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Ethan’s daughter, Rose, has been kidnapped.
He now finds himself in a strange village.
After wandering for a while, he comes across an old woman...

Old Woman: In life and in death, we give glory...

[The old woman is dressed in a dark robe, in her hands a staff with bones and skulls.]

Ethan: Uh, hello? You shouldn't be out here. It's not safe. What the hell? Hey, can you hear me?

Old Woman: It's you? The child's father.

Ethan: Child? Hey, wait do you mean Rose? Is she here?

Old Woman: Rose, Rose, yes! She is in great danger. Since Mother Miranda brought her to the village, we have fallen into darkness!

Ethan: What are you talking about? The monsters?

Old Woman: The castle bell heralds danger! They're coming!

[She laughs and quickly walks away.]

Ethan: No, wait! Where's Rose? Who's "Mother Miranda"?

Old Woman: (closing the gates) The bell tolls for us all! They're coming again! (laughs)

Ethan: Rose is here?
[Ethan begins to look for his daughter. He looks around the dilapidated house nearby. There are candles and various religious symbols hanging around. Ethan finds a note.]

O great lycans,
The fable monster wolves of old.
May they come to eat our flesh.
May they come to tear us apart.

[Ethan comes out of the house and examines a certain altar. There is an inscription underneath the altar.]

We offer these Goats of Warding to protect the village and its people. Any who break them shall feel Mother Miranda's wrath.

[Ethan breaks the goat figurine on the altar and continues to look around the village. He finds a large door with a horny demon on it, which a woman is talking.]

Looks like something could fit in the depression: "Castle Dimitrescu"

Ethan: Guess this leads to the castle.

[He finds a Maiden Crest.]

"Should disaster fall upon the village, seek out the crests. One is in the care of the church. The other is at Luiza's house."

[Once inside the house, Ethan notices some movement outside. He barricades himself in the house by shoving a closet over the doorway. He finds a shotgun M1897 in the house.]

Ethan: OK.

[Thinking the danger is over, Ethan leaves the house. In a field of tall, withered grass, Ethan is confronted by two lycanthropes. The bullets don't do them much damage. The machete-armed monsters slash Ethan several times, but he still manages to defeat them. Ethan walks into a nearby house, where he find a frightened woman.]

Frightened Woman: Close the door! Please!

Ethan: Hey, what are you doing here?

[The woman backs away from Ethan. He notices an old man sitting on the floor with a machete.]

Old Man: Stay back!

Frightened Woman: Please, don't hurt us!

Ethan: Whoa. It's OK. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just glad to see normal people at last. Have you seen any other survivors?

Frightened Woman: No, they're all in Luiza's house. And she's not answering, and the gate is locked.

Old Man: Quiet, girl! He's an outsider!

[There were scary noises coming from afar.]

Ethan: Shit, we're sitting ducks in here. Can your old man walk?

Frightened Woman: No, one of the monsters cut him! He's lost a lot of blood—we have to get into Luiza's house!

Ethan: Shh… quiet! There must be a way inside. Stay here, be quiet, and don't move until I get those gates open.

[He leaves the house.]

Frightened Woman: If we don't hurry, they'll...

[Ethan finds a way to open the gate.]

Ethan: C'mon—it's clear!

[Frightened woman helps the old man get out of the house.]

Old Man: (to Ethan) Took your damn time.

Ethan: You're welcome.

[He closes the gate one the survivors are inside.]

Frightened Woman: He's not used to relying on other people. I'm sorry. We'll be safe in here, won't we?

Ethan: Safer here than out there, that's for sure. Hey, do you know anything about what's going on around here?

Frightened Woman: It doesn't make any sense. Mother Miranda has always protected us—

[Meanwhile, the old man knocks on the door of the house.]

Old Man: Nobody's answering! Come help me—

[He falls on the porch.]

Frightened Woman: Father!? (to Ethan) We have to get inside! Just hold on a bit longer, Papa.

[Ethan knocks on the window.]

Ethan: Hello? Anybody home?

Frightened Woman: Maybe a familiar voice... Luiza, open up! It's me, Elena!

[The door slowly opens and the muzzle of a double-barrelled gun appears.]

Man: Stop shouting. You'll draw the monsters!

Elena: Julian, calm down.

Julian: (aiming at Ethan) Who's this?

Elena: A friend—

Julian: Stay back!

Elena: Father! For god's sake, Julian, let us in.

Julian: No, no, they'll smell the blood—You'll endanger us all!

Elena: My father will die out here!

Julian: That's not my problem!

Luiza: What's going on?

Julian: These people want to let a dying man into our home.

Luiza: Come now. "These people" are our friends. Go on, go inside. Come now, this way.

[Elena and her father walk in the house.]

Luiza: (to Ethan) You're not from this village...

Ethan: Uh, no. I’m Ethan.

Luiza: Julian, go make yourself useful and check the grounds. I said go!

[Julian reluctantly leaves.]

Luiza: Well, if Elena trusts you… then so do I. Come inside, Ethan.

[Ethan walks into the hallway.]

Luiza: Wait here, I'll check on the others.

[While she is gone, Ethan looks around and finds a note.]

They broke in again, got more of the livestock. I don't think we'll make it through winter at this rate. Ernest is still missing, too. We can't find him anywhere. Has Mother Miranda abandoned us?

[Luiza returns.]

Luiza: This way. Come inside, the others are waiting.

[Ethan walks through the corridors of Luiza's house, which looks a bit like the Baker house. Behind a carpeted doorway she finds a room full of people.]

Drunk Guy: (sees Ethan) What the fuck is this? Outsiders—you're going to get us all killed!

Luiza: Quiet, Anton. He helped Leonardo and Elena.

Leonardo (Old Man): We were doing fine by ourselves!

Luiza: Please, Ethan, take a seat.

Ethan: Is this all that's left? From your entire village?

Anton: All that's left? All that's left!? There is no one left! (walks across the room) A worthless invalid! A stupid, wailing bitch...! And you! You drag a bloody man and an outsider in here like it's nothing... ...and expect to be all safe? There is no safe! Every sorry bastard out there has been ripped in half! But tomorrow... Tomorrow we'll all be dead. Just like her damn husband! (the woman starts crying) Put a sock in it, Roxana!

Luiza: That's enough! This house has protected my family for generations. And drunk or not, you are all welcome—and safe—in here.

Anton: Whatever.

Ethan: Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?

Luiza: We don't know. One day we were a quiet, devout village—and the next the monsters came and attacked us. And they—they kept coming, and—

Elena: Wait, Luiza, where is your husband. Did they…?

Luiza: No, n-no. He is out there—somewhere... H-He went to get help. Yes, yes, that's—that's it. He went to fetch help.

Roxana: Let us pray. For him. For all of us.

Luiza: Good idea. Come. Gather.

[They gather in a circle.]

Everyone: Great ones, hear our voice, together as one in reverence. We call on thee within the endless dark to deliver us into fate's hands. As the midnight moon rises on black wings, so we make our sacrifice and await the light at the end. In life and in death, we give glory, Mother Miranda.

Luiza: Now, the tea should be ready. Come help me, Elena, please.

Ethan: That prayer—I've heard it before. There was an old woman near the graveyard.

Leonardo: You mean the hag? (quietly laughs) Dumb bitch is crazy as a bag of rats.

Luiza: There is wisdom in her devotion, though... And I hope it protected her as it shall protect us.

[Leonardo laughs, then screams in pain and falls on the table, dropping an oil lamp, which sets fire to the carpet on the floor.]

Anton: What the fuck are you doing!?

Luiza: Leonardo, what's wrong? Are you OK?

[Leonardo was transformed into something else. He kills Luiza with his machete.]

Elena: Father!

Ethan: Elena, no! Stay back!

[He takes her out of the room.]

Elena: No—let me go!

Ethan: Oh god, no. He'll kill us both! We have to go!

[Leonardo kills Roxana and runs after the heroes. Ethan is forced to fight for his life.]

Ethan: Elena?

Elena: I said no!

[She shoots her father with a double barrel shotgun.]

Elena: Oh my god. I'm so sorry, Father...

Ethan: Hey, hey. That wasn't your father anymore. You did the right thing. (holds her) Elena. Elena, no. There's nothing you can do!

[Leonardo is pelted with the rubble of a burning house.]

Elena: Father!

Ethan: This entire place is collapsing!

[They go to the garage.]

Elena: Father! Father!

Ethan: You couldn't save him. He was already gone.

Elena: Leave me alone.

Ethan: No. We're getting out of here—together. I gotta get outta here...

[He looks around and finds a note and a screwdriver in the kitchen.]

"Take the screwdriver out of the keyring if you need it."

[Ethan finds the keys to a rusty truck, gets in and starts it up.]

Ethan: Damn, the fire's moving fast!

Elena: What are you thinking?

Ethan: Step back. We can bust out with this.

[He breaks through the wall with a few blows from the truck.]

Elena: Ethan! Ethan! Are you alright!?

Ethan: I-I'm fine. Let me back up again.

Elena: The fire—there isn't any time!

Ethan: Nowhere to go but up. Grab on. Hurry! Let's move!

[They are climbing a staircase wreckage to the second floor.]

Ethan: Don't worry, and try not to breath in the smoke.

Elena: I know. Thank you, Ethan. You're kind. I hope your family is safe.

Ethan: I do too. Once you get out of here maybe you'll get to meet them. Come on, it'll hold.

[They get out to the attic. Ethan sees a window.]

Ethan: There! That's our way out.

Elena: Thank god! But what then? The village is still full of monsters. We can't fight them! There's too many!

Ethan: Hey! Hey. Don't talk like that. We'll find a safe house to put you in until I can find my daughter. My hunch is she's in that old castle.

Elena: No! That place is full of nothing but blood and death! And I don't want to be alone while you're—

[Unexpectedly, Leonardo shows up. He comes up from the second floor. He is quite badly burned.]

Elena: Father?

Ethan: Elena, no! That's not him—not anymore!

Leonardo: Elena...

Elena: He said my name! Father!

Ethan: Wait, it's not safe!

[She runs toward it and part of the floor fails underneath her. Elena is left alone with her "father.”]

Ethan: Stay there! C'mon, give me your hand!

Elena: Ethan, go... Save your daughter!

Ethan: Elena, don't give up! Reach for me!

[Leonardo falls into the fiery abyss… Elena falls after him.]

Ethan: God dammit! Why is everyone dying on me!? This is… this is just too much. I just… don't get it. This place has gone mad. Why the fuck is this happening again!? Shit!

[He jumps out the window of the burning house, goes to the closed altar, unscrews the screws with his newly found screwdriver, and gets the second crest for the door to the castle - Demon Crest. He opens the locked gate and sees someone killing a man on the field.]

Ethan: Who's there!?

Man: Stop! Mother Miranda!

Ethan: Hey! Who was—what was that?

[After walking a little further, he meets the old woman with the staff again.]

Old Woman: Death. Yes. Death has visited them all! (madly laughs)

[Ethan goes to the closed door leading to the castle, inserts the crests and opens the door. As soon as it opens, he pulls out his gun.]

Ethan: (looking at the castle) "Nothing but blood and death," huh?


After the walkthrough, we see a short trailer of the upcoming game.

Old Woman: (offscreen) As the midnight moon rises on black wings, we await the light at the end... In life and in death, glory to Mother Miranda.

[We see four symbols and the symbol of Umbrella in the center. Someone drags Ethan on a chain.]

Man in Glasses: Quit your whining; we're almost there! (laughs)

[Next, we hear the random voices of the different characters.]

Ethan: Rose, where are you?

Women: (through radio) Hello? If there are any survivors out there, come to my—to Luiza's house near the fields.

Man: Oh, no. They're coming!

Ethan: Who is? What the hell was that?

Julian: Stop shouting. You'll draw the monsters!

Ethan: Tell me what is going on around here?

Elena: It doesn't make any sense. Mother Miranda has always protected us—

Lady Demetrescu: You escaped my little brother's idiot games, did you? Let's see how special you are.

[Ethan cuts his hand and Lady Demetrescu tastes his blood.]

Ethan: Is this all that's left? From your entire village?

Anton: All that's left!? There is no one left!

Ethan: We can bust out with this.

Man in Glasses: Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting! And now let the games begin!

Anton: There is no safe! Every sorry bastard out there has been ripped in half! Tomorrow we'll all be dead.

Elena: No—let me go!

Ethan: Chris...!? What the hell!? (Chris punches him) Why!?

Fut Guy: Ethan Winters.

Man in Glasses: Ethan...

Man: Mister Winters.

Old Woman: Poor Ethan.

Man: (via radio) Ethan Winters. Welcome.


[Some special forces grab Ethan.]

Ethan: Get off of me!

Special Force: Stay the fuck down!

Chris Redfield: I gotta say, I'm surprised you made it this far. It'd be a shame if something happened to you now.

Ethan: You killed Mia! Now do me and finish the job!