Lord Croft: What makes someone reach beyond the boundaries of human experience to face the unknown? As children, we question the world around us. We learn, we accept, and gradually we lose our capacity far wander. But some do not... the explorers, the seekers of truth. It is these pioneers who define the future of mankind.

Jonah: The others... They're done. No amount of money is gonna get them through those mountains.

Lara: The lost city is up there, somewhere.

Jonah: That's gonna be a hell of a climb.

Lara: I'm not turning back.

Jonah: I know.

Lara: You should stay here with them.

Jonah: Not a chance. You're almost there... Wait till you see this VIEW. Lara! Take my hand!

Lara: Thanks... Look at that...

Jonah: It's amazing... but the snow coming off those peaks is a bad sign.

Lara: The trail leads up the mountain. We'll have a good view of the valley beyond from the summit.

Jonah: All right, let's take it easy here. This wind is crazy!

Lara: We just need to keep moving.

Jonah: Hey... even if we don't find anything up here, your dad would be proud.

Lara: I know. But I have a good feeling about this. Whoa, shit!

Jonah: Are you okay?

Lara: Lost my footing. I'm fine! Ahhhhh!

Jonah: No! Lara!

Lara: Damn, that was close...

Jonah: Lara! Are you all right?

Lara: Jonah! I'm here!

Jonah: I'll climb down there and get you...

Lara: No! It's too dangerous! I can climb back up!

Jonah: Are you sure?

Lara: Just stay put! I need to jump across.

Jonah: Yeah, okay... now grab my hand! Gotcha! Shit Lara. You're gonna give me a heart attack. Are you okay?

Lara: Yeah...

Jonah: Come on... Looks like we gotta go through. No bad. If the weather turns, we can hole up in this cave. Do you really think we'll find this lost city?

Lara: I know this is a long shot. But that old tracker said he saw ruins up in these mountains.

Jonah: Well, I guess if I was going to hide a lost city, this might be the kind of godforsaken place I'd do it. What do you think?

Lara: We're close to something, Jonah. I can feel it. Just this last stretch to the top.

Jonah: All right. Let's see what's up there. Feels pretty solid here, but keep close to the wall.

Lara: Okay... Looks like we climb from here.

Jonah: Keep your eyes open for falling ice.

Lara: Right... you ready?

Jonah: Let's do it. Whoa! There's lots of loose ice up here.

Lara: Let's take it slow and steady. Just stay with me.

Jonah: Look out!

Lara: Oh shit!

Jonah: That was close!

Lara: Oh no... Jonah... hold on!

Jonah: Shit! I'm gonna dig in! Can you make it across?

Lara: I can make it! Whoa!

Jonah: Holy shit! I don't think I can make that jump!

Lara: Stay there, I'll anchor a line for you at the top!

Jonah: All right. I'll give you some slack! Almost there. Lara. You get it!

Lara: Jonah! We made it! I see the ruins! Oh god!

Jonah: Lara! Oh shit. I gotcha! I gotcha! Lara! can you hear me!?

Lara: Yeah.

Jonah: I'm going to pull you back up! ...Oh fuck!

Lara: There, over there! Quick! Swing me to the other side... Okay... here goes.

Jonah: Come on, Lara.

Lara: Aaarghhh!

Jonah: Lara! I can't hold you! The rope is slipping! Climb! Climb! Oh shit... move, goddamn it!

Lara: Go back, Jonah! Get to shelter!

Two weeks earlier
London, England

Lord Croft: It is the greatest cruelty of life... that we are all too swiftly taken from it. We age, we decay we die... but what do we leave behind? Bones? Dust? What of the soul? Does it endure beyond our earthly existence? I believe it does. A truth lies at the heart of many myths and stories. A truth not of science, but something more profound, the key to unlocking everlasting life. I may have found the next piece to the puzzle. I’m not alone in this search. They're following me, watching my every step. I know them by name now. Trinity. An ancient, violent sect with designs on controlling the future of humanity. I must proceed carefully for the sake of my family. If anything were to ever happen to Lara... or Ana, I could never forgive myself.

Ana: Lara?! It's me.

Lara: Ana! Oh god... I'm so sorry. What are you doing here?

Ana: I saw the gutter press was attacking you again. What are you doing here? I thought you could use some company.

Lara: More lies. Were you followed?

Ana: Followed? Of course not. What's going on?

Lara: I think I found the tomb.

Ana: Oh, you can't be serious.

Lara: The myth of the prophet is real. Dad was right.

Ana: Lara, your father was... unwell.

Lara: No, he was close to a great discovery, tangible evidence of the immortal soul.

Ana: I loved Richard. I would have married him if he'd asked. But he was a broken man. I don't want to see you end up like him.

Lara: But Ana, he was right. It was everyone else who was wrong. The tomb's in Syria.

Ana: Syria!?

Ana: Oh God, Lara. No. This IS madness! Get your life sorted. Go home to the manor.

Lara: You know I can't go back there.

Ana: But this obsession ruined your father.

Lara: I saw something... something I... I can't explain. Now I understand what Dad was going through.

Ana: It's all fairytales. Nonsense. Don't go down this road.

Lara: It's the only thing that makes sense to me now. I'm going to find the prophet's tomb, Ana...


[We're moving to Syria. Lara, following the GPS transmitter, hires a driver. On the way to the marked point...]

Driver: Hey. We're heading into a war zone now. You better be sure about this.

Lara: We're close. There should be an oasis in the canyon just ahead.

Driver: You're wasting your time. There's nothing out here.

Lara: Just keep driving, please.

Driver: It's your money.

[There's a helicopter in the sky.]

Lara: Something isn't right...

Driver: Uhh, that's just... local militia.

Lara: You told someone, didn't you?

Driver: They... they paid better than you.

Lara: You bast...

Driver: Damn, this road...! Shit! They weren't supposed to shoot at us!

Lara: Get us out of here!

Driver: Shit... shit! Oh no, no. No!

[One of the bullets hits the driver. Lara grabbing the wheel.]

Lara: No, no, no...!

[The car's flipping over.]

The Lost TombEdit

[Lara wakes up and struggles to get out of the burning car. After that the car explodes and Lara is thrown into the abyss, although she manages to slow down the fall with a climbing pick. When she lands, she's hitting her head hard.]

Northwest Border of Syria

Lara: No turning back... it has to be here...

Lara: There was something in dad's research about this.

Lord Croft: It was said the Prophet's Tomb was hidden in the cliffs above one of the forgotten cities. Legend speaks of an oasis where the Prophet was laid to rest.

Lara: Something's here! Could this really be it?

Lara: Incredible... It's some kind of marker... I can't quite make out the translation... But this word... <whispering> Prophet! This is it... Dad was right.

Lara: Okay, he's shown here... performing healing miracles. Dad's notes mentioned this.

Lara: It's the Prophet, speaking with a foreign army... He convinced them to lay down their weapons.

Lara: These are the miracles of the Prophet of Constantinople, unjustly murdered by Order of... Trinity.

Lara: My Greek is still a little rusty, but... it's pointing to something hidden nearby. I'll mark down the locations...

Lara: He led his followers through the desert... to the oasis...

Solder: Still no sign of her. I don't think she survived the crash.

Lara: All right, let's go. Konstantin wants to breach the tomb before sundown. They're after the tomb... I've got to find it before them!

Lara: A secret entrance...

Lara: It's amazing... if only Dad could have seen this...

The Hidden OasisEdit

Lara: Oh no... They're already here. Got to get inside...

Lord Croft: The Order of Trinity pursued the Prophet and his people relentlessly, until finally confronting them in their hidden oasis.

Lara: Damn it... come on!

Lara: There was a battle here... Armed soldiers... against religious pilgrims... The Order of Trinity.

The Prophet’s TombEdit

Lara: Damn it... that was too close.

Lara: They're blasting their way in...

Lara: Let's hope this works...

Lara: Stunning... we made it, Dad.

<from above> That's It! We're almost through! All right, set the final charges... prepare to breach!

Lara: Damn! They're almost inside!

Lara: ...Found you! Empty! It's empty. No, no. What did I miss?

<from above> Hey it's down here!

Commander: Set the charges. The Prophet's tomb... After all this time.

Soldier: The artifact?

Commander: Inside. God willing. Open it. Carefully. It could be extremely dangerous.

Lara: Who the hell are you?

Commander: You're a smart woman. I suspect you already know.

Lara: Trinity.

Commander: Where is the artifact?

Lara: I don't know what you're talking about.

Commander: Don't play games with me. You led us to this place.

Lara: Look, it was empty when I got here. There was nobody and definitely no artifact.

Commander: Get down! Move, damn it, MOVE!

Lara: Almost... there...

Lara: What's this?

Croft Manor

<sound of typing, rustling papers>

Lara: Jonah!

Jonah: Lara!

Lara: There's so much I need to tell you. I don't-

Jonah: Did you find the prophet's tomb?

Lara: Yes, but I was followed.

Jonah: What? By who?

Lara: They call themselves Trinity. They tried to kill me.

Jonah: What the hell is going on here? You're starting to scare me.

Lara: The tomb was empty, but I think they were looking for the Divine Source.

Jonah: The artifact your father was after?

Lara: There's more. I found this symbol in the tomb. I knew I'd seen it before. It was driving me insane! That's when it hit me. I saw it here, in one of Dad's books. Listen to this. The lost city of Kitezh. Said to have disappeared in Siberia sometime in the 12th century. Legend says that on the eve of the invasion by the Mongol horde, it sunk beneath a lake.

Jonah: What does this have to do with the Prophet's artifact?

Lara: The same symbol.

Jonah: <laughing> Lara...

Lara: If the Divine Source is hidden in the ruins of Kitezh, waiting to be found, then I have to go.

Jonah: To Siberia? Are you kidding me?

Lara: Just think! If this thing could really unlock the secret of immortality, it would change everything. Sickness, suffering, death... gone!

Jonah: Are you listening to yourself?

Lara: Jonah, we've been through so much together. You know there's more out there - this could be real!

Jonah: I don't care if it's real! I've lost too many friends. I don't want to lose you too.

Lara: Dad never made the connection to Kitezh. He gave up everything for this.

Jonah: Including you! Stop blaming yourself for what happened. He made his own bed.

Lara: I can't give up on him. Not now. It's all I have.

Jonah: No, it isn't! If you stayed still for five minutes, maybe you'd see that!

Lara: Damn it!

Lara: Jonah...?

Jonah: Lara... Holy shit!

Lara: Stop! Drop the book!

Thug: You can't stop us!

Jonah: Shit. Lara... What are we gonna do?

Lara: I led them to it, Jonah. If the Divine Source is real, we've got to find it first.

Jonah: Siberia it is, then...


Northern Siberia
Present day

Lara: <gasping for breath>

Jonah: <via radio> Lara, are you there? I’ve made it to the shelter.

Lara: Jonah? Jonah, if you can hear me... Go back. Please don't try to find me. I need to do this alone. Got to find shelter.

A Cold WelcomeEdit


Lara: Keep moving. Come on... you can do this... Move.

Lara: An old camp... Okay... Okay... got to start a fire... Okay... this might work. Not enough to... last the night. Need to gather more. Dry enough to burn... I hope... Fresh kill... no meat but... maybe something else I can use... Back to camp... Move, damn it.

Konstantin: are scouring the rains in the mountains. If the artifact is here, we’ll find it.

Mysterious Voice: And what of the Remnant?

Konstantin: They continue to resist us. But we’ll have the situation in hand soon enough.

Mysterious Voice: Good. Trinity has faith in you.

Lara: <whispering> Trinity... Going to need a stronger bow.

Echoes of the PastEdit

Lara: I wish this pain wasn't so familiar. Like looking an old enemy in the eye. It wants to take me down. It wants me to just lie down and die. But I won't. I can't. There's something here, there must be or Trinity wouldn't be in this snowy hell.

Lara: These ruins here... Mongolian...

Lara: Trinity... They're here.

<via radio> Command... do you copy?

<sound of a bear roaring>

Lara: Oh shit!


Lara: Oh shit... what the hell was that?

<via radio> Survey team, this is Overwatch. Please respond. Survey team, please respond. We got some... interference on that last transmission.

Lord Croft: Lara. Refusing to use the door again. I see.

Lara: But it's faster this way. Dad.

Lord Croft: Come here, you little monkey.

Lara: Are you going on another adventure?

Lord Croft: My greatest one yet.

Lara: Well, I've decided that I should be your assistant.

Lord Croft: Oh, have you? Well, there's no one I'd rather have by my side. But this business... it's too dangerous. Lara, listen to me. Someday you're going to make such a mark on this world. You're going to make me so proud. Give me a moment, darling. I need to take this.

Lara: Got to bind this wound... Those leaves should stem the bleeding...

Lara: Need some kind of bandage...

Lara: An abandoned Cold War installation... What the hell is Trinity doing down there? More Mongol ruins... It looks like the path goes all the way through... to get past that bear.

Best Laid Plans Edit

Lara: Those mushrooms... they're deathcaps! I should be able to make a poison...

Lara: Mongolian script... can't quite piece it together... These characters look... Mongolian. But I can't read what it says.

Lara: Might be able to make something with all this... Should head back to camp and try...

Lara: Need to rest... So cold... so tired.

Lord Croft: No, you listen to me. I don't give a damn about my reputation! Don't you dare threaten me! Hello? Hello?!

Lara: Dad, what's happening?

Lord Croft: They're fools!

Lara: You're scaring me.

Lord Croft: I'm close Lara... Close to something important. Someday... You'll understand.

Lara: I don't want to understand! I just want you to stop. Be my Dad again!

Lara: <gasping>

Native Man: Sofia! Keep moving!


Soldier: Come on! We got ‘em!


Native Man: Keep running! Go!


Soldier: Run her down.

<via radio> All teams report in. What's the situation? Over.

Soldier: We found another camp up here. Fire was still warm. They can't be far. Over.

Soldier 2: Command we're fanning out to pick up the trail.

<via radio> Roger that, but it looks like they've retreated. Primary objective is to find the missing survey team.

Soldier 3: Spread the word: The natives set snares in the clearing...

Soldier 4: Get on the radio, see if you can raise the facility.

<via radio> All teams, keep your eyes open. The natives booby-trapped the woods.

Lara: Damn, it's still there. Too cramped to fight... Better to draw it out... Bought some time… Dammit...

Lara: Shit... that's going to be cold.

Lara: A Byzantine war galley? How the hell did it get down here?

Lara: Hmm... it's Mongolian. They passed through here... I must be close to the lost city. Must be something up there. Yes! That did it!

Lara: Got it! Now to find out what's up there. Look at all this... Why were they carrying so much wealth with them?

Lara: This codex details the archery techniques of the toes of the Byzantine empire...


Lara: I'm not your enemy.

Sofia: That remains to be seen. You killed those men back there.

Lara: I killed them to survive. I suspect you did too.

Sofia: How long have they been here?

Lara: Days, at most.

Sofia: The Invaders took many of my people prisoner. You should leave this place before it's too late.

Lara: I can't do that. I came here for something important.

Sofia: So did they. If I see you again. I'll put an arrow in your throat.

Lara: You and I are on the same side. I hope I can prove that to you. What's going on down there?

Among the EnemyEdit

Lara’s Journal: So, there are people who live out here... and they appear to have been here for a very long time... living in isolation for decades, maybe even centuries. I notice elements of her dress, small adornments that would not have been out of place in the Byzantine Empire. Could they possibly be descendants of the Prophet's people? How much do they know about the Lost City or the Divine Source? It's clear Trinity will do anything to find out. I'm afraid that whoever they are, they're in grave danger. Let's hope the old proverb about the enemy of my enemy remains true.

Lara: Nothing I can do for him now.

Mercenary 1: All units, just got word. Konstantin is on his way down from the prison. We need to get this mess in order before he arrives. Hey... can anyone hear me? Goddamn it, we gotta get comms back up.

Mercenary 2: Never seen anything like that. Crazy son of a bitch, rushing three armed men with an axe. I don't know how they managed to take one of them alive. Who the hell are these people?

Lara: There's more of them arriving...

Mercenary 1: Until we get someone out here to shut that pump off. I want those crates as far away from the fire as possible double time. There's ammo in there, and we can't afford to lose it.

Mercenary 1: We secure?

Mercenary 2: Haven’t heard any shots a few minutes now.

Mercenary 1: I think we're in the clear.

Mercenary 2: Don't count on it. Stay alert until we get the comms re established with the prison.

Mercenary 1: We're on our own out here.

Mercenary 2: That was Konstantin's chopper... What the hell is he doing down here?

Mercenary 1: Not for me to say. They took one of the natives alive to question him, but it cost us three men. I'm guessing command wants to know what they find out. Konstantin expects more from us. Someone's going to pay for that mistake...

Mercenary 2: 9mm rounds... flares... Huh... Anyone seen the 50 caliber ammo?

Mercenary 1: Hey looks like we're gonna be short on ordinance until the next drop! You see anything out by the fences?

Mercenary 2: Nothing... But we didn't see the first ambush until they were already inside. They knew the layout of this place.

Mercenary 1: Shit... this was supposed to be a routine op.

Mercenary 2: The path is never easy. But Trinity expects us to walk it all the same

Mercenary 1: That’s it. We're out of time. Shoot him. He’ll talk or he'll bleed out.

Man: You think I fear death?

Mercenary 1: Put a bullet in this fucking savage! Now!

Mercenary 2: Gut shot... awful way to go... Clock's ticking.

Mercenary 1: You're going to die here, you understand? Unless you tell me what I want to know.

Mercenary 2: Not just you. Your whole family. Everyone. They'll all die slow, while we watch.

Man: Agios o Theos... Agios profetes... Agios athanatos, eleison imas... They have him... imprisoned... <coughing> Got to... got to...

Lara: Oh no... no...

Mercenary 1: How's it looking?

Mercenary 2: I'm not sure I can stop the leak. If this doesn't work, we’ll have to crimp the pipe until we get a new valve.

Mercenary 1: Not sure we'll be able to find spare parts out here...

Konstantin: I left you in charge here.

Soldier: Yes, sir. But we didn't expect such heavy resistance.

Konstantin: You were to be my eyes. You must know what is at stake with this operation. You don't.

Soldier: No... no... no...

Konstantin: How could someone like you?

<struggling, screaming>

Konstantin: Ssshhh, shhhh... go easy, go easy. Don't fear this suffering. Our goal is within reach. If we succeed here...

<via radio> Konstantin, you're needed back at the prison right away. We've got a captive who might know something about the artifact.

Konstantin: Remain faithful and you will share in the glory of the Divine Source.

Soldier: Oh god... please...

Mercenary 1: What do we do with him?

Soldier: Ahhh.... no...

Mercenary 2: Nobody touch him.

Mercenary 2: Looks like we got another fuel leak! What the hell happened?

Mercenary 1: This thing is 50 years old... Yeah, looks like the valve failed.

Mercenary 2: All right, get it shut. We can't afford to lose any more after that attack.

Mercenary 1: Okay I got this.

Soldier: My eyes... help me.

Lara: That's the fuel tank... Got to find a way to destroy it...

Lara’s Journal: Konstantin is here, the man who tried to kill me in Syria. He's violent, dangerous... but worse he appears entirely devoted to his misguided beliefs. I seem to have a habit of running afoul of religious zealots. But I suppose it all goes with the territory. His men on the radio mentioned a prisoner with information... could it be one of the natives I encountered? And if so, what does he know? Trinity will not be kind in their methods. Perhaps I can find him... find out what he knows. Earning the trust of these locals might prove useful.

Man: Don't shoot. I'm not your enemy.

Lara: Who are you people?

Man: All that can come later. It you want answers, then listen close. We've managed to destroy the old radio tower, but there are repeaters that keep them connected. We need to shut them down. Help me, and I'll let the others know they can trust you. We need all the allies we can get.

Lara: I'll keep an eye out for them.

Man: Good. We don't have much time.

Lord Croft: Roth is determined that I should learn how to shoot. However, he tried to teach me today. I was utterly hopeless. I've always said in the field you can't go wrong with a stout stick and good boots. I told him I was a man of words, not of weapons. He laughed and said that he hoped I could find the right words to slow down a charging bison. I told him that that's what he was for. Bless him for trying, though. I don't think there ll be anymore lessons somehow.

Lara: Roth always said I must've gotten my sharp eyes and steady hands from mom. That summer he taught me to shoot instead. I took to it... maybe too well.

Lord Croft: I hope you received my last tape in good time. I am becoming increasingly fond of recording these messages to you. Ana says that I need time away from my books and papers every so often, if only to remember why I'm doing all this. I know you hate me going away but it will be worth it one day. It will all be worth it. Sending my love to you. Work hard in school.

Lara: I know your work was important, but it didn't feel like it at the time. Still, it taught me independence, how to look after myself. Important lessons as it turns out.

Lara: Communication repeaters. Trinity must have installed these.

<via radio> ...need to get more information out of the prisoner. If Konstantin has to do it himself, he's not going to be happy.

<via radio> We'll step up the pressure, but he's clearly had some experience with interrogation techniques before.

<via radio> We think he's the leader of the Remnant, he has to know about the Divine Source. Find his weakness. Get creative.

Lara: This prisoner... Maybe I can find him.

Trader: Look, I'm on your side here. I've been working as a maintenance tech for Trinity out here but I have got to get out of here. These people are insane. I’ve been stockpiling gear. It's yours, if you can pay for it. They won’t notice a few missing items, but if they catch wind, or if they see me with you, I'm a dead man. I'll need some untraceable currency in case things go south. Gold preferably. You think we can make a deal?

Lara: I'll see what I can dig up...

Mysterious voice: <via radio> Your reports have ceased. Trinity's growing concerned.

Konstantin: We‘ve had trouble with the natives. Our communications were offline, but everything is now under control.

Mysterious voice: If the situation becomes untenable, we will step in.

Konstantin: It won't. You sent me for a reason. I was chosen for this. I will succeed.

Mysterious voice: See that you do.

Lara: Hey!

Ana: Lara! Are you okay? Oh, thank God!

Lara: Ana? What - what are you doing here?!

Ana: I don't know! I can't remember. What's happening, Lara? I'm scared.

Lara: I'm so sorry. I didn't think they'd come after you. This is all my fault.

Ana: Who... who are they? What do they want?

Lara: The same thing my father was after.

Ana: Oh no... Lara... I told you not to do this. Whatever they want, just give it to them.

Lara: It's not that simple. Just hold on. I'll get us out of here... somehow... Don't touch her! Please... no...

Konstantin: Talk.

Lara: No! No, you bastard!

Konstantin: Where is the Divine Source?

Lara: Please! Just stop! I don't know where it is!

Ana: That's enough. She doesn't know.

Lara: What- You. No... You're with them?! I can't believe this. You... you cu-

Ana: You couldn't let it go, could you? I knew you'd find your way to this place.

Lara: What did you expect?

Ana: It doesn't have to be this way. We seek the same thing. We could use someone like you. You want a purpose in your life; we can provide that.

Lara: You've got to be kidding. I've seen how Trinity operates.

Ana: Is that a no?

Lara: It's a no fucking way. Tell me, Ana. Were you recruited by Trinity before or after you started screwing my father?

Ana: I loved Richard. But he was blinded by idealism, and it destroyed him. What would you do with the artifact? Show it to the world? Redeem your father's good name? You're still so naive... just a frightened little girl trying to walk in her daddy's shoes.

Konstantin: We're done here.

Ana: No. Not yet.

Ana: You and I... we can still be on the same side of history. Think about it, Lara.

Lara: This isn't over. <yelling> Bastard!

Prisoner: Perhaps that's all he knows how to be?

<startled gasp>

Lara: I thought I was alone.

Prisoner: So did I, but here we are. So what should I call my new acquaintance?

Lara: Nothing. I won't be staying.

Prisoner: Konstantin has little patience.

Lara: Nor do I.

Prisoner: So I see. Nice trick. Can you get us out of here?

Lara: There's no us. I don't even know who you are, or why you're here. Sorry... I'm not feeling particularly trusting right now.

Prisoner: You won't get far without me.

Lara: <laughing> You don't know how far I've come. What do you know about them?

Prisoner: A sect, ancient and secretive. They believe themselves to be doing the work of God.

Lara: From what I've seen, they're pretty far from holy. There's a breeze coming through here... might be able to breakthrough.

Prisoner: And what do you plan to do with that? Careful. They'll have heard that...

Lara: All the more reason to get out of here.

Prisoner: Is there a way out?

Lara: No... but I found something that might be useful.

Prisoner: Careful, we don't want to attract attention. It worked! Can you get out?

Prisoner: Wait! Let me out. I can help you.

Lara: I can't trust you.

Prisoner: We may not be enemies. I can see that. I suspect you do too.

Lara: I work better alone.

Prisoner: I know the layout.

Lara: I'm a fast learner.

Prisoner: I've no doubt of that... Maybe I can offer you something more valuable. I know what you're all after. Thank you.

Jacob: I'm Jacob.

Lara: Lara. Take this. In case we get separated.

Jacob: We have to move. The guards will be coming through on rounds any moment.

Lara: Do you know the way out?

Jacob: Yes... I've had some time to study this place.

Lara: How long were you in that cell?

Jacob: Long enough to learn that Konstantin won't stop until he's found what he's looking for.

Lara: The Divine Source? Is it here?

Jacob: Mmm. Trust must go both ways. Lara.

Lara: What is this?

Jacob: A history lesson... This place has its own scars.

Lara: It was a work camp... The Soviets sent prisoners here... to work in the mines.

Jacob: Even that wasn't enough. They captured our people, took children from their mothers to work as slaves...

Lara: Those... those are ancient. What did they find?

Jacob: You'll have to ask them. We have to go, we aren't safe here. Our best chance of escape is to make our way to the old train yard.

Lara: And what then?

Jacob: My Village is in a valley on the other side of the mountain, we'll be safe there.

Mercenary 1: Command post 2, last chopper outbound.

Mercenary 2: Roger.

Mercenary 1: That It be the last shipment. Reports of trouble at the communications depot. More natives?

Mercenary 2: Negative. We caught an armed intruder from the outside.

Lara: Stay here. I'll take care of this.

A Way OutEdit

Mercenary 1: All right... hold on, almost got it. That's it. You're good to go!

Mercenary 2: Okay let's move this thing out! Konstantin wants a team up at the copper mill before the storm sets in!

[Lara kills all the mercenaries.]

Lara: Jacob? I've found a way to open the inner gate.

Jacob: <via radio> Head to the courtyard. I'm already inside.

Konstantin: I have patrols headed to all the major dig sites. Here, here... and here

Ana: What about these installations?

Lara: Ana! I need to get in there!

Ana: What about these installations?

Konstantin: I can send smaller groups - a few sharpshooters and scouts.

Ana: Do it. We have a lot of ground to cover and Trinity wants the artifact found as soon as possible.

Konstantin: We aren't getting anything on satellite. Too much interference. Constant cloud cover... it's as if this place doesn't exist.

Ana: It wasn't supposed to. If this is truly where the Prophet hid the Divine Source, he couldn't have picked a better place.

Lara: Jacob! What is he doing? Shit... be careful, Lara.

Konstantin: This is the place... I can feel it.

Ana: The Soviet records are quite convincing. But I want to get into those ruins myself.

Ana: I cannot wait to leave this frozen hell.

Konstantin: Then I have good news. Reconnaissance from the scouts. The natives have a settlement on the other side of the mountain.

Ana: Soon. You will have your day.

Konstantin: We both will. Just as long as you don't lose focus again.

Ana: What do you mean?

Konstantin: You're sentimental about her... the Croft girl. I can tell because she's still alive. We can‘t afford to dwell on the past.

Ana: You doubt me? You know what I've given to Trinity. What I've sacrificed! What I face <coughing> I'm fine.

Konstantin: Life has not been kind to either at us. But I swore I'd always protect you.

Ana: Now who's being sentimental7

Konstantin: I promise you, all of this will be worth it in the end. With the Divine Source, you will live. But more importantly, you will live in a world cleansed of sin.

Ana: Send your men to this settlement. Find out what they know

Lara: [to Jacob] It's too dangerous.

Ana: [start smoking a cigarette] Let me have my pleasures. None of this will matter the day our work is accomplished.

Soldier: <via radio> Konstantin, you're needed in the holding cells.

Konstantin: We're in this together, sister. Remember.

Ana: Always.

Jacob: [to Lara] What are you doing?!

Lara: [reading old manuscript] “Mankind shall be judged, the non-believers turned to ash and swept away. And the pure of faith will be raised up and given... life eternal.” [alarm] Get out! I'll find you.

Mercenary 1: We've got to find them... keep looking. They have to be here somewhere. Prison floor is clear. Eyes open. She has to still be here.

Mercenary 2: On it.

Lara: Alright. Got to find a way out of here...

Mercenary 1: Sweep and clear every room, we HAVE to find her.

Jacob: <via radio> Lara, the train yard is on the north end of the gulag. I'll wait for you there.

Lara: On my way.

Get Out Of DodgeEdit

Mercenary 1: I need assistance, the control room door is locked from inside. We're gonna have to break it down.

Lara: Damn, got to get out of here.

Mercenary 1: We're gonna have to break it down. Check all these doors! Tear this place apart! Alpha, what's the situation?

Mercenary 2: No sign of her yet. Heading to the control room now.

Lara: [solving puzzle] There.

Mercenary 2: She's here! Get in position!

Mercenary 1: Bust this thing open! Come on! [sees Lara] Oh shit.

Lara: No!

Lara: [trying to reload AK-47 taken from the mercenary] Come on...

Mercenary 1: You re going to die! She's got an assault rifle!

Mercenary 2: The prisoner is here! Take her out! Hold this position, push her back!

Mercenary 1: She's still standing. Someone... just kill her!

[After a fierce fight for life...]

Lara: Jacob? Is that you, Jacob?!

Jacob: <via radio> Lara, be careful, they're everywhere. You’ll run into some trouble - <over the radio> There he is! Take him out!

Lara: Damn it! <radio silence> Shit!

[She find a camp.]

Lara’s Journal: For the first time in weeks, things are becoming clear. I know there's something hidden here. The Soviets came looking for it, too... and now Trinity and Ana. Ana... God, I still don’t quite believe it. All this time. Did she watch Dad as well? I've got to keep moving find Jacob and join his people. If I can prove myself to them, maybe he will tell me more about this place.

[After walking a little further Lara accidentally goes into the mercenary camp.]

Mercenary 1: Hit the lights! Now!

Mercenary 2: We got her!

Mercenary 1: Come on, take her down!

[Lara kills all the mercenaries, but here come some reinforcement.]

Armored Mercenary: Hostile spotted, she's alone. Move out, and make it quick.

[She kills them too and go to a cabin with couple of dead body in it.]

Lara: What happened here... <via radio> Jacob? I think I'm close to the train yard... Are you there? [no response]

[Soon she see Jacob killing a mercenary with a knife.]

Jacob: What took you so long?

Lara: I thought I lost you back there.

Jacob: Not a chance. Thanks for getting me out of that place. [he sees a chopper] Let's move! We can get out through there.

Lara: Watch out! Ah!


Mercenary 1: <via helicopter loudspeaker> We've got them! They're on the tracks. Don't let them escape!

[Lara run for her life, fleeing a helicopter shooting her. When she walks onto an ice-covered lake, the ice breaks under her feet, and she plunges into the icy water. While dying, she remembers about her father.]

Lara: Dad, is everything alright? Dad?

[She enters her father’s office and finds him dead at his desk. Next to it is a newspaper with a headline on the main page “DISGRACED! RENOWNED HISTORIAN’S WILD CLAIMS DEBUNKED”. In the next scene, we see Lara in some sort of hut. Jacob fumigates her with a bunch of herbs.]

Jacob: Take it easy. Drink this, it'll help.

Lara: You could have left me in that river.

Jacob: Would you have left me?

Lara: I'd have thought about it.

Jacob: What makes you think I didn't? So what makes you risk so much to come here?

Lara: The Divine Source.

Jacob: I know what you're looking for. But I want to know why.

Lara: When I was young, it was just my father and I. He was an archeologist too. In his last years, he was obsessed with myths about immortality. Of course, no one believed him… including me. Our last conversation was a fight. He… He took his own life. I thought I'd come to terms with it, but…

Jacob: Something else happened.

Lara: And I saw something that I thought was impossible. It changed everything. I realized my father was right. He died alone and broken. But he died for something.

Jacob: So you believe the Divine Source is real?

Lara: I honestly don't know. But if there is any truth to it. I have to find out. It… it needs to be researched and studied. It could make a difference to the world. It's not something to be hidden away.

Jacob: A difference is not always for the best. Would you wish Trinity to have the secret to immortality?

Lara: Of course not.

Jacob: Then I would ask you not to abandon your quest, but to alter its path. Join me and my people. Help us repel Konstantin and Trinity.

Lara: And after that's done?

Jacob: Then you leave our valley untouched, but knowing that you've done the right thing.

Lara: No. I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Jacob: Can’t or won’t?

Lara: I'll fight Trinity with you but my goal remains the same. If I give up now…

Jacob: You'd feel like you'd be letting him down?

Lara: Not just him. I need answers. Jacob. I need to understand. You're leaving?

Jacob: Right now, my concern is for my Village. It's over the mountain pass, a day's journey on foot. But there may be a faster way through the old copper mine. You rest. I'll be back soon.

Alone AgainEdit

[After some time, Lara wakes up, but Jacob is not around.]

Lara: Jacob… are you there? Damn it, where is he…

[She finds a base camp.]

Lara’s Journal: Alone again. There is something about him that I can't quite put my finger on. It's strange, but almost comforting… Like I could tell him anything and it wouldn't faze him. I sense no judgment from him. Yet, at the same time, he's hard to read. My instincts tell me he's a good man. He saved my life - I think I can trust him, at least for now.

[Lara descends from the mountain where Jacob’s hut is located and finds one of his man wounded.]

Man: Don't shoot. I’m with Jacob. He told us to wait for you… but these bastards found us first.

Lara: Oh god, are you all right?

Man: I'll live. But I need a safe place to rest in case the invaders return. There's a cave, across the bridge over there. A wolf den, they won't look there. But I can't clear it out on my own, not like this. If you could kill them, we'll have a safe place to regroup. I might even have something for that pistol of yours. Can you help us?

Lara: Yes, of course. Stay out of sight. I'll be back.

Man: Thank you… Jacob was right about you.

[Lara finds a Soviet prison camp.]

Lara: Soviet soldiers… something awful happened here…

[At the base camp.]

Lara’s Journal: I think about Dad every day. For years, I was so angry with him. For losing himself in his work, for chasing what I thought were fairytales. I had no idea. I keep telling myself that I was young… that I couldn't understand... But I still lost him. And now… for some reason, I feel more connected to him than I ever did when he was alive. He never got this far, but I know he's with me. The Divine Source is here and I'm going to find it. He knew that it could change the way we understand the human soul... that it could change the world. But he's gone now, and I’m the only one left who knows he was right.

Jacob: <via radio> Lara! Are you okay?

Lara: Yes. I'm at the base of the old Soviet mill…

Jacob: I’m making my way to the mine entrance at the top of the facility. Can you meet me there?

Lara: I'm on my way.

[She finds prisoners caged beds.]

Lara: Cages… like they were animals…

Mercenary 1: Do we have a map of the faculty?

Mercenary 2: Negative. Even if we did, there's a lot of structural damage from the revolt.

[Lara picks up some alcohol and a rug and makes Molotov’s Cocktail.]

Mercenary 1: Gonna be dangerous, getting up higher. Weather and elements have taken their toll.

Mercenary 2: So this is where the Soviets broke through?

Mercenary 1: Yeah. First contact was in one of the mine shafts, and they shifted all operations to retrieval. But it looks like the revolt came within a week.

Mercenary 1: <via radio> Yeah, looks like we found a jackpot up here. All sorts of artifacts. It matches the description of the Soviet intel. Yeah, this is where they broke through into the ruins. Any sign of the escaped prisoners?

[Lara stealth kill the mercenary.]

Mercenary:There she is! Open fire!

[Having dealt with the mercenaries Lara continues to climb up the Soviet mill.]

Jacob: <via radio> Lara! Are you there? I'm pinned down, Lara, you need to get out… [the connection snaps]

Lara: Jacob! Shit.

Mercenary 1: They went through a lot of trouble to seal it up. It might be the artifact we're looking for.

Mercenary 2: God willing. That'd be too easy.

Mercenary 1: Let me see that activity log. I think it mentioned the safe… Manifest says the Soviets stored the most valuable artifacts from the site in this safe. Let's crack it open… who's got the torch?

Mercenary 2: On it.

Mercenary 1: Okay the rest of you: don't touch anything. Catalog whatever artifacts you find.

[Lara kill them with a single shot of a poison arrow, but couple of steps later she falls into an ambush.]

Mercenary 1: She's coming through! Hold your positions!

Mercenary 2: There she is! Open fire!

Mercenary 1: Kill her, now! This whole place is going up!

Mercenary 2: Finish her! We gotta get out of here, before we all burn!

Shielded Mercenary: I have visual confirmation.

Konstantin: <via radio> Kill her. Now.

Shielded Mercenary: Yes, sir.

Shielded Mercenary 2: Fan out! We have her surrounded.

[Lara sets the mercenaries on fire using Molotov cocktails. Getting out of the burning building, she sees as one of the mercenaries wants to attack Jacob from behind. She kills the mercenary.]

Jacob: We seem to be making a habit of saving each other.

Lara: Thanks. I'm glad you're okay. Is that the way through?

Jacob: Yes. There will be more of them inside. You don't have to do this.

Lara: Can't get rid of me so easily. I still need some answers.

Jacob: Then there's no time to waste.


[Lara enters an abandoned mine with Jacob.]

Jacob: This path will take us all the way through the mountain. My people used these ways until the Soviets arrived and began digging.

Lara: What did they find down here?

Jacob: Enough to make them curious. They used machines and explosives to dig deeper, did quite a lot of damage. Many of the old paths collapsed… But it's safe now. Or… It used to be…

[A small earthquake occurs.]

Lara: That doesn't sound good.

Jacob: Trinity must have found the old mining equipment… They're trying to finish what the Soviets started…

Lara: And there's no other way through.

Jacob: I'm afraid not… not anymore. This… complicates things…

Mercenary 1: What's the problem? We're behind schedule.

Jacob: Shh, shh!

Mercenary 2: Hold on, the wires here are corroded, but I think I can bypass it. Almost ready…

Lara: They're going to bring the whole place down…

Jacob: The Soviets destroyed much of the old paths.

[The mine is starting to collapse.]

Jacob: Hurry!

Lara: Jacob!

Jacob: Find Sofia. Tell her Trinity is here!

[He's engulfed with stones.]

Mercenary 1: Oh fuck! Aaaah! It's comin' down! Watch out.

Mercenary 2: Just move.

[Lara manages to get out of the crumbling mine. She’s trying to contact Jacob.]

Lara: Jacob! Jacob, are you there, can you hear me?

[No answer. Lara has no choice but to go forward alone.]

Mercenary 1: Maybe we can get the elevator working. Got to be a way out up there.

Lara: This is bad…

Mercenary 1: Hold on. I think I can… <grumbling> I can't… believe… this thing… Okay… Okay! I can get power to that console!

[Lara quietly shoots them with her bow. She tries to start the elevator herself, but it just collapses.]

Lara: Oh shit. Now what?

[She finds a new gear – Combat Knife.]

Lara: This should come in handy.

[In the depths of the caves, Lara finds a dilapidated, lost city with easily recognizable European architecture. In Russia.]

Lara: Could this be part of the lost city? Whoa! Too close.

[At the next base camp...]

Lara’s Journal: Separated again. I just hope Jacob's still alive. I don’t know exactly where I am. That's rapidly becoming the story of my life. I’m fighting to survive, yet strangely… I feel hopeful. There are incredible ruins all around me. This must be part of the Prophet's lost city. But how much more is true ? The Divine Source… could it really be here?

[Near the camp she finds a mural.]

Lara: This mural shows the Prophet, preaching in Constantinople…

Lara: These ruins are incredible…

Mercenary 1: All right, we're ready. Let it fly.

Lara: Oh no!

Mercenary 1: Good shot. Looks like that one will hold.

Mercenary 2: Looks like Ana was right about the Lost City… The Source has to be some where down here…

Mercenary 1: Okay let's get that door down.

Mercenary 3: This wall looks like it was put up in hurry.

Mercenary 1: Shit. I don't know if I can fix this. Not with these tools.

Mercenary 3: I can feel air coming through from the other side. Well, what’s the plan, then?

Mercenary 1: Try raising Overwatch again. If they know we survived the cave-in, maybe they can send help.

Mercenary 3: We just tried a few minutes ago. No one on the other end but static.

[Having shot the mercenaries, Lara finds a huge ancient door with several thick cables attached to it.]

Lara: Hmm, someone tried to get through this door before. If we can't get that door open, we need to start looking for another way out of here…

[Throwing off one of the cars, with the cable attached to it from a bridge, Lara is attacked by several well-armed mercenaries.]

Mercenary 1: She's there, by the murals! Open fire!

[Lara takes out the machine gun and starts fighting for her life. After she kills a few mercenaries, their more experienced brothers come down to the rope room. They throw smoke grenades to confuse Lara, but she still manages to survive and win. She moves on, climbing an icy steep wall. At other car to which the cable is attached Lara tries to move the car with her rope.]

Lara: Hmm. I'm not strong enough. If I can bring down that crane, it should be enough to rip open the door. Right, that should work. That did it!

[By manipulating the cargo, Lara manages to rip out the door, but to get to it she had to run through the crumbling arm of the crane. She gets into a small room with a statue in the center. There's a huge painting on the floor.]

Lara: This statue must be the Immortal Prophet…And this… it shows the exodus of his people from the deserts of Syria. They settled in a hidden valley and built a great city. Kitezh… To protect the city and its people, the Prophet raised an army of warriors… But what is this showing? It's not the Divine Source they're holding. It's something else… something else… but what? “And his warriors forged for him an Atlas. That the Prophet might always know his city and its secrets.” A map of the city… it could show the way to the Divine Source.

Warming UpEdit

Lara: It's a wonder this place is still standing.

[She leaves the cave and explores the ruins of an ancient castle. Soon Lara falls into a trap - she is surrounded by several archers, led by a red-haired young girl named Sofia.]

Sofia: Stop right there.

Lara: Easy! Easy! You know I'm not with Trinity.

Sofia: Why should we believe you?

Lara: I escaped with one of yours. A man named Jacob.

Sofia: Where is he now?

Lara: We were together but we got separated in the mines.

Warrior: She killed him!

Lara: No! No, no, no, no...

Sofia: Jacob would never trust an outsider.

Lara: Please, listen! I'm not your enemy.

Sofia: [tightening the bowstring] I warned you. You should have left.

Jacob: Sofia! Enough.

Sofia: Father!

[They hug.]

Sofia: I thought I lost you.

Jacob: I'm glad you made it out of there. Forgive Sofia, she is... cautious.

Lara: In her position, I'd be the same way.

Sofia: What did you find out?

Jacob: Trinity is coming in force. We must prepare.

Sofia: And her?

Jacob: She's a friend. On my word, no harm will come to her.

Lara: These ruins... we must be near the Prophet's Lost City.

Jacob: Come. We do not have much time. Prepare the weapon stores, secure the battlements. Go! Now! They're almost here. But we're outnumbered.

Villager: The children and elders are vulnerable.

Jacob: Go. Get them into the catacombs. Light the fires - the valley must be alerted.

Lara: [seeing the village] Incredible...

Jacob: Sofia, muster our fighters then meet me in the upper village.

Sofia: Don't disappear again, Father.

Jacob: There is much to do. If we had more time...

Lara: Later. For now, I'll do what I can to help.

Prepare for BattleEdit

Villager 1: You! Head down to the old radio, get the generator working. We need to get one last transmission out, and let the other settlements know what's coming...

Villager 2: I’ll do what I can.

Lara’s Journal: Jacob and his people are resilient, I'll give them that. Trinity is on their way... they could do with my help. And this Atlas from the mural - if it really is some kind of map of the ruins, I've got to find it before Ana. If I don't then all these deaths will have been in vain. And I can't have that on my conscience.

Villager 1: You two, I need eyes out across the valley. Head to the cliffs and take watch. I want to know the moment you see their helicopters.

Villager 2: Yes, of course.

Villager 3: If we see anything, we'll sound the horns.

Villager 1: Go with God. We must keep them away from the Acropolis Tower, no matter the cost. We'll send the families into the catacombs below, but we have to keep the enemy engaged here, on this side of the valley.

Villager 2: Sofia and her warriors have already fought the invaders, she says they're well equipped.

Villager 1: Yes, but we know the valley. We use the ruins and the woods to our advantage.

Villager 2: I hope to God you're right... They've got helicopters... We should expect them to come from the air.

Villager 1: Mmm. The soviets did as well. So we stay beneath the trees, they can't hit what they can't see.

Villager 2: They'll cut us down, no matter where we fight.

Villager 1: We know this land better than they ever will. Don't forget that.

Archer: [to Lara] Greetings. How did you find this place? What brought you here? War is coming. We have to prepare… The Soviets left everything when we drove them out. Most of it is just waste, but there's still the odd treasure to be found.

Villager 1: Damn... If we only had one more day to prepare...

Villager 2: But we can drive them out... can't we? You were there when we drove the Soviets out. People need to hear we can do it again.

Villager 1: I didn't think we could do it then. And it took ten years. Better to say nothing...

Villager 3: I need more wood for the fire. They needed most of the lumber to repair the guard towers. We'll have to make do with what we have. Well, if they need arrowheads for the battle, then I need more firewood. We'll have to make do with what we have. Can you see anything from up there?

Villager 4: No, I'm trying to get the structure repaired.

Villager 5: Jacob said they'd come. We never recovered from the Soviets... And now this...

Villager 6: I've already cut plenty. Besides, I don't know how much more time you'll have left to forge...

Villager 7: Mm... We can make points faster than broadheads. That should be our focus.

Villager 8: You there! We could use some help, if that's what you're here for…

[Lara is leaving the village.]

Jacob: <via radio> Lara. I'm sorry if Sofia was... less than welcoming.

Lara: I understand. I'm just glad you were there to vouch for me.

Jacob: My people have spent decades fighting outsiders. It's not an easy habit to break. See if you can lend a hand with the preparations. A little hard work would go a long way towards building trust.

Lara: I'll see what I can do.

[She can hear the roar of a horn.]

Lara: Trinity will be here soon…

[She walks into a small camp in the woods, where Sofia briefs her people.]

Sofia: They will likely come from the air. Jacob is assembling fighters in the upper village to draw their attention there. The children and those too old to fight will be safely hidden in the Acropolis catacombs. I will go there once things are in hand here.

Warrior: You said they were heavily armed. How can we expect to beat them?

Sofia: The fight will not be won in open combat. They will hit us hard and fast, and we will take losses. They hope to crush us in their initial assault, but we will turn their eagerness into our advantage. This will be a long engagement. If we hope to survive, we must wear them down slowly strategically. We will bleed them from a hundred cuts, until they have nothing left. Only then will we be victorious. For now, we light the fires, warn the others in the valley. Today, we win by surviving. Gather as much ammunition and supplies as you can. Hide them in the caves and ruins. When you've completed your duties, rendezvous in the upper village. Understood?

Warrior 2: Yes!

Warrior 3: Understood.

Sofia: Good. Now go. The Prophet be with you.

Lara’s Journal: Trinity being here, the people they're hurting... that's down to me. I led them here. God, it's happening again, isn't it? People are suffering because of my actions. No, no... you can't think like this, Lara, or you really will drive yourself crazy. Trinity would have found this place sooner or later. At least I have the chance to help stop them... of getting to the Divine Source first and using it to benefit the world... rather than causing more pain and suffering. Just need to focus. For everyone who's gone before, for everyone I've lost... just keep moving.

Jacob: <via radio> Lara!I could use your help. Our people are spread thin across the valley. If you light the signal tower, they'll know that the danger
is imminent.

Lara: I'll do what I can...

Jacob: <via radio>Once the fire is lit, they'll know what to do.

[Lara climbs to the top of the mountain and lights he tower.]

Jacob: <via radio> Thank you, Lara. Our people have been warned... that should give them time to evacuate. Meet me in the upper village, I'm gathering our forces here.

Lara: All right. Jacob, helicopters are headed your way!

Jacob: <via radio> Get here as fast as you can.

Trinity Soldier: <via helicopter loudspeaker> Surrender at once. Resistance will be met with deadly force.

Jacob: <via radio> Get here as fast as you can. Get behind the barricades! Move, move!

Trinity Soldier: <via helicopter loudspeaker> Lay down your weapons, or you will be shot!

Jacob: <via radio> Look out! Stay under cover! Pull back! Stay together!

Trinity Soldier: <via helicopter loudspeaker> If you do not cease fire, we will kill you all. You have 30 seconds.

[Lara comes to the village, which is already in flames. She hides behind the rubble. Jacob and his two men have been brought to their knees.]

Trinity Soldier: Where is the Divine Source?! Tell me!

[A soldier shoots him in the head.]

Jacob: Stop! Don't hurt anyone else!

Trinity Soldier: Where is it?

Villager: Wait... wait! There's a map... The Atlas! It will show you the way!

Trinity Soldier: Okay. Tell me about this Atlas!

[Jacob gives Lara a signal and attacks a soldier. He kills him and throws his shotgun to Lara. She starts running through a burning village killing soldiers Terminator-style.]

Trinity Soldier: Weapons free. Kill everything that moves.

Jacob: <via radio> We're under fire at the edge of the village! If you can hear me, we need your help.

Trinity Soldier: Hostiles in that structure. Stand back, we've got this. Do not let them escape. Shoot the runners!

[A flamethrower stands in Lara's way.]

Jacob: <via radio> We can't hold this position much longer! If we can't outflank them, we're going to lose the village.

Trinity Soldier: <via radio> We're bugging out. Withdraw and regroup at the drop.

[We're moving to Trinity base the next morning. Kontantin, like any self-respecting sick psychopath, prays.]

Trinity Soldier: <via radio> ...we've been overrun by the natives. Croft is with them... several casualties... men are dead and scattered...

Konstantin: We should have killed her.

Ana: You have nothing to show for your efforts. Perhaps she'll succeed where you're failing.

Konstantin: I will not fail.

Ana: Trinity will step in if you do. And you know what that means? I'm expendable. They have no interest in my survival. I need the power of the Source. <coughing>

Konstantin: And you will have it. Don't lose faith, Ana. This is God's will. Our success is inevitable.

Ana: Please. Just find it. My time is running out.

Konstantin: <praying> I've come so far, I've endured so much. These final barriers you have set before me... These sins you have forced me to commit... they must have a purpose. Only you can show me the way. Grant me strength to continue, for her. For you, for Trinity. Please... Show me the way.

[His palms are starting to bleed.]

Konstantin: Then blood it shall be.

[We return to the village of the coolest archers in Middle-earth. There are many wounded around, but the number of people around has not decreased much. How these poor people managed to defeat the heavily armed military we were not shown, of course.]

Jacob: Stay with me, stay with me.

Lara: I'm sorry, your people don't deserve this.

Jacob: It is our chosen path... our duty. It's never been easy.

Lara: I understand what it's like to lose people. Trinity won't stop, will they?

Jacob: I doubt it. They have many resources.

Lara: And the Atlas?

Jacob: It's an ancient map to the old city, but Trinity won't find it at the tower. Many of my people live in those ruins. They won't be prepared for what's coming.

Lara: I can help them, Jacob.

Jacob: Would you do this for us, or for that which you seek?

Lara: Right now they're one and the same.

Jacob: I'll be back with reinforcements, after I've tended to the wounded.

Into The AcropolisEdit

Jacob: Yes, what is it?

Villager 1: We're in bad shape, Jacob. The attack left us in shambles, and we have no one to send to the Acropolis...

Jacob: I know... I'll see to the wounded here, we have to get them to someplace safe. When that's done, we'll gather anyone still able to fight… Sofia will hold them off until we can arrive.

Villager 1: I hope to God you're right. I'll send a runner when we're ready.

[Lara finds a way to the tower.]

Lara: Jacob, it's a mess up here. There's no sign of your people.

Jacob: <via radio> Sofia might have taken them into the catacombs beneath the tower. But I've lost contact with her.

Lara: All right, I'll look for her there.

Jacob: <via radio> We're almost done evacuating the wounded here. I'll join you soon.

[Lara comes out of the cave and sees the tower. There's a helicopter flying towards it.]

Lara: I hope I'm not too late...

[When she comes closer, she notices the fire. Trinity's already taken over the tower.]

Lara: Oh god, no.

[She's hiding, eavesdropping on the soldiers who are holding Sophia's men hostage.]

Trinity Soldier: <via radio> The courtyard's clear! What do you want us to do with these prisoners?

Konstantin: <via radio> Take 'em out!

Prisoner: Don't shoot! We will-

[The soldier pulls the trigger. Lara's in shock.]

Reach The TowerEdit

[Lara picks up her bow and starts killing quietly.]
Trinity Soldier: Missed one. Be more thorough going forward. What's our status?

Trinity Soldier 2: Looks all clear here. Team 4 is searching the tunnels for any sign of the Atlas.

Trinity Soldier 3: Let's move, the rest of them can catch up. I don't want to miss out on the hunt.

Trinity Soldier 4: Hands in the air! Now! Drop it! Drop the gun!

Prisoner: Don't shoot! We will-

[One of the soldiers explodes something and the floor under Lara's feet falls apart.]

Trinity Soldier 5: Fire in the hole!

Lara: Ahh! Dammit!

Trinity Soldier 6: Hey, hey, hold up! These bastards are resourceful. They might have set up some traps.

Trinity Soldier 7: Don't worry. I'll kill anything that moves.

Trinity Soldier 6: Just take it slow. Stay sharp.

Trinity Soldier 8: All right, my friend. Your turn.

Prisoner: I won't tell you anything.

Trinity Soldier 8: See, I believe you. Which is why we're just going to beat you until you stop breathing.

[Lara kills the soldiers and frees Sofia.]

Sofia: Bastards! Untie me. I'll kill every last one of them!

Lara: Easy, Sofia.

Sofia: So much bloodshed. We're losing too many people.

Lara: Maybe your people have sacrificed enough.

Sofia: It's... all we've known. I misjudged you, Lara.

Lara: Tell me how I can help you.

Sofia: I've got to get the rest to safety, but the entrance to the catacombs is blocked.

Lara: I'll find a way clear it.

Prisoner 1: You're going to be okay.

Prisoner 2: Hurgh-Ah! I'm all right... I'll be all right... Just help us get the others to safety...

Prisoner 1: Shhh, shhh... just breathe.

Sofia: We'll get you to safety, just hold on.

[Lara breaks the wall with a pickaxe. He walks down a narrow aisle until he finds a barred window.]

Lara: It's barred from the other side... There it is... maybe I can unblock it from here... The catacombs... we'll be safe there. Hmm, this should do it.

[She finds the cartridge from the underbarrel grenade launcher and attaches it to the arrow.]

Lara: Get clear of the door!

[She blows up the door and lets everyone out.]

Sofia: Thank you, Lara. They'll be safe in the catacombs for now. I know you seek the Divine Source. But my people will die to protect it.

Lara: Your people are already dying. You can't protect it forever.

Sofia: We've lasted this long. But for now, I'm glad to have you as an ally.

Villager: They're converging on the tower! We've still got people there!

Lara: Get the others to safety. They'll need you.

Jacob: <via radio> Lara! I'm here. But we're taking fire from the choppers. I need you to get Trinity's attention, any way you can.

Lara: Leave it to me. I can do this.

Trinity Soldier: Over here, we need your help! Hostile to the rear!

Lara: Down! Get down! Bastard! Jacob, it looks like we've got the upper hand!

Jacob: <via radio> Good work. Those choppers should be in range soon.

Lara: They're here! We did it.

Rescue MissionEdit

Sofia: <via radio> Lara, are you there? Trinity is swarming the tower. We're trapped in the catacombs beneath!

Lara: Damn. Just hold on... I'm on my way!

[Lara, like the two-meter-high Austrian, is making her way through the corridors of an ancient temple.]

Trinity Soldier: This is Team 5, we're heading into the catacombs. Need some backup here.

Radio: Got it, on our way.

Trinity Soldier 2: Why don't we just drop in some grenades and be done with it?

[Lara attacks the soldiers with a rifle.]

Trinity Soldier 3: Hold this position, push her back! Reinforcements are here, pin her down! Go! Go! Keep your heads down! She's still standing. Someone... just kill her!

Lara: Come and try! Come on!

Trinity Soldier 3: Now, goddammit, take her out!

[After killing everyone she could, Lara returns to the camp.]

Lara: Jacob... They're gone.

Jacob: I fear this battle is far from over.

Lara: Will you tell me more about this place?

Jacob: You've earned that much. Come with me.

[He leads her to the edge of the ancient building where the camp is located.]

Jacob: In ancient times, our Prophet brought the Divine Source to this valley. My ancestors built Kitezh to protect it from the outside world.

Lara: To what end? What is the Divine Source, Jacob?

Jacob: An artifact from a time long forgotten. We believe it holds a fragment of God's soul. Legend tells us those who beheld the Source were granted immortality, but others have always been drawn here seeking its power.

Lara: Trinity...

Jacob: Yes. They seek to spread their darkness across the world. With the Source, their soldiers would be... unstoppable.

Lara: Then help me find it... before they do!

Jacob: This is not your burden.

Lara: Of course it is! My father died for this.

Jacob: You can't fill the emptiness inside you, Lara. You can only set it free.

Lara: I'm going to find it. With or without you.

Sofia: Wait.

Lara: Sofia, let me go. I have to do what I can.

Sofia: You spilled blood for us. I want to help.

Lara: You know where the Atlas is.

Sofia: The Cathedral. In the archives below. But we won't follow you there.

Lara: Why? What will I find?

Sofia: There are others. The Deathless Ones. They will kill any who trespass. My father believes they will stop Trinity.

Lara: I can't take that chance.

Sofia: I know. Here, take this. (hands Wire Spool to Lara) It will help you reach the Cathedral.

Back To The ForestEdit

Sofia: <via radio> Lara... If you're headed to the cathedral, Trinity will be everywhere.

Lara: I know... But I have no choice.

[She finds a new camp.]

Lara’s Journal: So much violence and death. Jacob's people have been through so much, yet they continue to fight. They are bound by an oath taken by their ancestors... a duty handed down from the past. But I see a people who simply want to live in peace. I believe it's time for them to let go of the past. If I can find the Atlas, it might lead to the Divine Source.

[Lara sails to the mercenary camp through the muddy, cold water, and then, getting to the rear, starts killing them quietly.]

Trinity Soldier: I don't think we'll see much resistance from the natives, not after this.

Trinity Soldier 2: We'll probably catch a few more stragglers slinking around the woods. But yeah. They're done.

Trinity Soldier 1: You take any alive?

Trinity Soldier 2: I had one I probably could have delivered, but the bonus wasn't worth it.

Trinity Soldier 1: Yeah. One of them surrendered, and the company men were watching. Had to turn him over.

Trinity Soldier 2: They taking them back to the old prison?

Trinity Soldier 1: Just the ones they think might know something about the Atlas. Konstantin's gonna ask them a few questions… They've got the rest back up near the cathedral.

[Having made their way deep into the camp, the enemies become stronger - tactical helmets, armor. A helicopter flies in the air.]

Trinity Soldier 3: The hired guns can finish the sweep down here, we're needed back at base camp. Leave 'em to it.

Trinity Soldier 4: Roger, we're clear.

Helicopter: <via radio> Copy that.

Trinity Soldier 3: All right, once we finish scrubbing this site, you men can head on up with the rest of them.

Trinity Soldier 4: So what are we looking for exactly?

Trinity Soldier 3: Command thinks the Atlas is beneath the cathedral. We're looking for anything that might confirm that theory.

Trinity Soldier 4: Like, what, exactly?

Trinity Soldier 3: If we knew, you wouldn't be looking. Documents, maps, anything that might confirm the intel.

Trinity Soldier 4: Why don't we just go down and get it?

[Lara kills them and gets closer to the cathedral.]

Trinity Soldier 5: So what did he say?

Trinity Soldier 6: It's not his call, but he's going to put a recommendation for us both. Then there'll be... an initiation ceremony of some sort.

Trinity Soldier 5: So that's it? That's all he can do?

Silent NightEdit

[Lara keeps moving through the camp killing Trinity's hireling.]

Radio: <via radio> Heads up, we seem to have lost contact with the team sweeping the lower valley. Do you have eyes on them?

Radio: <via radio> Negative... possible hostiles?

Radio: <via radio> Could just be radio interference, but Konstantin's not taking chances.

[Lara gets to the top of the cathedral, climbs up its wall.]

Trinity Soldier 7: So this is really it, huh? If they do find the Atlas in there, what's next?

Trinity Soldier 8: The Atlas is a map. It's supposed to point the way to whatever the natives are protecting out here.

The CathedralEdit

[While Lara climbs inside the cathedral, she hears Ana's voice.]

Ana: These ruins hide much, Commander. You cannot dig too deep or too fast.

Commander: <via radio> The men are trying to be cautious -

Ana: Cautious? Why? We no longer have time for caution. And I no longer have the patience for it.

Commander: <via radio> With all due respect, if all of my men die down there then-

Ana: We are all expendable here, Commander. What matters are results. The stakes are too high.

Commander: <via radio> We've reached the lower level, but we have another problem. We've lost our rear guard.

Ana: Define "lost", Commander.

Commander: <via radio> No radio contact, no visual contact. Just gone.

Ana: Then proceed without them.

Commander: <via radio> That's outside mission protocol, ma'am. It introduces unnecessary risks.

Ana: Can you achieve your goal without them?

Commander: <via radio> Ma'am. I don't think we're alone down here! I need tactical support.

Ana: No. We are stretched too thin across this valley. If you feel you are being pursued, then I suggest you move faster.

[Lara finds Ana in one of the cathedral rooms. There is a tool scattered around, a winch hanging from above. A crowd of Trinity soldiers enters the room.]

Ana: It's got to be down there.

Trinity Soldier: Hurry up, Ander's waiting.

Ana: They found it?

[There are no options left and nowhere to hide. Lara runs up to Ana and takes her hostage with a gun to her head.]

Ana: Kill an unarmed woman? That would be cold even for you, Lara.

[Even more soldiers appear. Lara is surrounded by both the bottom and the top.]

Ana: Then again, I know why you haven't pulled that trigger. Shoot me and my men will cut you down within seconds. It's the one thing they're better at than you.

Lara: Shut up, Ana!

Trinity Soldier: Don't move! You have nowhere to go!

Ana: Kill her! Now!

[Lara notices that her leg is caught in a generator cable. She shot the flammable barrels and the floor breaks down. Lara and Anna fly down, hitting the wooden bars with their backs.]

Ana: Those generators! They're going to pull us both down!

[Lara shoots at generators that act as a counterweight.]

Ana: Shit... Lara! Lara! I... I can't hold on! It's going to break!

[After destroying the generators, Lara falls to the floor below. Ana stays on the beam.]

Ana: Reconsider my offer, Lara... Before it's too late!

Lara: It was too late the moment you betrayed my family. I'm getting the Atlas, Ana!

<sounds of gunfire and battle>

Ana: Something is slaughtering my men down there, Lara! If they can't find it, neither can you.

Lara: Go to hell!

[She leaves.]

Ana: <via radio> Croft is on her way. Kill her and bring me that goddamned Atlas.


[Through a hole in the wall Lara sees a large, richly decorated staircase, on top of which stands a pedestal. There's something lying on the pedestal.]

Lara: That's it! It has to be...

[After so many misfortunes, Lara finally finds a place to start a fire and get some rest.]

Lara’s Journal: I'm ahead of Ana now, but I don't know what I've
gotten myself into here. Something else dwells in the darkness of this place. But I've got to continue - I've come too far. Ana thinks she knows me. And maybe she does, on some level. But she doesn't know everything, and as long as she continues to underestimate me... I might still have the upper hand.

[Having reloaded her weapons and rested Lara continues, lighting her way with a glowing stick.]

Lara: An old mural... and those vessels... Greek Fire.... The Prophet's Deathless army... Armed with Greek Fire, they were unstoppable…

[She walks into a narrow aisle filled with green gas. There are corpses hanging from the wall.]

Lara: Augh.... that smell... Oh no.... Burned alive... Oh god!

[One of Trinity soldiers is alive. His skin is covered in ulcers, he barely moves. Lara is killing him out of pity.]

Lara: Who could have done this? What the hell is that? These vessels... They're still filled with Greek Fire... I wonder if it will still burn…

[Of course they still explode. The whole aisle lights up with a bright flame and the floor collapses. Lara runs to the staircase.]

The AtlasEdit

[Lara's approaching the pedestal.]

Lara: This is it.

[She raises a luminous polygon, decorated with different inscriptions. Suddenly a smoke grenade is flying under her feet.]

Lara: Trinity... they're here!

Trinity Soldier: Target acquired! Engage!

Trinity Soldier 2: The other fireteams aren't in position! Clear the gate, now!

Trinity Soldier 3: No time! We have to secure the objective before she

Trinity Soldier 2: Roger that. Thermite's through! Set the charges!

Trinity Soldier 3: Light it! Go!

Trinity Soldier: Contact! Get clear!

Trinity Soldier 2: Form up on me. Kill the girl, but do not hit the objective! I have zero visibility, but someone dropped all of Alpha team.

Trinity Soldier 3: She has to be close! The other fireteams reported multiple contacts. We're on our own until they break through.

Trinity Soldier 2: Breach and sweep, double time! Smoke grenades out as soon as it's down.

[Lara kills them all.]

Dark WatersEdit

Lara: Oh no... Sulfur... This whole place could go up... got to hurry.

Trinity Soldier: (from afar) She's got to still be here. Cover the exits. We have to retrieve that package.

Trinity Soldier 2: Here! I fucking got her!

[Lara swims away.]

Trinity Soldier: What about those things? Did we lose them?

Trinity Soldier 3: I wouldn't count on it. Find the Atlas, double time, and let's get the hell out of here.

Trinity Soldier: Got movement, here. What the f-

[The area above the water is on fire. Soldiers open fire on an unknown enemy.]

Trinity Soldier: Contact! Multiple hostiles! Pull back! Defensive positions!

Trinity Soldier 2: They're above us! There!

Trinity Soldier: The Commander is down! Where's the fucking medic! Shit! They're here! Forget the girl, we have to pull back!
[Lara has to resurface because the air in her lungs, alas, is not endless.]

Trinity Soldier 3: Freeze! It's over. Hand over the Atla-

[Someone's piercing him with a sword. A soldier's body falls on Lara and presses her to the bottom. Lara fights hard for her life. After searching the soldier, she finds him a device for underwater breathing.]

Rising TideEdit

[Lara resurfaces.]

Lara: Okay, I think I see my exit... The statue's unstable. Looks like I'll have to use the Greek Fire... Just got to take out the remaining supports... Got to be more Greek Fire vessels I can use. Just got to find them... Got to find a Greek Fire vessel first... The crane is intact. It should still spin... Just one more support left...

[She solves the barrel puzzle, blows up the statue and crosses it to the other side.]

Trinity Soldier: He was alive just a minute ago and...

Trinity Soldier 2: Oh fuck, they could be anywhere... we're trapped in here with them.

Trinity Soldier 3: Stow it. Follow protocol and stay alert and we'll all make it out of here. Keep your open. Those things could come from any direction...

[Lara kills them and search the area.]

Lara: Sulfur... this must have been where they prepared the raw ingredients for Greek Fire... Looks like I'll need another vessel... More Greek fire vessels... So many of them... That should clear the way a bit.

Escape The ArchiveEdit

[When Lara crosses over to the other side, some ancient Egyptians notice her. They start shooting at Lara with flaming bows and she runs away.]

Lara: Oh god! Oh no no no no! Ꭺhhh! Almost... almost... Oh shit! Jacob, I made it. I'm out.

Jacob: <via radio> Lara, thank God you're all right! Bring the Atlas to me in our observatory in the mountains.

Lara: I'm on my way.

Jonah: <via radio> Lara! Lara are you up there?

Lara: Jonah, is that you?!
Jonah: <via radio> <laughing> Little bird! You're alive, I knew it!

Lara: My god... Jonah, what are you doing here? Where are you?

Jonah: <via radio> I'm up here in some kind of fortress. You can thank Jacob... His people picked me up half-dead out on the tundra.

Lara: I can't believe you came after me!

Jonah: <via radio> <laughing> Is that so hard to believe? I told you I got your back. I couldn't leave you out here alone.

Lara: I'm on my way up to you now. Don't go anywhere!

Jonah: <via radio> Hadn't planned on it. Be careful out there.

The GatheringEdit

[Lara finally leaves the caves.]

Jacob’s Scout: Lara! Glad to see you're still with us. The invaders are spread all over the valley, but we're pushing back where we can. If you can lend a hand, you're always welcome. We know we can trust you...

[Not paying much attention to the Scout, Lara uses a camp nearby.]

Lara’s Journal: Someone else was attacking Trinity in the darkness beneath the Cathedral. Could it be the Deathless Ones Sofia spoke of? And if so, what part do they have to play in all this? I have so many questions. But for now, I'm just relieved… Jonah's alive! I should have known he'd come looking for me.

[They meet a few meters from the camp. Lara hugs Johah.]

Lara: Jonah!

Jonah: You look terrible. Terrible but... happy.

Lara: I was right, Jonah. Dad was right. The Divine Source is real! I wish he was here to see this.

Jonah: He'd be proud of you. Sofia told me what you've done for her people.

Sofia: Lara.

Lara: It's good to see you, Sofia.

Sofia: Jacob is waiting for you in the observatory.

Jacob: You actually found it. The founders of Kitezh were skilled craftsmen. They used this place to view the Atlas.

Lara: There...

[She puts the Atlas in a special hole for it.]

Lara: Jonah... try those chains.

Jonah: Got it.

[Jonah raises a plate with Atlas on it to the sun. From a hole in the Atlas, a map image appears.]

Jacob: Incredible.

Lara: They must have used this to plan the construction of the city.

Jonah: Like ancient blueprints.

Lara: Exactly. Everything radiates out from this point. That puts the center of the city under the lake. But... hmm, something's not right. The Cathedral... Where the Atlas was. It's on the wrong side of the map. Keep rotating it.

[Jonah's pulling the chain.]

Lara: Stop! That's it. Kitezh isn't under the lake. It's under the glacier! The Divine Source must be there.

Jacob: How the hell are we going to get through all that ice?

Lara: Wait... This path here leads into the city. The cathedral is there... and the tower on the other side. That means the entrance to Kitezh must be... Here... The entrance to Kitezh... is here.

[Jacob smiles.]

Lara: You knew!

[The ceiling suddenly explodes. Lara’s thrown out the window and barely has time to grab the chain. Trinity soldiers come down to the room. Jonah grabs the Atlas and fights the heavily armed soldiers bare handed. One of the soldiers sees Lara.]

Trinity Soldier: It's the target!

Ana: <via radio> Kill her!

Jonah: Lara!

[He throws the soldier into an abyss.]

Jonah: Take my hand!

[Jonah’s grabbed by another soldier, straps a sling to him and goes up to the helicopter with him. Jonah screams.]

Lara! Don't come after me!

Lara: Jonah!

Jonah: Run!

Lara: Nooo!

Jacob: Lara.

Lara: Oh no.

[He’s badly injured.]

Jacob: We... We don't have much time. It won't be long till Trinity discovers the location of the Source.

Lara: But... I have to go after Jonah.

Jacob: Even if it means giving up the truth you came here to find?

Lara: He risked his life to come here with me. I almost lost him once. Not again.

Jacob: Then go. Do what you must.

[She leaves. We hear Lara’s voice offscreen.]

Lara: If Jonah is alive, they must be holding him in the old Soviet gulag. I never wanted to go back to that terrible place, but I can't leave him in Trinity's hands now.

The RescueEdit

Lara: Jonah... Hold on... Sofia, are you there?

Sofia: <via radio> Lara! Are you all right?

Lara: I'm up by the old copper mill overlooking the Gulag. I'm about to go in after Jonah.

Sofia: <via radio> I know the spot. We hid a stash a weapons near where we first attacked Trinity. You might find them useful.

Lara: Thank you, Sofia. I'll see you when I get out. Storm's coming in. Got to find shelter.

[She finds a small cave in the mountains and tries to get warm. We can hear her voice offscreen.]

Lara: I should never have doubted you, Dad.

[Lara is mentally moving back in time. She, a little girl, sits at the grave of her father, Lord Richard Croft (1953-2003).]

Lara: I wasn't there when you needed me most. I'm sorry. I'll make them see that you were right, all along. That you sought the truth. Not fairytales. I'll make it right, Dad. I promise.

Ana: Lara, it's time. Jonah's waiting.

Lara: (wakes up) Jonah... Jonah must be up there somewhere.

Tracking Down TrinityEdit

[Meanwhile, Ana is looking at the map through the Atlas.]

Ana: Extraordinary. The Divine Source... it's in the center of the old city. ...buried beneath the ice!

Konstantin: Then it's time to move. I will notify the dig teams and prepare the transports.

Ana: Our men encountered the Deathless Ones in the archive... This will not be easy, brother.

Konstantin: The holy path is not meant to be easy.

Ana: Are the men aware of what they will face?

Konstantin: No. But they are prepared to fight and to die for the cause. That's all we need from them.

Ana: Konstantin... Now that we're so close to the end...

Konstantin: We've only just begun!

Ana: I'm afraid Trinity is just using us. What if they don't intend to let you keep the Source? We should prepare for--

Konstantin: No! You must have faith. I wasn't chosen by Trinity… Once the Source is mine, it won't matter what they want. I will lead God's immortal army and you... You shall live.

[We're going back to Lara.]

Radio: Konstantin, the prisoner is awake and ready for questioning.

Konstantin: <via radio> I'm on my way.

[Lara is walking through a snowy and icy forest.]

Lara: Hmm... tracks.

[She notices some Trinity soldiers.]

Trinity Soldier: Hold your fire... Just a deer.

Lara: Damn... they're everywhere.

Trinity Soldier 2: Itchy trigger finger, sorry.

Trinity Soldier: You saw movement and reacted - I would have done the same.

[Lara quietly kills them.]

Trinity Soldier 3: What happened?

Trinity Soldier 4: Truck was too heavy... the bridge collapsed.

Trinity Soldier 3: Everything's falling apart in this place.

Trinity Soldier 4: Should we call it in?

Trinity Soldier 3: Don't bother. Everyone's packing up and getting ready to move out.

Trinity Soldier 5: This is your first field op for Trinity?

Trinity Soldier 6: No, I was sent to help clean up the island. ...After Croft escaped.

Trinity Soldier 5: Tough job. Heard you had to kill natives there, too.

Trinity Soldier 7: What happened back there?

Trinity Soldier 8: Bridge collapsed - looks like we're going to have fly out the rest of the cargo.

[Lara goes out to a big building that looks like an observatory. She takes a short break and reloads her weapon.]

Lara: Ana must be close.

Trinity Soldier: Busy down here - what's going on?

Trinity Soldier 2: New orders - we're getting ready to move.

Trinity Soldier: We actually found it?

[Lara manages to defeat security and climb up the building where she finds Atlas. Next to the artifact, she sees a portable PC with a video of Jonah being tortured.]

Konstantin: This is becoming tiresome. Just give in to God's will!

Jonah: If you're gonna start preaching you -

[Lara is terrified. She runs out of the building.]

Lara: Jonah...

Save JonahEdit

[It takes her two minutes to get to where John was tortured. She goes to his cell.]

Lara: Shh...

Konstantin: Your loyalty to her is strong. I admire you. I do. But even my patience has limits. Tell me what you know. Now.

Jonah: <laughing>

Lara: Jonah!

[Lara shoots at unbreakable glass and distracts Konstantin. Jonah attacks him and takes the gun.]

Lara: Do it!

[She's trying to get in the room, but she's not doing it.]

Konstantin: Please... Please no...

Lara: Don't listen to him!

Konstantin: I was only doing what I believed was right -

[Distracting Jonah, Kontantin stabbed him.]

Lara: No!

Konstantin: <via radio> Sweep the cell blocks. Kill everyone.

[He leaves. Lara in a rush of senses breaks the glass with a fire extinguisher and runs to Jonah.]

Jonah: <weakly> I'm sorry. I should've killed him... but he was unarmed... I just couldn't...

Lara: Shhhh. You shouldn't have to. I am so sorry for getting you into this mess.

Jonah: <weakly> I thought I could keep up.

Man: They're coming. We're surrounded.

Lara: This time, I've got your back.

Man: He's dying. We don't have much time.

Lara: Bar the door.


[Lara comes out of the cabin, preparing to kill anyone who comes near.]

Radio: All units, respond! We've got to deal with her.

Radio 2: We're almost in position. Command, we are in position, and have visual on target.

Lara: Got to take them out.

Trinity Soldier: She's here! Got to take them out.

Radio: Confirmed, target acquired.

Trinity Soldier: Weapons free. Let's take her out.

Trinity Soldier 2: Oh shit! Close it! Lock her in! Move ! Move ! Move !

Trinity Soldier 3: Contact. Give me covering fire!

Trinity Soldier 2: Clear the area... Opening fire!

Trinity Soldier 3: We're arriving on site, and have eyes on the target. Don't let her advance! We missed her! Pull back, pull back!

[The helicopter fires at Lara.]

Lara: What now?

Trinity Soldier 2: You're mine!

Radio: We have visual on the target! I repeat, we have visual on the target!

[Smoke grenades are rolling at Lara's feet.]

Lara: Damn it!

Trinity Soldier 2: Team 4, join with Leader, we'll take care of this one!

Lara: <coughing>

Trinity Soldier 2: Confirmed heat sig. Ready to engage!

Trinity Soldier 4: <via radio> Roger! All engage!

[Fleeing the smoke, Lara jumps into the water.]

Trinity Soldier 2: Damn it! What the hell's going on! What happened!?

Trinity Soldier 3: She just disappeared! It's gotta be the water!

Trinity Soldier 2: Eyes open, she can't stay under forever!

Lara: Surrounded... got to do this carefully.

[She gets out of the water and starts killing soldiers one by one.]

Trinity Soldier 2: We lost a man! She's below the ice! Cover the openings in the ice! Fire as soon as you see her!

Trinity Soldier 3: Where the hell is she?!

Lara: Just wait... let them to come to you. Last one...

[She runs back to the cabin where Jonah's lying.]

Lara: Oh god, no! Jonah, Jonah?

Jonah: Lara...

Lara: I'm here.

Jonah: Lara, listen to me.

Lara: Try not to move.

Jonah: If I don't make it out of here...

Lara: Don't talk like that.

Jonah: ...Just listen. You can't blame yourself anymore. We all... make our own choices.

Man: His end is near...

Lara: No! He can't die.

Man: We can help him.

Lara: How?

Man: We must get him to the Observatory. To Jacob.

Lara’s Thoughts: Only Jacob can save Jonah now. We have to get him back to the observatory.

[We're moving on to Jacob.]

Lara: Jacob. He's dying.

Jacob: Let me tend to him.

[He rubs his hands with a talc or something and starts reading the spell.]

Jacob: The Lord is your guardian, your protective shade at your right hand. The sun shall not harm you by day, nor moon by night. The Lord guard your soul from all evil. The Lord guard your going and coming from now to all time. Keep pressure on the wound. Prepare him.

Lara: Jacob, you were shot... You are him, aren't you? The Deathless Prophet.

Jacob: I can feel pain. I can be hurt. I am human, save for a human ending.

Lara: And the Divine Source?

Jacob: Something I found long ago. It is real, and deeply powerful. But it is not divine.

Lara: So you've lied to them? For generations?

Jacob: I'm not proud of it. But I did it to protect them. I once used the Source to grant my armies their long lives. But it was a terrible mistake.

Lara: The ones I saw in the Archive.

Jacob: When enemies attacked Kitezh, the Deathless Ones brought the ice from the mountain down upon the city. Thousands were killed. They committed an atrocity to keep the power. And so will Trinity, but on a much larger scale.

Lara: That's not you... the man I've come to know would never harm his people.

Jacob: Don't you see? All of this is my doing. And it must finally
come to an end.

<helicopters fly by in the distance>

Sofia: Father, they're on the move!

Jacob: They're going to brute force their way into the ice.

Sofia: Then we've already lost...

Lara: No! There has to be a way to stop them. Jacob... the map showed a secret entrance into the city.

Jacob: The Path of the Deathless. It's too dangerous.

Lara: We're running out of time. You know I can't give up now.

Jacob: If we can delay Trinity, that might just give us a chance.

Sofia: I will take our forces and attack them on the ice.

Jacob: Then it's time. Open the path. When you're ready, the entrance lies beneath the observatory. I will do what I can for your friend.

[Lara goes down the underground passage. After a little wander, she finds a place to make a fire.]

Lara’s Journal: I just have to catch my breath for a moment, this place… Kitezh... Jacob... the Deathless Ones. I've been running so fast for so long, I haven't stopped to acknowledge the simple fact that all of this is real. A part of me can't believe it. But I know Jacob was telling the truth… Whatever made him is here, and I'm going to find it before Trinity. I only wish Dad was alive to share in this discovery.

[Lara continues her journey in search of an ancient city...]

Lara: Amazing... Jacob, I'm heading in. What will I find down here?

Jacob: <via radio> My people haven't been down there since we sealed it off, centuries ago. But it should be safe, at least until you make it past the orrery.

Lara: Was it part of the observatory?

Jacob: <via radio> It was built by my astronomers, before the Deathless buried the old city. You'll need to use it to open the entrance to Kitezh.

Path of The DeathlessEdit

[Lara finds a huge rotating mechanism that resembles a rough model of the universe.]

Lara: This is extraordinary. Let's see how this thing works... It's locked... just have to disengage the mechanism... Jacob's people were ahead of their time... Watch your step, Lara... Just got to make it to the top now... Got to time it just right... Patience, Lara... Now! A codex... This one speaks of the advanced archery skills developed in Byzantium...

[After learning the ancient "Archery for Dummies" Lara is mastering new archery techniques that help her climb up.]

Through The GlacierEdit

Lara: Bells... The old city is close.

Sofia: <via radio> Lara, we're on the mountain above the glacier.

Lara: Can you see Trinity?

Sofia: <via radio> Yes, they're beginning their operation.

Lara: I'm entering the old city now... Listen Sofia, don't attack them too soon.

Sofia: <via radio> We'll give it some time. All contact you again soon.

[Lara sneaks through the icy halls where crowds of immortals run.]

Lara: So many of them.

Into The Hidden CityEdit

[Going down the rope, Lara crashes into an ice block and lands on the wall with a noise.]

Lara: Shit!

[One of the immortals notices it. A fierce fight is about to begin.]

Breaking InEdit

Sofia: <via radio> Lara! They're going to break through the ice any minute.

Lara: Do you think you can stop them?

Sofia: <via radio> The best we can do is buy you some time. I'll see you on the other side.

[Deep in the glacier, Lara finds a majestic temple.]

Lara: The Chamber of Souls... The Divine Source has to be there. Looks like the way into the city center is through that gate...

Lara’s Journal: I don't know what I expected an immortal being to be like, but Jacob seems so... human. The things he must have seen over the years. All that experience and knowledge. It's difficult to fathom. And yet... he lied to his own people for generations. All for the sake of this secret. What wonders will be unlocked with the Divine Source? Will humans finally understand the true nature of the soul, or will it unlock some extraordinary new scientific discovery? One thing is certain... it's too important to allow Trinity to control.

[Lara descends to the temple.]

Lara: Signal bells… I should take these out.

The Frozen CityEdit

[When Lara comes to the temple gate, it suddenly closes. A trebuchet that stands in the distance shoots a fireball at her.]

Lara: Shit! They're firing at me... Maybe I could use them to break through that gate.

[She runs to the trebuchet fighting off deathless and dodge the fireballs.]

Lara: I can use this to aim the trebuchet. That's good enough... now to fire. That did it! There's been some structural damage... the battle certainly took its toll... but most of the city is still standing... Almost there. The Chamber of Souls is through that gate. Just need to find another trebuchet.

Gate CrusherEdit

Sofia: <via radio> You don't have much time Lara. You must reach the Source before them.

Lara: There's nothing more you can do, get somewhere safe.

Sofia: <via radio> Not a chance. You need us as much as we need you. We survive together or we die alone. Now go.

[Lara finds the second trebuchet, but it’s damaged.]

Lara: I can still rotate the trebuchet... Maybe that will help me to get over there. Hmm, something's in the way. Got to be a way clear it. Hmm, I'm not strong enough. The rotation on the trebuchet should be enough to pull that rope. That worked! Now to take out that gate. Almost through... Just one more shot... This should balance the arm. The siege of Kitezh must have lasted for months... That lever on the bucket might close the draining mechanism. Hmm, it's not holding water. Too high. Yes, that did it! Archers... Got to take them out. Just have to aim this thing... Okay... the way is clear.

You Shall Not PassEdit

[Lara succeeds in destroying the outer gate, but the bridge behind them collapses. Lara runs forward as fast as she can. Behind the bridge there's a crowd of immortals waiting for her. She kills them all.]

Lara: Yes!


Sofia: <via radio> Lara! Trinity has broken through! We can't-

[Lara is running to the temple. The war is raging everywere - Trinity soldiers are fighting with the immortals.]

Lara: Oh no no n- Agh! Shit!

Trinity Soldier: We're surrounded! Fall back to- Urgh!

Lara: Ana.

Sofia: <via radio> Lara! GET DOWN!

Lara: Sofia?! Where are you?

Sofia: <via radio> I see you Lara... We'll do whatever we can to support you from here.

Lara: Thank you Sofia. I'll take whatever help I can get...

The Divine SourceEdit

[Lara's going forward, fighting Trinity soldiers.]

Sofia: <via radio> Lara, you have to get to cover! We're about to fire, and you're out in the open!

Lara: I can't stop now. I'm close... I have to go through. Oh shit.

[Sofia shoots a rocket, killing a lot of enemies around Lara.]

Lara: Thank you, Sofia. Hell of a shot...

[There's a helicopter flying up to Lara.]

Konstantin: <via helicopter loudspeaker> All squads!! have a visual on Croft! She must not be allowed into the Chamber of Souls!

Lara: Konstantin.

[The battle begins with the helicopter boss.]

Lara: I don't think you'll be able to hit him.

Sofia: <via radio> We'll keep trying... We're reloading the trebuchet, hold on! The helicopter is too fast... we'll never be able to hit him.

Lara: Wait! I have an idea. If I shoot the fireball when it's near the chopper, the blast might hit it.

Sofia: <via radio> I hope you're right. Give us the signal, we'll be ready.

Lara: I'm ready! Go!

Sofia: <via radio> You heard her, launch!

Lara: Got you, you son of a bitch...

Konstantin: <via helicopter loudspeaker> Ahh, damn it! Send in a squad! Now! I want her dead!

Sofia: <via radio> Lara, we're under attack! We're trying to get rid of this son of a bitch!

Lara: You've got to get out of there!

Sofia: <via radio> No! We're in this fight to the end.

Lara: Thank you, Sofia.

Sofia: <via radio> Lara! He's headed back your way!

Konstantin: <via helicopter loudspeaker> I'm not done yet!

Sofia: <via radio> Give us time, Lara, we're reloading.

Konstantin: <via helicopter loudspeaker> You'd be better off throwing rocks...

Sofia: <via radio> We're ready when you are, Lara. Just give us the signal...

Lara: Got to use the Greek Fireballs... it's the only way. No luck... Once again, Sofia, get ready!

Sofia: <via radio> Give us time, Lara, we're reloading. We're loading up the trebuchet, hold on! It's ready! On your signal!

Lara: Fire!

Sofia: <via radio> Here it comes! My god... it worked! You did it!

Konstantin: <via helicopter loudspeakers> Let's finish this!

Sofia: <via radio> We're reloading the trebuchet, hold on! It's ready! On your signal!

Lara: Fire!

Sofia: <via radio> Give us time, Lara, we're reloading. Okay, we're ready! On your signal...

Lara: Now!

Sofia: <via radio> All right, here goes!

Lara: Ha! Yes!

Konstantin: <via helicopter loudspeakers> Ahhh!

[They both fall inside the temple. Survived Kontantin takes Lara's weapon and starts hunting for her.]

Konstantin: Just you and I now, Lara. You have no weapons! No allies! No hope! This place will become your tomb! Stay still! I can see you!

[Lara attacks him from behind, but Konstantin manages to block the attack. He clearly lost a lot of blood.]

Konstantin: NO! My destiny lies in the Chamber of Souls... I've come too close to be stopped now. There! Come out now! You know you're stronger than your father ever was.

[Lara goes out one-on-one with him and kills Konstantin with a knife in bloody QTE.]

Konstantin: This... This is not my destiny. I was meant for greatness!

Lara: This was never your destiny. Your sister let you believe that.

Konstantin: I did all... all of this... For her. Don't you walk away from me. Wait! Trinity killed your father!

Lara: No! You're lying.

Konstantin: He begged for his life! COME ON! DO IT!

[Lara turns around and finishes him with an arrow in the eye.]

Lara: Burn in hell.

[She's running to the Chamber of Souls.]

Lara: Ana! Stop! Your men are defeated. Your brother is dead.

Ana: No.

[She holds the Divine Source in her hands wrapped in a golden cloth.]

Lara: That is what Trinity has wrought. Death. And that's all they will ever bring. Give this up.

Ana: I gave up everything for this. I have no intention of giving it to Trinity. What about your father? You're dooming him to be mocked by history. How can you let this go? When you're so close.

Lara: I'm willing to make that sacrifice. I can't let you take it.

Ana: Think of the millions suffering and dying. We can save them. We can change the world. Together.

Lara: The cost is too high, Ana. The cost is too high, Ana. We aren't meant to live forever. Death is a part of life.

Ana: That's easy for you to say. You're not the one who's dying.

Lara: But this isn't about you. This is about humanity. About protecting what it means to be human.

[A soldier runs in.]

Trinity Soldier: They're coming! We're surrounded!

[Jacob comes up behind him and kills him.]

Lara: Jacob! Look out!

[Ana shoots Jacob in the chest.]

Jacob: The Source... not meant for the world!

[Lara and Ana point guns at each other.]

Ana: This is your chance Lara. Everything I've done. Everything you've done. Another Croft doesn't have to die for this.

Lara: But I'm willing to.

Ana: Well I'm not.

[She shoots at approaching immortals, but they naturally don't give a shit about it.]

Ana: Please. I'm dying. This is my only hope.

Lara: Ana, no!

[She takes a rag off Divine Source. The richly decorated crystal inside pulls something blue out of Ana's face. Ana drops the crystal and Lara picks it up. She prepares to smash it.]

Ana: Nooo!

[Lara takes a look at Jacob.]

Jacob: It's okay.

Lara: I'm sorry.

[She smashes the crystal on the floor. The immortals are disappearing.]

Lara: Jacob! Hold on...

Jacob: I've held on... ...for too long already.

Lara: You knew I'd destroy it.

Jacob: <weakly> In all my years... I've met few as extraordinary as you. <coughing> It's finally happening. My ending.

Lara: I'm sorry. All I wanted was to make a difference.

Jacob: You already have. already have.

[It dissolves like sand carried away by the wind. We're moving to the Croft Mansion. Lara listens to the old tapes her father made.]

Lord Croft: My dearest Lara, I often think about how my father would turn over in his grave if he knew the shame I had brought upon our family's name. Croft... what does it even mean? I just hope you can make your own mark on this world someday. Remember that the extraordinary is in what we do not who we are.

Jonah: Destroying the Source was the right thing to do.

Lara: I still feel like I let him down.

Jonah: I think he would've made the same choice. Come on. You've got a plane to catch.

[Lara comes out of the room. Against the background of the dictaphone and the map lying on the table, we can hear her voice.]

Lara’s Thoughts: I had listened to his last tape a thousand times. But it's as if I was hearing my father's words only now. For the first time. It doesn't matter what choices he would have made… I have to make my own. The myth of Kitezh was real. There are secrets out there that can change the world, I need to find them. Not for my father, not for anyone else. Trinity is still out there and they're more powerful than ever imagined. I can stop them, I can make a difference. I can make the right difference.


[Secret scene!]

Two weeks earlier
Northeastern Siberia

[Lara meets Ana on top of some snowy mountain. Ana coughs very hard and barely moves her legs.]

Lara: Ana... You said 'another Croft doesn't have to die for this.' What did you mean by that? (pulls out a gun) You killed my father, didn't you?

Ana: Trinity ordered his execution. But... I couldn't do it.

Lara: You're lying.

Ana: I loved him.

[Some fucking sniper immediately kills her.]

Lara: No!

Sniper: It's done.

Mysterious Voice: <via radio> Good.

Sniper: What about Croft?

Mysterious Voice: <via radio> No. Not yet.


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