[The game starts with frightening footage from real news channels, telling about the spread of some terrible infection. These kind of footage are shown on all channels.]

Reporter 1: This pandemic has spread faster than any disease in modern history—

Helicopter Loudspeaker: You need to disperse immediately!

Reporter 2: Angry mobs roam the city, burning buildings—

Reporter 3: Authorities are bracing for more rioting tonight—

Witness: He was knocked unconscious, he had severe lacerations all over his face—

Reporter 4: A citywide emergency has been declared—

Government Official: The CDC has quarantined the lower mid-western region of the USA—

Reporter 5: Officials can't say—

[Then we're jumping to Umbrella's offices. A certain representative broadcasts the official position of the company.]

Dr. Matt Gorkis, Genetic Scientist: Commitment, honesty, integrity. These are the core values that create the foundation for Umbrella Corp. It's this foundation that will continue to build a brighter future for all of us.

[Against the background of his words, we see scientists conducting experiments, taking the contaminated blood and injecting it into some creepy monster.]


[Umbrella employees load the coffin with the monster in the helicopter. We see some writings on the coffin - CARTRIDGE FOR BIOWEAPON, CODENAME: NEMESIS, LOT: NONE.]

[Jill wakes up in her room. There's a storm going on outside the window. She closes the window and goes to the bathroom. We see a board of paper clippings on her way. Jill must have been investigating something for a long time. In the bathroom her nose is starting to bleed… Jill is slowly turning into a zombie... Overwhelmed with despair, she grabs the gun, pulls the trigger and... she wakes up.]

Jill: Fucking hell… Gets worse every night... (looking at marked calendar) Three more days. Then I can kiss this town goodbye.

[She's looking over her records, trying to get her working mood back on track.]

[Jill’s Report]
September 26, 1998
It's already been two months since that mess with Umbrella. Thanks to the suspension, investigations haven't progressed exactly as I'd hoped. Perhaps this written record of what I've found will prove to be my final duty as a S.T.A.R.S. officer… I can only hope that it helps lead to the truth.

The T-Virus
Those infected by this virus seem to become literal zombies. It appears to be communicable via several different avenues, outlined below:
- Bite from an infected individual, allowing the mixing of bodily fluids
- Contact with crows which have eaten infected carrion
- Due to the strength of the virus, airborne infection cannot be discounted

It should be noted that those who survived the incident have not yet developed symptoms.
It's unclear whether this is because the virus has a long incubation period, or because we just happened to be resistant to the infection. We ought to remain vigilant, even after this investigation period ends.
As for me—aside from my minor difficulties sleeping—I seem to be in fine shape. Still, a shouldn't get too hopeful. After all, this could just be an extended incubation.

[Investigation Notes]
Pharmaceuticals company, industry leader in market share
- Focuses on military weapons development while maintaining cover as a pharmaceutical company
- Also secretly developing bioweapons

T-Virus outbreak at Arklay Mountains research facility
- Predicted the “mansion incident”

Conspiring with Raccoon City leadership
- Large donations to Mayor Warren's office
- Effectively controls the city

[Unsealed Envelope]
They've got pinned down at home. Guys cross the street are watching me from their window 24/7. Are they Iron’s men? Umbrella's? I don't know, and there's no real difference anyway.
I know what they're trying to do. They wan to r me down, torment me into compliance, and it's working. I'm barely eating, barely I'm going crazy.
I feel like the living dead.

But I won't let em win. I have to get out of the city and find way to make them accountable. They'll send someone to silence me, of course. If you hear that I've been killed… or whatever it is they do to people like me… you MUST pick up the investigation where I left off. I've enclosed files. They'll tell you everything you need to now, as long as this package isn't intercepted.
I'll be moving out at night. Five days.
Wish me luck.

[Message from a Colleague]
To Jill Valentine
Hey hotshot, how you holding up? I still can't believe Irons suspended you. It's such bullshit. He ought to pin a medal on you for making it out of that hellhole back in July. Of course you're going to poke around and ask questions about it.
I hope you're not mad at me for keeping my head down. Everything's been happening so fast... S.T.A.R.S. was the pride of the force. When the chief disbanded us out of nowhere, I thought for sure I was going to lose my job.

Word has it you're planning to leave Raccoon City? I figured you wouldn't take the suspension lying down. Just promise to watch your back. Umbrella won't sit by while you try to dismantle their business. Take care, Jill.

Brad Vickers
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team (now and forever)

P.S. Had to slip this message to the pizza guy to avoid detection. Enjoy the extra large Mega Meat Supreme! It's on me and the guys.

September 28, 8:07 p.m. - Raccoon City [The phone on the nightstand next to the bed starts ringing.]

Jill: Who could that be? Hello?

An agitated man's voice: Jill! A-Are you OK?

Jill: Brad? Is that you?

Brad: Listen! You gotta get out of there!

Jill: What are you talking about?

Brad: I don't have time to explain. You gotta get out of there RIGHT NOW!

Jill: Alright. Let me grab my—

[In this very second the wall of the room collapses, throwing Jill to the floor. A monster named Nemesis enters the room. Jill grabs a gun and tries to shoot the monster several times, but without success. He grabs her shoulder and throws her on the floor. Jill gets up, dodges a fatal blow to the head and runs for the door. She runs out into the hallway.]

Jill: What the hell is that thing!? Gotta get outta here. What the hell!? No way!

[She goes downstairs, but Nemesis catches up with her breaking the floor. A creepy, nasty tentacle comes out of his hand. Jill crawls out, grabs a sharp piece of stone and cuts off the tentacle trying to pull her away. Jill runs away and goes down one more floor.]

Jill: OK.

[As soon as she had finished, the door next to her breaks down and Nemesis grabs her, dragging her into a burning corridor like the abysses of hell. Jill dodges the powerful blows that break the planks. Nemesis rips out a piece of the CEILING and runs to our heroine with it! She barely manages to reach the opposite end of the corridor and leave the building - the passageway is blocked with stones and only this stops her terrible pursuer!]

Jill: What the fuck!?

[An old friend meets her at the exit of the alley.]

Brad: Jill! Over here!

Jill: Brad!

Brad: You OK?

Jill: What was that thing?

Brad: Damned if I know. But right now, it's got a hard-on for the only two S.T.A.R.S. left in town: you and me. I'm not stickin' around. Just look around you. The longer we wait, the more screwed we are.

[Jill is taking to the streets. Around the chaos, broken windows, abandoned cars and human screams...]

Jill: How did this all happen so fast?

Brad: I dunno. But one fucked-up thing always leads to another. It's like Arklay on steroids.

[There's a helicopter flying over them.]

Brad: Hey! Hey, wait! Down here! Ah, god dammit...

Jill: We've gotta be dreaming. How could this many people be infected?

[She notices a bunch of zombies behind a fence. They're getting ready to overcome the obstacle.]

Jill: Brad! Here they come!

Brad: In here!

Jill: There's so many...

[She runs to nearby bar Jack. Brad holds the door behind her.]

Brad: Door behind you! Go!

[A bursting zombie bites Brad in the elbow. Blood is pouring and the guy is screaming.]

Jill: Brad!

[Jill grabs a knife and puts it in the zombie’s head then hold the door.]

Jill: Don't think about it. We're gonna make a run for it!

Brad: C'mon, Jill. We know how this ends.

Jill: No. I don't.

Brad: Are we still a team?

Jill: Always.

Brad: Then do me a favor and don't fuck up like I did. Go!

[He pushes her away from the door. Jill goes outside.]

Jill: I'm sorry, Brad…

[She takes the gun from a dead cop's hand.]

Jill: Sorry.

[She checks the number of rounds in the clip. It's only five bullets. A zombie slowly walks into an alley. Jill decides not to waste the bullets and runs away.]

Helicopter Loudspeaker: You down there! Get to the parking garage roof!

Jill: Parking garage. Got it.

[She enters a garage and sees a man standing in the distance.]

Jill: Sir, are you alright?

Man: Stay back! Don't come any closer!

Jill: Hey, come on. There's a helicopter waiting to take you to safety.

Man: What "safety"? I'm not going out there!

Jill: The parking garage isn't far. I can take you there.

Man: The only safe place is in here!

[He locks himself in the back of a truck.]

Jill: Sir, what's your name? I can't just leave you behind.

Mna: It's Dario Rosso. And yeah, right. You just want to steal my safehouse! Get your own, missy!

Jill: “Missy”? Would you please calm down? I'm a police officer. I'm here to help.

Dario: Oh, yeah, you've been doing-a-bang-up job. You wanna help? Go handcuff yourself to one of those freaks.

Jill: Sir, this is your last chance. No one else is coming-for-you.

Dario: I'm not going anywhere! I'd rather starve to death in here than be eaten by one of those undead-monsters! Now leave me alone!

[Jill has nothing left but to go on. She picks up ammo and leaves the garage. She makes her way to a parking lot. Zombies come out all over her trying to eat juicy brains, but Jill manages to dodge them. Unfortunately, the elevator in the parking lot is also full of zombies and Jill has to fight hand-to-hand.]

Jill: Shit!

[Throwing the zombie away, she runs into the elevator and presses the button quickly.]

Jill: Come on.

[She goes up to the roof where the helicopter already circling around.]

Jill: Hey! Down here!

Helicopter Loudspeaker: Hey, get in!

[Suddenly, the helicopter explodes and crashes into the roof of the parking lot. Jill, who's already suffered enough lately, almost dies. From afar, the terrible Nemesis is coming at her with determined footsteps. Jill opens the door of a car standing nearby.]

Jill: (throwing a dead man out of his car) Sorry… Oh, come on. Start, dammit!

[The car is finally starting.]

Jill: It's my turn, bitch!

[She shifts gear and steps on the accelerator. When she hits the beast, she doesn't knock it down. Even the full speed of the car does not move Nemesis. The creepy thing breaks the windshield and stretches its hand out to Jill. The power of the car engine does knock the Nemesis down eventually and they fly off the roof of the parking lot. Jill manages not to lose consciousness. Nemesis gets off the asphalt without actually getting any damage. Jill crawls out of the car and runs away. The car immediately explodes, setting Nemesis on fire. He ignores it, goes to Jill, who crawls on the asphalt with no strength left.]

Man: Hey, fuckface.

[A man shoots him with a rocket launcher. Nemesis intercepts the missile with a tentacle and throws it away. The man shoots again! Nemesis falls on the asphalt.]

Man: Hey, easy lady… I got ya.

Jill: Who are you? What are you do—

Man: Name's Carlos and I'm saving you! C'mon, let's get you someplace safe.

[They run into the lobby of the subway.]

Carlos: I think we're in the clear.

Jill: Hope so.

Carlos: We've been bringing survivors here.

Jill: "Here" where?

Carlos: My guys have converted some subway cars into a shelter. It's safe.

[He wants to help Jill to walk.]

Jill: I’m fine.

Carlos: Personal space, OK. I get it. Let's go. Aw, c'mon. Who's the dipshit that closed this? Sorry. We're gonna have to go around.

Jill: Hey, what do you know about that monster?

Carlos: Nothing. I've never seen anything like it. But it's no zombie. It knows what it wants and won't stop till it gets it. Don't you like that in a man?

Jill: No thanks. He's all yours.

Carlos: Listen, I promise you're in good hands. I'm with the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. U.B.C.S. for short.

Jill: Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? You guys are the ones who caused all of this!

Carlos: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. What are you talking about? We're just here to help people. What's wrong with Umbrella?

Jill: "What's wrong with Umbrella?" Oh my god. Your company is responsible for infecting everyone!

Carlos: Yeah, uh, I don't know anything about all that. You don't have to trust me, but I'm going to the shelter. You comin'? C'mon. It's this way.

[They enter the wagon of the train, where sits a harsh military in a red beret.]

Carlos: Hey Captain. This fine young lady could use our help.

Captain: Carlos, you didn't even think to ask fine young lady her name? She is an elite operative of R.P.D. Special Tactics and Rescue Service. Her name is… something... Valentine.

Jill: It’s Jill.

Captain: Nice to meet you, Jill. I am U.B.C.S. Platoon Leader Mikhail Victor. My team was sent here to rescue civilians.

[The man speaks with a heavy Russian accent, but instead of his surname and name he has two names for some reason. Since I don't know which one of these is the name that defined for him by developers, I will call him Mikhail.]

Jill: Right. How's that going for you?

Mikhail: The city is completely cut off. Isolated. Most of the hundred thousand civilians will wind up dead. Ah, correction: undead. My platoon has suffered serious losses. Just keeping them alive is more than I can manage.

Jill: Well, you can thank your corporate overlords for that.

Mikhail: Yes, well... We are doing all we can. If we can get this subway train moving... we can evacuate some survivors. But we need help. My men cannot do this alone.

Jill: Alright, I'm in. But I am on their side. Not yours.

Carlos: Oh hey, hey, that's cool. We all want the same thing.

Mikhail: Thank you, Jill.

Carlos: Alright, supercop. Here you go. We can use this to stay in contact.

Jill: I know what a radio is.

Carlos: OK, first things first. We need to get you geared up. Head up to street level. You'll find supplies there.

Jill: Alright.

Carlos: (to Mikhail) Shit, Captain. They really took a chunk out of you.

Mikhail: Nothing that I will miss.

[U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide]

On the battlefield, if, you run out of ammo, your gun's useful as a wet fart.
Want to stay alive out there? Then get these basic formulas into you skull.

Handgun Ammo:
Gunpowder x2

Shotgun Shells:
Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder

MAG Ammo:
High-Grade Gunpowder x2

Once you're stocked up; get out there and join the party! Let's give those dead motherfuckers something to eat! Just make sure you don't come dessert.

[Tabloid Front Page]
In the gray of the morning on September 25th, a frantic caller telephoned the R.P.D. to report an assault; a man described as “disheveled, like a vagrant” was attacking a passerby north of the Lambs Museum of Art. The responding officers discovered the mutilated corpse of a woman by some dumpsters nearby. Dozens of bite marks covered her body and she had been dismembered, suggesting she had been eaten—the third known incident of its kind to occur in Raccoon City this month.

So whodunit? Who’s been munching on man-steak? We here at News Comet have a gnawing feeling that the so-called "cannibal disease" patients Spencer Memorial has been providing free treatment for since August might not be settling for just the cafeteria food.
Our reporters have infiltrated Spencer Memorial, asked the tough questions, and come back with horror stories that will 'make your stomach roil. Turn the page for the scoop.

[Jill goes upstairs to the lobby of the subway.]

Carlos: (via radio) Jill, it's me again. You topside yet?

Jill: Working on it. So what's the plan?

Carlos: (via radio) The old tank's got me clearing the tracks. You mind getting the subway infrastructure back online?

Jill: And how do I do that?

Carlos: (via radio) Let's start by restoring power. I'll navigate you to the substation once you hit the main road.

Jill: Copy that. Let's do this fast.

[U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual]
There's no place in the U.B.C.S. for pipsqueaks who crawl back to base eve single time they get scratched up. You want somebody to kiss your boo-boo, go someplace else!
Here in the big leagues, we mix our own meds, so get these recipes memorized!

High Potency Mixture:
Green Herb x2

Maximum Potency Mixture:
Green Herb + Red Herb
- or -
Green Herb x3

First-Aid Spray:
Can’t make these yourself. Grab ‘em if you see ‘em!
That should do it. Now let’s get this done and then go grab a beer!

[Jill finds a big weird watch with a round field at the bottom.]

Jill: It almost looks like I could get this working if I plug in the right… whatever it is.

[It's still chaos outside. The streets are full of people screaming and running wildly from zombies.]

Jill: More survivors. We've got to get that train moving.

[They go to the power plant shooting zombies in the head.]

Jill: Carlos? I've reached the main avenue. Which way do I go?

Carlos: (via radio) See a big transmission tower? That's the substation. You'll have to circle around through an alley to your right to get there.

Jill: You mean the alley that's on fire?

Carlos: (via radio) ...Maybe? Surely a tall drink of water like yourself can put out a few flames.

Jill: Fuck you.

[She comes up to a metal door behind which the fire is raging.]

Jill: Gotta put this out.

[She's surrounded by zombies. Breaking them off, she runs to a pharmacy.]

[Drugstore Owner's Journal]
August 24
This new hair tonic from Umbrella is just flying off the shelves! The stuff they make always works wonders, so it's no surprise. I was counting on this and ordered a huge shipment. My instincts are paying off—literally! I just know sales will continue to rise as word gets out.
That said, the string of violent incidents on the news has me worried. Maybe I ought to invest in a good safe to hold all this cash that's rolling in.

September 2
The new safe is just perfect. Nobody knows the code, not even my wife.
It's a secret between me and my beautiful Aqua Cure queen...
And she'd never give it up for a thief!

[Jill has to search nearby buildings for the necessary items. Worried that Jill might get bored, zombies decide to keep her company.]

Jill: This must be the subway company's offices. Huh, nothing...

[Kite Bros. Railway Manual]
Ensuring Safe Subway Operations
In the even of a power outage, the subway will, automatically cease operation . Once power has
been restored, please use the control panel to confirm the stations at which the train will stop, well as which track segments will be used.
If the route entered is unsafe, an error will occur and operations will not resume.

[Subway Employee's Memo]
Violence getting worse and worse these past few days. Got a shotgun for when it hits a breaking point.
Locking it up in the gun rack. That should keep it safe from any would-be looters while I go out and try to find some more shells.
If things go south, cut the chain and bust out that sucker. I pray we all make it out alive.

[Jill manages to find the key, open a locked metal door and extinguish the fire from a nearby fire hydrant.]

Jill: There.

[After entering a garage and arming herself with bolt cutters she hears a rustle coming from the next room.]

Jill: Is someone in here?

[She opens the door with the bolt cutters and finds a wounded young guy.]

Jill: You're U.B.C.S.?

Guy: Yeah. C-Careful, careful. C'mon don't look at me like that, alright? I'm not an infected!

Jill: OK, let's take care—

[At this point, a grey haired man with a gun enters the garage.]

Guy: No no no wait! Please!

[The man shoots him in the head without hesitation.]

Jill: What the fuck!

Man: He was infected.

Jill: He might have been infected.

Man: Are all S.T.A.R.S. this soft? No wonder so many of you are dead.

Jill: And what are you? U.B.C.S.? Killing your own people?

Man: He would have turned. Where is your sense of self-preservation? Go back to the subway station. We don't need a bleeding heart like you getting in the way.

[The man comes out of the garage closing the door behind him.]

[Training Log]
July 10th
202 lbs / 12 laps of the yard / 2 circuits
Suck it, prison! The Umbrella Corporation just recruited me for a job. A JOB! Don't know how they're gonna wipe out a life sentence for murdering twenty gangbangers, but whatever. I'll take it. Beats shitting away the rest of my days behind bars.
I gotta get back into shape.

July 26th
196 lbs / 20 km run / 3 circuits
Target practice at 400 yds, 5 misses
Caught the chain yesterday and got moved to a U.B.C.S. training camp, where I fired my first bullet in two whole years. Missed a stationary target by 5 inches at 400 yards—I never fucking do that! It's like I forgot everything.
Doesn't matter. I'll get sharp again. Watch me.

August 15th
190 lbs / 30 km run / 3 circuits
Target practice at 600 yds, 2 misses OK, I've got my shot grouping down to 3 inches. Feeling good, feeling good. After lunch, they put me through my first mock battle. The cap and the other guys are good people, and goddamn beasts of war at that, but what the fuck is up with that lunatic Nicholai? He used me a fucking human shield just to score some extra points.

September 25th
181 lbs / 30 km run / 4 circuits
Target practice at 600 yds, no misses
Murphy's back, baby! You'll never see ME miss another target. Tomorrow I go on my first mission: riot control in Raccoon City. I think Jimmy would've liked that. My brother was always the first to reach out and help people, right up until those street punks took him away from me. Now it's my turn to do some good for a change—the way I know best.

Now that Jill's got the bolt cutters, she's explore areas previously closed to her. She's arming herself with a shotgun.]

[U.B.C.S. Suicide Note]
September 28
The Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Africa… I thought I knew what hell was. Figured I'd never crack, no matter what was thrown at me.
But this job? This one was supposed to be easy.
A quick wage. I'd earned it.

It all happened at once. There were 30 guys in our squad, all 'armed with state-of-the-art assault rifles, and yet we were wiped out in less than 48 hours.
I've been through enough shit to know it only ever gets worse. And if that was just the beginning...
Maybe I'm a coward. I don't care. This is the only way out I have left. I just hope my body doesn't get back up after I pull the trigger.

[Electrician's Notice]
Public-use Generators Provided Raccoon City Electrician's Guild
Due to the ongoing power outages, the guild has decided to provisionally place a number of electric generators throughout the city. Everyone welcome to use them, but REMEMBER: these generators are running high voltage currents. If one were to be struck or impacted gunfire, anyone standing nearby could get electrocuted.
[Handwritten addition]
You got that? If you see a generator spitting sparks, don't go near it! Don't do anything stupid! Safety first, as the saying goes. If we make it through this mess, I'll have plenty of busted generators for sale at bargain prices!
Your Neighborhood Electrician, Sam

[Fax from Substation Chief]
To all employees
In response the violent outbreaks across the city, have implemented an intentional power outage.
On the situation has been brought under control, please activate the four breakers ASAP. Once that's done, turn on the main power switch in the control room to reactivate the power grid.

[Our brave heroine goes down to the substation to restore power.]

Jill: Ugh, it smells like... Oh, I don't even wanna think about it.

[Green Herbs: They Work!]
It was starting to look like Chad was never gonna come back from his rounds, so I poked my head in there… and fuck me—next thing I know I've got some kinda maggots squirming down my throat!
I was gagging and heaving, but those little bastards didn't seem to mind none—they just wouldn't come up. I was staggering around like a madman and then I saw it: a green herb.

My gramma once told me that green herbs are a natural bug deterrent. So I grabbed one, shoved it down my gob and swallowed… and whaddaya know, the little things didn't want to be in there anymore. I've never been so happy to throw up!
I'm gonna head back out there to look for Chad. If anyone else sees this, remember: eat your greens!

[Substation Internal Memo]
The key to the area has gone missing, and the earliest we'll a replacement in is next week. In the interim, a lockpick will be provided to the senior employee on duty.
We only have one lockpick and cannot afford to lose it, so please keep it in its carrying case at all times when you're not using it.
An please, could you all check just once more that you did not accidentally take he key home? If you happen to find it, please bring it to Kate in Admin.

[Jill finds a richly decorated box in the dead body's hands. When she picks up the box, the corpse's belly explodes and the larvae come out.]

Jill: Oh my god.

[She opens the box and finds a rusty lockpick. When she picks the lock down the hall, a green insectlike monster attacks her from above. It grabs Jill by the neck and puts its... sprout... in her mouth, and then it runs away. Jill's getting sick.]

Jill: Get it out!

[She causes vomiting and pukes the nasty thing out of her stomach.]

Jill: Fucking gross!

[Further progress in the substation is hindered by a horrible insect goo that has swept all around and bugs of all kinds of aggressiveness and size. She turns on the first circuit.]

Jill: Here we go.

[She activates all four circuits.]

Jill: Done. Time to get the hell outta here.

[However, the bugs continue to interfere with her plans.]

Jill: Oh, come on!

[She's making her way to the substation's central control panel.]

Jill: OK, all that leaves is the main power switch.

[By pressing a button on the control panel, it destroys a beast that is sitting on an electric tower.]

Jill: Enjoy that.

[Done with the mission, she calls Carlos.]

Jill: Carlos, it's Jill. I've restored power to the subway

Carlos: (via radio) Nice going! Next up is the traffic control system. It should be in the subway company's offices.

Jill: Right, I think I know the building.

Carlos: (via radio) Really? Way to go, partner. One step ahead!

Jill: Not your partner.

[As soon as she goes out on the street, an old friend, Nemesis, reminds her of himself! He elegantly breaks through the wall and goes to Jill with a firm, confident footstep.]

Jill: Are you shitting me!?

[Taking advantage of her speed and beauty, Jill cleverly escapes her pursuer!]

Jill: Carlos, that thing is still alive! It's after me!

Carlos: (via radio) What? Run! Come back to the station!

Jill: Not until I get traffic control online!

[She goes back to Kite Bros Railway.]

Jill: OK, back again. Carlos, I'm in the control room. Now what?

Carlos: (via radio) Nice! Now you gotta plot out a route.

Jill: OK, gimme a sec. Alright, where are we headed?

Carlos: (via radio) The train is stopped at Redstone Street. We need to reach Fox Park Station. Can you program that in?

Jill: Hey I’m supercop. Consider it done.

Computer: Please enter a route.

Jill: What did he say? Redstone Street to Fox Park...

Computer: Valid route confirmed.

Jill: Carlos, it's me. I've finished inputting the subway route.

Carlos: (via radio) Jill, you are amazing! Tough as nails, too. Hurry back to the station. We'll make sure the subway is ready to depart.

[Jill comes out of the room... and she's met by a new kind of infected zombie with a creepy crab-like head and a huge tail that this creepy creature uses as a whip.]

Jill: What the fuck!?

[She kills the creature with a shotgun and goes out into the street where an interesting discovery awaits her - these monsters are created by Nemesis! He grabs a zombie, and the tentacles in his hand transform the zombie's head.]

Jill: What the hell is it doing to them?

[She keeps going to the station, fending off all kinds of zombies and collecting everything she can carry. She even opens a strange clock from the beginning of the game, with the bottom of it lying... a grenade. Having stashed everything useful to a few pockets, Jill goes back to Carlos.]

Carlos: Nice job, supercop. I'm impressed.

Jill: We back in business?

Carlos: Yeah, mostly. But we need 30 to 40 minutes to finish maintenance.

[The room is entered by a gray haired man and a black muscleman with a machine gun.]

Carlos: Nicholai! How we doin'?

Nicholai: The town's crawling with those freaks. No chance of fighting our way out of the city. Why is she here?

Carlos: She's helping get the trains running again.

Nicholai: Bad time to start carrying dead weight, friend. She's unreliable. Can't pull the trigger when it counts.

Carlos: Hey, take it easy.

Nicholai: She'll get you killed.

[He leaves.]

Carlos: Sorry about that. Everyone's a little worked up.

[A dreadful rumble can be heard from far away.]

Carlos: Aw come on. Not again.

[Jill pretends to leave with Carlos, but at the last moment he performs a deceptive maneuver and stays on the other side of the gate.]

Jill: It's me he's after. I'll buy you some time.

Carlos: Hey wait! Wait, Jill! No! God dammit!

[She bravely runs straight at the enemy without fear of the difference in strength. She has experience and honed skills.]

Jill: Come on, you creepy-ass stalker! You want S.T.A.R.S.!? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!

[She kicks his ass with a couple of grenades and falls back into the sewers.]

Jill: Carlos, do you copy? Carlos! ...Shit. I need to find another way out.

[She found Sewers Map in the safe room.]

Jill: A map of the area. Perfect.

[When she leaves the room, she hears a sound that resembles an echo from a sentence spoken on a loudspeaker.]

Jill: What was that?

[Increased Sewer Security]
We've been receiving reports of unauthorized personnel in the control areas of the facility. In response, we are replacing the aging mechanical locks a d implementing new security protocols.
Unlocking the new electric locks requires a special-made battery pack, to be distributed to all employees. Please keep your personal battery pack on hand at all times when moving throughout the facility.

Jill: Door won't budge. Looks like it needs a power source.

[She has to slip a little on the sloping surface of the sewer.]

Jill: Ohhh god. I'm definitely burning these clothes.

[A tadpole on two legs comes out of the sewer depths. When he opens his stinking flower-like mouth, he gets shot with a shotgun and dies.]

Jill: What the fuck was that!?

[Research Assistant's Logs]
Mar 4
Water Temp: 18C pH: 6.8
Gammas released from tank for the first time. Movements sluggish. Combat potential low.

Apr 18
Water Temp: 20C pH: 6.8
Experimented with additional hormones and drugs. One adjustment bore positive results, with a significant rise in combat potential. Specmen is now able to move quickly and swallow prey whole.

Jun 30
Water Temp: 22C pH: 6.2
Umbrella as officially shut down Gamma research. We managed to smuggle some specimens with especially high potential from the lab before disposal. Dr. Logan Carlisle is more committed than ever to perfecting the Gamma line.

Aug 14
Water Temp: 25C pH: 5.8
Two weeks since relocating to the sewers. Increased temperatures have led to a decrease in water quality, but specimens appear fine despite my concerns: Gamma? quickly learned the layout of the sewers and within two days were exploring the entire underground of Raccoon City. All specimens are familiar with and friendly towards us, but I have procured high-powered weaponry as a safeguard in the event that they become uncontrollable.

Sep 1
Water Temp: 23C pH: 6.1
We were lucky to secure this space by bribing the sewage department chief, but it's beginning to feel cramped due to the Gammas' continued growth. We should begin to consider other possible arrangements.

Sep 9
Water Temp: 21C pH: 6.1
A water treatment worker found his way into the lab, but the Gammas promptly eliminated him. This proves their viability for field use. I'll reach out to Umbrella's European branch tomorrow; perhaps they will see the light.

[Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo]
Thank you for purchasing the ХХХХХХХ grenade launcher.
We've made special adjustments to this piece to ensure compatibility with a variety of ammunition types. For optimal performance, be sure to choose the right ammo for, the right situation.
As we discussed at the time of purchase, this is a refurbished model, and the chamber needs to be manually cycled between shots. It'll take an extra moment, but this is reflected in the price, as agreed.
[Handwritten note on reverse]
Explosive Rounds: Explosive A x2
Flame Rounds: Explosive A + Explosive B
Acid Rounds: Explosive B x2
Mine Rounds: Can't readily crafted. Not worth stocking up on. Won't help if we need to the Gammas in line.

[Sewer Worker's Notes]
It happened again. They got Kane this time. I saw it all! One of those things just… swallowed him whole, head to toe.
I tried to warn them when Bill went missing two weeks back. The cops said he'd probably skipped town, but I said no way! Not with his baby coming any day! But did they listen? Nope!

This is bullshit! Fucking puke-breathing, toad-faced motherfuckers! Every time I think I've lost them, another one pops out of the tunnels!
And it's not like I can count on the fucking cops! Don't trust those pencil-pushers at HQ either. Next time one of those freaks shows its face, I'm gonna hit it right in its big ugly mouth!

[Having beaten a whole crowd of tadpoles with a grenade launcher, Jill finally finds a battery pack.]

[A Love Letter?]
My little darlings,
It’s already been three months since we fled here together. I find myself thinking back to the day you hatched... Your little voices made me tremble with pride...
Your adorable little bodies, brimming with Incredible, destructive power... And, of course, that voracious, insatiable appetite. You are no less than the pinnacle of the Hunter series! And yet they ordered me to destroy you! They said you were unfit for use as weapons because of a few minor vulnerabilities!
So what if you’re susceptible to heat? So what if your delicate mandibles are exposed when you feed? Haven't they ever heard of CHARACTER FLAWS? It is those very flaws hat make you so very, very precious to me.
But we'll show them yet. Down here we'll continue walk this evolutionary path together! We'll prove to Umbrella that you, my beloved Hunter Gammas, are truly superior!

[Jill finally opens a locked door with battery pack and walk upstairs.]

Jill: Carlos, can you hear me now?

Carlos: (via radio) Jill! Oh, thank god! Everything OK?

Jill: Yeah, I'm alive. I lost him.

Carlos: (via radio) Great. The subway's ready to go. We'll leave as soon as you make it back.

[When Jill finishes talking, she goes up the stairs and then... Nemesis grabs her head. He pulls Jill out of the hatch and throws her on the asphalt, threatening his giant flamethrower. Jill runs away, saving her life.]

Jill: It can use weapons? I gotta get out, quick!

[Nemesis is chasing her, setting fire to a building under construction that Jill is running through.]

[Notice of Demolition Delay]
We have decided to delay the Barnaby Office Building demolition in response to ongoing public unrest. For safety reasons, all electrical equipment, including generators, have been moved to the roof for safekeeping.
Entry to the premises is prohibited until the current unrest has subsided. All employees are to stay at home and await further instructions.

[On the roof, the terrifying Nemesis is catching up with Jill. There's nowhere to run.]

Jill: Alright, let's do this. Maybe I can hit the fuel tank.

[She shoots up a huge barrel of flammable fluid on Nemesis' back.]

Jill: It's still kicking?

[She shoots him with everything she's got. Failing to endure such love, Nemesis falls to the floor. The flammable fluid spills all over the roof and causes a big fire. Jill jumps off a roof and falls on a cradle, one of whose cables breaks. Jill lands hard on the asphalt and only her military training allows her to dodge the falling cradle.]

Jill: Carlos, it's Jill. Do you read me?

Carlos: (via radio) Loud and clear. You alright?

Jill: Yeah... Bastard's dead.

Carlos: (via radio) Good. Fuck 'im. But what were you thinking, turning yourself into bait? You could've been killed.

Jill: Don't start I did what I had to..

Carlos: (via radio) I know. And, uh… thanks. The subway's ready to go. Hurry back.

[Jill enters the famous GUN SHOP KENDO. She takes the last remaining ammunition from the shelves, when suddenly the owner of the store jumps at her with a crazy look and a shotgun.]

Kendo: Don't move! Shit… Jill.

Jill: Kendo. You're alright.

Kendo: Yeah well, alright's a stretch. Sorry I got a little jumpy there. Didn't know quite what to expect.

Jill: No shit. Look, we're using the subway to get people out of town. You in?

Kendo: Subway. Well... That's good thinking.

Jill: When we get out there's gonna be a lot to do. We could use a man of your skillset. What's wrong?

Kendo: Nothin'. Just uh... Just bad timing is all. Look, um… don't worry about me. I'm gonna make other arrangements. OK?

Jill: You better. You're the best gunsmith around.

Kendo: Oh, no.

Jill: Don't do anything stupid.

Kendo: Oh that's—that's your job, right? (smiles) Take care, Jill.

[He goes into the basement and locks the door behind him. Those who played the remake of the second game know what's in there.]

Kendo: If you're heading to the station, take that service alley out in front of the shop, OK? The key's hanging on the wall.

[Raccoon Times Reader's Column]
Dear Editor,
I'm writing to you because I am troubled, deeply troubled. Anyone who's been a parent knows that Crystal Promenade is THE place to take your kids for a trip downtown on Saturdays. And there's no store more popular (or harder on a parent's wallet) than Toy Uncle. However, I've noticed that on windy days, the big statue above the entrance wobbles like, the only thing holding it up is couple of screws.
If that statue's head tumbles loose on a busy day, children will be badly hurt. I've complained to they manager three times now, but he just isn't willing to rectify the situation.
Are we supposed to wait for a terrible accident to happen before taking action? No. If heads are going to roll, then let it be the manager's. Take that death trap down.
—Timothy Wyles (69)

[There's a nasty surprise waiting for her outside. Nemesis is very much alive. He jumps off a roof holding a huge suitcase with a rocket launcher inside it.]

Jill: A rocket launcher? Really!?

Carlos: (via radio) Jill, you OK?

Jill: Carlos, that monster's on my ass again!

Carlos: (via radio) Are you shitting me? I thought you killed it!

Jill: Me too!

[Nemesis fires missiles at Jill with a striking distance of 400 meters or 1300 feet, but thanks to congenital immortality, she manages to avoid deadly projectiles.]

Carlos: (via radio) Jill, you there? I think I know how to slow that fucker down. Head back toward the station!

Jill: And lead him right to you?

Carlos: (via radio) It's OK. Trust me!

[Nemesis shoots a rocket at a giant mustache head on the roof of a Toy Uncle store and it rolls right onto Jill.]

Jill: This is insane.

Carlos: Jill! This way! Hey, you OK? GO… GO!

Jill: C'mon! Forget about him!

[They enter the building leading to the underground station.]

Carlos: C'mon. Let's get out of here.

Jill: Carlos, I know we didn't get off to a great start, but… thanks for the save.

Carlos: Hey, you saved my ass first. You're a hell of a lot braver than me.

Jill: Well, what matters is that we can get everyone out of the city now.

Carlos: Yeah. You'll be safe.

Jill: What about you?

Carlos: From the sound of it. I won't be catching the train.

Jill: Why not?

Carlos: There'll be new orders. If it means I can help save the city, that's fine by me.

[Carlos lifts up a massive roller and they approach the train. Next to it, Mikhail sits.]

Mikhail: Good work. Your reputation is well deserved. Get inside, the subway is about to leave. Carlos, Tyrell. You have your orders. You need to go back out into the city and find Nathaniel Bard.

Jill: This isn't the last ride out of town, right?

Mikhail: Do not worry. Once the civilians are safe, the train will be back.

Carlos: It's alright, you go on ahead. I'm not gonna die on you, and leave you in a cold, cruel, Carlos-less world.

Jill: OK.

Mikhail: You need to find this scientist. His vaccine research could save us all.

Nicholai: (clapping) You see? You're learning. The only life that matters is your own.

Mikhail: Good luck. Let's go!

[Jill, Mikhail and Nicholai takes the train and Carlos stays at the station.]

September 29, 2:11 a.m. - Subway Car

Nicholai: You don't really think a pencil-pusher like Bard is still alive, do you?

Mikhail: I have it on good authority. Why? Are you worried about teammates? Or something else? Funny how brainless zombies can ambush a platoon like that. Funny the gate was locked. Don't you think?

[Nicholai chuckles and then the train starts shaking. From afar, the rattle of metal is heard.]

Jill: What was that?

[They open the door to the next car and see Nemesis.]

Jill: How is this fucker not dead yet!?

[She runs to him in a rage, but Mikhail catches her off, grabbing her hand.]

Mikhail: Jill, no. They're gone. Come. This way.

[She runs to the opposite car, but Nicholai has already locked it and stands on the other side of the door.]

Jill: Nicholai, what are you doing?

Nicholai: It's not after me.

Jill: Nicholai!

[Meanwhile, Mikhail trying to shoot off Nemesis, but without success. Nemesis grabs him and drags him to himself. Mikhail, like a real warrior, has prepared a backup plan – covered himself in explosives.]

Mikhail: Get off my train, shitbird.

[He presses the detonator trigger. The car explodes. We're going back to Carlos, who is approaching the RPD building with his partner Tyrell.]

September 29, 2:34 a.m. - R.P.D. West Gate

Carlos: It's been awhile. Subway's gotta be clear of the city by now.

Tyrell: Along with your hot date?

Carlos: Nah, she's not like that. Hell, she's not like anybody.

Tyrell: Alright, keep your head screwed on, Romeo. This is the police station.

Carlos: Uh, you sure? 'Cause it looks like a cemetery to me.

Marvin: Brad! Stop!

Carlos: T!

Marvin: C'mon, man. Not you too.

[He shoots at Brad several times.]

Marvin: Sorry…

Brad (zombie): So… rry…

[Stunned by the answer, Marvin snaps for a second and zombie Brad bites him. Marvin runs off to the police station and locks the door behind him. Tyrell comes running to the door.]

Tyrell: Shit! It's locked!

Carlos: You stay on the door. I got this fucker. Come get some!

Tyrell: Leave him! C'mon!

[Carlos is shooting Brad in the head. After searching the body, he finds his ID.]

Carlos: He's S.T.A.R.S.? That could be useful.

[They enter the police station.]

Carlos: Where'd that cop go?

Tyrell: Don't know, don't care. We got a job to do. If our intel's still worth a damn, then Bard's in the S.T.A.R.S. office. Let's find him and take him into custody.

Carlos: Custody? I thought this was a rescue.

Tyrell: Carlos, take a look at this. I've located the S.T.A.R.S. office. Remember, Bard had access to Umbrella's darkest secrets. He knows we'll try to keep him under our thumbs.

Carlos: So this “search and rescue mission” is really more like "find and detain." ...Right. Good to know.

Tyrell: I’ll open the shutter so you can get through.

Carlos: You stay here and find out what's been going on here at the station.

Tyrell: Call ya if I find anything. Hey. Be careful.

Carlos: Yeah, you too, man.

[He starts exploring the police station.]

Carlos: Now here's a weird fuckin' door.

Tyrell: Leave it. We're here for Bard.

[ID Card Security Protocols]
Sept. 16, 1998
Each member of the force has been issued an ID card. From now on, this same card will be,required to access all storage boxes. Do not lend your card to anyone. Take great care in using it. If your card goes missing, report it lost immediately.
R.P.D. Facility Maintenance Dept.

[In the next room, Carlos sees a creature with a long tongue killing two cops. Carlos walks into the room carefully, keeping his weapon ready.]

Carlos: What the hell was that thing? Couldn't have been a zombie. It didn't stick around. Here we go…

[He gets attacked by zombies and starts shooting back.]

Carlos: T, you copy? There's something real nasty in here. I don't know what it is.

Tyrell: (via radio) Something nasty? Alright. I'll take a look with the cameras. Watch your six.

[Sept. 20 Arrest Report]
Name: Rodney Gray
Occupation: Unemployed (former electrician)
Unlawful creation and/or
Suspect was seen behaving suspiciously at 1442 Box St. on Sept. 18, 1998. Suspect’s person was searched, producing a small explosive and a timed detonator from his inside pocket, leading to arrest on the charges listed above. A search of suspect’s home found more than 20 additional homemade explosives at various stages of completion.
Suspect was extremely agitated and not of sound mind. Suspect spoke feverishly when questioning began, and at one point, questioning had be halted to a sudden bout of shrieking fro suspect. Once questioning was resumed, suspect made the following statements:
“I didn't do it for me, did it for you! Why doesn't anyone understand? The corpses attack from the shadows!”
"A storm's coming, but this umbrella is no good! Gotta blow it up or you'll be more than just wet! Gotta get more bombs!"
“They're coming. Soon. Gotta hurry. Burn 'em. Burn the corpses. Bu 'em good.”
During questioning, the began to shake violently before resuming a shrieking fit. Questioning was ended, and a sedative administered.
Due to suspect's unstable psychiatric condition, suspect's testimony changed from moment to moment. Suspect delirium made any sort of dialogue impossible. We are currently awaiting the results of a doctor's investigation into suspect's condition. The explosives collected from suspect's person and residence appear to be extremely powerful. As a safety precaution, a battery was removed from one detonation device upon its admission int evidence.
(The battery was secured in safety deposit room.)
Interrogating Officer Wes Drucker

[Internal Memo]
Sept. 22, 1998
Office Supply Internal Relocation Notice
Heat-resistant 3-number combination safe moved from S.T.A.R.S. Office (2F) to West Office (1F).

[Carlos finds a camera.]

Carlos: If cameras killed those things, I'd be set. There you are, dickface!

[In the locker room, Tyrell is in contact with him.]

Tyrell: (via radio) Carlos, I've hit a dead end with the terminal here. Gonna head your way.

Carlos: Copy that.

[Note to a Friend]
If you're reading this, I'm already dead. If you hear my noises coming from the locker, DO NOT OPEN IT. Please.
While you were out on patrol, I focused on finding a way to get to the other side. I realized that explosives might be our best bet. I managed to rig up a pretty good bomb, but we don't have any batteries for the detonator. I'm pretty sure I sent one to the safety deposit room during intake last week. We need that battery if we're going to knock this wall down, so I headed upstairs to find you since I know you have the safety deposit room key.
As soon as I left the shower room, I was attacked. One of them bit me... I washed the wound as best I could but I feel worse and worse. I hope I don't need to spell out why you must not open the locker... Please don't worry about me. Just get yourself out of here as fast as you can.
Your buddy,
P.S. Don't worry about that $600 I lent you. Think of it as a gift towards your upcoming move. Good luck, buddy.

[Carlos comes to the locker and decides whether or not to open it.]

Carlos: Better not.

[He continues to explore the infected police station.]

Carlos: Gotta move. One at a time, take a number. Man, it sucks to be popular. This asshole again!

[I'm going out to the main police station offices. One of the computers has an incoming message on its screen. Carlos clicks on it and the video call tuns on.]

Carlos: Dr. Bard!

Dr. Bard: Oh, thank god. Do you know how long I've been trying to reach somebody?

Carlos: Don't worry, we're gonna get you out of there. Just tell me where you are.

Dr. Bard: I'm trapped in a goddamn hospital, surrounded by every kind of abomination... Look, just send in S.T.A.R.S. They're gonna know what to do.

Carlos: Nah, negative. R.P.D.'s overrun too.

Dr. Bard: Then figure it out! Umbrella's gone crazy. They're killing all the researchers. I am the only one who knows how to make the vaccine to stop the zombies... So you can either sit there with your dick in your hand, or send—send somebody who's capable of getting me the hell out of here!

[His partner, Tyrell, is approaching him.]

Tyrell: I like him already.

Carlos: Yeah, you would. You heard what he said. We can't turn him over to the company.

Tyrell: That's not our call to make. That's Mikhail's call. I'm gonna check the computer and see if I can trace the doc's location. This'll take some time. Look around, see if you can find anything useful.

[Report on the Mansion Incident]
This bizarre incident occurred in a mansion owned by the Umbrella Corporation located Arklay Mountains.
On July 3, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team was dispatched to the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of mysterious and grisly murders, and went unexpectedly radio silent.
On July 24, Alpha Team was dispatched as well, and became entangled in the events at the nearby mansion.
The incident culminated in the destruction of the mansion. Casualties were numerous. The only survivors were five members of S.T.A.R.S. of the incident was the illegal bioweapon experiments being carried out in a secret Umbrella lab beneath the mansion. The T-Virus being used in these experiments escaped the facility, and is presumed to be the root cause of all that occurred.
However, all evidence was destroyed along with the mansion, so further investigation has proven to be extremely difficult.

[Some time later, someone's giving Carlos the latest news on the radio.]

Carlos: Yeah, what's up? Derailed? Was anyone hurt?

Tyrell: Jill?

Carlos: Ah, shit... Wait what!? Jill? Jill, what happened!? Jill come in! T, I gotta go.

September 29, 4:43 a.m. S.T.A.R.S. Office

Tyrell: Do what you gotta. I'll take care of Bard.

Several minutes earlier - Subway Tunnels

[Jill barely gets up after a terrible train wreck. The car next to her is blazing with bright flames. She begins to look for a way to the surface.]

Jill: Am I the only one who made it? Carlos, come in. Carlos? Dammit, guess I'm out of range.

[U.B.CS. New Weaponry Notice]
Good news, limpdicks!
I've got some new weaponry for that's guaranteed to put the brass back in your sacks. They're called Mine Rounds. These babies were developed by Umbrella's military R&D, and they will light your fires even hotter than the lover you left back home. They're tough to fin and tricky to handle, but trust me: they're worth it. Alright, let's take a look at the specs.
- Mine Rounds are designed for standard-issue Grenade Launchers. Don't get cute and try to load 'em in anything else.
- Fire them walls or the stay right where you put 'em.
- The sensor in the mine will detect approaching enemies and detonate when and they get within range.
So basically, just toss 'em in an enemy's path, and you've got yourself a landmine! There's no such thing as 'unfair' when you those giant freaks, so get out there and fight dirty!

[When she gets to the surface, she hears the roar of Nemesis.]

Jill: That fucker's still alive. I can't stay here.

[Clock Tower Brochure]
Saint Michael's Clock Tower
Saint Michael's Clock Tower is a Baroque-style building which stands at the heart of Raccoon City. It has become beloved icon, and residents consider it to be emblematic of the city as a whole.
Saint Michael's Church erected this tower in 1908 with the assistance of several philanthropists. It was dedicated to the children born in the developing city, and the first floor was used as an elementary school for many years. The city saw further growth during its electrification over the course of the early 20th century, and body of Saint Michael's Elementary swelled to over 600 students.
Unfortunately, Saint Michael's Elementary was shuttered in 1978 as the building began to show signs of age and wear. The clock was deactivated, and strict limitations were placed on entry to the surrounding premises. Years passed with this once-beloved monument and public plaza on lockdown, but in the 1990s the Umbrella Corporation worked in league with Mayor Michael Warren to renovate and reopen the area, this time with proper preservation efforts in place. The clock tower was officially reopened in 1993, and today the sound of its heavy, tolling bells can once again be heard throughout Raccoon City.

[Jill climbs up to the observation deck and sees burning Nemesis burrowing in pain coming out of the subway. He walks to the river, falls into the water like a sack of rotten meat, after which Jill utters her legendary phrase...]

Jill: Bitch can't even swim.

[Happy with herself, she pulls out the radio.]

Jill: Carlos! Respond!

Carlos: (via radio) Yeah. What's up?

Jill: We didn't make it. The train derailed.

Carlos: (via radio) Derailed? Was anyone hurt?

Jill: Everybody's dead. Mikhail. Everybody.

Carlos: (via radio) Shit...

Jill: Nicholai left us to die.

Carlos: (via radio) Wait, what!?

Jill: What the fuck!?

[Nemesis jumps out of the water right on her. He mutated, turning into a mix of gorilla and fish.]

Jill: It's back!

Carlos: (via radio) Jill? Jill, what happened!? Jill! Come in!

Jill: Oh, come on!

[She has to fight the mutant.]

Jill: I'm gonna kill you! Alright, let's do this. Suck it!

[She fires a grenade launcher at Nemesis several times. Nemesis falls on cars and seems to be dead.]

Jill: Carlos!? You still there!? Oh, come on. You're gonna crap out on me NOW? God damn it!

[She steps over the limpen hand of Nemesis and enters a building. Nemesis wakes up and grabs Jill's leg. She notices there's a gate hanging over Nemesis' head. Jill shoots at the chain holding them and the gate cuts off Nemesis' hand. He grows a new one almost instantly and shoots Jill with a thorn. She's getting sick. Nicholai approaches the gate from the other side.]

Nicholai: Interesting... You've done me a big favor, Miss Valentine.

Roughly half a day later

[Carlos finds Jill lying on the floor.]

Carlos: Hey! Answer me! God damn it! Tyrell, do you copy?

Tyrell: (via radio) What's going on?

Carlos: Jill's been infected, I... I'm taking her to the hospital. Maybe Dr. Bard can save her!

Tyrell: (via radio) Alright, I'll meet you there.

Carlos: You hang in there, supercop. I got ya.

[He picks up Jill and takes her to the nearest hospital.]

September 29, 9:20 p.m. - Spencer Memorial Hospital

[Carlos puts Jill in a hospital bed.]

Carlos: Fight it, Jill. I'm gonna get you that vaccine. You're gonna be OK, I promise.

[He's going to look for Dr. Bard.]

Carlos: Tyrell, where's Bard now?

Tyrell: (via radio) Gotta be the lab in the back. Stay frosty. I'm on my way.

Carlos: Copy. I'll go on ahead.

[Soon Carlos walks into an abandoned hospital wing there Dr. Bard’s office is.]

Computer: Welcome to the office of Dr. Nathaniel Bard. Please state your business clearly into the intercom.

[Nurse's Journal: Sept. 25]
Every day, they bring in more of these "mystery illness" patients. The sedatives don't stop their delirium, so we have to put them in straitjackets and move them to the isolation wing. Problem is, the isolation wing is already bursting at the seams. The director has ordered us to admit anyone with symptoms free of charge, but does he expect us to do? Wish them better? We don't have a core.
And that's not all that's bothering me. When these patients die, they're not collected by the usual mortuary teams. We've been told it's "special handling" to prevent the illness from spreading, but I'm not sure I buy it. Miranda saw some guys wheeling a body through the "forbidden door" during the night. Why? Where? What is going on?

[Carlos hits the intercom.]

Carlos: Dr. Bard, are you in there? I'm here to rescue you! Open the door!

[He walks down the hallways of the hospital killing "patients."]

[Nurse's Journal: Sept. 27]
· Admitted over 20 "mystery illness" patients
· Patients in the isolation wing exhibiting severe limb necrosis, fever, muttering delirium, and signs of hyperphagia
· Possible infection? Tried every antiseptic
· Still no bloodwork back from the research wing
Dr. Young was bitten while treating one of the patients. We've disinfected the wound, but his fever won't go down. Nothing works. Meanwhile, the outpatient wing is complete anarchy. The patients are delirious and growing more violent by the minute.
We've called in our off-duty staff. It's all hands on deck now. We have got to contain this chaos!

[Memos from Administration]
ID Card Rules
ID cards are not to be taken off hospital grounds under any circumstances. As per our security measures, all employees must store their ID card in their own personal lockers before returning home for the day.
Thank you.
Administration - Sept. 20
Lost Locker Room Key
The key to the locker room has gone missing. The person to have it may have dropped it somewhere in the courtyard. Until It is recovered, we will keep a spare key here in the office. Please stop by administration at the end of your shift to borrow it.
Administration - Sept. 24

[Nurse's Journal: Sept. 29]
We tried. I swear to God we did. But there's nothing else to be done. The chaos is completely beyond control. Victims are pouring in now, dying and spreading the infection faster than we can reach them.
So we've given up trying. Those of us who aren't infected have barricaded ourselves in here. We can hear the cries for help outside. The screaming... But none of us will go out there, because it would be the end of us.
I can't believe we've abandoned our patients... It's the worst sin imaginable for a nurse. I can't stop shaking. But I want to live. I want to live.
9 p.m.
We heard a helicopter flying overhead and immediately started crying and hugging each other, thinking a rescue team was on the way.
But then the sound grew distant, and all we're left with now is the moaning of the dead and the silent screams in our hearts. We're all about to lose our minds.
Dr. Young, Ariana, Miranda, Dakota... I'm so sorry I failed you...
Something's coming
Help m

Carlos: OK, not this way…

[He walks up to the shaking door and raises his weapon. Is it the isolation wing?]

[Note about a Tape Recording]
I think I know what happened to the missing tape of Dr. B. His research assistant took it. One of the patients saw Abbott remove something from a locker in the Nurses Station and walk toward the treatment room. I'll try to sneak in and look during the night shift. You just stay cool and keep doing your job.
I don’t care how important Dr. B is to the medical community. That kind of harassment is not OK. I promise I won't let them destroy the evidence. and an asshole and will get his day. He's in a court.
Stay brave. Stay strong.
—A friend

[Carlos kills a few more "patients" and enters the isolation wing. There's something huge and clawy running towards him. Carlos kills it.]

Carlos: Jesus Christ!

[RE: Lost Items]
To all employees:
We've bee inundated with reports of lost items. If you find something and it is unclear who it belongs to, do not take it home. Please deposit it in the Nurses Station safe.
The safe combination is:
9 clockwise, 3 counterclockwise.
Thank you for your cooperation.

[Carlos finds a tape labeled "Dr. B Recording for HR", a recorder and gets back to the voice locked door. He turns on the recording and brings it to the intercom.]

Nurse on Tape: All I wanted to know was what the documents were doing in your office in the first place—

Dr. Bard on Tape: Who do you think you're talking to? I'm goddam Nathaniel Bard! I'm the best biologist you'll ever meet, you bedpan-changing waste of a nursing degree. Of course I have connections higher up. Of course the military consults with me on projects beyond your comprehension. So stop wasting my time with your nosy questions!

Nurse on Tape: ...I-I'm sorry, Doctor.

Dr. Bard on Tape: ...You didn't read the documents, did you?

Nurse on Tape: No, I shredded them just like you asked.

Dr. Bard on Tape: Good... Good. If that's all, you can go back to wiping your patients' asses. That's what they pay you for, right? And polish my shoes.

Nurse on Tape: Yes, sir.

Dr. Bard on Tape: I bet you know a lot about polishing, don't you? Now fuck off. And don't say a word to anyone.

[Carlos walks into the office and finds Dr. Bard sitting in his chair. Carlos turns the chair and realizes that Dr. Bard is dead.]

Carlos: Bard. (via radio) Tyrell! Bard's dead. He's been shot!

Tyrell: (via radio) Shit. And the vaccine?

Carlos: I'm looking.

Tyrell: (via radio) Well, look harder! There's gotta be a computer, right?

[Banquet Invitation]
Dear Dr. Bard,
It is my pleasure to cordially invite you to a banquet on Sept. 10 at the Central Hotel, where we will be exchanging viewpoints on Raccoon City's new Special Medical Zone (SMZ). Attending will be Mayor Michael Warren, Chief of Police, Brian Irons, and other distinguished members of our community.
Thursday, September 10, 1998 - 6:00 p.m.
The Orient Restaurant
The Central Hotel, Second Floor
We would be honored if you joined
Greg Tester, United States Senator
Handwritten note
Nate, I'll be introducing the bill for that new drug of yours in mid-August. Bring t cash. We've booked a suite for the usual afterparty. You're a brunette guy, right? I'll let Irons know.

[Email from Nathaniel Bard]
To: Greg Tester
Greg, I know you're watching the news. This virus is going to devour the whole country. The dead will wash over Capitol Hill like a tidal wave. You're not safe. However, you've always been a good friend to me, so I'd like to offer you a way out.
I have in my possession ONE dose of a vaccine for the virus. The holy grail! And it's not for my family, not for my ladies on the side. No, Greg, I'm saving it for YOU. I know better than anyone that you're the future of the United States. But if you want the goods, Greg, you have got to get me the hell out of here NOW, without Umbrella finding out.
Lean on the Pentagon for me. I know you've got the clout. See if someone can get a rescue team in here without U.B.C.S. involvement. You scratch my back, I scratch yours—which should sound pretty chaste after the parties we've been to. Hurry. My time is running out.

[Carlos sits at the computer and presses a few keys. A video with the doctor appears.]

Dr. Bard: This is VRC Chief Nathaniel Bard. September 29... 11 p.m. I am acutely aware... that my time's running out. And I hope and pray by making this recording and bringing the truth to light... that I can restore some small shred of honor to my name. All of Raccoon City's suffering began with the release of a biological weapon known as the T-Virus. My employer, the Umbrella Corporation, engineered this virus... and they ordered my team to develop a vaccine, which we did. Now I keep samples of this vaccine here in my office, The rest of it is stored underground. But those sons of bitches on the board... they want to destroy it. They don't want the world to know what they've done... so they're trying to erase all evidence that the virus ever existed. Now I'm not a fool. I know they don't want me to—

[He notices something and stops the recording.]

Carlos: My god, Jill knew all along. And she trusted me anyway.

Carlos: Is it here?

[He opens up the fridge and takes out the vaccine syringe.]

Carlos: Alright, Jill. Hang tight. T, I got it!

Tyrell: (via radio) Good. I'm headed your way.

Carlos: Be careful.

Tyrell: (via radio) "Careful?" (laughs) Have you seen this town? It'll be a fucking miracle if I get there in one piece.

[Carlos is on his way back to Jill's room.]

Carlos: You're gonna be OK, Jill.

[He's giving her the vaccine.]

Carlos: Come on... This shit better work.

[Some time passes… Tyrell comes into the room. He can barely breathe from running and fighting. ]

Carlos: Jesus. Tyrell. What the hell happened!?

[Without saying a word, Tyrell turns on the TV. ]

Reporter: Attention all citizens. The contagion spreading throughout the city has been designated uncontainable. On October 1, Raccoon City will be completely destroyed in a missile strike. All residents capable of rational thought are urged to evacuate immediately. This is not a test. Attention all citizens... (the recording continues)

Carlos: Man, that's only a day away. There's still people in the city!

Tyrell: You think Uncle Sam gives a shit? Fuck. Here they come.

Carlos: Now you sit tight. I got this.

Tyrell: Better grab some gear. Sounds like there's a lot of 'em out there... (via radio) I'm gonna try to lower the window shutters! The less entry points, the better!

Carlos: And how do we do that?

Tyrell: (via radio) I'll try hacking into the hospital security system. Keep 'em off me in the meantime!

[There's a whole horde of zombies coming to the hospital. Carlos grabs his machine gun.]

Carlos: OK, now the fun shit begins.

[A few minutes later.]

Tyrell: (via radio) Carlos, they've breached the room!

Carlos: Aw, c'mon.

Tyrell: (via radio) Find the breaker! It must be somewhere!

[Carlos keeps tearing off crowds of zombies. Huge, clawed creatures enter the hospital building, one of which Carlos fought recently.]

Carlos: Almost got it! There. Now I just gotta clean up.

[However, at that moment, the hospital doors break down and a new crowd of zombies goes inside.]

Tyrell: (via radio) Carlos, maybe you can knock the pillar down with that explosive!

Carlos: I'm on it!

[He blows up the pillar.]

Tyrell: (via radio) Carlos! You alright?

Carlos: Not even close. But at least it's over. I'm comin' back.

Tyrell: Vaccine's the real deal.

Carlos: Good.

Tyrell: You goin' somewhere?

Carlos: You're damn right.

Tyrell: What do you think you're gonna do? The whole city's about to be microwaved.

Carlos: C'mon, man. Call the government. Tell them we found a cure. You stall for time!

Tyrell: Ballsy motherfucker.

[After a while, Jill regains consciousness. There's no one in the room. A minute later, Carlos enters.]

Carlos: Jill! Oh, thank god! You're OK. I've got good news. It's over now. The city's safe.

[She falls to the floor, spitting blood on it. Jill tries to get close to him, but Carlos is squirming his face and hissing at her - he's obviously infected for a long time.]

Carlos: (barely speaking) Shoot me, Jill!

[The gun in Jill's hand shakes like she's not a trained soldier, but a rookie holding a gun for the first time.]

Carlos: It's the only way…

[He throws himself at her and... Jill wakes up.]

Jill: Where am I? What's going on?

Emergency Report: Attention all citizens. The missile strike on Raccoon City will occur in just hours. The payload is designed to eradicate all biological material. You will not survive if you remain in the city. Evacuate now. Repeat: evacuate now.

Jill: October 1st? No, it can't be.

October 1, 12:03 a.m. - Spencer Memorial Hospital

[She gets out of bed and leaves the room.]

Tyrell: Morning sunshine.

Jill: You saved my life.

Tyrell: I sure as shit didn't. That was all Carlos. He carried you here and he treated you himself crazy bastard.

Jill: Where is he?

Tyrell: He went underground. Bard stockpiled the vaccine, enough to give the city some hope.

Jill: He thinks he can do this by himself. I'm going after him.

Tyrell: Wait! Did you see the broadcast? They’re gonna blow the city sky high. I'm trying to get ahold of someone, anyone with the clearance to stop it. Leave this mess to him. He's a professional.

Jill: So am I.

Tyrell: Right. Guess I'm not talkin' you out of this. The storage facility is underground, beneath this hospital. I've lost contact with Carlos, so expect trouble.

[Jill starts exploring the hospital, putting together all the useful things she can find. She goes to Dr. Bard's office.]

Jill: (looking at his body) This looks like Nicholai’s work.

[She goes down to the big parking lot with a few trucks.]

Jill: This must be the way underground.

[At the push of a button she goes down in a giant elevator to the ground with one of the trucks.]

Jill: How is it no one in the hospital ever noticed all this?

[Elevator Notice]
To all employees:
We’ve identified an issue with the electrical box where concurrent use of heavy machinery overloads it and causÅ the fuses to blow. If you encounter this problem and can't get the elevator running, please stay calm, gather fuses from the sub-generators situated around the warehouse, and use those to restore power from the main generator as quickly as possible.

[She's starting to explore this incredible underground lab. There's a lot of research going on there and thousands of people have to work. She sees Nicholai in the control room on the second floor.]

Nicholai: (via loudspeaker) I must admit, I respect your tenacity. But I'm afraid our games end here.

Jill: (to herself) You think this is over?

[However, there seems to be no way to get upstairs.]

Jill: A dead end… No, wait.

[She squeezes between the shelves and goes on.]

[Employee Memo]
Sept. 12
Admitted to N2: male 45 / female 32
Discarded: male 60 / female 89
Sept. 5
Admitted to N2: males 55, 19 / female 51

Discarded: female 76
Returned: female 8 (uninfected)
Sept. 22
Admitted to N2: males 25, 22, 15 / females 16, 21, 29
Discarded: 6 male specimens / 9 female specimens
Disposals trending upwards daily.
Pre-emptively dispose of any over 30 years of age.
Sept. 24
Nightly transfer observed by nurse.
Admissions to underground facility temporarily halted.

[She heads to the control room.]

Jill: Shit. He got away. What was he doing in here?

[Unfinished Activity Log]
1300. Infiltrated RC. Disturbances are sporadic. Commencing mission.
1930. Observed five R.P.D. officers engaging a pack 20 strong. Officers annihilated in 20 min.
1200. Test run at university. Diverted pack (incl. canines) to campus. 64% infection and conversion in hrs. No survivors.
2300. Successful rendezvous with MV Platoon. Will make first attempt at dawn.
0430. Diverted pack toward command post. Result: night skirmish in confined area with large number of combatants (video attached).
0800. End of skirmish. Seven survivors.
1800. Unknown bioweapon deployed at Point D18. Tracking it per orders. It appears to be on the hunt.
2000. Got eyes on two S.T.A.R.S.: a male (infected) and female. Bioweapon is pursuing the female.
0000. Female JV has made contact with MV Platoon. Bioweapon's appearance and behavior are consistent with Project N. Investigating.
0400. Observed bioweapon wielding conventional weapons. It seems to be strongly fixated on terminating JV and knows the city layout. Evidence it can be imprinted?
0700. Metamorphosis in the bioweapon triggered by a hostile encounter with JV (video attached). JV has been infected and is non-responsive. Collected samples per orders.
0030. Over 17 hours have elapsed since JV's exposure to virus. Conversion has been slow, suggesting she may be resistant.
0400. Vaccine recovered and administered to JV by CO, a soldier in MV Platoon. JV expected to be fit for combat approx. 20 hrs post-exposure. It seems clear the bioweapon is Project N. Contact with JV causes it to change and evolve. Will induce further encounters to obtain more precise data.

[After reading the magazine, she hears someone take the elevator to the room. She turns around and points her gun.]

Tyrell: Jill!

Jill: Tyrell!

Tyrell: I got through! They're willing to negotiate—

[He's writhing in pain.]

Tyrell: They'll call off the strike, if—and this is one big-ass "if"… we can deliver the vaccine to them
before they launch.

Jill: How long do we have?

Tyrell: Hours, maybe.

Jill: Then let's not waste one more second.

Tyrell: This way.

Jill: Sure you don't need to stop?

Tyrell: Stop and do what? I got your back.

Jill: Alright. Let's get this done.

[They go into the next room and look around, keeping their weapons ready. Suddenly - though they were supposed to see him - mutated Nemesis appears in the room and throws Tyrell against the wall.]

Jill: Tyrell!

[She shoots at Nemesis, giving Tyrell a chance to get up.]

Jill: Now! Keep going! We're almost there!

[Nemesis pierces him with his tentacle.]

Tyrell: Jill!

Jill: No…

Tyrell: Go! GO!

Jill: Shit!

[Jill runs away and closes the door behind him at the last second. Now she alone has to get the vaccine as soon as possible.]

[NEST 2 Employee Regulations]
Attention NEST 2 Employees
The objectives of this T-Virus research facility differ from those of Umbrella's main NEST facility. Here we focus on real-world use cases which arise new bioweapons are created and introduced, such as the need for T-Virus vaccines, and new weaponry capable of suppressing bioweapons.
Some aspects of our work here can be dangerous, so it is imperative that all employees adhere to workplace regulations without fail. In particular, unauthorized entry by unapproved visitors, or the removal of work-related data or materials will be met with severe disciplinary measures.
It is a great honor to be part of the finest research organization in the world. Keep this in mind and stick to the rules as we forge new and revolutionary technologies.

[Isaac Graves' Diary]
The pay was generous, the benefits were good. Most importantly, they promised me I'd be contributing to state-of-the-art medical tech research. For a university teacher stuck working in Nowhere, America, it was a golden opportunity, like winning the lottery. So I went for it. I made— the pitch to my family and we agreed to move here to Raccoon City.
Well, hindsight is 20/20, because this lab is a den of monsters who conduct cruel and barbaric experiments for the sole purpose of taking human life in the most sickening way possible.
It's messed up. The world needs to know. But every time I work up enough courage to blow the whistle, I think of Penny and Casey and immediately chicken out.
Umbrella owns this town. There was this guy they caught trying to smuggle out company secrets. They essentially fed him to one of the Betas. FED HIM. I saw the whole thing.
I got my wife and daughter into this. I just need to do my job. Do as I'm told. For their sake. But let this be testament that I do have a conscience, and that I've learned my lesson.

[She finds the medical device that creates the vaccine.]

Computer: To begin vaccine synthesis, place the materials in the chamber.

Jill: "Synthesis"? I have to make it myself? Alright, gotta figure this out.

Computer: Override key successfully generated.

Jill: What have we here?

Computer: Override key removed.

[With a key, she opens the door in another part of the lab.]

Computer: Override complete.

[In the room Jill finds a lot of equipment for making medical supplies.]

Jill: An antigen sample. I'll definitely need this for the vaccine.

[Weaponry Authorization Request]
Dear Dr. Emmerson
I would like to formally request that the weaponry normally reserved for the Bioweapon Synthesis Team be made available for any employees interfacing with the admission and dismissal of test subjects. These test subjects do not present the same levels of danger as our bioweapon products, but I believe that this weaponry authorization is advisable as outlined below.
Recently, some test subjects have developed a new mutation granting them very high regrowth abilities, Our team refers to these specimens as "Pale Heads." They have been appearing with regularity, but the specific cause has not yet been determined. The astonishing rate at which these Pale Heads regenerate makes it difficult to deliver a lethal blow with standard weaponry. 'If any sort of system failure were to occur within our facility, we would be woefully underprepared to defend ourselves.
For this reason I would like to request that high-powered weaponry capable of subduing the Pale Heads be issued to all of our employees working in shipping and processing. This will ensure that, in the event of an emergency, we will be able to quickly eliminate the threat and evacuate safely. Thank you very much for your consideration.
Shipping and Processing Manager, Gabrielle Reed.

[Scientist’s Dying Message]
It's happened... Our worst-case scenario... The T-Virus has somehow leaked. Under orders from Dr. Bard, I'm to manufacture mass quantities of the vaccine.
I've prepared a cultured the T-Virus antigen. Now I just need to combine it with an adjuvant to enhance its effects, and I should be able to produce enough vaccine to save all the surviving citizens.
The adjuvant samples are stored in the incubation lab. Test subjects are already wandering the halls... But I'd better find a way to get some samples while this culture is maturing...
If I don't make it back, please complete the synthesis process. Try to find a way to stop this outbreak. It's the least we can do, after setting these horrifying events in motion.

[Deep in the lab, Jill finds huge glowing batteries.]

Jill: This must be what powers it.

[By moving them to the right places, she powers the door and continues on her way. Like upstairs zombies are all over the place.]

Jill: Out of the way!

[Expression of Concern]
Senior Fellow Dr. Frankl,
Please allow me to send my heartfelt congratulations to you and your colleagues at Umbrella Europe for completing Nemesis, a truly remarkable achievement in the field of bioweapons research. Introducing a parasitic organism into a Tyrant's brain to gain external control of it? How can I not marvel at such a wild idea!
However, from a medical perspective, I must emphatically state my disapproval of this shift away from established Umbrella policy. By turning to the use of parasites, you are setting a dangerous precedent.
Viruses can be kept in check. I believe an effective vaccine can be developed for any virus on Earth (with abundant funding and a bounty of samples, of course).
Can you say the same for parasites, however? Doctors have tried in vain to develop a vaccine for malaria. Parasites like Plasmodium are far more genetically complex than the T-Virus, and to think they will submit to control is utter folly.
Perhaps, in your country, consumers are willing to buy automobiles with no brakes, but here in America, they know better.
Then again, I recall you have a degree in economics, so no doubt you've already devised a brilliant marketing strategy to win over the naysayers.
I look forward to your talk at the forum in Berlin next month. In the meantime, I shall be exploring medical solution to this hubristic problem you've foisted on us.
Nathaniel Bard, PhD

Jill: So it's called the "Nemesis."

[She goes back to the machine that synthesizes the vaccine and puts antigen in it.]

Computer: Synthesizing vaccine... Synthesis complete. Please remove the vaccine canister.

[When she takes the finished vaccine, Nemesis grabs her with his tentacle. Jill pulls out a knife and releases herself. She has to leave the lab as soon as possible, but Nemesis is trying to make sure she doesn't. Eventually, Jill manages to escape him in the elevator.]

[Disposal Center]
Disposal Center Protocols
This facility's to be used for the dissolution, and disposal of test subjects used in NEST 2 experiments: The potent solvents used will ensure that any biological matter within the vat, living or dead, is completely dissolved and ready for disposal. Please follow all safety protocols when using the disposal center.
- Always confirm that no employees are in the chamber before beginning the dissolution process.
- Always use the regulated amount of solvent, regardless of the volume or mass being disposed of.
- If a test subject reacts violently, do not halt the disposal process. Leave the chamber filled for at least 12 hours, then check for complete dissolution before draining.

[She goes out into the hangar designed to destroy biomaterial. Judging by its size, the creators of this lab knew perfectly well which creatures they would have to work with.]

Jill: What in god's name is this place?

[The bridge that Jill walks on falls apart and she hangs on a ledge. Nicholai approaches.]

Nicholai: Ooh. What do we have here?

Jill: Nicholai, don't! The city needs that vaccine!

Nicholai: More than I do? Hmm. (he steps on Jill’s hand) I don't think the wisdom I've been trying to impart on you is getting through. Now I know you can't put a price on life. But I'm in this business to get paid. So let's make a deal. You go down there, battle the Nemesis. And if record it all and sell the combat data. Put on a good show and maybe I don't need the vaccine. Agreed? Good.

[Jill falls to the bottom of the pit and has to fight the mutated Nemesis. After a few minutes of fierce battle, Jill hears a familiar voice from the loudspeaker.]

Carlos: Jill, is that you?

Jill: Carlos!?

Carlos: You're OK! Let me spot for you!

Jill: Good idea.

[Carlos is electrocuting Nemesis.]

Carlos: Watch it! You've got company! He's hiding behind tank eight! Number eight! Here come some more! Look out! He's hiding behind tank two! Now! Rip that fucker apart! Got some more incoming! Number two! Yeah! Here come some more! Look out! Got some more incoming! Number one! Here come some more! Look out! Got some more incoming! Number five! I got this! Not what I intended to hit, but I'll take it! Here come some more! Look out! Got some more incoming! Number seven! Here come some more! Look out!

[Tired of fighting, Nemesis decides to take a nap.]

Carlos: Jill! Here comes the crane. Use it to climb up!

[Evil Jill keeps Nemesis from sleeping and he wakes up.]

Jill: Oh no! C'mon, c'mon…

Carlos: Jill, stay back!

[Carlos slaps Nemesis hard at his ugly mug with a crane hook.]

Carlos: Now! Get on! I'm gonna melt this fucker into mush.

[He floods the bottom of the pool with acid. Nemesis finally dead?]

Carlos: OK, I'll meet you up ahead!

Jill: Nicholai. Where did you go...? I have to get that vaccine back.

[She finds a sly-ass Russian and points a gun at him. The Russian does the same thing.]

Jill: It's done. Give me the vaccine, you greedy son of a bitch.

Nicholai: Oh no no no no. You print money. I like money. We shall make ours an ongoing arrangement Now drop the gun!

[The lab is shaking and part of the wall is falling apart. A giant poop comes out of the crack, which opens like a flower.]

Nicholai: Have you—Have you ever seen anything so incredible? The data on this would be worth millions! But, uh, you know how it is—city's about to explode... And you can't put a price on life. Good luck!

Jill: Nicholai!

Carlos: Jill!

Jill: Go after Nicholai! He's got the vaccine!

Carlos: What about you?

Jill: We're running out of time! I've got this.

Carlos: I know you do.

Jill: (to Nemesis) Look, Just so you know? This is the last fucking time.

[She goes into battle with Nemesis, which has become something like a giant octopus.]

Computer: Opening compartment.

Jill: Now we're talking!

[Jill pulls out a giant fucking railgun. She shoots at Nemesis, turning part of his body into a bloody mess.]

Computer: Cooldown in progress. Please reactivate power sources.

Jill: Damn, it needs power! Felt that, did you? How about some more! Go ahead! I'm gonna put you right back on your ass! You think I don't know how to fuck you up!?

Computer: All power sources activated. Powering up.

Jill: I am sick of your SHIT!

[She shoots Nemesis again, and then she comes up and puts the barrel in his mouth.]

Jill: Come on! Next time… take the fucking hint.

[She pulls the trigger and the huge monster turns into a puddle of blood, and a hole in the wall appears for several rooms.]

Jill: Good riddance.

[She's running after Nicholai.]

Jill: Can't let Nicholai get away with that vaccine! I hope Carlos managed to stop him. I can still catch him.

[She takes the elevator to the surface.]

Jill: Oh no…

[She finds Carlos' body on the heliport. Nicholas comes up to her from behind, throws her on the asphalt and knocks the gun out of her hand.]

Nicholai: You're not going to stop me. Promised you this, didn't I?

[He throws a vaccine tube onto the asphalt and destroys it with a gunshot. Jill screams.]

Jill: No! Do you have any idea what you've just done?

Nicholai: Don't know. Don't care. My client ordered me to reduce Umbrella to rubble.

Computer: Ten minutes until missile impact.

Nicholai: Ah. The missile has launched. And that is my cue to leave. Good-bye, Miss Valentine. A shame you didn't listen to me when you had the chance.

[Suddenly Carlos runs up to him and they start fighting, showing their military training. Carlos manages to catch Nicholai in a hold.]

Carlos: Jill! Shoot him!

Jill: I can't! I'll hit you!

Carlos: Do it! You have to! There's no other way!

[She shoots Nicholai and runs up to Carlos.]

Jill: Carlos!

Carlos: Hey. I told you I couldn't leave you in a Carlos-less world. That would just be too cruel. What about him?

[Nicholai is trying to crawl away with a shot in the stomach.]

Jill: Why'd you do it?

Nicholai: There's a price tag for everything. Even letting the world burn.

Jill: Who are you working for?

Nicholai: I'll tell you if you get me out of here. I'll pay you whatever you want.

[Jill smiles and wak away.]

Nicholai: You're a fool. You're a fool! If I die, you'll never find out the truth.

Jill: I don't mind a little detective work.

[She and Carlos are leaving in a helicopter.]

Carlos: Jill. You alright?

Jill: There it is.

[Outside the window of the helicopter flies a rocket. Light flashes over Raccoon City and a nuclear fungus grows. The blast wave is shaking the helicopter a little.]

Carlos: It's finally over.

Jill: So long, RC.

Jill’s Thoughts: I felt empty and cold as the heat from the blast washed over us. All this death wasn't caused by a monster-making virus. It was greed. Human greed. I decided then and there: the ashes of Raccoon City would be Umbrella's ashes too. I would end them once and for all.


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