Note: I highly recommend you to read the original game script written by Millers C for your reading pleasures. Enjoy!


[Night. A trucker is driving along an empty highway. He eats a hamburger and listens to the radio.]

Caller: Look man, I'm serious, OK? I saw this with my own eyes.

Anchor: Oh, I believe you, buddy, I believe you. Just tell us a story, tell us a story.

Caller: OK, well, it was last Friday night - I was walking home from the bar... This woman started coming towards me... She was a staggering, you know… So I, I figured she was drunk.

Anchor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, OK. Tell us, be honest now, how many drinks did you have?

Caller: No man, I, I barely had a buzz on.

Anchor: Oh, c'mon!

Caller: No, just listen, alright? She got closer, I got a good look at her. You had to see her eyes, her nose... Her whole face… looks like it was rotting!

Anchor: Ew…

Caller: She looks like a corpse - like a walking corpse, man!

Trucker: Heh. Sounds like my wife.

Caller: I've never seen anything like it… I haven't been able to sleep since of that night.

Anchor: Alright, calm down, buddy, calm down. Just… Hey. You gotta stay strong, OK? Don't give in to fear out of there, right?

Caller: Yeah, well you go to that right. If you freeze up around these things... they'll sink their teeth into you. I saw it attack somebody - (going into static)

Trucker: Come on… Just gettin' good. I need some sleep.

[He closes his eyes for a second and at this very moment he runs down some girl. The trucker step on the brake to the floor.]

Trucker: Oh, shit!

[He stops and gets out of the truck.]

Trucker: No...!… What do I do…? What am I gonna do...!?

[Meanwhile, the girl comes to life... The screen fades abruptly. We teleporting to a young Leon driving along a night highway in a police car. He listens to Saudade by Cody Matthew Johnson and pull over to refuel.]

Leon: No one's around...? That's weird…

[He heard the sound of breaking glass.]

Leon: ...Huh?

[Seeing traces of blood on the asphalt, he goes to the store at the gas station.]


Leon: Hello? Anybody there!? Something's not right…

[Sounds of struggle is heard from the basement. The Leon finds the seller sitting on the floor. He's covered in blood.]

Leon: You all right!? Don't move... I'll be back for you.

[As soon as a Leon enters the pantry, covered in blood seller locks the door behind him.]

Leon: Hey! What're you doing!?

Officer: Stop moving!

Leon: Officer, you need help?

Officer: Stay back, sir, I got this.

[A zombie knocks an officer to the floor and eats him alive.]

Leon: Get off him, right now!

Officer: Help me...

Leon: What the fuck...!? Freeze...! I'll shoot!

[Leon kills the zombie.]

Leon: What the—!?

[Leon gets the hell out of the store. At the entrance, he runs into Claire.]

Claire: Don't shoot!

Leon: Get down!

[He shoot a zombie behind her.]

Leon: You alright?

Claire: Yeah, I think so... Thanks.

Leon: You can thank me later, when we're safe.

Claire: Holy shit…

[She sees a herd of zombies.]

Leon: Come on! Get in! Hold on!

[He leaves the gas station as fast as he can.]

Claire: What the hell is going on?

Leon: I don’t know… Hopefully, they'll have some answers at the police station.

Claire: Wait, you're a cop?

Leon: Yeah, Leon Kennedy. You are...?

Claire: Claire—Claire Redfield.

Leon: Live around here?

Claire: No, looking for my brother. He’s a cop, too.

Leon: Well, it's a good thing we found each other. I don't know what to expect anymore…

[They enter Raccoon City. The sign reads: “Welcome to Racoon City. Home of Umbrella.” We see a beautiful opening with views of the empty city.]


Loudspeaker: Attention all citizens. Due to the citywide outbreak, you are advised to take shelter at the Raccoon City police station. Free food and medical supplies will be provided to everyone in need.

Claire: Oh my god, this is so unreal...

Leon: The police station's not much farther. They’ll know something.

Claire: Yeah, but... what if we're the only ones? What if there's no survivors—

Leon: No. There's survivors. It's a big city… there has to be.

[They drive to a roadblock.]

Leon: Looks like we're walking from here.

Claire: More like running.

Leon: Yeah, good call.

[Zombies around begin to attack the car.]

Leon: Jesus Christ!

Claire: Leon! We gotta back up! What the—!?

[A trucker smashes through the herd of zombies. He slowly turns into a zombie.]

Leon: Holy shit! Claire, get out! Get out NOW!

Claire: I can't!

Leon: Hold on!

[The truck rolls over, separating the heroes.]

Leon: Oh, no...



[Zombies are starting to surround him.]


Claire: I’LL BE THERE!

[Leon runs to the police station.]

Leon: This is outta control! Shit... It's everybody...! They've all turned… There it is...the station.


[He enters the police station.]

Leon: Hello...? Is anybody here?

[He actually use a computer and search through surveillance cameras.]

Leon: There has to be someone here…

[He notices a cop who is shooting back from a zombie.]

Leon: Not good.

Cop: David! Marvin! You there!? I found a way out! It’s in here! Send reinforcements! East Hallway!

[Leon goes to the rescue.]

Leon: OK… I gotta find that guy. Jesus…

[He walks through the corridors of the police station. Dirt, blood and traces of struggle is everywhere. Soon he hears cries for help.]


Leon: I'll get you out!

[He tries to raise the blinds.]


Leon: Gimme your hand! I got you. Gimme your other hand!

[The zombies from the other side of the blinds begin to eat cop’s legs. He’s screaming in terrible pain.]

Leon: Hang in there!

[Leon manages to save only half the cop.]

Leon: Oh my god… Jesus Christ…

[He takes the notebook from the cop. It describes how to open a secret passage under a police station. Leon is trying to escape to the main hall, but this is not so easy - the whole police station is teeming with zombies.]

Leon: Jesus! They're everywhere! Come on! Goddammit! Watch out!

[Suddenly, some cop helps him.]

Cop: Got it! You're safe… for now.

Leon: Thanks...

Cop: Marvin Branagh.

[We see that Marvin was already bitten and soon turn into a zombie himself.]

Leon: Leon Kennedy… (pants) There was another officer… I-I couldn‘t... I couldn't… (pants)

Marvin: I'm sure you did what you could, Leon.

[After a while...]

Leon: Does anyone know what started this?

Marvin: Not a clue. But honestly, all you need to know is that this place will eat you alive if you aren't careful.

Leon: Yeah... well, I was supposed to start last week and I got a call to stay away. I wish I'd come here sooner.

Marvin: You're here now, Leon. That's all that matters.

Leon: OK, Lieutenant, I'm ready.

Marvin: Hopefully, you'll be able to find a way out of this station. That officer you met earlier—Elliot. He thought this secret passageway might do the trick.

Leon: This is good news. We can get you to a hospital.

Marvin: No, no, I am not the priority here.

Leon: Lieutenant, I'm not just gonna leave you here—

Marvin: I'm giving you an order, rookie. You save yourself first. I'd come with you, but I'd just slow you down… Now… you'll need this.

[He give him combat knife.]

Leon: I can’t take—

Marvin: Stop. And don't make my mistake. If you see one of those things—uniform or not—you do not hesitate. You take it out… or you run. Got it!?

Leon: Yes, sir.

[He leaves.]

Leon: This is not how I imagined my first day...

Police Radio: This is 73-Bird—for rescue. —heading east—River. Touchdown at R.P.D.—minutes.

[He comes closer to the cop with the radio. His face was slashed in half.]

Leon: What...? Oh... Oh, what the fuck!? Huh? What!?

[He starts exploring the police station - collects ammunition, opens locks and shoot zombies.]

[Record of Events]
September 25th
We're turning the station into a temporary shelter due to the massive sudden outbreak All police personnel have been instructed to make the safety of the citizens their top as we try to accommodate as many priority of them as possible.
September 25th (addendum)
One of the refugees attacked us in the middle of the night, resulting in the death of 1 officer and injuring 3 others. The person in question quickly restrained. We believe this was simply a case of someone snapping under intense stress.
September 26th
A mob attacked the station today, resulting in a number of casualties. A few survivors were make it safely behind the emergency shutters, but surrounded as we are, it'll be hard for any of us to escape this place. We're not sure we can fix any of our comm equipment so we remain off from the outside world.
September 27th
There was another clash on the west side of the station around 1pm. Twelve people died, and there is only a handful of survivors left. Everything is falling into disarray in here.
David Ford

[Storage Locker Terminal Memo]
It appears that the keypad to the lockers terminal is missing a few keys. I suggest that the person responsible for this mess find some spare keys and fix this RIGHT NOW.
(You know who you are, bastard. Who else'd fuck it up this badly!?)

[Uses of Gunpowder]
Handgun Ammo
Gunpowder x2
Shotgun Shells Gunpowder+ High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)
MAG Ammo High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) x2
There's not a lot of ammo left around the station, so make good use of any gunpowder you find.
Different guns require different ammo, so pay attention when you're combining things or you won't get what you need.

[Rookie's First Assignment]
Leon S. Kennedy, we're putting you on a very special case for your first assignment.
Your mission is… to unlock your desk! The key to your success is in the initials of our first names. Input the letters in order of our desks. There are 2 locks-1 on each side of your desk. Make sure you get them both.
Basically, your first task is to remember your fellow officers' names, but you figured that much out, right?
Good luck, Leon.
By the might take a little work to get Scott to give you a straight answer.
Lieutenant Branagh
(Scrawled in a corner between drops of blood)
Be glad you are not here, rookie.

[Operation Report]
September 28, 2:30 am
It's down to just me and 3 others. No weapons… no ammo… and too many skirmishes have drained us mentally and physically. We're not gonna make it... Officer Phillips once suggested we escape through the sewers. Apparently, there's a secret tunnel under this place left over from its museum days.
I brushed her idea off before, but now, it's not sounding all that bad. Yeah, there's no proof there's even a tunnel or that the sewers aren't infested with zombies, but I don't wanna sit here and wait to die, either. It's a long shot, but I'm gonna try to find out what I can about that tunnel.
Elliot Edward

[Medical Benefits of Herbs]
Humans have used herbs to treat sickness and disease since the dawn of time. In this book, we will explore three such herbs native to the Arklay Mountains.
Green herbs have the ability to heal basic injuries, while blue herbs have long been used to treat poisoning.
As for red herbs, while they are visually appealing, they offer no medicinal benefits. Or so it was thought until recently.
It's well-known that combining herbs together produces blends that heighten the herbs' effects, but it has been discovered that red herbs can play a big role when mixed properly.
According to one doctor of Asian medicine mixing blue and red herbs together produces a blend that will strengthen one's constitution.
Truly, we have only just begun to realize the full potential of these herbs and their ability to heal the human body. Further research is sure to yield even more fascinating results.

[Portable Safe Instructions]
Press a button to light up its corresponding lamp. Light them all to open the safe.
The buttons must be pressed in a certain order. Pressing a single button out of order will cause all of the lights to go out and you will need to start the sequence over again.

[Leon hears some noise down the hall.]

Leon: What in the—!?

[To any survivors]
Consider this a gift for anyone still unfortunate enough to be alive.
Keep your eyes peeled for those creepy fucks that look like they were skinned alive- "lickers," we call 'em. They're blind as bats, but their hearing more than makes up for that.
So long as you don't run around like a total idiot, guns a-blazing, you should be able to slip right by them… probably.
Either way, make like my grandma and creep around as slow as possible around 'em, yeah?
Anyway, not that I wanna go, but duty calls. That, and I've got a friend to avenge.

[Some Guy's Scribblings]
Damn those corporate assholes! They cut me off! After all I've done for them! But if that's how it's gonna be, so be it. I'm gonna have a little fun of my own as the world goes to shit.
I boarded all those filthy pigs up in a steel pen, and set some C4. All I gotta do is detonate it and it's "sayonara suckers!"
But it's no fun if it's over too soon, so maybe I'll give that one raving loon something to really squeal about.
Yeah, maybe I'll give him a little toy and tell him, “Kill the guy next to you and I'll spare the others.” I wonder what he'll do.
You yell about “justice” and “pride” but how many times did you go against me, your own superior?
Yeah, you're such a good cop... So good you had to die.
Man is this fun. I need some music for this.

[When Leon walks into the library, Marvin contacts him on the radio.]

Marvin: Leon, it’s Marvin. I need you back here ASAP.

Leon: Are you OK, Marvin?

Marvin: I've got something to show you. It's important.

Leon: Copy that, I'll be right there.

[Guide Pamphlet]
Welcome to Raccoon City!
Did you know: While we are the home of pharmaceutical giant Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon city is a vibrant and dynamic city with a long, rich history of its own. In this guide, we'll introduce you to just a few of the more unusual points of interest our city has to offer.
Raccoon City Police Station
The building in the center of town wasn't always a police station-in fact, it used to be an art museum. Various features like the unusual clock tower and the goddess statue in the main hall remind of bygone era.
Just a few blocks from the police station is an orphanage founded and run by the Umbrella Corporation with the help of generous donations from businesses and citizens alike. The building is known for its stained glass window, which attracts visitors from around the world.

[Leon goes back to the main hall.]

Marvin: (barely holding himself alive) There you are… Come here, take a look.

[He shows him the video from the surveillance camera. Leon sees Claire standing outside a police station.]

Leon: Yes! I knew she'd make it.

Marvin: You know her?

Leon: Yeah, name's Claire. I came into town with her.

Marvin: You can get to that courtyard through the second floor… east side.

Leon: I’m on it. Thanks, Lieutenant.

[He places a medal under the statue in the main hall.]

Marvin: So Elliot was right…

Leon: Yeah, but the passage isn't open yet.

[Art Article: "The Red Stone"]
The ruby that captivated Edward the Black Prince, the pearl that the queen of the Nile milked dry, the diamond that lead a queen to the guillotine there is no end to the number of tales related to the appeal of jewels.
This mysterious red stone is simply the latest to sparkle among them.
Like those other jewels, this one's origin is unknown. It's said that it once adorned a noblewoman's jeweled box and was even dedicated to a wise king.
This fall, this stone that's long been shrouded in legend will be on display during auction. There are sure to be many eager enthusiasts there.
But, dear reader, one would do well to approach with care, for devilry lies in beauty's shadow. This jewel has turned caring nobles who love their subjects into despots more terrible than Caligula, and we have the tales prove it. Seriously, it's precisely because these jewels are bathed in blood that their luster stirs something in the hearts of people everywhere.

[Leon goes to the courtyard. He looks around with his flashlight in search of Claire.]

Claire: HEY! LEON!?

[He sees Claire on the other side of the fence.]


Claire: OK!

[He descends to the first floor. Meanwhile, crashed helicopter begin to burn.]

Leon: Claire… It is so nice to see you.

Claire: How’re you doing? That helicopter just came out of nowhere...

Leon: Yeah… I'm in one piece.

Claire: I'm guessing you don't have a key in one of those fancy pockets?

Leon: Unfortunately, no… But, how are you doing?

Claire: You know, just surviving.

Leon: That’s good. Any luck with your brother?

Claire: No, not yet.

Leon: Claire, don't lose hope… I'm sure we're gonna find him—

[The helicopter blows up. The fire alarm rings.]

Leon: Dammit. You know what that means...

Claire: Yeah… Dinner time.

Leon: Claire, I think you should go.

Claire: Don't worry about me, Leon. You take care of yourself.

Leon: Claire, you need to go—NOW!

Claire: Hey... Let's get through this. Both of us.

[Leon nods and calls Marvin on the radio.]

Leon: Uh, Marvin. I've got a situation here… I'm surrounded by zombies! Marvin! Do you copy? Marvin!? Dammit!

[He returns to the main hall. Marvin lies on a couch unconscious.]

Leon: Still alive...

[He returns to exploration of the police station. In one of the corridors he hears blood chilling noises.]

Leon: What in God's name...?

[Internal Memo]
Sept. 22, 1998
Office Supply Internal Relocation Notice
Heat-resistant 3-number combination safe Moved from S.T.A.R.S. Office (2F) to West Office (1F)
The combo is Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.
Please change the combo ASAP upon receipt.
R.P.D. Facility Maintenance Dept.

[After some time, Leon finds the other two medallions and opens a secret passage under the statue in the main hall.]

Leon: So it goes underground... Huh. That's it—that's our way out. Lieutenant Branagh! Marvin! It's time to go! Hey, Marvin… We need to get you to a hospital right now.

Marvin: No, no… I… Save yourself...

Leon: Come on, I've got you—

Marvin: GO!

Leon: Look, we can still make it out of here together, if you just gimme—

Marvin: (pulling out a gun) It's too late. I tries, Leon… But I couldn't stop it. We can't let this thing spread. It's on you now. Just go...

Leon: I understand.

[He leaves.]

Leon: I won't let you down, Marvin.


Leon: What the—!?

[He is attacked by a mutant scientist with a huge right hand. In addition to the creepy look the scientist has a huge eye on the mutated hand!]

Leon: Oh my god! Jesus. Words won't work on this thing…

[He pulls out a shotgun and starts scolding the mutant for bad behavior. Soon the mutant gets upset, cries and falls into the abyss.]

Leon: Somebody's watching me...

Parking LotEdit

Leon: Damn. Need a key card…

[A zombie dog sneaks up on him.]

Leon: You gotta be kidding me… Agh! Get off of me!

[Someone shoots the dog.]

Woman: Hey.

Leon: Who is that?

Woman: Stay sharp.

[Leon kills the dog and points his gun at the woman.]

Woman: Lower it. FBI.

Leon: Sorry... Thank you— For your help.

Woman: Surprised you made it this far.

Leon: FBI, huh? What's going on here?

Woman: Sorry. That information's classified.

Leon: Where are you going?

Woman: Do yourself a favor: stop asking questions and get the hell out of here.

[She leaves.]

Leon: Hey! I'm not done talking to you!

Prison CellsEdit

[Looking into the basement, Leon finds the prison cells. Most of the cells are already filled with rotten zombies. In one of the cells Leon suddenly finds a living person. He sits on the bunk and smokes.]

Man: Hello?

Leon: Hey.

Man: I don't believe it. A real human. Hello, human.

Leon: You been here long?

Man: Long enough. Are we the last ones alive?

Leon: No, no, there's a few of us...

Man: Oh… that's good news, I guess. Unless, of course, Irons sent you.

Leon: Irons...? You mean Chief Irons? Is he still around?

Man: Who cares. Hopefully, he's somebody's dinner by now.

Leon: What do you mean by that?

Man: He's the bastard that locked me in here.

Leon: I'm sure he had a good reason.

Man: He did. I was about to blow the whistle on his dirty ass. I'd have done the same thing too, I guess. Hey! I'll make you a deal… Unlock this cell and I'll give you this. There's no other way outta that parking garage! Believe me!

Leon: Sorry… I can't do that. I have to talk to the chief first.

Man: Look, we're both prisoners in this station. So either we play nice and help each other out— Shit. It's coming.

Leon: What—what's coming?

Man: C'mon—c'mon, don't be an asshole… OK? You need this! Just get me the fuck outta here!

[He's gonna stand up against a wall that somebody's hand suddenly breaks through. This hand breaks the man's skull in one squeeze.]

Leon: Oh, my god… (turns around) Who is that!?

Woman: It's just me, so you can put that thing away.

Leon: I don't even know what happened— It’s just… happened so quick.

Woman: I told you to get out of here. You wouldn't want to end up like Ben, would you?

Leon: You knew him?

Woman: He was an informant. Had information of use to my investigation.

Leon: So what he said was true? Hey, you can't keep walking away from me! I don't even know your name! I'm Leon Kennedy.

Woman: Find a way out, Leon. Before it's too late. Then we’ll talk. Name's Ada.

Leon: (looking at Ben’s pass) Well, I guess the deal‘s on.

[Memo “Jail Power Panel”]
The power panel is out. Can the person in charge of it please take care of it ASAP!?
I assume everyone knows, but since the jail's power panel is old as hell, we're gonna need those custom power panel parts no one makes anymore. There should be a few in the generator room.
Addendum: I got word that there's only one of those power panel parts in the generator room. The guy that's here to fix the bell in the clock tower should have another, so someone swipe - mean, ask him nicely for it, please.

Leon: (looking at Ben’s corpse) Ugh... What in the world...?

[Equipment Disposal Notice]
Item to be Disposed:
Key to Patrol Car 7439
Details: Bent key, no longer usable, but can still open the car's doors and trunk with its keyless entry buttons.

[A Message From Mr. Raccoon]
Howdy boys and girls! It's your pal from the Raccoon City Zoo! It's always great to see you!
Today, I want to talk about something really important to me. You know my popular Mr. Raccoon toys? Well, I heard some bad kids have been using them for target practice, but that makes me really sad…
Good little kids wouldn't be that mean, right? Plus it's super super dangerous, so just don't do.
Anyway, see you at the zoo!
Mr. Raccoon out!

[Autopsy Record No. 53477]
Name of Deceased: Justin Hanson
Male, Caucasian, 39 years old
Observations: Found dead in jail cell bed by staff. Hands are still clenched tight due to rigor mortis which should be coming to an end. It's highly likely that he died just after lights out.
Deceased was a known kleptomaniac, incarcerated multiple times. Incredibly, he Would steal even while in jail, though that was consistent with his clinical diagnosis.

[Leon returns to the main hall of the police station. Marvin has already turned into a zombie.]

Leon: Marvin... Aw, no… Dammit.

[He puts him down.]

Leon: I'll stop this, lieutenant... I promise.

[Confiscation Report]
Date: August 14, 1998
Location: R.P.D. 2F Waiting Room
Reason for Confiscation: A suspicious man was found at the location listed above. When confronted by an officer, he tried to escape by acting confused, but was arrested. A note he had on him was confiscated.
Remarks: It's not like everyone doesn't know who it is but it's Justin Hanson: age 39, city resident, single, and a regular fixture in our jail. He wasn't a bad guy per se, just a bit of a birdbrain kleptomaniac.
Can't believe he tried to pull a fast one in a police station, of all places, though…
(There is a scrap of paper in plastic bag.)

[Repair Plan]
Location: Police station west side clock tower
Due to the high cultural value of the bell, I'm calling a specialist in to make the repairs. Will go over the details once they're on the scene, but in the meantime, I'll take steps to secure the bell since the yoke is threatening to break.

[After the puzzle with the mechanism of the watch has been solved, it breaks down.]

Leon: Hope I don't have to write a report on this…

[He goes to Ben's cell.]

[Ben's Memo]
The station's swarming with monsters. Even here I can hear their cries. But it's not the zombies I'm afraid of.
Codename: Tyrant.
The ultimate bioweapon, developed by those bastards in the utmost secrecy. To think that that thing might be wandering around here…
Chances are they've ordered it to wipe out the witnesses.

[He examines his body.]

Leon: Huh?

[He finds the tape recorder on Ben’s belt and presses the Play button.]

Ben: But that doesn't explain the rumors about the orphanage. I-I just find it way too coincidental Umbrella's one of the benefactors.

Woman: You told me this interview was about the new scholarship Umbrella set up.

Ben: Come on, Annette. Nobody cares about that. They want to know about the G-Virus, and the—

Annette: Where did you hear about this?

Ben: —and that big fucking sinkhole in the city which, by the way, rumor has it goes straight to your underground lab.

Leon: Lab?

Ben: Now, are you going to talk to me or are you—

Annette: This interview is over.

Ben: Bitch.

[The tape ends. After that we see the transcript of this interview. Leon takes garage key card and leaves.]

Leon: Hmm... What are they after?

[A herd of hungry zombies bursts into the room.]

Leon: That's not good.

[They are followed by a practically invulnerable Tyrant.]

Leon: Gimme a break.

[When Tyrant finally catches Leon and grabs him by the throat, Ada comes to the rescue.]

Leon: Ada!?

Ada: This is getting old… Saving your ass—that's twice.

Leon: I didn't realize you were keeping score.

Ada: Look, this isn't a game!

[Naturally Tyrant did not even think about dying.]

Leon: You gotta be kidding me.

Ada: Nothing dies down here.

[She stylishly blows him up.]

Ada: I take it you have the key card?

Leon: Yeah, and this… (throws her Ben’s recorder) I was hoping you could explain what's on it.

Ada: Maybe... After I hear it. Let's get out of here. We might want to open the shutter.


[They go to the city.]

Leon: ls that the intel you needed?

Ada: Unfortunately, no. Ben didn't come through.

Leon: Well, what exactly are you looking for?

Ada: More info on the people responsible for this mess. What about you? Trying to save the world?

Leon: I told Lieutenant Branagh I'd bring help.

Ada: Good luck getting that… Road's out. Going through that gun shop looks like the only way.

[She uses the master key and the characters enter Gun Shop Kendo.]

Ada: What a mess...

[The shopkeeper himself comes out of the back room with classic military maneuver.]

Kendo: Don't move!

Leon: I'm not going to hurt you—

Kendo: I said DON'T MOVE!

Leon: I’m just passing through. I'm going to ask you to lower that weapon.

Kendo: Like hell you are! You're going to turn around, and go right back out the way you came in.

[He notices Kendo's daughter behind his back. She turns into a zombie.]

Leon: I think your daughter needs help, sir.

Kendo: Don't tell me how to deal with my daughter.

Ada: (aiming her gun) Drop it!

Kendo: (protecting his daughter) No! Wait!

Ada: Step aside. We need to terminate her before she turns.

Kendo: “Terminate”? That's my fucking daughter!

Leon: (lower his gun) Ada… Just let them be.

Kendo: Emma, sweetheart, I told you to stay put...

Emma: Daddy...?

Kendo: Yeah, Emmie. Daddy's here. I’m here, OK? Those fuckin' things outside… Look what they did to us. You're a cop. You're supposed to know something—how did this happen!? HUH!? She was our sweet little angel...

Emma: Mommy...?

Kendo: Mommy's sleeping, honey, OK? ...Emma.

[He takes his daughter in his arms and goes into the back.]

Kendo: Just go… Just give us some privacy.

[He slams the door.]

Leon: You know, it's one thing to keep the truth from me! But why him?

[He hears a shot from behind the door.]

Leon: I want to find out what's happening here. And stop whoever's behind it. Helping people like them… that's why I joined the force.

Ada: My mission is to take down Umbrella's entire operation. We may not make it out.

Leon: Whatever it takes to save this city… count me in.

Ada: Heard of the Umbrella Corporation? They're a pharmaceutical company secretly making bioweapons. They have a virus—it turns people into indestructible monsters.

Leon: That explains the horrible things I've seen...

Ada: And that's why I'm looking for Annette Birkin— She's the one at Umbrella responsible for unleashing the virus. I'm going to bring her down.


[They descend into the sewers.]

Ada: This is how we get to Annette.

Leon: Based on what you've said, the sewer seems fitting.

Ada: Well said. After you...

Leon: Gee, thanks. Can't imagine a real scientist being down here...

Ada: According to HQ… this leads right into Umbrella's secret facility.

Leon: Come on. Sewers are run by the city. How could they have a facility… without the authorities knowing?

Ada: Welcome to corporate America. Umbrella's controlled Raccoon City for years.

Leon: Jesus... That an earthquake?

Ada: I sure as hell hope so.

[Leon sees giant crocodile-like monster.]

Leon: What the hell...!?

Ada: Stay sharp! God only knows what's down here…

[Soon the heroes feel the earthquake one more time.]

Leon: Again!?

Ada: It's not too late to turn back, Leon.

Leon: No chance. You're stuck with me to the end.

[He jumps into the sewage.]

Leon: You sure this is the right way?

Ada: Unfortunately.

Leon: Wait there.

[A huge crocodile-like monster emerges.]

Leon: Jesus Christ!

Ada: Leon! Get out of there!

[Leon tries to escape.]

Leon: Holy shit!!!

[Soon crocodile bumps into a gas pipe and tries to chew it. Leon shoots at it and the crocodile explodes.]

Leon: Chew on that… you overgrown son of a bitch.

Ada: Leon, up here!

Leon: What the hell was—?

Ada: Just get up here! Can't say I didn't warn you...

Leon: You said the virus turned people into monsters, not reptiles.

Ada: Fair point. I'm just impressed you made it in one piece.

Leon: So let me get this straight: Umbrella sells monsters like that to who? Our military? Somebody else's?

Ada: They don't sell the monsters, they sell the viruses that make them. And Annette is who makes the viruses. Scary as that alligator was... Annette is far more dangerous.

[They take the elevator to go even deeper underground. In one of the rooms they find a woman leaning over a corpse.]

Woman: Definitely William's handiwork...

Leon: Identify yourself!

Ada: Annette Birkin.

Leon: She's who we're looking for?

Annette: Not much time… Need to dispose of it...

Ada: We're here for the G-Virus!

Annette: That's not going to happen.

Ada: I'm warning you, doctor!

Annette: Oh yeah?

[She sets the corpse on fire and runs away.]

Leon: Hey!

Ada: STOP!

[Annette shoots.]

Leon: Ada!

[He's covering her up, getting a few bullet wounds. But you don't have to worry about him - he's got a bulletproof vest.]

Annette: You'll never get the G-Virus!

[She locks the massive door behind her.]

Ada: Didn't expect that from a scientist. Leon...

Leon: Forget about me... Just go… Stop her before she gets away…

[Ada takes off her coat and covers Leon. He passes out from the pain.]

Ada's AdventuresEdit

Ada: (via radio) I'm right outside the facility, in pursuit of Annette.

[She's getting a response.]

Ada: (via radio) If it's not on her, it must be in the NEST.

[She's getting a response.]

Ada: (via radio) Once it's in hand, I'll call for extraction.

Ada: You can run, Annette, but you can't hide.

[She takes out her EMF Visualizer.]

Ada: It's secret weapon time. Candy from a baby.

[Sept. Inspection (Week 1)]
I already put in a request last week, but absolutely must have a replacement we ID wristband ASAP. We need one to gain access to certain areas of the main facility. In other words, me and my crew can't get to the places we need to in order to do our job right now, so I don't want to hear anyone accusing us of slacking off.

[Ada sees through the window Annette going down the corridor.]

Ada: Got you now. Always been good at running, Annette. I'll give you that.

[She hears the rumble of broken things somewhere nearby...]

Ada: Persistent bastard, aren't you?

[Sept. Inspection (Week 2)]
With the new wristband that's just arrived, we finally begin our survey of the demolition can area. As to the report from the other day about the incinerator, it's nothing really-probably just large piece of leftover trash. I'll go take a a look myself after I wrap up this report.

[Annette locks Ada in some long corridor. This corridor turns out to be a garbage incinerator.]

Ada: Bravo. Gonna burn me alive now? You'll never get your filthy hands on G. I'm not the only one after it. You realize that.

Annette: Then you won't die alone.

[Now Ada has exactly one minute to save herself. She manages to turn off the incinerator and open the door.]

Ada: That bitch knows what she's doing…

[It goes through some high-security door.]

System: Visitor clearance confirmed. Your ID is authorized until [OCTOBER] [FIRST]. Please return before this date.

Ada: Not gonna happen…

[Soon Ada manages to find Annette. She stands in a control room and talks to Ada through the microphone. Ada stands outside.]

Ada: Enough with this cat and mouse game.

Annette: The game is over. You lost.

[She pushes a button.]

Ada: Tell me: Is your husband still alive? Or did you kill him, so you could take credit for G?

Annette: Interesting theory...

Ada: If you don't cooperate, I'll get a sample from the NEST.

Annette: Over my dead body.

[She pushes a lever and a cable car knocks Ada off the platform.]

Ada: Oh, shit…

[Ada falls to the bottom. Something sticking out of her leg and she can't get it out on her own.]

Ada: Where's Leon when I need him...? Dammit.

Back to LeonEdit

[Meanwhile Leon wakes up.]

Leon: Ada!? Where are you!?

[He's going through the sewage.]

Leon: That's a pleasant smell… Argh... Shit!

[He's being attacked by a monster that resembles biomass.]

Leon: What the hell...!?

[He finds the control room.]

Leon: A cable car… interesting. Where’d she go?

[Copy of Emails to Umbrella HQ]
Director Owens,
There are alarms going off all over NEST. I don't know what's going on, but I can hear gunfire and I can't reach my section chief. We're trapped. Please send help ASAP.
Director Owens,
The situation here is dire. NEST has been contaminated with the virus. It's unbelievable. The failsafe system didn't activate at all. Is this the work of outsiders? I can't imagine who else it could be. But why? Mayer and Kim are dead. I can't stop coughing. Why won't you answer me!?
Director Owens,
You… It was you all a

[Leon comes downstairs. He hears a roar.]

Leon: I don’t like the sound of that… Come on…

[He notices Ada, lying on a dirty floor.]

Leon: I'm coming, Ada.

[Sewers Company Pamphlet]
Greeting from the CEO
Thank you for your interest in Knights Construction Company. Over the past 20 years, we have had the honor to work on the sewer systems of some of our country's losing sight of greatest cities, while never our two core principles of "playfulness" and "superior industrial design."
At KCC, we believe that just because our work is subterranean doesn't mean our designs have to be sub-par.
More refined than a queen, more polished than a knight, and as pleasant as a pawn, our work is sure to bring great victory to everyone involved!
May we all meet on the field someday.
Knights Construction Company CEO
World Chess Alliance Honorary Member
Raccoon Chess Club Honorary Advisor
Fischer Chess Lovers Guild Honorary Director

[Leon plays a recently found tape on a VCR. He sees as a mutant with a huge arm kills several military men. The date on the record is 09/23/1998, 01:18. It also reads the name A. Kirkpatrick on the tape, which is probably the name of the victim.]

A. Kirkpatrick: Please... Oh...please...stop... St—Stop! Don't… don't… no… no… no!


A. Kirkpatrick: Don't hurt him... Don't hurt him...!

[There are some rats running past the camera. The tape ends.]

Leon: The virus… I'll bet those rats spread it.

[Unlocking the U-Area Door]
I lost the thing that tells you how to unlock the door to the U-Area during that last mad dash of a transfer. I know you have to stick plug into each terminal, but if anyone one remembers which plug goes where, please be a pal and share by posting the info on this board.

[Note on a board.]
“Pretty sure the rook and knight are on the same wall and the bishop and queen aren't next to each other. The queen and rook were opposite each other, too.”

[Delivery Receipt]
The item below has been delivered to the location specified in your order.
Heat-resistant Safe x1
The combination is written on the side of the safe in chalk. Please remember to erase use it before you use the safe.

[Leon gets into an even dirtier area of the sewers.]

Leon: What the hell was that!? Oh my god… this is getting worse!

[Letter to S.T.A.R.S. Members]
To my bestest S.T.A.R.S. buds,
How are you all doing in that drab, old station? Hanging in there against old Irons? Me? I just got back from a date with a hot we got up chick. Bet you can guess what to under her extra-large umbrella.
Europe is amazing. One month in no way enough to even scratch the surface. Maybe I'll extend my vacation for another six months.
Barry, don't even think of coming to join me Wouldn't want to make all the cute girls cry yeah? So you just leave the babes to me.
Jill, if Claire tries to contact you, please let her know I'm OK.
Chris Redfield, August 29

[He finally manages to outsmart the chess combination lock.]

Leon: OK… almost there, Ada. Dammit! Need the power on first…

[But the mutant has other plans for him...]

Leon: Jesus Christ! It‘s still alive!? Now I got you! Let's do this!

[He's knocking him off the platform with a container.]

Leon: Let's hope that's the last of him.

[After lots of doors, locks and monsters, she finally finds Ada.]

Leon: (waiting for the door to open) Come on. ADA!? ADA, WHERE ARE YOU!?


Leon: Ada… I was getting worried there for a sec...

Ada: I can't get it out.

Leon: I don't know if I should, uh...

Ada: Just do it. I can't walk like this.

Leon: OK... It's gonna hurt.

[He takes that thing out of her leg.]

Leon: Hold on…

[He pulls out antiseptic and bandages.]

Ada: I can do it myself.

Leon: Just...relax, OK? So... what do we do now?

Ada: Get yourself out of here. While you still can.

Leon: I'm not just going to leave you. Not like this.

Ada: You don't understand. The situation's worse than I thought.

Leon: You're not getting rid of me that easy… You protected me. Now it's my turn.

Ada: Didn't realize we were keeping score...

Leon: Grab my shoulder.

Ada: Don't push it, rookie.

Leon: Just trying to help. Watch your step.

Ada: We have to get to the NEST.

Leon: NEST?

Ada: Umbrella's lab. Right beneath us. That's where the virus samples are. You up for this?

Leon: Think I can fit it in my schedule.

Ada: Come on, we got work to do.

Leon: Yes, ma'am.

Ada: The cable car'll take us down to NEST. This wristband's our ticket to ride.

Leon: Nice. Where'd you get that?

Ada: Borrowed it. Anyway, we're almost there. Urgh… this damn leg...

Leon: Let me carry you—

Ada: That'd only make me feel worse. How‘s the shoulder?

Leon: Worse than it looks.

Ada: What a pair. Both got one foot in the grave.

[She's coming up to the underground tram.]

Ada: That should take us where we need to go. This may be a one-way ride. So be prepared, Leon.

[Leon starts the tram.]

System: This tram is bound for NEST. Do not exit until the final destination.

Leon: You know what I was thinking? I can't wait for the FBI to raid Umbrella headquarters and take those bastards to justice.

Ada: I agree… but to be clear, you're not working in official capacity. This is a federal case. Once we get the G-Virus, I'm back on my own. Hey, Leon... Trust me?

Leon: You trust me?

Ada: Honestly… If I didn’t you’d probably be dead.

Leon: Right...

Ada: Look, I thought I might need your help… and l was right. If you can secure the G-Virus, I can make sure what happened in Raccoon City never happens again.

Leon: Ada… You said it yourself—it's a federal case.

Ada: Leon, look at me. I'm a liability now. If I'm gonna finish this case, you're the last hope I've got.

Leon: I'm not just gonna leave you here. What if you're attacked, what if you need help—

[She kisses him gently.]

Ada: I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I gotta see this through… and I want to see you again. I got plenty to live for. Trust me.

System: Now arriving at NEST.

Ada: Go. Please. We don't have much time. You're gonna need this.

[She give him ID Wristband.]

Leon: OK.

Ada: Leon… I'm counting on you.

Leon: I know.

[Leon gets off the train. Ada stays inside.]


System: For your safety, stand clear until the doors are fully open. Welcome to NEST. Enjoy your visit.

Leon: OK... I wonder where the G-Virus is?

[ID Wristbands]
This research facility uses the latest security technology in order to ensure employee safety and efficient business practices.
In order to enter and exit the facility, and to operate certain equipment, employees must use an ID Wristband.
There are three levels of access:
1. Visitor
2. General Staff
3. Senior Staff
Authentication is granted based on an electronic chip inside the wristband. wristband access level can be changed by simply inserting a different electronic chip.
Visitor wristbands can be given to family members of employees. Please enquire at reception for further details.

[Nap Room Log]
18545 Toby Jackson
Entered: 03:44 Left: 07:31
18546 Sara Takahashi
Entered: 04:51 Left: 07:08
18547 Walt Paige
Entered:12:03 Left: 13:36
18548 Anthony White
Entered: 12 5 Left: 12:48
18549 Cyril Archer
Entered: 18:01 Left: 20:21
18550 Desmond Lock
Entered: 18:04 Left: 19:58
18551 Wayne Li
Entered: 20:16 Left: --:--

System: Authorized staff only beyond this point. Guests must refrain from entering.

[Kitchen. A zombie is eating some poor guy on the floor.]

System: Our menu is designed for your nutritional needs using our latest biological research. Please enjoy our tasty selection of healthy foods.


System: Dr. Li, your presence is urgently requested by Chief Cartwright in the East Area.

[Special Forces Recording]
-Alpha to Ghost. Target moving to the West Area. Must be going to retrieve the G-Virus and antiviral agent.
-This is Ghost. Understood. Rendezvous at Point W-3.
-This is Alpha. Arrived at destination.
-Understood. Stand by for target.
-This is Alpha, I've got eyes on the target. He's going to open the safe.
-Roger. Awaiting the signal.
-Got eyes on the G-Virus.
-We're going in...
-Doctor Birkin, you'll come along with us quietly.

Leon: G-Virus is in the West Area... Got it.

System: Senior Staff clearance required for bridge access.

[Leon walks into a room with mutant plants. Several scientists died in vain attempts to fight them.]

Leon: Jesus... What happened here?

System: Senior Staff clearance required for computer access. Dispensing solution now.

[Leon got Dispersal Cartridge.]

[Herbicide Synthesis]
Plant 43 Herbicide Synthesis
1. Place an empty cartridge into the Solution Dispenser
2. Add the required amount of UMB No.21 (P-ԑ)
3. Cool immediately
Plant 43 exhibits astounding growth. If something unfortunate were to occur, it may be hard to control. In the event of an unforeseen incident manufacture the herbicide using the instructions above in order to minimize damage.

[Somebody's Note]
Everybody's turned… vegefied... They keep coming back, again and again.
Burn them all.
Burn them until their whole body is black as ash.
There's no other way.

System: Welcome back, Dr. Li. You have [5] new messages.

[Wayne Li's Inbox]
Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: What's he up to?
Can you believe that bastard Cartwright? Cool your jets, asshole! Well, I guess he is the boss... For now. Anyway, have you seen my helix anywhere? I put the secret on the bottom. Let me know if you find it!
Sender: Byron Cartwright
Subject: Busy guy, huh?
So you couldn't make our little meeting? Fine, don't worry about the Greenhouse inspection. Instead I'll give you something real simple to do: put together the budget estimate for the year after next. And get it done tonight!
Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: Are you alive?
We're under attack. People are dead. The East Area is cut off. We can't operate the bridge with the wristbands we have here. Where is that bastard Cartwright hiding!?
Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: Please Reply!
Plant 43 is going wild! The Greenhouse is hell! We need to send someone in there before it's too late. Wayne, how do we stop this thing? You have to help us. Please reply!
Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: (None)
Do you remember Susie, the cheerleader? What a great gal. We were both into her. Of course, she wasn't into nerds... I still have to give you back those comics and games borrowed. But you might have to wait a while.

Leon: Who left the freezer open!?

System: Manual mode engaged. Adjust amount of solution to match cartridge capacity.

[Leon got Dispersal Cartridge (Solution)]

System: Cooling sequence progress...

[Leon got Dispersal Cartridge (Herbicide)]

System: Cooling complete. Dispensing solution now.

[Thanks to the solution, the mutant plant dies.]

Leon: That did the trick.

System: Warning: You have dispersed a dangerous solution without authorisation. Your actions have been logged and you may be subject to disciplinary measures.

[The Tyrant breaks into the room.]

Leon: Shit. Him again!?

[Byron Catwright’s Inbox]
Sender: William Birkin
Subject: [HIGH PRIORITY] Increased Security
When did NEST become a "nest" for spies? Three last month, and another four this month. And those are just the ones we caught. Step up security, Cartwright. Or do you want to end up like your predecessor?
Also, I'll be restricting access to the West Area from today. Ignore all requests from headquarters for information on "G." Those suits contribute nothing to this project anyway.
Sender: No-reply (auto-generated mail)
Subject: [WARNING] Unauthorized Access Detected
Herbicide dispersal by unauthorized employee detected in the East Area.
04:51 Wayne Li

Leon: Hopefully the G sample's up here…

[He's watching another tape, recently found on a special forces soldier's body. The time stamp is 09/22/1998, 23:45. We've seen William Birkin become a mutant with a huge arm.]

Umbrella Soldier 1: Got eyes on the G-Virus.

Hunk: We're going in. Doctor Birkin, you'll come along with us quietly.

William Birkin: You think I didn't know you were coming? This is my life's work! I'm not handing it over anything!

Hunk: We have our orders, Doctor Birkin. I'll ask you one more time…

[Birkin pulls out the gun, but the professional soldier J. Martinez immediately neutralizing him.]

Hunk: Stop! Hold your fire! What the fuck were you thinking!? Our orders were to bring him in alive!

[He's walk off to talk on the radio.]

Hunk: We’re in, sir, but we had a snafu. Target resisted, we had to take him out. That's correct, sir. Roger that. Just the samples then.

[A soldier picks up a suitcase with the virus.]

Hunk: Let's move!

[The tape ends.]

Leon: So those were G samples?

[William Birkin’s Inbox]
Sender: Jane Doyle
Subject: Suspending Research on "G"
The Umbrella Corporation has decided to cease all research on "G," which was ongoing at the NEST underground laboratory. All funding for this project has been cut, and laboratory director William Birkin has been removed from his post.
Sender: B.E
Subject: (None)
Thank you for your mail, Dr. Birkin. Top brass has expressed an interest in this "evolving bioweapon" you mentioned. Do not worry about Costs. Our "company" is the most well-funded in the whole of the United States.
Sender: Richard Kessler
Subject: Congratulations
I heard the good news. "G" is almost ready thought to report to the Strange you never research lab here at Umbrella HQ… but suppose I can let that slide. Anyway, send over the data, would you?
And don't worry. You've done good work on "G," but we can take care of the rest.
Please respond to the investigation committee's summons within 24 hours.

[Research Diary]
Embryo Growth Observations (Subject 449)
After the G embryo was implanted in the subject we made a 50cm incision from the chest to the abdomen and began our observations. With the help of the medical team, the subject's consciousness level was kept between 15 (lucid)~GCS 10. However, the subject's consciousness level deteriorated, and further observation was deemed unnecessary. The subject was then disposed of.
Breeding Rate Observations (Subject 501)
The G-Virus was administered to subject 501. 501 mutated into G form and was introduced to a group of 30 test subjects. After 2 hours 36 minutes, it was observed that all but one of the test subjects had been implanted with an embryo. All subjects (One subject broke down during experimentation were disposed of and took their own life.)
T-Virus Resistance Experimentation (Subjects 628, 639)
We administered the G-Virus to subject 628, who had shown slight resistance to the T-Virus. The virus was then introduced to subject 639 with whom 628 had a close relationship. 628 showed some signs of resistance, but had been implanted with an embryo after 24 minutes. T-Virus resistance does nothing to stop the mental deterioration caused by the G-Virus.

[Leon's picking up a test tube of the virus from the lab.]

Leon: Huh. That was easy… Alright, now back to Ada.

System: Attention: Unauthorized removal of a [Level 4] virus detected. Facility lockdown initiated. Self-destruct sequence will begin when lockdown is complete.

[The mutant with huge arm stands in Leon's way.]

Leon: (aiming his gun) You again.

Annette: Move. He's mine. This has to end.

[She shoot some liquid at the mutant.]

Leon: What the hell's going on!?

Annette: Sorry, William. You left me no choice.

[She shoots him again. The mutant falls on the floor.]

Leon: You called this thing “William." Why?

Annette: It shouldn't have been like this… It's Umbrella's fault—this whole mess.

Leon: You're Umbrella, too. You're telling me you weren't involved in this?

Annette: Yes… But we never meant for this to happen.

Leon: Then tell me everything—right from the start.

[Annette has a flashback. William's lying on the floor, covered in blood. He has a syringe in his hands.]

William Birkin: You don't get away that easily…

[He inject himself straight to the heart with G-Virus.]

Annette: Good god, William. What have you done?

[We’re back to reality.]

Leon: So you made this monster?

Annette: We made the G virus, but we never intended this to—

Leon: You can spin it any way you want. You're still responsible.

[William wakes up, grabs Annette and throws her against the wall. He mutate even further.]

Leon: The hell!? Shit!

[Annette gets up with an effort and pushes a button.]

Leon: What're you doing!?

Annette: We can't let him get away!

Leon: Alright... We end this here!

System: [Class A] breach detected. Lab quarantined until target is neutralized.

[The battle with William begins. No tricks. Only pure epic. Man against monster.]

System: Target has been neutralized. Ending quarantine.

[Leon goes up to Annette's and examines her.]

Leon: Jesus, that looks bad.

Annette: Feels worse, believe me.

Leon: Look, about what you said… I don't know how much I believe it, but I'm willing to—

Annette: Just tell me you'll destroy that G sample.

Leon: No. It's evidence. It's going to the FBI.

Annette: You trust that bitch?

Leon: What's that supposed to mean?

Annette: She's not FBI, she's a mercenary. She’s gonna sell it— The G-Virus is gonna go to the highest bidder.

Leon: That's bullshit.

Annette: I hope you're right… But if the G-Virus… gets into the wrong hands…

[Leon look at her and leaves.]

System: Attention: Self-destruct sequence initiated. Use the Central Elevator to evacuate immediately to the bottom-level train platform.

[Next to the elevator, Leon sees Ada.]

Leon: I was just thinking about you.

Ada: That makes two of us. I was getting worried.

Leon: Y'know we make a good team, but I gotta ask you something.

Ada: The way's clear. Please, tell me you got it.

Leon: Oh, I got it.

Ada: Let me verify the G sample and we’ll get the hell out of here.

Leon: Before we do that… I ran into Annette. She claims you're not FBI.

Ada: Oh, Leon… (pulls out her gun) Why couldn't you just hand over the sample?

Leon: Because I realized, as much as I wanted to trust you… (pulls out a gun too) I didn't.

Ada: I really hoped it wouldn’t end up like this.

Leon: So that's all this was… I was just some pawn to you?

Ada: Look. l am just doing my job.

Leon: And I'm doing mine, so drop that damn gun! I'm taking you in.

Ada: Hand over the sample, Leon. I don't wanna hurt you.

[Leon lowers his gun.]

Leon: Then you shoot me, but I don't think you can.

[Ada hesitates, but also lowers her gun. Suddenly, she'll get shot in the shoulder, but it wasn't Leon who was shooting, it was... Annette. She's barely standing on her feet. In addition, the bridge on which the heroes are standing is crumbling.]

Leon: Ada!

[He's grabbing her hand. The test tube with the virus falls out of his pocket into the abyss.]

Annette: No one gets that sample now.

[She falls on the floor and dies.]

Ada: Leon...

Leon: Hold on... I think I can… Agh! Shit!

Ada: Forget it.

Leon: Shut up—I've got you!

Ada: It's not worth it.

Leon: Don't do this...

Ada: Take care of yourself, Leon.

[Her hand slips out of his hand.]

Leon: No!

[Leon is wiping his tears. He has ten minutes to leave NEST.]

System: Nine minutes until detonation.

[Going down to the security station, he sees some girl on the screen.]

Leon: Who's that? Claire!

Claire: Leon? You’re down here too!?

Leon: Yeah. But the whole place is coming down. Listen to me. You‘ need to get out. Fast!

Claire: Yeah. There's a way out. We can make it! Where are you now?

Leon: Claire!? You still there?

Claire: Leon? Hey Leon, you're breaking up...

Leon: Forget about me! Just get out of here! Dammit!

[He's being attacked by Tyrant...]

Leon: Uh... Is this a fucking joke?

System: Eight minutes until detonation. Gotta keep going...!

[He's pushing the elevator lever. Unexpectedly there is an explosion.]

Leon: Whoa! What the hell...!?

[It’s the Tyrant. He came to say goodbye.]

Leon: Oh, shit… Alright, come on!

System: Seven minutes until detonation.

Leon: What is it with that thing!? Uh-oh... Not good! Whoa!

[When everything seemed lost, someone pushes a box with Anti-tank Rocket Launcher to Leon.]

Voice: We'll call it even.

Leon: (looking at the box) Where did this thing come from!?

[He's using the rocket launcher to turn Tyrant into a bloody mess.]

System: You have arrived at the bottom level.

[There are hordes of hungry zombies everywhere.]

Leon: Shit! Gotta get outta here!

[He's going to the station where the tram is just coming up. Leon gets inside. The lab behind his back explodes.]

Leon: (looking at ID wristband) I can't believe I actually miss her…

[He's throws it away and gets inside Claire and some girl are standing there.]

Claire: Leon!?

Leon: Hey… We made it...

Claire: Just like I said we would.



[Night. A trucker is driving along an empty highway. He eats a hamburger and listens to the radio.]

Caller: Look man, I'm serious, OK? I saw this with my own eyes.

Anchor: Oh, I believe you, buddy, I believe you. Just tell us a story, tell us a story.

Caller: OK, well, it was last Friday night - I was walking home from the bar... This woman started coming towards me... She was a staggering, you know… So I, I figured she was drunk.

Anchor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, OK. Tell us, be honest now, how many drinks did you have?

Caller: No man, I, I barely had a buzz on.

Anchor: Oh, c'mon!

Caller: No, just listen, alright? She got closer, I got a good look at her. You had to see her eyes, her nose... Her whole face… looks like it was rotting!

Anchor: Ew…

Caller: She looks like a corpse - like a walking corpse, man!

Trucker: Heh. Sounds like my wife.

Caller: I've never seen anything like it… I haven't been able to sleep since of that night.

Anchor: Alright, calm down, buddy, calm down. Just… Hey. You gotta stay strong, OK? Don't give in to fear out of there, right?

Caller: Yeah, well you go to that right. If you freeze up around these things... they'll sink their teeth into you. I saw it attack somebody - (going into static)

Trucker: Come on… Just gettin' good. I need some sleep.

[He closes his eyes for a second and at this very moment he runs down some girl. The trucker step on the brake to the floor.]

Trucker: Oh, shit!

[He stops and gets out of the truck.]

Trucker: No...!… What do I do…? What am I gonna do...!?

[Meanwhile, the girl comes to life... The screen fades abruptly. We switch to Claire, who rides her motorcycle on the highway. We hear her voice offscreen - she's talking to someone on the phone.]

Claire: Yeah, I'm almost there. You know me, I'll be fine. Sounds good. I'll be back as soon as I find Chris. I will, but I gotta go.

[She hangs up the pay phone at a gas station.]

Claire: Why does everyone think I'm going to get in trouble?

[There's a sound of broken glass nearby.]

Claire: What the...?


Claire: Hello...?

[She goes to the gas station store to find out what that noise was. She goes inside.]

Claire: Hello? Anybody here?

[Claire picks up a flashlight from the floor and looks into the darkness of the store.]

Claire: Hello...?

[A little further, she notices traces of blood and a wounded man sitting on the floor.]

Claire: Are you OK!?

[The man points to the storage room door.]

Claire: Wait here. I'll check it out.

[When she goes inside, the door behind her slams shut.]

Claire: Hey! What the hell!?

[The sounds of struggle can be heard from far away. Claire goes to them. She finds a policeman fighting some aggressive madman.]

Policeman: I said hold still!

Claire: Excuse me, is everything OK?

Policeman: Stay back ma'am, I got this.

[After these words, the madman throws a policeman on the floor and bites into his neck.]

Claire: Oh my god! Get off him! I said GET OFF HIM! Don't come any closer!

[She tries to run out of the store looking for the keys to the locked doors.]

Claire: It's like… a nightmare.

[She meets another policeman on the way out. He pointed his gun at her.]

Claire: Whoa, don't shoot!

Policeman: Get down!

[He shoot a zombie behind her.]

Claire: We gotta get out of here!

Policeman: You alright?

Claire: Yeah... I think so... Thanks.

Policeman: You can thank me later, when we're safe.

Claire: Holy shit…

[She sees a herd of zombies.]

Policeman: Come on!

[They run to his car.]

Policeman: Get in! Hold on!

[He pushes the gas pedal to the floor, and they manage to get away from the damn gas station.]

Claire: What the hell is going on?

Policeman: I don't know... Hopefully, they'll have some answers at the police station.

Claire: Wait, you're a cop?

Policeman: Yeah, Leon Kennedy. You are...?

Claire: Claire—Claire Redfield.

Leon: Live around here?

Claire: No, looking for my brother. He's a cop, too.

Leon: Well, it's a good thing we found each other. I don't know what to expect anymore...

[They enter Raccoon City. The sign reads: “Welcome to Raccoon City. Home of Umbrella.” We see a beautiful opening with views of the empty city.]


Loudspeaker: Attention all citizens: Due to the citywide outbreak, you are advised to take shelter at the Raccoon City police station. Free food and medical supplies will be provided to everyone in need.

Claire: Oh my god, this is so unreal…

Leon: The police station's not much farther. They'll know something.

Claire: Yeah, but… what if we're the only ones? What if there's no survivors—

Leon: No. There's survivors. It's a big city… there has to be.

[They drive to a roadblock.]

Leon: Looks like we're walking from here.

[Claire notices some zombies chewing on some poor guy's body.]

Claire: More like running.

Leon: Yeah, good call.

[A hungry zombie pounces on their car.]

Claire: Jesus Christ!

[Zombies surround the car.]

Claire: Leon! We gotta back up!

[She looks back and notices that a truck is coming right at them.]

Claire: What the—!?

Leon: Holy shit! Claire, get out! Get out NOW!

Claire: I can't!

Leon: Hold on!

[The truck, which is being driven by a driver from the beginning of the game. He slowly turns into a zombie and tries hard not to kill the heroes and spins the steering wheel, smashing the nearby cars and turning zombies into a bloody mass. Eventually, his truck turns over. Claire struggles to get out of trashed police car. She notices damaged fuel hose.]

Claire: Oh, shit...!

[The car lights up and explodes, throwing Claire away.]



[Fire and many wrecked cars separate the heroes.]


[Zombies are starting to crowd around him. Claire is also awaiting a warm welcome - burning zombies are coming to her.]


[She's running through zombie-infested city streets.]

Claire: Can't stop... Gotta keep moving. It's like the end of the world..! The police station...! Almost there...


[Claire enters a majestic but empty building, that looks more like a museum than a police station.]

Claire: Anybody here!?

[She goes to the computer at the reception desk and watches the surveillance cameras.]

Claire: Come on, Chris, where are you? Shit... They're inside too...

Policeman: (on camera) David! Marvin! You there!? I found a way out! It's in here! (shows something) Send reinforcements! East Hallway!

Claire: I should help this guy.

[Claire goes to the place marked on the map. She climbs into a dark and gloomy corridor by lifting the fence.]

Claire: Great… Where are you...?

[She walks slowly and carefully down the corridor, lighting her way with a flashlight.]

Claire: Focus, Claire... Focus.

[When she comes to the right place, she sees some torn-up corpses. The floor is covered in blood.]

Claire: Ugh, oh my god…

[A man's voice is coming from the next room.]


Claire: I'm here!


[Claire manages to lift the fence only a few centimeters.]

Claire: Here, give me your hand!

Policeman: Here, here, help me!

Claire: Hold on, give me your—give me your other hand.

[The policeman starts screaming wildly. Blood is spilling on the floor.]

Claire: It's OK! I got you!

[Claire manages to save a policeman... only half of him, really.]

Claire: Oh… Oh my god...

Policeman: (dying) Tell... Marvin…

[He dies.]

Claire: I'm so sorry. Oh, god... Huh?

[She takes the notebook the policeman was showing on camera. The corridors flood with zombies. Claire runs to the main hall. Once she gets to the fence, she climbs underneath it.]

Claire: Get off! Get off! Help! Help!

[Someone's pulling her out of the fence.]

Claire: Watch out!

Man: I'm on it.

[He kills the zombie that want to shew on Claire by crushing his head open with a closing fence.]

Man: You alright?

Claire: Yeah.

Man: You're safe… for now.

[A man turns out to be a policeman. He was badly injured in his right side and it seems to be not so recent.]

Policeman: Marvin Branagh.

Claire: Thanks.

Marvin: Obviously someone taught you well.

Claire: Yeah, I know how to take care of myself.

Marvin: Come on.

[A wounded cop is helping Claire get up.]

Claire: So nobody knows what caused this?

Marvin: There's a lot of theories... but all I know for sure is that this place is crawling with zombies.

Claire: Yeah. You're telling me...

Marvin: Hey, hey… keep that on... Just in case.

[He gives her a radio.]

Claire: I'm not gonna be around long. Once I find Chris, we're outta here.

Marvin: You really Chris's sister?

Claire: Yeah. Why? Did you find something?

Marvin: He's on vacation. Europe, I think... Left weeks ago.

Claire: Vacation? That's… that's great news.

Marvin: Well, I've got more for you... Looks like there might be a way out through this secret passageway...

[He shows her a drawing in an eaten policeman's diary.]

Claire: Good. Hey... Hey, we should probably get you to a hospital.

Marvin: Oh, no... Forget about me. I can take care of myself.

Claire: No, don't be ridiculous, you're gonna need some help

Marvin: Listen, Claire: Save yourself. So you can see your brother again. Now… you'll probably need this.

[He's giving her a combat knife.]

Claire: No, I'm not taking that. You're gonna need—

Marvin: Shhh. And be careful. If you see one of those things—no matter who they were—you can't hesitate. Take 'em out if you can, or you run.

[Claire finds the first medallion and and inserts it into the pedestal of the statue in the main hall. The flap slides down, allowing you to see the secret passage.]

Marvin: So Elliot was right...

Claire: Yeah. We're not out of here yet.

[By cutting through the most sturdy tape in the world with a knife, Claire opens a box with a switch that controls the fence. She opens up the west side of the police station. Slowly sneaking through the corridors, she hears a voice coming from a dead policeman's radio.]

Radio: This is 73-Bird—for rescue. —heading east—River. Touchdown at R.P.D.—minutes.

[She walks up to the body to examine it. The policeman's face turns out to be terribly mutilated by some kind of huge claws.]

Claire: Wha—? Oh god! Poor guy...

[There's a noise coming from somewhere. Claire turns around with the gun ready.]

Claire: What!? Who's there!

[But it's just a wind and a broken window. Claire began to explore the west wing of the police station, opening locks, reading notes, and fighting zombies. In the hallway on the second floor she sees something crawling outside the window.]

Claire: What was that!?

[But again, nothing. When Claire walks into the library, Marvin contacts her on the radio.]

Marvin: Claire, it's Marvin. How fast can you get back here?

Claire: Why, what's up?

Marvin: I've got something to show you. It's important.

Claire: Alright. I'm on my way.

[She's running to the main hall. Solving the riddle on the way, she gets the next medallion, the Unicorn. In the main hall, Marvin sits on the couch. Next to him is a laptop with security cameras on it.]

Marvin: There you are... Come here.

Claire: What is it?

Marvin: Take a look.

Claire: Oh my god, he made it?

Marvin: You know him?

Claire: Yeah. It's Leon… uh, Kennedy, I think?

Marvin: Ah, the rookie. Thought he looked familiar. You can make it to that courtyard through the second floor, east side.

Claire: OK. Thanks Marvin, I'm on it.

[She's running to Leon. On the way, after reading another note, Claire realizes that the police station was indeed once a museum.]

Claire: Who turns a museum into a police station..?

[After solving a few puzzles, Claire goes out to the far corner of the building with a staircase down to the enclosed courtyard. In the hallway she finds a strange thing - it looks like a helicopter crashed into the building. Claire goes out out onto the second floor balcony. She hears a voice coming from below.]



[She goes down to the yard to Leon. The heroes are separated by a metal grid and a closed door. Meanwhile, the helicopter lights up.]

Leon: (trying to open the door) Come on...

Claire: Leon! We really gotta stop meeting like this.

Leon: Are you alright? Police chopper... It just, came out of nowhere...

Claire: Yeah, I'm fine.

Leon: I take it you don't have the key...

Claire: No, I don't... It's good to see your face, though. How are you holding up?

Leon: I am… hanging in there.

Claire: Helluva night, huh?

Leon: Yeah. You find your brother?

Claire: I did actually, he's—

[The helicopter explodes.]

Claire: Just when you think it can't get any worse... Leon, you should get going.

[From Leon's side, zombies lying on the asphalt begin to stand up.]

Leon: Don't worry about me. Just… get yourself to safety.

Claire: No, Leon, seriously, they're getting through the fence! Please, just go!

Claire: We're gonna make it. Both of us.

[Leon's running away. Claire's trying to reach Marvin on the radio.]

Claire: Hey, Marvin. This is bad. I've got zombies everywhere! Marvin...? Marvin, are you there!? Marvin!? Oh, god, you gotta be kidding me...!

[She runs to the main lobby, and continues to explore the police station. She notices a creature eating a policeman... on the ceiling.]

Claire: What the hell is that...!?

[Having unloaded her shotgun into the terrible monster, Claire finds the last medallion, the Maiden, and returns to the main hall to open the secret passage.]

Claire: Looks like it leads underground... Good. We can get out of this hellhole. Hey Marvin! Guess what! Think I found a way out! Marvin, come on. Let's get you out of here. Let's go. Are you OK?

Marvin: No, I… Just go. Save yourself.

Claire: C'mon, it's bad. We've got to get you to a hospital now.

Marvin: PLEASE, Claire... We both know how this is going to end. Get out of the city.

Claire: I can't just leave you here.

Marvin: Claire, please... Go... Do this for me.

Claire: Hey, Marvin... Thank you.


[Under the police station there is a whole underground complex with huge production facilities.]

Claire: Hello! HELLO!?

[There's a formidable opponent in Claire's way - a heavy cabinet blocking the door to a room.]

Claire: Won't budge.

[When she turns on her flashlight, she notices that a little girl is hiding in the room.]

Claire: Hello..? Hey... It's OK. I won't hurt you, I promise. Do you need help? Here… you can take my hand.

Girl: (stuttering) You… need… help...

Claire: I'm sorry, I can't understand you.

Girl: You need help.

Claire: Why…?

Girl: He's right behind you.

Claire: What?

[She turns around and sees a huge monster with a giant eye in his arm. The monster is wearing a lab coat.]

Claire: Oh my god...

[The monster breaks the floor and they fall into an enclosed space.]

Claire: You gotta be kidding me…

[She has to fight - there's no other way.]

Claire: Words ain't gonna cut it with this freak... This thing's gotta go down.

[When Claire defeats the monster, he falls over the railing into a dark and seemingly bottomless abyss.]

Claire: Oh, crap... Oh... Oh god... Hey! Little girl...!? It's safe now... It's over.

Girl: Are you sure?

Claire: Yeah, I promise. Everything's fine. I just need you to lower that ladder for me.

Girl: Will you help me find my mom?

Claire: ...Your mom is down here?

Girl: I think so. I hope so.

Claire: Yeah… of course. I'll help you.

[The girl takes the stairs down, and Claire goes upstairs.]

Girl: This way.

[She takes Claire to some bridge control room.]

Girl: It won't move...

[Claire pushes the lever.]

Girl: You got it!

Claire: So… what's your mom like?

Girl: She works at Umbrella. She's making an important new medicine.

Claire: Umbrella? That big pharmaceutical company?

Girl: My mom's always at work. I don't get to see her much.

Claire: Well, hopefully, you'll get to see her again soon. So... Where's your dad?

Girl: He, um… worked with my mom but... He's gone.

Claire: Wow… Both of my parents are gone—it's just me and my brother.

Girl: Oh… I’m sorry...

Claire: Don't be. It means we've got something in common and... That's a good thing, right?

[She finds a hatch and gets out in the parking lot.]

Parking LotEdit

Claire: Hmm… Come on…

Girl: Over there!

[The entrance is closed off by a large metal gate]

Girl: It's closed...

Claire: Dammit. We need a key card. Come on... Here, come help.

[Claire and Sherry try to lift the gate, but no dice.]

Claire: And you're sure this is the way?

Girl: This is how my mom took me last time.

Man Voice: Sherry!? I've been looking everywhere for you, Sherry... Brave little girl to leave your house in the middle of this mess...

[The man pulls his revolver from his holster and aims towards Claire.]

Policeman: On the ground, hands behind your head.

Claire: You can't be serious…

[The policeman fires a shot off to her side, which breaks a window.]

Policeman: On the ground. Now. Sherry, tie her hands.

Sherry: Why're you doing this?

Policeman: Shut up. Tie her.

Sherry: OK, then. You tie her up now, or she dies.

Claire: What's this all about?

Policeman: Child endangerment, for starters.

[He swipes his keycard through the slot, which unlockes the gate.]

Policeman: Sherry, come here.

Claire: What are you gonna do to her?

Policeman: None of your fucking business.

Claire: If you hurt her, I swear to god, my brother is S.T.A.R.S. and I will fucki—

[The policeman kicks Claire in the left side of her breast.]

Policeman: Sherry, get over here!

[The man walks over to Claire and picks her head up, pointing his gun at her face.]

Policeman: What's your name? What's your fucking name!?

Claire: Claire!

Policeman: Sherry, you come with me now or say goodbye to Claire!

Sherry: OK, OK! I'll go..! You better be taking me to my mom.

Policeman: Absolutely.

Claire: Don't listen to him! He's full of shit!

[He pistol whips Claire.]

Sherry: Stop hurting her! Please!

Policeman: Don't tell me how to do my job.

[He grabs Sherry and drags her to the gate.]

Sherry: Stop! Let me go! Let me go!

Policeman: Obviously, nobody taught you manners! We'll fix that. Oh yes, we will.

Sherry: Let me go! Let me go!

[The policeman and Sherry get through the gate while Claire manages to untie herself. She runs to the gate, but it closes before she can get through.]


[She kicks the gate.]

Claire: Stay safe, Sherry... OK... Key card first, then that asshole gets what's coming to him.

[Claire finds an open door next to the car reader.]

Claire: Must be where that guy came from…

[Claire finds a document praising the policeman, who is Chief Irons.]

Claire: That… bastard is the police chief!?

[further down the hallway, claire finds an elevator]

“Express elevator to Chief's Office. Not for general use.”

[Claire finds another hallway, this one very dark. Eventually she finds a room with a telephone. The telephone rings, and Chief Irons is on the other end.]

Claire: Thank god… the key card.


Claire: Shit!


Claire: Jesus... Stay back!


Claire: This does not sound like Chris...


Claire: That worked.


Claire: Hello...?

Chief Irons: Good to see you again, Claire. We've got unfinished business.

Claire: Where is that?

Chief Irons: In the neighborhood. You'll find it.

Claire: Is Sherry alright?

Chief Irons: ...For now.

Claire: I swear, you bastard, if you hurt her—


Chief Irons: Stupid kid. If you just hadn't dropped that fucking thing, I could let you go...



Chief Irons: Don't worry, Sherry. It'll be all over soon.

Sherry: There has to be a way out of here…


Sherry: What… is this?


Sherry: That must be the door out of here! Darnit, I need the key!


Sherry: Oh no... It's him!


Chief Irons: Where you going. Sherry? I told you to stay put.


Chief Irons: You need to learn to listen.

Sherry: Leave me alone! Just, please...

Chief Irons: Time to teach some manners.


Chief Irons: You little bitch...! You are gonna pay for this...! You little shit!


Chief Irons: You are gonna be so fucking sorry!

Sherry: Go away! Help! Somebody please!

Chief Irons: You stupid bitch… that's a dead end!

Sherry: Gotta hide… gotta hide… gotta hide!


Chief Irons: It's all over now...! Door's locked! Where are you!? Show yourself! I know you're in here! The longer it takes me to find you, the worse it's gonna be!

Sherry: Oh god… oh god...

Chief Irons: Little bitch's gotta be here somewhere...! Urrrgh... Goddammit! Sonofabitch...!

Sherry: No more… no more… please...!

Chief Irons: This is your last fucking chance! Show yourself—NOW! Ahh... FUCK! IT BURNS!


Chief Irons: Where the fuck is my key!? I see you!


Sherry: Hurry… hurry… hurry...!


Sherry: Wha-won't open!?

Chief Irons: Nice try, Sherry!


Chief Irons: I'm coming in Sherry! Get over here, you little bitch!


Chief Irons: The game… is… over!

Sherry: No…!

Chief Irons: Now you're in trouble!

Sherry: Let me go!


Sherry: No… Stop!


Thirty minutes earlier


Chief Irons: Good to see you again, Claire. We've got unfinished business.

Claire: What're you talking about?

Chief Irons: Don't waste my fucking time! Bring me the pendant or Sherry dies.

Claire: The pendant? What do you need it for?

Chief Irons: Do you want the girl to die?

Claire: Fine. Where are you?

Chief Irons: The orphanage.

Claire: The orphanage...? Where's that?

Chief Irons: In the neighborhood. You'll find it.

Claire: Is Sherry alright?

Chief Irons: ...For now.

Claire: I swear, you bastard, if you hurt her—


Claire: Are you serious!? Dammit! Just you wait, asshole!


Claire: You again!?


Claire: Oh shit...! Looks like it's the other way...


Claire: Looks like the only way forward.


Claire: That's gotta be the Orphanage!


Claire: Hang on, Sherry.



Claire: Hello!? I have the pendant! Sherry! Sherry, are you here!?


Chief Irons: Your fault...!

Claire: What?

Chief Irons: Took too long!


Claire: What happened...? Oh god. Get off me!


Chief Irons: Damn you, William!


Claire: Oh my god! Jesus Christ!


Claire: Sherry!? Where are you!?

Sherry: Claire!

Claire: Sherry! I'll be right there!


Claire: Go, go, go!!!

Sherry: Claire! It's behind you!

Claire: Don't stop!

Sherry: Hurry!

Claire: Keep going!


Claire: Sherry, come on!


Sherry: Daddy...?

Claire: What'd you say? Oh god...


Sherry: DADDY, NO!


Sherry: Claire? Are you alright? Can you hear me? Claire..? Claire, you have to get up. He's going to get us. Wake up! Wake up! Open your eyes... Hold still…


Woman Voice: Wake up! Wake up! Open your eyes... Hold still… Not infected...

Claire: ...Sherry? Where's Sherry!?

Woman Scientist: Sherry... Sherry's fine.

Claire: Do you know Sherry?


Woman Scientist: ...was an impressive display of strength.

Claire: What happened to her?

Woman Scientist: We have to assess the situation.

Claire: Who are you? ...I'm Claire.

Woman Scientist: I didn't foresee this...

Claire: Excuse me, where is she? ...Hello?

Woman Scientist: What...? Oh, Annette. Tell me, what happened to William?

Claire: I don't know. Who's—who's that?

Annette: The creature responsible for this.

Claire: What...? Can you help me find Sherry?

Annette: Seems to be evolving much faster than expected...

Claire: Where are you going?

Annette: Look, I don't have time to play twenty questions. Everything is under control.

Claire: I need to find Sherry—

Annette: My daughter is not your concern.


Claire: Where did Sherry go...? Sherry's… her daughter?


Claire: Sherry..!? Can you hear me!?



Claire: Now I'm gonna smell like shit—literally.


Claire: Cable car... Here...?


Claire: What is this…?

Annette: Sherry... I told you, I cannot leave here until my work is done.

Sherry: That's what you always say.

Claire: Sherry...?

Annette: Why didn't you stay in the house? It was safe there.

Claire: Hey! Sherry!


Sherry: I was scared. Those things were everywhere and—

Annette: You should've called the police! That's what we taught you.

Sherry: I did, but nobody came. And you didn't answer your phone so—

Annette: Sherry, I don't have time for this!


Claire: Oh, no... Sherry! Sherry! I'm coming! Hold on, Sherry...I'll be right there.


“Pretty sure the rook and knight are on the same wall and the bishop and queen aren't next to each other. The queen and rook were opposite each other, too.”


Computer: ID wristband required for cable car entry.


Claire: What the fuck!?


Claire: Oh god, no... Marvin...


A. Kirkpatrick: Please... Oh... please... stop... St-Stop!


A. Kirkpatrick: Don't... don't... no... no... no!

Umbrella Soldier: OVER HERE, YOU FREAK!

A. Kirkpatrick: Don't hurt him... Don't hurt him...!


Claire: Glad I watched that...


Claire: OK… this place is… creepy.


Claire: Oh, Jesus... They're everywhere.


Claire: This is not my forte.


Claire: Alright, Sherry...on my way.


Claire: Power must be out...


Claire: Oh, shit! Should've known you wouldn't die!


Claire: The crane might work! Have got a surprise for you...!


Claire: I'm so sorry Sherry... This is taking forever...


Annette: Sherry? Mommy's here... Sherry! Sherry, can you hear me!?


Claire: Oh, no… Sherry?

Annette: Claire...?

Claire: Sherry... Are you alright?

Annette: What are you doing!?

Claire: I'm here to help.

Annette: Sherry's been implanted... She can't be saved.

Claire: Are you fucking kidding me!? You're her mother. Get in here!

Annette: You don't understand. William is still out there, and if I don't stop him—

Claire: This conversation is over!

Annette: Wait! Wait… I… I can treat her… in my lab. It's not far away.


Sherry: Mommy...?

Annette: There's not enough time... Millions of lives are at stake. Sherry... Mommy loves you, sweetie... Goodbye.


Claire: Are you fucking kidding me!? Sherry, don't worry. I will get you whatever you need, OK?

Sherry: Wh-Why are you doing this?

Claire: Because I care.

Sherry: Thank you, Claire.


Claire: Annette said her lab's not far. Wait, that cable car... Hold on, Sherry. You're gonna be fine. Almost there, Sherry. We're almost there... Oh, good. The cable car.


Claire: Oh… Um… Here... OK. Here ya go... Just hold on, Sherry, OK? You're gonna be just fine.


Claire: OK… better check everything. There's no turning back...


Computer: This tram is bound for NEST. Do not exit until the final destination.


Claire: Hey, are you OK?

Cherry: Your jacket's so warm.

Claire: My brother gave it to me. You know it's supposed to be lucky.

Sherry: I don't know what I'd do without you.

Claire: Are you kidding me? You were doing just fine without me until I came along and got you into all sorts of trouble. I have something of yours.


Sherry: I don't want it.

Claire: Really? Why not? It's so pretty.

Sherry: It-It's from my mom... For my birthday, last year. All I really wanted was for her to be home more.

Claire: I know it seems like your mom doesn't care but—


Claire: Hey, Sherry. Come here. Hey… hang in there, OK?

Computer: Now arriving at NEST.

Claire: It's OK. I've got you. Come on.



Claire: I'm getting you treatment. Just hold on, Sherry. It's OK.

Computer: For your safety, stand clear until the doors are fully open. Welcome to NEST. Enjoy your visit.

Claire: OK, umm... Here you go.


Claire: Alright, now what...?


Claire: Huh... There's gotta be something here. ..."Antiviral agent"? That's it! That's gotta be it! Hey… hey Sherry... I gotta go. You stay right here, though. OK? I'll be back soon, I promise.


Computer: Our menu is designed for your nutritional needs using our latest biological research. Please enjoy our tasty selection of healthy foods.


Computer: Dr. Li, your presence is urgently requested by Chief Cartwright in the East Area.


Claire: So… the antiviral-agent's in the West Area.


Computer: Senior Staff clearance required for bridge access.


Claire: Oh, god. That's… terrible.


Computer: Dispensing solution now.


Computer: Manual mode engaged. Adjust amount of solution to match cartridge capacity.


Computer: Welcome back, Dr. Li.


Claire: Damn... Shoulda packed my parka.


Computer: Cooling sequence in progress... Cooling complete.


Computer: Dispensing solution now.


Claire: So much for the weed infestation

Computer: Warning: You have dispersed a dangerous solution without authorization. Your actions have been logged and you may be subject to disciplinary measures.


Claire: I gotta find that antiviral agent soon...


Umbrella Soldier: Got eyes on the G-Virus.

Hunk: We're going in.


Hunk: Doctor Birkin, you'll come along with us quietly.

William Birkin: You think I didn't know you were coming? This is my life's work! I'm not handing over anything!

Hunk: We have our orders, Doctor Birkin. I'll ask you one more time...


Hunk: (to J. Martinez) Stop! Hold your fire! What the fuck were you thinking!? Our orders were to bring him in alive! (via radio) We're in sir, but we had a snafu. Target resisted, we had to take him out. That's correct, sir. Roger that. Just the samples then. Let's move!


Claire: Oh… look at that... Alright...


Claire: Hell yeah! Got it! Thank god… the antiviral agent... Gotta get back to Sherry...


Claire: Your ass again!?


Annette: William! This ends NOW!


Claire: What the hell is this thing!?

Annette: That was my husband.


William Birkin: (screams) G is my creation!


Annette: William!


Annette: I should've killed him while I had the chance... I don't know why... I just… couldn't do it.

Claire: He was your husband.

Annette: Honestly… we were more married to our work than each other.

Claire: But what about Sherry—how could you just leave her all alone? And while Raccoon City burned to hell.

Annette: I couldn't let my daughter grow up in a world with the G-virus in it.

Claire: But that's no excuse to leave her—


Claire: Annette!


Annette: I got this. I'm sorry, William...


Claire: No. I got this. You should take care of Sherry.


Annette: You don't know what you're up against.

Claire: I have a pretty damn good idea...

Annette: Whatever you do, don't stop until it's finished.

Claire: Trust me. This ends now.


Computer: [Class A] breach detected. Lab quarantined until target is neutralized.


Computer: Target has been neutralized. Ending quarantine. Service lift is now operational

Claire: Gotta get back to Sherry...


Claire: Hey!

Sherry: I knew you'd make it. My mom needs help.

Claire: Annette?

Annette: Sh… Sherry... How are you?

Sherry: OK… But you don't look so good.


Sherry: Mommy!?


Annette: Hey, look at the screen. Oh, thank god.

Claire: So, Sherry's gonna be alright?

Annette: She'll be weak for a little while but... Yes, she's free of the G-virus.

Claire: Did you hear that?


Sherry: What happened to her?

Claire: She was attacked by that monster—

Annette: Don't… Don't worry about me. Take my daughter… to safety.


Annette: I'm sorry, Sherry… for everything. Your life is what is important now—

Sherry: We can't just leave her here!

Claire: You're right. We can't.

Computer: Attention: Unauthorized removal of a [Level 4] virus detected. Facility lockdown initiated. Self-destruct sequence will begin when lockdown is complete.

Claire: What does that mean!?

Annette: It's the… self-destruct code... (coughs) In case the G-Virus leaves the building. Please... Save my daughter.


Sherry: No…!


Claire: Sherry… Sherry… we gotta say goodbye to your mom. Come on. Please say goodbye. Please Sherry, listen... She loved you, OK? We really gotta get going... Come on.


Sherry: You were right about this jacket. I'm so lucky to have you.

Claire: Listen, we can talk more about that later. We gotta hurry now. Come on.


Claire: Sherry, can you walk faster?

Sherry: Yeah...

Claire: I don't wanna rush you but, we have to go.

Computer: Attention: Self-destruet sequence initiated. Use the Central Elevator to evacuate immediately to the bottom-level train platform.


Claire: Let's get the hell outta here.

Sherry: Um, Claire...!

Claire: Yeah?

Sherry: Thank you for being so nice to me... For helping me. I'm really glad I met you.

Claire: I'm glad I met you too, Sherry. But save your thanks until I get you out of this place.


Computer: Ten minutes until detonation.

Claire: Sherry, run!


Claire: Of course the stupid thing is locked—

Sherry: Hold on!

Claire: Sherry what're you—!?

Sherry: I think I can open it from the other side!


Claire: Goddammit your timing sucks!

Computer: Nine minutes until detonation.

Sherry: I got it!

Claire: Huh, nice work, Sherry!

Sherry: We make a good team.


Claire: Sherry!? You hangin' in there!?

Sherry: I'm right behind you!

Claire: Attagirl! Think we're almost outta here...!


Sherry: Claire! Maybe we can use that!?

Claire: Worth a try!

Computer: Eight minutes until detonation. Seven minutes until detonation.


Sherry: What are you doing?

Claire: I gotta get this train moving. I need you to stay right here, OK?

Sherry: OK. I promise I won't move.

Claire: Good.

Sherry: Be careful.

Claire: Always.


Claire: OK... Alright, did something... OK... Alright, it's working.


Leon: Claire!

Claire: What!? Leon? You're down here too!?

Leon: Yeah. But the whole place is coming down. Look, you need to get out! Fast!

Claire: I know. I found a way out. I think… I think we can all make it. Where are you now?

Leon: Claire, are you still there?

Claire: Leon!? I'm sorry you're breaking up.

Leon: Don't worry about me! Just get outta here!

Claire: Leon. Leon! Damn!


Claire: Why can't you just die!?


Computer: Six minutes until detonation. Five minutes until detonation. Three minutes until detonation. Two minutes until detonation. One minute until detonation.

Sherry: Claire!

Claire: It's OK, I'm here. We are getting outta here!


Claire: So what's the first thing you wanna do when we get outta here?

Sherry: I want to see where you live.

Claire: Good, cause I...need to take a shower.

Sherry: (smiles) Yeah...

Claire: Really? That bad… oh, yeah...


Leon: Claire.

Claire: Leon! It's so good to see you.

Leon: I told you we'd make it didn't I?

Claire: You did.


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