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I warn you right away that the game is quite variative, and to describe all possible variants of events is a very difficult task for one person, so I limited myself to just one longplay. Personally, I made completely different choices in my own playthrough, and I'm very interested to know what else the game has to offer.

[Dilapidated medieval castle. We see a harsh-looking man with yellow eyes and milk-white hair.]

Vesemir: His name was Geralt of Rivia. He was a witcher, a professional monster-slayer. An unusual contract: to lift the curse that held a monarch’s daughter. It was enough to spend the night with the princess. Dusk till dawn. If only she were not a deadly beast, a striga… The traitor responsible for the curse became the bait.

[Geralt briefly fights with a striga, and then she runs away. He goes to her tomb and sleeps there until morning. In the morning he finds a girl on the floor near the tomb. Geralt examines her for mutations, but she suddenly wakes up and attacks him. The screen fades.]

Vesemir: Though gravely wounded, the witcher lifted the curse and gained fame. The world changed with the coming of the Great War, the Time of the Sword and Axe, the Time of Disdain. Geralt of Rivia disappeared, all but forgotten… But that’s another story.


[We hear the voice of Vesemir in the background of mountains and forests. His words are duplicated as text on the screen.]

Vesemir: The Northern Kingdoms nursed their wounds for five years after the Great War. Plague and famine raged, the death toll unknown. A few surviving elven and dwarven units sought refuge amidst forests, where they prepared for a final, desperate fight. Abominable beasts ruled backwoods, highways, and former battlefields alike. In cities and villages, folk were left wondering: What had happened to the witchers? The Blue Mountains in the north of Kaedwen. The year 1270 - five years after the Great War.

[Next scene. Geralt is being transported on a cart by two witchers.]

Geralt: Where am I?

Eskel: Everything’s all right. I’ve no idea where you’ve been. The important thing is you’re alive and among friends. Though you look like you just left your grave.

Geralt: I remember nothing.

Eskel: We’ll speak soon enough. We’re nearing Kaer Morhen.



[They arrive in a giant castle hidden in the woods.]

Eskel: We’re home.

Vesemir: Leo, get Triss.

[Near the castle we see a man hiding in the shadows.]

???: Your time nears its end, witchers. Enjoy things while you can.

[Back to the castle. Vesemir teaches the young witcher how to handle a sword.]

Vesemir: Wrong! You missed the parry! I keep repeating this! Pirouette, always followed by a back cross parry. Always!

Triss: (to Geralt) Barely two days have passed since they found you…

Geralt: Mhm… I owe my recovery to you… Thank you, Triss.

Triss: Remember anything?

Geralt: Not much… Look below… I know the moves: pirouette, parry, cut… I can’t explain it but I feel a bond when we speak. I know you were important…

Triss: Geralt, we… (suddenly a flock of crows flies out) Oh!

Geralt: I need to think.

Triss: Time flows slowly at Kaer Morhen.

Leo: Ha! It worked!

Vesemir: Not bad. Take a rest. What do you think Geralt, is he ready for the path?

[However, Geralt does not listen to his teacher, but only looks at the entrance to the castle with anxiety. Lambert goes out to the lifting door and sees several bandits gathered at Kaer Morhen.]

Bandit 1: Wait for the rest! He’s alone… The Professor promised 50 orens for every freak we kill…

Bandit 2: He’s mine!

[Lambert throws back the attackers with a sign and makes several precise chopping blows with the sword, after which he retreats to the castle.]

Lambert: Vesemir, we’ve got company!

Vesemir: I’m shutting the gate! Geralt, grab a sword off the training forms!

Defending Kaer Morhen[]

[New Quest - Defending Kaer Morhen - I need the sword that's in the training form.]

[Geralt grabs the sword and with other witchers shows the bandits how stupid was the idea to attack the trained fighters. They kill them.]

Vesemir: How do you feel?

Geralt: Fine.

Vesemir: Anyone know who the intruders are?

Triss: Ordinary bandits would never attack Kaer Morhen.

Lambert: That we know, Merigold. You could try some of your famous magic…

Triss: In due time, Lambert…

Vesemir: Enough. We need to check the other possible passages. To the Upper Courtyard.

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I should follow the witchers.]

Leo: What’s happening?

Vesemir: They’re trying to break down the gate!

Lambert: They won’t get anywhere without a battering ra…

[A huge beetle-like monster crushes the steel gates of Kaer Morhen. It's controlled by a sorcerer through a stream of magic.]

Leo: Shit… What is that?

Vesemir: A frightener. One mean beast.

Triss: Savolla, I know him. A mage - as ambitious as he is insane…

Vesemir: They’re coming up here. Get ready.

Leo: There’s more. They’re entering the Upper Courtyard!

Triss: The one in glasses is the Professor. Murderer for hire… I sense magic… There’s a sorcerer among them.

Enemy Mage: Professor, you know the way. Get to it.

Triss: The Professor is wanted in Redania, Temeria and Kaedwen. A real maggot… I don’t recognize the sorcerer…

Lambert: Merigold, I’m interested in whether you can disarm Savolla. The rest is witchers’ work.

Triss: I’ll try.

Geralt: They’re coming…

Vesemir: The frightener is very dangerous, but it’s vulnerable to loud noises…

Leo: The bells in the Upper Courtyard!

Vesemir: Exactly… Eskel, Lambert… you’ll help me stop the frightener and the bandits. Leo, stay behind us. Geralt, you open the gate to the Upper Courtyard. When we’re there, Triss can stop Savolla and his pet while we prepare to deal with the Professor and the unknown mage.

Triss: I’ll figure something out.

Vesemir: Let’s do this! Bleed them a bit down here before withdrawing. Geralt, follow the wall and break through to the tower where there’s a passage to the Upper Courtyard.

Geralt: Alone?

Vesemir: They’re just bandits, though one might be infamous. You must open the gate, we‘ll be waiting! Good luck, Wolf.

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I must get to the courtyard, climb the stairs and run along the top of the wall to the tower. When I arrive in the Upper Courtyard, I can try open the gates from inside.]

[Geralt kills several bandits in the yard, remembering how to use different witchers' fighting styles. When he approaches the tower, a crowd of bandits chases him. Geralt is lightly running up the stairs of the dilapidated tower. The bandits run up the stairs too, but it collapses and several bandits fall down.]

Bandit 1: No way through here. Follow me, back to Savolla!

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I must open the gate.]

[Geralt kills the last of the bandits in the courtyard and lifts the iron gate, letting in Vesemir, Triss, Lambert and Leo. Still alive, the Frightener chases them, but Triss uses magic to bring the pass down.]

Vesemir: Dammit, Geralt. It’s a miracle you’re alive.

Geralt: You could’ve told me about the stairs…

Vesemir: Lambert and Eskel were supposed to fix them yesterday…

Lambert: We’re no masons…

Geralt: No matter. The Professor and the other mage must be hiding in the Keep…

Triss: Face the truth, witchers. They’re here to rob you.

Vesemir: Triss, child, we have nothing of value. Some good steel, snow fox pelts…

Triss: I mean the laboratory and you know it. Someone wants your famed mutagens…

Lambert: You’re jumping to conclusions…

Eskel: Triss may be right. We need to find out what they want.

Vesemir: One thing at a time. We shouldn’t turn our backs on a strong mage leading a frightener…

Triss: And you can’t let the bandits in the lab!

Vesemir: Right as usual, Triss. Geralt, you’ve dealt with mages. Find out what this one wants. Leo will guide you.

Geralt: Just reconnaissance or…

Vesemir: No one will be sorry if some of them lose their heads. You’ll manage, Wolf. Just remember Leo’s with you.

Leo: I can handle this.

Geralt: We’ll see what’s happening inside and be back.

Vesemir: Take these potions just in case. Drink the Thunderbolt now, and keep Swallow for when you need healing… I’ll be able to tell you how they work. We’ll make sure no one else gets inside. Triss, stay with us in case Savolla has any new ideas…

[Geralt comes to the entrance and talks to Leo.]

Leo: Ready Geralt?

Geralt: Mhm. Is this your first real fight?

Leo: No, but I’ve never killed a man.

Geralt: Stay close.

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I drank the Thunderbolt potion. Now I need to enter the fortress and go to the underground laboratory.]

Leo: I’ve heard all of Dandelion’s ballads about you. Lambert tells me I’ll never be as fast as a real witcher… but I managed to hit him during the training today.

Geralt: You beat Lambert?

Leo: We were fencing on the floor pegs when that strange storm came. Lambert looked away, I did a pirouette, hit him right in the gut… He didn’t fall and then he beat me.

Geralt: You’ll make a good swordsman yet.

Leo: I know. Every time Lambert beats me, he says I have potential.

[They enter the castle of witchers. Gerald comes to the stairs leading to the cellar.]

Leo: These stairs lead to the lab.

Geralt: Follow me.

[They go down to the laboratory and, hiding behind the wall, hear voices.]

The Professor: The energy you annexed from the Circle of Elements is enough to stop the witchers?

Enemy Mage: You tremble, yet you complained Savolla would have them all, leaving none for you… Did the sight of a single witcher, White Wolf himself, instill fear?

The Professor: The aforementioned, considered dead, I might add, is a known killer. I’ll gladly challenge him…

Geralt: Leo, stand back. Come on, Professor…

Enemy Mage: Time is essential! I wield the power of the Circle of Elements, they are no threat!

[The enemy mage crushes the passage with lightning magic.]

Enemy Mage: Back to work. I want the mutagens ready for teleportation in 15 minutes. Our witchers shan’t trouble us!

Leo: We’re cut off! The stairs are blocked!

Geralt: The magic barrier looks solid. We need Triss.

Leo: They’re robbing us… Geralt, clear the passage upstairs! Use a Sign!

Geralt: A Sign?

Leo: The Aard. I can’t do it since I broke my fingers training along the Gauntlet… Cast the Aard at the debris.

Geralt: I don’t remember the Signs.

Leo: Let’s go to the Circle of Elements, a source of the Power. You need to try to learn the Aard.

Geralt: All right.

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I must follow Leo and learn the Aard Sign.]

[Gerald enters a small room with a stone in the center. Several holes are made in the stone, from which the wind blows. A mysterious blue glow emanates from the stone itself. Gerald touches the stone and recalls the Sign.]

Leo: Success?

Geralt: We’ll see in a minute.

Leo: I knew it would work!

Geralt: Let’s get back before Lambert kills the frightener himself…

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I should use the Aard Sign on the stones blocking the exit.]

[He uses the Aard and blows the stones that block the passage into dust. He and Leo return to Vesemir.]

Vesemir: What did you learn?

Geralt: The bandits are in the lab, searching for something. The mage used the Circle of Elements to create a magic barrier…

Triss: The plague, you’re all children! Why didn’t you mention the Circle?!

Vesemir: Triss, child, it didn’t seem important…

Triss: If the mage aligned with the Circle, he can create a stable portal through which he’ll travel to anywhere on the continent, taking your equipment with him…

Vesemir: All right, we made a mistake, but you said the mage was harmless…

Triss: I said I didn’t know him. I think we should protect the lab above all…

Lambert: Don’t panic, Merigold. We know you’d like to see our witchers’ secrets…

Triss: Vesemir, if that idiot doesn’t shut it, I’ll…

Vesemir: Enough! Lambert, stop baiting Triss, show her some respect. Triss, if we go to the lab, they’ll have us surrounded. We know tactics.

Geralt: Maybe we should split up.

Eskel: Geralt’s right. We need to protect the lab and kill the frightener. Who goes where?

Triss: Only I can break the barrier. I’m going inside.

Geralt: Vesemir?

Vesemir: I’ll stay and handle the frightener and Savolla. What about you, Geralt? We may both need your help…

Geralt: The lab is important. I’m going with Triss.

Leo: Me, too.

Vesemir: It’s decided then. Eskel and Lambert will stay with me.

Triss: Savolla just cast a spell! Something’s happening!

Vesemir: The ground is shaking, feel it?

Triss: They’re breaking through.

[A dead calm comes on, like before a storm. Only muffled thumps come from the side of the wall. Under the onslaught of powerful blows, the stone wall of the fortress cannot withstand...]

Geralt: Watch out!

[Savolla and his tame monster, Frightener, enter the witchers' fortress.]

Triss: Quickly! Defend the laboratory!

[Vesemir and Eskel go to fight the monster. Geralt follows Triss.]

Triss: This could be a hard fight, Geralt… Take this potion. Witchers call it the Tawny Owl. It restores endurance, very useful when fighting mages…

Geralt: Thanks. Let’s go.

[Savolla teleports inside the fortress, where several armed bandits are already waiting for him. Geralt and Triss run up to him.]

Savolla: You’ll go no further, white one. I’ll summon a powerful demon that will tear you apart!

Triss: A bluff. He’s exhausted from teleportation… Magic lights is about all he can muster.

Geralt: Go! We‘ll deal with him and join you at the barrier!

Savolla: Underestimating an opponent! Now the energy of my people will make me stronger!

[Geralt engages in combat with Savolla. First he kills the bandits, and then, after destroying Savolla's magical shield he kills him with a few deft blows.]

Leo: Are you hurt? Did he get you?

Geralt: Nah. But if those were magic lights, I’d hate to face a truly powerful sorcerer.

Leo: I wanted to help, but I couldn’t break through that strange Circle.

Geralt: Savolla’s eating dirt. That’s what matters.

Leo: We need to help Triss.

Geralt: Let’s go!

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I must run to the lab.]

[They go looking for Triss and find her lying on the floor... She's wounded.]

Triss: They’re ransacking the laboratory… The other mage is… I underestimated him… Hurry…

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - Triss couldn't stop the intruders. I must descend the stairs to the lab.]

[Geralt and Leo go down to the basement. Geralt and Leo go down to the basement and hide behind the pillars. The professor and the mage search the lab. Suddenly the magician finds the iron-clad chest he was looking for.]

Enemy Mage: I found it. We have what we came for.

[Geralt and Leo come out of hiding.]

Enemy Mage: Professor, deal with those witchers.

[He teleports using his amulet on his belt.]

The Professor: I hear witchers can parry bolts in flight.

[Geralt prepares to deflect the crossbow shot and Leo in the meantime cautiously goes to the Professor's rear. The Professor notices this.]

The Professor: Let’s see…

Geralt: Leo, stop!

[He shoots Leo in the stomach.]

The Professor: Ah. Another fairy tale.

[The Professor jumps into the portal created by the wizard. Geralt tries to throw his sword at him, but the Professor manages to teleport. The sword stabs into the beam. After a while Vesemir arrives.]

Vesemir: What happened?

Geralt: Smashed ribs, punctured lung. He’s dying.

Vesemir: He needs White Raffard’s Decoction! Hang on, Leo!! It was here! I can’t find it…

Geralt: Vesemir… Leo is dead.

Vesemir: How did this happen?

Geralt: He attacked the Professor… I was late…

Vesemir: It’s not your fault, Geralt. We’re all to blame. Triss barely made it, fighting for us… These are bad times for witchers… And something tells me they’ll only get worse.

Geralt: Is it safe up top?

Vesemir: Relatively. Some stragglers up there, but we’ll deal with them later. You look tired, I’d like you to rest. I’ll keep watch and tend to Leo’s body.

[Geralt meditates for a while.]

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I must explore the fortress, make sure the others are all right.]

Vesemir: Eskel came by while you were resting. Triss is still unconscious but stable…

Geralt: That’s a relief…

Vesemir: I’ve made a decision, Wolf. We abandon Kaer Morhen. There’s nothing holding us here.

Geralt: I see.

Vesemir: We need to bid Leo farewell and wait for Triss to recover.

Geralt: And the bandits?

Vesemir: Yes, we need to finish things. But first we must make a healing potion for Triss. We’ll need to search for ingredients, nothing useful left here…

Geralt: I can do that. How do I make the potion?

Vesemir: Lambert will give you the formula. Look for him by the fireplace, he’s with our brave sorceress.

Geralt: Lambert? He doesn’t hate Triss?

Vesemir: Feels guilty I think. The first thing Triss’ll hear when she wakes is "Finally awake, Merigold." That’s Lambert. Let’s get to work. Later I’ll teach you how to extract ingredients from monsters. I’ll be in the main hall.

Geralt: Fine.

[New Quest - A Potion for Triss I need to see Lambert in the main hall of Kaer Morhen and find out how to brew the potion.]

A Potion For Triss[]

Lambert: Geralt, is something wrong?

Geralt: No time to talk. I need to make a potion for Triss.

Lambert: You should find a vial of White Gull in the armory on the upper floor. Grab some Calcium Equum from the evening hall. Look for white stones in one of the chests. If you find any stragglers, finish them. We don’t need prisoners. The stairs are through that door. I’d go, but Merigold lies unconscious by the fire.

Geralt: Lambert, I have to tell you something…

Lambert: What is it?

Geralt: Leo… The bandits killed him…

Lambert: He wasn’t ready… What a loss. We’ll hunt them down, Wolf. We’ll avenge Leo.

Geralt: Where can I get some alcohol?

Lambert: There should be White Gull in a crate in the armory on the upper floor. The room is full of weapons. You‘ll know it when you see it.

Geralt: I’ll find you later.

[Quest Updated - A Potion for Triss I need to get a mineral and some alcohol to Lambert, killing any bandits I encounter on the way.]

[Quest Updated - A Potion for Triss - I killed all the bandits.]

[Quest Updated - A Potion for Triss - I found the mineral.]

[Quest Updated - A Potion for Triss - I found the alcohol. I’ve done all that Lambert asked. I should talk to him.]

Lambert: What do you need?

Geralt: Done. I have the ingredients and it’s safe upstairs.

Lambert: Good. You’ll need two more things to make the potion. The claw of a mighty beast and some celandine. Vesemir will tell you where to find them. Let me teach you the formula.

[Quest Updated - A Potion For Triss - I need to speak with Vesemir.]

Vesemir: Ah, that was a tough fight.

Geralt: I found a few intruders upstairs, but…

Vesemir: I understand they won’t be a problem. Lambert, however, let the frightener get to him. Nothing serious… Good you went after Triss and handled that mage…

Geralt: She was able to salvage some equipment… But it looks like the main devices vanished…

Vesemir: Our beautiful sorceress was right, I know. You did well, Wolf. Take this armor and sword. I’ve been keeping them for you.

Geralt: Lambert gave me the formula.

Vesemir: I take it you already have White Gull and Calcium Equum.

Geralt: I do. What next?

Vesemir: You’ll need celandine. Take what I have. Plus, the claw of a monster, like the frightener… To skin a creature, take a sharp knife and cut along the torso. You’ll find the frightener’s carcass in the Upper Courtyard. Once you’ve extracted the claw, rest by the fire while making the potion.

[Quest Updated - A Potion For Triss – I need to go to the courtyard and remove a claw from the frightener’s carcass.]

Vesemir: Yes?

Geralt: I have all the ingredients.

Vesemir: Good. Now rest and prepare the potion according to the formula.

Geralt: Where are Lambert and Eskel?

Vesemir: Upstairs. Lambert’s in the library and Eskel’s taking Triss to her room.

Geralt: Are there other witchers?

Vesemir: There were three witchers’ schools in all, but it’s been long since I’ve heard word of the other two. You’ve met all the witchers I know of, except for Berengar…

Geralt: Did I know him?

Vesemir: I don’t believe so. An introvert, he chose his own path. Actually none here can say they know Berengar. He often ran away from Kaer Morhen, though he would always return in the end. After the Trial of the Grasses, he finally accepted his destiny and started training for real.

Geralt: Why isn’t he here?

Vesemir: I don’t know. We lost touch with him a while back.

Geralt: What if I get the ingredients wrong?

Vesemir: You’ll have to find more.

Geralt: Where?

Vesemir: I’ll have another claw and more celandine. Eskel has alcohol, and I saw Calcium Equum somewhere upstairs… But try to get it right the first time, it’s not that hard…

Geralt: Can I ask you something?

Vesemir: Of course.

Geralt: Who was Leo?

Vesemir: One of hundreds of orphans of the war with Nilfgaard. I apprenticed him six years ago.

Geralt: I’m sorry.

Vesemir: We’ll recover our secrets and find Leo’s murderers, even if they fled to the end of the world.

Geralt: We’ll speak later.

[New Quest - Berengar’s Secret - Vesemir mentioned another ‘graduate’ of Kaer Morhen – the witcher named Berengar.]

[Quest Updated - A Potion for Triss - I should take the potion to Triss’ room on the upper stairs.]

Triss: Uuuuuhh… Thank you, Geralt.

Geralt: I hope this potion helps.

Triss: That was terrible. I dreamt Lambert was with me… He was staring at me, saying things like "Don’t go dying on me, Merigold,” calling me bigheaded. I’m so glad to see you. What?

Geralt: I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Triss: I know we should set out, but I have a feeling we won’t be back, perhaps ever. Won’t you stay just a bit longer, with me?

Geralt: I suppose we have some time…

Triss: I’m so happy you’re… back. When I saw you, all the feelings I tried to deny returned, stronger than ever…

Geralt: Triss. I’m not ready to talk about the past…

Triss: Of course… I shouldn’t pressure you. I just feel so… The powers! I’m behaving like a teenager! Let’s focus on the present… I guess I disappointed you all… Forgive me.

Geralt: Nothing to forgive. What I felt when I learned you were alive… hard to compare to anything.

Triss: Oh…

Geralt: Except maybe what I feel as I look at you.

Triss: I missed you so… Let’s see if the "best bed in Kaer Morhen" can hold us…

[They have sex.]

Triss: Oh, Geralt, a pleasure. As always…

Geralt: As always?

Triss: You don’t remember anything?

Geralt: Unfortunately.

Triss: Well, you have something to look forward to, then. No matter. Tell me, how did the battle end?

Geralt: They broke into the lab, killed Leo, stole our mutagens, and escaped…

Triss: Poor Vesemir. Another protege dead prematurely.

Geralt: We delayed the funeral until you awoke.

Triss: Thank you. As for the mutagens… their loss could prove catastrophic. Let’s not lose any more time… Unless there’s something you’d like to ask me.

Geralt: Know anything more about the sorcerer who ransacked the lab?

Triss: He’s very powerful. He completely controlled the energy he drew from the Circle. We may soon be facing another Vilgefortz…

Geralt: Who?

Triss: No matter… I have something I’d like to teach you.

[Quest Updated - Defending Kaer Morhen - I should speak with either Triss or Vesemir and then go to Leo’s funeral.]

[Quest Completed - Potion For Triss - Triss has recovered. I wish I could remember why that’s important to me.]

Triss: Geralt, can we go?

Geralt: Can you restore my memory?

Triss: I’d have to examine you. There is a good chance your memory will return on its own.

Geralt: How much chance?

Triss: That’s difficult to say. It might help if I knew what caused you to lose your memory.

Geralt: Well, no time for that now. The theft… What are its possible consequences?

Triss: Most sorcerers and rulers would sell their greedy power-hungry souls to get the mutagens. Only a master of the arcane arts can use that knowledge. Not many of those left…

Geralt: What about wealthy merchants, dukes, kings?

Triss: Perhaps… Anything’s possible, but speculating wastes time. We just don’t have enough information.

Geralt: We shouldn’t keep Vesemir waiting.

Triss: Come on, then.

[There comes the moment of the funeral. The witchers gather around the funeral pyre on which Leo's body lies. Geralt lights the pyre with a torch. The witchers stare at the fire in silence for a while.]

Vesemir: We don’t know where the bandits came from or who’s behind them. We’ll draw attention if we venture out as a group. By splitting up, we can also cover more territory.

Eskel: I’ll go west. I know a few people there and I prefer the coastal climate.

Lambert: Then I’ll head east, to Kaedwen. Unless someone objects.

Geralt: That’s fine. Which way should I go?

Vesemir: South, to Temeria. King Foltest owes you a debt of gratitude. Some time ago, you removed a curse from his daughter. You might happen on the bandits’ trail there. And you, Triss?

Triss: I’ll try to use my influence to find the bandits. If I learn anything, I’ll contact Geralt.

[The witchers bid each other farewell and depart.]

Triss: I’ll gather what information I can and find you in Vizima.

Geralt: Triss…

Triss: Don’t, Geralt. I detest goodbyes. I’m liable to cry and there’s nothing more pathetic than a sorceress in tears. Don’t get killed, Geralt. I don’t think I could deal with that again. I’ll see you soon.

Geralt: See you, Triss.

[She walks into a portal. Geralt mounts his horse and gallops east...]

Text on screen: The bandits succeeded in stealing secrets which the witchers had been guarding for centuries. Their leader, a Zarrikanian Mage, proved too powerful even for Triss Merigold. The witchers set out in search for stolen secrets – classically to the four courners of the world. Geralt of Rivia went south, to Vizima…



[Night. Rain. A woman and a child are walking along the muddy road.]

Boy: Caroline, I’m tired.

Caroline: It’s not far now. We’ll be there soon.

Boy: I’m cold.

Caroline: We’ll fetch you a bit of warm milk and honey. How would you like that?

Boy: Very much. Thank you, Caroline. What are those dogs doing?

Caroline: Dogs?

[She sees something finish off some poor guy.]

Caroline: Alvin, do exactly as I say. This is important. Run to the inn as fast as you can. And don’t look back. Understand?

Alvin: They’re evil dogs.

Caroline: Run!

[They run... and behind them runs a pack of hungry dogs glowing a poisonous green glow in the darkness. Caroline and Alvin run up to the village gate. They are spotted by the guards.]

Guard: What the hell… Shut the gate, quickly! The Beast! The Beast is attacking! Sound the alarm!

[Alvin, who was running ahead, manages to run into the closing gate. Caroline slips and falls at the gate. She reaches for Alvin as the dogs catch up with her. The gate closes. At this point Geralt appears in the village.]

Red Haired Girl: Geralt!! Melitele must have sent you. There’s a woman outside! The dogs will tear her apart! Help her!

Caroline: Heelp! Noooo!

Man 1: Don’t open the gate! The beasts will enter!

Guard: These dogs are deadly!

Man 2: You people are monsters! Stand aside! I’ll save her myself!

Geralt: Stop! Don’t go out there alone!

Man 1: Damn you! We’re all going to die!

Of Monsters and Men[]

[The guards opens the gate and Geralt defeats the dogs, Barghests.]

Red Haired Girl: What was that?!

Geralt: Magic, surely…

Red Haired Girl: The Beast!!!

[The Beast appears at the gate - a large barghest, glowing with a hellish red glow. The guards close the gate.]

Red Haired Girl: Geralt! Look!

[Alvin rises into the air and begins to shine with a blue blaze. He speaks in a voice that is not his own.]

Alvin: The Time of the Sword and Axe approaches… The Time of the White Frost and White Light… The Time of Madness and Disdain… Tedd Deireadh, the Final Age. The world will perish amidst ice and be reborn with the new sum. Reborn of Elder Blood, of Hen Ichaer, of a planted seed… A seed that will not sprout but burst into flames!

[He falls to the ground and loses consciousness.]

Red Haired Girl: The old elven prophecy of Itlina. I hope he’s all right.

Geralt: It seems he saved us from the Beast…

Red Haired Girl: Yes, seems so. Oh! I do hope he’s not hurt. I’ll need to find someone to take care of him. He shouldn’t be alone. We’ll stay at the inn in the meantime.

Geralt: Wait a minute. I ran into wild dogs on my way here, but they were nothing like these, and I don’t mean just the green fur… Know anything about them?

Red Haired Girl: They’ve been terrorizing the village for some time. Every few days, a villager is killed. The pack is led by a large hound, perhaps a wolf. People call it the Beast.

Geralt: Someone might pay to have the Beast slain…

Red Haired Girl: That’s what witchers do, isn’t it? But enough about monsters. What brings you here?

Geralt: I’m seeking men who wear the sign of the salamander. Seen anyone like that in the area?

Red Haired Girl: Shhh, not so loud. There was someone, but the peasants grow Silent at the mere mention of him. The Reverend might know more. You may also want to ask him about the Beast.

Geralt: I’ll do that.

Red Haired Girl: Did you want to ask me something?

Geralt: Do we know each other?

Red Haired Girl: It’s me, Shani, don’t you recognize me? What ever happened to you? I heard you died during a massacre in Rivia.

Geralt: Unfortunately I lost my memory. I recall the last few weeks, nothing more.

Shani: Hm. I’m afraid I can’t help. Medicine is a fledgling science here in the north. I can say that your memory might come back on its own.

Geralt: It’s not that bad. I’m actually getting used to it.

Shani: I hate to admit it, but sorcerers are somewhat more effective at this than we are. Maybe one of them could help.

Geralt: What brings you to this village?

Shani: I’m traveling to St. Lebioda’s Hospital in Vizima to help fight the catriona plague.

Geralt: When are you leaving?

Shani: Once I’ve helped the victims of the dog attacks, I guess. I can’t abandon them. It’ll delay me, but some are certain to die without my aid.

Geralt: It’s been a long time since I’ve heard mention of Salamandra. Do you know anything about them?

Shani: I think they’re a group of bandits who terrify the locals. Yesterday they returned a boy they’d whipped with a lamia.

Geralt: A lamia?

Shani: A Mayhen crop with small barbs and hooks. It rips away skin and flesh with each strike. Most civilized countries have banned them. The boy was delirious, muttered something about a ransom and the Reverend. Sadly he grew feverish and he died that night.

Geralt: Thanks. I may stay longer than I planned.

Shani: Why the interest in Salamandra?

Geralt: They killed someone I was fond of… and stole something of mine.

Shani: I wouldn’t want to be them.

Geralt: So, what’ll become of Alvin?

Shani: I don’t know. I’ll look after him for now. Maybe a villager will take him in.

Geralt: He seems clever enough. Surely someone will want him.

Shani: Did you want to ask me something?

Geralt: We’ll speak later.

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – I must see the Reverend if I want to solve the mysteries of the Outskirts.]

[New Quest - The Salamander’s Tail – I should speak with the Reverend about Salamandra.]

[Quest Updated - Witchers’ Secrets - I should talk to the most prominent residents of the Outskirts and discover where I can find the Salamanders.]

Geralt: (to himself) Hm, a notice board. Maybe I can find some witchers’ work…

[He decides to visit the inn...]

Innkeeper: What do you want?

Geralt: Give me a beer.

Innkeeper: Your kind’s not welcome here…

Geralt: I said I wanted a beer.

Innkeeper: We have no more.


Innkeeper: Very well. I’ll see what I have.

Geralt: Good man.

Innkeeper: Everyone drink up! We’re closing.

Geralt: Innkeeper, do that again and I’ll get angry. Wouldn’t want that, would you?

Innkeeper: N… no.

Geralt: All right. I’ll just tend to my business and be on my way…

Innkeeper: What can I do for you?

Geralt: I’m looking for someone who stayed at this inn.

Innkeeper: Look around the tables, but at night guests retire to their rooms. Return tomorrow if you must talk to ‘em.

Geralt: All right, I’ll look around. Got a room?

Innkeeper: Yes. For you - 5 orens.

Geralt: I’m a witcher…

Innkeeper: Daaa, by the Eternal Fire!

Geralt: Have any work for me?

Innkeeper: No, ask the Reverend.

Geralt: Okay I’ll speak with him. It’s time I was on my way.

[He decides to check on Alvin.]

Alvin: You saved me, right?

Geralt: I helped.

Alvin: I wonder what’ll happen to me now…

Geralt: Waiting for your kin to come?

Alvin: No. My family has passed on.

Geralt: Sorry kid.

Alvin: It’s all right. I barely knew them.

[Deciding to patch up his equipment, Geralt visits the local blacksmith...]

Blacksmith: Greetings.

Geralt: Greetings.

Blacksmith: Yes, I’m a dwarf. No, I don’t support the Scoia’tael. Yes, I’ve paid both taxes and bribes. Many times. Today in fact.

Geralt: Calm down. I just wanted to talk.

Blacksmith: I’ll be calm in my grave. Optimistically that won’t be long now.

Geralt: I’ll try not to miss the funeral.

Blacksmith: Make sure and show up for the execution, too. They once herded me off to see a nonhuman get hanged. Let me tell you, laughed my head off.

Geralt: I gather they don’t like nonhumans around here.

Blacksmith: Neither here nor anywhere in the northern kingdoms. An official in Vizima recently won an innovation award… invented a gallows especially designed for dwarves.

Geralt: What’s so innovative about that?

Blacksmith: Nothing. But think of the savings! When you’re producing them in the hundreds, all that extra wood can be used to make other goods - toy swords, for instance.

Geralt: Can I ask you something?

Blacksmith: Yes?

Geralt: Who are the Scoia’tael?

Blacksmith: Terrorists or firebrands, you’d call them. They’re fighting for the rights of nonhumans. Scoia’tael is elven for squirrels, called that due to the squirrel tails that dangle from their caps.

Geralt: Will I find any around here?

Blacksmith: You aiming to catch me off guard or just nosy? In any case, I’ll not answer you.

Geralt: Fine, I wouldn’t want to cause you trouble. Let’s talk about something else. Why do the locals persecute nonhumans?

Blacksmith: Why do pricks go in cunts? It’s the natural order of things. Humans have always hated dwarves and elves. Not for me to know why.

Geralt: I’m not sure I understand…

Blacksmith: Then ponder it on your own. Or discuss it with that maggot Brogg. I don’t talk to strangers about these things.

Geralt: Let’s talk about weapons.

Blacksmith: I’m no specialist, though I can forge swords. Bring me three different ores and I’ll forge you an excellent steel sword.

Geralt: I’ll look around for some ore.

Blacksmith: Another thing - for 35 orens, you can have this excellent sword grease. It’s not exactly… legal, but… I really need the gold.

Geralt: Uh, I’m not interested.

[Looking around the neighborhood, Geralt finds the hut of a fat merchant named Odo.]

Odo: Who goes there?

Geralt: I’m a witcher, a monster slayer.

Odo: Why enter my home armed? I have nothing worth stealing!

Geralt: Calm down. I’ve no desire to hurt you. I just need to ask you a few questions.

Odo: I don’t talk to strangers!

Geralt: I’m Geralt. Now you know my name.

Odo: Have a drink with me, master… Gervant. I detest spies and we all know spies don’t drink.

Geralt: Let’s drink then.

[They have some alcohol. Odo is clearly drunk.]

Odo: Forgot the most important. Seen the Reverend?

Geralt: The Reverend?

Odo: Begone, straggler!

[In a clearing in the woods, Geralt finds a hunter. He is nestled around a fire and roasting some kind of game.]

Man: Greetings, witcher. I’m the local hunter…

Geralt: Greetings.

Hunter: Wonder how I know you? No? So be it. What do you want?

Geralt: I’m looking for witchers’ work.

Hunter: Since you’re here… A monster supposedly haunts the lakeshore, devouring peasants late getting home. A ghoul may have made its lair in the crypt.

Geralt: How much for each?

Hunter: You witchers do nothing disinterestedly. Kill a monster, bring me proof, and I’ll reward you generously.

Geralt: What does the creature from the crypt look like?

Hunter: Perhaps a standard ghoul, but who knows? See for yourself.

Geralt: How much do you collect for a drowner?

Hunter: It’s my professional secret.

Geralt: Come on, we’re in the same profession.

Hunter: It seems so…

Geralt: So, how much for a drowner?

Hunter: Depends, but on average… 80 orens.

Geralt: I’ve never come close to that. I knew something was wrong with those prices.

Hunter: Calm down…

Geralt: Progress wherever you look, only witchers, the relics they are, still work for a pittance… while being called freaks by those they do favors for.

Hunter: A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work…

Geralt: What was that?

Hunter: Nothing, nothing…

Geralt: Did the peasants say anything more about the lakeshore monster?

Hunter: Just that it hunts by the lake at night and kills people.

Geralt: Take care.

[Geralt decides to try to enter Vizima...]

Villager: Stop – uhh, what are you?

Geralt: A witcher.

Villager: We’re militia. We keep the peace.

Geralt: I’ll be going.

Villager: We needs to see you’re not ill…

Geralt: I’m immune.

Villager: Don’t know what that means. We gotta check.

Geralt: What’s that?

Villager: Uh, che… yyy… Well, you look foul, but healthy. Move along.

Geralt: Godspeed.

[After suffering a crushing defeat, Geralt travels to a nearby village and finds the Reverend.]

Reverend: Begone, devil’s breed!

Geralt: Calm yourself, priest. I merely wish to speak with you.

Reverend: There’s nothing to speak of!

Geralt: Indeed there is. I seek Salamandra. I heard they come here.

Reverend: They’ll kill us because of you.

Geralt: I have ways of showing gratitude…

Reverend: What ways?

Geralt: You’re troubled by a Beast?

Reverend: Not your business!

Geralt: I’m a witcher. I could help.

Reverend: Another witcher came recently - Berengar. He promised to slay the Beast, but fled when it howled.

Geralt: I’m not Berengar.

Reverend: If you want my trust, bear the Eternal Fire’s light to the people and dispel the darkness. You’ll find five chapels around the village…

Geralt: Fire won’t scare the Beast. This is more than a stray dog.

Reverend: The Eternal Fire, blasphemer! You can be sure it will scare off beasts, for it has been said that “…though his soul be in darkness and his visage be a horror, do not judge him hastily for he will carry the flame of hope into the night…” And also “…you shall only be safe in the glow of the Eternal Fire…”

Geralt: All right, but it will cost you 100 orens.

Reverend: Very well, but the Eternal Fire must appear at night in all five chapels.

Geralt: I’m looking for men who wear salamander shaped pins.

Reverend: That’s not wise.

Geralt: Why?

Reverend: Vexing them may shorten your life.

Geralt: Do I look scared?

Reverend: Another witcher came here before you. He, too, swaggered with audacity. And yet, do you see him? Not likely -- he fled!

Geralt: He’s not me.

Reverend: Do not sneer at Salamandra. The whole village fears them for a reason. You must convince us all.

Geralt: What can I do?

Reverend: For me - destroy the Beast. As for the others - visit Odo, Mikul and Haren. Can you solve their problems, too?

Geralt: Are they elders of some sort?

Reverend: Everyone knows and respects them. Odo is rich. Haren a merchant; and Mikul a city guard. Gain their trust and you’ll win the trust of the Village.

Geralt: We’ll see.

Reverend: Wait. They need to believe I sent you. Show them this ring of the Eternal Fire.

[Quest Updated - Berengar’s Secret – Maybe Berengar can help me find Salamandra. I’m sure he found a way into the city.]

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – I must visit the five chapels of the Eternal Fire at night and light a flame in each.]

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – To gain the villagers’ trust, I must first convince Haren, Odo and Mikul.]

[Heading to the bank of the river to see Haren Geralt sees a few drunks harassing a dwarf.]

Geralt: What’s your business with this dwarf?

Thug: We’re shaving off his beard. What’s it to you?

Geralt: You’d be better off moving along…

Thug: Love nonhumans, do you?

Geralt: Sheath your weapon. And stop waving those arms around if you want keep them.

Thug: Oo, a live one. Get him, lads! Kill the deviant!

Geralt: You asked for it…

[New Quest - Racists – I decided to intervene between the racists and the dwarf.]

Dwarf: Thanks for getting those hounds off my back. Wait… Geralt?! Is that you? Well I’ll be damned!

Geralt: Something wrong? You don’t look well. Are you hurt?

Dwarf: True to a witcher. Died, came back to life, nobody’s seen him for five years and he wants to know if something’s wrong.

Geralt: Who are you?

Dwarf: You drunk? I’m your pal, Zoltan Chivay. Where have you been, why haven’t I heard from you, what about…?

Geralt: Not sure I can explain much…

Zoltan: Ah, you don’t need to tell Zoltan Chivay anything. Let’s just say I’m glad to see you, though it would be nice to resolve some matters…

Geralt: You misunderstood. I lost my memory. I only remember the last few weeks…

Zoltan: Hm. Know what, Geralt? Let’s have a beer and talk like we used to. Clear your mind and maybe some things will come back to you.

Geralt: You look like something’s bothering you.

Zoltan: Yes, a nasty matter. My friend was to meet me in this village some time ago, but he never appeared.

Geralt: Think he might be in trouble?

Zoltan: I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the Squirrels recently and agreed to trade with the hawkers.

Geralt: Squirrels and hawkers?

Zoltan: The Squirrels, or Scoia’tael as they call themselves, are nonhumans who hope to gain equality by shooting folk from behind trees. And hawkers are merchants who sell arms to the Scoia’tael - illegally.

Geralt: I see.

Zoltan: Geralt, I‘m not exactly welcome here. We nonhumans get blamed for everything from the plague though the Beast to the warts on the Reverend’s arse. I’d look for my friend myself otherwise.

Geralt: I’ll keep my eyes peeled, let you know if I learn anything.

Zoltan: Thank you, my friend.

Geralt: Can you tell me more about the Squirrels.

Zoltan: They’re nonhuman little shits who were fed romantic tales. They’ve taken up arms to fight for freedom and other ideals. During the war with Nilfgaard, Emhyr used them to wreak havoc in the kingdoms. I don’t know who supports them now.

Geralt: I need to go, Zoltan. We’ll talk later.

[Quest Completed - Racists – I helped Zoltan fight the racists.]

[Geralt enters Haren's hut by the river.]

Man: G-g-greetings to the honorable gentleman.

Geralt: You are…?

Man: Haren Brogg, merchant and middleman, at your service. What brings you here, w-w-witcher?

Geralt: What do you have to offer?

Haren: The R-R-Reverend sent you, I presume?

Geralt: Of course.

Haren: W-W-Why don’t I b-b-believe you? (Geralt shows him the ring) The Eternal F-F-Fire. A gift from the Reverend, I presume.

Geralt: The Reverend sent me. He thinks you need a witcher.

Haren: I do. The d-d-dead emerge from the river at n-night. A ghastly cold blows from the w-w-water, making my flesh crawl. Help me. I’ll s-s-spare no exp-p-pense.

Geralt: I’ll help in exchange for information about Salamandra, and throw in 100 orens for my expenses.

Haren: I heard you were looking for S-S-Salamandra, but if so you’re looking for trouble. It’s no m-m-matter to me. You have a d-deal. These d-d-damned undead are my concern. They scare customers off and d-d-destroy my crates. And this is a valuable shipment for a special client…

Geralt: Where would I find these drowners?

Haren: W-where? At the river’s edge. They creep out of the water after dusk.

Geralt: I see.

Haren: Witcher…

Geralt: Listen, I found these strange dice. Looks like dwarven handiwork…

Haren: N-n-not here! You want to get both of us in trouble?

Geralt: You’re no saint. Afraid of a box? You have so much contraband in stock…

Haren: Survival instincts I’d rather lay low. The Reverend detests this game.

Geralt: So you know what it is…

Haren: I d-d-didn’t say that… They’re obviously not human m-m-make and stink of d-d-devilry. Best ask among d-dwarves - they must know something.

Geralt: Thanks for that, at least. What do you sell?

Haren: Anything, r-r-really. But in these hard times, I have a rather l-l-limited selection.

Geralt: Show me.

Haren: The c-c-c-customer’s always r-r-right.

[New Quest - Strangers in the Night – I must kill the drowners that haunt the riverbank at night.]

Strangers in the Night[]

[Geralt waits until nightfall and fulfills the contract. Suddenly several young elves approach him.]

Elf: Ceadmil, hav’caaren.

Geralt: Greetings. I don’t speak your language.

Elf: N’aen dh’omne, esse vatt’ghernl. You’ll not intimidate us, witcher. Where’s Haren Brogg? He promised us some hawkers’ specialties.

Geralt: I’m not sure I like your tone. Haren didn’t mention you… I was hunting drowners.

Elf: Vart tel’naen. You’re no Aen Seidhe, but you‘re not dh’oinne filth either. We’ll just take our weapons and let’s part in peace.

Geralt: The goods are Haren’s. Sorry Aen Seidhe, but I can’t let you touch those crates.

Elf: Listen carefully vatt’ghern. We’re part of a twenty-elf unit. Our brothers suffer from disease and hunger. These crates contain food, medicine and weapons. We want them now, for we can’t approach Vizima’s walls every day.

Geralt: I guess I see your point…

Elf: Good. We have no choice… But you do…

Geralt: Fine. Take the goods.

Elf: We’re no criminals, we’ll pay you. We have gold, pelts, herbs…

Geralt: Give me the gold. I have no use for the rest.

Elf: Here. We’ll take what we need now and come back for the rest later.

Geralt: The drowners shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Elf: Va’fail vatt’ghern.

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Updated - Strangers in the Night - I killed all the drowners. I should see Haren.]

Haren: Witcher…

Geralt: I killed the drowners and encountered elves.

Haren: E-e-elves? I don’t believe I know any e-elves.

Geralt: They were expecting you. Who are they?

Haren: Scoia’tael -- S-s-squirrels -- young nonhumans, freedom fighters. Those who d-d-deal with them are hanged. B-b-betray me and you’ll hang too.

Geralt: I’ll keep quiet. If it’s dangerous, why do you trade with them?

Haren: I have to make a l-l-living somehow.

Geralt: Either way I did my job.

Haren: My crates are s-s-safe then? I underestimated you, w-w-witcher. Incidentally what h-h-happened to the elves?

Geralt: We spoke. They said their entire unit would come back for the rest of the crates.

Haren: Are they m-mad? D-dangerous for them to come so close to Vizima. If someone were to report it…

Geralt: Meaning?

Haren: Scoia’tael heads f-f-fetch a high price, w-witcher. But… b-best forget you kn-know that.

Geralt: No business of mine. I want my payment. Then you can tell me about Salamandra.

Haren: Here’s your g-g-gold. S-salamandra collect tribute from the villagers. Disobey and they s-slit your throat, s-set your house ablaze.

Geralt: Where can I find them?

Haren: Ask the R-reverend. He’ll decide what you sh-should know. But I wouldn’t mind them gone.

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Completed - Strangers in the Night - I succeeded in earning Haren’s trust.]

Geralt: Any other work for a witcher?

Haren: Hm, I c-c-could probably find something. I need a parcel delivered to Vizima, to a man named Coleman at the Hairy Bear tavern, no questions asked.

Geralt: Give me the package. I’ll drop it off.

Haren: C-c-coleman will pay you.

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – I should see Odo and Mikul.]

[New Quest - Hot Potato – I have to deliver a parcel to the Hairy Bear in Vizima.]

[Geralt lights a flame in all five chapels.]

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – Lighting the fires did not drive the barghests away. I should inform the Reverend.]

Reverend: Speak, quickly!

Geralt: I carried the Eternal Fire to all the chapels.

Reverend: The beasts still haunt us!

Geralt: I told you it wouldn’t work. Where’s my payment?

Reverend: Ah, yes, your payment… The curse must be stronger than I thought. Doubtless caused by that witch, Abigail, an evil woman!

Geralt: A witch? Maybe she can tell us more…

Reverend: She brought the Beast and all other calamities upon us.

Geralt: Perhaps. But I’d rather speak with her first.

Reverend: We must know from whence the Beast came. Learn the truth.

Geralt: I will, for 300 orens.

Reverend: Our community is poor. Perhaps 200?

Geralt: So be it.

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – I should visit the witch.]

Abigail: Oh my a witcher. Welcome.

Geralt: What happened to the man outside?

Abigail: It was his own fault. Many come to me with pitiful fantasies I disdain to fulfill. They take me for a whore, when I am but a witch.

Geralt: I’ll remember that.

Abigail: Don’t worry. I’m not all bad. The sinner will recover. What do you want?

Geralt: I need to know where the Beast came from.

Abigail: Why ask me?

Geralt: Aren’t witches wise in the ways of magic?

Abigail: Yes, but this beast is beyond me. Although, I know someone else…

Geralt: Who would that be?

Abigail: The boy Alvin. He’s a strong Source and a diviner. What he knows we could not hope to imagine… However, if I were to give him a certain potion…

Geralt: Won’t it hurt him?

Abigail: No need to fret, he’ll be fine. Bring me the petals of five white myrtle and your questions will be answered. Myrtle grows outside the village. If you lack knowledge of herbs, I have this book. It’s yours… for a price.

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – I must bring the witch five white myrtle petals.]

Geralt: The Reverend believes you summoned the Beast.

Abigail: And what do you believe?

Geralt: Nothing yet. What’s your side of the story?

Abigail: Hm! I had nothing to do with it.

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – The witch says she is innocent.]

Geralt: Can I ask you something?

Abigail: If you must.

Geralt: Do you have any magic against phantom hounds?

Abigail: What about your sword? I heard witchers carry two - a silver blade for monsters and steel for humans…

Geralt: Both are for monsters. Unfortunately I lack the silver one.

Abigail: I know of an ointment. When it coats your blade, you’ll cause grievous harm, even to specters. The formula will cost you 30 orens. (Geralt buys the formula) You’ll need Naezan salt, Ginatz’s acid, wine stone and lard. I can sell you these ingredients.

Geralt: Thanks.

Abigail: You can replace the Naezan salt with hellebore petals if you wish.

Geralt: I see you took Alvin in.

Abigail: Did you think I’d abandon an orphan? Besides, he has potential.

Geralt: What do you mean?

Abigail: He has powers perhaps beyond his control. For now, he sleeps well with the herbs I brew him.

Geralt: That’s good of you. Few in these times would be willing - it’s another mouth to feed.

Abigail: With winter approaching, if I grow hungry. I’ll eat him. Haha! Doubtless the Villagers think so, believing me a monster.

Geralt: Are you one, Abigail?

Abigail: We all hide a monster inside us.

The Secret Garden[]

[In Odo’s hut.]

Odo: Forgot the most important. Seen the Reverend?

Geralt: Of course.

Odo: Ahem… He told us to question strangers. (Geralt shows him the ring) A ring of the Eternal Fire. Must be from the Reverend.

Geralt: The Reverend sent me to help you.

Odo: He’s always thinking of me! I have this gardening problem.

Geralt: I’m no gardener.

Odo: Let me finish! Some time ago, strange plants erupted in my garden… These plants - they’re ALIVE! Useful they were, at first, devouring moles and insects…

Geralt: What’s the problem then?

Odo: Now they’re big as a man With giant branches! Luckily they’re buried underground in daytime, but I’m afraid to go near.

Geralt: I’ll see what I can do, for 120 orens.

Odo: I’ll pay 50 orens. Let’s drink to that.

[They have a drink.]

Geralt: 120 and not an oren less.

Odo: Ehh, two weeds for 70 orens.

Geralt: I said 120.

Odo: I need to live, I need to drink… My final offer is 80. Cheers.

[They have a drink.]

Geralt: Strong stuff. How about 100?

Odo: Deal. One last shot.

[They have a drink.]

Geralt: Hiccup, mhm.

[New Quest - The Secret Garden - I must destroy the carnivorous plants in Odo’s garden.]

[Being dead drunk, Geralt destroys several Echinops.]

[Quest Updated - The Secret Garden – I should see Odo and collect my reward.]

Odo: Speak your mind.

Geralt: I’ve slain the monsters in the garden. Pay up.

Odo: You want your 80 orens? Here.

Geralt: We agreed on 100.

Odo: We drank some ale, but my memory rarely deceives me.

Geralt: Now listen here…

Odo: All right, here’s your coin. I told you not to slay monsters while drunk at night. But you insisted. You frighten me.

Geralt: I risk my neck for you, and you try to cheat me… Don’t forget to tell the Reverend I helped you.

[Quest Completed - The Secret Garden - I succeeded in earning Odo’s trust.]

Odo: Speak your mind.

Geralt: You play dice?

Odo: Pagan custom, I’ll hear none of it. It’s like the Reverend says: Weed it out, weed it out!

Geralt: You know what this is?

Odo: Take it to the dwarves… I’ll say no more.

Geralt: See you.

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – I should see Mikul.]

Odo: Speak your mind.

Geralt: You a soldier?

Odo: What’s it to you?

Geralt: I noticed that suit of armor.

Odo: My brother’s. He fought at Brenna and other places. Oh, I detest soldiers, except my brother.

Geralt: Relax, I’m no soldier. Any monsters around?

Odo: The howling from the village turns my milk sour…

Geralt: Anything stranger than that?

Odo: The fog was so dense one time I strayed to the witch’s house, where a great beast stared in her window…

Geralt: Tell me more…

Odo: Well, I wasn’t about to stay. I turned ‘round so fast I nearly left me legs behind. But it was as big as a horse! Billowed smoke and sparks like a hearth…

Geralt: Later.

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – I should see Mikul.]

[Outside the hut…]

Geralt: That dog seems to be looking for something.

Dog: Grrrr!

Geralt: Watch those echinops thorns, pup…


Geralt: What are you guarding?

Buried Memories[]

[Geralt goes to the guard guarding the main entrances to the city, Mikul.]

Mikul: Halt… What?!

Geralt: What do you mean "what"? I want to enter the city.

Mikul: There’s a… what they call that… a quarternine.

Geralt: Will it last long, this quarantine?

Mikul: Commander’s job to know, not mine.

Geralt: And I guess the commander’s inside… Does this quarantine apply to everyone?

Mikul: Dunno…

Geralt: Have you let anyone in?

Mikul: People with passes – they’re allowed in.

Geralt: I see. Let’s talk…

Mikul: Does the Reverend know you’re here?

Geralt: Of course.

Mikul: I don’t believe you… He give you anythin’? (Geralt shows him the ring) The Reverend said… worship the Fire sign. Seems he did send you.

Geralt: The Reverend said you could use my help…

Mikul: Uuuh… I been told to get rid of those dead’uns…

Geralt: Dead’uns?

Mikul: Yah, commander told me to clear the crypt down the road… I’ve never fought beasts before… Too scared…

Geralt: Hm. Dead’uns, you say.

Mikul: Please, sir…

Geralt: I’m a witcher, so I’ll rid you lot the fiends, but in exchange, you’ll pay me 200 orens and tell the Reverend I helped you.

Mikul: Sure, sir, uhh, I’ll tell him what I know, which’ll be little… and I don’t have much gold, neither, but no matter, just so long as the dead’uns are slayed.

Geralt: See you later.

[New Quest - Buried Memories - I must kill the ghouls in the crypt at Mikul’s request.]

[Geralt decides to talk to the scientist standing at the gate...]

Traveller: Greetings.

Geralt: Greetings.

Vizima’s Herbalist: What a despicable place. I’m trapped here with my goods while my wife and children wait in the city.

Geralt: Why’s that?

Vizima’s Herbalist: Vizima’s gates are closed due to the plague. The gods be my witness, nothing ruins trade like an epidemic.

Geralt: I guess we just have to wait.

Vizima’s Herbalist: Most of the diceased have died off, but the Beast and bandits now spread their own terror. All we’re missing are tax collectors.

Geralt: Can I ask you something?

Vizima’s Herbalist: Yes?

Geralt: What’s with this plague?

Vizima’s Herbalist: What of it? ’Tis some variety of the bubonic. To be safe, I avoid any who appear even slightly ill. Aren’t you afraid?

Geralt: I’m immune to infectious diseases.

Vizima’s Herbalist: My grandfather claimed the same, insisting all the while that his bubonic ulcers were merely boils.

Geralt: May the ground be lightly upon him. Tell me about the Beast.

Vizima’s Herbalist: I overheard it described as a phantom, appearing from nowhere, murdering those with a heavy conscience.

Geralt: Interesting.

Vizima’s Herbalist: Heheh, royal officials would make a true feast for the Beast. And other ghosts serve it, apparently in the form of untiring bloodhounds.

Geralt: I’ll have to ask the locals. Any bandits in the outskirts?

Vizima’s Herbalist: Indeed. They call themselves the militia and extort bribes. Also, some sect from Vizima may have arrived here.

Geralt: Do these men wear the salamander sign?

Vizima’s Herbalist: Never met them. But if they are a sect, the Reverend ought to know something.

Geralt: I’ll ask him.

[Geralt meets his old friend Zoltan again and decides to talk to him.]

Zoltan: Geralt…

Geralt: So, how are you doing?

Zoltan: You know me, my schemes. I hope to start a modest business in Vizima, bringing in goods from Mahakam. The Brekenriggs are pressuring me…

Geralt: The Breckenriggs, who are they?

Zoltan: My future in-laws. I’m to wed Eudora Breckenriggs soon. But my father-in-law to be puts too much stock in material things. The Common Cause Mine, where I worked after the war, was a complete failure. I blame it on the bloody times.

Geralt: Zoltan, you mentioned my vanishing. Any idea why I disappeared?

Zoltan: I’m not sure how to tell you, but you died, Geralt. Five years ago, during the massacre in Rivia, I saw some scoundrel stick a pitchfork in your gut. You bled to death on a dirty street before my eyes. Or so I thought… And I’ve seen enough corpses to know… though there are the unexplained cases. From what I remember witcher mutations significantly changed your body but that makes it no easier to believe you survived.

Geralt: Zoltan, I found these strange dice. Looks like dwarven handiwork…

Zoltan: It’s poker with dice - very entertaining. Requires less attention than cards, but it’s just as exciting. Dice are a dwarven invention. Became popular after the war - riot surprising given that every mercenary played.

Geralt: So how do you play?

Zoltan: Let’s shoot a round. I’ll show you.

[They play a few games of wonderful dice poker. This very simple, addictive game can entertain for hours! Geralt beats Zoltan to the punch.]

Innkeeper: What can I do for you?

Geralt: Why the gloom?

Innkeeper: I don’t talk to strangers.

Geralt: Do you for five orens?

Innkeeper: For that, I’d talk to a barghest all day. (Geralt pays 5 orens) The plague was devastating. People died in droves. The wailing lingered for three moons. If not for the Reverend, we’d all have perished. No wonder we’re wary of strangers. You don’t know what it’s like then the plague takes your family… The Reverend prayed all day to the Eternal Fire, taking no sustenance. His penance freed us from sin and strengthened our faith. We began by cleansing our homes of sin and filth. We gathered it up a by the next day all our foulness was buried or gone. The Reverend then spoke to all who remained: You have done well cleansing your households of Sin. I know it was difficult. I know they be kin. But the Eternal Fire sent pestilence on them as punishment for their sins! You are pure. You shall live! And we believed him… then went outside. The frost was biting, but we did our penance, crawling ‘round village, praying at the five chapels. The next day the village was quiet, as if all were asleep. Fewer have fallen sick since.

Geralt: An edifying tale… Thanks.

[He goes to the crypt and finds a woman's body and a bottle.]

Geralt: Seems the contents of that bottle caused the woman’s death. The ghouls came for her remains.

[Geralt kills the ghouls in the crypt.]

[Quest Updated - Buried Memories – I should see Mikil and collect my reward.]

[Geralt returns to Mikul and sees that there is some kind of skirmish at the gate.]

Kalkstein: Leave me be! I won’t surrender my workshop for all the treasure in the world!

Bandit: Oh, you’ll give it up, gramps. Or else…

Geralt: Or what?

Bandit: A Witcher! Kill him!

Geralt: Not likely.

Salamandra’s Mage: You’re ours, witcher. You should’ve left Salamandra alone! This bridge will be your grave!

[Geralt kills the scumbags.]

Kalkstein: Thank you, witcher! You saved me… and my laboratory my beakers, my treasures!

Geralt: Any time.

[He thinks about the consequences of his decisions.]

Geralt: (offscreen) I know all too well what they’re after. To use the stolen secrets Salamandra needs equipment. Without it, the witcher’s mutagens are useless. They almost grabbed Kalkstein, and his treasures. They almost succeeded at Kaer Morhen. “Almost” makes a huge difference… If I had stayed and fought the frightener with Vesemir, I might’ve faced a different threat today.

Geralt: They were here for me. I made a choice some time back…

Kalkstein: Had you known this would happen, would you have chosen differently?

Geralt: No. It was the right decision, and I’ll deal with the consequences.

Kalkstein: I’m not surprised at your answer - you don’t seem like one to look back. Visit my shop in Vizima for any ingredients you need for your potions. At a discount!

Geralt: Farewell.

Mikul: Shouldn’t have defended the old man. He’ll come talking again…

Geralt: What are you going on about?

Mikul: The old man comes here and talks and talks. Gives me a headache. I’ll stone him next time…

Geralt: I wouldn’t if I were you. He’s a powerful alchemist…

Mikul: Uhhh… Captain said, “Only admit those with passes.”

Geralt: I know, I know.

Mikul: They’re moving me to Mill Gate tomorrow. That’s were I’ll stand. If you have a pass, look for me there.

[Quest Updated - Buried Memories – I must see Mikul. He’s at the Miller’s Gate.]

Mikul: Uhh…

Geralt: I got rid of the ghouls in the crypt.

Mikul: A hundred thanks, master. Here be a month’s pay. Ha, the boys’ll be happy. They planned to search for treasure in the crypt, take a pick to one o’ the walls.

Geralt: I found a young woman’s body inside. The ghouls came for her.

Mikul: Young woman? No! It can’t be! My Ilsa…? I… I… I loved her.

Geralt: I wouldn‘t know her name. It appears she poisoned herself.

Mikul: NO! NO! NO! It was that vile witch, the devil’s whore poisoned my Ilsa! NOOOOOOO!

Geralt: I’m sorry for your loss, but I need to know about Salamandra.

Mikul: They have passes, they do. The only ones. Leave me be. You have the evil eye, you bring bad tidings. Begone.

Geralt: Don’t forget to tell the Reverend I got rid of those ghouls… Farewell.

[Quest Completed - Buried Memories – I’ve earned Mikul’s trust.]

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – I must talk to the Reverend.]

Kalkstein: Not letting me in? The Oxenfurt Inventors’ Club must have bribed them! What brings you here?

Geralt: You don’t look like a local…

Kalkstein: I live in Vizima, but I’m just returning from a great convention of alchemists, pyromancers and geomancers in Oxenfurt. Wonderful city witcher, a cradle of science…

Geralt: I don’t doubt it. Did the convention reach any specific conclusions?

Kalkstein: It was an incredible experience. I presented my dissertation on… Specific? Conventions aren’t meant to be specific!

Geralt: Then I’m not sure I see the sense…

Kalkstein: Science is like a great river, full of currents, whirls and treacherous shallows. A single raftsman can never know every secret of the river. He must sail to the harbor and share his knowledge with other raftsmen…

Geralt: …And get drunk and spend his last money on whores… I think I see the point now…

Kalkstein: Hmm… Science is like a river… Sorry I got lost in thought.

Geralt: You were talking about returning to Vizima.

Kalkstein: Ah, yes… Because of this quarantine I’m losing time in this inn. I have extremely important research waiting! And what am I doing? Sitting in this dump and drinking alcohol… Badly distilled alcohol! I’ve sent a message to my friend, another alchemist. He is my only hope… Hopefully he will send me a pass.

Geralt: Hmm, well, I wish you luck.

Kalkstein: Thank you. They must admit me, they must…

Geralt: I wanted to ask you about alchemy…

Kalkstein: Finally someone worth talking to! Here I thought the locals had no interests beyond their daily concerns…

Geralt: I’m not exactly a local. And think about it - if the locals were all interested in alchemy they wouldn’t have much need for you…

Kalkstein: Ha! Typically shortsighted! Witcher, alchemy is the mother of all sciences, and do you know why? For it allows us to understand the world! All that surrounds you is none other than the alchemy you strive so dutifully to deride! Alchemical processes transpire in your body at all times! They allow you to eat, breathe and excrete. What’s more, they are responsible for your thoughts and feelings! Alchemy is life!

Geralt: We need to change he subject before the peasants decide to burn us at the stake…

Kalkstein: One cannot shut the mouth of science… But fine, what do you wish to know?

Geralt: I’m interested in formulae.

Kalkstein: Ready-made formulae are rare and difficult to acquire, so I encourage you to experiment, modify recipes you already have. Most people underestimate the value of using the empirical method in science.

Geralt: I think I’ve heard enough…

Kalkstein: But we’ve only just begun…

Geralt: Farewell.

[Geralt gather the myrtle petals.]

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – I should see the witch again.]

Abigail: What do you want?

Geralt: I gathered the myrtle petals.

Abigail: Excellent. Now to prepare the potion…

Geralt: How is it made?

Abigail: Interested in witches’ secrets, are you? The recipe is yours if you swear to take it to your grave.

Geralt: I swear.

Abigail: Draw close and listen… Blend two ounces of cadaverine with the myrtle petals. Speak your name backwards, turn about three times leftwards, spit into the fire and stir the potion again.

Geralt: Complicated.

Abigail: Ha ha ha. I knew witch’s magic would he beyond the mind of a man. Grant me a moment to finish the potion.

Geralt: See you later.

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men - The witch promised to brew the potion. I should return in a while.]

[Geralt goes to the Reverend.]

Reverend: Speak, quickly!

Geralt: Odo’s and Haren’s monsters are gone. For Mikul, I cleared the crypt of ghouls.

Reverend: I must admit I’m impressed. You may yet defeat Salamandra.

Geralt: To do that, I need to know where to find them.

Reverend: I will say nothing until you eliminate the Beast, witcher. That is my condition.

Geralt: I’ll see you later.

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – Before I can tend to Salamandra, I must deal with the Beast once and for all.]

Reverend: Speak, quickly!

Geralt: Are you a chaplain of the Eternal Fire?

Reverend: Yes, heathen! Only the Eternal Fire can save us from the White Frost!

Geralt: Really?

Reverend: So says the prophecy of Ithlinne, the elven witch!

Geralt: Is that so?

Reverend: The old world will die, to be born again from a seed that Will not sprout, but burst into flames…

Geralt: You seem to contradict yourself.

Reverend: You mock me, witcher? So tell me, who ’gave you leave to meddle in the affairs of humans - you, an emotionless mutant. Answer! Who?!

Geralt: The Eternal Fire, no doubt.

Reverend: Return to your dark life, heathen.

Geralt: I’ll see you later.

[While wandering the Outskirts, Geralt meets a merchant.]

Stall keeper: You a witcher?

Geralt: How did you know?

Stall keeper: Saw one like you recently and asked the Reverend. Never learned his name, but he wished to enter the city.

Geralt: Did they let him into Vizima?

Stall keeper: I know not. He approached the Reverend, perhaps for help.

Geralt: Anything else?

Stall keeper: Nothing I haven’t said.

Geralt: That doesn’t help me much.

Stall keeper: Hm.

Geralt: This meat looks odd. What’s it from?

Stall keeper: You smelling or buying?

Geralt: Shouldn’t answer a question with a question.

Stall keeper: Where it’s from is my business.

Geralt: Customers aren’t exactly lining up. Tell me more about the other witcher.

Stall keeper: I know little.

Geralt: So try to remember what you already told me.

Stall keeper: He spoke with the Reverend then took his leave. He seemed… fearful.

Geralt: Thanks.

[New Quest - The Ghoul Contract – I must collect the blood of three ghouls for Kalkstein.]

[New Quest - The Drowner Contract – I must collect three drowners brains for the Reverend.]

[New Quest - The Barghest Contract – I must collect ten barghest skull for Abigail.]

[At Abigail’s hut.]

Abigail: What do you want?

Geralt: I found your notice.

Abigail: Excellent! Do you have the barghest skulls?

Geralt: I do. They’re yours for a price.

Abigail: I knew you’d manage it. And take this mandrake root. You might find useful.

Geralt: Is the potion ready?

Abigail: Yes. Alvin, drink this.

Alvin: It tastes bitter…

Abigail: No complaining. Now… SPEAK!

Alvin: Abigail… I’m afraid. Why’d they skin the puppy? Why‘d they hurt him? He was gentle, he hurt no one. And the girl from outside the village, she screamed, horribly unlike any human. (in demon-like voice) Bad children, torturing the witch’s puppy again? Groarrr!!! Grrr!!! Innocent blood… evil faces twisted by drink and desire. “Plow her well. Show her you’re a man”… blood-stained gold the Beast is born! GROAARRORROAAARRH!!!” Death, the final judgment The Beast has met its end once. It doesn’t fear death. It is death. How will you defeat human villainy? With you sword? You, who died and still walk amongst the living? Who has summoned me?

Geralt: Enough. This could end badly. Abigail, break the trance!

Abigail: As you wish. By the power of the seven spheres, leave this body. I compel you. Begone!

Alvin: I’m sleepy…

Geralt: Hmmm.

Abigail: Alvin, go to bed. Geralt… another witcher, Berengar, preceded you. He left these missives…

Geralt: Thanks, farewell.

[Quest Completed - The Barghest Contract – I received my reward for the barghest skulls.]

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men - I must see the Reverend, tell him what I’ve learned about the Beast.]

Reverend: Speak, quickly!

Geralt: I know where the Beast comes from.

Reverend: Was it summoned by the witch?

Geralt: The Beast appeared because of human wickedness. To slay it, I’ll need to identify the guilty.

Reverend: There may be wisdom in your words. When sheep run astray the good shepherd must bring them back onto the righteous path. Otherwise they fall prey to wolves. I’ll learn all I can to defeat the Beast. I must gather all the villagers… Here is your prize, witcher, 200 orens.

Geralt: I’ve done all you asked. Where’s the Salamandra hideout?

Reverend: Go to the inn, where a group in Salamandra’s service has taken over. They hide in the old house. Olaf will have a key. And witcher…

Geralt: Yes?

Reverend: Nothing. May the Eternal Fire shine on your soul.

Geralt: Tell the villagers to stay at home now. I don’t want anyone getting hurt…

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – It’s time I dealt with Salamandra. There are some things I need to do…]

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – I must go to the inn.]

[Quest Updated - Witchers’ Secrets – I must enter the Salamandra’s hideout, located in one of the abandoned homes.]

[In the inn.]

Shani: No, leave me alone!

Thug: Ooo, little dove, coo us a different tune, hahaha!

Shani: Keep your hands off me!

Thug: She is feisty. Say let’s do what we did unto Mikul’s girl, Ilsa! What a screamer.

Geralt: Ahem.

Thug: You new too? He likely told you to wait like us. Let’s have our way with this little chickie…

Geralt: It so happens that this lady is with me. None of you will touch her.

Thug: So you say! We aim to have our fun and you won’t stop us.

Geralt: Is that so?

[Geralt kills the thugs.]

Shani: Geralt, you arrived just in time!

Geralt: Are you all right?

Shani: I am now. They surprised me… All the peasants ran out and I was trapped. They killed the innkeeper…

Geralt: That’s the last time they hurt anyone.

Shani: That was some swift swordwork. As for me, I’m done delaying. I need to get to Vizima. I hope to see you there.

Geralt: Let me walk you to the gate. These roads can be dangerous.

Shani: No, you need to deal with the Salamanders. Don‘t worry about me. I’ll wait for you here. Make them suffer, Geralt. For me.

Geralt: I’ll come back for you, Shani.

Shani: I’ll be waiting.

Geralt: (to himself) The innkeeper… I should check his pockets…

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail – I have a key to the Salamandra hideout. That’s where I need to go.]

Salamandra’s Thug: Where’s your tribute?

Geralt: What tribute?

Salamandra’s Thug: I mean the kids, fool.

Geralt: Let me pass.

Salamandra’s Thug: No tribute, no entry.

Geralt: This is pointless.

[Geralt kills the thug and enter the abandoned house.]

Geralt: (to himself) Those crates look familiar, like Haren’s goods that I saved from the drowners. The son of a bitch is trading with Salamandra!

Salamandra’s Boss: You took your time.

Geralt: You have something of mine…

Salamandra’s Boss: No longer, I’m afraid. And you… like your predecessor, you work for rapists and murders. Enjoying it?

Geralt: Where’s Berengar?

Salamandra’s Boss: That dolt ran off, but during our brief acquaintance, he was certainly more talkative than you. No wonder, given Azar Javed’s persuasiveness.

Geralt: Who’s Azar Javed?

Salamandra’s Boss: A powerful mage. You’re no match for him.

Geralt: We’ll see.

Salamandra’s Boss: Your courage isn’t lacking, witcherette. We’ll see how you fare after Azar gets you…

Geralt: Did you say I work for murderers?

Salamandra’s Boss: That lice-ridden village hick Odo came to us for advice on how to kill a warrior. We said someone so pathetic could only fight soldiers in dreams.

Geralt: This is a scintillating conversation, but it’s time for some action.

Salamandra’s Boss: We don’t have what you seek! It’s not here! They took it straight to our base in Vizima!

Geralt: Too bad. Let’s dance!

[Geralt kills them.]

[Quest Updated - Berengar’s Secret - Berengar fled Salamandra and probably found a way to get into Vizima.]

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail - I killed the boss the Salamanders in the Outskirts. I need to get out of this cave.]

Alvin: That was some neat sword work!

Geralt: Alvin! Why are you here?

Alvin: The Reverend sent me to this deserted house. He said someone would be waiting there for me…

Geralt: That son of a… ahem. I’m glad you’re safe.

Alvin: I overheard them saying we’d be taken to Vizima.

Geralt: To Vizima… that’s where I need to go to find Salamandra. Follow me. We’ll find a way out of this cave.

Alvin: That wall looks pretty thin. Maybe we can break it down.

Geralt: Let’s try…

[Quest Updated - Witchers’ Secrets – I must follow the Salamanders’ trail to Vizima.]

Abigail: Why did you come here, witcher?

Geralt: Why are you here, witch?

Abigail: I’m brewing up another spell, why?

Geralt: Lots of smoke in your magic.

Abigail: Mighty ingredients make mighty spells. Mighty enough for the whole village.

Geralt: Why are you doing this?

Abigail: The angry mob has come. "Burn the witch," they cry. "She has summoned the Beast." I must defend myself.

Geralt: Men summoned the Beast with their wicked deeds.

Abigail: I’m not surprised. Honest Mikul violated Ilsa. She took her own life.

Geralt: You profited from the poison.

Abigail: Odo killed his brother for coin. The Reverend exiled his daughter when she became pregnant -- now she whores herself in Vizima. Haren sold a Squirrel to the guards for gold.

Geralt: You knew, but did nothing.

Abigail: They trade their gold for poisons and other potions. No business of mine how they’re used.

Geralt: It’s clear why the Beast haunts you. I need to expose the guilty. Stay here while I speak to those outside.

Abigail: Don’t let them harm me. My sins are not as great as they say.

Geralt: Really?

Abigail: Learn for yourself if you like. We’re alone, we have some time…

Geralt: Abigail, I was drawn to you from the start…

[Quest Updated - Of Monsters and Men – I must face the mob of villagers outside and pass judgment.]

Haren: B-burn the devil’s m-m-mistress!

Odo: Let the bitch die in pain!

Reverend: The witch hides within. Let the Eternal Fire consume her sinful body and we’ll be rid of the Beast.

Geralt: Not so fast. She must be judged fairly…

Odo: That bitch ruined my life. She cast her spells on my brother. Wanted to steal him… and his gold. My brother scorned her, so she did the devil’s magic on me, used me to kill him - the treachery!

Geralt: I came across a doll that resembled you in her hut…

Odo: I dream of it even now: her magic committing the murder. She should die!

Geralt: Your brother was a warrior. You’re nothing but a drunk. How could you have killed him… unless he was sleeping?

Haren: Why listen to him, R-r-reverend? He’s a mutant, a f-f-freak, a witcher!

Reverend: What are your charges, Haren?

Haren: Sh-sh-she made me a hawker. She p-p-promised herself to me if I helped the S-s-scoia’tael. I detest nonhumans, but I had to t-t-trade with them.

Geralt: You’ve done all right for yourself.

Haren: G-g-gold isn’t everything. There are principles to abide by.

Geralt: You trade with bandits who kidnap children. I don’t believe one word that you say.

Reverend: Have you made your decision?

Geralt: What do you think, Reverend?

Reverend: The witch used Odo and Haren. She poisoned Ilsa.

Geralt: Mikul raped Ilsa, who took her own life.

Reverend: Abigail should have departed long ago, but stayed to exact revenge for the evil fate that befell her. She used the devil’s magic on these simple people and summoned the Beast.

Geralt: Shut up, you bastard. You lead this band of rogues, so you must know they sell children to the Salamanders, and you knew about the rape and murder. I spit on you. You’re all the same, all guilty!

Reverend: You’ll regret this.

Geralt: I’m getting Abigail. Return to your homes.

Reverend: Since the beginning of time, woman has been the nest of all evil! The Tool of Chaos, party to the conspiracy against the world and the human race! Woman is ruled solely by corporal lust! To satisfy her insatiable hunger and unnatural desires, she gladly serves demons!

Abigail: They intend to kill us.

Geralt: Don’t be afraid.

Reverend: There she is! Burn the foul witch!

Geralt: No one is burning anyone.

Reverend: Friends, they wish to scare us. Fear not. They’re helpless as long as we stand together…

Geralt: Is that so?

Reverend: Begone, witcher, and leave the witch we ll burn you, too…

Geralt: I’d like to see you try pleb.

[He draws his sword.]

Reverend: Uhhhhh.

Geralt: Shove off and maybe I’ll let you be… You have two options. Wait until I leave and then murder Abigail - but then I’LL COME BACK. I’ll slay every lice-ridden peasant, anything that moves and can’t climb a tree. Or you can try to lead honorable lives, clear your conscience, start again - like humans. The choice is yours.

Abigail: Thank you, Geralt.

Geralt: Let’s go. We need to deal with the Beast.

[Geralt and Abigail leave and meet the Beast. Surrounded by flame, he fiercely enters the fight. Geralt slain it.]

Reverend: Helping that whore was your last mistake. Die, bloody mutant!

Geralt: I’ve enough strength for the two of you…

Reverend: Odo! Grab the pitchfork!

[They attack Geralt, however, a handful of peasants are no match for our hero.]

[Quest Updated - The Salamander’s Tail - I have the permit. I should find Shani at the inn, as we agreed.]

[Quest Failed - The Drowner Contract – I lost my chance to collect that reward.]

Abigail: Geralt, what would have happened to me without your aid? I’m glad you found it in yourself to believe me.

Geralt: Who would I be otherwise?

Abigail: Thank you. Farewell.

[Quest Completed – Of Monsters and Men – I must go to the inn and get Shani.]

Shani: Geralt, are you all right? I was so worried!

Geralt: I’m fine. I‘ll tell you what happened on the way to Vizima. I’m done With this village.

Shani: So am I.

Geralt: I hope I never return. It’s unfathomable how many criminals live here…

Shani: These are hardly pleasant times, Geralt. The plague, impending wars…

Geralt: Still, I’m astounded… Do you know how the Beast came to be? They unknowingly created it with their misdeeds. A powerful sorcerer couldn’t have matched it. And all they needed was hatred, baseness and greed.

Shani: It sounds like a fairy tale.

Geralt: Every tale contains a grain of truth… Let’s go, Vizima awaits.

[Quest Updated – Salamander’s Tail – I must find the city gate that Mikul is guarding.]

Shani: Vizima lies beyond this gate. I hope we never return here.

Geralt: Me too. The Beast is dead, the Salamanders are dead… and the peasants… Hm. I have a pass. Mikul should let us enter.

Shani: Let’s go.

Mikul: Uhh…

Geralt: Mikul, I need to enter the city. I have a pass.

Mikul: I wanted to say… I… was… sorry. I apologize, witcher.

Geralt: Apologize to Ilsa, Mikul…

[He enters the gates and sees soldiers.]

Mikul: Sergeant! That witcher’s here, the one I told you about!

Sergeant: Who do we have here, Mikul? Is this the man we want?

Mikul: Yes sir, sergeant, sir. It’s that filthy freak, the witcher.

Sergeant: A blasphemer and counterfeiter, do I guess well?

Mikul: Yes, he asked who’s allowed into the city then came With that, uh; that letter of safe conduct… from… the Order.

Sergeant: If that’s a knight of the Order, then I’m Princess Adda!

Geralt: Son of a bitch.

[He swiftly draws his sword, but, having estimated his chances, surrenders.]



Prisoner: Hey lemme outta here, I’m innocent. Those five pounds of fisstech were for personal use… Hey you, jailer! At least move me. I don’t wanna be with the politicals. Politics makes you rot! I’m a decent thief, lemme out…

Guard: Shut your trap! I’m busy…

Guard 2: Jethro, keep it down! You looking to kill me?

Jethro: That thief’s bugging me.

Prisoner: Thief, right, and I’m here with the politicals… scandalous!

Jethro: I said, shut up! Stop screaming or on my mother’s life I’ll bloody smash your junkie mouth!

Geralt: Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful…

Beefy Prisoner: What’s your problem, whitey? You wanna dance the Viziman? Come on, I want to see your hands in the air.

Captain: Jethro, open the cell.

Beefy Prisoner: Ooo scared? Soft as butter? C’mon whitey what you got…

Geralt: Back off.

Beefy Prisoner: What the… you wanna fight or not?

Jethro: Professor, move it! You’re free.

The Professor: How ironic, our paths cross again! So near and yet so far. Fear not, witcher, we’ll meet again, I assure you…

Geralt: You’re making a mistake. This man’s a murderer.

The Professor: You fail to grasp the basic rules governing this world. You’re a genetically modified murderer with no place in modern society. But we’ll tend to that problem next time. Farewell.

Geralt: I can’t wait.

[New Quest – Wanted – To find the Professor’s enemies I should talk to Jethro.]

Elf Prisoner: Tomorrow’s my big day.

Geralt: Why are you here, elf?

Elf Prisoner: Delighting in the last moments of my life, or trying to. I hang tomorrow… I have a request. I’ve always found games pleasant and Jethro let me keep my dice. If you don’t have your own set, we can share mine.

[They play dice poker.]

Vincent: All right, you maggots. The king in his mercy will pardon whoever subdues the cockatrice in the sewers.

Geralt: Pardon? What about half the kingdom, the princess hand in marriage?

Vincent: Clever. Watch what you say witcher. Political jokes could get you in trouble.

Geralt: I’ll slay the monster.

Vincent: Too late. There’s another volunteer.

Geralt: I’m the better candidate.

Vincent: The creep in the corner claims he’ll defeat it bare fisted.

Geralt: Which creep?

Beefy Prisoner: Yoo-hoo.

Geralt: That tub of lard? You’re kidding.

Vincent: You want freedom? Fight for it. Whoever wins faces the cockatrice.

Geralt: Piece of cake.

Prison Break[]

[New Quest - Prison Break -I must get out of here. Step one: kick the thug’s ass.]

Beefy Prisoner: I’ll defeat you, then thrash that lizard and go free.

Geralt: Lets do it.

[They fight on fists. Geralt wins.]

Beefy Prisoner: Bastard! You couldn’t have beaten me without your spells.

Geralt: I saved your life. The cockatrice is no joke.

Beefy Prisoner: Next time you’ll get beaten.

[Quest Updated - Prison Break – I must talk to Vincent.]

Vincent: Congratulations. You won the right to slay the beast.

Geralt: I’m almost proud.

Vincent: Want to slay the beast or would you rather just stand there?

Geralt: I need a weapon.

Vincent: That’s funny we recently confiscated a witcher’s sword.

Geralt: Where?

Vincent: Not your business. Jethro, bring that silver sword.

Jethro: The one we found at Thaler’s?

Vincent: Yes, idiot, that one!

Geralt: Can I have it?

Vincent: Get it from Jethro. The rest of your gear’s in deposit for afterwards.

Geralt: Fine.

Vincent: One more thing. I’ll pay extra for the monster’s head, prowded it’s undamaged…

Geralt: I’ll see what I can do.

[Quest Updated - Berengar’s Secret – I must talk to the fence who had the witcher’s sword.]

[New Quest - Memory of a Blade - I have to go and ask Thaler about the silver sword.]

Jethro: The sword… where was it…

Geralt: Hurry up, I don’t have all day.

Jethro: Yes. We also confiscated a potion. Once you’ve completed your task, collect your belongings from behind the bars.

Geralt: I’ll ask about it. Then I’ll get the Professor.

Jethro: Stupid. The Professor just does the wet work. If you want to be effective, you’d strike at his boss.

Jethro: Though I doubt you’d succeed. He’s a big player. He has… concessions…

Geralt: Connections, you mean. I’ll find him.

Jethro: First you gotta survive your meeting with the cockatrice.

Geralt: Watch my belongings. I’ll be back and I’ll want everything returned.

[In the sewers.]

Knight: Oh, you’re a witcher…?

Geralt: Indeed.

Knight: White hair, vertical pupils… Signs of mutation…

Geralt: Skip the medical exam.

Knight: Forgive me, I meant no harm. I’m Siegfried, a Knight of the Order of the Flaming Rose.

Geralt: I’m Geralt.

Siegfried: I’ve heard much praise concerning the combat skills of witchers.

Geralt: If you don’t mind, I have some work to do down here and I’d like to get it done fast.

Siegfried: A cockatrice, correct? That’s why I’m here.

Geralt: Let’s talk.

Siegfried: Yes?

Geralt: What do you know about cockatrices?

Siegfried: Cockatrices, also known as skoffins, are a kind of ornithosaur. They’re twice the size of a large bird. The link between reptiles and birds, they resemble roosters, hence their common name…

Geralt: Go on…

Siegfried: The cockatrice is frequently mistaken for a basilisk - but they’re two separate species. Contrary to common belief, the cockatrice’s gaze does not turn people to stone, but one should beware of its beak. The monster’s beak is apt to tear its opponents’ vital organs out with surgical precision. Often, the victim is slain immediately especially when taken from behind.

Geralt: So how would you say the beast can be killed?

Siegfried: You’ll need to excel at swordsmanship. Without a Silver sword, it’ll be more difficult. A cockatrice likes to sneak up from behind and attack.

Geralt: Anything useful to be taken from the carcass?

Siegfried: Its eyes are quite a versatile component -- and precious. Its tail feathers are even more valuable.

Geralt: Impressive knowledge.

Siegfried: I confess my knowledge of monsters ends with the cockatrice. My late father, Eyck of Denesle, may he rest in peace, left me an engraving of the beast. There were many more engravings, but they were lost inside a manticore’s stomach. Only the cockatrice’s image survived.

Geralt: My sympathies. Did you hunt the manticore, too?

Siegfried: No, I wasn’t at home at the time. When I returned, I discovered my father, despite his infirmity had decided to fight the manticore. He asked to be tied to a horse and with a prayer, he charged the beast. As you can surmise, he met a tragic end. When I reached the site of their struggle, the monster was in horrible pain, seconds from dying. When it could not dislodge my father from his armor, it nearly swallowed the old man whole. Later they would say the sacred fire in Eyck’s soul burnt the monster’s heart.

Geralt: A heroic death…

Siegfried: May he rest in peace.

Geralt: Think you can kill the cockatrice?

Siegfried: The sacred flame will guide me.

Geralt: What prompted you to enter the sewers after a beast?

Siegfried: It threatens Vizima. The Order’s been fighting beasts for a while. Rather effectively too.

Geralt: Wait… that’s witchers’ work.

Siegfried: You witchers are relics and few in number. You’re no competition - the Order demands no payment for protecting humans.

Geralt: I suppose fairies funded your armor and castles.

Siegfried: I’ve no desire to argue. We’re both here. There’s no reason to await the other’s turn, especially while there are drowners here too. Let’s join forces instead. I long to see your combat skills and I assure you my sword is at your disposal.

Geralt: Agreed. Let’s go.

Siegfried: You lead.

[Quest Updated - Prison Break – I must find the cockatrice’s nest in the sewers and slay the creature.]

Geralt: Behind you!

[They slay the cockatrice.]

[Quest Updated - Prison Break – I must tale the cockatrice’s head and leave the sewers.]

Siegfried: The cockatrice is dead. Now, where was the exit?

Geralt: I don’t think I can go back the way I came.

Siegfried: Come, I’ll lead you to the exit. Take the cockatrice’s head. Vincent pays well for trophies.

Geralt: Very well, though it reeks.

[After befriending Geralt, the knight shows him another way out of the sewers.]

Siegfried: That door leads out of the sewers. So, this is where we part. But…

Geralt: Quiet… I hear footsteps.

Siegfried: Odd. Few would dare venture here.

[Several assassins attack Geralt. He kills them.]

Siegfried: Friends of yours?

Geralt: You could say so. The thugs with the salamander sign have been bothering me for a while.

Siegfried: Who knew you’d be in the sewers?

Geralt: The captain of the guard, the Icon from the jail, and the prisoners. I fought the cockatrice for my freedom.

Siegfried: Hmm. A limited number of suspects. You’ll likely solve the mystery when you find the leader of those bandits. I have a friend in Vizima, a detective. See him for help.

Geralt: Where are you headed?

Siegfried: I have things to attend to at my quarters. Then I’ll venture out in search of beasts, as the world is still filled with them.

Geralt: You did well, Siegfried. Glad we met. I need to recover my things.

Siegfried: Make sure you get everything. Jethro is known to have sticky fingers.

Geralt: Let’s get out of here.

Siegfried: Here’s the key for the passage to town. A few days ago, I locked the door to keep the cockatrice in.

Geralt: Thanks. I’d rather not go back the way I came.

Siegfried: We might meet again if you ever visit the sewers. At times I venture down here in search of monsters.

Geralt: Ah, your sacred mission of protecting humankind?

Siegfried: Your sarcasm is unnecessary. We’re on the same side, witcher. You’ll realize this one day.

Geralt: Farewell. And thanks.

Siegfried: If you ever need me, I’ll be at my quarters in Vizima.


[New Side Quest - Suspect: Vincent Meis – I have to talk to Vincent about Salamandra.]

[Quest Updated - Prison Break – After leaving the sewers I need to see Jethro to collect my things.]

[Quest Updated - Witchers’ Secrets - I’ve decided to see a private investigator.]

[Geralt leave the sewers.]

Geralt: (to himself) Vizima’s Temple Quarter. Whores, murderers and beggars - Salamandra’s base must be near…

Geralt: (to himself) Hmm… interesting. The private eye Siegfried mentioned. Could be helpful… Have to start somewhere.

Geralt: (to himself) The town cemetery. The dead and undead await behind that gate. Plenty of work for a witcher.

Gravedigger: What’ll it be? Pine, or oak perhaps? An entire crypt? Let’s see, five ells wide…

Geralt: I don’t need a coffin. I don’t intend to die anytime soon.

Gravedigger: Makes sense. Maybe we can do business…

Geralt: What business?

Gravedigger: A partnership. With those swords you doubtless lop off a few heads occasionally… When you dispatch another soul, let me know and you’ll earn a share from the coffin.

Geralt: You’re sick.

Gravedigger: Resourceful! It’s just a job.

Geralt: Stop fooling. I need something else.

Gravedigger: What do you need?

Geralt: Why is the cemetery shut?

Gravedigger: Because the dead refuse to rest in peace. Fear not, they stay in their graves in sunlight. Someone should tend to them, though. Perhaps someone will offer a reward, but for now no one seems bothered.

Geralt: I’ll deal with it when you agree to pay me. For now, farewell.

Gravedigger: Think putting a dead body to rest is easy? Do what you will. Perhaps the watch captain will reward you.

Geralt: Won’t hurt to check. Farewell.


Order Armorer: Are you the one Siegfried spoke of?

Geralt: Siegfried, the knight from the sewers?

Order armorer: It is you! That cockatrice troubled us for ages. I heard it was a hard fight.

Geralt: She was young and fell quickly.

Order armorer: What’s your business?

Geralt: What does the Order do in Vizima?

Order armorer: We help fight the plague, keep the peace, and fight monsters.

Geralt: Plenty of work.

Order armorer: We protect the people and bear the light of the eternally Flaming Rose.

Geralt: When did you join the Order?

Order armorer: A while ago. My father was an armorer and I after him.

Geralt: Will you sell me your wares?

Order armorer: Siegfried’s friends are always welcome. If you want to buy something, speak to my apprentice. I handle forging and special orders.

Order merchant: Greetings, sir. Can I help?

Geralt: You the smith’s apprentice?

Order merchant: Sir. I sweep up, fire the furnaces, run the shop…

Geralt: Can I have a look?

Order merchant: As you wish…

Geralt: (to himself) Saint Lebioda’s Hospital - for victims of the catriona plague. Only two stages after this - Old Vizima and Hell. Damn I’m gloomy.

Guard at St Lebioda’s: No passage!

Geralt: I’m going inside.

Guard at St Lebioda’s: Diseased patients inside. I’ll not have you spreading the pestilence.

[Geralt goes to Thaler the fence.]

Thaler: I’m a fence. I buy and sell.

Geralt: What you deal in?

Thaler: Everything worthwhile.

Geralt: Hmm…

Thaler: So what’ll it be? We doing some plowing business?

Geralt: The city guards found a witcher’s sword at your place.

Thaler: First of all, it’s the cocksucking guards. Second, why do you care?

Geralt: Another witcher, Berengar, came to see you.

Thaler: Well, it wasn’t his fucking razor.

Geralt: How do you know that?

Thaler: I have your boyfriend’s other property. The sword I got elsewhere.

Geralt: Other property?!

Thaler: Right, meaning not his sword, got it? Like his undershorts that he pissed all over or something.

Geralt: So where did you get the sword?

Thaler: What’ll you give me if I tell you?

Geralt: I’ll stop short of gutting you.

Thaler: Fair offer. I bought it from a man at the Hairy Bear tavern.

Geralt: Care to describe him?

Thaler: No need, he’s the most famous dice player around. 0ut-fuckings ending, a real goddamn magician.

[Quest Updated - Memory of a Blade - I have to go to "The Hairy Bear" and talk to the gambler.]

Geralt: Have you heard of Salamandra?

Thaler: Piss-swilling reptiles, I’ve heard of ’em but I’ve no fucking idea what they want.

Geralt: Amphibians.

Thaler: What?!

Geralt: Salamanders are amphibians. Now tell me your connection to them.

Thaler: I’ll be plowed if I know.

Geralt: You do business with Salamandra?

Thaler: Did you fucking fall off your horse?

Geralt: How did you get Berengar’s effects?

Thaler: Dog’s balls, I’m a fence. Want me to draw you a picture? You think I ask every thief who he plowed for his goods?

Geralt: Let me draw you a picture: A certain organization -- Salamandra -- has it in for witchers. A witcher – Berengar disappears, and all he had lands in the hands of a fence - you. Getting this?

Thaler: A pox on pictures! Berengar’s nothing to me! My suppliers might know more… Besides, I’d never survive in this business if I sold hot goods I actually had a hand in getting.

Geralt: That’s believable… Innocent until proven guilty I guess, so let’s assume it’s not you for now.

Thaler: I’d say so! Goddamn Dijkstra, ace spy. Dog’s balls, what a clever analysis. If you figure anything out and need more information, creep on over and we'll talk.

Geralt: Explain to me why the guards tolerate you.

Thaler: Heheh… that’s confidential. You need to know how to take care of yourself.

Geralt: Take care?

Thaler: Both the bastard guards and the arse-loving thieves need me. That’s real art, witcher. I have deals With everyone and that makes me untouchable.

Geralt: Right. You gamble?

Thaler: I’m an abso-fucking-lutely great poker player. Why?

Geralt: Care to play?

Thaler: Don’t make me laugh. You’re a swiving amateur. Get some practice before you fucking bother me again.

[New Side Quest - Suspect: Thaler – I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.]

Geralt: How did you get Berengar’s property?

Thaler: Stubborn-arsed fellow, aren’t you? From a middleman.

Geralt: Where do I find him?

Thaler: At the Hairy Bear tavern. Doubt he’d want to talk to you. Man named Coleman.

Geralt: You don’t get it. I’m not interested in the middleman. I want information about Berengar!

Thaler: Then don’t fucking ask me. Your witcher boy was working for the alchemist Kalkstein. That information you get free. I’ll charge you the usual for anything else.

Geralt: I’ll find you later.

[Quest Updated - Berengar’s Secret - I need to get information about Berengar from a man named Coleman, a regular at the Harry Bear Inn. I must talk to Kalkstein about Berengar.]

Zoltan: Witcher!

Geralt: Zoltan Chivay. Good to see you.

Zoltan: You got inside the town okay? Plenty of work for a witcher in Vizima.

Geralt: It seems so. How did you manage to get in?

Zoltan: Nasty nonhumans will always find a way to sneak into human homes.

Geralt: True enough. Listen, Zoltan. I wanted to talk to you.

Zoltan: Yes?

Geralt: I’m looking for work.

Zoltan: Monsters are threatening the landing in the swamp. Everyone keeps complaining.

Geralt: Who should I talk to about ridding them of the danger?

Zoltan: Contact Leuvaarden. He’s usually on the dike, supervising the loading and unloading of goods.

Geralt: Thanks, Zoltan. Farewell.

[New Quest - Safe Haven – I should go to the Dike, where I can expect the merchant Leuvaarden to have job for me.]

[In the Dungeon.]

Jethro: You killed the cockatrice! On behalf of King Foltest, I grant you an official pardon.

Geralt: Finally this absurdity is over.

Jethro: Take your belongings from the trunk before I sell them. And remember the reward on the cockatrice’s head. Vincent gets very excited about trophies. Ah, I can finally relax. I’ll inspect what we’ve confiscated here. Hmm, good quality gear…

[Quest Completed - Prison Break – I must take my things from the chest and take the cockatrice’s head to Vincent.]

[Quest Updated - Hot Potato – Haren’s parcel are gone. I should put some pressure on Jethro, maybe he’ll cough it up.]

Vincent: You’re free, but you still need to observe the quarantine.

Geralt: Meaning?

Vincent: Don’t leave the Temple Quarter.

Geralt: You must be kidding.

Vincent: We keep a close eye on you witchers.

Geralt: Didn’t I hear you say that everyone’s equal…?

Vincent: What is it, witcher?

Geralt: I can prove I killed the cockatrice.

Vincent: Impressive. That’s 400 orens reward. Well deserved.

Geralt: How’s the Salamandra investigation going?

Vincent: Patience, witcher. All will be explained tonight.

Geralt: Any way I can help?

Vincent: Stay clear of the warehouses in the slums. It’s a sensitive case that doesn’t require your sword… just yet.

Geralt: The warehouses… You don’t intend to go there alone?

Vincent: It’s a secret operation. How do you expect me to go - with an assault team in full plate armor and a bugler? Relax, I’m no rookie and I got a few things up my sleeve…

Geralt: No doubt.

Vincent: Meaning? No matter. Have a good time today enjoy your freedom, and maybe tomorrow I’ll serve you Javed’s balls on a platter…

Geralt: Do you handle monsters, too?

Vincent: I’d rather not waste my men on that. I pay anyone who kills a monster. Just bring proof.

Geralt: What pays best?

Vincent: Right now my budget includes reward money for the cockatrice in the sewers and for some bloodthirsty plant that kills people in the swamp.

[Quest Completed - The Beast of the Sewers – I received my reward for the trophy.]

[Side Quest Updated - Suspect: Vincent Meis – Perhaps it’s worth checking what can possibly go on in a warehouse in the slums district at midnight?]

Memory of a Blade[]

Herald: A state of quarantine is hereby announced!

Geralt: What’s a state of quarantine?

Herald: It means that you’ll pass through neither the Castle nor Merchants’ gates, and if the plague has you… hospital if you’re lucky cemetery if you’re not.


Gardener: This hospital garden demands a caring hand.

Geralt: You seem to like what you do.

Gardener: Like it? I love plants and know them well. I spent my life dealing in bloodshed. Now’s my chance for peace and quiet.

Geralt: Bloodshed?

Gardener: It is no point of pride, but I long earned my living as a mercenary. Those times are behind me now and here I am content.


[New Quest - The Wolf Contract - I should collect ten wolf pelts for Jean Pierre.]

[New Quest - The Echinops Contract - I must collect three echinops root stocks for the gardener.]

[New Quest - The Alghoul Contrast - I must collect the marrow of three alghouls for Kalkstein.]

[New Quest - The Dogcatcher of Vizima – I need to collect six pots of tallow for the gravedigger.]

[New Quest - The Drowned Dead Contract – I need to collect ten drowned dead tongues for Siegfried.]

[At Hairy Bear Inn.]

Gambler: I’ll wager your luck excels at dice.

Geralt: I have my ups and downs.

Gambler: I propose an honest game.

Geralt: I might just take you up on that.

Gambler: I can tell you’re well-traveled. It’s a true honor to play a man like you.

Geralt: I’m a witcher. Aren’t you afraid I’ll jinx the dice?

Gambler: I’d rather lose to someone worldly than beat an ordinary sort. These farmers only wager cabbages. A hunter once frequented this establishment, but I haven’t seen him in ages.

Geralt: I think you’ve seen the last of him.

Gambler: He enjoyed high stakes, but was unlucky at dice.

Geralt: He was unlucky in love, too.

Gambler: If you say so.

Geralt: Silver sword. Mean anything to you?

Gambler: Why do you ask?

Geralt: I don’t have time for chitchat.

Gambler: Take no offence.

Geralt: Where did you get the sword?

Gambler: I won it from… a gardener.

Geralt: Where can I find him?

Gambler: The garden at Saint Lebioda’s Hospital.

[Quest Updated - Memory of a Blade – I have to talk to the gardener at St. Lebioda’s Hospital.]

Innkeeper: Well, well… Swords on your back, white hair… You run away from a circus?

Geralt: No, still a member. But I hear they’re looking for you.

Innkeeper: Sharp tongue, good fellow! What can I get ya?

Geralt: What’s with all this betting?

Innkeeper: Common folks’ entertainment - two toughs fight, we wager on who wins.

Geralt: What do those nuts get out of it?

Innkeeper: Gold. Spectators have a laugh, while the boys let off steam. If something goes awry the dogs get some supper.

Geralt: Any rooms?

Innkeeper: 5 orens.


Gardener: Look how they grow…

Geralt: I’m more interested in silver swords.

Gardener: I knew one of you would come by eventually.

Geralt: You lost it playing dice?

Gardener: I was sure I’d win. Beware, the sharp one plays well.

Geralt: Where did you get this sword?

Gardener: Five years ago, there was a battle near Brenna. When the dust had settled, our men had beaten the Nilfgaardians. We ceased to call ourselves an imperial province that day.

Geralt: You captured the sword during the battle?

Gardener: Yes. It was witcher Coen’s. A strapping fellow and a rare breed… Not very talkative, mind you.

Geralt: Like most of us.

Gardener: I gave my word the sword would find another witcher. As he lay dying, he mumbled about teeth and destiny. Then he laughed -- at his own death.

Geralt: Yet you lost it gambling?

Gardener: I kept it hidden for five years. I lost hope I’d ever run into another witcher. Miss Shani knew Coen. She works at the hospital.

Geralt: Thanks.

Gardener: Good luck on the Path!

Geralt: I’m here about the notice.

Gardener: You look like a warrior - care to kill echinops for me?

Geralt: Certainly.

Gardener: Bring their thorns as proof.

[Quest Updated – Memory of a Blade – I have to talk to Shani about the sword.]

[He go to Shani’s house.]

Geralt: (to himself) The aesculapian snake. I’d love to meet the fool who associated skin-shedding with medicine.

Crazy Old Lady: The end is nigh! The likes of you is proof enough. Nothing personal.

Geralt: I’m here to see Shani.

Crazy Old Lady: The White Frost approaches, I feel it in my bones. You don’t know how it is living in a cold house in your old age.

Geralt: True, I don’t.

[He go upstairs.]

Shani: How did you find me?

Geralt: You said you’d stay in Vizima.

Shani: Ah, right… I work in a hospital.

Geralt: I didn’t want to disturb you.

Shani: How’d you get past the old hag?

Geralt: That nice lady downstairs?

Shani: She’s made my life hell.

Geralt: Girls your age should be married.

Shani: That’s what she thinks.

Geralt: Is your rent low at least?

Shani: Yes, at least my rent is low… Doctors earn little in Temeria, many leave…

Geralt: You stayed.

Shani: Someone had to. Yes?

Geralt: Shani, I wanted to ask you something…

Shani: Mhm.

Geralt: I heard you saw Coen shortly before he died.

Shani: That’s right… how did you know?

Geralt: I found his sword…

Shani: He died during the Battle at Brenna… on my operating table.

Geralt: You were a medic at Brenna?

Shani: I worked alongside a surgeon named Rusty, best doctor I ever knew…

Geralt: Knew?

Shani: He died when the catriona plague erupted… in Maribor. Though a halfling, he could operate like no one else… He made everything seem simple. Stitch red to red, yellow to yellow, white to white, and everything will be all right. Ah, you wouldn’t understand…

Geralt: Sorry Shani… I didn’t know him. Do you know anything about this sword?

Shani: No… But you should ask the dwarf, Zoltan Chivay. His knowledge of weapons is unmatched.

[New Side Quest - Old Friend of Mine – I should see Shani in the hospital. Maybe she could use a hand.]

[Quest Updated - Memory of a Blade – I should talk to Zoltan, he knows about things like that.]

Shani: Yes?

Geralt: Shani?

Shani: I wanted to talk…

Geralt: What is it?

Shani: Sometimes I dream about the Battle of Brenna… the massacre…

Geralt: I’m sorry…

Shani: But that’s it. I’m not sorry. I wake up refreshed and it’s like I’m used to suffering. Does that make sense?

Geralt: It does.

Shani: Thanks. Sometimes it’s good to share…

Geralt: Don’t mention it.

[At Hairy Bear.]

Thug: Greetings, look who’s here.

Geralt: Who are you?

Thug: They call me Coleman.

Geralt: What do you do?

Coleman: I sell things, travel about.

Geralt: Like where?

Coleman: Swamps recently. What do you care?

Geralt: Just asking.

Coleman: You buying?

[Geralt walks away and go to a wan with an eyepatch.]

Man With Eyepatch: What you want, freak?

Geralt: I have some questions.

Man With Eyepatch: You haven’t the faintest idea who you’re talking to, freak. One word and before you count to three you’ll be facing a dozen hardened assassins.

Geralt: You’ll be dead before you count to three.

Man With Eyepatch: Well, the cub growls, but does it bite? I could use someone for wet work.

Geralt: I despise your kind.

Man With Eyepatch: Contempt, wolf cub, is the privilege of the prudent. In all others it’s a sign of youth and ignorance. I piss on your juvenile scorn. What do you want?

Geralt: I’ve been to Thaler’s place. Found a few things there, belong to someone I’m looking for.

Man With Eyepatch: Yeah, so what?

Geralt: They belonged to a witcher. How’d you get them?

Man With Eyepatch: We found them. Your friend was in trouble, scheming with Salamandra. Ask the people in the swamp. That’s where we found those trinkets.

[Quest Updated - Berengar’s Secret – I should ask the swamp dwellers about Berengar.]

Zoltan: Yes?

Geralt: What do you know about my silver sword?

Zoltan: What, me, a simple dwarf?

Geralt: Shani insisted your knowledge of weapons is unequalled.

Zoltan: All right… Silver-plated blade, a steel core. Suited to a two-handed grip. Decent workmanship, not perfect. I don’t know runes for shit…

Geralt: Thanks.

Zoltan: No problem.

Geralt: How are you doing?

Zoltan: Ever considered marriage, Geralt?

Geralt: My profession’s not exactly conducive to marriage. Infertility incessant risk, travel. Not many women would agree to that.

Zoltan: You see, I’m having doubts…

Geralt: Go on.

Zoltan: I haven’t seen her for some time and I’m getting jealous. She-dwarves are so desirable.

Geralt: I suggest we drink heavily. If that doesn’t help…

Zoltan: You mocking me?

Geralt: I wouldn’t dare.

Zoltan: Hardly something to laugh about…

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Completed - Memory of a Blade – I own a true witcher’s sword of prime quality.]

[At St. Lebioda’s Hospital.]

Guard: No passage!

Geralt: I’m going inside.

Guard: Diseased patients inside. I ll no have you spreading the pestilence.

[Gerald bribe the guard and going in.]

Shani: Hi, Geralt.

Geralt: Hi, Shani.

Shani: I miss Oxenfurt sometimes.

Geralt: You could always go back.

Shani: No, I’m needed here. Few have your immunity.

Geralt: I wanted to talk.

Shani: Quickly, I need to get back to work.

Geralt: How can I help?

Shani: Your skills are no good here.

Geralt: Shani, I do other things besides kill…

Shani: We don’t have a cure for the plague yet, but… did you know Rusty?

Geralt: Don’t recall.

Shani: Before the plague took him, he discovered certain plant plant extracts retarded the disease’s progress.

Geralt: You need those plants?

Shani: Yes, the best one’s celandine. Unfortunately it’s only found on swampy ground…

Geralt: I’ll try to help.

Shani: Every blossom counts… Bring at least five sprouts.

Geralt: Here’s the celandine.

Shani: Excellent. I’m really grateful…

Geralt: It was nothing.

Shani: If you need anything, let me know.

Geralt: I need to talk to you…

Shani: Can it wait?

Geralt: Well, I suppose…

Shani: Visit me at home… the hospital’s no place for personal matters.

Geralt: Where are you staying?

Shani: I’ve a room in the northeastern end of Vizima.

Geralt: Easy to find?

Shani: Opposite the house, there’s a small square with a sculpture of a snake. Quickly, I weed to get back to work.

Geralt: See you.

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine – I think Shani owes me one. I should talk to Shani more often.]

[In the dungeon.]

Jethro: Ah-choo! Damn, it’s strong…

Geralt: What’s strong?

Jethro: None of your business.

Geralt: I just…

Jethro: Aaaaahhh-chooooooo!

Geralt: Why was the Professor released from prison?

Jethro: He has powerful friends. Let that be a warning - don’t annoy those more powerful than you.

Geralt: I should be like the city guards - release criminals whenever someone shakes a coin pouch?

Jethro: Hey! You’re still under observation. Besides, someone bailed him out. Completely legal.

Geralt: Who was this benefactor?

Jethro: No idea… Money was transferred from Vivaldi’s dwarven bank… Impossible to trace. Drop it, I could get in trouble talking like this.

Geralt: I have questions.

Jethro: Ask.

Geralt: If Foltest put a reward on the Professor’s head, he must detest Salamandra…

Jethro: It’s not royal gold. Privately funded.

Geralt: Interesting.

Jethro: There’s also payments for Salamander badges taken from dead bandits.

Geralt: Who is thus philanthropist?

Jethro: I can’t tell you, but the sponsor’s representative spends his evenings at the tavern…

Geralt: I’ll check it out.

Jethro: Aaaaahhh-chooooooo!

Geralt: Got a cold?

Jethro: Heheheh, you’re pretty green… sniff.

Geralt: Not so green I don’t know the best way to take fisstech… Fold back your skin and rub…

Jethro: Where?

Geralt: Where you can fold back your skin, Jethro.

Jethro: Haha. If you buy fisstech from Coleman at the Hairy Bear, don’t say I sent you.

Geralt: See you.

[New Side Quest – Suspect: Vivadi – I should question the dwarf Vivialdi.]

[At Hairy Bear.]

Coleman: You buying?

Geralt: Looking to hire a witcher?

Coleman: Well, since you mention it…

Coleman: There’s an haunted house… more suited to an exorcist than a witcher.

Geralt: Ghosts?

Coleman: I want results. Chairs should stand still, doors remain closed, and pots hang on the wall peacefully. Willing to check it out?

Geralt: Okay.

Coleman: Great. The house is by the sewer entrance, near the gate to the dike.

Geralt: (to himself) Can’t help thinking a good glazier could eliminate those draughts…

[New Side Quest - The Rat – I must go to the haunted house and see if there is any real threat. If yes, I should eliminate it.]

Geralt: Ever seen the Salamandra sign?

Coleman: Leave me be!

Geralt: But…

Coleman: Shove off!

[He leaves. Geralt go to a Man with an eyepatch.]

Man With Eyepatch: What do you want, Wolf?

Geralt: Uh, how’s things?

Man With Eyepatch: Old whores have wings. Beat it, witcher!

Dwarf: Geralt? It’s been ages! I couldn’t believe Zoltan when he said you’d returned. It’s me, Munro… Exiles? The war? You, Zoltan and I helped them. You must remember.

Geralt: How’s life?

Munro: Can’t complain. I have a nice, slow job, as a bouncer.

Geralt: That’s slow?

Munro: The guests settle things between themselves. It’s a quiet place: Birds don’t ever shit in their own nests.

Geralt: I’ll find you later.

[Next to Munro stands Zoltan.]

Zoltan: Yes?

Geralt: Know anything about Vivaldi’s bank?

Zoltan: Now it’s only Vivaldi’s by name.

Geralt: How so?

Zoltan: New owners, humans.

Geralt: That explains a lot.

Zoltan: Really?

Geralt: Got a minute?

Zoltan: What’s eating you?

Geralt: I warn you, some philosophy’s Involved…

Zoltan: The meaning of life, eh?

Geralt: The Evil that witchers fight stems from chaos, from actions aimed at disturbing order. For where Evil spreads, Order cannot be established. Instead of the light of wisdom, the glimmer of hope and the glow of warmth darkness ensues. And in darkness you find nothing but blood, fangs and claws… like in the outskirts.

Zoltan: Nicely put, but as young Cerro said to King Vridank on their first date: “Does it have any practical uses?”

Geralt: The right of witchers to live and function in this world has fallen out of balance, because the struggle between Good and Evil now plays out on a different battlefield with different rules. Evil has ceased being chaotic. No longer a blind, elemental power, Evil follows rules according to the rights it’s been granted. It functions in line with the treaties…

Zoltan: That’s progress. With more of us living longer, we can slaughter one another in the thousands. Progress is like a herd of pigs. The herd brings many benefits, but no one should wonder at the all the shit.

Geralt: Shit or no shit, witchers exist to slay monsters. How can I when the real monsters hide behind ideals, faith or the law?

Zoltan: The biggest evil is moral relativity which kills more than the Catriona plague and dragons combined. Witchers will always be need, no matter where that pig herd leads us.

Geralt: Thanks Zoltan.

Man: Greetings, sir.

Geralt: Greetings, who’re you?

Man: A shoeshine. Clean that muck off your boots for just 2 orens.

Geralt: No thanks.

[In detective Raymond’s house.]

Raymond: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Geralt: I’m Geralt of Rivia.

Raymond: A warrior like no other, your legend precedes you. How can I help?

Geralt: I’m looking for some information. Is this where I’ll find it?

Raymond: Good question. I used to work for the lawyers Codringher and Fen. Satisfied?

Geralt: The names mean nothing to me, but I’ll assume that’s a recommendation.

Raymond: As a professional, you understand information has its price…

Geralt: I’ll pay.

Raymond: I’m all ears, White Wolf.

Geralt: I’m interested in the people who wear salamander pins.

Raymond: Just so happens I know a thing or two. Before I go on, I wouldn’t mind knowing what your interest in the case is.

Geralt: Azar Javed. Name mean anything to you?

Raymond: I’ve heard it… Why are you looking for Javed?

Geralt: Let’s just say my boot’s due a rendezvous with his ass.

Raymond: Usually I charge for Information, but I’ll give you this bit for free… I’ve been working on that case for a while.

Geralt: Go on.

Raymond: Azar Javed, a Zerrikanian sorcerer, leads Salamandra. He’s more dangerous than a pit of kikimores, but unfortunately out of my reach. With his contacts and resources, he’s got almost free reign in the city.

Geralt: I got a taste of his abilities… Anything else?

Raymond: I suspect Salamandra has built a large scale operation, with gold simply greasing the wheels of their political ambitions. They’re conducting genetic experiments, dangerous ones. Regular thugs wouldn’t have the knowledge or means…

Geralt: Who’s working for Javed? Any guesses?

Raymond: The captain of the guard, who dropped that Investigation, disappears nights. Maybe you can squeeze some Information out of him.

Geralt: Is that all?

Raymond: We might have one more lead. The city guards detained someone who could provide information.

Geralt: The guards? At the city jail?

Raymond: Yes. Find a way to question that prisoner. In the meantime, learn what you can from the guards.

Geralt: Count on it. People open up to me all the time.

Raymond: Heh… His Information could be priceless. Good luck.

Geralt: Know anything more about the Salamandra prisoner?

Raymond: He may be one of the leaders, though in this town the guards capture pawns while the big fish swim free. We‘ll know for certain once you question him.

Geralt: We’ll see.

Raymond: Just one thing… I think you’re being followed.

Geralt: Any suggestions?

Raymond: Wait here a while. Make them nervous.

Geralt: Surprise those who want to surprise you. I’ll leave at midnight.


The Professor: The witcher is taking his time.

Avar’s Voice: He must have left a different way. No matter.

The Professor: Seems true. I assume the trap is set?

Avar’s Voice: Indeed. Tend to your tasks in the Trade Quarter.

The Professor: I’ll leave the matter to our best agent.

[The Professor and Azar leaves. Gerald kills the rest of the thugs and go to the warehouse.]

Geralt: No sign of Javed or the Professor. This bunch should cave easily. Let’s do this…

Thug: Who is this? This wasn’t our deal, cop…

Vincent: Relax, just a witcher… Surely you know witchers are golems. No will of their own, follow orders quick and easy no complaints… Right, Geralt?

Geralt: Cut the crap. Caught you red-handed. You’re dealing with Salamandra!

Thug: Who the fuck is this?

Vincent: A regular idiot…

Geralt: Where are Javed and the witchers’ secrets? Talk or taste a witcher’s steel…

Thug: You’ll regret this, copper. Kill them!

Geralt: Try your luck.

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Vincent Mais – I should have a serious talk with Vincent.]

Vincent: If you’re here about the warehouse, I’d advise you to think before saying anything…

Geralt: You intend to deal with Salamandra?

Vincent: The warehouse was official business. The people you cut up wanted to testify against Salamandra. You’re lucky they didn’t have any valuable information. They actually wanted to trick me.

Geralt: Unconvincing.

Vincent: I don’t care. Be warned. If you get in my way again, I’ll slap your witcher’s ass in jail. Understood?

Geralt: I’ll continue the investigation on my own. If you’re involved in any way…

Vincent: Enough! Anything specific? If not, beat it.

Geralt: I wanted to talk to you about Salamandra.

Vincent: Okay…

Geralt: Someone informed them about my cockatrice contract.

Vincent: What’re you suggesting?

Geralt: The Professor… after you released him…

Vincent: I’ve got no time. End of conversation.

Geralt: You let the Professor out of prison!

Vincent: His bail was paid. That’s the law.

Geralt: But you can bend the law.

Vincent: I don’t tell you how to hunt monsters – yous don’t tell me how to do my job. I let him out but I haven’t lost his trail.

Geralt: But…

Vincent: I’m not gonna explain myself to you. End of conversation.

Geralt: What do you do nights? Meet your boss, Azar Javed?

Vincent: Nothing unnatural about spending nights in the Trade Quarter…

Geralt: Where do you get gold for that?

Vincent: Don’t always need coin to get by.

Geralt: Wealthy friends… I’ve got no real proof, so I’ll have to wait to decide.

Vincent: Sounds like your mountain has turned into a mole hill. That’s what happens when amateur’s try their hand at serious work. If you stumble upon any real leads, come by. I’ll give you some useful advice.

Geralt: They say you’re holding a Salamander prisoner.

Vincent: Maybe we are. What’s it to you?

Geralt: Well, I wouldn’t mind knowing…

Vincent: You’ll get no information -- out of me or my men.

Geralt: See you.

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Vincent Mais – I need more evidence.]

[Quest Updated – The Crown Witness – I’ll press Jethro for more information on the prisoner.]


Siegfried: Geralt, good to see you. Where are you going?

Geralt: To the Dike.

Guard: No passage! The captain forbids it.

Geralt: Why?

Guard: Captain’s orders. Talk to him.

Siegfried: Gentlemen, that’s no way to treat a hero. Geralt, the witcher that saved Vizima from a terrible cockatrice!

Guard: A hero? Well that changes things.

Siegfried: He’s almost one of us.

Guard: In that case, please pass, master Geralt. We’ll drink your health at the inn.

Geralt: Thanks, Siegfried.

Geralt (to himself): A surprise in the sewers. A knight of the Flaming Rose. Soaked in stench from head to foot. I usually work alone, but this was an opportunity to see a knight in action. I must say he did rather well… for a human. That was rare gratitude he showed…


Leuvaarden: Yes?

Geralt: I heard creatures threaten the transport of goods.

Leuvaarden: Yes. I assume you’re not asking for curiosity’s sake?

Geralt: I’m hoping someone’ll pay for their removal.

Leuvardeen: I may… The dock by the swamp is crucial to my business. The creatures have caused me losses.

Geralt: What are the beasts like?

Leuvaarden: Drowners. They emerge at night, destroying goods and murdering carriers. I’ll pay 400 orens to be rid of them.

Geralt: A pleasure doing business.

Leuvaarden: Indeed.

Geralt: Let’s talk.

Leuvaarden: Yes?

Geralt: How’s business?

Leuvaarden: You think me a seller of turnips? I run businesses you can’t even fathom.

Geralt: I see.

Leuvaarden: You’re confusing reflected stars for the night sky. I’m waiting for important news.

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Updated - Safe Haven – I must see a boat to get to the swamps and get rid of the monsters who came at the harbor at night.]

Ferryman: Transport services at best prices.

Geralt: Take me to the other side.

Ferryman: Time’s a wasting, made up your mind?

[Geralt pays.]

Ferryman: Ready to go?

Geralt: How many times are you going to ask me that? To the swamp.


Jean Pierre: Who are you?

Geralt: A witcher.

Jean Pierre: Well, well. I thought Leo Bonhart had disposed of your kind…

Geralt: Never heard of him.

Jean Pierre: Nor will you again. We all, in this profession, eventually meet someone better than us…

Geralt: What profession is that?

Jean Pierre: Bounty hunter. What brings you here?

Geralt: I’m here about the notice.

Jean Pierre: Finally! Got the hides?

Geralt: I’ll return when I have the pelts.

Jean Pierre: I’ll be here.

Geralt: Who was Bonhart?

Jean Pierre: Old Leo was a legend. In some ways he was like you. He killed without emotion. Just like you would kill a… a lame drowner… He was the best. Tall, slim, and… One gaze from those empty eyes could break a man.

Geralt: Was he a mage?

Jean Pierre: No. He slew some witchers - those who riled the peasants. Magic tricks and witchers’ reflexes proved useless against him.

Geralt: But he’s dead. As they say he hit a harder rock than he was himself…

Jean Pierre: Yes… Take care, witcher.

Geralt: Farewell.


Old Man: Hello, son.

Geralt: I’m not your son, gramps.

Old Man: Heheh. You guessed my name. They call me Gramps around here.

Geralt: They call me all kinds of things, mostly Geralt or scabbed freak.

Old Man: People exaggerate. I don’t see many scabs, heheh. No offense.

Geralt: None taken. But I’m likely to earn some trekking through this swamp. I’m looking for work.

Gramps: Ah, swords, I suspect I know the type of work you seek. Perhaps you could escort me to the chapel for my prayers? I’m old and no longer good at driving monsters off with my staff.

Geralt: I was thinking about paying work, but all right, I’ll take you there.

[New Side Quest - A Pilgrimage – I must escort Gramps to the Melitele shrine.]


Vaska: A traveler from distant lands! He has lost something he now seeks.

Geralt: What shall I call you?

Vaska: Vaska, the village eldress.

Geralt: Geralt, witcher. What do the villagers do?

Vaska: We mine clay and produce bricks.

Geralt: I see none working.

Vaska: Hard times… Speak, what do witchers do?

Geralt: We solve problems.

Vaska: Want to ask something?

Geralt: Has another witcher been here - Berengar?

Vaska: He has… asking different questions… about those… alchemies. The alchemists Kalkstein must have sent him. Then we happened upon his gear in a clay pit, covered in blood.

Geralt: Thanks, Vaska.

Vaska: White-haired one… there were signs of fighting there, and not with monsters He was attacked by men. Beware of flaming lizards and dry ones. I need you alive.

Geralt: Do you have monster problems?

Vaska: Indeed. Creatures have made nests in the clay pits.

Geralt: What are they like?

Vaska: As if drowned then resurrected.

Geralt: Drowners. I can finish them.

Vaska: We’re poor folks, I can pay no more than 50 orens.

Geralt: That’s enough. Where are they?

Vaska: Towards the landing, but take the other road at the fork. At its end you’ll spot our tormentors.

[New Side Quest - Clay Pits – I must go to the clay pits and kill all the drowners I find there.]


Gramps: Here we are. Thank you, son.

Geralt: I’m not your son.

Gramps: I like you. Visit me some time. I’ll show you my books, serve you some tea and goulash… You’re a witcher, yes? I met another of your kind recently, but he lacked courtesy. He demanded to know about the Circle of Elements.

Geralt: Another witcher? What can you tell me about him?

Gramps: Not much, son. He wandered bout, asking questions and looking like one with a sour stomach…

Geralt: I’m not so interested in that.

Gramps: I know, I know. He feared something or someone, spent most of his time near the pits where those village idiots burrow in clay…

Geralt: Thanks, gramps. That helps.

[Quest Completed - A Pilgrimage – I took Gramps safely to the Melitele shrine. Gramps asked me to pay him a visit.]


[Quest Updated - Clay Pits - I must return to Vaska and tell her the clay pits are safe now.]

Vaska: Want to ask something?

Geralt: I’ve killed the drowners.

Vaska: You showed us mercy, yet I deceived you. I can offer no money. But you cannot leave unrewarded. Take this amulet. It’s Kezath, the symbol of mercy.

Geralt: Will do.

Vaska: Wonderful! Now we prepare for the coming of the Lords!

Geralt: Who are these Lords?

Vaska: We worship them and receive the grace of those from the eternal Deep.

Geralt: I keep thinking of the fishpeople, vodyanoi.

Vaska: How dare you! Those names offend the Lords!

[Quest Completed – Clay Pits - I completed the task, but instead of the promised reward I received a magic Sephirah.]


Ferryman: Witcher, go and see Yaren Bolt, the lead woodcutter. He ought to have a job for you. He lives in the southern end of the swamp.

Geralt: Right, thanks.


Vaska: The Water Lords are nigh.

Geralt: Let’s discuss a job.

Vaska: Please help! One of our children is missing! The boy has always returned quickly until now.

Geralt: Perhaps water beasts ate him?

Vaska: Blasphemy! The druids must have him to transform into a dryad.

Geralt: All right, I‘ll look for the boy.

[New Side Quest - A Lost Lamb - I must ask the druids about the missing boy.]


[Quest Updated – Berengar’s Secret - Berengar is dead. Sad tidings for Vesemir when I see him again.]


[Quest Updated - Safe Haven - It’s time to go to Leuvaarden to collect my reward. I will find him on the Dike.]


Druid: What is it?

Geralt: I seek a boy missing from the brickmakers’ village.

Druid: I’ve not seen him.

Geralt: The brickmakers claim you change children into dryads.

Druid: Fools! Only adults are accepted here - children would only trouble us. As for dryads, ask them yourself.


Geralt: Aren’t those wyverns?

Druid 2: Wyverns indeed.

Geralt: How did you master them?

Druid 2: Tamed them through hard work. I guarantee they’re not drugged or their wings clipped. See for yourself.

Geralt: Any accidents?

Druid 2: Only the fool who tried to brush a wyvern’s teeth.

Geralt: I see.


Yaevinn: Welcome to the Druids’ Grove, traveler.

Geralt: Greetings.

Yaevinn: Marvelous place. I come here when I need to think, and the peacefulness helps clear my mind. Even a witcher is welcome here.

Geralt: One more word about my accepting my otherness and finding the home I never had and I’ll cry like a baby.

Yaevinn: Sarcasm only serves to expose your inhibitions.

Geralt: Ooh, an elven psychoanalyst.

Yaevinn: I spent decades among humans. I find your kind as complicated as the schematics of a flail.

Geralt: Decades? Live that long among humans, you’re bound to become more like them than you ever wanted to be.

Yaevinn: Are you speaking from experience, monster slayer?

Geralt: A sharp wit. I’m Geralt.

Yaevinn: My name’s Yaevinn.

Geralt: Let’s talk.

Yaevinn: Yes?

Geralt: I’m looking for witchers’ work.

Yaevinn: Then I’ll ask you a favor. I need a letter delivered to Vizima, where I’m not welcome. As a witcher, you should find little difficulty tending to monsters on the way and avoiding trouble with the guards at the city gates.

Geralt: Who’s the letter to?

Yaevinn: I’d be obliged if you could deliver it to Vivaldi, a dwarf living in town, and then return his reply to me.

Geralt: I’ll do it. I’m going to Vizima anyway.

Yaevinn: Thank you.

Geralt: What can you tell me about your kind? What makes you elves tick?

Yaevinn: Hmm… Let us pray beneath the trees. For the trampled heather, for blood that has been shed, for fate that has been destroyed!

Geralt: I’m not sure I’m understanding this…

Yaevinn: For death inflicted by sword! For the pain of others and our own!

Geralt: See you later.

[New Side Quest - Worth its Weight in Gold - I agreed to take Yaevinn’s letter to Vivaldi in Vizima.]

[Vaska’s house.]

Vaska: The Water Lords are nigh.

Geralt: The druids didn’t take your boy. If I find him, I’ll see to his safe return.

Vaska: The boy is gone - a warning to all. We must prepare.

Geralt: Prepare for what?

Vaska: The Water Lords are nigh.

Geralt: Life in the swamp must be dull.

Vaska: We can’t complain. Work during the day and evenings filled with stories and playing dice.

Geralt: Not me. Farewell.

[Quest Updated - A Lost Lamb – I promised that I would take the boy home then I find him.]

Ferryman: Ready to go?

Geralt: I wouldn’t have paid you otherwise. Take me to town.

[Geralt returns to Vizima and kills drowners in the docs.]

Leuvaarden: Yes?

Geralt: The dock is safe now.

Leuvaarden: I knew you’d do it! Here is your payment.

Geralt: Thanks.

[Quest Completed – Safe Haven – I collected my payment.]

Whore: What’s happening?

Geralt: Are you working or out for a walk?

Whore: Simply a walk, I guess.., but I’m flexible.

Geralt: Take care.

[He goes to Vivaldi’s house.]

Golan Vivaldi: What do you want?

Geralt: Greetings, dwarf.

Golan Vivaldi: Racial segregation with the first words uttered.

Geralt: What do you want me to call you?

Golan Vivaldi: Bah! You’re like everyone else, like the whole accursed city! Vizima: humans get everything; we get naught.

Geralt: I neither live in Vizima, nor am I a human.

Goran Vivaldi: What, then?!

Geralt: A witcher. A mutant.

Golan Vivaldi: In that case, sorry… I’m Golan Vivaldi. My cousin, Vimme Vivaldi, once met a witcher, a debt collector, apparently…

Geralt: I’m Geralt - and I’m no debt collector.

Golan Vivaldi: What brings you here?

Geralt: I have a message for you from Yaevinn.

Golan Vivaldi: Yaevinn? I don’t need to read it. I know what he wants. Witcher, know that whether elf, human or dwarf - they all want the same thing.

Geralt: She-dwarves?

Golan Vivaldi: How witty. Shove off. Come back later for my answer to the elf.

[Quest Updated - Worth Its Weight in Gold – I’m return to Vivaldi later to receive the reply.]

[Geralt visits a smithy.]

Smith’s Apprentice: Greetings, sir.

Geralt: You the smith’s apprentice?

Smith’s Apprentice: Indeed. I run the shop, keep things tidy. Whaddaya need?

Geralt: Show me your wares.

Smith’s Apprentice: Mr. Chivay says you’re right and honorable, so I see no reason not to trade. Here you are.

[Gerald finds the smith.]

Smith: Human come to see a nonhuman? You need something?

Geralt: I’m not entirely human. And yes, you might have something I need…

Smith: Malcolm Stein - not a better blacksmith in all Vizima.

Geralt: Nice workshop -- you must be proud but where’s your equipment?

Malcolm Stein: They took it, those sons of bitches. Now I must rent if I want to work.

Geralt: Thieves?

Malcolm Stein: No, worse. Damned city officials. Slapped me with taxes, on running a nonhuman business, trading in nonhuman goods. How the hell do they imagine I’ll forge things for humans? I’m a bleeding dwarf! Strange coincidence, too. That character connected with the Order recently acquired new Mahakaman anvils, strangely similar to my own…

Geralt: Will you sell me your wares?

Malcolm Stein: Zoltan praised you, so we can trade. If you care to buy something, see my apprentice. I do the forging and handle special orders.

[Kalkstein’s house.]

Kalkstein: Finally, the witcher Geralt answers my call!

Geralt: We meet again.

Kalkstein: I need your help again.

Geralt: With what?

Kalkstein: A grave matter… Something that could prove a milestone in alchemy! Connected to your profession, too.

Geralt: Tell me more.

Kalkstein: Hmmm. Sorry, I got lost in thought…

Geralt: You had a job…

Kalkstein: Help me fulfill my life’s work! A tower stands in the forest swamp near Old Vizima…

Geralt: A princess up top, dragon below? Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Kalkstein: Silence, please. Legend says a mage and alchemist built the tower. No princesses or dragons.

Geralt: So what’s my job?

Kalkstein: The mage died ages ago and the tower was forgotten. The Power within it attracted and deformed nearby creatures.

Geralt: In short, it breeds monsters?

Kalkstein: Precisely. I want to examine that Source, WItcher, and write a dissertation certain to immortalize my name! I’ll have access to secrets that have been hidden away in that tower for years! Unfortunately the tower is locked. I’ll pay 1000 orens to whoever helps me get inside.

Geralt: I’ll see what I can do, though I’m sure this won’t be easy…

Kalkstein: Were it easy, I’d not need you. Breaking into a powerful mage’s lab is complicated. We must gather detailed information on the tower.

Geralt: Where do I find it?

Kalkstein: In the tales and legends recounted by elders and swamp folk. In old books, too. Recorded wisdom is infinitely more reliable.

Geralt: Any specific titles in mind?

Kalkstein: Ransant Alvaro’s "The Secret Gates" and an alchemy treatise, “Ain Soph Aur.” I know a certain dwarf had a copy of "The Secret Gates." The second book, written by an anonymous gnome, was lost long ago and could be hard to find. While you search for these, you can test my newest invention - a crystal that links Places of Power and my workshop. It will allow you to teleport, disintegrating your being into billions of pieces that travel beyond the time-space curve…

Geralt: And then it’ll reassemble my being in your lab? Sure about this?

Kalkstein: There is some chance of error, but it’s miniscule…

[New Quest – A Mysterious Tower – I have to find two books for Kalkstein.]

A Mysterious Tower[]

[Geralt goes back to Vivaldi’s house.]

Golan Vivaldi: What brings you here?

Geralt: Do you have a copy of "The Secret Gates"?

Golan Vivaldi: I do, but I’m unwilling to part with it.

Geralt: I insist. Just give me a price…

Golan Vivaldi: So be it.

[Geralt buy “The Secret Gates” for 100 orens.]

[Quest Updated - A Mysterious Tower – I should read “The Secret Gates” carefully.]

[Geralt buys “Ain Soph Aur” for 300 orens.]

[Quest Updated - A Mysterious Tower - I should read “Ain Soph Aur” carefully.]

[Geralt read the books.]

[Quest Updated - A Mysterious Tower - I collected more information for Kalkstein. Sharing new information with Kalkstein can pay off.]

Geralt: Have you finished your answer to Yaevinn?

Golan Vivaldi: Yes, here it is. The elf will surely reward you.

Geralt: Let’s hope you’re right.

[Quest Updated - Worth its Weight in Gold – I must go to the swamps and give Yaevinn the reply.]

Geralt: I’m looking for the leader of a certain organization.

Golan Vivaldi: You suspect me because I’m a dwarf?

Geralt: I have several suspects, not only dwarves.

Golan Vivaldi: What do you want?

Geralt: I’ve got my eye on you.

Golan Vivaldi: Come back when you stop talking crap!

Geralt: I’ve figured out Azar Javed’s contacts.

Golan Vivaldi: Interesting…

Geralt: Sorry I suspected you. I know you’ve lost control of your bank.

Golan Vivaldi: Kind to be so frank with a dwarf.

Geralt: Any time.

Golan Vivaldi: I have information about Javed that might be useful.

Geralt: Even the smallest details sometimes are.

Golan Vivaldi: I saw his name in old files. He paid tuition at the sorcerers’ school in Ban Ard. He was expelled after taking an interest in dark magic. He stopped paying tuition and that was the last trace of him in our system. You’re dealing with a renegade.., and a dangerous one at that.

[Quest Completed – Suspect: Vivaldi – I’ve earned Vivaldi’s gratitude and gained a useful piece of information about Azar Javed.]

[Kalkstein’s house.]

Kalkstein: Hmmm… Sorry, I got lost in thought…

Geralt: About the tower…

Kalkstein: Yes?

Geralt: I have new information on the tower.

Kalkstein: Tell me, quickly!

Geralt: Before this tower, the mage erected two others, but both collapsed. This one served as his house and lab.

Kalkstein: I knew that… Anything more?

Geralt: The mage lived there until he disappeared, most likely dead. He constructed clay golems that served him but hardly seemed a mayor achievement.

Kalkstein: That would agree with the legends of the Sentry.

Geralt: There are ten corner stones involving the elements and threads of fate from which all this was born…

Kalkstein: Sephirot! So the old scrolls are true!

Geralt: One book contained hints of the stones whereabouts.

Kalkstein: We must find all ten Sephirot. I own one of them - Chocc’mah, the Stone of Wisdom.

Geralt: I suppose I’m to find the others?

Kalkstein: Yes. Near the tower, you’ll find a circle of stone obelisks. When you have all ten SephIrot, place them on the obelisks. Ah! So close! What a breakthrough! I’ll abolish the theory of those stuffy professors in Oxenfurt! I’ll destroy them. Smash them!

Geralt: Kalkstein, don’t get worked up until I find the stones, which won’t be easy. The information in these books is "murky" at best…

Kalkstein: Sorry. Could you show me these books? I’ll make notes for you. There you are.

[Quest Updated – Mysterious Tower – I need to find the nine remaining Sephirot and place them on the corresponding obelisks in the swamp.]

[St. Lebioda’s Hospital.]

Novice nun: Have you come to pray to the Great Mother?

Geralt: I’m not very religious.

Novice nun: Melitele loves even those who go astray.

Geralt: That’s kind of her.

Novice nun: How can I help?

Geralt: Tell me more about your goddess.

Novice nun: Melitele is Mother of all living things, the goddess of love, fertility and healing.

Geralt: Why does the statue represent three figures?

Novice nun: The goddess has three faces, symbolizing her different aspects.

Geralt: What are those?

Novice nun: A young, carefree girl; a mature, pregnant woman; and a hunched old woman.

Geralt: I see. I seek something and found a clue I can’t understand.

Novice nun: It is well you came. The goddess is infinitely wise.

Geralt: The clue says… Well, read it yourself.

Novice nun: Three faces - that’s Melitele. Behold the statue with the goddess’s three faces.

Geralt: And the sacrifice?

Novice nun: Only nature’s harvest: fruit, plants, flowers. Melitele dislikes killing done in her name.

[Geralt makes a sacrifice and earns 3 sephirots. He goes to the pier.]

Geralt: I seek the Sephirot stones - I haven’t yet located them all. I thought you might know such art and oddities.

Leuvaarden: I once purchased one for its magical potential, which turned out false. And I paid a mage a costly sum for the examination!

Geralt: Then would you sell it to me?

Leuvaarden: Sell my Tipperath? I’m rather fond of it…

Geralt: I’ll give a good price.

Leuvaarden: 500 orens?

Geralt: I didn’t think it was worth so much, but all right.

Leuvaarden: I wear Tipperath as an amulet. We can deal right now.

Geralt: I have 500 orens, though it’s quite a price to pay for a stone…

Leuvaarden: I sadly relinquish it, but my reputation would suffer, as would my business, if I did not deal. The Sephiroth is yours.

[Garalt takes the Tipperath and goes to ferryman.]

Ferryman: Transport services at the best prices.

Geralt: Take me to the other side.

Ferryman: Time’s a-wasting, made up your mind? Ready to go?

Geralt: How many times are you going to ask me that? To the swamp.

[Vaska’s house.]

Vaska: The Water Lords are nigh.

Geralt: Kalkstein, an alchemist, claims you know about the tower’s mage and its sentry.

Vaska: A powerful sorcerer once lived in the swamp, and apprentice his only companion. All changed when a woman entered his life.

Geralt: A fairy-tale beginning…

Vaska: But the end differs, for a wicked woman she was. He fulfilled all her wishes, and she took advantage of his might.

Geralt: Who was the woman?

Vaska: Unimportant.

Geralt: I’m listening.

Vaska: Blind love spelled the mage’s demise. He called upon forces he could not control and died.

Geralt: What about the guard?

Vaska: The mage’s lover could tell fortunes and the mage created a deck of extraordinary Tarot cards - he illustrated a future event on each card.

Geralt: And?

Vaska: Golems guarded the mage’s dwelling. Those spared the ravages of time survive at the cemetery where they remain motionless.

Geralt: One of them is the guard?

Vaska: Yes, the most powerful golem acted as Sentry. The Tower card depicts how the golem can be revived. In turn, this will open the tower anew. Take this card. I no longer need it.

[New Quest - The Sentry – I need to discuss this with Kalkstein.]

The Sentry[]

[Druid’s Grove.]

Druid: What is it?

Geralt: I can’t find Yaevinn. What happened to him?

Druid: He left to join other elves in the swamp.

Geralt: Where can I find him?

Druid: I wouldn’t know.

[Quest Updated - Worth Its Weight in Gold - I must go to the swarms and give Yaevinn the reply.]

[Gerald finds Scoia’tael’s camp.]

Yaevinn: Ah, witcher.

Geralt: You’ve been busy. A training camp?

Yaevinn: We must train to fight effectively.

Geralt: Really think this band of warriors can accomplish something?

Yaevinn: Can a few stones turn into an avalanche? Can an entire city burn down from just one spark? No need to answer, we both know the truth.

Geralt: I have Vivaldi’s response.

Yaevinn: He sends words not gold. I suspected as much.

Geralt: So my effort was in vain?

Yaevinn: Quite the contrary witcher. Vivaldi either will not or cannot help us, crucial information regardless. Did he say why he refused?

Geralt: Vivaldi’s gone bankrupt.

Yaevinn: Interesting. The bank functions, yet Vivaldi is bankrupt. Thank you, Geralt; I have an idea…

[Quest Completed - Worth Its Weight in Gold – I delivered Vivaldi’s letter Yeavinn, earning his gratitude.]

Geralt: Got more work for me?

Yaevinn: Hm. You proved apt at moving around the swamp and performed a favor for us. There is something…

Geralt: I’m listening.

Yaevinn: I’ve heard that knights of the Order of the Flaming Rose have entered the swamp. Those fanatics detest nonhumans. They’ll come for us sooner or later.

Geralt: What’s it to do with me?

Yaevinn: I’d like you to lead the unit to the Golem Burial Ground, where hav’caaren await with a weapons shipment. If matters turn dire, I expect you to prevent the unit from dispersing.

Geralt: All right, I’ll help, but tell me who the hav’caaren are.

Yaevinn: I’m gratified. Hawkers, as humans call them, supply weapons to our units. Waste no more time. The unit is ready. May your footsteps be soft, your breathing relaxed, and fight bravely.

Geralt: Are the knights a serious threat?

Yaevinn: They’re heavily armored, you’d best prepare. I heard witchers augment their fighting prowess with potions…

Geralt: Yes, they’ll be useful.

[New Quest - Force Recon – I’m supposed to lead the elves to the golem’s burial ground.]

Force Recon[]

Geralt: I led the unit to the burial ground and we ran into some knights of the Order…

Yaevinn: I assume you were victorious. I’m highly pleased, witcher. Here is your reward.

Geralt: But we found neither hawkers nor weapons.

Yaevinn: We’ll acquire weapons. The dh’oine will come for our gold. Most importantly, the Order has been beaten. You will hear of me yet.

Geralt: I’m sure I will.

Yaevinn: I conducted a little investigation into that witcher who roamed the 5 amp before you.

Geralt: Learn anything?

Yaevinn: Yes. He was seized by dh’oine wearing the Salamandra sign. Apparently e offered no resistance.

Geralt: So he isn’t dead. But why did he hide his gear?

Yaevinn: Maybe he foresaw their coming. Look out for yourself, Gwyn’bleidd.

Geralt: Thank you, Yaevinn.

[Quest Completed - Force Recon – I’ve gained Yaevinn’s trust.]

[Quest Updated – Berengar’s Secret – I have yet another reason to destroy Salamandra.]

Yaevinn: Yes?

Geralt: What are you preparing for?

Yaevinn: None of your concern Witcher. But you’re no fool. Think hard perhaps you’ll figure it out.

Geralt: An uprising against humans? What If I inform the authorities?

Yaevinn: Correction, we aim to win the war we're fighting, not start an uprising. And worry about your informing on us? A nonhuman yourself, humans will take you no more seriously than they do us. And even if they do listen, we are prepared, so well, in fact, that nothing can stop us. Vizima will burn soon.

Geralt: I hope I’ll be far away when it begins.

Yaevinn: Knowing you, we’ll doubtless meet in battle. Question is: which side will you choose?

Geralt: My own.

Yaevinn: Naive as a child. You’ll find it impossible to remain neut-iallin a war.

Geralt: Time will tell. Farewell.

[Kalkstein’s home.]

Kalkstein: Hmmm… Sorry, I got lost in thought…

Geralt: About the tower…

Kalkstein: Yes?

Geralt: Vaska helped me locate the Tower tarot card. It describes how to wake the Sentry.

Kalkstein: Let’s see this card. Interesting… Much depends on interpretation, but I think I understand. Alchemists find it easier to understand other alchemists.

Geralt: Enlighten me.

Kalkstein: The Sentry can only be woken if it’s near the tower - which it is - and by using a lightning rod.

Geralt: A lightning rod?

Kalkstein: The drawing depicts a man in a crown - a reference to King Herman the Mad?

Geralt: Don’t digress, Kalkstein.

Kalkstein: You’ll need a device that attracts and conducts lightnIng. Put plainly, a solid metal rod. A good smith should be able to forge one for a decent price.

Geralt: What next?

Kalkstein: Yes, we’ll need a thunderstorm. But I have no idea how to make Mother Nature cooperate.

Geralt: I’ll think of something.

Kalkstein: When you have everything, attach the lightning rod to the Sentry. Energy from the lightning bolt will revive the golem.

Geralt: What next?

Kalkstein: No idea, but you’ll manage. If you kill the golem, you’ll be able to make a rare potion requiring his heart… Here’s the formula.

Geralt: We’ll see.

[Quest Updated - The Sentry – I must find a craftsman who will make a lighting rod for me.]

[Malcolm Stein’s smithy.]

Geralt: Would you make me a lightning rod? A long, metal…

Malcolm Stein: I know what one is. We used them in Mahakam when humans still prayed to storms. You haven’t learned much about lighting rod since.

Geralt: Can you make a lighting rod?

Malcolm Stein: Are you trying to offend me or can’t you control what you say? I can, for 50 orens.

Geralt: Deal.

Malcolm Stein: Come back later.

[Some time later…]

Malcolm Stein: Need something?

Geralt: The lightning rod…?

Malcolm Stein: It’s ready - 50 orens.

Geralt: 50 orens, like we agreed.

[Quest Updated - The Sentry – I must go to the druids in the swamp to find a way to create a storm.]

[Geralt goes to the swamp.]

Jean-Pierre: What is it?

Geralt: I’m here about the notice.

Jean-Pierre: Finally! Got the hides?

Geralt: I do. Ten wolf pelts.

Jean-Pierre: Wonderful! The title of Royal Jagermeister will be mine. Else… I’ll become a mercenary.

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Completed – The Wolf Contract – I received my reward for the wolf pelts.]

Druid: What was that recipe? A double dose of hellebore and a dash of chopped fool’s parsley? Yes, this potion might prove useful.

Geralt: Why did you give me a potion’s formula?

Druid: You aid the brickmakers. I thought you could use the assistance.

Druid: It’s called the Willow and will raise your resistance to being stunned and confused - very useful when you deal with brickmakers, heh heh.

Geralt: Thanks.

Druid 2: What is it?

Geralt: You druids control nature’s forces, right?

Druid 2: No, we cannot. Rather, we live by its rhythms.

Geralt: You train wild animals… And you can stir up a storm?

Druid 2: No… I mean yes… But not by force…

Geralt: Well, I need a tempest with thunder and lightning. Can you create one?

Druid 2: I can, but as I said…

Geralt: I’ll pay. Call it a donation toward the prevention of further devastation of the environment.

Druid 2: 500 orens.

Geralt: That’s too much.

Druid 2: Things are getting more expensive and we have to live somehow.

Geralt: 500 it is.

Druid 2: Come back when you’re ready.

[Some time later…]

Geralt: Here’s 500 orens. I await my storm.

Druid 2: It’s no easy feat! I’m no common mage, harnessing storms with absurd stone posts.

Geralt: I’ll be looking for those storm clouds.

Druid 2: I know your intention, witcher, and I would prepare, imbibe some of those potions for you’ll need them.

Geralt: A witcher without potions is half a witcher, druid.

[Quest Updated - The Sentry – I must put the lighting rod in golem’s hands.]

[Quest Completed - The Sentry – I defeated the Sentry.]

[Geralt returns to Vizima and goes to Raymond.]

Raymond: I’m all ears, White Wolf.

Geralt: What was I supposed to do next?

Raymond: Talk to Vincent Meis, captain of the city guards, and question the witness.

Geralt: So, I questioned the captain of the city guard.

Raymond: Any conclusions?

Geralt: I don’t have enough facts.

Raymond: That, witcher, is what investigations are about. Getting the facts. Ask around about Vincent and Salamandra. Talk to anyone you can link to our suspect. Find a promising lead, ask the suspect about it. His reaction will speak volumes. Once you have a clear picture, confront him. In the meantime, follow through on all the other leads, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

Geralt: What’s it like being a private eye?

Raymond: Lousy work in a town full of dirt and conspiracies. I spend most of my time spying on nobles and rich burghers who cheat on their wives. You can’t imagine what people are capable of…

Geralt: I don’t think I care to imagine…

Raymond: I recently followed Morden, commander of Foltest’s palace guards. Heard of him?

Geralt: I don’t think so.

Raymond: I saw him in the stables with two young pages. You wouldn’t believe…

Geralt: I’ve heard enough. See you soon.

[Geralt visits a jail.]

Jethro: Aaaaahhh-chooooooo!

Geralt: I have questions.

Jethro: Ask.

Geralt: Know anything about this Salamander prisoner?

Jethro: Why would I tell you…? Hmph, the captain would kill me.

Geralt: Maybe I can persuade you…

Jethro: Powder would help…

[Geralt gives him a box of Fisstech.]

Jethro: I never turn down good fisstech…

Geralt: Tell me about the Salamandra prisoner.

Jethro: But… ah-choo! I hardly know anything.

Geralt: Where is he?

Jethro: They took him to Lebioda Hospital.

Geralt: Thanks.

Jethro: Ahh-choo!

Geralt: Who did you confiscate the witcher's sword from?

Jethro: Thaler, the fence - has to earn his living somehow. Before we let the Professor out, Thaler and Vincent were chatting in the courtyard.

Geralt: Before I went down the sewers… Somehow I sense it no coincidence. Where do I find Thaler?

Jethro: I’ll mark the place on your map. But don’t kill him. We have a deal with him.

Geralt: You should drop that habit.

Jethro: Maybe, but not today.

Geralt: See you.

[Quest Updated - The Crown Witness – I must speak with the prisoner being held at the hospital.]

[St. Lebioda’s Hospital]

Guard: Stay away from the prisoner!

[Geralt pays him 10 orens.]

Guard: Stay away from the prisoner!

Geralt: I want to ask some questions.

Guard: Not now! Come back at night…

Geralt: But I paid you!

Guard: Shh, return tonight…

[Geralt returns in a few hours.]

Guard: Stay away from the prisoner!

Geralt: But I paid you!

Prisoner: Aaaagh… Ghh…

Geralt: Shhh, he’s talking…

Prisoner: Aghhh… Kalkstein… He…

Guard: He’s passed out. Shove off.

Geralt: There is a commotion in the corridor!

Guard: Bloody thugs! Ramsmeat sent them!

[Quest Updated - The Crown Witness - Ramsmeat’s men assaulted the hospital. I need to speak with Raymond.]

[New Quest - Suspect: Kalkstein - I need to question Kalkstein the alchemist.]

[New Quest - Suspect: Ramsmeat - I have to speak with Ramsmeat about his dealing with Azar.]

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - It’s time to return to Raymond and conclude our discoveries.]

[Geralt feeding the thugs with witcher’s steel. After that he goes straight to Raymond.]

Raymond: I’m all ears, White Wolf.

Geralt: So, I got to the prisoner.

Raymond: He spill anything?

Geralt: Didn’t have time. Ramsmeat’s men attacked.

Raymond: You sure? Strange… Ramsmeat wants Salamandra gone, unless something I don’t know about has occurred…

Geralt: Javed might’ve scared him… or paid him off…

Raymond: Something to check. Did you get anything out of the prisoner?

Geralt: One word: Kalkstein.

Raymond: Makes sense. Kalkstein’s known to be a talented alchemist. He could be helping Javed with his experiments…

Geralt: I’ve met Kalkstein. He didn’t look the criminal…

Raymond: That might be true, but we need to check all our leads. Let’s get to work. I’ll ask around town, talk to my contacts. You keep an eye on Kalkstein, gain his trust, get to know his plans and secrets.

Geralt: How do you want to proceed?

Raymond: Patience, this is just like fishing.

Geralt: I prefer hunting.

Raymond: Then gain Kalkstein’s trust. Do him a favor, learn something that interests him. You could get him to hire you… And talk to Ramsmeat. But don’t overdo it -- there’s one with a short temper.

[Quest Completed - The Crown Witness - We have two leads Kalkstein and Ramsmeat.]

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - I must gain the trust of Kalkstein the alchemist to move the investigation forward.]

[Kalkstein’s home.]

Kalkstein: Hmmm… Sorry, I got lost in thought…

Geralt: Let’s talk about Salamandra.

Kalkstein: Hmm…

Geralt: I think you’re in league with them.

Kalkstein: What? Me? Why?

Geralt: That’s what I’d like to know…

Kalkstein: What is it you’re after?

Geralt: Evidence indicates you’re inked to the organization.

Kalkstein: What evidence?

Geralt: The wounded Salamander mentioned you.

Kalkstein: That’s likely since I hired him.

Geralt: What for?

Kalkstein: To help with my experiments… I had no idea he belonged to a secret organization.

Geralt: I suppose he distilled the fifth essence and dusted the philosopher’s stone?

Kalkstein: He protected me from Salamandra and did other tasks. He risked his life for me and your sarcasm will not change that! Get out of my sight, mutant!

Geralt: I don’t believe you. I don’t know enough to decide. Let’s drop the subject for now.

Kalkstein: Right, we can’t waste time. When you find that criminal, I’ll gladly help. But now, back to work.

Quest Updated - Suspect: Kalkstein - I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.]

[Hairy Bear inn.]

Owner: Who’s there?!

Waitress: Just a witcher.

Geralt: Just?

Zoltan: Geralt, greetings!

Geralt: What happened?

Zoltan: A show of force. They smashed a window and packed three bolts in Coleman’s gut. Used dispersive bolt heads, a hav’caar specialty. And highly illegal.

Geralt: Who killed him?

Zoltan: Damn Scoia’tael. Now folk will call him a good man, saying how he helped old ladies… I sense a pogrom approaching. The damned shits drew up a list of enemies and they’ve begun eliminating them without regard for the consequences.

Geralt: Why Coleman?

Zoltan: Anger? Revenge? Some elven youth probably overdosed. A note on one of the bolts read: "White death trader." He was selling fisstech to kids, cheaper than anyone else. And you know how addictive it is…

Geralt: I’m surprised they acted in town…

Zoltan: They feel strong now they’ve got arms. Some fool did business with them. I suspect Haren Brogg. What terrible times…

[Consequences video.]

Geralt: Fragmenting tip. Enters the stomach as one, exits the back as three, mincing the internal organs. Hawkers’ specialty. Useless against armored soldiers. The tips burst on the surface of even the lightest armor. They’re used to kill civilians, for show, as a cruel warning. I know where the weapons that killed Coleman came from… I need to avoid those Situations, remain neutral, not get involved.

[Quest Failed: The Rat - I will not have the chance to finish this assignment.]

Ramsmeat: What do you want, Wolf?

Geralt: Ever seen the Salamandra sign?

Ramsmeat: I’ve seen a lot. Have a problem with that?

Geralt: Best tell me all you know… The name Azar mean anything?

Ramsmeat: I have a rule. Before I slit someone’s throat I give them some advice: never threaten me. Make sure you remember that. I mean… Image is everything, right?

Geralt: I need to talk to you about Salamandra.

Ramsmeat: Quickly.

Geralt: When I ask about Salamandra, your henchmen get shifty.

Ramsmeat: They’re like me - we don’t like Salamandra.

Geralt: And I’m a priestess of Melitele…

Ramsmeat: You’re either very brave or very foolish to accuse me.

Geralt: Neither, Ramsmeat.

Ramsmeat: You should’ve asked my men why they get nervous! Now shove off!

Geralt: Why did you contact witcher Berengar?

Ramsmeat: What’s it to you?

Geralt: He was my brother.

Ramsmeat: Take a good look… Do I seem like a whore to you?

Geralt: No.

Ramsmeat: So why are you trying to fuck me? Again, what’s it to you?

Geralt: He was a friend. I suspect Salamandra had something to do with his disappearance.

Ramsmeat: You choose your friends poorly. Berengar schemed with Salamandra and that’s why we had our eye on him. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He disappeared in the swamp. Kalkstein hired one of my boys to find him, then he disappeared. That’s all. Now get lost.

Geralt: Your people attacked me at the hospital.

Ramsmeat: You cracked?! I sent them there to bring back one of ours!

Geralt: Why don’t I believe you?

Ramsmeat: I don’t give a rat’s arse!

Geralt: In that case, let’s call it a misunderstanding. Sorry about your boys.

Ramsmeat: Pity. Life’s a bitch, then you die. Now, if you‘ll shove off, I’ve got some deals to tend to.

Geralt: I’m short on proof, so let’s say I’ll leave you alone for now.

Ramsmeat: Thanks a lot, but you’ll allow me not to fall at your feet… If you do happen to find Javed, I’ll be glad to hear about it. And if you find any of his underlings, I wouldn’t mind having a chat with them, too.

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Ramsmeat - I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.]

[Geralt goes to detective Raymond. Going into the house, he sees that he was attacked by Salamandra mercenaries. Geralt kills them.]

Raymond: Thanks, Geralt, you saved my life. Bastards snuck in here. Somehow they found out I’m after them!

Geralt: Who? What happened?

Raymond: Salamandra… I was a step away from solving the mystery. One small step.

Geralt: Relax, Raymond, you’re safe now.

Raymond: Not likely! They’re following me, day and night. I’ve got to find a way to lose them.

Geralt: What do we do?

Raymond: I’ll set a false trail. You question the new suspects.

Geralt: Who?

Raymond: Here, take these notes. They list all the key leads.

Geralt: What do you intend to do?

Raymond: They’re on my heels, so I‘ve got to disappear. I’ll draw them away while you pursue the investigation. I’ll find you, White Wolf!

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - I want to see how Raymond is doing. I must cross-questioт the suspects. I’m start with Ramsmeat. I should question Thaler the fence. I should question the merchant Leuvaarden.]

[New Quest - Suspect: Leuvaarden - I need to question the merchant Leuvaarden.]


Leuvaarden: Yes.

Geralt: I suspect you know about Salamandra.

Leuvaarden: I know nothing.

Geralt: We’ll see.

Leuvaarden: Can I return to my business?

Geralt: We need to talk about your dealings with Salamandra. You paid to have the Professor released.

Leuvaarden: Why would I bother with a criminal?

Geralt: Why not?

Leuvaarden: Would I do it so clumsily as to implicate myself?

Geralt: I don’t believe you. I don’t have any definitive proof, so I’ll let it lie - for now.

Leuvaarden: Wise choice. You should trust your instincts more.

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Leuvaarden - I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.]

[Geralt exits the dike and a boy comes to him.]

Boy: Mr. Maarloeve sent me.

Geralt: What’s happening?

Boy: Raymond said he has some new information. Come to his house as soon as you can.

Geralt: Thanks for the message.

[Quest Updated - Visima Confidential - I must meet up with Raymond.]

[Raymond’s house.]

Raymond: Welcome! You won’t believe what happened.

Geralt: Tell me.

Raymond: Not so fast. Remember I have expenses.

Geralt: How much do I owe you?

Raymond: 200 orens.

Geralt: This investigation is getting expensive…

Raymond: I’m not the prophet Lebioda. I can’t live on roots and berries. Neither can my informers. I guarantee you these are the bare necessities.

Geralt: All right. Two hundred orens.

Raymond: Down to business. They transferred the prisoner after the attack.

Geralt: Not good.

Raymond: Especially since we won’t get anything else out of him. He died last night.

Geralt: How did that happen?

Raymond: Well, he wasn’t in great shape, so I guess it’s no surprise. But I have a feeling…

Geralt: …someone helped him along?

Raymond: Exactly. Shani’s a good friend of yours, right? Ask her to do an autopsy. Once we know the cause of death…

Geralt: Wait a minute… Are you spying on me?

Raymond: That’s my job.

Geralt: See you later.


Anatomy of a Crime[]

[New Quest - Anatomy of a Crime - I have to make an appointment with Shani and get to the corpse from the gravedigger.]

[St. Lebioda’s Hospital.]

Shani: Geralt, we need to talk.

Geralt: What is it?

Shani: Some people died at the hospital! Were you involved?


Shani: Explain yourself!

Geralt: I wanted to question a prisoner, one of your patients, but thugs interrupted us. It was their bodies the guard discovered later.

Shani: Hmm… I’ll tell you what I overheard. The prisoner will be transported to a safe location.

Geralt: Thanks, Shani, for understanding.

Shani: Just watching out for you.

Geralt: I need you to help me with an autopsy.

Shani: What? That’s illegal!

Geralt: It’s necessary.

Shani: Visit me at night - we’ll talk.

Geralt: See you.

[Geralt goes to her house at night.]

Granny: What’s he want? Say something.

Geralt: Does Shani live here?

Granny: Yes. They send you from the hospital? You certainly look ill. Gods are punishing you.

Geralt: Yes, I’m from the hospital.

Granny: You can go upstairs. Just don’t force yourself on the girl.

[Geralt goes up to the second floor. Shani meets him in his nightgown, which hides almost nothing.]

Shani: Yes?

Geralt: Shani, I wanted to ask you something... I need your help with an autopsy…

Shani: An autopsy? Since when do you deal with stuff like that?

Geralt: Since I started investigating Salamandra.

Shani: Okay, though I'm no coroner. You'll have to interpret our findings. We'll meet in the evening. Until then, gather as many clues as possible.

Geralt: I'll sniff around.

Shani: Get the body from the gravedigger. We'll meet at the hospital in the evening.

Geralt: How do I find information to help the autopsy?

Shani: Ask Vincent Meis but also look for books on anatomy and pathology.

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Updated - Anatomy of a Crime - While I am waiting for the corpse, I should talk to someone who has conducted such an investigation or read some books.]

[He leaves Shani’s house and wanders through the night city in search of a place to sleep, but finds problems in the form of a gang of robbers. Having dealt with them, Geralt rests by the fire, and in the morning goes to the gravedigger next to whom he meets a crying woman.]

Hildegard Zollstock: Oooaa... Woe is me! Will no one help me?

Geralt: Why the grief?

Hildegard Zollstock: My husband haunts me. What do I do?

Geralt: Haunts you? In your bedchamber?

Hildegard Zollstock: My late husband haunts me!

Geralt: Tell me more, maybe I can help.

Hildegard Zollstock: My husband died a month since and now haunts me in my home, wailing nightly. But the worst thing is...

Geralt: I'm listening.

Hildegard Zollstock: Worst... he flies around the cemetery at night shouting lies about me. Doubtless tongues are wagging already. Set him straight I beg you.

Geralt: It will cost you 200 orens if I succeed.

Hildegard Zollstock: Oh! That's a hefty sum. Profiting off someone else's misery! Well, deal with him and I'll pay.

[Geralt's doing his bidding.]

Geralt: I've dealt with your husband.

Hildegard Zollstock: Have you proof?

Geralt: You didn't mention proof. I want my gold.

Hildegard Zollstock: You’re depriving a widow of her pittance!

Geralt: Quiet down, aren't you afraid of being seen in the company of a witcher?

Hildegard Zollstock: Damn you! Take your gold and begone.

[She pays him 200 orens. After that, he goes to the gravedigger.]

Gravedigger: What do you need?

Geralt: You seem to know a lot about the deaths in the city. Ever help with investigations?

Gravedigger: Sometimes I inform Raymond about the more interesting dead men.

Geralt: Maybe you can tell me, too?

Gravedigger: No. I promised to keep quiet.

Geralt: I see. A prisoner died recently. Is he in the cemetery already?

Gravedigger: Don't know. You can have another body. They all reck the same.

Geralt: I'm after a specific corpse.

Gravedigger: Particular! Come back when you know what you want. Examining remains is an art… Always worthwhile to look deeper... but who does that concern?

Geralt: Could you hand over the prisoner's body for an autopsy?

Gravedigger: For a bottle of dwarven liquor.

[Geralt hands him a bottle of his own stock. The gravedigger drinks it immediately.]

Gravedigger: Nothing like a good drink!

Geralt: About the prisoner...

Gravedigger: Where you want the body dumped?

Geralt: At the hospital.

Gravedigger: It'll be there by evening.

Geralt: Farewell.

[Quest Updated - Anatomy of a Crime - I have to come to the hospital at midnight.]

Gravedigger: Nothing like a good drink!

Geralt: Right.

Gravedigger: Yo ho ho and a bottle of... RUM!

Geralt: You're not likely to tell me anything interesting.

Gravedigger: What do you need?

Geralt: I'm here about the notice.

Gravedigger: Yes?

Geralt: I understand you need 6 jugs of dog's lard?

Gravedigger: I want you to cull as many mutts as possible. Bring me the lard as proof.

Geralt: Why is the cemetery shut?

Gravedigger: Because the dead refuse to rest in peace. Fear not, they stay in their graves in sunlight. Someone should tend to them, though. Perhaps someone will offer a reward, but for now no one seems bothered.

[Tired of drunken gravedigger, Geralt goes back to the hospital.]

Shani: Ready for the autopsy?

Geralt: Let's get started.

[Shani begins the examination.]

Shani: Race: human, gender: male, wounds: extensive...

Geralt: Shani, this isn't a lecture hall...

Shani: Whatever you say. He died yesterday, torn to pieces. Geralt: Could a human have inflicted these wounds?

Shani: Only with a two-foot jaw.

Geralt: The bone marrow has been sucked out. Must be scavengers.

Shani: Very likely... plenty around the cemetery.

Geralt: So he was torn to pieces after he died. I'm interested in the cause of death.

Shani: I also see some stab wounds - a blade two fingers wide.

Geralt: An assassin's dagger... Ramsmeat's men.

Shani: It'd be nice to find something conclusive.

Geralt: Any suggestions?

Shani: Let's check his internal organs.

[She continues the examination.]

Shani: Where shall we start?

Geralt: Look at the heart.

Shani: The heart's untouched, but the aorta's been cut by a dagger.

Geralt: Was it fatal?

Shani: Yes.

Geralt: Let's look at the lungs...

Shani: Perforated. Odd, the weapon didn't hit any vital organs.

Geralt: You mean the wounds weren't the cause of death?

Shani: If they were, we’d see pneumothorax.

Geralt: Can you survive pneumothorax?

Shani: Yes, an average surgeon could cure you. At worst, you'd spend the rest of your life whistling when you breathed.

Geralt: Let's look at the liver.

Shani: Completely controls, but he doesn't look drunk.

Geralt: Poison?

Shani: Yes. It also caused convulsions, paralysis and cardiac arrest. That explains why rigor mortis lasted so long.

Geralt: Could bandits have obtained such poison?

Shani: They could have purchased it from someone. There's a shifty looking merchant among them.

Geralt: Kalkstein also deals in such things.

Shani: Alchemists' polsons usually leave a trace, Let's have a look. Look the tongue was crudely extracted, but not all the blackened tissue was removed.

Geralt: Blackened?

Shani: Yes, the poison caused necrosis of the tongue, so the murderer removed it.

Geralt: So we're certain a gifted alchemist is the murderer.

Shani: A gifted alchemist who's a crappy surgeon.

Geralt: Kalkstein. He wanted to implicate the bandits but he failed to foresee a professional autopsy. Thanks, Shani, that's the evidence I needed.

Shani: Good. I'm exhausted.

[Quest Completed - Anatomy of a Crime - The autopsy proved Kalksten was the murderer.]

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Kalkstein - Kalkstein is guilty. I need to pressure him.]

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - Shani was very helpful. I should visit her one day.]

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - Time to go to Raymond's house.]

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Ramsmeat – I’ll tell Ramsmeat I've found proof of his innocence.]

[Geralt runs through the night city to a small house in the poor part of the city where beggars and prostitutes live. A bouncer meets him at the door.]

Bouncer: Are you lost?

Geralt: Who lives here?

Bouncer: Don't answer a question with a question!

Geralt: Let me rephrase.

Bouncer: Some nerve. This is Ramsmeat's house, and he never spoke of a visiting mutant, so scram!

[Geralt pays him 20 orens and he lets him in.]

Ramsmeat: What do you want, Wolf?

Geralt: Want the truth about Salamandra?

Ramsmeat: I'm listening.

Geralt: Someone wanted me to believe you led Salamandra.

Ramsmeat: And I thought Salamandra sent you...

Geralt: Hmmm... that's interesting...

Ramsmeat: They'd really like me out of the saddle. They tried to poison me and sent several masked assholes out to assassinate me. But that's all too little for uncle Ramsmeat. I thought you were their next attempt.

Geralt: I know you're fighting Salamandra... I'm hunting them, too,

Ramsmeat: Javed wants to take over my business. He decided to start with the girls. Know why? Though he left Zerrikania long ago and trained to be a mage, deep inside he's remained a fucked up wild man. Now you get it?

Geralt: Not really.

Ramsmeat: He's driven by instinct, thinks with that Zerrikanian cock of his. And he's got some strange fetishes... likes fire. My girls are scared shitless, and they don't scare that easily.

Geralt: Thanks. That helped.

Ramsmeat: No problem.

Geralt: See you.

[Quest Completed - Suspect: Ramsmeat - I have earned the gratitude of the local kingpin and gained interesting information about Azar.]

[After that, Geralt visits Kalkstein.]

Kalkstein: Hmmm... Sorry, I got lost in thought...

Geralt: I suspected you were working with Javed...

Kalkstein: You think I lead Salamandra? I'll die laughing.

Geralt: I'm certain. You don't fool me with your scholarly guise.

Kalkstein: You're a fool, Geralt!

[Quest Completed - Suspect: Kalkstein - I should keep an eye on Kalkstein.]

[Now Geralt pays a visit Detective Raymond and tells him about the evidence he found.]

Raymond: Yes?

Geralt: I have the autopsy results.

Raymond: And?

Geralt: I'm certain it was Kalkstein.

Raymond: How do you know?

Geralt: The liver was cirrhotic. The stab wounds were just a clumsy attempt to hide the real reason.

Raymond: So, poison after all... But how can you be sure it was Kalkstein?

Geralt: Changes in the eyeballs. Typical of alchemical poisons.

Raymond: I see you did your homework...

Geralt: I sure did.

Raymond: Come back later. I need to analyze this information.

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - The detective needs some time to analyze the evidence.]

Old Friend of Mine[]

[While the detective is dealing with the evidence, Geralt goes to thank Shani for the help.]

Granny: Welcome, make yourself at home.

Shani: Yes?

Geralt: You need any help?

Shani: I'd like to ask a favor.

Geralt: I'm listening.

Shani: Remember Dandelion? Well... we're trying to organize a gathering...

Geralt: A gathering?

Shani: To reminisce, have a few drinks... however...

Geralt: Lacking the drinks?

Shani: You guessed it. And I don't want to serve just anything.

Geralt: What do you need?

Shani: Cherry vodka for Dandelion, rosé wine for me and something for you.

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - I must supply Shani with rosé wine, cherry liquor, and Temerian rye vodka.]

[To buy alcohol, Geralt visits a local tavern.]

Waitress: Hello. Fancy a meal? Or have you another reason for coming?

Geralt: What other reason?

Waitress: There's a comfortable bed out back. What'll it be?

[Having refused Geralt's flattering offer, a few bottles of alcohol. Soon he will have a better option.]

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - I have the alcohol. Now to get it to Shani.]

[A granny meets him at the entrance of Shani’s as usual. Looks like she's finally fallen into senile dementia and can't remember anyone or anything.]

Granny: What's he want? Say something.

Geralt: Does Shani live here?

Granny: Yes. They send you from the hospital? You certainly look ill. Gods are punishing you,

Geralt: Yes, I'm from the hospital.

Granny: You can go upstairs. Just don't force yourself on the girl.

[Geralt goes up to the second floor.]

Shani: Yes?

Geralt: I brought some liquor.

Shani: Splendid! Bring a friend!

Geralt: See you at the party!

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - I must invite one person to Shani's party.]

[Being a real gentleman and a good friend, Geralt decides to invite a prostitute to a friendly party, paying her money. Somewhere, Zoltan Chivay is sighing sadly.]

Carmen: Care to relax a little, handsome?

Geralt: Only a little?

Carmen: Depends. I'm open to suggestions.

Geralt: Let's talk.

Carmen: All right, we'll chat... but I'm counting on more.

Geralt: Surprise me.

Carmen: We know so little about love. It's like a pear, sweet and shapely but try describing that shape without saying “pear”.

Geralt: I'm no poet, but I can tell a peach when I see one.

Carmen: A charmer. If this conversation carries on I'll want some of that fruit.

Geralt: Carmen, care to come to a house party?

Carmen: Anything for you... and I'll give you a good price, say a hundred orens?

Geralt: How about 50 orens?

Carmen: I'm not the Sisters of Mercy Society. Nice to see you.

Geralt: Any work for a witcher?

Carmen: Some men are troubling my girls. Take care of it and we'll compensate you... generously.

Geralt: I'll see what I can do. Where can I find these men?

Carmen: There're three places they frequent at night...

Geralt: Mark them on my map.

[New Quest - Working Girls - Go to three of the most dangerous places and kick some bandit ass.]

Geralt: Carmen, care to come to a house party?

Carmen: Anything for you… and I'll give you a good price - say a hundred orens?

Geralt: Agreed. Here's the address...

Carmen: All right, I'll be there.

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine – I invited Carmen to the party at Shani's place. I should go there.]

[Find a friend for the party, Geralt returns to Shani’s house.]

Granny: I can't handle this! My heart. Help...

Geralt: What now?

Granny: Such debauchery under my roof. She hooks herself a musician or something...

Geralt: It's the famous poet, Dandelion.

Granny: I know his fame! I've no desire to listen to a crying brat nine months from now!

Geralt: Shall I chaperone them?

Granny: Finally, you're making sense.

[Geralt goes up to the second floor where Shani's party should begin.]

Dandelion: Geralt? I'll be damned! For a second there I thought I was seeing a ghost.

Geralt: No, I'm no ghost...

Dandelion: Am I losing my mind? Is this a joke? Shani?!

Geralt: And it's no joke.

Dandelion: But how? I saw it myself...

Geralt: What did you see, Dandelion?

Dandelion: I saw her tell them to put you on a boat, and there was a unicorn, and Milva, Cahir and Angouleme, and Yarpen and Zoltan -- We all witnessed it...

Geralt: I lost my memory, but I want to know why everyone's so surprised to see me alive. Tell me everything, step by step.

Dandelion: Five years ago, we were sitting in a tavern with friends, eating escargot, drinking vodka... A bloodthirsty mob attacked the nonhuman district. You went out into the street to scare them off. And then...

Geralt: What?

Geralt: Someone stabbed you in the stomach with a pitchfork - a fatal wound. There was nothing we could do.

Geralt: Are you telling me everything?

Dandelion: We were all there.

Geralt: All, meaning who?

Dandelion: You really don't remember a thing... Your loved ones, your friends.

Geralt: Sounds a bit like a ballad...

Dandelion: It's the truth and nothing but Geralt, forgive me... I still can't believe you're here.

Geralt: Listen, Dandelion, I don't have proof, because that's impossible. I don't remember... I'm afraid some things can't be explained. Let's sit down, have a drink like old friends. Time will tell who I am.

Dandelion: You’re right. We’ve been through too much together. I’d know...

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - I think I need a drink.]

Shani: You invite anyone?

Geralt: A friend, she'll arrive soon.

Shani: While we're waiting, let's drink to old friendships.

Dandelion: Here's to all of you!

[They have some drinks.]

Shani: So, everything's ready...

Dandelion: Let's have a drink!

[Geralt gets so drunk he starts to wobble.]

Dandelion: I've been thinking and I have a question.

Geralt: Don't hold back, Dandelion. It doesn't suit you.

Dandelion: Let's Imagine your next contract is a vampire. What would you do?

Geralt: Silver sword, potions... what're you driving at?

Dandelion: Ha, what if I said you'd reach a deal with this vampire?

Geralt: Vampires are born from black magic, evil by nature. Negotiation usually ends with one of the parties losing a lot of blood - and it's rarely the vampire.

Dandelion: And what if the vampire doesn't care to drink blood?

Geralt: They inherently drink blood. But I think you have something else in mind.

Dandelion: Let me show you what drinking blood means to a vampire.

Geralt: Dandelion...

Dandelion: Cheers!

Geralt: Cheers!

Dandelion: Ah, strong, but good.

Geralt: You were about to enlighten me...

Dandelion: I just did with that last shot. Listen to a man who has lived a little and not lost his memory. Higher vampires treat blood like we treat...

Shani: Oo! Someone's coming. Who's your lady friend?

Geralt: Shani, this is Carmen, a lady whose virtues you'll appreciate.

Shani: Doubt it.

Geralt: Dandelion, meet...

Dandelion: No need, Geralt, we've met. Hello, Carmen.

Shani: What does Carmen do for a living?

Carmen: I'm an escort. Respected throughout Vizima. I once frequented the royal court, too.

Shani: The court... Fascinating.

Dandelion: C'mon, Shani, let it go. Carmen's good.

Geralt: Let's just have a drink.

Shani: Wait. What's your connection to the men present here?

Geralt: Shani...

Carmen: Business, sweetie, strictly business.

Geralt: Shani, don't be so touchy.

Shani: Dandelion's a notorious lecher, but you, Geralt? I'm disappointed.

Geralt: You're getting wound up unnecessarily. It's a profession like any other.

Carmen: It’s fine, no need to beat around the bush...

Geralt: Let's drink to our lovely ladies.

Carmen: Cheers.

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - The party is going on...]

Shani: What is it?

Geralt: Tell me about the Battle of Brenna.

Shani: With four of us and thousands wounded, I never left the tent.

Geralt: I admire you, Shani.

Shani: It was one of the worst days of my life.

Geralt: I hope you don't mind that I invited Carmen.

Shani: Where'd you get that idea?

Geralt: Just a feeling.

Shani: Wrong feeling.

Dandelion: Yes?

Geralt: You were going to enlighten me about vampires.

Dandelion: Listen, Geralt. Unlike the lesser ones, higher vampires don't need blood. Human or otherwise. Blood, my dear monster slayer, is like booze to them.

Geralt: Where'd you learn this?

Carmen: This is fascinating...

Geralt: Like Carmen said, it's fascinating, so amazing it's unbelievable.

Shani: I just don't get it. Dandelion, what's your point?

Dandelion: Geralt, you had a true friend who was a vampire.

Geralt: Did I also have a friend who was a dragon?

Dandelion: Actually you did, so the joke's on you. In any case, it's true - you were friends with a vampire. Zoltan would back me up if he were here. Do you remember Regis?

Carmen: I don't know much about vampires but I do know a trick called “The Vampire's Kiss...”

Geralt: Can you give me a last name, Dandelion?

Dandelion: Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff Godefroy died fighting by your side, Geralt. Let's drink to him and others who have fallen.

Geralt: Let's drink.

Carmen: To Hela!

Shani: To Rusty!

Carmen: I have an idea: let's play a game.

Shani: It's a brilliant idea!

Dandelion: I never turn down Carmen when she proposes a game.

Geralt: What game?

Carmen: Truth or dare.

Dandelion: Oo... like sexual dares?

Carmen: Relax, Dandelion no. Let's say... you’d have to steal something from the old lady's cupboard downstairs.

Dandelion: All right, I'll start. Shani, remember when I walked in on you and Geralt in Oxenfurt...

Geralt: Dandelion, don't go there...

Shani: Unfair. I can't anger the old lady. She'll throw me out!

Geralt: Shani, you don't have to answer. I'll go downstairs.

Carmen: Ha! How kind.

Geralt: I'll be back shortly.

Carmen: Be sure to fetch something interesting, honey.

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - The party is going on... I have to bring something interesting from grandma downstairs. I have to take grandma’s diary upstairs.]

[Geralt, being drunk to death, goes down to the first floor and searches the drawers, and then returns to the second floor.]

Carmen: Hope you're not mad.

Geralt: It's fine. I actually found something interesting. The old lady's diary.

Dandelion: Oo! Show me! I wonder what granny did when she was younger... bet she was a real player.

Geralt: One track mind.

Shani: Dandelion's right! Five lovers in the first few pages.

Carmen: Still water runs deep...

Geralt: Let's drink to her health.

Dandelion: Here's to granny!

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - Let's see what Dandelion sings.]

Dandelion: Carmen, what would you say to a song...?

Geralt: We'd love to hear one.

Shani: Give it a rest, Dandelion.

Dandelion: (singing) It's no wonder dazzling ladies are so hard to score. Like them maples reaching higher, more it takes to soar. Yet with ladies and maples, there's no need to frown, lay them down, on the ground, and the game is done.

Dandelion: So, Carmen, how's business these days?

Carmen: Oh, the usual, why don't you come by?

Shani: All right, that's enough. Party's over.

Geralt: But Shani...

Shani: Why did you bring a courtesan here?

Dandelion: Shani, don't be a prig...

Shani: Enough, I said. See you.

[Quest Updated - Old Friend of Mine - Perhaps it would be a good idea to bring Shani some roses and say thanks?]

Carmen: Nice to see you.

Geralt: Have things calmed down?

Carmen: Not yet. Keep trying.

Geralt: All right. Any unusual entertainment on offer?

Carmen: Some clients like to play dice at the same time. Interested?

Geralt: Maybe someday. Many girls like you working in Vizima?

Carmen: Plenty. But I'm the prettiest.

Geralt: No doubt. See you.

[Quest Updated - Dice Poker: The Novice - I can always play poker with Carmen.]

[Geralt's going to the tavern to get some sleep.]

Innkeeper: What you want?

Geralt: Drink with me?

Innkeeper: Sure.

[They get drunk.]

Innkeeper: Aahh... I've had enough.

Geralt: I'm looking for work. Know who could help?

Innkeeper: I work for Leuvaarden, a wealthy merchant. He has maaany jobs.

Geralt: Thanks, that's a big help.

Innkeeper: Always help my friends.

Geralt: Tell me who's paying for Salamander badges or your own mother won't recognize you.

Innkeeper: Shove off!

[Quest Updated - Wanted - I should speak with Leuvaarden, who can usually be found on the Dike.]

[After taking a break from drinking again, Geralt goes to the docks.]

Leuvaarden: Yes?

Geralt: I think you’re paying for Salamander pins. I'm just not sure why you would do that.

Leuvaarden: You're mistaken!

Geralt: Why so defensive? I'm also after Salamandra and can prove it.

Leuvaarden: If so, bring me three pins. Then we'll talk.

Geralt: I have three Salamander pins. Will you tell me about your secret society now?

Leuvaarden: Excellent. I normally pay 20 apiece, but I'll make an exception. I'll give you ten times that.

Geralt: Great, but I still want to know why you’re paying bounty hunters to track down bandits.

Leuvaarden: They’re not good for business.

Geralt: Your business?

Leuvaarden: All businesses. Listen, there are forces beyond your imagination at work here. Be thankful you don't know the world for what it is.

Geralt: Leuvaarden, I’ve heard so many high and mighty speeches that yours doesn't impress me. I don't give a shit about these forces. My only concern is reaching the Salamandra leaders and killing Azar Javed.

Leuvaarden: That I'd like to see. Should you succeed, find me and I'll reward you handsomely. And if you destroy Salamandra as a whole, I will repay you for your efforts.

Geralt: That won't be easy. I may come see you again, and I'll be counting on your assistance.

Leuvaarden: I'll help if I can.

Geralt: See you later.

Leuvaarden: Yes?

Geralt: I've nearly completed my investigation.

Leuvaarden: All right, speak.

Geralt: If you don't work with Salamandra, who are you?

Leuvaarden: A modest merchant. Allow me to show gratitude with a gift...

Leuvaarden: Quit bluffing, Declan.

Leuvaarden: This symbol signifies my secret society. We seek to destroy Salamandra.

Geralt: Learn anything useful?

Leuvaarden: The Salamanders have risked much. This is a political matter, let me tell you... Some larger scheme's at play in Redania. Few people know this secret. King Foltest, the Lodge of Sorceresses, and I watch the northern border.

Geralt: How does this relate to Salamandra?

Leuvaarden: Azar Javed has sent a special force north. My men saw them. He, too, knows something's brewing and is making preparations.

[He pays 600 orens for the pins.]

[Quest Updated – Wanted – Leuvaarden offered to help me deal with Salamandra. I await his next move.]

[Quest Completed – Suspect: Leuvaarden – I earned Leuvaarden’s gratitude and gained a useful piece of information about Azar Javed.]

[After receiving new evidence, Geralt returns to the detective.]

Raymond: Here at last!

Geralt: Mhm.

Raymond: Listen, I've got it all figured out. Kalkstein and Ramsmeat were associates. I have irrefutable evidence.

Geralt: What do we do with that information?

Raymond: We set a trap, though it might be dangerous. Gather your equipment and come back later/

Geralt: All right.

Raymond: Yes?

Geralt: I have a suspect...

Raymond: Spit it out, Geralt.

Geralt: The fence, Thaler.

Raymond: A mysterious fellow, he's liable to have his dirty secrets...

Geralt: We all do.

Raymond: It'd be good to know what he's hiding, but Ramsmeat and Kalkstein remain my chief suspects.

Geralt: I'm ready for Ramsmeat.

Raymond: Good. He leads Salamandra's armed force. You have to kill him.

Geralt: Won't be easy, but I'll try.

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - I have to kill Ramsmeat.]

Working Girls[]

[Having received such highly contradictory information, Geralt goes to the smith to buy equipment. In the evening, he notices a group of bandits hitting on a prostitute.]

Bandit: Get lost, buddy.

Geralt: Leave that lady be...

Bandit: Feel sorry for a whore?

Geralt: Before you go, apologize for your bad manners...

Bandit: You've lost it, old man. Beat it before I cut you!

Geralt: When you've apologized, go see Captain Vincent. Tell him you're a criminal and a louse....

Bandit: Draw you sword, drifter, I never kill defenceless people...

Geralt: Lost your chance.

Bandit: At him!

[Geralt feeds them with excellent witcher steel.]

[Quest Updated - Working Girls - Time to deal with the rest of the bandits.]

Bandit 2: Shove off.

Geralt: I have business.

Bandit 2: Shove off or I'll kill you like a dog.

Geralt: Try your luck.

Bandit 2: Grab him!

[Geralt repeats his performance with a new group of bandits.]

[Quest Updated - Working Girls - Time to deal with the rest of the bandits.]

Bandit 3: You there. Shove off.

Geralt: Leave while you can...

Bandit 3: So you die!

[Geralt slices the last group of thugs to hit on prostitutes.]

[Quest Updated - Working Girls - I need to see Carmen to get paid.]

[After resting, Geralt goes to Carmen.]

Carmen: Thanks for helping. They leave us alone now.

Geralt: You're on your own?

Carmen: You mad? Some local boys take care of us. They just couldn't handle those freaks.

Geralt: I see.

Carmen: What's it to be? 200 orens… unless you'd rather collect another way?

Geralt: I'll take the gold.

Carmen: As you wish... 200 orens.

Geralt: Thanks.

Carmen: We are grateful. Whores have their honor, you know. The girls will be impressed. They're sure to give you a discount.

[Quest Completed - Working Girls - Money collected. And a discount to go with it...]

[It's time to visit Shani and thank her for the party.]

Granny: The end is nigh! The likes of you is proof enough. Nothing personal.

Geralt: I'm here to see Shani.

Granny: The White Frost approaches, I feel it in my bones. You don't know how it is living in a cold house in your old age.

Geralt: True, I don't.

Shani: Red roses... Geralt. So you...

Geralt: You're blushing...

Shani: I get flowers so rarely...

Geralt: A pretty young medic like you can't be lacking admirers...

Shani: Well... this gloomy fellow scared everyone else away…

Geralt: If you need help...

Shani: No, I'm fine. He was mysterious, even charming in a peculiar way. We actually went out a few times, and who knows what might've happened if I hadn't discovered he was leading a double life...

Geralt: Who do you mean?

Shani: Thaler - I doubt you know him. We were walking along the dike one evening when I realized we were being followed by two men wearing grey coats over special forces armor. The coats were supposed to hide them. They didn't know at university I learned to recognize their kind. I thought we were going to be arrested, then Thaler told me not to worry - duty called and we needed to part. I was about to give him a piece of my mind when I noticed the men giving him signals...

Geralt: Were they wearing Salamander badges?

Shani: Wait. I was curious, so I said he broke my heart and faked fainting. Thaler said to the men, "This better be important!" One of them answered, "But chief, we hid invisible-like." Thaler said, "Your balls will be invisible like when I shove them up your arse." I couldn't help but burst out laughing...

Geralt: How'd it end?

Shani: They walked me home. I heard an "invisible" one say their operation against Salamandra had failed.

Geralt: Who were they?

Shani: Foltest's secret police. When we first met in Oxenfurt, I helped you evade Redanian agents. The Temerian ones are little better...

Geralt: Speaking of Oxenfurt, what did Dandelion actually interrupt?

Shani: Thought you'd never ask…

[They have some sexy time.]

[Quest Updated - Suspect: Thaler - I'll tell Thaler I have proof of his innocence.]

[Quest Completed - Old Friend of Mine - Shani reminded me of certain interesting events from my past.]

Thaler: So what'll it be? We doing some plowing business?

Geralt: I know about your tryst with Shani...

Thaler: Oh, fuck off! We aren't all plowing philanderers! Some of us have depth...

Geralt: I've figured out Salamandra.

Thaler: Right...

Geralt: You're clean. I have proof you're not working for Azar.

Thaler: What a revelation.

Geralt: Though a lot of evidence pointed toward you. Almost as if someone was framing you...

Thaler: I underestimated you, witcher.

Geralt: Many do.

Thaler: I'll let you in on something. I might have gotten on Azar's bad side once... The bastard lusts after antiques and luxuries like any savage who makes a coin or two. I was once asked to handle an entire transport of that shit - turned out it was for him. Except I needed the city guards' help at the time. I tipped Vincent off and they confiscated everything. I've needed even more protection since.

[Quest Completed – Suspect: Thaler - I have gained influential ally and a piece of information about Azar.]

[Geralt visits Ramsmeat and kills him.]

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - Time to report to Raymond.]

Geralt: So, I killed Ramsmeat.

Raymond: Excellent! You broke the organization's spine.

Geralt: I found no proof on him... He was completely clean.

Raymond: We'll rip the proof from Kalkstein's dead hands. He's Azar Javed's chief aide. He may even be Javed himself.

Geralt: I see you've planned everything...

Raymond: I have. We need to lure him into a trap. The swamp tower interests him - we can use it as bait. So, I'll wait for you there. Geralt, we're nearing our investigation's end. The solution is within reach.

Geralt: How do we handle this?

Raymond: We need to secure what's hidden in the tower, all the books and scrolls - bait for our target.

Geralt: Just one thing missing - I have yet to unlock the tower door.

Raymond: That's where I come in. This stone is the key to the tower... or part of the key. You make sure you get Kalkstein interested, like we agreed.

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - I must lure Kalkstein to the tower in the swamp.]

[Quest Completed – Suspect: Vincent Meis – After all, Vincent was not involved in all this.]

[Quest Updated - A Mysterious Tower - I must place the Sephirot on the monoliths and enter the tower.]

Geralt: I wanted to ask you about the commander of the Royal Guards...

Raymond: I saw him in town some time ago, busy bashing perverts.

Geralt: How come?

Raymond: What don't you understand? Everyone knows the guard commander hates anyone he can call deviant.

Geralt: Everyone knows... but few care... I find your reasoning somewhat flawed.

Raymond: Witcher don't get me wrong, but this is hardly my first case. I'm in my element, been wading in this bog for years.

Geralt: Hm.

Raymond: I'm good at what I do. I don't go around telling you how to hunt monsters, do I?

Geralt: I know how to handle monsters.

Raymond: And I know how to handle this case.

Geralt: Something's been worrying me...

Raymond: Speak freely, Geralt. You can trust me.

Geralt: It's you. I have the impression you've changed...

Raymond: No reason to be shy. Tell me.

Geralt: Why the world map on your wall? Developed an interest in international politics?

Raymond: Everyone should know what's going on in the world. It also improves my image. Say you were a client. What would you think when you saw that map?

Geralt: I am a client, and I think you're really interested in the Redania-Temeria border. You've marked it with pins.

Raymond: Witcher's vision, I forgot. But we're not all witchers. A normal person would think, "What a worldly fellow, he must have worked all over." And that's the idea.

Geralt: That's not my only concern.

Raymond: What else?

Geralt: Lovely rugs, must've cost a bundle. Earlier on your place was more... Well... homey.

Raymond: An investment, Geralt. My office needs to look good, convey professionalism.

Geralt: I know I pay you a bundle and you have other cases, but aren't they a bit... flamboyant?

Raymond: By no means. Customers and how they see you matter. Once we wrap up this case, I plan to expand my business,

Geralt: I've heard some really vile rumors about you… Something about girls....

Raymond: Oh, that? Ramsmeat's revenge. I investigated one of his underlings. Now they want to discredit me. Don't worry about that.

Geralt: You mean all those strange things you supposedly do...

Raymond: Come on, Geralt. I'm the first to admit I'm no saint, but I don't get into nasty stuff.

Geralt: Recently my medallion has vibrated every time I've come here,

Raymond: Must be my warning amulets. Salamandra's men could attack at any moment.

Geralt: It vibrates a lot.

Raymond: A master mage made these amulets. They're not Saint Lebioda's tall bones or other crap from the market square.

[Calming his doubts, Geralt returns to the swamps and places the Sephirots in their respective monoliths. After that, he goes to the entrance of the tower where he meets Raymond.]

[Quest Completed – Monoliths – I need to place Sephirots into monoliths to open the tower.]

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - I have to open the tower.]

Raymond: Aren't you eager to learn the truth?

Geralt: I'd rather stay focused. Should I get the book from the tower?

Raymond: Yes, hurry. We can't let Kalkstein get ahead of us. I hope that murderer swallowed the bait.

Geralt: I think I made sure of that.

[He goes into the tower of an old sorcerer. Inside, he finds a place of power and remembers a new sign - Axii. He also gets a lot of gold, ingredients and, of course, the book.]

[Quest Updated - Vizima Confidential - I can now tell Raymond we have everything we need to lure Kalkstein into a trap.]

Raymond: You'll soon learn the truth.

Geralt: Good, I was getting impatient. What do we do now that we have the treasure from the tower? How do we lure the mage here?

Raymond: He's here already.

Geralt: I only see you.

Raymond: So you say!

[Raymond is turning into Azar Javed.]

Azar Javed: The detective was onto me and you are trusted him, so I killed him and assumed his identity. Two birds with one stone. I needed you to open the tower. I don't need you anymore.

[Geralt tries to attack the insolent mage, but he teleports and stuns him with lightning. The fight with Azar’s creation, a fiery rat, for some reason called Ifrit, begins.]

[Quest Completed - Vizima Confidential – Azar Javed impersonated Raymond.]

[Quest Updated - Witchers' Secrets - I must destroy Salamandra, which dearly feels at home in Vizima.]

[After the victory over the rat, Geralt faces the more serious enemies - Azar and the Professor who appeared from the portal come at him.]

Professor: I come at your command, master. I listen any time, as a genie would.

Azar Javed: Professor, cut the crap and get him!

Professor: You see, witcher too much water around for Azar to feel comfortable. Fire mages... limited. He needs me to do the wet work.

Geralt: Good. Two worms with one stone.

[After Geralt inflicts a few wounds on both scumbags, the Professor releases a cloud of poison.]

Professor: Admirable light, but duty calls us to the Trade Quarter. Contrary to popular opinion, chaos and terror do not spread on their own.

Azar Javed: The Venom of Zerrikanian scorpions - lethal even to mutants.

Professor: Mistakes, witcher - they can be deadly. Give my greetings to that young companion of yours. And now, have a nice time dying.

[Azar and the Professor are leaving through the portal. Geralt is left face to face with the consequences of his decisions.]

Geralt: (offscreen) All felt the battle in the swamp was the beginning of events that would soon rock Temeria. Sensing the approaching conflict, both sides were eager to test the enemy. A routine skirmish between patrols erupted into a regular battle. The Scoiatael were determined, their longing for freedom was strong, and they proved victorious. The Order learned the nonhumans are a foe far more dangerous than previously assumed. Azar excluded me from the battle. When Triss woke me, heaps of bodies appeared before my eyes. It was the last time I was able to avoid taking sides.


[Triss’ House. Geralt lies on the bed barely conscious. Triss is talking to some woman through a magic mirror.]

Triss: You're mistaken. I have him under control. And not just him. They're all eating out of my hand. I regret that Foltest is away at the summit, but I trust you'll tend to the kings' council.

Woman: I assume you've resolved matters with Leuvaarden as well?

Triss: Yes, I made an offer and he accepted. He claims his superiors had similar plans but we beat them to it. Men can do nothing but talk and then always claim the initiative.

Woman: And how is your witcher?

Triss: I should be able to convince him.

Woman: Don't overdo it. Geralt can be exceptionally perceptive...

Triss: I know. I must get back. I'll contact you when it's all over.

Woman: Never let the witcher guess what you hide from him.

[She steps away from the mirror and approaches the bed on which Geralt lies.]

Geralt: Triss?

Triss: Should you be up I'd rather make sure you've recovered completely.

Geralt: How?

Triss: Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.

[She throws him on the bed and they make passionate love. Seems fine to me after a grueling fight, wounds and poisoning.]

Triss: Well... You seem to be at full strength. It must be that unusual witcher's metabolism.

Geralt: Triss... How did I get here?

Triss: Pure coincidence. I was scanning for magic anomalies and happened upon a false rail set by Kalkstein.

Geralt: You found me in the swamp? What happened there?

Triss: I don't know. The alchemist is still there, examining solid stone, but he won't find anything. The greater anomalies are here in Vizima.

Geralt: Magic anomalies? In Vizima?

Triss: Yes, I'd appreciate it if you could help me figure them out But back to your health...

Geralt: I thought I was at full strength.

Triss: You misunderstood me. Physically, nothing's wrong. It's your mind that worries me...

Geralt: Explain.

Triss: You raved for hours. I had no choice but to read your thoughts to learn about your injuries and which poisons you took this time.

Geralt: I'm sure you read beyond that.

Triss: It couldn't help it. Your thoughts were quite loud. In any case, I know about your recent adventures.

Geralt: Can you help me...?

Triss: Recover you memory? I doubt anyone can. But there's a small chance...

Geralt: A small chance of what?

Triss: From what I saw, I think you would benefit by creating a stable personally.

Geralt: Meaning...?

Triss: Geralt, please, this is important.

Geralt: Just limit the psychobabble...

Triss: You need to take a stand on the world's problems. It doesn't matter what position, use ther you choose one. A strong identity may help restore your memory.

Geralt: Can't you just tell me what you saw?

Triss: No. I don't want you turning into my vision of Geralt. I want you to decide for yourself who you are without looking back.

Geralt: I shouldn't take an interest in the past?

Triss: Exactly. Your memory should return in due course.

Geralt: We'll see. How did you get here?

Triss: Long story... When you men went chasing around...

Geralt: Which proved effective.

Triss: By some miracle... I decided to look for Salamandra using unconventional methods.

Geralt: Any results?

Triss: Very good ones. You'll learn it all in due time.

Geralt: Why net now?

Triss: To get this information, I had to agree not to bell you. Patience, witcher.

Geralt: You said something about magic anomalies.

Triss: Various things can cause them but more importantly they can be the cause of true evil. When I last felt this way you and a sorceress were trying to capture a genie, destroying half a city in the process. You probably have no recollection, but a lot hung in the balance.

Geralt: I don't recall...

Triss: I could use your help. I have some magic sensors that need to be placed around Vizima. They'll help us locate the anomaly's sources.

Geralt: All right, give me the sensors. I'll take care of it.

Triss: Always eager to please.

Geralt: What are friends for?

Triss: Hm, I saw a perfect wall cavity in the Trade Quarter near Town Hall. Place one there, a second in the Temple Quarter near the entrance to the sewers, and the third in Vizima’s cemetery. We'll create a typical Radcliff triangle. You know, of course, that triangulation is most effective in these cases.

Geralt: Who were you talking to through the mirror?

Triss: You heard me? Ah... Sorceress business. Nothing important.

Geralt: Sounded serious.

Triss: I had to make a few promises to learn about Salamandra.

Geralt: You could...

Triss: Trust me. It was nothing important.

Geralt: I'll see you later.

Triss: See you... Oh I nearly forget.

Geralt: What?

Triss: Leuvaarden, a merchant, wants to see you. He hosts banquets at the New Narakort.

Geralt: I don't like banquets...

Triss: Important people will attend.

Geralt: I don't know...

Triss: Including Princess Adda, whose curse you lifted. Apparently, she's slightly obsessed with you...

Geralt: I'll think about it.

Triss: I'll be there...

Geralt: All right, I'm convinced... Maybe I can gather some information there.

Triss: Six this evening. Here's the pass that makes you official in the Trade Quarter.

Geralt: A pass?

Triss: Well... In addition to a quarantine, the authorities in Vizima have imposed martial law.

Geralt: How'd I miss that?

Triss: It only covers the Trade Quarter, which you haven't entered.

Geralt: So how do these passes work?

Triss: Only the quarter's residents are allowed to move about. I have a house here, so I was able to get a pass.

Geralt: So what do I do?

Triss: Well, I registered you as residing here. Falsely, of course.

Geralt: Listen, about my identity...

Triss: Progress already?

Geralt: I’m still analyzing. I’ll see you later.

[New Quest - The Source - I should offer to help Triss.]

[New Quest - Identity - Maybe I should talk to Triss about the problems with my psyche.]