[We see a newspaper on the desktop in the office of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. The newspaper is burned from a cigarette butt that fell on it. The headline reads...]


Into the FlameEdit

[We dive into the memories of Sebastian. Arriving home, he finds it burning.]

SEBASTIAN: No... No. No, this is not happening... Oh god. Lily. Dammit! Lily. I'm here! Where are you!? Oh god, is she upstairs? How did this happen?

LILY: Dad, help!

SEBASTIAN: I'm coming, Lily! Just hold on! I'm here, Lily! I'm here! Lily? Come on out! Lily! Where are you? I'm here Dad's here.

LILY: (in flames) You weren't here for me, Dad...


LILY: (in flames) You didn't SAVE ME!

[He wakes up at the bar and sees the agent girl from the previous game.]

SEBASTIAN: ...Kidman!?

KIDMAN: Hello, Sebastian. It's been a long time.

SEBASTIAN: Three years. I've been trying to track on down for three years...

KIDMAN: And you thought you'd find me at the bottom of an empty bottle, is that it?

SEBASTIAN: And why are you here now, dammit!?

KIDMAN: You didn't find me because THEY didn't want you to. Calm down, Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN: You knew what was gonna happen in that hospital, didn't you?

KIDMAN: What happened at Beacon is in the past. You need to forget it.

SEBASTIAN: You sound just like that psychologist the force shoved down my throat. But he didn't have answers. You do... You're gonna tell me... about Mobius.

[Kidman looks at the two agents sitting at the counter. Sebastian also notices them.]

KIDMAN: I'm here because of this.

[She shows Sebastian a burned photo of his family.]

SEBASTIAN: (shouting and pointing a gun at her) Where did you get this!?

KIDMAN: Lily's still alive.

SEBASTIAN: Lily is dead! I read the police report! I was at her funeral!

KIDMAN: We can rewrite history if we want to. Staging a death is child's play. Why would I come out of the shadows just to lie to you? Lily is alive. And she's with us. But she's in danger. We need you to help save her.

SEBASTIAN: Save her? What have you done to her!? (one of the agents touches his shoulder) Get your hands off me.

[He beats up the agents but Kidman injects him with sedative.]

KIDMAN: I was hoping you'd come willingly, Sebastian. But we don't have time for this bullshit. We need you. Lily needs you.

[They take Sebastian away. After a while he comes to his senses. ]

KIDMAN: Sebastian? You're awake. Good.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Great. Where are we?

KIDMAN: You're in one of our facilities.

SEBASTIAN: So this is the almighty Mobius, huh?

KIDMAN: Be careful about what you say. You don't know how powerful they are.

SEBASTIAN: Right. So powerful they have to kidnap a washed-up ex-cop to help them...

KIDMAN: At least your terrible sense of humor's still intact.

SEBASTIAN: Enough of this bullshit. Where's Lily?

KIDMAN: Patience. All your answers are right here.

[They enter a room with tubs connected to a computer. This machine is called STEM.]

THE ADMINISTRATOR: The Beacon Mental Hospital Incident was... an unfortunate setback. But we used the knowledge gained to build a new and vastly improved STEM system.

SEBASTIAN: What does this have to do with my daughter?

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Imagine it: millions of minds connected together. Happiness for one is happiness for all. This machine - this miracle - will allow our species to achieve greatness. We needed to start with a mind that was pure and clean enough to support thousands of personalities. The mind of an innocent child.

SEBASTIAN: You connected Lily to that... machine!?

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Your daughter is quite special. The most stable Core candidate we've ever tested. Thanks to her, the new STEM has been a smashing success… Until recently.

KIDMAN: A little over a week ago, Lily vanished just stopped sending signals... Then the STEM environment began to collapse. We thought it was just a technical glitch, an easy fix, so we sent a team of Mobius agents inside. But then we lost contact With them and STEM went dark.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Think about this. Mr. Castellanos: I am providing you an opportunity. Not only to see your daughter again, but to save her life. Something you thought you failed to do before. You can save her... Or let her die. It's your choice.

[Kidman begin to connect Sebastian to STEM.]

KIDMAN: Good luck. Sebastian. And please, try to cooperate leh any team me ers you might find in there. I know you don't trust us, but they have the same goals as you do.

SEBASTIAN: That's all right. I'm fine by myself.

KIDMAN: Just remember to call me the moment you find Lily so that we can begin the extraction process. I'll be out here for you… And someone else will be IN THERE for you. Are you ready? Be careful in there, Sebastian. We're counting on you. STEM entry in 3... 2... 1…

[She turns on the machine and Sebastian falling into the black abyss.]


[He lands near his burnt house. He goes to it and hears voices.]

SEBASTIAN: Is this…. Where am I? Huh?

LILY: Dad! Help me!

SEBASTIAN: I'm coming, Lily!

LILY: Dad!

SEBASTIAN: I know it's hard to accept, Myra. But she's gone. Our little girl is gone.

MYRA: No I'll never accept it. If you won't help me, I'll find out the truth on my own.

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is this place?

KIDMAN: Detective, we've got a call.

DISPATCH: All units, all units: 11-99, expedite cover code 3 Beacon Mental Hospital.

[He picks up the radio from the table and finds himself in his old office.]

SEBASTIAN: What the…?

KIDMAN: Hello? Sebastian are you there?

SEBASTIAN: ...Kidman? What’s...?

KIDMAN: Snap out of it, Sebastian. You've made it in safely. How are you feeling?

SEBASTIAN: Terrible. Like the worst hangover over.

KIDMAN: Don't worry, it will pass once your mind has adjusted.

KIDMAN: You're in an area separate from the main system right now. This construct is called your "Room." It's a safe zone that was formed from your own memories.

SEBASTIAN: My memories, huh? If that's the case, then where are my wife and child? This place looks like my old office at Krimson City PD.

KIDMAN: It was your subconscious that built it. You should ask yourself that question. Let's get down to business. We sent some information into your Room. Do you see anything unfamiliar?

SEBASTIAN: Lily drew this picture of me... It was burned up along with everything else in the house... My first commendation. Feels like another lifetime... I guess because it was... There are photos of a bunch of Mobius agents here. Your lost team, I assume?

KIDMAN: That's them. Let us know if you locate any of them. You're our only line of communication into STEM.


KIDMAN: This STEM environment was designed to look and feel like a small town called Union.

SEBASTIAN: Great. So your "experts" need rescuing too, huh?

KIDMAN: If anyone can do it, it's you.

SEBASTIAN: Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm only here to find Lily.

KIDMAN: There's more info there. You should check it out before you go.

Something Not Quite RightEdit

SEBASTIAN: Union, huh? Looks like Anytown, U.S.A.

KIDMAN: It was designed that way to keep the test subjects calm and relaxed.

SEBASTIAN: Calm and relaxed. The exact opposite of Beacon.

KIDMAN: What happened at Beacon was beyond our control.

SEBASTIAN: It doesn't seem like you've got much control this time, either...

KIDMAN: Look. I don't know what you're going to encounter in there. If you need information I'd suggest you try talking to some of the locals.

KIDMAN: You know - canvass the area. Just like you taught me back at KCPD.

SEBASTIAN: You were never a real detective, Kidman.

KIDMAN: And you're not a detective anymore. But let's try to do some detecting anyway, okay?

[Sebastian examines the photos and dossier on the Kidman’s team.]

SEBASTIAN: Hoffman. Psychology and surveillance? This one could be cagey. Sykes. A tech, but at least he has some small arms training. O'Neal. They must not have been expecting trouble if they sent in all these technicians. Harrison. Combat specialist, huh? Hopefully he can take care of himself. Baker. Team leader. He's the guy I should try to find first. Lily, your team, and now me... We're all stuck inside STEM... I still don't understand why you can't just take them all out of their pods and wake them up.

KIDMAN: It doesn't work that way Without a Core, we're totally locked out of the system. To forcibly remove anyone from STEM at this point would kill them and leave their consciousness trapped inside there.

SEBASTIAN: Great. Mobius has got some stellar backup plans...

KIDMAN: Stating the obvious isn't going to speed things along. You need to find Lily. Otherwise she, you, and everyone else inside is going to die.

SEBASTIAN: A cat? I don't ever remember owning a cat... A slide projector? Where did my memory dig this up? Elementary school? Kidman, you there?

KIDMAN: Always.

SEBASTIAN: You wouldn't have told me about Lily if your damned machine didn't go on the fritz. I would have spent the rest of my life mourning her and you wouldn't have cared.

KIDMAN: I cared. But I couldn't say anything. They would have killed me.

SEBASTIAN: I'm not sure I believe you.

KIDMAN: Why would I lie about that?

SEBASTIAN: To manipulate me. To get me to perform like a good little soldier. You've lied to me before Our whole friendship was built on a lie.

KIDMAN: Okay. I get it. And I don't blame you for feeling that way.

SEBASTIAN: You'll never know how I feel until you've lost your family.

KIDMAN: I never had a family to lose. Just two people who brought me into this world and treated me like a burden instead of a daughter.

SEBASTIAN: "Better to have loved and lost"? Is that what you're saying?

KIDMAN: Maybe. At least you had people who cared about you...

SEBASTIAN: Point taken.

[The cat drags Sebastian a jar of green gel.]

SEBASTIAN: Thanks, kitty…

[He notices a mirror shining like a flashlight.]

SEBASTIAN: A mirror. Just like Beacon. Should be a way out. Why couldn't my memory just make regular doors? Here we go again... into the looking glass…

[He returns to his family, to a normal life.]

SEBASTIAN: Lily, what's wrong?

LILY: My doll's head is broke.

SEBASTIAN: It's okay. Mom can fix it for you. She can fix anything.

MYRA: Sebastian? What's wrong? Are you all right?

SEBASTIAN: I've got a wonderful family an amazingly smart and beautiful wife. Why wouldn't I be all right? Come here, Myra...

MYRA: You've been working too hard It's making you delirious. Are you sure you’re not coming down with something?

[He goes back to his messed up life...]

SEBASTIAN: Is this the right place? What the... What... the... hell? That's... one of the search team? Baker... Whoa…

[He finds the body of a member of the Kidman team stuck in the air at the time of death. Blood gushes from a hole in his head.]

SEBASTIAN: The team leader. One bullet, straight through the head. Sadistic. Whoever did this must have enjoyed it. Someone tried to block the way out... or in...

[He picks up a phone.]

SEBASTIAN: Hello ? (laughs) Shit. Who was that?

WOMAN: Help! Help me!

SEBASTIAN: Hey! Dammit. What's going on here...?

[He sees someone with a camera and a gun killing some poor fellow.]

???: What was that?

SEBASTIAN: Shit. Who the hell was that? Just like the search team member. I gotta find a way out of here…

[Sebastian climbs to the top floor. He finds the corpse of a woman in a wedding dress, surrounded by the corpses of men with roses instead of heads.]


[Next he goes into a room full of hunged people in robes...]


[He finds his photo from 5 seconds ago.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell?

[A giant mix of women and a circular saw attack Sebastian.]

SEBASTIAN: Oh fuck! Shit I'm trapped in here. ...Or maybe not. Goddammit, what the hell is that thing? Well, I don't hear it. Oh, you've got to be kidding me. No... no! All right what the fuck is going on here!?

[He grabs a survival knife.]

SEBASTIAN: And now where am I?

[He finds a gun.]

SEBASTIAN: (to the gun) Where were you when I needed you?

[Taking all the useful items Sebastian goes outside.]

SEBASTIAN: Maybe this is the right place. Lily. I hope you're here. What did I get myself into? Kidman?

KIDMAN: Sebastian! Where have you been? We lost you--

SEBASTIAN: I don't know, but it sure as hell wasn't a quaint little town. There's something bad happening in here, Kidman. Baker is dead. There's a killer running around in here doing things that are... It's like Beacon all over again! What the fuck did you just send me into?

KIDMAN: I don't know. We're in the dark out here. Baker was the team leader. If he's dead, that doesn't bode well for the rest of them. Keep searching around. The more info you gather, the more I'll be able to help you.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Sure.

[He begin to explore]

SEBASTIAN: (looking at a corpse) Ugh. Poor son of a bitch. Left here to rot like this... “Don't worry. Sebastian. It's just a small, quiet town.” Yeah. Too quiet…

[He sees someone running into a house ...]

SEBASTIAN: Hello? Hey! She had to have heard me. Better check it out...

WOMAN: Skin and bones... Eat. Gotta eat… Skin and bones. Gotta eat. Clean your plate! Gotta eat... Skin and bones…

[As we see she feed some poor fellow with rotten flesh...]

WOMAN: I... SAID... EAT! There we go... Don't cry. I'm doing what's best for you…

[Sebastian sneaking to the door.]

SEBASTIAN: What the...!? Oh god…

[The woman appears to be some creepy monster with tentacles on her head. Sebastian kills her.]


KIDMAN: That was fast. Did you learn anything new?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah I did I learned that it really is like Beacon in here The people in here are turning into creatures.

KIDMAN: Dammit. What the hell happened?

SEBASTIAN: I don't know. But it means that Lily is in more danger than just being “lost.”

KIDMAN: Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN: Save it, Kidman. Leave it to me. I'm going to find her… (hung up) What now?

[He leaves the house and explores the neighborhood. Not far away, he sees several soldiers battling crowds of zombies.]

SOLDIER: O'Neal, move!

SEBASTIAN: Mobius members... Some of them are still alive, then. Damn. But those things are everywhere… Need to get in there and squeeze that guy for info. Shit... Oh fuck. All right, hopefully that'll hold.

[Sebastian sneaks into the house killing zombies by jumping out of the bushes.]

MAN: Don't come any closer!

SEBASTIAN: Okay. Calm down. Don't shoot. I'm not gonna hurt you. See? You can lower your gun. I'm on your side.

MAN: You're not Mobius. You might not be one of those... things, but that doesn't mean you're on my side.

SEBASTIAN: You're right. I don't work for Mobius. But I was sent here by them.

MAN: Have you seen what those things out there...? What they can do!?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah I have. Lucky for you, your partner was willing to sacrifice himself so you could escape.

MAN: He wasn't my partner. He was Just a member of Union's security detail. Protecting me was his job. And my job is to solve a hardware issue. Dying inside here is above my pay grade. I'm not a soldier. I'm just a technician.

SEBASTIAN: I know...

MAN: S-stop... or I'll shoot!

[Sebastian quickly disarms him.]

SEBASTIAN: A soldier would have taken the safety off. I told you we're on the same side. Let's try this again. I'm Sebastian Castellanos.

MAN: I am O'Neal. Liam O’Neal. So you're not Mobius, but they sent you in here? Why?

SEBASTIAN: I'm looking for my-- ...I'm trying to restore the Core. Just like you are.

O'NEAL: Yeah? Good luck with that. I'm done. I'm just going to hold out here until extraction.

SEBASTIAN: They can't extract you. Not until Lily is found.

O'NEAL: Who's Lily?

SEBASTIAN: Look, everyone is stuck in here until the Core is located. Can you help me out?

O'NEAL: If you're asking me to go out there With you, you can forget about it. This is a Safe House, so I'm staying safe, got me? But I may have a lead on the Core. I detected some signals nearby that resonate at the Core's frequency. We were trying to track them when we got attacked. Here. Listen to this.

VOICE: Where are you...?

O'NEAL: It sounds like a little girl, right?


VOICE: Where are you...? ...No... No...

SEBASTIAN: Was that her? The Core?

O'NEAL: I think so. But I've been picking up all sorts of weird signals on my Communicator since we got.

O'NEAL: No way to know for sure until you track it to its source.

SEBASTIAN: How do I do that?

O'NEAL: Your Communicator can pick it up, too. Once you're out there, check it You'll see. You'll probably pick up other signals while you're out there. It wouldn't hurt to follow them to find out what.

SEBASTIAN: No way. The Core first. It's the only way we're getting out of here.

O'NEAL: Suit yourself.

SEBASTIAN: Let's pair up our Communicators. That way I can tell you if I find anything.

O'NEAL: Yeah, okay. Can't hurt, I guess.


SEBASTIAN: So you've been stuck in here a week already?

O'NEAL: Has it been that long? Damn. Time's a little fluid in here. This was supposed to be a simple in-and-out job. Like "home in time for dinner" simple. But his is different than anything I've ever seen before.

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean?

O'NEAL: Wonky stuff usually happens when a Core goes AWOL, but... What's happening is more than that. This place is falling apart at the seams. We used the Stable Field Emitter, but it's not working like it's supposed to.

SEBASTIAN: What's the Stable Field Emitter?

O'NEAL: If Mobius sent you in here, shouldn't you know this stuff already?

SEBASTIAN: There were five members of your team?

O'NEAL: There was a security force already in here to help us, but, yeah. There are five search team members. W-Wait... Did you just say “were?”

SEBASTIAN: I found Baker. He's dead.

O'NEAL: Huh. Doesn't surprise me. He looked onto a powerful signal and went to investigate. I told him we should just request extraction and report our findings, leave the dangerous work to somebody else. But he wouldn't hear of it, being team leader and all. Always had to be the brave one. You ask me, there's a thin line between “brave” and “foolish.”

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. There's a thin line between "prudent" and "cowardly," too.

O'NEAL: Tomato, tomahto. I'm not saying I'm glad he's dead. What kind of asshole do you think I am? I hope the others are okay.

SEBASTIAN: I'll let you know if I find anybody else.

O'NEAL: You'd really do that? Thanks. I'd appreciate that.

SEBASTIAN: It's more dangerous out there than I expected. Any idea where I can get some weapons and supplies?

O'NEAL: I tried to tell you about this one signal, but you didn't want to hear it.

SEBASTIAN: Well. I'm all ears now.

O'NEAL: I picked something up from two Mobius security team members who were talking about. weapons caches. Maybe you can follow it and get some gear. Maybe they're out there and can help you out.

SEBASTIAN: I'll think about it.

O'NEAL: Come on, man. I'm all alone in here. I could use some protection.

SEBASTIAN: Maybe if you hadn't let your last guard take the fall for you...

O'NEAL: Whatever. I'll mark the signal on your Communicator. Follow it or don't follow it. I don't care.

SEBASTIAN: Those things are pretty tough Takes a lot of ammo to get them off my back. Do you have anything stronger in here.

O'NEAL: Not in here, but you can probably find some out there. This place was designed to be peaceful, but Mobius and firepower go hand in hand.

SEBASTIAN: Do you know where I can find some of this firepower?

O'NEAL: It's pretty chaotic out there. You're not going to find a pile of heavy-duty weapons all together. But I did see something useful next to an abandoned APC just outside. I'll mark its location for you. But be careful There were a lot of those things hanging around it…

[After talking with O’Neal, Sebastian drinks a cup of coffee.]

SEBASTIAN: Mmmm. Takes the edge off.

[He explores a safe place and finds a mirror.]

SEBASTIAN: What the... Who was that?

[Sebastian teleports to his office. He sits in a wheelchair and something chains him to it.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell? Hey! Let me out of here!

[A nurse is coming to him.]

TATIANA: Detective Castellanos. What a pleasant surprise. Welcome back...

SEBASTIAN: You again!? How are you here?

TATIANA: I could ask you the same question. Regardless, it's nice to see a familiar face... Even if that face has seen far too much. You look tired, Detective. I can help you get back in shape. Just like before.

[Sebastian purchases some upgrades.]

SEBASTIAN: I don't understand. This place… You... It's just like Beacon. But this isn't Beacon. This is Union.

TATIANA: Is it? It all seems familiar to me. These walls that chair... you. For me, it's as if nothing has changed at all.

[Having finished with upgrades, Sebastian goes outside.]

SEBASTIAN: Okay. Let's see if I can find this signal he mentioned. Looks pretty far away. But it's the only lead I've got. God, I hope it's Lily...

[He find some ghostly looking figure, speaking through his radio.]

HAYES (resonance): We're screwed. There's too many of them...

TURNER (resonance): Suck it up, James. We've been through worse than this. And we're better armed this time. Or at least we will be once we raid the supplies. Come on!

SEBASTIAN: That must be the signal O'Neal mentioned.

[An earthquake occurs. A huge hole appears on the road.]

SEBASTIAN: What in the hell...? If it keeps breaking apart like this, there won't be any Union to search... I gotta try to find that signal. Those things are piling corpses up here. But why?

[He goes inside a church.]

PRIEST: Please forgive me for what I've done… Please forgive me… Oh, my God... Please. I know I've sinned, but... Not this! Please. I... Please forgive me for what I've done... Please forgive me for what I've done... Please forgive me.

SEBASTIAN: Hello? Are you okay...

PRIEST: Please forgive me. Please forgive me... Oh God, please. Please... Oh no…

[The priest screams and dies.]

SEBASTIAN: Huh. Looks like the Padre had some fight in him.

[Sebastian finds a crossbow.]

SEBASTIAN: Barrel's toast, but the rest of it looks okay. Need to find some parts to fix it. Haven't seen one of these in a while…

[He sees the ghost again.]

TURNER (resonance): No communication from Mobius. We're cut off. I'm calling an Alpha One Emergency. You know the protocol.

HAYES (resonance): Alpha One? Are you serious? What about the tech team?

TURNER (resonance): Fuck 'em. Let 'em fend for themselves. This ain't the Marines anymore. "No man left behind" don't mean shit in here. You got a problem with that?

HAYES (resonance): You kiddin' me? I've been waiting to be let off the chain. I'm tired of protecting techs and running like a bitch.

TURNER (resonance): Good. Let's secure the weapons stashes, load up, and clean house. No matter what it looks like - monster or human - take it out with extreme prejudice.

SEBASTIAN: What the hell was that? Whatever it was, it looks like they were here. But where did they go? More signals. Not sure if I want to run into these two. Sounds like they went rogue. But then again, weapons are useful…

[He goes a little further and going into a house where he sees the ghosts.]

TURNER (resonance): You know how to use the computer to get down there, right?

HAYES (resonance): What? You're not going with me?

TURNER (resonance): No time. I'm heading to the auto body shop to get some supplies. Meet me at the Visitor Center when you're done.

HAYES (resonance): The Visitor Center? Why?

TURNER (resonance): I told the survivors I found earlier to go there and hide out. I need to take care of them now, while they're still scared citizens. Easier to kill them before they turn Into those things Instead of after.

HAYES (resonance): Good thinking.

SEBASTIAN: Hmm. This computer's still working... What the...? Nice. I’ll take it. What's that? I need this worse than you do, pal... These parts should fix the broken sniper rifle.

TURNER (resonance): Shit! How'm I supposed to get supplies if every cache is overrun With those things? That should do it. You're not getting out of there, shitheels. James, it's Ryan. Come in. I locked a bunch of those things in the room underneath the auto body shop. I’m heading to the Visitor Center now. James? Do you copy? Shit.

SEBASTIAN: There's a supply cache under here? I gotta get down there. A new signal.

TURNER (resonance): James? Where the fuck are you? Get your ass to the Visitor Center! You're never gonna believe-

SEBASTIAN: Visitor Center it is…

[A little further he meets new ghosts...]

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): Ted? Where are you? I've been looking for you all over the place...

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Shit, John. What are you doing down here? You weren’t supposed to see this.

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): I don't understand. W-- ? W-whoa! Don't point that thing at me! We're best friends, man! Come on!

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): I know And that makes what I have to do even harder.

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): Stop joking around, man.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Sorry, John. But I have to do this. Mobius doesn’t allow for mistakes.

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): Mobius? What on earth is Mobiu- (gunshots)

[Sebastian examines the corpse and finds a card with a table on the back.]

SEBASTIAN: What's this? Some kind of cypher?

[He finds a woman corpse in a train.]

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): Got to be quiet. That thing chasing me... was it a ghost? It didn't look like those other things. What's going on? I can't deal with this. I can't. Shh. Gotta calm down. Can't let it hear me. This train is the only way out of Union. Why Isn't it running? Where is everybody? What was that? Oh god. No... No! Stay away from me! Don't touch me! Don't--

[Sebastian sees burning writings on the stairs wall - “DON’T GO (butterfly)”]

SEBASTIAN: Is this meant for me?

[He finds another body half frozen in time.]

SEBASTIAN: I recognize this work. Him again...

TURNER (resonance): Look, man, just let me go. I can take you somewhere safe. We've got supplies. Stick with me. I can get you out of here!

??? (resonance): “Safe”? What's Interesting about "safe"? Why would I want to leave here? This place is a work in progress... but soon it wall be perfect. All it requires is my inspiration. And your blood.

TURNER (resonance): Bl…? What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?

??? (resonance): Don't move...

TURNER (resonance): Oh shit. Oh shit… Help! Somebody help me!

??? (resonance): I said “Don't move!” Now... Let's make some art.

SEBASTIAN: Tough luck, Ryan. This is supposed to be "art"? More like an execution. Huh, another Communicator. Must be Ryan's. Hmmm. Mobius team members. They might have something useful on them…

[Behind the next door the killer is waiting for Sebastian. He takes a photo and Sebastian teleports to another place.]

SEBASTIAN: Dammit. Where did he go?

[He finds another “art” from the killer. Its 3 heads of some women glued together.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is this supposed to be? It's suck. This is obscene... That was weird, even for this place. O'Neal's Safe House is right there. Might as well give him the bad news about his entourage face to face…

[He goes to the Safe House.]

O'NEAL: Did you find them?

SEBASTIAN: They're dead. But after what I saw, you're better off without them around. They were planning on killing everybody in here.

O'NEAL: An Alpha One Emergency, huh? Can't say it's the worst idea I've heard.

SEBASTIAN: You're a real piece of work. O'Neal, you know that?

O'NEAL: I'm just being a realist. You can't save everybody. It's impossible. Mobius made emergency plans for a reason.

SEBASTIAN: If they never made this twisted machine, they wouldn't need emergency plans in the first place.

O'NEAL: Maybe so. But look at what they've done. It's pretty incredible.

SEBASTIAN: Still a company man after all this, huh? Hope your loyalty pays off for you in the end, because right now it seems like they don't give a shit about you.

O'NEAL: What do you mean? They sent you in here, didn't they? Sorry. I didn't mean to make you angry. Here. I made some more of these for you. For your troubles.

[Sebastian goes to buy some upgrades from Tatiana.]

TATIANA: You've brought something with you... A key? Excellent. Some keys open doors of perception. But this isn't one of them. This one is more mundane, but still useful. Go on. Open one. Its contents are better off in your hands than locked away in here...

[He buys what he came for.]

SEBASTIAN: What's happening? It's freezing. What the... What the fuck is happening? It's coming for me. I gotta get out of here... This might get me out of here... Did I just imagine that? No... That was... What was that thing? Was that real or all in my mind?

[He hears something through the radio...]

PSYCHIATRIST: File Number 15. Interview with Detective Sebastian Castellanos. Detective could you please tell me about that day at Beacon Mental Hospital?

SEBASTIAN: I’ve told you ten times already.

PSYCHIATRIST: Let's go through it one more time.

SEBASTIAN: This is more like an interrogation than an interview.

PSYCHIATRIST: Please, Detective.

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is this doing here?

PSYCHIATRIST: File Number 15. Interview with Detective Sebastian Castellanos. Detective, could you please tell me about that day at Beacon Mental Hospital?

SEBASTIAN: I've told you ten times already.

PSYCHIATRIST: Let's go through it one more time.

SEBASTIAN: This is more like an interrogation than an interview.

PSYCHIATRIST: Please, Detective.

SEBASTIAN: That's me... We had a call. Something happening at Beacon Mental Hospital. We went in... but it isn't the hospital. It was... somewhere else.

PSYCHIATRIST: Are you certain that's what you saw?

SEBASTIAN: My story's not going to change, dammit! It was like hell in there! A whole other world.

PSYCHIATRIST: And this all took place at the hospital?

SEBASTIAN: I just said it didn't! Jesus, can't you understand?

PSYCHIATRIST: I understand that you've been under considerable stress...

SEBASTIAN: That was the counseling they made me do after...

PSYCHIATRIST: It was just a fever dream. A figment of your imagination.

SEBASTIAN: It wasn't a dream. I was inside of a killer's mind! It was as real as you are!

PSYCHIATRIST: That may be. But what good is it to hang onto this version of reality? Perhaps if we disabuse you of this notion, things will... go more smoothly for you.

SEBASTIAN: Was he just head-shrinking me... Or did he know something I didn't?

[He sees a writing on a mirror.]

SEBASTIAN: “You cannot keep me here”...?

[He teleports to the hospital from the first game,]

SEBASTIAN: Beacon? I can't be back.

[Sebastian sees himself sitting on an upgrade chair in a pool of blood. He tries to touch the corpse, but black hands grow from the floor and drag him down.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is going on!? Were those just memories? (to the radio) What do you want?

KIDMAN: Sebastian, are you all right? Your vitals suddenly spiked... You were about to go into cardiac arrest...

SEBASTIAN: I saw Beacon. I was there again...

KIDMAN: How could that be? This is a completely new STEM.

SEBASTIAN: I don't know. But I know what I saw. God. I hope it doesn't happen again... It's bad enough I’ll here already. I don't want to have to relive the past over and over... (hangs up) Place is trying to mess with me. Can't get distracted. Gotta find Lily…

[He goes outside and walk to gas station shop.]

SEBASTIAN: What the...? (sees a handprints on the door) Are these Lily’s? Lily! Are you here? It's Dad! Where'd she go? Lily! It's okay! It's me! Dammit! All right, calm down... How do | get in there? It's Lily's doll! She's been here! Lily Oh my god she's in trouble. Someone is chasing her... I should check out around back, see where that window comes out... All right. Lily where did you run off to? What the…? Another signal. Good. I'm coming, sweetheart... Just hang in there. Let's try this again... Blood. A few days old. Hope it's not Lily’s. Thank god. Footprints. Who do they belong to? It looks like she stopped here to hide. She must be m that warehouse Smart girl. Lots of good places to hide in there, I bet. Hopefully that did the truck. Lily...? Lily!? Lily! Shit... Lily!? Lily! It came from upstairs. She probably crawled through here. Gotta get through. She a brave and resourceful little girl. She's going to be okay. I've just got to find her. Another doll? But where's Lily?

[He sees a glimpse that the killer kidnap her.]

SEBASTIAN: Him. The murderer with the camera. And the son of a bitch has my little girl I was so close! Dammit! Calm down. Think. I've got to save her... No more signals coming into this Communicator. I need to find another way... O'Neal. Not sure I can trust him, but he wants out of here as bad as I want to find Lily. O'Neal? It's Sebastian. Can you hear me?

O'NEAL: Seb-... -you? ...-king up...

SEBASTIAN: Shit! Not now. Maybe it'll work better outside. Huh? What the hell? There you are… but where's Lily? Can't let him get away again. Hey! You! The girl. Where is she? Fuck. Shit. Lost him again. Hope I can reach O'Neal this time. O'Neal. It's Sebastian.

O'NEAL: You're still alive? I mean. You're still alive. Good. Were you able to locate the Core?

SEBASTIAN: No. But I know who has her. And he's got powers like nothing else in here. But I lost him.

O’NEAL: I think I can help you out with that. I picked up a frequency I've never seen before. It's coming from City Hall.

SEBASTIAN: Great! Where's that?

O'NEAL: Look up… Do you see a building with a big clock tower?


O'NEAL: That's it.

SEBASTIAN: How in the hell am I supposed to get up there?

O'NEAL: It's a bit complex. Come back here and I can explain.

SEBASTIAN: Right. I'm on my way.

[He goes back to the Safe House.]

O'NEAL: You made it here okay.

SEBASTIAN: Not sure if "okay" is the right word, but yeah, I made it. Now. Tell me how to get to City Hall.

O'NEAL: Union was built with a sort of "backstage area" so Mobius Operatives could observe the test. subjects in secret. Most of these passageways are still intact enough to bypass the fissures in Union.

SEBASTIAN: But... Chunks of the city are floating in the air. How are there tunnels?

O'NEAL: They're passageways, not tunnels. When you go in and out of them, you're basically phase. We call it The Marrow. It exists in a layer separate from what you see.

SEBASTIAN: That doesn't make any sense.

O'NEAL: Fortunately for you, it doesn't have to make sense. It just has to work. But it's a maze down there. You take the wrong path, you could end up on the other side of town.

SEBASTIAN: Where's this "Marrow" that gets me to City Hall? And who comes up with these ridiculous names?

O'NEAL: I'll mark the location of the port. It's in the North Safe House. Looks like a regular computer, but it's not. I'll give you the password you need to activate it. Once you're inside, follow the marker to Exit B2. That should take you straight to City Hall.

SEBASTIAN: You could have told me this on my Communicator, you know.

O'NEAL: Maybe so, but I couldn't have given you this. The passageways are still intact, but the collapse of Union has caused infrastructure issues. My Communicator says that a gas leak is blocking the path to Exit B2. You'd never make it through alive without this.

SEBASTIAN: Deadly gas leaks, huh? Thanks for saving the worst for last, O'Neal.

O'NEAL: Based on what we've seen so far. I doubt that it's the worst you'll encounter.

SEBASTIAN: You're not helping.

O'NEAL: Anything else you need to know before you go?

Behind the CurtainEdit

[Sebastian leaves the Safe House and begin to explore the area.]

SEBASTIAN: Sounds like someone's in trouble.

WOMAN: Oh my god... No...

SEBASTIAN: Those things'll kill her if I don't do something.

[He kills the monsters and knock on the woman’s door.]

SEBASTIAN: It's okay. I took care of them. Please open the door. I need to ask you a few questions.

WOMAN: Thank you. You saved me. I thought I was a goner for sure...

SEBASTIAN: It's okay. Calm down. What's going on out there?

WOMAN: How am I supposed to know? If anybody should be asking what's going on it's me.

SEBASTIAN: Look... just got here. I'm even more confused than you are.

WOMAN: Oh yeah? What's your name?

SEBASTIAN: It's Sebastian. Sebastian Castellanos.

WOMAN: Well then you're not as confused as I am. I can't even remember my own name. I don't know what day it is. I don’t even know where I am. God, what's happening to me?

SEBASTIAN: Just... try to remember anything you can.

WOMAN: One minute I was in that office being interviewed by that Asian doctor lady. Next thing I know. I'm in this town I've never been to wearing clothes I've never seen and. there's this guy who says he's my husband telling me to run. I'm not married, mister. None of this is real it can't be.

SEBASTIAN: Let me ask you something… I'm looking for my daughter. She's six years old. Her name is Lily.

WOMAN: I-I haven't seen any kids out there. Nothing but those things.

SEBASTIAN: Dammit...

WOMAN: Six years old? Oh, I'm sorry, Mister. Poor thing, being lost out there I wish I could help you.

SEBASTIAN: Me, too. But I'm not giving up until I find her. So you just woke up here a few hours ago?

WOMAN: Hours, days... I can't figure time. The last thing I remember was being in that office, like I said.

SEBASTIAN: What office?

WOMAN: I needed some money, so I answered an ad looking for people to be in a sleep study. They took my blood and gave me a physical, and then that Asian lady asked me weird questions all day and... I don't understand what's happening.

SEBASTIAN: Does the name "Mobius" mean anything to you?

WOMAN: I don't think so. But I can't remember much of anything...

SEBASTIAN: What can you tell me about those things out there?

WOMAN: I don't know. All I know is that they'll kill you if they get the chance. You should stay away from them.

SEBASTIAN: Any idea where they came from?

WOMAN: That guy who said he was my husband started acting all weird. Kept looking over his shoulder at something I couldn't see. Then all of a sudden he's screaming and starts to change - skin bubbling up. It was horrible. Next thing I knew, he was trying to kill me, too.

SEBASTIAN: So they used to be regular citizens. What's causing them to change like this?

WOMAN: I don’t know anything. I... I can't help you. Mister.

SEBASTIAN: I'm going to try and figure this out. Stay in here and keep the doors locked. It's not safe out there.

WOMAN: I'm not going anywhere, that's for sure. But thanks for saving me. You need anything from the house, go ahead and help yourself…

[Sebastian takes some items and leave the house.]

SEBASTIAN: Wish I could do more for her, but finding Lily is the best thing for everyone here.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Okay. Doors locked. Windows secure. Power disabled... Nothing's getting in here.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Not even you, Hayes! Find yourself another Safe House! This place is locked tight, understand?

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Shut. This us so fucked. Didn't sign up for this… It's okay. Gonna be okay. You're locked in, man. Just gotta wait it out... What the fuck was that sound? How did How did that get m here? What the hell is...? NO!

SEBASTIAN: Probably should let Kidman know what's going on… Kidman? Can you hear me?

KIDMAN: Loud and clear. What have you got for me?

SEBASTIAN: The good news is that I located O'Neal and he was able to get me on the trall to find Lily.

KIDMAN: That’s great!

SEBASTIAN: The bad news is that Union is literally falling apart around me, and it's mostly populated by corpses and monsters. Oh and that psycho I told you about? The one with the powers he shouldn't have? He's got Lily. I'm getting ready to head into The Marrow - which you neglected to tell me about - to get to him.

KIDMAN: I'm sorry we didn't have time for a briefing before sending you in, but we didn't think it would be this bad.

SEBASTIAN: It's just as bad as Beacon in here. No it's worse! My daughter wasn't stuck in Beacon!

KIDMAN: Okay. Calm down. Maybe I can help you out. Can you give me any information on this person?

SEBASTIAN: Male. About 5 foot ten. Black hair. He fancies himself as some sort of artist.

KIDMAN: That's not much to go on.

SEBASTIAN: Tell me something I don't know. I'm on my way to City Hall. I'll call you later.

[He gets back to his office through a mirror.]

SEBASTIAN: Huh? Was that door there before? What the hell is this?

TATIANA: It's a chance to test your skills. Step right up and try your luck. Detective...

SEBASTIAN: This is insane.

TATIANA: You'd be insane to pass this up. Steady your hand and put your shooting skills to work. No need to worry about ammunition in here.

[Sebastian trains in shooting range and earns a high score.]

TATIANA: That's perfect. You may very well be the best, Detective.

SEBASTIAN: Hell... yes!

TATIANA: Quite good, Detective. Your training out there seems to be paying off. You just can't stay away from me, can you? There's nothing wrong with being cautious, but you can't avoid fighting forever. Maybe you should think about adding some combat skills.

[Sebastian purchases some skills.]

SEBASTIAN: Hey, Kidman.

KIDMAN: What can I do for you, Sebastian?

SEBASTIAN: Beacon. My life was skidding off the track before I went Into that place. Being inside Ruvik's head like that... I haven't been the same since. They tried to tell me it was all in my mind. But my mind couldn't have dreamt up the things I saw in there.

KIDMAN: You don't have to remind me. I was there, too.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Your pals in Mobrus didn't have any problem putting you in danger, did they?

KIDMAN: Maybe. But if I wasn't with you, we might not have made it out alive.

SEBASTIAN: There are times when I'm not sure I ever made it out… And now I'm in another STEM.

KIDMAN: And I'm still with you. We're going to get out alive. Just like the last time.

SEBASTIAN: I hope you're right about that. You still up, Kidman?

KIDMAN: No rest for the wicked. What's going on?

SEBASTIAN: I can't believe Lily is still alive. The fire...

KIDMAN: Lily wasn't killed in the fire. You know this now.

SEBASTIAN: Tell that to my brain. Tell that to the nightmares I've been having for years. Why did they take her? Out of all the little girls in the world, why mine?

KIDMAN: I can't answer that, Sebastian. Mobius took Lily long before I joined them. I know you don't believe in coincidences... But maybe you see a pattern because you want to. You know that some crimes just... happen. There's no real reason for it. Just a wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time...

SEBASTIAN: No I refuse to believe that.

KIDMAN: Regardless, the fire is a memory that you need to purge, Sebastian. It wasn't your fault that it happened. And you didn't lose Lily because of it. Try to remember that.

[The cat brigs another jar of green gel...]

SEBASTIAN: Thanks, kitty…

[He goes back through a mirror.]

SEBASTIAN: So this is the computer O'Neal was talking about. Let's try that password. Seems like things didn't go so well down here, either. Could this be the whole map of Union? It used to be so huge. Looks like they were still designing parts of Union in here...

COMPUTER: Emergency lockdown procedures are currently in effect. Lockdown can be disengaged by tuning to the frequency on your Communicator.

SEBASTIAN: Might as well give it a try.

COMPUTER: Emergency lockdown de-activated. Please wart for system reboot of each annex Stand by. . Recreation Area emergency lockdown disengaged. Please wait while system reboots... Research Wing emergency lockdown disengaged. Please wait while system reboots... Security Annex emergency lockdown disengaged. Please wait while system reboots...

SEBASTIAN: I hope that's it. Need to conserve ammo...

COMPUTER: System reboot complete. Emergency lockdown fully disengaged.

[He opens the door closed on an electronic lock and goes down to the basement. There he flushes the pool with muddy smelly slurry and descends the stairs.]

SEBASTIAN: Jesus, the smell… Shit, it saw me.

[He kill a zombie and put on the mask.]

SEBASTIAN: So this is the dreaded gas leak, huh? Thanks, O'Neal. I'd never make It through without this thing. It's like a maze in here... Flammable? Damn, that means I can't rely on my firearms... Hopefully that did something. (leaving the area he takes off his mask) Thank god, that mask smelled terrible.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Hello? Can you hear me? It's Watkins!

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Watkins! What's going on?

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): The collapse is happening faster than we predicted, and now it's affecting The Marrow, too! Those... Things are trying to breach. You gotta help me!

MOBIUS OPERATIVE: (resonance) We're secure on this side. Get over here.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE: I can't! The collapse caused a gas leak in the Access Tunnels, and I left my respirator on the APC! Can't you send a team through the tunnels with a respirator for me?

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Sorry. We can't risk the personnel just to help you.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Fuck you guys, then!

[Sebastian gets out of the tunnels...]

SEBASTIAN: Here it is. My way back into Union. This must be City Hall. Got to stop this guy and save Lily…

[Near the City Hall he sees the killer.]

SEBASTIAN: It's him… Shit! What the FUCK is that?

Lying in WaitEdit

SEBASTIAN: ...Not sure I'm ready for this… But I can't turn back now.

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): Another beautiful day. I can't remember the last time it was overcast or too cold... Always feels just right. I'm truly blessed to be born and raised in Union. Never left this place I don't want to I plan on dying here. Ah smell that? Smells like spring. The flower beds they planted here are really something, aren't they?

[Sebastian finds a photo of him with “WAITING FOR YOU...” written on it.]

SEBASTIAN: Yeah, just you wait, asshole.

[He comes close to the City Hall, where he will have to fight the monster, from which he had recently fled...]

SEBASTIAN: Don't have to worry about that thing for now, at least. Let's see if I can find out where that psycho went.

[Sebastian come across Mobius operative. He’s severely wounded and sit on the floor.]

HARRISON: Who's there?

SEBASTIAN: It's okay. Harrison, right? I'm not one of “them.”

HARRISON: W-who are you?

SEBASTIAN: Don't worry. O'Neal sent me.

HARRISON: I, uh I thought I was the only one left...

SEBASTIAN: I'm looking for the Core. Where is she? Is she here?

HARRISON: S-Second floor… The Stable Field Emitter...

SEBASTIAN: Emitter? Forget about that! I'm here to find the Core!

HARRISON: You must turn on the Emitter. I-It… will stabilize the environment... Without it, Union will completely collapse... Then the Core won't matter... Turn it on. It will affect His power...

SEBASTIAN: ...His power? You mean...!?

HARRISON: Take this. Use it to turn on the Emitter. (dies)

SEBASTIAN: Another team member down... Wish I could have gotten more info. Don't worry, Lily. I'm still gonna find you.

SEBASTIAN: What's this about? What's this? This camera's so old. Must mean something…

[He takes a photo and open the near corridor.]

SEBASTIAN: (about a picture on the wall) Ugh. Who comes up with this stuff? (about old clock) It's ticking, but the pendulum's stopped. (about another picture) I remember this. Still a cold case... (writing on a blank painting) "Appreciate the art"? Fine. As long as it gets me closer to you. I'll play your game… (about a picture of Lily) That's Lily. This guy's playing with me.

??? (resonance): This one is perfect. Naturally so. It is my work, after all. Death preserved on silver nitrate. Like a fly in amber... Beautiful.

SEBASTIAN: Another one but what's he after? What are these things? This has to be the Emitter.

EMITTER: Authorization required. Please connect an authorized terminal.

SEBASTIAN: Terminal? Must mean this Communicator...

EMITTER: Restart sequence initiated.

[After Sebastian turns on the machine the killer walks into the room. He make a photo and feeze Sebastian in time.]

???: You've been searching for me for so long. So I have come. But want It's not me you seek is it? No. It's the girl. I should be offended. But how can I be? You're not the only person who wants her power. There is another, one far more deserving. One who can offer rewards you could never imagine. So sorry, but you've been outbid. Fear radiates from you. It's beautiful but not yet finished.

[He makes a deep cut with knife on Sebastian’s face.]

???: I am Stefano. And now you are my art…

[Sebastian quickly unholster his gun... However, the killer has long gone.]

SEBASTIAN: Son of a bitch!

[Stefano lowers into the room a large monster with a camera instead of a head ...]

STEFANO: Meet my beautiful Obscura...

EMITTER: Restart sequence initiated.

SEBASTIAN: You gotta be kidding me.

EMITTER: Sequence will complete in 90 seconds.

SEBASTIAN: That thing is stopping the Emitter from activating. All right that got it going. I just have to hold it off until the Emitter starts…

[Epic boss fight begins...]

EMITTER: 80 seconds.

EMITTER: 70 seconds.

EMITTER: 60 seconds.

EMITTER: 50 seconds.

EMITTER: 40 seconds.

EMITTER: 30 seconds.

EMITTER: 20 seconds.

EMITTER: Stable Field Emitter now restarting. Stabilization procedure completed.

SEBASTIAN: Great. Saved my own ass, but what am I supposed to do now? If he's gone, he didn't leave Lily here. Where did he take her? Should give Kidman an update about this. Shit. Maybe I'll get a signal outside. Can't believe these bastards used Lily like some kind of science experiment. And then they have the nerve to send me in to clean up their mess? It's like some kind of sick joke…

[He leave the City Hall.]

SEBASTIAN: Dammit. Son of a bitch still has Lily. And now I'm back to square one again…

[Meanwhile at Mobius...]

???: We've re-established contact with the Marker, Agent Kidman.

KIDMAN: About time. Patch him through. Sebastian... Sebastian! Are you there?

SEBASTIAN: Kidman...

KIDMAN: Finally. Are you all right?

SEBASTIAN: That psycho is still on the loose in here. I turned on the Emitter and that seemed to slow him down, but he got away... And he's got Lily. She must be so scared and alone... I've got to find her before he does something terrible to her. I'm so close. I can feel it.

KIDMAN: We want to find her just as much as you do, Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Sure you do. Don't want your precious experiment to fail… It would be a real tragedy to waste all that time and money.

KIDMAN: I was speaking for myself, not Mobius. I... Spent a lot of time with Lily during testing. She's a good kid. I don't want her to suffer. I know things are bad, but I have faith in you. You've got to stay focused, so we can save her. Together.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Okay you're right. Thanks for the pep talk, Kidman.

KIDMAN: Don't worry about it But right now you need to figure out where he took her.

SEBASTIAN: He said his name was Stefano.

KIDMAN: Stefano... Copy that. I'll see what I can find out and send it to your Room.

SEBASTIAN: Okay. In the meantime. I’ll check in with O'Neal, see if he can help me locate this psycho...

KIDMAN: Sounds like a plan. Let me know if I can be of any help. And... Sebastian?


KIDMAN: Good luck.

SEBASTIAN: Thanks. Gotta figure out where he took her… Think I might have just figured it out. Not doing a very good Job of hiding It's almost as if he's taunting me. Well, if it's a fight he wants, he's going to get it. I just have to find my way there… O'Neal, it's me.

O'NEAL: I see the Stable Field Emitter is back online. Please tell me you found the Core and you're on your way back here.

SEBASTIAN: Sorry. That lunatic still has her. But I think I have an idea of where he went.

O'NEAL: Yeah. I see it, too. I'm picking up the signal again, but now it's coming from the Theater in the other part of town.

SEBASTIAN: Right. Through The Marrow again, I guess. May need a little guidance here.

O'NEAL: I'm on it. Looks like turning the Emitter back on stabilized some passages there. Exit D5 looks to be the one closest to the Theater. I'm not totally sure what you'll encounter down there, so watch your back.

SEBASTIAN: At this point, nothing would surprise me.

On the HuntEdit

[Sebastian goes back to his office.]

KIDMAN: Take a look at some of the information I was able to dig up on your guy.

SEBASTIAN: Stefano Valentini, artist. Yeah, that's him, all right.

KIDMAN: He's quite a flamboyant character. Seems he never reached the level of success that he wanted.

SEBASTIAN: Sounds familiar. I know of another flamboyant artist who failed... Then he started World War II.

KIDMAN: Let's hope this one isn't that bad.

SEBASTIAN: Even if he's not, he still needs to be stopped.

[He returns to he Marrow through a mirror.]

SEBASTIAN: This must be the passage O'Neal was talking about.

LILY: Dad...

SEBASTIAN: Lily...? Ugh... This place is messing with my mind...

SEBASTIAN: Whoa. What the hell is this stuff?

[He walks into a room with dozens of TVs and sees a fragment of his past life...]

SEBASTIAN: Stop and listen to yourself, Myra! A secret society abducted Lily and staged her death? Do you realize how crazy that sounds?

MYRA: But it's true! Why can't you understand that?

SEBASTIAN: I know it's hard to accept, Myra, but... She's gone. Our little girl is gone.

MYRA: ...But I have proof! Look!

SEBASTIAN: Myra... You’re obsessed. You need rest. Once you get past this, you'll learn to accept--

MYRA: No. I'll never accept it. If you won't help me, I'll find out the truth on my own!

[The vision ends.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra... You were right all along… But... but why am I seeing this now?

[In the next room he encounters a giant monster with extendable head. He has no mouth and slime dipping from the hole where it should be.]

SEBASTIAN: Huh? Good god. Look at the size of that thing. Maybe I can sneak past it. Shit, it saw me! I gotta get the hell out of here. Oh. Shit! I thought this place was supposed to be fucking stable.

[He finds a security room.]

SEBASTIAN: Someone's been watching... (notices a file) Lily! Whoever's been here was gathering data on her.

???: (from behind with a gun) Don't move.

SEBASTIAN: You're Mobius, right? I--

???: Shut up! Don't say a word. You're not one of us.

SEBASTIAN: No, I'm not. Kidman sent me. Look. I'm here to help, okay? My name is Sebastian Castellanos.

???: You're lying. Sebastian Castellanos is dead.

SEBASTIAN: What? No. Who... who told you that?

???: Turn around. Do it slow.

SEBASTIAN: You're Yukiko Hoffman.

HOFFMAN: How do you know my name?

SEBASTIAN: I told you: they sent me in here to find my daughter, Lily. The Core. I'm telling you the truth!

HOFFMAN: I know.


HOFFMAN: Lack of microexpressions and deflection. No verbal parroting. I've seen enough to know you're telling the truth.

SEBASTIAN: Right. The team psychologist.

HOFFMAN: I have to use whatever tools I have to survive. Combat isn't my forte.

SEBASTIAN: Seems to be a running theme here.

HOFFMAN: Sorry for pointing my gun at you. So they're sending independent contractors now? That means things aren't improving. Have you found any other team members?

SEBASTIAN: I have… But the only one I've found alive is O'Neal.

HOFFMAN: Liam is alive? Good. Has he made any progress on stabilization?

SEBASTIAN: The big Emitter's back on, but this place is still falling apart. And I think it's all because of this psycho that kidnapped Lily. He's running loose in Union and can manipulate this place at will.

HOFFMAN: That means my theory is correct. This is more than a Core dis-connect. We doctors don't like to use the term "psycho" in pejorative terms. But in this case, it's apropos. Only a clinically diagnosed psychopath could affect STEM like this. A psychopathic personality type using Lily to amplify his power… This is the worst possible situation.

SEBASTIAN: You're a shrink. Any suggestions on how to defeat him?

HOFFMAN: Psychopaths are antisocial, lack empathy, and exhibit sadistic tendencies. But their main commonality is their pathologic egocentricity. They don't care about people, only themselves. Can you think of anything that would be important to him?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. He thinks he's some sort of artist. It's all he talks about...

HOFFMAN: Then maybe the best way to attack him would be through his art. Destroying something valuable to him could knock him off of his guard.

SEBASTIAN: I'll keep that in mind. But I've got to get to him first. He's holed himself up in the Theater.

HOFFMAN: Right. So Exit D5, then. It's right here, just in the next room. Let's pair our Communicators so that we can stay in touch. I'll review my files and see if I can't dig up any more information about what's going on. I still feel like there's more to this... Regardless, he's probably going to be difficult to fight. Feel free to help yourself to anything here you might need.

SEBASTIAN: So does Lily really think I'm dead or was that Just a part of your lie detecting test?

HOFFMAN: Sorry to break it to you, but she does. I thought it was the truth, too, until just now. But over the years. I've learned to take everything Mobius tells me with a pinch of salt. It wasn't difficult to see you were telling the truth.

SEBASTIAN: Why would they do that? What kind of monsters do you work for?

HOFFMAN: I know it's not right. But consider this. Lily is probably less traumatized by thinking you're dead than by thinking you're alive but she can't be wit.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Maybe. But what will happen when I finally find her?

HOFFMAN: Don't worry. She'll believe the evidence of her eyes once she sees you.

SEBASTIAN: If Mobius knew to keep psychopaths out of STEM, then how did one end up in here?

HOFFMAN: I don't know. Every individual in STEM was subjected to a battery of psychological exams prior to place. And we've been observing them from here, in secret, to keep an eye out for mental instability.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Well, that didn't work.

HOFFMAN: Unfortunately, psychopathy and sociopathy are incredibly difficult to diagnose correctly. Psychopaths tend to be cunning and highly intelligent. Aware of their own diagnosis, they're able to disguise themselves among us. The fact that this one was able to fool us. He's obviously adroit and self-aware. Disturbingly so.

SEBASTIAN: Great. So the tests only filtered out the weakest of psychos.

HOFFMAN: I feel terribly responsible for all of this - I helped devise those tests...

SEBASTIAN: You said you think there's “something more to this”?

HOFFMAN: I studied the Beacon Incident extensively so that we could avoid another disaster like that. In that case, the person in question was the Core. But even then, the environment remained relatively intact. Something just doesn't seem right here.

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean?

HOFFMAN: The creatures in here. The dissolution of Union. The total breakdown in communication with Mobius... It just seems like a lot for one person, even with the power of the Core.

SEBASTIAN: He mentioned someone before... Another person who wanted the Core's power...

HOFFMAN: That could mean... No. It's too horrible to contemplate.


HOFFMAN: There's only one thing that could be more powerful than a psychopath in here… But I need to do some research before I can commit to the theory…

[Sebastian picks up some items, drink a cup of coffee and teleports to his room.]

SEBASTIAN: Pick up, Kidman.

KIDMAN: I'm here...

SEBASTIAN: The first time I saw Myra, she was wearing that uniform. I think I fell in love With her right then and there. I didn't want to admit it to myself. But after she was injured on duty I knew I couldn't risk not telling her how I felt. She was such a great wife and mother that I sometimes forget she was a great detective, too. She was right. She knew there was something fishy about Lily's death… I... I mean kidnapping. I should have believed her from the start.

KIDMAN: There's no way you could have predicted the truth. Sebastian. You know this…

[He goes back to Hoffman’s room and walk out of it.]

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Dammit. Can't feel my hand. That thing nearly tore my arm off... Never gonna kill it with this peashooter. Need something bigger. I just need to get into that storage room outside the Safe House... but Stevens has the key... She'll come back with the key and the APC. I just need to stay alive. So tired. Just gonna rest here and wait for Stevens…

[Sebastian leaves the building.]

SEBASTIAN: All right... The Theater. I'm coming for you…

[He run to the Theater, but the way there is blocked with paintings.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell are these things about? Dammit. Lily's inside there...

STEFANO: You did not appreciate my beautiful Obscura's performance. Perhaps this one is more to your liking. Listen.

LILY: No! Somebody help me!

STEFANO: I'm preparing my greatest work yet. But you are not worthy enough to witness it... Not until you learn to respect my art. Listen! Listen to their screams! The echoes of my work...

SEBASTIAN: Respect art, huh? Time to put Hoffman's theory to the test...

Lust for ArtEdit

SEBASTIAN: So, some of these are locked...

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Gotta destroy them before they change… Yeah. That's the ticket... Body parts reassembling into a monster. Sure. Why not? I'm not surprised by anything I see in here anymore... Won't happen again. I'll burn these before they can change... Wait. Did that arm just twitch? Shit... No... Oh god, no! AAAAAAAAARRRRGH!

[The monster with circular saw attacks Sebastian again.]


[He fights back and examines a pile of burned bodies...]

SEBASTIAN: They're burning the bodies... Why?

[In the building he tunes up another dead body resonance.]

UNION CITIZEN (resonance): I can't take it... I'm the only one who can see it. The thing in here with me. I have to be. It looks like I remembered it as a child It's... It's playing with my mind. If I'm gonna die. I'd rather control how it happens.

[He a tall woman monster with torn up dress begin to chase Sebastian.]

SEBASTIAN: Again!? Shit! What it's doing this time? What does that thing want from me?

[He looks in a mirror. Ordinary mirror for a change. He sees the past self.]

SEBASTIAN: That's me from... back then… (the monster emerges form the mirror) Oh shit! Something's wrong. Why is that thing chasing me again?

[He finds a painting.]

SEBASTIAN: So this is his art? It's just a photo… I'm gonna stab the shit out of you.

[But the painting fights back and suck him in.]

SEBASTIAN: Shit. Locked. Gotta find a key or something...

STEFANO: (from the memories) Shh, don't cry. You're becoming art. You shall be part of my Obscura. Ah... flesh. Less malleable than clay. Softer than marble. It really is the perfect medium… Agh! I can’t concentrate like this. A sculpture doesn't need a tongue...

SEBASTIAN: Well, there it is. Okay, Hoffman. Hope you're right about destroying these things. Here we go.

[He kills the sculpture in the painting and destroys it.]

SEBASTIAN: Destroying that freak's work was actually therapeutic. But I'm not done yet. One more…

[He goes outside.]

MAN: Get away from me!

SEBASTIAN: Sounds like someone's in trouble.

MAN: That's right, you want some of this!?

SEBASTIAN: Damn, he's going to get mobbed...

MAN: Oh shit!

SEBASTIAN: Maybe I can get the jump on them.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Hey, hey! You, over there! You've got to help me! Come on, man! I know you can hear me! Help me out! Ah, man, come on! Shit, there's more of them. They're comin' from over there! Come on, man, do something! Almost got 'em! I think that was the last of them... You just saved my ass. I didn't think anyone would come.

SEBASTIAN: You're from the search team. How did you end up here?

MOBIUS OPERATIVE: I was looking for something.

SEBASTIAN: And what would that be?

MOBIUS OPERATIVE: Look, it's dangerous out here. Come to my Safe House so we can talk.

SEBASTIAN: Lead the way.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE: Come on. Come on in. They can’t get in here. Thanks again for helping me out. I'm Sykes.

SEBASTIAN: Sebastian Castellanos.

SYKES: Castellanos, huh? I've heard of you. You survived the Beacon Incident, right?

SEBASTIAN: How do you know that?

SYKES: I'm a STEM programmer, but I've got other skills, too. Like hacking information systems. I know all kinds of things that nobody else knows. Not even other members of the team.

SEBASTIAN: Then you know who Lily is.

SYKES: Yeah. We're all trying to find her. Haven't had any luck, though. That's why you're here, huh?

SEBASTIAN: That's right. But if you can't help me with that then we've got nothing else to discuss. Good luck...

SYKES: Hey, hold on. We might still be able to help each other out.

SEBASTIAN: This better be good.

SYKES: Look, there's a bunch of stuff in here that you could probably use. Now, you can have it for saving me out there. You wanna hear my proposal come on back to. Those are locked. But I could get it open if you're willing to help.

[Sebastian grabs some ammo and goes back to his office.]

SEBASTIAN: It's me, Kidman.

KIDMAN: Good to know you're still there, Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN: After Beacon, I tried to make some sense of what happened to me... But everyone said I was delusional... Or hiding the truth... I started to believe that maybe they were right. That maybe I was crazy... I felt so frustrated. Useless. Drinking was the only thing that killed the pain. So much time wasted. I could have tried harder. Shit...

KIDMAN: Don't beat yourself up, Sebastian. When Mobius doesn't want to be found.

SEBASTIAN: Don't make excuses for me, Kidman. I fucked up.

KIDMAN: Look. Sebastian this isn't the time to dwell on the past. This is the time to make up for it. Self pity is what led you to drink in the first place. You have a chance to get back what you lost. Don't lose sight of that.

SEBASTIAN: Harsh but true. You're right, Kidman... Thanks.

TATIANA: Hmm... Not looking so good. Let me help you.

[Sebastian buys some upgrades.]

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): If I can just get to the APC... everything will be okay… Shit! I'm trapped!

SEBASTIAN: Where there's a key, there's a lock. Wonder where it could be.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Gotta get out of here. All I wanted was to find the APC and get the hell out of here! Help! Can anybody hear me!? Oh god. I'm gonna die in STEM... It'll be like I never existed at all.

MOBIUS OPERATIVE (resonance): Sorry, Lawson. Looks like I won't be back to pick you up with the APC after all.

[Sebastian goes back to Sykes.]

SEBASTIAN: All right, I'm all ears. How can we help each other?

SYKES: I need you to restart a server inside The Marrow. It should be easy enough, as long as none of those freaks are around. Here's where it's located.

SEBASTIAN: Hold on. I haven't agreed to anything yet. What's in it for me?

SYKES: You do that for me. I can open up all the locked supply caches for you.

SEBASTIAN: And what's in it for you?

SYKES: If you get the server on. I may be able to find another way out of Union.

SEBASTIAN: There's really a way to get out of Union?

SYKES: I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I'm sure as hell gonna give it a try. They've lost contact with STEM. We're totally cut off. If we don't find the Core, we're all gonna die in here. Unless I can figure a way out.

SEBASTIAN: How is that possible?

SYKES: You really want me to waste your time talking a bunch of technical gibberish?

SEBASTIAN: All I have to do is turn it on? How did the server go offline in the first place?

SYKES: All I'm saying is if you turn on that server. I can give it a shot. Look at this place. It's breaking apart out there I'm surprised anything is working. But then again. Mobius probably turned it off themselves. They've got all kinds of emergency protocols in place.

SEBASTIAN: And you're questioning the almighty Mobius?

SYKES: Hey. I don't mind being a grunt, but the moment I become expendable… Well that's when I start to look for the exit door, you get what I'm saying?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. I do.

SYKES: So...You gonna help me out or not?

[Sebastian goes to the Marrow and turns the server on.]

SEBASTIAN: Seems like that worked. Guess I should go back to Sykes.

[He find full-barreled shotgun.]

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. That's more like it…

[The tall monster woman attacks him.]


[In Sykes’s Safe House...]

SYKES: I knew you'd make it back.

SEBASTIAN: The server is online.

SYKES: Yeah. I'm already in, I unlocked the supply containers, just like I promised. See if you can open that one there. Thanks again for helping me out. The hard part comes next.

SEBASTIAN: Can you really do it? Get out of Union?

SYKES: Like I said, I'm gonna give it my best shot. But there's a ton of data I gotta scrub through before I can even start. I just hope I can do it before this place turns into a pile of gravel and guts. It's gonna take me a while.

SEBASTIAN: So what happens if you get out of Union?

SYKES: If I can make It out of the Mobius building alive first thing I'm gonna do is disable my damned chip.


SYKES: Yeah. Everybody in Mobius has got a subdermal chip in their head. Sort of like an RFID, but way more advanced. And I mean everybody - from The Administrator all the way down to the guy who cleans the toilets.

SEBASTIAN: And you submit to that willingly?

SYKES: Like they say: membership has its privileges. That chip will open a lot of doors for you if you got one. The downside is, with that chip in place, they can make my life a living hell if they think I disobeyed them.

SEBASTIAN: I guess you can worry about that if you make it out of here. I might be interested in getting out of here, too.

SYKES: You're welcome to, but I'm not gonna wait around for you. I'm leaving here as soon as I find a way. Your best bet is to hang out here with me and wait until I figure this out.

SEBASTIAN: No way. I'm not leaving this place without Lily.

SYKES: Theoretically, if you find her, you'll restore this place and get yourself out.

SEBASTIAN: I'd prefer to take Lily out the back door with me. Mobius just wants to plug her back into STEM. And god knows what they've got planned for me. If we could get out when they're not looking...

SYKES: Well either way, I've got a lot of work to do. Otherwise nobody's using the back door.

SEBASTIAN: Let's pair up our Communicators. Call me before you leave.

SYKES: Yeah, okay. Good luck out there...

[Sebastian leaves the Safe House and finds another painting.]

SEBASTIAN: Let's finish this... You again. All right. This should get me close to that art. Made it. Hopefully I'm done with those things for a while. That's both of them. Should have done the trick. Better head back to the Theater and see if I can get in.


[At the Theater...]

SEBASTIAN: He's got to be in here somewhere.

STEFANO: You dare to destroy my work? You expect me to bend to your will? Just like THEM, thinking they could sculpt me into what I am not. What they created in here... It's marvelous. They wasted it. Because THEY had no imagination. Because THEY are not artists. They want to control me, manipulate me. You want to stop me. But you have failed. Because with the power of the Core... I can create my art forever.

STEFANO: (resonance) This is what I've been waiting for all my life... for both of my lives. No more struggling. No more listening to philistine critics. No more pandering to the uneducated opinions of callow neophytes. No more rejection from crude simpletons. I'm finally free to be what I've always been an artist. And I have the greatest canvas ever devised at my disposal. The world will finally know and revere the name “Stefano Valentini”…

[Finally Sebastian faces his enemy at theatrical scene full of dead bodies.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is he doing to these people?

STEFANO: This chase has been entertaining… but even the greatest entertainments must come to an end.

SEBASTIAN: The girl! Where is she?

STEFANO: I commend you for making it this far. If perseverance were an art form, you would be a master. Perhaps not a Michelangelo, but a Van Gogh at the very least.

SEBASTIAN: Enough art-school bullshit. Where is she?

STEFANO: The Core is safe. With me. I took her on HIS orders. But once I realized the extent of her powers... How could I possibly hand her over? What I'm doing is more important than mere personal gain. He could never understand this.

SEBASTIAN: He? Who is “He”?

STEFANO: It doesn't matter. He won't be around much longer. My work, however, will continue.

[He wave his hand and all dead bodies in the Theater wakes up. Apparently they have a bomb in their heads.]

STEFANO: Picasso had his Blue Period... I have entered my Crimson Period.

SEBASTIAN: Shit! No! Don't!

[He trying to shoot Stefano, but he evades.]

STEFANO: Behold! My latest creation…

[He squeeze his hand and all the bombs explodes in frozen splashes of blood.]

STEFANO: Beautiful! A bouquet of flesh and blood.

SEBASTIAN: You suck bastard!

STEFANO: How will I ever top this? I'll find a way. Her fear is always inspiring. Nothing like the corruption of innocence to spark the fire of creation…

[Stefano changes the location to long corridor. Sebastian chases him.]

STEFANO: You cannot have her. You would do nothing with her power. You are an uncomprehending Neanderthal. She's useless in your hands...

SEBASTIAN: I'm coming for you, asshole. Holy shit... All right where the fuck did you go?

STEFANO: Come along. I'm waiting for you. My next piece will be amazing. The full absorption of her powers. The subjugation of her will. It will be art in every sense of the word. But what is art without an audience? I need you here to make the piece complete.

SEBASTIAN: That's not how it's gonna end... Come on! Show me what you've got. No more running. No more games.

STEFANO: Agreed. You're beginning to bore me. Your death will be art. It's time to put a signature on it. Argh! That stings! You're beginning to annoy me! You're going to regret that... You can't avoid me! Picture this. Damn you! Hold still! I'm coming for you. You're going to regret that... You cannot hide from what you cannot see... How much more can you take? You can't avoid me! Argh! That stings! You're going to regret that... You cannot hide from what you cannot see... You're beginning to annoy me! Hold still for the camera... Damn you! Hold still! This is going to hurt. I've had enough of this. Prepare to die! There will be nothing left of you when I'm done. I'll take care of you myself... No sense in running! What composition! Philistine! Damn you! You're going to pay for that! You can't hide forever! Bleed for me! Prepare to die! Philistine! Dammit! You're going to pay for that! You can't hide forever! Bleed for me! There will be nothing left of you when I'm done. I'll take care of you myself... I'm getting suck of this! No sense in running!

[Sebastian finally kicks his bloodthirsty ass.]

STEFANO: Ahhh. I had so much left to create. You've destroyed my legacy. Look at me. You made me into a masterpiece... Must record it... If only I had my camera... Where did it go...? Still time. For one... last photo!

[He clicks and teleports Sebastian to Theater scene, but it looks normal, without bodies and blood...]

LILY: (screams)

SEBASTIAN: Lily! Don't be afraid honey! It's me Dad!

LILY: No... no you're not! Dad is dead!

SEBASTIAN: Honey. I know that's what they told you, but it's not true! Lily! Please, I... Come out, Lily! You don't have to hide!

[Suddenly the door to the Theater melted and a figure that reminds of Ruvik walks in.]

WOMAN: Come to Mother, Lily. I will protect you.


MYRA: Get away! You can't have her!

[She summon the monster with long neck and it crushes the floor. Sebastian falls into the abyss...]

SEBASTIAN: Noooooooooo!

[He wakes up in his office.]


[He recalls Kidman’s words...]

KIDMAN: “I'll be out here for you. And someone else will be IN THERE for you...”

SEBASTIAN: Kidman... She knew about Myra.

RADIO: But I can be silenced. If you let me in...


Another EvilEdit

[Sebastian goes back to his office.]

SEBASTIAN: What is this? Where's the mirror?

[He touches Lily’s toy and teleports to some kind of ancient catacombs. Skulls, candles, and distant screams. Everything as it should be.]

SEBASTIAN: Where is this place?

[He examine odd looking metal symbol.]

SEBASTIAN: This symbol looks familiar... Like I've seen it in the real world...

???: Welcome, Seeker. You have come for answers. I am here to help you...

SEBASTIAN: Who... what was that?

[He enters a classic medieval torture room.]

SEBASTIAN: Oh shit... Looks like they were burned alive. Torture devices... This place is almost medieval.

[He takes a crank.]

SEBASTIAN: Looks like I can use this.

[He uses a crank to pen a cell.]

WOMAN (resonance): Wha...? Wait. No... Still here. It wasn't all a dream. Hello? Can anybody hear me ? Please. I know you're out there! I'll do whatever you want, just. Please... LET ME OUT! Let me out let me out let me out! Oh god. I'm gonna die in here. Alone... What did I do to deserve this? I just want to go back home... To Union.

???: You must go deep to find what you seek. Only by descending can you rise again.

SEBASTIAN: What's going on...?

???: You lost everything. Your failure to regain it led to inaction, which led to despair. And despair led to self-destruction… You are your own downfall.

[Sebastian screams as he fall along the corridor he walks… down.]

LILY (her voice and ???): You didn't believe your wife. You refused to see. It's all your fault. You are a failure. Your daughter is lost because of you. You couldn't save her.

???: You hold the key to easing your torment. I can guide you to the lock.

SEBASTIAN: Who are you!? What do you want with me!?

???: You cannot change your past. You can only embrace it. Go toward it. Don't avoid it.

[He walks to his old house. On the way he sees a girl.]

SEBASTIAN: Is that… Lily!?

[A wall of fire appears that down ton allow Sebastian to continue. From the fire a burning man emerges. He grabs Sebastian by his throat and throws him. Sebastian shoots his head off.]

???: Stefano defied me. Became a thorn in my side. A thorn which you're moved. For that, you will be rewarded.

SEBASTIAN: Stefano? This guy knew him…

[He solve a few puzzles and finally find the man who speaks with him.]

???: Sebastian Castellanos. You've finally come. I've been waiting for you.

SEBASTIAN: Who the hell are you?

???: My followers call me Father Theodore… I hope that you will call me that, too... Friend.

SEBASTIAN: Another lunatic with a god complex, huh? I already killed one of you today.

FATHER THEODORE: Of course you did. That is how you deal with every challenge in your life. Through brute force and intimidation. And look where it has led you... Into a hell of your ow making. Lower your weapon. Use your mind instead of your fists for once. We have the same goal, Sebastian. We can help each other. Join me… You will be reunited with your daughter... and I will have the power of the Core.

SEBASTIAN: I already know who has Lily.

FATHER THEODORE: Yes. And Myra won't give her up so easily.

SEBASTIAN: What!? Where are they?

FATHER THEODORE: I wish that I could tell you. But you are not ready. You must be folded into my flock before I can share that knowledge.


FATHER THEODORE: Accept my invitation. I can lead you away from your own darkness. I can lead you to Lily.

SEBASTIAN: Sorry. I'm not a follower.


[He set everything on fire. Sebastian struggles with his life.]

FATHER THEODORE: You have so much pain. The events of the past haunt your every moment. I showed you the path here. You must learn that I am here to help. Return to me willingly. Then we can assume our natural roles. Not as adversaries, but as allies. Farewell for now, Sebastian.

[Sebastian flushed away with high pressured stream of blood. He wakes up in the middle of a gunfight.]

SEBASTIAN: (to Lily) ...Wait!


WOMAN: Look who finally woke up. About time. I could use a little help here! You know how to use a gun, right? Take that side. Keep shooting until they're dead or we run out of ammo!

Hidden from the StartEdit

[He quickly gets up and start shooting at zombies.]

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is going on here?

WOMAN: We can talk later! Just focus on staying alive' Aim for the head! Takes less ammo! Looks like you've done this before.

SEBASTIAN: Too many times to count.

WOMAN: Grab some supplies while you can. I can hear more coming.

SEBASTIAN: All right. But I'm getting some answers when this is all over.

WOMAN: Shit! These things just won't stop coming' Not today, sucker! Check the back! I can hear more on the way. Eat lead, you ugly son of a bitch! They just keep coming!

SEBASTIAN: Then so will we.

WOMAN: Shit! They're everywhere!

SEBASTIAN: Don't let them gang up on you!

WOMAN: Hey! Give me a hand over here, would ya!? Shit! These things just won't stop coming! Hey what the hell is that noise?

SEBASTIAN: Oh shit... Watch out!

WOMAN: What are these things!?

SEBASTIAN: Doesn't matter! Just kill 'em!

WOMAN: You got enough ammo!? I think that's the last of them. Come on, we gotta keep moving. This way! Thanks. Don't know if I could have done that on my own. I'm Esmeralda Torres.


TORRES: Sebastian. I know.

SEBASTIAN: ...You do?

TORRES: It looks like we got 'em for now. We should make a move before more show up.

SEBASTIAN: How did I wind up here? And who are you?

TORRES: No time for twenty questions. My Safe House isn't too far. We can talk on the way there. Come on. Take whatever you need inside. I'll be out here. Try to stay quiet. There might be more of those things.

SEBASTIAN: You can at least tell me how you know my name.

TORRES: Kidman told me to keep an eye out for you.


TORRES: She said she would try to get your help if The Plan went to shit. And here you are, so...

SEBASTIAN: Wait... I'm lost... What plan?

TORRES: Getting Lily out of here, and then taking Mobius down for good. Wait a second.

SEBASTIAN: What is it?


SEBASTIAN: Let me guess, the way back to your Safe House?

TORRES: There might be another way, come on.

SEBASTIAN: Walt, hold on Your plan Kidman didn't say anything about that.

TORRES: Yeah, well, I'm sure she wasn't able to debrief you on that in front of everybody. Over here! One of us has gotta lift while the other one crawls through.

SEBASTIAN: Got it. I'll just--

TORRES: Get under!

SEBASTIAN: Whoa… You all right? Let me help...?

TORRES: Get your ass through before I drop it on your head!

SEBASTIAN: Okay. I've got it.

TORRES: Thanks. You need a break after that, old man?

SEBASTIAN: Come on. I'm not that old. So you're telling me Kidman had a plan to take out Mobius all this time?

TORRES: Actually, it was your wife's plan.

SEBASTIAN: Wait, Myra? So that's why she's here... She's part of Mobius… This is ridiculous.

TORRES: Gonna have to duck. Don't blow your back out.

SEBASTIAN: This isn't the time, Torres.

TORRES: You know, you should be proud of your wife. She's compelling. She recruited me for this plan.

SEBASTIAN: I don't understand. Why would she join them?

TORRES: She found out they had Lily, and knew the only way to take them down was from the inside. So she joined up and waited for the right moment.

SEBASTIAN: All these years, that's where she was... Dammit... This is a lot to take in.

TORRES: I'm sure it is. But let's not lose focus. We've got to get over this. Can you help me?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. Of course. Ready? Hold on. I've got you...

TORRES: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

SEBASTIAN: Hey! You just gonna forget about me?

TORRES: What? You thought I'd leave you hanging like that? You're part of The Plan now...

SEBASTIAN: The Plan. Right. Who else was Involved in this little mutiny?

TORRES: Just four of us: Me, Kidman, Myra and Theodore.

SEBASTIAN: Theodore? Father Theodore?

TORRES: “Father Theodore”? I just call him Theodore Wallace. You know him?

SEBASTIAN: We've met. But he doesn't want to save Lily. He wants her for himself. Tried to talk me into hunting down Myra, too... He's the one who screwed everything up. How was this whole thing supposed to go?

TORRES: Once Myra and Theodore got Lily, Theodore and I were gonna get her out while Myra stayed behind to take care of Mobius. Kidman stayed outside to make sure we got out of STEM safely... Shit. It was supposed to be easy...

SEBASTIAN: Nothing's ever easy...

TORRES: Oh no...

SEBASTIAN: What is it?

TORRES: Shhh... Shit. We got trouble. Look. Quick, follow me.

SEBASTIAN: So much for your Safe House.

[The door of the Safe House is kicked open and we see fucked up Pyro from Team Fortress 2.]

TORRES: I wouldn't put my Safe House in the open like that. It's hidden. But we've got to get past those things to get there. You see that red banner behind that building?


TORRES: The hatch to my Safe House is under it.

SEBASTIAN: Okay. I'll take the lead. Stay low and keep behind me.

TORRES: Right. But listen, I've seen these things before. Don't get near them while they're on fire.

WOMAN: Eat lead, you ugly son of a bitch!

[Sebastian kills all burning men. He and Torres gets to a hatch that lead to the Safe House.]

TORRES: Well, that's one way to do it. I was maybe expecting a little bit more stealth... Listen, don't freak out at the amount of explosives I've got in here. They're safe as cookie dough... At least until I arm 'em. So, what are we gonna do about Theodore?

SEBASTIAN: I don't know. He's insane. His hideout looks like an inquisitor's dream home. I should be relieved that Myra has Lily instead of him, but…

TORRES: What? Myra has Lily?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. But I'm not sure that's good news. She's... changed. This place seems to have affected her. She's hiding, trying to protect Lily from Theodore. And he'll tear this place apart to find them. If I can stop him... maybe Myra will come to her senses and we can get Lily out of here.

TORRES: So the plan is to take out Theodore?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. But I have to find him first.

TORRES: How are you gonna do that?

SEBASTIAN: O'Neal helped me before. I'll call him. But I'd better give Kidman an update first.

TORRES: Right. But be careful what you say over that thing. She's probably in the control room with that lizard hovering over her.

KIDMAN (over the radio): Sebastian? Where have you been? Did you find Stefano?

SEBASTIAN: I did more than that. I eliminated him.

KIDMAN: Good. And Lily?

SEBASTIAN: She slipped through my fingers again.

KIDMAN: I'm sorry to hear that. Any leads?

SEBASTIAN: The good news is that I've been in contact with Agent Torres.

SEBASTIAN: Her... intel... has been invaluable.

KIDMAN: That is good news… So what's the bad news?

SEBASTIAN: The bad news is there's someone more powerful than Stefano who wants to take this place over. And he needs Lily to do that. Torres told me you know him, too. He's a real smooth talker...

KIDMAN: Damn. I think I know who you're talking about… I'll send some stuff to your Room that might help. Keep me posted You know I'm here for you… I know. I trust you, Kidman. Okay. Time to get down to business. O'Neal, it's Sebastian. Come in. Huh. Something's wrong. Gotta try and find him. You should stay here and get your explosives and weapons ready. I'll need your help once I locate Theodore. Is there a way into The Marrow from here?

TORRES: Yeah. There's a Mobius computer in that room. It'll take you to Exit 72.

SEBASTIAN: Great. I'll call you when I'm ready. Hang tough, Torres.

TORRES: Got it. Good luck. Sebastian.


SEBASTIAN: Let me ask you a few more questions before I go… You said Myra was supposed to stay behind to “take care of Mobius.” How?

TORRES: By using STEM against them. Everyone in Mobius has a brain chip implanted in them that allows them to enter STEM without being affected by it. The chip allows them access and benefits that normal citizens don't have.

SEBASTIAN: And you let them put those things inside you?

TORRES: It's not like we were given much of a choice. Myra was supposed to send a signal back through STEM that would neutralize every member of Mobius via their brain chip… Basically like a mass remote control lobotomy.

SEBASTIAN: That's one way to solve the problem, I guess.

TORRES: If we don't do it Mobius Will Just put Lily back in STEM and kill all of us for mutiny. It's the only way.

SEBASTIAN: I can't believe Kidman's behind all of this. She sent me into Beacon. She stood by while Lily was put into STEM. It doesn't seem like her to betray them.

TORRES: You're an outsider. Sebastian. You don't know what Kidman is really like. She had to keep her true self secret all this time so that she could get close enough to strike.

SEBASTIAN: But why now? Why not when they were building the new STEM?

TORRES: We need STEM to send the Signal to take Mobius down. When Lily was chosen as the Core, Myra and Kidman decided was time to put everything into effect. The way things are going now, this could be our only chance to pull this off...

SEBASTIAN: So how did Theodore Wallace get mixed up in this?

TORRES: It was Theodore's idea of sending the signal through STEM. But now that I think about it, he probably just wanted to take over Mobius for himself. Dammit, I knew he wasn't trustworthy. That guy's slippery like a snake. That's his game. He can convince people of anything. He convinced us that he was here to help us...

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. I've known people like that. They always seem like they're your best friend... Until they stab you in the back. One minute I was in a tidal wave of blood in Theodore's hellhole, the next thing I know I'm in that house with you. I still don't understand how you found me.

TORRES: Me either. I was scouting the area around my Safe House for supplies when I heard a girl' voice coming from that abandoned house. I went to investigate. No girl, but you were there. It's almost like I was led to you.

SEBASTIAN: A girl's voice? It had to be Lily. But how...?

TORRES: There's no telling how or why things happen in here. STEM was already unpredictable before she escaped. But now? I stopped trying to make sense of things a long time ago.

[Sebastian drinks some coffee and goes back to his office. He examine a note from Theodore to Kidman.]

SEBASTIAN: The bastard smooth-talked himself right into the middle of The Plan. Just to use it for his own personal gain. His handwriting should have been a dead giveaway that he's a psycho. Jesus. This looks like it was written by the Zodiac Killer…

[He studies Theodore’s file.]
SEBASTIAN: Spiritual leader and motivational speaker. No wonder he was able to convince everyone he was on their side. Seemed like a good guy on the surface...

[He continue to investigate notes about Theodore...]

SEBASTIAN: Preying on the lost and hopeless by pretending to have the keys to happiness. Now I'm beginning to understand his MO. Hmm... This gives me some hope. Seems like he couldn't fool everybody, after all. Still need to be cautious. He convinced a lot of people straight into STEM. Hey, Kidman.

KIDMAN: What's up, Sebastian?

SEBASTIAN: I was thinking about our first case together.

KIDMAN: You mean back at KCPD? That pawn shop robbery?

SEBASTIAN: You broke that case all on your own. I was impressed.

KIDMAN: That was all thanks to you. You took me under your wing and showed me the ropes. Treated me like an equal. Wish I had a mentor like you when I was younger.

SEBASTIAN: I wanted to help you become one of the best… But the whole time you were really working for THEM...

KIDMAN: Someone... wanted me in there to keep an eye on you. To make sure KCPD weren't onto us.

SEBASTIAN: Too bad. You could have been a great cop.

KIDMAN: I'm not so sure about that. The personnel report you read when I joined KCPD was falsified. I spent most of my youth in juvenile detention. By the time Mobius found me, it was either join them or rot in jall. Not a hard choice to make for someone just out of their teens.

SEBASTIAN: I don't even know you, do I?

KIDMAN: I've been in Mobius for so long, I'm not sure if I know myself half the time.

SEBASTIAN: Something tells me the rebel in you is never too far behind…

[The cat brings Sebastian some Green Gel again...]

SEBASTIAN: Thanks, kitty…

[He teleports through a mirror.]

SEBASTIAN: All right… Let's hope The Marrow is still there….

[He gets to the facilities and sees a lot of candles around.]

SEBASTIAN: Shit. Looks like Theodore's been here. Maybe that's why I couldn't contact O'Neal. Hoffman's Safe House is nearby. I should check up on her.

[He walks into Hoffman's Safe House...]


[But she’s not there… Only her resonance…]

SEBASTIAN: Another one of these... What happened here?

HOFFMAN (resonance): ...Liam? Is that you? How is my Communicator getting your signal? Never mind. It doesn't matter. Where are you? What? That's on the other side of the Laboratory. It's a restricted area. We were told never to go there. We don't have clearance. How did you...? Okay. I understand. Yes, I'll meet you there. Just be careful...

SEBASTIAN: Hmmm. O'Neal left his Safe House to go to a restricted area of The Marrow? That doesn't sound like him.

[He goes to the Laboratory.]

SEBASTIAN: Looks like they had extra security for this place. All these tanks... What's this about?

HOFFMAN (resonance): What were they doing in this lab? And why did Liam want me to meet him here?

COMPUTER (to Hoffman): Unity Cerebral Chip detected Entry authorized.

SEBASTIAN: Hmm. Can't pass through without one of those chips... Gotta be one around here somewhere…

[He find some corpses in improvised morgue.]

SEBASTIAN: Are these Union Citizens? What was Mobius doing with them?

[Next he come across giant hole. Scream is heard from the bottom.]

SEBASTIAN: Looks like it goes down forever... Oh no. It's coming I gotta get out of here. No…

[Giant woman monster appears. She attacks Sebastian. He forced to hide from her.]

SEBASTIAN: That thing again. Why is it after me? What does it have to do with this place?

[He finds Torn Psycological Evalluation Report by Walter Harrington, PsyD]

SEBASTIAN: Damn Mobius were using me as their guinea pig “Long lasting residual effects”? They knew STEM would scar me like this…

[He read Letter from Police Chief by James Vankirk from KCPD.]

SEBASTIAN: Kidman was right. They're everywhere. They were right under my nose the entire time...

SEBASTIAN: A way out?

[Going down to the basement, Sebastian finds... himself from the first game, lying on the table in a prosectorial room. Beneath it is a pool of blood. This second Sebastian speaks softly as if to himself.]

SEBASTIAN 2: Trapped. Can't get out… Still here. Can’t leave. Nothing changes.

SEBASTIAN: What is this?

SEBASTIAN 2: My fault... It's all my fault.

SEBASTIAN: What the hell is this...?

SEBASTIAN 2: Can't move on. Can't... move...

SEBASTIAN: The source of pain... is me. The part of me still stuck in STEM...

SEBASTIAN 2: Never getting out.

SEBASTIAN: No. I'm wrong. I will get out. But without you.

[He shoot… ahem, himself to the head. The body disappears.]

SEBASTIAN: What was that? It felt different than the others. More real... Like something changed… I feel... good. Huh. My trusty revolver. Haven't seen you in a long time.

[He continues his exploring.]

MOBIUS RESEARCHER (resosnace): Our efforts have been in vain... The Core escaped less than a day ago. Within hours we began to receive reports of lost emerging in staggering numbers. They're everywhere now... Twenty percent of Union's populace has succumbed already. And they're actively hunting down and killing whoever is left. It's a nightmare... At this rate, there will be no one left in two weeks. We've lost contact With Mobius We're trapped in here with the Lost. It's too late to stop now. The entire Union experiment is doomed... We're all doomed... I'm sorry…

[And soon he gets to surgery room. With dead body already attached to devilish driller mechanism! Yay! Brain surgery time!]

SEBASTIAN: What do we have here? If they haven't removed this guy's chip yet. I can use it to get through that door and find Hoffman… Okay. Let's see what happens. Ugh. Thank god he's already dead... I gotta get out of this lab…

[Back to the door.]

COMPUTER: Scanning for Unity Cerebral Chip. Please wait… Unity Cerebral Chip detected Entry authorized.

SEBASTIAN: About time. Hope I can still catch up With Hoffman and O'Neal. Huh? Voices...

HOFFMAN (behind the door): ...Please, stop! Don't let him control you!

???: Just listen... Listen... His voice will tell you.

HOFFMAN (behind the door): You've got to resist him!

[Sebastian kicks the door open.]

SEBASTIAN: Hoffman! Stand back!

HOFFMAN: No! He doesn't know what he's doing!

[Apparently she speaks to fucked up Pyro. He attacks Sebastian.]

HOFFMAN: Liam! Don't!

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean “Liam”?

FUCKED UP PYRO: (pushes her) Stay back!

[He pushes Hoffman into the next room and sets fire to the passage to keep her out. After that, he removes the mask...]

O’NEAL: Stay out of my way, Sebastian!

SEBASTIAN: O'Neal... What happened?

O’NEAL: Theodore showed me the way. I am His now. I helped Him hide. And in exchange, He gave me a new life.

SEBASTIAN: A life as a slave...

O’NEAL: You'll never understand. For that, you'll burn!

[He put his mask on and epic boss fight begins.]

O’NEAL: Run all you want - you can't get out of here!

SEBASTIAN: Getting too hot in here... Gotta put the flames out.

O'NEAL: You must be cleansed! What's wrong? Did I hurt you? Yes. Father Theodore I told him. Stop running! I'm not scared of you anymore! I'm not weak anymore, Sebastian. I won't go down easy. That's it I'm done playing With you . I'm sorry. Master. I won't let him get away. I promise... Agh! You're going to pay for that! You think you're too good to fight me? Let the flames consume you!

SEBASTIAN: Dammit. Out of ammo…

[He manages to kill him with he last bullet from his revolver...]

O'NEAL: Ahh… T-thank you, S-Sebastian. Finally... free. From his voice. From my fears... I was so scared. Y-You've got to stop him.

SEBASTIAN: I can't stop him if I can't find him, O'Neal.

O'NEAL: He phase-shifted... He's not here... Not anywhere... The machine in the room next door... You've got to destroy it...

SEBASTIAN: What machine?

O'NEAL: He made me build it. To hide him. Destroy it… So that you can destroy him… (dies)

SEBASTIAN: (to Hoffman) What happened? How did O'Neal get turned into that thing?

HOFFMAN: I don't know. I've been locked in my Safe House since you left. When Liam called and asked me to meet him. I was so relieved to hear his voice... But he wasn't Liam. He was that... Thing. I tried to get through to him, but... You heard him. Theodore Wallace did something to him.

SEBASTIAN: Poor guy, I didn't want to have to kill him.

HOFFMAN: You didn't have a choice. Theodore wasn't going to give him up… So what now?

SEBASTIAN: Let's take a look at this machine O'Neal was talking about.

HOFFMAN: I think it's on the other side of the room where you found us. Let's go...

SEBASTIAN: Flamethrower. I could use this, but it's broken. If I found the right parts...

O’NEAL (resonance): Yes, Master... Of course. The machine is operating as it should… Ahhh... Thank you, Father Theodore... To hear You say that... It fills me with pride... What? But she is harmless to us. She's not- No I would never disobey Of course I will... Whatever pleases You... Yukiko. Can you hear me? I'm in the fabrication room... Clearances don't mean much when everyone's dead. Just... Please come and meet me here. I have... something to show you. It's important... I'm sorry, Yukiko. But He demands it.

SEBASTIAN: Mark of influence... Theodore's sticking his fingers in every part of this place.

HOFFMAN: It's almost like a form of communication with him.

[Sebastina goes back to his office.]

SEBASTIAN: Kidman. It's me...

KIDMAN: Read you loud and clear, Sebastian...

SEBASTIAN: Mobius. A name. That was all I had to go on. Every avenue I pursued led to a dead end. And now I find out that they're everywhere, hidden in plain sight... I don't understand how...

KIDMAN: I told you before: you don't find Mobius unless they want you to. They've been around for a long, long time. They know what they're doing... We knew you were looking We were watching you. And we were able to stop you every time you got too close.

SEBASTIAN: Why? Why do they do this?

KIDMAN: People need leadership...

SEBASTIAN: People choose leaders. What Mobius wants to do isn't leadership. It's imprisonment. They know this. If they own all the media and politicians already, they should be out in the open. They hide in the shadows because they know what they're doing is evil... If people knew the truth, they'd burn Mobius to the ground.

KIDMAN: Maybe you're right But if people ever did find out the truth, who would believe them?

SEBASTIAN: Yeah… The easiest way to hide a conspiracy is to make people think there's no such thing as a conspiracy… Kidman. Come in.

KIDMAN: I'm here, Sebastian. What's up?

SEBASTIAN: Ever get the feeling you don't know what's real anymore?

KIDMAN: More than most people... Although probably not as much as you.

SEBASTIAN: The first time I was inside STEM, I didn't know I was in it. Even when I got out. I was never totally sure that I had ever left. And when I tried to explain what happened...

KIDMAN: ...People told you you were crazy.

SEBASTIAN: Of course. If someone came to me with my story., I'd have them committed for their own protection.

KIDMAN: I know I'm with Mobius and it still took me a while to adjust after Beacon. It was like living in a perpetual state of deja vu... Sometimes I still get a little confused.

SEBASTIAN: .. And that's why you stayed out this time?

KIDMAN: I don't ever want to go back into STEM again if I can avoid it.

SEBASTIAN: Consider yourself lucky. Union is like having deja vu in the middle of a dream about deja vu... I hope I can make it out of here with my mind intact...

KIDMAN: I just hope you make it out of there, period. I'm not sure anyone gets out with their mind completely intact. STEM... marks you in ways that I think no one's aware of yet.

TATIANA: Hmm... Not looking so good. Let me help you.

[Sebastian buys some upgrades.]

TATIANA: You need my assistance again.

SEBASTIAN: I do... I could use some information most of all.

TATIANA: I sense that... But it's all I can sense at this juncture.

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean?

TATIANA: There's something here that's making things murky for me. For everyone in here... Although there aren't many left in here to clear things up for. You're one of the last... But for how long?

SEBASTIAN: That's... ominous.

TATIANA: Let's get you taken care of, shall we?

[Sebastian goes back to the Labs.]

SEBASTIAN: So you know Theodore Wallace?

HOFFMAN: Of course. He's head of recruitment. But what's he doing in STEM? And why is he doing this?

SEBASTIAN: There's a lot going on that you don't know about. Theodore wants Lily for himself. You saw what he did to O'Neal. He'll do that to everybody in here if he has to. He'll tear this place apart to get his hands on her. I can't let that happen.

[They walk into a room with a large device in it.]

HOFFMAN: What is it?

SEBASTIAN: I'm not totally sure but it looks a hell of a lot like the Stable Field Emitter. Whatever it is. O'Neal said to destroy it, so that's what I'm gonna do... And I know just how. It's me.

TORRES: Sebastian. I was starting to think you forgot about me.

SEBASTIAN: Have you finished arming that cookie dough of yours?

TORRES: I have. Looking for an excuse to use it, too.

SEBASTIAN: Good I'm sending you my coordinates. Bring the big guns. We're going hunting.

TORRES: Got it! I'm already gone. See you soon!


TORRES: I'm almost ready over here. Let me know when you're good to go...

SEBASTIAN: Tell me something. Torres… So on knew Hoffman before this?

TORRES: Everybody knows Hoffman. You don't get into Mobius without passing through her office.

SEBASTIAN: Can she be trusted?

TORRES: I might've said "no" before, but... Nothing like being abandoned by your corporate masters to make you rethink your position. She's trapped in here like the rest of us.

SEBASTIAN: Hmm. So you're not sure?

TORRES: Ah, she's not bad. Just a bit of a cold fish. I have trouble completely trusting people who look at me like I'm something in a petri dish...

SEBASTIAN: I don't know what's going to happen when we blow this thing up.

TORRES: Me either. But at least we're being proactive.

SEBASTIAN: I don't think we're going to convince Theodore to leave Lily alone. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who can be talked into doing the right thing...

TORRES: So you're giving me orders to shoot on sight?

SEBASTIAN: I'm just saying, be prepared for anything. You can't predict what's gonna happen in this place. No offense, but how did someone as smart and headstrong as you wind up in an organization like Mobius?

TORRES: I was a demolitions expert in the army. They loaned me out to Mobius for some black ops stuff. Once my term was up, they came knocking.

SEBASTIAN: And you just mined up like that?

TORRES: They were pretty good salesmen. They don't tell you everything when you sign up. I was... tasked with some things that I'm not proud of. They expect you to follow blindly. And if you disobey... When Myra offered me the opportunity to get out., I had to take it. I've still got some morals left, despite the things that I've had to do.

[Next he talks to Hoffman.]

SEBASTIAN: I need you to clarify a few things for me, Hoffman… You didn't seem surprised to see Esmeralda here.

HOFFMAN: Why should I be? She's a familiar face in STEM.

SEBASTIAN: Everybody knows everybody in Mobius, huh?

HOFFMAN: More like I know everybody. I've been in charge of new hire evaluations for years.

SEBASTIAN: Like one big dysfunctional family...

HOFFMAN: Esmeralda's the best person to have around in dangerous situations. She's a good soldier.

TORRES: You're damn right I am!

SEBASTIAN: I assume you know Myra, too?

HOFFMAN: I do. We worked together closely.

SEBASTIAN: How could she do this? How could she stand by while they conducted experiments on Lily? How could she tell Lily that I was dead?

HOFFMAN: Myra's maternal instinct is very strong. She joined Mobius to be closer to Lily. And the word "experiment" is a bit harsh. Lily was treated well, and she was able to interact with her mother on a daily basis. As far as telling Lily you were dead I believe Myra only did it to protect Lily's feelings.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah, well I believe Myra's maternal instinct has gotten a little bit out of control.

HOFFMAN: Hopefully you can work this all out as a family when this is all over...

SEBASTIAN: I've been into Theodore's reality. If it's a reflection of his psyche, he's definitely got some serious mental issues.

HOFFMAN: That would explain why he's so powerful.

SEBASTIAN: And yet he's hiding...

HOFFMAN: Perhaps it's easier to manipulate from the shadows.

SEBASTIAN: Well, I'm about to drag him out of the shadows.

HOFFMAN: ...If what Liam told us was true.

SEBASTIAN: There's only one way to find out… I don't know if you should be in here when this thing goes off.

HOFFMAN: I don't think I want to be. There were some interesting items in the other room that Liam was working on. I want to go check and see if there s anything that might be useful.

SEBASTIAN: Okay. But then you should get back to your Safe House. No telling what will happen in here once we shut this thing down.

HOFFMAN: Will do.

SEBASTIAN: Tell me something, Torres… Is that enough to take care of this thing?

TORRES: Like ten times over… And it's ready to go when you are.

SEBASTIAN: I'm good to go.

HOFFMAN: I'm going to check out the equipment in the other room. Good luck, you two.

TORRES: Okay, here we go. Operation Kick Ass happening in 3... 2… 1...!

[They blows up the Emitter.]

SEBASTIAN: Are you okay, Torres? Torres? Where'd you...?

FATHER THEODORE: Sebastian Castellanos. You refuse to step into the darkness... so you try to bring me to the light? Your rash decisions have always been your downfall. Come, then. I await you... You want to find your beloved daughter... Go, then. See if it's everything you dreamt of…

[He teleports Sebastian to some dark dimension.]

LILY: ...I'm over here. Dad... Hurry...

SEBASTIAN: Oh god. Lily... You're here?

Bottomless PitEdit

[Sebastian follows Lily’s voice...]

LILY: Mom never gave up. Not like YOU... She tried to tell you… But you were too stupid to listen...

SEBASTIAN: No... No, no. This isn't right.

FATHER THEODORE: Myra succeeded where you failed. You refused to listen. You lost them both, and then became lost yourself.

SEBASTIAN: You don't know anything about me!

FATHER THEODORE: Myra understood that goals can be achieved by submission. By joining...

LILY: Why weren't you there when I needed you? Now you come. When it's too late. You're always too late...

FATHER THEODORE: After all this you still want to be reunited with Lily?

SEBASTIAN: I... I do. I... I need to find her.

FATHER THEODORE: Fine. Then come to me…

[He find Lily in some kind of altar. Candles, giant statues everywhere…]

SEBASTIAN: Lily? Is it really you...?

[However, she’s consumed by flame...]

SEBASTIAN: No... Lily...

FATHER THEODORE: There she is. Your precious daughter. Isn't this what you wanted?

LILY: You let this happen to me... Why didn't you save me?

SEBASTIAN: No, please... I-I couldn't. I wanted to…

[She hugs him and set him on fire, but the fire goes out after a second...]

FATHER THEODORE: You are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Unless you join me… Do that, and I can make your dreams come true. Together we can take Lily from Myra… Once I have the power of the Core, you will be truly free...

SEBASTIAN: (unholsters his gun) N-No...

FATHER THEODORE: It will take more than bullets to stop me... Will you never learn?

[He shoots at Theodore but... he turns into Torres.]

TORRES: Ugh… You sh... shot me Sebastian... Why?


[The screen fades. Sebastian wakes up when he's dragged along some corridor.]

TORRES: Come on, man. Let's get you out of here. You can't let him get to you... You gotta... You gotta give that son of a bitch some payback…

[Apparently she loses consciousness from pain. The screen flashes white light. We hear a voice.]

MYRA: Sebastian? What's wrong? Are you all right? You've been working too hard. It's making you delirious.

SEBASTIAN: Myra...? Torres... Where...? I'm... home... How did I...? Lily's room Just the way it used to be... The way I wish it had stayed... I buried myself in work so hard. If I could only get some of that time back I'd spend it with them. Lily’s drawings... God. I hope she still has some of that innocence after all this... Lily? Huh ? That letter Myra's last communication. It was hidden with her files. It sounded so crazy at the time, but I should have believed her…

[He read a letter from Myra where she confesses that she worked for Mobius and that she loves him very much.]

MYRA: I'm so sorry, Sebastian.

[He slowly looks up and sees his wife.]

MYRA: You've endured so much. All this time. All alone.

SEBASTIAN: It's my fault. You tried to tell me. But I didn't believe you. And now I'm so messed up. I'm talking to a hallucination. I failed you. I couldn't save Lily from the fire... I failed everyone...

MYRA: That's not true, Sebastian. There was no fire to save her from. You know this now...

SEBASTIAN: But I couldn't protect her.

MYRA: How could you? Mobius are a force of nature. What you're doing... It's like blaming yourself for an earthquake. It wasn't your fault. You have to stop torturing yourself. You're a good man, Sebastian. That's why I married you. And this time, you CAN save her. There are too many forces against you. You have to stay strong. Don't let the past defeat you. I forgive you. And Lily will, too. But the most important thing is that you forgive yourself.

SEBASTIAN: ...“Forgive yourself”…

[She leave in the flash of white light.]
SEBASTIAN: She's right. She's always been right. Theodore uses my own guilt against me... but guilt for what? It's their fault, not mine. They took everything from me. I didn't start any of this… But I'm gonna finish it. And god help anybody that stands in my way.

[Someone knocks his front door.]

HOFFMAN (from distance): Wake up, Sebastian!

[He open the door and teleports to the Marrows.]

SEBASTIAN: Ugh... What...? Hoffman? What happened?

HOFFMAN: She brought you here. I'm sorry, Sebastian. I tried to save her, but...

SEBASTIAN: No... I shot her...

HOFFMAN: The bullet wound was superficial. She died from injures sustained in a battle with those Things.

SEBASTIAN: Dammit... She didn't have to die like that. She was a good soldier. She just wanted to save Lily... and now she's dead. It's all my fault. Again...

HOFFMAN: No, Sebastian. It's not your fault. Don't let him do this to you.

SEBASTIAN: You're right... That goddamned son of a bitch. This is what he wants. Trying to make me feel guilty... But he's the one who did this. Not me. He's the guilty one... Okay. It's time to clean house. I've just got to find Theodore.

HOFFMAN: That's not the problem. Destroying Liam's machine worked. Theodore's out there in the open now. The problem is getting to him.

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean?

HOFFMAN: I picked this up on the exterior surveillance system cameras. Have a look. Theodore's stronghold appeared in the middle of Union. But it's surrounded by what looks like a massive wall of fire.

SEBASTIAN: Shit. I won't be able to get through it...

HOFFMAN: I think that there may be a way. I found a device in Liam's equipment room that should be able to help.

SEBASTIAN: Great. Let's see it.

HOFFMAN: It's not quite ready. I still have to do a few tweaks.

SEBASTIAN: Okay. Go do what you have to do. I remember there being a hotel near there. I'll go check if it's safe then send you the coordinates. You can meet me there with the device.

HOFFMAN: Okay I'll see you soon.


SEBASTIAN: (taking her assault rifle) I'm sorry Esmeralda. I'll make sure you didn't die for nothing. I'm gonna hunt him down like the dog that he is.

SEBASTIAN: A few more things, Hoffman… Theodore's been messing with my mind. Every time I see him, he uses my own nightmares against me.

HOFFMAN: That sounds like him. He's a master of neuro-linguistic programming. And in here, the linguistic part becomes irrelevant - why talk when he can get straight into your.

SEBASTIAN: He almost had me... But I searched inside myself. And there was someone there. Someone who told me what I needed to do. I know I can take him on now.

HOFFMAN: Yes. I can see that you're ready.

SEBASTIAN: ...How did you...? Right...

BOTH: ...The team psychologist.

SEBASTIAN: Esmeralda might have lived if she didn't try to save me...

HOFFMAN: Don't feel guilty. We talked while I tried to save her. She told me about The Plan. She wanted it to succeed. She made the decision to get you. She knew the risks and did what she thought was right. She said that she owed you...

SEBASTIAN: Owed me? For what? We just met.

HOFFMAN: Esmeralda... is the Operative who took Lily from your home and burned it down. She's felt guilty ever since. That's why she joined Myra. That’s why she risked her life to save you.


HOFFMAN: Don't hate her, Sebastian. She didn't have a choice at the time. And she did everything she could to make it right.

SEBASTIAN: I can't hate her - she sacrificed herself for The Plan. She made her amends.

[He leave the room.]

SYKES: Hello? Can anybody hear me out there?

SEBASTIAN: Sykes? You're still in here? Are you okay?

SYKES: Sebastian! Just the man I was looking for. I'm okay, but I could really use your help back here. It'll be worth your while.

SEBASTIAN: Hmm. I should probably go to his Safe Room and see what's going on…

[He goes outside and sees giant burning building.]

SEBASTIAN: Shit .. That really is a stronghold.

KIDMAN (radio): What's going on in there, Sebastian? STEM is going crazy. It seems like it's becoming even more destabilized.

SEBASTIAN: You don't know the half of it.

KIDMAN: I take it you had something to do with it?

SEBASTIAN: I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have to, Kidman. I'm gonna finish this once and for all. I'm gonna save Lily. And I have all the tools I need this time.

KIDMAN: Good luck, Sebastian. And... keep me posted, okay? It's important that I know what's going on in there so that I can... help you again. You get me?

SEBASTIAN: I do. I’ll be in touch.

[He kill another fucked up Pyro...]

SEBASTIAN: Just the component I need. Almost there. So much for stealth… That's it. The last piece I need.

[Oh yeah! He created himself a freaking flamethrower. Time to set some shit on fire. He get to Sykes’s Safe House.]

SYKES: You're here. Good.

SEBASTIAN: What's going on, Sykes? I'm sort of busy here.

SYKES: Hey, you're the one who told me to call you before I left...

SEBASTIAN: You found your back door?

SYKES: Check it out.

SEBASTIAN: Congrats You'll have to show me how to use it if I need to get Lily out later.

SYKES: Fair enough. But here's the deal. I'm gonna need you to help me get out of here first.

SEBASTIAN: Help you? I don't know anything about how these computers work, Sykes.

SYKES: That's not what I need help with. I hacked the servers to access a restricted area of STEM. There's a pod in there that I'm gonna to use to get out of here. Problem is the power's out. And there are a bunch of those Things in there, too. Damn collapse is affecting the deepest parts of STEM. You get the power back on and clear the place out for me, I can get the hell out of here.

SEBASTIAN: Again- what's in it for me?

SYKES: I'll show you how to use the pod before I go. How's that?

SEBASTIAN: Okay. Worth a try, I guess...

SYKES: Thanks, man. Call me when it's all clear.

SEBASTIAN: I gotta tell you, I was surprised to hear from you.

SYKES: Tell me about it. I've been lying low to solve this back door thing, but I stuck my head out there a few times. Things are going nuts. What's happening out there?

SEBASTIAN: There's a maniac who's trying to take over Union. You were smart to stay in here. Otherwise you might have ended up flayed and tortured.

SYKES: Sounds grim. Think I'll pass.

SEBASTIAN: What's worse is that the guy wants to get his hands on Lily.

SYKES: Well, if this plan works out, you'll be able to get her to safety once you find her.

SEBASTIAN: How did a guy like you end up in Mobius in the first place?

SYKES: “A guy like me”? What're you trying to say?

SEBASTIAN: I'm saying that you've got heart and a backbone. Seems they prefer their Operatives to be either cold reptiles or unquestioning followers. You're neither. What did you think I meant?

SYKES: Nothing. Never mind... You know. I actually searched them out to try and join. Wasn't easy, either. They know how to hide their tracks.

SEBASTIAN: Why would you do that?

SYKES: They're only the most powerful organization in the history of the world, dude. Why wouldn't I?

SEBASTIAN: And you don't consider what they do to be criminal?

SYKES: Hey, it's only criminal when it's enforced.

SYKES You know what they say: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (Who'll watch the watchmen?) ...Right?

SEBASTIAN: Uh... sure…. I'll... I'll, uh... take your word for it.

[It’s time to do some work.]

SEBASTIAN: All right. Let's do this before I get cold feet.

[He teleports to the Marrows.]

SEBASTIAN: Looks abandoned. Spooky... Just gotta take care of whatever's down here and get the power back on... This is it, then. Better call Sykes…

SYKES: Thanks, man. Wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

SEBASTIAN: Are you sure this is going to work?

SYKES: No. But staying in here. Isn’t going to do me any good. Anything is worth a try at this point. Okay. It's all set. When you bring Lily back here, there's a timer right here. Turn it a quarter rotation and then you just press this button. It'll give you 60 seconds to climb Into the pod. You both should be able to fit in it together.

SEBASTIAN: I don't know, Sykes. I've got a bad feeling about this.

SYKES: Look, man. I know what I'm doing, okay?

SEBASTIAN: Maybe you should hold off on this. Help me find Lily, and then we can all find another way out of here...

SYKES: I feel for you, man. I really do. But I'm doing the best thing I can do for you by getting this pod operational.

SEBASTIAN: Okay. If you say so..

SYKES: Wish me luck, Sebastian…

[He gets to the pod.]

SYKES: Thanks, man. I left you something in there for helping me. I'm not gonna need it where I'm going. See you on the other side, Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN: He's gone... I wonder if it worked…

[He listen to an audiodiary.]

MOBIUS RESEARCHER: Our attempt to use a STEM pod as an emergency exit port has been declared a failure. Despite a 25% success rate, the decision has been made to discontinue research. One in four test subjects made the trip back successfully. The other three simply... ceased to be. We believe that the other 75% have been lost in an uncharted sublevel of STEM. A dream within a dream, from which there is no known way to return. Due to the number of unknown factors, the experiment has been abandoned.

SEBASTIAN: Twenty-five percent chance of success? I'm not gonna risk Lily's life like that. Hope Sykes is out in the real world. One-in-four chance. Maybe he’ll get lucky…

[Sebastian takes double-barreled shotgun and leave to his office.]

SEBASTIAN: Kidman...

KIDMAN: Yes Sebastian? What are you thinking about?

SEBASTIAN: Lily... Everything that's happening in here is because of her. Everyone wants her... Like she's just some object to be owned… She's the real victim here. Poor thing doesn't know what it's like to live a normal life. All these years with Mobius have probably destroyed her innocence...

KIDMAN: She's still a sweet little girl.

SEBASTIAN: I hope so. Her youth was stolen from her. She didn't get a chance to go to school. To have friends. All the birthdays and holidays she missed… It's heartbreaking to think of what she's been through. Lily was always so precocious. So smart and observant... She had this way of looking at you... Where you knew that she understood you. Not just what you were saying, but what you were feeling, too. I always knew she was special, but I thought it was just because she was my daughter...

KIDMAN: Lily is special. She was found because of her off-the-chart scores on her standardized tests.

SEBASTIAN: I keep referring to her in the past tense. It still doesn't seem real to me that she's alive And in here.

KIDMAN: She is. But you've got to save her before you can start to rebuild your relationship. I'm here to help. Just let me know what I can do for you...

SEBASTIAN: You around, Kidman?

KIDMAN: For you? Always.

SEBASTIAN: STEM... This is twice now it's failed.

SEBASTIAN: A machine that puts you inside other people's heads? Who decided it was something anyone needed? I don't want to know what's in another person's head - I learned that the last time.

KIDMAN: Ruvik developed it for his own twisted reasons, but Mobius saw potential in the technology.

SEBASTIAN: Potential to enslave everybody, you mean?

KIDMAN: Better than having it in the hands of a psycho.

SEBASTIAN: I don't know about that. Don't tell me you buy into that whole “unifying mankind” thing.

KIDMAN: ...Who knows what Ruvik would have done if you hadn't stopped him?

SEBASTIAN: Ruvik or Mobius... Either way, nobody should have their hands on this technology. It's too powerful. And power tends to get abused…

SEBASTIAN: (to cat) No goodies for me this time, huh? What is it? You want me to follow you? What? You want me to sit in the chair?

[He teleports to Tatiana.]

TATIANA: Congratulations, Sebastian. You've almost completed the inner journey that you began so long ago... You have faced down your own demons. You have risked great harm to emerge triumphant... But there is still a memory that you've refused to confront.

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean...?

TATIANA: Here. This will help you…

[He give him the last slide for his projector.]

SEBASTIAN: Joseph. My partner. My friend...

KIDMAN: Sebastian? Calling back so soon? What's up?

SEBASTIAN: After all this time, there's something we've never talked about...

KIDMAN: Sounds ominous... What is it?

SEBASTIAN: Not what... Who. Joseph.

KIDMAN: Right. I know that you respected Joseph and that he felt the same way toward you.

SEBASTIAN: I never had the opportunity to make amends about that. Things were... confusing after Beacon. I should have tried to get answers about what happened. I mean. I know what happened. Don't worry. I can't fault you for what you did... but I still blame myself for his death.

KIDMAN: You don't have to do that, Sebastian.

SEBASTIAN: Why not? You'd prefer that I blame you? You're the one who actually killed him.

KIDMAN: No, I didn’t.

SEBASTIAN: I saw you shoot him, Kidman.

KIDMAN: I know you did. But...

SEBASTIAN: But what?

KIDMAN: ...Joseph isn't dead.

SEBASTIAN: What? Are you…? No. It can't... What happened to him? Where is he?

KIDMAN: That's a long story. And a conversation for another time. When we're both safe. Just know that you don't have to blame yourself for his death anymore... I've got to go, Sebastian. Let's finish this and we can talk later.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah. You bet we're going to talk later...

TATIANA: Relax, Detective. How may I assist you?

[He buys some upgrades and goes outside. In the hotel...]

SEBASTIAN: The hotel is clear, Hoffman. Are you done with your tweaks?

HOFFMAN: Ready as I'll ever be.

SEBASTIAN: Okay. I'm sending you the coordinates.

[Some time passes. We see Hoffman and Sebastian in a room with a fireplace. Hoffman brings something to Sebastian.]

HOFFMAN: Well, here it is.

SEBASTIAN: What is it?

HOFFMAN: It's a portable Field Stabilizer. O'Neal must've been working on it before Theodore changed him. It creates a small area of stabilization that should keep the fire away.

SEBASTIAN: How small?

HOFFMAN: Its circumference is about as big as a Safe House.

SEBASTIAN: Big enough to protect me. Good. How's it work?

HOFFMAN: That's the tough part. It's a prototype, so it's a little temperamental. I have to operate it. Last thing you want is for It to go on the fritz while you're in a wall of flame.

SEBASTIAN: I can't let you do that. It's too dangerous.

HOFFMAN: So is staying her f you can't get inside. Besides, I'm suck of hiding. The only way we're going to get through this is if we work together. It's the only way to save Lily. And what if you need emergency psychoanalysis? Who's going to help you then?

SEBASTIAN: You know just what to say to convince me, Hoffman.

HOFFMAN: Of course I do. I'm the team psychologist.

SEBASTIAN: That you are.

HOFFMAN: You might want to prepare for this. Let me know when you're ready to go. Are you ready. Sebastian?

SEBASTIAN: All right, Hoffman. Let's do this.

HOFFMAN: Okay. Lead the way…

[They goes to Theodore’s Stronghold.]

HOFFMAN: I'll have to carry and operate it from here. It should protect us from the fire, but it won't stop those things in there from trying to kill us.

SEBASTIAN: Don't worry. I'll take care of them.

HOFFMAN: Here goes nothing. It's working! Just make sure to stay inside the dome. Come on.

SEBASTIAN: I can't see anything through these flames!

HOFFMAN: Just keep an eye out for those things and follow me! I know the way!

HOFFMAN: One's coming through!

SEBASTIAN: I've got him!

SEBASTIAN: Another one! Watch your back, Hoffman!

HOFFMAN: That's what you're here for!

SEBASTIAN: Good thing - they're everywhere. How much further?

HOFFMAN: It seems a lot longer once you're in it.

SEBASTIAN: He wants to keep us out. Good. That means he's afraid… Don't stop now! We're almost there!

HOFFMAN: Hold on! There’s something wrong with the Stabilizer!

SEBASTIAN: Can you fix it?

HOFFMAN: I'm working on it. Just watch my back! We're back up! Let's go!

SEBASTIAN: That was close...

HOFFMAN: I told you it was temperamental...

SEBASTIAN: Are you regretting this yet?

HOFFMAN: This is my chance to make up for what I did to Lily. And all the others that I helped put in STEM… So, no. I don't regret it.

SEBASTIAN: Hoffman, what's happening?

HOFFMAN: It's falling again! Hold on...

SEBASTIAN: Hurry up! It's getting hot in here!

HOFFMAN: I got it!

SEBASTIAN: We gotta go. Now! Run! Almost there!

[Suddenly one of burning man grabs hold Hoffman. She drops Stabiliezer and it’s breaks. Sebastian runs to the rescue.]


HOFFMAN: Just go! Save Lily!

[The Stabilizer goes out and a wave of flame fries Hoffman...]

SEBASTIAN: Hoffman! No! I'm sorry, Yukiko. I'll make him pay... I promise.

Burning the AltarEdit

SEBASTIAN: After all of this I'm the only one left. But he's not gonna stop me…

[Sebastina returns to Theodore’s altar – the room with candles and gigantic statues.]

FATHER THEODORE: You've come back to me, Sebastian Castellanos.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah... but this time, it's different. You're not getting away.

FATHER THEODORE: You'll never get there. Just like the last time you wanted to save her.

SEBASTIAN: Dammit, you're not gonna get to me.

FATHER THEODORE: Your resolve is pointless. You will crawl before me. My disciples will break you... Help me take Lily from Myra. Give me the power of the Core.

SEBASTIAN: Why does everyone want to control Union? It's not even real!

FATHER THEODORE: Union is better than reality. Union is Mobius. Their minds are connected to it. To control Union is to control THEM. To control THEM is to control the world...

SEBASTIAN: If you think I'm going to help an asshole like you take over assholes like them, you're even crazier than you look.

FATHER THEODORE: I offer you one more chance to join the right side of history. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in your own tortured mind...

SEBASTIAN: I'm not making any deals with you... “Friend.”

FATHER THEODORE: I gave you the chance to help me Because of your refusal, I have no choice. I will dismantle this world. I will find your wife and I will murder her in front of your daughter... Who will suffer dearly at my hands even as I use her power.

SEBASTIAN: Not if I kill you first.

FATHER THEODORE: What makes you think this time will be any different?

SEBASTIAN: I'll keep coming back until one of us is dead.

FATHER THEODORE: Come to me, then. Let the carnage begin...

FATHER THEODORE (resonance): You found her? Excellent... You are special. You've always been special. That is why I brought you here. Why I allow you to create your own space. Prove your fealty to me. Bring me the Core. Of course I do. You are an artist, Stefano. I respect that... But I need the girl first.

[And now… showtime.]

FATHER THEODORE: If it's a taste of despair you wish, a taste of despair you shall receive.

[He summon Lily.]

LILY: You did this to me, Dad. You didn't save me.

SEBASTIAN: It's okay, sweetie. I'm gonna make it right again.

[She hugs him but nothing happens. Theodore seems a little surprised.]

SEBASTIAN: I love you so much Lily. I always have. And I always will. And I'm gonna save you this time. I promise.

[Lily turns int light and dissapears.]

FATHER THEODORE: I see you've overcome some of your guilt and pain. But the depth of your past trauma is vast… I know everything about you. I know what lies beneath… You have a deep well of fear from which to draw… You've seen many horrors, and they still haunt your memories. Remember where this all began… Remember Beacon. Yesss... You remember it all…

[Sebastian teleports to Beacon Hospital from the first game. There he face a madman with a chainsaw. Sebastian decides to run.]


[He manages to gather his courage, stops and sticks the madman with a knife.]

SEBASTIAN: Enough of this shit. Not this time…

[He picks up a chainsaw!]

SEBASTIAN: You think this will stop me?

[Going to the madman, he saws him in half. A fountain of blood, guts and brutal screams included.]

SEBASTIAN: Fuck you…

[Something grabs his legs and drags him into another reality.]

SEBASTIAN: Huh? Oh shit…

[Now he has to fight with the legendary character of the first game - a dude with a safe on his head. When Sebastian the safe dude, a multi-armed spider woman comes out of him - another boss from the first game.]

SEBASTIAN: I burned you once... and I'll do it again... Come on... Agh!

[He sets fire to the spider woman, but it turns out not to be a spider woman at all but Father Theodore. He screams in pain and tries to escape to his beloved altar. Sebastian follows him.]

FATHER THEODORE: W-what are you!?

SEBASTIAN: What else have you got?

[Suddenly, someone pokes Father Theodore with an aspen stake (don't ask me, I did not understand it myself)]

MYRA: She must stay safe.


MYRA: I will protect Lily from anyone who wants to take her.

SEBASTIAN: You did it. Theodore is dead. Let's go home.

[From the last strength Father Theodore grabs his cane and pierces Myra with it.]


FATHER THEODORE: The power of the Core is mine!

[But... it seems that Myra did not even notice. She pierces his head with a stake (which, judging by all, grows right out of her hand). Father Theodore turned into stone and crumbles. A cane stuck into Moira begins to fall apart.]

MYRA: Lily is safe now...

SEBASTIAN: Where is she? Let's get her and get out of here!

[Myra uses his powers and begins to destroy everything around.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra!? Myra!

[He loses consciousness. Recovering, he sees that the whole world around him is broken into pieces like a cracker crushed in hand.]

SEBASTIAN: Oh god There's almost nothing left of this place. What are you trying to do, Myra?

The End of This WorldEdit

SEBASTIAN: Dammit! Myra... where did you go? What is this?

[He finds Myra in clouds of mist.]

SEBASTIAN: It's over. Let's get Lily and leave this place before we're stuck here forever. We can have our family back! Please… I know you're still in there…

[Without a word she attacks Sebastian.]

SEBASTIAN: Stop it! Dammit! You have to listen to me!

[Suddenly, Myra get a headache.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra? What's wrong? You've got to fight it!

MYRA: I can't... I have to protect Lily.

SEBASTIAN: You already did, Myra. Stefano can't hurt her. Neither can Theodore. They're dead.

MYRA: Yes... Good… Go. Sebastian. Now. Leave.

SEBASTIAN: No. I'm not leaving you and Lily in this place!

[He trying to catch her but she escapes… breaking the wall with her bare hands.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra! Shit. What is she trying to do?

[He runs after her.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra! I've got to get rid of these things… Maybe then I can get to her. All right... I hope she hasn't gone far. Myra, stop! Oh shit. More of them? I don't have time for this... There she is! Oh god... Please let that be the last of it. Where are you going!?

MYRA: I won't let you hurt Lily.

SEBASTIAN: Hurt her? I'd never do that! I love her!

MYRA: Your love can't protect her. Only I can do that. I told you to leave!

[She teleport his to somewhere. There’s a lot of snow around.]

SEBASTIAN: Can't let her take Lily… Is that... our house?

In LimboEdit

SEBASTIAN: She must be there I can't stop now .

MYRA (resonance): Their guard is down. Union is running so smoothly that they're not monitoring it as closely. It's now or never.

THEODORE (resonance): We should be able to free Lily before they know we're there. Once she's out, we'll be as good as invisible.

KIDMAN (resonance): Are you sure about this. Theodore?Someone as high-ranking as you... If you get caught...

THEODORE (resonance): I've made my decision, Kidman. I can no longer stand idly by while they use that poor girl for their selfish needs...

SEBASTIAN: Son of a bitch knew what he was doing before he even came in here.

KIDMAN (resonance): Esmeralda is in Union and waiting for instruction.

THEODORE (resonance): Let's go, Myra. It's time.

KIDMAN (resonance): Are you sure about this, Myra? Once you become the Core, you'll be...

MYRA (resonance): I know But if I don't they'll just hunt Lily down and put her back inside. I can't let that happen. Just promise me you'll get Lily to Sebastian when this is all over.

KIDMAN (resonance): I promise, Myra. I guess this is goodbye...

SEBASTIAN: Myra was planning on becoming the Core? Why?

MYRA (resonance): There she is. Quickly, Theodore, let's... What are you doing?

THEODORE (resonance): Did you really think I was going to let you destroy Mobius? They may be short-sighted, but they're far too valuable to me. When I control them... When I control STEM... only then will they reach their full potential. Now give her to me.

MYRA (resonance): Over my dead body.

THEODORE (resonance): ...If that's the way you want it.

SEBASTIAN: That's when It happened. When this place started to fall apart…

[He goes back to his office. Suddenly, the ordinary way, by foot.]

TATIANA: Back again, Detective? I'm afraid that this will be the last time I can help you. I feel the end approaching…

SEBASTIAN: You've been here for me the whole time. Both times.

TATIANA: Maybe I've been with you longer than that…

SEBASTIAN: What do you mean? Who are you?

TATIANA: I'm who I've always been. I'm who I'll always be. I'm who you turn to when you need inner strength. And you need me now more than ever.

SEBASTIAN: And when this is all over?

TATIANA: When this is all over... you won't need me again.

SEBASTIAN: Because this will be over? Or because I'll be dead?

TATIANA: The same answer applies either way. Now, let's get you ready…

[Sebastian buys some upgrades.]

MYRA (resonance): Run, Lily! Hide! I'll find you, I promise!

THEODORE (resonance): What do you think you're doing, Myra?

MYRA (resonance): I'm protecting my daughter'

THEODORE (resonance): You fool. The power she commands... You don't understand...

MYRA (resonance): No YOU don't understand what I'll do to keep her safe!

THEODORE (resonance): Damn you, Myra! You can't run from me! I'll find you!

SEBASTIAN: You did it, Myra. You kept her safe. But now you're putting her in danger…

[He finds his wife near their house.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra? Is it you?

MYRA: Sebastian...

SEBASTIAN: Why are you fighting me. Myra?

MYRA: You don't understand… This is our new home. Lily will be safe here. Happy. Free from fear. Free from pain.

SEBASTIAN: No, Myra. This isn't real. Pain is part of real life. And so is love. If she stays in here, she won't live a life free from fear… Because she won't be living a life at all.

MYRA: You don't understand! The things they did to her... I can protect her.

SEBASTIAN: No, please! Let me take her out of here! Let's do it together! We can be a family again!

MYRA: No! I won't let anyone take her from me!

SEBASTIAN: No. Please, Myra… We still have time. We can leave! I am not gonna leave Lily here… Please...

MYRA: Anyone who tries… Must DIE!

SEBASTIAN: Don't make me do this!

[He shoot her in the head and she tuns int giant woman walker from Game of Thrones...]

SEBASTIAN: My god...

MYRA: You hurt me! You'll hurt HER, tool I won't let you!

SEBASTIAN: Goddammit, Myra! Stop this! Think about what you're doing!

MYRA: I was there when YOU WEREN'T! Aagh!

SEBASTIAN: I… I don't want to do this to you, Myra!

MYRA: You stood by and did NOTHING!

SEBASTIAN: Dammit. Out of ammo...

MYRA: You did NOTHING FOR HER! You WASTED YOUR LIFE! You refused to listen!


MYRA: You can't stop me.

SEBASTIAN: Please Myra! I know you're still in there! You've got to stop!

MYRA: No! I won't give up! You can't escape me! YOU... CAN... NOT... HAVE... HER!

SEBASTIAN: I don't want to do this!

MYRA: No! I won't give up! Argh! Noooo! I must... protect... Lily...

SEBASTIAN: Forgive me, Myra...(shoot off her weak spot) Myra... Myra... Please... I'm so sorry... I didn't want to…

MYRA: No, I… couldn't control myself… You did the right thing. Thank you. I'm... so glad you're alive. You have to… Take Lily. Get her out of here.

SEBASTIAN: I'm getting us ALL out of here. Come on!

MYRA: It's too far. Leave me. Just... get Lily. Leave me!

SEBASTIAN: No! I won't leave you again!

MYRA: You have to… Go. I'll follow. I'll meet you there. Lily needs you now. Please. Hurry. Gotta get to the house...

A Way OutEdit

[Sebastian finally go to get Lily.]

SEBASTIAN: Almost there… Please be safe, Lily…

[He open the door and... we abruptly switch to Kidman.]

OPERATOR: We've re-established contact, sir!


OPERATOR: We can't get an exact location. Wait. The Core has been located! The Marker is approaching her.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Excellent. Instruct the Marker on how to re-establish the Core.

OPERATOR: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, sir, but it's too late for that. The environment has taken too much damage. Even with the Core back in place, total collapse of Union is imminent.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: So be it. We still have STEM. We can start again. But we need the Core. She's too valuable to abandon. Have the med team prepare for Core extraction. How much time?

OPERATOR: Depends on how fast he can get her to the extraction point. They're close. Shouldn't be long. Med team in place and standing by.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Once extracted, have the med team terminate the Marker. He's served his purpose.


OPERATOR: Yes, sir.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Kid, call your man and give him instructions.

KIDMAN: Well, I guess this is it, Kid...

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Kid! Did you hear me?

KIDMAN: Yeah. I did.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Is that insubordination I'm sensing?

KIDMAN: You can't kill him.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Yes, we can. And we will. Once he's back in the real world, he'll become a liability. Now, call him and tell him where the extraction point is.

[Kidman opens a secret hatch behind her desk. Thre’s a gun in it.]

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Come now, Kid. He signed his death sentence the moment he entered STEM. Now, do as I've ordered, or you'll be signing yours, as well.

KIDMAN: ...No.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: A shame that you'd attempt to betray us. I had such hope for you.

[Shootout begins. Kidman versus security of the administrator.]

MOBIUS AGENT: Kidman's armed! Take her down!

MOBIUS AGENT: Give it up, Kidman! Come on out!

KIDMAN: Not happening! You stand down!

MOBIUS AGENT: Call in reinforcements!

KIDMAN: Ugh! Dammit!

MOBIUS AGENT: We've got her pinned down!

ANNOUNCEMENT: All security personnel, report to the control room.

KIDMAN: Need to hurry before more show up...

MOBIUS AGENT: Don’t let her get away.


[We switch to Sebastian as Kidman run from Mobius agents...]

SEBASTIAN: Lily! She's gotta be in her room upstairs…

[He find her sleeping in her bed.]

SEBASTIAN: Lily... My sweet little girl….

LILY: Dad...?

SEBASTIAN: It's me, Lily I'm here.

LILY: Is it really you?

SEBASTIAN: Shhh. It's really me. I'm here to take you home.

LILY: You mean we're not home?

SEBASTIAN: No, baby. But we will be soon.

LILY: So tired...

SEBASTIAN: Go back to sleep. When you wake up, we'll be safe again.

[He take her downstairs.]

SEBASTIAN: Myra! I've got her! Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.

MYRA: I'm sorry. Sebastian. I can't.

SEBASTIAN: Yes you can! I'll carry both of you if I have to, but I'm not--

MYRA: No… Mobius has to be stopped.

SEBASTIAN: Screw Mobius. We've lost too much time to them already! We can get away. Just the three of us We'll go someplace where they'll never find us.

MYRA: There's nowhere to hide. They're everywhere. Lily will always be in danger. Unless I destroy them.

SEBASTIAN: Okay, fine I'll wait. Once Mobius is gone, we'll--

MYRA: It doesn't work that way, Sebastian. It can only be done from inside. STEM is more than Just this place. All of Mobius are connected to it via the chips in their heads. Once I assume the power of the Core, I can transmit a signal just as Union collapses. A signal that can take Mobius down once and for all.

SEBASTIAN: But... We're finally together again.

MYRA: There's no other choice This is part of The Plan. It always has been. I'm sorry...


MYRA: Shhh... Just promise to take care of the little one. Never let her forget how much her mother loved her.

SEBASTIAN: Myra, there's so much I want to say to you--

MYRA: You don't have to say anything I‘ve been watching you all this time. I know how you've suffered. What they did to you. What I did to you. You didn't ask for any of this. And you've been into hell twice for it. It's time for you to leave now. To live the life that was taken from you.

SEBASTIAN: I love you, Myra.

MYRA: I love you, too. Both of you. That's why I'm doing this. But there's no more time. You have to go. Now.

[Switch to Kidman.]

KIDMAN: Come and get me, assholes...

MOBIUS SECURITY: There she is!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Warning! Warning! Alpha One emergency.

KIDMAN: Shit...

MOBIUS SECURITY: Ah! She got me! We've got her pinned down! Shoot to kill!

KIDMAN: They're not making this easy… Gotta get to the STEM room. Just need to make it downstairs...

ANNOUNCEMENT: All security personnel, report to the STEM room.

KIDMAN: Hang on, Sebastian… Almost there...

ANNOUNCEMENT: All security personnel, report to the STEM room.

KIDMAN: I hope this works, Myra.

[She rushes into STEM room and kill all innocent workers in there.]

THE ADMINISTRATOR: What are you doing, Kid? Your actions will only result in your death. You must know this… You had such potential. You could have amassed such power. And now you choose to throw it all away… Why!? After all you've seen, all you've done... Why the crisis of conscience now? Is it for the detective? For the child?

KIDMAN: No… it's for me.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: Think about what you're doing, Kid. STEM is needed. Imagine it! A unified consciousness for all mankind. No more wars. No more disparity No more pain…

KIDMAN: No going back now. I hope you were right, Myra.

KIDMAN: Sebastian!

SEBASTIAN: Kidman! I've got her!Where do I go?

KIDMAN: Get to your Room!

SEBASTIAN: All right. But Myra is staying behind. You know why.

KIDMAN: ...Okay. We don't have much time.

SEBASTIAN: I'm counting on you, Kidman… Don't worry. Lily... We're almost there… Oh my god... Please... We're gonna be home soon... Just gotta hang on...

THE ADMINISTRATOR: It’s not to late to stop this, Kid. If you do, I promise to kill you quickly. Otherwise, the punishment for your betrayal... will be legendary.

KIDMAN: I'm going to be legendary, all right. Legendary for taking you down! A world without choice isn't a utopia. A hive mind only works with a queen that controls it. “Join us or die”? Well, guess what? There's a third choice… And that's “FUCK YOU!”

THE ADMINISTRATOR: You are foolish! But oddly admirable. It's a shame to have to lose you like this, Kid.

[He pushes a button on his smartphone but nothing happens.]

KIDMAN: What? You thought that I was just flying by the seat of my pants here? I took my chip out three days ago.

THE ADMINISTRATOR: No matter! You'll due today. One way or another...

KIDMAN: Come on Sebastian. We're almost out of time...

[Meanwhile in crumbling STEAM world...]


LILY: Dad!

[They teleports trough a mirror.]

MYRA: Lily. Sebastian I love you both. Now you'll be safe…

[The STEM World colapses. In the real world Kidman got a message.]

“System connected to Mobius members. Ready for final phase. The rest is up to you, Juli.

KIDMAN: You did it., Myra. I knew you would.

[She presses the ENTER button. All agents, including the administrator, die a horrible death.]

KIDMAN: Take it easy, Sebastian. You're safe now.

SEBASTIAN: Lily! Where's Lily?

KIDMAN: I need your help getting her out. Stand over there.


[Kidman open a container with Lily inside.]

LILY: ...Dad? Is It really you?

SEBASTIAN: Yes, Lily. It's really me.

LILY: I was having the worst nightmare...

SEBASTIAN: Shh. I know, Lily. But you're awake now. The nightmare is over. There's nothing to be scared of anymore. (to Kidman) It really is, isn't it? I'm not still inside there, just thinking I'm...?

KIDMAN: It really is over. Thanks to Myra. Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.

[Sebastian takes Lily in his arms and takes out of the room. Apparently all the people in the building, including the janitors and the girls at the reception, died the same horrible death, so they easily leave the building of a large global corporation. They part with Kidman and begin to live a normal life.]


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