making exploding mummies.

Nate: Yeah. Let’s, uh… tread carefully in here. (finds a door) Keyhole… Key.

Elena: Wait… it could be a trap.

Nate: Yeah, we really don’t have much of a choice.

Elena: Oh boy.

Nate: But… I have a good feeling about this. Yeah?

Elena: Do it.

Nate: (opens the door) Back up. (laughs) You see? (they caught by a net) Well, at least we didn’t get blown to bits… (mummies start exploding) Ah, shit. You didn’t bang a knife by any chance, did you?

Elena: No… but that guy’s got a sword. Here, help me swing this thing.

Nate: Ah… Damn it!

Elena: Nate!

Nate: I got it!

Elena: Nate! (they run for their lifes)

Nate: C’mon, c’mon, go, go!

Elena: Oh God--!

Nate: Don’t look back, just run!Don’t stop!

Elena: Whoooooaaaa--!

Nate: Aaahhhhhhh! Keep running! I’m right behind you!

Elena: Nate, move your ass! Let’s go! C’mon! C’mon! Get up!

Nate: Yeah, yeah. (coughing) Thanks, Captain Avery. (chuckles) Just like old times, huh? Elena? Hey. Elena, c’mon. Elena!

Elena: My… hero…

Nate: Oh no, you didn’t do that.

Elena: (laughs)

Nate: No. That’s not funny.

Elena: Oh, you have done much worse.

Nate: (sighs) God, you gave me a goddamn heart attack.

Elena: Oh… let me listen. Sounds good to me.

Nate: What--? (sighs) You realize… we are now even for everything I’ve ever pulled, all right? Yeah, like ever.

Elena: No. Not by a long shot. (laughs) Gosh, you’ve got mud everywhere.

Nate: Anyone ever tell you, you have a… idea of romantic?

Elena: Yeah. Yeah, I may have heard that somewhere before. (they kiss)

Nate: Good talk.

Elena: Good talk.

[Far explosion.]

Nate: That’s gonna be Sam. C’mon. At least the gunfire means he’s still alive… for now.

Chapter 20: No EscapeEdit

Elena: Is that… a galleon?

Nate: Yeah. Sure looks like it. Holy crap. It’s a ship graveyard. Looks like we can get down this way.

Elena: Yeah, looks… safe.

Mercenary: After him!

Nate: Ah, crap. Look.

Mercenary: We’ve got him pinned down, c’mon!

Nate: That’s Sam.

Elena: He’s surrounded.

Nate: Yeah…

Mercenary: Don’t let him get away!

Nate: C’mon. We gotta go get him. I gotta find a way to the beach.

Elena: Nate! They’re behind you!

Nate: Find some cover! Go!

Elena: Sniper! Get down! Down!

Nate: Oh boy! Oh shit. Too close.

Elena: Hey, watch out!

Nate: Seriously?!

Elena: Get back!

Nate: Whoa… geez. Ah, the bigger they are… the harder they are to take down! Elena! This way! (takes a machine gun) Now we’re talking!

Elena: C’mon. We can cut through he ship’s hold.

Nate: No, no, no, no! I love idle threats. Geronimo! You okay?

Elena: Yeah, I’m okay enough. Now let’s find your brother.

Nate: Hey, we can squeeze through here. Okay… now where did Sam go?

Mercenary: He went this way!

Elena: Well, there’s your answer.

Nate: Oh yeah? We’ll see about that. Whoa. That’s was close. Nate, up on the ship-- It’s Sam! Ah shit, he’s pinned down.

Sam: God damn it…! Fight fair, you bastards! Nathan, take cover! Oh, is that all you got?! Man, you’re a sight for sore eyes.

[All shoreliners successfully killed.]

Nate: How about we get off this damned beach, huh?

Sam: Absolutely. Did you, find my lighter? (explosion)

Nate: Ahhh!

Sam: Shit. We’re sitting ducks in here!

Elena: We gotta take out that RPG!

Nate: Yeah. Right.

Sam: The cliffs! We can take cover there! I got one!

Nate: Rocket man is down!

Sam: All right, you got him!

Elena: Behind you, behind you!

Sam: Guy’s got an RPG! Nathan, move!

Elena: Got one! Yes.

Sam: I’m right behind you guys.

Nate: Okay, c’mon!

Elena: Ah damn it! Our friends are back!

Sam: Take those suckers out! Nathan! Take them out with your RPG!

Nate: Yeah. That’s right!

Sam: Over here! Follow me!

Sam: Go on.

Elena: Okay-- here.

Nate: That’s encouraging.

Sam: Thanks.

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Let’s go.

Elena: Hurry!

Nate: Jesus!

Sam: We gotta move it!

Elena: Hurry!

Nate: Aahhh!

Elena: Nate?!

Nate: I’m good, just run! Oh, no!

Elena: Nate!

Nate: I gotta get out of here. Oh no. Oh, wonderful. Ah, Christ, how many of these trucks did you bring, Rafe? Ah, crap! Oh, thank God, it’s leaving… Wait, that Shoreline merc had an RPG… Where the hell is it? All right, truck. You’re going down. Ha ha! Gotcha! And thank you for the exit. Oh son of bitch, another one? Here we go. All right Nate, think… think. Stairs. The stairs. Yeah, that’s it. Just hide db here. Can’t get me up here, right? I’m sure it’ll be safe. Ah why? Why? Why?! These guys just don’t give up! Stop it, just stop it! Good thing for me, you’re a terrible driver. Whooooaaaaaa! Oh God--! Ah, man. Gotta move. Gotta move, gotta move… Gotta move! Just keep going. Shit! Sully?!

Sullivan: How you doing, Nate?

Nate: Look out! Throw me the RPG!

Sullivan: You got it!

Nate: Okay. Play time’s over.

Sullivan: Finish those bastards, will ya?

Nate: My pleasure! For God and liberty, asshole! Eh… that sounded better in my head.

Sullivan: Nice work, kid.

Nate: Well, thanks for the assist.

Sullivan: C’mon over. I’ll get you out of there.

Nate: Please.

Sullivan: Good to see you, kid.

Nate: Yeah, right in the nick of time.

Sullivan: Yeah, well… got a little antsy waiting around to hear from you two.

Nate: Yeah, no, we gotta find Sam and Elena still. ah, no, we gotta find Sam and Elena still.

Elena: Hey!

Nate: Hey!

Elena: Are you okay?

Nate: Yeah.

Elena: We heard those explosions. We thought--

Nate: Yeah, it’s all this guy.

Elena: You saved his ass again?

Sullivan: Naturally. How you doing?

Elena: Good. Good. There were some close calls, but um… (point to Sam) He covered me.

Sam: Hey.

Nate: Hey. How’s that?

Sam: Oh. (laughs) Bullet grazed my shoulder.

Nate: Yeah.

Sam: You?

Nate: Cliffside… grazed my face. So how’d you lose Rafe?

Sam: (chuckles) I led his crew right into one of Avery’s traps.

Nate: Smart.

Sam: (chuckles) Hey, hey look… about the whole Alcazar thing--

Nate: Hey just, we can save that for later, okay? Which way?

Sullivan: On the beach, other side of this town.

Nate: Okay.

Elena: Good. I hope all that ruckus didn’t attract any attention.

Nate: (sighs) I know.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry. What are we doing?

Sullivan: What do you think we’re doing? We’re getting the hell off of this rock.

Sam: Right we-- we could do that… or we can head in that direction… which is a short cut.

Sullivan: Short cut do what?

Sam: To Avery’s treasure.

Sullivan: Oh, wow.

Sam: I mean, Rafe’s got to go all the way around but we could just--

Sullivan: Hey, screw Rafe!

Sam: Hey, Victor with all due respect maybe just--

Sullivan: You just don’t know when to quit.

Sam: Look, we’re all here for the same reason, right? Right?

Elena: We didn’t come after the treasure, we came after you.

Sam: And I appreciate that. I do. But we’re good. And we’ve got the lead for now. We can do this. Nathan, .c’mon. Huh? Look around. Okay, Avery scuttled every last ship on this island. You know why?

Elena: Because he was hell-bent on keeping his treasure…

Sam: Exactly.

Elena: No matter the cost to the others around him.

Sam: (sighs) Because he didn’t want anyone to follow him. Because he was leaving. Look at this. Okay. I found his map of the island. Okay? That’s his ship right under that mountain. That’s where our treasure is. And it is exactly where Rafe is heading right now… while we stand around here and argue like idiots.

Sullivan: Okay, what if he’s already left the island… and his ship sunk somewhere out there in the middle of the ocean?

Sam: Then we find out where it got sunk.

Sullivan: Oh, boy…

Sam: (to Nate) How long we been chasing this thing, huh? You and me. No offense to these guys… but they don’t get it.

Nate: Actually Sam, they do. They really do.

Sam: Okay.

Nate: Trust me, they’ve seen this… kind of obsession before.

Sam: (sighs)

Nate: But Sam… we’re not those kids anymore. We’re not. And we got nothing to prove.

Sam: Victor, where’s that plane?

Sullivan: Right this way.

Elena: Is it far?

Sullivan: Not very. Just through this port town.

Elena: What if Shoreline set up an ambush by the plane?

Sam: They didn’t.

Elena: And what makes you so sure?

Sam: Because they’re heading to the mountain. For the treasure.

Sullivan: This way. There she is.

Elena: It’s a long drop. How did you get here?

Sullivan: I hopped down a few of these walls, but… I guess we’ll have to find another way around. What the hell was that?

Elena: That came from the mountain.

Sam: It’s Avery’s traps.

Sullivan: Hey, that means they’re blowing themselves up.

Sam: No, it means they’re on the right path.

Nate: Hey c’mon. Let’s just stay focused, huh?

Sullivan: Well, I jumped down from up there… but it’s too high to get back up.

Elena: Yeah. Maybe there’s something we can put under it?

Nate: Give me a hand, Sam.

Sam: All right.

Elena: Hey, you need a hand?

Sam: Hey, no thanks. We got it.

Sullivan: Anyone see a way out?

Nate: Hey guys. Through here. Whoa. Check that thing out.

Elena: It’s like a skyrail or something.

Sullivan: Think it still works.

Nate: There’s no controls, but I bet I could pull the platform with my rope.

Sullivan: The hell are you doing, kid?

Nate: Uh… Not sure yet.

Elena: Maybe if you could get to that wooden platform down there…

Nate: Huh.

Sullivan: Well, we’re getting there.

Elena: I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again.

Sullivan: So close, yet so far…

Sam: I got an idea… Nathan, give me a hand?

Nate: Okay…

Sam: Okay. Victor, Can I borrow you for a sec?

Sullivan: Sure.

Sam: Go ahead, Nathan. There. We’ll hold it down. You jump across.

Nate: Made it.

Sullivan: Here we come.

Nate: I got it! All right hop on and I’ll pull you across!

Elena: Okay, we’re ready!

Sullivan: Well, this is some impressive engineering for a bunch of pirates.

Elena: This is nothing. You shoulda seen the elevators.

Sullivan: Wait, they have elevators?

Elena: Whoa--!

Sam: Hang on!

Nate: You guys all right?

Elena: Yeah. It’s like a roller coaster.

Sam: C’mon up, Nathan.

Nate: Oh, shit!

Sam: Go! Jump off, quick!

Sullivan: Nate, gimme your hand!

Sam: Whoooaaa!

Sullivan: There you go.

Nate: Sam!

Sam: Son of a bitch.

Nate: Sam, c’mon!

Sam: Huh? All right.

Nate: C’mon, just jump, I’ll catch you. Let’s go. No. No, no, don’t even think about it, you hear me?

Sam: I’m sorry I got you into this. All of you.

Nate: Hey, all that doesn’t matter anymore okay? Just… just jump.

Sam: I gotta see this thing through, Nathan.

Nate: Sam. Hey, listen to me! If you do this, I’m not coming after you! You hear me?

Sam: I’m sorry.

Nate: Sam! Sam! Stupid, stubborn…

Sullivan: He called your bluff.

Elena: He’s gonna get himself killed. C’mon.

Nate: Ah, she’s-- she’s probably right.

Sullivan: Of course she is. Let’s go.

Elena: Up here. Maybe we can head him off.

Nate: I’m gonna save him… then I’m gonna punch him.

Sullivan: All right, let’s just worry about the saving part first.

Nate: What the hell is he thinking? I mean, after everything we-- Wasn’t this enough? (sighs) Let’s just find him. Hey, we can get over that wall with this. C’mon.

Elena: Here, we got you.

Sullivan: You ready?

Nate: Hold on. Got it.

Elena: Okay… All right.

Nate: (chuckles) All right, see?

Sullivan: This isn’t gonna hold.

Nate: C’mon…

Elena: Nate, go.

Nate: No-- I got it.

Elena: Go!

Nate: Ah, crap. C’mon…

Sullivan: God damn it. Now how the hell are we supposed to get up there?

Elena: We don’t have enough time.

Sullivan: Nate… No. Not by yourself.

Nate: (sighs) Look, I’ll come right back, okay?

Sullivan: Look, he is not gonna leave without a fight.

Nate: Then I’ll fight him if I have to. But either way I’m bringing him back. Just get the plane as close to the mountain as you can. And be ready for a quick getaway.

Sullivan: (sighs) Like there’s another kind?

Elena: It’s not fair.

Nate: Huh?

Elena: Doing the dishes? We take turns. Don’t even think about not coming back.

Nate: I love you.

Elena: Same to you, cowboy.

Chapter 21: Brother’s KeeperEdit

Nate: Okay. Hey, what’s that? Footprints… Sam! Ah, God damn it. I’m sure he’s a ways off by now. Just gonna head to the creepy mountain, save Sam, get the hell outta here… Yeah. Be laughing about the whole thing tomorrow. Here we go. Back on the trail. The footprints end here. Oh, c’mon. Which way did he go? More footprints… Well, you didn’t fall to your death so… that’s good. I still get a chance to kill you. Ah! Jesus Christ. What’s this? Ha ha. More footprints. Well, in we go. Hey Sam? Whoa! Well, there you are. Okay… here we go… Whoa. Oh crap--! Agh -- whoa! Okay… Phew… Ahh! Ah, c’mon. Uh, whoah! All right. I can make it. I can do it. Oh, shit! Oh, oh, oh crap! Agh -- whoa! (laughs) I made it. I don’t know how I made it, but I made it. Oh my God, that’s Avery’s Ship. Whoo. All right. Oh shit-! That was too close. I guess this is my way down. (laughs) Oh God, come on! Whoaaaaaaa--! Did you really do all that, Sam? I doubt it. He probably found the dry way down. Less painful… way down.

Nadine: We almost done here?

Mercenary: This is the last of them, ma’am.

Nadine: Good. If we hurry, we can catch up with the others.

Rafe: Sam just stole our goddamn boat. He’s headed for Avery’s ship. Come on.

Nadine: Let him. We’re done.

Rafe: We’re done?

Nadine: Most of my men are dead, Rafe. And those who aren’t have already left.

Rafe: Can you see that? The end is literally in sight.

Nadine: That maniac pirate of yours has rigged this entire cave. I’m not setting foot on his ship.

Rafe: Nadine. If you cut and run right now, the loss of all your men -- everything that we’ve done -- is for nothing.

Nadine: We have millions in gold right here. I’d say that plus our lives is something.

Rafe: No wonder so many of your men abandoned you.

Nadine: Excuse me?

Rafe: We’re on the verge… of making history here, and you’re willing to just walk off with a pittance a fraction of what Sam’s gonna get from that boat.

Nadine: If he can walk away from that ship alive… he can have it. Hell, I’d say he’s earned it. God knows you didn’t.

Rafe: (slaps her) Now, look… We can stand here and insult each other all day… or we can finish what it is that we--

Nadine: (punches him) Oh, we’re finishing it all right--

Mercenary: (point his gun at her) Sorry, ma’am.

Rafe: Yeah… Thing about mercenaries, Nadine… their loyalty, it’s bought… it’s not earned. Now, come on. Either we finish this thing together… or we can just end it right here.

Nadine: Let’s go make history.

Rafe: Atta girl. By all means.

Nate: Let’s see what you have in store for us, Captain Avery. Holy shit! Sam…

Chapter 22: A Thief’s EndEdit

[Nate swims to Avery’s ship. It’s explodes and burning.]

Nate: Ah, Shoreline… Whoa-- crap! Sam?! Whoa. Look at that. There’s your treasure… God damn… Was it worth it? (coughing) Sam? (coughing) Sam?!

Rafe: (coughing)

Rafe: Hey, Nate. (point his gun at him)

Nate: Where is Sam? (upholster his gun too)

Rafe: Oh, he’s right there.

Nate: Sam!

Rafe: Relax, he’s alive. Y’know, this idiot nearly got us all killed.

Nate: I’m getting him outta here.

Rafe: No…. you’re not.

Nate: Rafe, you can have the treasure, all right? Just let me save my brother. (coughs)

Rafe: (laughs) After everything he’s done…? How noble of you… but no.

Nate: We stay here any longer and we’re all dead. Is that what you want?

Rafe: That’s not what I said. What do you think, Nadine? (coughs) (Nadine with gun enters the room) Good to see you up and about. Be a dear and relieve Nate there of his gun?

Nadine: Hand it over.

Nate: You really think you can trust him? Huh?

Nadine: Not your concern.

Rafe: Now, why are you trying to instigate? Nate-- Nadine and I are partners… I don’t screw over my partners. Get over there. You and your brother, though… Right from the start, you took advantage of my generosity. You tried to cut me out and it’s high time you learned--

[Nadine points her gun at Rafe.]

Rafe: …What are you doing?

Nadine: Now you give me your gun.

Rafe: (scoffs) Nadine…

Nadine: I won’t ask you again.

Rafe: (gives his gun to Nadine) You are being… profoundly stupid right now.

Nadine: Look over there.

Rafe: Nadine, stop screwing around-- (Nadine shoots) Jesus!

Nadine: I said look!

Rafe: Okay, it’s a couple of skeletons. So what?

Nadine: I don’t know as much about history as you boys… but I’ve got a pretty good idea who those two are.

Rafe: Well, enlighten us.

Nate: It’s Avery and Tew. They killed each other.

Rafe: Good for them. What’s the point?

Nadine: Everyone obsessed with this treasure… gets what they deserve.

Nate: So what, you’re just leaving us here to die?

Nadine: Oh, I’m just leaving. Whether you die or not, I don’t really care.

Rafe: Nadine… wait--!

Nadine: So long, Rafe.

[Leave and closes the door.]

Rafe: Nadine! Nadine! You open this goddamn door right now!

Nate: Rafe, she‘s gone! C’mon, give me a hand; w ‘ll all get out of here.

Rafe: Oh, no… No, that won’t work.

Nate: C’ mon, help me with Sam and I’ll help you open the door.

Rafe: No, I’m not going to be able to enjoy… one of these coins… (picks up a sword)

Nate: God… damn it…

Rafe: …knowing that you and your worthless brother are still sucking air.

Nate: All right, just… just calm down. You can practice your fencing when we get outside.

Rafe: Nate. Just shut up.

Nate: Seriously, Rafe… this is insane, even for you.

Rafe: You want to hear insane? “Nathan Drake raced a madman and his entire army to the steps of Shambhala.” (swings his sword)

Nate: Ah, Jesus!

Rafe: “Nathan Drake found a lost city in the middle of the Rub’ al Khali desert.” (swings his sword)

Nate: God damn it--! Come on, we can get out of here together!

Rafe: “Nathan Drake discovered the fabled El Dorado…” (swings his sword twice)

Nate: C’mon Rafe, stop!

Rafe: “Nathan Drake is a legend.” (laughs) You know, I shoot the man who told me that.

Nate: Look I get it, you don’t like me very much.

Rafe: You no , for all your “greatness,” Nate, you have nothing. You are naming. And I warned you to get out of my way. (they fight) I have sacrificed everything to find Avery. And I’m not gonna let a couple of two-bit thieves… a senile con man… and a washed-up journalist take that away from me!

Nate: Enough!

Rafe: You care… about that parade of losers so much… I’m going to make sure they join you.

Nate: (picks up a sword) En garde (On guard), dickhead.

Rafe: That’s the spirit. Come on, Nate. Hold… still! C’mon, quit prolonging the inevitable. My arm’s getting tired. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Nate: The hell’s wrong with you?

Rafe: This… might hurt a little.

Nate: Get off!

Rafe: (laughs) C’mon, “legend”. Yaaah! Come on, Nate. Come on! Yaaah! Now that’s the Nathan Drake I hear so much about. All right, all right.

Nate: We’re done here. I’m taking my brother and we’re leaving. You want to stay and burn with this ship, you be my guest.

Rafe: You got me. You know what, Nate? Underneath all the bravado you’re just a sad little boy… with delusions-- of grandeur… who, by the way, can’t fence for shit. So long, Nathan Drake.

Sam: Nathan! (throws him a sword)

Rafe: You don’t know when to give up, do you? That’s good. Don’t hand it to me. I’ve had everything handed to me… on a goddamn silver platter. Everything except this! I earned this. All of it.

Nate: You want the treasure, Rafe? It’s all yours. (cut the rope holding treasure and kills Rafe) Holy shit. Hey, c’mon. Let’s get you out of here. (trying to lift the plank)

Sam: I’m trying… It’s too heavy.

Nate: Just try again.

Sam: It’s no use.

Nate: Try again! Agh-- c’mon!

Sam: Nathan--

Nate: God-- damn it!

Sam: Listen to me! Listen to me! All I ever wanted to do… was find this treasure with you.

Nate: Sam, no, shut up.

Sam: Hey, we did It. We did it, little brother. Okay? It’s all right.

Nate: No, there’s gotta be another way--

Sam: Nathan. Nathan. You gotta go.

Nate: No, no, there’s gotta be something--

Sam: You gotta go!

Nate: There’s something--

Sam: There is no other way! C’mon, Nathan. I gotta know you made it out all right!

Nate: No…

Sam: Nathan, the whole place is about to blow up!

Nate: That’s it. That’s it!

Sam: What the hell are you doing?

Nate: Just trust me.

Sam: God damn it.

Nate: Just get your head down!

Sam: Oh shit. (blows the plank with a cannon)

Nate: Do it now. C’mon. Go! Go! (let Sam out) Alright--

Sam: You are one crazy son of a bitch.

Nate: Takes one to know one. C’mon.

[The swim out Avery’s ship.]

Nate: (deep breath) God--!

Sam: There! That’s our way out, Nathan. Come on!

Nate: Keep going!

Sam: Just a little further!

Nate: I’m with ya!

Sam: Nathan, look out!

Nate: Oh, crap! We’re almost there! Sam, don’t stop! Don’t stop, c’mon!

[They manage to swim ashore.]

Elena: Oh. Holy shit. Oh, Nate! Nate! Hey! C’mon, I got you. Are you okay?

Nate: Yeah.

Elena: Oh! Hey! Hey Sully, I got ‘em.

Sullivan: Where are ya?

Elena: We’re right here.

[She fires a flare. Sully arrives and take them out of the island. Later, on the dock…]

Sullivan: So, you got everything?

Nate: Yeah, think so. But, feel free to sell anything I left behind. (chuckles)

Sullivan: (laughs) You sure I can’t give you a lift home?

Nate: After the last few days, I think I’d like a plane with drink service and reclining seats. Plus, uh… she and I have a lot to talk about.

Sullivan: Yeah, you do. And no more late-night phone calls about “one last time,” hm?

Nate: (laughs) Promise. Thanks, Sully.

Sullivan: Take care, kid. Don’t be a stranger.

Nate: Next time you’re in town… beers are on me.

Sullivan: I’ll hold you to that.

Sam: (talking to Elena) And then the bunny… escapes anyway and it leaves little bunny surprises all over the headmaster’s bed. It was a dis--

Nate: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you telling her?

Elena: Just about your little “magic” phase.

Nate: Oh, I hate you.

Elena: What was your stage name?

Sam: Go on, tell her.

Nate: “Nate the Great.”

Sam: (laughs)

Nate: It’s not funny. It makes sense.

Sam: In his defense he was actually you were pretty good.

Nate: Uh-huh.

Elena: Hey look, Sam, it ms been… an experience getting to meet you.

Sam: With a handshake?

Elena: Well--

Sam: (hugs her) Bring it in for the real thing, sister. Hey, take care of this numbskull, all right?

Elena: Yeah, I will.

Nate: I’ll join ya in a sec.

Elena: Yeah.

Sam: I like her. God help her, she sure seems to love you.

Nate: (chuckles) I know, right? Listen, the offer still stands.

Sam: I appreciate it, but I’m good.

Nate: I know, but if you feel you’re imposing, you’re not, we talked about it--

Sam: it’s not about that, it’s not about that. It’s a little bit of that, okay, but… (sighs) Just, kind of… thought that after we found Avery’s treasure, I’d be… satisfied?

Nate: Ah.

Sam: Instead, I’ve, ah… kinda left with this strange feeling of…

Nate: Emptiness.

Sam: Yeah.

Nate: Yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end… you re always left with that same thing. Sometimes you just gotta… choose what you’re gonna keep and… and what you’re gonna let go.

Sam: Well… I guess I’m just not there yet. And besides, you know, you’ve got a few ancient cities on me. And I can’t let’s that slide, so…

Nate: I left a couple out there. Well, thank you. (laughs) Oh-- That’s, that’s our ride.

Sam: Yeah.

Nate: Ah… Sam… We’ve come far.

Sam: We sure have, little brother. Come here. (hugs)

Mate: Listen, you don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, all right?

Sam: Get outta here. Vamoose. (Let’s go)

[Nate leaves.]

Sullivan: Got a light?

Sam: So… Victor… what next for you, hm?

Sullivan: Mmm. (chuckles) Well, before I got dragged into this… I was working on a business deal of sorts.

Sam: “Of sorts?” Hmm. Dangerous?

Sullivan: Ehh. With these people, yeah… It’s up there.

Sam: Well, I just so happen to know a certain someone -- recently out of prison -- who might be perfect for this kind of work.

Sullivan: Ooh… I don’t know. Is he trustworthy?

Sam: More or less.

Sullivan: How’s his Portuguese?

Sam: Um… Quando o seu marido volta para casa?

Sullivan: What’s that mean?

Sam: How long before your husband gets home?

Sullivan: That’ll do.

Sam: Hey, you got any more of those cigars?

Sullivan: Don’t push your luck.

[Next scene. Nate’s office at work. Jameson enters.]

Jameson: (sighs)

Nate: Hey, good morning.

Jameson: Indeed it is, indeed it is…

Nate: (laughs)

Jameson: (chuckles)

Nate: Ah… All right, I’ll bite. What’s going on? Land a big contract or something?

Jameson: Oh, even better… I’m on the verge of selling Jameson Marine.

Nate: No kidding…

Jameson: Yeah.

Nate: Wow, that… Well, hey, I guess-- I guess congratulations are in…

Jameson: Well, not yet… but I’m confident it’ll go through. They drove a hard bargain. But in the end I think we came to a… mutually beneficial agreement.

Nate: Well that’s… that’s great.

Jameson: Yeah.

Nate: Are you gonna stay on?

Jameson: No, no, no, I think I’d like to just relax… hang with the family… go fishing every chance I get. (chuckles)

Nate: Good for you (chuckles) So who’s the sap who’s gonna buy this place?

Jameson: Oh, uh, you are. (laughs) (throws him the key)

Nate: What? No, c’mon, seriously.

Jameson: Oh yeah, seriously. (laughs)

Nate: Wait, Jameson? Hey, wait! Wait up, man!

Elena: Hey! Morning, guys.

Nate: What are you doing here…?

Elena: Just thought I’d take you know… one final look.

Jameson: Already gave your husband the keys.

Nate: Okay, uh, is this.

Elena: Perfect.

Nate: Is this for real?

Jameson: Nate… All you need to know is that you’d be making a very wise investment. Do the right thing here. Call me when you’re through?

Elena: You got it. (to Nate) Hi.

Nate: Hi. You’re-- you’re buying Jameson Marine?

Elena: We are buying Jameson Marine.

Nate: Oh. Okay. How? Why?

Elena: Well, I heart!r this rumor about a salvage job off the coast Malaysia and I thought it’d be right up our alley…

Nate: No, no… Honey, look… we barely got out of Libertalia alive.

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Hey, taking an illegal job? You know what that leads to.

Elena: Who said it was illegal?

Nate: (scoffs)

Elena: Look. This came in this morning. (hands him a piece of paper)

Nate: Is this legit.

Elena: Yeah. Some of my old contacts out there-- they worked their magic with the Malaysian permit office. It was great. I didn’t even have to bribe anyone.

Nate: Well, that’s good, because I don’t know how we could possibly even afford to do this.

Elena: Here. Hold out your hand.

Nate: What?

Elena: Hold out your hand. C’mon. (hands him Avery’s coin)

Nate: Holy crap.

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Where did you get this?

Elena: It was in my jacket pocket. Along with a bunch more.

Nate: A bunch? Sam.

Elena: He’s a sneaky one…

Nate: (chuckles) Yeah.

Elena: ‘Course, most of them are gonna have to go into our venture here. Along with all the new camera gear.

Nate: Camera gear?

Elena: Yeah. You know, I figured as we’re pulling all the cargo up from the dive… we could hire, you know, a small crew We could film the whole thing and resurrect my old show.

Nate: What happened to just… living a normal life?

Elena: I think in our attempt to lead a “normal” life, we may have… over steered. Look… Then I was on that island… I missed the adventure. I missed us. And so now we have a chance to do what we love. from here on out we are gonna operate on a strictly legal basis. All right. And I will be doing all of the shooting… with my really expensive camera.

Nate: Wow. You’ve really thought all this through, haven’t you?

Elena: More or less. But, listen just… say the word and I will call the whole thing off.

Nate: What? No, no, no, no, no. I don’t wanna be that guy who ruins Jameson’s early retirement like that. That’d be cruel.

Elena: Right…

Nate: It’s not gonna be easy, you know?

Elena: Nothing worthwhile is. So… What do you say, Nathan Drake?

Nate: Sure, why not?

Elena: Hmm.

Nate: As long as I don’t have to do any paperwork.

Elena: (laughs) Well, I can’t do it. I’m gonna have my hands full with the camera.

Nate: Well, I’m gonna have my hands full with all the diving.

Elena: Okay. Fine. We’ll take turns.

Nate: Yeah. Or… I could play you for it.

Elena: Seriously?

Nate: No, listen, I have been practicing… I’m getting good.

Elena: No.

[The camera flies to the horizon.]

Nate: My hand eye is way better than it used to be.

Elena: I could-- you’re-- (laughs)

Nate: Really.

Elena: I cannot do that to you again.

Nate: Are you afraid to play me?

Elena: I am so not afraid to play you.

Nate: On a scale from one to ten, how scared are you to play me?

Elena: Like a three.

[The screen fades to black.]

Nate: Yeah, well, jack that up to like, eleven, all right--

Elena: Ele-- (chuckles)

Nate: Because I’m coming for you.

Elena: Oh yeah?

Nate: Yeah. (chicken clucking)

Elena: Oh my… that’s… Okay. Fine.

[Next scene. Some girl playing Crash Bandicoot on PS1.]

Girl: (sighs) Where are they?


[She explores the house.]

Girl: (picks up Crash Bandicoot US version) Hmph. Oldschool.

Girl: (picks up some Avatar knock off) So good. I really sham clean this up.

Girl: Mom? Dad? Anyone? Yoohoo?

Girl: (turns on vinyl records player) Let’s see that you got. Mom has weird taste in music. But I kinda like this tine.

Girl: (picks up old camera) Whoa, so cool. I need to ask mom to borrow this one again.

Girl: (to her dog) I think they abandoned us.

Girl: (give treat to the dog) All right… But just this one. (sighs) All right… (gives another one) But this is the last one for today. Okay?

Girl: (looks at photo) (chuckles) Look at these two. (takes an apple) Here we go. (the dog runs away) Hey! (scoffs) Off she goes.

[The girl goes outside.]

Girl: (sighs) Perfect day. Now all we need is the rest of our boat crew. Anyone? No? Nothing? Okay. Hey, Vicky. Well, the food’s all here. Okay, girl. Where’s mom and dad? All right, go find them. Go. (the dog whines) Really? Fine, I’ll find them myself.

[She enters nearby house.]

Girl: And not here either. Okay, well… guess I just wait, then. (looks at some artifact) Whoa.… Good job cleaning this up. (looks at some note with a puzzle) You figured it out. (looks at newspaper clip) Oh yeah, I was hanging out with Sully for this one. (laughs) I remember that one. (looks at another newspaper clip) Oh, this was definitely my favorite dig. (laughs) Look at you all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. (looks at a map) Got the search area narrowed down quite a bit. (looks at photo of Sully and Elena hanging out) (sighs) (looks at a magazine with her photo) (chuckles) So goofy. He left his keys. He left his keys! There’s no way. There’s just no… way.

[She opens the cabinet, which, apparently, is usually closed. She is looking at items from previous Uncharted games.]

Girl: (chuckles) Who what is this? Pirate coin. Kinda looks like Avery’s sigil? Wait… is it Avery’s sigil? A Spanish doubloon. But from where? Sixteenth century. Where is this from? Kinda creepy… Kinda cool. Whoa, nice… uh… gun holster, Dad? (picks up Nate journal) Hello. Wow. Oh my god… Whoa… Henry Avery… the Gunsway heist… Wait, did you go looking for Avery’s treasure? No way… Is that dad? Is that dad? Sic Parvis Magna… Greatness from small beginnings… Hm, what’s this…? (sees Nate’s photo with gun and treasures) What the hell? Oh shit.

[She hears footsteps and quickly closes the cabinet.]

Girl: (forgets about the photo) Crap.

[Nathan Drake enters the house.]

Nate: Hey -- there you are.

Girl: Hey!

Nate: Been looking for you. What are you doing in here?

Girl: Uh… looking for you guys.

Elena: C’mon. We loaded up the boat, it’s ready.

Girl: Cool, I’ll catch up with you guys in a sec.

Elena: Why?

Girl: Uh… I just need to… um…

Nate: What’s up, Cassie?

Cassie: Okay… Don’t be mad. (shows them the photo) Hey, I said don’t be mad.

Nate: Keys. So… What did you see?

Cassie: Nothing really… Well, just that photo of you two and Sully. With a bunch of Spanish looking treasure. And a shotgun.

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: Oh.

Elena: This was bound to happen sometime. Maybe could just tell her.

Nate: She’s not ready for it…

Cassie: Ready for what? All the crazy shit in there.

Nate: Hey, language.

Elena: Yeah. Language.

Cassie: Sorry. But you guys are literally keeping skeletons in your closet. Or at least a… a silver skull of some kind!

Nate: You know, I don’t think I’m ready for this… Really.

Elena: Nate… it’s time to have the talk.

Cassie: Yeah! It’s totally time. Wait, which talk are we talking about here?

Nate: She’s just a kid.

Elena: She’s older than you and Sam when you started all of this.

Nate: That’s-- that is different. And you know it.

Cassie: Okay look, if guys you were into some shady stuff it’s totally cool… but I think I’m old enough to know about its. Right?

Nate: “Old enough.” How old are you again?

Cassie: Hahaha. Funny. Mom?

Nate: All right.

Elena: (sighs) Well, let’s see… umm… For me it started with this guy called me up with a scoop on “a massive historical find.” Sounded like a complete fraud.

Nate: Yeah. Handsome fraud.

Elena: No, I hadn’t even met him yet.

Nate: Oh, she knew.

Elena: (laughs)

Nate: She knew.

Elena: So this fraud says, “If you fund the trip… then I’ll give you the coffin of Sir Francis Drake.”

Nate: And for the record, I totally delivered.

Elena: Yeah. You delivered us into the hands of Indonesian pirates.

Nate: Oh, come on. You know I had nothing to with that.

Cassie: Okay, guys… time out. You’re saying that you were attacked by pirates… after you found the coffin of Sir Francis Drake. Is that right.

Nate: Yeah, pretty much, yeah.

Elena: Yeah, that-- that’s right.

Cassie: Bullshit.

Elena: Language.

Nate: Language.

Cassie: Crap.

Nate: Better.

Cassie: All right, so keep going.

Nate: (sighs) You know what? The sun is up. Boat’s ready. Wind is just right. You wanna continue the story? I say we do it on the water. C’mon.

Cassie: Well, wait. What-- what’d Francis Drake look like? Was it gross?

Nate: Actually, he wasn’t in there. Yeah. Just his journal, with a map to El Dorado.

Cassie: The city of gold.

Nate: Ah, that’s the legend. Turns out it was just a statue. A cursed statue.

Cassie: No way. Seriously?

Nate: Yeah, seriously. But I’ll get back to that later… See, the map led us to the middle of the Amazon jungle…



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