The script contains only dialogues from cutscenes, as text dialogues during the game do not provide any useful information for the story. Believe me.

[A young man reflects on the path walked by mankind lying on the sofa aboard a comic ship. In the space of his imagination flying spaceships, and factories are producing new fantastic technology.]

Edge: A.D. 2064… Planet Earth was on the brink of destruction. Clashes between the World Republic Federation and the various nations that opposed it sparked the outbreak of World War III. Weapons of mass destruction, deployed with complete impunity, razed the land in the blink of an eye. People believed it was the end of the world. The dire situation forced the two opposing factions to negotiate a cease-fire, reaching an agreement in only two weeks. However... The war may have ended, but its effects remained. With the deteriorating environment, Earth's population was drastically reduced. Those who survived the conflict lived a confined existence, trapped in underground cities. Countries joined together to form the Greater United Nations, and turned their eyes skyward… to space. With the establishment of the USTA, or Universal Science and Technology Administration, man began to seek new worlds beyond the stars. A.D. 2087... The first year of the new Spacedate calendar. Thanks to the success of Professor Trillas Bachtein's warp drive experiments, mankind's dream inched ever closer to reality. The USTA secretly began to implement its SRF Project... The Space Reconnaissance Force. S.D. 10. At last, the first official SRF mission...

[Finally this young man are shown to us.]

Edge: "This moonbase will be the start of our travels…" I bet they're rehashing all this stuff at the ceremony. (get off the sofa) All right, guess I'd better be going.

[A girl entering the bay.]

Reimi: Edge! I knew you'd be here.

Edge: Boy, I just can't get away from you, can I, Reimi?

Reimi: How long do you think we've known each other? I know all your hiding places, Edge.

Edge: Yeah, you've been hangin' on to me for as long as I can remember. Remember how you'd always cry when I wasn't around? Sure took the fun out of playing hide-and-seek with you...

Reimi: Th-that was ages ago! How long are you going to keep treating me like a child!?

Edge: As long as you're so quick to flare up like that, I guess. (Reimi sighs) If you're here, I guess the departure ceremony's over, huh? Anyway, there's still some time left until we take off. I'm gonna work out a few kinks in the battle simulator.

Reimi: Uh… sure— Hey, wait a second! You skipped the ceremony on purpose, didn't you?

Edge: Yeah, well… I thought I was gonna be able to meet a real hero. I might have gone if Commander Kenny was there, but Shimada's pontificating would just put me to sleep.

Reimi: That's USTA Deputy Director Shimada to you!

Edge: Besides, I didn't want to see Crowe gloating over his success, anyway. It just… really bugs me...

Reimi: And you call ME childish… YOU just better not be late for launch preparations, you hear?

[Edge is training and learning the basics of the combat system. After the training, we're going to the command bridge.]

Fat Commander: You imbeciles! Are you trying to make me look bad!?

Subordinate: Sir! We're terribly sorry, sir! It won't happen again! Please accept our most sincere apologies...!

[He and two others next to him bow low to the fat commander. Meanwhile, Monkey D. Luffy lost brother and a young man with glasses comes out of the elevator.]

Stephen D. Kenny: Moonbase Commander Stephen D. Kenny, reporting from Earth, sir.

Fat Commander: A rather leisurely return for the great Earth hero "Lightspeed Kenny," wouldn't you say? It hardly bodes well for the commander of such an important mission to miss his own departure ceremony.

Stephen D. Kenny: My apologies, Deputy Director Shimada. Truly, I am blessed with a superior of vast kindness and understanding to have been assigned trivial duties at a time like this.

Shimada: ...Very well. I leave the rest to you. I'm exhausted, Commander. I had to oversee the ceremony in your place, you know. In any case, the guests seemed pleased. It made for a fine dawn to the age of space exploration!

[He and his subordinates laughs and leaves.]

Man with Glasses: ...A number of governmental officials were expected to attend the ceremony, sir. The presence of the commander would've just been a distraction. I'm sure that was his concern.

Stephen D. Kenny: It doesn't matter. The ceremony is just a formality, anyway. We'll celebrate their departure from here. Yes… "their" departure…

[Edge goes to his desk and sits at the monitor.]

Edge: Huh? What's that...?

[A cheeky little girl with a nasty voice appears on the screen.]

Welch: Boo! Gotchaaaaa! Hey there, kid, it's nice to meet ya! You're Edge, right? Of course you are! You don't have to tell me! Anyway, greetings from USTA headquarters! Little old me? The name's Welch! As you can see, I'm a bashful little girl. I'll be the one supporting you from Earth, okay? This'll be fun! Looking forward to working with ya! Cheers! What is it, Edge? What's with that look on your face? Oh—you don't mind if I use your first name? Nahhh, of course you don't!

Edge: No, I, uh...

Welch: Boy, is this one indecisive or what? Yeesh. Hey, you need a good poke in the eyes? Is that it? C'mere...poke! Poke!

Edge: ...Ugh, man, I heard each ship would be getting support from Earth, but I never imagined anything like this...

Welch: Ha-haah, didn't think your support would be so cute, did you? Anyway, from here on out, I got your back, man—straight to the fiery depths of hell!!

Edge: Uh… that's really not the kind of thing I want to be hearing before takeoff?

Welch: Oh, relax, you'll be fine. Let's see, now... Your first destination is… planet Aeos, right? Fortunately, the unmanned exploration craft didn't report anything dangerous out there, like "giant outer space bugs" or whatever. So, yeah, no worries! Go for broke, Edge!

Edge: ...Is this the kind of "support" we're to expect, ma'am?

Welch: "Ma'am"? What am I, your mother? We're gonna be together for a while, kid, so let's dispense with the formalities. Ah—looks like you got another call. Oh well, enough lovers' patter for now. Talk to you later!

Crowe: Yo, Edge.

[Edge is turning off the broadcast.]

Crowe: Edge, hey! Don't just cut the transmission like that!

Edge: This channel is not for communication with the captain of the Calnus, sir. Or is there something a common crew member can do for you? Captain Crowe F. Almedio, of the SRF-001 Aquila?

Crowe: Pretending to be all dutiful doesn't suit you, Edge. You skipped the departure ceremony, didn't you?

Edge: Who cares? It's got nothing to do with you.

Crowe: Reimi was upset. You really can be a pain sometimes, you know that?

Edge: ...You done?

Crowe: Look, just don't be too hard on her, okay? Seeing the two of you fight makes your big bro so sad...!

Edge: We're not actually fighting. And would you quit with the theatrics, already? It's really irritating.

Crowe: Yeah, yeah. Hey, come on, Edge… Does it really bug you that much that I made captain?

Edge: ...Actually, no, it doesn't. In fact, I think it's only natural you were promoted. It's just... You're getting so far ahead of me...

Crowe: ...You really haven't changed at all. Still the same kid you were back in school and at the Academy. I'm not as far ahead as you might think. There's no need for you to rush yourself.

Edge: Goodbye.

Crowe: Wait a second! Edge, you realize just how important our duties are with the SRF, don't you? Everyone shares the same responsibility, captain or not. Look, we're all in the same boat here. I'm just as nervous as you are.

Edge: Captain Almedio, nervous? What, we expecting meteor showers tomorrow?

Crowe: This isn't a joke. Look, Edge… how should I put this. Let's both give it our all, huh?

Edge: ...Yeah. Let's.

Crowe: Great! Well, that's all I got for now. Looks like it's almost time. Bon voyage!

Edge: ..."Bon voyage"? We're going to the same place. ...Oh, well. I suppose I can't stay mad forever. All right, then. Let's get this show on the road!

[Mustached commander enters the bridge.]

Mustached Commander: All hands in position? SRF-003 Calnus, initiate launch procedures!

Edge & Reimi: Roger!

[Meanwhile on the other ship...]

Man with Glasses: So… this is it.

Stephen D. Kenny: Indeed it is. We've charged these children with the future of our species... Let us salute the departure of our Seeds of Hope.

Pilot: 001 Aquila, launch preparations complete! 002 Balena to follow!

[On Edge’s ship, Calnus.]

Mustached Commander: You've all been trained well. Keep a steady hand, and perform as you always have.

[Back to the other ship...]

Stephen D. Kenny: The time to step forward is upon us. Brave pioneers, charged with the destiny of mankind, about to depart for space unknown… I pray for the success of your journey.

[Spaceships are starting engines.]

Reimi: 001 Aquila, launch confirmed! 002 Balena, preparing to launch! 002 Balena, launch confirmed!

Mustached Commander: SRF-003 Calnus… engage!

Edge: Yes, sir! Initiating launch!

[Edge's ship enters a vortex of some kind.]

Pilot: 120 seconds to warp-out. Gravity balance, ship functions, all normal.

Mustached Commander: Prepare for warp-out.

Edge: Finally… Aeos. And I'm gonna be the first to take that "one small step" onto the surface.

Reimi: You really are just a big kid, Edge.

Edge: Hey, it's a big deal for a guy, all right? An honor!

Reimi: Edge, be careful to keep the ship stable when we warp out.

Edge: ...Yeah, just ignore me, why don't you…

[The flight in the vortex continues...]

Pilot: I'm getting a gravity reading! There's a… meteor-like object crossing our planned trajectory! But from this distance I can't confirm any gravity wave interference...

Mustached Commander: ...Meteor...?

Pilot: The unidentified object has passed us. I'm detecting some minor fluctuations in the gravitational field.

Reimi: A meteor affecting our gravitational field? Isn't that strange?

Edge: Yeah...

Pilot 2: Calnus, commencing warp-out. 10 seconds to warp-out. 9, 8, 7, 6...

[There's been a collision. The ship is shaking.]

Edge: What the...!?

Mustached Commander: What's going on!? Status report!

Pilot: There's a fluctuation inside our wormhole, sir...! An abnormal gravity wave is spreading fast! It's producing an error in our subspace flight tracer!

Reimi: ...Too late! We can't avoid it!

Mustached Commander: What!?

Pilot 2: Captain! Interference from the gravity wave is spreading throughout the wormhole! Our planned warp-out point has… disappeared!? We're gonna lose our navigational coordinates!

Mustached Commander: Damn! What about the other four ships!?

Pilot: No idea, sir! I'm not detecting them in subspace!

Mustached Commander: Input a new coordinate axis! We've got to initiate an emergency warp-out!

Edge: Reimi, I'll handle 3, 5, and 9. You take the rest!

Pilot 2: Coordinate axis input complete!

Pilot: Warp-out preparations complete!

Reimi: Edge!

Edge: Everything's ready! Captain!

Mustached Commander: Emergency warp-out! All hands, brace for impact!

[The ship makes a jump and then lands hard on a planet with a pink ozone layer. On the surface, the planet looks like the jungle of South America.]


Edge: Damn… Did we… crash-land...? Where… are we...?

[He sees Reimi lying on the floor and runs up to her.]

Edge: Reimi? Reimi! Reimi! Wake up!

Reimi: Edge...?

Mustached Commander: Thank God we're all safe. At least no one's critically wounded. Let's be grateful for small mercies. I'm issuing new directives. Status report!

Reimi: (reads form her tablet) Damage to the ship is severe. The Calnus is in very serious condition, sir. However, based on my analysis of the data... I can say with confidence that we've arrived on planet Aeos.

Pilot 2: All right, we made it after all!

Pilot: Yeah!

Mustached Commander: ...Please, continue.

Reimi: We're not the only ones who crash-landed, sir. I've detected other ships in the vicinity that probably encountered the warp anomaly. The Calnus is here... Here's the Balena and Dentdelion... and the Eremia.

Mustached Commander: First, let's join the Balena and Dentdelion crews. Once we're back in operating condition, we'll request further instructions from USTA headquarters. Any questions?

Edge: Captain, what do you think happened to the Aquila?

Mustached Commander: ......

Reimi: It appears the Aquila attempted an emergency warp-out as well, but... I'm afraid that's the only information we currently have.

Mustached Commander: Well, there's your answer on the Aquila. It concerns me, but there's nothing we can do right now. We have to concentrate on the task in front of us. The repair crew should prioritize subspace communication functions. We can't do anything without comms. I need those repairs completed double-time, understood?

Pilot: Yes, sir.

Mustached Commander: Mr. Maverick.

Edge: Sir.

Mustached Commander: I'd like you to scout the area around the ship and make sure we're safe here.

Edge: Yes, sir.

[Despite the presence of combat units on the ship it is he, the pilot, is surveying the area around the ship. Orders are orders. Then he returns to the ship, Reimi studies the terrain with a device like a smartphone.]

Edge: The Calnus actually held up pretty good, huh?

Reimi: Yeah… Edge… do you think Crowe is okay?

Edge: ...I do. He's not the type to let something like this do him in.

Reimi: Yeah, you're right... I'm sure he's fine.

Edge: Anyway, how are things looking out here?

Reimi: It's just like the exploration craft reported. The environment on this continent seems perfectly suitable for human habitation. There's lots of primitive gymnospermae, like these ferns and cycads. The climate is subtropical, and… Well, to put it in Earth terms… It's a lot like the Jurassic period.

Edge: The Jurassic? Think we'll run into any dinosaurs?

Reimi: Come on! The exploration report didn't say anything about any large-scale life forms.

[And of course, at that very second, a huge beetle comes out and decides to taste Japanese cuisine.]

Edge: Reimi!

Reimi: Wha?

Edge: Wh-what is that thing!? Some kind of… bug!?

Reimi: No way…

Military: What is it!?

Edge: Hey! Attack already!

[The military, as they should be, are cowardly and incapable. They shoot a bug, then poop in their pants and die.]

Reimi: No...!

Edge: Railguns have no effect!? Damn it!

[As it turns out, the beetle has energy-like shields. How, when, and why would a giant beetle need such shields? Ask the authors.]

Edge: Reimi! Get back to the Calnus and bring backup!

Reimi: B-but...

Edge: I'll be fine! Run!

Reimi: Okay! Don't do anything stupid!

[Edge notices a sword stuck in the ground and rushes towards it. The fight begins.]

Edge: I'm taking at least one of those legs home with me!

[A sword against a creature with an energy shield proved to be an effective weapon. The tattoo on Edge's arm, which we're hearing about for the first time, starts glowing and adds 100 sword damage points, taking away 500 points from the player intelligence.]

Edge: Did that… work? Good. So they're not totally invincible... And that means… I can do this. Bring it on! We're just getting started!

[The bug dies in agony. Edge is returning to the ship.]

Edge: Hey. How long do you plan on staying mad?

Reimi: You big jerk… I said not to do anything stupid. I'm not letting you off for this…

[Edge sighs. The mustached commander, meanwhile, is talking to Shimada on Skype.]

Mustached Commander: That's what I've been trying to explain, sir! We never heard about any dangerous life forms here!

Shimada: Securing a safe environment and eliminating threats to colonization… These are part of the SRF's duties as well, are they not?

Mustached Commander: At this point, we have no choice but to request aid from the military and strengthen our—

Shimada: Don't be ridiculous! Do you think I'd let those blockheads meddle in this?

Edge: People are dying here!

Reimi: Edge...

Shimada: What we need here are results. Danger, sacrifice—it's all part of the process. In any case, I don't have time to sit here listening to your petty complaints. Of course, I'd hate to be thought of as a cold-hearted superior who's all talk. So I've already contacted "them" for you.

Mustached Commander: "Them"… you don't mean the—!?

Shimada: You'll be receiving their assistance shortly. Until then, I expect you to follow standard SRF operating procedure. Over and out.

Edge: "Them"? Who's "them"?

Reimi: Hmm...

Mustached Commander: I'll explain everything in due time. For now... Well done, Mr. Maverick. You're the only man who wasn't seriously injured by that creature.

Edge: Thank you, sir... It was just luck. May I ask if we've been able to contact the other ships yet?

Mustached Commander: I'm sorry to say the Aquila remains a question mark.

Reimi: Sir, what about the Eremia? We know it's here on Aeos.

Mustached Commander: ......We lost the Eremia's tracer signal earlier. It vanished.

Reimi: Vanished? But… you don't think...

Mustached Commander: The possibility certainly exists, but let's not jump to conclusions yet. First, we must discover what became of the Eremia. Mr. Maverick. I'd like you to search for the Eremia.

Edge: Me… sir?

Mustached Commander: It will undoubtedly be dangerous, but at this point...

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: Understood. Edge Maverick, reporting for reconnaissance duty.

[Edge is equipping and gets ready for the mission. Raimi meets him in the corridor.]

Reimi: ...Why did you accept such a dangerous assignment so quickly? And now you say you're going out there alone? Come on, Edge... That's just reckless!

Edge: I can't just leave our people alone out there.

Reimi: ......

Edge: I have to get going, Reimi.

Reimi: Yeah, let's.

Edge: Yeah. ...Wait, what!? Where do you think you're going!?

Reimi: I'm coming with you. And before you ask, yes, I already have Captain Grafton's leave.

Edge: Are you kidding!? You were just going on about how dangerous it is!

Reimi: And that's why I'm coming. To make sure you don't do anything else stupid.

Edge: What!? Th-that… has been known… to happen...

Reimi: I said I wasn't letting you off, remember?

Edge: What exactly do you think you're going to do if we have to fight another one of those bug things?

Reimi: I'll be able to hold my own as long as I have this.

[She shows her futuristic folding bow attached to her ass.]

Edge: So, you think that'll do the trick, huh? Well, I guess you were at the top of your archery class. All right. I'm counting on you… partner.

Reimi: That's more like it.

[They come out of the ship and see some smoke in the distance.]

Edge: That's where the Eremia is!

Reimi: Let's go!

[Once out of the ship, they start to explore the island, fighting the local fauna. To my surprise they not die after half an hour.]

Reimi: Well?

Edge: Not bad. I said I was counting on you, didn't I?

[They go out to the beach, where they find a barely alive young man. Although he may be fifty years old, who knows...]

Edge: Hey… hey! ...Hey, hang in there!

Young Old Man: Did the other ships… make it...? Be… careful… The insects… aren't the real danger...

Edge: What...?

Young Old Man: We crash-landed on the sea… Made landfall and scouted the area around us… That's when… we found it...

Edge: "It"...? What did you find?

Young Old Man: A meteor… fragment...

Reimi: A meteor...?

Young Old Man: We brought it back to the ship for research. But… Everything just… went to hell… That… that's why I… destroyed the ship…

Edge: Y-you… destroyed your own ship...?

Young Old Man: I had no choice! Why… why would our own men...

Edge: Your own men? Where's the rest of the crew!?

Young Old Man: Stay away from it... It's dangerous...

Edge: ...What happened here!?

Reimi: Edge! (young old man coughs) It's okay. Please, try not to talk...

Young Old Man: This planet… is far too dangerous… You've got to...

[Tired of their stupid questions, he dies. A spaceship that looks like if Final Fantasy ate Genji from Overwatch flies up to the heroes.]

Edge: What...!? What is that...? That's not one of ours...

Reimi: Yeah... It looks like some kind of transport.

[An elf with green hair comes out of the ship. Racist heroes are preparing for battle.]

Elf: Is this man from that ship...? Um… where are the others? ...I see. Edge and Reimi... Is that right? ...Wait, maybe you can't understand what I'm saying? Hmm... Is there something wrong with my translator...?

Edge: N-no, we understand you...

Elf: I've come to collect you at the request of Mr. Grafton.

Edge: The captain?

Elf: Look out!

Edge: Huh!?

[A dead young old man turns into a nightmarish Easter bunny.]

Edge: What the hell is that!?

Elf: I don't know… But in any case, it certainly doesn't look very friendly.

Edge: ...No, it doesn't. Watch out, here it comes!

[The battle with the first boss begins. The Easter Bunny speaks a creepy alien language. Maybe he doesn't want to fight, but just wants to give them five elements to protect the human race? But the heroes are murdering him anyway and get a little purple poop instead.]

Reimi: Is it safe?

[Edge is picking up the poop with tweezers.]

Edge: Yeah… seems to be. Probably ought to take it back as a specimen. It might have something to do with what happened to the Eremia. (to Elf) Thank you. If you hadn't shown up, we'd have been in trouble.

Elf: Oh, no, not at all. If anything, it is your incredible skill that is worthy of admiration. If only I was able to fight like you...

Edge: By the way, you are...?

Elf: Ah, do forgive me. I haven't told you my name. I am Faize, Faize Sheifa Beleth. I am an Eldarian.

Edge: An… Eldarian...?

Faize: That is correct. To put it in terms you might more easily understand… I am what you might call an "alien."

Reimi: Alien!? Wait a minute… So when the captain was talking about "them"...

Edge: He meant you alie… uh, Eldarians?

Faize: We Eldarians have been in contact with your Earth for somewhat more than a decade. It started with observational crosstalk... Eventually, we were able to confirm each others' existence. I'm not surprised you two were unaware of the situation. It was a matter handled with the utmost secrecy, after all.

Edge: I see...

Faize: Our crew here was out on a planetary exploration mission, just like yourselves. Through sheer coincidence, we happened to be investigating a nearby star system. That's when your USTA contacted us for assistance. We came as quickly as possible.

Reimi: Talk about astronomical odds...

Edge: No kidding... Thanks a lot. I'm Edge Maverick. You can call me Edge.

Reimi: And my name is Reimi Saionji. You can call me Reimi.

Faize: It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Edge. Reimi.

Edge: First of all, we'd better report back to Captain Grafton as soon as possible.

Faize: I'll be happy to take you back. Please, climb aboard.

Edge: We appreciate it, but… I'd like to scout this area a bit more before going back.

Faize: Very well. Allow me to accompany you, then.

Reimi: What about that?

Edge: Ah, you mean my Sol? With this… (he presses a button on his sleeve and his ship flies away) It can synchronize itself with my brain waves and return of its own accord.

Edge: Fancy...

Reimi: You really are from another world, huh...

Faize: Let us be on our way, then.

[Together they return to the ship's bridge to the moustache commander, Captain Grafton. Next to him is an elf who looks older than Faize.]

Captain Grafton: I see... So the Eremia and her crew were…

[He looks at the poop that Edge prudently put in a can.]

Captain Grafton: But why? There's nothing unusual...

Edge: Something definitely happened on the Eremia, sir. The surviving crewman said as much. And then… there's the matter of the unidentified life form we encountered out there on the beach… I believe there must be some connection between them.

Captain Grafton: (to elf) Supreme Commander Gaghan. May I request an analysis of this… object?

[Gaghan takes a can of poop with a clear disgust.]

Gaghan: Very well, I'll see to it. The matter interests us greatly.

[He gives the bank to his assistant and he leaves.]

Captain Grafton: So… were you surprised? About the aliens—or rather, extraterrestrials.

Edge: Surprised is not the word, sir. Just look at this base they're constructing...

Captain Grafton: Indeed. All of this is thanks to the Eldarians' scientific capabilities.

Reimi: Sir, you were aware of their existence, weren't you.

Captain Grafton: USTA command and we captains were, yes.

Edge: So Crowe knew, too… He's good at that. You never can tell what secrets he's hiding.

Reimi: Unlike someone I know, who's like an open book.

Edge: ...Cute.

Captain Grafton: With matters being as they are, we've decided to join with the Eldarians in a co-exploration effort. USTA headquarters has approved the plan. Consider yourselves informed.

Edge: Sir.

Reimi: Understood.

Captain Grafton: Effective immediately, I would like you to form a composite team with Faize here.

Gaghan: Faize may be young, but he has incredible potential. What he mainly lacks is experience, and this will be an excellent opportunity for him to gain some. If it's not too much trouble, may I ask you to work with him?

Gaghan: It's far from trouble, sir. He saved our lives with his… powers. It was almost like magic.

Gaghan: Ah yes, symbology. That is but one of Faize's many talents. I do hope you'll help me in bringing out the rest of them.

Edge: Yes, sir. (gives Faize a hand) Looking forward to it.

Faize: (shakes it) And I!

Captain Grafton: You all must be tired from your efforts. Feel free to get some rest. Come talk to me when you're ready to accept your next assignment.

Edge: Yes, sir!

[Edge is about to leave, but at the door he meets a man in creepy clothes, grey hair and a scar on his face. His looks kind of say ‘guess who the bad guy is’.]

Edge: Whoa—

Creepy Man: ...Out of my way, civilian.

Edge: What...?

[He wanted to punch him in the face, but Raimi won't let the protagonist die at the beginning of the game.]

Reimi: ...What's with him? He's scary.

Faize: That uniform... He must be with the 13th Eldarian Independent Armored Division. A captain, it would seem. I've never seen him before… but you don't hear very nice rumors about the 13th.

Edge: ...Man, that guy means business.

[Edge is resting for a while exploring the ship and talking to the not too chatty crew. Then he goes back to his commanding officer.]

Captain Grafton: I've got new instructions for you. Come.

Edge: Sir.

[They get out of the ship to a huge hangar from which workers roll out a spaceship.]

Edge: Wow, they repaired the Calnus!

Reimi: Wow! It was trashed… and they fixed it in such a short time! Incredible!

Edge: So this is Eldarian technology...

Captain Grafton: This way.

[He takes them to the cockpit.]

Captain Grafton: The design concept behind the warp drives we use in our ships actually comes from Eldar. The Eldarians' technology far surpasses our own. They have a warp technique employing subspace bubbles— one we couldn't implement. We had to use wormholes. What you see before you now are the fruits of that technology made real. The hull may not have changed much, but under the hood, she's like a ship from several centuries in our future.

Edge: Amazing...

Captain Grafton: Mr. Maverick. From this moment on, you're the captain of the new Calnus.

Edge: Me… a captain...?

Captain Grafton: You've handled your duties thus far admirably. I recommended you myself. The official order should arrive soon.

Captain Grafton: But...

Captain Grafton: Now, let me brief you on your mission. The new duties of SRF-003 Calnus, and her crew, are as follows: You will investigate unexplored planets within warp range, as well as participate in the search for the lost Aquila. Miss Saionji, you'll be Mr. Maverick's first officer. Support him well.

Captain Grafton: Sir!

Captain Grafton: Faize Sheifa Beleth, of planet Eldar… You will also be a part of the mission.

Captain Grafton: Me, too… sir?

Oh? I thought the three of you were already a team?

Faize: Yes, sir! We are indeed a team! I happily accept your orders, sir!

Captain Grafton: Listen, Mr. Maverick, I know exactly what you want to say. But since the warp incident, the SRF has been severely crippled. All the other officers of captain class are injured, and unable to handle the duties. I, too, have my hands full overseeing this base. Unfortunately, I can't even provide you with an adequate crew. This will be a difficult mission carried out by a select few. And right now, you're the only one capable of leading it. How about it, son? Do you accept?

Edge: ...... I'm only standing here today because of a string of lucky coincidences. I know I didn't earn this through my own ability. Reimi, Faize— I'll be counting on the two of you.

Reimi: ...Of course! I'll do whatever I can to help, Edge! Together, we can do this!

Faize: I stand with Reimi, Edge. I promise to be of service. I still have so much to learn from you, after all.

Edge: I don't think you have anything to learn from me, but… Thank you—Reimi, Faize. I am honored to accept the position of Calnus captain, sir.

Captain Grafton: Very good. You may launch whenever your preparations are complete. I pray for your journey's success.

Edge: Sir!

[And now it's time for the young and daring to take their place at the helm! Edge decides to get the fuck off this planet.]

Reimi: Main engine ports connected. Well? How does the captain's chair feel?

Edge: So… this is how Crowe sees the world...

Reimi: Edge?

Edge: Being a captain means… You have to take responsibility for an entire ship—an entire crew. It's a heavy responsibility… Crowe bears this burden every day of his life...

Reimi: Buck up, Edge. Look—you're one step closer to Crowe, now. Right?

Edge: Yeah… I guess so.

Faize: Besides, we three comprise the entire crew of the Calnus.

Reimi: Now that you mention it, I guess we do. So listen... Don't let this get to you. Just be yourself, okay?

Edge: ...Thanks, Reimi. One day, I'll be able to bear this responsibility properly. I swear it. Star ocean, here we come!

Reimi: Captain, launch preparations complete!

Faize: Likewise! Ready to depart.

Edge: All right… Calnus… engage!

Faize & Reimi: Yes, sir!

[The ship's starting. Captain Grafton and Gaghan wave or salute them from another ship.]


[They come to a new planet that looks exactly like Earth again. They land in an ordinary forest. There's even an ordinary human child hiding behind a tree!]

Edge: Hm...? Just my imagination...?

[Unfortunately, the hero still hasn't put some points in his intellect, so he can't see the kid. His crew explore the forest beating wolves walking on two legs and dodo birds. Soon they find an ORDINARY village, that reminds me of Resident Evil 4.]

Reimi: This place feels so lonely...

Edge: Their civilization may not be as advanced as ours, but their way of life seems similar.

Faize: I hope our translators work properly.

[They notice some boxes with the sign from Charmed. I swear it's the last thing I expected here.]

Faize: Huh? That's... No, it can't be...

Villager: (in cringy voice) The gods… the gods have come...

Villager 2: (in cringy voice) Our prayers have been answered!

Villager 3: There's no mistaking it! I saw them with my own eyes! They came to us in their celestial ship!

Reimi: Wh-what's going on...?

Edge: "Celestial ship"...?

Faize: Yes... I believe there's a high probability he's referring to the Calnus. He must have seen us land.

Edge: And so they think we're gods… huh.

Villager 2: (in cringy voice) We beg of you, o holy ones! Please deliver us!

[Trying to figure out what the hell's going on here, they go to the village head. It turns out to be an old man with a funny beard in a wheelchair.]

Old Man:I am the elder of the village of Triom. My name is Ghimdo. I should have been the one to greet you, but unfortunately, in this condition...

[He picks up a handkerchief lying on his feet. His legs are completely petrified.]

Edge: ...!?

Ghimdo the Elder: Our literature makes mention of a sickness known as bacculus. It is an ancient and infectious malady that renders the body unto stone, as you can see. Then, in time...

Reimi: Hmm... I'm not detecting any viruses...

Edge: So we can't determine how it spreads.

Ghimdo the Elder: Please, lend us your divine power. ...... It's not just the sickness. Monsters never seen before have begun to run rampant. Every night we pray to the great star ocean, fervently begging for salvation. But alas...

[A girl in a pink dress walks into the room. She's no older than five.]

Ghimdo the Elder: Young lady!

Girl: ......

Edge: Uh… ah, sorry.

Girl: (in childish voice) Here you go, Grampa.

Ghimdo the Elder: Thank you as always, Lymle.

[She gives him chamomile. Grandpa puts it in his pocket.]

Lymle: Sure. Don't forget to water it, 'kay?

Faize: She certainly is a… curious child, isn't she?

Ghimdo the Elder: Please forgive the intrusion. This is my granddaughter, Lymle. Her parents both succumbed to the bacculus...

Lymle: Finished. Grampa, I finished drawing your amulet, so I'm gonna go north for a little while.

Ghimdo the Elder: Lymle! What are you saying!? You can't go off on your own!

Lymle: I'll be fine. I'm just gonna go get a symbol and come back and heal everyone, 'kay?

Faize: I knew it. Symbology! Those markings are symbological in nature, though they do seem a bit different from our Eldarian symbols.

Ghimdo the Elder: Symbology... That's the strange power you use, right, Faize?

Edge: So the people on this planet can use symbology, too?

Ghimdo the Elder: Yes. In fact, Lymle is the most adept symbologist in the village.

Faize: Best in the village? Surely you jest!

Lymle: (in childish voice) Shatter your bonds and come forth from the gates of purgatory... Cerberus!

[She calls for a real hellhound from the fucking HELL. The hound pounces on Faize knocking him off his feet, but for some reason, without ripping his guts out.]

Lymle: (laughs) He's my little doggie, 'kay?

Reimi: Was that… this girl's symbology...?

Ghimdo the Elder: Lymle! How dare you!

Edge: N-no… it's all right.

[Easy for you to say, bitch. Faize is still lying on the floor without knowing what happened.]

Edge: Anyway, what's she talking about? She's going to get a "symbol"?

Ghimdo the Elder: To the north lies a citadel called Alanaire. An oracle skilled in the symbological arts resides there. If we can but entreat the oracle to bestow upon us a symbol to cure the bacculus...

Lymle: That's why I said I'm going, 'kay?

Ghimdo the Elder: Young lady, I'm telling you you can't go alone. So… I'd like to beg a favor, if I may...

Edge: You want us to go with her.

Lymle: Wha?

Ghimdo the Elder: Would you...!?

Reimi: Hold on, Edge, are you serious!?

Edge: We can't just ignore these people, can we?

Reimi: But...

Edge: Have you forgotten our SRF directives?

Reimi: To investigate planets suitable for colonization, and eliminate impediments to said colonization.

Edge: This bacculus definitely sounds like an impediment to colonization to me. Finding a cure for this disease would make a fitting mission for the SRF, don't you think?

Reimi: ...What a nice public face you put on.

Edge: Public face? Is that a joke? Any captain would make the same decision.

Reimi: It's not a joke at all. You let the real reason slip a second ago. "We can't just ignore these people"... Isn't that where your heart really is, Edge?

Faize: In any case, we shall journey to this Alanaire Citadel you speak of, and return with the healing symbol.

Edge: Faize?

Faize: We are a team, aren't we? And besides... How am I supposed to learn anything from you if I'm left behind here?

Edge: It's not like I've got any great knowledge to impart.

Ghimdo the Elder: Can we truly make such a request of you… gracious gods?

Edge: Of course. But I do have a favor I'd like to ask. Please, stop treating us like gods… all right?

Ghimdo the Elder: A-as you wish...

Edge: Thank you. I'm Edge Maverick. It's nice to meet you, Lymle.

Reimi: And I'm Reimi Saionji. We'll protect you, Lymle, so don't you worry about anything.

Lymle: (point to her face) Lym.

Edge: Lym? Would you rather we call you Lym?

Lymle: (points to the heroes) Edgie. Reirei. Edgie. Reirei.

Edge: Edgie...?

Reimi: Reirei, huh...?

[It really is a five-year-old girl. Why don't you leave her home to play with her dolls?]

Faize: Well… my name is Faize Sheifa Beleth, so… How about "Faizie", Lym?

Lymle: (point to her face) Lymle. (point to him) Faize.

[Shit man, you’ve got your ass served by five-year-old girl. Now she’s my favorite character. Faize looks at Lymle like he's about to beat the crap out of her.]

Edge: (trying to defuse the situation) Hey, at least it's not "Mr. Beleth" or something, right?

Faize: I hesitate to agree...

Lymle: I'm going, Grampa, 'kay?

Ghimdo the Elder: Be careful out there, little Lymle.

Lymle: I'll make sure to heal you first, Grampa. 'Kay, we're going, 'kay?

[They're starting a journey together for the mega-drug. Passing through the snow and a bunch of unfunny dialogues, they find a huge and extremely empty tower called the Alanaire Citadel. Upstairs, classically, a boss awaits them.]

Edge: All right. This must be it.

[They hear a scream. Edge opens in the door with a crappy kick.]

Edge: ...!?

[There's a girl lying on the floor. There's a green dragon on two legs next to her.]

Edge: This is not good...!

[I totally agree. The design sucks.]

Lymle: Lym...!?

Edge: Look out! Lym, get back!

Faize: Don't disrupt our formation!

[A little girl calls her creepy Hellhound, who knocks down the dragon.]

Lymle: You've made me… very, very mad, 'kay!?

[The Dragon drops a Hellhound and tries to attack Lymle, but Reimi stuck an arrow in his eye. It's crazy. I love it.]

Reimi: Lym, honey, are you okay?

Faize: You're not the only one who's angry here, Lymle.

Edge: Exactly. We're in this together!

Lymle: Edgie… Reirei… Faize…

[Faize clearly didn't like the last word...]

Edge: Let's do this, people!

[They kick the dragon’s ass. He roars and falls to the ground.]

Edge: Is it… dead!?

Reimi: Watch out!

[The dragon explodes and a sphere flies out of it. The ceiling beneath them collapses. What about the girl lying on the floor?! She must be dead!

Edge: Everyone in one piece?

I-I'm fine... Thanks, Edge.

Faize: As am I.

[As it turned out, Faize lies right on Lymle.]

Lymle: Faize, you're heavy. My forehead went bang on the floor and it hurts. But I'm glad you could help, 'kay?

Edge: ...It was nothing.

[There's a new collapse somewhere.]

Edge: What is it? It seems like something fell...

Reimi: ...Edge.

[The girl really does end up buried under the rubble. Given the size of the stones, her body most likely crushed, but a huge puddle of blood is not visible for some reason.]

Edge: If only we'd made it here sooner…

Faize: Now we're at an impasse. With our source of knowledge passed away...

Edge: We don't have any other options...?

Reimi: What are you looking at, Lym?

Lymle: Let's go.

Reimi: Huh?

Lymle: Lutie's place.

Edge: "Lutie"...? Who's that?

Lymle: She's my friend. She lives in the other village. Lutie's really sweet, and she always smells so nice. Lutie knows the symbol. We'll be fine, 'kay?

Faize: How is it that you know that, Lymle?

Lymle: Because Lutie wrote her name on the wall. When you learn the symbol, you write down your name. It's the rules, 'kay?

Reimi: Edge!

Edge: Yeah... We still have a chance!

[It's funny that Lymle's friend's corpse doesn't bother her at all. Heroes go out on the balcony of the citadel.]

Reimi: you think we could use this to get down? Look.

Faize: It may be worth a try. In fact, to be honest...

Edge: Yeah, I don't see any other way. All right, I'll give it a shot.

Reimi: ...What?

Edge: I'll go down alone and make sure it's safe. The rest of you can follow behind.

Reimi: N-no way! Edge, you are NOT going first!

Edge: Wh-what the heck, Reimi?

Reimi: No, no, no and no! To think you would even… Edge… you pervert!

[The fuck? He's just standing next to you!]

Edge: P-pervert...? What are you talking about?

Reimi: Look, I'm going down first, okay!? That's the end of that!

[The heroes come down from the citadel and goes to Woodley Village, where they find a girl with gray hair, who is clearly having bad times. She looks like a heroin addict with experience.]

Lutie: I see...

Lymle: Lutie, teach me the symbol. I'll try my bestest to learn it, 'kay?

Edge: Please, Miss Lutea.

Lutie: ......Not so long ago, there was a case of bacculus in this village as well. I administered the bacculus patient my healing symbol... but unfortunately, I was unable to cure him.

Lymle: Oh, no...

Edge: What does that mean?

Lutie: I don't know... But… I can tell you that this particular case of bacculus was unlike any other I've seen. Healing symbols are crafted by learning the source of the sickness and incorporating that knowledge into the symbol. To cure this new form of bacculus, we need to uncover its source.

Reimi: How do we do that?

Lutie: That, I'm afraid I do not know.

Lymle: Any time there's something you don't know, you just ask Grampa. Grampa knows everything, 'kay?

Reimi: Ah, Ghimdo! That's right!

Edge: Right. We're going back to Triom.

Lutie: Wait. Take this.

Lymle: A symbol stone.

Lutie: You don't miss a trick, do you, Lym?

Lymle: That's nothing.

Edge: A symbol stone?

Lutie: To create a healing symbol for this sickness, you must first discover its source and bring it back. The symbol stone is a vessel for that purpose.

Reimi: So it's kind of like a sample container.

Edge: So we find this "source" of the disease and put it in here.

Lutie: That's right. I should be the one to make the journey, but...

Edge: We'll handle it for you. We've got our reliable little friend Lym here to help us, after all.

Lymle: ...Friend? Friends… friends! That kinda makes me smile, 'kay?

Faize: Oh? You're not used to having many friends, Lymle?

Lymle: I don't need friends like you.

[Everyone's laughing at him. Assholes.]

Faize: ...I'd like to sit down and have a serious talk with you sometime.

Lymle: C'mon, let's get back to the village, 'kay?

[At Grandpa's house in Triom.]

Ghimdo the Elder: The "source" of the sickness? Speaking with complete honesty, I haven't an inkling what it might be. However…

[He bends in pain.]

Lymle: Grampa!

Ghimdo the Elder: I'm fine, Lymle… Forgive me... There is a matter I failed to mention when first we met. Several months ago, another celestial ship fell upon our land.

Edge: What!?

Reimi: A "celestial ship"...? You mean, besides ours?

Ghimdo the Elder: Only a short time after it fell... The strange monsters appeared, and people began to fall ill from the sickness.

Faize: Monsters… and a mysterious illness. It all seems a bit too convenient to be a coincidence.

Edge: Hmm. What do you think, Edge? ...Edge?

Edge: ......

Reimi: ...? Hello? Anybody home?

Edge: Wha? Ah… sorry. Yeah, the other ship definitely concerns me, too. One might venture to guess that the other ship brought the source of the disease.

Reimi: It can't hurt to go take a look, at least.

[Yes it can, girl. Yes it can.]

Edge: Ghimdo, where is this other celestial ship now?

Ghimdo the Elder: ...It fell in the Rinoa Mountains, beyond Wind Swallow Valley. It is a rugged and craggy path. What's worse, the trail is bristling with monsters...

Edge: It won't be a problem. Leave it to us.

Ghimdo the Elder: Ohh... Proper words of gratitude escape me... Please, take this with you. You will need it to pass through Wind Swallow Vall—

[He gives Edeg a ring and bends down in pain again.]

Lymle: Grampa! Grampa! Grampa!! Hang in there, 'kay?

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: I know. Lymle, you stay here with your grandfather. We'll take care of the source of the disease, okay? It'll be fine. We'll be back soon. You don't have to worry about us.

[They're leaving.]

Ghimdo the Elder: I'm sorry, Lymle. The pain has passed... They are so strong… so kind. Rushing into danger for the sake of others, without the slightest hesitation... Perhaps they truly are gods sent to us from the heavens...

Lymle: No, they're not... Edgie and Reirei and Faize aren't gods. Edgie and Reirei and Faize are… friends, 'kay?

Ghimdo the Elder: You may go with them, little Lymle.

Lymle: Grampa...

Ghimdo the Elder: You've never opened your heart to anyone, yet you let those people see your true self without any hesitation... That makes me very, very happy.

Lymle: But...

Ghimdo the Elder: Come now, you're going to cure me, aren't you? I'll be getting better soon!


Edge: Reimi.

Reimi: Hmm?

Edge: This other ship... You don't suppose it's the Aquila?

Reimi: I thought you were brooding about something. So that's it, huh? It's not possible. Ghimdo said the other ship crashed here several months ago, right?

Faize: Can we be sure?

Reimi: Huh?

Faize: I don't think Edge's theory necessarily misses the mark. Put simply, warp travel is movement accomplished through the distortion of time. Therefore, it's theoretically possible that an error taking place mid-warp could cause the ship to end up in another time entirely. For example, even an instant's variance might cause a gap of several decades...

Reimi: Hold on. The Eremia...

Edge: What about the Eremia? ...!

Reimi: Both of our ships encountered the warp anomaly, and we both landed on the same planet, but the Eremia crew was operating on their own. They didn't make any effort to rendezvous with us… Why would that be?

Edge: There's only one answer I can think of. When the Eremia warped out, it arrived on Aeos in a time… prior to our crash!

Reimi: That's what you mean, right, Faize?

Faize: Precisely.

Edge: So that means… it really could be Crowe's ship.But supposing it is… why would—

Lymle: Edgie!

Edge: ...Lym?

Lymle: Aren't you forgetting something? You forgot your friend, 'kay?

Edge: Wow, we'd have to be pretty absent-minded to forget a friend, huh?

Lymle: Then let's go, 'kay?

[The heroes again set out on a journey through the snow-capped mountains and find a wrecked spaceship. Apparently, it crashed quite a while ago. A lot of mentally retarded monsters have already settled inside and broken all the equipment.]

Edge: This is awful...

Reimi: What could have happened here?

Edge: It's like a monster's den in here. The crewmen are probably all… Well, at least it wasn't the Aquila...

Faize: Download… complete.

Edge: Good work, Fai—Faize, are you all right?

Reimi: You don't look so good.

Lymle: Did you eat something funny? You shouldn't eat stuff off the ground, 'kay?

[The girl is savage as always.]

Faize: I'm going to display everything the security cameras recorded here, beginning to end.

[On the screen next to where they are standing, the footage from the cameras appears. The local aliens are very similar to the dragon that the heroes recently defeated, but they’re smaller.]

Edge: Who are they?

Faize: They're Cardianon. They're the crew of this ship. Inhabitants of the eighth planet of the Arcturus system, Cardianon. Aliens, if you will. I've never seen one, either.

Reimi: That must be… the bridge?

Faize: ...Here we go.

[The ship's crew is attacked by Orcs-Lizardmen and brutally kills them on video.]

Edge: Good God...

Faize: ...The recording stops here. The bridge was destroyed, and the ship crashed immediately after.

Edge: I see...

Lymle: What's it mean?

Reimi: What… what happened...? What happened here...!? Tell me, Edge...!

Edge: Exactly what you saw. The Cardianon mutated into those lizard creatures and tore each other apart… Now they're rampaging all over this planet...

Faize: So it seems. This is a grave situation...

Reimi: What are we going to do, Edge?

Edge: (smirking and poking his finger at her forehead) Isn't it obvious? We're going to find the source of the disease. That's what we came here for, isn't it?

Reimi: ...Yeah. And we've got to save all of your people, right, Lym?

Edge: Yeah. Then it's settled. Let's keep on moving, people!

[They find a huge purple crystal.]

Edge: What is this thing...?

Lymle: It's all floaty and sparkly.

[Despite what Edge knows about the disease, he touches the crystal without single thought.]

Edge: A stone...? No, it's not... More like… no, not iron, either. What kind of material is this? I could swear I've… Reimi, Faize. Do you remember seeing anything like this before?

Faize: Could it be...? That time when we first met?

Edge: That's right! That's it!

[It's purple poop! Only this time it's huge!]

Reimi: Yeah! The meteor fragment we found on Aeos!

Edge: No doubt about it, this is the same stuff!

Reimi: But what's it doing on this planet?

Edge: Good question...

Lymle: Hmm… I'm bored. Nobody's talking to me.

[She slaps the poop and it starts to glow.]

Edge: What's that light?

Reimi: Lym, did you do something?

[You’re genius, girl.]

Edge: The symbol stone is reacting… Wait, could that mean...?

Faize: This is the source of the disease…

[And you touch this shit you moron!]

Reimi: Lym, try moving it a little closer to that thing.

Lymle: 'Kay.

[The poop is starting to absorb the stone. Lymle reads the emerging runes.]

Lymle: Symbological... power... eliminate... light... worldwide...

Edge: What… just happened...?

Lymle: ...That's kinda weird. Lutie's symbol stone didn't work.

[The poop is starting to produce stinking smoke.]

Reimi: Get away from it, you two!

Edge: Something's wrong! What the hell's going on?

[Smoke is formed into a shape of some kind...]

Reimi: An… angel...?

[No. It's a fucking crab monster.]

Faize: Such a grotesque angel doesn't deserve the name.

Edge: Amen to that!

[They kick the monster's ass to kingdom come. After his death, a ray of light turns all the Orcs-Lizardemen into stone and they fall apart into dust.]

Edge: What happened to it...?

Faize: It would seem we've failed to recover the source of the disease...

[The heroes return to Triom, but it is destroyed. Lymle runs to her grandfather, but doesn't find him at home - only his wheelchair.]

Faize: Apparently the bacculus patients mutated into terrible beasts. They lost all reason… attacking their families, the village… and finally…

[Junkie girl comes running to the village.]

Lutea: Lym!

[Lymle picks up a flower from the ground, which she brought to grandfather.]

Lymle: How many times did I tell you… They die if you don't water them… Grampa… I wasn't able to save you… I… I'm sorry, Grampa… I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

Reimi: Lutea...

Faize: We found the source of the sickness. However, we were unable to recover it... The symbol stone shattered, along with the source of the disease itself...

Lutea: I see… The patients started screaming and then turned to stone. Just as that column of light appeared... I was worried it might have happened here, too...

Edge: Column of… light? You think this happened because of a column of light?

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: No, it's because we failed.

Lutea: No... If the source had remained, more and more would have grown sick. Now you've destroyed it. Who would condemn such an act?

Faize: She speaks truth, Edge. That strange object was the cause of all this suffering. Perhaps we should make discovering its origins our new objective.

Edge: Lym… We're going back to the sky. We have to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. But… what do you want to do? You know, Lym, if you still feel the same as us… If you think of us as your friends, just like the way we think about you...and if you want to come along with us on our journey...

Lymle: I'm going with you! Lutie? I'm gonna come back as a master symbologist, 'kay?

Lutea: ...I'll be waiting.

[Heroes return to Culnus.]

Lymle: 'Kay, we're going to the stars!

Reimi: Lym seems to be feeling a little better now.

Edge: I don't think she's completely back to her old self yet. But… hopefully we can help with that.

Lymle: Drawing...drawing...

Reimi: ...Lym! Drawing on the floor is a no-no!

Edge: (to Faize) Analyzing the data already?

Faize: Well, there is much to ponder. And besides… I have to be doing something. We don't have much data about the object. The Cardianon's aim, however, I have discovered. You might call it… colonization by force.

Edge: In other words, invasion. Sounds to me like they don't deserve much sympathy. If those were their plans for—

Faize: What is it?

Edge: Oh, it just's that—it occurred to me I don't even know this planet's name. The name of Lymle's home world, I mean.

Faize: Hmm. Judging from the level of their civilization, it's possible they may not even have one.

Lymle: Lemuris.

Edge: Huh?

Lymle: Lemuris. That's what Grampa said. Lymle Lemuri Phi. That's my name. I got the world's name, 'kay?

Edge: Lemuris? Hmm...

Reimi: That's a really nice name, Lym.

Lymle: Thanks, I like it...

Faize: Edge… there's some data here I think might interest you.

Reimi: That's the Aquila...

Edge: Crowe… Who would've thought we'd catch his trail here, of all places...

Faize: What shall we do? I await your instructions, Captain.

Edge: I hereby issue new orders for SRF-003 Calnus. To further research the abnormal conditions on colonization candidate planet Lemuris, and to search for the lost Aquila... We set course for Arcturus VIII! Faize, you'll have the co-pilot's seat from now on.

Faize: Yes, sir.

Edge: Calnus, prepare for launch!

Faize & Reimi: Yes, sir!

Lymle: 'Kay, sir!


[The heroes fly up to Arcturus VIII, which looks more like a space station.]

Edge: So, this is the Cardianon home planet? It doesn't look like any planet I've ever seen...

Faize: Yes, more like a giant space fortress.

Lymle: It's all chunky and spiny and looks like it'd hurt.

Faize: However, our coordinates are correct. This is Arcturus VIII—Cardianon.

[The ship's shaking a little.]

Edge: What's happening!? Report!

Faize: The fortress is emitting some kind of magnetic field! We're being pulled in!

Edge: A tractor beam!?

Faize: We can't break free! ...Forgive me. If only I'd noticed sooner...

Reimi: Edge, they're not responding to communications.

Edge: Pulling us in without so much as a warning… That's not playing very nice.

Lymle: Edgie, are we gonna get captured?

Edge: Hey, look on the bright side—maybe we're guests!

Reimi: Guests. Right…

[Calnus is dragging it to the station.]

Faize: We've landed. No damage to the ship.

Edge: No welcoming party, huh? Either they don't think much of us, or they've set us a trap...

Faize: Their tractor beam is still in operation. I think we can safely say they've no intention of letting us go.

Edge: ...All right, here's what we're going to do. First, gather information on anything related to the Aquila or the mystery object on Lemuris. Second, deactivate the tractor beam and get the hell out of this fortress. Judging by their welcome, we may end up having to fight with Cardianon along the way, but... Let's hope that doesn't happen. That's all. Any questions? Great. Let's go.

[They're going outside. There's a warm welcome of cold steel waiting for them.]

Edge: I knew they weren't going to play nice with us...

Faize: It appears we have no choice. We'll simply have to proceed prepared for battle.

[They're leaving the docks. They were watched by a girl with huge breasts, on which the camera makes an obvious emphasis. The girl's clutching her fist in a rage.]

[Heroes are beginning to explore the endless identical corridors of the space station. It's so tedious and boring that they want to die.]

Edge: What is this...a morgue?

Reimi: ...Don't say things like that.

Faize: Edge… these Cardianon are in coldsleep.

Edge: Coldsleep?

Faize: I can't begin to imagine why, but most of the Cardianon must be in stasis here.

Reimi: Well, I guess that's why we haven't seen very many of them, huh?

Lymle: It's so cold in here… When you're cold, the best thing to do is get moving, 'kay?

[She stumbles over a frozen lizard.]

Lymle: Ouchie-ouch… It's mean to trip people, 'kay?

[Seeing it as a mutant lizard... sorry, Cardianon, she puts her hand up to smash its head with her baton. Edge stops the slaughter.]

Reimi: What happened, honey...? Wha!?

Faize: This… this is one of those lizardmen we fought on Lemuris...!

Edge: Did they mutate inside their capsules? Or did they mutate after they got out...? Hmm... Is this the same thing we saw happening on Lemuris...?

[There's a laser rifles shootout coming from somewhere.]

Edge: What the—!?

Faize: Whatever it is, it's coming this way...

Edge: Let's take a different corridor. We don't need any trouble we can avoid.

Reimi: Come on, Lym.

Lymle: ...'Kay, let's go.

[They say goodbye to the frozen lizard and find a computer.]

Faize: The Cardianon seem to be an even more vicious species than I thought. They've been forcefully taking over planets with undeveloped civilizations, one by one... It seems the invasion of Lemuris was only a small part of their plans.

Reimi: Faize!

Faize: I… I'm sorry, Lymle. That was insensitive of me.

Lymle: It's fine. I understand, 'kay?

Edge: In any case, we can hardly leave the Cardianon alone now, can we? We know what we have to do. I couldn't live with myself if we let something like the tragedy on Lemuris happen again.

Reimi: Well, before we can do anything, we need more information. How's it looking, Faize?

Faize: Yes… let's see if there's anything else...

Edge: Wait! Stop it right there!

Faize: O-okay.

Reimi: Edge, isn't that...

Edge: Yeah. It looks like the source of the disease on Lemuris. Faize, pull up detailed data on this thing.

Faize: ...I'm afraid I can't. The data's protected too heavily to break into. I can read the file name—"The Epiphanies of Guidance." But that's all I can access.

Edge: "The Epiphanies of Guidance"...? That doesn't tell us anything at all.

Faize: However… There seems to be something important inside this "Central Isolation Chamber," though I can't get any details.

Edge: Do you think...!?

Reimi: There might be another one of those objects there...!

Edge: All right, let's head for that isolation chamber!

[They go into the room and the doors behind our dull heroes slam. Guess walking around on someone else's ship killing guards isn't a good idea, is it?]

Edge: What?

Reimi: Edge! Over there!

Edge: Everyone, run!

[One of the doors closes slower than the others. Stupid heroes run over there and... they get trapped. What a surprise. They're beamed to a prison cell. There, the protagonist conquers new heights of stupidity and hits a solid stone wall with his sword.]

Edge: Damn!

[When he realizes he's done something stupid, he examines the sword for jagged marks.]

Edge: Well, that's sure not getting us anywhere...

Faize: This room must be protected by some sort of energy field. One that can render any attack powerless. I've actually been having Lymle here try her hand as well…

[Yeah, justify your stupid actions with magic fields all you want.]

Lymle: ...This is weird. I can't use my symbology.

Faize: As you can see, the field even disables symbology. That alone is impressive enough, but… We were transported to this room in an instant. That was matter transference—teleportation.

Edge: An energy field and teleportation… They're certainly not lacking for technology.

Voice: Thus is the wisdom granted to us by the Epiphanies of Guidance. It is useless to resist.

Edge: Who's there!?

Lymle: Huh? What's this floaty-floaty thing?

Faize: It would seem we've been scanned.

Edge: How embarrassing…

[What was she thinking, I wonder?]

Edge: Are you a Cardianon? Where are you!? How about you quit prying on us and show yourself!?

[A screen appears on the wall.]

Cardianon: Cease your bellowing, inferior being. You would do well to realize your place.

Edge: ...Are you the leader of this ship?

Cardianon: And what if I am?

Edge: 'Cause if you are, I've got something to ask you. What are these "Epiphanies of Guidance"? What was that thing that made such a mess on Lemuris—our friend's home!? Answer me!

[Perfect! Come on, open up your motives and knowledge and then you'll die faster. You're sitting in a cage, remember?]

Lymle: Edgie...

Cardianon: We, the Cardianon, shall be the rulers of this infinite cosmos. We have been blessed by the gods. All inferior beings will be eliminated.

Edge: What...!?

Reimi: (to Lymle) It's okay, honey. We're with you.

Edge: You're out of your mind! You think it's okay to cause pain because you're some kind of "superior beings"!?

Cardianon: We are merely implementing the natural laws of nature.

Edge: You bastard...!

Faize: If I may interject, you have not yet answered the key question.

Cardianon: What do you hope to gain from knowing the words of the gods?

Edge: The WHAT!?

Cardianon: Well, well. So, you are descendants of the Muah...

Faize: "Muah"?

Cardianon: Impurities are of no use to us. You, of Muan blood...

Edge: "Muan blood"...? Is he talking about us?

Reimi: ......

Cardianon: We issue a mandate. You will stop the steel giant.

Edge: Steel… giant?

Cardianon: You will instruct the steel giant to cease its destructive activities and surrender at once.

Edge: Hold on! What the hell is this "steel giant"?

Cardianon: An invader. It came here with an accomplice who escaped our grasp. Another descendant of the Muah like yourselves... In fact, he wore the exact same symbol as you.

Edge: You're saying he had the SRF emblem on him...?

Cardianon: We believed we had captured his ship, but apparently yours was merely a vessel of the same design. However, your vessel also bore precious specimens. Two, in fact. Thus is the will of the gods.

Edge: The same design… The same emblem...? So, he actually was here after all...

Faize: ...I think I finally understand the cause of all the damage we've seen on this ship. Everything is because of this steel giant's "destructive activities." It's no wonder the Cardianon paid us so little attention.

Cardianon: In any event, you are to be used as specimens. You will enlighten the giant before you are disposed of. Heed my words and instruct it immediately: Surrender at once!

Edge: ...Fine. You want some "instruction," huh?

Reimi: Edge!?

Edge: My name is Edge Maverick! I'm a friend of Crowe's! Listen, I have no idea who or what you are! But if you came here with Crowe... Don't hold anything back! Smash this ship to pieces! The Cardianon are insane!

Cardianon: We do not understand your actions.

[So do I.]

Cardianon: You will remain in confinement here until your punishment has been decided.

[The broadcast is coming to an end. Special Olympics record breaker turns to his friends and tries to apologize.]

Edge: Uh… sorry?

Faize: There's no need to apologize. Frankly, I feel relieved.

Lymle: You sure told him! Edgie, you're so cool!

Edge: ...Yup. Just like you, Edge. Though I do think you went a little bit overboard.

[You don’t deserve your friends, Edge.]

Edge: What these Cardianon are doing just isn't right. I know you would have acted the same way, Crowe…

[I highly doubt that. Nevertheless, Raimi looks at Edge with delight. Meanwhile, our booby elf is walking around the ship. She's got a staff in her hands - she must be a magician. At least she's got a magic breast.]

Booby Elf: ...?

[She runs away and hides. Meanwhile, in the prison cell, the heroes through a screen that is not clear who turned on, see someone destroy soldiers on the ship.]

Edge: What… what now!?

Lymle: I can't see!

Reimi: Wh-what is that...?

Edge: I don't know... But if I had to venture a guess, I'd say it's probably the Cardianon's—

Faize: "Steel giant"...

Lymle: It's coming this way!

[The prison wall collapses and the damn Terminator enters the room.]

Steel Giant: Greetings. I will be brief. I am Bacchus D-79, of the Morphus. Please come with me.

[...if you want to live!!!]

Edge: W-wait a minute! Just like that, you expect us to follow you?

Bacchus: Hmm... So you must be Mr. Edge Maverick.

Edge: Huh?

Bacchus: Your voiceprint data matches that of the call broadcast throughout this ship earlier. Let us go, then, Mr. Edge Maverick.

Edge: Just hold on a second, okay!? First, I want to say thanks for coming to help us… And next… there's something I need to ask you.

Bacchus: The thirst for knowledge always presents chances to gain insight. As a humble scientist, I would like nothing more than to answer your questions. However, our current reality does not permit leisurely conversation. Let us go, Mr. Edge Maverick.

Edge: Fair enough. I'll save the questions for later, Mr. Bacchus.

Bacchus: As you wish, Mr. Edge Maverick. Incidentally, please feel free to call me Bacchus.

Edge: Will do, Bacchus. Likewise, you can just call me Edge.

Bacchus: As you wish, Mr. Edge.

Edge: No, I mean… uh, never mind. So, where we going?

Bacchus: The central isolation chamber. There I can fulfill my duty.

Faize: Your… duty?

Bacchus: The objects known as the "Epiphanies of Guidance." It is my duty to put an end to them.

Edge: ...I see. Well, that's convenient.

Bacchus: Hmm...?

Edge: Ah, just, we need to be getting there ourselves.

[They keep wandering around the poorly designed ship and find a large room where the boss should be! Inside, they see a huge purple poop on a stand.]

Edge: It's bigger than the one on Lemuris...

Bacchus: So this is the Grigori. (reload his Metroid style gun) Everyone, please step back. I have never had an opportunity to destroy a Grigori before, but this should be sufficient.

Edge: Wha...? H-hey! B-Bacchus!?

Bacchus: Cover your ears.

[He shoot the poop and blows it to pieces.]

Bacchus: So the explosive power of a specialized warhead was sufficient. My calculations were correct.

Reimi: They must have been very, uh, precise calculations.

Edge: Well, anyway, our work here is done. Now the Cardianon will—

[One of the walls of the room is destroyed by an explosion.]

Edge: What's that!? It's the Cardianon from before...!

[Yeah, except he's sitting in a giant robot.]

Cardianon: (sees that there's no poop on a stand) Are we… too late...!? The last of our Epiphanies… You… you… inferior beings...! You shall have… no… forgiveness!!

Edge: Listen to me, please! The Grigori—the Epiphanies of Guidance—they're dangerous! The evolution they cause isn't natural! If you keep this up, you'll meet the same fate as your home planet!

Cardianon: We have become gods!

Edge: The Epiphanies of Guidance have made us gods! You're not becoming gods, you're becoming irrational monsters! Nobody should want that!

Cardianon: The Epiphanies of Guidance have made us "all" who are "one"! "All" who are "one"! We are gods… gods of the cosmos!!

Faize: It's no use, Edge! He's not going to listen to anything we say!

Edge: But… but—!!

Cardianon: Inferior beings! You shall be crushed unto duuuust!!

Bacchus: What is happening to him?

Reimi: Wait! This is...

Edge: Yes. What we saw on Lemuris…

Lymle: His body is getting all weird, 'kay...

Edge: Why… why did this have to happen... Damn it... Damn it! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!

[They go into battle with... uh... a chocolate dog with wings and guns on his back? Whatever. They win.]

Faize: Edge, we did it.

Lymle: ...Hey, how come Edgie's still mad?

Faize: Huh?

Reimi: Well, honey, I think Edge wanted to be able to save him, you know?

Faize: Edge truly is an impressive man, isn't he...

Lymle: ...I don't really get it. But I know those rocks are worse than the baddest bad guy. So I'm not gonna be mad at these people anymore, 'kay?

Faize: ...And you're just as impressive, Lymle.

Edge: Let's hurry to the reactor, people. We're gonna shut that tractor beam down and get out of here.

Reimi: Right.

Defeated Cardianon: Filthy inferior beings... We are taking you… with us...

[He throws a grenade and dies.]

Bacchus: Look out...!

[He covers the grenade with his body.]

Edge: Bacchus! Bacchus, are you all right!?

Bacchus: ...Operation level C... Repair feasible. I have slightly limited use of my left leg and right arm, but it is not a problem.

Lymle: You big dummy! I was so scared! ...But… thank you, 'kay?

Reimi: You saved our lives.

Bacchus: It is nothing to concern yourselves with. I have only done what should be expected of a comrade.

Edge: I see... Can you walk?

Bacchus: Locomotion may prove somewhat difficult… but I will manage.

Edge: Don't push yourself. Help me out here, Faize.

Faize: Of course. Y-you are indeed as heavy as you look...

Bacchus: Forgive me. I am in your debt.

Edge: Don't worry about it. You saved our lives; this is nothing.

Faize: I'm afraid he really is heavy...

Edge: That's the weight of our lives, Faize. Deal with it!

Faize: Believe me, I am...

Reimi: I'm finished here.

Faize: Me, too.

Edge: Then this… should do it!

Reimi: Generator shutdown confirmed!

Faize: And the tractor beam is down! It's a success!

Edge: Now what!?

Reimi: I don't know! We just shut down the generator, so there shouldn't be...

Bacchus: Allow me to investigate. Lymle, would you mind climbing down for a moment?

Lymle: 'Kay.

Bacchus: I have detected the activation of an emergency power system. A countdown to warp seems to have been initiated.

Edge: A countdown to warp? Huh?

Bacchus: It would appear to be an emergency evacuation system built into the Cardianon mothership.

Edge: Evacuation? To where?

Bacchus: I'm unable to locate the preset coordinates in my database. I believe it is uncharted space, to which no established routes exist.

Faize: And at this rate, we'll be taken along with it when the countdown ends.

Bacchus: Yes. And if we are cast away into such uncharted space, there is an exceedingly high probability that we will never be able to return.

Reimi: Wait, what...!?

Bacchus: Please do not worry. My search of our surroundings shows an emergency bypass up ahead. Please use it to escape and return to your ship.

Edge: Bacchus, you're not...

Bacchus: As you can see, my present condition will not allow rapid movement. Please forget about me, and go quickly.

Edge: D-do you really think we're going to leave you!?

Bacchus: With your assistance, I have successfully fulfilled my duty. I have… no particular regrets.

Edge: Wha—!?

Lymle: No, Bacchie! You're coming with us, 'kay!?

Bacchus: Please, don't concern yourselves. It's not as if I'm going to die.

Faize: Even if not, you'll still "never be able to return"… correct?

Edge: That might as well be death!

Bacchus: Mr. Edge, I believe you are the ranking officer among all those present. It is your duty to make a realistic decision for yourself and your crew. Please think rationally. What you see before you is nothing more than broken scrap. Feel free to cast it aside, without any feelings of guilt.

Reimi: No, don't be ridiculous! You aren't scrap to us at all! You sacrificed your own safety to save our lives... You're our friend!

Bacchus: Miss Reimi… No, it is not to be. Please release my hand, and hurry.

Reimi: No, I won't! We're getting out of here together, and that's final!

Lymle: I'm helping, too! I don't want to lose a friend… I would be so sad, 'kay?

Bacchus: Lymle...

Edge: You'd better just give up, Bacchus. Once my old childhood pal and this little girl here get going, there's really no stopping them.

Faize: I think it would be best if we all leave together, don't you? And I believe you said it yourself...

Edge: "Only doing what should be expected of a comrade," was it?

Bacchus: ......

Edge: This might get a little bumpy, but you can deal with it, right?

Faize: He's rather sturdy. I think he can deal with it.

Bacchus: You… what do you think you're trying to... Wha—!?

[Heroes drag him along and scratching the floor with his metal footplate. If these people think of someone as a friend, they won't let him go alive.]

All right, we're out of time! Make a dead run for the Calnus, people! And don't let go of our friend here!

Everyone: Yes, sir!

Bacchus: Between you and Mr. Crowe… (bump) I've certainly met some outrageous people lately… Not that I'm complaining...!

Edge: Just a little further! Keep going, people!

Lymle: 'Kay!

Bacchus: I am fairly… certain the… next bulkhead is… the last one...!

Edge: C'mon, this is it! The final stretch!

Lymle: Oh, no! It's gonna close!

Bacchus: Enough already! Put me down at once and go!

Reimi: I thought we'd been through this!?

Edge: Don't make us waste our breath with your nonsense, Bacchus! ...!?

[The door stops closing the road for our heroes is blocked by a booby elf.]

Bacchus: Why are you stopping!? You'll be trapped here as well!

Edge: Um, who are you?

Booby Elf: ...Hmph. You're not the red-haired man, after all…

[She turns her juicy ass to them and leaves.]

Edge: ...Huh?

Reimi: Hmm... I wonder who that was?

Lymle: It looks like she used a lightning symbol.

Faize: I don't think she was a Cardianon...

Edge: "Red-haired man"... Did she mean...?

Bacchus: I'm afraid I can only see the ceiling, and thus am at a loss to fully digest the current situation… But I believe we had best hurry.

Edge: ...That's right! Move it, people!

[Remembering that they MUST ESCAPE THE SHIP, the heroes return to Calnus and flies away.]

Lymle: It disappeared...

Faize: It warped, Lymle. Along with all the Grigori's secrets...

Bacchus: The Cardianon were conducting acts of aggression through use of the Grigori. That cannot be condoned.

Edge: But… if there were no Grigori, the Cardianon would have evolved normally. They wouldn't have invaded Lemuris. If there were no Grigori...

Reimi: The Grigori are gone. The Cardianon said it himself, remember? It was their final Epiphany.

Edge: Yeah, but...

Lymle: Edgie. Nothing like what happened to my home will ever happen again. That's all that matters, 'kay?

Edge: Lymle… You're right. I guess we actually were able to protect Lemuris this time.

Lymle: We were. I'm really glad.

Reimi: Edge, you haven't done a single thing wrong since you took command.

[It's such a blatant lie that I don't even know.]

Reimi: I think you should try trusting yourself, for a change. Just let yourself be Edge—good old Edge… okay?

[He has duties that he doesn't care about... let him watch Star Trek or something.]

Faize: You've got to be optimistic, right?

Edge: Yeah, we do. I'm counting on you guys, all right?

[While the fools are having fun and lying to each other about their achievements smart robot transmits intelligence to the base.]

Bacchus: ...Mr. Crowe. The friend of whom you were so proud truly is a straight arrow... Being with him and his crew... It makes warmth radiate throughout even my cold, steel body.

[Heroes continue to plough through the vastness of space.]

Faize: There's a gravitational anomaly ahead! It looks like... No, this can't be right! At this strength… it's a black hole!

Bacchus: The current situation is everything, Mr. Faize. Allow me, then, to explain the phenomenon of black holes appearing in deep space, along with my own theories about the matter.

Edge: Sorry, Bacchus, but save the lecture for another time. We have to concentrate on getting out of here! ...Reimi!

Reimi: Give me 30 seconds! I'm inputting the gravity changes for emergency warp.

Faize: Edge, look!

Lymle: It's really black and smoky...

Edge: Is that… the black hole!?

Faize: I've lost control of the Calnus!

Edge: Reimi!

Reimi: Too late! We won't make it!

[They're being sucked in by a black hole. Credits. Ugh... of course not. They arrive at... Earth. ]

Edge: We… survived… Is everyone okay?

Reimi: Yes… I think…

[By the way, this ship not only survive the black hole, but it also landed on its own, as the crew was lying unconscious. What the hell is they doing on this ship, anyway? Let it fly by itself and saving planets.]

Lymle: That was fun! It was all, "zap!" "boom!", 'kay?

Faize: What are we going to do with you, Lymle?

Bacchus: We were definitely caught in the black hole… Did we escape from its event horizon, then? No, I'm afraid that would be impossible. Perhaps it just happened to be a black hole with an ergosphere...? Hmm. I suppose, one might call it an escape through a type of wormhole... In any event, the fact that we escaped at all can only be called a miracle.

Edge: Impossible...

Bacchus: No, I'm certain my analysis is correct.

Reimi: No way...

Bacchus: Miss Reimi, you doubt me as well?

Reimi: This is...

Edge: Our homeworld...? Is this Earth!? ...Are we sure, then?

Reimi: Yes. The results are the same every time I check. The stellar coordinates are an almost perfect match. There's no question that this planet is Earth.

Edge: I see...

Lymle: What's wrong? This is Edgie and Reirei's home, isn't it? But… both of them don't look very happy about it...

Faize: I don't think it's so much unhappiness as it is bewilderment.

Bacchus: Indeed. Arriving at one's home planet under such strange circumstances would put anyone ill at ease.

Edge: That's not the whole problem.

Reimi: There are subtle discrepancies between this Earth and ours.

Edge: This isn't the most flattering part of our planet's history, but… A little before Reimi and I were born… the worst war in all of Earth's history occurred. The result was that the surface of the planet became terribly contaminated, and humans had no choice but to go deep underground. It's been the same situation ever since we were born. The polluted environment still hasn't improved. Of course, that was the very reason we looked to space.

Reimi: But there are no traces of pollution on the surface of this planet. Well, it's not quite accurate to say none at all. But it's still an environment in which humans could live. It's almost like the war that nearly destroyed our planet never even happened...

Faize: Indeed... The fact that something you took for granted suddenly no longer applies is somewhat troubling.

Edge: And there's another thing. The organization we belong to, the USTA... I can't get through to headquarters.

Bacchus: Hmm... Mysterious issues, all. Something unexpected may have happened here in your absence.

Reimi: ...Hmm? Ah...what is it, Lym?

Lymle: Everyone stop standing around and being all weird, 'kay? Let's go out. I wanna see Edgie and Reirei's home.

Reimi: What? Uh… umm... You see, Lymle—

Edge: ...All right.

Reimi: Edge?

Edge: The air outside seems breathable. I'm going out there to take a look. See if we can't find someone.

Faize: In that case, I shall join you.

Bacchus: And I as well. As a scientist, I am intrigued.

Lymle: Me too!

Lymle, you stay and watch the ship with Reimi, okay? Reimi, take care of Lymle while we're out.

Reimi: Gotcha... Hey! Don't do anything stupid, Edge.

Faize: Don't worry, I'll make certain of it.

Bacchus: Yes. You may count on me, too.

Edge: Uh… why are the two of you answering for me?

Reimi: I guess I won't have to worry if Faize and Bacchus are with you.


[They get out of the ship and into the classic American prairies, like in Nevada, for example.... There's an empty diner across the street. The heroes go in there.]

Edge: This place is deserted...

Faize: It sure is. And has been for some time, from the looks of things.

Edge: For now, let's split up and see what we can uncover. Report if you find anything.

[He picks up an old CHIME magazine from the shelf that parodies the famous TIME. The cover shows First Secretary Of USSR Nikita Khrushchev. It's a real cover from 1957.]

Edge: ...!? What..? This can't be...

Faize: Judging from the color degradation caused by ultraviolet rays, I'd say it's been abandoned for about three years. I suppose that's not particularly important, but...

Edge: Well, don't jump to conclusions, Faize. If nothing else, I just figured out when we are. The date on this magazine is too faded to read, but there was an article inside that caught my attention… "Two years after initial experiments, our country has at last perfected the ultimate doomsday weapon: the hydrogen bomb"… is what it says. If I remember my history, the first practical hydrogen bomb on Earth was developed in 1954. So basically, if you're saying this magazine is three years old… that would put us in the year 1957. In other words, we're on the Earth of nearly 150 years ago.

Faize: The Earth of 150 years ago? That… that's not even possible...

Bacchus: I'm not so certain, Mr. Faize.

Faize: Wha? Even you, Bacchus?

Bacchus: Mr. Edge. A short time ago I intercepted some radio waves, albeit weak ones.

Edge: Radio waves... Like, old broadcast radio?

Bacchus: The transmission was as follows: "Some days ago, the historic honor of launching the first artificial satellite slipped through our fingers, instead going to the Reds. This unfortunate occurrence has prompted the President to announce new plans for manned rocket missions, promising to put men in space before our rivals..." Mr. Edge, how would you interpret this information?

Edge: Anyone who's ever dreamed of going into outer space knows the story. The first successful launch of a man-made satellite was… The middle of the last century… 1957! No wonder we can't reach anyone. In 1957, the USTA wasn't even a twinkle in someone's eye. Honestly, I can't believe it… but with this much evidence piling up, I guess we have no choice but to face reality. The planet we made our emergency landing on may be Earth, but it's an Earth from almost 150 years in the past. Didn't you mention this sort of thing before, Faize? An error in mid-warp that can cause a ship to end up in another time entirely...?

Faize: No, this situation is somewhat different. That was brought about by the distortion caused by warping within the space-time continuum. The dangers associated with it are nothing more than arriving earlier or later on the standard temporal axis. If the theory we're positing here is true, it would be time regression. And such a thing is absolutely not possible. ...Though with the situation as it is, I hesitate to apply the term "absolutely"...

Bacchus: Hmm. If we posit that time regression has indeed occurred... It would mean we're now located in a space topologically distinct from that in which we were previously. In the current situation, I do not yet have enough information to say whether such a thing is even possible... But if the reality is that we now stand upon the past Earth, we have no choice but to accept it as fact.

Edge: So let me get this straight... We've been transported to the Earth of 150 years in the past. And we currently have no way of getting back… right?

Bacchus: If this truly is the Earth of another time, then yes. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to return.

Edge: Hmm… The only thing I can say for certain is this: It's pointless to keep standing around here. Let's return to the Calnus and review the situation together. Then we can decide what to do. What!?

[When the heroes come out of the snack bar, they see that their spaceship has already been approached by the military.]

Edge: The Calnus! Damn it! When'd they get here!?

Faize: They're quite well-regulated. I suppose they must be soldiers of some sort.

Bacchus: Even so, they've arrived much too quickly. They must have a base of operations nearby.

It would seem this was more than just a ghost town.

Edge: This isn't "let's swap theories" time! Reimi and Lymle are still inside!

Man: Wait. All they want is to capture the extraterrestrials inside. If nothing else, I can assure you no one will be harmed. I wouldn't go recklessly provoking them if I were you.

Faize: ...Who are you? You refer to us as "extraterrestrials" quite casually.

Edge: ...Are you with those soldiers over there? What do you people want from us?

Man: My… my name is Klaus Bachtein. You have to trust me. I'm your friend.

Edge: ......

Bacchus: Mr. Bachtein. I must request an explanation. On what grounds should we consider you to be our friend?

Klaus: Fair enough. But first, we must find a better place to talk. You'll all be found if we stay here. You see the house with the red roof over there? That's my home. Come with me. I'll give you the details there.

Faize: ...Edge, are you really going to trust him?

Bacchus: We must keep in mind that this may be a trap.

Edge: ...Or he might really want to help us. If nothing else, he presented himself to us unarmed. Besides… He has no idea who or what we are, yet he shows his back to us? That's not the kind of man I want to doubt.

Klaus: ...Thank you.

Bacchus: That is very like Mr. Edge.

Faize: Yes, I am truly no match for him.

[They go into a strange man's house. Before they get in, Lymle runs to Edge.]

Lymle: Edgie!

Edge: Lymle!?

Faize: Good grief. Please don't scare us like that. For a moment, I thought it really was a trap.

Bacchus: But still... What are you doing here, Lymle?

Edge: Yeah… weren't you staying in the Calnus?

Lymle: ......I'm sorry... It's all my fault...

Edge: ...What exactly happened, Lymle?

Lymle: Klausie...

Klaus: ...Allow me to explain.

[He says something to the heroes, but we didn’t see the conversation itself.]

Edge: ...I see. So that's what this is all about... Your country's army has troops stationed at a base here, and the ruined town serves to camouflage it.

Bacchus: Interesting. So the men surrounding the Calnus were indeed soldiers after all.

Faize: But… Lymle. Reimi was captured trying to protect you. While we're all glad Klaus rescued you, you shouldn't have been so careless as to leave the Calnus.

Lymle: I'm sorry... I was a bad girl, and now Reirei's gone...

Faize: W-well, I suppose there's little point in scolding you after the fact.

Lymle: But...

Edge: If you're truly sorry about what happened, that's more than enough. Not even Reimi would be angry with you, Lymle.

Lymle: Edgie...

Edge: Besides, I'm partially responsible for this myself. It was a mistake to split us up under conditions like these. I won't make that mistake again. Let's go, people. We're rescuing Reimi.

Klaus: It's nearly impossible to get into the base from outside. Why don't you leave this part to me?

Edge: ...What do you mean?

Klaus: We'll pretend that I've apprehended you, and that I'm bringing you in. That should allow us to get inside without causing too much fuss.

Faize: I see. Yes, that would certainly allow us to avoid unnecessary trouble. But one question remains.

Klaus: ...Which is?

Faize: What exactly is your motive for assisting us?

Klaus: ......

Faize: Forgive me, but you're far too knowledgeable about what's happening here. What if he hands us all over together? Are you that kind of man, Klaus?

Klaus: ...You have every right to doubt me. But even so, I want to help you...

Edge: All right. In that case, I'll leave our method of entry into the base to you, Klaus.

Faize: Edge!?

Edge: Klaus saved Lymle, after all. And Lymle isn't the kind of girl who would get this close to someone who couldn't be trusted. But more than anything else, I trust him. Like I said, he came to us unarmed, and he turned his back on us without hesitation.

Bacchus: It would appear you have lost again, Mr. Faize.

Faize: ...So it would appear, indeed.

Klaus: ...Thank you. You may have already suspected this, but the truth is, I once worked at the base myself, as a scientist. I was involved with research into a certain field. My field was...extraterrestrials, and the supertechnology they brought with them.

Bacchus: Mr. Bachtein, are you implying that the existence of extraterrestrials is known on this planet?

Klaus: Well, not by the public, of course. And that's exactly why the researchers must be having trouble controlling their excitement right about now.

Bacchus: Why would that be?

Klaus: It's not very often they get their hands on an unscathed ship like your Calnus...not to mention uninjured extraterrestrials. If they can understand your technology and make it their own, these people who once struggled in obscurity can suddenly become heroes. Two birds with one stone: Your supertechnology, their fame. They'll be able to go public. They'd do it without even stopping to consider how dangerous such advanced technology might be... What kind of scientist would accept a breakthrough handed to him on a plate? We need to catch up with you on our own, through our own abilities. To be honest, our species just isn't ready for your technology. So once you've rescued your friend, I want you to leave this planet as soon as possible. If I must have a motive… I suppose that would be it.

Faize: ...I see.

Klaus: Actually, there's one other thing I need to ask. As it happens, there's another extraterrestrial besides your friend who's being held captive in the base.

Edge: There are extraterrestrials on Earth other than us?

Klaus: Yes, a young girl named Meracle.

[There's a cat meowing at the window. It jumps from window to the room.]

Klaus: She has ears and a tail that look just like that cat's. You'll know her when you see her. I beg of you... Take Meracle back to her home planet... You have my word.

Edge: We'll do our best to get her home.

Klaus: ...Thank you.

[The heroes leave the house with Klaus and approach a phone on a pole.]

Bacchus: As per arrangements, from here on out, I will hold onto your weapons and conceal myself.

[He turns on invisibility.]

Lymle: Bacchie!? Bacchie disappeared!...Is that symbology!?

Bacchus: It's optical camouflage.

Klaus: think such advanced technology has been perfected...

Faize: I'll feel much safer indeed with Bacchus watching our backs.

Edge: No kidding.

Klaus: Excuse me for just a moment. I need to call in. (on the phone) ...It's me, Milla. Yes, I'm getting by. I thought I might cooperate with you today. I'm serious. Not being able to work convinced me that you were right.

Faize: Think they know each other?

Edge: Sounds that way to me.

Klaus: I've brought a little something we can use to continue our research together. That's right. I'd like permission to enter. A03. Understood. Get the entrance, would you?

[The entrance to the military base rises from the ground.]

Lymle: Wow… That… that was amazing!

Bacchus: Getting in alone would have been difficult indeed.

Klaus: The base is below. Whenever you're ready.

[After some preparations, the heroes enter the base. The second they go inside, the military is pointing their guns at them.]

Military Officer: We've been waiting for you, Professor Bachtein. Your presence here will undoubtedly speed the director's research along immeasurably.

Klaus: ...Milla hasn't changed, has she.

Military Officer: Certainly not, sir. Our sublime director continues her research for the sake of her country.

Klaus: ...I see you people haven't changed, either. This technology is beyond your understanding...

Soldier: I knew you would return, Professor. And hell, three more extraterrestrials? You're on a roll, huh? Weren't you the one who tamed that creature with the tail, too? Boy, sure is good to have you back, sir. Get inside, you aliens! Let's hope you prove to be of some use to us.

Klaus: (whispers to Edge) Sit tight while I get this room unlocked. Once you're free, hurry and rescue Meracle and your friend.

Edge: All right.

Klaus: There is one problem. This facility houses highly dangerous, experimental creatures. With the locks released, they'll be able to get out as well...

Edge: It's not going to be a problem. We'll use the panic to our advantage. Don't worry about us. We may not look it, but we've been through a lot worse. Please be careful, Klaus. Once you've released the locks, get out as soon as you can.

Klaus: Good luck.

Edge: You too.

[One of the military is pushed by something, but he doesn't give a damn about it. The heroes are brought into the cell. Bacchus goes inside too, still invisible. They've been sitting in a cell for a while. Soon, an alarm is sounding at the base.]

Loudspeaker: Emergency alert. Emergency alert. All holding room locks have been released. Test subjects may have escaped. All staff, shift to alert level A. Armed troops, prepare to engage test subjects immediately. I repeat. Emergency alert. Emergency alert...

Faize: Oh, my. "Test subjects may have escaped," huh?

Edge: Well, in that case, let's not disappoint them. Bacchus!

Bacchus: As you wish.

[He opens his... uh... trunk and heroes take out their equipment.]

Edge: Reimi… we're coming for you!

[Meanwhile, in the other room, we see that Klaus has arranged the sabotage. Soldiers caught him and apparently already beat his ass.]

Soldier 1: You've betrayed the director—and us—not once, but twice!

Soldier 2: Releasing the test subjects? What the hell were you thinking!? You'll kill us all!

Klaus: You're a little late... Think of all you've done… You knew this would happen… When you play with forces stronger than yourself… you… get bitten...

Soldier 2: Shut up!

[He kicks him with his foot and the glasses come off Klaus.]

Soldier 3: Hey! We have to recapture the test subjects!

[Soldiers are running away. Klaus holds an ocarina from The Legend of Zelda and remembers someone gave it to him.]

Klaus: Meracle… please… get back to space… We don't… deserve your...

[Heroes are looking for a cat girl, fighting not with the military and machinery, but with huge gorillas. Soon they found her - she was literally in the next cell.]

Meracle: (Nya!) Whoa! Finally, I'm out!

Lymle: Huh? But why would the door just, like, open?

Edge: Uh… I don't suppose you're...

Meracle: Hmm?

[Running off with crazy screams.]

Lymle: My… my ears hurt, 'kay...?

[And my brain.]

Edge: Do you think she's the girl Klaus was talking about?

Faize: I'd say so. She does fit the description.

Bacchus: She must have believed us to be her enemies. Hmm... This is not a desirable situation, Mr. Edge.

Edge: Yeah, this hallway is crawling with those test subjects. She'll be in serious danger if we don't protect her!

Lymle: Wait up, kitty!

Edge: Let's follow!

[She couldn't escape far. Heroes quickly find her because she was attacked... by a chimera standing on two legs with hands like a snake and a hawk. The designer of this beast was clearly using illegal substances.]

Meracle: Stay away!

[Edge is repelling a chimera attack.]

Edge: We'll take care of this! Just stay where you are!

[Naturally, girl cat falls in love with him immediately.]

Meracle: ...?

[Heroes defeat the Frankenstein’s monster.]

Edge: Are you all right? Uh… Meracle?

Meracle: ...?

[She runs up carelessly and kisses him in the cheek.]

Meracle: That was for rescuing me! Sorry for getting spooked and running off! My name is Meracle Chamlotte. Who are you?

Edge: E-Edge Maverick.

Lymle: I'm Lym!

Bacchus: Bacchus D-79.

Faize: My name is Faize Sheifa Beleth… Wha—!?

Bacchus: Hmm?

Lymle: That tickles, 'kay?

[She kisses everyone else. It's too bad there was no Reimi in this scene...]

Meracle: That was also for rescuing me! ...? Just my imagination? Why do you all smell like the Professor?

Edge: The Professor? You mean Klaus, right?

Meracle: Yeah! Oh, you must be the Professor's friends! Is he doing okay?

Edge: Well, actually, Klaus asked us to take you back to your home planet.

Faize: We're extraterrestrials, too. You can trust us.

Edge: Like he said. Come with us.

Meracle: I… I don't even know what planet I'm from.

Edge: You don't know… what planet you were born on?

Meracle: Nope. The first thing I can remember is being on a spaceship I'd never seen before.

Faize: ...Wait. So you mean you were stowing away, then?

Meracle: That's what they seemed to think. But they were all so nice to me. But then... We got sucked into a black hole and the ship was totaled... They pushed me into an escape pod and I survived. They all helped me get out of there before even thinking about their own safety... They were all such good people... Merry… Anyway, do you know if the Professor's here?

Bacchus: Mr. Bachtein brought us inside this base. However, we parted ways with him on the way here.

Faize: I imagine he's still inside the base.

Meracle: Then take the Professor into space with you, too!

Edge: Take Klaus?

Meracle: I got caught when my escape pod crashed on this planet. They locked me up and did all kinds of experiments on me. But the Professor was nice to me, so... I don't want to leave him here!
Faize: Well, uh… what do you think we should do, Edge?

Edge: Well… I can't make a decision for Klaus. We'll have to find out what he wants. Anyway, Reimi is priority one right now. We have to save her.

Meracle: If you're looking for someone, let me help you. You helped me, after all!

Edge: Huh? No, you don't ha—

Meracle: Let's go!

[They go into a huge hangar that makes it easy to accommodate a spaceship.]

Edge: The Calnus...!?

Faize: They must have brought it in while we were on our way here.

Bacchus: Their transportation technology is quite impressive… Hmm?

[They are surrounded by soldiers.]

Woman: Stop! Who told you to point guns at them? I am the chief director of this base. My name is Milla Bachtein. Welcome to our planet, friends from the stars.

Edge: So you're the one in charge of this operation, then?

Milla: Yes. I hope you will forgive my subordinates' disrespect.

Edge: Huh? No, uh… likewise...

Faize: Edge, did you hear what she said? She just called herself "Bachtein."

Edge: Ah! Are you...

Milla: Yes... Klaus is my husband. Or, rather, he was my husband. Foolish sentimentality kept me from changing my last name.

Faize: This could be… difficult.

Edge: Yeah...

Lymle: What's wrong, Merry?

Meracle: I… I don't like that woman!

Milla: I don't blame you for hating me... I'm not asking you to understand, but I had no choice.

Edge: ...You had no choice? What do you mean by that?

Milla: ......

Edge: We fought a lot of monsters to get here. You people call them "test subjects." And this girl… Meracle. She tells me you kept her locked up and that you did work on her, too. You made the decisions. You had a choice!

Milla: I understand that my work here might be considered inhumane. The guilt was what pushed Klaus to leave this place. But unfortunately, I have crossed the point of no return. There is something I must protect, no matter how much shame it brings me...

Edge: And what's that? Your professional name?

Milla: Certainly not. I must protect our planet Earth. The situation on our Earth is very different from the future you hail from. Our energy is nearly depleted. In fact… it may not even last for more than a few years.

Edge: W-wait a minute! You just said "the future"...

Milla: Despite the uniform, I am a scientist. Such a deduction is not beyond my means. Though I must admit, Miss Saionji's information was the key to making that deduction.

Edge: What have you done with Reimi? Is she safe!?

Milla: I assure you. I have not harmed her in any way. She seemed rather exhausted from her ordeal, so I've given her a room to rest in.

Edge: I… I see...

Milla: If you will allow me to continue. To solve the looming energy crisis, our world has its eyes on a certain type of energy. The most powerful force known to man... If you're from the future, I'm sure you know what that is.

Edge: The most powerful energy in 1957… Nuclear...!

Milla: Exactly. But what will come of relying on an energy source that could destroy the world? That's why I'm here. I seek a safer, more complete source of energy. I research extraterrestrial technology for the sake of that ideal.

Bacchus: That may be, but I cannot agree with your methods.

Milla: Yes, I understand. However… For the people of Earth… and… For the sake of all those yet unborn...

Faize: Wait, are you...?

Milla: The world in which you come from surely must have surmounted its energy problems long ago. Indeed, I am sure the people of your time live upon their Earth in perfect harmony.

Edge: ......

Milla: The people of this Earth need extraterrestrial technology. An energy source so perfect it brings with it no pollution...

Edge: A non-polluting… energy source...? What if… and I stress "if"... What if you had that power right now? Would this planet...

Milla: ...If we had that power, the planet would surely remain blue forever. That is what I and everyone else here wish for.

Edge: You're saying… we could change the future...?

Faize: Edge?

Edge: You're saying...the Earth could stay blue, stay beautiful...?

Milla: Absolutely… if you would but help us.

Edge: Supposing we can never get back to our own Earth… If we could make a better future...

Milla: Yes… a beautiful future.

Edge: ...All right. What do we have to do? How can we save this planet... How can we save this planet's future?

Bacchus: Mr. Edge! Do you understand what it could mean to alter the course of the future?

Faize: History could end up changing completely! Edge, this could affect you directly!

Bacchus: And it's not just you. Something may happen to Miss Reimi, as well.

Edge: I know… I know! But I also know what happens to Earth! My Earth… with its uninhabitable surface... That broken Earth is my home... And even if I could never go back there, this is the least I could do...

Faize: Edge...

Milla: Your ship—the Calnus, right? It's quite a wonderful vessel. I'm going to be as direct as I can. Will you allow me to analyze its control core?

Edge: Control core?

Faize: She must mean the exalithium crystal... It's true, they're an absolute necessity for the generation of mass energy...

Edge: ......Promise me this. You have to stop your inhumane research on extraterrestrials. If you encounter any more, you have to promise to work together with them. And most importantly, I need your word that you'll do nothing to contaminate this beautiful planet.

Milla: I wouldn't have it any other way. That is the very goal of our research.

Edge: We can trust you… right?

[She nods obediently and the moron gives her the main technology of his ship.]

Milla: Thank you very much. (to soldier) Ready the equipment. We will begin experiments immediately.

Soldier: Ma'am!

Milla: Please come with me.

Edge: What's in here?

Milla: Please, feel free to relax in here, along with Miss Saionji.

Edge: Reimi… she's inside?

Milla: Come, step inside.

[The moron still doesn't understand what a stupid situation he's in and walks into the room with his friends. The room is completely empty except for the table on which there is a naked Reimi covered with a rag.]

Edge: Milla! What did you do to her!?

[Naturally, the door behind them slams.]

Lymle: The room, it moved!

Edge: No way... Milla! What are you doing!?

Milla: Like I said before, I have not harmed Miss Saionji in any way. All I did was calm her down a bit... and she told me so many interesting things. For instance, Mr. Maverick, I learned that you and your crew came from the future. And about your antimatter engine...

Edge: You tricked us!?

Milla: That's not a very gentlemanly way to put it. If my experiments are successful, everything will be within our country's grasp. There will be no more need for inhumane research.

Edge: What!?

Milla: Of course we'll be happy to work together with those from other worlds… as their rightful rulers. We will rule them—and they will serve us. And rest assured, this planet will not be contaminated. We will no longer need to damage the Earth in order to destroy our enemies. (laughs)

Edge: No... Why...

Faize: Th-that's...!

Bacchus: That… looks like very bad news.

Lymle: Hey, what is that thing?

Bacchus: It's an antimatter reactor.

[Stupidity parade is not going to end. Heroes can't even think of being overheard. And of course Milla listens to all their wonderful conversations through the microphones installed in the camera.]

Faize: They're normally used with exalithium crystals to control pair annihilation, thus producing tremendous amounts of energy.

But that reactor is far too crude and primitive to function properly. Proper control of the pair annihilation will be impossible. An overload is inevitable...

Milla: (via loudspeaker) Well, aren't we being tart? I'd appreciate it if you didn't underestimate me. I built the ultimate system together with Klaus... and we are the brightest minds of the century. Yes… and our precious son is just the same... Ahh, Kevin... Our beautiful, beautiful Kevin... Mother is going to breathe new life into you now... and don't worry, I'm sure your father will join us…

[She means the reactor. Her whole monologue exudes such pathos and overplay that you want to cry... with laughter. The feeling when you were fooled by a mentally retarded is amazing, eh, Edge? She launches the reactor.]

Milla: I can hear you! I can hear your first cry… My beautiful son!

Faize: She's insane. She's been insane… all along...

Bacchus: What are we to do, Mr. Edge? If the reactor overloads, it will be the end of us all.

Edge: What am I… supposed to do...?

[First off - think before you do stuff. Edge approaches Reimi to check on her.]

Reimi: Edge...?

Edge: Reimi... Thank God...

Reimi: What happened...? ...That's right! I was captured, and then they—

[She stands up sharply and the rag covering her boobs falls off.]

Edge: ......

Reimi: ...!!

Edge: Reimi, no, I, uh, I didn't mean to...

Reimi: Edge, you perv!!

[She slaps him and I have a facepalm.]

Reimi: So all that happened while I was out...?

Faize: Even if we were able to stop the reactor, it's too late now. There's going to be a massive pair annihilation.

Lymle: What's going to happen to us?

Bacchus: The pair annihilation will reduce this base—no, the entire planet—to nothing more than formless energy…

Edge: Isn't there anything… anything we can do to stop it?

Faize: ...It's too late. We have no hands left to play.

Bacchus: They opened it themselves: a Pandora's Box they have no hope of closing.

Edge: But it's not… a box they could have opened alone... I let them open it... I gave them the key! It's all my fault...!

Reimi: No! Edge, you did it because you wanted to save the future!

Edge: That's no excuse at all! Look at what I've done! The Earth is going to be destroyed! It's all… it's all my fault...

Faize: ...Edge, this is not the time nor the place for you to be talking like that.

Edge: ...Faize.

Faize: You have a duty to perform. Don't leave it unfulfilled.

Bacchus: You have to make a decision, Mr. Edge. Not as a guilty man, but as a captain. Our captain.

Edge: Bacchus... We… we have to leave this place. Now... We have to get the hell off this planet!

[Great plan, dickhead! Meanwhile, Klaus doesn't find anything better to do then blow his ocarina.]

Meracle: I knew it... It's the sound of my ocarina!

Lymle: I don't hear anything, 'kay?

Meracle: No, I know that sound! I… I gave it to the Professor...

Reimi: The wall!?

[The prison wall's coming down. Here they are, the real military technology from 1957.]

Meracle: Check it out, everyone!

Bacchus: Hmm? Is that—

Faize: If we follow this walkway, we should be able to reach the Calnus!

Meracle: Professor? Where are you!?

Klaus: I'm here, Meracle.

Meracle: ...Professor!

Klaus: Meracle… I'm glad you're safe. And I'm happy to see you well.

Meracle: Professor, you look like you've lost some weight.

Klaus: ...Oh?

Meracle: ...Professor?

Klaus: Meracle… return to space. Return to space with your new friends.

Meracle: If I'm going, I'm going with you!

Klaus: I can't, Meracle. It's Milla... There's something I have to tell her.

Meracle: ...Professor? Wait... Professor!

[He takes the elevator downstairs. Milla, meanwhile, takes great pleasure in his mental illness.]

Milla: Kevin... Klaus...

Meracle: Professor! Professor!!

Edge: ...Meracle, we have to go.

Meracle: No! Let me go! The Professor's coming, we're leaving with the Professor!

Edge: We have to run... We have to go!

Milla: Klaus...?

Klaus: That's enough, Milla. Please, understand... Kevin wasn't your fault. I'm sorry I left you when you were in such pain... But we both know our son wouldn't have wanted this. Let's make that boy's dream a reality. Let's work towards friendship with all extraterrestrials. And let's do it through our own abilities. Not through technology beyond our means...

Milla: Yes, that sounds wonderful, Klaus. I'm sure that would make him happy...

[Neither Klaus nor our heroes think to stop the reactor. Instead, they run to their ship... but you gave the core to Milla!]

Edge: Meracle!

Meracle: ...Edge, I...

Edge: Meracle, come on! Get over here!

Meracle: I… I'm staying here with the Professor. I don't… I don't have any other friends...

Edge: You do! We're right here!

Meracle: ...Huh?

Edge: You have friends… Right here!

Meracle: ...Edge.

Edge/Klaus: So come on! We have to go back to space!

Meracle: Professor…

[She whines and runs to the ship, under which the abyss has already opened. The girl cat jumps without warning of her stupid act, but Edge can barely catch her.]

Edge: Meracle!!

[Home planet of heroes - Earth - dying in agony. Millions of lives will be lost. The past, already not so bright, has become even scarier and darker. But most importantly, the girl cat has friends now. Let's be happy for her.]

Meracle: Professor… I… I finally made friends… I found myself some new friends, Professor...

[The heroes go inside the ship.]

Faize: ...No good. Without an exalithium crystal... We can't escape this gravitational field with our normal engines.

Reimi: No… we made it this far...

Edge: Is this… the end!?

[A cat girl in despair touches her necklace and then she gets the idea. We see a flashback. Meracle plays on her ocarina. Klaus is sitting next to her.]

Klaus: Just wait a little longer, Meracle. I'm going to get you back home, to space.

Meracle: But you'd be lonely if I left, wouldn't you, Professor? After all, you don't have many friends… So… Here, Professor.

[She gives him her ocarina.]

Meracle: Whenever you get lonely, you can use it to remember me, okay?

Klaus: Well, then let me give you this in return.

Meracle: Wow, wow! It's such a pretty pendant...

Klaus: Let it guide your way into space. One day, I'm sure it will be of use to you...

[Flashback ends. Cat girl runs up to Faize.]

Meracle: Hey… you don't think this would help, do you?

Faize: What do you expect us to do with a pendant...? ...Wait! It can't be... Where did you get such a high-density— Yes, with this, we could...! Edge! Make preparations for warp!

Edge: But—!

Faize: We have one! An extremely high-density exalithium crystal! I've never seen anything like it!
Warp engines online! We can leave on your order!

Reimi: Amazing... I've never seen this kind of power!

Bacchus: How fascinating. I'd certainly like to study this in detail when we have time.

Meracle: Thank you… Professor… Come on, let's take off!

Lymle: Edgie!

Edge: Calnus, engage!

[They're flying away quickly from a dying planet. Earth, meanwhile, explodes.]

Faize: Coordinates, star systems... I've cross-referenced 147 categories of data. There's no question we've returned to the time period we originally came from. We managed to make it home.


Bacchus: This is mere speculation, but the spatial collapse may have served to thrust us back to the time from which we came. Unfortunately, I cannot be certain. To speculate further... We extraterrestrials are one thing, but given the fact that you two Earthlings have not vanished from existence... Perhaps that planet existed in a different dimension... An alternate Earth that was not your own.

Reimi: That would mean...!

Edge: I saw it just before we entered subspace… Earth twisted… and disappeared in a flash of light... 4.6 billion years... After having miraculously survived for 4.6 billion years... It was annihilated… in a single instant... Just like that. So… so simply…

Faize: A pair annihilation overload cannot be stopped. Nobody… nobody could have prevented what happened.

Edge: (screams) Oh yeah? You know how it could have been prevented? If I hadn't started it in the first place!

Reimi: No, Edge, that's not true!

Lymle: Edgie!

Meracle: Edge, you did your best!

Edge: Don't try to console me, damn it! (punches the buttons responsible for the ship's control) Who cares if it wasn't our Earth? It doesn't even matter… It's gone, either way… You get it!? It's all gone forever! My bad judgment pushed those people over the edge! The Earth was annihilated! Every last speck! Everything!
Everything!! People! Children! Animals! Towns and houses and everything! Everything! Everything! Everything, everything, EVERYTHING! (roar and cry)

Lymle: Edgie, please stop! Stop, 'kay?

Edge: I didn't go into space for this… I went for mankind's future… its happiness… Damn it all!

Bacchus: Mr. Edge, the responsibility isn't yours alone.All of us were at fault here.

Faize: Yes… Bacchus is right. None of us were able to prevent this from happening… Please, Edge...

Edge: If I hadn't been there… If I hadn't handed over our technology...

Meracle: ...Edge, if you really mean that… then what about me? I… I finally made some new friends… You asked me to come with you, but...

[She starts crying.]

Lymle: Merry…

[Edge is going crazy with guilt He screams in pain. At least he understood that he fucks up.]

Bacchus: I've entered the coordinates for our course to Roak. Mr. Edge, we can leave on your order. ...Mr. Edge?

[Edge is sitting in his chair with a gloomy expression on his face.]

Reimi: Calnus, departing for Roak… Engage, please.

Faize: Right.

[Culnus is slowly sailing the space ocean. The mood of the team is very depressing. This is the perfect moment for the stupid bitch Welch to shows up.]

Welch: Yoo-hoo! How's it goin', folks? Welch Vineyard, at your service!

Meracle: ...!? Wh-who the heck!?

Lymle: Hi there, Welchie. You're all 2D today.

Welch: Hi yourself, pipsqueak! Lookin' cute, as always! ...Ohh? What… what's this!? I turn around for a minute and now you've got a cat!? And not just any cat, apparently! I mean, look at those ears! Ee-yow! I feel like I just walked into an anime convention!

Meracle: What the heck is she talking about...?

Lymle: This is just how Welchie is, 'kay?
Reimi: ...Welch… right?

Welch: You got that right, sister! So how've you all been? I've been tryin' to get through to you guys forever!

Reimi: You couldn't… get through to us?

Welch: Yeah! Where'd you all run off to, anyway? ...Huh!? W-wait a second, don't tell me...! Are you and Edge getting all cozy with each other behind my back!? Now, now, now... You two should know better than to keep secrets from Auntie Welch! C'mon, spill the beans! I want every juicy detail!'d you get past the whole "childhood friend" thing? ...Huh!? W-wait, don't tell me it's the cat...

Reimi: Sorry, Welch, we're kind of busy right now. Talk to you later.

[She turns the stupid bitch off fast. Thank god.]

Faize: If Welch contacted us, that means... Yes. Bacchus's hypothesis was correct. It would seem we were in a different dimension, after all.

Reimi: Your homeworld has not been destroyed. In this universe, your Earth still exists. Did you hear that, Edge? Earth is… our Earth, it's safe!

Edge: Is that supposed to make me feel better...?

Reimi: What...?

Edge: It doesn't change the fact that the other Earth was destroyed… It doesn't change the fact that I destroyed it...

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: Billions of people have died, but you're all happy because we're safe? That makes us no better than the Cardianon!

Faize: That was… Look, it couldn't have been helped.

Edge: If only I hadn't handed over the exalithium crystal...

Faize: How can you continue to go on like this!?

Bacchus: Stop it, both of you. ...I know how you feel. My immaturity once caused me to lose much while I was attempting to fulfill my duty as a Morphus. I have experienced much agony and regret. And yet I have never found a complete answer. But I live with the belief that one day, I will find that answer. ...Mr. Edge. You may have much worry and regret, but keep moving forward nonetheless. If you let it hold you back, you will simply moulder away.

Reimi: Lym!

Faize: The ship! We're under attack!

Reimi: Attack!? But why would anybody—

Bacchus: Forgive me, Miss Reimi. I'm afraid to say... I was somewhat careless.

Faize: Putting it up now!

Reimi: Faize, can you check their ship's registry?

Faize: They're… not registered! It's not from Earth or from Eldar!

Bacchus: I'm detecting a strong energy burst! We can't dodge it!

[The enemy ship is firing on Calnus.]

Bacchus: What's that!?

Faize: That… that ship... It's from the 13th Independent Armored Division... An Eldarian vessel.

[Broadcast from enemy ship turns on. We see a man with grey hair that we've met before.]

Creepy Man: You're those civilians from back on Aeos, aren't you.

Reimi: Hey, he's that… Ah… you have our thanks for rescuing us.

Creepy Man: I'm only chasing my prey. If you get in the way, I'll shoot you down, too. Stay out of this if you value your lives, amateurs.

Faize: I wouldn't take it personally. The 13th Independent Armored Division aren't exactly known for their kindness.

Reimi: But still… what do you think that black ship was?

Bacchus: That I cannot say, but I can say what we must do next. Damage may be light, but nevertheless, we have sustained an attack. We must check the ship and perform maintenance.

Reimi: I suppose that gives us another reason to land on Roak. Are we able to navigate?

Faize: The attack produced a slight alteration in our course, but it should be easy enough to correct.

Reimi: Please take care of it. Very well... Let us continue toward planet Roak.

[They're flying up to a new planet. Edge continues to be in a grim mood and does not communicate with the team.]

Faize: Preparations for landing on Roak complete. Your orders, Captain. ...Edge. Your orders.

Edge: ......

Reimi: ...I judge the captain to be unfit for command and hereby exercise my rights as second ranking officer. Henceforth I assume command of the Calnus as acting captain. Are there any objections?
Edge: I don't object… but… Do we really have to land on Roak?

Reimi: Our reasons for landing are all valid. ...Bacchus, if you will?

Bacchus: Our new exalithium crystal is putting too much stress on the ship's generators. It will take no small amount of time to recalculate our energy conversion matrix. Upon landing, we must put the ship's systems into sleep mode to complete the recalculation as quickly as possible.

Faize: And don't forget checking the ship and performing maintenance duties.

Reimi: And above all, our original SRF mission takes utmost precedence. Investigating habitable planets is the reason we began our journey in the first place.

Edge: But...

Reimi: ...That is all. Begin the landing sequence.


[Heroes come to the surface of another planet that is no different from Earth and begin to explore it. They notice a woman riding a pink bunny.]

Reimi: What's that?

Lymle: It's a big huge… rabbit?

Meracle: It was so round and meaty... Didn't it look yummy?

Reimi: It must be easy for it to navigate these mountains. I'm envious. Don't you think so, too, Edge?

Edge: ...Sure.

Reimi: ...Let's get moving.

Lymle: Rabbie, wait up, 'kay?

Meracle: Hold on! I just want one teensy-weensy bite...

Faize: Edge?

[Faize and Edge are leaving. Reimi goes after them, but she stumbles like she's stepped in shit.]

Reimi: Wh-what the...?

[Without giving it meaning, the heroes continue to explore the new planet. Soon they enter a rather large medieval town. In general, by now all the architecture we saw resembled the Middle Ages without even the slightest hint of an extraterrestrial. Some monks enters the city, there's no other way to describe them.]

Faize: What a strange manner of dress.

Bacchus: (The townspeople seem to be ignoring them.)

Edge: Who cares? They don't have anything to do with us.

Reimi: ...True.

[Reimi's grabbing her leg - it looks like it hurts.]

Edge: ...You okay?

Reimi: Y-yeah… I'm fine.

Edge: Be careful.

Reimi: ...I'd better stay sharp. What was that?

Meracle: It sounded like someone said "aaaah." Was it a scream?

Faize: Hmm... For a scream, I'd say it lacked a sense of urgency.

Voice: (mockingly) Oh dear, oh dear. Please stop. Somebody, save me.

Bacchus: I've verified that the source of the voice is located up ahead. I'm detecting a number of life signs in its vicinity.

Meracle: I knew it was a scream!

Reimi: Edge!

Edge: ......

Reimi: Regardless of the situation, we can't ignore a cry for help.

Edge: But I... I...

Voice: (mockingly) Somebody, please save me.

Reimi: Unhand that woman!

[Three masked men lead a girl who looks like an angel. The men take the swords out of the sheath.]

Bacchus: What cowards...

[Suddenly, Edge runs out with a sword in his hand and a wild scream.]


[He attacks the men, takes advantage of the moment and grab the girl.]

Edge: I'm not… I'm not supposed to be doing this! But... Damn it! (to the men) ...Get outta here. I'm telling you to get lost! Just go!!

Bacchus: Are you sure it was best to let them go? Should we not have at least turned them over to the authorities on this planet?

[Realizing he's done another stupid thing, Edge falls to his knees.]

Edge: What the hell am I doing!? No contact... No interference... That's what I swore...

Reimi: Edge...

Lymle: If someone asks for help, you help. That's just the way you are, 'kay? So why do you look like you want to cry, Edgie? You haven't done anything bad.

Faize: ...You know, if only Edge could think as simply as you, Lymle.

Lymle: Mmrgh... Are you making fun of me?

Girl: Oh dear, whatever am I doing? Me and my manners. I haven't even thanked you for rescuing me yet... My name is Sarah Jerand. I appreciate your help.

Lymle: They… they moved! Those are real wings!

Meracle: Ohhhhh… chicken...! So yummy...

Sarah: No, no, no. I can assure you, I'm not chicken. Nor am I yummy. I see. So you're all on a journey together. Well, I must say, I'm so fortunate you came to my aid.

Edge: ...Please just stop.

Sarah: Pardon?

Edge: I didn't have any intention of saving you... I didn't mean to get involved...

Sarah: But the end result is that I was rescued, right? I really, truly must give you my thanks.

Edge: ......

Sarah: ...Oh? Hmm...

Reimi: I-is there something on my face...?

Sarah: My, my, my. I've just remembered.

Faize: You remembered? What did you remember?

Sarah: Yes… Reimi and Edge, did you say? I was just thinking that I'd seen your faces somewhere before. Then I remembered—it was at the Purgatorium.

Bacchus: Well, now. This sounds interesting indeed.

Sarah: Yes… the Purgatorium is located in the northwest of this continent. It's the most historic structure there is. Oh, my. Are you a giant? What a large man you are.

Bacchus: ...Blast!

Sarah: Good heavens. The giant suddenly disappeared.

Faize: You're a little slow on the uptake… both of you.

Reimi: So… what did you mean when you said you've seen us before?

Sarah: The stone statues in the Purgatorium. They're statues of the Muah, you see, but they look very much like you.

Faize: "Muah"...?

Sarah: Some say the Muah are our ancestors, but now they're like ghosts... Nobody even knows if they exist anymore. You can't tell the history of this land without mentioning the Muah. There's even an entire continent named after them.

Faize: Muah... Ah, yes. I remember now.

Reimi: ......

Faize: I believe it was the Cardianon who referred to Edge and Reimi as "descendants of the Muah."

Edge: ...Yeah.

Faize: If the Muah and Earthlings are somehow connected, do you think Roak might be involved as well?

Bacchus: (I see... Yes, that would seem to be a possibility. If that is the case, we may be able to get closer
to the origins of both Earth and Roak.)

Faize: Yes. Just thinking about it gets the blood racing!

Lymle: Faize, you kinda look like Edgie right now.

Sarah: How about it? I think it'd be worth our while to investigate this Purgatorium.

Edge: ......

Faize: Edge… Reimi?

Reimi: Yes… you're right… I suppose I'll have to face it eventually...

Sarah: So, are you all planning to go the Purgatorium? If so, I'd like to accompany you on your journey. You rescued me. Won't you let me repay you by acting as your guide?

Lymle: Oh? Are you gonna come with us, Sarrie? Yay!

Meracle: If the chicken—I mean, Sarah—is coming, then count me in, too.

Sarah: Oh, my... Lym seems very nice, but Merry, you're a tad scary...

Faize: Well, how about it? It sure would be helpful to have a local to guide us.

Reimi: Yes, that's definitely true...

Edge: Forget it! We can't travel with anyone from this planet! Absolutely not! Right now I may not be in command, but that is one thing I will not allow!

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: We don't intend to have any more contact with you people. So… if you're done here, please, just go away.

Faize: Edge, don't you think you're being too hard on her?

Edge: ......

Faize: Whatever our initial reasons, it is we who made first contact. And Sarah is clearly motivated only by kindness.

Sarah: No, no, don't concern yourself with me. But please, do allow me to be a busybody about one thing… If you don't ride a bunny, there's no way you can get to the Purgatorium.

Faize: A "bunny"...? Are you serious?

Sarah: Some nomads are camping outside the town right now. Why don't you go see them about the bunnies? Maybe they can help you. Very well. Take care of yourselves.

Reimi: ...Let's go.

[Heroes go to the camp of the nomads.]

Faize: Well, here we are. Time to find out about these bunnies...

Reimi: Yeah. She said "ride," so I assume they must be pretty big...

Meracle: I know, I know! Bunnies… they're fluffy, and round, and yummy-looking!

Sarah: Fluffy?

Reimi: Wait... You mean like that pink thing we saw in the mountains?

Meracle: Yup! That was a bunny!

Reimi: Umm, excuse me? Do you think you could tell us about bunnies?

Nomad: ......

Lymle: Mmrgh... I have no idea what he's saying, 'kay?

Faize: Meracle, can you make it out? If this is your home planet, it's possible that—

Meracle: No, I can't understand a word.

Bacchus: (My Morphus translator is of no use, either. This language structure must be quite ancient indeed.)

Faize: I guess we're stuck...

Woman: Visitors? Oh, it's you people!

Faize: You're that girl from...

Woman: Yes. You all wear such unusual clothes, I remember you well. I'm sorry. My grandfather can only speak the ancient tongue. But I can translate, so feel free to ask anything you like.

Reimi: Well, we're trying to get to the Purgatorium... Someone we met in town told us we had to ride on a bunny to get there.

Woman: It's true. The only way to cross the desert of quicksands is astride a bunny.

Meracle: So, can we have one? I won't eat it!

Faize: Eat it!? Of course you won't eat it!

Woman: I'm sorry, but I can't let you have our bunny.

Lymle: Why not?

Woman: We consider him to be an important member of the family. He's been with us since he was a baby, after all. You can't just go handing your family over to strangers, can you?

Faize: Of course not... I hope you can forgive us for making such a flippant request.

Woman: You're a serious one, aren't you? Don't worry. My grandfather isn't angry, and neither am I.

Faize: I'm glad.

Lymle: But what are we supposed to do now?

Woman: Hmm... How about trying to capture a field bunny?

Meracle: A field bunny?

Woman: Wild bunnies that live in the forests near here. If you can catch one, you'll have your very own mount.

Faize: Is that even possible?

Woman: Yes, of course it is. Even mine was a field bunny once, you know. Here, let me show you.

[She waved her hand and a pink rabbit came out of the air.]

Woman: Everyone, this is my bunny. Usually, I let him run free in the wild; I only call him when he's needed. He's the first bunny I caught as a child, and he's still a very important friend to me. All right, now run along and play for a while.

Reimi: Is this like the summoning symbology Lym uses...?

Bacchus: (Not quite, Miss Reimi. This is somewhat different.)

Woman: Hmm? Did you just hear a voice?

Faize: Uh, um… well, you see, Reimi, summoning is actually a sort of contract, so to speak.

Reimi: Contract?

Only a few particular beings from other worlds can become subject to those contracts. Lymle can only summon one specific creature, right?

Reimi: Now that you mention it, it is always Cerberus...

Faize: The power she just used isn't summoning. It's more like...transference. She can freely move any object she wants to another location. Take warp travel. By compressing space, you can reduce the time it takes to travel a certain distance... But as that distance grows, so does the time it takes to cover it.

Reimi: Faize, no! You can't start talking about warp or—

Faize: But that is not how transference works. Transference breaks down the actual data of a physical object, then reconstructs it at any desired location. In other words, the transfer of matter can be accomplished in the blink of an eye… nearly instantaneously! Even we Eldarians haven't managed to achieve that. However, it's much more difficult coordinating transfers for small objects than it is for more massive ones. Considering all that... Achieving transference with just a single symbol is astonishing. That's really the only way I can put it.

Woman: I've never seen anyone get so excited about this technique before.

Faize: Can all of you use this ability?

Woman: The technique has been passed down through the ages among our tribe, and it's our duty to continue to do so.

Reimi: Is there a particular reason for that?

Woman: I'm afraid… nobody really knows.

Reimi: Nobody?

Woman: No... All I can say is that our people have always been called "The Openers," and that this technique has been with us for generations.

Faize: "The Openers"… you say?

Woman: Nobody remembers why we bear the name... Not even my grandfather and the other elders.

Faize: ...What's this?

Woman: Reins for riding a bunny. As long as you have these, you shouldn't have any problem taming one.

Reimi: Can we really accept something so precious from you?

Woman: Of course. All we have to do is make another. This will be a huge help. Thank you so much.

Faize: So, with regards to the transfer technique...

Woman: I'm sorry, I'm afraid we can't teach it to outsiders. But if you were to join our tribe...

Faize: ...I'll certainly give the matter consideration.

Reimi: Well then, we'll be going now. Thank you so much for all your help.

Woman: Ah… wait a moment, would you?

Faize: Yes? This is… one of the cloaks the members of your tribe wear...

Woman: As long as you have it on, the field bunnies shouldn't be as wary of you. I think this particular cloak would fit you best. I wish there were enough for all of you, but right now this is the only one we have...

Faize: Are you certain? Not just the reins, but this cloak as well?

Woman: We receive the benefit of much goodwill on our travels. The least we can do is repay those favors, don't you think?

Faize: That's a splendid way of thinking. It would be disrespectful to refuse such an offer. (he puts the cloak on) ...How is it?

Woman: ...Well, I can't say it's very flattering...

Lymle: What took so long, Faize? ...Huh? What's that weird thing you're wearing?

Faize: It was a gift. They were such a rustic and friendly people.

Lymle: You look really bad in it, 'kay?

Faize: ...The girl told me the same thing...

[Heroes are reaching the habitat of pink bunnies...]

Lymle: All right, we're gonna catch one, 'kay?

Meracle: Big and meaty and round and yummy-looking...

[They're running away and Reimi starts wobbling - she's got serious leg problems.]

Reimi: Wait… ah...!

Edge: R-Reimi!? What's the matter, Reimi!? ...Reimi!

Lymle: Reirei, are you okay? Reirei?

Meracle: ...She's got, like, a terrible fever! What are we gonna do!?

Edge: Reimi, don't tell me you've been sick all this time...

Reimi: I'm… fine. It's nothing… serious...

Edge: We need to get back to Tatroi. There should be a doctor there. C'mon!

[Meanwhile, Sarah is dreaming about her city being attacked by zombies led by an evil fog. The houses around them are burning. The fog laughs angrily.]

Sarah: That same dream again. Having it night after night certainly does take its toll… I wonder... Is my neighbor having a nightmare, too...?

[Heroes bring Reimi to a house and put her on a bed.]

Edge: Reimi...

Reimi: I'm so sorry...

Edge: Huh?

Reimi: Please… forgive me... It's my fault… I'm

Edge: What...? Reimi, what are you saying!? You don't have anything to apologize for!

Reimi: Please… don't look at me...

Reimi: Don't look at me… like that…

[She's got a fever. She's delusional.]

Edge: Reimi, hey!

Faize: Please, Edge, try and take it easy. Reimi isn't apologizing to us.

Bacchus: I imagine she's apologizing to something in her dream. Judging by her condition, she must be having a terrible nightmare.

Meracle: Hang in there, Reimi. We're here with you, okay...

Lymle: Reirei...

Meracle: Edge… something's wrong with her!

Lymle: Reirei's hand... It's so hard!

[Looks like she get bacculus on Lemuris. Her hand is petrified.]

Edge: Wha...!? Wait, don't tell me… Is it… bacculus!?

Lymle: I don't want Reirei to end up like Grampa, 'kay!?

Bacchus: ...No, this isn't bacculus. This disease is endemic to Roak.

Edge: ...Endemic to Roak?

Bacchus: It is called stone sickness, and you can see why. It spreads from the extremities to the internal organs, eventually causing death.

Bacchus: How do you know so much about this? I went through quite a lot in my younger days. But there is no cause for concern; stone sickness has a—

Sarah: Yes, a remedy. She'll be just fine if we give her some.

Bacchus: Indeed. Stone sickness was at one time an incurable disease, but a treatment does exist now.

Sarah: Let's go to Astral Castle via the canal barge. I'm sure we'll be able to find the remedy there.

Edge: Oh, really...? Thank goodness. ...Huh?

Lymle: ...Sarrie?

Meracle: Wh-what are you doing here!?

Sarah: I'm staying in the next room over, you see. I wondered what was going on, so I came here, and... What a wonderful reunion! Hmm...

Edge: It's already that bad...?

Sarah: Oh dear. The symptoms are quite advanced.

Meracle: C-can we cure her?

Sarah: Yes. It's just as I said before. If you have the remedy, she'll get better in no time.

Meracle: I'm glad...

Sarah: I think she must be exhausted, in both mind and body. She's so cute, but she pushes herself too far, doesn't she?

Edge: Exhaustion...? Reimi… It's my fault yet again… If only I had kept myself together, Reimi wouldn't have…

Sarah: If you've time to waste on regret, use it to act instead.

Edge: ...Huh?

Sarah: The only person that regret benefits is yourself. But if you act, others can benefit from your actions. Doesn't that sound good? I borrowed the saying from someone I respect.

Edge: Faize...

Faize: If you feel responsible for what happened to Reimi, I believe now is the time to make a decision.

Edge: Let's go, then… to Astral Castle. Let's bring back the remedy we need to cure Reimi...

[They set off on the road and board a barge.]

Sarah: Has Reimi's condition changed at all?

Edge: She's sleeping soundly in the cabin. Lymle and Bacchus are watching over her.

Meracle: They traded places with us.

Faize: Her condition is stable, and...well, I can't say much for Lymle, but Reimi will be
safe with Bacchus caring for her.

Sarah: I see. Well, that's good to hear.

Edge: We're really indebted to you, Miss Jerand. If you hadn't spoke up about the remedy, then... And especially after I was so awful to you the other day...

Sarah: Oh, it doesn't bother me at all. And please, just call me Sarah, okay?

Edge: Thank you, Sarah.

Meracle: Hey, Sarah. Are there a lot of other chickens out there like you?

Sarah: I-I'm not a chicken! I'm Featherfolk.

Faize: Featherfolk...? What's that? Is that the name of your race?

Sarah: That's right. Sometimes people refer to us as the "Sacred Wings." All my kin flit about the skies of our enclave with ease, but me—I can't fly at all... For me, these things are just a decoration. I don't deserve the name "Sacred Wings."

Faize: (to Edge) What do you think? Are all the Featherfolk like this?

Edge: Good question...

Sarah: We Featherfolk have had amicable relations with the king for many generations. When we arrive at Astral Castle, I'll entreat the king. He's very kind, so I'm sure he'll let us have the remedy right away.

Faize: Does he control access to the medicine?

Sarah: Yes. In the past, the remedy was traded for very high prices. All the poor turned to stone, and the continent was facing certain ruin. But that crisis served as a lesson. Now the king manages all of the antidote and sells it cheaply to anyone who needs it.

Meracle: Wow! He sure sounds like a nice king! Yes, he's a wonderful king. I'm sure you'll all like him. Look up ahead—that's his castle there.

Edge: Thank God... Finally, Reimi will be okay. I was so afraid I'd made another terrible mistake...

Sarah: Edge, you're all going to the Purgatorium, right?

Edge: That was our plan...

Sarah: Well, if you are, would you mind stopping over in Tropp for a while?

Edge: Tropp?

Sarah: It's a port town on the west coast of this continent. In fact, I was on my way to Tropp to meet a certain person when I ran into all of you. We've been out of contact for so long, and there's something I must discuss with her.

Faize: Um… and who might that be?

Sarah: Her name is Eleyna Farrence.

Meracle: What did you say? Eleyna Farrence!? Are you talking about the great sage, the Holy Maiden, Lady Eleyna!?

Sarah: Huh? Great… sage?

Meracle: When I was really, really young, I read about her in a picture book. 'Eleyna and the Feline Gourmand.'

Faize: What kind of book is that...?

Meracle: In the story, the Holy Maiden Eleyna brings a gluttonous cat with her and goes around saving people in trouble with her incredible powers. Lady Eleyna was beautiful, and kind, and wise, and pure, and she devoted her life to helping people... helping the world!

Edge: ...What do you think?

Faize: Honestly, I can't say. It could be nothing more than a picture book. It may have nothing to do with a real person.

Meracle: It does! Lady Eleyna really existed! She led a whole bunch of her followers to, like, save the world!

Faize: This is sounding more and more dubious...

Edge: In any event, this… Lady Eleyna still seems to be alive.

Sarah: Miss Eleyna is a seer with true powers of divination. She's helped so many people who lost their way by showing them the guideposts they needed to get back on track.

Edge: People who lost their way...

Sarah: How about you try speaking with her, too, Edge? You might find yourself feeling a bit better.

Meracle: That would be perfect! The Holy Maiden Lady Eleyna can see the future! It said so in my picture book!

Faize: ...Putting that aside for the moment… Sarah is extending us her kindness and I believe we should take it to heart. Only after Reimi has recovered, of course.

Edge: ...Yeah. You're right. Guideposts... Hmm...

[Edge is moving the Reimi to a hotel near the castle.]

Edge: We'll be back as soon as we have the remedy, Reimi.

Reimi: Thank you. But… don't push yourself… okay?

Edge: Reimi… you never stop, do you...?

Reimi: Really… I'm fine. After all… something like this… can't kill me...

Edge: Kill you...? Don't say things like that!

Reimi: I'm sorry...

Edge: Reimi...

Sarah: This is strange.

Bacchus: What is strange, Miss Sarah?

Sarah: I'm curious about the rate of advance of the stone sickness. Her symptoms began with almost no incubation period, and now the rate of advance is unusually slow.

Bacchus: Yes, stone sickness usually has a long incubation period, and once symptoms show, it advances quickly.

Sarah: Well, I suppose it doesn't matter as long as she's cured.

Faize: ...Then I'd have preferred you not mention it at all.

Sarah: Now, now, now. Off to the King's castle—let's go!

Meracle: Let's go!

Lymle: Let's go!

[They enter the castle of Astral City to see the king.]

King: Welcome to my castle, lady of the Sacred Wings. I trust the people of your enclave are well?

Sarah: Yes. They're all flapping around happily.

King: That's Lady Sarah for you.

Sarah: They seem more friendly with each other than I would have thought.

Edge: Yeah, I guess these Featherfolk people—or maybe even just Sarah herself—are pretty special.

King: So, Lady Sarah, I hear that your visit today is in regard to securing sickness remedy for these folk here?

Sarah: Yes, indeed. These people are my friends.

King: Your friends, huh?

Edge: (bows) My name is Edge Maverick, Your Majesty. We have come to humbly beg Your Majesty's aid in securing the remedy for our friend who has fallen ill.

King: There's no need to be humble. The stone sickness remedy is readily available to all. Begin refinement of the medicine.

Soldier: Yes, Sire.

King: I'm afraid the refinement will take some time. Please, wait patiently, if you would.

Edge: Thank you very much, Your Majesty.

Sarah: Incidentally, good king...there's something I'd like to ask you.

King: And what might that be?

Sarah: Has anything unusual happened here lately?

King: Unusual...? Such as?

Sarah: Yes, well… like the ancient Archfiend rising and doing all kinds of awful things in secret, or something?

Edge: Now I've heard it all...

Faize: Sarah certainly is most unpredictable.

Meracle: Well, I know I'd certainly prefer it if this Archfiend kept all his awful deeds a secret!

Lymle: Mmm, yeah! So… what's an "Archfiend"?

Faize: If you don't know, Lymle, then don't chime in, all right?

King: Just as your friend has succumbed to the stone sickness, there have been signs of an impending epidemic. Here in Astral some have already begun to show symptoms. We will need to use far more of the remedy than in recent years.

Sarah: That sounds like a problem.

King: What is worse, the seas are rough, and ships often cannot reach our shores. The raw materials needed for the remedy are beginning to dwindle. Moreover… there have been reports of a suspicious group appearing throughout the country.

Sarah: Oh? Edge and his friends, perhaps?

Faize: ...Huh? Is that how you think of us?

King: As it happens, Lady Sarah, the reports relate to that jest of yours from a moment ago.

Sarah: Oh?

King: ...Asmodeus. Yes, a group has arisen which worships the Archfiend of ages past. They call themselves the Church of Sydonai. They've been causing unrest, proclaiming that only the Archfiend's resurrection can save the world. They wear gray robes that conceal themselves from head to toe. But all they do is worship the Archfiend. Strictly speaking, none of their actions are illegal.

Sarah: The Archfiend's… resurrection...

Edge: Sarah?

Lymle: Sarrie looks a little hale, 'kay?

Meracle: Hale? You mean like hearty?

Faize: That's PALE.

King: I'm sorry, I did not mean to disturb you so. Please, relax until the remedy has been prepared. Someone show our guests to their quarters.

[Some time passes. Meracle eat cupcakes. Edge’s looking at king’s garden. He notice half naked guy with tattooed back.]

Edge: Huh? ...Who was that? Whoever it was, he seemed to know what he was doing. ...! ...No, it's none of my business.

Faize: Edge, may we speak?

Edge: Huh? ...Sure.

Faize: Sarah is saying we should go see the king. She says the remedy for the sickness should be prepared by now.

Edge: Good.

[Outside the room.]

King: Hear me well, Lias. You must not fail in capturing this "Black Eagle."

Lias: M'lord.

King: Ah, Lady Sarah. Forgive me.

Sarah: What's happening? There seems to be a bit of hurly-burly going on.

King: I regret to inform you that the castle was infiltrated by a marauder who made off with the sickness remedy.

Edge: What!?

King: I have no words to offer in apology...

Lymle: Reirei's not gonna get better without the medicine, 'kay!?

Meracle: I-is she gonna turn to stone?

Faize: Who is this marauder?

King: A flagrant bandit who goes by the name of "Black Eagle." He's been plaguing my people for some time.

Edge: "Black Eagle"...?

King: The man is quite skilled... He defeated our guardsmen single-handedly, and made off with our store of the remedy and its raw materials.

Edge: Deplorable...

King: It was a small amount, but would have been enough to treat hundreds. Who knows how many will fall to the disease now...

Edge: ...Your Majesty, may I ask something?

King: Of course. What is it? Can you tell us what this marauder looks like? I am told he's a man far more powerful than the average bandit. That, and... Ah, his tattoo. He is said to have a large, black eagle tattooed on his back. The tattoo is where he gets his name.

Edge: A tattoo of a black eagle… Again... I've done it again... Damn it! Your Majesty. I will apprehend this criminal.

King: ...What?

Edge: I have absolutely no choice but to capture him… No choice!

Sarah: If you will excuse me as well, Your Majesty?

King: Lady Sarah, who are those people...?

Sarah: They're my friends. They're very, very kind.

[He begins to wander around the city and soon stumbles upon a small building where some tornament takes place...]

Lymle: Whoa! Everyone looks so strong, 'kay? Edgie, are you really gonna fight these guys?

Meracle: Look, if we don't enter this thing, we won't be able to get to the guy that stole the medicine...

Faize: Yes, fighting them as a normal man could be difficult. But if you fight as yourself, Edge, they should pose no problem. ...I assume you know what I'm implying, yes?

Edge: If I make full use of my martial arts, blade techniques, tactics… I won't lose to anyone on this planet. I'm sure of it.

Bacchus: (Yes, they would all be techniques unknown to the people of Roak. But once the battle is finished, all the spectators will know the truth. They will realize that you are different from them.)

Edge: ...Yeah. They sure will. If I go through with this battle, my actions could very well turn out to be the catalyst that changes Roak's entire future. Just like… what happened on that alternate Earth... Just thinking about it makes me shiver... I feel like I want to run away, right this second...

Faize: Are you saying you would just let Reimi die?

Edge: No! It's just… I have no idea what could happen as a result of my actions here. And that scares me...

Faize: ...Very well. I'll enter the tournament.

Lymle: Huh? You're gonna fight, Faize?

Faize: Yes. After all, our friend's life depends upon it. I'm sure you're familiar with the pain of losing people, Lymle.

Lymle: ...Yeah.

Meracle: I know all about that kind of pain, too. Losing friends is really, really difficult...

Edge: ......

Faize: I freely admit I'm not fit to judge what's right or wrong here. But I refuse to just sit around feeling sorry about it. So I'm going to fight… for real. And whatever the outcome, I will take full responsibility for it.

Edge: Faize...

Faize: Edge. The only reason I'm able to make a decision like this is because I've come so far, studying you.

Sarah: I don't know what happened to you that made you feel like this, Edge. But I do know... If you stand to lose something important because of your fear of the unknown, it's far more noble to push ahead, no matter how hard it is. Well, actually, I borrowed that from Miss Eleyna, too...

Edge: ...You told me that too, Bacchus, didn't you...

Bacchus: (Did I say such a thing?)

Edge: ......

Faize: Are you sure about this, Edge?

Edge: I am scared about what might happen. Frankly, I'd still rather just run away from it all... But the thought of losing Reimi scares me even more. I can't tell you how important she is to me. We grew up together... So yes. I'm sure.

Faize: ...Good luck. And don't forget, Edge: On the road you travel, your friends walk right alongside you.

Announcer: The final challenger appears for a man who has already defeated nine, and has his freedom staked on the outcome! That challenger... Edddge Maaaaveriiiiick!

[Edge defeats this pathetic super thief Black Eagle.]

Edge: You've got something that belongs to the king. Hand over the remedy and the raw materials.

Black Eagle: What are you talking about? Show me some proof!

Edge: You gonna give 'em back, or not? Answer me.

Black Eagle: F-fine! Take it all! Just...just don't kill me! I only got my advance, but that's better than dying!

Edge: "Advance"? Did someone hire you to steal the remedy?

Black Eagle: Y-yeah... Look, I don't even know who they are. All I know is they wanted to stop the distribution of the medicine.

Edge: ......

Lias: Clear the way! Under orders of the king!

Edge: Didn't I see you at the castle...?

Lias: I am Lias Warren of the Royal Knights. And you are Master Edge Maverick, yes? Take him away.

Soldiers: Sir!

Lias: You may leave the rest to us.

Edge: Thank you. By the way, the marauder said he was hired by someone. I don't mean to interfere in your affairs, but you may want to investigate that.

Lias: What? You managed to get that much out of him? No wonder one of the Sacred Wings calls you her companion. Plebians such as us can't hold a candle to you.

Edge: No... I haven't done anything...

Lias: No need for humility. We sallied forth to the colosseum upon reports that the Black Eagle was holed up within... But we did not expect that you would arrive so much earlier than us.

Edge: Please accept my apologies. I shouldn't have been so impertinent...

Lias: Why apologize? What is a knight to do when a hero expresses regret to him?

Edge: H-hero!?

Lias: Many throughout the kingdom suffer from stone sickness this very moment. Your actions have saved them... As well as all those that may yet fall ill from the disease. Those are truly actions befitting a hero. I am certain His Majesty our king would say the same.

Edge: H-here's the medicine! Take it, please!

Lias: I have been ordered to provide you the remedy with utmost priority, Master Edge.

Edge: I see. Thank you very much!

Lias: (to the people) Show your respect to this valiant warrior!

Edge: Wha!?

Lias: This man recovered the sickness remedy not only for his friend, but for the kingdom as well! He is a true hero!

Edge: N-no...I'm not! I'm no hero! Really... Please, stop... I didn't mean to do anything here... All I wanted… was to save Reimi...

[He's running to Reimi with the cure.]

Edge: ...! Wh-what's this!?

Meracle: Look!

Lymle: She's squishy again! Reirei was like a rock but now she's back to squishy, 'kay?

Bacchus: Has she recovered?

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: Yes, Reimi, it's me.

Reimi: ...Edge. Did something bad happen to you?

Edge: Wh-what are you talking about? Not at all...nothing bad... But now that you're better, I...

Reimi: ...I see. Sarah?

Sarah: Yes, I'm traveling along with your friends now. I'm very happy that you're doing well. By the way... How is it that you recovered?

Reimi: ...!

Meracle: Wait a second... What do you mean by that?

Lymle: Reirei got all better 'cause of the medicine, 'kay?

Sarah: Well, yes, the remedy does cure stone sickness, of course. But the problem is, it doesn't usually happen this quickly.

Bacchus: Hmm...what you say is true.

Sarah: Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're well, too. I don't like to see anyone turned to stone. It's just… what would you call it? Curiosity? Everything about your sickness was very unusual, from the short incubation period to how slowly it progressed... So I was just a little curious, that's all. I'm sorry, I hope I didn't upset you.

Reimi: ...No, it's okay. I suppose keeping secrets isn't the best idea.

Edge: Reimi?

Reimi: Edge… I'm sorry... I'd hoped I could just keep all this to myself forever.

Edge: ...What are you talking about?

Faize: Let me guess... Does this have something to do with the mark that showed up on your neck a moment ago?

Reimi: ...So you have seen it. All right. I guess I'll explain everything... Our homeworld, Earth, suffered radiation contamination on a massive scale, making it uninhabitable for normal humans. Scientists performed endless experiments, looking for some way—any way—to adapt us to the severe environment. One of those experiments was called "Project Hope." It was a plan to create a race of superhumans, able to thrive under the harshest conditions imaginable. Earth was once home to an ancient race with extraordinary survival abilities. Using their DNA, some special children were born. The Seeds of Hope. They possessed supernormal abilities, but the experiment produced only three successes... I happen to be one of them. The second is Crowe.

Edge: Crowe!?

Reimi: And the third one… the third one is you, Edge.

Edge: Me...?

Reimi: Normally, our bodies are no different from those of natural humans. But when we're faced with crises, or when we experience strong emotions... The crests on our bodies activate, and we gain access to supernormal powers. Hasn't it ever happened to you, Edge?

Edge: Now… that you mention it...

Reimi: My capacity for adaptation is especially strong. Whatever environment or disease I come in contact with, my body adjusts to it on its own. The reason my incubation period was so fast, and the progress of the disease was so slow, is because my body was attempting to adapt... And the reason the remedy cured me so quickly is because those powers of adaptation stimulated the healing process. Remember what I said to you before, Edge? That something like this couldn't kill me...? Even if the entire world fell to an incurable pandemic... I alone would survive. That's what it means to be one of the Seeds of Hope. We aren't normal human beings...

Faize: And this ancient race of people are the Muah...? When the Cardianon said "direct descendants of the Muah"... That's what he was talking about?

Reimi: ...Yes.

Sarah: I'm sorry, but… I'm afraid I have no idea what you all are talking about. But I can tell that it probably wasn't something I should have brought up lightly. I'm terribly sorry...

Reimi: Not at all. It was kind of relieving, actually. Lym?

Lymle: ...I don't really get it either, 'kay? But Reirei… you're still Reirei, right? You're still the Reirei we've been with all along, right? That's all that matters, 'kay? I didn't know what to do when you were saying all those weird things, 'kay!?

Meracle: Edge, Reimi... You're both my friends, and that's all that matters. From the moment you saved me to the very end!

Reimi: Merry...

Bacchus: I have nothing particular to say, either. It remains a fact, after all, that meeting you two has brought warmth to my cold, steel body.

Faize: Why, you almost seem bashful, Bacchus. I believe this is my cue to exit. I'd rather you not see
my own bashful face, so I will say nothing.

Sarah: Well then, I suppose we'll be going, too.

Lymle: Good night, 'kay?

Meracle: Sleep tight, you two.

Reimi: Edge… are you mad at me?

Edge: ...No, that's not it. It's just… Well… it's a bit of a shock. "Seeds of Hope," huh?

Reimi: That's what they called us. They were counting on us to bring hope and happiness to mankind, but… I hate it. I hate what it's given me.

Edge: Reimi...

Reimi: Back when I was little… some of my friends took me to play in one of the forbidden areas. We didn't think much of it... But… we were contaminated. All of us. Irradiated so badly we had no hope... My friends all died in terrible pain from the contamination. But… this power of mine… it just refused to let me die. The adults all blamed me… said it was my fault. "She's a monster," they said. "She's not human"...

Edge: ...Reimi, stop.

Reimi: "Why the hell did you survive?"… "You should have died like them, screaming in pain."

Edge: That's enough...

Reimi: But then… Mom and Dad told me the truth. They told me, "It's okay, you're going to bring happiness to us all"... But how? Who could I possibly make happy? Someone like me... someone who can live without a care in the world...

Edge: Reimi!

[He's hugging her.]

Reimi: Edge...

Edge: Reimi… you make me happy just by being alive. And I know Crowe would say the same...

Reimi: My power isn't anything special at all. But… you're different. Everyone suffering from stone sickness here will get the medicine they need—because of what you've done. So please, stop looking so sad. You can accomplish something. I know it. Don't worry... Take all the time you need. Sooner or later...the old Edge will come back...

Edge: ......

Reimi: You've never… done anything wrong…


Edge: I'm sorry… I do need more time. But… thank you. I feel a little better…

[He leaves the room.]

Edge: ...Don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight.

[He comes out of the hotel to get some fresh air. Three people come up to him.]

Edge: Huh...?

Thug 1: Hey, man, pretty nice show in the colosseum! You sure were impressive, Mr. Hero!

Thug 2: I don't know, you think so? I think we can do better than that.

Thug 3: No kidding. Maybe he just had weak opponents.

Edge: ...Yeah, whatever you say. It was just a fluke, okay?

Thug 1: ...Hey, don't get smart with us. We know your little secret.

Thug 2: That sword of yours... It's not often you see a treasure like that. A blade like that, with that kind of power? I'm impressed...

Thug 1: Anybody coulda won with a sword like that, huh?

Edge: Why don't you get to the point?

Thug 1: Yeah, why don't we? (takes out a knife) How about you hand that thing over? Just set it down
and walk away… unless you wanna get hurt.

Edge: (I get it. Plain old goons after my sword, huh... I guess they didn't notice the attacks I was using in the colosseum. I didn't win that fight with the sword alone. These guys are the same... Lusting for power
beyond their means. Exactly the same… I knew it. Our very existence on an underdeveloped planet
is dangerous interference…) Look, this sword isn't nearly as powerful as you think. It's like a toy compared to antimatter.

Thug 1: Whuh?

Edge: But I won't hand it over to someone who doesn't properly respect it. Got that?

Thug 1: Quit your babbling and give it over!

[Edge throws him to the ground.]

Thug 2: You little bastard!

[And the other one, too.]

Who needs to pull a sword against a bunch of rank amateurs, anyway?

Thug 3: You little...!

Thug 2: All right, that's it! You're gonna die, man!

Edge: (Fighting off all three isn't going to be easy… Looks like I'm not getting out of this scot-free.)

Thug 1: Die!!

[Suddenly three scumbags are struck by lightning and they fall to the ground.]

Booby Elf: ...Well, well. Fate connects us, boy.

Edge: Y-you're...

Booby Elf: Myuria Tionysus. Not that you need remember, of course.

Edge: Ah… no, thank you very much, Myuria. This is the second time you've saved me.

Myuria: I don't know about the Cardianon, but you don't seem like the sort that would have trouble with mere hooligans.

Edge: Well, I, uh...
Myuria: ...But that's beside the point. There's something I've been wanting to ask you, boy. I never imagined I'd run into you here, of all places. What luck.

Edge: Um… and what is it you want to ask me...?

Myuria: ...I'm looking for someone.

Edge: Looking for someone?

Myuria: Yes. And I thought you might have some idea of where I might find him. The man I seek was on a ship that looks much like yours.

Edge: ...What?

Myuria: As I recall, he wore clothes much like yours, as well. I believe he's an Earthling, just like you. An Earthling with red hair.

Edge: ...!

Myuria: And I tell you this, boy... He will die by my hand.

Edge: Crowe...? Wh-why would you want to...

Myuria: Oh? So it's Crowe, is it...? The name of the man I'm going to kill! Tell me, boy. Where can I find him?

Edge: ...I don't know. And I wouldn't tell you if I did.

Myuria: Hmm... Your eyes were so lifeless when you fought those thugs. Who would have guessed they could show such fire? But I honestly wonder... Would you still look at me that way if you knew what the red-haired man did to me?

Edge: What did he… what did Crowe do to you?

Myuria: He… he killed my beloved. That wretched man destroyed my life!

Edge: Nonsense.

Myuria: What makes you so sure, boy!?

Edge: Because Crowe's my best friend! Look… I may not be able to believe in myself right now, but I still believe in Crowe! Crowe would never do anything to hurt anyone. He's incapable of it!

Myuria: ...I don't understand you. You believe in that man more than you believe in yourself? What are you saying?

Edge: Not just him. All of my friends. Right now, they're all I have to believe in.

Myuria: ...No matter what you say, boy, I can only believe what I've seen with my own eyes. I despise the red-haired man, and I will exact my revenge on him.

Edge: Myuria!

Myuria: Once my business on this planet is finished, I think I'll have to follow you. If you believe in this man so much, boy, then I have no doubt you'll eventually lead me to him.

[The next morning...]

Meracle: Edge, bad news!

Edge: ...Hmm? At this hour? What is it?

Meracle: It's Sarah! She's, like, disappeared!

Edge: Oh. So Sarah's… What!?

[He runs to her room.]

Edge: What in the...

Meracle: It wasn't me, really! I mean, sure, sometimes I may drool a little, but still!

Reimi: Merry… um...

Edge: How about you, Reimi? Are you feeling better?

Reimi: Yes, I'll be fine. I'm more worried about Sarah right now.

Lymle: Sarrie... She got kidnapped...

Bacchus: Forgive me. I should have had my anti-personnel sensors activated...

Meracle: It's okay... Everyone was tired yesterday.

Edge: Speaking of "everyone"… where's Faize?

Reimi: He's out gathering information.

Bacchus: I suspect this involves the men who assaulted Miss Sarah.

Faize: Bacchus's instincts would seem to be accurate.

Meracle: Did you find something?

Faize: Yes. The man who found this feather claims to have witnessed several people carrying Sarah away late last night. From his description, the perpetrators sound exactly like the men from last time.

Edge: ...What?

Faize: Reimi has recovered, but final authority now lies with you, Edge.

Edge: ...We have to find Sarah. She's one of us, now.

[They're going to the nomad camp.]

Meracle: Huh? Nobody's around.

Faize: I'm going to look inside the tents. We owe these people so much, the least we could do is say hello. ...Is anybody here? Lymle...

Lymle: Nobody's here, 'kay?

Faize: It appears they've all stepped out. We'll have to bid them a visit another time. That's too bad. I wanted one of those cloaks, too. You look dumb in it, but it would look good on me, 'kay?

Faize: ...You really never stop, do you?

[Sitting on a pink bunny, they hopping to some old castle.]

Edge: Isn't this...?

Faize: Yes. It would certainly seem to be one of Sarah's feathers.

Bacchus: This is consistent with our earlier information. Miss Sarah must be here.

Edge: Let's split up and see if we can't find any clues.

Reimi: Do you think these statues are the ones Sarah was talking about? The Muah? You know, the ones that she said looked like you and me...

Edge: The Muah, huh... The race whose genes we were supposedly implanted with...

Faize: I see. They do indeed evoke your images, in a way. But more than you two, I'd say they resemble... Earthlings, in general... That's my impression.

Reimi: How could the Muah have existed on both Earth and Roak, so far apart in space? What were they...? It's so strange... Even though their genes live inside me...

Edge: Reimi...

Lymle: Hey everyone, c'mere, 'kay?

Meracle: Over in that direction... I caught Sarah's scent.

Reimi: But… it's a dead end.

Edge: ....Huh. Not gonna be that easy, I guess.

Meracle: This is like, so deflating...

Bacchus: Well then… what shall we do now?

Edge: There seems to be little point in remaining here.

Faize: I wonder if Sarah's even here… I know it... I'm positive… positive she's here...

Meracle: Meowreka!

Lymle: What is it, Merry?

Meracle: I just had a revelation! When you're stuck like this, there's only one solution: ask for help!

Reimi: Ask? Ask who?

Meracle: Who else? Lady Eleyna in Tropp, of course!

Reimi: ...Lady Eleyna?

Faize: ...You mean Sarah's fortuneteller acquaintance...?

Meracle: Lady Eleyna probably knows EVERYTHING. I mean, seriously! She's a sage! A Holy Maiden!

Faize: Isn't that just from some fairy tale you read?

Meracle: Yeah, but, c'mon! Sarah said she was going to see Lady Eleyna, too. She must know something!

Lymle: I wanna go, too. It sounds fun, 'kay?

Reimi: What's the plan, Edge?

Edge: ...Let's go. It's better than standing around.

Bacchus: What proof do we have this Eleyna can be trusted?

[Edge turns around and looks at him like a complete idiot.]

Edge: Sarah said it herself. People who've lost their way go to see her. We may not have any proof… but I want to trust Sarah.

[They're going to the next town. There's a Level 80 Pimp delivering a pompous speech in front of a crowd of people.]

Pimp: O righteous flock of wandering souls, give pause and lend me your ears. The advent of our long-awaited Hour of Salvation is at hand. Yea, he who shall save our wretched, iniquitous souls... The Supreme Being, the Almighty Lord, Asmodeus... His resurrection is nigh.

Pink Haired Woman: Asmodeus!? You people… you can't be...

Man: The Church of Sydonai… the Archfiend cult!?

Pimp: Indeed, we are the Church of Sydonai. But I ask you… what reason is there for you to be worried? It is Asmodeus who shall deliver this world unto salvation. Avert your eyes from false peace, and witness the truth of this world! If you would do but that… you shall surely begin to see. Your beloved families, friends, and neighbors blighted, becoming as cold stone, trapped within the clutches of darkness and pain forevermore... The remedy that would cure us all is monopolized by the ruling elite, and does not reach the hands of the common man. That is unjust. Would you not agree with me?

Pink Haired Woman: H-he has a point...

Pimp: Yes, my friends. This world of ours walks the wrong path. The virtuous and chaste writhe in agony throughout the land, while the wretched and shameless fill the vessels of their desire. But there is one who would consume this miserable world in his flames of purification. Yea, none other than the magnificent Asmodeus.

Old man: W-wait… the Archfiend is going to burn down the entire world, right? Wouldn't we burn to death right along with it!?

Pimp: Yes, it is precisely as you say. Asmodeus will consume the world with his flames, and we along with it.

Old man: B-but then we'd all die! What good would that be?

Pimp: Indeed, then, shall we not all burn together?

Old man: Wha...?

Pimp: By accepting Asmodeus as your savior, you shall receive his divine mercy. His destruction of this ugly, wretched world is merely a gateway to the beautiful new one that he will create. Within that new world, Asmodeus's followers—we!— shall be granted eternal happiness. We must but love the Almighty Lord unconditionally, so that we may be bathed in the light of his divine love in return. The pain of being consumed in his flames of purification will last but an instant, but the happiness granted in his new world will be eternal... I say to you again: Eternal!

[Pimp and his entourage are leaving.]

Bacchus: (So this is Sydonaism...the cult of the Archfiend. They are clearly not to be taken lightly.)

Faize: He speaks with such conviction. I wouldn't be surprised if he gained a lot of new followers here. Of course, as we all know, everything that comes out of his mouth is absolute nonsense...

Bacchus: (Indeed. These people have stopped receiving medicine only because shipments of raw materials have been stymied.)

Faize: And we must not forget whoever was behind the bandit Edge defeated, attempting to halt the remedy's distribution. But of course, the Royal Knights are dealing with that matter. And in any event, this Archfiend doesn't exist. Sooner or later, people like him will disappear.

Edge: ......

Meracle: Something wrong?

Edge: No, I was just thinking... I was wondering what will happen to his followers when their leader does disappear. It's none of our business. Let's go.

[Edge and his team are approaching the home of the mysterious Miss Eleyna. Edge knocks on the door.]

Edge: Miss Eleyna, are you home? Sarah recommended we come see you.

[No one's answering.]

Edge: Maybe she's out.

[Lymle pushes him away and walks into the house. Edge is a little shocked.]

Lymle: The door's not locked. I'm going in, 'kay?

Edge: I guess that decides it. Let's see what we can find.

[It's amazing. They all go into a strange man's house obediently following the orders of their jerk captain. There are also masked men sneaking up on this house who tried to kidnap Sarah.]

Edge: Well?

Faize: I'm afraid I was unable to find any trace of Eleyna… nor any clues as to where she might be.

Reimi: Same here.

Lymle: Me, neither. She must be really good at hide-and-seek.

Meracle: I'd expect no less. Regular people like us can't hope to match her hide-and-seek skills. Hmm...? Is something burning...?

Reimi: Look!

[They can see the raging flames outside the window. The masked men set the house on fire.]

Edge: Someone must've set the house on fire! Wh-what the...!?

[A green glow teleports them from home to a cave.]

Reimi: We were in Eleyna's house just a moment ago...

Edge: Someone's coming!

[A girl with ears like an elf approaches them, only it’s huge and creepy.]

Elf Woman: I knew you whelps would come.

Edge: ...Huh?

Elf Woman: I knew you were Sarah's friends, and I knew the house would burn down, nearly taking you with it.

Edge: Uh, we...

Elf Woman: That's why I prepared a transfer symbol for you wretches. Show some appreciation.

Edge: Huh? Th-thank you… very much...

Elf Woman: Are you deficient? Show some appreciation, all of you!

Edge: Oh, uh… of course! Thank you very much!

Elf Woman: Very well. You may now rejoice. I am she whom you seek—the one and only Eleyna Farrence. Come. I don't recall summoning you, but you might get some tea.

Edge: Uh… wait a minute, please! Are you really the Eleyna that Sarah was talking—

Eleyna: I won't say it again, stripling. Come.

Edge: Y-yes ma'am!

Eleyna: And don't dawdle.

Edge: So that's Eleyna, huh...? Not quite what I was expecting, after what Sarah said about her.

Meracle: Merry, is something wrong?

Lymle: You don't look too happy, 'kay?

Faize: Oh, I suspect she's just in shock. Eleyna must not have lived up to Meracle's image of the "Holy Maiden."

Eleyna: I can hear you. But "Holy Maiden" has a nice ring to it. I think I'll start calling myself that. "Eleyna the Holy Maiden."

Meracle: D-don't! My beautiful bubbles… stop bursting them!

Eleyna: Be sparing with your praise. I'm bashful.

Meracle: It's not praise!

Edge: ...She's a bully, huh?

Reimi: ...Definitely.

Faize: Perhaps, but it appears her reputation was not unfounded. She not only knew of our relationship with Sarah and that we were coming to see her, she even predicted the fire.

Meracle: Then I wish she'd saved us a little faster!

Eleyna: If I had, you wouldn't know the proper gratitude. I saved your life, and in doing so showed you how precious it is. I believe I ought to be thanked for that, not blamed.

Meracle: This is wrong… all wrong! Lady Eleyna's supposed to be beautiful, and wise, and kind...

Eleyna: You see? That's me to the letter.

Lymle: Hey, Leynie, is your house this way?

Eleyna: "Leynie," huh? How amusing. "Leynie the Holy Maiden"… Hmm. That might be even better.

Meracle: Oh, please, no more!

Eleyna: I have a hideout up ahead, ragamuffin.

Lymle: A hideout?

Eleyna: There are more after my life than I can count, you see. Here, we've arrived.

[It’s a door.]

Eleyna: And you there, hulk. Show yourself already.

Edge: Huh?

Eleyna: So that's what you look like.

Bacchus: ...When did you notice me?

Eleyna: Don't underestimate me. Before I even met you, obviously.

Bacchus: ...My apologies, Miss Eleyna.

Eleyna: You can wait there. You might fit inside, but your hulking brawn would be a nuisance.

Bacchus: As you wish. I shall stand watch here, then.

Reimi: Bacchus, are you sure?

Bacchus: It's not a problem. I'll still be able to hear your conversation from here.

Eleyna: Stop playing pattycake like halfwits and get inside, you lot.

[Meanwhile, masked men on the surface are wondering where our heroes have gone. Behind their backs, Myuria appears.]

Myuria: What, not satisfied with just torching her house? Now you're after her hideout, too? The life of a beautiful woman, I tell you... If you're so fond of your precious Archfiend, I'd be more than happy to send you straight to him.

[She sets the freaks on fire, but as events happen on the seashore they quickly extinguish themselves.]

Myuria: So now I have to stop an Archfiend's resurrection, do I? Why does Giotto always give me the tedious jobs?

[She hears Edge’s voice behind the door to Eleyna’s cave.]

Myuria: That voice…

Edge: Miss Eleyna, do you really see everything?

Faize: Please, tell us—is Sarah trapped within the Purgatorium? And if so, can you tell us how to get inside?

Eleyna: Don't rush me. Everything in due time. There are those who secretly threaten this land. I imagine you've heard of them—a rather tawdry group that calls itself the Church of Sydonai. They are the ones that kidnapped Sarah.

Reimi: Why would the Archfiend cult do that?

Eleyna: They are bona fide idiots. No, worse—imbecilic cretins.

[When it’s a perfect match to our heroes.]

Eleyna: Although many heroes gave their lives to defeat the Archfiend, this dogged little cult has continued to worship him for millennia. They've always seduced new converts in secret, but lately, their activities have become increasingly bold. It's almost as if they're being prodded by something, or someone. In ages long past, an Archfiend appeared in this land. He was called Asmodeus. The Sydonaists' ultimate goal, of course, is the Archfiend's resurrection. The Sydonaists lust after my power. They bade me join their Church, but I'm sure you can guess what my answer was. What? You look as if you think I'm talking nonsense.

Edge: Wha? N-no, that's not it at all...

Eleyna: I don't find it such a strange tale. After all, you lot sitting before me now… You came to this land across the vast star ocean.

[Her words shocked everyone as if she'd uncovered an incredible secret.]

Eleyna: If you ask me, both are equally nonsensical. Like I warned your hulking friend outside... Don't underestimate me.

Faize: And you learned this through your… fortunetelling?

Eleyna: Not exactly fortunetelling. Augury, to be more precise. It's very taxing, but far more accurate. As you lot have just demonstrated. I had foreseen that Sarah would send me intriguing guests. ...You're most intriguing, indeed.

[I seriously doubt that. It's just a bunch of school kids who were entrusted with a spaceship for lack of manpower.]

Faize: ...What's wrong with you? Isn't Sarah supposed to be your friend? Aren't you at all concerned about her!?

Eleyna: Sarah is like a sister to me. Of course I'm concerned.

Faize: But then, why...?

Eleyna: I received a message from on high and was waiting. Waiting for you lot to arrive from the stars.

Edge: You were waiting… for us?

Eleyna: Yes. You are the only ones who can save Sarah and prevent the resurrection of the Archfiend.

Edge: U-us...?

Reimi: Prevent the… resurrection...?

Eleyna: All of you who stand before me, travelers from across the stars… I tell you once again. You must stop the Archfiend resurrection rituals that proceed at the Purgatorium even as we speak. The Archfiend must not yet come. It is too soon.

Faize: Too soon? You speak as if his resurrection is inevitable.

Eleyna: Of course it is.

Reimi: What?

Eleyna: The Archfiend will indeed be resurrected… but not quite yet. When the time comes, a band of warriors will rise up and destroy him. But those warriors are not you.

Faize: ...Is that another of your auguries?

Eleyna: Indeed. But that's beside the point. What's important now is forestalling the Archfiend's resurrection. And most importantly, you must rescue Sarah, the key to that resurrection.

Reimi: Wait a minute! I-I don't get it. What does Sarah have to do with the Archfiend?

Eleyna: His revival requires a sacrifice of holy blood. Sarah is of the sacred Featherfolk—more than worthy to be offered to the Archfiend. Her rescue and the prevention of the Archfiend's resurrection are one and the same.

Edge: What… what if we fail? What would happen to this planet?

Eleyna: If you fail?

[She folds her hands in a triangle and makes a gesture as if piercing herself with a dagger. This is a very fun moment.]

Reimi: Miss Eleyna!?

Faize: She's…

[She begins to glow and prophesy.]

Eleyna: The holy virgin, garbed in white, walks upon the path to the altar...

Lymle: Leynie, what's going on?

Eleyna: The way shall soon be cleared, feathers of purest white stained deepest crimson, scattered upon the winds. The vile Archfiend, bade forth from his realm of deepest darkness, shall awaken to feast upon the corpse of the virgin. His coming shall herald the end of days.

Reimi: It's… it's almost like she's a different person...

Faize: Would this be… an augury...?

Eleyna: As the world is immersed in flames of ruination, there is no quarter, no escape. All shall be reduced to ash. Thus are all things annihilated, in infinite beauty.

[She tiredly falls on a chair.]

Meracle: Lady… Eleyna?

Eleyna: ...I figured it would be faster to simply show you. That was an augury… of a future in which you fail. Sarah's death brings with it this land's extinction. There is no hope and no compromise. No matter how often I invoke this future, it is always the same... The destruction is inescapable. But if you can manage to save Sarah, perhaps it can be averted. I would like my hopes on that... I'm praised as a phenomenal teller of fortunes, but just look at me… My body wracked with the pain of auguries… Unable to help anyone… unable to save my friend… Please… save the Featherfolk. Save the world. I beg you...

Edge: Miss Eleyna...!? Please, stop... You can't... Please, don't ask me to get involved with the fate of an entire planet!

Faize: Edge...

Edge: That's not something I can do! Sarah's one thing, but… an entire planet... I… I can't... Not… not again!

Eleyna: ...Foolish… stripling...

[She falls to the floor.]

Meracle: Miss Eleyna!? Are you all right!?

Lymle: She's out cold, 'kay?

Faize: ...Let's go. To the Purgatorium.

Edge: Faize...

Faize: Frankly, I have my doubts about this Archfiend resurrection business. But it's clear that Sarah is in grave danger, nonetheless.

Reimi: But… Eleyna still isn't showing any signs of waking up. And… we don't have any way to get into the Purgatorium, either.

Faize: Then we'll just have to make one. Even if we have to obliterate the entire structure.

Edge: No way! I'm not going to let you do anything that crazy!

Faize: Then what would you have us do!?

Edge: Wait... Wait, until Eleyna wakes up.

Faize: We don't have time for that!

Edge: She told us to go to the Purgatorium to stop the rituals. But we don't have any way of getting deeper inside. Eleyna must be aware of that. She knows exactly how to get inside. She has to... I'm sure of it.

Faize: Don't you understand? You heard what they'll do to Sarah! Are you just going to give up on her? On Roak itself!?

Edge: That's not what I'm saying!

Faize: You may as well be! If you were the Edge I knew… You wouldn't have even hesitated. Ever since we met on Aeos... And then on Lemuris and on Cardianon... You never took your eyes off your goal or let anything scare you. You always moved forward! That's the whole reason I wanted to come with you!

Edge: Me!? I'm the guy that got Earth destroyed, just because I didn't think things through! I think about that happening again, and… I get so scared... I get so freaked out I can't even move!

Faize: But what about Reimi!? You fought for her when she was in trouble!

Edge: Damn right I did! But that's not going to make this fear go away!

Reimi: Both of you, stop it!

Edge: ...!

Reimi: Let me ask you one thing. You're not giving up on Sarah, are you?

Edge: ...Of course not.

Reimi: Faize, I understand your concern for our friends. But you, too, have to understand. Our leader… is Edge.

Faize: ...Fine.

Lymle: Wow, Reirei...

Meracle: I wouldn't want to get on your bad side...

Reimi: Miss Eleyna... Thank goodness.

Eleyna: ...How long was I unconscious?

Reimi: It's already morning.

Eleyna: That long... I must be getting old. ...What happened, girl?

Reimi: We were discussing how to get deeper inside the Purgatorium, and, uh...there was a difference of opinion...

Eleyna: I see... That was careless of me. If I had given this to you earlier, you could have avoided that.

Reimi: What...?

Edge: Is this a… keycard?

Faize: How could a civilization like this possibly possess keycards...?

Eleyna: Without that Lamp of Guidance, you won't be able to get very far into the Purgatorium. There's no other way. And if you had tried to force your way in, you might have gotten Sarah killed.

Reimi: ...It looks like you made the right call, Edge.

Edge: Yeah...

Faize: Where did you get the keycard… I mean, "Lamp of Guidance"?

Eleyna: It was given to me by someone who claimed to carry the blood of the Muah. Now go. And please… save Sarah.

Faize: ...Very well. Let's go.

Wait. You there, alleycat. What did they call you? Meracle?

Meracle: Wh-what? You wanna burst even more of my bubbles!?

Eleyna: Come see me when this is over and tell me of your Holy Maiden. Next time I will not make light of her.

Meracle: M-maybe, if I feel like it! And I'm no alleycat, you hear!? (runs away)

Eleyna: ...Stripling. I don't know what it is that frightens you, and neither do I care. But I will say this. Stop being so full of yourself. It's ridiculous.

Edge: Wha—!?

Eleyna: The star ocean is endless, the world vast beyond knowing. If you presume to think you can carry it all yourself, you're a fool. It is the stars themselves that decide between prosperity and destruction. All is fate.

Edge: But...

Eleyna: Or are you so arrogant as to believe you can manipulate fate itself? Don't be so presumptuous, you idiot.

Edge: N-no, I don't—

Eleyna: What you are capable of doing, and the influence you wield, is limited. Yes, something you trigger might eventually swell into an enormous wave, enveloping everything... The very fate of a world might even be swayed. But your actions alone are not enough. A great many factors conspire to bring a world's fate to its ultimate conclusion.

Edge: Miss Eleyna...

Eleyna: Fret! Fear! Weep! But do not stop! Leave pride by the wayside, move forward with every fiber of your being, and you will begin to discover what you are capable of. Insignificant as you are, you will discover something that only you can do. That is the path you must walk.

Edge: ......Was that… an augury, too?

Eleyna: Just advice from a pretentious fortuneteller. In any case, you have this girl with you, don't you?

Reimi: Huh? Y-you mean me!?

Eleyna: I'm sure you have faced incredible pain and hardship. But the Muah inside you is there for a reason.

Reimi: The Muah… inside me...?

Eleyna: Stay with this stripling, you who were born under the Muah's divine protection… child of hope.

Reimi: Yes… yes ma'am...!


Edge: Faize... I think I'm ready to start moving forward again. Just give me a little more time. I promise the Edge you first met is coming back.

Faize: ...Let's go.

Edge: ...Yeah.

Myuria: I can't believe that took all night. If we're going, let's hurry up and get moving.

Edge: Y-you're... What are you doing here!?

Myuria: I told you I had business on this planet, didn't I? Well, look at that—it would seem we even share the same goal now. Halting the resurrection of the Archfiend, Asmodeus: That is the mission I was given as a Morphus.

Bacchus: So you are a Morphus, too?

Myuria: I've heard plenty of stories about you, Bacchus. It's an honor to meet you, I suppose. I don't believe I've introduced myself to the rest of you, yet. I'm Myuria Tionysus. I remember some of you from Cardianon.

Reimi: You're that woman from...

Faize: What are you doing here on Roak?

Myuria: I'd like to know myself. That business with the Cardianon, and now Roak... Why are you people always at the center of things? ...I suppose it doesn't matter. Anyway, I'll be joining you.

Faize: Wait, who said you could—

Edge: ...Do you still want to kill him?

Myuria: Of course, boy. And don't worry—I'll be staying right with you until I do.

Reimi: ...What's she talking about, Edge?

Edge: ...Oh, it's simple enough. She's coming with us because she wants to kill Crowe.

Reimi: What!?

Edge: Don't worry, I won't let her. I'll make her understand...

Myuria: Well then, shall we?

[They use the keycard and enter the Purgatorium. A one of the rooms they find a laboratory with two masked man in it.]

Masked Man 1: Distribution of the remedy cannot be stopped. There is no more point in spreading the stone sickness.

Masked Man 2: It is clear infidels motivated by money are of little use. Yet the hour is nigh. Asmodeus's resurrection is only a matter of time.

Masked Man 1: How I yearn to hear the white maiden's cry of death... for it is her soul that will stir Asmodeus to wake.

Faize: ("White maiden"...? That can only be Sarah. And if they're still yearning, that must mean she's still alive…) ...!

Masked Man 1: What's that shabby rag?

Masked Man 2: This? It's what those black-cloaked hermits wear. This belonged to the one I offered up to Asmodeus just this morning. The Archfiend will walk a path opened by their blood. The least I can do is allow their worldly possessions to bask in his magnificence.

Edge: ...What is it, Faize?

Masked Man 1: You are a man of admirable compassion. The lives of their entire tribe are inferior to that of the white maiden.

Masked Man 2 Compassion? No, I only do what anyone would have done. At dawn, the black hermits' souls openeth the door...

Masked Man 2: At dusk, the white maiden's soul calleth him forth...

Both: O Asmodeus, most exalted Archfiend...

Masked Man 2: Who's there?

[Crying Faize bursts into a room with his weapons unshealth.]

Faize: What have you… what have you done...!? What did you do to those people!?

Edge: Faize...!?

Faize: I'm asking you what you did!

Masked Man 1: ......

Masked Man 2: ......

Masked Man 1: We offer our souls to Asmodeus!

Masked Man 2: Receive the souls of your faithful servants!

Faize: Wha....!?

[They drink the pre-prepared poison from a small bottle and dissolve in the air.]

Edge: Wh-what the hell, Faize...?

Faize: Edge… these were the men that spread the stone sickness throughout Roak. It looks like they were doing it to try and foster unease among the people.

Edge: Wh-what cowards...

Faize: But more importantly… The resurrection ritual has already begun!

Edge: What!?

Faize: We must hurry... There's no time.

Edge: Will do. I'll go get everyone together!

Faize: Oh, please… please be safe...

[They enter the sacrifice hall. On the stone altar, Sarah lies unconscious. Next to her is the priest of Asmodeus, with his back to the heroes.]

Edge: Sarah!

Bacchus: I have verified her breathing.

Reimi: Thank goodness... We made it in time.

Lymle: It's Sarrie!

Meracle: I was so scared, I thought she might be dead!

Myuria: Conscience would come calling if we let her die, wouldn't it?

Faize: ......

Pimp: Welcome to this place, my friends.

Edge: You were in Tropp...

Pimp: Hmm… have we met somewhere before, then? If that is indeed the case, then what a truly delightful occurrence this is. You must have been brought here by our humble efforts to make Asmodeus's magnificence known throughout the land. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Come, and let us offer our prayers to Asmodeus. We shall witness his resurrection together, and together we shall be destroyed so that a new world may be born.

Edge: We're not here to worship Asmodeus. We're here to get our friend.

Pimp: Friend? Ah, you must mean the lovely young Featherfolk.

Edge: You're free to worship whatever god, whatever Archfiend you please. But only after you've righted your wrongs.

Pimp: I must confess, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Bacchus: Don't play dumb. We're already aware that you were deliberately spreading the stone sickness in order to foment unrest.

Pimp: Hmm… but I ask you, where exactly is the sin in that?

Edge: Wha—!?

Pimp: The world is slowly but surely heading on the path to destruction. Our activities merely serve to help it along toward its ultimate destiny. Your friend shall have the honor of becoming that world's cornerstone. Why will you, her friend, not rejoice in the honor she has been granted? I do not understand you.

Edge: Nonsense! The destruction of the world? Gimme a break! That's not what Sarah wants!

Pimp: My, my. You speak foolishness, my son. That is exactly what she wants. I know it to be true. Yes, I know very well. Even if she may not… I know it.

Bacchus: Mr. Edge… What is this man? What is this creature that stands before us?

[You're right as always, Bacchus. This is a fucking creature.]

Pimp: Taking this form allowed me to truly understand. The appetite of human beings is insatiable. Humans are never satisfied with what they have for very long. They endlessly seek new and exotic pleasures. But the reality of this world is not conducive to supporting such an appetite. It has limits, you know. Thus, you see… I am unsatisfied. Land, glory, money… no matter how much I acquire... I'm afraid I've completely exhausted the world's resources of such things. But still I want more, more, more. Yes… even if my mortal body should decay and burn. Now you see just how insatiable the human appetite really is.

Edge: You bastard... You miserable bastard...! You'd kill Sarah for something so stupid...!? Everyone who lives on this planet… your entire world!?

[The tattoo on his arm is starting to glow. The rest of us notice it, too.]

Reimi: So this is Edge's power… The power of the Muah within him...

Bacchus: Such heat...

Meracle: The light... It's so beautiful...

Edge: People! It's time!

Faize: Edge!

Edge: I may be insignificant… but now I've found something I'm capable of. And I'm going to see it through! Roak doesn't want this kind of death! We're stopping this resurrection... and we're getting Sarah back!

Reimi: Yes!

Pimp: ...Very well. For the sake of a glorious new world, I bestow upon thee destruction.

[He calls six followers. Is that all he’s got?]

Edge: Let's go!

[Heroes kicking his satanic ass.]

Pimp: I beg your forgiveness, great Asmodeus... I was not worthy enough... My greed prevented your resurrection. But… I beseech you, almighty Archfiend... Bring to these people their destruction... and bless them in your beautiful new world...

[He's literally going to hell.]

Bacchus: What did that man truly want...?

Edge: I really have no idea… but he stayed a zealot to his god until the very end... Almost… like...

[He's coming up to Sarah. Apparently, she just fell asleep on a giant rock.]

Edge: Sarah...

Sarah: Edge? Oh, and everyone else… Um… good morning, everyone.

Lymle: Sarrie! Thank goodness.

Sarah: But why am I...? Oh yes, now I remember. I suddenly had guests come to visit me through my window. I thought I would go and make them some tea, but then... Yes, that's right. They took me away somewhere. Goodness gracious, I wasn't expecting that at all.

Edge: ...You're not hurt, are you?

Sarah: I'm fine. I was asleep, so I'm not quite certain what happened next, but it seems that you've all come down here to rescue me? I'm so grateful for your help. I really can't thank you enough. Hmm?

Edge: Wh-what?

Sarah: I take it you had a chance to talk to Miss Eleyna, huh? You look just a little better, you know? Yes, yes, I'm so glad.

Edge: Sarah… I… I...

Sarah: Hmm?

Edge: Thank you… thank you… I know… I didn't… screw up this time...
You… and Roak… are alive...!

[Faize walks around looking at another altar and suddenly notices a necklace at the bottom of the pit.]

Faize: ...!!

[His eyes are turning red. He starts laughing like a madman.]

Edge: Hey, Faize!

Lymle: Faize! Over here, 'kay? Sarrie's safe!

Meracle: Come on, hurry!

[Faize’s eyes are going back to the usual purple color.]

Faize: Yes... I'll be there in a moment. Oh, and by the way… there was nothing over here. Nothing… at all...

[They come out of the dark depths of Purgatorium.]

Edge: It feels like so long since I've seen the sky.

Reimi: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Sarah: Um... There's something that I need to tell everyone. I have to head back to Tropp and let Miss Eleyna know that Mr. Asmodeus wasn't resurrected after all. Thank you all so much for everything you've done for me. Well then, see you later!

[She jumps off a cliff, but does not fell to death as I would like it, but flies away on her useless wings, as she used to lie.]

Meracle: I… I didn't even get to say goodbye!

Lymle: Sarrie... She just left us… Sarrie!

Edge: That was a little anticlimactic...

Reimi: I guess it is just like her, but...yeah, I'll miss her. And Eleyna. She really helped us out...didn't she?

Edge: Yeah.

Reimi: You know… I always hated myself for being different. I couldn't stand what had been done to me... I don't feel like I'm totally past it yet... but I do feel a little more comfortable with myself now. Eleyna's encouragement definitely helped... but more than anything else, it was because the light from your crest was so warm...

Edge: My crest...

Reimi: Just be the Edge you've always been, always moving forward. As long as you can do that, I know your crest will keep on shining forever. And I'll stand with you in that light, and keep on shining, myself... You and me… forever...

Edge: ...Yeah.

[It would be very funny if he stretched that word, but no.]

Lymle: What's wrong, Faize?

Faize: ...Hmm?

Faize: Is something the matter, Lymle?

Lymle: ...Faize, there's something weird with you, 'kay?

Faize: ...It's your imagination.

Reimi: What was that?

Edge: A message from Welch. "Return to the Calnus immediately."

Reimi: Did something happen?

Edge: ...I don't know. Let's get moving.

[They get back at their ship… after 4 hours of grinding.]

Welch: Fiiiiiiiiiiinally! GOD! Were you guys out having a picnic or what!? Wha-what's this? Ohhhhhh!? You guys just keep on' multiplyin'! This time it's the sexy big sister type, huh!? What a body! Those are some prime assets! Hey, Edge! What's with this scandalous behavior? I thought I raised you better than this!

Myuria: Is this woman… having an episode?

Meracle: Lym says this is how she always is.

Edge: Sorry, Welch… but do you think you can get to the point? Oh, right. I got a little carried away there, huh. *Ahem* You have new orders from USTA headquarters.

Edge: From HQ?

Welch: "Captain Edge Maverick, along with all SRF-003 Calnus crew… are to report to planet Aeos immediately." ...k?

Edge: Planet Aeos, immediately? What for?

Reimi: Aeos? But I thought Captain Grafton was doing exploration work with the Eldarians there?

Welch: Our communications with the exploration base were cut off with no warning.

Edge: Comms are down...?

Welch: Earth has been trying to get through to them, but there's been no response.

Faize: That's odd... What's the reaction from Eldar?

Welch: Well… As of now, nobody's been able to contact Eldar, either.

Faize: Eldar, too...?

Welch: That's where you guys come in. Investigate what's happening on Aeos, and report back to headquarters, ASAP. Got it?

Edge: ...Got it. Thanks, Welch.

Welch: Hey, don't even mention it, kid. See ya! Oh, and by the way—looks like maintenance is all finished!

[She finally stops broadcasting. Thank the Japanese gods.]

Reimi: ...What are we going to do?

Edge: The obvious, of course. We're going to follow orders. Besides, I'm worried about what's happened on Aeos, too.

Faize: ...Yes, I'm concerned about my Eldarian brethren as well. Hmm? What is it...?

Edge: Huh? Oh, no, it's nothing. It's just… I feel like there's something different about you.

Faize: Lymle said the same thing earlier. It's just your imagination.

Lymle: How long are you going to keep wearing that, Faize?

Faize: Hmm… you still think it looks bad on me?

Lymle: Yeah.

Faize: Well, that just gives me another reason to wear it. I suppose I'll have to keep it on until I can convince you it looks good.

[Fuck yeah, you get Faize’d you little shit!]

Edge: The Calnus will depart for Aeos as soon as preparations are complete.

Faize: Main engines operating normally. We've safely exited Roak's atmosphere.

Edge: Reimi, can you put Roak up on the screen?

Reimi: Sure.

Meracle: Hmm… somehow it really does look like my home. I wonder if maybe I was born there after all...

[You said you didn't know where you were from, you little fluffy liar! Where did you get such incredible guesses?]

Myuria: You can go back if you want. Losing one person won't make much of a difference.

Meracle: No, I'm not going back! I'm going with Edge! And besides, what are you doing here, anyway!?

Myuria: We're all friends now. Why wouldn't I be here?

Bacchus: But Miss Myuria, what about your ship? Did you not leave it on Roak?

Myuria: That's Mrs. And my ship is on autopilot back to En II. It'll be fine without me.

Faize: ......

Lymle: Sarrie, bye bye!

Edge: I wonder what Sarah's doing now?

Reimi: Me too. I wish we could have said a proper goodbye to her...

Meracle: Sarah! We'll be back someday!

Bacchus: Until we meet again, Miss Sarah.

Sarah: Goodbye, Sarah! Oh, um… you mean, me?

[Did she quietly sneak on the ship bypassing the defense systems or are heroes so stupid they don't turn them on?]

Reimi: You're always so silly, Sar… what!?

[I was full of hope that we never see this feather pillow ever.]

Sarah: Now that I think about it, I've been here all along. I guess we can't part ways now, can we? Umm. Hello again, everyone.

Edge: Wait a second, Sarah! What are you doing on the Calnus!?

Sarah: I'm pretty sure I never said "goodbye," right? All I said at the Purgatorium was "See you later."

Edge: I… I guess you did...

Sarah: I went and talked to Miss Eleyna, so, umm, it's later now, isn't it?

Lymle: Yaaay! It's Sarrie!

Meracle: Sarah! We're all back together!

Reimi: What do you think, Edge?

Edge: What do I think about what? It's too late to turn back now.

Bacchus: It would indeed mean a considerable loss of time.

Sarah: ...So this is our world… Roak. It's beautiful, isn't it? To tell you the truth, there was a dream I used to have a lot, long before I met all of you. In my dream, I saw Mr. Asmodeus destroy Roak. When I told Miss Eleyna about it, she said she had received an augury about the same thing. She said that people would arrive from beyond the star ocean and protect Roak. She told me that my destiny would be to join with those people and help them on their journey. Isn't that a nice story? But actually, none of that even matters now, because I want to travel with you anyway. So… can I ask if you would please take me with you? When I'm with you all, I feel like I can fly.

Edge: ...A lot of things happened before we came to Roak. Painful, sad things… and those feelings are still with me. But I feel like my time on Roak has healed me just a bit. It's thanks to my friends, Miss Eleyna… and you, Sarah. It's thanks to you as well. I think I'll probably still be making life difficult for my crew. But if that's all right with you... you're welcome to come, Sarah.

Sarah: Of course it is. After all, we're friends too, aren't we?

Edge: ...Yeah. We are. Thanks a lot, Sarah.

Sarah: Oh no, thank you.


[They're coming to Aeos. The base is turns out to be destroyed.]

Edge: Huh? What the hell happened here... Not just the base, but the Eldarian cruiser, too... So this is why communications were cut off...? But how...? This… this is impossible!

Reimi: Where's Captain Grafton...? Where's everyone...?

Edge: They're fine. I'm sure… I'm sure they made it!

Reimi: O-of course... They must be safe!

Edge: Definitely! SRF men are as tough as nails!

Faize: ......

Edge: Let's look around. They must be close.

Reimi: Right!

Myuria: Forget about it. It's a waste of time.

Edge: Myuria...? A waste...? What do you mean...?

Myuria: Exactly what I said.

Bacchus: This won't be easy for you to hear, but… I haven't been able to detect any humanoid life signs in the vicinity, apart from our own.

Edge: ...Are you… certain?

Bacchus: I have methodically scanned our entire surroundings. I am certain I've missed nothing.

Reimi: Edge… Why… how did something like this happen...? Who could have… Maybe it was those giant bugs...?

Faize: No, I doubt that's possible. As you're both well aware, the base was constructed using state-of-the-art Eldarian technology. There was even an Eldarian cruiser here. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but... We'd never allow something like those insects to wreak so much destruction...

Reimi: Faize...

Edge: I'm sorry, Faize. We were only thinking about ourselves… You had friends here, too...

Faize: It's quite all right. In any case, we have more important things to do now than mourn. Let's take care of those first.

Edge: ...True. Are you okay, Reimi?

Reimi: Yeah… well, I wouldn't say I'm exactly okay… but I'll be all right.

Meracle: What's that sound? ...!

Sarah: Oh, my. That's a very large bird indeed, isn't it? But it's not flapping its wings.

Faize: Sarah, that is most definitely not a bird.

Lymle: It's pitch black, 'kay? Kinda like your cloak, Faize.

Edge: Reimi… doesn't it look like...?

Reimi: ...Yeah. That's what I was thinking, too. It's actually very similar to… our own SRF ships...

Edge: But repainting his ship jet-black...? That's not quite Crowe's style.

Reimi: Yeah… it's not the Aquila...

Bacchus: The basic frame is quite similar to the Calnus. However, judging from this sound, it uses an unfamiliar propulsion system. It resembles the Calnus… but it is different.

Myuria: Could it be… the Phantoms...?

Edge: ...Phantoms?

Faize: What are those?

Myuria: I suppose you wouldn't know. Nor should you—it's something that's still under investigation on En II. And it goes without saying— A man who wanders around space forgetting his regular reports to headquarters wouldn't know either. It's a fairly recent development. An unidentified group bent on destruction has been appearing here and there in space.

Edge: Bent on… destruction?

Myuria: Who or what they are, why they operate... All unknowns. They show up on one planet after another, infesting them and annihilating everything. Completely… and without mercy. Also... It's said they arrive on ominous black ships.

[It's the Flying Dutchman shit for mentally disabled five-year-olds. And, of course, heroes believe in it right away.]

Edge: What could that mean...?

Myuria: En II's forces have begun to try and subjugate them... But no matter how many are defeated, more keep appearing. They come from nowhere… almost as if they were ghosts. That's why we refer to them as Phantoms. Just to have something to call them.

Reimi: "Phantoms"...

Myuria: They are unidentified, after all. A Phantom that looks like an Earth ship... That's not out of the realm of possibility. Besides, wouldn't all the pieces fit together if that ship turned out to be a Phantom?

Edge: So what you're saying is… they destroyed this base... Earthlings… Eldarians… everyone... All the perfectly innocent people here... Our friends...!

Bacchus: It seems to have landed along the southern coast. What shall we do, Mr. Edge?

Edge: ...What do you think? They've already made that decision for us. Let's move, people.

[They explore the jungle, fighting the local fauna until they find the creepy ship.]

Edge: What the...!

Myuria: Just as I heard. Compared to the originals, Phantom ships are uniquely specialized for combat.

Reimi: If that ship really did attack the exploration base…

Edge: Yeah… then that definitely makes them our enemy. An enemy… that we have to take down!

[A few idiots jump out of the bushes like ninjas with knives instead of an automatic weapon. They are black and read as their ship.]

Reimi: ...SRF uniforms...!?

Bacchus: This cannot be... My sensors show no life signs...

Myuria: Didn't I tell you? They materialize like ghosts. Rely too much on your machines and you'll get burned, Bacchus.

Edge: Who are you people?! Answer me! Are you the ones responsible for attacking the base?

Reimi: Edge!

[He attacks a ninja idiot and he falls ashes.]

Edge: What just happened...!?

Bacchus: Were they silicon!? They looked human enough… They take the form of people, but aren't even living creatures. What could they possibly be?

Myuria: I'm all for leisurely analysis, but you might want to take a look around.

Edge: ...They're coming!

[They fight and fight...]

Edge: Damn it!

Faize: Edge, this is bad! There's too many of them!

Myuria: It's just one thing after another with these freaks. I like attention, but this is too much!

Bacchus: There's even more, 'kay!? What's going on!?

Meracle: No, no, no, no, no! There's just too many!

Faize: Edge, over there!

[There's a huge ship's cannon aimed at them.]

Edge: No way... Don't they care if their own men get killed!?

[Someone's starting to fire at the creepy ship.]

Edge: ...!? Wh-what the...

Faize: Amazing... Every single one, with pinpoint precision...

Reimi: What in the world is going on..?

Meracle: I… I don't know...

Myuria: ...Keep your guard up. Something… is coming...!

Edge: More of 'em?

Reimi: Hey, isn't that the thing Faize rode on?

Faize: It's a Sol… no question! That's an Eldarian ship!

[The ship lands, and Crowe comes out of it, radiating with coolness and creepy grey haired one from before.]

Faize: Is that the person who just landed all those incredible shots?

Meracle: He didn't even miss a single one. Wow.

Lymle: ...But who is he?

Bacchus: Him...

Faize: Th-that's… That's the man from the 13th Independent Armored Division… Arumat!

[Paphos roosters defeat the rest of the Phantom's army.]

Lymle: Wowie-wow! They're so strong, 'kay?

Sarah: Yes, I was so surprised I felt like flying away. Not that I actually could.

Meracle: Whoa… they beat 'em all by themselves.

Bacchus: Mr. Crowe, I see you made it to En II safely.

Crowe: Thanks for your help on Cardianon, Bacchus. Yo, Edge, Reimi. Long time no see, huh?

Edge: You bastard, I thought you got yourself killed… Crowe...

[There's a spark strikes between them... I mean lightning.]

Edge: (to Myuria) S-stop!

Myuria: Just stand aside, boy. Unless you have a desire to get caught up in this.
Crowe: Have we… met somewhere before? I'm not the type to forget a pretty face.

Myuria: (laughs) Finally… finally! (laughs even harder) I knew staying with the boy was the right choice. I never imagined I'd find you so quickly… my mortal enemy!

Reimi: Stop! This is some kind of misunderstanding!

Myuria: You may have forgotten me, but oh, I remember you. Your face hasn't been out of my mind for even a moment! At last, here and now, my beloved shall be avenged!

Edge: Myuria!

Crowe: ..."Myuria"...? Could it be...?

Myuria: I'll kill you... I will kill you!!

[We're being moved back in time to tell us what happened. Once upon a time, Myuria lived with her nameless lover. Then someone blew up their ship and the lover shoved Myuria into a pod and threw her out of the ship. The end.]


[Crowe easily blocks her attack by simply grabbing her sraff.]

Crowe: I'm sorry, Myuria. Can you just listen to me for a minute?

Myuria: Let go! Let go of it!

Crowe: I have something for you. From Lucien Tionysus.

Myuria: ...How do you know Lucien's name?

[He pulls out a compact recorder.]

Soldier: (on record) We shot the warship down! It's safe. The enemies are gone!

Lucien: (on record) ...You people saved me?

Myuria: Lucien!

Crowe: Lucien left a message before he died. Please, I want you to hear it...

Lucien: (on record) Many thanks.

Soldier: (on record) What are you saying? Hey! This ship is from Earth! We're not your enemies! It's all right!

Lucien: (on record) I am of the Morphus. My name is Lucien Tionysus...

Soldier: (on record) Damn it! I can't understand you! Your ship is finished! You have to get out of there!

Lucien: (on record) Brave man… In the hope that my words will someday be passed on, I leave this message with you... I pray that you will one day be able to deliver this, my final message, to her... My beloved wife, Myuria... Please, forgive me for sending you into space alone. I didn't have much time left, and it was the only way to protect you. Myuria, I regret there are not many things I can leave to you... But I am so thankful for the happiness that meeting you brought me. So happy for all the wonderful days we spent together... Myuria... Myuria, my love... I will love you forever...

Soldier: (on record) "Myu...ria..."? What does that mean?

Lucien: (on record) ......

Soldier: (on record) Hey, you all right? Say something!

Lucien: (on record) ...Myuria...

Soldier: (on record)Hang in there! No, don't die on me!

Lucien: (on record) I want you to live… and be happy...

Edge: What was that about...?

Crowe: ...The warp accident when we were heading for Aeos. When we were thrown out of the wormhole, we sighted a vessel under attack by a Cardianon warship. Once we'd shot down the Cardianon warship, we hailed the crippled vessel and offered to rescue their crew.

Myuria: ...!

Crowe: But as you just heard... We weren't able to communicate with each other properly...

Bacchus: I would hypothesize that when Mr. Lucien's ship was attacked, the waveform generation subsystem of the ship's translator was damaged.

Edge: So… we were only able to understand the message just now because of these translators?

Crowe: Yeah. I only realized what this message meant myself after I met Bacchus and he let me borrow a translator. Myuria Tionysus. I've been searching for you ever since that incident. Finally… I'm able to pass this on. And also… I finally get to apologize. I'm sorry… so sorry I wasn't able to save someone so important to you.

Myuria: (crying) Lucien… Lucien...!

Edge: Reimi… I think she needs to be alone right now...

Reimi: ...Okay.

Edge: So… let's just do what we can here… Crowe… what's going on? The exploration base on Aeos is in ruins. We've got these mysterious enemies called "Phantoms" running around. And now, all of a sudden you've shown up here. That can't just be coincidence… right?

Crowe: If you're traveling with Bacchus, you must already understand a lot of this... Is it safe for me to make that assumption?

Bacchus: I explained the details on the Cardianon mothership.

Crowe: Well, that saves us some time.

Edge: ...Oh, I guess you two haven't heard about all this yet.

Sarah: Oh, no, please don't concern yourself with me. I don't want to get you all off track. If you could give me a simple explanation later, that'll be just fine.

Meracle: That's fine with me, too. I'm kinda like Sarah, not too good with the hard stuff.

Lymle: Me, too.

Faize: But you already know, don't you?

Lymle: I don't wanna be left out! Me and Sarrie and Merry are together, 'kay?

Faize: ...Even for you, Lymle, that's a little juvenile.

Crowe: You've made some pretty interesting friends, Edge.

Edge: ...Yeah. And they've all been a big help.

Crowe: I see. After leaving the Cardianon mothership, I made contact with the Morphus… and learned that our entire galaxy is in grave danger.

Edge: The galaxy's in danger… huh. Even a little while ago, I probably would've just laughed you off.

Crowe: But not anymore, I take it?

Edge: Well, we've been through a lot. I can see why you abandoned the SRF's mission of exploration.

Crowe: No, I haven't abandoned it. I just realized there are more important things to be concerned about. My crew understands, too. We're in this together.

Faize: Does this "grave danger" you speak of have any connection to what happened here on Aeos?

Crowe: Indeed it does. Of course, it's not just this planet. You must have seen it on the Cardianon mothership, too. Artifacts with the power to transfigure people… even entire planets. The Grigori.

Edge: The Grigori...

Crowe: I've been all across the galaxy chasing them down.

Edge: Then you're here on Aeos because... Yeah, exactly. It's been confirmed there's a Grigori hiding out on Aeos. We were dispatched here to destroy it. Of course, it happens to be incidental to another mission...

Reimi: So that meteorite fragment we collected...

Faize: It was nothing more than a fragment. I imagine the Grigori itself must be located elsewhere. If only I had deduced this earlier...

Edge: Hold on. Does that mean... Does that mean the Grigori changed the captain and everyone else into something like the Cardianon!?

Crowe: No, that's not it. The Morphus discovered some new facts about the Grigori. The influence of the Grigori on objects around them doesn't stop with aberrant evolution. They absorb information. From people, machines… everything. Then, they process that information to produce inorganic constructs... replicated ad infinitum. Those Phantom ships and soldiers that you fought— that's how they were created.

Bacchus: So the Grigori and the Phantoms are linked.

Crowe: Indeed.

Edge: They absorb information… and replicate it...?

Reimi: You mean...

Crowe: Afraid so. The exploration base was destroyed by Phantoms. And the original information for those Phantoms came from… the SRF ships that came to Aeos, and their crews.

[Edge is shocked. Reimi is crying.]

Crowe: Their information must have been scanned when they were investigating the Grigori...

Edge: ...Damn it! What the hell are these Grigori!? Why would they… why would they do something like that!?

Crowe: ...I have no idea. But I do know there are steps we have to take to make sure these tragedies aren't repeated. Too many lives were sacrificed.

Faize: What have I... What have I been doing...? Why wasn't I with them...? Why couldn't I protect them...!? My brethren were being threatened by the Grigori, and I… I didn't do anything to help...

Crowe: That's right, you're Eldarian. There's somethi—

Arumat: I will explain.

Crowe: Arumat, are you sure?

Arumat: I am.

Faize: Arumat, sir... You're with the Eldarian military, correct? Why didn't you protect the facility, sir!? The military was in charge of security!

Arumat: There is no more military.

Faize: Wha...?

Arumat: Actually, there are no more Eldarian organizations of any kind. Our brethren are aboard emigration ships in space.

Faize: Emigration ships...? To where do they emigrate? I didn't think there were any planets ready for colonization yet.

Arumat: What other choice do a homeless, vagrant people have?

Faize: Homeless...? Vagrant...? What… what are you… What do you mean? What's happened on Eldar!?

Arumat: Our home is gone. It's all space dust now. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Faize: This is… a joke… right?

Arumat: ......

Lymle: Faize...

Arumat: Listen up, lad. You need to know what happened—everything.

Faize: No... Don't… don't tell me… I don't… I don't want to know!

[But he's starting to talk anyway.]

Arumat: Our sun suddenly turned into a red giant, advancing the day of Eldar's destruction by a century. A decision to evacuate the planet was made. But it was then that the Phantom ships appeared. This was no coincidence. The Phantoms induced our sun to go giant early. They had set a twofold trap to ensure Eldar's destruction. We fought. We fought so that as many of our brethren as possible might escape. And yet... My men were scattered one after another... The last thing I saw was... Then I was saved by this man, Crowe, and so am here today.

Faize: That's a lie... It has to be… Everything! It's all lies! You must be lying...!

Arumat: Keep your head, lad!

Faize: ...!?

Arumat: You may have lost your home—but if you're still an Eldarian, do not lose your pride along with it.

Crowe: ...Faize, listen. Your people haven't been destroyed. As luck would have it, Gaghan had returned to Eldar, and he directed an evacuation.

Faize: What...? Commander Gaghan is… alive...?

Crowe: I won't tell you not to grieve for your lost home and comrades. But don't give up. As long as those Eldarians are out there, there are still things you have to do.

Faize: Yes… I'm all right now. Thank you, Lymle.

Edge: ...So, what are you going to do now, Crowe?

Crowe: Get rid of the Grigori on this planet, of course. And protect the Eldarian refugee ships.

Edge: What? My Eldarian brethren are here!?

Crowe: Yeah. They're with the Aquila, orbiting Aeos. (to transmitter) Yes? ...What!? ...Understood. I'll be back as soon as I can. And tell them to get out of there as fast as possible! Got it!?

Crowe: ...I screwed up. Too careless...

Edge: Did something happen?

Crowe: That was from the Aquila. Apparently, the refugee fleet is under attack by Phantom ships.

Faize: What did you say!?

Crowe: I'm going back up there to take command. I have to ensure their safety before we can think about the Grigori.

Edge: Roger that. Crowe, you protect the Eldarians. We'll get rid of the Grigori.

Crowe: Edge...?

Edge: The Eldarians absolutely must be protected. But we can't just leave the Grigori here. So… we'll take care of it.

Crowe: You know there's no turning back.

Edge: I know. I'm prepared.

Crowe: All right. I'll leave it to you. Arumat, go with Edge. You know where the Grigori is, too, right?

Arumat: If that is your decision, I have no objections.

Edge: ...I guess this is goodbye again.

Crowe: Aw, come on. We have the same objective. We'll see each other soon enough. If you believe in me as much as you say you do, go to En II. Find out how to save the galaxy.

Edge: ...All right.

Crowe: Take care of things down here, Arumat.

Arumat: Right.

Myuria: ...Hold it.

Reimi: Myuria...!

Myuria: ...You're going to help those people?

Crowe: ...Yeah, I am. So I'm afraid I can't let you kill me yet.

Meracle: ......

Crowe: It's a fact that I wasn't able to save your husband. You have the right to do whatever you want with me. But for now, I need you to wait... Please.

Myuria: ...You really are a fool.

Crowe: ...Huh?

Myuria: Jumping into the jaws of death for people you don't even know? Come, now. Only a fool would do such a thing.

Crowe: ...Myuria...

Myuria: ...Well, it looks like you win, boy.

Edge: It never had anything to do with winning or losing. I just believed in my friend.

Myuria: Leave the boy and his friends to me. I'll take care of them for you. This is my—and Lucien's—thanks to you.

Crowe: ...Thank you.

Edge: Come on, people. We're moving.

Faize: ...Please, wait.

Edge: ...What is it, Faize?

Faize: Edge… I have to apologize to you. I promised I'd stay with you no matter what. But… hearing about my brethren in crisis, I… Inside, I—

Edge: ...Listen to me, Faize. When that Earth from another dimension was destroyed, I completely lost my way... But you know who it was that helped me find it again? My friends.

Faize: Edge...

Edge: So believe me, I know how precious friends are. I'm not going to try to stop you. But... Faize… don't forget about us. We're here... We're your friends, too.

Faize: ...Thank you, Edge.

Reimi: So long, Faize. Be careful out there.

Bacchus: We shall meet you and Mr. Crowe again, on En II.

Meracle: You better not get lost, okay? Take care of yourself, Faize.

Sarah: Do your best. Wouldn't want to let Crowe upstage you.

Arumat: Lad.

Faize: This… this is the Sol's—

Arumat: —control unit. Take it with you. I appreciate it. Well, then...farewell, everyone.

Lymle: ......

Faize: ...Do you want me to stay with you that badly? Well… if you admit this cloak suits me, I might consider it.

Lymle: But… it looks really bad on you, 'kay...?

Faize: ...I'm sorry to hear that, Lymle.

Reimi: Lym...

Faize: Thank you again... (I will save my brethren, no matter what the cost. Even if it means losing my own life...)

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