[The game begins… under water. We hear the voices of two men coming from afar.]

Man 1: You think he’s still breathing?

Man 2: I dunno. Why don’t we pull him out and have a look?

Man 1: Naw. Let him stew a bit longer.

Man 2: What’s this one done, anyway?

Man 1: Don’t matter me. Always best not to ask too many questions. Go on, then. Let’s see if he’s ready to make nice.

[We understand that our head, that is, the head of the protagonist was held on water. He is tortured in some kind of prison. He’s being tortured by two soldiers.]

Man 1: Wake up, friend!

Man 2: We’d about given up the ghost now, didn’t we?

Man 1: Fancy another round?

[The protagonist’s head is lowered back into the water.]

Man 1: Not so tough now, eh?

Man 2: That’s enough, Gav. Let’s get him back to his cell.

[The protagonist is untied and thrown to the floor.]

Gavin: I was just getting started.

[He hits the protagonist as hard as he can in the stomach.]

Man 2: Not to worry. We’ll come back and have another go later, eh?

Gavin: Come on, you. Pick it up.

[They drag him in and throw in the cell.]

Man 2: Sweet dreams, mate.

[The protagonist loses consciousness from exhaustion. After some time we can hear the voices outside his cell door again…]

Gavin: If you ask me, these bloody convicts are all crazy.

Man 2: Wouldn’t know. Haven’t been here long enough.

Gavin: (mockingly) Time for your morning bath, milord!

Prologue ONCE A KNIGHTEdit

The Twentieth Day of November, 1886
Catacombs of Westminster

Man 2: At this rule, I don’t think he’s going to last much longer.

Gavin: Come on, now. Just a few more steps.

[The protagonist is tied back to a stone barrel of water.]

Gavin: There. Not so hard, was it? Here we go again. Are you about ready?

Man 2: These things take time. Put him back in!

Gavin: I can do this all day, mate. Come on, give up your collaborator. It’s that tasty bird, innit? Maybe I can give her go, eh?

[He’s putting the protagonist back in the water.]

Gavin: I’m quite enjoying this, are you?

[The protagonist finds the strength to pull out his shackles.]

Man 2: Why, you little shit-

[He beats his torturer and kills the second man by stabbing him in the neck with sharp anchoring of his shackles. The first man, Gavin, is drowned in a stone barrel. The protagonist holds his head down with his elbow. Barely moving protagonist leaves the room and hears two guards talking.]

Guard 1: When is your next shift?

Guard 2: Not until tomorrow. Going to see my wife tonight, if you know what I mean.

Guard 1: Did you hear? They are putting that convict through hell. Torturing him day and night for weeks now.

Guard 2: And he’s still alive?

[Meanwhile, our protagonist finds a revolver, but there are no bullets in it.]

Protagonist: Just my luck…

[He breaks the bars on the window and goes into the other room. He is noticed by a guard.]

Guard: Who goes there?

[The guard’s attention switches to some evil creature that other soldiers are fighting against. Our protagonist takes advantage of the opportunity to leave. In the next room, he encounters a soldier coming out of… an elevator and threaten him with his empty revolver.]

Protagonist: (barely standing) Hands up!

Soldier: Alright, mate.

Protagonist: Not a word. Inside. Close them.

[The elevator’s starting to go upstairs.]

Soldier: Let’s just talk this through, shall we? You’re him, aren’t you? You’re the convict everyone’s talking about. There’s only one way out of here. Walking dead, that’s what you are. Gonna wish you’d never left them catacombs.

Protagonist: Shut your mouth.

Soldier: Fair enough, fair enough. It’s your funeral, not mine.

[The elevator stops.]

Protagonist: Move!

Soldier 2: (nearby) Stay sharp! The convict could be anywhere. He’s already killed two of our men.

Soldier 3: That’s why we have our orders. Shoot on sight.

Soldier: (shouting) He has a gun! He has a gun!

Soldier 3: We have orders to open fire! Take him down!

Soldier: Whoa, fellas, whoa!

[They’re shot the soldier. When he falls, he pushes the protagonist back into the elevator.]

Soldier 3: They’re heading up! Let everyone know where he’s headed!

[In the elevator they begin to fight for the gun. The soldier succeeds in defeating the weakened protagonist and pulls the weapon out of his hands. The soldier pulls the trigger immediately, but the revolver is empty.]

Soldier: What?

[A protagonist attacks a soldier. A naturalistic bloody fight begins, at the end of which the protagonist takes the soldier into a grip and breaks his neck. We hear a gunshot.]

A soldier with a French accent: Give yourself up, monsieur! My next shot will not be a warning!

Soldier 2: (from afar) Up here! We heard a gunshot!

Soldier 3: (from afar) Hurry! This way! This way!

Soldier 2: (from afar) Follow me!

[Suddenly a soldier with a French accent lowers his weapon. The protagonist keeps running and gets to the roof.]

Soldier 3: Up on the roof!

Soldier 2: Hands where I can see them!

Old man: The play is over, Galahad. Surrender yourself.

[The protagonist is surrounded on both sides. He has nowhere to run.]

Soldier 2: Raise your hands, now!

A soldier with a French accent: Raise your hands!

Soldier 2: Hands up!

Soldier with a rifle: Gray!

Woman: Don’t do this!

Old man: I said, surrender!

Soldier 2: Hands on your head!

Old man: You have betrayed our Order. No one may escape the penalty.

Galahad: You forget, Lord Chancellor. I’m as good as dead already.

[He’s jumping from the roof to the river below.]

Woman: Galahad!

THE ORDER | 1886

[We’re being thrown back in time. Galahad enters the roof of some building.]

Radio: Galahad, come in. Galahad, acknowledge. This is Command.

Galahad: I read you, Perceval.

Perceval: (radio) Enjoying a stroll in the park, are we?

Galahad: Nothing quite like a chilly London morning to stimulate the senses.


The Twelfth Day of October, 1886
The Waverton House, Mayfair

Perceval: (radio) Not to interrupt your little constitutional, but we have confirmation of multiple marks at Grosvenor Square.

Galahad: What are our directives?

Perceval: (radio) Rendezvous at the United India House with Igraine and Lafayette and contain the threat. Do you have it in sight?

Galahad: Right in front of me.

Perceval: (radio) Good. Assess the situation once there and proceed with caution. Did Nikola provide you with armament?

Galahad: Yes. Essex M2 Falchion.

Perceval: (radio) Good, the Falchion’s secondary ordnance should help. We may be pursuing bedlamites, but they remain civilians. Use non-lethal force whenever possible.

Galahad: Understood. Are you joining us?

Perceval: (radio) I have a small matter to attend to. I’ll find you afterwards.

Galahad: En route now. Galahad out.

[He goes down from the roof to the residential area of the building.]

Galahad: I’m on my way down to the street.

Perceval: (radio) Acknowledge.

[When he goes out on the balcony he hears someone’s voice. It could be one of his colleagues.]

Constable: Ladies and gentlemen, we kindly request that you proceed as indicated by the officers in charge.

Perceval: (radio) Galahad, Igraine, any word from Lafayette?

Galahad: Negative.

Igraine: (radio) Same here… He’s probably off somewhere gallivanting. Being… well, himself.

Perceval: (radio) I know your concerns, but trust me, he’s a good lad.

Igraine: (radio) If you say so. In any case, I have no time to look for him. I’m assigning the last few constables to their posts.

[Walking through the dirty streets of old London, Galahad meets Igraine.]

Igraine: Galahad! See that you cordon off the entire district. And do it quietly. How did you arrive here so quickly?

Galahad: Skill, love.

Igraine: I must admit, you do move fast for a man of your age.

Galahad: No knight cares to be reminded of his decrepitude by a fair damsel.

Igraine: My lord, this damsel would never be so callous as to do such thing.

Galahad: Sure, Isi. Would you ever.

[Igraine laughs.]

Galahad: Who are the marks?

Igraine: Bedlamites running amok. Perceval thinks it could be a rebel subterfuge. Let’s hope you haven’t lost your edge.

Galahad: Remember who trained you.

Igraine: He was the best. In his day.

Galahad: Was?

Igraine: You’re still pretty good. But I’m better.

[She nods to the constable guarding the locked gate.]

Constable: Yes, Ma’am.

Perceval: (radio) Igraine. Come in.

Igraine: Acknowledge, Perceval.

Perceval: (radio) Multiple escapees spotted the East Entrance of the United India Underground station. Intercept with caution.

Igraine: Understood. Come on, Gray. Let’s move.

[She’s approaching the gate to the underground station.]

Igraine: (to the constable) Once we’re inside don’t let anyone else through.

Mercenary: Sure you don’t need help, love?

Igraine: Do you mean a strong man to take control of things?

Mercenary: That’s right.

Igraine: Just stay out of our way. I’d hate for you to get shot by mistake.

Galahad: Trouble?

Igraine: The usual trigger-happy mercenaries.

Galahad: The United India Company prefers its minions enthusiastic.

Igraine: The last thing we need is a band of hired guns causing more havoc. I’ve told them to remain on lockdown.

[They go inside. Scared people are running out of the lobby. Igraine sees some mental institution escapee take possession of a constable’s weapon and kill him. She bosses more experienced Galahad.]

Igraine: Galahad, take cover! Come on! Come on! Let’s get to work!

Psycho: You can’t hit me! Fuck off, you!

[Galahad shoots the scumbag in the head.]

Galahad: We’re clear.

Igraine: Move up!

[Around the corner, they face a real riot and a whole bunch of psychos.]

Psycho: (to his accomplices) Get out of here. Find some weapons. You two. Get you arses over here. I need help! Come on.

Galahad: (to Igraine) Go.

Psycho: Let’s go, you bloody bastards!

Igraine: (to Galahad) A rifle will be more appropriate…

Psycho: Kill ’em both!

Igraine: More escapees, coming from the alley!

Galahad: Some are heading for the atrium!

Igraine: Street clear! There are more in the courtyard!

Galahad: Atop the stairs!

Psycho: I swear, I’ll blast his head into goddamn mash!

Hostage: Help!

Galahad: Dammit… There could be more in the atrium!

Igraine: We should move in! They’ve locked the door. I can hear more commotion inside. Hurry, more bedlamnites inside!

[Galahad breaks down the door with his shoulder and takes the hostage off guard.]

Igraine: Back away! He’s stunned! Take the shot!

[Galahad shoots the psycho in the head with his rifle.]

Hostage: Ah, thank god.

[Igraine gets a bullet in the shoulder.]

Galahad: Isi! Are you all right?

Igraine: Damn it!

[She drinks Black Water from a pendant around her neck.]

Galahad: Oh god. They’re slaughtering them. You ready?

Igraine: Let’s get rid of this scum. Smoke grenades.

Galahad: Right. (throws a couple)

Igraine: Alright. Let’s go.

Galahad: There were more on the level above! We need to get up there!

[Having killed the psychos on the ground floor, they enter the elevator.]

Igraine: We should clear the second floor. Everything to your liking thus far?

Galahad: Quite. Just another ordinary London morning.

Igraine: Indeed.

Galahad: Although I do hope that was only the beginning. Ladies first.

Igraine: Quiet!

Psycho: What do you reckon, mate? You think we’ll get to shoot a few of them rich folk? Huh? Say no more. I’ll take that as a yes.

[Galahad breaks the neck of the first psycho, and Igraine breaks the neck of the second.]

Psycho: Where did you come from!? Get those bloody coppers!

[They run into two armed constables.]

Galahad: You two.

Constable: Sir!

Galahad: Downstairs. There are civilians who need your assistance.

Constable: Yes sir! Sir, General Lafayette is in the next room.

Igraine: Is there a single woman in this city he won’t try to seduce? He’s your problem now. Do try not to lag behind.

[She leaves.]

Galahad: Lafayette.

Lafayette: Ah, monsieur. This lady requires my attention.

Galahad: Marquis! Your attention is required elsewhere!

Lafayette: I assure you, mademoiselle, that only the vow of fidelity prevents me from accepting your invitation.

Lady: Oh Marquis! You mustn’t leave now!

Lafayette: Unfortunately, my lady, my duty compels me elsewhere.

[He kisses her hand and he’s running after Galahad.]

Lafayette: Most fetching, was she not?

Galahad: I hadn’t noticed.

Lafayette: That is because you are not a Frenchman.

Galahad: You are the most American Frenchman I have ever known.

Lafayette: I am a lover of liberty, mon ami.

Galahad: A proper knight must learn to curb his passions.

Lafayette: Without passion, monsieur, a man cannot fight.

Galahad: We do not fight men, Marquis.

Lafayette: Men, Half-Breeds. What does it matter? Vive la liberté!

[Lafayette’s leaving. Galahad notices two men talking in the distance.]

Galahad: Perceval? Strange… Let’s go.

Igraine: It’s about time.

[They go down the escalator to the Mayfair underground station.]

Galahad: Marquis, you and Lady Igraine take that entrance. I’ll go through this one and sweep for any remaining escapees.

Lafayette: Oui monsieur!

Radio: Air Command to all Knights in the vicinity of Mayfair: the Metropolitan Police has finished cordoning off the affected areas, Sentinels are continuing their overhead sweep; we will alert you to any sightings of the escaped patients.

Igraine: (radio) Acknowledge!

[Galahad hears voices from somewhere far away.]

Constable Wickes: Oi, Miller! You have to see this.

Constable Miller: Wickes, I am not moving from my position. We have our orders.

Constable Wickes: My goodness! How could this have happened?

Igraine: (radio) Galahad, are you making any headway?

Galahad: I’m in the generator room.

Igraine: (radio) Lafayette and I have decided to split our search.

Lafayette: (radio) Oui mademoiselle, but I have not met any resistance yet.

[Galahad sees Igraine at the other end of the tunnel.]

Igraine: I had a feeling I’d beat you here… youth always prevails…

[Searching the dark corridors of the underground station, Galahad stumbles upon one of the lunatics, but he is in no hurry to attack. Instead, she begins to slowly and eerily transform herself into a huge Lycan.]

Galahad: Everyone! One of our escapees is a Half-Breed.

[Lycan’s running away. Galahad hears a howl in the distance.]

Galahad: Make that more than one.

[After a diversionary maneuver, the Lycan attacks Galahad.]

Lafayette: (radio) Mademoiselle, are you near his location?

Igraine: (radio) My route is blocked. It may take me some time to reach him! Confirmed mark on my side!

Igraine: (radio) Monsieur, hold on! I’m almost there!

[But when they manage to get to Galahad, the fight is over. He runs after the creature.]

Lafayette: Monsieur!

Igraine: What happened?

Galahad: I slew most of them. The last one got away. Igraine, I need your Arc Gun. I’ll head up to street level and keep after him. You two go that way and head him off.

Igraine: Understood!

[Galahad picks up the TS-23 electric rifle and goes up the stairs to the surface. The Lycan, meanwhile, is already wreaking havoc.]

Man: Look out! Half-Breed! Please, god! Keep us safe!

Igraine: We need to press forward! Out of the way!

[Galahad kills a Lycan with a precision shot from electric rifle.]

Galahad: Everyone alright?

Igraine: Yes.

Galahad: Perceval. We’ve neutralized the threat on our side.

Perceval: Good. I managed to capture one of the Half-Breeds. Rendezvous back at Regent Street.

Galahad: Acknowledge. Let’s go.

[Perceval throws two constables of a bound Lycan who has not had time to transform.]

Constable: Sir? What should we do with him?

Perceval: Westminster. To the catacombs. We’ll deal with him later.

Commissioner Doyle: Ah. Sir Perceval. I thought the Order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights might be mixed up in this affray.

Perceval: We had reason to suspect a Rebel incursion, Commissioner.

Commissioner Doyle: An elementary conjecture. In that event, perhaps this might be of interest.

[He gives him a small leather bracelet.]

Perceval: Whitechapel.

Commissioner Doyle: Purely circumstantial, of course.

Perceval: I call it evidence.

Commissioner Doyle: Well, circumstantial evidence can be a tricky animal, my dear Sir Perceval. You may think it is pointing at one thing, but shift your point of view slightly, and you may find it pointing in an equally-uncompromising manner at something entirely different.

Perceval: Please, indulge me with your musings, Commissioner.

Commissioner Doyle: Well, first the Rebellion, and then this Jack and the Ripper murders. And then, this. Strange, don’t you think, that Whitechapel has become the epicentre of our recent conundrums? We must examine every clue now, you see.

Perceval: We meet in council two days hence. If you would do us the honour of presenting your findings-

Commissioner Doyle: You can expect me at Westminster.

Constable: Over here, sir.

Commissioner Doyle: Do excuse me.

Galahad: Where have you been?

Perceval: Bloody London traffic.

Lafayette: Mon general, what of the other Half-Breeds that escaped through Hyde Pack? We must pursue them!

Perceval: No.

Lafayette: (in French) But, our duty is to continue, sir!

Perceval: (in French) Marquis, we do not hunt the English in the New World! Your boldness will be required a more convenient time.

Lafayette: (in French) Yes, my general. (in English) I will be governed by your advice.

Commissioner Doyle: Sir Perceval! I’m sure you will appreciate that, for the time being, this must remain a police matter.

Perceval: Of course.

Galahad: Something’s amiss. The underworld in Whitechapel is known to give safe harbour to the Rebellion.

Perceval: Precisely what troubles me.

Galahad: And why would so many Half-Breeds be found in Bedlam?

Perceval: Some things we need to find out for ourselves.

Igraine: You heard Commissioner Doyle. It’s a police investigation now.

Perceval: Knights do not relinquish their authority to bureaucrats.

Galahad: Perceval is right. This matter should be brought before the council.


The Fourteenth Day of October, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westmister

[The scene changes to the Round Table meeting.]

Lord Chancellor: …centuries have passed, but our order has remained steadfast in its sacred mission to preserve the balance between man and Half-Breed. Such was the quest of our founder, King Arthur, may his name be forever resplendent.

Lafayette: Is it true? Did the Lord Chancellor fight by Arthur’s side?

Galahad: That is the legend.

Lord Chancellor: Today that balance is threatened with grave upset by a new contagion. The Rebellion. As long as it campaign of anarchy and terror is allowed to continue, the plague of Lycan infestation that has infected our city will only grow more intolerable.

Perceval: The Lord Chancellor will thus agree to the urgency of a mission into Whitechapel.

Lord Chancellor: Whitechapel is a matter for the civil authorities.

Perceval: When the noble Arthur sought to contest for truage with the Roman emperor Lucius, he did not trouble himself with issues of jurisdiction.

Lord Chancellor: Do not presume to quote history to me, Sir Perceval. I’ve seen more of history than you shall ever know. I remind the knights here assembled that the threat to this order comes not only from without, but within. We must stand vigilant together, lest our ranks be poisoned by those who seek the destruction of all we hold sacred. No one is immune from the rebels influence.

Igraine: Surely the Lord Chancellor does not mean to question Sir Perceval’s loyalty.

Lord Chancellor: This order has long appreciated Sir Perceval’s counsel. But the current disruption calls for caution and concerted effort, not rush action.

Lord Darwin: Sir Perceval has cause, Lord Chancellor. The situation in Whitechapel may need to be adressed.

Lord Chancellor: Does Lord Darwin speak with the blessing of the peers? Lord Hastings, Lord Dunglass?

Lord: He does, Lord Chancellor. Perhaps the question should be put to the council.

Lord Chancellor: Very well. What says the Order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights in the matter of Whitechapel? "Aye," or "nay"?

[Aye! and Nay is heard.]

Lord Chancellor: The Nay’s have it. This Council is dismissed.

Perceval: Our order grows too prudent, Grayson. We wither away from this inaction.

Galahad: Leave it, Sebastien.

Perceval: Sir Perceval is most agitated.

Galahad: You should learn it is best not to cross him when his mind is set on something.

[In the lobby, Perceval is talking to Nikola Tesla.]

Perceval: Galahad will deal with this in due time. I have a more pressing matter to attend.

Tesla: As you wish.

Sir in a White Wig: How many are making the journey to America?

Lord Hastings: Lord Barrett, Lord Darwin, and myself.

Sir in a White Wig: I heard great many things about the Agamemnon, Lord Hastings.

Lord Hastings: She is the finest the United India Company has ever built. I can promise you a pleasant – and speedy – journey across the Atlantic.

Sir in a White Wig: Can we expect your presence at the launch, Sir Lucan?

Sir Lucan: Would be my honour to see you off on your maiden voyage, my lords.

Perceval: Sir Lucan, if I may.

Sir Lucan: If you will permit me, my lords.

Sir in a White Wig: Of course, Sir Perceval.

[He and Sir Hastings leaves them alone.]

Perceval: Alastair, you know as well as I do that Whitechapel is the key to these disturbances. To everything.

Sir Lucan: My opinion is immaterial. The council has spoken.

Perceval: Few dared countermand your father’s express wishes.

Sir Lucan: Need I remind you that we all serve at the Lord Chancellor’s pleasure…

Perceval: (raising his voice) You are the Knight Commander!

[Realizing it’s out of line with propriety, Perceval lowers its tone.]

Perceval: Make him see reason.

Sir Lucan: You think an incursion into a rebel stronghold is reasonable.

Perceval: I consider it an acceptable risk.

Sir Lucan: One for which you’d be willing to accept full responsibility should… unforeseen circumstances arise.

Perceval: Let what befalls be upon my head. No one else’s.

Sir Lucan: Whitechapel remains off-limits. That is - officially.

Perceval: You have my thanks, Sir Lucan.

Sir Lucan: Of your thanks I have no need. Bring me results.

Perceval: As the Knight Commander wishes.

[He goes to Galahad and the others.]

Galahad: Well?

Perceval: We’re going in.

Lafayette: Most excellent!

Galahad: When do we move?

Igraine: You’re not talking about Whitechapel? But my father-

Perceval: Your brother sought fit to permit us a reconnaissance. Secure the necessary materials. Isabeau, a word.

[Perceval and Igraine leaves.]

Lafayette: Tell me, Monsieur. About the Lord Chancellor.

Galahad: What is it, Marquis?

Lafayette: Sir Lucan and Lady Igraine were adopted by him, yes?

Galahad: They were.

Lafayette: Why would he bring them into such struggle?

Galahad: Perhaps he wanted to regain a semblance of the humanity he lost. When time came to join the Order…. the choice was theirs to make.

Lafayette: Regardless. I would not wish this life on my children.

Perceval: Marquis! We need to hurry.

Lafayette: Oui mon general! Avec plaisir! Monsieur.

[He’s leaving. Sir Lucan is approaching Galahad.]

Sir Lucan: Friend Malory has always been something of a rogue operative.

Galahad: I’ve never known a better man.

Sir Lucan: Still, I shall rely on you to be a… call it a sobering influence.

Galahad: Sebastien and I have long been partners. I trust him with my life.

Sir Lucan: A little restraint would not be ill-advised. Do look after my sister… won’t you?

Galahad: No man in the realm can keep Isabeau from danger when she’s of a mind.

Sir Lucan: You say true. What’s a brother to do, eh? Good luck and godspeed.

Tesla: Always at your service, Sir Galahad. This way, please.

Galahad: Ah. Tesla. Just the man. What new developments do you have to show me?

Tesla: Quite a few intriguing things, if I may say so.

[They go down by elevator to Nikola Tesla’s workshop.]

Tesla: Any further news of the trouble in Grosvenor Square?

Galahad: The police are investigating. And investigating

Tesla: Lycans on the United India Company’s front doorstep. What do you make of it?

Galahad: Mayfair isn’t what it used to be.

Tesla: Permit me to oversee a few of my new experiments. Uh, in the meanwhile, take a look around. Uh, play with whatever strikes your fancy. But do be careful.

[Galahad finds the poster for the meeting between Edison and Tesla. A picture of Edison is drawn in a way that makes him look like a devil.]

Galahad: Nikola, how fares your friend Edison these days?

Tesla: Thomas and I not on speaking terms… The man is an idiot!

Galahad: (picking up a strange device) Quite an antique. Hard to believe we ever used these communicators.

Galahad: (picking up a blueprint) All gibberish to me.

Tesla: Sir Galahad. Here is something you may find interesting. This device allows you to convert between Edison’s inefficient direct current and my superior alternating current. Quite handy for overloading and incapacitating certain electrical systems. It’s comprised of an inverter, transformer and rectifier, outfitted with some brass clips to enhance the design. Oh, and a fine leather carrying case. Inside each tube is a small quantity of mercury. When the mercury is properly aligned, the device becomes operational. Please, try it. Ah, excellent.

Galahad: You never cease to amaze, Nikola.

Tesla: I’d appreciate your expert opinion on my latest whimsy. Here.

Galahad: Essex 84 Marksman Carbine. Impressive.

Tesla: You’ve always had a good eye for craftsmanship. I’ve outfitted this one with a telescopic sight. It’s ideal for long-range shooting. I would be honoured if you would test its efficacy.

Galahad: With pleasure. Recoil is sharp, but manageable. Some muffing might be in order as well.

Tesla: I’ll attend to it immediately. So, are there any other of my children that you would like to meet?

Galahad: The offer’s tempting, but I must return to the others.

Tesla: Of course. Oh, the monocular that General Lafayette requested in over there, on the table.

Galahad: I’ll see that he gets it.

[He gives Lafayette the binoculars… during the Whitechapel raid. Sitting in the carriage, Perceval briefs his collegues.]

Perceval: We scour the district in pairs. Isabeau, you and Lafayette take the High Street from the south end. Galahad and I will move in from the north.

Igraine: Why not give the Frenchman to Galahad?

Lafayette: Mademoiselle doubts my intentions. I promise to remain at all times the picture of chivalry.

Igraine: I’d prefer to have someone more experienced looking out for me.

Galahad: I thought you needed no looking after.

Perceval: Very well. You team with Galahad.

Lafayette: Mademoiselle will perhaps one day allow me to demonstrate my… skill.

Igraine: One day.

Perceval: Remember, we are entering rebel territory. The insurgents will take umbrage at our incursion into Whitechapel.

Galahad: Given our little discovery in Mayfair, the London Hospital should be our target.

Lafayette: Strange to think Lycans would find sanctuary here, is it not, monsieur?

Igraine: You really believe the Rebels are collaborating with the Half-Breeds?

Perceval: The Lord Chancellor is convinced of it. I have my doubts.

Lafayette: Do you trust anyone, mon general?

Perceval: Never accept, always question. It’s a motto that’s seen me through the centuries. Stay vigilant, all of you. We can expect hot work here.

Lafayette: (in French) Ah… what joy!


[They start exploring the dark streets of Whitechapel at night.]

Perceval: A nest of cutpurses, collaborators, and whoremongers. I knew it very differently, once. A lone chapel stood just there, offering sanctuary to travellers.

Galahad: That was before even my time. The city walls had yet to come up.

Perceval: Now, you can smell Whitechapel before you see it.

Galahad: Nothing is as it used to be, Sebastien.

Lafayette: True. The Order least of all.

Perceval: We rendezvous at the hospital. Stay on your guard.

Galahad: Understood.

[They’re splitting up.]

Lafayette: This way, monsieur.

[Galahad and Lafayette enter a house.]

Galahad: (looking at a pipe) The ashes are still warm.

Whore 1: Hello there, boys!

Whore 2: Join us, won’t you?

Lafayette: And look, Monsieur! Those lovely ladies on the balcony arc waving a us!

Galahad: Prostitutes, Marquis.

[Soon they see a criminal standing with his back to them and decide to gently eliminate him with a little trick. Lafayette hides behind a wooden fence and Galahad throws an apple at the criminal. When the criminal turns around, Lafayette strips him of his consciousness with a suffocating grip.]

Criminal: Oi!

[Galahad asks a civilian to remain silent and throws him a coin. He sees two bastards beating some poor guy.]

Criminal: (from afar) That’s it, Kev! Tear him apart! Come on! Knock the stuffing out of him! Go on, Kev! Finish the bastard!

Kev: You want more?

Criminal: He’s bleedin’ like a stuck pig, that one!

Kev: Doesn’t look good. He ain’t getting up.

Criminal: Stay down, you stupid git.

Galahad: (whispers) Strange place…

[They go out into the square, where a man from the podium agitates people to fight against the wealthy lords.]

Galahad: We’ve been spotted, let’s move.

Scared Woman: I don’t know! I swear! I only caught a glimpse of him.

Angry Man: She’s dead because of you!

[He hits the woman, and Galahad hits him.]

Lafayette: (in French) Well done, sir!

Galahad: Didn’t care to dirty your aristocratic hands? (to scared woman) It’s alright. There’s no need to be afraid.

Scared Woman: How could I have known he was the Ripper? He was just another bloke!

Galahad: He killed another one last night?

Scared Woman: I didn’t know!

Lafayette: Leave her be, monsieur. She’s in shock.

Galahad: Don’t worry, you’re safe now. We should head through this door…

[He breaks into the door with a futuristic device and they enter a small tidy bar Aux Belles Muses.]

Barkeeper: Oi! There’s no weapons allowed in the establishment. You want to stay? You leave it here.

Lafayette: Bien sur, monsieur! As a matter of fact, we were just looking for the coat closet.

[He smiles and gives him his gun.]

Barkeeper: Give it here.

[Galahad do the same.]

Lafayette: At ease, monsieur. A quick reconnaissance of the premises seems imperative.

[He runs straight to the whores.]

Whore: Isn’t he a cute one?

Whore 2: Mind, you keep your hands off. I saw him first.

Lafayette: Ladies, please. Lafayette is happy to share his favours.

Whore 1: Aren’t you the checky one?

Whore 2: You’re French, aren’t you?

Lafayette: Is it that obvious? Tell me the truth. It was the nose, wasn’t it?

[Meanwhile, Galahad is busy working. He’s looking at someone’s wallet. ]

Whore 1: And such a nice one you’ve got. You know what they say about big noses.

Lafayette: That’s feet.

Whore 2: Noses, too.

Whore 1: Don’t get many Frenchmen around here. I’ll be you’re a soldier. No, an officer.

Lafayette: Major General Lafayette, veteran of the American army, at your service.

Whore 1: Fancy that. An American! I bet you got lots of stories to tell

Lafayette: I prefer action to talking.

Whore 2: Well, what are we waiting for?

Whore 1: Isn’t he a cute one?

[Several rebels enter the bar.]

Galahad: Marquis, this is no time for sport. We have to find a way out of here. Quickly.

Lafayette: I have just the thing, monsieur. If one of you ladies would reach into my pocket-

[One of the whores take out a hefty sack of gold coins.]

Barkeeper: Give it ‘ere, love.

Lafayette: Is it sufficient, monsieur?

Whore 2: More than sufficient, I’d say!

Lafayette: Upstairs, then, if you please.

Whore 1: This way, love.

Galahad: Get in here!

[Galahad pushes Lafayette into one of the rooms.]

Whore 1: Oi! Hey! What are you up to? You’re in the wrong room!

Barkeeper: Where’s that little frog gone?

Whore 1: He’s in there. With his friend!

Barkeeper: Oi! Get out of there!

[Galahad and Lafayette notice that the room is already… in use.]

Whore 3: Oh? Hello…

[A man who uses a whore runs for his gun. Galahad stops him.]

Lafayette: (in French) Apologies, madame.

[They take the weapons and go out onto the balcony and climb up to the roof of the next house.]

Woman Rebel: (to a bunch of men) We have intruders. Get your weapons, let’s go!

Galahad: Lafayette, shhhhh… Looks like we’ve stirred the nest… Keep a look out, Marquis. I need to find a way through here.

Lafayette: I shall be diligent, Monsieur.

Rebel 1: Did you hear that whistle?

Rebel 2: We best keep our eyes open…

Rebel 1: Aye… two shorts for bobbies, one long for Knights.

Rebel 1: Damn… Knights… you sure it’s not the other way ’round? Ya know, two shorts for Knights, and one long for bobbies?

[Galahad shoots them in the head.]

Galahad: Clear!

Lafayette: Perhaps the rooftops are not our best path, monsieur…

Galahad: You may be right. We need to find another way to the hospital.

[They’re getting their gear back.]

Lafayette: I found a way out.

Man: (closing the shutters) Oh god, the Black Coats are here!

Lafayette: (in French) Too easy. (in English) I sense that we are not welcome here…

Galahad: Keep your eyes open. We don’t want to create any further commotion.

Lafayette: Look monsieur God did not save this queen…

[A sniper shoots at them, but misses.]

Galahad: Move! Lafayette, keep your head down! We need to take out the sniper!

Lafayette: (in French) Absolutely, sir.

Galahad: Lafayette, take the street!

Lafayette: (in French) Yes! Look out! Up on the landing!

Galahad: We have to keep moving… I imagine more rebels are on their way.

Rebel: Hey! Help me move the cart! We need to slow them!

Galahad: They’ve blocked the way!

Lafayette: Through the building! More Rebels, in the courtyard!

Rebel: Fuck! The Knights have made it through!

Lafayette: Monsieur! Shotgunner, coming out of the building!

[Galahad shot a red barrel.]

Lafayette: (in French) Holy shit!

Galahad: That did some damage.

Lafayette: This is most exciting! Monsieur! Grenadies!

Galahad: Understood, Marquis.

Lafayette: I believe the Rebels are out of reinforcements, Monsieur. We are almost through!

Galahad: We need to keep moving and get off of the streets.

Lafayette: A little help with the wagon, monsieur?

[They pull the cart back and go back up to the roofs.]

Galahad: Perceval, do you read me?

Lafayette: Save your breath, monsieur. The building are blocking the signal.

Galahad: The curse of progress. Hand me your monocular. I can see our target. The Hospital is two miles west.

Lafayette: Do you see our comrades?

Galahad: The overhead rail tracks seem to have collapsed here. There! It must be them.

Lafayette: Shall we join the soirée?

Galahad: Let’s invite a few friends, shall we? Air Command, this is Galahad. I need response from anyone in the vicinity of Whitechapel. Air Command, this is Galahad. Do you copy?

Lafayette: Think, monsieur. We are without sanction here. The Lord Chancellor will be most displeased. Lafayette does not fancy a court-martial.

Galahad: We’ll worry about that later.

Radio: Sir Galahad, this is Sentinel 5. We are three leagues northeast of Whitechapel. Please state directives.

Galahad: Sentinel Five, this is Galahad. We require air support on standby.

Radio: Acknowledge, Sir Galahad. We are signalling blue, red at a one second interval. We request your visual confirmation for healing change. Sir Galahad, this is Sentinel 5. We have visual confirmation of your position. Heading change to two-two-four degrees. Assuming holding pattern above Whitechapel in eight minutes.

Galahad: Acknowledge, Sentinel 5. Await further orders at location.

Lafayette: Let’s go. Ah, the smell of pestilence.

Galahad: Your Parisian slums are more fragrant, I suppose.

Lafayette: (in French) Shit smells like shit, monsieur. Anywhere in the world. (jumps) Oh damn.

Galahad: Lafayette!

Lafayette: Not to worry, monsieur. I’m alright. Would not our time be better spent hunting Half-Breeds?

Galahad: Patience, Marquis.

Lafayette: This word again. "Patience," always "patience."

[They manage to get to the rear of the rebels.]

Rebel 1: Leave that, Jimmy, get going. Come on, I’ll cover our bases.

Rebel 2: Yes sir!

Rebel 1: Come on, let’s go!

[Galahad looks at Lafayette and shoots the rebel in the head.]

Rebel 2: Shit! Behind us!

Constable: Help! I’m pinned down!

Lafayette: My friend! The constable needs our help!

[Galahad rushes to power and in hand-to-hand combat defeats two rebels, but the third takes the hero by surprise. Perceval eliminates him.]

Perceval: Stop for a pint, did you?

Galahad: We encountered some resistance.

Perceval: The rebels are better armed than we expected. Those markings look familiar?

Galahad: It’s one of ours. Where did you find this?

Perceval: Follow me.

[He takes them to the basement of one of the houses.]

Lafayette: (in French) My God! (in English) There is enough firepower here for a small army.

Perceval: Some of this ordnance was manufactured for the Order. Igraine even found an Arc Gun in here.

Galahad: I was unaware that we had lost some of our inventory.

Perceval: We haven’t. Here. Give me a hand with this one. See what’s in there.

Lafayette: What did you find?

Galahad: Essex M-86. Thermite Rifle.

Perceval: They saw their first field action a few weeks ago.

Galahad: This one hasn’t been assigned yet. How did the Rebels get their hands on these?

Perceval: I’m making it my business to find out.

Constable: Begging your pardon, Sir. You’re needed upstairs.

Galahad: That’s our cue.

[There’s a shooting going on upstairs.]

Lafayette: I believe mademoiselle requires our attention.

Galahad: Igraine, we’re in position!

Igraine: About time!

Galahad: Move out!

Igraine: What took you all so long?!?!

Rebel: More Knights, from the shop!

Galahad: One of them got a thermite rifle!

Lafayette: Understood. Rebels on the first floor!

Igraine: On the roof!

Galahad: I see them.

Constable: We need back up! These bloody rebels outnumber us!

Perceval: Inspector, stay under cover! Galahad, enemies in the distillery!

Lafayette: Nom de dicu! There! That door! That’s our way through.

Igraine: Inspector! NO!

Lafayette: We have to help him! Cover me!

Igraine: All clear! Bring him inside!

Perceval: Quickly!

Lafayette: Take his arms. Gently, monsieur.

Galahad: I have him.

Rebel: We have them pinned down!

Galahad: Ready? Let’s move him.

Igraine: They’re bringing reinforcements!

Lafayette: We’re sitting ducks out here!

Igraine: Here comes another!

Lafayette: Monsieur, only few more feet to go!

Galahad: We’re clear! Move in!

[One of the rebel bullets hits Perceval in the neck.]

Perceval: Igraine! Go! Help me with the bookcase!

Igraine: That went well.

[Perceval drinks Black Water from a pendant and his wound heals instantly.]

Perceval: Galahad, Find us a way out of here.

Galahad: Working on it. How bad is it?

Lafayette: (examines the inspector) A punctured lung I think. Another bullet through the stomach.

Perceval: Just rest easy, son. You’re going to be alright.

Igraine: The Rebels are regrouping.

Galahad: I think I’ve found our way out.

[He removes the thermite clip of the rifle and hangs it on a fallen tank.]

Galahad: Everyone. Stand back. Igniting!

[The clip burns the tank like paper.]

Galahad: Can we move him?

Lafayette: It no longer matters, monsieur.

[He cross himself.]

Galahad: Save your prayers, Lafayette. There is no god to help him. Come on… Let’s go!

Lafayette: There! The hospital.

Igraine: We’re only a few hundred yards away.

Perceval: And these rebel gobshites will be waiting for us.

Rebel: Don’t let them get any further!

Perceval: Let’s get on with it. We’re losing precious time.

Lafayette: (in French) Holy shit! (in English) Who built this fucking town? Dead ends everywhere!

Igraine: Quite the shortcut. Brilliant. What now?

Rebel: Lafayette! Monocular! They’re hiding behind those columns! We need to press forward. Now!

Galahad: There’s a weak spot in the trucks. If I can get up there I should be able to bring the structure down. Igraine, Lafayette, I’ll need you to provide cover. Perceval, with me.

Igraine: The thermite fire in pinning us down!

Perceval: Galahad we need to take their thermite position out! Give me a hand with this! Ready? Galahad, use the thermite to bring the bridge down. Igraine, Lafayette, stand ready! The path should be cleared shortly!

Galahad: The thermite is in place! Watch yourselves below!

Igraine: It looks like the rebels are retreating!

Galahad: Let’s move forward!

Perceval: We are advancing toward target. Find a way to join us.

[Galahad descends from the roof of the building and approaches a constable leading the tied rebel.]

Galahad: Hey! Where is your commanding officer?

Constable: Over there!

Galahad: Sergeant!

Sergeant: Sir! What are Her Majesty’s Knights doing?

Perceval: Why haven’t you secured the perimeter?

Sergeant: We… heard things up there. Safer to stay back.

Perceval: Bugger safety!

Igraine: Do you hear that?

Lafayette: Where are the rest of the Rebels?

Igraine: Exactly. It’s dead silent. Something’s not right.

Perceval: Galahad! Did you -

Galahad: I saw it. Half-Breeds.

Perceval: They’re converging on the hospital.

Galahad: We need to disperse them. Quickly.

Perceval: Call it in.

Galahad: Sentinel 5, this is Galahad. Do you copy?

Radio: Sir Galahad, this is Sentinel 5. On standby.

Galahad: Sentinel 5. Requesting an immediate sonar payload drop.

Radio: Confirming Galton payload deployment. Requesting visual beacon for target location.

Galahad: Dammit! Who has a transmitter?

Lafayette: Here, monsieur. Use my communicator.

Perceval: Well, the lad’s useful after all.

Radio: Locking on beacon. Releasing anchor. Galton deployment in five… four… three… two… one…

Galahad: Incoming! All devices off!

[A sonic bomb is detonating.]

Perceval: That’s our window. Go! Find out where these bloody things are coming from! I’ll cover the rear.

Lafayette: Monsieur. You will need this. (passes him a flashlight) You will need this. Be careful, my friends.

Igraine: Always, Marquis.

[They go inside the building.]


The Fifteenth Day of October, 1886
The London Underground, Whitechapel

[Galahad is trying to turn on the flashlight.]

Galahad: Let’s hope these work.

Igraine: What does your fabled instinct tell you now?

Galahad: I’d say we should be prepared for anything?

Igraine: Nothing special in that. Admit it, you’re getting rusty.

Galahad: God’s blood.

Igraine: What could have happened here?

Galahad: Our bedlamites again, I’d say. No telling how many they might have killed in their escape.

Igraine: Look there. Such indiscriminate slaughter… I’ve never seen its like before. The Lycans are escalating their rampages.

Galahad: The exit is on the other side. Let’s find another way through.

[Soon they stumble upon the rebels.]

Igraine: The gate is opened, we have a way through. Stay alert.

Rebel: Fuck! We’ve got trouble coming! Shoot them! Kill ’em both!

Galahad: Be on the lookout! There might be more.

Rebel: Knights inbound!

Igraine: Up there, on the generator! We’re almost there… Let’s hope there are no more distractions along the way. The hospital is this way.

[They’re coming up to the surface.]

Igraine: What is it? Who’s Perceval talking to?

Galahad: No one. Just some poor sod off the street.

Igraine: Let’s move. It’s only a matter of time until the Lycans regroup and return.

[The hospital is in the neighborhood. They enter the building. There, like everywhere else, filth and destruction is where greatness and wealth used to be.]

Igraine: Well, so much for the London Hospital. To think this was once the flagship of our medical expertise.

Galahad: These patients have been mauled. The Lycans weren’t the only ones to run rampant here. Time has taken its own toll on this place.

Voice: Hey mate, did you hear something?

Galahad: Isi, we have company.

Voice: I could have sworn someone was talking.

Rebel: Oh shit! Bloody Knights! What in the world were they doing here?

Galahad: There may be more to this hospital than we suspected… we should keep moving.

Igraine: Gray, one of us should search the basement.

Galahad: Agreed. I’ll head downstairs.

Igraine: Alright, I’ll go this way. Get on the comm if you find anything.

[Few minutes later.]

Galahad: Igraine. Come in. The power is out in the basement.

Igraine: (radio) It’s the same here…

Galahad: Proceed with caution.

Igraine: (radio) …Galahad… I believe I found something…

Galahad: Repeat, Isi. I can barely make you out.

Igraine: (radio) You’ll want to take a look at this…

Galahad: Isi?

[We’re losing contact. Galahad continues to examine the dark corridors of the asylum, looking into the wards and examining documents. In the murky darkness, pierced only by the light of a lantern, he sees the patient hunched down and sitting on the floor. His face is covered in blood. He starts slowly turning into a Lycan. Galahad retreats and shoots back, but the Lycan manages to grab him.]

Lycan: You swine! I can smell you, human.

Galahad: Fuck… Isi! We have a problem! (no signal) Dammit!

[Galahad takes the elevator to get higher, fighting the Lykan. Soon it retreats.]

Igraine: Gray, is that you?

Galahad: Yes, it’s me, Isi.

Igraine: I lost you on the comm; where are you?

Galahad: Triage room. I found a mark. An Elder.

Igraine: An Elder? Here? This doesn’t make sense.

Galahad: Let’s hurry. The Half-Breed is hurt and out for blood. Can you open the gate?

Igraine: I’m trying.

Galahad: Try to find something to pry it open. I’ll clear the debris on this side.

Igraine: Alright. Gray!

[The Lycan is jumping from somewhere on top. It knocks the gun out of Galahad’s hands, so he has to defend himself with a knife.]

Lykan: Be still…

[Igraine beats him from behind with a sharp stick, causing a serious wound on his back. The Lycan doesn’t like it very much.]

Igraine: Gray! Get up!

[She fights long and unsuccessfully while Galahad regains consciousness. He takes an axe and slaughters the monster with a few powerful blows.]

Galahad: Isi! Isi… stay with me. Come on, Isi…

[He gives some Black Water.]

Galahad: Come on… drink.

[She sucks the air with her mouth hard. Galahad takes her in his arms.]

Igraine: Grey… It hurts…

Galahad: Isi, you’ll be fine.

Igraine: I can’t do this much longer… Not this life…

Galahad: Save your strength.

Igraine: We deserve better… You and I… together… we deserve better.

[Someone’s running past, but it’s impossible to see anything because of the damn darkness.]

Galahad: Hey, you! That woman again…

Igraine: No, Gray. The ward… To the left. There’s… there’s something you need to see.

Galahad: What is it?

[She loses consciousness. Galahad goes into a large room, which turns out to be the base of the rebels.]

Galahad: What are these rebels up to? Rest easy, love.

[He puts Igraine on the table and starts to explore the room. ]

Galahad: What could the rebels be planning here…? A photograph of Lord Hastings. They’re getting organized. Here, the Agamemnon shipment. Destined for the eastern coast of the Americas. The Agamemnon shipping manifest. All the cargo is destined for the Americas. London high society… This poor sod was burned beyond recognition. He was surely tortured first. United India uniforms… No ranks or assignments on the sleeves. That must be it!

[He pry open a wooden box and finds an audio note.]

"To all representatives of the Southern Chapters, we are to convene in the next few weeks. Summons and subsequent instructions will be forwarded to your respective locales.
Be aware that inquiries have been made regarding a few of the members by both the Police and the Royal Army. The latter does prove more worrisome and should not be taken lightly.
Thus I urge everyone to mind their interactions with any new acquaintance.
Though our focus and watch should remain on The Order and its ranks, we suggest that time be spent on gathering further information on the reorganised rebellion. Their factions seem too well maintained and coordinated, which would suggest external oversight or help. It would also explain their sudden resurgence."
September 29th, 1886

Galahad: Come, Isi. I’ll help you up.

Igraine: How long was I out?

Galahad: Long enough to have me worried.

Radio: Galahad, where in the world have you been?

Galahad: Perceval, we may have a situation on our hands.

Radio: What is it?

Galahad: First, call in Nikola. We’ll need armament. The Rebels turned the psychiatric ward into hideout and what looks like a staging area. There are clues that indicate a potential threat to the United India Company, and Lord Hastings.

Igraine: I’m telling you. I am fine now.

Galahad: You still need some time to recuperate.

Igraine: I assure you, Gray, I’m perfectly well.

Galahad: Will there ever be a time when you will heed my advice, Isi?

Igraine: You know the answer to that question, but you would have to obtain father’s blessing first.

[They’re leaving the asylum. There’s Lafayette waiting for them outside.]

Lafayette: My friend Galahad!

Igraine: Well, Marquis. Where have your concerns for my well-being gone?

Lafayette: Oh, mademoiselle! I never doubted for a moment that you would prevail over these miscreants. However, the same cannot be said of your gallant knight…

Perceval: (to Tesla) Not a word of this to anyone, Nikola, understand?

Tesla: As you wish. You’re taking a big risk.

Lafayette: What did I tell you, monsieur?

Perceval: We’d almost given you up for lost.

Galahad: I - we were… unavoidably detained.

Perceval: Come. We don’t have much time.

Tesla: Sir. This is for you as well. It should all be in working order.

[He gives him the electrical overload device he showed earlier.]

Galahad: Thank you, Nikola. And the other weapon?

[Tesla pulls out a revolver.]

Galahad: You never fail to deliver. Perceval, for you. Might come in handy.

Galahad: The Agamemnon. What’s its status?

Lafayette: It has already departed on its way to Portsmouth for its last port of call before it leaves for the Americas.

Galahad: And the security detail on board, have they been made aware of the rebel threat?

Perceval: For all we know, the guard detail could have been infiltrated by the conspirators. We need to unravel this without arousing suspicion.

Igraine: The Council should at least be apprised of the situation.

Perceval: We don’t have the luxury of seeking the council’s permission.

Lafayette: And how would you suggest we do that, mon General? It is already airborne.

Galahad: That should be easy.

Perceval: You read my mind.

[They’re watching a blimp fly by.]


The Fifteenth Day of October, 1886
The Airship Agamemnon, above London.

Perceval: Sentinel 5, we are on board!

Radio: Acknowledge, Sir Perceval! Sentinel 5 is casing back and will remain available for support.

Perceval: Confirmed. Thanks for the drop off Captain.

Radio: Good luck Sir! Sentinel 5 out.

Lafayette: Is this your idea of easy, Monsieur?

Galahad: We are all secure, Perceval! We move on your mark.

Perceval: Igraine! Lafayette!

Lafayette: This is most precarious my friends!

Igraine: Giving up so soon Marquis?

Perceval: In position! I’ll shadow you.

[Galahad, Lafayette and Igraine repels down the blimp. Perceval follows them.]

Perceval: Quickly, let’s get inside.

[They get inside the blimp.]

Perceval: Stow your gear. Lafayette and Galahad, you need to gain control of the cockpit, Quietly.

Galahad: Understood.

Perceval: Isabeau and I will do reconnaissance. We need eyes on the ground, amongst the guests.

Igraine: And imagine me with nothing to wear. I suppose I’ll have to go dress shopping.

Lafayette: Rules of engagement, Monsieur?

Perceval: Do what you must. We don’t have time to distinguish between rebel conspirators and the company guards.

Igraine: We’ve worked without a safety net before.

Galahad: That is true. But then again, we are commandeering the flagship of the United India Company’s feet.

Perceval: Questions? Then let’s move out.

Galahad: Sebastien, I must ask you. Who was the old man you were talking to in Mayfair and Whitechapel?

Perceval: The old man… It’s a long story. One that I will share with you when the time is right. There is still much that I have to find out for myself.

Galahad: I hope you know what you are doing. It seems that the council grows weary of your defiance.

Perceval: The Order is not what it once was, Grayson.

Galahad: Yes. You’ve said that much before.

Perceval: Patience, old friend. All in due time. Remember. Stealth mode.

Igraine: Marquis?

Lafayette: Mademoiselle has my absolute assurances. I shall be us silent as the grave. The path looks clear of guards. We should hurry!

Perceval: Wait for my go-ahead. On me… go. Secure the cockpit and await further orders.

Lafayette: This way, monsieur!

Guard 1: If you ask me, men were not meant to fly in machines.

Guard 2: Well, no one is asking you.

Lafayette: Redcoats!

Galahad: Good. Our entrance was not noticed by the guards.

Guard 2: Late for me shit, I better get to my post.

Lafayette: The lock appears to be magnetic.

Guard 1: Progress they call it. Looks like a death trap to me.

[Galahad powers down the castle with Tesla’s invention. The guard’s light bulb goes out too.]

Guard 1: Huh? What the…? Job for a mechanic, not a guard. I don’t know why I even bother. Best built ship, my eye.

Lafayette: There.

Perceval: (radio) Galahad, Lafayette. We just encountered resistance from company guards: they are using deadly force. Reciprocate if necessary.

Galahad: Understood.

Guard 1: The hell is wrong with this thing? Maybe a loose wire…?

[Galahad quietly sneaks up and kills the guard by stabbing him in the throat.]

Loudspeaker: Ladies and Gentleman, on behalf of the United India Company and its leadership, I would like to welcome you onboard the Agamemnon. As we depart London, our next port of call will be Portsmouth. We will then continue our journey across the Atlantic Ocean where will make a brief landfall, to our final destination of Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Lafayette: I don’t see any guards. It’s empty.

Loudspeaker: Our expected travel time will be approximately three days and six hours.

Lafayette: Belles instrumentations! Truly marvellous…

Loudspeaker: On behalf of the crew, I would like to wish our Security Operations, come in. Be sure to have someone verify that the cargo is secured.

Lafayette: I am right behind you monsieur. I can see three in the cockpit. The guard may present a challenge.

Galahad: We’ll just have to improvise.

Pilot: Settle in, boys. Next mooring is at Portsmouth, and then it’s an uneventful few days to the Americas. Can’t even tell we’re airborne when I’m back in the hold.

Lafayette: Smoke grenade. On your mark.

Galahad: Three… two… one.

[They break out into the cockpit and defeat everyone in hand-to-hand combat.]

Lafayette: We seize this ship in the name of liberty.

Galahad: Perceval, the cockpit is secured. Lafayette will remain at the helm. What is your status?

Perceval: Lord Hastings is in the vicinity of the ballroom, ant of your location. We will try to get eyes on him. Get here fast.

Galahad: Acknowledged. I shall apprise you once I have made reconnaissance. (to Lafayette) Remember. A steady hand on the tiller at all times.

Lafayette: Leave it to me, monsieur.

[Galahad heads to the ballroom and trying to be undetected.]

Worker: Dammit, Bailey! Always forgets to keep the comm centre door locked!

Guard 1: Did you hear? The company posted sharpshooters down at Blackwall…

Guard 2: Just a rumour. But best keep clear of the docks, just the same. And if there is any truth to it, you’re better off not talking about it.

Guard 1: Aye, good point. Wouldn’t want any trouble.

Guard 3: Are the others in position?

Guard 4: Aye, our Lord Hastings should be none the wiser.

[Galahad reaches the ballroom. HE hides behind a column.]

Galahad: Perceval, we have a complication. Lucan is on board.

Igraine: (radio) My brother? What is the Knight commander doing here?

Sir Lucan: Everything seems to be running smoothly.

Lord Hastings: Yes, Sir Lucan. Quite smoothly. We shall be in Portsmouth in a few hours.

Sir Lucan: Indeed. Then off to the Americas.

Perceval: (radio) Dammit. He was to escort the lords until the ship reached our borders.

Lafayette: Should he be informed of the situation?

Galahad: And risk alerting the rebel agent?

Perceval: Galahad is right.

Igraine: Alastair will not appreciate being kept out of this.

Perceval: Worry about that later. He might yet be welcome support if the situation requires it. We proceed as planned.

Galahad: Understood. I’ll let you know when I have a better vantage point.

[He assembles Tesla’s sniper rifle.]

Galahad: In position.

Perceval: (radio) You are to hold fire until we have a confirmed target.

Galahad: Weapons hold confirmed.

Perceval: (radio) The rebels are using stolen company uniforms; they’ll be dressed as guards.

Galahad: Guards without proper insignias: the uniforms in Whitechapel didn’t have shoulder patches.

Perceval: (radio) Indeed. Keep me informed.

Galahad: No patch… Perceval, we have a rebel on the ground floor.

Perceval: (radio) Understood. Keep searching.

Galahad: Hmm, can’t see the correct shoulder… A patch. Perceval, the guard atop the stairs is bona fide.

Perceval: (radio) Good. Keep looking.

Galahad: Turn so I can see… Damn, no patch. There is a rebel on the opposing balcony.

Perceval: (radio) Acknowledge. Make sure you check them all.

Galahad: Patch confirmed. The guard nearest Hastings checks out.

Perceval: (radio) Excellent. Check the remaining guards.

Galahad: That was the last one.

Perceval: (radio) Good. Eliminate any threats.

Galahad: Acknowledge. Weapon loaded.

Perceval: (radio) Good hunting.

Galahad: One down. One remaining.

Perceval: (radio) Galahad, have you cleared the rebels?

Galahad: Soon…

[He kills them all and screams.]

Galahad: Lucan! Rebels! Get Hastings out now!

Rebel: Hastings got away! I need backup! Everyone, move to plan B.

Galahad: Perceval, the mark is down! Rebels incoming! I need support now!

Perceval: (radio) Understood. We’ll converge on you.

Galahad: I can see where they’re coming from.

Perceval: (radio) Contain their point of ingress at all costs!

Rebel: On the upper floor! Sniper! Stay in cover! Force him to come to us!

Galahad: Lunatics! Incendiary weapons aboard an airship!?

Perceval: (radio) Galahad! We’re facing heavy resistance from the rebels.

Igraine: (radio) How many of them are on this bloody ship!?

Lafayette: (radio) My friends! The company guard have just been put on high alert! I fear those amateurs may shoot anyone on sight!

Galahad: What the bloody hell was that?

Lafayette: (radio) A bomb just detonated on the front engine.

Indian Woman: Everyone, fall back!

Rebel: Aye, ma’am!

Indian Woman: You! With me! We proceed as planned!

Galahad: Everyone! There is a rebel commander on board! It’s the woman from Whitechapel: I’m in pursuit!

Perceval: (radio) Do NOT let her get away!

Loudspeaker: This is an emergency. Repeat. This is an emergency. All passengers follow evacuation signs to the lifeboat bays.

Igraine: (radio) Perceval. I’ve managed to capture one of the rebels.

Perceval: (radio) Good. Keep him restrained; I’ll be there shortly.

Loudspeaker: Severe damage to the starboard side. Emergency response teams to B12 and B13! All lifeboats forward of the ballroom have been launched. Staff, reroute passengers aft!

Galahad: Perceval, I’ve lost the mark. I’m maintaining pursuit.

Perceval: (radio) Negative. Regroup at the lifeboats: we have a bigger problem. The rebels have a second device or board.

Galahad: Bloody - alright, I’m on my way back.

[Starboard Emergency Deck.]

Sir Lucan: Is this what you call reasonable?

Perceval: We could not have foreseen these circumstances, Alastair.

Sir Lucan: Your mission to Whitechapel was to remain covert! I have received word of numerous casualties and reports of destruction to the London Hospital. And now THIS?!

Perceval: I alone will assume responsibility for all the consequences that may befall us.

Sir Lucan: Sebastien, you do understand there is little I can do to protect you from the wrath of the Lord Chancellor. Or of the Order.

Perceval: Your father will see reason. Right now, our concern should be finding the other device before it detonates.

Lord Hastings: Ehhh… Good Knights, your assistance. We must all hurry off the ship before things get worse.

Perceval: Sir Lucan will escort you and see to the evacuation. We must resume our pursuit.

Sir Hastings: Surely this is a situation for all hands. You do not intend to stay aboard.

Perceval: We will join you soon as we can.

Galahad: Isi, see to these people then head to the cockpit.

Igraine: No. I’m coming with you.

Galahad: Isi! You need to find Lafayette and get off this ship. Your brother charged me to bring you back safely. Do this. For me.

Perceval: We need weapons. There is a guard station nearby. We can avail ourselves of the company’s arms.

[They’re going to get guns.]

Perceval: The rebels will be sending someone to detonate the second explosive

Galahad: The rebel leader, she and an accomplice escaped to enact a contingency plan. That must be it.

Perceval: Agreed. Let’s get back to it. I’ll stay here. See if you can get to the weapons hold.

Loudspeaker: All gentry are away. Repeat. All gentry are away. Company personnel can report to the remaining lifeboats. Kitchen and support staff stay well clear.

Perceval: Company cats seeing their sinking ship… cowards. Get what you need, then we should move on.

Galahad: The quartermaster has stocked this ship well enough to support a small army.

Perceval: The Company’s guard are not known for their subtlety…

Galahad: I fail to see the benefit in allowing the company to run its own army.

Perceval: There may be rebels ahead. Be ready.

Loudspeaker: To all souls left on board, do not panic! We are following standard procedure and will be returning to the main hangar. Should the situation deteriorate, the remaining passengers will be offloaded at the nearest mooring tower.

Perceval: Get the door; I’ll cover you. All this to kill one man.

Galahad: The rebels are resorting to bolder methods.

Perceval: That they are. But something’s amiss. This is too bold even for them.

Galahad: You may be right. But we still must stop them from making things worse.

Loudspeaker: Everyone, please stay calm! There is no reason to panic. We are still maintaining buoyancy. The ship’s airworthiness remains intact.

Rebel: (behind the door) Knights came out of nowhere and botched the assassination.

Galahad: Perceval, rebels.

Rebel: (behind the door) I’m moving to the second device!

Galahad: On my mark.

[He breaks the door with his shoulder.]

Rebel: Damn it! Get to the others! We can’t let the Knights reach the second device!

Perceval: Coach-gun! At the far end! Keep moving! We have to find that second device!

Rebel: We’ve got to hold ’em long enough to get the device armed! One of them has moved up through the hall!

Perceval: Room clear! We need to keep after the mark! He must have gone through there.

[They’re bumping into a heap. Perceval picks up the fallen closet.]

Perceval: I got it! Here, Grayson, can you get through?

Galahad: I think so!

Perceval: Look out! That was a close one, old friend.

Galahad: Too close for comfort.

Perceval: Leave it be!

Galahad: There must be another way.

Perceval: There’s no time. Go on without me. I’ll find another way through. And don’t lose the mark!

Rebel: Oh shit! Knight!

Perceval: (radio) Lalayette what’s going on?

Lafayette: (radio) The damage from the explosion is getting worse.

Perceval: (radio) How long can you stabilize the ship?

Lafayette: (radio) Not long, monsieur.

Galahad: Do what you can, Marquis. Just give us a few more minutes.

Loudspeaker: Fire crews, focus on keeping the flames away from the gasoline feeds at D-23 und 11.4.M2

Galahad: Perceval, there were rebels in the cabins; I’ve cleared them out and am continuing my pursuit.

Perceval: (radio) Understood. I’m heading to the stern of the ship and will sweep back towards you.

Galahad: Lafayette?!?

Lafayette: (radio) We lost multiple gas cells! The ship is uncontrollable.

Igraine: (radio) Yet he won’t leave! He’s almost as stubborn as you are.

Perceval: (radio) Marquis, abandon ship. Igraine, if you have to knock him unconscious and drag him to a lifeboat.

Igraine: (radio) My pleasure.

[Galahad and Perceval manage to catch up with the runaway.]

Perceval: Galahad! Hold your fire!

Galahad: There is no time Perceval! We have to stop him!

Perceval: Trust me, Grayson! Listen to me lad. Stand down!

Runaway: You have no idea who you’re dealing with! We are not the enemy!

Perceval: Then prove it! Stop this madness.

Runaway: No! Not as long as the company is allowed to carry on unobstructed.

Perceval: They won’t. We’ll see to it.

Runaway: It’s too late.

Galahad: Sebastien!

Perceval: (with tears) Friend! You don’t have to do this…

[But he still detonates the bomb. Perceval and Galahaf are thrown away.]

Igraine: (radio) Igraine calling Perceval. Come in, Perceval. Galahad, acknowledge. Gray, Sebastien… come in!


The Fifteenth Day of October, 1886
The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park

[The blimp is crashing down. Galahad gets up hard and drinks Black Water. He starts hobbling through the burning ruins of a blimp. The screams of the wounded and dying can be heard all around.]

Voice: -this way! Found someone over here! Here! I need help with this one!

Galahad: Damn it! (via radio) Isi… I’m here. Isi, can you hear me? For God’s sake, respond. Shit…

[He sees a body lying on the ground.]

Galahad: Sebastien…

Igraine: (radio) Lucan, Sagramor, Elyan, we’ve lost contact with Perceval and Galahad. I need any able-bodied Knight in the vicinity of the Crystal Palace to respond

Galahad: Isi…

Constable: M’Lady, no one is believed to have survived the crash…

Galahad: It’s me…

Igraine: Gray?

Galahad: No…

Igraine: Gray! Respond! Where the hell are you? Everyone! Sir Galahad is alive! Find him!

Galahad: Aaaaaah…

[Galahad finds the body of Sir Perceval. He falls to his knees and roars in pain and despair.]

[Next scene. Galahad, Lafayette and Igraine go down in the elevator. Galahad is immersed in dark thoughts. Lafayette and Igraine look without knowing what to say.]

The Seventeenth Day of October, 1886
Tesla Laboratory, Catacombs of Westmister

Galahad: I’ll do this alone. You two head up to the Council.

Igraine: Gray…

Galahad: It’s alright, Isi. I’ll join you in time for the Succession.

Lafayette: (in French) My thoughts are with you, Sir.

[They’re going back upstairs. The Galahad approaches Tesla. He, too, appears to have been touched by Percival’s death.]

Tesla: My condolences. Sir Perceval was a great man. The best of us. I took the liberty of… keeping this aside. I know it is not standard protocol.

Sir Lucan: Grayson, do not blame yourself for what happened. Let this cloud pass.

Galahad: How can I? He was my mentor… my brother.

Sir Lucan: So he was. But concern yourself with the upcoming solemnities. The rest can wait.

Galahad: Too many questions remain Alastair. I intend to find answers. Malory’s death will be avenged.

Sir Lucan: Do not fall prey to dark thoughts of retribution. That way madness lies. Come. The Council awaits our presence. Lord Hastings is on his way from the United India House. He wishes to thank you in person for saving his life and the lives of all the other people on the ship. The United India Company owes you a debt of gratitude.


The Seventeenth Day of October, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

Lord Chancellor: For over six centuries, the knight called Sir Perceval sat with us in brotherhood. He saw entire kingdoms perish, and others, equally transitory, take their place. He saw the rise of the Hall Breeds, and was relentless in their pursuit. To all these things he bore witness because he was blessed by this. The Grail. The Blackwater that courses through our veins. The bond that unites this Order. The elixir which heals all wounds and extends the life of natural men. Yet it cannot ensure immortality. Now… Sebastian Malory, once Sir Perceval, is dead. There is a tradition of bestowing a knighthood, in our order, only on the occasion of the death of him who bears that honour and burden. Generation after generation, new knights have taken the names of their hallowed predecessors. We are assembled here today on just such a solemn occasion. From blood of old… the Grail will give new life. Do you, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, swear to uphold the most noble precepts of our order; do you pledge to give your life in service to our righteous cause?

Lafayette: With all my heart and soul.

Lord Chancellor: Drink. May the Grail give you life beyond life.

[Lafayette drinks Black Water - apparently for the first time in his life - and becomes a Knight of the Order.]

Lord Chancellor: By this communion, you are bound to our sacred Order. Henceforth, only your blood shall replenish this vial. May the Blackwater… Always use it wisely. I dub thee, Sir Perceval… servant of our Great King and Knight of the Round Table. Rise, Sir Perceval and assume your rightful place at our table. Guards! Remove Sebastien Malary’s body from the Council Chamber and take him to the crypt. This council is now called to order. Let the terrible tragedy which has befallen us serve as a warning to those who would defy the mandates of this office. The late Sebastien Malory did not perish in the fight against the Half-Breeds. He died a victim of his own heedless enterprise and the negligence of those sworn to uphold the highest standards of duty and sacrifice. And to what purpose?

Galahad: Lord Chancellor, I must obj-

Lord Chancellor: Public buildings destroyed, innocent citizens placed at risk, incalculable damage done to United India Company properly. It is only by the mercy of Providence that an even greater disaster was avoided. All this while not a single rebel was taken into custody. On the contrary, by their rogue actions, the knights in question may have done the enemy a great service.

Sir Lucan: The Lord Chancellor perhaps speaks too harshly. He would do well to remember that Sir Perceval’s force did uncover evidence of a rebel effort against the…

Lord Chancellor: Circumstantial evidence. Mere supposition, all of which resulted in a… deplorable calamity. I will hear no more on the matter.

Galahad: With respect, Lord Chancellor-

Lord Chancellor: (screams) Sit down, Sir Galahad!

Galahad: (harshly) With respect, I, too, have lost a friend. More than a friend. A brother. You do great wrong to sully his name in such a manner.

Lord Chancellor: You dance on the very edge of insubordination, Sir Knight.

Galahad: I am apprehensive of my responsibility in this affair. Yet if the same circumstances should present themselves - I would do exactly as I have done. As Malory wished.

[The building’s a shake a little. There’s a guard running into the room.]

Guard: My Lord! Sir? The rebels have ambushed Lord Hastings’ carriage. He and his escort are trapped on the Westminster Bridge!

Sir Lucan: All knights, to arms! Protect Lord Hastings. Let’s eliminate these godless rebels once and for all!

Lord Chancellor: Sir Galahad! This matter is not yet over! Someone will yet answer for Sebastien Malory’s death.

Galahad: (whispers) Of that you can be sure…


The Seventeenth Day of October, 1886
The Westminster Bridge, City of Westminster

Sir Lucan: Arm yourselves and take defensive positions on the bridge. Galahad, your command.

Galahad: Let’s go.

Soldier: Sir Galahad! The carriage carrying Lord Hastings was hit in the middle of the bridge. We are not sure if anyone’s alive.

Galahad: Lucan, Igraine, Perceval. With me!

Rebel: We’ve got Knights on the west end of the bridge!

Sir Lucan: Hastings may still be alive! We must reach him!

Rebel: Fuck! One of them has an arc gun! Fend off the Knights until we can finish Hastings!

Igraine: Shotgunner spotted!

Rebel: Up there, on the trolley!

Sir Lucan: Hurry! We Need to get to Hastings!

Igraine: Clear! We’ve retaken this portion of the bridge!

Sir Lucan: Quickly, we must recover Lord Hastings!

Galahad: We need to get Hastings out!

Lafayette: I’ll cover you.

Galahad: Lucan, Igraine. On my mark. Pull him out when I lift the carriage.

Igraine: Understood.

Galahad: Ready? Now!

Sir Lucan: We have him! Everyone fall back to the palace.

Igraine: Gray, where are you going?

Galahad: To finish what we started!

Igraine: This is no time for vengeance. Come to your senses! Gray, stop!

[Galahad continues to kill the rebels.]

Rebel: Damn! That one’s made it through! Stop ’im! Defend the gunner! Don’t let him get through!

Rebel 2: Oi! You two! I need one over here, the other on the right. Come on! Hurry!

Galahad: Sentinel 3, I need air support.

Radio: We are approaching your position Sir Galahad.

Galahad: Acknowledge. Let them come.

Rebel: Knight up ahead! Take ’im out!

Radio: Sir Galahad, the rebels are in retreat; the Royal Army is en route, they will contain the threat from here.

Galahad: Fuck the army. This is my fight.

Rebel: Shit! He’s got out cannon!

Radio: Sir Galahad. The Knight Commander has requested that you abandon pursuit. To all personnel, please remain clear of the East end of Westminster Bridge. We are witnessing heavy artillery fire at the moment.

[After destroying a small rebel army, Galahad goes to kill Rebel 2.]

Sir Lucan: (radio) Galahad. This is a direct command. Stand down.

Igraine: (radio) Galahad, what are you doing? Come to your senses and return to the Palace.

[Galahad punches the rebel in the face.]

Galahad: Where’s the Indian woman? Where is she? (screams and punches the rebel) Where is she? Where? Tell me! Tell ME!

Igraine: (radio) Sentinel 3, where is Sir Galahad?

Radio: Lady Igraine, Sir Galahad is near the east end of the bridge.

Igraine: (radio) Stay on him until we can get to his position!

[Next scene. Galahad walks into the already familiar Aux Belles Muses brothel and kicks the bouncer in the face.]

Bouncer: Whoa Whoa, Whoa. Wait.

Galahad: Landlord! A drink! A drink, goddamn you! Absinthe.

[He puts a gun on the table. When the bartender comes up with the bottle, he takes it away.]

Galahad: (drinks) To forget.

[The bartender leaves the counter quietly.]

Indian Woman: Are you drowning your sorrows or your ignorance, knight?

Galahad: Niether. I was waiting for you to show up.

Indian Woman: And?

Galahad: I need some answers.

Indian Woman: Answers? Is that why you killed all my men? Death always follows in your path.

Galahad: And yours will be next if you don’t give me what I need.

Indian Woman: You’ll have to excuse me if your offer doesn’t entice me. I don’t respond well to threats.

Galahad: (picks up his gun) Then, you are of no use to me.

Indian Woman: (unholster hers) Do you worst.

[There’s another woman coming down to the top floor.]

Woman: So much animosity. You look like you could use some of this, knight.

Galahad: The Blackwater. But how did you get-?

Woman: Shall we call this a temporary truce? (to Indian woman in Hindi) Lower your weapon. Devi! (to Galahad) If it keeps you at ease, you can keep your gun pointed. But I am the one you seek, not her. We have much to discuss. Let us find a more… private setting. (to Devi in Hindi) Leave us. We shall talk alone. Attend to our business at Blackwall.

Devi: (in Hindi) As you wish, my queen.

Woman: You seek to avenge your friend Malory.

Galahad: Do not presume to speak his name.

Woman: He was betrayed. You have all been betrayed.

Galahad: Betrayed. By whom?

Woman: The men you call masters.

Galahad: The Order of Knights calls no one master. Not even the Queen.

Woman: You are an empire of bootlickers, grovelling at the feet of the mighty United India Company.

Galahad: (shouts) Guard your tongue, woman-

Woman: Your "honourable" corporation spreads the very scourge you have so valiantly sworn to fight.

Galahad: The rantings of a fanatic.

Woman: You seek the wrong enemy. We both fight the same evil.

Galahad: Why should I believe the word of Rebel and an assassin?

Woman: We are more alike than you think.

Galahad: We have nothing in common.

Woman: (loudly) Do not allow your friend to have died in vain.

Galahad: (points his gun at her) Enough! Tell me why I should not kill you!

Woman: There are things worse than death, knight. Much worse. And if it is mine you seek in your misguided quest, then so be it. My death is a worthy sacrifice.

Galahad: Do you deny the attempt to kill Lord Hastings?

Woman: He deserves to die, along with every one of his collaborators.

Galahad: And you expect us to just - step aside while you carry out your campaign of terror?

Woman: Things are not as they seem. The company’s secrets are well-kept, even from The Order.

Galahad: (harshly) What secrets? I do not have time for games.

Woman: There is little I can say to sway your convictions. But there are things I can show you to give you the explanation you need. Your answers await at the company’s docks in Blackwall Yard. But we must hurry.

Galahad: You had better be right, for your own sake.

Woman: The underground tunnels would lead us to Blackwall Yards. Be prepared to meet heavy resistance from the United India Guards.

Galahad: Until I say otherwise, we will not harm innocent men.

Woman: None of them are innocent.

Galahad: All the same. You will abide by my rules if you expect me to follow you.

Woman: Very well.

[Galahad removes the uniform of the Knight of the Order.]

Woman: Hanging up your colours so soon?

Galahad: The Order cannot be seen as having any part of this.

[Meanwhile, Igraine sees Galahad and the woman.]

Igraine: Gray… what games are you playing?

[She enters the bar and finds part of the knight’s outfit under the counter. Galahad left his on the second floor.]

Igraine: This can not be…

[Back to Galahad and the woman.]

Woman: What do you know of pure bloods?

Galahad: The Half-Breeds’ ancestors? An ancient race born into their unnatural state. Not turned like most others. They are all but extinct.

Woman: You are wrong to speak of them in the past. They walk among us.

Galahad: The support structure has collapsed. Here.

Woman: Such a gallant knight.


The Eighteenth Day of October, 1886
Underground Expansion, Blackwall

Woman: I fought against their ilk in Jhansi. The United India Company is their agent.

Galahad: If you are so adamant, then show me proof.

Woman: We should be able to move this together. Ready when you are. There’s the exit. Wait, there’s someone here.

Galahad: Workers?

Woman: Quiet.

Galahad: Quickly! Take cover.

Worker: Who’s there? This is private property!

Galahad: I feared as much. I was lost in the tunnels.

Worker: Who the devil are you?

Galahad: Another lost traveller in this infernal city, it appears. If you don’t mind me asking, where am I?

Worker: Blackwall Yards, United India Docks.

Galahad: Oh… definitely not where I thought.

Worker: Well, you’ll have to go back the way you came.

Galahad: Back through the tunnels? A trifle easier to climb up to the streets, wouldn’t you say?

Worker: Back you go…

[The woman hist the worker with a stick from behind.]

Woman: Don’t worry. He’s only resting. Though his head might pain him for some time after. Look, there’s the street.

Galahad: The city’s expanding the embankment. Give me a hand with this.

Woman: Ready.

Galahad: Just a little further… Alright, stop. We should be able to climb up from here.

Woman: Good idea, there’s a route across

Galahad: Keep up and watch your footing. Give me your hand!

Woman: This way. I’ll unlock the gate from inside.

Galahad: Here, I’ll help you. Hurry. A patrol is bound to pass this way sooner or later.

Woman: Just a moment longer…

Galahad: Sniper!

[Galahad gets bullet in the shoulder and hides.]

Guard: Intruders! Rise the alarm!

Woman: What now? Still think we can subdue them without killing anyone?

Galahad: Stay in cover! I’ll find a way to get to the sniper.

Woman: Hurry, I’m pinned down!

[Galahad is starting to kill.]

Guard: Up hers, on the roof! Bloke’s gone behind the chimney! Pin him down! Rebel, down the street! Get her! Up on the balcony, there’s another one!

Galahad: The street’s clear. Stay put while I handle the sniper,

Guard: Look out! Shit! There’s one right here! I need bloody backup! Don’t go dying on me.

Galahad: I don’t have time for this!

Guard: Go, suppressing fire!

Woman: More guards on the street!

Galahad: Hold on, I’m nearly there.

Guard: We’ve almost got the rebel bitch, keep her cornered!

[Galahad sneaks up on a sniper and stabs him.]

Galahad: Move forward! Move up! I’ll provide cover!

Woman: More guards are coming!

Galahad: Then keep your bloody head down!

Guard: Get the bloody quim! Hold the line! Keep these blighters out!

Woman: I’m clear! I’m moving into that foundry! Behind you!

[Galahad is being attacked by a guard. He shoots at him several times. Then they start fighting and fall to the ground from the balcony.]

Woman: Are you alright?

[Galahad drinks Black Water and recovers.]

Woman: Keep moving! I’ll cover you!

Guard: At the crate! Get the blighter, before we lose him! The git’s wounded! Finish him off!

Woman: Grenade!

[Galahad throws a grenade back and runs to some warehouse. The women run after him and close the door.]

Woman: So much for keeping this friendly.

Galahad: Damn it! I’m in no mood to jest. You said you had proof! Where is it?

Woman: Patience, knight. We are almost there.

Galahad: Let’s find our way out of here

Woman: Agreed. We can’t stay here for long.

Guard: (behind the door) Over here! Damn… they’ve sealed the door. Can we shoot the lock off?

Guard 2: (behind the door) That’ll do us no good sir. Steel lock.

Galahad: We need to find another way.

Woman: Perhaps it can be unlocked from the other side?

Guard: (behind the door) You lot! Watch this door, make sure they don’t try to slink off!

Guard 2: (behind the door) On it sir!

Galahad: This hoist might still work…

Woman: It’s getting closer to the platform.

Galahad: That should be close enough.

Woman: I have this; you go up there.

Galahad: I think I can reach the hoist from up here.

Woman: I’ll work the chain. Can you reach the other side?

Galahad: I can manage.

[Galahad clambs to another part of the warehouse and opens the door.]

Woman: Knight, over here. On my count of three. One, two…

[They break the door open and stumble into a guard.]

Guard: They’re in here! Hurry!

Galahad: Look out!

Guard: Lock the door! Don’t let them out!

Woman: Up by the hoist!

Galahad: We’re clear… for now.

Woman: Let’s get out of here. Over here, there’s enough space to get through. This way.

[An Indian girl from a bar comes up to them.]

Devi: Rani. What is he doing here?

Rani: Devi. It’s alright, you can speak freely. Devi! Go on.

Devi: It is the same as the airship, Rani. The cargo is bound for the Americas and the West Indies.

Rani: How many?

Devi: More than twice the last shipment. They are making up for lost time.

Rani: This shipment cannot reach the shores of the new continent.

Devi: There’s more. Security is on high alert… His name was mentioned. They are arranging a meeting.

Rani: We may be in luck yet.

Galahad: Whose name was mentioned?

Rani: One of your esteemed lords. If he is coming here for a meeting, then you shall see for yourself.

[He sees Lord Hastings passing by.]

Galahad: This proves nothing. Lord Hastings is chamberlain and a peer. He is often in our council.

Rani: Yes. Privy to the order’s operations. How convenient for him.

Galahad: You imagine conspiracies where none exist.

Rani: Look at the cargo, knight, and talk to me of fantasies.

Devi: (in Hindi) Do you trust him, my queen?

Rani: (in Hindi) The scientist says he will certainly listen to reason.

Devi: (in Hindi) What if he doesn’t?

Rani: (in Hindi) Then he shall be dealt with.

Devi: This way, Rani.

Galahad: The Rani of Jhansi.

Rani: I surprise you again, Knight.

Galahad: The famous warrior queen who took up arms against our army in India. Our generals reported you killed in Gwalior.

Rani: I have always benefitted from the underestimation of fools. Knight, come take a look at this. There! The shipment is being loaded. This foul cargo must never be allowed to leave here. Hurry! The exit is this way.

Devi: Rani, there are too many guards present.

Rani: Nothing we haven’t encountered before. It would be safer to call for reinforcements. Not yet. Not until we locate the shipment.

Devi: And once we find it, what are your orders?

Rani: We will deal with it as necessary. For now we must remain cautious.

Devi: Yes, Rani.

Rani: Devi, I need you to go and guard the escape routes.

Devi: Rani, I should escort you. It is my duty to protect you.

Rani: Devi, it’s an order. (to Galahad) Over here, we can cross through the ship to the main warehouse.

Devi: What are you waiting for? Follow after her.

Galahad: I’ll man the crank; keep an eye out while I raise the platform. That’s as far as it will go.

Rani: Help me up. I’ll take a look inside. I see number of guards. We need to move quietly.

Guard: Stay sharp you lot: if they spot the rebels, it’s our job to clean them up.

Guard 2: Aye sir. Looking forward to it. What in… Intruders! Alert Hastings’ guard detail!

Guard: Second section! Get your arses up here!

Guard 3: Yeah, we’re coming!

Rani: More guards in the left! One of them has a detonator! Sniper! Atop the crane!

Galahad: The deck is clear. We should move.

Rani: Agreed. I believe we can reach the other side from below. This lift should get us below deck.

Galahad: Ready? More guards near the warehouse.

Rani: Wait, where are they going?

Galahad: Come on.

Guard: Get cross and stop them! They’re boarding the ship!

Galahad: Get ready, we’ll need to go through them.

Guard: Move in! Stop them!

Rani: More guards, coming down the ramp!

[They enter a warehouse.]

Rani: Quite the array of weapons.

Galahad: Nothing strange about it. The company exports munitions around the globe.

Rani: It doesn’t strike you as odd that the dock guards are armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry?

Galahad: Enough of your speculations. Let’s find what you brought me here for, shall we? This way. On my mark. Be prepared to cover me. Deserted.

Rani: A very ill omen.

Galahad: They must have fallen back to regroup. We might only have a small window of opportunity before they return. Now—the proof, woman.

Rani: (offended) As you wish.

[They enter another warehouse.]

Galahad: What now?

Rani: Inspect the cargo, look for any distinguishing marks on the crates. The crates we are looking for have the company’s insignia on the sides. Look for the insignia; it is a red stamp.

Galahad: That’s one… can’t reach it though. Ah… found you. Here. This must be what we’re looking for. Help me get this one down. Crowbar?

Rani: Look hard, Knight. See the evil we both fight against.

[There’s a corpse in the box with a bloody mouth.]

Galahad: Vampires… it can’t be - how?

Rani: The Half-Breeds are consolidating their power. With the protection of the Lycans in your land, Hastings and his vampire ilk are spreading disease throughout your cir…

Galahad: Lord Hastings? He can’t be one of them!

Rani: Many have witnessed in Whitechapel your noble lord roaming the streets late at night, preying on downtrodden women.

Galahad: The Ripper killings?

Rani: That is what you call them. How do you think the murderer still continues to evade commissioner Doyle’s dragnet? Whitechapel has become the Kindred’s feeding ground.

Galahad: How many more of these are there?

Rani: Enough to infect a city.

Galahad: God’s Blood! We have to destroy this cargo.

Rani: Over here; I found some fuel.

Galahad: I’ll light this one. Prepare another.

Rani: This one’s ready.

Galahad: Done.

Rani: Over here. Assist me to get up there.

Galahad: Here.

Rani: Let me look for something to help you up.

Galahad: Alright.

Rani: There’s a ladder here. I found another fuel can. Alright, this one’s ready to be lit.

Galahad: Let’s move on to the rest.

Rani: Very well.

Guard: (behind the door) They’re burning down the bloody warehouse!

Galahad: Go. Take care of the remaining cargo. I’ll deal with this lot.

Rani: Alright, this section’s lit! There are more crates below, we need to get down there. Keep them off me while I light the crates!

Galahad: We’re running out of time!

Rani: I’m going as quickly as I can! This area’s lit, I’m moving to the next one! They’ve brought in a detonator! That’s the last of them.

[She checks the door to the streets.]

Rani: It’s locked!

[A giant monster sneaks up on their tiptoes.]

Galahad: Lycan!

[They run away.]

Rani: There’s a door over here!

Devi: Rani, are you in there?

Rani: Devi! Am I glad to hear your voice!

Devi: Rani. Are you hurt?

Rani: No, not yet. But hurry. Break down the door.

Devi: At once, Rani!

[The Lycan attacks again, but Galahad and Rani manage to defeat it.]

Rani: I never thought to see you again, daughter. How did you find us?

Devi: There is no time. The company’s forces are gathering at the shipyard. We must flee.

Rani: Knight. Do not tempt fate. Our work here is done.

Galahad: This horror must be made known to the council.

Rani: Tread carefully, Knight. The Company could not succeed without powerful friends in the government. You saw on the docks how your own ranks have been infiltrated.

Galahad: If it is as you say, then surely I would have suspected -

Rani: The war has turned against the Half-Breeds. They’re now using the United India Company to spread terror throughout the world. You must help us.

Galahad: I am a knight. Sworn to protect the realm. Not bring it crashing down.

Rani: Then you must trust no one. Fare you well, knight. Would only we could have met on different circumstances.

Galahad: Where shall I find you?

Rani: Whisper my name in Whitechapel, and I will be there.


The Eighteenth Day of October, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

[Galahad in anger and determination walks the corridor of Westminster.]

Igraine: Gray. What in the world is going on?

Galahad: Not now Isi.

Igraine: Don’t walk away from me! I saw you at Whitechapel.

Galahad: Wha - you followed me?

Igraine: I was worried about you. I was worried about you. You fed like a madman after the battle on the bridge.

Galahad: You know nothing. Less than nothing.

Igraine: Is it some kind of clandestine infiltration? Is that what you’re up to?

Galahad: This isn’t the time.

Igraine: Gray what’s happened to you? Ever since Malory was killed, I look at you and -

Galahad: What, what do you see?

Igraine: I don’t know… Someone I’m not sure I can trust anymore. Whatever it is - for God’s sake, tell me.

Galahad: Not this time, Isi. And you’d do well to stay clear of me, for your own good.

[He leaves and closes the door behind him. Igraine goes to the guard.]

Igraine: You! Find General Lafayette and summon him to the library!

[Galahad tells Lord Counsellor what he saw and knows.]

Galahad: The conspiracy runs to the very heart of the council.

Lord Chancellor: This allegation is monstrous. I refuse to believe it.

Galahad: The Lord Chancellor will permit me I can show -

Lord Chancellor: I will not permit. And you will say nothing more of these ridiculous suspicions.

Galahad: (to Sir Lucan) All the years I have known your father, never have I seen him so obstinate.

Sir Lucan: Your allegations strike at the very heart of the empire. I fear he cannot sustain another blow as great as the loss of Malory,

Galahad: All he need do is journey to Blackwall Yard.

Sir Lucan: For what evidence? The destruction was total. A clear case of arson, according to Commissioner Doyle. Apparently a small group of rebels was seen on the docs. It was all rather… what is the word the commissioner is so fond of? Ah, yes - "elementary."

Galahad: And what do you think?

Sir Lucan: I have no opinion. Should you wish, I can attempt to persuade the Lord Chancellor to put the matter before he council.

Galahad: If it is true that we have a traitor in our midst, word is bound to get back to the conspirators.

Sir Lucan: What do you propose?

Galahad: Breach the walls of the United India House under cover of night. Any information that will shed light on the events of the last few days must surely be found there.

Sir Lucan: Trespass on the Company’s headquarters? You are cut from the same cloth as Malory.

Galahad: Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures. I would have your assistance, Alastair.

Sir Lucan: I hardly think it proper for the Knight Commander to be seen…

Galahad: You know the lay of the land. I will need your guidance to navigate the grounds of the United India House. If a conspiracy is to be revealed, your testimony will carry weight with your father.

Sir Lucan: Very well. But the two of us alone will not sure to infiltrate the compound. If what you say is true, there are precious few we can trust. My sister, Lafayette?

Galahad: I cannot involve them until I have more evidence.

Sir Lucan: Then who?

Galahad: I might know just the person who can help us. I thank you, brother.

[They’re getting in a carriage.]

Sir Lucan: We’re approaching the United India House.

Galahad: I assume we are not planning to enter through the front door?

Sir Lucan: Not to worry, I’ve made preparations for our incursion. Gaining access to the compound proved to be a little more difficult than planned.


The Eighteenth Day of October, 1886
Duke Street, Mayfair

Sir Lucan: We’re here.

Galahad: Back entrance to the compound?

Sir Lucan: You could say that…

[He knocks on the door.]

Butler: Evening, sir.

Sir Lucan: Francis. Is everything in place?

Francis: As discussed, ordnance is on the table. Rooftop access is through the bedroom.

Sir Lucan: You’ve done well, Francis.

Francis: At your service, sir.

Galahad: Crossbow… Brings back memories, ancient ones at that.

Sir Lucan: I thought it best we stay silent on this mission. Let’s get going. Compound is patrolled all through the night. Guardsman all entrances.

Galahad: What’s the incursion point?

Sir Lucan: The gardens. Should provide us enough cover to move in unnoticed. Follow me. We should head to the rooftops.

Sir Lucan: Francis’ intelligence does pan out.

Galahad: Trustworthy man, it seems.

Sir Lucan: Not really. He has a debt to repay. Failure to deliver on his word would prove most unpleasant to him. We need to find a safe anchor point in the garden to secure the rope to.

Galahad: Gazebo seems to fit the parameters.

Sir Lucan: Good. Let’s deploy the line.

Galahad: Done. Alastair, I need you to stay here and spot my path. Once I’m clear, I’ll give you the go ahead to enter.

Sir Lucan: Very well. Do be careful. My sister wouldn’t forgive me if I were to return alone.

Galahad: What she doesn’t know cannot hurt her.

[He goes down the rope stairs to the gardens.]

Guard: Huh? What’s that. Over here somewhere…

Sir Lucan: (radio) Grayson, I think it unwise to eliminate company guards until we have proof.

Galahad: There is no time Alastair. You have to trust me. This is the only way.

Sir Lucan: (radio) Damn... Just get to the lower garden. The gate will be locked. You will need to find the key.

Galahad: No key…

Sir Lucan: (radio) Keep looking… Have you found the key? There are still more guards to search.

Galahad: I found the gate.

Sir Lucan: (radio) Very well. Find the guard who has the key.

Galahad: Understood. I’ve located the key.

Sir Lucan: (radio) Take it and make your way through to the lower garden.

Galahad: Lucan. I’m through the gate.

Sir Lucan: (radio) Make sure we are clear to proceed. I’m on my way. Follow me. It’s this way.

Galahad: What’s next?

Sir Lucan: Clear the west wing, I’ll move through the east.

Galahad: It would be wise to stay off the communicator from here on.

Sir Lucan: Good point. Here. Let’s rendezvous inside.

[Galahad notices Rani killing a guard. There’s another guard coming up to her.]

Guard: Hey you! Back away! Back away!

[Galahad shot the guard in the head.]

Rani: My gallant knight! It seems I came just in time.

Galahad: It seems I came just in time.

Rani: I suppose so. Though it would not be in my nature to let a guard get the better of me.

Galahad: Did you come alone?

Rani: Devi and Finley are with me. They’re taking care of the rest of the guards. And you?

Galahad: I could not risk involving my squad. But there is one more with me.

Rani: And you trust this person?

Galahad: Yes. With my life.

Rani: Very well. What now?

Galahad: We will meet him inside and proceed to the archives room.

Rani: Let’s go. As you can see… we faced some resistance. They’re over here.

Devi: Rani, we found a way in.

Finley: Once in place, we can use the stage coach to climb the balcony.

Rani: Knight. Help us push this into place. That’s it. Let’s go!

Finley: Up here…

Rani: Devi. No. I need you to stay.

Devi: Rani. I need to be by your side.

Rani: You always are child.

Devi: What of him and his accomplice?

Rani: Heed my advice. Do you not know how dear you are to me?

Devi: Then why do you push me away?

Rani: Because I need you to continue the cause if something happened to me.

Devi: Do not say that!

Galahad: Devi, though you may not trust me. Know that I will protect your Queen in your stead. I owe her and you that much.

Devi: See that you do!

Rani: You do not want to get on the bad side of that one.

[She kills a guard, but he manages to call for help.]

Rani: Take cover! Guards coming through the front gates! More guards! There they are on the balcony!

Galahad: Let’s get inside before more guards arrive.

Guard: Intruders, coming in through the front windows!

Galahad: Look out! Shotgun specialists! More are coming in from the back!

Rani: From downstairs as well!

Guard: They’re upstairs! Go!

Galahad: Looks like that was the last of ’em. More could be here any minute… let’s keep moving.
[They enter Sir Lucan’s room.]

Galahad: Lucan. Hold your fire! This is Lakshmi Bai, the leader of the Rebellion.

Sir Lucan: She is your confederate? Have you taken leave of your senses, man?

Rani: I might ask the same question.

Sir Lucan: If I didn’t know you any better, I’d think you’d led me into a rebel ambush.

Rani: As I might fear an arrest.

Galahad: We do not have time for this. We needed help and she is the only one I could turn to.

Sir Lucan: This is madness! You are putting the very core of our Order in jeopardy.

Galahad: Alastair, you have to trust me. You asked that we find proof. She was with me in Blackwall, she witnessed what I found there.

Sir Lucan: You mean to tell me that she helped you destroy the United India Company docks! My father was right, that was an act of pure terrorism. She used you.

Galahad: She brought this conspiracy to my attention and if we are to see it through, her help is invaluable.

Sir Lucan: And what if you’re wrong?

Galahad: Then she and I will answer for our actions, and suffer the consequences.

Sir Lucan: As Malory did?

[Lowers his gun.]

Sir Lucan: I hope you’re right, Gray. I would not want to see you on the wrong side of this mess.

Galahad: Neither would I, brother.

Guard: There they are! Far end of the lobby!

Sir Lucan: More guards, coming in on the far end!

Rani: Coach-gun!

Sir Lucan: Let move. The archives room is this way. Through here, across the courtyard balcony.

Rani: Guards, in the courtyard! Sniper! On the right!

Galahad: Shit! More of them are coming from the basement!

Finley: …and one of them has a thermite rifle!

Sir Lucan: That’s the last of them!

Rani: A temporary reprieve, let’s move.

Sir Lucan: Galahad, give me a hand with these doors.

Galahad: Ready?

Sir Lucan: The archives room is just ahead.

Galahad: Search the archives. Look for manifests, bills of lading, requisition orders. Anything that might link the Company to the Half-Breeds shipments.

Finley: How are we supposed to look through all this?

Rani: Keep it down, Finley. Just stand guard while we search.

Sir Lucan: There’s nothing here…

Rani: There must be something…

Finley: Waste of time if you ask me.

Rani: Knight! Over here! You will want to see this. These are shipments that were sent to my homeland. If this log is to be believed, the company now has a foothold in every Indian state.

Galahad: Here. The Agamemnon shipment. And three more shipments planned along the same route. RMS Oceanic is next. It sets sail in six weeks.

Rani: Where’s Finley?

[They hear the distant screams and sounds of struggle. They take out a weapon and go in their direction. In the next room, a Lycan kills Finley, then turns into a human being a minute later and puts on his robe.]

Galahad: Lord Hastings?

Rani: Do you believe me now?

Galahad: The Whitechapel killings. The Half-Breed scourge. United India. All you.

Lord Hastings: Jacob van Neck, or as the Fleet Street pamphleteers have so fondly named me – Jack the Ripper, at your service.

[Sir Lucan enters.]

Lord Hastings: I thank you, Sir Lucan. For delivering these meddlers.

Sir Lucan: Deal with them and do not fail us.

Galahad: You.

Lord Hastings: Quite fortuitous. Wouldn’t you say, Sir Galahad. The rebel leader captured. And a traitor revealed. All in one fell swoop. The traitor being you, regrettably.

Galahad: Alastair, how could you?

Sir Lucan: Forgive me, brother. I have to look to my own kind above all.

Galahad: Your kind?

[Lord Hastings rises from his chair.]

Galahad: RUN!

[He throws a knife that sticks into Lord Hastings’ shoulder. He’s already starting to transform himself. Galahad is attacking Sir Lucan. During the fight, they go down to the cellar.]

Sir Lucan: He’s behind me. You know what to do!

Guard: (from afar) The authorities are on their way, let’s make sure the bastard’s dead.

Radio: Knights, this is command. We have confirmation of multiple intruders at the United India House. The Metropolitan Police has been ordered to remain on stand-by. The protection and safety of Lord Hastings in our primary concern. Apprehend any suspects with extreme caution.

[After a short fight, Galahad stabs Sir Lucas in the belly.]

Galahad: We swore an oath.

[Sir Lucan breaks Galahad’s arm and raises his knife in preparation to kill him.]

Costable: (behind the door) In the name of the law, open this door!

[Sir Lucan runs away.]

Igraine: Galahad, stay where you are!

Galahad: Wait, I can explain -

Igraine: I said, don’t move!

[Lord Hastings enters the room, panting as if he had just been attacked.]

Lord Hastings: You arrive in good time.

Constable: We received report of a disturbance.

Lord Hastings: Sir Galahad stormed in here with a filthy band of rebels intent on killing me.

Galahad: It’s a lie.

[Lord Hastings throws on the floor the knife that Galahad had previously stuck in his shoulder.]

Lord Hastings: See the result of their little incursion. Sir Galahad’s accomplice was a woman, the leader of the Rebellion, in fact. She eluded our grasp, not for long.

Igraine: Your will order the company guards to stand down, Lord Hastings. We knights will see to the capture of the rebel leader.

Galahad: Isi, listen to me. You’re making a grave mistake.

Igraine: Sir Perceval, take this intruder into custody.

Galahad: I am truly sorry this office must fall on upon you, Marquis.

Lafayette: No more than I am, monsieur.

Igraine: (harshly) Get him out of my sight.

Lord Hastings: I thank you Lady Igraine. Your intervention was truly fortuitous.

Igraine: We are only carrying out our sworn duty, Lord Hastings.

Galahad: All the same, my lady, you would do well to keep a close eye on that traitor.

Igraine: You may expect to be summoned before the courts. Your testimony will be required.

Lord Hastings: I am always at the service of Her Majesty Knights. (bows)


The Twentieth Day of October, 1886
The Council of Knights, Palace of Westminster

Lord Chancellor: The prisoner stand accused of the most heinous crimes. Sir Galahad has betrayed our ancient trust. More than this… he has conspired with godless rebels. Adding to his litany of evil, he has presumed to take the life of our esteemed chamberlain, Lord Hastings. Sir Galahad is a base traitor, a man without honour or scruple. I ask the council to impose the supreme penalty.

Sir Lucan: I beg the Council’s indulgence. Let us not forget Sir Galahad’s service to this Order over the centuries. Perhaps our brother knight can be saved and once more put on to the righteous path.

Lord Chancellor: The Knight Commander shows too much leniency. The proof against the traitor is… irrefutable.

Igraine: I saw Sir Galahad… in the company of the rebel leader. I was too far away to hear them clearly. But they seemed on… familiar terms. They were leaving an establishment known to harbour rebels,

Sir Lucan: Sir Galahad sought an audience with the Lord Chancellor and me. He hurled a number of senseless accusations at the United India Company and seemed intent on finding Lord Hastings.

Lord Chancellor: Bring in Lord Hastings. Lord Hastings… you have identified the prisoners your assailant?

Lord Hastings: Sir Galahad infiltrated our headquarters late night accompanied by the rebel leader… and her followers.

Igraine: I could not be sure that the man I was following was Sir Galahad until… I found his coat, discarded near the rebel hideout.

Sir Lucan: As his commander, I tried to dissuade him from pursuing his allegations. It is now clear he did not heed my advice.

Lord Hastings: They incapacitated several of my guards, and entered my chambers… intent on killing me.

Igraine: We found Lord Hastings wounded by the prisoner’s hand.

Lord Hastings: He must stand condemned by his own actions.

Lord Chancellor: Honoured knights, how do you find for the prisoner?

Sir Lucan: Guilty.

[The other knights also found the Galahad guilty. Their faces do not show us.]

Igraine: Guilty.

Lafayette: (with a long pause) Guilty.

[Lord Chancellor takes the bottle of Black Water off Galahad’s neck.]

Lord Chancellor: The sentence is death.

[We’re going back to the beginning scenes of the game. Judging by the dates, Galahad spent 31 days in the stone bag. ]

Gavin: Aw come on you, pick it up! We’d about given up the ghost there didn’t we? Fancy another round?

Lord Chancellor: Surrender yourself! No one may escape the penalty!

Galahad: You forget Lord Chancellor, I’m as good as dead already.


The Twentieth Day of November, 1886
The Embarkment, Blackwall

[Some man and Tesla take a boat ride to where Galahad jumped. The man wearing a cape - apparently he want to stay incognito.]

Man: Gently, my friend.

Tesla: Will he survive?

Man: That is for him to decide.

[Galahad is brought into a house and placed on a bed.]

The Twenty-Second Day of November, 1886

Tesla: Two days! It has already been two days! We cannot leave him here like this!

Man: I have done what I can. It is not for me to protect him now. I will call upon him if he lives through this ordeal.

Tesla: (to Galahad) My friend, my friend! You must stay with us! Sir Galahad! Sir Galahad!

The Twenty-Sixth Day of November, 1886

Tesla: Here, Lady Lakshmi.

Rani: You were right to bring me here, Nikola.

Tesla: There’s not much more I can do. All of London is looking for him.

Rani: So they are. We will take care of him. Time will tell if he will make it through.

The Thirtieth Day of November, 1886

Rani: Do not be a fool, Nikola!

Tesla: I do not have a choice. If I am gone too long they will suspect something.

Rani: What if they already know? You have helped enough. Let us handle matters from now on.

Tesla: There is still so much for me to do, Lady Lakshmi. Please, take care of him. I fear that without him, we do not stand a chance.

The Second Day of December, 1886

Galahad: Lakshmi…

Rani: Well, knight. You are not one to give up so easily.

Galahad: Where am I?

Rani: You’re at a safe house on the embankment. You’ve been in and out of consciousness for almost a fortnight. But, come, we must make our way back to Whitechapel. The authorities are searching for you everywhere.

Galahad: How did you find me?

Rani: You must thank Nikola. He brought you here and sought my help.

Galahad: Nikola… How do you know Nikola?

Rani: I will let him explain his involvement in our affairs. Nikola left you these. He thought you would appreciate them.

[There’s a uniform and some weapons on the table. It’s hard to say, but I’ll assume they belonged to Sir Perceval. Galahad gears up.]

Rani: Come. Let’s go.


Galahad: Lakshmi… The Blackwater, how did you come about it?

Rani: It was bestowed on me.

Galahad: You mean to say - a knight?

Rani: Sir Bors de Ganis.

Galahad: Sir Bors has not been seen since the search for the Grail. You say he lives? In East India?

Rani: I did not say he lived, Knight.

Soldier: (fro afar) Keep your eyes open lads, the fugitive could be armed.

Rani: Company patrol… Just what I was worried about…

Soldier: What the… shoot them! They’ve split, they’re moving up both tunnels!

Rani: More guards, coming down the left tunnel!

Galahad: Clear… but more are bound to head this way.

Rani: Agreed. Stay ready.

Soldier: The shots are coming from down here; fingers on your triggers lads! There! Take them down!

Rani: That’s the last of them. We should keep moving before more arrive.

Galahad: Lead the way.

Rani: Whitechapel is this way.

[Meanwhile, Lady Igraine enters the room where Galahad was lying with a soldier. She breathes like a rhinoceros, apparently trying to smell Galahad.]

Soldier: Lady Igraine, there is evidence of a few people having been here. Sir Galahad must have had help.

Igraine: Get word to the Council that we have tracked the convict! Tell every able knight to converge towards Whitechapel.

Soldier: Yes, My Lady!

Igraine: (harshly) God be my witness, I will see to the end of the Rebellion.

[Aux Belles Muses.]

Rani: Everyone! Leave! Now! We need to leave. It is only a matter of time until the authorities raid Whitechapel and make prisoners of every man and woman.

Galahad: Salvage what you can and go. I have unfinished business at the Palace…

Rani: Have you lost your senses? The palace is the last place you should show yourself.

Galahad: I have to get Nikola out of there. I owe him that much.

Rani: Alastair knows you. He’ll expect you to come.

Galahad: I know.

Rani: Then we will go together.

Galahad: No. This is a fight that I must see through alone. If I live to see tomorrow, I shall find you.

Rani: So be it, Knight.

Galahad: Do you not know? I am a knight no longer.

[He goes down to the first floor of the brothel.]

Lafayette: A knight, you are not, Monsieur. But are you a turncoat or a patriot?

Galahad: What would you have me be, Marquis?

Lafayette: (place his gun on the table) I believe you have reason for what you do. Two revolutions have taught Lafayette that there are dangers on both sides.

Galahad: I will not forget this, Marquis.

Lafayette: See that you do not, monsieur. Should you threaten the cause of liberty, you can count on Lafayette to be your sworn enemy. (in French) Goodbye, sir. (in English) Until we meet again.

Galahad: That we will, my friend.


The Third Day of December, 1886
The Westminster Bridge, City of Westminster

Devi: Leaving us so soon?

Galahad: Devi.

Devi: So, you do remember my name.

Galahad: There is much I should explain to you. I should have trusted you long ago.

Devi: There’s no time for pleasantries. It seems you are eager to get yourself killed.

Galahad: I must make this right. Whatever the cost.

Devi: Then take this. (hands him her rifle) Oh, and do come back in one piece. It seems my queen has taken a liking to you.

[She leaves.]

Galahad: Nikola, come in. I’m in the catacombs, on my way to you.

Tesla: (radio) Sir Galahad, are you mad? You must not come this way.

Galahad: Stay put. I’ll be there shortly.

[He enters the catacombs.]

Soldier 1: Did you hear that?

Soldier 2: Aye, we best investigate.

Galahad: Damn…

Soldier: The gunfire was coming from that tunnel… stand ready. Armed intruder! Open fire!

Tesla: (radio) Sir Galahad, we may have a complication. Sir Lacan is on his way.

Galahad: Nikola, you need to get out of there now!

Tesla: (radio) There is nothing to fear, my friend. I will keep communication open on my side. It will be alright.

Galahad: Nikola, don’t be a fool! Nikola! Damn!

Soldier: Sir Galahad stand down!

Soldier 1: Don’t worry lads, I’ll handle this!

Soldier 2: He’s here.

Galahad: Shit!

Soldier 1: Fire at will! Watch it! He’s got a ruddy arc gun!

Soldier 3: Reinforcements are here, lads! Do not let him through!

Soldier 2: Look out! Thermite!

Soldier 1: He’s moving down the side! Don’t let him flank us!

Sir Lucan: (radio) Nikola, just the man I wanted to see.

Tesla: (radio) How may I help you, Sir Lucan.

Sir Lucan: (radio) Come with me. We have much to discuss.

Tesla: (radio) Yes sir.

Galahad: Damn you Alastair…

[Tesla Laboratory. Tesla sits on the floor, leaning his back against the wall. He’s got a gun in his hands.]

Galahad: Nikola. What happened?

Tesla: Lady Lakshmi was right. He knew.

Galahad: I’ll get you out of here.

Tesla: He’s still in there. It’s too late. There is nothing we can do.

Galahad: There’s still something I must do.


Galahad: (screams) Alastair!

Sir Lucan: I knew you would return, brother.

Galahad: Come out of the shadows, damn you!!

Sir Lucan: You and I, we are not that different. I do what I must, to protect my kind. We fight only for our right to live.

Galahad: That’s a lie!

Sir Lucan: One day, perhaps, you will understand. Forgive me, Grayson. This is not the outcome I sought.

[They start fighting on knives.]

Galahad: Show your true self.

[Sir Lucan transforms into Lycan.]

Sir Lucan: Have you had enough?

[A cruel battle begins, an immortal knight against an immortal beast. Having received many wounds from Galahad’s knife, Sir Lucan is transformed back into a man.]

Sir Lucan: I have lived too long to not to know this day would come.

Galahad: Why, Alastair? You have fought at our side all these years.

Sir Lucan: I have seen things I am condemned to remember. Civilizations born and destroyed by humanity’s incessant greed. The pride of men slaughtering each other in the name of their so-called God.

Galahad: We will atone for our sins in time. But how can you justify the atrocities your kind have committed?

Sir Lucan: "My kind." My kind are no more evil than yours.

Galahad: What of your sister? Was it all a lie?

Sir Lucan: Isi, my Father - I loved them as my own blood, but they could not begin to know the curse I have lived with.

Lord Chancellor: My son.

Sir Lucan: Father, forgive me.

Lord Chancellor: It is I who needs your forgiveness. I never meant this life for you.

Galahad: You knew?

Lord Chancellor: I have always known. I rescued him from the massacre of his family. Your father died by my sword. But – a child? You didn’t deserve such a fate. How could I have taken the life of an innocent?

Galahad: Confess this to the council, Lord Chancellor. It is the only way to make amends for the havoc that has been unleashed.

Lord Chancellor: (pulls out a gun) I cannot. The revelation would shake our Order to its very foundations.

Galahad: So I am to be sacrificed. How many more must die to insure an eternal silence?

Lord Chancellor: He is my son. I cannot be the one to end his life. Isabeau and the Council must never discover the truth lest all you hold dear perish.

[He gives Galahad his gun.]

Galahad: Do not ask this of me.

Lord Chancellor: Henceforth, you shall have fellowship with no knights. The Order must remain united. You are no longer one of its heralds. Finish what you have begun and vanish.

[He turns around and goes to the exit.]

Lord Chancellor: Men were never meant to live this life.

[Galahad stands submerged in thought with a gun in his hand.]

Sir Lucan: There shall come a day when all our burdens will end, brother. Maybe then we shall know true peace.

[Galahad cocks the gun… raises his hand… and shoots.]


The Twenty-First Day of December, 1886
London, under Martial Law

[Galahad stands on the roof of the building, watching the night city.]

Tesla: (radio) Sir Galahad. The whole of London is looking for you. We mustn’t delay! Sir Galahad! Can you hear me? Sir Galahad!

Galahad: Be at ease Nikola. All is fine.

Tesla: (radio) So you say my friend… The council has declared Martial Law throughout the city. There is no telling when the authorities will decide to mount an offensive. Now is not the time for heroics. I would advise we follow Lady Lakshmi’s lead and leave the city.

Galahad: I’ll join you shortly. And don’t you know… I’m Galahad no more…


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