[Lara] A famous explorer once said… that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark to find adventure. But instead, adventure found me.

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan
Endurance Expedition – Day 22
23:00 hrs

(We meet our main character, young Lara Croft, in the cabin of the research ship Endurance. Suddenly, the ship falls into a storm. Lara hurls back and forth and eventually drowns in the water, that fills up the ship.)

[Lara] In our darkest moments… when life flashes before us… we find something… something that keeps us going… something that pushes us.

(Lara manages to get out of the water. A gigantic storm Endurance in half. Lara has to harness her willpower and jump to her friends. But she fails. After a while she emerges from water and swims to some island.)


[Lara] Hello!?

(It seems her friends is nearby, but they don’t hear Lara.)

[Reyes] This one’s bleeding out… put some pressure on it!

[Alex] Come on… come on! Breathe, goddamn it!

[Lara] Help…

[Whitman] I knew something like this would happen! Where the hell are we?

[Reyes] Come on, Doctor! Help us out here!

[Lara] Reyes! Jonah! I’m here!

(Someone hits her and the screen fades.)

<sounds of something heavy being dragged>

<water drips>

<Lara groans>

<a heavy thump>

<creaking rope>

(Lara wakes up wrapped in dirty rags and tied to the ceiling.)

[Lara] Help… Jonah? Reyes? Help! Got to get down. This is going to hurt.

(She has to set fire to rags to free herself. Falling down she pierces her abdomen with a sharp rod.)

[Lara] No, no… Oh god, no… no, no…

(She finds the man’s mutilated and crucified body.)

[Lara] What is this place? What happened to you…? A torch…


<faint mumbling echoes through the cam>

[Lara] Oh no… he must have heard me… Oh, damn it. That was loud!

(A man in tribal clothes trying to reach Lara.)

[Lara] Let go! Get off me!

[Local resident] Stop! Come back! Come back! I’m just trying to help you!

[Lara] That was close…

[Local resident] Come on, I’m just trying to help you. Come back! Came… Come back! Come on!

[Lara] Just keep moving.

[Local resident] I’m just trying to help you. Come on!

(Lara escapes the local resident.)

[Lara] The tide… Need to find a way out! More fire… Thank god…! What kind of contraption is this?

(After solving the puzzle the cave begin to crumble.)

[Lara] I’ve got to get out of here!

(Near the exit the local resident overtakes her.)

[Lara] Let go, you bastard!

[Local resident] Help you!

(The stone falls and crush the local resident. Lara find herself at the top of big mountain with many wrecked planes around.)


(Looking at the sea, she sees a boat.)

[Lara] A lifeboat! But where are they? They must have gone inland.


[Lara] Okay, take it slow. Oh god!

(Lara finds crushed airplane that blocks the road.)

[Lara] Huh? Okay… I can do this. Come on… Come on.

(In a few moments later she finds some scattered things on the ground.)

[Lara] Sam’s pack! Sam! They must have come this way… [via radio] Sam?! Roth? Can anyone hear me? I’ve got to find them…


[Lara] Okay.

(Lara finds a camp.)

[Lara] Looks abandoned… (via radio) Is anyone listening? Please respond.

<static and no-signal tone>

<brief snippet of clear signal fades into more static>

(Lara turns on a video camera founded in Sam’s pack and watch a video.)

[Sam] Here’s the soon-to-be world-famous archaeologist, Lara Croft, in her native habitat. She’s on the hunt for the lost kingdom of Yamatai, home to the fabulous Himiko, mythical Sun Queen… And ancestor of yours truly…

[Lara] Sam.… this is serious.

[Sam] Oh sweetie, I know. I’m just trying to lighten the mood here. Everyone’s so on edge! What are you so worried about?

[Lara] I’m close to something. I’m sure of it. I just don’t know if the others will listen… Or even if they should…

[Sam] Lara, you know this stuff better than anyone! Seriously. I’m not just saying this to make you feel better. I trust you… Roth trusts you! You got this. Now let’s take a break, okay?

[Lara] Okay, okay! And Sam… thanks.

[Sam – to the viewer] She’s not always this serious, you know?

<Roth and Grim cheer for opposing football teams on the radio.>

[Whitman] How can you suggest I’m not serious about this expedition, Lara? It’s not just Sam’s family funding us. I’ve put my savings on the line too.

[Reyes] We’ve all got some kind of stake in this. The funding won’t last forever, Whitman.

[Lara] That’s precisely why we should push east, not west.

[Whitman] No one believes Yama…

<Noisy laughter as Grim’s team scores a goal.>

[Whitman] …no one believes Yamatai’s that far east. The books simply don’t support it!

[Sam] Well, whoever wrote those books never found Yamatai.

[Lara] We talked to Roth about this. There’s no point in following in other people’s footsteps, Dr. Whitman.

[Whitman] I refuse to bet my reputation on your hunch! I’m the lead archaeologist here.

[Grim] An’ when were you last in the field without a TV crew behind you?

[Whitman] I’ve got 30 years’ experience. 2 PhDs, one in East Asian history. So why don’t you just stick to boats, Mr. Grim?

[Grim] Ship, Dr. Whitman. It’s a ship. Don’t need a PhD to know that.

[Lara] Look. Going east will take us directly into the Dragon’s Triangle. That’s where we need to go.

[Jonah] Lara, my Little Bird… I’d follow you almost anywhere, but that place has a had energy.

[Alex] Bad storms more like. Makes the Bermuda Triangle look like Disney World… sign me up.

[Lara] The stories about Queen Himiko say she could summon storms. Myths are usually based on some version of the truth. What if Yamatai was somewhere in the Triangle itself?

[Alex] Look, this is the satellite imagery from inside the Dragon’s Triangle.

[Sam] That doesn’t look good.

[Grim] If it’s wet I can sail on it.

[Whitman] Oh don’t tell me you’re seriously cons…

[Roth] Enough!! Reyes is right, we don’t have the funds to piss about. It’s now or never. Lara’s offering fresh ideas and a plan. I’m the captain here, it’s my decision. We’re going into the Dragon’s Triangle.

[Whitman] Why am I even here?

[Roth to Lara] Go on… Show us your plan.

(We’re back to Lara’s camp.)

[Lara] I can’t just sit here. I’ve got to find something to eat.


[Lara] Oh god… what’s going on here? Wait. I can use that how! I can do this.


[Lara] Let’s see if this thing still works. Just remember Roth’s training.

[Roth (in Lara’s head)] You can have the best form and technique in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if you can’t focus. The key to using any weapon is focus.

[Lara] So hungry… I need to find something to eat.

(Lara shot some deer.)

[Lara] Sorry…

(She cuts the carcass of a deer with an arrow.)

[Lara] Right, back to camp.

(On the way to the camp…)

[Roth (in Lara’s head)] Alright Lara, you won’t always have some fancy gadget to tell you where you are. If you can learn to read the land and the stars, you’ll always be able to find your way home.

(Once in camp, Lara sits down by the fire. Suddenly her radio starts to catch a signal.)

[Roth - via radio] This is Conrad Roth, captain of the Endurance. We are shipwrecked on an island inside the Dragon’s Triangle.

[Lara] Roth!

[Roth] Lara!

[Lara] You’re alive!

[Roth] Easy, easy. Are you okay? What happened?

[Lara (crying)] I remember the beach… then it went black and I woke up in a cave… There was this crazy man. Roth… and a dead body.

[Roth] Oh god… Where are you now, Lara? Are you safe?

[Lara (crying)] It was so horrible. It’s all my fault… this is all my fault.

[Roth] Lara! Listen to me. I sent an SOS from the Endurance before abandoned her. Hopefully someone caught it. I’ve spoken to the others. We’re regrouping at my location.

[Lara] Please come and get me…

[Roth] I have to stay here. You can do this, Lara. Remember when we climbed Snowden? You said the key was knowing that all you’ve got to do is just keep moving.

[Lara] Keep moving…

[Roth] Remember everything I’ve taught you, Lara. You’re ready for this. And keep your radio on.

[Lara] Okay.


[Lara] Music?

(Lara finds large bunker with open door.)

[Lara] Hello… Hello? Is someone there?

(Lara looks at the hatch in the floor.)

[Lara] This could be a way through…

<a large gust of wind, and the door slams shut>

[Lara] Damn it!

(She has no choice but to go down the hatch.)

[Lara] What are these markings? What am I doing? Oh god… this is insane. Oh… no.

(Lara finds a table with large piece of meat on it. Loosely crafted axe are stuck in the meat.)


(Lara escapes the bunker.)

[Female voice] Hold on, let me find out.

[Male voice] We’re on the southwest side.

[Lara] Sam?

[Male voice] They’ll need to follow the path… It’s a bit of a climb.

[Sam] Did you get that?

[Reyes - via radio] Got it.

[Sam] We have a fire. Look for the smoke.

[Reyes - via radio] We’re on our way.

[Sam] Lara! You made it!

[Lara] Sam. Thank goodness…

[Man] Urn…

[Sam] Um… surprise! It’s okay, he’s one of us.

[Man] Sorry if I startled you. This place would make anyone a little jumpy. We just spoke to your crew… They’re on their way.

[Sam] Look, he bandaged my foot.

[Man] It was the least I could do. My manners. I’m sorry… I’m Mathias… A teacher by trade… Not really cut out for island lite, I’m afraid.

[Sam (to Lara)] Sweetie, you look exhausted, sit down!

[Lara] Yeah…

[Mathias] Sam here was just telling me about the Sun Queen.

[Sam] Right, Himiko!

[Mathias] Can you tell me more? I’m intrigued.

[Sam] Well, believe it or not, a couple thousand years ago. Queen Himiko pretty much ran things in Japan.

[Lara] She loves telling this story…

[Sam] Himiko was beautiful, enigmatic… But also ruthless and powerful! Legend says she had shamanistic powers.

[Lara] And this is where she loses me.

[Mathias] Well, there’s always some truth to myths.

[Sam] She commanded an army of Samurai warriors, her magnificent Stormguard. They rode the very winds into battle, laying waste to all who opposed them. They say the sun rose at Himiko’s command and she ruled everything its rays touched, from the mountains to the sea and beyond.

[Mathias] But what happened to her…?

(Tired from a long journey, Lara falls asleep, but she’s awakened by a roll of thunder.)

<thunder and lightning strikes nearby>

[Lara] Sam? Mathias? Shit!

(Couple of steps further Lara falls into a trap.)

[Lara] No! Sam!

<wolves howl in the distance>

<Lara’s breathing quickens as a wolf snarls nearby>

(She takes out her bow and kills the wolves attacking her from the bushes.)

[Reyes] Over here!

[Lara] Reyes!

[Reyes] Hold on Lara! (she shots the trap) Let go.

[Jonah] It’s good to see you, Little Bird. I’m so glad you’re here.

[Lara] Is Sam with you?

[Jonah] She was with you.

[Lara] She was here… with that man, Mathias. But I passed out. When I woke up, they were both gone.

[Grim] You girls shouldn’t go wandering off!

[Lara] We need to find them.

[Whitman] Uh, w-wait, what about Roth?

[Reyes] Okay, let’s split up. One of us go with Lara and meet up with Roth. the rest of us should fan out and look for Sam.

[Alex] I’ll go with her.

[Whitman] No, no… let, let me.

[Reyes] You know how to use one of these?

[Whitman] It’s… it’s been a while, It-It’s all coming back to me.

[Alex] Get to Roth. We’ll find Sam and this Mathias guy.

[Whitman (to Lara)] You’re going to be okay?

[Lara] Yes. I probably just need to rest for a few minutes.

[Whitman] You sit, uh… you sit here. I’ll, uh… <clears throat> I’ll check up ahead.

[Lara] Okay.

(After sitting for a while at the fire, Lara tries to stand on her foot.)

[Lara] Not so bad.

[Whitman, shouting] Lara! Up here, I found something!

[Lara] I don’t like the sound of that.

[Whitman, shouting] Just, just head up the hill. Look for the large gate!

[Lara] Another shrine… Who are they worshiping?

(Lara finds a huge gate and a wheel for opening them.)

[Whitman] These are fascinating.

[Lara] I’ve seen these before… They must be ritualistic.

[Whitman] This female image is particularly interesting.

[Lara] Looks like it was made quite recently.

[Whitman] By those islanders, no doubt. Judging by the wrecks out there, they were once like us… survivors… Remarkable!

[Lara] Yes, well, let’s hope we don’t become murderers too.

[Whitman] See it you can work the other one.

[Lara] The handle’s missing.

(Lara uses her axe as a handle.)

[Whitman] Together!

[Lara] Shit. It won’t take the force. I’ll have to find something sturdier to turn it with.

[Whitman] Must be something around here we can use. (looking at the drawings) Incredible.

[Lara] Let’s see if I can fix this axe.


[Whitman (from afar)] Mmm. Solar imagery… Some kind of sun worship?

(Lara finds a camp and start her journal.)

[Lara] How do I start…? Okay. This is Lara Croft - an archaeologist from The Endurance shipwrecked on an island in the Dragon’s Triangle – east of Japan.

[Whitman (from afar)] Amaterasu? Possibly… possibly.

[Lara] This place is incredible. I’ve seen wrecks here that could date back centuries. We weren’t the first and I know we’re not alone.

[Whitman (from afar)] But why would survivors turn to worshiping an ancient Japanese sun goddess?

[Lara] Something isn’t right about this place. If I don’t get off this island, maybe someone will eventually find this.

(Lara returns to the gate.)

[Whitman] Alright, Lara? Shall we give it a go then?

[Lara] Let’s do this, Doctor.

[Whitman] Whenever you’re ready!

(They pass through the gate that closes behind them.)

[Whitman] That female figure on the gate. Given the age of the symbols, it could be the Sun Queen…

[Lara] Himiko? Are you sure you’re not channeling Sam, Dr. Whitman?

[Whitman] Well, there’s no doubt. Himiko had power. Some say shamanistic. Elemental!

[Lara] A woman wields that much power and sooner or later it gets called witchcraft!

[Whitman] We shouldn’t discount anything, even what may seem to us, irrational. We still have much to learn about the world.

[Lara] You sound like my father…

[Whitman] It could be one hell of a story, Lara.

[Lara] Not if we don’t live to tell it.

[Whitman] Incredible!

[Lara] It is Himiko! But look, the bowl, the candles, why is she still being worshipped?

[Whitman] This island, it must’ve once been part of Yamatai! You were right, Lara!

[Lara] The lost kingdom!

[Whitman] It’s like finding Atlantis!

[Lara] But this is real, Dr. Whitman. We’re not standing on a myth.

[Whitman] No, we’re standing on a gold mine!

[Mercenary] Come, quickly, your friends are hurt. Yes, probably by them! Get back!

[Lara] They can’t be trusted! You still have a gun!

[Whitman] I don’t want any trouble.

[Lara] No!

[Whitman] We’ll come, but I insist that afterwards, you take us to whoever’s in charge!

[Lara] Noooo! What are you doing?

[Whitman] Be quiet! I’m handling this.

[Lara] No… please! Get off!

[Whitman] Just… just go along with them. Lara. Do… do whatever they say.

[Mercenary] <speaking Russian> Daj mne pistolet! Idi. (to Lara) Poshla! (Give me a gun. Go. (to Lara) Move!)

[Lara] Who are you people? What do you want with us?

[Mercenary] Silence!

[Whitman] Lara!

[Mercenary] If they give you any trouble, kill them!

[Lara] Don’t hurt them… please!

[Mercenary] I said, silence, girl! <speaking Russian> A ty ved’ horoshen’kaja, da? Napominaesh’ moju sestru. (You’re quite pretty girl, huh? You remind me my sister.)

[Whitman] Let go of her! Let go of her! Lara, run!

(The mercenary shots Whitman.)

[Lara] Oh no! No!

[Mercenary] Round them up! Round them up! (to Lara) Don’t you fucking move! Kill them all!

(Lara escapes but her hands are tied.)

[Mercenary 1] Hey, bring up the prisoner!

[Lara] Don’t make a sound.

[Mercenary 2] Yeah. I’m on it.

[Mercenary 1] <speaking Russian> Vseh rasstreljaju nahren! Ubit’! (I’ll execute freakin’ everyone! Kill!)

[Mercenary 1] Anything?

[Mercenary 2] I can’t find her! She’s gone!

[Mercenary 1] Well, keep looking!

[Mercenary 3] There! Another one!

[Lara] Oh god…

[Mercenary 1] Hey, we got a runner in the trap!

[Prisoner] Wait… Wait… Don’t-

<sound of man dying>

[Mercenary 1] This group’s got some fight! Alright, let’s find the rest… move out! Gonna have to kill most of them.

[Mercenary 2] Too bad, we could’ve used some new recruits. Hey, the girl is missing! Keep an eye out!

[Lara] Alright!

[Mercenary] Come out! Come out!

[Mercenary 1] What do you see?

[Mercenary 2] Uh… nothing.

[Mercenary 1] Check the huts!

[Mercenary 2] This one’s clear! Keep moving up the mountain.

[Mercenary 1] Take this one to the pit… Kill the rest! Get me some light over here!

[Mercenary (to Lara)] <speaking Russian> Dumala sbezhat’, malyshka? Dumaesh’ udast’sja spastis’? (Thought to escape, baby? Do you think you can escape?)

[Mercenary 1] The woman must be here somewhere… keep looking!

[Mercenary 2] Check around the ruins there.

[Mercenary (to Lara)] No one escapes! Out! <speaking Russian> Vylezaj! Ne trat’ moe vremja! (Get out! Do not waste my time!) I always find them…

(The mercenary trying to rape Lara.)

[Mercenary] <speaking Russian> Ona tozhe byla porjadochnoj stervoj! (She was a bitch too!)

(They struggle a bit during which the mercenary drops a gun. Lara picks it up and shoots the mercenary’s head.)

[Lara] Oh god.

(She takes the gun with her, but it’s empty.)


[Mercenary 1] They ran into the forest!

[Mercenary 2] Get me some light over here! Wait… there! Shut him up!

[Prisoner] Run! Run!

[Mercenary 1] Find the others… Come on, let’s go!

[Prisoner] Stay back! I’ll shoot!

[Mercenary 1] Take him out! <sound of man dying>

[Mercenary 1] Got another one!

[Mercenary 2] She went down over there.

[Mercenary 1] Is she dead?

[Mercenary 2] I don’t know…

(Lara hides behind crates and find some ammo.)

[Mercenary 1] Outsider! We know you’re here! There’s nowhere to run. Shit, gun.

[Lara] Stay away from me!

(She shots several mercenaries.)

[Mercenary 1] Find anything?

[Mercenary 2] Not yet!

[Mercenary 1] Kill her! Burn her out!

(Mercenaries set the house on fire.)

[Lara] You’re gonna die in there! <coughing>

[Mercenary 1] You’re gonna die in there! Come out! Come out!

[Lara] <coughing>

[Mercenary 1] I don’t hear anyone… what do you think?

[Mercenary 2] She’s probably dead.

[Mercenary 1] Keep looking… check the other huts!’

[Mercenary 2] Hey! Hey, you find any more down there?!

[Mercenary 1] No, nothing, but keep an eye out! The fires may send a few your way!

[Mercenary 1] (from above) Let’s see what he’s got… Wallet, dead phone… It’s always the same shit…

[Mercenary 2] So what came in? Another tanker?

(Lara kills the mercenaries with her bow. The mercenary standing on the ladder notices that.)

[Mercenary 3] What’s going on down there? Everything okay?

(Lara shots him and climb the ladder.)


[Roth - via radio] Lara, are you there?

[Lara] Yes!

[Roth - via radio] I can see smoke coming from the old ruins, are you okay?

[Lara] Oh god… Roth, I’m in trouble. They’re killing people.

[Roth - via radio] What? Who?

[Lara] Men… I don’t know why… I had to kill some of them. I had no choice…

[Roth - via radio] That can’t have been easy.

[Lara] It’s scary just how easy it was. You’ve got to warn the others, Roth.

[Roth - via radio] Don’t worry about them right now. You just do whatever it takes to get to me, Lara.

[Lara] I’ll try.

(Lara finds a camp)

[Lara’s Journal] The thing about nightmares is sooner or later, you wake up. But there’s no waking up from this place. Which means I’m really here. I’m really doing these things. No. Don’t think about it, Lara. Not now. It won’t help.

[Mercenary 1] Just got word from the west beach. Looks like a smaller group escaped into the lower forest.

(Lara kills both of them.)

[Mercenary 1] She’s in here somewhere. Find her.

[Mercenary 2] Capture or kill?

(Lara start shooting.)

[Mercenary 1] What was that?

[Mercenary 2] Quiet! Quiet! You two, check that side.Keep looking! She’s gotta be here somewhere!

[Mercenary 1] You find anything on that side?

[Mercenary 2] No, not a damned thing!

[Mercenary 1] Whoa!

[Mercenary 2] Hey, watch it…

[Mercenary 1] How far down does it go?

[Mercenary 2] All the way to the sea caves.

[Mercenary 1] Damn. Maybe she fell? There she is! Down below… get her!

[Mercenary 2] What the hell are you doing? You’ll burn the whole place down!

[Mercenary 1] Hahah. I’m gonna burn her outta there! Hahah! Yeeah! Burn! Damn it… move to the upper levels!

(Lara shots all the mercenaries and go on. Soon she see huge rocks in her way with little gap between them.)

[Lara] I can do this…

<distant gunfire>

(Going little further she seen Roth shooting a bunch of wolves.)

[Roth, yelling] Aggh! Get back!

[Lara] Roth?!

[Roth] Go on, get out of here! Go on!

[Lara] Roth! Roth. I’m coming! Thank god you’re alive.

[Roth] That god’s got nothing to do with it. It’s good to see you too, girl.

[Lara] Sorry. They did a real number on your leg.

[Roth] Nah. Looks worse than it is.

[Lara] Have you heard from any of the others?

[Roth] Nothing.

[Lara] Wait, what are you doing?

[Roth] The wolves took my food pack. The transmitter from the lifeboat’s in it. If we don’t get that back, we’re not getting off this bloody island.

[Lara] Yeah, but you need… you need bandages, morphine, antiseptic…

[Roth] Also in the pack.

[Lara] Shit.

[Roth] Exactly. Come here… Come on.

(Lara helps Roth to get up, but after a few seconds he loses consciousness.)

[Lara] Oh no. No, no, no, no. Oh, don’t do this to me, you Northern bastard. Okay.

(She drags him to the campfire.)

[Lara] Thank god, he’s still alive.

<wolves howl in the distance>

[Lara] Wolf tracks… Oh god, what am I doing? The pack’s up there somewhere.

(Lara goes to the ruins of some old village.)

[Lara] These ruins… Kamakura period… Was all this part of Yamatai?

(She hears explosion.)

[Lara] What the…

(Climbing the mountain Lara finds a dark cave.)

[Lara] The pack’s in there!

[Lara] Here goes… try. I just want the pack… that’s all.

(The pack founded.)

[Lara] Got it… Okay, got to get this back to Roth.

(Suddenly a big black wolf attacks Lara.)

[Lara] Agh! Get… the hell… off me!

(She kills it with knife.)

[Lara] That was close…

(Back to the camp…)

[Lara] Right. Let’s get you patched up.

(Some time passes. Roth wakes up.)

[Lara] Roth!

[Roth] It’s not bad… Where does a young lady like you learn to do a thing like that?

[Lara] Late shift at the Nine Bells. A wolf’s got nothing on a broken bottle.

[Roth] Hey, you got it. Nice work.

[Lara] So, I assume the plan is to take that up to the radio tower?

[Roth] That should give us the best shot of broadcasting a strong signal in every direction. Look, Lara. We need to send out that SOS and I’m not climbing any time soon.

[Lara] Yeah, I was afraid you were going to say that.

[Roth] You can do it, Lara. After all, you’re a Croft.

[Lara] I don’t think I’m that kind of Croft.

[Roth] Sure you are. You just don’t know it yet.

(He gave her climbing axe.)

[Lara] Well, let’s hope I’m a fast learner, then.

[Roth] Just be careful, Lara.


[Roth] You might want to give that axe a go on the rock wall over there first.

[Lara] I can climb this.

(Lara climbs up ad finds some mercenaries.)

[Mercenary 1] Hey, you find anything?

[Mercenary 2] No! Nothing!

[Mercenary 1] What?

[Mercenary 1] Nothing! There’s no one up here! They never make it up this far! Should we head back up to the bunker?!

(She kills them all.)


[Reyes - via radio] Lara… are you there?

[Lara] Reyes! Did you find Sam?

[Reyes - via radio] We’re still on her trail.

[Lara] I’m going to try and send an SOS from an old radio tower up here. Any tips?

[Alex - via radio] Hey, Lara! You’re gonna need to find the communications console. It’ll look like a bunch of old switchboards.

[Lara] Okay. I’ll let you know when I find it.

[Mercenary 1] Hey! Hey! Wake up! Wake up, we got an intruder! Come on, grab her!

[Mercenary 2] How’d she get up here?!

[Lara] Please… you don’t need to do this!

(Lara finds another camp.)

[Lara] I have a bad feeling about this…

(Trying to calm herself, she takes out her video camera again and watches the recording from the ship.)

[Alex] I’m telling you, Reyes, it’s mechanical… not an electrical problem.

[Reyes] Now, Alex!

[Alex] <coughing> This looks like it might be an electrical problem.

[Reyes] You think?

[Alex] Oh, hello. Hey, who’s this little fox, huh?

[Reyes] She’s cute huh?

[Alex] Very cute.

[Reyes] That’s Alisha.

[Alex] Alisha, I like that.

[Reyes] It’s my daughter. 14 years old… And smarter than you’ll ever be.

[Alex] She must… must get that from her father. I

[Reyes (to cameraman)] And… yeah. Don’t give him the attention.

[Alex] I’ll take a look at this… Probably electrical. From her father… Nice one.

(Next clip.)

[Grim] So, I was on the loch, right… doin’ a spot of midnight fishin’. .

[Roth] Hey, Grim. Time to batten down the hatches.

[Grim] Aye, I’ll be right with you. So… I was on the loch, right… an’ this thing comes looming at me, looming outta water, it was! So I gives it the old Glasgow kiss, you know… Gets you out of trouble nine times out of ten, that does! Took me a week to sleep that night off and I’ve not touched a drop since! See you at dinner, Sam.

[Roth & Reyes] <soft laughter>

(Next clip.)

[Sam] Alright, can we take B-Roll please? Thank you… Dr. James Whitman, filler15, take 3. And action!

[Jonah] Okay, now take a firm grip then slice him down the belly like this. Yeah, you’ve got…

[Whitman] Good lord, cut! Cut! Cut! Cut.

[Jonah] Er, is he… is he coming back?

[Whitman (from afar)] …I am Dr. James Whitman, I’m an archaeologist…

[Sam] (exasperated) I’ll go get him.

[Whitman] The world-renowned archaeologist! A discoverer. I don’t cut rare breeds of fish.

[Sam] Mister, Dr. James Whitman. It’s just a fish, it’s fine…

[Whitman] I know it’s just a fish!

[Sam] You’re gonna be fine…

[Whitman] This… damned… ’reality’ TV business. I’m… I’m meant to be bringing culture to the people, Sam, not dinner! Er, no offense, Jonah.

[Sam] The audience demands content. Dr. Whitman. So until we find the lost kingdom, we need footage like this. You know that. Come on, let’s just take it from the top, okay? We’re going to make you look like Gordon Ramsay in editing. Dr. James Whitman, filler 15, take 4. Action!

[Jonah] Okay, now take a firm grip… and slice him down the belly.

(Next clip.)

[Lara] I’ve studied them so much, I can see charts at the back of my eyelids. But if I’m not right about Yamatai being in the Dragon’s Triangle…

[Roth] I remember when you found that on one of your father’s digs. You ran up and showed it to me dressed in your penguin pajamas.

[Lara (laughing)] I was five years old. It was my first find.

[Roth] You’ve got great instincts, girl. You just have to trust them.

[Lara] That’s what my father used to say.

[Roth] Now there was a man that ran on instinct… For better or worse… He would have been so proud of you, Lara.

[Lara] We’re getting closer to the storm.

[Roth] Well, whatever’s coming… we’ll get through it, eh?

(Back to the cold, windy camp…)

[Lara] Okay, Lara. Pull yourself together, they’re counting on you.

[Mercenary 1] It’s freezing out here!

[Mercenary 2] You’ll get used to it. It’s even colder up by the radio tower.

[Lara] Shhhush.

[Mercenary 1] The weather on this island is crazy.

[Mercenary 2] Everything about this island is crazy, brother.

(Lara attacks the mercenaries.)

[Mercenary 1] Hey! Get that damned gun off me!

[Mercenary 1] Aw, damn it! Burned out again.

[Mercenary 1] Surprised they even work after so many years.

[Mercenary 1] Gonna go check in - need anything?

[Mercenary 1] Nah, I’m good.

[Mercenary 2] How many are there?

[Mercenary 1] Shh! Only one… from the new wreck…

[Lara] This bunker… World War 2 era. Probably Japanese.

[Mercenary 1] Over here! Alright, let’s get these lines hooked up.

[Lara] <exhales> Ah… it’s freezing!

[Mercenary 1] The brothers inside need power. Ow… fuck.

[Mercenary 2] You okay?

[Mercenary 1] Fine… fine! Just do the job.

[Mercenary 2] How many came in from the new wreck?

[Mercenary 1] A couple dozen… and some women.

[Mercenary 2] Father Mathias brought one in himself.

[Mercenary 1] For the ritual ?

[Mercenary 2] Probably. We’ll find out tonight.

[Mercenary 1] <straining, grunting>

[Mercenary 2] Careful, careful… it’s loaded with fuel.

[Mercenary 1] Yeah… <straining, grunting> No shit!

(Lara finds the control room and breaks the valve. Mercenaries immediately finds her and start shooting.)

[Lara] What the hell…

[Mercenary 1] I’m going to watch you die now. Hey… what do you think you’re doing?

(She climbs out of the room, takes the lamp and ignite the accumulated gas.)

[Lara] Just end it… please.

(She takes the submachine gun from the mercenary.)


[Lara] Go to hell.

(She kills him and go on.)

[Mercenary 1] Now! Light her up!

[Mercenary 2] She has a machine gun… get down!

[Mercenary 1] She’s tearing us to pieces! Help us out! ..

[Mercenary 2] Use the old consoles as cover!

(After the gunfight Lara sees writing on a wall.)

[Lara] Father Mathias will set us free? From what… this island?

(Finally, Lara finds the desired room, but all the equipment is malfunctioned. She takes a radio.)

[Lara] Alex? Are you there?

[Alex - via radio] (Out of breath) Yeah.

[Lara] The console’s a wreck.

[Alex] Damn it. Well, unless you see a Radio Shack around, you’re going to have to patch in manual! y through the maintenance panel.

[Lara] Okay, that sounds simple enough.

[Alex] Yeah, well uh… You’re going to have to find it first. Oh those old towers they installed the panels high up. I mean way high up.

[Lara] Climbing again. Great.

[Lara] That tower better work after all this.

[Lara] Snow? This isn’t normal.

[Lara’s Journal] Thank god for Roth’s training. All those treks, all those climbs… it’s as if he’d been preparing me for something like this all along. It’s clear that there are people living here. And they’re organized. They’re killing and recruiting, but why? It’s like some kind of cult. But a cult of what? What do they want? What are they looking for?

[Mercenary 1] l got one! Ah… hah! Come here!

[Lara] Ahh! Get off! Let go!

[Mercenary 2] Ahhhh!

[Lara] Damn! How many are there?

[Mercenary 1] Damn it, she musta killed everyone in the base.

[Mercenary 2] We need some help out here!

[Mercenary 1] Here she comes! Get to ground level!

[Mercenary 2] There she is!

[Mercenary 1] Just fire everything you got. She’s getting too close!

[Mercenary 2] Stop her… stop her, damn It!

[Mercenary 1] She’s ripping us to pieces!

[Mercenary 2] Over there! Behind the wall!

[Mercenary 1] Defend the tower, brothers!

[Mercenary 2] Come on, get down there!

[Mercenary 1] Keep her away from the tower!

[Mercenary 2] Come on, get down there!

[Mercenary 1] Damn It, can’t hit her.

[Mercenary 2] We’ve got to protect the tower! Stop her at all costs!

[Mercenary 1] Ahh, come on! Get some fire over there!

[Mercenary 2] What the hell… she’s still alive!

[Mercenary 1] Get the big guy out here!

[Mercenary 3] Outta the way. She’s mine!

[Lara] Okay focus… you can do this.

[Mercenary 1] Oh shit… she’s still alive!? Run!

[Lara] Yes… still alive.

(At huge ladder to the top of the tower.)

[Lara] Okay… here goes.

[Lara] Alex?

[Alex - via radio] Lara.

[Lara] I’m at the panel.

[Alex] The tower should boost the signal from the transmitter.

[Lara] Okay…

[Alex] Alright, find the emergency channel and get a clear signal on your radio before you broadcast the SOS. Hey. We got everything crossed for you down here, LC.

[Lara] Thank you.

(Set up of the radio tower.)

[Man’s Voice - via radio] You’re tuned to the International Emergency Broadcast Response System. Please identify your situation and location coordinates, and stand by for a response.

[Lara] Mayday, mayday. This is Lara Croft of the Endurance. We are stranded on an island in the Dragon’s Triangle.. We need help and medical supplies. Please respond. Come on, come on… Mayday, mayday. This is Lara Croft of the Endurance…

[Man’s Voice - via radio] This is aircraft N177A. Searching for you since the distress call from your vessel. Almost given up hope!

[Lara] So had we!

[Man’s Voice - via radio] We’ve got your approximate position, but we could sure use a visual.

[Lara] I’ll figure something out.

[Man’s Voice - via radio] We’ll be heading your way soon. Out.

[Alex - via radio] Lara Croft, you are my hero! Hey, you know, Reyes actually just cracked a smile!

[Lara] Right. Need a signal. A fire. Fuel. Flames. I can do that.

(Lara descends from the tower using a stretched rope.)

[Lara] That’s one way to get down. Fuel tanks. Hmm, need to find a way to light this fuel.

(She enters the nearest barn and takes a sharp metal pin. Now you make fire from her axe.)


[Lara] This should do the trick.

[Lara] There it is!

<a large bolt of lightning hits the plane with a loud crack>

[Woman’s voice] <in Japanese> No one leaves!

<a large bolt of lightning hits the plane with a loud crack>

<another bolt of lightning strikes the plane>

[Pilot] Help! Help!

[Lara] The pilot… I have to get to him!


(Lara finds the pilot but he’s attacked by the mercenaries.)

<gunshots ring out>

[Pilot] What? What the hell? Go away! Get, get off of me!

[Roth - via radio] Lara! You there?

(She turns off the radio and shoots the mercenaries. Atthenext camp…)

[Lara’s Journal] I can’t get it out of my head. A storm that came out of nowhere, out of a clear sky, and brought down a plane. It’s not rational. You know it’s not rational, Lara. There must be some explanation. I… I just don’t know what it is yet.

[Roth - via radio] Lara?! What the hell happened?

[Lara] This storm… it came out of nowhere. These clouds, they just surrounded the plane!

[Roth] Lara, listen. I saw the crash from here, so you must be close to my position. Just get back here safe!

[Lara] Alright… on my way.

[Mercenary 1] Over here!

[Mercenary 2] There! We got her!

[Lara] Stay back!


(Lara tries her new equipment - arrow with a rope.)

[Lara] That looks like a good spot to hook into.

[Lara] I’m really glad you moved.

[Roth] You and me both, girl.

[Lara] One moment they were fine… the next… there was this storm. It came out of nowhere…

[Roth] It’s not your fault, Lara.

[Lara] I called them here, Roth.

[Roth] Hey, we’ll find another way.

[Via radio] Mayday! Mayday! This is co-pilot Jessop of aircraft N177A…

[Lara] Another pilot! Hello? Can you hear me?

[Via radio] I got badly hurt when I landed and need urgent aid! Is anyone there?

[Lara] Captain Jessop? Do you read?

[Via radio] I’ve deplayed a smoke signal. Please respond.

[Lara] Damn it, he can’t hear me. I have to get to him.

[Roth] No.

[Lara] His signals just over there.

[Roth] We’ve got our own people to worry about. We’ll need to regroup as soon as they find Sam.

[Lara] I can’t just leave him out there alone. I need to get to him.

[Roth] Sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices, Lara. You can’t save everyone.

[Lara] I know about sacrifices.

[Roth] No, you know about loss. Sacrifice is a choice you make, loss is a choice made for you.

[Lara] I can’t choose to let him die, Roth.


[Mercenary 1] This hut looks clear.

[Mercenary 2] We ain’t gonna find anyone up here.

[Reyes - via radio] Anyone out there? Roth?

[Roth - via radio] I’m here, Reyes. What’s your situation?

[Reyes] We followed a group of men to some kind of… city. This place is insane, Roth. What the hell are they doing here?

[Roth] I don’t know, and I don’t think I want to know. Any sign of Sam or Whitman ?

[Reyes] Nothing yet. Are you with Lara?

[Roth] Yes… we’ll be heading down the mountain soon to meet up with you.

[Lara] There’s the signal…

[Reyes] Okay, we’ll try to get in a bit closer. Keep this channel open.

[Mercenary 1] Come on, we gotta get back.

[Mercenary 2] Shut up and let me finish.

[Lara] I have to get over there. Shit! No!

(The rope breaks and Lara falls into the abyss, but in the last second she manages to catch on with the axe. Climbing the mountain, she begins to look for the missing pilot.)

[Lara] Captain Jessop?! Where did he go?

[Alex - via radio] Hey Lara - Roth told us about the plane. Don’t worry, there’s got to be another way off this rock, right?

[Lara] I hope so. Any sign of Sam?

[Alex] We’ve tracked her to same old Japanese palace.

[Lara] I don’t like the sound of that.

[Alex] Hey, don’t worry, she’s probably… Just… sightseeing.

[Lara] You’re a terrible liar. Alex. You have to be careful in there. Good luck.

[Lara] <breath of awe> These ruins pre-date the Kofun period. A pilgrimage… A queen… Himiko? Incredible… Captain Jessop?

(Lara finds a huge beautiful palace… and the missing pilot, nestling with his own blood. From the roof of the palace fly off the severed heads. The archers point their bows at Lara.)

[Lara] Oh my god.

[Mathias] For a child, you’ve caused me a great deal of trouble. But you’re just as naive and predictable. Kill her!

(One of the archers shoots at Lara exploding with an arrow and she almost completely faints. Lying on the ground she hears cries and sees someone in heavy armor…

<deep growling>

[Mercenary 1] The Oni, they’re here!

<deep growling>

[Mercenary 1] The guardians are here!

<speaking Japanese>

[Mercenary 2] Need help here! Come on get up! Pull! Pull!

<streams of fear and pain>

<speaking Japanese>

(Lara comes to herself in a room littered with corpses. She’s tied to the ceiling.)

[Lara] What’s happening here?


<thump and slight clanking of metal>

<heavy footsteps>

<metal scraping against stone>

[Lara] Hope this thing still works.


[Mercenary 1] Over here! She’s here somewhere… I heard something below.

[Mercenary 2] The Guardians will kill her… Let’s get the fuck out of here before they find us!

[Lara] They’re looking for me…

(Lara climbs into some tomb.)

[Lara] l hate tombs!

[Lara] A Sun Queen and her stormguard… Himiko! The first Sun Queen! This is Yamatai.And you’re really here. <coughing> And… really, really dead. This is incredible! This looks like some kind of fire ritual… A sacrificial ritual… Horrible. But why were the women burnt like that? A journey, a pilgrimage to… ls that this monastery? Pouring water? But why? And there you are.Queen. Wait… It’s not pouring water, it’s transferring power. This is an ascension ritual! It’s how you chose your successor!

[Mercenary 1] There!

[Lara] Oh no!

[Mercenary 1] Take her!

<inhuman roar>

[Mercenary 2] What the hell is going on down there?

<inhuman roar>

[Lara] What? What the hell is that thing?

[Mercenary 1] Hey! I found a way out down here!

[Mercenary 2] But the woman… we gotta find her.

[Mercenary 1] The Guardians can have her. I’m getting the hell out of here now!

[Mercenary 2] Goddamn it… okay… okay wait! Help as open the gate.

[Mercenary 1] Shit… Shit… they’re here!

[Mercenary 2] Hey, hey! What’s going on? Come back! Don’t leave us, you coward! Come back!

(Lara climbs into the monastery.)

[Mercenary 1] Can’t… get this thing… open.

[Mercenary 2] Forget it. We need to break it with something.

[Mercenary 1] Look out… she’s here!

[Mercenary 2] It’s no good, take her out!

[Lara] The way out of here was right below them. That bell should do it.

(She destroys the supporting beams of the monastery with it’s bells.)

[Mercenary 1] This place is falling apart!

[Mercenary 2] Up there! She’s an the second floor!

[Lara] Oh shit… I’ve got to get out of here! That bell should do it.

<inhuman roaring>

[Mercenary 2] No… no! Ahhh!

<inhuman roaring>

[Mercenary 1] The guardians are here!

[Mercenary 2] Alright, come on come on move it! Get out… move it! Move!

[Mercenary 1] Ahhhh!

[Mercenary 2] Run for your lives!

(The monastery begins to collapse. By incredible luck Lara manages to get out of it.)

[Sam - via radio] Hello? Hello?

[Lara] Sam! Sam, it’s Lara!

[Sam] Oh god, Lara… It’s good to hear your voice.

[Lara] Yours too, Sam. Is the rest of the crew with you?

[Sam] No, I just managed to steal this radio off a guard.

[Lara] A guard?

[Sam] I’ve been kidnapped.

[Lara] What? Where are you?

[Sam] I don’t know… some old Japanese palace. They keep talking about a "fire ritual”. Lara, I’m fucking terrified. Shit, someone’s coming. I’ve got to hide this thing.

[Lara] Sam… Sam! A fire ritual… Like the mural in Himiko’s tomb…


[Lara] Roth, are you there?

[Roth - via radio] I’m heading towards the palace. The others are being held there too.

[Lara] I’ll catch up to you and we can go in together.

(Lara finds another camp.)

[Lara’s Journal] Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. What were those things In the monastery? They were dressed like the Stormguard, and the sounds they made, almost… inhuman? Shit, just listen to yourself, Lara. You sound like Dad. It’s like they’re the remnants of some lost civilization. Okay, now I really sound like Dad.

[Mercenary 1] Damn. This is the good stuff.

[Mercenary 2] If you show up to the ceremony drunk, Father Mathias will cut your throat.

[Mercenary 1] I can hold my liquor, as long as you hold your tongue.

[Sam - via radio] Oh god, that was close. Are you there?

[Lara] I’m here. Sam. Are you okay?

[Sam] What do they want with me, Lara? A fire ritual? This is so fucked up!

[Lara] Listen. I’m coming to get you. I’m going to get you out of there!

[Sam] Please, please help me, Lara.

[Lara] I promise. I promise. Sam.

[Mercenary 1] Hey! She took your radio!

[Sam] Oh no!

[Lara] Sam!? Sam!?

[Sam] Aaah! Aaah! Help me! Please!

[Lara] Stay away from her, you bastards! Stay away!

[Sam] No! No!

[Lara] Fuck! Okay…

[Mercenary 1] Whoa, what the hell was that?

[Mercenary 2] I don’t know…

[Mercenary 1] <gasp> Whoa, paydirt! The tank’s full! Come outta there!

[Mercenary 3] What the hell is happening up there?

[Mercenary 2] Back up! Back up! Watch it… move!

[Lara] No way around, I’ve got to cross…

<cracking glass>


[Lara] Might be some supplies on board.

(Lara walks along the sewer pipe under the mercenary camp.)

[Mercenary 1] What’s going on?

[Mercenary 2] We caught a prisoner hiding in the chop shop.The Somalian’s putting the screws on him now.

[Mercenary 1] What about the other one?

[Mercenary 2] No, nothing. Gotta keep looking.

[Lara] <sound of disgust> …the smell.

[Mercenary 1] Alright, let’s check around the chopper. Where’s the old man?

[Prisoner] I don’t know what you’re talking about… please…

[Mercenary 1] You are lying… I know you escaped with him.

[Prisoner] Please… I… don’t… <coughing> I… don’t…

[Mercenary 1] Maybe I need to loosen your tongue. Tell me! Tell me where he is!

[Prisoner] Aah! Aagh! <choking> <gurgling blood>

[Mercenary 1] Alright, hey, show’s over. Get back to your post…!

(In the next spot…)

[Mercenary 1] What the hell’s going on in there?

[Mercenary 2] The Somalian. He lost his temper.

[Mercenary 1] Again? <laughs> Any sign of the old man?

[Mercenary 2] Nope. He’s a tough bastard, but he won’t get far.

[Mercenary 1] What the hell was that?

(Lara kills all mercenaries and climbs into the helicopter. Having rummaged in the medicine cabinet, she does not find the medicine.)

[Lara] Shit!

(She checks the pockets of the deceased pilot.)

[Lara] Sorry…


(Lara uses a lighter and an arrow to cauterize her wound.)

<stifled shout of pain>

<non-verbal shouts of pain>

[Lara] Roth, can you hear me?

[Roth - via radio] Lara! Are you okay?

[Lara] I’m fine.

[Roth] You don’t sound fine to me.

[Lara] I’m fine, Roth.

[Roth] Where are you, girl?

[Lara] I’m in some kind of shanty town, near the fortified palace

[Roth] I’m still coming down the hill. How did you get there so fast?

[Lara] Long story.

[Roth] I can see the town from here… Are you near that large gate?

[Lara] I’m heading towards it.

[Mercenary 1] It’s the outsider!

[Lara] Oh shit…


[Mercenary 1] There! Fire! Fire!

[Mercenary 2] Holy shit! I got her!

[Mercenary 1] She’s up by the chopper!

[Mercenary 2] How about same fire, outsider!?

[Mercenary 1] Hey, move carefully, she’s using fire!

[Mercenary 2] Holy shit. Alright, get around… we can catch her!

[Mercenary 1] Go in from the side!

(Lara takes down all the mercenaries. Entering the building Lara falls into a trap. She hangs upside down.)

[Mercenary 1] We caught her! She’s in the chapel!

[Mercenary 1] Capture her for the sacrifice!

[Mercenary 1] Be careful… don’t damage the altar!

[Mercenary 1] Yeah! We got her trapped!

[Mercenary 1] I got her!

[Lara] Another sacrifice… my god, what’s driven them to this?

[Mercenary 1] Move in! Move in.

[Mercenary 2] She’s trapped! Surround her! There’s nowhere for her to go.

[Mercenary 1] Holy shit. Rush her!

[Mercenary 2] She’s just one girl!

[Mercenary 1] That one girl is kicking our ass!

[Mercenary 3] Just keep at it, alright!? She can’t stop us all.

[Mercenary 1] Holy shit!

[Mercenary 1] Alright, get around… we can catch her! Go in from the side!

[Mercenary 2] Let’s do this, brothers! Don’t let her escape into the city!

(Lara finds a huge gate and tries to open them.)

[Lara] It’s jammed.

(She shot fire arrow at the rags hanging on the gate and open it.)

[Mercenary 1(from afar)] Stop the old man! He’s getting away-

[Lara] What’s going on?

[Mercenary 1(from afar)] Stop the old man! He’s getting away?

[Lara] (stepping into a swamp) How can they live like this?

[Grim] Get yer hands off me, ya bloody bastards!

[Lara] Oh my god, Grim!

[Mercenary 1] Hey! Need some help up here! A prisoner’s escaped!

[Mercenary 2] Come on, let’s go!

[Grim] Fuck you! Bail yer head!

[Mercenary 1] Easy, old man! Take it easy! Oh godammit! Get up there!

[Grim] Oh, you want some of this too? Ya fuckin’ scunner! Lara, up here!

[Lara] Grim, you escaped!

[Grim] Watch it, Lara, you’ve got company!

[Mercenary 1] Light her up!

[Grim] Lara, they got fuckin’ dynamite… take cover! I

[Mercenary 2] Outsider, give it up!

[Lara] Not a chance, you bastards!

[Mercenary 1] Sound the alarm!

[Mercenary 2] She’s hiding… flush her out! Come on! Get down there and fucking KILL HER!

[Mercenary 1] It’s no good, she just won’t die…

[Grim] You got more of those bastards coming in… watch it!

[Mercenary 1] Over here! I need some fire in the courtyard!

[Mercenary 2] Get reinforcements! Go, go!

(After Lara kills all the mercenaries…)

[Grim] Lara, you re alive!

[Lara] Just barely… where are the others?

[Grim] Still locked up inside… but I know where they are. Get up here and we’ll get em out together.

[Lara] I can’t climb up there from here.

[Grim] Ahh, damn it. Well, they got some kinda setup for haulin’ cargo. Maybe you can use it to come around the other side?

[Lara] Alright. I’m on my way.

[Mercenary 1] The outsider is here! Warn the others!

(Lara is trying to get to Grim…)

[Lara] Grim? Are you there?

[Grim] It’s a trap, lass! Show ’em yer teeth, Lara. Give ’em hell!

(Grim is taken hostage.)

[Lara] Oh no… Grim?

[Mercenary 1] Kill her!

[Mercenary 2] Aw shit, she shot him off the fucking line! I can’t get a shot, she’s moving too much.

(Lara gives the mercenaries in a whirlwind of shit, so they have no choice but to use Grim as the lever on her.)

[Mercenary 1] Drop your weapons! Or we kill your friend.

[Grim] Don’t fuckin’ do it.

(The mercenary cuts Grim a little.)

[Lara] Okay, okay, okay.

[Grim] That’s nothing, pal. I grew up in Glasgow.

[Mercenary 1 (to Lara)] Now kick them off the edge.

(Grim hits the mercenary that holds him. Short but brutal fight begin. Fighting with the last mercenary, John makes him the Glasgow Kiss and, stumbling, falls with him to the abyss.)

[Lara] Grim! No!


[Lara] No… Grim… I’ll make them pay. The Palace… got to get to the palace.

(While Lara climbed up the rope…)

[Mercenary 1] Hey, come on, there she is! Cut the line!

[Mercenary 2] I’m on it!

[Mercenary 1] I got her! Shit!

(Someone kills mercenaries from a sniper rifle.)

[Roth - via radio] I got you covered, girl. You’re clear to climb up.

[Lara] Thank god.

[Lara - via radio] Roth…

[Roth] Yeah?

[Lara] Grim’s… dead. They tried to use him as leverage to make me surrender… But he wouldn’t let them.

[Roth] Grim you… you stubborn bastard.

[Lara] I’m so sorry, Roth.

[Roth] No… Don’t be sorry, Lara. Just make it count. We’ll raise a glass to the old man when we get out of here.

[Lara] I’m going to try and get closer. Can you cover me again?

[Roth] Yeah. I’ve got a clear sight with my rifle until the palace wall.

[Via radio, with a lot of static] Rescue chopper N888RC responding to SOS. Inbound from freighter Trinity.

[Roth] This is Conrad Roth of the Endurance. Do you copy?

[Roth] Lara… did you hear that… A rescue helicopter is inbound!

[Lara] That’s great news, Roth. Set up a signal. I’m going in for Sam and the others.

[Roth] But Lara, maybe I should-

[Lara] This isn’t like the pilot, Roth.

[Roth] I got Sam and the others into this mess. I’m getting them out.

[Roth - via radio] Alright Lara, that bridge is swarming with guards.

[Lara] Great… any ideas?

[Roth] It’ll be tricky, but you can probably make your way across underneath.

[Lara] I was afraid you were going to say that.

[Roth] Don’t worry, I’ll be covering you the whole way.

[Roth - via radio] Lara, I’ve got them in my sights.

[Lara] Here goes…

[Mercenary 1] What the hell is going on down there… do you think they got the outsider?

[Mercenary 2] Don’t worry. If they didn’t, then she’ll come to us.

[Mercenary 1] Father Mathias will send us to the Uni if we don’t find her.

[Mercenary 2] Only if we fail. And we won’t. The Sun Queen is with us.

[Mercenary 1] What the-

[Lara] <gasp>

[Mercenary 2] Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, what was that?! Who’s shooting?

[Mercenary 1] Sniper! Take cover!

<shouts of confusion and panic>

[Mercenary 1] Ahhhh, watch out!

[Roth - via radio] I thought I lost you, girl. Are you ok?

[Mercenary 1] AAAAAHHH! I’m hit!

[Lara] That was too close…

[Mercenary 2] I don’t see him!

[Mercenary 1] Look for the muzzle flash.

[Mercenary 2] He’s in the cliff shrine! Open fire!

[Roth] Stop! …Don’t move, they’ll see you… Wait…

[Mercenary 2] Get behind something!

[Mercenary 1] Goddamn it, I can’t get a shot.

[Roth] Go now!

[Mercenary 1] We’re sitting ducks out here!

[Roth] Stop! Hold it….almost got him…

[Mercenary 2] Move!

[Roth] Stop! Wait….wait.… Lara, think you’re clear.

[Lara] Thanks for the cover, I think that makes us even.

[Roth] <laughs> Yeah, I should think so… LARA look out!

[Lara] Ahh! Let go!

[Mercenary 1] I’ll break this girl’s neck! Surrender!

[Lara] No! Aaaahhh!

[Mercenary 2] They went over… is she dead?

[Mercenary 1] I don’t know, I can’t see.

[Mercenary 2] There she is! Below the bridge, fire, fire!!!

[Roth] Lara, there’s too many of them. Get out of there!

[Lara] Roth, I’m heading in.

[Roth] Are you sure about this, Lara?

[Lara] I’ll get them. I’ll come back. I promise.

(Lara finds an entrance to underground chapel… She hides behind a column.)

[Mathias] My brothers, listen to me now. Out in the world, we were nothing. But here… here, we are the Solarii, the Sun Queen’s children. She brought us here for a reason. I know you want your freedom. I know you want to escape this place. But to do so, we must release our Queen. Like us, she is a prisoner. If we can free her, we free ourselves!

[Lara] Sam!

[Mathias] If we can free her, we free ourselves! This girl… she carries the blood of this land. She could be the key.

[Sam] <muffled sounds of struggle>

[Mathias] The Ritual of Flames will show us the truth! Himiko, you are the first and the last… Speak to us now!

[Sam] <muffled shout>

(Lara start shooting arrows at the mercenaries, but they quickly capture her.)

[Mercenary 1] You killed our brother! Now I’m gonna kill you! This is for Vladimir, outsider.

[Mathias] Enough! Dmitri, Nikolai! Bring her to me! Every creature in nature will turn and tight when its very survival is at stake. So don’t think I don’t understand you, girl. I’ve just been doing this a lot longer. Ready yourselves, brothers. Our queen is about to speak!

[Sam] <muffled sounds of panic>

[Mathias] Speak to us! Himiko!

[Lara] Sam! No, no, no. Sam!

[Mathias] Speak to us through the flames!

[Sam] <muffled sounds of panic>

[Lara] I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Just look at me… look at me, okay?!

(The flame is blown away by stormy wind.)

[Mathias] She… she’s the one, my brothers, we will be reborn! Take her to the throne room. Your fight is over, creature.

(Two mercenaries lead Lara into the cell, but Lara manages to break out on a small bridge. After a short fight she jumps into the lake of blood and bones.)

[Mercenary 1] I can’t see the body…

[Mercenary 2] I don’t think she survived the fall.

[Mercenary 1] Let’s get down there. Come on.

(Lara gets out of the lake and goes on.)

[Lara] Some kind of natural gas… probably flammable.

(At the next camp…)

[Lara’s Journal] Madness. That’s what this place is. Mathias thinks Himiko’s spirit is keeping us here. That’s not possible… it’s not possible. But he’s so beyond crazy that maybe he’s come right back round to some kind of sane. The helicopter isn’t our way off. You know that, Lara - in your gut. I have to warn the others. If we board it, we’re dead.

[Prisoner] Wait, wait… what do you want me to do? Please!

[Mercenary 1] Don’t struggle too much. And hope they kill you fast.

[Lara] Oh god, no…

[Prisoner] Please… who are you? What… what are you doing… this is horrible. No! No! Oh god… please! Aghh!

<maniacal laughter and giggling>

[Strange Naked Man 1] Get away! That’s mine! (Lara shoot him) No… nnnoooo…. let go.

[Strange Naked Man 2] Oh… oh, oh yes… maybe… maybe.

[Mercenary 1] Goddamn these caves… surprised this whole place hasn’t gone up yet.

[Lara] Shhhush.

[Mercenary 2] I might have to cap that vent in the pit again.

[Mercenary 1] If it’s loose, let’s just leave it for the next shift?

[Mercenary 3] Hey, don’t take too long down there. I want to finish this game.

[Mercenary 1] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Mercenary 2] What if the unholy ones figure out how to ignite that shit?

[Mercenary 1] Shit, alright, alright. I hate that place.

[Mercenary 2] Look, I’ll go check it out… you can stay here. What the hell is going on down here?! Intruder in the catacombs!

(Lara kills all the mercenaries.)

[Mercenary 1] Oh fuck, I forgot about the smell.

[Mercenary 2] It’s quiet. I don’t think she’s down here. Maybe we should just leave?

[Mercenary 1] Come on, we have to be sure. Let’s search the pit.

[Mercenary 3] Hey! What’s going on down there?

[Mercenary 1] Oh. Hey! Nikolai sent us down. We’re here on orders. Some of the enforcers told us… we uh… didn’t actually talk to him. He wants one of the prisoners. The new one they just brought in.

[Mercenary 3] Alright. Show me. Then we’ll bring him up to Nikolai… together.

[Mercenary 1] Yeah… sure, sure.

[Mercenary 2] Oh Great Sun Queen. These new servants submit themselves before you. With voices we praise you. With hearts we honor you. With fire we are bound to you! You are the sun, you are the light…

(Lara kills all the mercenaries.)

[Reyes] Keep it up, you son of a bitch. When I get outta here, I’m gonna shave one those arrows right up your ass.

[Mercenary 1] Hahah. This one’s got a temper.

(Lara kills the guards.)

<cheers and applause>

[Alex] That was bad ass Lara! How the hell did you get in here?

[Lara] I had some help…

[Reyes] Grim?

[Lara] Yes… he didn’t make it…

[Reyes] Shit!

[Jonah] I didn’t think anything could take that guy down.

[Lara] He went out swinging… gave me a chance to get to you. Look, there’s a rescue helicopter on its way. I know they’re keeping Sam separately. Have you seen Whitman?

[Reyes] Guess he didn’t make it to the guest rooms.

[Alex] Mr. Showbiz probably weaseled an upgrade.

[Jonah] We’ll find him, and Sam too, but we’re not gonna do anything from up here.

[Lara] I’ll find a way to get you out.

[Reyes] Alright, let’s try loosen this thing up. Come on guys, again.

[Jonah] Okay, ready… jump!

[Alex] It’s no use, Reyes…

[Jonah] Ready… jump!

[Reyes] Goddamn it!

[Alex] Lara, there is some weird shit going on here!

[Jonah] We heard them talking about a Sun spirit.

[Lara] Sun Queen. The ancient ruler of Yamatai.

[Alex] You’ve got to be kidding me. You mean… this is Yamatai?

[Lara] Yes… it would appear so.

[Reyes] Well, ain’t that something. We found the damned place after all.

[Lara] Hold on to something!

(Lara begin to explode gas to loosen the cage.)

[Alex] Wahoo! Yeah! Yes! Wooo!

[Reyes] That did it!

[Jonah] Alrlght! Great job, Lara!

[Lara] This place is becoming unstable… the floor is starting to buckle…

[Jonah] You’re doing great.

[Alex] Ok, now what?

[Reyes] The other counterweight. It’s locked down over there. Close, almost got it. Keep it up, you’re on the right track.

(Lara loose her balance and falls from the cage.)

[Jonah] Whoa! Hey. I gotcha, girl!

[Lara] Thanks. Jonah! That was close!

[Reyes] Oh shit, we have a problem! Grab hold of something!

[Jonah] Ahh, we lost the cage floor!

[Alex] Look down, man. We’ve lost all the fucking floors!

[Jonah] We gotta get out of this thing.

[Alex] Oh crap, this is bad.

[Jonah] Lara, you be careful out there!

[Reyes] Watch where you stand, this thing’s falling apart!

[Alex] Holy shit! Sounds like the whole mountain is going up. Oh crap, we’re starting to fall… Hurry, Lara!

[Jonah] Whatever you’re going to do, do it fast.

[Reyes] Lara, get your ass in gear… get us out of here! Look! There’s daylight on the other side! Could he a way outta here!

[Alex] That’s not enough, Lara!

(Lara lowers the cell for a price of setting everything on fire.)

[Jonah] Thanks!

[Alex] Holy shit, that was close!

[Reyes] Lara, it looks like there’s a way out on this side!

[Lara] Okay, then go! I’m going in to get Sam and Whitman!

[Jonah] Good luck! Be safe, Lara!

[Reyes] Come on, let’s move!


(Lara explores burning and crumbling temple in search of Sam.)

[Jonah - via radio] We’re out, but this place is falling apart!

[Roth - via radio] I’ve set up a rendezvous point back across the bridge. The chopper’s going to be here soon!

[Jonah - via radio] Lara’s still looking for Sam and Whitman.

[Mercenary 1] Goddamn it… what happened down there?!

[Mercenary 2] They’ve angered the Sun Queen…!

[Mercenary 1] That’s insane! Let’s get out of here!

[Mercenary 3] Fall back to the Palace! Come on! The ceiling’s coming down! What are you doing? Go! Go! Ahhh, god!

[Mercenary 1] Help! Anyone! I don’t want to die! Ahhhh!

[Lara] Keep moving… just keep moving.’

[Mercenary 1] Ahhhh!

[Mercenary 2] Oh god… I can’t hold on.

[Reyes] Let’s get out of here!

[Mercenary 1] We’re trapped! Look out!

[Mercenary 2] Time to get out of here!

[Mercenary 1] But the Oueen… she’s in the shrine.

[Mercenary 3] Ahhhh.

[Mercenary 2] Let’s get out of here!

[Mercenary 1] …too much smoke. Can’t breathe!

[Mercenary 3] We’re trapped!

[Lara] (looking at photos) That’s Mathias. No one leaves… That’s what I heard in Japanese before the plane crashed. The ritual from Himiko’s tomb… Why is Mathias so interested in it?

(She climbs on the roof.)

[Mercenary 1] We go! people trapped in the west tower! Let’s move!

[Mercenary 2] Ahhhh! Run! Retreat to the shrine!

[Mercenary 3] Come on, take my hand… you can do it.

[Mercenary 1] It’s the outsider… take her out!

[Mercenary 3] Keep her away from the Shrine! ’

(After killing the mercenaries Lara meets

[Whitman] Lara, you’re alive.

[Lara] So are you… I mean, are you okay? What happened?

[Whitman] Once they stopped seeing me as a threat, they let me move about almost freely!

[Lara] Did you know the others were captured?

[Whitman] Yes, yes… Sam’s in there, but I couldn’t free her without a weapon. These Solarii are an anthropological marvel, Lara!

[Lara] They’re insane murderers. Dr. Whitman! We need to get our people out of here.

[Whitman] Of course, of course. I’ll keep a look out here… you… You call me when it’s safe.

[Mathias] I don’t think you understand. You have been chosen, Samantha. This is a great honor for you; for all of us. Some were beginning to doubt we’d ever find you… But here you are.

[Sam] Please. I know you thunk I’m something special. But I’m not. I don’t want to be chosen.

[Mathias] This is not about what you want. It’s about what you are. Himiko’s blood runs in your veins. I think you know this. Samantha.

[Sam] You’re insane, Mathias. Why are you doing this?

[Mathias] You’re searching for logic and reason where there is none. I made the same mistake once. Back when I thought ships could reach us and planes wouldn’t fall from the sky.

[Sam] I just want to go home.

[Mathias] So do I, girl! I’ve waited years for this moment… I’ve given my life! Don’t you think I’ve tried to get away from here? From this place! We are all trapped here. But you, Samantha, you have the power to release us! Many have given up their souls willingly for this gift!

[Mercenary 1] The fires are getting worse. The other girl’s vanished!

[Mathias] This must be ended. Dmitri, guard her with your life.

(Mathias leaves and Lara shoot Dmitri with her bow.)

[Sam] Lara! Oh my god, you’re here. I was beginning to think I was going crazy.

[Lara] It’s okay, it’s okay… It’s going to be okay. My weapons! (she takes back her weapons from Dmitri’s body)

[Sam] How are we ever going to get out of here?

[Lara] We need to leave before he comes back. Whitman! Whitman! Where the hell is he?

[Whitman] Run, Lara, run!

[Mathias] Get them!

[Lara] Back! Back into the throne room!

[Whitman] Run!

[Sam] Lara! Lara!

[Lara] Keep going, Sam! I’ll find another way out.

[Mercenary 1] There! There she is… pin her down!

[Mercenary 2] Yes, come on! Come on!

[Mercenary 1] She’s behind the fire pot - flush her out!

[Mercenary 2] Watch it! The fire’s spreading!

[Mercenary 1] She’s behind the pillar…

[Mercenary 3] The chosen one has escaped! Get out there and find her!

[Mercenary 2] Come on, pick it up! We can’t let her escape.

[Mercenary 1] Get out of here!

[Mercenary 2] Move, move, move!

[Mercenary 1] Hey, get outside, the chosen one has escaped into the city!

[Mercenary 3] Come on, move it! We have to find her!

[Mercenary 2] Sound the alarm! Warn the gate watch! Go! Find the chosen one!

[Mercenary 3] This one is mine. I’ve been waiting for you, girl. You killed my brothers. Now wait! Stop moving! Show your face… I’ll shoot it off! Come outta there! No, no! Don’t come any closer! No hiding now. I’m going to fucking kill you, child. Oh shit!


[Mercenary 1] Ahh shit, she’s got a grenade launcher! Run!

[Lara] That’s right! Run, you bastards! I’m coming for you all!

[Mercenary 2] She killed Nikolai! Where did she get that thing?’

[Mercenary 1] What the hell happened here? Oh shit, it’s the outsider… she made it out. And she has a fucking grenade launcher!

[Lara] Stay away from me!

[Mercenary 3] Come with us… we won’t hurt you.

[Lara] Stay back!

[Mercenary 2] Goddamn it, don’t hurt her! We need her alive! V

[Mercenary 1] No… stop!

[Lara] Sam! Run!

[Mercenary 2] Go get her… move!

[Mercenary 3] She had a goddamn gun. We couldn’t take her. Go get her… move!

[Mercenary 1] Ah fuck… move out… keep looking! We have to find her! Get word to the main gate.

[Mercenary 2] She’s down there. See if you can get a shot. Get me some light!

[Mercenary 1] There she is, take her out!

[Mercenary 3] Shoot now! Fire! Don’t let her get too close!

[Mercenary 2] She’s got a grenade launcher! Take her out before she gets too close! Keep it up, we almost got her!

[Lara] You’re not stopping me!

[Sam] Lara! Lara! Climb over, come on!

[Lara] Head for Roth. I’ll follow. And don’t get on the helicopter. Just trust me, please trust me! Go!

(After a couple of minutes…)

[Lara] Oh no… I’ve got to stop them from getting on that helicopter.


[Mathias] Destroy the bridges!

[Mercenary 1] But we’ll kill our own people!

[Mathias] (shoots him) Any other non-believers?

[Roth - via radio] We’re taking fire. Everybody get to higher ground!

[Lara] Wait… the storms! It’s too dangerous! Roth!? Damn it! Roth, where are you!?

[Roth] I’m here, girl! Come on, jump! You can do it! Lara, grab my hand! There you go.

[Lara] Roth, we have to land! We have to land or the storms are going to crash us. We can’t leave!

[Roth] We can’t leave them behind.

[Lara] (to the pilot) We have to land!

[Pilot] No way! Not in this weather!

[Lara] We can’t leave them behind!

[Pilot] I barely made it here in one piece!

[Lara] (put a gun to his head) Do it!

[Pilot] She’ll pull apart!

[Lara] Now!

[Pilot] Fuck! You’re crazy!

[Lara] Here it comes!

[Roth] Hang on, Lara!

(After crash.)

[Roth] Lara! Lara… Oh no… Come on, Lara!

[Lara] <gasping, coughing>

[Roth] That’s it, that’s it. Come on! Come on, Lara.

<struggling for breath>

(Sombody coming.)

[Lara] It’s them!

(Roth shoots the mercenaries, but there’s too many. Mathias throws an axe at Lara, but Roth covers her with his back.)

[Lara] Noooo! Roth! Roth… I can’t do this without you.

[Roth] I’m sorry, Lara. You can do this. You’re a Craft. /

[Lara] <crying>

(Roth dies. After couple of minutes Reyes and the others’ comes.)

[Reyes] No… no!

[Sam] Are you okay, Lara?

[Reyes] Is she okay? Because it’s all about Lara, isn’t it? Have you forgotten that she’s the reason we’re here?

[Sam] That’s not fair, Reyes.

[Reyes] You’re right. I shouldn’t have said that. It’s just… Roth… I don’t know what we’re going to do without him.

[Jonah] Let’s just find someplace safe and make preparations. He died as a warrior… We’ll send him on as one.

(They find some wood and cremate the body.)

[Reyes] That old PT boat on the beach, I should be able to fix it up.

[Sam] It’s worth a shot.

[Lara] It doesn’t matter… we’re not getting off this island.

[Alex] Come on, Lara… Don’t talk like that. We just gotta regroup, come up with a plan, you know.

[Lara] You just don’t get it… any of you. Something won’t let us leave.

[Reyes] Some "thing"? Lara, you need sleep.

[Alex] Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I usually go in for the weird stuff - but this place is off the charts.

[Reyes] I’m not dying here! I’m fixing that boat and we are leaving!

[Lara] You know this island isn’t right, Jonah. I know you do.

[Jonah] All I know is that we can’t use logic to understand this place. I know you think your instincts are a weakness but they re a strength. Trust them. We need you, Lara.

[Alex] The big man’s right.

[Lara] I can’t leave him yet… I need time.

[Sam] You know where we’ll be. Come down when you’re ready, we won’t go anywhere without you.

[Lara] (handing a gun to Sam) Keep this close.

[Lara] (thinking) Roth… What am I gonna do?

[Roth] (in Lara’s head) You’ve got great instincts, girl. You’ve just got to trust them.

<thunder booms in the distance>

[Lara] No one leaves. The storms… They’re linked to the power of the Sun Queen. That’s what’s stopping us leaving. The monastery has a ritual chamber. If that’s what the Stormguard are protecting. the answer to stopping the storms must be in there. A hidden river entrance. The boat! I’m going to use it to go inland, to the ritual chamber.


[Lara] Jonah? Reyes? Damn it. I should have gone with them.

(At the next camp…)

[Lara’s Journal] "Tears won’t bring me back, girl." That’s what Roth would’ve said. I just can’t believe he’s gone. No more stories about my parents, no more mountain climbs. God, I wish they’d killed me instead. But they didn’t. I’m here. I’m alive and I’m certain that no boat or plane is going to get us off this island. At least not yet. I know the answer has something to do with Himiko and that monastery. I have to do something. I have to stop this.

[Lara] Quietly, Lara…. oh shit!

[Mercenary 1] Find anything?

[Mercenary 2] No, it’s too damned dark. They could be anywhere.

[Mercenary 1] You sure they’re here? Maybe I should just climb a tree and wait this out. Great. Fucking wolves.

[Mercenary 2] (hearing some noise) Hey! If you’re hiding, come out! Show yourselves! Come out, come out!

[Mercenary 1] Anything?

[Mercenary 2] No. Nothing. Gotta keep lookin.

[Mercenary 1] We ain’t gonna find anyone up here. Waste of time…

[Mercenary 3] Stay focused… just keep moving.

[Mercenary 1] I was on a crew that was sent into the monastery. We saw a lot of dead soldiers up there.

[Mercenary 2] No shit? You see any Oni?

[Mercenary 1] Yeah I… Look, I don’t want to talk about it.

[Mercenary 2] Seriously brother… what did you see?

[Mercenary 1] Look, whatever they are… whatever they’re doing up there. It’s some dark shit alright. I’m not going back, even if Father Mathias orders me.

[Mercenary 2] Damn.

[Lara] Hmm, some kind of container. Who left these behind?

[Alex - via radio] You there Lara?

[Lara] Alex! I’ve been trying to you reach you all morning.

[Alex] We just got to the beach. Boat’s in pretty bad shape. Without the right tools, we might have trouble getting it up and running. We could sure use your help down here.

[Lara] See what you can do, I’m on my way.

[Alex] Watch yourself out there.


(On the cable-railway…)

[Sam - via radio] Lara, are you there? Alex said that you’re on your way down?

[Lara] I should be there soon… I need to tell you something.

[Sam] What’s going on?

[Lara] I don’t think we can leave this island… something is keeping us here. I have to go back to the monastery.

[Sam] Are you sure?

[Lara] Yes. Sam. I need you to keep this to yourself for now. I’m going to help Reyes fix that boat, but then I’m taking it inland.

[Sam] Lara… I don’t know about this…

[Lara] Just trust me - it’s the only way.

[Sam] Alright… you be careful.

(Lara gets out.)

[Lara] It’s too quiet…

[Mercenary 1] Hey! She’s here!

[Mercenary 2] Go, go! Use the lines!

[Mercenary 1] Flush her out of there!

[Lara] Come on! Is that your best!?

[Mercenary 1] Get down there and take her out!

[Mercenary 2] You kill my brothers… now you die! Come on, you piece of shit! Hahaha

[Mercenary 3] Stop… the whole thing is going to fall… please! Help… help me! I don’t want to die.

[Mercenary 2] Coward! Kill the girl and I’ll stop shooting! Hahaha! Hold still.

[Lara] Something tells me the others found an easier way down.

(Lara found her way back to the beach…)

[Lara] Made it… now where are they?

[Lara] Sam! I’m here.

[Sam] Lara!

(They hugs.)

[Jonah] Alex will be sorry he missed out on this.

[Lara] Where is Alex?

[Jonah] Heading over to the Endurance to grab some tools for Reyes.

[Reyes] Jonah… Give the hoist a try.

[Sam] This has got to be our best chance, right?

[Lara] We’ve got to try.

[Reyes] I’m glad you decided to join us, Lara.

[Lara] What can I do to help?

[Reyes] Help Jonah.

(They try to pull the engine out but fails.)

[Reyes] Shit.

[Lara] We’ll be able lo lift it more smoothly with some kind of block and tackle.

[Jonah] You’re right. I should be able to fashion one from some pulleys.

[Lara] There might be some on that rigging we can use. I’ll check it out.

[Sam] Be careful, Lara.


[Reyes] I’m going to see if I can get this gun working.

(Lara goes to old pirate’s galleon)

[Jonah] Alright, I’ll dismantle this set up and get the engine ready for that black and tackle.

[Sam] Anything I can do?

[Reyes] Just stay out of the way.

[Jonah] You think those things will still fire?

[Reyes] They need a bit of cleaning… but yeah, they’ll work.

[Jonah] Hopefully we won’t need to use them. Sam, be careful there…

[Sam] Hey, Lara’s not the only one who can- Shit!

[Reyes] Watch it, Sam!

[Sam] Sorry… I’m sorry!

[Jonah] Hey, hey… it’s alright… just take it easy.

[Reyes] And don’t touch anything!

[Mercenary 1] Who the tuck are they? Sounds like they got guns!

[Mercenary 2] I don’t know… let me think.

[Mercenary 1] Radio’s been dead for hours… we’re cut off, brother… what… What the hell are we gonna do?

[Mercenary 2] Goddamn it, shut up for a second! Let me think! Something’s going on… you saw the smoke coming from the mountain.

[Mercenary 1] Yeah… but that could mean anything.

[Mercenary 2] We’ll go in at nightfall.

[Mercenary 1] Wait… you think that’s a good idea? Maybe we should just wait here for the next shift.

[Mercenary 2] We’ll be waiting a long goddamned time. Something’s wrong, brother.

(Lara kills them and find the parts.)

[Mercenary 1] Shit! This thing’s falling apart! Let’s get outta here!

[Mercenary 2] Stay where you are, it might be them!

[Mercenary 1] Wha… What do we do?

[Mercenary 2] Just shut up and get behind something!

(Lara gets back on the boat and hand the parts over to Jonah.)

[Jonah] Thanks…

[Sam] What’s wrong?

[Jonah] Alex should’ve been back by now.

<distant gunfire>

[Alex] Help! Heeeeelp!

[Reyes] It’s Dr. Whitman!

[Whitman - yelling] Jonah! Help!

[Reyes] How many are there?

[Whitman] I don’t know…

[Sam] Are you hurt?

[Jonah] I couldn’t see anyone.

[Whitman] I must’ve scared them off. Feel like I’ve run for miles.

[Sam] And you’ve barely broken a sweat.

[Whitman] Must be fitter than I thought.

[Lara] You could’ve led them straight to us… Like you did back at the palace.

[Whitman] What? That’s not how it was. Lara. Th-they… they caught me while you were getting Sam.

[Reyes] What the hell’s this about?

[Whitman] They said it was the only way they’d let you and the others live. I - I tried to warn you!

[Reyes] We don’t have time for this! Look, I don’t know what the problem is between the two of you, and to tell you the truth, I don’t much care.

[Whitman] I was only hoping…

[Reyes] Look, another word and I swear to god I’ll start smashing that expensive dentistry of yours! .

[Jonah] Stop, stop stop! If we fight amongst ourselves, then we lose.

[Reyes] You’re right. Which is why this is not happening, okay?

[Lara] I’m going after Alex. Where were the tools?

[Reyes] The engine room… Look, he can take care of himself, Lara.

[Lara] Good. Then we’ll be back soon.

[Jonah] Lara, wait. Here, take this how. I’ve been saving it for you ever since I found it. It’s powerful… can shoot an arrow into almost anything.

[Lara] Thank you, Jonah.

[Jonah] Lara, the Endurance is beached an the other side of those cliffs. You can probably use that new bow to make your way there… Maybe on those rocks across from the dock?


[Alex - via radio] Okay, Reyes… I’m getting close to the Endurance. What do you need exactly?

[Reyes - via radio] Alex! We were getting worried. I’m gonna need a breaker bar and the rest of my kit. I can’t fix this boat without them.

[Alex] Alright, I’m on it.

[Reyes] Lara is heading your way. You should wait for her.

[Alex] Lara…? No, no. I got this. I’m heading in. Going radio silent.

[Lara] Alex… what are you doing?

[Mercenary 1] So what’d they say? What’s going on up there?

(Lara kills the mercenaries.)

[Mercenary 1] Alright, that should do it.

[Mercenary 2] What the hell are we gonna tell the enforcers?

[Mercenary 1] Don’t worry about it. We’ll say he lost it, jumped to his death.

[Mercenary 2] But you shot him!

(Lara kills them.)

[Lara] (trying to pull out the barricade) That won’t work.

[Lara] The Endurance… they’re tearing it apart.

[Mercenary 1] That should do it. Alright, try now!

[Mercenary 2] This is a waste of time… how many generators is this? What the hell are they using them for?

[Mercenary 1] It doesn’t matter. They put in the orders, we fill them. No questions asked.

[Mercenary 2] But we already shipped up all those portables last week. Are they powering fucking stadium lights?

[Mercenary 1] You should be quiet, brother. Don’t talk like this.

[Mercenary 3] Keep it steady, we’re bringing it up.

[Mercenary 1] What do you think’s going on up at the palace? All that smoke rising over the mountain…

[Mercenary 2] If there was a problem, they’d call down.

[Mercenary 1] But what about the radio… nothing but static all night.

[Mercenary 2] Brother. I told you to be silent. Stop this talk! Something’s going on.

[Mercenary 3] …hold an, it’s jammed.

[Mercenary 1] Fuck, now what? This job detail is bullshit.

[Mercenary 2] Brother, please-

[Mercenary 1] I’m not your fucking brother! I’m sick of this place. We keep salvaging all this useless shit. We’re working our asses off. For what? Father Mathias? The fucking Sun Queen? How much longer do we have to keep- Wait, wait… I didn’t- <gunshot>

[Mercenary 3] Shit! What the… What’s going on down there? Everything okay?

[Mercenary 2] Get down here, we have an intruder!

[Mercenary 3] Where the hell’d she came from?

[Mercenary 2] It doesn’t matter. Just get down there and take her out!

[Mercenary 3] Here she comes!

[Mercenary 2] Shoot the barrel! Burn her down!

[Mercenary 4] What’s going on… who’s shooting?

[Mercenary 3] Take cover… there’s an intruder. Over there! She’s on the second floor!

[Mercenary 2] I got her!

[Mercenary 1] Oh shit, she killed ’em all. Open fire! Don’t let her get up here!

[Lara] Alex, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into?

(Lara goes to the Endurance.)

[Mercenary 1] Here, let me try. Come on… come on…

[Mercenary 2] Goddamn this unstable ship. You two! Go restack that cargo for transport after you finish with that.

[Mercenary 1] It won’t… budge….

[Mercenary 2] (sees Lara) What’s this! A little rat!

[Lara] I’ll show you what this little rat can do!

[Mercenary 2] Ahhhh… Nooo! I’m going to catch you, little rat!

[Lara] Ahhh! Die, you son of a bitch!

(Lara kills him and gets new equipment from his corpse.)


(Having broken the deck with cargo Lara gets inside the ship.)

[Lara] Back here again…

(She looks at herself in the mirror as she does at the beginning of the game. Now she is a completely different person.)

[Lara] So much has happened.

[Mercenary 1] Where’s the rest of the crew?

[Mercenary 2] Dawn below… they went after a survivor.

[Mercenary 1] They found someone alive?

[Mercenary 2] Yeah… we caught him in the water sneaking aboard, but he escaped below.

[Mercenary 1] The ship is starting to go down, might as well just let him die down there.

[Lara] Alex? Are you in here?

[Alex] Lara! I’m down here! Come on…. come on. Ahh, goddamn it! Ow! Fuck!

[Lara] Alex?!

[Alex] Lara! What are you doing here?

[Lara] What’s going on? Are you alright?

[Alex] I’m pinned down in here… doesn’t look good.

[Lara] No! Damn it, the door’s blocked! Just hold on! I’m going to get you out of there!

[Alex] Okay… just hurry! Lara, the book’s on a track. Use it to move the wires blocking the door.

[Lara] Damn It… the track’s blocked. If could get up there somehow, I might be able to clear it.

[Alex] <shout of pain> Ow! Ooh fuck! Lara, I’m sorry for dragging you into this mess. I don’t know what I was thinking coming out here. I thought I could be the star in my own goddamned action movie… Guess it doesn’t always work out like that. Oh god… Lara, I’m in bad shape.

[Lara] Okay… got it!

[Alex] Great… good… job… so sleepy.

[Lara] Alex? Alex! Oh god… I’ve got to get in there. Alex. I’ll have you out of there soon! Alright… now to clear the way.

(Lara manages to get to Alex…)

[Lara] Oh Alex… You got the tools…

[Alex] Finally I impress you!

[Lara] Let’s get you out of here.

[Alex] <non-verbal shout of pain>

[Lara] Sorry, sorry.

[Alex] Looks like my dance career’s over.

[Mercenary 1] We got her!

(Alex shoots and blows up mercenaries.)

[Lara] What are you doing? You’ll kill us!

[Alex] I’m not going to make it out of here, Lara. Take the tools.

[Lara] Not without you.

[Alex] How often does a guy like me get to be a hero?

[Mercenary 2] Nowhere to run!

[Alex] The others are counting on us. Go! Now!

(Lara hears from behind the door as Alex is killed.)

[Lara] Alex…! I can’t let anyone else die.

(Lara finds an old logbooks in some shed.)

[Lara] Old logbooks… (after reading it) Ancient ruins in the old base? Control over the storms… I need answers.

[Mercenary 2] No arguments. Get your shit together, we head out in ten.

[Mercenary 1] That place is a fucking deathtrap.

[Mercenary 2] Yeah, maybe the perfect place for some escaped prisoners to hide out?

[Mercenary 1] If they went there, they’re probably already dead.

[Sam] Lara!

[Reyes] When we heard the explosion we thought…

[Sam] Alex?

[Lara] He was still on the ship…

[Reyes] Seems anyone caught with you has a pretty low survival rate.

[Jonah] Reyes…

[Lara] Better keep your distance then.

[Jonah] Let’s just eat, okay? Those bastards went quiet, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stay that way. If I’m going to die in this place, I’m not going to do it hungry. Save a man’s stomach, save his soul.

[Whitman] Finally a little positivity! Once Reyes finishes the boat, we’ll be back to civilization in no time… and what a tale we’ll have to tell.

[Sam] A tale? I hope I never hear Himiko’s name again!

[Reyes] We can take the boat out at high tide.

[Lara] No. We can’t..!

[Reyes] Don’t start that bullshit again, Lara!

[Sam] Lara isn’t the only one who thinks we’re trapped. Reyes. Mathias may be insane, but he was certain about it. I saw it in his eyes.

[Whitman] He thinks resurrecting Himiko is the key to getting off this island.

[Sam] God, it sounds crazy. But this whole place is crazy.

[Lara] These storms aren’t natural. We have to face that.

[Jonah] She’s right. When that storm hit the Endurance… I felt it… something dark… something alive. This place is cursed.

[Sam] (to Lara) Where are you going?

[Lara] There are ruins beneath that old base in the cliffs. Something in there led them to believe they could control the storms. I’ve got to find out what they discovered.

[Reyes] Once we’re ready to leave, we’re leaving, whether you’re back or not.

[Sam] I won’t leave without you.

(Lara leaves.)


(Lara climbs on the top of the mountain.)

[Mercenary 1] What the hell are we doing here? There’s fuckin’ Oni in that tomb!

[Mercenary 2] Calm down. We got orders from the man. No one goes in or out.

[Mercenary 1] They’ll kill anything that sets foot in there.

[Lara] (finds GPS cache) Numbers… some kind of coordinates? Did someone want these to be found?

[Mercenary 1] Oh shit, look at all those bodies.

[Mercenary 2] Keep it down!

[Mercenary 1] The Oni are here!

[Mercenary 2] Yeah, you want ’em to find us?

[Mercenary 1] Just shut up! And keep your eyes open for the girl.

(Lara kills them and uses a camp.)

[Lara’s Journal] If I’m going to get to the ritual chamber in that monastery, we need to fix that boat. I don’t know how I’m going to convince the others to take it inland, rather than off this island, but I have to find a way. Reyes won’t be easy. She wants to get back to her daughter, and she’s in pain over Roth. We all are. I still don’t know exactly why Mathias wanted Sam in the first place, but it doesn’t matter. She’s back with us now, she’s safe.

[Lara] The tomb must be in the lower levels. The elevator is jammed. That’s where I need to go. Hmm, I’m on the right track. Just need figure out a way to drop the elevator with more force. Okay! Just one more to go. Got to blast my way out of here. Come on…. come on. That did it! I think that did the trick.

[Mercenary 1] Wha… what was that? Hello? Hey! Anyone there? Man… fuck this place. What the hell am I even doing here?

(Lara finds the tomb.)

[Lara] Alright, this is it.

<radio static>

<louder static and no-signal lone>

[Lara] These figures… warriors… they were in Himiko’s tomb. They protected her. And is this you? Were you some kind of general? You committed seppuku… But why?

(She takes the sword out of the general’s body and examines it.)

[Lara] It’s beautiful… Still sharp…

(She finds a note in the hilt of the sword.)

[Stormguard General] I have failed my queen. The ritual was corrupted. The priestess knew only death could save her and took her own life. Now the first and last Queen lives a half-life, a soul in a decaying body. Her rage became the storms and would not stop while her soul is tied to this earth. My Stormguard are sworn to protect her. They must continue, but I cannot.

[Lara] The soul is trapped in a decaying body… that’s what’s causing the storms. To stop the storms, we need to destroy the body in the ritual chamber… How the hell am I going to convince the others?

[Mercenary 1] She’s in the aid tomb.

[Lara] Oh shit… I’ve got to get out of here!

[Mercenary 2] Set those charges!

[Mercenary 1] She’s trapped! Don’t let her escape!

[Lara] No!

<radio static>

[Reyes - via radio] Lara!


[Reyes] Where the hell are you?

[Lara] Oh no! What’s happening?

[Reyes] We’re under attack!


[Reyes] We need help!

<radio static>

[Lara] Damn it, no! I’ve got to get back there!

[Mercenary 1] We shouldn’t be here.

[Mercenary 2] No shit. But we got no choice.

[Mercenary 3] Those outsiders holed up on the beach. Why aren’t we going there?

[Reyes – via radio] Watch out, they’re on the pier! Oh shit! Fire! Fire! This boat is mine, you sons of bitches! I’ll be damned if I’m giving this thing up! Jonah! Help! Where are you? Goddammit. Alright, fuckers, is this all you got? They’re retreating!

[Lara] Reyes, you he hurt. Here.

[Reyes] Thanks… Seriously. I thought that was it for me.

[Jonah] There’s no sign of them…

[Lara] What happened?

[Jonah] During the attack, Whitman took Sam and they disappeared.

[Lara] He’s taken her back to Mathias.

[Reyes] We should have listened…

[Lara] Fuck!

[Reyes] I should’ve listened.

[Jonah] So what’s our next move?

[Reyes] The boat’s fixed now. We should get help.

[Lara] I bet they thought that too.

[Reyes] Look, you were right about Whitman but-

[Lara] You’ve seen the storms. They target any craft that comes near. There were scientists here during World War II, and they believed the storms were controlled by something in a ritual chamber near the monastery. Look. I don’t have all the answers, but Sam being taken, I know it’s linked. And if we try to leave here without understanding why, then we’ll all die. Just like the pilots, just like Roth…

[Jonah] Look. Whatever’s happening here, Lara deserves a shot.

[Reyes] We can’t go back to their stronghold, it’d be suicide.

[Lara] They won’t take her there. They’ll take her to the ritual chamber. We can use this inlet to get closer. Look… I know you want to get home to your daughter, believe me. I do. But the fight’s not over yet. I’m not asking you to believe, Reyes, I’m asking you to trust.

[Lara] Okay. Let’s get this thing in the water!


[Reyes] Whenever you’re ready to go, come aboard.

[Reyes] Lara, what do you expect to find in there?

[Lara] Do you really want to know?

[Reyes] No. But you should tell me anyway.

[Lara] There’s the soul of an ancient Sun Queen trapped in a dead body. Her rage is what’s causing these storms. If we destroy the body, the storms will stop.

[Reyes] Right… And why does Mathias want Sam?

[Lara] I don’t know. And that’s what’s scaring me the most. Look, I know this is a crazy plan.

[Reyes] Yeah. It is. But right now, crazy is all we got. So let’s do this.

(They moor at the cave.)

[Jonah] Alright. Let’s go.

[Lara] No. I’ll need you and Reyes to guard the main entrance while I go in after Sam.

[Reyes] You’re going in there alone?

[Lara] More people means more danger of being spotted. I need you here taking out as many of those bastards as you can. It won’t just be the Solarii either… There will be… others. Samurai, the Queen’s Stormguard. Look, anything that’s not me or Sam, shoot it.

[Jonah] (taking her hand) My Little Bird. This isn’t goodbye. I’m not going to say goodbye.

[Reyes] We’ve got your back, Lara.

(Lara gets to the entrance to the monastery and sees Whitman taking Sam to Mathias.)

[Lara] Sam! She’s still alive… and the good doctor. What the hell are you doing, Whitman?

[Whitman] Who are these… People?

[Lara] The Stormguard.

[Mathias] They guard the monastery. They wait only to be introduced to their new Queen, by the one who brought her back to us.

[Whitman] Ah, of course, of course. I have encountered these archaic tribes before. Let’s get some awards, James!

[Lara] What is he doing?

[Whitman] My name is Dr. James Whitman. I come to you in peace. I bring you your new queen.

[Lara] Oh no!

[Whitman] Your Queen. What is it in Japanese… Your… Joou.

(The Stormguard Samurai attacks Whitman. The storm wind begins.)

[Sam] Lara!

[Lara] Sam!

[Sam] LARA!

[Mathias] Come on!

[Lara] SAM!

<battle cry>

[Lara] The Stormguard… Still protecting their queen after all these years? Oh shit… don’t make a sound, Lara. I’m going to get through this.

<inhuman roars>

<speaking Japanese>

[Lara] How can they be alive after all this time?

(Lara finds a camp.)

[Lara’s Journal] The prayer I found on that General talked about a soul in a decaying body being the cause of the storms. I know he must be talking about the last Sun Queen, but I don’t understand what Himiko has to do with this. She was the first Queen. Somehow Mathias thinks Sam’s connected. And that can’t be good. Damn you Whitman! You’ll do anything for a story. I know the answer is inside that ritual chamber, but getting to it won’t be easy. The Stormguard are devoted to guarding it. I know I have to do this, but I’m so scared of what I’m going to find in there.

[Lara] (seeing how Sam is dragged to the monastery) No! Sam! SAM!

[Reyes - via radio] Alright Jonah, here they came! Get that gun!

[Jonah - via radio] I got this side… call out targets!

[Reyes] Come on, you bastards!

[Jonah] Watch out, on your right! Keep shooting! Hold them off!

(Lara is preparing to fight with the samurai.)

[Lara] Alright you bastards, let’s see what you got.

(After the fight.)

[Lara] Hmm, need to get up there somehow. I can make this jump!

(She climbs into the monastery.)

[Lara] The Sun Queens… The fire ritual where the Queen chooses her successor. The chosen priestess enters the monastery. She’s given your power and becomes the new queen. Wait a minute…

(She recalls the words of Mathias and the general.)

[Mathias] Many have given up their souls willingly for this gift.

[Starmguard General] Now the first and last Queen lives a half-life, a soul in a decaying body.

[Lara] Vessels… It’s not transferring power. It’s transferring… a soul. All these Queens. They were all… You. Himiko. First and last. Oh god, and now you want Sam. Well, you’re not getting her. Sam… a vessel for the queen’s soul. I’ve got to stop this madness.

(On the bridge she meets Matthias. He keeps Sam hostage.)

[Sam] No, no, please… Lara!

[Lara] Why are you doing this, Mathias?

[Mathias] Do you think that you’re the hero, Lara? Everything I’ve done I did to survive. How many lives have you taken to do the same? There are no heroes here, only survivors.

[Lara] Himiko’s dangerous, Mathias. She’s angry, she’s vengeful and she has real power.

[Mathias] A mere mortal tor a queen? A good trade for our freedom I’d say.

(Lara begins to pursue Mathias over the monastery that has collapsing from the stormy wind.)

[Lara] Maybe I can use the wind.

[Reyes - via radio] Lara, watch out! Those bastards are heading your way! We did everything we could to slow them down…

[Lara] Thanks. Reyes. Get to the boat…

[Lara] …If I’m not back…

[Reyes] We’re not leaving without you! We’ll be waiting…

(Finally Lara finds the place of the ritual.)

[Mathias] Oh, great Queen. Through the trials I have brought you the vessel. Pour forth, and return to this mortal coil. Pour forth and be reborn. Pour forth and awaken!

[Lara] Sam! Oh god, I have to get to her!

[Mathias] Pour forth now, fill up this mortal coil!

[Mercenary 1] The ritual has begun! Defend Mathias!

[Mercenary 2] Just keep her back, keep her back!

[Mathias] Pour forth, fill up this mortal coil!

[Mercenary 2] For the Queen!

[Mathias] Pour forth, fill up this mortal coil!

[Mercenary 3] The Queen rises, protect her! Protect the ritual!

[Mercenary 2] For the Sun Queen!

[Mathias] Here now, your vessel awaits. Rise, great Queen. Fill this vessel with your spirit! Awaken, my Queen… Awaken! Himiko, from the storms… I bring you life… May the winds carry your essence.

[Lara] Oh please…

[Mathias] Upon these winds, RISE! RISE!

[Lara] Sam. Hold on!

[Mathias] With the rain, may your soul seep in, filling the vessel.

[Mercenary 1] Stop her, the ritual is almost complete! Goddamn it, keep her back!

[Lara] You won’t stop me, you bastards! Get the hell out of my way!

[Mathias] May the winds carry your essence.

[Mercenary 2] Protect the ritual!

[Mathias] Upon these winds, RISE! RISE! Himiko, from the storms… I bring you life… Awaken, my Queen…

[Mercenary 1] The guardians are here! Ahh no, the Guardians!

[Mercenary 2] Guardians. Look out.

[Mercenary 1] Keep them back!

[Lara] No, Mathias! Stop! Don’t hurt her!

[Mathias] Through the storm, RISE! RISE! Pour forth, fill up this mortal coil! Rise, great Queen. Fill this vessel with your spirit! Awaken, my Queen… Awaken! With the rain, may your soul seep in, filling the vessel. May the winds carry your essence. Upon these winds, through the storm, RISE! RISE!

(Lara defeats a huge samurai and runs to Mathias.)

[Mathias] NO!

(They have a short fight.)

[Mathias] This ends now!

<long, sharp, death scream>

(Mathias falls from the cliff. Lara comes to Himiko and pierces it with a torch.)

[Lara] Sam! Oh Sam, thank god.

[Sam] Urgg… wha? Lara… what’s happening?

[Lara] Shhh… shhh… I’m here. You’re safe now. It’s okay… it’s okay.

[Sam] You saved me… I knew you would.

[Lara] I made you a promise. Let’s get you home.

(Next scene. Lara carries Sam to the boat. Clouds over the island disappears and a bright sunny day begins.)

[Jonah] There’s Lara… she’s got Sam. She did it.

[Lara] I think she is going to be okay.

[Jonah] What happened up there?

[Lara] It’s over. We can go now…

[Reyes] Alright… let’s get the hell out of here.

[Lara’s Thoughts] I’ve been so blind… so naive. For years I resented my father, doubted him like the rest. But he was right about so much. I just wish I could tell him that now. There are so many mysteries that I once dismissed as mere stories. But the line between our myths and truth is fragile and blurry. I need to find answers… I must understand.

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan
Day Unknown
6:15 AM

[Jonah] Nice cold mango smoothies.

[Reyes] Alisha making me waffles before her ballet class.

[Sailor] (to Lara) Need anything?

(Lara shakes her head.)

[Sailor] Don’t rightly know what happened to you on that island. And judging from those wounds and that look in your eyes, I’m guessin’ I don’t wanna know. Anyway, we’ll be home soon.

[Lara] (looking at diary) I’m not going home.


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