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By 1899, the age of outlaws and gunslingers was at an end. America was becoming a land of laws… Even the west had mostly been tamed. A few gangs still roamed but they were being hunted down and destroyed.


[A small caravan of wagons is slowly moving through the cold mountains. It's nighttime outside and the wind is blowing hard. Snow falls in a dense wall and limits visibility. Only a few dim lanterns light the way. A man in snow-covered clothes is approaching one of the wagons.]

Orville Swanson: Abigail says he’s dying, Dutch. We’ll have to stop some place.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay. Arthur’s out looking, I sent him up ahead.

Hosea Matthews: If we don’t stop soon, we’ll all be dying. This weather, it’s May… I’m just hoping the law got as lost as we did.

Dutch van der Linde: There. Arthur! Any luck?

Arthur Morgan: I found a place where we can get some shelter. Let Davey rest while he… you know. An old mining town, abandoned, it ain’t far. Come on.

Dutch van der Linde: Come on!


Outlaws from the West[]

[Hosea with a revolver and a lamp in his hands walks in a shed. He looks around and gives a signal to the others.]

Hosea Matthews: Bring him in here.

[Several men and women enter the shed. Men carry Davey on a handmade stretcher.]

Susan Grimshaw: Miss Gaskill… get that fire lit quick. Miss Jones, bring in whatever blankets we have. Mr. Pearson, see what we’ve got in terms of food.

Abigail Marston: Davey’s dead.

Orville Swanson: There was… nothing more you could have done.

[Someone puts coins on Davey’s eyes.]

Hosea Matthews: What are we gonna do? We need supplies.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, first of all you’re gonna stay here… and you are gonna get yourself warm. Now, I sent John and Micah scouting out ahead. Arthur and I, we’re gonna ride out see if we can find one of ’em.

Arthur Morgan: In this?

Dutch van der Linde: Just for a short bit… I don’t see what other choice we have. (to everyone) Listen… listen to me all of you, for a moment. Now, we’ve had… well, a bad couple of days. I loved Davey… Jenny… Sean, Mac… they may be okay, we don’t know. But we lost some folks. Now, if I could… throw myself in the ground in their stead… I’d do it… gladly. But… we’re gonna ride out… and we are gonna find some food. Everybody, we’re safe now. There ain’t nobody following us through a storm like this one… and by the time they get here… well we’re gonna be… we’re gonna be long gone. We’ve been through worse than this before. Mr. Pearson… Miss Grimshaw… I need you to turn this place into a camp. We may be here for a few days. Now all of you… all of you… get yourselves warm. Stay strong. Stay with me. We ain’t done yet! Come on, Arthur.

Susan Grimshaw: Alright, we’ve got some work to do.

[Arthur and Dutch go out of the house to the street where the blizzard is howling.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well, we ain’t run into them yet. So… they both must have headed down the hill.

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Hey… I ain’t had time to ask. What really went down back there on that boat?

Dutch van der Linde: We missed you, that’s what happened. Come on.

[A black man with two horses approaches them.]

Charles Smith: Hey! You need horses?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh yeah… and Mr. Smith, get yourself indoors. You need to rest that hand.

Charles Smith: I’ll live.

Dutch van der Linde: (strictly) Get indoors, son! I… we need you strong.

Charles Smith: Okay.

Dutch van der Linde: (to Arthur) Alright. Let’s head out.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t sure what we’re gonna find out here, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: We have to try. Stay close, we’ll do our best to stick to the trail.

Arthur Morgan: This goddamn weather.

Dutch van der Linde: Been two days or more like this now. Oh, it has to blow over soon. Bridge coming up, take it easy. Hey, move up alongside me. Can’t see you back there.

Arthur Morgan: Can’t believe we lost Davey too.

Dutch van der Linde: He’s the last one, Arthur. No more. We need to get those people warm and fed.

Arthur Morgan: Least we don’t need to worry about Pinkertons tailing us in this.

Dutch van der Linde: A couple more days, we’ll be on the other side. You need to help me pick the others back up. You’re the only one I can rely on to stay strong right now.

Arthur Morgan: We got fire and shelter, that’s a start. And what about the money? Please tell me you at least got the money before it all went to hell on that boat?

Dutch van der Linde: We did… it’s stashed with the rest of the money in town. It’ll be safe for now… but we sure can’t go back there to collect it any time soon. Hey, I think I see something up the path.

[He lifts the lantern to illuminate the snowy night road.]

Dutch van der Linde: You up ahead! Who’s there? Micah.

Micah Bell: Gentlemen.

Dutch van der Linde: Found anything?

Micah Bell: I think so. Found a little homestead down thataway.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay. Anyone home?

Micah Bell: Sure. Place is blazing with light and noise. Sounded like a party.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go see.

Micah Bell: Follow me. How’s Davey doing?

Dutch van der Linde: Ah, he didn’t make it. Nor did little Jenny.

Micah Bell: That’s too bad. Davey was a real fighter. Both of them Callander boys is, or… was.

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah.

Micah Bell: And Mac and Sean?

Dutch van der Linde: We don’t know.

Micah Bell: Quite a business…

Dutch van der Linde: I’m glad you’re alright, Micah.

Micah Bell: Always.

Arthur Morgan: (to Dutch) Ask him if he’s seen John.

Dutch van der Linde: Hey, have you seen John, Micah?

Micah Bell: Didn’t see much of anything once this storm came in.

Dutch van der Linde: (to Arthur) He hasn’t seen him.

Arthur Morgan: He’ll be fine. Things always turn out right for that boy.

Dutch van der Linde: I hope… Mac and Sean are still out there somewhere too. Move up, Arthur, I’ll cover the rear.

Arthur Morgan: (to Micah) You run into anybody else?

Micah Bell: I-I reckon we’re the only ones crazy enough to be out in this, Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, well don’t talk to me about crazy.

Micah Bell: Oh, so no "Glad you’re alright, I was worried, Micah"? Look, it’s all gonna work out, Morgan. We lost a few folks, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

Arthur Morgan: I’m glad you’re feeling so good about it.

Micah Bell: Where are all the others?

Arthur Morgan: Old mining camp, back up the hill. It ain’t much but it’s shelter. So, this house… you speak to the people there already?

Micah Bell: No, like Dutch told us… look, but don’t talk to no one. Just following orders, you know me.

Arthur Morgan: Right… How much further?

Micah Bell: Not far.

Arthur Morgan: What does that mean?

Micah Bell: Not far.

Arthur Morgan: Thanks. Oh, goddamn this snow. Gets right to the bone.

Micah Bell: Okay, let’s keep it down now, gentlemen. It’s just up ahead.

Dutch van der Linde: Snuff and stash those lanterns, boys. Best you two lie low on this. Okay… let’s head down there. Let me handle this, we don’t wanna spook these fine people.

[They get off the horses and go to the house. Cheerful sounds of music are coming from there.]

Micah Bell: Someone’s having fun in there.

Dutch van der Linde: You two, get yourself out of sight… One lonely man is a lot less intimidating than three nasty looking degenerates. Micah, hide behind that wagon… Arthur, you take that old shed on the left. And stay low, both of you.

[Arthur and Micah are hiding, and Dutch is approaching the cabin door.]

Dutch van der Linde: Hello?

Voice from the cabin: Shut up, Billy. Shh, shh, shh!

Dutch van der Linde: Excuse me? Hello? Oh well, hello friend.

Man from the Cabin: What you want?

Dutch van der Linde: I am very sorry to disturb you. Uh, my friends and I, well we got into, some… trouble up the way. Lost in the storm. Ah, gentlemen.

Man from the Cabin: We can’t help you, mister.

Micah Bell: (quietly) Arthur… Arthur, we got a problem. There’s a corpse right here. Arthur… There’s a body in the wagon.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I hear you, just… keep your eyes on Dutch.

Man from the Cabin: (to Dutch) I think you should go now, buddy.

Dutch van der Linde: Now, friend… I ain’t asking for much. Please, I am… kinda desperate.

[Meanwhile, Arthur is aiming his revolver at the head of a man from the cabin.]

Man from the Cabin: Hey… I don’t believe it. Come here, partner. Come here!

[Arthur shoots at him. A firefight begins.]

Dutch van der Linde: Watch out! One up top in the window!

Micah Bell: One of them’s making a run for it, Arthur!

Dutch van der Linde: That’s my boy, Arthur. Good shooting. Goddamn O’Driscoll’s boys here? Why?

Micah Bell: I don’t know, maybe same reason as us.

Dutch van der Linde: Micah, go bring the horses closer to the house. Arthur, let’s go search the cabin.

[They enter the cabin.]

Arthur Morgan: Smells like a party in here.

Dutch van der Linde: Turn the place upside down, grab as many supplies as you can. We need the essentials. Food, medicine… Whiskey.

Arthur Morgan: I’m starving.

Dutch van der Linde: You should eat something now. Get your strength up for the ride back.

Arthur Morgan: Big old pool of blood on the floor here.

Dutch van der Linde: I saw.

Arthur Morgan: Probably the poor bastard who lived here. Micah found a dead body in the wagon outside.

Dutch van der Linde: O’Driscolls! I don’t believe it.

Arthur Morgan: It’s a strange one alright. Maybe they’re hiding up here too. There’s a big price on Colm O’Driscoll’s head… …nearly as big as the one on yours.

Dutch van der Linde: Wanting Colm dead is about the only thing me and uncle Sam agree on.

Arthur Morgan: Looks like the poor bastard was married too, at some point.

Dutch van der Linde: If we can’t eat it or drink it, put it down.

Arthur Morgan: Place is dry, and warm, we could maybe move the women and Jack down here.

Dutch van der Linde: Maybe. We’ll see how they are when we get back. I don’t really want us to split up. I’m going to start packing the horses. You keep looking. Grab anything you think we can use, then meet me out here. What’s taking so long in there?

Arthur Morgan: Just give me a minute.

Dutch van der Linde: Keep searching while I pack these on the horses. What are you doing in there, Arthur? Micah, Arthur, keep looking for stuff. Arthur, go see if there’s anything in that barn. Micah, you search the cabin, see what we missed.

Micah Bell: Sure.

[Arthur goes to search the barn. Before entering he pulls out a revolver, but it does not help much - someone jumps on Arthur from above.]

Stranger: You bastards shot my cousin!

Arthur Morgan: Well, he started it!

Stranger: I’m gonna break your neck!

[Arthur has nothing left but to fight with his fists. Hearing the noise Dutch approaches the barn.]

Dutch van der Linde: What’s going on?

Arthur Morgan: This guy just jumped me.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, did he now?

[Hitting several times in the face, Arthur throws the bandit on the ground.]

Arthur Morgan: Sneaky little bastard… should I kill him?

Dutch van der Linde: No… Not yet… Find out what they’re doing here, and where Colm is.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, this son of a bitch’ll talk… Where’s Colm O’Driscoll?

O’Driscoll: With the others… at an old mining camp southwest of here, near the lake.

Arthur Morgan: What are you bastards doing? Why are you up here?

O’Driscoll: We’re fixing to rob some train, gonna blow the tracks. I don’t know more than that, I swear!

Dutch van der Linde: (laughs) Well, I would say it looks like you have this, Arthur. Do what you want with him, I don’t care. But bring that horse when you’re done.

O’Driscoll: I don’t know anything else… Please…

[Arthur punches him to the death. After that he takes his gun and hat, untie the horse and take it out of the barn.]

Dutch van der Linde: That looks like a decent horse, you should keep him. Get that horse hitched, don’t want him bolting.

[He hears a woman scream and run towards it to the cabin.]

Girl: Get away from me!

Dutch van der Linde: Micah, what the hell do you think you’re doing?

Micah Bell: O’Driscoll bitch!

Girl: Get away from me!

[Arthur comes into the cabin and finds out that Micah is chasing some girl in a nightgown.]

Micah Bell: Look what I found in the cellar. Wild thing ain’t you?

Dutch van der Linde: Leave her alone!

Micah Bell: I wasn’t doing nothing. She’s one of them O’Driscolls.

Dutch van der Linde: No she ain’t, Micah. Look at her.

[A knife appears in the girl’s hand. She frightfully shouts and runs around the cabin, turning over the furniture.]

Micah Bell: Miss, miss, are you…

[In an attempt to escape from Micah, the girl turns a lantern over and sets the cabin on fire.]

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, you fool, Micah. (to the girl) Miss, now it is gonna be okay. We mean you no harm. Miss! Miss… Come on, it’ll be okay. We need to get out of here, and quick. Come on now.

[They come out of the cabin. Dutch puts a blanket on the girl.]

Dutch van der Linde: You okay, miss?

Girl: (weeping) They came three days ago… and my husband, they…

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, miss. You are safe now… and you can’t stay here. You come with us. Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Miss, it’s okay, alright? We’re bad men, but… We ain’t them, so… it’s okay.

[He helps the girl get on Dutch’s horse.]

Dutch van der Linde: Get on.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll keep you safe until you figure out… what you wanna do.

Dutch van der Linde: What’s your name, Miss? Miss?

[They leave the burning cabin.]

Girl: Adler.

Dutch van der Linde: Adler?

Sadie Adler: Sadie Adler. Mrs… I… he… …he was my husband.

[They ride to Dutch’s camp at an abandoned mine.]

Lenny Summers: Hey, somebody’s coming! (reloads his rifle) Looks like it’s Dutch. Hey everybody, Dutch is back.

Hosea Matthews: How’d you get on?

Dutch van der Linde: Micah found a homestead, but… he weren’t the first. Colm O’Driscoll and his scum, they beat us to it. We found some of them there… but there is more about apparently… scouting a train. (gets off the horse) Thank you.

Hosea Matthews: That’s the last thing we need right now, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, it is what it is… but we found some supplies, some blankets… a little bit of food… and this poor soul, Mrs. Adler. Miss Tilly, Miss Karen, would you warm her up… give her a drink of something. And Mrs. Adler, it’s gonna be okay… you’re safe now. (to Abigail) They turned her into a widow… animals. I need some rest. I haven’t slept in three days.

Susan Grimshaw: You’re over here… Miss O’Shea will show you the way. Mr. Morgan, we put you in a room over here.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you, Miss Grimshaw.

Susan Grimshaw: Mr. Bell, you’re with the fellers over there.

Micah Bell: How come Arthur gets a room… and I get a bunk bed next to Bill Williamson… and a bunch of darkies?

Hosea Matthews: Get yourself to bed.

Enter, Pursued By Memory[]

[The next morning, the blizzard stops. Everything around is covered with a thick layer of fluffy snow.]

Abigail Marston: He ain’t been seen in days. The weather ain’t let up. He’s strong and he’s smart. Strong at least. Hello, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Abigail.

Abigail Marston: Arthur… how you doing?

Arthur Morgan: Just fine, Abigail… and you?

Abigail Marston: I need you to… I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry to ask but…

Arthur Morgan: It’s little John… he’s got himself caught into a scrape again.

Abigail Marston: He ain’t been seen in two…. two days.

Arthur Morgan: Your John’ll be fine. I mean… he may be as dumb as rocks and as dull as rusted iron… but that ain’t changing because… he got caught in some snowstorm.

Hosea Matthews: At least go take a look. Javier?

Javier Escuella: Yes?

Hosea Matthews: Javier, will you ride out with Arthur… to take a look for John? You’re the two best fit men we’ve got.

Javier Escuella: Now?

Hosea Matthews: She’s… we’re all… we’re pretty worried about him.

Javier Escuella: (to Arthur) I know if the situation were reversed and… he’d look for me.

[He hands Arthur a revolver.]

Abigail Marston: Thank you.

[Javier and Arthur get on the horses and ride on snowy roads.]

Javier Escuella: This way. Last I know, John was headed up the river.

Arthur Morgan: For all we know… he kept riding north and never looked back.

Javier Escuella: He wouldn’t leave. Not like that.

Arthur Morgan: Well, wouldn’t be the first time.

Javier Escuella: Hey, I see some smoke. Come on, let’s take a look.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s hope it ain’t more of O’Driscoll’s boys.

[Javier gets off the horse and inspects the campfire.]

Javier Escuella: Well… …seems somebody left… recently… and… that way. There’s some tracks leading to the river.

Arthur Morgan: Few hours ago, at most.

Javier Escuella: Let’s cross. See, they continue up that way.

Arthur Morgan: Do you think it’s John?

Javier Escuella: You tell me. These are horse tracks for sure, but… could how anyone. Let’s just see where they lead.

Arthur Morgan: So… you were there, Javier, what really happened on that boat?

Javier Escuella: We had the money, it seemed fine, then suddenly they were everywhere.

Arthur Morgan: Bounty hunters?

Javier Escuella: No. Pinkertons. It was crazy. Raining bullets. Watch out for this crevice. Dutch killed a girl in a… bad way, but it was a bad situation.

Arthur Morgan: That ain’t like him, though.

Javier Escuella: They continue along the cliff wall here. Davey got shot, Mac and John… both shot too. Sean, we don’t even know. I’m surprised we escaped at all. By the time you boys showed up from the other side of town, we were only just holding on.

Arthur Morgan: Bad business alright. Damn snow’s coming in hard again.

Javier Escuella: We’ll lose these tracks if we don’t move fast. Careful, it’s getting narrow here.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, boy. Horses are getting tired.

Javier Escuella: Yeah, a lot of fresh snow here.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know about this, Javier. We can’t follow nothing.

Javier Escuella: Let’s push on a little bit, maybe we’ll pick up the trail again.

Arthur Morgan: Almost there, boy, come on now!

Javier Escuella: There’s some tracks leading to the river. John was riding that horse when we left Blackwater.

Arthur Morgan: Oh… that’s…

Javier Escuella: Let’s see if he can hear us.

[He shots several times in the air.]

Muffled voice: Hey! Help! Here!

Javier Escuella: Come on… up there!

Muffled voice: Hello? Over here!

Javier Escuella: It’s coming from up ahead somewhere.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t think we can go much further on the horses. We’ll have to walk from here.

Javier Escuella: I’d grab that shotgun from your horse. Who knows what’s up ahead. Careful here.

Arthur Morgan: You sure about this?

Distant voice: Over here! Help!

Javier Escuella: It’s coming from this way.

Arthur Morgan: Okay…

Javier Escuella: Mierda (Shit), we’re high up here.

Arthur Morgan: You’re telling me.

Distant voice: Help me!

Javier Escuella: Drops down here, watch yourself. Watch out here. Watch your head here. Okay from here. Watch your step, this is real slippery. Stay close to the wall. Up here, come on.

Distant voice: Hey! Over here!

Javier Escuella: That sounds closer now. Come on. We’re coming, John!

Arthur Morgan: Damn it’s cold.

Javier Escuella: (to Arthur) How you doing?

Arthur Morgan: I’m miserable. Been a tough few days.

Javier Escuella: I know… Here… take a drink of this.

Arthur Morgan: Thanks.

Javier Escuella: I’m not designed for this snow… Let’s keep moving then, come on. John, where are you? John, you there? John! John, can you hear me?

Arthur Morgan: Marston!

John Marston: I’m here! Out on the ledge!

Javier Escuella: That’s John! We’re coming!

John Marston: Hey!

Javier Escuella: He’s down here.

John Marston: Over here!

Arthur Morgan: Alright. Pipe down, Marston!

[They find a young John Marston, who has not yet grown his trademark brutal beard. It is quite severely injured.]

Arthur Morgan: That’s quite a scratch you got there.

John Marston: Never thought I’d say this, but… it’s good to see you, Arthur Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t look so good.

John Marston: I don’t feel too good neither.

[Arthur puts John on his shoulder.]

John Marston: I’m freezing.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t die just yet, cowboy.

Javier Escuella: Come on, compadre. Well, we can’t go back the way we came. Let’s try this way.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t you a sorry sight?

John Marston: Can’t… argue with you there.

Arthur Morgan: See, I told Dutch you weren’t the right man for this.

John Marston: I’m sure you did.

Javier Escuella: You alright?

John Marston: I think so…

Javier Escuella: Come on, hopefully this will lead us out. You see that, on the ridge?

[In the distance they notice a pack of hungry wolves.]

Arthur Morgan: Shit. I’ll distract them while you get to the horses. Go, I’ll draw ’em off you.

[Arthur hands over John to Javier.]

Javier Escuella: Ok. Here we go, John. We’ll leave them to Arthur. You got ’em all. Good work, Arthur. Okay, let’s get going, before any more of these bastards show up. Come on then, let’s get back to the others.

John Marston: I don’t feel too good.

Javier Escuella: You’ll be fine. It’s just like a… a dog bite.

John Marston: (sighs) I knew a feller, got bit by a dog. Died an hour later.

Javier Escuella: You ain’t gonna die. Not yet. Up there, more of ’em!

[Arthur pulls out his revolver from the holster and prepares to meet the wolves.]

Arthur Morgan: Stay back! Get outta here!

Javier Escuella: Look out on the right! We got more wolves on the left!

John Marston: Get the hell out of here! Get out!

Javier Escuella: You see any more, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Don’t think so.

John Marston: Jesus.

Arthur Morgan: You still with us, Marston?

John Marston: Just about.

Javier Escuella: You’re gonna be okay. We have some shelter now.

John Marston: Thanks for coming for me.

Javier Escuella: Of course. That bullet in Blackwater, now this? You had a hell of a time.

John Marston: And Arthur always says… I’m lucky.

Javier Escuella: None of us are lucky right now. We should ride in the water for a bit, try to lose the scent. Don’t want to leave a trail right back to camp.

Arthur Morgan: You know, we’re gonna need to come up with a better story for that scar.

John Marston: So, freezing, bleeding, starving, damn near getting eaten to death, ain’t good enough for you?

Javier Escuella: Here, let’s cross to the left.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… c’mon. Let’s push hard and get back.

Javier Escuella: See those buildings up ahead, John? That’s where we’re camped. Nearly there.

[They arrive at the camp.]

Javier Escuella: Come on! Someone help John down off this horse.

Arthur Morgan: Can we get some help? We need some help here!

Javier Escuella: C’mon, help him down.

Abigail Marston: You’re alive! Oh you’re alive!

Javier Escuella: C’mon, here we go. There we go. Ay, careful idiotas, it’s his leg.

Abigail Marston: Come on, let’s get you warm. Thank you. Thank you both. (to John) This is a new low, even by your standards.

Hosea Matthews: Thank you, Arthur. Thank you.

Javier Escuella: You got any other lost maidens need saving?

Hosea Matthews: Not today.

[Javier leaves.]

Arthur Morgan: Have you and Dutch talked about… how we’re gonna get out of this?

Hosea Matthews: I was just discussing with Herr Strauss… when the weather breaks I… suppose we’ll have to keep heading east.

Arthur Morgan: East? Into all that… that civilization?

Hosea Matthews: I know… the west is where our problems are worse. Come on, Herr Strauss. Let’s get warm.

Leopold Strauss: Thank you, Mr. Morgan.

[Arthur unhappily groans and goes to the cabin, where he makes a diary entry.]

Old Friends[]

“We have been running for weeks. We found shelter and been… resting here in some old abandoned mining town… while we wait the thaw. Hardly the spring I had been hoping for.”

[Having made a diary entry Arthur gets up from his chair and goes for a walk around the camp.]

Hosea Matthews: So what now, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: We get strong, we get warm… and we wait. When the storm breaks, we move. But we’re safe here. Warm enough. You sound doubtful.

Hosea Matthews: Not… doubtful, just worried.

Dutch van der Linde: We have been shot at before, Hosea. I don’t feel that this is honestly anything new.

Hosea Matthews: I hope not.

Dutch van der Linde: We had a bit of bad luck, but then the storm covered our tracks, so now we wait a bit… and we go back to Blackwater and we get our money, or we got some more money and we keep heading west.

Hosea Matthews: But we’re heading east.

Dutch van der Linde: For now… for now. We got this. We’re safe. Stay strong, Hosea. What about you, Arthur? You doubting me, too?

Arthur Morgan: Never.

Dutch van der Linde: Good… because you know me, son… I’m just getting started. Once we get some money, well, they… they’d better send some good men after us, ’cause they ain’t never gonna find us… but we need money.

Arthur Morgan: Of course, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Thank you, son, for your strength. It means a lot to me.

Arthur Morgan: Morning. How are you holding up?

Dutch van der Linde: Have had better days.

Arthur Morgan: Gonna be alright.

Dutch van der Linde: Thank you, Arthur.

Hosea Matthews: Morning.

Arthur Morgan: How’re you doing?

Hosea Matthews: I think you know the answer to that.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll be okay.

Hosea Matthews: Okay, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Good morning.

Molly O’Shea: Doesn’t feel much warmer this morning.

Arthur Morgan: How are you feeling?

Molly O’Shea: Ugh. Can’t feel my feet, but… I’m alright.

Arthur Morgan: That’s it. Try to stay positive.

Molly O’Shea: Just gonna try and stay warm.

Arthur Morgan: Mr. Strauss.

Leopold Strauss: Another freezing morning.

Arthur Morgan: How’re you doing?

Leopold Strauss: I’d rather be eslwere but I’m alright.

Arthur Morgan: Good.

Leopold Strauss: Yes. I suppose.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, Jack.

Jack Marston: Morning.

Arthur Morgan: How are you holding up?

Jack Marston: Okay.

Arthur Morgan: That’s the spirit.

Jack Marston: Okay.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, how’s he doing?

Abigail Marston: He’s okay, just needs some rest. Thank you again, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: That’s alright. Keep him warm. Marston.

John Marston: Morning, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: How are you feeling?

John Marston: Okay… I guess.

Arthur Morgan: That’s it. Try to stay positive.

John Marston: Alright.

Javier Escuella: Morning, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: How’re you doing?

Javier Escuella: Oh, you know… freezing to death.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll find a way off of here soon.

Javier Escuella: Okay, Arthur.

[After that he goes to another cabin where the other gang members drink, smoke cigars and talk.]

Micah Bell: …up with you boys, because I thought you liked action. Couple of days on the lam… and you lot have all turned yella. Apart from you, of course.

Lenny Summers: Shut up, Micah.

Micah Bell: I ain’t never seen so many long faces.

Bill Williamson: I guess… I guess folks miss them… that fell.

Micah Bell: Well, when I fall, I don’t want no fuss.

Lenny Summers: When you fall… there’ll be a party.

[Everyone laughs softly.]

Bill Williamson: A party… probably.

Micah Bell: That funny, huh? Sure.

[He hits him in the face and walks towards the exit. The others grab Bill Williamson, trying not to let him hit back.]

Micah Bell: Maybe I don’t feel like being laughed at by the likes of you two.

[Dutch enters.]

Dutch van der Linde: Stop it! Now! You fools punching each other… when Colm O’Driscoll’s needing punching, hard. You wanna sit around waiting for him to come find us? All of you, we got work to do. Come on.

Arthur Morgan: (with a roll-up in his mouth) Are you sure about this, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Yes.

Arthur Morgan: Folks been through a lot recently… we hardly back on our feet yet.

Dutch van der Linde: And the last thing we need is to get bushwhacked by Colm O’Driscoll. Let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: I know you hate him, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: He’s here for us.

Arthur Morgan: I doubt that.

Dutch van der Linde: No, you’re just doubting me.

Arthur Morgan: I would never doubt you, Dutch, you… you always said revenge is a luxury we can’t afford.

Dutch van der Linde: This is the right call, Arthur. Take this.

[He gives Arthur a rifle.]

Dutch van der Linde: And this is about more than revenge for business long ago. They were talking about trains and detonators. Here. Colm always had good information. Come on.

Arthur Morgan: And you think now is the right time to hit a train?

Dutch van der Linde: Now you might fancy living on deer piss and rabbit shit… I’m getting too old for that life. Mr. Matthews, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pearson… would you please look after the place… there are O’Driscolls about. H’yah!

[Dutch, Arthur and several other riders leave the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: Southwest, right, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, he said follow the main trail southwest. They’re camped near some lake.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, let’s go find these bastards before they find us, and rob this score they’re planning.

[For some time, they gallop along a snowy path.]

Dutch van der Linde: What’s that? Tracks… horses, quite a few of ’em. Far as I can tell, the only fools out here are us and them… they must be this way.

Arthur Morgan: You good, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Of course. Listen, I know you don’t think much of my ideas recently, but this is the right move.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… you know I got your back.

Dutch van der Linde: I learned a long time ago that you hit Colm O’Driscoll, wait for him and people you love will die.

Arthur Morgan: (sighs) This feud between you and him… needs to be put to rest, one way or another.

Bill Williamson: It will be.

Dutch van der Linde: Some things I can forgive, others I can forget. What he did to Annabelle, I can’t do neither.

Arthur Morgan: You killed his brother, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: (harshly) Yes, I did. And I hope the bastards’ll be reunited soon enough. That’s how this’ll end.

Micah Bell: Damn right, boss.

Dutch van der Linde: See that smoke? Let’s cut up here and take a look. They said it was near the lake, so we must be close.Hold up here. Alright, gentlemen, this is it. Are we goddamn ready?

Javier Escuella: Ready, Dutch.

Lenny Summers: Ready.

Dutch van der Linde: Good. Now, Mr. Morgan and I, we’re going to head up here a little, see if we can’t get a sense of the layout of the camp. Mr. Williamson, Mr. Bell, you two take up a hidden position just outside the camp. Mr. Summers, Mr. Escuella, you two hold position here. Let’s go.

[Arthur follows Dutch on foot. Having climbed higher, they look at the camp through binoculars.]

Dutch van der Linde: There they are… That’s definitely them.

Arthur Morgan: Colm?

Dutch van der Linde: I think…

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… that’s him.

Dutch van der Linde: Who’s he talking to? He don’t seem very happy.

Arthur Morgan: No…

Dutch van der Linde: Are they leaving?

Arthur Morgan: Seem to be. Should we go get ’em?

Dutch van der Linde: No. Colm can wait. Best to get some of them outta there. And much less fun to rob him and his score if he never finds out about it. Alright, let’s go pay our old friends a visit. Don’t forget to grab that rifle from your horse. You boys be ready to pick them off from up there.

Lenny Summers: Sure thing.

Dutch van der Linde: Good. Come on, let’s go. Seems easiest to take the same path down as Bill and Micah. Like you said, revenge is a luxury we can’t afford.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I just wasn’t sure you agreed with me.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, Arthur, have you completely lost faith in me? Our needs right now are supplies, equipment and a way out of here. Everything else, including Colm, can wait.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Dutch van der Linde: There’s enough of those bastards down there to deal with as it is. Now come on. It’s steep here, careful.

Arthur Morgan: Maybe I should take the lead on this. They’re going to be gunning for you.

Dutch van der Linde: They ain’t got me yet.

Arthur Morgan: No, but the way our luck’s been running…

Dutch van der Linde: Hush, let’s just get down there first. Down through these trees, quick. Stay low. Come on, follow me. Get in cover, Arthur.

[They sneak into O’Driscolls’ camp. Arthur is preparing his rifle.]

Arthur Morgan: (whispers) So what are we doing, Dutch? I can take this if you want.

Dutch van der Linde: Just make the call. You wanna take the lead? Go.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I’ll go first. (yells) O’Driscolls! You’re dead, you sons of bitches! I’m moving up, put some fire behind me!

[The real massacre begins.]

Dutch van der Linde: With Arthur, let’s go! There’s one up on the water tower! Look out! We got more in those cabins to the right. Oh, dammit! They’re still hiding in those cabins.

Bill Williamson: I think that’s all of them!

Dutch van der Linde: Search the bodies, strip everything we can from them!

Bill Williamson: You recognize any of them, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Of course not. Colm doesn’t give a damn about his men. All he cares about is numbers. If you can shoot a gun, and ride a horse, and kill without thought, you’re in. Think how long some of you have been with me? I imagine Colm doesn’t even know half the names of these fools. Keep looking! We need everything we can get off of these bastards! Oh, shit! Look out, more of the bastards coming outta the trees! Shit, there’s a lot of ’em. What do you think, Arthur? Should we hold ground here, or go at them?

Arthur Morgan: I say we go at the bastards!

Dutch van der Linde: Come on then. Everyone with me! Come on, let’s get into that forest and clear them out. The cowards are running away. Good work, boys. Back to the camp. We’ll get what we need and clear out. We’re waiting on you, Arthur. Arthur, get over here. We don’t have time to mess around. Good work, boys. Now, let’s tear this place apart. Bill, you go search that wagon there. Arthur, you take that building to the left. Alright men, quick! Find those detonators, explosives, anything you can. Let’s go.

Micah Bell: Perfect… their plans…

[Arthur finds a stash with denomite.]

Arthur Morgan: Here… this looks good… what you think Bill?

Bill Williamson: Looks fine… smells good.

Dutch van der Linde: Did we get everything?

Micah Bell: Think so, Boss. Found this on one of them.

Dutch van der Linde: Thank you.

Bill Williamson: This is perfect.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh yeah, interesting… this is something about the train they was gonna rob. A Mr. Leviticus Cornwall. Mount back up, let’s keep moving. Alright, let’s get outta here. Proud of you boys! All of you. Not a man down.

Bill Williamson: Good work, fellers.

[They leave the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: Not bad for some starving down-and-outs. They can pummel us as hard as they like, but we will always get back up and fight. That’s who we are. Outlaws for life, fellers. Wait until we have John, Mac, Charles and Sean back riding with us, and I believe I know… they will all be back.

Arthur Morgan: You didn’t get Colm, but this hit will hurt him a lot more than any bullet in the head.

Dutch van der Linde: Especially when we rob this train, too.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I guess we’ll see about that.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, indeed we will.

Arthur Morgan: You know… he’ll come after us.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, of course he will, just like all the rest. But we’re going stay a step ahead of them, make sure we always know where they are before they know where we are. We allowed ourselves to get a step behind in Blackwater. That won’t happen again. Alright, dig in, fellers. Let’s make some ground. Hey, you see that feller? Wasn’t he at the camp with Colm?

Arthur Morgan: Leave him to me.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, we’re heading back. Just bring him back alive. He could be useful.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, you got it.

[Arthur catches up with Colm’s hired gun galloping on a horse. He prepares his lasso.]

O’Driscoll: What the hell did I do? Don’t hurt me!

Arthur Morgan: You’re coming with me.

O’Driscoll: Please don’t. Please, please, you don’t need to do this. I’m no use to you, really.

[Arthur puts the tied guy on the horse and rides to Dutch.]

Arthur Morgan: What’s your name, boy?

O’Driscoll: I don’t know!

Arthur Morgan: You don’t know your name?

O’Driscoll: It’s Kieran.

Arthur Morgan: Kieran what?

O’Driscoll: Duffy. Kieran Duffy.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I ain’t gonna lie to you… this is a real bad day for you, Kieran Duffy.

Kieran Duffy: Where are you taking me?

Arthur Morgan: Somewhere you ain’t gonna like.

Kieran Duffy: Why? What are you gonna do to me?

Arthur Morgan: Something you ain’t gonna like. So I’d advise you to save your breath for screaming.

Kieran Duffy: I-I-I’m no use to you. Please, mister!

Arthur Morgan: You better shut your mouth, you little shit, or I will shut it for you.

Kieran Duffy: They don’t tell me nothing, I swear. Please, I’ll do anything! C’mon, just name your price.

Arthur Morgan: Are you trying to test me, is that it? Because I will break every bone in your body.

Kieran Duffy: I’m sorry, I’m sorry… okay?

Arthur Morgan: Not one more goddamn word, am I clear?

Kieran Duffy: Okay, okay!

Arthur Morgan: That’s two bones, right there.

[Arthur returns to Dutch’s camp.]

Arthur Morgan: Here we are, you sack of shit. Let’s introduce you to the boys.

Kieran Duffy: Don’t hurt me, please.

Dutch van der Linde: You found the little shit, did you?

Arthur Morgan: Yep. I got him.

Dutch van der Linde: Very good. Welcome to your new home… hope you’re real happy here.

Arthur Morgan: You want me to make him talk?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh no, now all we’ll get is lies. Mr. Williamson. Tie this maggot up someplace safe. We get him hungry first. I got a saying, my friend… we shoot fellers as need shooting… save fellers as need saving… and feed ’em as need feeding. We’re gonna find out what you need. I can’t believe it… an O’Driscoll in my camp.

Kieran Duffy: No, I ain’t an O’Driscoll, mister. I hate that feller.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, whatever you say, son. Well done, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: I’m just sorry we missed out on Colm.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, there’s time enough for that. Now, I gotta figure out if we can hit that train.

[The next morning.]

Arthur Morgan: You okay, Bill?

Bill Williamson: Are we gonna hit this train, then?

Arthur Morgan: Seems that way. Hey, Micah.

Micah Bell: Another day in paradise.

Arthur Morgan: So how you feeling about this train?

Javier Escuella: I mean we gotta do something.

[Arthur walks into a cabin.]

Abigail Marston: You are a silly, silly man. You really are. Eaten by wolves. Never heard such a ridiculous idea. Who gets themselves eaten by wolves? I mean really, who?

John Marston: I didn’t mean to, Abigail.

Abigail Marston: You never mean to but you always do. Always… trouble.

John Marston: Well, I’ve certainly made my mistakes.

Abigail Marston: What’s that supposed to mean?

John Marston: Whatever you want it to.

Abigail Marston: You are an annoying man, John Marston. You just shut up and get some rest.

Arthur Morgan: You feeling any better?

John Marston: Not a whole lot. Can’t seem to get warm.

Arthur Margan: Well, I’m hoping we can get out of here soon. Well, just hang in there.

John Marston: Good enough. Mrs. Adler, once we get off here, is there somewhere, where we can take you?

Sadie Adler: No. I don’t know. I don’t really have anyone.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. Well, you can stay with us as long as you want. How you feeling, Jack?

Jack Marston: My throat so hurts.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll be out of here soon, kid. Well, try to stay strong.

Jack Marston: Yeah, Uncle Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: You still here? Maybe I should scratch myself and feign a limp.

John Marston: Ain’t you got nothing better to do?

Arthur Morgan: Morning.

Lenny Summers: Cold morning.

The Aftermath of Genesis[]

[Arthur walks in the kitchen there Simon Pearson appears to be the cook.]

Simon Pearson: We’re gonna starve to death up here, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: We’re okay….

Simon Pearson: We have a few cans of food and a rabbit… for what, ten, twelve people? When I was in the Navy…

Arthur Morgan: I-I do not wish to hear about… what you got up to in the Navy, Mr. Pearson.

Simon Pearson: We were stranded at sea… for fifty days.

Arthur Morgan: And you unfortunately survived…

Simon Pearson: When we ran away from Blackwater… I wasn’t able to get supplies in.

Arthur Morgan: Well when government agents are hunting you down… sometimes shopping trips need to be cut short. We’ll survive… we always have… and if needs be, we can eat you… you’re the fattest.

Simon Pearson: I sent Lenny and Bill hunting and they found nothing.

Arthur Morgan: Well, Lenny’s more into book learning than hunting. Bill’s a fool. Unless those mountains are full of game that wanna read… ain’t no wonder they found…

Charles Smith: Enough of this. We’ll go find something. Come on, Arthur.

Simon Pearson: Wait a second, hold on. Here… you’re gonna need something to eat out there.

Arthur Morgan: "Assorted, salted offal." Starving would be preferable.

Charles Morgan: Come on, let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: You can’t go hunting. Look at your hand.

Charles Smith: I can’t stay here listening to you two. Look, if there’s game in those hills I’ll find it… and you can kill it.

Arthur Morgan: You need to rest, Charles.

Charles Smith: You think this is rest? Come along. Here, you take this. I can’t use it and you’ll have to.

[He hands over to Arthur… a bow.]

Arthur Morgan: Oh, you’re joking…

Charles Smith: Use a gun… and we’ll scare off every animal for miles around. You’re never too old to learn… I imagine. Come on… this way.

Arthur Morgan: How are you holding up, Charles?

Charles Smith: I’m okay, apart from this hand. Stupid mistake.

Arthur Morgan: Still bad?

Charles Smith: It will be fine in a day or two. I just can’t pull a bow right now.

Arthur Morgan: I sure hope I can. I never really got the hang of it.

Charles Smith: You’ll be fine.

Arthur Morgan: So… you reckon we’re gonna find something to kill that ain’t an O’Driscoll?

Charles Smith: There’s meat up here for sure. Pearson doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Now the weather’s eased off a bit, they’ll be needing to feed. We’ll head up this way. Find some higher ground.

Arthur Morgan: Been a wild few days alright. That ride north from Blackwater, getting stuck in this storm, going out for John, that thing with the O’Driscolls.

Charles Smith: You’ve had a lot put on you. I wish I could have done more.

Arthur Morgan: I didn’t mean it like that, just… a lot to think back on.

Charles Smith: I still don’t really know what happened on that boat.

Arthur Morgan: Me neither… well, Javier told me a bit, but… it sure weren’t good.

[For some time, Charles and Arthur just ride along a snowy forest road.]

Charles Smith: See some of the ground uncovered here. Come on, let’s try this way. Keep your eyes peeled for movement. The wind’s died down too.

Arthur Morgan: And that’s good?

Charles Smith: No wind at all is bad, but if it’s too strong, they won’t move. Now, shh… stay quiet. Hey… stop here a second. I see something. There’s deer been here… recently.

Arthur Morgan: How can you tell?

Charles Smith: How can you not? Let’s walk it from here. You’re going to need the bow, don’t leave it on your horse. A gun will scare everything around. Keep down. Move quietly and slowly.

Arthur Morgan: I think so… maybe not.

Charles Smith: It’s easier in the snow but, once you get your eye in, you’ll be able to track nearly as well in grass and woods. Wait, look… there they are. Quick, get that bow out, Arthur. Aim for the head or neck… See if you can get another one. Well done. I think that’s all we can carry. Okay, you pick up one, I’ll get the other.

Arthur Morgan: You sure your hand’s okay?

Charles Smith: It’ll be fine once I get it on my shoulder I’ll go grab the other one.

Arthur Morgan: Ready to head back when you are…

Charles Smith: Come on then, let’s head back. Nice work, Arthur. Should be enough meat here to keep us all fed for a few days.

Arthur Morgan: You found ’em.

Charles Smith: I knew you’d be okay with that bow.

Arthur Morgan: It’s easier when they ain’t shooting back.

Charles Smith: (laughs) We’ve seen enough of that.

Arthur Morgan: Considering how things were looking a couple of days back, maybe our luck is finally on the turn.

Charles Smith: Seems to me we should be putting our effort into getting off this mountain now.

Arthur Morgan: Soon. People are still weak and you’ve seen how Snowed in those wagons are… they ain’t going nowhere until we get some more thaw.

Charles Smith: You’re probably right. And, even if we do get off here… what then? We’ll still have a big price on our heads.

Arthur Morgan: This is a big country… we’ll find somewhere to lie low. Dutch and Hosea will have a plan. You noticed how Pearson’s had a bottle in his hand ever since we fled Blackwater? We give the camp cook five minutes to grab the essentials and go, and he doesn’t even bring a crumb of food.

Charles Smith: Good that we caught more than one. We’ve only been up here a few days and have already picked up two more mouths to feed.

Arthur Morgan: One more. We ain’t feeding the O’Driscoll a damn thing, except maybe that can of salted offal Pearson was kind enough to give us.

Charles Smith: The girl, she has a wild look in her eye.

Arthur Morgan: Of course. She lost her husband, her home, everything she had.

Charles Smith: So what do we do with her?

Arthur Morgan: Once we get out of here, and we’re back on our feet, we’ll see. She might have family somewhere.

Charles Smith: Who knows, maybe she’ll deal with the O’Driscoll for us.

Arthur Morgan: I know who my money’s on in that fight. He’s weak, but that makes him much more useful. Maybe we can get to them before they get to us.

Charles Smith: What is it with the O’Driscolls?

Arthur Morgan: You ain’t dealt with them? I suppose we ain’t run into them much the last six months. I guess because they’ve been over this way.

Charles Smith: I’ve heard a lot of talk about them…

Arthur Morgan: Well… we’ve been scrapping over scores with them for years.

Charles Smith: Watch out! Bear up ahead. Let’s see if we can find another way around.

Arthur Morgan: He’s got a lot of meat on him.

Charles Smith: We’ve got enough here, no need to push our luck. He must be real hungry, stay well back. Spring storms like this are the worst for animals that sleep all winter. (Arthur pulls out his rifle) That’s a bad idea… have you seen the size of it? What are you doing? Look out!

Arthur Morgan: That thing was huge.

Charles Smith: Are you crazy? You’re lucky it scared that easy. Come on, let’s get back before it changes its mind.

Arthur Morgan: We ain’t ever talked that much, you and me. How long have you been with us now? Five, six months?

Charles Smith: Something like that.

Arthur Morgan: Bet you didn’t expect this.

Charles Smith: What?

Arthur Morgan: Any of this. The Blackwater mess, being up here.

Charles Smith: Sooner or later a job’s going to go wrong. Nature of life.

Arthur Morgan: Just thought you might have moved on by now.

Charles Smith: You want me to move on?

Arthur Morgan: No, no, not at all, I just… I know you could run it alone, no problem.

Charles Smith: I did that for a long time. I’m done with it. Always wondering if someone’s going to kill you in your sleep.

Arthur Morgan: I still wonder that most nights.

Charles Smith: I reckon you’re okay… This suits me. Sure, I could fall in with another gang, but Dutch… you know… Dutch is different. Oh yes.

Arthur Morgan: Dutch is certainly different.

Charles Smith: He treats me fair. Most of you do. And for a feller with a black father and an Indian mother that ain’t normally the case.

Arthur Morgan: Well… we need you now, more than ever.

Charles Smith: Good… and how long have you been with these boys? Why ain’t you run off?

Arthur Morgan: Twenty years, something like that. Since I was a boy.

Charles Smith: Twenty years?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, he taught me to read. John, too. Taught me a few other things, him and Hosea.

Charles Smith: I’m sure.

Arthur Morgan: Dutch saved me, saved most of us. That’s why we need to stick by him through this. He always sees us right.

Charles Smith: How’s that new horse?

Arthur Morgan: He’s alright, he’ll do for now. Appreciate you letting me take Taima the other night.

Charles Smith: She’s a strong one. It’s been as hard on the horses as on the rest of us. I don’t know what Dutch would do if something happened to the Count.

Arthur Morgan: Same with Bill and Brown Jack. He’s a drunk, miserable bastard, but… he loves that horse.

Charles Smith: I hope they all make it.

Arthur Morgan: I tried to ride the Count once… bucked me faster than a bull. Won’t take nobody but him.

[They get back to the camp.]

Charles Smith: I’m going to hitch Taima over here.

Arthur Morgan: (yell) Brought some food back, boys. Come on, let’s get these over to Pearson. Oh and, thank you, for showing me how to use the bow properly.

Charles Smith: I only showed you a little. Takes a lifetime of practice to master.

[Arthur enters the kitchen with deer on his shoulder.]

Simon Pearson: Well, well, well…

Arthur Morgan: What a surprise… to find the camp rat loitering around in the kitchen.

Uncle: Is that any way to greet an old friend? I feel like we haven’t spoken for days.

Arthur Morgan: I do my utmost to avoid you.

Uncle: He loves me really… it’s his sad way of showing affection.

Arthur Morgan: No it isn’t. Now shoot, get lost.

Uncle: Well, see you gents later.

[He leaves the kitchen.]

Simon Pearson: See you got on just fine.

Arthur Morgan: Charles is a wonder.

Simon Pearson: Have a drink boys… you earned it.

Arthur Morgan: (takes a sip) Jesus, what is that?

Simon Pearson: Navy rum, sir… it’s the only thing… the only thing. Keeps you sane it does.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, seems to have done a treat on you. You go rest that hand, Charles.

Charles Smith: I’ll be fine in a few days.

Simon Pearson: You mind helping me with the skinning, Mr. Morgan? It’s easier if we do it together.

Arthur Morgan: Do I get to skin you?

Simon Pearson: You’re always one with the jokes aren’t you?

Charles Smith: This really isn’t a job for a man with a burnt hand. I’ll see you both later. You skin that one y-you dumped on the floor there. Not too bad, Mr. Morgan. Yeah, they always said you were a butcher. You know you could trade these or sell these in pretty much any town… if you’re looking to make a legitimate bit of money of course.

Arthur Morgan: Right now I’m just looking to get off this mountain alive.

Simon Pearson: Yeah, well if you catch anything else… you bring it to me. Thank you, Mr. Morgan. Heck, Arthur Morgan’s first decent bit of hunting, after all these years.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah well, we’re on the run now… everyone’s got to do their bit to survive. Just make a good stew, folk need it… it’s been a tough few days.

Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?[]

A few days later…

[Arthur make a new entry in his diary.]

“It’s been a bad few weeks, but… Dutch being Dutch, he is busy making plans and… Dutch being Dutch, those plans involve robbery and dreams.”

[After that Arthur goes to see John and sees Orville next to him.]

Arthur Morgan: I thought you was reading him his last rites… now I see you’re introducing him to your other passion

Orville Swanson: I’ll mind you to show me some respect, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Mind away, Reverend.

[Orville leaves.]

Arthur Morgan: (to John) You’re still here, then?

John: I owe you.

Arthur Morgan: And you’ll pay me… but for the moment, just rest.

[Dutch enters.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur… I think it’s time for the train.

John Marston: You want me to come?

Dutch van der Linde: Of course I do, but… look at you.

John Marson: I was always ugly, Dutch… it’s just a scratch.

Dutch van der Linde: Lie still, son. Hello, Abigail.

Abigail Marston: The boy wanted to see you, John.

John Marston: He’s seen me now… or what’s left of me. What about you?

Abigail Marston: Guess I was hoping to see a corpse.

John Marston: Bide your time, you’ll see plenty of them.

Abigail Marston: You’re a rotten man, John Marston.

Dutch van der Linde: He is an idiot, Abigail, we all know it.

[Dutch and Arthur leaves the cabin. Hosea and Bill join them outside.]

Dutch van der Linde: Now, railway men. Bill, now you ride ahead and set the charge… at the water tower, just before the tunnel.

Bill Williamson: Ain’t a problem.

Hosea Matthews: Why are we doing this? Weather’s breaking, we could leave. I-I thought we was lying low.

Bill Williamson: Hyah… come on.

Dutch van der Linde: What do you want from me, Hosea?

Hosea Matthews: I just don’t want any more folks to die, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: We’re living, Hosea, we’re living… look at me, we’re living… even you. But we need money, everything we have’s in Blackwater. You fancy heading back there?

Hosea Matthews: Listen, Dutch, I ain’t trying to undermine you, just… I just want to stick to the plan… which was to lie low, then head back out west. Now suddenly, we’re about to roh a train.

Dutch van der Linde: What choice have we got?

Hosea Matthews: Leviticus Cornwall’s no joke, Dutch, he’s…

Arthur Morgan: Who is Leviticus Cornwall?

Hosea Matthews: He’s a big railway magnate, sugar dealer, oil man.

Dutch van der Linde: Well how good for him. Sounds like he has more than enough to share. (loudly) Gentlemen, it is time to make something of ourselves. Get your horses ready, we have a train to rob. Everyone ready? Alright, let’s head out.

[Dutch’s gang is leaving the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: Okay gentlemen. Listen up, all of you. According to the information so kindly provided to us by the O’Driscolls, the train will be coming north, from Big Valley. We’re going to pick it off after it crosses the border into the Grizzlies. There’s a raised spot there that should give us good vantage. Charles, you’ll keep lookout for any outriders. How’s that hand, by the way?

Charles Smith: I’ll be fine.

Dutch van der Linde: Good. I’ll take the driver and engineer, then run point. Lenny and Javier, you two take the front cars, deal with any guards. Arthur and Micah, you head straight for the back. That’s what we’re after… Mr. Cornwall’s private car.

Micah Bell: You and me, Morgan. Have you got a problem with that?

Arthur Morgan: Not if you keep your head for once.

Micah Bell: You worry about yourself.

Dutch van der Linde: Enough! After Bill blows the tracks, we’re gonna need to move fast. Is everyone clear on what they’re doing?

Arthur Morgan: Yep.

Micah Bell: Crystal.

Lenny Summers: Yes, boss.

Dutch van der Linde: Good. Now, come on. Let’s ride.

[For some time, they silently gallop through the snowy forest.]

Arthur Morgan: Out of the snow, finally.

Dutch van der Linde: Feels good, doesn’t it? But we need to get this done fast now it’s thawing… before anyone gets up here after us. Look at you boys. See? This is what I call a crew. Micah Bell, Charles Smith, Arthur Morgan, Javier Escuella, and what about young Lenny here? Always the first man on his horse.

Lenny Summers: Just happy we’re back at ’em, Dutch.

Javier Escuella: You sure you’re ready for this, kid?

Lenny Summers: Course I’m ready.

Dutch van der Linde: Just stay calm, keep your eye sharp. That goes for all of you. No mistakes, not again. No mistakes, not again.

Micah Bell: So we do this, then we go back to Blackwater to collect?

Arthur Morgan: How many times are you going to ask the same question, Micah?

Micah Bell: That’s a lot of damn money to leave sitting for too long.

Charles Smith: It would be crazy to go back there now. The place will be swarming with Pinkertons.

Dutch van der Linde: We go back when I say we go back, and that’s the end of it. There’s the water tower. Hold up here on the ridge. Is Bill there?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah.

Dutch van der Linde: You wanna head down? See how he’s getting on?

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

[He rides to Bill, who plants explosives on railroad tracks.]

Arthur Morgan: How you getting on?

Bill Williamson: Yeah… I’m okay.

Arthur Morgan:You sure?

Bill Williamson: Of course.

Arthur Morgan: Can I help a little?

Bill Williamson: Alright. Go ahead… and set up the detonator by those rocks over there.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, sure.

Bill Williamson: Now, just unspool the wire and then attach it to said detonator.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, this is good.

Bill Williamson: Alright, that should do it. You head back up to the others, I’ve got it from here.

Lenny Summers: Here comes Arthur.

Micah Bell: About time. I have to say, I am rather looking forward to this.

Dutch van der Linde: Just be ready to move quick, and remember the plan… all of you. No mistakes. What’s going on?

Arthur Morgan: He says all fine.

Javier Escuella: We’ll soon find out.

Dutch van der Linde: Everything okay?

Arthur Morgan: I think so.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, cover your faces. Train should be here any minute now. That includes you, Arthur. Gentlemen, it’s time. Good luck, all of you. You all know what to do.

Bill Williamson: Here we go.

[Bill presses the detonator trigger lever, but the explosion does not occur. The train passes by.]

Bill Williamson: Shit, no! What? God.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Arthur Morgan: Where did you find that moron?

Dutch van der Linde: You said it was fine.

Arthur Morgan: So it’s my fault?

Javier Escuella: Well, come on! Arthur Morgan: You’re pathetic. You know that?

[The gang is running after the train. They jump right on the roof of the car.]

Javier Escuella: Here we go!

Lenny Summers: Pull me up! I’m slipping! Oh shit!

Arthur Morgan: I’ve got you. Now stop yelling.

Lenny Summers: Arthur, help me!

Arthur Morgan: You’re okay… now let’s go slow this thing down.

Lenny Summers: Where’s Javier?

Arthur Morgan: He fell, the others’ll get him. Come on, we need to stop this train.

[Arthur and Lenny get inside the car. Lenny knocks out the guard.]

Lenny Summers: There’s another guard up ahead, you want me to take him?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, you go.

Lenny Summers: Okay.

[Arthur walks along the cars killing the guards there with his revolver. Lenny climbs on the roof.]

Lenny Summers: Should we move up? Are we moving up?

Arthur Morgan: You alright?

Lenny Summers: Yeah, I’m good.

Arthur Morgan: How you doing there?

Lanny Summers: I’m okay. We gotta hurry! W-We have to stop this train!

Arthur Morgan: That’s what we’re doing, kid.

Lenny Summers: I’m going up! Look, we have to stop this train! Come on, let’s get to the front! Shoot him, damn it!

[Lenny climbs into the first car and pulls the brake lever. The train stops.]

Arthur Morgan: Look out, we got more coming off the train!

Lenny Summers: There better be some money at the end of this.

Arthur Morgan: All these bastards must be guarding something.

Lenny Summers: We need the car at the back, right?

Arthur Morgan: Yep, keep pushing on ’em.

Lenny Summers: Watch out! There’s some shooters up top!

Arthur Morgan: You still okay?

Lenny Summers: I think so! Damn, he’s got an army! Who is this guy?

Arthur Morgan: You’re doing good, kid. Where the hell are the others?

Lenny Summers: I don’t know!

Guard: Shoot ’em! Shoot ’em!

Lenny Summers: Oh shit… look, they’re coming outta that last car!

Arthur Morgan: We’re gonna get out of this.

Lenny Summers: Oh, I know we are. This ain’t what I’d call a two-man job, Arthur. Watch it, more of them ahead!

Dutch van der Linde: Alright! Finish those sons of bitches!

Arthur Morgan: Good shooting, kid.

Lenny Summers: I can see now why the O’Driscolls brought so many boys up here for this.

[Thanks to the help from the rest of the gang, all the guards were killed.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, get over here! We don’t have time to play games! Are you two alright?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, let’s get the money and go.

Dutch van der Linde: We got some fellers holed in up this last car.

Arthur Morgan: Ah, shit.

Dutch van der Linde: (towards the train) What are you boys planning on doing in there? Listen to me, we don’t want to kill any of ya… any more of ya. I give you my word, but trust me… we will.

Guard 2: I work for Leviticus Cornwall.

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, boys.

Guard 2: We got our orders.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay. You asked for it. Five…

Guard 2: We ain’t opening this door.

Dutch van der Linde: Three, Two, One. Seems our friends have gone deaf. Wake ’em up a little!

[The whole gang starts shooting at the car.]

Guard 3: We ain’t coming out!

Guard 4: You got no way in here!

Dutch van der Linde: That’s enough! Mr. Williamson, give Mr. Morgan and Mr. Smith some dynamite… you two boys, go blow that door open. (to the guards) Now don’t matter too much to us, but you boys in there, might wanna take a step back…

Charles Smith: Seems good enough. Now light the fuse.

Arthur Morgan: Here we go…

Bill Williamson: Unless you got a death wish, I’d step back, fellers.

[The explosion blows off the hinges of the car door. It falls into the snow.]

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, come on… just walk on out here. We don’t want to kill you… We just wanna rob your boss. Get on up there, search that train.

[Arthur enters the car.]

Lenny Summers: Look at this place. It’s like a palace.

Arthur Morgan: Now I’ve seen everything. You two got the safe? I’ll search the rest.

Micah Bell: Oh yes, should be easy as cake. You’re just gonna stand there, Kid, pour me some brandy will ya? I’m parched.

Lenny Summers: Shut up. Me and Arthur did all the work.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… kid did good. Didn’t see you rushing to jump on that train.

Micah Bell: He’s keen, I’ll give you that. Okay, let’s see if we can get this open. Come on, come on. Getting there… There, See? That’s how it’s done. Shit, just a pile of papers. I don’t think so. Here, make yourself useful. Least we all know you can read.

Lenny Summers: Gimme those.

Micah Bell: Railroad contracts… invoices… blah blah blah. You got anything?

Lenny Summer: Not really. Sugar imports from the Spanish West Indies… a lot of sugar. Some fancy new boat he’s ordered from Europe.

Arthur Morgan: Think I got ’em.

Micah Bell: Nice.

Lenny Summers: Well thank God. Come on.

Dutch van der Linde: What did you find?

Arthur Morgan: These… bonds. They worth anything?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, sure… bearer bonds. I think we can probably sell these pretty easily. Well done. Now would you get rid of all of this?

Arthur Morgan: The train?

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, get it out of here.

Arthur Morgan: What about them?

Dutch van der Linde: What do you think?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know.

Dutch van der Linde: It’s up to you. Kill ’em… leave ’em here… take ’em with you on the train… Just make sure they don’t send no folk after us.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Dutch van der Linde: See you back at camp. When you get back… we’ll be moving on. The rest of you… let’s ride!

[Dutch and the rest of the gang leaves.]

Arthur Morgan: Okay, get on the train, quick, all of you. Any bright ideas, I’ll kill all three of you…so behave. Come on, move.

Guard: We won’t tell a soul, I swear!

[Arthur jumps on him and ties his hands with a rope.]

Guard: I thought we had a deal!

[Arthur plunders everything that can take away and returns to the camp.]

Eastward Bound[]

[Morning. The voice of old miss Grimshaw from afar that, as usual, handing out the command.]

Susan Grimshaw: Oh for Lord’s sake. Put that book away and go help. Oh… Mary-Beth.

Arthur Morgan: So, we getting out of this hellhole?

Dutch van der Linde: We’re gonna try, weather seems stable.

Hosea Matthews: And we just robbed a Leviticus Cornwall train.

Dutch van der Linde: We got money in our pockets… the worst is behind us, gentlemen. So the question is, where now?

Hosea Matthews: I know this country a little… I told you, we should set up camp in… Horseshoe Overlook near Valentine. We’ll be able to hide out there no problem… as long as we keep our noses clean.

Dutch van der Linde: Well then let’s go… Well then let’s go… clean noses and everything else. Arthur, you’re in that one, bring Hosea… I know you two like to talk about the good old days… and what’s gone wrong with old Dutch.

[And so Dutch’s gang goes on the road again. The wagons are loaded and the horses drags slowly on the snowy road again. Light melodic music plays against the background.]

Dutch van der Linde: Lenny! Micah! Get over here!

Micah Bell: Yes, boss?

Dutch van der Linde: You two ride up ahead, make sure there’s no surprises. We’ve had enough of those.

Micah Bell: Me, with the boy?

Dutch van der Linde: Just go.

Micah Bell: Come on, kid. You can buy me a whisky.

[Arthur is entrusted with the control of the wagon.]

Hosea Matthews: Get us out the stream. You gotta keep us moving, but calm.

[A minute later, a wheel falls off at the wagon.]

Hosea Matthews: Ah, shit. Okay… let’s take a look.

Bill Williamson: You alright back there?

Arthur Morgan: Does everything look alright?

Javier Escuella: Well, what’s going on?

Arthur Morgan: I broke the goddamn wheel.

Hosea Matthews: Alright, let’s get it fixed.

Javier Escuella: You need help?

Hosea Matthews: I reckon we can handle it… Alright Charles, you and me hold the thing up while you try and put the wheel back on, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: You still strong enough to hold up a wagon?

Hosea Matthews: Shut up.

Arthur Morgan: I’m just saying.

Hosea Matthews: Well, say less. Pick the the wheel up! Nearly there… There.

Arthur Morgan: See… you ain’t so useless after all.

Hosea Matthews: Not quite.

[On the hill there are three Indians on horses.]

Arthur Morgan: What you think?

Charles Smith: If they wanted trouble… we wouldn’t have seen them.

Hosea Matthews: Poor bastards… we really screwed them over down here. Come on… let’s not push our luck.

Arthur Morgan: What happened?

Hosea Matthews: Well… get in… and I’ll tell you. Not too far now. Stay on this trail. We’ll follow the river then cut left inland. So… yes, the Indians in these parts got sold a very raw deal. This is the Heartlands we’re going to, good farming and grazing country, they lost it all. Stolen clean away from them it was, every blade of grass. Killed or herded up to the reservations in the middle of nowhere.

Charles Smith: And how’s that different from anywhere else?

Hosea Matthews: Well, maybe it’s not. I just heard some of the army out here was particularly, uh… unpleasant about it.

Charles Smith: Unpleasant? How do you rob and kill people pleasantly? We don’t, in spite of Dutch’s talk.

Hosea Matthews: I fear I was perhaps trying to simplify something more complicated for the benefit of our blockheaded driver here.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, don’t blame it on me. Never forget, this here’s a conman, Charles, born and bred. Just ’cause it sounds fancy don’t mean he knows a damn thing about what he’s talking about. So… what happened to your tribe?

Charles Smith: I don’t even know if I have one… least not that I can remember. My father was a colored man. They told me he lived with our people for a while, a number of free men did, but… when we were forced to move from our lands, the three of us fled. I was too young to really remember much. All life I’ve been on the run. A couple years later, some soldiers captured my mother, took her somewhere. We never saw her again. We drifted around… He was a very sad man and the drink had a mean hold on him. Around thirteen… I just took off on my own.

Hosea Matthews: That was about the age we found young Arthur here, maybe a little older. A wilder delinquent you never did see. But he learned fast.

Arthur Morgan: Not as fast as Marston, apparently.

Charles Smith: Wait… I don’t understand. What’s the problem between you two?

Hosea Matthews: Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: It’s a long story. We still heading the right way?

Hosea Matthews: That depends… are we still heading west, in search of fortune and repose in virgin forests, as we planned? No. Are we heading in the correct direction on our desperate escape from the law eastwards down the mountains? Yes, I believe so.

Charles Smith: You know this area?

Hosea Matthews: A little, I’ve been through a couple of times. There’s a livestock town not too far from here, called Valentine. Cowboys, outlaws, working girls. Our kind of place.

Arthur Morgan: O’Driscolls?

Hosea Matthews: Probably them too.

Arthur Morgan: Pinkertons?

Hosea Matthews: Let’s hope not.

Arthur Morgan: And this place we’re going… wait, what’s it called again?

Hosea Matthews: Horseshoe Overlook.

Arthur Morgan: It’s a good place to lie low?

Hosea Matthews: It’ll do for now. And how low do you think Dutch is really going to lie? It’s just… you know, maybe it’s me who’s changed, not him, but, we kept telling him that ferry job didn’t feel right. You and me had a real lead in Blackwater that could’ve worked out.

Arthur Morgan: Maybe.

Hosea Matthews: It just… Isn’t like Dutch to lose his head like that.

Arthur Morgan: Things go wrong sometimes. People die. It’s the way it is, always has been. Me, you, Dutch… we’ve all been in this line of work a long time, and we’re still here, so… I figure we must’ve got it right a hell of a lot more than we got it wrong. What are you working on there anyway?

Hosea Matthews: Just some yarrow and ginseng, good for the health. Better than that stuff you buy in the store. Here, you can have all this. I’m at the point where I can do it with my eyes closed.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… thank you.

Javier Escuella: There you are, brother. Head in there and follow the track for a bit. Hey, slow up! I’ll jump on. Okay, let’s go.

Hosea Matthews: Any trouble getting in here, Javier?

Javier Escuella: No, it went well. This is a good spot.

Hosea Matthews: Excellent. I think this’ll work for us, Arthur. For now, anyway. Here we are, gentlemen. Home sweet home.

Dutch van der Linde: You weren’t wrong, Hosea. This place is perfect.

Hosea Matthews: I hope so.

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen, we have survived.

Hosea Matthews: For now.

Dutch van der Linde: Now it is time to prosper.

Hosea Matthews: Arthur and I were about to prosper in Blackwater. We were on to something big… then Micah got you all excited about that ferry and here we are.

Dutch van der Linde: We have all made mistakes over the years, Hosea… every last one of us. But I kept us together… kept us alive… kept the nooses off our neck.

Hosea Matthews: I guess I’m just worried. I ain’t got that long, Dutch. I want folks safe before I go. And now we are stuck… east of the Grizzlies and out of money… and a long way from our dream of virgin land in the west.

Dutch van der Linde: I know, my brother, but we are safe. We make a bit of money here, then we move again… head out around them, be west of Uncle Sam… in a few months buy some land.

Hosea Matthews: I hope so.

Dutch van der Linde: Would you just look around you. This world has its consolations.

Leopold Strauss: Gentlemen, I’m going to head into the local town, and you know… see if I can strike up a little business.

Dutch van der Linde: Of course, Herr Strauss. I prefer robbing banks to usury… seems more dignified somehow. Now, everyone put your tools down for a moment, come on gather round, quickly now. I know that things have been tough… but we are safe now, and we are far too poor. So it is time for everyone to get to work.

Hosea Matthews: Get to work, but stay out of trouble. Remember, we are itinerant workers.

Dutch van der Linde: Laid off when they shut down our factory to the north, Now, get out there, and see what you can find. Uncle, Reverend Swanson… no more passengers. It is time for everyone to earn their keep.

Hosea Matthews: There is a town a little way down the track… name of Valentine… live stock town. All mud and morons if I remember right. That seems a decent place to start.

Simon Pearson: And… We need food… real food… that means every day, one of you.

Dutch van der Linde: And remember, whatever it is that you find… the camp gets its slice. Now, be sensible out there.

Susan Grimshaw: Now, the girls have your tent ready, Mr. Morgan, come with me. You two will be ready shortly. We put you over here.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure everything will be fine, Miss Grimshaw.

Susan Grimshaw: It should be, most of your stuff from Blackwater got saved.

Arthur Morgan: Everything apart from my money.

Susan Grimshaw: Oh, don’t remind me.

Arthur Morgan: Well, we can always make more money.

Susan Grimshaw: We’re going to have to. Miss Jackson… I’ve seen shit with more common sense than you. Do it properly.


A couple of weeks later…

[Arthur makes another entry in his diary.]

“We got off the mountain… and rode east into some… pretty enough country called the Heartlands. Ain’t been this far east in many a year. Dutch seems a little better. His eyes are sparkling once more and… I can see he’s thinking a little clearer. I think we all feel a little happier… spite of Blackwater and that whole mess.”

[There is a bright sunny day outside. Nice and warm. Arthur stands by the cart and smokes. Hosea comes up to him.]

Hosea Matthews: Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Hosea.

Hosea Matthews: Quite a day.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s hope so.

Hosea Matthews: There’s a bunch of the boys already in Valentine… Bill, Charles and Javier. And Swanson found something… down at the train station by the lake apparently. And Strauss came back with that creepy little smile on his face. I’m sure there’s a whole list of unfortunates… he’s forced money upon.

Arthur: (laughs) Thank you. And you?

Hosea Matthews: I’m gonna read a book.

[Arthur goes for a walk in the new camp.]

Molly O’Shea: Hi. Morning.

Arthur Morgan: Morning. You seem miles away.

Molly O’Shea: I’m fine.

Arthur Morgan: Anyway, not my business, I guess.

Molly O’Shea: Well, I’m not much company, take care.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, Arthur, my boy… my dear boy.

Arthur Morgan: What’s going on?

Dutch van der Linde: Nothing… nothing at all. For the first time in weeks, nothing… we’re free. We’re free to plan our own future once more.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: You kept the faith, Arthur… you always kept it.

Arthur Morgan: And I ain’t losing it now.

[He goes on.]

Arthur Morgan: You got everything you need, Miss Grimshaw?

Susan Grimshaw: Not by a long shot, Mr. Morgan. We lost a lot in the move.

Arthur Morgan: All quiet, Hosea.

Hosea Matthews: Thankfully, yes.

Arthur Morgan: Anyway, I wont disturb you

Hosea Matthews: Leonard! Have any luck out there?

Lenny Summers: Sure. A few bits and pieces.

Hosea Matthews: Arthur never said he’d been robbed.

[Arthur sits on a horse and leaves the camp. On the way he meets two men standing by a tree.]

O’Driscoll: I don’t think you should just he wandering around here, friend. Not a thing happens round here without an O’Driscoll saying so. Understand me?

Arthur Morgan: No need for threats. I ain’t quarrelsome.

[He quickly kills them with his trusty revolver and pick their pockets clean. After that he goes hunting, kills a deer and takes its carcass to the city for sale.]

Stranger: Get outta the way.

Stranger 2: Come on, please! Please, somebody, be generous. Give more! Please… prove we ain’t a land of savages, prove we’re here for each other!

Stranger 4: Mind yourself.

Americans at Rest[]

[Arthur walks in the saloon.]

Javier Escuella: Oh, Arthur. Arthur, come here, come here. Come over here, I want you to meet our friends.

[There are two prostitutes standing next to him.]

Arthur Morgan: Pleased to meet you.

Civilian 1: Well ain’t you just the tough as teak mountain man?

Civilian 2: Oh, you be quiet, Anastasia… anyone can tell this one is a pussy cat.

Javier Escuella: Exactly, yes he’s a pussy… cat. Ain’t that so, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Whatever you say. How much you cost, anyway?

Civilian 1: Well ain’t that a nice way to talk to a lady?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, I didn’t know I was talking to a lady.

Civilian 1: Excuse me.

[Offended prostitutes are leaving.]

Javier Escuella: Well, I must say… you got a fine way with the women, amigo.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, a regular dandy and charmer. Where’s Bill?

Javier Escuella: Oh, man, I dread to think about it. Hey hey hey, there he is.

Arthur Morgan: He about to kiss that guy or punch him?

Javier Escuella: Oh, and we have our answer.

[Arthur goes to help a friend.]

Brawler: Come here, you.

Bill Williamson: Let’s just shoot these bastards!

Charles Smith: Oh come on, we can handle these fools!

Javier Escuella: Who are you fools, huh?

Bill Williamson: You tell me to take it easy?

Charles Smith: Is that all you got?

Bartender: Oh, please stop!

Javier Escuella: Come on, Arthur, hit someone!

Stranger: What the hell is going on down here?

Bartender: No, Tommy, stay outta this!

Tommy: Come here, you little greaser. Ya hit like a girl.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll kill you, you son of a bitch!

Bill Williamson: Arthur, give Javier a hand over there!

Arthur Morgan: Hey, tough guy!

[He punches big guy Tommy on the head.]

Tommy: You want some too, huh? Come on, pretty boy…

[Without feeling anything, Tommy grabs Arthur and throws him out the window, after which he follows to continue the fight on the street. The crowd gathers.]

Arthur Morgan: Pretty boy? You’re kidding me? Pretty boy?

Barber: Yeah, you got him now!

Bill Williamson: Put that ape down, come on!

Charles Smith: You okay there, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I got this son of a bitch.

Hotel Owner: Don’t take that from him!

Tommy: Come on, I ain’t even started.

Gunsmith: You show him, Tommy!

Tommy: What you scared of, huh?

Doctor: Go on, kick his teeth in!

Barber: Go on, Tommy!

Tommy: I hope you got more than that.

Charles Smith: Don’t go easy on him!

Hotel owner: Show him how we do it in Valentine!

Arthur Morgan: You must be the village idiot, huh?

Javier Escuella: Stop playing with him, Arthur.

Gunsmith: Put his face in the mud!

Doctor: Come on, Tommy!

[Arthur finally gets the upper hand.]

Stranger: Hey, come on. Stop that. Stop! Stop! Please! Please, I beg you. You won the fight already, surely that’s enough?

Arthur Morgan: What business is it of yours?

Stranger: No business. No business, sir. But, please…

[Arthur walks away. Tommy tweaked him pretty good. He hears someone’s voice.]

Josiah Trelawny: Making new friends again I see, Arthur.

Dutch van der Linde: Look who we found sniffing about.

Arthur Morgan: Josiah Trelawny.

Dutch van der Linde: The very same.

Arthur Morgan: Well, well… I thought you’d gone to New York.

Josiah Trelawny: And miss all this glamour? You must be joking.

Arthur Morgan: How are you?

Josiah Trelawny: Well. Quite well indeed. I went to Blackwater looking for you gentlemen. You’re not very popular there it seems. Ah Javier and Charles. I’ve missed you… and Bill looking as well as can be. Gentlemen, always a pleasure.

Dutch van der Linde: You’re right, we ain’t too popular in Blackwater.

Arthur Morgan: We left a lot of money there.

Josiah Trelawny: And young Sean it seems.

Dutch van der Linde: Sean? You’ve found him?

Josiah Trelawny: Yes, I have. He’s being held by some bounty hunters… trying to see how much money the government will pay them. I know he’s in Blackwater… but there’s talk of them moving.

Arthur Morgan: Well, if we step foot in Blackwater… well, then we’re dead men for sure.

Dutch van der Linde: There’ll be Pinkertons all over the place, but… if he’s alive we gotta try.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, of course.

Josiah Trelawny: It’s you they want, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Always is. Charles, go find out what you can, carefully. Josiah, take Javier. Arthur, go get yourself cleaned up. Join them when you’re ready.

Bill Williamson: Well, what about me?

Dutch van der Linde: Well exactly, what about you?

Bill Williamson: W-What does that mean?

Dutch van der Linde: Ah, Bill. Come on.

[Arthur washes his face in the trough and sits on his horse. He returns to the camp and find Uncle sleeping.]

Polite Society, Valentine Style[]

Arthur Morgan: Careful not to work yourself to death there, Uncle.

Uncle: I was thinking.

Arthur Morgan: Does it pay well?

Uncle: Eventually.

Arthur Morgan: So, while the rest of us are busy… stealing, killing, lying… fighting to try to survive… you get to think all day.

Uncle: It’s a strange world we live in, Arthur Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Do you wanna head into town… see if we can find anything out?

Uncle: Sure, I got some errands to run.

Arthur Morgan: Go check the horses are ready.

[Three girls come to Arthur… of easy behavior.]

Karen Jones: If you’re gonna take the old man into town…. could you take us too?

Arthur Morgan: Why what you got planned?

Karen Jones: Nothing… we’ll find something for y’all to do… we always do.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: We’re bored out of our minds. Been cooped up here for two weeks now. Karen’s about ready to murder Grimshaw.

Arthur Morgan: Well, can Miss Grimshaw spare you?

Karen Jones: "Can Miss Grimshaw spare you?" What’s happened to you, Arthur? Three young healthy women want you to take ’em robbing… you’re worried about house chores. Let’s go!

Arthur Morgan: Fair enough, you got me. Come on then.

[They joyfully get on the cart.]

Tilly Jackson: I can’t believe we’re going to see civilization… feels like weeks since we did.

Uncle: Yeah, Valentine… the very embodiment of civilization. You ladies are gonna love it.

Arthur Morgan: Sure, you’ll see… real civilized. Let’s go.

Uncle: Alright, do you know the way?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah…me and the boys got into a bit of a fight at the saloon there.

Karen Jones: (laughs) Already?

Uncle: Oh, so all that talk about how hard you been working… you mean drinking. Ladies, sing us a song. Ladies: (laughing and singing) I got a girl in Berryville… can’t be screwed ’cause she’s too damn ill.

Uncle: Go right here, it’s quicker.

Ladies: So I don’t go down there no more. There’s a blue horse lays outside her door. I got a girl in Valentine… likes to drink that fancy wine. Plumes in her hat was two feet tall… the crack in her pants paid for it all. I got a girl in Berryville. Can’t get it in her cause she won’t stay still. She kicks and squeals and farts and hollers. She kicks and squeals and Parts and hollers.

Uncle: Look at that coach, he… he’s all over the place.

Ladies: Won’t take less than seven dollars. Won’t take less than seven dollars.

[On the way they meet another cart. The horse pulling the cart breaks out and runs away into the forest.]

Driver: Oh, goddamn it! Oh shit, the horses! This is all I need.

Tilly Jackson: Is one of you gonna get that seller’s horse?

Uncle: Oh, I got lumbago, it’s very serious!

Arthur Marston: Alright, I’ll see what’s going on… Lumbago. Really… You alright there, friend? (to the driver) You alright there, friend?

Driver: Oh hey, you couldn’t help me get my other horse back from over there, could you?

Arthur Marston: Sure, no problem.

Driver: Thanks mister. It’s the white one over there.

[Arthur catches the horse with his lasso.]

Mary-Beth Gaskill: It looks pretty spooked. There, you got it!

Tilly Jackson: Well done, Arthur!

Arthur Morgan: Here… here you go.

Driver: You’re a gentleman, sir, a gentleman!

Arthur Morgan: No, not really… I was just… trying to impress the women.

Driver: Well, anyway, thank you.

Uncle: C’mon, let’s go!

Karen Jones: To Valentine!

Uncle: You’re turning into a regular old fairy godmother there, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What’s that supposed to mean?

Mary-Beth Gaskill: It means you’ve got a heart. A small one perhaps, hidden deep inside, but a real one. And you haven’t, you repulsive old lizard.

Uncle: Lizards have hearts!

Tilly Jackson: Well, Arthur, I’m proud of you.

Arthur Morgan: To be honest, if you lot hadn’t been here… I probably woulda robbed him.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Well, you didn’t!

[They enter Valentine.]

Tilly Jackson: Smell those sheep.

Karen Jones: Or is that Uncle?

Uncle: Very funny.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: This looks like a decent little town.

Tilly Jackson: Other people… finally.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Look at all that snow on the mountains. Sure don’t want to be back up there.

Tilly Jackson: You think we should’ve asked Molly to come with us?

Karen Jones: Oh no, Miss O’Shea is far too high and mighty now for the likes of us… or to do any real work. She’s a society lady, now. Okay, take a good look around, ladies. Let’s see what we got here.

Uncle: Go left here, down the main street. Sheriff’s office on the right. Sure you can pick up some, bounties there, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Heaven forbid you put your head on the line.

Uncle: That’s a young man’s game.

Karen Jones: Oh yes, we can get up to some mischief here alright…

Arthur Morgan: Just remember, keep a low profile.

Karen Jones: Will you remember that, though, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Probably not.

Uncle: Let’s park up down the end there, near the stables.

[The cart stops.]

Uncle: Alright! Here we are, just like I said. The cultural center of civilization. Man at his finest.

Arthur Morgan: Uncle, what’re we doing?

Uncle: Well, we’re gonna do what any self respecting maniac does… put the women to work.

Karen Jones: With pleasure… we’ll start at the saloon.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, just stay outta trouble and don’t get yourselves noticed.

Uncle: Right, I-I need to get something from the stores.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, well we’ll see you at the general store when you’re done.

Karen Jones: Come on ladies… imagine we’re in Paris.

Uncle: Come on.

Tilly Jackson: I imagine Paris and Valentine are easily confused.

Arthur Morgan: So that’s how you see yourself, is it? A maniac?

Uncle: Well, in my youth, I used to be known as the "one-shot kid".

Arthur Morgan: Okay… I’m not gonna ask why.

Uncle: You’re a sad man, Arthur Morgan. But I know you love me.

Arthur Morgan: Desperately… you’re my favorite parasite. No… ringworm’s my favorite parasite, you’re my second favorite parasite.

Uncle: Very funny.

Arthur Morgan: I lied… ringworm, then rats with the plague, then you.

Uncle: Shut up… this is the place, now. Come on. (to a shopkeeper) Afternoon.

Arthur Morgan: So what do you need?

Uncle: A drop of whiskey for a start. Something to pass the time while we’re waiting on the women.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, reckon I should probably steer clear of the saloon this time.

Uncle: You’re looking a bit tired there, Arthur. Why you don’t pick up some coffee while we’re here?

Shopkeeper: Lemme know if you have any questions, fellers. Whiskey’s on the top shell, nearest the door. Wait, ain’t you the feller who had the fight with Tommy outside the saloon?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, that all got a little out of hand, but… I didn’t swing first.

Shopkeeper: Sure, well, these things happen. And that was some good viewing. Don’t reckon folk ever seen Tommy lose a fight before.

Arthur Morgan: Well, it’s all done now.

Uncle: You not getting anything, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know… maybe.

Uncle: What do you reckon, a lamb or a sausage?

Shopkeeper: Well, this here’s a sheep town, the lamb’s the best in the state.

Arthur Morgan: So, you’re actually buying for once? Are you feeling alright?

Uncle: See this? Young folk got no respect for their elders no more. Okay, if you’re done, I’ll meet you outside. I won’t be too long. This should do the trick.

Shopkeeper: Yep… that’s fine whisky.

Uncle: That should do us, let’s go wait for them outside.

Shopkeeper: All the best, fellers. Try to stay out of trouble now.

[Having bought himself a new suit and provisions, Arthur comes out of the store. Meanwhile, Uncle is drinking whiskey on a chair next to the store.]

Uncle: Oh, here’s to your good health, sir… and to being down here, off that mountain.

Arthur Morgan: Absolutely.

Uncle: It’s a funny world. This time in my career… I pictured myself being married to an heiress.

[Arthur falls asleep pretty much drunk. Some time later, Mary-Beth wakes him up.]

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Gentlemen. I think I’ve got something good. I snuck into this fancy house… and acted like a servant girl… usually works. Someone was saying her sister was taking a trip… from New York or someplace. Train full of rich tourists, heading to Saint Denis… and then cruising off to Brazil.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: A train laden with baggage and… passing through a bit of deserted country at night… as to get to the docks in time for the tides… in some place called Scarlett Meadows.

Uncle: Yeah, I know it… yeah, yeah, it’s right out near New Hanover. Right, it’s real quiet out there.

Arthur Morgan: Sounds good. Where’s Tilly and Karen?

Mary-Beth Gaskill: I think at the hotel… they were picking up some drunken fellers… that they was going to rob.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Mary-Beth Gaskill: It seemed easy. They have been gone for quite a while.

Arthur Morgan: I guess I’ll go see if there’s any trouble.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Oh, there’s Tilly over there… that does not look ideal.

[Some guy drags kicking Tilly around the corner.]

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me.

Stranger: You thought I wouldn’t find you, Tilly?

Tilly Jackson: You can go kiss a damn snake for all I care… get off me! Get off of me!

Arthur Morgan: (threatening) Get your hands off of her.

Stranger: Who are you?

Tilly Jackson: A friend of mine…

Arthur Morgan: (threatening) Get the hell off of her, you son of a bitch.

Stranger: Hey… hey take it easy. There’s no problem here.

Arthur Morgan: There will be if you don’t get outta here right now.

Stranger: You’re making a big mistake, Tilly Jackson.

Tilly Jackson: Just get lost.

Stranger: I ain’t doing this with you right now.

Arthur Morgan: Go wait with Uncle and Mary Beth, they’re across the street.

Tilly Jackson: Okay, thanks Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Uncle! Look after her. I’mma go see about Karen in the hotel.

Hotel owner: Can I help you, sir?

Arthur Morgan: I’m looking for a girl who came in here earlier with a drunk feller? Mid twenties, blonde, you’d remember her.

Hotel owner: Yeah, they’re in 2B, upstairs. Are you, uh, a friend of his?

Arthur Morgan: A friend of hers…

Hotel Owner: (frightened) No trouble now, please!

Guest: Oh, get the hell outta here will you?

Arthur Morgan: Sorry… wrong room.

[Soon Arthur hears Karen’s voice from the next room.]

Karen Jones: Get off of me!

Stranger 2: I’m getting what I paid for!

Arthur Morgan: (breaking the door) Hey!

Stranger 2: Who are you?

Arthur Morgan: A friend of hers.

Stranger 2: Get outta here, buddy, I paid.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t paid to hit her, you goddamn animal! Come here!

[He knocks out the stranger with several strong punches.]

Arthur Morgan: What the hell were you doing here?

Karen Jones: Trying to play him. Not very well.

Arthur Morgan:You okay? You sure?

Karen Jones: Yeah. Nothing… nothing to worry about, just… men, but… stupid bastard… stupid bastard was boasting about the bank.

Arthur Morgan: The bank?

Karen Jones: Sure, I know small town banks are usually a waste of time, but… this is a livestock town, there’s lots of cash sometimes.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… keep investigating.

Karen Jones: After you. Thank you, Arthur. I don’t much like being saved, but… when I have to be.

Arthur Morgan: I understand.

[They go outside.]

Tilly Jackson: You okay?

Karen Jones: Sure, he only punched me. Arthur punched him a lot harder.

Arthur Morgan: Alright then.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Hey, who’s that guy over there looking at us?

Stranger 3: Weren’t you in Blackwater a few weeks back?

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t from there.

Stranger 3: Oh, you were. Well, I definitely saw you. With a bunch of fellers.

Arthur Morgan: Impossible. Listen, buddy. Come here for a minute.

Stranger 3: I saw you…

Arthur Morgan: Come here.

Stranger 3: Come on, get!

[He rides away on his horse.]

Uncle: I don’t like this.

Arthur Morgan: Me neither. Go get the girls home. I’m gonna go have a word with our friend.

Tilly Jackson: Be careful, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Just a word.

Civilian: Hey! That’s my horse!

Arthur Morgan: Just borrowing it…

Stranger 3: You stay away from me!

Arthur Morgan:Get back here right now!

Stranger 3: I didn’t mean nothing by it, honest! Come on, hyah! Please, I can’t get up!

[In a crazy gallop, a stranger flies off a horse and grabs the edge of a cliff.]

Arthur: Why are you telling lies about me?

Stranger: No, no! I-I-I got it wrong, partner… I got it very wrong, now please, help me up!

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t never been in Blackwater…

Stranger: Then why are you chasing me?

Arthur Morgan: I’ve got an unfortunate face.

Stranger: Yes, yes… me too… now please, pull me up, please! Please! My hands are slipping.

Arthur Morgan: Alright… come on… You okay, partner?

Stranger: No… no, I am not. I’m a mess.

Arthur Morgan: Well, you ain’t dead.

Stranger: There is that. Jimmy Brooks.

[He stretches out his hand, but Arthur does not think to shake it.]

Arthur Morgan: I think it’s best for both of us… if we pretend this never happened.

Jimmy Brooks: Oh, I agree. You saved my life. You’re a good man and I, err…. you want a pen? It’s one of them steel ones.

Arthur Morgan: Oh… that’s very kind of you. But I’m not a good man, Jimmy Brooks… not usually. You see… I was in Blackwater. I kill people… and maybe I shoulda killed you. Should I have killed you, Jimmy Brooks?

Jimmy Brooks: Me…? I n-never saw you… not-not now, not-not never. I think we have an understanding?

Arthur Morgan: Of course we do. Jimmy Brooks… I will remember that. I’ve got a good memory.

Jimmy Brooks: I haven’t… I haven’t! Not-not one lick! Not… one sense in this here old mind! C’mon, c’mon… You have a nice day now, sir.

[Jimmy is leaving in a hurry. Arthur returns to his friends.]

Civilian: Hey! My horse! Am I glad to see you!

O’Driscoll: Hold him steady now. Arthur Morgan: Here’s your horse back, friend.

Civilian: Oh, you really were just borrowing it!

Arthur Morgan: Appreciate it.

[Arthur notices how the two of them beat the debt out of some man.]

O’Driscoll: You borrow from the O’Driscoll Boys, you pay the O’Driscoll Boys.

Stranger: I made it right with you, I swear…

O Driscoll: Well then, I guess you forgot about the interest…

O’Driscoll 2: Looks like you need a lesson!

Stranger: You might’ve just saved my life, stranger. You’re a gentleman.

Arthur Morgan: They won’t bother you no more.

Stranger: If only there was more men like you, and less of them damn O’Driscolls. I’m-I’m going to see to my ailings. Thank you, mister. Really.

Good, Honest, Snake Oil[]

[Arthur decides to visit the local sheriff.]

Sheriff: Well… looky here. Maybe this is our man.

Lawman: You a bounty hunter, mister?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe… it depends.

Sheriff: Well, I’m guessing you ain’t here to pass the day… turn yourself in… or discuss the finer points of county law. Then I don’t need to know much more than that…. till I got a reason to.

Arthur Morgan: Alright…

Sheriff: (sniff) You smell that? This here’s a livestock town, mister… attracts delinquents and reprobates like flies. Now I’m not a feller to pass a quick judgement… but I’ve been around long enough to know… you don’t hire a saint to catch a sinner. You bring me what I need… and I’ll pay you well… and I won’t ask no questions.

Arthur Morgan: what is it you need?

Sheriff: Why don’t you have a look at that poster… on the wall over there.

Lawman: He’s a low down huckster. He’s been poisoning folks with his miracle cure… from here to Annesburg. Killed more than Landon Ricketts without even pulling a trigger. Gets some kind of sick satisfaction out of it.

Sheriff: The feller over at the saloon says… he thought he saw him by the gorge… straight north of here. You think you can bring him in? The money’s good. I need him alive though. I wanna make sure the women he widowed… get compensated before he swings.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll see what I can do.

Sheriff: Well good luck to you. And we need him alive… that’s an important point.

Arthur Morgan: Alive. I got it.

[He leaves the sheriff’s department and goes to examine the gorge. He finds a man warming at night by the fire.]

Arthur Morgan: What we got here? Are you Benedict Allbright?

Stranger: No, sir…

Arthur Morgan: You kinda look like him… and I was told he’d be up here.

Benedict Allbright: No… not me sir.

Arthur Morgan: It’s because… I wanna buy some medicine… I heard good things. I’ll pay… in gold… if you can help me find him. It’s just… my mother’s real sick.

Benedict Allbright: Oh, well if that’s the case… if it’s for a sick woman… I’d be happy to help. I’m a healer you know… a medical man. Finest medicine in the state.

[After learning what he need, Arthur pulls out a revolver.]

Arthur Morgan: Game’s over, mister. Put your hands up… I’m taking you in.

Benedict Allbright: Taking me in?

Arthur Morgan: Apparently that stuff you’re pushing is killing folk… and there’s a price on your head. I don’t know, it ain’t my business.

Benedict Allbright: Come on, partner, that’s crap. I’m a healer.

[Arthur pulls up the barrel of his revolver.]

Benedict Allbright: I’ve got an aura… I speak to spirits… I’m a scientist. Folks get real angry for no good reason… this… this is a mistake.

Arthur Morgan: Keep your hands up buddy… they only want you for questioning.

Benedict Allbright: I have to insist that this is a mistake.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t be a fool.

[Benedict walk backwards at the aim of Arthur’s revolver and falls into the abyss.]

Arthur Morgan: Hold on.

Benedict Allbright: I’m slipping. You saved me…

Arthur Morgan: Now, come on, buddy, let’s make this easy.

Benedict Allbright: You’re taking me in?

Arthur Morgan: It’s just for questioning.

Benedict Allbright: You saved my life.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t we had enough drama?

Benedict Allbright: I-I’d be better off jumping.

Arthur Morgan: They expressly told me not to kill you. This is about you? Don’t jump…

Benedict Allbright: You can’t shoot me. I’ll take my chances.

Arthur Morgan: Come here.

Benedict Allbright: Bye, friend…

[He jumps from a cliff into the river. Arthur gallops after him.]

Arthur Morgan: I really do not like you.

Benedict Allbright: I shouldn’t have done that. Help me!

Arthur Morgan: I-I gotta cross. Swim to the edge. Or… grab onto something. Don’t you dare drown! Look out, the rapids. Hold your breath. Get over to the bank. Come here… come here.

Benedict Allbright: Who made you God, friend? Who made you judge?

Arthur Morgan: I’m only in it for the money.

Benedict Allbright: That’s even worse.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, let’s take you in.

Benedict Allbright: Sir… I think I must be suffering from exposure.

Arthur Morgan: Suffer a little longer.

Benedict Allbright: I seem to keep blacking out… Sir, I must warn you, my temperature is subnormal.

Arthur Morgan: You do seem to keep blacking out.

Benedict Allbright: Sir, this isn’t necessary. I’m a medical man, a healer. It’s all just a big mistake. I don’t feel very well.

Arthur Morgan: I told you to shut up.

Benedict Allbright: Who made you judge?

Arthur Morgan: I’m only in it for the money.

[Arthur takes fished from the river Benedict back to the sheriff.]

Sheriff: Well, he don’t understand you, Moira, and that’s the truth… Oh, my Lord… I wasn’t expecting you back so soon. Uh, Mrs. Calthorpe was, uh… was just leaving.

Arthur Morgan: Sure… where you want him?

Sheriff: Cell in the back.

Benedict Allbright: There’s been some terrible mistake. I never did it…

Arthur Morgan: I thought I told you to shut up, partner.

Benedict Allbright: But I told…

Arthur Morgan: But nothing. Shut up… and err… good luck. It’s been real fun.

Benedict Allbright: You ain’t much of man. If you ask folks for forgiveness you remember this, partner.

Arthur Morgan: I’ve already forgotten it. Now, Sheriff… how much was you offering?

Sheriff: Fifty dollars… here.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you. Madam.

Sheriff: (to Mrs. Calthorpe) Now please, remember what I told you.

[“Good, Honest, Snake Oil” mission completed.]

O’Driscoll: Don’t think I seen you in town before. You just arriving in these parts?

Arthur Morgan: I didn’t know better, I think you boys might be looking to scare some old ladies out of their change.

O’Driscoll: That’s it. We’re going toe to toe.

[Arthur beats them up.]

Arthur Morgan: Bunch of jackasses. What the hell’s your problem anyway?

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman[]

[After that he enters a small bar.]

Stranger: Hey, no need to be rude.

Stranger 2: Come on, sir, try to remember… what really happened at Sylvia’s Saloon back in ’76?

Stranger 3: Just a lot of bunk, Plato, it’s just a lot of bunk.

Stranger 2: It’s not bunk, Mr. Calloway, sir. It’s history.

Stranger 3: Ancient history, done and dusted. The dead got off lucky, the living gotta keep suffering. Same as always.

Stranger 2: But did you shoot the Newton Twins?

Stranger 3: I don’t give a pig’s penis about the Newton Twins! One of them was a girl, anyhow.

Stranger 2: But you had been friends back in ‘73. You rode the Alabaster Trail together.

Stranger 3: Funny thing about pig’s penises: they’re curly, like their tails. Ha! Put that in your fucking book, Plato!

Arthur Morgan: Who’s your friend there?

Stranger 2: This isn’t going very well. This is Jim ’Boy’ Calloway.

Arthur Morgan: Who?

Stranger 2: The gunslinger… fastest left handed draw that ever drew breath. He once killed fourteen men in a fight at Lewsey Hollow.

Arthur Morgan: Well what are you waiting for?

Stranger 2: How do you mean?

Arthur Morgan: I reckon, right now… kill him yourself.

Stranger 2: I don’t wanna kill him… I wanna deify him. I’m trying to write his biography.

Arthur Morgan: And how’s that going?

Stranger 2: I think I’d prefer the duel. Either I’d kill him… and be able to he Baltimore’s finest ever gunslinger… or he’d kill me and I could be set free… from ever having to speak to him again.

Arthur Morgan: Well, you’re starting to understand something very important.

Stranger 2: What’s that?

Arthur Morgan: The joys of gunslinging. It’s win-win, freedom or glory.

Stranger 2: That’s brilliant. I’m going to write that down…

Arthur Morgan: Be my guest.

Stranger 2: What’s your name?

Arthur: I don’t have a name.

Stranger 2: But you are a gunslinger?

Arthur Morgan: Not really. I mean folks who need shooting, I try and shoot in the back. All that other stuff, it’s…

Stranger 2: But you’ve fought duels?

Arthur Morgan: Once upon a time… I may have.

Stranger 2: And you ain’t interested in fame?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t think so.

Stranger 2: Strange… but you like fortune?

Arthur Morgan: I need money, sure…

Stranger 2: Okay… then forgive me, mister if I seem a little desperate… I am a little desperate. Ythis book… I’ve gotta make a thing of it, and… well… there’s a whole list of gun fighters. Legends, every last one. Emmet Granger… Flaco Hernandez… Billy Midnight… Black Belle.

Arthur Morgan: Never heard of ’em.

Stranger 2: Maybe you can go and speak to them… ask ’em about Calloway. Any of ’em get uppity… shoot ‘em. I can’t believe I just said that but…

Arthur Morgan: You want me to go and find some… sad, deluded fools like him… ask if he was the greatest… and then if they get uppity, shoot ’em?

Stranger 2: Does sound a lot worse than it did in my head.

Arthur Morgan: How much you paying?

Stranger 2: Half the proceeds of the book… if you help me get it written.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll see what I can do.

Stranger 2: Oh, get photos. (gives Arthur a camera) And there are notes on the back… of those portraits that should lead you to ’em.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll see what I can find out.

Stranger 2: I imagine we’ll be stuck here upon your return. Here or some other flop house.

[Arthur goes in search of the famous killers.]

Stranger: You good-for-nothing cheating bastard!

Stranger 2: I ain’t hearing no more of this, I won that game, fair and square.

Stranger 1: Shit, fair and square my ass! Your move.

[He shot Stranger 2 in a duel.]

Stranger 1: Who else wants some, huh? Who else?

Arthur Morgan: Sure, I’ll shoot you. Wouldn’t mind some practice.

Stranger 1: Well let’s get to it then.

[Arthur kills him. Riding on he sees a man building a house.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey, mister.

Father: We got a long way to go, huh? I asked my boys here if they would help their pa build a… a new house. Thought I’d teach them a few things, you know?

Son: Look out!

[One of the walls falls to the ground.]

Father: What in holy hell are you doing, boy? Get that back up again right now! I’mma be a hundred years old by the time we get this done. No, no, no, no, No, no, no, no, no. Get away from it. Get away from it before you mess it up even worse than it

Arthur Morgan: All the best.

Father: You too, friend.

Curtis: Why does he yell at us like that?

Son: If he don’t like the way we’re doing it, he should do it himself.

Curtis: Damn straight.

Son: Let’s just enjoy the silence for a few minutes, before he starts griping at us again.

Arthur Morgan: You boys don’t seem cut out for this.

Son: Oh, I agree. We ain’t. This was our pa’s dumb idea.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t have the first idea what you’re doing here, do you?

Curtis: Hey, you’re preaching to the choir, mister.

Arthur Morgan: So there we are. You folks round here actually do any work? Come on, I’m only teasing you. Keep up the hard work. Don’t worry, I ain’t serious.

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego[]

[Arthur gets back to the camp.]

Hosea Matthews: Hey, Arthur! You wanna go hunting?

Arthur Morgan: What are you hunting? An elephant?

Hosea Matthews: I wish. No, I saw a huge bear. One of the biggest I ever saw. I reckon nearly a thousand pounds.

Arthur Morgan: My god. What, you need me to come with you?

Hosea Matthews: Of course. Let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: Well, where are we heading exactly?

Hosea Matthews: Up near the Dakota River. Might take a day or two.

Arthur Morgan: I could do with a break from this place.

Hosea Matthews: Oh, me too. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. You need anything?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t think so, I got all I need.

Hosea Matthews: Let’s go then. So, you still ain’t replaced Boadicea?

Arthur Morgan: Nah. I miss her, she was quite a horse. This one’s okay but… ain’t no Boadicea.

Hosea Matthews: I been meaning to offload this big shire horse for a while now. Unruly bastard!

Arthur Morgan: Where’d you get him?

Hosea Matthews: Some big, loud-mouthed bastard tried to rob me when I was out riding so I… well, you know how it is.

Arthur Morgan: I see.

Hosea Matthews: Let’s take him to Valentine. It’s on the way, sort of. There’s a decent dealer there. We’ll unload him, you can buy yourself a new horse. Put your saddle on him, let’s get going.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, but I do kind of like this horse.

Hosea Matthews: There’s nothing wrong with two horses. And the stables always have the best ones.

Arthur Morgan: I guess you’re right.

Hosea Matthews: This is gonna be fun, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan:He won’t throw me?

Hosea Matthews: No, he’s an angel… if I’m near him…

Arthur Morgan: Nasty little look in his eyes.

Hosea Matthews: Don’t he rude about this magnificent creature.

Arthur Morgan: (to a horse) Easy, big feller.

Hosea Matthews: Alright, let’s head into town. No bar fights, please. I heard about that.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll do my best.

Hosea Matthews: We’re heading out. Might be gone a couple of days. They got a good range of horse tack at the Valentine stables. Some beautiful saddles… I used to have a real nice one.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, what happened to that?

Hosea Matthews: Got stolen outside that saloon in Deer Creek.

Arthur Morgan: Oh I remember now, just about. That turned into a long day.

Hosea Matthews: Yes, remember? Mac went crazy, threatened to kill the whole town. And Davey was passed out so cold we left him there, came back in the next day and… he woke up, started right back drinking again.

Arthur Morgan: I miss those boys.

Hosea Matthews: Jenny too. She had some spark, that girl.

Arthur Morgan: It must be pretty hard on Lenny, you could tell he was sweet on her.

Hosea Matthews: Well, Lenny and Jenny could never have worked. That’s like Arthur and Martha, Or Bill and Phil.

Arthur Morgan: Maybe you’re right… Does feel a bit like our luck died with them, too.

Hosea Matthews: Nonsense. We’ll be alright. Just need some money to get back on our feet.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so. You and a way to offload those Cornwall bonds yet?

Hosea Matthews: Not yet. They’re still very hot. Need to be done right. I have a couple of leads I’m looking into. Don’t let that big bastard get the better of you there, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: He’s alright.

Hosea Matthews: Stables are just up ahead. Alright, go sell that big brute and… buy yourself a horse.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Hosea Matthews: I’m going off to the general store… get a few things to lure that bear out with… Meet you back here in a bit.

Shopkeeper: Hey, how can I help you?

Arthur Morgan: I’m in the market for a new horse. Something strong and fast.

Shopkeeper: You’re in the right place… I’ve got some beauties in at the moment. Yeah… and what about this one here? You looking to sell?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t sure yet.

Shopkeeper: You got papers?

Arthur Morgan: No, no papers.

Shopkeeper: Well, of course, that’s gonna affect what I can pay but your lucks in. I got a feller who’s been looking for a decent workhorse like this for a while. He’ll pay a good price. Otherwise, I can always stable him here for you. Here, take a look.

[Arthur buy yourself a new horse.]

Shopkeeper: Alright, partner… you got yourself a deal… and a fine new horse.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so.

Shopkeeper: Well, I don’t sell anything other than good animals. You have my word on that. Alright let’s see… here are your papers… and on me… a new grooming brush… and some treats.

Arthur Morgan: Appreciate it.

Shopkeeper: Alright you… you treat this feller well… I know he’s gonna look after you just fine.

Hosea Matthews: Looks like a nice animal you got there. You happy?

Arthur Morgan: Guess we’ll see.

Hosea Matthews: Hop on up there and let’s go. You won’t know till you get in the saddle. Alright, let’s get going. We got quite a ride ahead of us.

Arthur Morgan: Lead the way. So… what’s this lake we’re heading for?

Hosea Matthews: It’s called O’Creagh’s Run, up in the mountains east of Cumberland Falls. I just hope I can remember how to get there.

Arthur Morgan: Back into the mountains, I sure didn’t figure on that.

Hosea Matthews: But this time we’re doing the chasing… So how are things with you and John?

Arthur Morgan: Fine.

Hosea Matthews: Ain’t it about time you let it go now?

Arthur Morgan: It was a year, Hosea. He ditched us for a goddamn year.

Hosea Matthews: I’ve spoken to him many times… he knows he did wrong… he just wants to put it behind him.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure he does. Running off on that kid is one thing, but there’s a code, and he knows that. He ain’t Trelawny. Dutch and you pretty much raised him.

Hosea Matthews: I know… but it’s done, has been for a while now. Okay, I think we need to head right up here. Yes… I remember this place… Moonstone Pond. We’re going the right way. That’s the lake there. Good, we made it. Let’s loop around the other side.

Arthur Morgan: I should really be heading back over to Great Plains to see about Sean.

Hosea Matthews: It’s bounty hunters who’ve got him?

Arthur Morgan: So Trelawny says… Javier and Charles have gone with him to scope it out.

Hosea Matthews: Pretty dangerous going anywhere near Blackwater.

Arthur Morgan: Right… but, if he’s alive, we gotta try.

Hosea Matthews: Of course. Look there, rabbits. Maybe we should catch one to cook.

Arthur Morgan: Sure, I’ll try and shoot one.

Hosea Matthews: You don’t want to use anything too powerful on a small animal like that. You’ll just ruin the meat. Best thing’s a bow or a .22 caliber varmint rifle.

Arthur Morgan: I have hunted rabbits before, you know.

Hosea Matthews: Yes, and obliterated them with a shotgun, if I remember right.

Arthur Morgan: Got one!

Hosea Matthews: Good job. Alright… it’s getting late. Reckon we should camp here…

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Hosea Matthews: Well then, you get us set up.

Arthur Morgan: I’m famished.

Hosea Matthews: Cook that rabbit then. They’re… delicious on an open fire like this.

Arthur Morgan: Fine by me. You want some of this?

Hosea Matthews: No, I’m fine, I don’t like eating this late.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, after all that…

Hosea Matthews: Alright… well… we better get some rest. I wanna be up at first light to find this monster.

[The next day.]

Hosea Matthews: Morning, Arthur. You ready?

Arthur Morgan: Gimme a minute.

Hosea Matthews: Coffee?

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Hosea Matthews: There you go.

Arthur Morgan: So… what’s your plan?

Hosea Matthews: Well… we’ll see if we can track him, but… we might need to lay bait to draw him out. Bears like fish, obviously… but they also have a sweet tooth. A lot of fellers bait then shoot from the trees… but I prefer to hunt on the ground. More dangerous, but… we’ll have a much better chance of getting a good shot in… and if he bolts we can start right off after him. Can you mix up this bait for me while I finish packing us up? Fish, berries. Tie it up in that rag when you’re done.

Arthur Morgan: I hope you know what you’re talking about.

Hosea Matthews: I grew up in the mountains, Arthur… I was virtually weaned on bear meat.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I think I got this done.

Hosea Matthews: Good… Pack up and we’ll get going. Okay, let’s go. We’ll try our luck down by the water, that’s where I saw him last. How’s that horse treating you? So far, so good. You know, I was in this area with Bessie, years ago.

Arthur Morgan: Really? I didn’t know that. I imagine you still miss her.

Hosea Matthews: Every day.

Arthur Morgan: Did you two ever think about getting out of the life?

Hosea Matthews: We did briefly, you don’t remember? Guess you were still young. Didn’t last long. I drifted back into it. She understood… she knew what was.

Arthur Morgan: I remember you not being around for a while, but things were looser back then.

Hosea Matthews: Truth is, there’s never really any getting out, and staying in… it’s hard, you know that, but Bessie and I made it work. Why, you thinking about getting out?

Arthur Morgan: Me? No, of course not.

Hosea Matthews: Listen, if Dutch’s grand plans work, and we can make enough money to go some place new, really new, maybe we can all have a new start. Anyway, for now, let’s try and chase ourselves a bear, shall we? Let’s look by the water here, see I he’s been fishing again recently. Look for tracks, dung, bones… any sign of him.

Arthur Morgan: There’s some paw marks here, Hosea, they sure look big enough.

Hosea Matthews: Good, let’s hope it’s him. Can you tell which way he went?

Arthur Morgan: The tracks go into those trees. Wait a minute… there’s something on the ground here.

Hosea Matthews: Half eaten fish here… must have been left by our friend, I reckon.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, let’s see if there’s anything else. Something else on the ground just here.

Hosea Matthews: Take a look then.

Arthur Morgan: Bear shit here, watch your step.

Hosea Matthews: Looks real fresh. Reckon he’s gotta be close.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s keep going. Damn it looks like the trail ends here. We lost him?

Hosea Matthews: For now… a little optimism, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Well… what do you think?

Hosea Matthews: I think we split up and each look.

Arthur Morgan: Either that or… we could place bait here.

Hosea Matthews: That could work… which you think?

Arthur Morgan: Let’s split up.

Hosea Matthews: I’ll head this way… you head down that track. Arthur! Help! Stay back! Shoot that thing, please! Look out!

[Arthur shoots the bear several times and it runs away.]

Arthur Morgan: You’re fine, old man.

Hosea Matthews: Of course, I’m fine, it’s… it’s nothing… nothing at all.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you… I think. That was fun.

Hosea Matthews: You know what, Arthur Morgan? I’m a little old and beaten up… to be after the biggest game. You can have this.

Arthur Morgan: What is it?

Hosea Matthews: It’s a map. A man in a bar gave it to me… well I stole it from him… but that’s another story. He said it-it told him where to find… some real big animals.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you.

Hosea Matthews: It’s a pleasure. You saved my life, Arthur. I think I’m going back to camp to… lick my wounds. You coming, or… you gonna track that monster?

Arthur Morgan: I’m gonna stick around here for a while.

Hosea Matthews: I’ll see you back at camp?

[He leaves and Arthur continues the hunt. He kills the bear and skinned it. “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego” mission completed.]

Paying a Social Call[]

[Arthur gets back to the camp to "talk" to Kieran.]

Kieran Duffy: When’s this going to end…

Arthur Morgan: You got some speaking to do of your own… about that old gang of yours.

[Kieran stands tied to a tree. Arthur interrogates him.]

Kieran Duffy: I said… I told you… I don’t know nothing.

Arthur Morgan: That’s what I thought.

[Dutch and Bill come up to them.]

Dutch van der Linde: Whoa, hold your horses there… it seems the cat has got our friend here’s tongue. I was thinking Mr. Williamson could have a word.

Bill Williamson: You ready to talk boy?

Kieran Duffy: I told you mister… I told all of you. I don’t know nothing, okay? They-They ain’t no friends of mine. I just been ridden with them for a while.

Bill Williamson: Horseshit. You see, we heard that part… so how about you tell the truth. Dutch, what do you want me to do?

Dutch van der Linde: Hurt him. So the next time he opens his mouth… it is to tell us what is going on. Ah… who am I kidding? One of O’Driscoll’s boys couldn’t open his mouth… but he’d tell a lie. Screw it. Let’s just have some fun… geld him.

Bill Williamson: Oh yeah!

Kieran Duffy: What’s he doing? Where’s he going?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, don’t worry… they’re only balls boy… just gonna cause you trouble. You know, in Imperial Rome… eunuchs was among the happiest… and most loyal of courtiers.

[Dutch strips Kieran’s pants. Bill returns with a huge pair of scissors.]

Kieran Duffy: No, no, no, no… You’re kidding me right.

Dutch van der Linde: Of course.

Kieran Duffy: You sick bastards! What do you want from me?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, you are going to talk. The only question is now… or after we got these little fellers off?

Kieran Duffy: Okay! Okay! Listen. I know where O’Driscoll’s holed up… and you’re right… he don’t like you… any more than you like him. He’s at Six Point Cabin.

Bill Williamson: Aww…

Kieran Duffy: I’ll take you there… I don’t like him. I mean, I like him even less than I like you. No offense.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, none taken.

Arthur Morgan: Okay then, partner. Why don’t you take a few of us up there… right now.

Arthur Morgan: I got this, Dutch. Should be fun. Alright you… come on… let’s go.

[He unties Kieran and takes him away. Bill and Dutch chuckle at how they got Kieran to talk.]

Dutch van der Linde: Geld him!

Arthur Morgan: Let’s both hope you ain’t trying to trick us, O’Driscoll.

Kieran Duffy: I ain’t no O’Driscoll.

Arthur Morgan: But you sure as shit was. John, Bill, come here… we got a social call needs making. Where we heading?

Kieran Duffy: Up into the hills behind Valentine. I’ll show you.

Arthur Morgan: John, you take this little rattlesnake with you… any nonsense, kill him.

John Marston: Sure.

Arthur Morgan: We’re gonna pay your buddies our respects.

John Marston: He taking us to Colm?

Arthur Morgan: That’s what he says. Come on.

Kieran Duffy: I’m taking you to him. Look, I-I-I’ll give you more directions, when we’re close, but if I know where we are, it’s up past Valentine.

John Marston: Alright, I’ll lead. Sharing saddle with an O’Driscoll. Who’d have thought.

Kieran Duffy: How many times I gotta say? I ain’t an O’Driscoll.

John Marston: You sure look like one and… you smell like… goddamn. You smell like one too.

Kieran Duffy: I smell like horse shit.

John Marston: That’s right. Boy, are you high.

Bill Williamson: Morgan. You got throwing knives in your saddle bag. Dutch said you might… I was asked to give them… and I’m doing you the further courtesy of telling you about it.

Arthur Morgan: Next time you wanna give me something, how about you give it to me? Stead of hiding it somewhere, hoping the opportunity comes up to mention it.

Bill Williamson: Last goddamn favor I do you.

Kieran Duffy: Hey… hey… I-I-If I got my bearings, it’s over here. Yeah… I know this country, take this track up through the rocks.

Arthur Morgan: How you holding up, John?

John Marston: Fine. Still ain’t right, but I’m fine.

Arthur Morgan: You damn well should be after all that bed rest.

John Marston: Hey, alright, Abigail wouldn’t let me up… you know her… she won’t be reasoned with.

Arthur Morgan: Well, when you was having a failure of reason… and hiding behind your woman… we were getting shot at.

John Marston: And I’d do the same for you… if you was in a bad way…

Arthur Morgan: I hope so, but I fear you don’t know how to help anyone… excepting yourself.

John Marston: You see, O’Driscoll? If this is how he treats his friends, imagine what he does to his enemies.

Kieran Duffy: I got an inkling of what you all do to your enemies where you put those gelding tongs to my parts.

Arthur Morgan: Bill, you still got those tongs?

Bill Williamson: I got a knife. Won’t be so clean, but it’ll do the job.

Arthur Morgan: Keep that in your mind, young feller. Right at the forefront of it.

Kieran Duffy: I swear… I promise. I’m taking you to Colm as best as I can. You’ll see. I’ll make good. Those are the hills. Head for ’em.

John Marston: Save your horses, we got a climb, boys.

Kieran Duffy: You know… you all ain’t that different from the O’Driscolls.

John Marston: What did you just say?

Kieran Duffy: I been watching you all these weeks and, uhh…

John Marston: You been tied to a tree… you don’t know nothing about this gang…

Kieran Duffy: Yeah, well, I’d… I’d say you don’t know much about the O’Driscolls… but maybe I know more about you than you know about them… and I know all about them. so…

John Marston: Tell us then… how we like those mongrel dogs?

Kieran Duffy: You’re outlawed like them… you’re out to survive like them… you live rough… you live hard… fighting the law… nature… you’re out for yourselves….

John Marston: See? This is why you’re an O’Driscoll, O’Driscoll. You’re out to survive… we’re out to live… free. Colm’s a sneak thief and a killer… Dutch is… Dutch is more like a teacher.

Kieran Duffy: From where I been, you just look the same is all…

John Marston: Then you looked, but you ain’t seen…

Arthur Morgan: John? Shut that boy up.

John Marston: Enough out of you.

Arthur Morgan: Boys, we’re almost on ’em. Now… who knows if this son of a bitch we got with us is talking true… but if it’s what he says it is… and Colm O’Driscoll’s here… we can end years of fighting. Here and now.

John Marston: Amen to that.

Bill Williamson: Hear, hear.

Kieran Duffy: I swear, this is where he…

John Marston: Shut up.

Kieran Duffy: Okay, now now cut left up here. W-We go down the hill, into the forest.

Arthur Morgan: We’re going in quiet, taking them out as we find em, trying not to set things off. But if we do… We move quick and hard. We settle this like we know how. Okay?

John Marston: Okay by me.

Bill Williamson: With you, Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Alright then.

Kieran Duffy: Through the trees here. Hey, we’re real close. I’d leave your horses the other side of this clearing…

Bill Williamson: I’ll get my guns off my horse and I’m ready.

Arthur Morgan: Easy, Bill. Quiet.

Kieran Duffy: This is it. The cabin’s just the other side of this hill.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, off your horses… let’s go.

Bill Williamson: You gonna get them knives?

Arthur Morgan: I said easy.

Kieran Duffy: Follow me, alright? It ain’t far.

John Marston: We might’a shared a horse, but we ain’t friends. Remember, I’m watching you. Every moment.

Kieran Duffy: I ain’t going to shop you now, come on. It’d be suicide.

Bill Williamson: You’ll die, boy. But you’ll lose your balls first.

Kieran Duffy: Jesus Christ… Come on.

John Marston: Okay, get down.

Kieran Duffy: The cabin’s in the clearing down there. There’ll be a bunch of fellers hiding out there too.

Arthur Morgan: Are these fellers armed?

Kieran Duffy: Armed. Drunk. Wary of strangers.

Arthur Morgan: And Colm O’Driscoll?

Kieran Duffy: Oh, he’ll be holed up in his cabin. Be passed out, booze blind, likely as not.

Bill Williamson: Over there… someone’s coming.

[Three bandits pass by. John grabs Kienan and puts the revolver to his head.]

O’Driscoll 1: So uh, who’s gonna tell him we ain’t got nothing for the pot?

O’Driscoll 2: Let… me think. Feller that spooked the game, I reckon.

O’Driscoll 1: I’m gonna drain it… I-I’ll catch up.

O’Driscoll 2: Nah, we ain’t gonna fall for that… we’re gonna wait, so you can tell him yourself.

O’Driscoll 1: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

O’Driscoll 2: If… anyone’s actually gonna shoot the messenger… it’d be that mean son of a bitch.

O’Driscoll 3: Umm… yes, sir.

O’Driscoll 2: Come on, shake it off.

Bill Williamson: What’re we doing about the pisser, Morgan? One by the tree.

Arthur Morgan: I’m going to deal with this first feller.

Bill Williamson: Okay, go to work.

O’Driscoll 1: Sooner we get this over with…

[Arthur kills the pisser with his knife.]

Bill Williamson: He’s down.

John Marston: Now stay here, don’t you damn move.

Bill Williamson: The next two… what’s the plan?

O’Driscoll 1: Hurry up already.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get close to these two… make no mistakes here.

Bill Williamson: That’s what the knife’s for.

Arthur Morgan: When we’re there, we move at the same time.

O’Driscoll 1: We’re waiting.

[Bill and Arthur kills the other two bandints with knives.]

John Marston: Good work. We moving on the camp?I left our guide up there. He’s meek as a little lamb.

Arthur Morgan: He better be.

John Marston: Over here. Feller on the log… what we doing about him?

Arthur Morgan: Take him quiet, Marston. Get your hands dirty for a change.

[John stabs the bandit several times in the neck.]

Arthur Morgan: Jesus.

John Marston: Okay, now what? We’re at the perimeter.

Arthur Morgan: Wait on my mark… I’m going to take a look at these boys.

John Marston: Sure thing.

Arthur Morgan: It’s on. We move quick, we move hard!

John Marston: Don’t run away from me!

Bill Williamson: What’re you hiding out in the woods for?

Arthur Morgan: Colm O Driscoll, where are you?

John Marston: Come on then. Come on!

Bill Williamson: Your worthless O’Driscoll hides…

Arthur Morgan: Run and hide, if you know what’s good for you!

John Marston: This is quite a hideout! Some fellers coming back into camp. Watch out!

Arthur Morgan: You stay here, you’re dead men!

John Marston: He weren’t lying, that little toad!

Bill Williamson: Come at me, you Irish bastards.

John Marston: There! Edge of the clearing. We catch you unawares?

Bill Williamson: Die you drunk idiots!

Arthur Morgan: Give up, O’Driscolls. We got you beat!

[After a fairly lengthy skirmish, Arthur and his friends win.]

John Marston: That’s it. They’re turning tail!

Arthur Morgan: Leave ’em. Colm’s still here.

John Marston: Hey… he said Colm’d be in the cabin.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll check. You look out here.

John Marston: (looting bodies) Now, what you stashing in here? What you got, O’Driscoll?

Bill Williamson: (looting bodies) You got supplies, you drunk dead bastard.

John Marston: (looting bodies) Give it up.

[Arthur walks to Colm’s cabin. He keeps his rifle at the ready, but some man kicks the door and was about to shoot Arthur when suddenly Kieran shoots him down.]

Kieran Duffy: You alright?

Arthur Morgan: Sure, thank you. Colm O’Driscoll… he ain’t here. You set us up. Come here!

Kieran Duffy: No, I didn’t.

Arthur Morgan: You did, Colm O’Driscoll ain’t here!

Kieran Duffy: He was here, I swear, I sw… If I was setting you up…

Bill Williamson: It’s a good point, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Alright then, go on, get out of here.

Kieran Duffy: Eh?

Arthur Morgan: I won’t kill ya.

Kieran Duffy: I didn’t set you up.

Arthur Morgan: Get lost.

Kieran Duffy: Get lost?

Arthur Morgan: I’m letting you run away… now go on, get out of here.

Kieran Duffy: That’s as good as killing me. Out there… without you… Colm O’Driscoll’s gonna lose his mind about this.

Arthur Morgan: So?

Kieran Duffy: So I’m one of you now.

Arthur Morgan: Give me a break. Alright then. But I’m warning you…

Kieran Duffy: Oh, I know.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, let’s get to camp.

Kieran Duffy: So you got the cash then?

Arthur Morgan: What cash?

Kieran Duffy: Yeah, there’s usually some cash… in the chimney.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll check it. Rest of you boys get to camp, quick.

Kieran Duffy: See, Arthur… I ain’t so bad.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, Bill… you tell Dutch, old Kieran ain’t worth killing… just yet.

Bill Williamson: Yeah, right you are.

[Arthur searches the cabin, finds himself a new shotgun and money in the chimney.]

Arthur Morgan: Least you got something tucked away.

["Paying a Social Call" mission completed. Arthur rides to his camp. On the way he sees a woman in distress.]

Stranger: Help! Help! Help!

Stranger 2: You better shut up that pretty mouth, or I’ll shut it for you.

Stranger 1: I been kidnapped! Help, help me!

Arthur Morgan: Let her go!

Stranger 2: Stay back! This here’s a private affair. You just had to get nosy, didn’t you? Guess I’m killing today!

Stranger 1: Get me off this horse! Sir, please help me outta here. Thank the Lord you showed up when you did. All the things he said he’d do to me. Thank you…

Arthur Morgan: It’s alright, ma’am. It’s over now.

[Arthur returns to his camp. There, as usual, life is in full swing.]

Uncle: I think you’re losing your touch.

Simon Pearson: How so?

Uncle: Well… It’s been at least 6 months since you killed anyone with your cooking.

Susan Grimshaw: Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, Miss Grimshaw?

Susan Grimshaw: Mr. Matthews gave me a message for you, he said when it was convenient to head into Emerald Ranch. He’s looking at a few business things there.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Susan Grimshaw: Oh, he’ll find something, too, he always does. Well, you be well now, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: I’m always well, Miss Grimshaw.

A Quiet Time[]

[He enters Dutch’s tent.]

Arthur Morgan: Dutch… Miss O’Shea.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, it feels like we are finally getting back on our feet.

Arthur Morgan: You find a buyer for them bonds we stole?

Dutch van der Linde: Not yet, but Hosea’s working on it.

Arthur Morgan: When we heading west?

Dutch van der Linde: Soon. I don’t know.

Arthur Morgan: Feels like… things have changed. The whole world has changed. That they don’t want folk like us no more. We’re being hunted.

Dutch van der Linde: We are smarter than them. Only the feeblest of men take jobs in the government.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) I hope so.

Molly: Trust Dutch, Mr. Morgan. You have to.

[Lenny suddenly comes to the camp. He’s very excited.]

Lenny Summers: Dutch… Arthur… They got Micah.

Dutch van der Linde: What’s going on?

Lenny Summers: They got Micah. He, he’s been arrested for murder. He was in Strawberry and…

Dutch van der Linde: It’s okay, son. Breathe…

Lenny Summers: They nearly lynched me. They… they got Micah in the sheriff’s in Strawberry… and there’s talk of hanging him.

Arthur Morgan: Here’s hoping.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What? That fool brought this on himself. You know my feelings about him, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: You think I can’t see past his bluster to the heart inside? He is a fine man.

Arthur Morgan: No, I ain’t saving that fool.

Dutch van der Linde: I can’t go. My face will be all over West Elizabeth. I am asking. He would do it for you.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t think he would, but… fine, alright.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur…

Arthur Morgan: You okay, Lenny?

Lenny Summers: Yeah, course I’m okay.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t seem okay.

Dutch van der Linde: You take that kid into town. Valentine, not Strawberry… get him drunk… and Arthur… no crazy business.

Arthur Morgan: I’ve given that up.

Dutch van der Linde: And you get Micah out of that jail.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, son. I’ll get to it, Dutch. Just… can’t drop everything.

[He and Lenny get on their horses and ride to Valentine’s saloon.]

Lenny Summers: I rode as fast as I could. Didn’t stop for nothing.

Arthur Morgan: You look like you’ve been through it.

Lenny Summers: I’m beat… We finally got off that mountain, then this… Micah’s got a crazy side, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What were you boys doing? You’re supposed to be scouting ahead for us.

Lenny Summers: I kept asking him what we was doing, but he was "you worry too much, kid", "just some business to attend to, kid"… you know how he is.

Arthur Morgan: Yes I do.

Lenny Summers: He was half soaked before we even got there. Then we ran into some fellers, one of them Micah knew, drank some more… and this is supposed to be a dry town we’re in too.

Arthur Morgan: And then he shoots one of them… I know how that goes.

Lenny Summers: Couldn’t even tell ya quite how. It happened like the strike of a match. The law was on us fast too… They was ready to string me up there and then but I got away, just about.

Arthur Morgan: You’re alright now. We’ll take care of it.

Lenny Summers: So you’re gonna go get him? I’ll come with you.

Arthur Morgan: No, you leave it to me. For now, let’s drink something, forget about Micah.

Lenny Summers: It was drink that started all this.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll just have a couple, settle you down, then head back, okay?

Lenny Summers: Okay.

Arthur Morgan: Now… I should warn you, me and a couple of the other boys got in a bit of a fight last time we was here.

Lenny Summers: What kind of fight?

Arthur Morgan: Nothing big, we kept it clean. We’re all good.

Lenny Summers: If you say so, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Here we are.

[They enter the saloon.]

Lenny Summers: Just one or two… right, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Course, just a drink… no big drama. Can we get a couple of beers, please?

Bartender: I don’t want no trouble.

Arthur Morgan: And you’ll get none from me… I was defending myself.

Bartender: Tommy, he’s…

Arthur Morgan: He’ll be fine. Here, have one for yourself.

Lenny Summers: Micah seemed to know a lot of people… that was the problem.

Arthur Morgan: How you mean?

Lenny Summers: I mean, I done seen a lot of crazy, crazy stuff, but Micah….

Patron: "I seen a lot of crazy, crazy stuff."

Arthur Morgan: Will you shut up?

Patron: "Will you shut up?"

Arthur Morgan: Be quiet, buddy.

Patron: They’re dullards. My Lord… you men is dull…

Lenny Summers: Leave this fool alone.

Patron: "Leave the fool alone". People been leaving me alone for the last ten years. I’m bored with being left alone.

Arthur Morgan: (swallows his rage) Listen, buddy… you’re a charming fellow… one of the best. But me and the kid here, we’re trying to talk business, so, could you… possibly leave us alone? No offense intended.

Patron: Ain’t no pleasing some folk. I was, just… trying to be friendly.

[And… Arthur and Lenny drinks till they drop.]

Arthur Morgan: (to the pianist) That’s great, partner.

[Suddenly Lenny disappears.]

Arthur Morgan: Lenny, where are you? You know which way my friend went? Hey, you seen my friend anywhere? You seen that feller I was with? Can’t find my friend, you know where he went? What are you doing, kid?

[He finds Lenny on the second floor.]

Lenny Summers: Hello, Arthur. You know what, I don’t know.

[He drops his beer bottle. Arthur laughs.]

Lenny Summers: Well, why ain’t you never married?

Arthur Morgan: No one would have me. That’s the thing you see, ’cause it… Lenny? Lenny!

Lenny Summers: Get away from me!

Arthur Morgan: Lenny!

Patron 2: Slippery little shit, ain’t he?

Arthur Morgan: Are you in here, Lenny? Lenny, where you at?

Patron 3: Come here, boy… come here.

Arthur Morgan: Leave the kid alone, you goddamn animals…

Patron 4: Who do you think you’re talking to?

Arthur Morgan: Nobody… I’m talking to nobody…

Patron 4: What did you say?

Arthur Morgan: What?

Patron 4: I said, what did you say?

Arthur Morgan: Get lost, buddy.

Patron 2: Shut up, mister!

Patron 4: Yeah… shut your mouth, mister.

[Second later they all dancing can-can! I’m dead serious. Arthur’s completely drunk now. He pisses at the back of the saloon, and then goes to look for his black friend again.]

Arthur Morgan: Lenny… you… bastard! Found you, Lenny!

Bartender: Lenny? Maybe you should switch to water, my friend.

Arthur Morgan: Lenny!

Patron 5: How many have you had, pal?

Arthur Morgan: Lenny, my boy!

Patron 6: I’m Clyde. You got the wrong feller.

Arthur Morgan: Damn it, Lenny, stop sloping off on me!

Patron 7: Lenny? What are you talking about?

Arthur Morgan: Lenny, where you hiding now? There you are, Lenny!

Patron 8: Do I look like a Lenny to you?

Arthur Morgan: I’ve been looking all over for you, Lenny!

Patron 9: Lenny? Go away, you’re drunk.

Arthur Morgan: Oh Lenny! Lenny!

Lenny Summers: Arthur, Arthur, what are you doing?

[Arthur slaps him. Lenny slaps back. The contest begins.]

Lenny Summers: You… you’re a… you’re a good friend to me, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Shut up… Cheers.

[Patron 1 apperas at the counter.]

Arthur Morgan: Not you again.

[He grabs him and tries to drown him in the trough. The patron runs away. The drunken fun continues. Arthur and Lenny laugh and roll in the mud with pigs. Until… lawsmen arrives.]

Patron 10: This way… this way…

Deputy: (grabbing Lenny) I got him… I got the bastard.

Deputy 2: Come here, you drunk fool.

Arthur Morgan: (running away) Never! You’ll never take me alive!

Deputy 3: You… stop right now, you drunken fool.

Arthur Morgan: (screaming) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

[He runs away. The next hard morning…]

Arthur Morgan: Oh, you moron, Morgan… You moron… not again. (vomits) This is turning into one of them days.

["A Quiet Time" mission completed. Arthur gets himself together, finds his horse and rides to Emerald Ranch.]

The Spines of America[]

Hosea Matthews: That’s an interesting way of putting it, Seamus.

Son: Oh no doubt, I do interesting very well. It’s trusting I don’t do so well.

Hosea Matthews: Please… Arthur. This is Seamus… he’s our new partner.

Seamus: I ain’t no such thing.

Hosea Matthews: Prospective new partner… if he likes us.

Seamus: Liking ain’t the problem… trusting is, as I said. Keep your voices down… I don’t want my boss hearing. This is a side line.

Hosea Matthews: Look at us, honest as the day is long.

Seamus: Exactly.

Hosea Matthews: I tell you what… let us prove ourselves.

Arthur Morgan: Prove ourselves? To this clown? What you talking about?

Seamus: Good day, Hosea… good luck with your business dealings.

Hosea Matthews: Listen, he’s rough and ready and quick with his tongue… but I swear, you can trust him, and trust me.

Seamus: I’m an old man.

Hosea Matthews: You’re not old, Seamus.

Seamus: I’m old enough… and you know why I ain’t dead?

Hosea Matthews: You don’t trust idiots.

Seamus: Exactly.

Hosea Matthews: We’re not idiots… let us prove it to you.

Seamus: Okay… I tell you what…

Hosea Matthews: Arthur!

Seamus: Old Bob Crawford and his boys… just bought a beautiful stolen stage coach from upstate. It’s in their barn. Now you go get that… and then we can work together.

Hosea Matthews: Who’s old Bob Crawford?

Seamus: An acquaintance of mine.

Hosea Matthews: So you want us to take out your competition?

Seamus: Well, he-he’s not just an acquaintance… but a cousin… by marriage. I also want to see if you boys got what it takes. Now, you survive that…

Hosea Matthews: Where is he?

Seamus: He’s in a farmhouse just northwest of here, called Carmody Dell. It’s just up the train tracks… as you’re heading up towards Fort Wallace. There’s also some money in that house… but that’s your business, not mine… but don’t kill nobody. Folks know we ain’t intimate no more… and they’ll know it was me.

Hosea Matthews: But, you’re fine with us robbing your cousin?

Seamus: By marriage… and yes, I’d love it.

Hosea Matthews: You heard the man… let’s go rob his cousin.

Seamus: By marriage.

[They get on the horses.]

Hosea Matthews: Lead the way. He said the place is just northwest of here.

Arthur Morgan: Me?

Hosea Matthews: You’re the one who’s been out gallivanting around here.

Arthur Morgan: That’s what you call it. Clearly you’ve recovered from your bear encounter.

Hosea Matthews: Could have played that better, couldn’t you?

Arthur Morgan: Thought you wanted me here to show some strong arm? That’s usually how it goes.

Hosea Matthews: Yes, but… you know how this works.

Arthur Morgan: C’mon, Hosea. That feller’s a joke.

Hosea Matthews: And that’s why he’s perfect. He won’t cause us any problems. A safe spot to fence wagons and coaches, that’s easy money for us.

Arthur Morgan: I guess you’re right.

Hosea Matthews: Come on, it’s not like he’s asking us to rob a bank. If the two of us can’t steal a stagecoach from Seamus’ old crooked cousin by marriage, we should hang up our hats now.

Arthur Morgan: So what’s the story with that Emerald Ranch? You find out anything else?

Hosea Matthews: A little. Owner’s a nasty type, by all accounts. Seamus is sure scared of him.

Arthur Morgan: That’s not saying much.

Hosea Matthews: Something strange about the place. Used to be a saloon there, general store. Now it’s all closed up, but they seem to have money.

Arthur Morgan: Sounds worth a look around.

Hosea Matthews: For sure… Seamus also mentioned the rancher’s daughter a couple of times, how he used to see her around all the time but now she never leaves the house. Probably just sweet on her.

Arthur Morgan: That what you call finding out a little?

Hosea Matthews: Once he opens up, seems Seamus does like to talk.

Arthur Morgan: Hopefully not too much.

Hosea Matthews: That must be the place up ahead. We should go on loot from here. Lets see what we’re dealing with, come on. There’s the house. I see the barn in the back, stagecoach has to be in there. Okay, let’s take a quick look at the place…

Arthur Morgan: Anyone around?

Hosea Matthews: Yes. Okay… I reckon we can do it now… I’ll head over, distract ’em by putting on a little show while you sneak into the house, find what you can… then get the stage coach. Or… wait until nightfall. Sneak in, then I’ll get the coach. You can try the house. What do you think?

Arthur Morgan: Let’s do it now.

Hosea Matthews: Sure. Alright then… don’t follow me. Wait until I have them distracted outside, then sneak into the house.

[He goes to the house to distract its inhabitants. Arthur, meanwhile, is robbing everything that he can find.]

Hosea Matthews: My good man… my good young man. Fair thee well! Fair thee well. Is your father home, son?

Junior: Sure is.

Hosea Matthews: Get him down here, please, get him down here.

Junior: Get lost, mister.

Hosea Matthews: I was lost! For many years, I was lost. Many years. Now I’m not. You know what? Oh, here he is, are you the father of the house?

Crawford: Sure.

Hosea Matthews: Pleasure to meet you. I was just chatting with junior here a bit.

Crawford: You selling something, partner?

Hosea Matthews: Free! Spinal… alignment.

Crawford: What?

Hosea Matthews: Spinal… alignment! The Lord God Almighty, or who, whomever built us, put our brains in here but our souls is in our backs. You sir, y-your back looks kind of tricky and complicated. I can fix that for you. Just ten or, fifteen sessions.

Crawford: Whiskey suits me fine sir.

Hosea Matthews: Whiskey? It’s whiskey is, is causing the problems! You ever meet a Scot who didn’t hobble in old age? But the English stand tall, sir… Gin! They drink gin. And what is gin made with? Junipers… And what does the juniper do? Creates movement in the spine… Whereas your whiskey, made with grain as it is, leaves the spine brittle. Hence your hobbling Jock. Please… lay down here a little. It won’t take long. I was worse than you, sir. I was broken… Look at me now… I dance every night. Women adore me. I got the magic. Seriously, it’s all about the spine. We think our brains is in our heads, but they are in our backs too. Ooh… I can tell you’re a very wise man, but the troubles, they’re killing you…

Crawford: That’s the spot.

Hosea Matthews: Oh, I… I know it is… Gimme a minute, sir… you’ll have women again. Women and song and dancing… and dancing, do you like dancing?

Crawford: I’ve never been a dancing man, no.

Hosea Matthews: Well, that explains everything… that explains it! Uh, give me a minute, sir! Don’t let those troubles kill ya! Is that better? Just a bit?

Crawford: Yeah… yeah, it’s a… it’s a little bit better!

Hosea Matthews: This session has been free but perhaps, I might call again?

Crawford: How much’ll it cost me?

Hosea Matthews: I’m offering you virility and you’re asking me about money, sir?

Crawford: I ain’t made of money, mister…

Hosea Matthews: My rates are reasonable… have a think about it. I’ll be around this way next week. Goodbye, gentlemen!

[Having robbed a decent amount, Arthur meets with Hosea in the barn.]

Hosea Matthews: You done, Arthur? Okay. Let’s grab this stagecoach and get out of here.

[They drive out of the barn.]

Hosea Matthews: Damn it, they’re onto us! We need to get out of here. Damn it, Arthur, you should have been more careful.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, sorry, I must have left a dresser open.

Hosea Matthews: So what were you able to lift from the house?

Arthur Morgan: Found some money stashed away. Must be a few hundred. Not too bad.

Hosea Matthews: Not bad at all.

Arthur Morgan: This was easier than hunting a thousand-pound grizzly anyway.

Hosea Matthews: No doubt. I won’t forget that in a hurry.

Arthur Morgan: I’m looking forward to your retelling of that one around the campfire.

Hosea Matthews: "It wasn’t the first time Mr. Matthews had stared death in the eye, and as usual he did not flinch".

Arthur Morgan: Exactly. So how long you think we’re gonna stick around here for?

Hosea Matthews: Not sure. Until we can’t, I suppose. Feels like we’re starting to get back on our feet, slowly but surely. Just need to keep at it. Okay, here we are. Just pull the coach into the barn there. Hello, Seamus… we met your cousins.

Seamus: How was it?

Hosea Matthews: Fine… nice people.

Seamus: Park that thing in here… quickly. Nice work, Hosea.

Hosea Matthews: It was mostly Arthur. Like I said, coarse, but competent.

[Seamus pays for the robbery.]

Seamus: Here.

Hosea Matthews: Thank you.

Seamus: If you find any other coaches that need selling… I’ll see what I can offer you for them. But discreet, you know?

Hosea Matthews: Of course.

Seamus: Goodbye, gentlemen.

Hosea Matthews: I’m heading back to camp, I think. You coming?

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[They show Seamus’ farm and return to their camp. "The Spines of America" mission completed.]

Arthur Morgan: Found some cash in that O’Driscoll cabin, but not much else. A shotgun.

John Marston: And no coal.

Arthur Morgan: Not for now, no. Okay, well, let’s talk more later.

John Marston: Uh huh.

Abigail Marston: So is there any point in me trying to get you to act like some kind of father to the boy, huh?

John Marston: I’m… I’m… Listen, Abigail, you… You deserve… so much more than I can manage. I guess… I just don’t know much about fathering.

Abigail Marston: Oh, it’s real easy.

John Marston: What do I do?

Abigail Marston: Can we have some privacy here, please, Arthur? Please? Pretty much the exact opposite of what you have been doing

John Marston: Real funny.

Abigail Marston: Oh… Oh, I ain’t joking. You take that little brain of yours and whatever you think is right and proper, and you do the exact opposite, and that will make a real man.

John Marston: Just like your momma did? Raise a real man, like you?

[Abigail slaps him and leave.]

Arthur Morgan: Abigail.

Abigail Marston: Don’t talk to me, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Marston.

John Marston: What, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: You’ll be back on your feet in no time.

John Marston: I sure hope so.

Simon Pearson: Hello, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Remind me to never bring you to a bar again.

Bill Williamson: Now don’t you start.

Money Lending and Other Sins – I + II[]

[Arthur walks over to Strauss, who is sitting on a box and writing something in a book.]

Leopold Strauss: Herr Morgan, Herr Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Mr. Strauss.

Leopold Strauss: Busy, my friend? I’ll cut you in.

Arthur Morgan: Loaning? Already?

Leopold Strauss: You know how it is… people is happy to borrow off someone like me, but… more enthusiastic paying back to someone like you.

Arthur Morgan: Of course. Who are they?

Leopold Strauss: Let me see… a Chick Matthews, works at Guthrie Farm. He’s a hand, I believe. Mr. Wróbel… the small holder at Painted Sky… runs the operations there… badly. Miss Lilly Millet is a ranch maid up at Emerald Ranch.

Arthur Morgan: And here was me believing Dutch’s bluster about us helping folk.

Leopold Strauss: It’s legal work, Mr. Morgan. Debtors belong in prison… we are doing them a favor.

Arthur Morgan: Aye, and I’ll make sure they see it in them terms.

Leopold Strauss: Put the debts in the deed box and try not to kill them… it’s very bad for business.

[Arthur walks away.]

Susan Grimshaw: (singing) Oh, once I was a servant maid, down in main lane; My master used to beat on me, my mistress did the same; Till early one morning, a sailor boy came ashore; And he’s the one that turned me into a dirty little whore. He asked me for a candlestick, to light him up to bed; He asked me for my handerchief to wind around his head; And me being a little fool and thinking it no harm; I jumped in bed beside him, to keep myself a-warm; Singing home, boys, home, it’s where I want to be; Home, boys, home, with a girl on either knee; With that little ribbon taurplin hat and a coat of navy blue; Let him climb the rigging like his daddy climbed up you. He rumbled me, he tumbled me, he screwed me to the wall.

[Arthur gallops to the farm where the debtor works.]

Arthur Morgan: You Chick Matthews?

Ranch Hand: No, no, not me, sir. That’s the greenhorn over there. And there he goes.

Chick Matthews: So long, loanshark! Hee-ya!

[Arthur sets off in pursuit.]

Arthur Morgan: Dammit! Hey! Get back here, you owe us money! The more I chase, the more you owe!

Chick Matthews: You’re too slow, old man.

Arthur Morgan: You make me go much further, I’ll get more than a debt off you!

Chick Matthews: German shouldn’t a lent to me then.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t want to get me angry, boy!

Chick Matthews: Look, look, I got the money… but it’s hidden. Untie, me I’ll tell you where it is.

Arthur Morgan: You’re in no place to bargain, boy! A goddamn treasure hunt? You’re lucky I ain’t taking your teeth, as well.

Chick Matthews: Aren’t you gonna untie me? You got the map, do the decent thing! You’ll find it there. Everything. I promise.

[Arthur releases him and finds a hidden stash in a tree. After that, he goes for the next debtor.]

Arthur Morgan: I need to find a ranch maid here called Lilly Millet… you know where she is? Lilly Millet… you know where she is? Lilly Millet, she’s a ranch maid here, you know where she is? The ranch maid, Miss Millet, you know where I can find her?

Father: Lilly? Just over there by the store, with Cooper.

Lilly Millet: You have any idea of the hole I’m in?

Stranger: Oh, come on! Why’s it always gotta be such a goddamn performance with you? Now I told you I’d get you the money next week. And I’ll get it.

Lilly Millet: If you didn’t make it this week, who’s to say you’ll make it next?

Stranger: Don’t you take that tone with me. I thought you said you love me.

Lilly Millet: I do. I do! But, what I get paid ain’t enough for one person, let alone two. Your money’s got to be your problem now.

Stranger: The only problem I got is this bleating going on in my ear. Now lay off it, Lilly. Goddammit!

Arthur Morgan: Where’s our money?

Lilly Millet: What?

Arthur Morgan: That loan you took, it’s payday.

Lilly Millet: I’m sorry. I don’t have it right now…

Arthur Morgan: Well then… I guess we got a big problem, don’t we?

Lilly Millet: Cooper… give him what you’ve got.

Stranger: I ain’t giving him nothing. Except a lesson in… damn manners! (throws dirt in Arthur’s face)

Arthur Morgan: Son of a bitch.

Lilly Millet: Stop it, both of you. Don’t hurt him! Just give him the money… Cooper! Alright! Alright. He has all my money. I gave it all to him. Just take everything you find on him and let’s be done with this. You got your money, leave me alone! What do you want? I’ve got nothing to say to you.

Arthur Morgan: I didn’t steal that… it’s a debt… oh, dammit.

[He’s now wanted for robbery. Escaping the scene of the crime, he goes to the last debtor.]

Arthur Morgan: Knock knock, Mr. Wróbel.

Wróbel in Polish: Excuse me. Whatever are you doing in my house?

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn it… English? You speak English?

Wróbel: Me? Silesia… Upper Silesia.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, good for you. I’m here for money… that you borrowed from a German man.

Wróbel: Aha, a German.

Wróbel in German: Good sir, we will converse in the language of the Empire.

Arthur Morgan: Nah. I don’t speak German neither. I’m here for money. Money. That you borrowed from Leopold Strauss.

Wróbel: Aha… aha…err… Leopold Strauss.

Arthur Morgan: Aha… yeah. So it’s time to pay. Where is it?

Wróbel: Well no, have nothing. It’s very bad winter.

Arthur Morgan: We’ve all had a bad winter, pal. (grabs him) Now, where is it?

Wróbel: No, no.

[Arthur beats the debt out of the polish guy.]

Arthur Morgan: Now, you remember where you’re keeping that silver?

Wróbel In Polish: Give me time, I will get the money.

Arthur Morgan: No, still don’t understand you. (punches him) God damn it, you have a debt to Herr Strauss. Pay up!

Wróbel In Polish: Stop. I’m spent. Stop! I’m spent.

Wróbel: Ah, no, no, no, no… please no… No have money… but… but I have this… It’s good… it’s good… valuable. It’s… it’s Warszawa, yes.

Arthur Morgan: I have your things? Okay? I have… anything in here, or out there?

Wróbel: Yes…

Arthur Morgan: Longer I look, the madder I get. Better be something somewhere. You musta come here with something? Don’t even speak English…

Wróbel: Very valuable. Good?

Arthur Morgan: Not good yet.

Wróbel: No, no, no, no.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, yes, yes, yes. What you got behind there?

Wróbel in Polish: Excuse me. What? I don’t understand.

Arthur Morgan: Move aside.

Wróbel In Polish: Should never trust Prussians, or Americans for that matter.

Arthur Morgan: What do we have here…

Wróbel In Polish: My ring, no, no!

Arthur Morgan: Just keep quiet. Okay. That should about cover things.

[He gets back to the camp.]

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Why don’t you sit, Arthur? You okay, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: I guess.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: You seem kind of… worried.

Arthur Morgan: Course I’m worried.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: What about?

Arthur Morgan: Whole world’s changing… even I see that now. Our time… has pretty much passed. They don’t want folk like us no more. It’s their rules or be damned with you. No more outlaws… no more killers. Now it’s us being hunted… oh, they ain’t stopping. We went and made our choices a long time ago, so… I guess we gotta pay for our sins.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Oh, Arthur… what a sad world we live in.

Arthur Morgan: Well I ain’t sad Mary-Beth, just… I’m realistic, about what’s coming. I keep killing animals, needlessly… I don’t know.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Arthur… oh, Arthur. You’re the only one of these fools knows just how lost he is.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t that the truth… Ain’t that the truth.

Leopold Strauss: How did you get on, Herr Morgan?

Arthur Morgan: Fine, our accounts are up to date. Sad sacks the lot of ’em.

Leopold Strauss: Good, very good.

Arthur Morgan: My pleasure.

Leopold Strauss: Well, if it’s pleasure you’re after… there is one other… this farmer, preacher, feller who I met in Valentine… Mr. Downes.

Arthur Morgan: The opinionated little do-gooder… yeah, I know the one… I certainly know the type.

Leopold Strauss: Thank you, Herr Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: There’s no need to thank me… like you said… it’s pleasure I’m after.

Leopold Strauss: He’s more slippery than he seems. I’ve tried being polite… don’t take any nonsense.

Arthur Morgan: Nonsense, me?

Leopold Strauss: If he doesn’t have the money, beat him.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I usually do…

Leopold Strauss: I know. I know…

[Going into his small tent, Arthur sees a letter on the table. He reads it.]

Mary Linton: Dear Arthur, I’ve written this letter a hundred times or more and I cannot get it right. It’s me. You know it’s me from the bad handwriting. I know I said when we last spoke and I was going off to get married, that we would not speak again. I know I said a lot of things and I meant them, I suppose, at the time, but I am not so proud as to not speak to people who care for me, or cared for me. I’ve been in Valentine for a couple of months. I had some bad luck and, well, it’s a long story and not an interesting one, but I am here for now. I saw a couple of the girls, or whatever the polite term is for them, that ran with you and your associates in town and I heard tell of a man who sounded like you. I would love to see you again, if you could spare me a little bit of your time. I’m renting a room at Chadwick Farm, just north of Valentine. Yours, Mary Linton.

[After reading the letter, he rides to a farm near Valentine to see his love.]

We Loved Once and True - II[]

[Artus knocks on the door. A woman with a revolver in her hand opens him.]

Civilian: Yes?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you ma’am. Is Mrs. Linton in?

Civilian: I’ll go see. Mrs. Linton, a caller for you.

Mary Linton: Hello, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Mary. I, erm…

Mary Linton: I heard you and your friends was around, I…

Arthur Morgan: Okay. Where’s erm… where’s what’s his name?

Mary Linton: Died.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

Mary Linton: Yeah, me too… Happened a while ago… pneumonia.

Arthur Morgan: Bad business.

Mary Linton: Sure.

Arthur Morgan: So uh… well, y-y-you’ve been… you’ve been made a widow and… you come here looking for me, is that it?

Mary Linton: No, ain’t like that, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, okay…

Mary Linton: Listen, Arthur. I… my family… I need your help.

Arthur Morgan: You mean the family that always looked down on me? And you want me to help them?

Mary Linton: It’s my little brother, Jamie.

Arthur Morgan: I always liked Jamie… at least compared to the rest of them.

Mary Linton: He’s broken daddy’s heart.

Arthur Morgan: Daddy has a heart?

Mary Linton: Don’t make me beg you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: My money, my life, me… I wasn’t good enough.

Mary Linton: I’m sorry. We need your help real bad. Little Jamie’s joined… the Chelonians… that strange religious order.

Arthur Morgan: Good for him.

Mary Linton: They’re quite mad, Arthur. They’ll kill him. You’re the only person he’d listen to.

Arthur Morgan: So, I’m too rough to marry into your family… but it’s okay to ask me to help in saving your family.

Mary Linton: I’m sorry. I understand if you don’t wanna help me, but…. but I think of you often.

Arthur Morgan: A long time ago now.

Mary Linton: I’m begging you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: I say let Jamie live Jamie’s life, and not the… nightmare that his daddy dreamed up for him.

Mary Linton: Jamie’s so innocent, Arthur. Please, Arthur. Will you help me?

Arthur Morgan: Where is he?

Mary Linton: Somewhere out near Carmody Dell, I think. The rancher there said he’d… seen him around the Cumberland Forest. I just want him back, Arthur. If you find him, bring him to me at the station.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll see what I can do.

Mary Linton: I’ll owe you.

Arthur Morgan: You already owe me.

We Only Loved Once and True - III[]

[Arthur rides across the state and finds the secret meeting place for religious fanatics.]

Fanatics: Chelonia… Chelonia… Chelonia…

Chelonian Master: And what is Chelonianism? No less than the recent rediscovery… of theology.

Arthur Morgan: Gentlemen.

[The idiots in white shirts gets in a circle and start casting moronic spells.]

Chelonian: Shell of safety. Shell of safety. Shell of safety.

Chelontian 2: Shell of safety…

Arthur Morgan: Can I speak to the boy?

Jamie Gillis: Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Hello, son. Your sister is very worried.

Chelonian Master: The boy has chosen a path, sir. The path to truth.

Arthur Morgan: Well… his sister just wants to speak with him.

Jamie Gillis: Arthur. I’ve chosen a path.

Chelonian Master: The boy has chosen a path, he’s chosen safety… what path have you chosen, sir?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know about this nonsense. Let me speak to the boy!

Chelonian Master: Are you always this negative and antagonistic, sir?

Arthur Morgan: Only when dealing with idiots. Now let me talk to the boy! You goddamn lunatic. (chokes the master)

Jamie Gillis: Get off him. That’s enough, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Now, kid, come on… this is crap… you’re better than this.

Jamie Gillis: Better than what? Better than wanting paradise?

Arthur Morgan: Better than thinking these fools… know a damn thing about paradise… now let me take you home.

Jamie Gillis: You’re a sad man, Arthur… you’re a real sad man.

Arthur Morgan: Sure… but come home.

Jamie Gillis: No, not a chance! Leave me alone, Arthur! I didn’t ask for your help! (runs away)

Arthur Morgan: For chrissakes, Jamie. Just hold up a minute!

Jamie Gillis: This is none of your damn business!

Arthur Morgan: They’re just using you! Telling you what you want to hear!

Jamie Gillis: What the hell do you know about it. Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Just stop and let’s talk about this!

Jamie Gillis: I don’t have to answer to you!

Arthur Morgan: Come on, Jamie! Your sister’s worried about you.

Jamie Gillis: You pop up out of nowhere!

Arthur Morgan: Come on, you ain’t stupid. You can see this is crazy.

Jamie Gillis: You’re the crazy one!

Arthur Morgan: Damn it, we got to do this the hard way?

Jamie Gillis: I was doing just fine by myself!

Farmer: Whoa, whoa, whoa… you little jackass.

Jamie Gillis: Sorry, mister.

Arthur Morgan: So what are you gonna do, Jamie? Live the rest of your life in the mountains, with those people?

Jamie Gillis: They’re my friends! If you don’t leave me alone, I’ll shoot you. I swear it!

Arthur Morgan: What are you talking about? You ain’t no killer!

Jamie Gillis: You don’t know who I am! Move! Move!

[When they cross the train tracks, Jamie manages to slip near the train. He stops.]

Jamie Gillis: Please, Arthur… I’m a man now… I’ve found something… a calling.

Arthur Morgan: You’re just a kid… you’re making a big mistake.

Jamie Gillis: I’m not taking advice from you… you’re an outlaw. You leave me alone… they’re good people. I’m warning you, Arthur Morgan!

[Arthur scares Jamie’s horse with a shot.]

Jamie Gillis: Leave me alone!

Arthur Morgan: Please, kid… put that gun down.

Jamie Gillis: I warn you, Arthur! I’m… I’m gonna… I don’t wanna live any more!

Arthur Morgan: Kid, just calm down…

Jamie Gillis: Leave me alone!

[He puts a revolver to his head. Arthur knocks the weapon out of Jamie’s hands with a well-aimed shot.]

Arthur Morgan: Now calm down. Let’s go see your sister.

Jamie Gillis: (hugs Arthur) Okay… okay.

Arthur Morgan: It’s okay, kid.

Jamie Gillis: Have I been a terrible fool, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know… I don’t know enough about it… but one thing I do know… there ain’t no shame in looking for a better world.

Jamie Gillis: I missed you, Arthur. Are you and Mary sweet on one another again?

[They mount a horse and rides off.]

Arthur Morgan: That’s all a long time ago, son.

Jamie Gillis: Well, this wasn’t how I thought today would turn out.

Arthur Morgan: It’s been a long time, Jamie Gillis. You were a kid last time I saw you, and didn’t try to kill yourself.

Jamie Gillis: You know, you taught me how to ride a horse.

Arthur Morgan: Too well, apparently. Chelonia, though? Really, you’d fall for that?

Jamie Gillis: They were very nice to me. They’re decent.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure. Please tell me you didn’t give them any money.

Jamie Gillis: Of course I did. They rely on charitable donations.

Arthur Morgan: Jesus, Jamie. Come on.

Jamie Gillis: I just wanted to believe that there might be something good… coming my way one day. Guess that’s dead in the water.

Arthur Morgan: With the turtles.

Jamie Gillis: Shut up. All father kept telling me was "you won’t amount to anything", "you’re not enough of a man"… I had to get away. I couldn’t take it any more.

Arthur Morgan: Forgive me, but your father’s a bully and a coward, don’t listen to him.

Jamie Gillis: Hey, don’t talk about him like that.

Arthur Morgan: What do you want me to say, Jamie? He’s a good father? A nice man?

Jamie Gillis: He won’t be happy I saw you.

Arthur Morgan: Please send him my worst regards.

Jamie Gillis: Thing is… he’s right. I’m not good at anything.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, that ain’t true. Tell me something you like.

Jamie Gillis: Hmm…erm…

Arthur Morgan: Don’t think too hard.

Jamie Gillis: Apples, I guess. Yeah, I love apples.

Arthur Morgan: I was thinking more along the lines of… carpentry or horses or something, but… alright, go work in an orchard then.

Jamie Gillis: By that token, you must really like shooting and robbing people.

Arthur Morgan: I only like shooting young idiots who run away from me… when I’m trying to help them.

Jamie Gillis: Father told me what you do.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure he did.

Jamie Gillis: Are you still with Dutch and, what was his name… Hester?

Arthur Morgan: Hosea. Yep, still the same, sort of.

Jamie Gillis: And Annabelle and Bessie?

Arthur Morgan: I’m afraid they’re dead.

Jamie Gillis: Shit, maybe Mary did make the right choice.

Arthur Morgan: No doubt. But none of it is anything like the nonsense you read in the newspapers. Here we are. She must be waiting inside.

Jamie Gillis: Are we going in, then?

Mary Linton: Jamie! Jamie! Come home… please, you’ve… Father’s been very sad.

Jamie Gillis: Father wouldn’t know sadness if it died in his bed…. but I’ll come home…

Mary Linton: My boy, my sweet boy… come on. Oh, Arthur… thank you… thank you.

Arthur Morgan: It’s good to see you, Mary.

Mary Linton: And you, Arthur… and you.

[Mary and Jamie board a train.]

Mary Linton: I’ve… You’re… Oh, you’ll never change… I know that.

[The train leaves the station and rushes into the distance.]

Arthur Morgan: (to himself) I feel like… the luckiest man alive and… I feel like a fool. That woman confuses me and plays me for a fiddle like no one else alive. I trust I will not make a godawful tool of myself once more, but… somehow, I imagine I shall.

["We Loved Once and True" story arc completed.]

Money Lending and Other Sins - III[]

Arthur Morgan: Mr. Thomas Downes…

Thomas Downes: Yep, that’s me.

Arthur Morgan: …you owe me money.

Thomas Downes: Oh, no-no, I’m… I’m…

Arthur Morgan: Come here, you maggot.

Thomas Downes: Please, sir… I’m… I’ll…

Arthur Morgan: Really? Threaten me, would you?

Thomas Downes: Please… I have a family, sir… please.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t care about your family.

[He starts hitting him.]

Thomas Downes: I’m working… I’m working as hard as I can.

Arthur Morgan: Why’d it have to come to this, huh? You ain’t such a do-gooder, are you? If you’re running out on debts.

Thomas Downes: I’m not running anywhere. I… I… I’m doing my best for you.

Arthur Morgan: How’s that debt looking now? You borrowed money from my business partner Herr Strauss. You owe him. You took the money. He wants it back. What’s not to understand? (Downes coughs and accidentally spits in Arthur’s face) Where’s our money?

Tomas Downes: I don’t have it.

Arthur Morgan: Sell your place.

Thomas Downes: We already owe more than it’s worth.

Arthur Morgan: Then sell your wife, or your family, or something. We ain’t your idea of charity. Is that clear?

[He begins to cough violently and falls to the ground. his wife runs up to him.]

Edith Downes: Thomas.

Arthur Morgan: What you looking at?

Edith Downes: Thomas.

Arthur Morgan: I said what you looking at, woman?

Edith Downes: My husband isn’t well. If we could just have more…

Arthur Morgan: Like I said, we ain’t nobody’s idea of charity. Get us the money!

[In the next scene, Arthur returns to his camp.]

Arthur Morgan: Miss O’Shea.

Leopold Strauss: Ah, how did you get on?

Arthur Morgan: Not so good. He’s almost dead… and they seem more or less destitute. You were a fool for lending them the money.

Leopold Strauss: Well, people who aren’t desperate… don’t seem so interested in my propositions.

Arthur Morgan: Of course.

["Money Lending and Other Sins" story arc completed.]

Blessed are the Meek?[]

[Arthur knocks on the sheriff’s station door.]

Deputy: Yep?

Arthur Morgan: Hello sir, I’ve er… I’ve come from Blackwater… I’m on the trail of a dangerous gang… Colm O’Driscoll. Heard you had some sort of incident.

Sheriff: We don’t deal with bounty hunters round here, son.

Arthur Morgan: I-I was just wondering if I could get a description.

Sheriff: Well they weren’t friends. They got in a fight… two men got killed. Now one of ’em’s an idiot… the other’s some kind of dumb mick… so maybe them’s your boys. You can look right enough… when we hang ’em.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you, Sheriff.

[He exits the building and hears Micah’s screams from inside.]

Micah Bell: Let me outta here, you maggots!

[Arthur sneaks up to my small barred window at the bottom of the building.]

Micah Bell: Arthur? Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Hello, old friend. Had a good time, did you?

Micah Bell: You gonna get me outta here?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t decided yet.

Micah Bell: Real funny.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, I ain’t joking, cowpoke. I heard so much bluster out of your mouth these last six months… and now I got an opportunity to watch you be silenced.

Micah Bell: Well you gotta do something.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Micah Bell: I always looked up to you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Well that’s your first mistake. Listen, there’s one little problem… there’s only one of me and there’s a whole town full of people… wanting to see you swing.

Micah Bell: You gotta do something, Arthur… Maybe that steam donkey over there still works? This wall just needs some good forcing. You got any dynamite? Yes, hook that over the bars, see if you can pull them off.

Arthur Morgan: What a modern disaster this is going to be.

Micah Bell: Just pull that lever, come on.

[Arthur is using a winch or something to pull the bars out of the window. Micah gets out.]

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get outta here, come on.

[Micah kills his cellmate.]

Arthur Morgan: What the hell are you doing?

Micah Bell: He was an O’Driscoll.

Sheriff: I should’ve known you were up to no good!

Stranger: Somebody send a wire to the state marshals!

Arthur Morgan: Don’t go that way, let’s get the hell out of here!

Micah Bell: I got some unfinished business. Trust me, Morgan!

Arthur Morgan: Trust you? You have finally lost your damn mind.

Micah Bell: Let’s get out of here! Keep moving, Arthur!

[Micah starts shooting at law enforcement officers in the streets.]

Arthur Morgan: You goddamn maniac, I should’ve left you to hang.

Micah Bell: We’re in it now, Morgan. What do you wanna do? Send ’em all out, come on! Everything you got!

Arthur Morgan: We should be long gone by now.

Micah Bell: They got something of mine. I ain’t leaving without.

Arthur Morgan: Who?

Micah Bell: Come on, let’s clear them out! Look out, we got more coming in!

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I see ’em.

Micah Bell: Hell’s coming for ya, right now! Let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: Where we going?

Micah Bell: Making a house call. There’s more of these morons.

Arthur Morgan: We really should get outta here.

Micah Bell: Calm yourself, woman. Like I said, I need to see someone. Skinny, get out here!

Skinny: It ain’t ’Skinny’, Micah, it’s Norman…

Micah Bell: You always was a letdown, you lat sack of crap. Excuse me a minute, Arthur… Hello, Maddy… They had something of mine… my guns. Up here, come on. The law in this town’s a damn joke.

Arthur Morgan: We could’ve been long gone but, no, you have to shoot the entire town!

Micah Bell: I work clean, I don’t leave loose ends.

Arthur Morgan: Where are you going now?

Micah Bell: You wanna get out of here, don’t ya? Keep shooting! Don’t give up on me now! Finish these bastards! Let’s get to those horses, Morgan. Reckon it’s time we got out of here, Morgan.

[They mount their horses and gallop out of the city. Lawmen galloping after them.]

Micah Bell: Dammit. How many of these sons of bitches are there? More of them. Shoot the devil outta those bastards. Keep riding, Morgan!

Arthur Morgan: I don’t have much choice!

Micah Bell: Another lot of’em. We are thinning the herd today! More riders! Okay… let’s get outta here, before we get any more on our tail. That was some good shooting, Morgan. I gotta hand it to you.

Arthur Morgan: What the hell was that you pulled back there?

Micah Bell: Got a bit wild alright.

Arthur Morgan: Wild? Making a house call in the middle of all that?

Micah Bell: Ain’t much I care about more than those guns.

Arthur Morgan: That much is clear. Who was that feller?

Micah Bell: Skinny? Yeah, we ran together for a while. Did a bank job down south, didn’t end well.

Arthur Morgan: I saw how it goddamn ended.

Micah Bell: He was gonna let me hang.

Arthur Morgan: I’m starting to wish I had… and you owe Lenny, too. If he hadn’t found us in time…

Micah Bell: Yes, you will all be thanked profusely, I promise.

Arthur Morgan: You’re lucky Dutch has got your back, for some unknown reason.

Micah Bell: I think we finally lost ’em.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I hope so.

Micah Bell: I’m giving you a holster… my way of saying thank you.

Arthur Morgan: And thank you… there I was having a dull day only for you… to liven it up by letting me help you shoot up half a town.

Micah Bell: You’re a funny feller, Arthur. Real funny. Why you act all sour all the time?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, well, you ain’t funny at all… so why you gotta act like the courtjester?

Micah Bell: Alright, listen… I’m sorry, but we’re family now, Arthur. You and me… sons of Dutch. Makes us brothers… and sometimes brothers make mistakes. Now, I’m heading back to my little camp round back of Strawberry… come see me, maybe I can make things up to you?

Arthur Morgan: So you ain’t heading back to Dutch?

Micah Bell: No, I’ve been a bad boy, Arthur. I ain’t seeing Dutch till I can bring him a peace offering. Bye now.

["Blessed are the Meek?" mission completed.]

The First Shall Be Last[]

[Arthur approaches his comrades, hiding in the bushes.]

Javier Escuella: How many?

Charles Smith: A lot. Uniforms everywhere.

Javier Escuella: You see Sean?

Charles Smith: No, I don’t think so.

Javier Escuella: Damn it. Where’s Trelawny?

Charles Smith: Who knows?

Arthur Morgan: Hey.

Charles Smith: Hey.

Arthur Morgan: Where is that little Irish bastard?

Charles Smith: I’m not quite sure. Trelawny’s off trying to find out.

Arthur Morgan: Has anyone been into Blackwater to see how things lie?

Javier Escuella: Place is crawling with Pinkertons… bounty hunters… pictures of Dutch and Hosea.

Arthur Morgan: We got a lot of money sitting in that town.

Javier Escuella: And that’s where it’s gonna remain, for now.

Arthur Morgan: (stares through binoculars) Why haven’t they hanged Sean, I wonder?

Charles Smith: I think he’s bait… or they want to trial him publicly.

[Trelawny approaches them.]

Josiah Trelawny: Gentlemen. Sean is being moved up the Upper Montana… then to a federal prison out west.

Arthur Morgan: Well, we can’t be rescuing people from some federal prison. We either rescue him now or… cut him loose.

Charles Smith: We’re not cutting anyone loose.

Arthur Morgan: Of course not.

Josiah Trelawny: Ike Skelding’s boys are moving him to a camp nearby… before handing him over to the government.

Arthur Morgan: So, I guess… we need to stop them before they get to camp. Charles, why don’t you head up on the north side… and then we’ll head up on the other side of the valley and meet you.. that way we have them either direction. Javier, Josiah, come on. Let’s go see.

Josiah Trelawny: You know, Arthur… the government or people whom the government like, seem to be very angry.

Arthur Morgan: Sure, well… we’ll rescue Sean and then we’ll get ourselves lost, good and proper. It’s a blg country.

Josiah Trelawny: I hope so…

[They get on horses.]

Arthur Morgan: Let’s head up river and find this boat.

Javier Escuella: Keep your eyes open for Pinkertons. They’ve got patrols out all over this area.

Josiah Trelawny: Yes, south of the river West Elizabeth isn’t a very welcoming place right now.

Arthur Morgan: Down there, reckon those might be our boys.

Josiah Trelawny: Alright, gentlemen. Follow me. We’ll follow them, nice and easy. Let’s make sure it’s him first before you go starting another war.

Arthur Morgan: You think they can see us?

Josiah Trelawny: If they can, we’re just three fellers out on the trail. Act natural, we’ll be fine.

Arthur Morgan: So you’ve been gone for a while?

Josiah Trelawny: Much as I love dodging the law and sleeping in the dirt with you derelicts, I do have other business to attend to

Arthur Morgan: What happened to New York?

Josiah Trelawny: You know how life is, never a straight road anywhere.

Arthur Morgan: Especially with you.

Josiah Trelawny: Nice to know I’m missed, though. Have you run out of people to rob?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, we’ll never run out of people to rob.

Josiah Trelawny: But without me you’ll not find the caliber of victim that I find. Come on, let’s keep them in sight.

Arthur Morgan: You alright, Javier? You’re quiet…

Javier Escuella: He hasn’t stopped talking since we left you in Valentine. It’s the longest ride of my life.

Josiah Trelawny: Cute, dear boy, very cute… Pick up the pace a bit. Apparently, there’s a camp somewhere around here where the bounty hunters meet and transfer before continuing out west. I imagine that’s where they’re headed… Look, they’ve stopped. Get your binoculars out, let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

Javier Escuella: So who are these bounty hunters?

Arthur Morgan: Don’t know too much about Ike Skelding’s boys, but I hear they’re a big crew and wild. Built some reputation in the last year or two.

Javier Escuella: That looks like Sean to me…

Arthur Morgan: Certainly kicking up enough of a fuss. Yep, that’s definitely Sean.

Javier Escuella: Oh, they’re giving him a decent kicking.

Arthur Morgan: Well, you can only imagine the shit he’s been giving them.

Joshua Trelawny: Oh yes. They’re taking him up the canyon.

Arthur Morgan: There’s Charles, on the other side. Let’s go.

Javier Escuella: What about the other two down there?

Josiah Trelawny: I’ve got an idea, follow me.

Javier Escuella: We should do this quietly if we can.

Josiah Trelawny: Leave it to me, gentlemen. I’ll go around and create a distraction, then you two sneak across and do the dirty on them.

Javier Escuella: Okay… Get your knife ready… keep your head down. Let’s get in the river… wait until he’s got ’em off guard before crossing. Hold up, he’s doing his thing.

[Josiah begins to beg the Bounty Hunters to help him and lying about his wife’s disease. He is very emotional.]

Bounty Hunter: What’s the problem?

Javier Escuella: You take the one on the left. Okay, come on, stay low.

Bounty Hunter: Oh, calm down, mister.

[While Josiah distracts the Bounty Hunters, Arthur and Javier sneak up behind them and kill them with knives.]

Javier Escuella: Come on. Let’s get up there.

Josiah Trelawny: A pleasure as always, gentlemen. I think you have it from here.

Javier Escuella: Come on. We got two halfway up the canyon to deal with. We’re gonna have to shoot our way up there. Move up! Get up there! Let’s go! Push up on ’em! Look out, two on horses! Up there, on the cliff! I see Charles up there. Quick… come on, let’s get up there. Two more, look out! Here’s Charles.

Arthur Morgan: Wouldn’t go that far.

Charles Smith: Their camp’s up this way, come on.

Javier Escuella: I’ll take the left side, Charles. You go right, okay? Let’s take these hijos de putas!

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn army of these bastards. How much is Sean’s bounty?

Charles Smith: Maybe we should turn him in ourselves.

Arthur Morgan: Still time.

Javier Escuella: Move up, come on. On top of the tower, who’s got a shot on him?

Charles Smith: Another one coming out of that cabin.

Javier Escuella: Lets push forward I don’t believe it… there’s more of ’em!

Charles Smith: Look out left, on top of the cliff!

Sean MacGuire: Takes an army of bounty hunters to bring in Sean Macguire.

Javier Escuella: Look, they’re running away.

Sean MacGuire: Someone cut this rope, my head’s killing me.

Javier Escuella: Okay… let’s get Sean. Come on! Let’s get Sean and get outta here!

Sean MacGuire: Hurry up, fellers! Cut me down, come on! Arthur. You know… you’re a lot less ugly from that other angle, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Come on.

Sean MacGuire: Do I get a hug, Arthur? A warm embrace for a lost brother, now found?

Arthur Morgan: You know… nothing means more to me than this gang. The bond we share… it’s the most real thing to me. I would kill for it, I would happily die for it… but in spite of all that… Arthur I would have easily left you here to rot… If Charles hadn’t stopped me.

Sean MacGuire: I don’t believe a word of that, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Get him out of here.

Sean MacGuire: You’re a great man, Arthur Morgan… the kind a young whippersnapper can really admire.

Arthur Morgan: Oh shut up. Right, we should split up. Javier, will you escort Mr. Macguire back to camp. Charles, best you ride separately. Be careful, there’s patrols everywhere.

Javier Escuella: What about you?

Arthur Morgan: I’m gonna see what’s worth taking here. I’ll meet you back there as soon as I can.

Javier Escuella: Okay, come on.

Sean MacGuire: Have I got stories for you…

Javier Escuella: Yeah… I can’t wait.

Sean MacGuire: I imagine you all missed me a lot… but fear not, the joy’s back in your lives now.

[“The First Shall Be Last” mission completed.]

Pouring Forth Oil - I + II[]

[Arthur returns to the camp and approaches John, who is standing by a tree looking at a map.]

John Marston: Hey, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What you want?

John Marston: Uncle told me something about a train.

Arthur Morgan: (sighs) What did he say?

John Marston: Mary-Beth overheard something about a train… full of wealthy folk… rolling down through Scarlet Meadows… just south of the state border.

Arthur Morgan: Yes.

John Marston: You need help with it?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t even sure about doing it.

John Marston: Come on… it’s perfect at night, not too guarded, it’s perfect.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t thought it through. You know, stopping a train… pain in the ass.

John Marston: Sure, but what if… we could force a train to stop.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Well, of course.

John Marston: We get a wagon, full of something flammable… put it on the tracks. They see it… they know they either have to stop, or die. Ain’t no train driver wants to be cooked alive.

Arthur Morgan: That is… kinda brilliant. Uh, for you. And that is a real idea… I think that’s the first time you ever had one of them.

John Marston: Shut up.

Arthur Morgan: You might be the first bastard to ever have half his… brains eaten by a wolf and end up more intelligent.

John Marston: So, we doing it?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, we’re gonna need ammunition, guns… look real frightening… and some dynamite to open up the train.

John Marston: I’ll get the supplies… gotta head into town for Abigail anyway. Don’t even ask. You go find us an oil wagon.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I know just the place.They’re always heading into that retinery.

John Marston: There’s an old rundown shack just over the border… north of a place called Dewberry Creek. Leave it hidden somewhere near there.

[Arthur gets on his horse and gallops to Cornwall Oil Wagon and steals a cistern of oil. He takes her into the woods where he lets the horses go.]

Arthur Morgan: (to the horse) Get.

Pouring Forth Oil - III + IV[]

[Now he needs to tell John at camp that the wagon is in position.]

Arthur Morgan: John.

John Marston: How did you get on?

Arthur Morgan: Good, and you?

John Marston: Got everything we need.

Arthur Morgan: Good. I think we need another man. Charles?

John Marston: I’ll go get him. Meet us at the wagon when you can.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

John Marston: See, Arthur… I ain’t that dumb.

Arthur Morgan: Next time, let the wolves eat all your brain… then you’ll be a genius.

John Marston: (quiet laugh)

[Arthur rides to meet John and Charles at the oil wagon. Along the way, he sees Sean trying to shoot bottles without success.]

Arthur Morgan: Well, at least it ain’t your job.

Sean MacGuire: Ah, shut up, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, your job’s starting the fights… it ain’t winning them.

Sean MacGuire: I can scrap, Arthur… I’m just no good at home work.

Arthur Morgan: I can see.

Sean MacGuire: Besides, what do you care, Englishman… you’ve got no time for me. I tried to find you work… but then you’re off cutting jobs with other folks… and your boy Sean doesn’t get a look in.

Arthur Morgan: Guess I don’t wanna get shot, that’s all.

Sean MacGuire: Ah, you’re a real fucking funny shit, Arthur Morgan, huh? Real fucking funny.

Arthur Morgan: Calm down.

Sean MacGuire: You better sleep with your eyes open.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, well you’re gonna sleep with your chest open… if you ain’t careful, boy.

Sean MacGuire: (laughs) I love ya, Arthur Morgan… I love ya. Come on, take a shot. Come on, take your best shot, please.

Arthur Morgan: (skillfully shoots a bottle) Grow up.

Sean MacGuire: Let me come on the raid with yous…

Arthur Morgan: Raid?

Sean MacGuire: Don’t be playing coy with me, son, it’s unbecoming. That bloody train you and him has set up. What you’re doing out here, you’re going to need guns… you’re going to need men.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, that. So Marston told you? It ain’t a big show… I need calmness. If I take you, I might as well bring Micah along.

Sean MacGuire: Compare me to that oily turd again… and you’re a dead man.

Arthur Morgan: Fair enough.

Sean MacGuire: Anyway, Arthur… what’s your problem with me? In fact don’t tell me, I already know. You’re threatened by me.

Arthur Morgan: Threatened by you?

Sean MacGuire: Yeah, my youthful vigor… it intimidates ya. It’s a story as old as the hills. The changing of the guard… the fading of the light. You’re toast, old man.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… and what are you?

Sean MacGuire: I’m the future, in all its glory.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, well good luck. Good luck and shut up. I wanna get some rest before night fall.

[Waking up in the night, Arthur throws a rock at Sean.]

Arthur Morgan: Wake up you lazy sod.

[John approaches.]

John Marston: What are you doing here, kid?

Sean MacGuire: I’m coming, John… on the job.

John Marston: I said you weren’t coming.

Sean MacGuire: Yeah, well Arthur says I am… and it’s his party, boy, so come on, let’s go. Me and the big cheeses, love it. Can’t wait to slit some bastard’s throat.

John Marston: (to Arthur) You sure about this?

Arthur Morgan: No. Are we ready?

John Marston: Yeah, train’s due through tonight.

Arthur Morgan: Alright then, it’s on. Charles?

Charles Smith: I’m ready.

Arthur Morgan: Gentlemen. Let’s go earn some money.

[He gets on the oil wagon and drives off.]

Charles Smith: Hey… all the horses untethered?

John Marston: Think so.

Charles Smith: Good, they should follow on behind us.

Arthur Morgan: You find a good spot, Wolf Man?

John Marston: Yeah, follow the trail south west, there’s a spot that’s… remote, but should still give ‘em enough time to spot the oil wagon.

Arthur Morgan: They see this blocking the tracks, they’ll stop soon enough.

John Marston: Apparently, it picks up a new team of guards at the state line, so shouldn’t be much in the way of guns to deal with

Sean MacGuire: See, this is what I mean. I disappear for a couple of weeks and you cut me out of all the action.

John Marston: Just the action that requires a brain.

Sean MacGuire: (laughs) Oh, you’re a funny feller, John Marston. From what folk say, you had your feet up the whole time playing sick, and fondling that new scar like you’re gonna buy it breakfast in the morning.

John Marston: Bear left here, towards Rhodes. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Sean MacGuire: Stay close on this, wouldn’t want you getting scratched by a squirrel or something, that could put you outta commission for the rest of the year.

Charles Smith: Why do you have to speak so much? It’s… incessant.

Sean MacGuire: ‘Cause I’ve still got some blood in me veins! You old bastards have forgotten how to live.

John Marston: I blame you two for rescuing him.

Arthur Morgan: Far too much trouble for what we got out of it.

Sean MacGuire: Yeah, takes a whole army of bounty hunters to bring in Sean Macguire. And look at me now, in the gunner’s seat Back in business, boys! You know my da always used to say…

John Marston: Not the da, please!

Charles Smith: No, no…

Arthur Morgan: Not this again.

Sean MacGuire: Fine! Damn, you three… Sulky, Angry, Scar Face. A right barrel of laughs. So we block the tracks with the wagon then jump ‘em? That’s the plan?

Arthur Morgan: Pretty much. Charles, you deal with the engineer.

John Marston: Here’s good. Stop the wagon over the tracks. Remember, these are innocent folks. We handle this right, nobody needs to die here.

[They stop near the tracks.]

Arthur Morgan: Mr. Marston. Mr. Smith… Mr. Macguire… get over there. When she slows… board her.

Sean MacGuire: And you?

Arthur Morgan: I’m gonna make sure she slows.

Sean MacGuire: It’s do or die, with you…

Arthur Morgan: Get moving… here she comes…

[He stands on the oil cistern on the tracks and puts on his mask. The train approaches.]

Engineer: What’s going on here? What’s going on?

[Charles punches him.]

Arthur Morgan: I’m going to board, make that quick and join us on there.

Charles Smith: Nothing good… Go on, get on there!

Sean MacGuire: (punching the other engineer) You bastard. All yours, captain, I’ll go on ahead.

[Arthur and John enter the carriage. There are many well-dressed people. They start robbing.]

John Marston: Everybody stay calm and nobody’ll get shot! Let’s go… everything you got! Money! Valuables! There you go… Let’s make this quick, people, come on! We ain’t leaving ‘til this bag’s full!

Passenger: I ain’t got nothing.

John Marston: You wanna have a little chat with Romeo and Juliet here?

Arthur Morgan: What’s the problem here? Money, valuables, now!

Passenger 2: Don’t do this. Just give it to him, Thomas, please!

Passenger 1: Okay, okay godammit!

John Marston: Come on! In the bag, everything you got. Keep it coming, don’t be shy.

Passenger 3: People like you make me sick.

John Marston: These two seem to think we’re playing games.

Arthur Morgan: I’m going to count to three… one… two… Goddamn it. Sick is better than dead, lady. And I’m losing my goddamn patience.

Passenger 4: Let’s just do what he says so this can be over.

John Marston: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery!

Sean MacGuire: You boys need me?

Arthur Morgan: No, you go ahead and look for the baggage car.

Sean MacGuire: Right you are.

John Marston: Tough guy, huh? You sure about that?

Arthur Morgan: Quick, come on!

John Marston: Everything you got… money, valuables… We ain’t leaving ‘til this bag’s full.

Passenger 5: You won’t get a damn cent from me

John Marston: Let me hand you over to my friend then. (hits him with his rifle)

Arthur Morgan: Money now! You son of a bitch.

John Marston: C’mon, cough it up, people! Don’t be shy. Everything you got, let’s go! I can handle this from here, you should check on Sean.

Arthur Morgan: What is it? You alright?

Sean MacGuire: Found the baggage car.

Arthur Morgan: For Christ’s sake. You ain’t even taken a look yet?

Sean MacGuire: There’s probably something in here, Arthur.

[When the retard opens the door, there’s an armed man behind it. Arthur deftly pulls out a riffle and kills him.]

Arthur Morgan: This time I’ll look and you provide the cover.

Sean MacGuire: I’ll try my best, brother, but… I’m seeing double here.

Arthur Morgan: That gives you twice the chance of hitting someone.

Sean MacGuire: Very funny… Ugh, I’m gonna have a right old lump on me head.

Arthur Morgan: Least you ain’t got a hole in it.

Sean MacGuire: Are those tennis rackets in there? Posh bastards.

Arthur Morgan: Just keep your eyes peeled.

Sean MacGuire: I’m doing me best, alright.

Arthur Morgan: I know, that’s what’s worrying me. These folks are rich alright.

Sean MacGuire: Come on, we should get outta here.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll take that…

Sean MacGuire: Alright, we should probably be going now. Arthur, we got a problem. There’s two arseholes on horses.

Arthur Morgan: How many you say?

Sean MacGuire: I just see a pair of them.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, in that case, we’re fighting… Marston, Smith, get ready.

Lawman: You men come off the train now, do you hear? We said you men come out now!

Arthur Morgan: There’s only two of you, you fools… we got a whole lot less to lose. Why don’t the two of you ride away? That way neither of you get killed. Goddamn liberties…

Sean MacGuire: There’s a few more of them turning up.

Arthur Morgan: Me and my big mouth. Okay…let’s deal with them.

Lawman: Last chancel Drop your weapons and get off the train!

[Arthur answers with a gunshot.]

Sean MacGuire: Look out on the left, here come their friends! More coming through the trees! You see ‘em?

Charles Smith: Get rid of them, quick, so we can make a run for it!

John Marston: Behind us! We got more of the bastards riding in!

Charles Smith: Come on! Let’s make some space so we can get out of here!

John Marston: Come on, boys, let’s get the hell out of here!

[They jump on the horses to lose the lawmen.]

Arthur Morgan: Ride! Let’s lose them!

[And… they manage to escape.]

Sean MacGuire: Whoa! That was fun boys, real fun. I can see why they call you the professionals of the outfit.

Arthur Morgan: Shut up.

Sean MacGuire: At least we made some money… and what did I get? Gotta be a hundred dollars here, very nice.

Arthur Morgan: And you weren’t even invited.

John Marston: What now?

Arthur Morgan: We still need a real big take… enough for us to get out of here.

John Marston: Was that a set up? Law turned up real fast.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m starting to get nervous.

Charles Smith: Think they followed us from Blackwater?

Arthur Morgan: They found me already near Horseshoe, but… I think this lot was just locals.

John Marston: I hope so. I’m gonna head into Valentine… see if I can get something started there.

Arthur Morgan: Good idea. Either way, we should all go it alone right now. You know the deal… don’t be followed.

Sean MacGuire: Ah, course not, boss.

[“Pouring Forth Oil” questline completed.]

An American Pastoral Scene[]

[Arthur meets Micah, resting in a small improvised camp near a cliff with a spectacular view.]

Micah Bell: Hey Arthur. Good to see you.

Arthur Morgan: Why? You want rescuing again, do ya?

Micah Bell: (laughs) No. I got a plan to make it up to you.

Arthur Morgan: A plan like the Blackwater ferry job? Or… like you going off scouting and ending up in jail?

Micah Bell: Dutch said you was a big shadow cast by a tiny tree.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t even know what that means.

Micah Bell: I thought you was a tough boy… not one of those gentlemen… trying to protect his riding clothes.

Arthur Morgan: I just know whenever things get real… you turn yellow, and lose your head. Sure seems that way.

Micah Bell: So I guess you won’t be riding with me to rob the banking coach… comes about this time into Strawberry? I heard one of the O’Driscoll boys… Iheart one of the Driscoll boys yapping about it while I was inside.

Arthur Morgan: You and me? Do a robbery?

Micah Bell: That’s what I said didn’t I?

Arthur Morgan: After you.

[Micah laughs. They get on the horses.]

Micah Bell: There’s a spot up this way with a good view of the trail.

Arthur Morgan: What are you doing anyway, camping out here like some crazy hermit?

Micah Bell: Can’t exactly stay in town now, can I? And like I told you, I ain’t going back to Dutch without a peace offering.

Arthur Morgan: So what’s the deal with this coach?

Micah Bell: What do you mean? Comes through about this time every day, like I said. The end.

Arthur Morgan: I mean… how many men? Guns? Riders?

Micah Bell: Nothing serious. It’ll be fine.

Arthur Morgan: I heard the banks been hiring every trigger man they can get of late. The meaner the better.

Micah Bell: You worry too much.

Arthur Morgan: Forgive me if I ain’t wholly faithful in something an O’Driscoll told you, when you was half-drunk in a jail cell.

Micah Bell: He kept yapping about it, saying how they been hitting it on the regular. That’s a good lead in my book.

Arthur Morgan: Damn O’Driscolls are everywhere now.

Micah Bell: Bastards got a hold of most of Big Valley. Heard they took over some big ranch, north of here.

Arthur Morgan: How the hell you and Lenny end up down here anyway?

Micah Bell: You know how it is. A few loose ends, drink here, drink there.

Arthur Morgan: What loose ends?

Micah Bell: Nothing that needs to concern you. I always pay my share.

Arthur Morgan: It concerns me, when you put us in danger and we don’t realize till it’s too late. Like that move you pulled in Strawberry, making me kill half the town just for your precious guns.

Micah Bell: Precious, they are… you need to roll a little looser, Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Looser? I seen you come full undone more than once now. And you only been running with us a few months.

Micah Bell: Are we gonna rob this coach or bicker about it? What’s done is done.

Arthur Morgan: Guess we’re robbing it.

Micah Bell: Then let’s do it. Alright, this is the spot. Hold up on this ridge. (looking at his watch) They should be here, in a little bit. Hold tight.

Arthur Morgan: Which way will they be coming in?

Micah Bell: Should be from over there. We’ll need to hit them fast, before they get into town.

Arthur Morgan: Just don’t lose your head this time.

Micah Bell: Course, tough guy. They should be here any minute. Look, there they are… right on time. Get covered up.

[A horse-drawn wagon with horse guards rides out of the woods.]

Micah Bell: Come on… (laughs) ride!

[They gallop to the wagon. The mad chase with shooting begins.]

Micah Bell: This is a robbery! Stop that coach right now! It’s just the driver left! Come on! So you wanna do this the hard way, do ya? See, I told you this’d be fun, Morgan!

Arthur Morgan: This is fun for you?

Micah Bell: Let’s show these bastards! They ain’t stopping! We need to take out the driver!

Arthur Morgan: You think I don’t see this?

Micah Bell: Hurry, get on. I’ll drive. No need to keep your face covered now. It’s just you and me, sweetheart. I’ll give it to them, they put up half a fight at least. Baylock! Come on boy. Lookie here, a fine new rifle too. Here you go Arthur, from me to you. That’s more your style than mine. What did I tell ya? Like licking butter off a knife.

Arthur Morgan: Something like that. You don’t want to just break it open here, be done with it?

Micah Bell: Could be more than we can carry. And… there might be a second crew of riders tailing.

[Suddenly, a tree falls in front of the wagon, blocking the path of our robbers.]

Arthur Morgan: Shit, now we’re being robbed! Get across the river!

Micah Bell: What the hell? Come on, Arthur. Get out of there! You dumb bastards! You okay?

Arthur Morgan: I think so, just keep your head down.

Micah Bell: Let’s finish ‘em. Here come more of them! Look out, Morgan. Wagon coming down the track. Let’s get across! Look at the cowards! They’re running away! That’ll show ‘em! That should do it!

[All the bandits are killed. It’s time to evaluate the loot.]

Arthur Morgan: Come on. Let’s see if all this was worth it.

Micah Bell: All I see is you, me, a river full of dead O’Driscolls and a lockbox. I’d say we’re golden here, Morgan. Look at that. What’s the cut here?

Arthur Morgan: Just make sure the gang gets its piece.

Micah Bell: Yeah, yeah. Like I said… big shadow, tiny tree.

Arthur Morgan: (counting money) Yeah, and like I said… that still don’t mean nothing. Now, get out of here. Go see Dutch… but make sure you ain’t followed.

Micah Bell: I know, boss. I know. It’s been fun!

[“An American Pastoral Scene” mission completed.]

A Fisher of Men[]

[Arthur returns to the camp and decides to talk to John’s wife.]

Abigail Marston: Hey, Arthur. Come here a minute.

Arthur Morgan: What is it?

Abigail Marston: Can I ask you a favor?

Arthur Morgan: Probably not…

Abigail Marston: Very funny.

Abigail Marston: Would you do something with Jack? He seems kind of down. All this upheaval can’t have been easy on the poor kid.

Arthur Morgan: Why? Because I’m your preferred nursemaid?

Abigail Marston: Because he likes you and, well… you know his father’s useless.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Abigail Marston: Thank you.

[Arthur finds Jack Marston.]

Arthur Morgan: Whatchu up to?

Jack Marston: Playing.

Arthur Morgan: Anything fun?

Jack Marston: I guess…

Arthur Morgan: You wanna come fishing with me?

Jack Marston: Fishing?

Arthur Morgan: Sure. You’re… It’s about time that you started to earn your keep.

Jack Marston: Okay.

Arthur Morgan: Good. Let’s go get your pole then. Now you do have a fishing pole, don’t you?

Jack Marston: I sure do. Uncle Hosea made me one.

Arthur Morgan: Good. Well let’s go get it then. And go catch us some fish!

Jack Marston: (enthusiastically) Yeah!

[Arthur gets on his horse and puts Jack on it.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright, let’s go then.

Jack Marston: So where are we going?

Arthur Morgan: Just down to the river near here. We shouldn’t go too far from camp.

Jack Marston: Oh, okay.

Arthur Morgan: You feeling better? I know you was a little sick.

Jack Marston: Oh, I’m fine.

Arthur Morgan: You’re a brave kid.

Jack Marston: So just like you.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Well, I don’t know about brave… I ain’t much of a kid no more… Though your momma might disagree. Her and a few other women, I guess…

Jack Marston: What do you mean?

Arthur Morgan: I’m just talking silly… It’s been a tough few weeks up in that snow.

Jack Marston: I liked the snow.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, but not like that.

Jack Marston: When are we going back to the other camp?

Arthur Morgan: The one near Blackwater? Well… we’re not. This is our spot… for now, anyway. Why? Alright, this looks as good a spot as any.

[They stop and walk to the river.]

Jack Marston: Where should we stand, Uncle Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Down by the shore. Come on, follow me.

Jack Marston: I can’t wait to get started.

Arthur Morgan: First we need some bait. I’m gonna use some cheese.

Jack Marston: Cheese?

Arthur Morgan: Smellier the better. Now, to cast your line, swing the rod back over your shoulder, and bring it forward in a smooth motion. Use your wrist, not your elbow.

Jack Marston: Like that?

Arthur Morgan: That’s it, good. All we do now, Jack, is wait for a fish to take the bait.

Jack Marston: How do I know when I’ve got a bite?

Arthur Morgan: Well, if you feel the tip of your fishing rod just… twitching? Don’t yank it yet, that just means one’s nibbling. But if you feel a hard tug, that’s a fish going for the bait, so yank hard to hook it.

Jack Marston: You’ve got a bite, Uncle Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Got one, Jack!

Jack Marston: I see, I see!

Arthur Morgan: See him fighting there, Jack? That’s when you gotta be careful or you’ll break the line. Best to wear him out first before you try’n reel him in. Look Jack, it’s a bluegill! It’s almost as small as you! We should really throw these smaller ones back, give ‘em a chance to grow up a bit.

Jack Marston: Can I take a break from fishing? I want to make something.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Jack Marston: I’m gonna pick some of those red flowers. I’ll be right back! Fishing sure is boring, Uncle Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I know, boring as hell. But then… something happens, and you can get food for days.

Jack Marston: Really?

Arthur Morgan: If you’re lucky. But until then, you just… sit, and wait, and… try not to worry. It’s good for you.

Jack Marston: It’s good for you? Hey, look at this.

Arthur Morgan: At what?

Jack Marston: This necklace I made.

Arthur Morgan: Necklace?

Jack Marston: For momma.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[Two men on horseback ride up to them.]

Stranger: What a fine young man… and in such complex circumstances. Arthur, isn’t it? Arthur Morgan?

Arthur Morgan: Who are you?

Stranger: Yes, Arthur Morgan… Van der Linde’s most trusted associate. You’ve read the files, typical case… orphaned street kid seduced by that maniac’s silver tongue… and matures into a degenerate murderer. Agent Milton. (pointed to the other man with a rifle) Agent Ross. Pinkerton Detective Agency… seconded to the United States Government. Nice to finally meet. We know a lot about you.

Arthur Morgan: Do you?

Andrew Milton: You’re a wanted man, Mr. Morgan. There’s five thousand dollars for your head alone.

Arthur Morgan: Five thousand dollars? Can I turn myself in?

Andrew Milton: We want Van der Linde.

Arthur Morgan: Old Dutch? I haven’t seen him for months.

Andrew Milton: Because I heard… a guy fitting his description robbed a train… belonging to Leviticus Cornwall up near Granite Pass.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, ain’t that a little… old fashioned nowadays?

Andrew Milton: Apparently not. Listen… this is my offer, Mr. Morgan… bring in Van der Linde… and you have my word, you won’t swing.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, I ain’t gonna swing anyways Agent, um…

Milton: Milton.

Arthur Morgan: You see, I haven’t done anything wrong… aside from not play the games to your rules.

Andrew Milton: Spare me the philosophy lesson… I’ve already heard it… from Mac Callander.

Arthur Morgan: Mac Callander?

Andrew Milton: He was pretty shot up by the time I got to him… so really it was more of a mercy killing. Slow… but merciful.

[Arthur throws the rod in anger. Agent Ross aims his rifle at him.]

Arthur Morgan: (angerly) You enjoy being a rich man’s toy do you?

Andrew Milton: I enjoy society… flaws and all. You people venerate savagery… and you will die… savagely. All of you.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, we’re all gonna die, Agent. Some of us sooner than others.

Andrew Milton: Good day, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Goodbye.

Edgar Ross: Enjoy your fishing, kid… while you still can.

[The agents leave.]

Jack Marston: Who are they?

Arthur Morgan: No one to worry about… no one at all. Come on, let’s pick up your things and get home. It’s getting late Jack, your mother will be worried. Let’s head back.

[They ride back to the camp.]

Jack Marston: Why did you lie about where Uncle Dutch is?

Arthur Morgan: Because… well because those are disagreeable men and I don’t want them to hurt him.

Jack Marston: What did they mean about Mac? Is he in jail?

Arthur Morgan: No. I don’t, err, think so… I hope he’s just fine where he is. Like I said, don’t worry about them. World is full of disagreeable men… that’s why you got all of us. To protect you from folk like them. Now how about that necklace you made… you still got it right?

Jack Marston: Yeah, I got it.

Arthur Morgan: Good. So did you like fishing?

Jack Marston: It was… okay. I think… It’s a lot of waiting around.

Arthur Morgan: It is.

[They return to the camp.]

Abigail Marston: There you are! How you boys getting on? How you boys getting on?

Jack Marston: Great, we caught a fish… and I made you this necklace.

Abigail Marston: Ain’t that pretty? Ain’t I the luckiest… Did you thank Uncle Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: No need… we had a good time.

Abigail Marston: What’s wrong?

Arthur Morgan: (whispers) Nothing… just met some folk. I’d better go speak with Dutch.

Abigail Marston: Okay.

Arthur Morgan: Hey… you did real fine, kid.

Jack Marston: Thanks.

[He walks impatiently into Dutch’s tent.]

Arthur Morgan: We got a problem.

Dutch van der Linde: What?

Arthur Morgan: I just met some guys out near the river… a feller named, erm… Milton and, erm…. I don’t remember the other teller’s name.

Dutch van der Linde: Ross…

Arthur Morgan: Milton and Ross…

Dutch van der Linde: And?

Arthur Morgan: And… they are employees of the Pinkerton Detective Agency…. and they know about the train… and they know we’re here.

Dutch van der Linde: (stands up) Were you followed back here?

Arthur Morgan: No… they know we’re near here… and they want you, Dutch. They offered me my freedom in exchange they did.

Dutch van der Linde: Why didn’t you take it?

Arthur Morgan: Huh, very funny… Well what do we do now?

Dutch van der Linde: I say we do nothing. just yet. They’re just trying to scare us… into doing something stupid. We have turned a corner… we survived them mountains. We just need to stay calm.

[“A Fisher of Men” mission completed.]

The Sheep and the Goats[]

[Arthur rides to Valentine to meet John.]

Arthur Morgan: So… feeling better? How’s the scar?

John Marston: I heal pretty fast.

Arthur Morgan: Lucky you. So you just lazing about or… you got any leads?

John Marston: Got something. You see them? (points at some sheeps)

Arthur Morgan: What, you see yourself as a shepherd now?

John Marston: Maybe… Come on.

Arthur Morgan: Well where exactly are we going?

John Marston: Collect something… help us get some sheep.

Arthur Morgan: You know that attempt to seem all… enigmatic and interesting… that might work for Dutch, but for you… it just makes you look stupid.

John Marston: Come along. You’ll see. That train job was a start, but we need more money. "Til we can get back to Blackwater and collect.

Arthur Morgan: I’m here to tell you, we try to collect that money any time soon… It’ll come with a noose.

John Marston: I was worried you’d say that. Dutch says that we…

Arthur Morgan: Dutch says a lot. Now, that’s his gift… saying things.

John Marston: Oh yeah? What do you mean by that?

Arthur Morgan: I was the prize pony once, now I’m the workhorse. Listen Dutch is… but… but, well… you was at that thing in Blackwater. And we already seen Pinkertons here. New century’s coming. This life, this way? Well, we’re the last, I reckon. And we ain’t long for it.

John Marston: Then that’s the way it goes, I guess.

Arthur Morgan: For me, yes.

John Marston: Alright…

Arthur Morgan: So where are we going?

John Marston: Just need to pick up something. There’s a hitching post over there. Tether the horse and I’ll meet you across the street.

Arthur Morgan: I already don’t like how this is going… The gun store?

John Marston: Yep, can you head in and pick up a sniper rifle? I’ll explains later.

Gunsmith: Hello, how can I help you today?

Arthur Morgan: Looking for a rifle… something with a sight on it.

Gunsmith: Shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to see what we’ve got, it’s all in the catalogue here.

Arthur Morgan: I’m gonna have to take this on… credit.

Gunsmith: Well, no, wait, we ain’t even discussed terms.

Arthur Morgan: Or I can take it in a way that… ain’t so polite?

Gunsmith: Okay, okay, fine, you can… pay me later.

John Marston: You good?

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

John Marston: Let’s go.

[They get on the horses.]

Arthur Morgan: Why couldn’t you have done that?

John Marston: Done what?

Arthur Morgan: Bought that gun.

John Marston: I had a run-in with that feller earlier. We ain’t on the best of terms.

Arthur Morgan: You had a run-in? I’ve had a run-in with half that town.

John Marston: Calm down… it’s done now, ain’t it?

Arthur Morgan: Why are you being so cagey about all this? Always playing some goddamn game.

John Marston: I ain’t the one taking Jack on fishing trips.

Arthur Morgan: No, you ain’t. If you say the boy ain’t yours, what’s the difference? You’ll probably only run off again.

John Marston: Why are you so interested in my life? Ain’t you got one of your own?

Arthur Morgan: Just do one thing or another, not be two people at once, that’s all I’m saying.

John Marston: It ain’t that simple. You know that as well as anyone. Same as with you and that girl, what was her name… Mary?

Arthur Morgan: That was different.

John Marston: No, it ain’t, just the same.

Arthur Morgan: Anyway, for the love of God, will you tell me what you got me doing here before I turn around and hit the breeze?

John Marston: There’s a herd of sheep coming down to auction from Emerald Ranch. Folk in town were saying that the owner’s trying to stamp out every farm from here to Annesburg.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I know that place.

John Marston: Let’s head up to the ridge up there… get a proper view. This way, Arthur. So I’m thinking, so to thanking that the herd’ll make it to auction alright, but, a couple of new ranch hands’ll be collecting on the sale. Doubt the town will care to notice too much.

Arthur Morgan: Why we need this rifle you couldn’t buy yourself?

John Marston: Reckon we shouldn’t get too close, least not till we know what we’re dealing with. Let’s see what we can see from up here.

[They stop on a mountain. Arthur takes aim.]

John Marston: Okay, I think that’s them over there.

Arthur Morgan: So what now?

John Marston: Put a shot in near them, I reckon they’ll hightail it. They’re only ranch hands. Just watch the sheep.

Arthur Morgan: Looks like one of them don’t scare too easy.

John Marston: Put another shot in close, he’ll get the message. (Arthur shots) Yep, that spooked ‘em alright. Alright, let’s go round ‘em up. Let’s go get the strays.

[They get back on the horses.]

Arthur Morgan: You ever work on a ranch, Marston?

John Marston: No. You?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, a day here or there, but not much.

John Marston: Most cowboys I know are… dumb as trees. How hard could it be?

Arthur Morgan: I guess we’ll soon find out. Let’s get these things, bring ‘em back to the yards.

John Marston: They’re pretty scattered. Let’s get them all rounded up. Alright, I think we got them all. Let’s head for town.

Arthur Morgan: You know what… Marston. Why don’t you leave the sheep to me? You ride shank, keep watch for any trouble.

John Marston: I brought you in on this.

Arthur Morgan: It’ll be quicker this way, trust me. This ain’t the right time for you to be learning how to herd.

John Marston: Alright. Whatever you say, I’m done arguing. Quickest route back to Valentine is right round that mountain.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, like I said, I’ll handle this.

[They’re riding horses. Arthur is driving a flock of sheep.]

John Marston: Now you got it.

Arthur Morgan: Keep moving!

John Marston: That’s more like it.

[They ride to an Auction Yard. Rangers corral the sheep.]

Auctioneer: Close her up, boys.

Arthur Morgan: There you go.

John Marston: Fine sheep.

Arthur Morgan: Well, you seen better round here?

Auctioneer: I’ve seen ones with less… ambiguity about their provenance.

Arthur Morgan: What you trying to say?

Auctioneer: I’m trying to say… you give me twenty five percent kick back… and I won’t say nothing to nobody.

Rancher: Everything alright here?

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me?

Auctioneer: Sure, I’ll excuse you… for twenty five percent.

Arthur Morgan: (angerly) Do you want me to put another hole in your head?

Auctioneer: Folks swing for rustling livestock. Twenty five percent.

John Marston: Fifteen.

Auctioneer: Twenty.

John Marston: Eighteen.

Auctioneer: (shake hands with Arthur) Done. Calm yourself, friend. Just think of it as… I’m buying your sins.

Arthur Morgan: You’re buying, but we’re paying.

Rancher: Go on, now.

Auctioneer: Come back after the auction, you’ll get your money.

John Marston: Dutch is waiting for us at the saloon.

Arthur Morgan: He is?

[They get on the horses and ride away.]

Arthur Morgan: Eighteen percent? I thought we was doing the robbing here.

John Marston: Still good money.

Arthur Morgan: Thanks… for all the help with this. Can’t herd, can’t swim…

John Marston: Give it a rest, will you? We ain’t kids no more.

Arthur Morgan: We never really was.

[They walk into the saloon in Valentine.]

John Marston: Come on, sunshine. I’ll buy you a whiskey.

Leopold Strauss: Not everything… but, in the end, I don’t believe in absolutes, just shades of gray. Compromises.

Dutch van der Linde: Compromising? Well I have never been a man for compromise, and I fear at my age I am too old to change.

[Arthur approaches.]

Leopold Strauss: Gentlemen.

Arthur Morgan: Dutch, Leopold.

Dutch van der Linde: Where have you been?

Arthur Morgan: Working… Marston’s thing.

Dutch van der Linde: Good… and?

Arthur Morgan: We’re just waiting to get some pay on… a few sheep.

Dutch van der Linde: Leopold, my good friend… as long as you’re here… why don’t you and John go make sure… there ain’t no funny business.

Leopold Strauss: Of course.

John Marston: Gentlemen.

[Leopold and John leave.]

Dutch van der Linde: (to Arthur) Drink?

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Dutch van der Linde: Nothing like talking to old Strauss to make you… want to blow your own brains out. I should have left him where I found him all those years ago. Bookish little Austrian fresh off the boat, his eyes out on stalks.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I guess the… Dutch van der Linde finishing school has some strange graduates.

Dutch van der Linde: That it does. To your good health.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you.

[They bang their glasses on the table and drink. There is a scream coming from the street.]

Stranger: Van der Linde! Get out here. Get out here now!

Dutch van der Linde: What the hell…

Stranger: (drunk as shit) Van der Linde! You don’t know me… but you keep robbing me. My name is Leviticus Cornwall. I am not a man to be messed with by the likes of you. Get out here, before I have these men killed!

[He took Leopold and John hostage.]

Dutch van der Linde: What do you think?

Stranger: Get out here you… depraved piece of trash!

Arthur Morgan: Well, I… You start spinning a yarn and… when I think the moment’s right… I’ll make a move.

Stranger: You think I got where I am… by letting scum like you… rob from me?

Dutch van der Linde: Why not.

[He takes his bottle of whiskey and walks out of the saloon.]

Stranger: Van der Linde, you’re done. Now get out here, now! Deal with this nonsense.

[While Dutch is talking to Leviticus, Arthur is aiming for the heads of Cornwall’s men.]

Dutch van der Linde: Please, gentlemen, this is a terrible mistake. This is a case… of mistaken identity. What is worse… than admonishing a man… for the sins… of another? Who wants to be the Messiah? Not me… Nor do I want to be this "Dutch van der Linde," whomever he may be. I am Archibald Smith.

[Arthur skillfully kills Cornwall’s lads. A big firefight is starting!]

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s move up! Let’s go, come on!

Leopold Strauss: Where are you going? That’s right at them!

Dutch van der Linde: We don’t run, Mr. Strauss!

Leopold Strauss: Good God!

John Marston: Strauss is down!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, cover us! John, we’ll push the wagon. Arthur, shoot someone!

Arthur Morgan: I’m trying.

Dutch van der Linde: Get behind the wagon as we push, Arthur. You can use it as cover.

Leopold Strauss: What are we doing?

Dutch van der Linde: Getting out of here!

John Marston: It’s just a scratch, shut up!

Arthur Morgan: You can talk. We all heard you whine about a little knick from a wolf.

Dutch van der Linde: Would you shut up and kill these bastards? Arthur, shoot from behind here! You’re wide open! Why don’t you run now while you still can!

Leopold Strauss: This is madness!

Dutch van der Linde: You’re on the front line now, Mr. Strauss!

Leopold Strauss: I can’t do this!

John Marston: Least you ain’t pushing this thing!

Dutch van der Linde: That’s our horses over there! Come on, grab Strauss.

Leopold Strauss: Please! You can’t leave me like this!

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s get Strauss and go. Come on, come on!

Leopold Strauss: Arthur! John! Someone, help me!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur we leave no man behind. Go get Strauss.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, Leopold. You’re fine.

Leopold Strauss: I’m not fine.

[He takes Leopold on his shoulder and carries him to John’s horse.]

Dutch van der Linde: Get him on the horse, and let’s go. You make sure nobody’s following us. We’ll get back to camp… We’re gonna gather the troops… and get ‘em to start packing up.

Arthur Morgan: So… we can’t stick around after this.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, I better get outta here.

[Arthur breaks away from his pursuers and leaves Valentine. “The Sheep and the Goats” mission completed!]

A Strange Kindness[]

[Arthur gets back to the camp to talk to Dutch.]

Susan Grimshaw: Hi there, Arthur.

[There is already a lively argument going on in Dutch’s tent about the upcoming relocation.]

Hosea Matthews: So… We keep heading east. Is that the plan?

Dutch van der Linde: For now.

Hosea Matthews: And when do we stop, when we reach Paris?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh that’d be nice, join the Commune? We stop when we find someplace sensible, shake them that’s following us and lie low.

Hosea Matthews: This is lying low? We’ve turned into a bunch of killers, I mean it. We ain’t even got the delusion of being anything but a bunch of killers.

Dutch van der Linde: We are just trying to survive, Hosea. We don’t have a choice. This’ll end soon.

Hosea Matthews: Damn right it will.

[Hosea leaves the tent. Arthur enters.]

Dutch van der Linde: Constipated as usual.

Arthur Morgan: So, we moving?

Dutch van der Linde: Micah told me of a place we can lie low. Look here… Dewberry Creek, he said. Maybe you and Charles can go take a look… clear off anyone you find… before the whole lot of us move in… looking so conspicuous.

Arthur Morgan: And how we gonna do that?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know. Start dancing?

Arthur Morgan: Looks like I’ve turned into the goddamn errand boy. (walks out the tent)

Dutch van der Linde: You have turned into my son… you worry, because I worry. We are just the same.

Arthur Morgan: Charles, come with me. We got work to do.

Charles Smith: Sure, this can wait.

[They get on their horses.]

Charles Smith: So where are we going?

Arthur Morgan: Find a new spot to camp. We’re packing up and moving on.

Charles Smith: Again?

Arthur Morgan: We have to. And fast. We’d already pushed our luck too far before that mess we just made in Valentine.

Charles Smith: Ah, that didn’t sound good.

Arthur Morgan: Killed a lot of law. Killed a lot of Cornwall’s men. They must know where we are by now.

Charles Smith: So, we’re heading south?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, area called Dewberry Creek. Dutch wants us to give it a look, make sure it’s clear and a good place to lie low for a while.

Charles Smith: I’ve only known him a few months, but… the way he talks, I never thought I’d see him wanting to head south.

Arthur Morgan: Right… and I know by now, there ain’t no lying low.

Charles Smith: There’s too many of us for that.

Arthur Morgan: And, there ain’t no way Dutch is gonna just… a hut hide away in a cave somewhere. Goes against everything he stands for. That’d be admitting we’re nothing more than low-down criminals.

Charles Smith: Which… we are.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t have to tell me.

Charles Smith: So where does it end?

Arthur Morgan: Where does what end?

Charles Smith: The moving, the running…

Arthur Morgan: Dutch don’t see it as running.

Charles Smith: Call it what you want.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know. Before, put enough time and distance between you and the problem, eventually it went away. Hang on a second… I think that must be it up ahead. The old dried up creek.

Charles Smith: Seems very open.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, it does. Ain’t sure it’d be the best in the rain, neither. Well, let’s take a look around.

Charles Smith: Hey, I see something over there. You see it? Someone on the ground there.

[They find a corpse.]

Arthur Morgan: He’s been shot. Looks like trouble got here before us.

Charles Smith: There’s a camp just up ahead…

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Let’s get ready for business. Any issues… shoot first, debate second.

Charles Smith: I’m not gonna shoot for the sake of it.

Arthur Morgan: Survival’s for the sake of it. Quit talking. Alright, Charles, let’s go take a look.

[He walks to a nearby camp.]

Arthur Morgan: Look, here it is. Few tents, but… place looks empty.

Charles Smith: Let’s have a look around and make sure. Where is everybody?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe they heard us coming. Be careful.

[They clear the debris by the cart and find a woman with two children shaking with fear. The woman has a rifle in her hand.]

Charles Smith: It’s okay… you can come outta there. You okay? We don’t mean you no harm.

Arthur Morgan: He said a-are you okay?

Mother: Sprechen sie Deutsch? (Do they speak German?) G-German?

Arthur Morgan: No… now go on, get out of here. Go, we need the land. Go. Get the hell outta here.

Daughter: They took our father.

Charles Smith: Who did?

Daughter: M-men… last night.

Charles Smith: Where? Where did they take him?

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t no business of ours. I don’t even speak their language.

Charles Smith: You ain’t as tough and dense as all that. Come on, Arthur.

[They get on the horses.]

Charles Smith: The girl was pointing this way, let’s see if we can pick up a trail. There, tracks. Come on.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t see nothing.

Charles Smith: Hoof marks, this way. What’s going on with you?

Arthur Morgan: What you mean?

Charles Smith: You were just gonna send that woman and her children on their way?

Arthur Morgan: We’re wanted men. We got Pinkertons breathing down our necks. We should be moving camp, not running off on some wild goose chase.

Charles Smith: Come on, Arthur. That’s not how you are.

Arthur Morgan: Well, maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do.

Charles Smith: Hold up, let me check this. Okay, looks like they go down this way. So… what happened with those Pinkertons, anyway? When you were fishing with Jack?

Arthur Morgan: Said they were onto us. Offered me freedom if I turned Dutch in.

Charles Smith: They picked the wrong man there.

Arthur Morgan: We should have moved right then, if you ask me.

Charles Smith: Wait a second, just want to look closer here. Continues along the shore here.

Arthur Morgan: Bastards told me they’d killed Mac, Said it right in front of Jack.

Charles Smith: That kid… it’s gonna be tough for him.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… but he has more folk looking out for him than most of the rest of us had growing up.

Charles Smith: John said he was going back to the auction yard to collect the money for those sheep.

Arthur Morgan: He’d be a damn idiot going anywhere near that town right now.

Charles Smith: He reckoned he’d be able to slip in and out.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, well… if it’s John’s idea, it must be a good one.

Charles Smith: What is with you and him?

Arthur Morgan: Well, he disappeared on us for a while when Jack was real young, a long while, a year or more.

Charles Smith: I think this is the right way. Give me a second. They carry on along this trail.

Arthur Morgan: And we was… family, you know? Guess I still ain’t fully forgiven him for that.

Charles Smith: There’s a camp up ahead.

Arthur Morgan: Be careful.

Charles Smith: Seems deserted. Let’s take a look.

[They get off the horses and walk into the camp.]

Arthur Morgan: So where is this guy?

Charles Smith: I don’t know… but you know something? This is a better camp spot than back there. Much easier to defend.

Arthur Morgan: Maybe… (sees a tied man) This looks like our feller, Charles.

Settler In German: Help.

Charles Smith: Quick, cut him free and let’s get outta here.

Settler In German: Over here. Careful! Careful! It’s a trap! Careful!

Arthur Morgan: Take cover!

[A firefight begins.]

Charles Smith: I see three coming this way!

Arthur Morgan: Why the hell you drag us into this, Charles? That all of ’em?

Charles Smith: Doesn’t look like it. Look out! Riders coming in! Well, that’s them dealt with. You get him untied and I’ll see what they’ve left behind for us.

Settler In German: Help me!

[Arthur cut him loose.]

Arthur Morgan: It’s okay, we’re getting you out of here

Settler In German: Thank you, my friend, thank you.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah okay. You wait there a second. Charles, go find Dutch, get the caravan to divert here. This spot should work for us. Alright, come on. I’ll take you back to your family.

Settler In German: So I’m coming with you then?

[Arthur rides the German to his wife.]

Settler In German: Where are you taking me?

Arthur Morgan: What the hell did you do to those fellers?

Settler In German: What did you say?

Arthur Morgan: Those men back there, why did they take you?

Settler: Geld. Money.

Settler In German: My family has a gold mining business. They wanted to send a ransom.

Arthur Morgan: How did someone even come up with them words?

Settler In German: You’re taking me to my family? Oh thank you…how did they find you?

Arthur Morgan: Look I’m sorry, friend, I can barely speak English. There they are.

[He brings the settler to his wife.]

Settler In German: Oh, thank god. Darling!

Mother In German: I thought you were dead…

Settler In German: I nearly was. My darlings… my precious darlings. Wonderful.

Mother In German: You are a great man… a great man. We are blessed… to have met you. Thanks.

Arthur Morgan: Go on now, get outta here. This place ain’t safe. Get outta here!

Settler In German: Yes, yes, we’re leaving.

Arthur Morgan: Vamos! (Go! in Spanish)

Settler In German: I have something for you. Just a second. Thank you. (in English) Thank you.

[He gave Arthur… a bar of gold.]

Settler In German: Thanks a lot. From the bottom of my heart.

Arthur Morgan: Guess it was a pleasure.

[Some time passes. Dutch and the others arrive.]

Dutch van der Linde: You were right. Oh, this place… it’ll be perfect for us. Hello, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Miss Grimshaw, Mr. Pearson… put everyone to work. Make this place a home. Well, I don’t know where the hell we are… but, we are going to make the best of it.

[“A Strange Kindness” mission completed. That concludes Chapter II.]


The New South[]

A few days later…

[After the gang settles into their new place, Arthur finds Dutch. He stands on the bank of the river and looks out over the water.]

Dutch van der Linde: How you doing, old friend?

Arthur Morgan: Fine.

Dutch van der Linde: It’s funny… us ending up down here. My daddy died in a field in Pennsylvania, fighting this lot. I ever tell you that?

Arthur Morgan: Many times…

Dutch van der Linde: I see I’m boring you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Worrying me… we lost men back there.

Dutch van der Linde: We have lofty goals, Arthur. We’re trying to reform society to a kinder, truer, better way, now of course there’s gonna be casualties.

Arthur Morgan: We’re thieves… In a world that don’t want us no more.

Dutch van der Linde: We are dreamers in an ever duller world of facts, now I’ll give you that, but come on… We got the day. It’s nice out.

[Arthur follows Dutch and they walk to Hosea standing near the camp’s horses..]

Dutch van der Linde: Old Hosea says that there’s a creek around here. I reckon it’s full of fish.

Dutch van der Linde: Hey, old girl, come on down here, why don’t you show us this creek you been pissing in. Hey, you don’t look too rosy, old friend. I thought this warmer weather would…

Hosea Matthews: My days of looking good are long over, Dutch…

Dutch van der Linde: Always dream crushing and bubble bursting, you. Come on, Hosea, let’s go fishing.

Hosea Matthews: Come on then.

[They get on their horses and ride away.]

Arthur Morgan: Why don’t we just fish here? There’s a whole lake of ’em.

Dutch van der Linde: Because I need to get out for a bit… me and the old guard. Before any of them back there… there was us.

Hosea Matthews: The curious couple and their unruly son.

Dutch van der Linde: It feels good here. You did well finding that spot, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: More Charles than me.

Dutch van der Linde: It’s like I can breathe again. Thick and soupy as this air is. Might even do your whistling pipes some good, Hosea.

Hosea Matthews: I was once in this country with Bessie… oh, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Dutch van der Linde: It was a lifetime ago. But what a life we have lived… how well we have fought. Especially both of you.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so.

Dutch van der Linde: But now, when things are desperate, we have to stick with the plan. Make enough money, then find somewhere where nobody’ll find us, where we don’t have to hide.

Hosea Matthews: Eh, like where?

Dutch van der Linde: I got some ideas hatching, but I need you with me, not against me. Both of you.

Arthur Morgan: ‘Course.

Dutch van der Linde: But still, we do need money. So keep a low profile, especially in the local town. After Valentine, I want everyone on best behaviour here, no trouble… but start turning over the soil and the rocks… see what turns up.

Hosea Matthews: Dutch… We have gotta be discreet.

Dutch van der Linde: Looks like law up ahead. Play it cool.

[They drive up to a stopped lawmaker’s prison wagon with Trelawny in it. A stopped train loaded with various goods blocks the way.]

Josiah Trelawny: Hello, gentlemen.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, look what the cat drug in.

Josiah Trelawny: I seem to have gotten myself in a spot of bother.

Sheriff: Quiet back there.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s see if we can’t sort this out.

[He rides his horse up to the lawmen driving the wagon.]

Dutch van der Linde: How are you, boys?

Sheriff: Fine.

Dutch van der Linde: This is quite some country you have here.

Sheriff: We like it well enough.

Dutch van der Linde: Hoagy Macintosh, at your service.

Sheriff: Leigh Gray. This is my deputy, Archibald MacGregor.

Dutch van der Linde: It is good to meet you.

Sheriff: You a Scot?

Dutch van der Linde: Partly… the best part.

Sheriff: (laughs) Of course.

Dutch van der Linde: Now, tell me sir… what did the silly fancy fop back there do? Nothing too terrible I trust.

Sheriff: He was accused of running a gold mining investment scam.

[While Dutch distracts the lawmen, one of the prisoners tries to pick the lock. Arthur pretends not to see it.]

Dutch van der Linde: Oh no, no, no, no… I’m sure he wasn’t. He is a magician, I know him. He’s a fool… but, he is not a bad feller. Now can we… can we just…

[At that moment, the prison door swings open and the prisoners flee.]

Josiah Trelawny: I wouldn’t do that if I were you, I…

Sheriff: Shit! The Anderson boys. I can’t have more scandal.

[The prisoners board the departing train.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well, allow us to help, my friend. Arthur…

Arthur Morgan: Chase wanted men?

Dutch van der Linde: A-and, and… Take Archibald with ya.

Arthur Morgan: Just what I signed up for… come on, big guy.

Dutch van der Linde: Perhaps we can discuss the foolish magician?

Archibald MacGregor: Let’s go! After that train! And do not shoot them, you hear me? Come on, hurry.

Arthur Morgan: All right.

Archibald MacGregor: Come on, we’re losing them.

Arthur Morgan: Will you relax? We’re not losing ’em.

Archibald MacGregor: Faster, come on. What’s your name, sir?

Arthur Morgan: Arthur. Callahan.

Archibald MacGregor: Faster, Mr. Callahan, please. My neck is on the line here.

Arthur Morgan: I get it. I’m doing my best. So what are these fellers wanted for? Looks like the son of a bitch is gonna make it. You sure I can’t just shoot him?

Archibald MacGregor: No. Did I not say that?

Arthur Morgan: You’ve said plenty.

Anderson Boy: (on the roof of the train) Dumb bastard cop! Goddamn cowards hiding behind that badge.

[He doesn’t notice a bar under which the train is coming and it knocks him off the roof.]

Archibald MacGregor: Idiot. Now get after the others, come on! The train is slowing down to go through the station. Now’s our chance. See if you can get alongside the train. Get alongside that flat carriage. You think you can jump on there?

Arthur Morgan: Me? Why me?

Archibald MacGregor: Because you ride like my grandmother.

Arthur Morgan: You are something else.

[He jumps on the train and starts fighting with one of the Anderson Boys.]

Anderson Boy 2: You cop bastard… I didn’t do nothing…

[He chokes Arthur, but he manage to throw the thug off the train. ]

Arthur Morgan: Damn fool!

Archibald MacGregor: Come on, Mr. Callahan! I’m relying on you!

Arthur Morgan: You hold it right there!

Archibald MacGregor: Go on! Don’t lose them!

[Arthur chases of the the rest of the Anderson Boys on the roof.]

Guard: You, hold it right there.

Anderson Boy 3: Get the hell away from me.

Arthur Morgan: Stop! Excuse me, coming through!

Archibald MacGregor: Stay on them!

Arthur Morgan: Just you and me now, pal!

Anderson Boy 4: I guess it’s just us then, lawman. Come here.

Arthur Morgan: Do we need to bother?

Anderson Boy 4: Let me go!

Arthur Morgan: I can’t do that.

[Arthur defeats the last of the thugs in a fist fight.]

Archibald MacGregor: Hello? Is everything alright in there?

Arthur Morgan: Well… I don’t think he’s dead… but I think I won the fight… just about.

Archibald MacGregor: Bring him out here.

Arthur Morgan: Deputy.

Archibald MacGregor: Sounded like quite a commotion. Is that him?

Arthur Morgan: I sincerely hope so.

Archibald MacGregor: (looks at the guy Arthur carrying) Old Ander Anderson.

Arthur Morgan: So, what now?

Archibald MacGregor: We take him in, come on. A fine job, well done. And a pat on the back for me for stopping the train. There you go, you’re a natural. Alright, let’s take him in. Follow me.

Arthur Morgan: What about the others?

[They saddle their horses.]

Archibald MacGregor: Oh, we’ll round them up. Anders back there is the brains of the operation, and that’s really saying something.

Arthur Morgan: You’re the boss.

Archibald MacGregor: That was mighty impressive, sir, I have to admit. I’d hazard a guess you’ve served the law yoursell at some point.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that.

Archibald MacGregor: Are you familiar with the area here?

Arthur Morgan: No, not really.

Archibald MacGregor: On your right here, these tobacco fields. This is part of Caliga Hall, big estate belonging to the Gray family.

Arthur Morgan: Looks bone dry.

Archibald MacGregor: Yes, we are in dire need of some rain round here, let me tell you. The Grays have lived at Caliga Hall for generations. Fine peuple. My family’s been working for them for years. Sheriff Cray’s the one I know best of course, but they own all the businesses in town.

Arthur Morgan: Which town?

Archibald MacGregor: Rhodes, sir. You don’t know it? Where we’re headed right now. Ain’t what it was before the war, but it has its charms. I’m sure you already know of the Braithwaites?

Arthur Morgan: Like I said, we just got down here.

Archibald MacGregor: Another big family in these parts… they have an estate West of here. Awful people, truly awful. They’ve been fighting with the Grays for as long as I can remember.

Arthur Morgan: Sounds like quite the place you got here.

Archibald MacGregor: Here we are, welcome to Rhodes. Up there on your left is the Rhodes Parlor House. Very reputable saloon, owned by the Gray family. We also have a general store, gunsmith, post office, train station, of course.

Arthur Morgan: What more do you need?

Archibald MacGregor: Oh good, they’re back. And that’s your friend, right?

Arthur Morgan: Yup.

Archibald MacGregor: Okay, we’re gonna stop just ahead on the right, outside the Sheriff’s office. Can you grab Anders off your horse and carry him in for me? Just bring him here.

Hosea Matthews: Hey, fellers.

Archibald MacGregor: Mr. Gray! We got him…

Dutch van der Linde: I told you Arthur would deliver… man has a passion for justice.

Sheriff Gray: That’s wonderful.

Dutch van der Linde: So, about my friend here…

Sheriff Gray:: Your idiot friend is free to go… but no more trouble from you, partner.

Josiah Trelawny: I promise you, this was all just a big misunderstanding. However, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sheriff Gray: I’ll pretend to appreciate that. Mr. Macintosh… it has been a real pleasure. The mostly good citizens of Rhodes… we welcome you.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, we’re just honored to be here.

Sheriff Gray: And make your friend behave. We got enough trouble from some of the residents. Old timers who’ve gone sadly to seed and lost their dignity.

Dutch van der Linde: How terrible. Come along now. I will keep this fellow on the straight and narrow.

Sheriff Gray: Well, come back and see us sometime soon. Excuse me, gentlemen. Now, Beau… these better be ugly rumors. Is it true you were seen talking to that wretched Penelope Braithwaite?

Josiah Trelawny: I can’t thank you enough.

Dutch van der Linde: Where have you been?

Josiah Trelawny: Around…

Dutch van der Linde: And where you staying?

Josiah Trelawny: I’m renting… a caravan… on the edge of town, behind the church. It’s horrible, but no one comes looking. The whole town is trapped… in this interminable feud between the two families. His lot, Grays… and Braithwaites.

Dutch van der Linde: Interesting.

Josiah Trelawny: Two old plantation houses… and falling out over rebel gold and… marrying cousins and not marrying… that sort of thing.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, Hosea… you start poking around… see what you can find out about that.

Josiah Trelawny: I have missed you boys. I’ve heard about bounties.

Dutch van der Linde: There’s been a price on my head for thirteen years… it’ll take ’em months to find us down here… and it seems like… we can have a little sport.

Josiah Trelawny: Well they’re good bounties.

Hosea Matthews: Where you hear this?

Josiah Trelawny: Some sellers I met at a camp near the state line… said there was talk of it… in bars in the north and west for five hundred miles. There was talk of super agents, or some such.

Dutch van der Linde: Super agents… I’d love to meet one. It’s just talk.

Josiah Trelawny: I’m sure it is… but I couldn’t not tell you.

Dutch van der Linde: Stay outta trouble.

Josiah Trelawny: Thank you, gentlemen.

[He leaves.]

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, so these two plantation families… Arthur, you start sniffing around the Grays place, see what the story is there.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I passed by it earlier with our friend Archibald.

Dutch van der Linde: Good. Hosea, you see what you can find out about these Braithwaites.

Hosea Matthews: Alright. Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Quite a fishing trip…

Dutch van der Linde: There’s still time. I’m up for it.

Hosea Matthews: How ’bout you, Arthur? Or have you had enough of the chase for one day?

[Arthur agrees to go fishing.]

Arthur Morgan: Sure… why not?

Dutch van der Linde: Great. Hosea? Why don’t you lead us to that spot you were talking about? I kind of like this place.

Hosea Matthews: Okay, let’s see if we can avoid any more excitement.

[They saddle their horses.]

Hosea Matthews: Alright, gentlemen, follow me.

Dutch van der Linde: So how far is this creek?

Hosea Matthews: It’s a bit of a ride still. And it’s not a creek. It’s the same lake we camped on, just a different part. It’ll be worth it… I saw some big drum and sturgeon there… should be rock bass, bluegills, perch, pickerel too. It’s a good spot.

Dutch van der Linde: We’ll see if you’re as good at catching fish as you are at catching criminals, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Trelawny owes me for that.

Hosea Matthews: Trelawny owes… everyone for something, but his information is good.

Dutch van der Linde: Plus we are now ingratiated with the local law. I’d say it was a worthwhile diversion all round.

Arthur Morgan: Where is this spot, Hosea? Timbuktu?

Hosea Matthews: Not too much farther. Anyway, you two never told me properly about that business with Cornwall in Valentine? What happened there? Apart from scaring the living daylights out of Mr. Strauss.

Arthur Morgan: That was about the only upside. John and I didn’t even have time to get paid for the sheep we rustled.

Dutch van der Linde: It is safe to Mr. Cornwall isn’t a man to let bygones be bygones.

Arthur Morgan: Ambushed us in the saloon. He came with a lot of guards and what seemed like just about every lawman in the county.

Dutch van der Linde: We’ve had closer shaves, but not that many

Hosea Matthews: And if Cornwall found us, the Pinkertons couldn’t have been far behind.

Arthur Morgan: They found me when I was fishing with Jack, remember?

Dutch van der Linde: Listen, it was good we moved when we did, but that mess is behind us now.

Hosea Matthews: Yes… Jack told me you were a good teacher when you took him fishing. I said he must have you confused with someone else. (laughs)

Arthur Morgan: So, you’re going back to see that Sheriff Gray?

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, I don’t see why not. They don’t know who we are down here.

Arthur Morgan: He didn’t seem the sharpest of tacks. Neither did that deputy.

Dutch van der Linde: If he thinks we can be useful to him, he can certainly be useful to us. A little hiding in plain sight.

Arthur Morgan: I feel like we’re always hiding in plain sight.

Dutch van der Linde: But sometimes more smartly than others.

Hosea Matthews: This is the spot, down to the left there. I saw some boats around last time. Be good to get to deeper water.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, those the boats you mean?

Hosea Matthews: Yes, good.

[They dismount from their horses at the two boats lying on the shore.]

Hosea Matthews: I’m sure nobody would mind if we borrowed one of these. Come on. Alright… this looks like a fine vessel.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay… come on, Arthur, let’s get her in the water.

Hosea Matthews: I got a good feeling about fishing here… supposed to be some incredible sturgeon.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, here we go. Let me row… you boys are too old for real labor no more.

Hosea Matthews: And you’re too dumb for anything else. (laughs)

Arthur Morgan: You’re still too quick for me, old man.

Hosea Matthews: I enjoy picking on children… Now take us to the deeper water… and pray for… good luck and stupid fish.

Arthur Morgan: But what about stupid luck and good fish?

Hosea Matthews: That’ll do too. Get us a bit deeper. I think here’s good.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, good luck gentlemen.

Hosea Matthews: Should really come here at dawn or dusk. That’s when you catch the best fish. We should use a lake lure, that’ll give us a much better chance of hooking something big like a sturgeon.

Arthur Morgan: What’s wrong with a good old worm?

Hosea Matthews: Worms are good for tiddlers like bluegill and rockbass, but you’d have to be real lucky to catch a sturgeon with one.

Dutch van der Linde: Lures it is then. You heard the expert, Arthur. Let’s bait up.

Hosea Matthews: Keep the lure moving slowly on the water so it looks like a little fish just asking to be eaten. You got a bite. You hooked him.

Dutch van der Linde: I think that’s a bite. There, hooked him.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, look at this beauty.

Hosea Matthews: There you go.

Dutch van der Linde: Well done, Arthur.

Hosea Matthews: They can grow a lot bigger than that. Feller told me he once saw a monster lake sturgeon near the mouth of the river just southwest of Saint Denis. Fifty-pounder, he reckoned.

Dutch van der Linde: I’d like to see that.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, I reckon we call it a day, fellers.

Hosea Matthews: Already?

Arthur Morgan: You ain’t been chasing down outlaws.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, think we got a decent haul here. Pearson will be happy. Should we head back?

Hosea Matthews: We could keep the boat, not too far back to camp from here.

Dutch van der Linde: Good idea, could be useful.

Arthur Morgan: What about the horses?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, they’ll find their way back.

Hosea Matthews: Just follow the shore south, Arthur.

Dutch van der Linde: That was fun. Thanks you boys. Now, Hosea…

Dutch van der Linde: How about a song?

Hosea Matthews: Okay… alright, I’ve got one for you.

Dutch, Arthur & Hosea: (singing) I asked that gal to give me some… mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm. I asked that gal to give me some… she says ’wait untill the taters is done’ mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm. I couldn’t wait till the taters was done… mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm. I couldn’t wait till the taters was done… threw her on the floor and knocked out some… mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm. I wish to God I’d passed her by… mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm. I wish to God I’d passed her by… Taters got burnt and so did I. Mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm.

Dutch van der Linde: That was… that was pretty good… but you know what song we should be singing?

Hosea Matthews: What?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, look at us… three mariners.

Hosea Matthews: Ah, of course.

Dutch, Arthur & Hosea: (singing) Well, we be three poor mariners, newly come from the seas. We spend our lives in jeopardy, while others live at ease. Shall we go dance this round a round a round… shall we go dance this round a round a round. And he that is a bully boy… come pledge me on this ground, a ground, a ground. We care not for those martial men, that do our states disdain. But we care for the merchant men, who do our states maintain. To them we dance this round a round a round… to them we dance this round a round a round. And he that is a bully boy… come pledge me on this ground, a ground, a ground, a ground, a ground, a ground, a ground.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh bravo! Bravo. Well you know, we should not let the folks back at camp… think that we had too much fun.

Hosea Matthews: Indeed not.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright… well, I mean we… are gonna be okay. I know… I always know… whenever I got… you two by my side… you two by my side… things are gonna be just fine. This place will be good for us. This place will be soad for us. For now, anyway.

Hosea Matthews: I hope so.

[They sail to the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well, I am going to take in the view.

Hosea Matthews: I’ll give these fish to Pearson.

[“The New South” mission completed.]

Further Questions of Female Sufferage[]

[Arthur walks up to Pearson and sees that he and Sadie have a conflict - they threaten each other with knives.]

Sadie Adler: Say whatever you damn well please… but I tell you, if I don’t get out of here soon, I’m going to kill somebody.

Simon Pearson: And if you don’t stop hissing at me, I’m gonna kill you.

Sadie Adler: Come near me, sailor… and I will slice you up!

Simon Pearson: you put that knife down or you’re going to be missing a hand, lady.

Arthur Morgan: What is wrong with you two?

Sadie Adler: I ain’t chopping vegetables for a living.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, I’m sorry, madam… was there insufficient feathers in your pillow?

Sadie Adler: Look, I ain’t lazy, Mr. Morgan. I’ll work, but not this.

Arthur Morgan: Well ain’t cooking work?

Sadie Adler: My husband and I… we shared the work… all of it. I was out in the fields… I can hunt… carry a knife or use a gun. But I tell you, you keep me here… I’ll skin this fat old coot and serve him for dinner!

Simon Pearson: Watch your damn mouth you crazy, goddamn tishwife!

[Arthur stops the fight.]

Arthur Morgan: Enough! Both of ya. Well come with me then. You wanna head out there? Run with the men? So be it… but we do more than just hunting… we’re hunted. And them things hunting us… well they got guns of their own.

Sadie Adler: I ain’t afraid of dying.

Arthur Morgan: Good. You need anything, Mr. Pearson?Pearson:

Arthur Morgan: Maybe me and Mrs. Adler are gonna take a little ride.

Simon Pearson: Yeah, sure. Here’s my list and… can you post this letter for me… while you’re there?

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Come on, princess. Are you coming with me then, woman?

[They get on the wagon. Arthur takes hold of the reins.]

Sadie Adler: So I’ve graduated from chopping vegetables to shopping?

Arthur Morgan: Shut your goddamn mouth… (in a couple of minutes) You cooled down then yet?

Sadie Adler: I guess. And I ain’t no scullion, and I sure as hell ain’t taking orders from that sweating halfwit.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I guess we all gotta do our share, Princess.

Sadie Adler: Where’s that letter?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, you reading his mail now?

Sadie Adler: Oh, robbing and killing’s okay, but letter reading’s where we draw the line?

Arthur Morgan: (hands her the letter) Here.

Sadie Adler: (clearing her throat and parodying Pearson) "Dear Aunt Cathy."

Arthur Morgan: You are something else…

Sadie Adler: "I haven’t heard from you in some time, so I prayed to the Lord above that your health has not deteriorated further”…. blah blah blah, it’s boring… Oh! Wait a sec. Listen to this… "Since we last corresponded, I have traveled widely, making no small name for myself."

[Arthur and Sadie laugh.]

Sadie Adler: "Before you ask, I am still yet to take a wife, but I can assure you it’s not for a lack of suitors…”

[Arthur and Sadie laugh even harder.]

Sadie Adler: He ever actually even talked to a woman he ain’t paid for?

Arthur Morgan: Look, we’re all hiding behind something…

Sadie Adler: And what’s this? "Return to Tacitus Kilgore."

Arthur Morgan: Oh, that? Now that’s Dutch’s idea. All mail to be sent to the same alias. Whenever we set up somewhere new, Strauss, he heads into town, tells ’em to start expecting mail from a Tacitus Kilgore, or whatever they changed it to… Here, gimme that back. We got work to do. Okay, here we are.

[They stop near the town’s Grocery Store.]

Sadie Adler: So? What’s the plan? I shoot the shopkeeper while you…

Arthur Morgan: (whispers) No. You insane?

Sadie Adler: Well, I thought we was outlaws…

Arthur Morgan: Outlaws… not idiots. We rob fools that rob other people. These people, they’re just trying to get by. So you head on in there, and you buy us some food to eat. And no guns…

Sadie Adler: Are you sure?

Arthur Morgan: This time. There’ll be time for killing soon enough.

Sadie Adler: What are you doing?

Arthur Morgan: I’m gonna go check the mail, nothing exciting…

Civilian: What did you get there, Harold?

Civilian 2: Nothing.

Civilian 1: What you mean nothing? What’s in the parcel?

Civilian 2: Look… It’s some ointment, alright… for a private matter.

[Arthur enters the post office on the station.]

Station Clerk: Can I help you mister?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, I’d like to post a letter.

Station Clerk: Okay, no trouble.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you.

[He runs back to Sadie and he hears her arguing with a clerk from afar.]

Sadie Adler: I’ve birthed foals with more strength than you. Hell, my sister’s newborn had more strength than you and he came out bright blue.

Clerk: I’m trying.

Sadie Adler: Try harder.

Clerk: I think this is everything

Sadie Adler: Thanks… here, take that for yourself, okay?

Clerk: Thanks…

Sadie Adler: Well, give it back then. Jesus… I didn’t ask for his goddamn help. Okay, get on, I’m about done here. Hop on, I’ll be right with you. You don’t need to check I’m doing it right.

Arthur Morgan: Why don’t you drive? Come on, lady, get a move on.

Sadie Adler: I like Sadie, not lady.

Arthur Morgan: I know. So, you get everything?

Sadie Adler: I think so.

[They ride back to the camp.]

Arthur Morgan: And some… new clothes, I see?

Sadie Adler: Don’t start. I can wear what I damn well want. Like I told you, my husband and I shared all the work. I wasn’t some little wife with a flower in her hair baking cherry pies all day.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t doubt that. You sure look the part now. Won’t be long before you’re smoking cigars and playing the harmonica.

Sadie Adler: I’ll have you know I used to love playing the harmonica before, well, my house and everything I owned got burned to the ground.

Arthur Morgan: I know… I’m real sorry. About what you… you know. Maybe I’ll keep my eye out for another one.

Sadie Adler: I don’t want no pity. Just treat me equal and know… nobody’s taking nothing from me ever again.

Arthur Morgan: Just don’t kill the camp cook… please.

[Some folks ride to them.]

Stranger: Hey there.

Arthur Morgan: Hey.

Stranger: What are you folks up to?

Arthur Morgan: Just heading home.

Stranger: You’re in Lemoyne Raider country. You need to pay a toll to pass through here.

Arthur Morgan: (whispers) Keep it cool, Sadie. (to the Stranger) No, I don’t think so.

Stranger: You don’t think so? How about you pull over right now?

Arthur Morgan: Pull over?

Stranger: That’s what I said.

Sadie Adler: Hey, how’s about this?

[She shot him in the stomach.]

Sadie Adler: Go, go, go!

[Arthur is forced to kill the strangers.]

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn it! Get moving, now! Go on! What the hell was that?

Sadie Adler: They was gonna rob us.

Arthur Morgan: A new pair of pants and you think you’re Landon Ricketts.

Sadie Adler: I’m gonna run this son of a bitch down!

Arthur Morgan: Well you wanted to see some action, lady, now you got your wish!

Sadie Adler: Behind me, near those rocks! There, see? Not many still standing now.

Arthur Morgan: You okay there, Sadie?

Sadie Adler: Of course. You think I can’t handle these fools? Yeah, you run, you goddamn coward! I think we’re good here, Arthur. Nice shooting. Alright, I’ll drive us back.

Arthur Morgan: No, pass those reins here.

Sadie Adler: Why?

Arthur Morgan: Because you’ve caused enough trouble already.

Sadie Adler: I’m fine. Careful! We showed those bastards, huh?

Arthur Morgan: Remind me not to get on your bad side.

Sadie Adler: And they was clearly planning to bushwhack us.

Arthur Morgan: You did good, but that’s a lot of mess to make near camp. Hope it don’t bring anyone sniffing around.

Sadie Adler: Are you going to tell Dutch?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe, if he asks. But maybe not.

Sadie Adler: So who did they say they were? Lemoyne Raiders?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, something like that. Who knows… Anyway, don’t you go ribbing Pearson about that letter.

Sadie Adler: How dare you? I wouldn’t dream of it.

Arthur Morgan: Right you wouldn’t.

Sadie Adler: "I have traveled widely making no small name for myself".

Arthur Morgan: I won’t be giving you no mail to post any time soon, that’s for sure.

Sadie Adler: I just want a peek in that journal of yours. The mind boggles.

Arthur Morgan: Not a chance…

[They return to the camp.]

Simon Pearson: You didn’t get yourself killed then, Miss Adler?

Sadie Adler: Not quite.

Simon Pearson: Well, I’d like to say I missed your refined conversations, but… I’d be lying.

Sadie Adler: I… I enjoyed myself out there.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, we err… Mrs. Adler did okay.

Simon Pearson: At shopping?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, at shopping…

Sadie Adler: Thank you, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t mention it. I would ride with you again, Mrs. Adler… if you will ride with me.

Sadie Adler: Maybe… if you prove you can handle yourself.

Arthur Morgan: Well, they say I lack finesse, but… I ain’t afraid of gun smoke.

Simon Pearson: We got this, Arthur… you’ve already done me a big favor today. Okay, Miss High and Mighty… And… nice pants, by the way.

Sadie Adler: Oh, shut up.

[“Further Questions Of Female Suffrage” mission completed.]

American Distillation[]

[Arthur and Dutch decide to accept Clay’s offer and visit the sheriff’s office in Rhodes.]

Dutch van der Linde: Of course, of course. Oh. (Arthur enters) Oh, and here is my dear friend, Arthur Callahan. Boy is a hunter… boy is a killer. Arthur, you’ve met but not been introduced to Mr… oh, I’m so sorry, Sheriff Gray.

Sheriff Gray: How are you doing, sir?

Arthur Morgan: I’m fine.

Sheriff Gray: Tough business you boys had.

Arthur Morgan: (to Dutch) We did?

Sheriff Gray: Oh there’s no need to pretend with me, sir… life can be tough.

Arthur Morgan: So it can.

Sheriff Gray: And no man owes another anything.

Arthur Morgan: No, sir.

Sheriff Gray: But still, I feel you were hard done by… losing your employment like that. But still, here in Rhodes we have work enough for honest men.

[Arthur is handed a bottle of alcohol.]

Arthur Morgan: (drinks) That’s some strong stuff. Still… don’t seem to be doing you any harm, I guess.

[When the sheriff gets up, we realize that he is very drunk.]

Sheriff Gray: Exactly, excuse me a moment. Woah…

[He barely makes it out the door of his own office.]

Dutch van der Linde: I told you we was moving up in this world. Deputies.

Arthur Morgan: (whispers) You have finally lost your mind.

Dutch van der Linde: Amongst these drunkards, hillbillies, and slavers… good honest thieves like us… we’re bound to be moralizers in a place like this. Oh, Sheriff Gray… Oh, Sheriff Gray you are back.

Sheriff Gray: Now listen, sir… there is shine in them woods though. And it is costing this county its good name… and the state a whole lot of income. You boys wouldn’t mind rooting it out… maybe we’ll make you permanent. I gotta sit me down a second.

Dutch van der Linde: (enthusiastically) Not a problem, sir, not a problem at all. You are in safe hands now. And people waste time with the temperance movement. Liquor never dulled a good man’s senses.

[They leave the sheriff’s office.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, you ride with the deputy, Bill and I will follow.

[Archibald is already waiting for them outside on the wagon.]

Archibald MacGregor: Climb on up, let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: Archibald.

Archibald MacGregor: How are you?

Arthur Morgan: Pretty good.

Archibald MacGregor: And your friend is behaving himself?

Arthur Morgan: Oh… yes, I-I think he’s learned his lesson.

Archibald MacGregor: Congratulations on becoming a temporarily deputized… citizen of Scarlett Meadows County. Most towns just get bounty hunters to do their dirty work these days, but Sheriff Gray believes the Law should keep the law. Now, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you there’s a chain of command here.

Arthur Morgan: There is?

Archibald MacGregor: Dang straight there is. This is a dangerous business, but follow my lead and you’ll be just fine.

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Hey, Archibald wants to remind us he’s in charge here.

Bill Williamson: Of course.

Dutch van der Linde: Who else would be?

Archibald MacGregor: You were a big help with them Anderson boys and I… put in a very good word with the sheriff on your behalf.

Arthur Morgan: We appreciate that.

Archibald MacGregor: We rounded up the others soon after. I’m pushing for the rope myself, but that’s by the by.

Arthur Morgan: So, these moonshiners…

Archibald MacGregor: Not just any moonshiners. Braithwaites. I told you about the Braithwaites?

Arthur Morgan: Pretty sure you did.

Archibald MacGregor: Old cotton family, had a fortune at one point until… well, a few changes in the labor laws. Now they’re dealing in moonshine. We’ve found their stills hidden all over Lemoyne. Quick as we destroy one, another one pops up. You could call it a pitiful fall from grace, if they had any grace to start with.

Arthur Morgan: I have no time for tax dodgers.

Archibald MacGregor: Not to mention the fact that Catherine Braithwaite has a rather… expensive interest in thoroughbred horses to maintain

Arthur Morgan: But, I heard something about it being gold… these families were fighting over.

Archibald MacGregor: Well, that’s the rumor… but the Grays and the Braithwaites… think the other stole a fortune from them…. but it happened so long ago, I don’t know for sure if it’s true.

Arthur Morgan: Must be tough being rich, huh?

Archibald MacGregor: So I imagine.

Dutch van der Linde: That badge rather suits you, Mr. W.

Bill Williamson: Yes, I thought so too.

Dutch van der Linde: Does it feel good to be back at it, serving your country?

Bill Williamson: I wouldn’t go that far.

Archibald MacGregor: Whoa… whoa. Hold up. You see that wagon?

Bill Williamson: These damn flies, I swear they’ve got it in for me.

Dutch van der Linde: You could try washing once in a while.

Archibald MacGregor: Come on, mister. Keep your eyes open. Oh… this must have happened recently… Hey, come have a look at this. Look… suit and tie, one bullet clean through the forehead. My money says this is the handiwork… of a gang called the Lemoyne Raiders.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I’ve run into them.

Archibald MacGregor: Let’s see if we’ve got any identification. Okay, we should get going. I’ll send someone over here later to clean this up. Would you mind taking the reins? I want to have a look at these papers.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Archibald MacGregor: I’ll direct you. Okay… Fredrick Mitchell, Lemoyne state legislator. Poor feller. Yes, this certainly smacks of the Raiders to me Bunch of ex-army free-staters without an ounce of respect for the law. That’s seven government officials they’ve murdered this year alone.

Arthur Morgan: Yep, not the nicest fellers in my experience.

Archibald MacGregor: Go right at the crossroads. And I know the Braithwaites are in business with them. No shame. Trash begets trash, my Uncle Reginald used to say. He had a few stories, let me tell you. Town preacher and town sheriff. Could drink a sailor under the table before breakfast. Bear right again here. He had one tiny hand, like a child’s on the end of a grown man’s arm… But anyway, this tells you what kind of people the Braithwaites are… selling moonshine to murderers. I tell folks, don’t even speak to ’em, don’t even look ’em in the eye.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure I wouldn’t.

Archibald MacGregor: Here we are… so what was I saying?

Arthur Morgan: Something about the Braithwaites, I think.

Archibald MacGregor: Even saying that word makes me sick.. Now, anyone we find here, we bring in alive, understood? Round them up, then take this operation down for good. Come on, let’s see what we’re dealing with. What did I tell you boys… what did I say? I said this place was crawling with vermin… and we just found ourselves the rat’s nest par excellence as they say in Paris. My aunt, she went to Paris back in ’78…

Dutch van der Linde: How we gonna handle this?

Archibald MacGregor: Well, the way I see it…

Dutch van der Linde: Actually, let my friend here decide. He doesn’t have your fine way with words… but he is definitely the man for the job. Let’s split up. Arthur and Bill, me and Archibald. You boys want right, or left?

Arthur Morgan: We’ll take the right.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s stop these filthy degenerate tax dodgers. The cheek of them.

Archibald MacGregor: A fine idea.

Dutch van der Linde: Hush, buddy.

[They surround the moonshiners camp.]

Bill Williamson: Remember what he said… We need them alive. Let’s just knock them out and tie ’em up.

Arthur Morgan: Got it, Deputy Williamson.

Bill Williamson: Hold on, wait for them to move. We won’t catch the rider, Grab the other feller. Damn… Someone’s coming. Stay out of sight.

Guard: Anthony… Anthony, where you at, boy? Goddamn fool…

[Arthur ties him up.]

Bill Williamson: (dealing with the moonshiner) Come here. Right, let’s gather them up.

Dutch van der Linde: Just drop him with the others.

Arthur Morgan: I think that’s it.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, what do we do now?

Archibald MacGregor: We better destroy all this. Any of your boys can handle explosives?

Arthur Morgan: Sure, anyone but him. (points to Bill) That is the last time I’ll mention it, I swear.

Bill Williamson: Yeah, I’m sure.

[Arthur walks to the wagon and notices a gang of riders.]

Raider: Hey, that belongs to the Lemoyne Raiders, you sons of bitches!

Bill Williamson: Shit! We got men over here! Give me a hand with these bastards!

Arthur Morgan: Sorry, boys, we’re putting you out of business!

Bill Williamson: There’s more coming up from those huts. There are more by those huts. Let’s clear ’em out. I don’t see any more, do you?

Arthur Morgan: No.

Bill Williamson: Let’s find Dutch and get out of here.

Arthur Morgan: Fine by me.

Bill Williamson: Are we getting out of here then? Alright, I’ll see you over there.

Dutch van der Linde: Well done. Well, forgive me… but, me and my men… must return to our lives.

[He notices that Archibald has loaded the wagon with bottles of moonshine.]

Dutch van der Linde: Ah… seems like we failed to destroy… the last of the moonshine.

Archibald MacGregor: Sure…

Dutch van der Linde: Would you like us to?

Archibald MacGregor: Well, I normally take it for personal consumption… it’s sorta part of the job. But, I better get back home. Why don’t I just take a jug or two… and leave you boys the rest… to show that there’s no hard feelings… on account of the war.

Dutch van der Linde: We are all Americans.

Archibald MacGregor: My cousin… he used to say… "Some of us is not as American as others." If you know what I mean… only I didn’t quite. (to the moonshiners) Come on you degenerate… no good, white trash… hillbilly piece of scum. I know you, Billy Lime… and you’ve always been… a piece of crap. Come on, move it. Move it!

[He leaves with his prisoners.]

Dutch van der Linde: Finally… We have alighted… on a land so stupid… a backwater so backwards… that even we are like geniuses. (laughs) Bill! Get this stuff outta here! (to Arthur) Come on, you ride with me.

Bill Williamson: Should I stash this somewhere near camp, boss?

Dutch van der Linde: Yes, show it to Hosea, I’m sure he can find a use for it. Bit of trouble back there, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t there always? From what they was yelling, I think they were the buyers.

Dutch van der Linde: Old Archibald didn’t ask too many questions so neither should we.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t planning to.

Dutch van der Linde: That was worth the effort, though. Deputized and hiding in plain sight. These lawmen, these two families… I mean, I really think we can play this from all sides. It’s got Hosea written all over it.

Arthur Morgan: This is starting to sound like the young Dutch again.

Dutch van der Linde: What do you mean, "Young Dutch"? I’m as strong as I have ever been. Hey, you know what… why don’t race you back?

Arthur Morgan: Okay, you’re on.

Dutch van der Linde: That’s the spirit. Okay… on my word… set… Go!

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know who’s more past it, you or your horse!

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, I’m going to enjoy wiping that smirk off your face!

Arthur Morgan: It’s sad to think back to you in your prime.

[They race back to the camp. Arthur wins the race.]

Dutch van der Linde: I never knew you were quite so good… at running away, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I never knew age… had slowed you down quite so much.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, time is a bastard. When you get to be my age… well, you’ll know that better than anything. Be well. I had fun with you today. (touches Arthur’s shoulder) You’re… I was gonna say you’re like a son to me… but you’re more than that.

[“American Distillation” mission completed.]

The Course Of True Love - I + II[]

[Dutch asks Arthur to sniff around Caliga Hall to see what he can find out about the Grays. When Arthur goes to the mansion he is met by two guards with rifles.]

Gray: What you want, boy? This is private property, interlopers are not permitted.

Arthur Morgan: This here the Gray plantation?

Gray: Yup. Caliga Hall. And that’s as close as you’re getting to it.

Arthur Morgan: Sheriff’s orders. He wanted me to have a word with some folk on the property. I’m recently deputized, you see.

Gray: Deputized? And I suppose Leigh was drunk when he did it… look, you can come in, but you ain’t talking with me.

Arthur Morgan: Obliged.

[He rides on the Gays property.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey, can you talk?

Worker: I look like I can talk? You want a talker, try Beau Gray. Out by the store houses. Man Won’t lift a hand, but sure can move his lips.

[Arthur finds this Beau. He’s reading a book.]

Arthur Morgan: I see you at the Sheriff’s Office?

Beau Gray: Excuse me, friend.

Arthur Morgan: We friends?

Beau Gray: Not yet, but here’s hoping.

Arthur Morgan: I guess.

Beau Gray: We don’t get a lot of traveling men here… then suddenly there’s a whole phalanx of mysterious… but strangely helpful Yankees about the place.

Arthur Morgan: Is there?

Beau Gray: What’re you doing here?

Arthur Morgan: I’m just looking for work.

Beau Gray: Well, looking for something. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

Arthur Morgan: What secret?

Beau Gray: I’ve got a secret of my own.

Arthur Morgan: Are you secretly normal?

Beau Gray: Excuse me?

Arthur Morgan: Never mind.

Beau Gray: The thing is… I don’t care if you kill the whole lot of us… and the Braithwaites.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t wanna kill anyone.

Beau Gray: I love her, you know.

Arthur Morgan: Love who?

Beau Gray: Penelope. But it’s impossible…

Arthur Morgan: Well, love tends to be complicated.

Beau Gray: She’s a Braithwaite. I’m Beau Gray, son of Tavish Gray… nephew of Leigh Gray the sheriff… grandson of old Murdo Gray. We Grays have been loyal to the State… and murderers to the Braithwaites for so long now… no one can even quite explain why. Beyond blind loyalty… and stupidity. I’m supposed to be loyal to some nonsense, while she… She’s amazing. She’s like a woman from the future. She’s like… tomorrow, if tomorrow turns out fine.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I’m sorry for your predicament.

Beau Gray: Would you help?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t wanna get involved in gang feuds… it seems unseemly.

Beau Gray: I’ll pay… I’ve got money. We Grays, we’ve always got money… no brains, mind, but money. Well, in that case… I know she loves to sit out in the gazebo… on the edge of the Braithwaite property. Take her this letter… and this bracelet. Please. Look out for their guards… they’re worse with strangers than ours are! So long. And good luck.

[Arthur rides to the girl till the sun goes down.]

Arthur Morgan: Are you Penelope Braithwaite?

Penelope Braithwaite: Why yes, I am.

Arthur Morgan: I’ve got a letter for you….

Penelope Braithwaite: A letter and a gift? Well we don’t even know each other.

Arthur Morgan: Well, it’s not from me, it’s from err…

Penelope Braithwaite: From Beau! Oh, he is so…

Arthur Morgan: Strange?

Penelope Braithwaite: Well, yes, he’s a little strange… but also, so human. The rest of our families are stuck in the Dark Ages, or… well, I don’t know… cave people, perhaps. Beau’s different, but if they find out… they’ll kill him, and send me to live someplace awful like… Ohio. Have you ever been to Ohio, sir?

Arthur Morgan: No.

Penelope Braithwaite: Well, neither have I, but my uncle has a factory there. He was sort of the black sheep, on account of having left… but now they tolerate him, because he’s a vicious snob. Families are… are… they’re something else! Have you got a family, sir?

Arthur Morgan: No… not really.

Penelope Braithwaite: Well, they tolerate him, because of the money… but me, with my ideas above my station, they can’t stand.

Arthur Morgan: That sounds pretty complicated, I…. I don’t know quite what to say.

Penelope Braithwaite: Well nothing to say, except I hope they all rot. I-I don’t… well… maybe a bit… but here… if you see Beau again, will you give this to him?

[She hands Arthur the replay to Beau’s letter.]

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[“The Course Of True Love - I + II” mission completed.]

The Course Of True Love - III[]

[Arthur returns to the Grays’ mansion. He rides to the guards.]

Arthur Morgan: You know me, I’m on official business, for the family.

Gray: Alright, come on.

[Arthur finds Beau in the stables.]

Arthur Morgan: You got my money?

Beau Gray: Sure. (gives Arthur a couple of coins) Did she give anything… for me?

Arthur Morgan: Yes.

Beau Gray: Might I have it?

Arthur Morgan: Sure… but it’ll cost you. Oh, I can’t be bothered. Here, take it.

Beau Gray: Thank you, Arthur… you’re… Thank you.

[He runs with the letter closer to the set and begins to read eagerly.]

Beau Gray: My God… what a woman. She’s… This’ll get her killed for sure. Women’s suffrage. Round here, they don’t even like men voting. They’d bring back the monarchy given half the chance. Progress is a dirty word in these parts… unlike incest.

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me?

Beau Gray: (worriedly) I don’t wanna marry my cousin Mathilda. I wanna marry Penelope. But they’re gonna… They’ll kill her at one of those rallies they’re holding. They’ve done it before. Mister, you gotta help.

Arthur Morgan: No, I’m afraid I don’t want no part of it.

Beau Gray: I’ll pay. My family, we’ve still got some money.

Arthur Morgan: Fine. Just no more running round with letters.

Beau Gray: Thank you. Come on, we’d better get going.

[Arthur gets on his horse.]

Beau Gray: Mount up, alright? And follow me to Rhodes. Come on, come on. Heya! We’ll go around the property and take the road to town.

[He is galloping.]

Guard: Evening, sir.

Arthur Morgan: Easy, boy. Calm down.

Beau Gray: I can’t be calm! If we don’t get there in time, my true love may be shot…

Arthur Morgan: If she wants to rally, you got to let her rally.

Beau Gray: Good as the cause is, I can’t let her become a martyr to it. I want to marry a flesh and blood woman, not a statue in her honor.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

Beau Gray: There! There they are.

[They ride up to a crowd of women, apparently one of the first meetings of suffragettes.]

Ms Calhoon: Ladies, this is just another day…

Penelope Braithwaite: Beau, what are you doing here?

Beau Gray: I cannot let you go through with this… you’ll be killed.

Penelope Braithwaite: I’m prepared to die for the cause, Beau. You know that.

Beau Gray: Do something, please.

Arthur Morgan: Do what? Fight this mob? They’d eat me alive.

Beau Gray: This is no laughing matter, sir. They need protecting from certain elements. Mostly my family. Penelope, I beg you.

Penelope Braithwaite: I’ll tell you what… your friend here can drive the wagon for us. It’ll allow us to shout all the louder.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[The crowd of women cheerfully agrees with Penelope.]

Penelope Braithwaite: Ms. Calhoon… my friend here says he can drive the wagon.

Ms Calhoon: Olive Calhoon. Normally, I like to drive myself… but today, I feel like a man joining us… sends the right message.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I ain’t never been in a protest march before, madam.

Ms Calhoon: Well, just treat us like the sheep… and the folks attacking us like the wolves… and I’m sure you’ll feel right at home. Shall we go?

Arthur Morgan: Alright.

Ms Calhoon: Alright, ladies. We know our song is a good one… and we know our cause is a pure one.

[Arthur whips the horses with the reins and the carriage begins to move. The women in the wagon sing merrily. Posters of "Votes for Women," "We Worth More," and "Respect Your Worker" are everywhere.]

Ms Calhoon: Now, now. Take us down Main Street, right through town to the steps of the Bank of Rhodes, Mr… what was your name?

Arthur Morgan: Arthur Morgan.

Ms Calhoon: Very good, Mr. Morgan. Not too quick and not too slow. We need them to hear our voice.

Arthur Morgan: They will hear it alright.

Ms Calhoon: Very good. Very good. Mr. Morgan are you an old friend of the Movement?

Arthur Morgan: I’m just a driver, Mrs. Calhoon. And maybe a shotgun messenger if it comes to it… but I hope it won’t.

[The wagon drives into Rhodes.]

Ms Calhoon: Our message will be delivered peaceably, Mr. Morgan. You can keep your shotgun to yourself. Stay on Main Street. It’s a left up here, Mr. Morgan. Look at these people. It’s about to get exciting… I can feel it.

Arthur Morgan: I believe you might be right.

Ms Calhoon: Good day, Sheriff! I trust you’ll make sure it’s a peaceful assembly?

Arthur Morgan: Easy there…

Heckler: Head home! Head home!

Ms Calhoon: Oh, do give it a rest. You sorry fool! Mr. Morgan, I give you the male of the species.

Arthur Morgan: That’s a pretty dumb specimen, I grant it.

Ms Calhoon: A little further please. Stop just past the bank. This spot is fine, sir… Ladies, get down.

Heckler: Come on, boys. It looks like the circus is in town.

Heckler: Go home!

Heckler: You shut your mouth. What you doing here?

Heckler: What the hell is going on?

Heckler: Oh my God. Whatever you say… you don’t even know what you’re saying.

Heckler: Come on, get outta here. You should be with your children.

Heckler: Go home!

Ms Calhoon: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a great day for all of us. For today is the day we begin to live as equals.

Heckler: Equals? Ha!

Ms Calhoon: Yes, equals, sir. Fair and equal.

Heckler: This is unnatural… this is nonsense.

Ms Calhoon: Fair, equal and free… just as the Founding Fathers intended.

Heckler: Founding Fathers, not Founding Mothers… you silly old goat.

Heckler: That’s right, you tell her!

Scott: (sees Beau) Hey! What the hell you doing here, boy?

Protestor: Keep your voice down. I’m trying to listen to the speech.

Beau Gray: Hello, darling cousin…

Scott: Don’t you ever speak to me like that! What are you doing here?

Beau Gray: Listening, I suppose…

Penelope Braithwaite: (to Arthur) Go help Beau… his cousin is a moron… and stop them from ruining the speech.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Scott: You’ll learn yourself some manners, cousin.

Beau Gray: Haven’t you got anything better to do?

Scott: You always was a… cocky little…

Arthur Morgan: Beau. Weren’t we just leaving?

Scott: Who the hell is this?

Arthur Morgan: Follow me around here.

Scott: Come on.

[They come around the corner of the bank.]

Arthur Morgan: Come on, Beau. Let’s go. Quick now. (to Scott) I’m sorry, friend… let the women speak! Your silly cousin, he meant no harm… look at him!

Scott: Who the hell are you?

[Arthur takes advantage of their confusion and quietly walks away and mounts his horse with Beau.]

Beau Gray: We got to go before they think twice… oh Lord. Follow me, I know a place. It’s an old battlefield no one goes to.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t want to go back and hear the speeches? I ain’t voted before… but I’m kinda getting hot for voting rights.

Beau Gray: I don’t know whether to take you seriously, Mr. Morgan. My cousins are my primary concern right now… if everyone knows about Penelope and me…

Arthur Morgan: Everyone knows about Penelope and you. I know about Penelope and you and I been here all of ten minutes. Sooner it’s out, sooner it’s resolved.

Beau Gray: The sooner it’s dealt with, you mean… We’re dealt with. Our families, the Grays and the Braithwaites, we bury our secrets and we bury them deep.

Arthur Morgan: Your secrets and your treasure…

Beau Gray: Catherine Braithwaite’s got a daughter… no one’s seen her in years… she weren’t right and Penelope said…

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t heard about daughters, I heard about gold…

Beau Gray: The Yankee gold? I fear that’s just a story, Mr. Morgan. I don’t know. This is awful.

[They stop at some destroyed houses.]

Arthur Morgan: Nobody died… ain’t that awful.

Beau Gray: My brothers are vindictive bastards… my cousins are worse.

Arthur Morgan: They started it.

Beau Gray: I know, but…

Arthur Morgan: You should leave.

Beau Gray: I will, as soon as I have enough money… when my family… We have money, but I don’t.

Arthur Morgan: Is your family very rich?

Beau Gray: Yes, well, I believe so… but, uh… they keep me out of the discussions. I have more of a… artistic temperament, so… Is that what they call it?

Arthur Morgan: Is that what they call it?

Beau Gray: Yes. Oh, you made a joke. I really love her… I do.

Arthur Morgan: Well, stick around… maybe you can die for her as well.

Beau Gray: I thought you were trying to make me feel better?

Arthur Morgan: I gotta go.

Beau Gray: Me too. Oh, damn, I’m gonna be late. My uncle is quite as bad as you would imagine. Here, your payment. Thank you. Excuse me.

[“The Course Of True Love” story arc completed.]

Advertising, The New American Art[]

[Arthur returns to the camp.]

Kieran: Morning, mister. Oh hey, Arthur. I left some of that horse medicine I made for you by your tent. Thanks again.

Abigail Marston: Hey, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What’s going on?

Abigail Marston: Hosea and John are looking for you. They went out to the moonshine stash, said you knew where that was? They was planning a visit to the Braithwaite place, but John needs to do something for Dutch now so Hosea wants you to join him instead. Seems to be a lot going on.

Arthur Morgan: You’re telling me. Okay, thank you. So, what you think of this place?

Abigail Marston: Not bad. Nice to be by the water.

[Arthur finds Hosea. He and the wagon are not far from the camp. John helps him load it up with the moonshine.]

Arthur Morgan: What are you doing?

Hosea Matthews: Selling it back to where it came from.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Hosea Matthews: Well I ain’t got a market for it. They made it, they must have someone to sell it to. Stuff looked kinda lonely out here. I think we’ll cut ourselves a deal.

Arthur Morgan: Ah, I get you.

Hosea Matthews: You and Dutch was just doing your duty… when you requisitioned it. Now I’m doing mine.

John Marston: Alright… I should get going now. I’ll leave you fellers to it. Good luck.

Hosea Matthews: Thank you, John. We’ll see you later. Dutch asked him to look into something. To do with the Braithwaite horses, I think.

Arthur Morgan: Sure, okay…

Hosea Matthews: Okay, let’s head out to the Braithwaites place. You know the way?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I been there. So, what exactly are we doing? This is the moonshine we took after blowing up the Braithwaites’ still, right?

Hosea Matthews: I think the good citizens taking the trouble to return their stolen goods deserve some reward, don’t you?

Hosea Matthews: And it’s time we made a formal introduction, like Dutch told us. Look, these are two big old plantation houses and all I keep hearing is they hate each other so much they can’t see past it.

Arthur Morgan: I know, I’ve seen it. There’s a Gray boy and a Braithwaite girl carrying on a secret affair. I been, well, helping ’em.

Hosea Matthews: The mind boggles. You think they’re of use?

Arthur Morgan: Not sure, they don’t seem too involved in the rest of it, but… maybe.

Hosea Matthews: Well, I’m sure there’s money in this for us somewhere, if we can get in the middle of it.

[They arrive at Gray’s mansion.]

Arthur Morgan: Here we are.

Hosea Matthews: Modest little homestead, isn’t it? Hello, gentlemen, how are you?

Guard: What’s that in the back there?

Hosea Matthews: Moonshine, my fine fellow. May I have a word with the man of the house?

Guard: The "man" of the house is a lady. Mrs. Catherine Braithwaite.

Hosea Matthews: May I speak with her? I want to discuss a business opportunity. I mean no harm… no harm at all… you may happily shoot me if I do.

Guard: Okay… okay. She’s at the house. We’ll be watching you.

Hosea Matthews: You heard the man. Driver, proceed, please.

[Arthur drives the wagon up to the mansion.]

Catherine Braithwaite: What you want?

Hosea Matthews: Found something… out in the hills, thought… thought maybe you was in the market for it.

Catherine Braithwaite: I ain’t in the market for what’s already mine.

Hosea Matthews: Way we see it, it’s ours. What with us possessing it, and I checked all over, for the life of me I couldn’t see your name on it.

[A couple of armed men walks out of the mansion.]

Hosea Matthews: Oh… relax, I ain’t here to rob you. Though it seems that’s easy enough. Wanna do a deal. What do you sell that stuff for?

Catherine Braithwaite: Dollar a bottle.

Hosea Matthews: Then give us fifty cents.

Catherine Braithwaite: It’s already ours.

Hosea Matthews: Look on it as a reward, for finding the property. Alternative is we go sell it someplace else.

Braithwaite: The alternative is you get shot.

Hosea Matthews: Now, who wants to get shot over a bottle or two of liquor?

Catherine Braithwaite: (laughs) Pay the man.

Hosea Matthews: Pleasure doing business with you. And, listen… we didn’t take it… least not without orders from…

Catherine Braithwaite: Oh, I know exactly who gave you your orders. Old Sheriff Gray. You know what? I don’t want it. In fact, sir, now you can do me a favor… there’s an extra ten bucks if you do. Drive the stuff into Rhodes… head over to the tavern run by Mr. Gray… and give the stuff out for free.

Gareth Braithwaite: Momma!

Catherine Braithwaite: Hush now. I believe they call that a promotional expense.

Hosea Matthews: As you wish, madam.

Catherine Braithwaite: You boys come back sometime and tell me how you made out. Maybe we’ll play a little cribbage.

Hosea Matthews: Alright, next stop: the Rhodes saloon.

Arthur Morgan: Here we go.

[They hit the road again.]

Hosea Matthews: So I finally sold those Cornwall bonds. Got close to a thousand for ’em. I wanted more, but not bad considering how hot they were, especially after that bloodbath in Valentine.

Arthur Morgan: No, not bad at all.

Hosea Matthews: Apparently, Cornwall’s been pumping a lot of cash into the Pinkertons. Wants to keep their full effort on going after gangs… gangs like us.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… that don’t surprise me.

Hosea Matthews: Alright… this could get ugly… You and Dutch already have that… thing going on in town with… the sheriff.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, Mr. Gray.

Hosea Matthews: That’s it. Now we’re… Inserting ourselves in his blood feud… We’ll need something.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t playing dress up. You know how I feel about that.

Hosea Matthews: Of course you’re not. You’re… you’re a clown’s… idiot… brother.

Arthur Morgan: Hosea, please…

Hosea Matthews: I’m the clown… You’re the idiot. Just… look… sad and keep quiet. Even you can do that, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Do I have to?

Hosea Matthews: Put this hat on… Smoke this pipe. Bring your lip forward, just a bit… squint… Oh, perfect.

Arthur Morgan: What about you?

Hosea Matthews: Shh… You can’t speak. You’re turned idiot… (laughs) Quite broke poor mammy’s heart. There there, Fenton, there there. Don’t get mad, now. Okay, Fenton, stay calm now… for momma, she loved you so… Just a shame you had to strangle her in a rage, right… grab two cases of that stuff and follow me.

Hosea Matthews: Gentlemen, gentlemen! Quite the town you have here, we just rode in from up north. Hello… hello, I’m Melvin. This is my brother, Fenton. Don’t mind him, don’t madden him, he’s turned idiot. Killed our mother, but it weren’t his fault. How’d you boys… how’d you boys like a couple of bucks? I bet you would… One for each of yous. We’re in the new trade of advertising which is an American art form about… ensuring people buy the correct things.

Bartender: I don’t know…

Hosea Matthews: One more dollar says give us half an hour, what harm can we do in half an hour? Go along now… enjoy the money! Come along Fenton… just hand out the liquor.

[They enter the saloon.]

Hosea Matthews: (loudly) Gentlemen… Gentlemen! My name is Melvin. That’s my brother Fenton… he’s a bit funny, but boy can he pour drinks last. For the next thirty minutes… the drinks in this here bar, in this here town… are entirely free!

[The crowd in the saloon cheerfully agrees.]

Hosea Matthews: The only rule is that you gotta drink them… so hurry up, put old Fenton to work. Don’t get him mad, though… his momma made him mad… and we buried her… poor thing.

[Arur skillfully pours shot by shot.]

Patron: I’ll have one, Fenton. Ah, that’s some strong stuff.

Patron 2: Just keep ’em coming. Mr. Gray won’t be happy about this.

Hosea Matthews: Fenton, grab another bottle. There’s plenty to go around.

Patron 3: Where’s mine then? You’re a fine man, Fenton, a fine man. Don’t listen to your brother.

Patron 4: Over here, Fenton.

Patron 5: Hey, send a couple this way, will ya?

Hosea Matthews: Keep drinking! There’s plenty more where that came from and it’s all free.

Patron 4: The wife’s gonna kill me. I only went out for milk.

Patron 2: That hit the spot. Keep ’em coming, Fenton. Just keep ’em coming.

Hosea Matthews: Drink up, drink…

[Suddenly the saloon door swings open and several armed men enter…]

Patron 6: It’s the Lemoyne Raiders.

Hosea Matthews: Good evening, gentlemen. Quiet libation?

Raider: You.

Hosea Matthews: Me?

Raider: You’re the bastards who stole the liquor we was going to buy.

Hosea Matthews: Gentlemen, we’re in advertising… come on in, have a drink.

Raider: That’s our goddamn liquor.

Hosea Matthews: An honest mistake.

Raider: Boys, get ’em.

[Arthur skillfully pulls out his revolver and kills the rider. A fight begins.]

Hosea Matthews: Good job, Arthur. Where are you, Arthur? Help me! Shoot this bastard! Hey, hey… this way! Well done. Let’s go. Come on, Fenton! I’m getting us outta here.

[They hop into the wagon and drive away.]

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t gonna let this go, are they?

Hosea Matthews: Good. Keep at ’em, Arthur.

Civilian: You pair of bastards!

Hosea Matthews: Behind us, Arthur, coming out of the alley. That’s it. Good shot. Right ahead of you!

Arthur Morgan: That’s him dealt with.

Hosea Matthews: Look out more of them!

Arthur Morgan: Train!

Hosea Matthews: I see it! In front of you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: He’s down.

Hosea Matthews: You see any more of them?

Arthur Morgan: Don’t think so. Jesus, all this over a few bottles of booze.

Hosea Matthews: I reckon it’s more they don’t want another gang on their patch.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, pull off the road here.

Hosea Matthews: Alright… We’re good.

Arthur Morgan: Remind me never to take up a career in… what was it?

Hosea Matthews: Advertising.

Arthur Morgan: Do you think that woman set us up?

Hosea Matthews: No, I don’t think so. Maybe… this place is odd.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I keep seeing those fellers.

Hosea Matthews: Some local militia. Clearly not too happy to have some new competition. I’ll go visit old Ma Braithwaite, see what’s what.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Hosea Matthews: We been making money. The chest is filling up again, slowly but surely. Part of me thinks we just get ourselves good and lost… but we still need a lot more money before that can happen. So, for now… let me go give old Mrs. Braithwaite some of this moonshine as… let’s call it a peace offering.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Hosea Matthews: That was fun, Fenton. We’ll make an actor of you yet.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll go speak to Dutch.

[He gets back to the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: So what do you think?

Arthur Morgan: About what?

Dutch van der Linde: The fine folks around these parts.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, real nice.

Dutch van der Linde: Exactly. On the one side we have got the Gray family. Scots… degenerates… drunkards…. the local law. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Rich as Croesus. And on the other… their mortal enemies… the Braithwaites. Moonshiners… hypocritical… both rolling, we believe…

Arthur Morgan: And in the middle of it all you’ve got some… inbred retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Dutch van der Linde: Exactly.

Arthur Morgan: So what you boys thinking?

Micah Bell: We try to rob ’em both.

Arthur Morgan: You sure?

Dutch van der Linde: Why not?

Arthur Morgan: Because we got lawmen in three different states after us.

Dutch van der Linde: Last thing I want is to get us into trouble… but we need money. Now we have the opportunity here… to put ourselves in the middle of something… ain’t nobody gonna know we was here. Because even without us… these fools are gonna kill each other anyway.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, well… Hosea’s gone back to see that Braithwaite woman.

Dutch van der Linde: Good, Hosea should definitely take the lead on this. I sent Sean over to Braithwaite manor too. Now you can meet up with them… or join John and Javier at the Gray’s place… something to do with the Braithwaites’ prize horses.

Arthur Morgan: Well how the hell did we get an in at the Gray’s place?

Dutch van der Linde: Sheriff Gray kindly put in a word with his father. It ain’t that complicated. We gotta convince each family… that we’re on their side… and then we rob ’em both. Before they figure out it was us that done it… and not the other lot… we’ll be long gone. Think of it as payback for my daddy.

Arthur Morgan: Payback? I ain’t in the revenge business, Dutch. Least of all for something that happened a long time ago.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, I guess we all gotta pay for something. Now if you will you excuse me, Arthur… I got to write a letter.

[“Advertising, The New American Art” mission completed.]

An Honest Mistake[]

[Arthur stays in the camp for a while.]

Molly O’Shea: Hey, Arthur… can I have a quick word?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, Miss O’Shea?

Molly O’Shea: Ah, call me Molly would ya? Arthur, how is Dutch? I mean, how does he seem to you?

Arthur Morgan: About the same as usual, I guess.

Molly O’Shea: I… I really love him you know… but if he… Like he always says, loyalty is everything, so…

Uncle: Arthur! Excuse me, Miss O’Shea.

Arthur Morgan: What you want?

Uncle: I bring a gift… the great gift of information.

Arthur Morgan: So, you got some tip off, so now…I can risk my neck, and make you some money… while you lounge around.

Uncle: You know, Arthur, bitterness, it works on the inside… as well as on your sour face.

Arthur Morgan: If you say so… but you can go find some other fool to run your errands.

Uncle: Bill, come on over here… will you be my other fool? You too, Charles.

Bill Williamson: (angerly) What are you talking about?

Uncle: Arthur’s above a little stick up I heard about.

Arthur Morgan: No I’m not.

Uncle: Well you just said…

Arthur Morgan: Hey, I’ll do it… as long as you ride with us.

Uncle: I got a serious medical condition.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, you are a compulsive liar.

Uncle: No need to be like that. Charles, have I ever lied to you?

Charles Smith: I hardly know you.

Uncle: Exactly. Now you boys should do this, it’s easy… and I’ll only take a small commission for my information… but it’s now or never.

Arthur Morgan: Then it’s never.

Uncle: Oh, God help me… Fine, I’ll do it.

Arthur Morgan: Well, what is it?

Uncle: It’s a supply wagon carrying payroll… but very briefly unguarded apparently… as it passes through a crossroads near here… where there’s an old ruined church… before it connects with the rest of the wagon train. Very easy pickings.

Arthur Morgan: As long as we get paid or, you get shot… I’m happy.

Uncle: You are a sick man, Arthur Morgan… a very sick man indeed. Come on then, you miserable bastards.

[They saddle their horses and ride off after Uncle.]

Bill Williamson: How you get wind of this, old man? We only been down here all of five minutes.

Uncle: While you boys been off fishing or… playing lawmen or whatever the hell you’ve been doing, I’ve been getting down to business.

Bill Williamson: Finding the nearest grog house.

Uncle: Hey, you don’t want in on this, Williamson, that’s fine by me. Do us all a favor. Head home.

Arthur Morgan: Just give it a rest, you two.

Uncle: Just have a little faith for once, will ya? I’ve been scoping jobs like this… since you fellers were knee-high to a grasshopper.

Arthur Morgan: Once a decade, maybe. So what is in you’ve scoped here, exactly?

Uncle: Okay, hold up here.

Charles Smith: We should cover our faces.

Uncle: They’ll be passing through the crossroads up ahead.

Bill Williamson: When?

Uncle: Soon, Williamson, Chrissakes. It should be due any time now.

Charles Smith: Let’s keep this quiet and clean. Nobody needs to die here.

Uncle: There. You see, gentlemen? Just like clockwork.

Bill Williamson: Stop the wagon! I said, stop the damn wagon! Now, don’t try anything stupid and we won’t do anything unkind.

Driver: You know, boys… I.. I don’t, I don’t want to get shot, but this is a mistake. I work for Cornwall Kerosene and Tar… Mr. Leviticus Cornwall.

Arthur Morgan: Oh great…

Driver: So you know him?

Charles Smith: Who doesn’t?

Bill Williamson: I hear he’s rich enough to share the wealth around… and not miss it too much.

Driver: Oh, he’ll miss it.

Bill Williamson: Shit… Hey, think I see something!

Arthur Morgan: Ahh, great.

Guard: He’s being robbed up ahead!

Bill Williamson: Let’s go.

Uncle: Arthur, let’s go! Oi, you! H’ya!

[Our robbers gallop away from the scene of the attack. Arthur shoots back at the approaching guards and kills several of them.]

Guard 1: Stop!

Guard 2: Hold it right there. Drop your goddamn weapons right now.

Uncle: Ride, fellers, come on.

Arthur Morgan: There’s a whole lot of ’em back there.

Bill Williamson: Nice going, Uncle! Most guarded wagon in goddamn history.

Uncle: How was I to know?

Charles Smith: Faster, come on!

Uncle: Light a shuck, boys! Get rid of these sons of bitches.

Bill Williamson: Keep going! Where the hell are we going?

Uncle: Getting outta here! What kind of dumb question’s… Dig in, boys, come on.

Charles Smith: Go, get rid of them!

Bill Williamson: You can move fast when you have to, can’t you?

Uncle: Just shut up, Williamson.

Charles Smith: Come on, Arthur!

Uncle: Quick! Get off the trail, into the woods. Let’s shake them and get back to camp!

Arthur Morgan: No, we need to find a place to lie low. We can’t risk leading Cornwalls men to camp.

Uncle: Alright. Woah… Let-let-let’s hide in here…

[They find several abandoned cabins.]

Charles Smith: (slaps his horse) Go on… get outta here.

Arthur Morgan: (slaps his horse too) Get outta here, go on… I’ll see you later. (to the boys) Alright, let’s get outta sight. Come on. We’ll stay until dark and… and then we’ll sneak outta here. Charles, you keep watch for now. While, we uh… get some rest.

[They rest till the nightfall.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright… let’s try and get outta here.

Uncle: Absolutely.

Arthur Morgan: Shut up, old man.

Uncle: Look, I was just trying…

Charles Smith: There’s a light… over by the house.

Arthur Morgan: Damn.

Guard: (from afar) Get out here.

Arthur Morgan: L-L-L-L-Let’s just… keep this calm.

Guard: (from afar) Get out here right now, I know you’re in there!

Squatter: (from afar) Don’t shoot!

Arthur Morgan: See what happens.

Guard: (from afar) Open it up!

Squatter: (from afar) I ain’t got, I ain’t got nothing to rob, mister.

Guard 2: Is this your place?

Squatter: Kinda…

Guard 2: And you didn’t hear nothing?

Squatter: I-I… I…

Guard 2: Why don’t you just tell me, partner, what you heard. Go ahead, go ahead. Tell me what you heard.

Squatter: I don’t… maybe I heard some noises out by the barn a while ago? Ain’t me.

Guard 2: Better not be… All right. Cooperforth, Lowe… go check out the… the barn.

Guard 1: Sir.

[The two guards walk with oil lamps to the barn where Arthur and the others are hiding.]

Guard 1: Well the place looks deserted enough…

Guard 3: Sure. You head inside, I’ll go round the back.

Guard 1: Place looks empty to me.

[Arthur kills the guard.]

Uncle: Goddamn it, Arthur, what was that? Let fly at ’em boys.

Arthur Morgan: Move over.

Bill Williamson: We got more of the bastards on this side.

Arthur Morgan: Move, Bill.

Bill Williamson: More on the right here. This feller really don’t like getting robbed.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s just hope we don’t run outta bullets.

Uncle: There’s a goddamn horde of them on the left here. Goddamn it. They’re piling in this way now.

Arthur Morgan: Behind you, Charles. Let me get in there.

Bill Williamson: What happened to "keep this calm", Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: They was seconds from finding us anyway.

Charles Smith: We got more on this side. Shit… fire! They’re coming in from the front.

Arthur Morgan: Watch it, Charles.

Charles Smith: Where are they all coming from?

Arthur Morgan: Looks like Mr. Cornwall’s gone and upped his security. Out of the way, Bill.

Charles Smith: How about we stop robbing Cornwall for a while?

Uncle: I didn’t know we was robbing Cornwall, alright?

Arthur Morgan: If we don’t get outta here soon, we’re charcoal.

Uncle: Oh shit… This whole place is catching.

Bill Williamson: Come on, old man!

Charles Smith: Come on, Arthur!

Bill Williamson: Let’s head into the woods! Into the trees, come on.

[They run out of the burning cabin.]

Charles Smith: Where are we going, Bill?

Bill Williamson: We’ll try to lose them in the woods.

Uncle: Let’s split up a bit, try to confuse ’em… Arthur, with me.

Charles Smith: Anything dumb, Williamson, you’re on your own.

Bill Williamson: Oh, shut the hell up.

Uncle: Quick, behind these rocks.

Arthur Morgan: They’re coming this way.

Uncle: Perfect.

Arthur Morgan: We need to do this quietly. You take the left and I’ll take the right, ok?

Uncle: Your right or my right?

[The guards search for them in the woods.]

Guard: You see anything?

Arthur Morgan: Follow my lead.

[They attack the guards from behind. Uncle can’t handle his guard.]

Uncle: Bastard… Get the hell off me! Arthur!

[Arthur helps him.]

Arthur Morgan: Made a meal outta that, didn’t you?

Uncle: Just stand there, why don’t you? Making an old man suffer… Uh oh. Clearly those boys ain’t as quiet as us.

Arthur Morgan: Guess we should go give ’em a hand.

[He kills the guards that attack Bill and Charles.]

Arthur Morgan: We all still alive?

Bill Williamson: Just about…

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I’ll deal with you later.

Uncle: We got some money, didn’t we?

Arthur Morgan: Sure, but now we got Cornwall on our backs again.

Uncle: It was an honest mistake.

Arthur Morgan: Leave it, go on, get out of here. Every man split up. Go on, run, quick.

Charles Smith: Good luck, gents.

Arthur Morgan: Stay quiet and move.

[“An Honest Mistake” mission completed.]

Preaching Forgiveness As He Went[]

[Some time later Arthur gets back to the camp.]

Lenny Summers: Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, kid.

Lenny Summers: You got a lot on?

Arthur Morgan: Nah, just hunting for all this hillbilly gold that Dutch and Hosea seem to think is… out there just waiting to be stolen. Why?

Lenny Summers: I got something could be good.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah?

Lenny Summers: Yeah, I was in Rhodes talking to some of the colored folk… they said there’s a gang of fools holed up in the swamps east of here… who think their war ain’t never ended.

Arthur Morgan: The Civil War?

Lenny Summers: Yeah, apparently it’s still raging in these fools minds thirty years later.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Okay.

Lenny Summers: That ain’t my point. These ignorant fools are weapon dealers… and in their dealings, sometimes sit on a decent pile of cash. Yeah, been selling weapons to Cuba and South America for years. Anyway, the old boy I was talking to… reckon there might be a bunch of cash just sitting around. And failing that… maybe a nice stash of weapons.

Arthur Morgan: With just a bunch of crazies guarding it?

Lenny Summers: Exactly.

Arthur Morgan: Well… worth taking a look at least, isn’t it?

Lenny Summers: That was my thinking. Said it was at some place called Shady Belle… deep in the woods.

Arthur Morgan: Okay (pats Lenny on the shoulder)

Lenny Summers: I was hoping you’d be in. If it’s how they told it, it’s going to be something alright.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll see.

[They saddle their horses.]

Lenny Summers: Come on, it’s this way. On me.

Arthur Morgan: You know, I might have met these crazies before.

Lenny Summers: You been drinking again?

Arthur Morgan: Well, yes. But, no, that’s not how I might have met them. I think some of them harangued me and Sadie, when we were coming back with supplies.

Lenny Summers: Mrs. Adler?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, and Mrs. Adler did just fine. More than fire, actually. She’s terrifying. But I got a notion these fellers is one and the same.

Lenny Summers: We won’t find no shortage of angry peckerwood idiots in the state of Lemoyne, that’s for sure.

Arthur Morgan: It really that different in this state? We haven’t come far.

Lenny Summers: It seems like it is.

Arthur Morgan: These boys got a manner about ’em… but I haven’t necessarily noticed…

Lenny Summers: All respect, Mr. Morgan, you wouldn’t notice. Might call you a nigger lover, they see us riding like this… but most of it’s a… a glance, or a word…. my and after that… a visit in the night.

Arthur Morgan: Out West is…

Lenny Summers: Out West is out West… and you’re all who you are… decent folks… but some places down here… they judge differently.

Arthur Morgan: Then… I guess It can’t be so easy for you, Lenny. I’m sorry you’re caught up in this.

Lenny Summers: Well… I guess their gold’s still shiny… and their guns still shoot. So I’m game for robbing any and every one of these bastards for all they got.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Okay then!

Lenny Summers: Plus, it beats being lynched back in Blackwater, with all of you by my side.

Arthur Morgan: I guess it does.

Lenny Summers: Feels like we’re close… it’s a rundown old plantation house… down in the bayou somewhere.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s take it slow. Be cautious… If, like you say, these are crazies sitting on weapons, we’re going to want to strategize a little, before getting shot at.

Lenny Summers: Of course… They said find the old battle field and keep on going.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I been here before… I can see the wrecked old civil war weaponry… but where’re the wrecked old civil war hold-outs?

Lenny Summers: See the church up ahead? They’re supposed to use it as an outpost. Heard they got men going between here and the big house all day.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Lenny Summers: Look at this Meld… imagine getting caught up in a fight like this.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah. I don’t care to. Hold those reigns in… let’s just take a look around the place.

Lenny Summers: I hear you. It doesn’t look like anyone’s here.

Arthur Morgan: We don’t know that for sure… let’s have us a nosey.

Lenny Summers: Hear that? Someone’s on the track. Look there, a wagon.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s see where he’s going. You’re on me now.

Lenny Summers: Right behind you.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s keep our distance… just two fellers out on the road…

Lenny Summers: Those crates in the back… they look like explosives to you?

Arthur Morgan: Could be… worth a follow, at least.

Lenny Summers: I think I see something… end of the avenue, between the trees.

Arthur Morgan: Might be it… might be. Keep it steady.

Lenny Summers: Hey, big plantation house must be Shady Belle. I reckon we can leave our mounts up there, off the trail.

Arthur Morgan: Good enough to me.

Lenny Summers: Come on, we can get a view on them from the wall up here. Bring your sighted rifle, okay? I’ll take the other side. You get in cover there. Well you see anything?

Arthur Morgan: Yes. Yes… they’re here all right, and they’re armed… almost a militia…

Lenny Summers: We came all the way out here… can you look again to see if you spot anything?

Arthur Morgan: I know dynamite crates when I see them.

Lenny Summers: We got something, right?

Arthur Morgan: Oh we got something… We can hit ’em head on, fight ’em honest. Or you could go down there acting friendly.

Lenny Summers: Friendly? With these folks?

Arthur Morgan: Just draw ’em into one spot… then I’ll start shooting.

Lenny Summers: Well that might be the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. But hey, I’m always up for a performance.

Arthur Morgan: We’re gonna hit ’em head on. You save your play acting for Hosea and the girls.

Lenny Summers: (smiles) Fine by me. Waiting on you.

[But Arthur decides to start killin’.]

Arthur Morgan: We’re here for your guns and your money… give ’em up! There.

Lenny Summers: Pushing up.

Arthur Morgan: Silly men playing dress up… He’s down.

Lenny Summers: Arthur… up there, on the veranda. He’s going for the Gatling!

Lenny Summers: I’m making a move.

Arthur Morgan: You still alive, kid?

Lenny Summers: Just barely. Come on, you bastards! Quick, any men in the area would have heard that, they might be on the way. Now let’s grab something and get out.

Arthur Morgan: Sounds like a plan. Here, come on. This is full of new rifles.

Lenny Summers: We can sell those, right?

Arthur Morgan: We sure can… we’ll check the rest later. Now come on, let’s go.

Lenny Summers: Let’s go, let’s go. Get this back to camp.

[They drive the wagon full of rifles and other weapon to the camp.]

Lenny Summers: Go, go! Let’s haul! C’mon. Gee up. Fall in. Hey, riders. Coming our way.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, keep a cool head.

Driver: What’s a black feller doing coming out of Shady Belle? In one of our wagons?

[Arthur quickly kills them in three clean headshots.]

Arthur Morgan: Leonard, Leonard, Leonard.

Lenny Summers: I’m looking, alright? I can’t see anyone chasing us.

Arthur Morgan: I should think we’re out of the woods then, so to speak.

Lenny Summers: Boy, oh boy.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) You did good.

Lenny Summers: We did it.

Arthur Morgan: Well, let’s get to camp before saying anything like that.

Lenny Summers: I know Sean’s been bringing in quite a lot lately… and I wanted to… it’s good to have something to show like this.

Arthur Morgan: Sean’s a loud mouth braggart… don’t worry ’bout what Sean does.

Lenny Summers: Hey, I like him, you know?

Arthur Morgan: Well, so do l… against my better judgement… just, you worry about you. He wasn’t on Leviticus Cornwall’s train with me, we had to dig him out of Blackwater…

Lenny Summers: But…

Arthur Morgan: But nothing. Me and Dutch, and everyone who counts, we know what you do for this gang. We notice. Keep it up, you’re going to start seeing things change for you.

Lenny Summers: Okay then. Okay. Thank you, Arthur. Hey, the camp’s in these trees up here.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get there.

Lenny Summers: Arthur, Lenny, coming back.

Arthur Morgan: These are fine rifles. I’m gonna keep one just for me. Hey… I always enjoy riding with you, kid. You know how to fight.

Lenny Summers: Hey, you too. Anytime, Arthur.

[“Preaching Forgiveness As He Went” mission completed.]

Magicians for Sport[]

[Arthur finds Dutch in the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What now? You sweating yet, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Of course I’m sweating. We’re in some disease-ridden, swampy, dixie-whistling shithole.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) I meant about what Trelawny said, about these bounty hunters?

Dutch van der Linde: Not sweating as such, but maybe a little gentle perspiration. Until we know more, ain’t too much harm wasting good, liquor on sweating.

Arthur Morgan: So?

Dutch van der Linde: So, I think you should pay Mr. Trelawny a visit and find out exactly what he knows and who he spoke to. Take Charles with you. Oh, the sight of the pair of you would make a statue sing out its secrets.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. [He finds Charles.]

Arthur Morgan: Charles, I need you for some business in town. Come on.

Charles Smith: Okay.

[They saddle their horses.]

Charles Smith: So… where are we going?

Arthur Morgan: Dutch wants us to have a… talk, with Trelawny, about these bounty hunters who are coming for us. Hoping he can tell us who they are, or where they’re coming from

Charles Smith: Okay. And you’re deputies now?

Arthur Morgan: (smirks) Something like that. Soon as we laid eyes on that fool of a sheriff who runs that town, I knew Dutch was going to play him like a fiddle.

Charles Smith: On the run from one bunch of lawmen, working for another. Interesting.

Arthur Morgan: "Hiding in plain sight," Dutch calls it. (laughs)

Charles Smith: So, spirits seem good… in the new camp, I mean.

Arthur Morgan: We got some space between us and that mess now. Ain’t seen no more Pinkertons for a while. There’s these bounty hunters of course, but… Dutch don’t seem too worried about it.

Charles Smith: Can’t believe they’re still coming after us. We didn’t even get away with the money!

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, but they don’t know that.

Charles Smith: Of course… Trelawny. I’ve only met him a couple of times, but he’s… he’s a strange one.

Arthur Morgan: Fear not, he’s just a cockroach in fancy britches. But he gets into nooks and crannies the rest of us can’t.

[They arrive at the small camp where Trelawny was supposed to be.]

Arthur Morgan: Reckon it’s that one with the fire outside.

Charles Smith: Let’s take a look. Someone got here first.

Arthur Morgan: So it seems.

[It looks like the camp was raided.]

Charles Smith: By the looks of things, it wasn’t a social call.

Arthur Morgan: Check the house. This food’s barely touched… looks like he left in a hurry. Bed’s not made, so he must have been here recently.

Charles Smith: Found anything?

Arthur Morgan: There’s some blood here… that ain’t good.

Charles Smith: Big struggle. Pretty recently, I’d say. I guess, maybe, uh… twelve hours ago?

Arthur Morgan: But no body?

Charles Smith: Not yet. Hmm, look. Tracks.

[They get back on the horses.]

Charles Smith: Come on… They went down the path here… …how’s your tracking these days?

Arthur Morgan: Alright, I guess.

Charles Smith: Well… lead the way, then.

Arthur Morgan: Not the kind of place I’d expect to see Trelawny staying in.

Charles Smith: No? Normally scams himself into the best hotel in town.

Charles Smith: You know… when me and Javier went down with Trelawny to get Sean, after the bar fight? I swear he talked the whole way and never actually said a damn thing.

Arthur Morgan: I thought you knew that’s his special talent. They could be twenty miles away by now.

Charles Smith: We can track them that far if we need to. Depends on how much you want to find them.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… I still ain’t sure about that.

Charles Smith: They must’a crossed over the tracks. These tracks lead into the forest here.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, look. Let’s go see what those fellers have to say. (to a stranger) Excuse me.

Stranger: Yeah?

Arthur Morgan: Have you seen… we’re, uh… we’re looking for our friend.

Stranger: I don’t think he’s here…

Arthur Morgan: Nah… you seen a strange sort of feller… sort of formal?

Stranger: Strange, sure. Formal, no.

Charles Smith: He uses a cane, looks a lot like this one.

Arthur Morgan: Alright you two… Where the hell is he?

[The strangers appear to be bounty hunters. Arthur unsheathes his fists.]

Bounty Hunter: You both better get outta here!

Arthur Morgan: Come here!

Charles Smith: You stay there.

[Arthur and Charles defeat the bounty hunters in a few seconds.]

Arthur Morgan: Where’s Trelawny?

Bounty Hunter: I don’t know anything.

Arthur Morgan: Tell me where he is!

Bounty Hunter: You go to hell!

[Arthur punches him.]

Arthur Morgan: You better tell me now, you son of a bitch!

Bounty Hunter: Okay… okay, for Christ’s sake. They took him to a cabin, over by the cornfields.

Arthur Morgan: Which cornfields?

Bounty Hunter: Left… down the path there… by Braithwaite Manor.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t let me see you again, you hear me?

Charles Smith: You got lucky there, my friend.

[The bounty hunter quickly escapes.]

Arthur Morgan: C’mon, let’s go.

Charles Smith: Follow me, I think there’s way around so we don’t have to go through the Braithwaite’s place.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, I’ve spent enough time there. After you, then.

Charles Smith: You okay?

Arthur Morgan: I’m good.

Charles Smith: What do you think they want with Trelawny?

Arthur Morgan: Could be any one of a hundred things. Just depends if any of them involve us.

Charles Smith: You think he’ll talk?

Arthur Morgan: Of course he’ll talk. He’d sell his own sister to save a train fare! He don’t know how not to talk… he don’t know where we’re holed up, though. Least, I don’t think he does…

Charles Smith: I don’t know why Dutch still deals with him. Always disappearing for weeks on end.

Arthur Morgan: He’s got his uses and, well… loyalty matters to Dutch

Charles Smith: Of course, but is Trelawny loyal?

Arthur Morgan: Kind of… I guess Trelawny ain’t exactly disloyal… just got a big mouth. Don’t worry. If he talked, I’ll goddamn find out what he said. Nothing’s ever straightforward where Trelawny’s involved… I’ve learned that much.

Charles Smith: I mean, how much time have we wasted getting this fool out of trouble?

Arthur Morgan: He somehow manages to be both lucky and unlucky at the same time.

Charles Smith: That’s one way of looking at it.

Arthur Morgan: But he always finds some way to pay us back. Just when we think about cutting him loose, he brings us something big. I guess that’s his special talent… keeping fish on the line. That must be it.

[They drive up to a small cabin at the edge of a field. Two men take a beaten Trelawny out of it.]

Stranger: Get out there, come on boy.

Bounty Hunter: The thing is… after that shack, this will be remembered like as good time.

Arthur Morgan: (aiming his revolver) Put the man down, gentlemen.

[The bounty hunters flee like wind.]

Arthur Morgan: That the lot of them?

Josiah Trelawny: I… I think so.

Arthur Morgan: So you’re alive.

Josiah Trelawny: Allegedly.

Arthur Morgan: Well, don’t worry. They won’t be for much longer.

Josiah Trelawny: Go get them, Arthur. I can handle this. Go deal with them, my brothers!

[Arthur runs after the bounty hunters.]

Arthur Morgan: Don’t let ’em get away. Could’a have told ’em anything.

Charles Smith: They’ve gone into the cornfields. We need to flush them out!

Arthur Morgan: I’m telling you now! You boy’s ain’t leaving here!

[Arthur catches up with and kills two of the bounty hunters.]

Arthur Morgan: We got one more, Charles.

Charles Smith: Did you see those birds? He’s dumped his gear, look around, he can’t have gone far.

[Arthur begins searching for the last bounty hunter in the cornfield as suddenly a noose is put around his neck. The bounty hunter manages to outwit the experienced bandit… When Charles approaches him, the bounty hunter pulls a gun on him.]

Bounty Hunter: He’s mine! Let me take him… you get outta here.

Charles Smith: You have my friend.

Bounty Hunter: He’s not your friend… I’ll give you money…

Charles Smith: Oh be quiet.

[He deftly kills the bounty hunter by throwing a knife at him.]

Arthur Morgan: You should have taken the money.

Charles Smith: I know, I’m a fool.

Arthur Morgan: Shit… thank you. The gunshots are coming from that barn! Come on!

[They get into a firefight with the arrived bounty hunters.]

Charles Smith: He’s backing off inside, get after him! There he is… take him out! Good, he should be the last of them.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, let’s go back for Trelawny. You alright?

Charles Smith: Yeah… never goes easy, does it?

Arthur Morgan: Sure don’t. C’mon… let’s go see how badly they beat up the slippery feller.

Charles Smith: I wonder how much trouble he’s brought with him.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Guess we’ll soon find out.

Charles Smith: Seems like we can’t catch a break now, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Our luck’s held this long… we got outta worse scrapes than this one.

Charles Smith: So I heard…

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) What’s government agents and bounty hunters to us?

Charles Smith: I hope you’re right.

Arthur Morgan: Mr. Trelawny, where are you?

Josiah Trelawny: Over here, dear boy!

Arthur Morgan: Well, he’s still here at least. Put your feet up, why don’t you? You okay?

Josiah Trelawny: Never finer.

Arthur Morgan: So, who was they?

Josiah Trelawny: They were bounty hunters… attached to Cole Stoudemire.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Josiah Trelawny: They weren’t looking for me… per se.

Arthur Morgan: What you tell ’em?

Josiah Trelawny: Not much. I… told them I was an intellectual… come down here from Oregon… looking for a job at the university. Course, they didn’t believe me. Seems you stirred up quite a hornet’s nest in Blackwater.

Arthur Morgan: So I keep hearing.

Josiah Trelawny: It might be best if I stay with you gentlemen for a while. Can’t go back to that caravan now.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, Charles, you take Trelawny back to camp… I’ll catch up with you.

Charles Smith: Okay.

[Arthur decides to make another entry in his diary.]

Arthur Morgan: (offscreen) It always seem to be more… more and more civilization. I wanna get back in the open country, or the west, or… what’s left of it, but… even that ain’t the way I remember it.

[“Magicians for Sport” mission completed.]

Friends in Very Low Places[]

[Arthur rides to the camp and finds Trelawny.]

Josiah Trelawny: Are you busy, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Josiah Trelawny: Well, I know you think I’m just some effete buffoon.

Arthur Morgan: A what?

Josiah Trelawny: A man of words and not of action… hardly a man at all.

Arthur Morgan: Well I think you’re as slippery as an eel in an oil slick… but still a man.

Josiah Trelawny: Because I think I’ve… I’ve found something interesting.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah?

Josiah Trelawny: Have you ever robbed a stagecoach?

Arthur Morgan: No, never… why who would’ve even thought… Of course I’ve robbed a goddamn stagecoach… you know I have.

Josiah Trelawny: And what’s the problem with stagecoaches?

Arthur Morgan: The armed men attempting to put a bullet in your head?

Josiah Trelawny: Not quite… the odds. I mean, is it worth the robbing?

Arthur Morgan: Sometimes.

Josiah Trelawny: I know, but… well, if you’d like to come with me. I can introduce you to a new best friend, and he’s… he’s going to give you all the decent, robbable stagecoaches a… hot-blooded degenerate could require.

Arthur Morgan: Well I could require a whole lot.

[They saddle their horses.]

Arthur Morgan: So where do we find this friend of yours? Because what can possibly go wrong there?

Josiah Trelawny: Well, lead the way and we’ll find out.

Arthur Morgan: You sure seem to have got about round here.

Josiah Trelawny: You know me, I like to make friends in low places.

Arthur Morgan: How the hell you end up down here anyway?

Josiah Trelawny: I could ask the same of you. I have a few commitments over this way… some expenses to meet.

Arthur Morgan: Expenses… what expenses? Gentleman’s canes and rabbits to pull out of hats…

Josiah Trelawny: Among other things… I had quite a nice little business going for a while. Shares in a gold mining company. Excellent returns for the investor of a certain financial standing. Until, well, that unfortunate run-in with the law.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, that’s how it goes. Thanks for disappearing on us during that Sean business, by the way.

Josiah Trelawny: I’d done my part. Each to their strengths, dear boy. You know, you boys should really watch yourselves with those two families. Here we are. We can hitch up outside. I’ll make the introductions, Arthur.

[They ride to Rhodes Station and get off the horses.]

Josiah Trelawny: Come on. Hang back a bit and let me do the talking. We don’t want to scare him off.

[They enter the station and walk to the clerk.]

Josiah Trelawny: Hello, Alden.

Alden Carruthers: Hello, Josiah, how have you been?

Josiah Trelawny: Dandy… and you, friend?

Alden Carruthers: Like I said, times are tough. My Mrs. is a bad woman. A terrible woman.

Josiah Trelawny: They often are… but how’s work, Alden?

Alden Carruthers: Terrible. Wages got cut again, they reckon they just invented a new horseless carriage will be the end of us.

Josiah Trelawny: They’ve been saying that nonsense since they invented the wheel… the wickedness of bosses…

Alden Carruthers: I know… my comrades here and I are greatly discouraged from the adequate fulfillment of our duty…

Josiah Trelawny: A discouraged man is no man at all Alden… no man at all. My friend Arthur here, has a present for you…

Arthur Morgan: Here…

Alden Carruthers: Ain’t you kind, sir.

Josiah Trelawny: Call him Arthur. He’s one of us… a fellow man of distinction.

Alden Carruthers: Okay, well… this is perfect timing. I think you’ll like this one, Josiah. It’ll be coming south down the river road… through Siltwater Strand.

Josiah Trelawny: Thank you, Alden. Thank you very much.

Alden Carruthers: Oh, and Josiah… if you or Arthur are ever out Strawberry way… ask for my colleague there, feller called Hector. He’s also one of the… what did you call us again?

Josiah Trelawny: Discouraged men, Alden.

Alden Carruthers: That’s it… discouraged men. I like that.

Josiah Trelawny: Well, goodbye, Alden… or should I say… adieu. (bows)

Alden Carruthers: Oh, adieu, Josiah.

[Josiah and Arthur exit the station.]

Arthur Morgan: (shocked) What the hell was that?

Josiah Trelawny: I thought you might like to see that pantomime.

Arthur Morgan: River road through Siltwater Strand, he said.

Josiah Trelawny: Okay, I think I know a good spot to wait. Follow me.

[They saddle their horses.]

Josiah Trelawny: Okay, let’s go. This way. What did I tell you? Simple as can be. Seems a lot of the station workers are in on it these days. Earning a pittance, the unions are whipping them up, so they want something on the side. Like he said… there, Strawberry… could create a lot of opportunities for a man in your line of work.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t sure about going back to Strawberry after all that Micah business.

Josiah Trelawny: It didn’t sound like you left anyone alive to recognize you, so I wouldn’t worry too much, dear boy. All this trouble… you gentlemen are becoming quite the celebrities, aren’t you? Soon you’ll be on the front of a dime novel… and dead, of course.

Arthur Morgan: We’re hoping to be long gone before that Dutch has a plan.

Josiah Trelawny: Here we are. This is the spot. Okay, this should do.

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Here. (hands him a letter)

Josiah Trelawny: I’m hoping we won’t need those.

Arthur Morgan: Better safe than sorry. What were you thinking?

Josiah Trelawny: Well according to this… the loot is located in a strong box, which is in the back. I’ll put on a little performance and you can scurry round… open the strong box and relieve them of their goodies.

Arthur Morgan: And how do I open the strong box… without threatening someone to open it for me?

Josiah Trelawny: This should work. (hands Arthur a lockpick)

Arthur Morgan: And I can do this silently?

Josiah Trelawny: Well I’m hoping complete silence won’t be necessary… but you’re going to wish you had your ear plugs. Mrs. Damsen… Oh, very good, Alden, very good. Course, if everything goes wrong… you can wave your guns round like you normally do. Hold tight, they’ll be here soon.

[The wagon approaches.]

Josiah Trelawny: There it is, right on time. Let’s go. Keep your distance so they don’t see you… and, please leave that gun in its holster for once. I’ll ride ahead and get the coach to stop. You hang back, don’t let them spot you or you’ll scupper the whole thing

[Josiah cheerfully approaches the driver. The wagon stops and Arthur silently approaches it in the back while Trelawny distracts Miss Damsen.]

Josiah Trelawny: Miss Damsen, why did you stop singing?

Miss Damsen: The New York audience… they were… rather cruel.

Josiah Trelawny: New Yorkers are prigs and tools who believe westerners don’t know anything about culture.

Miss Damsen: I couldn’t agree more.

Josiah Trelawny: Would… could… could you… it-it’s such a small show but… would you sing something for me? I-I’m looking for a mezzosoprano.

Miss Damsen: Well I-I-I-I don’t know…

Josiah Trelawny: Miss Damsen… you owe it to West Elizabeth. Please?

[Miss Damsen starts singing and Arthur starts robbing.]

Josiah Trelawny: Madam… I’ve heard enough… might I have your card? The event, is on the twenty-third of this month… I can’t say enough, Mrs. Damsen… magnifico. So sorry, gentlemen, for the interruption… farewell.

[The wagon leaves. Arthur walks to Trelawny.]

Josiah Trelawny: Well done, sir…

Arthur Morgan: It was easy. You did all the work.

Josiah Trelawny: Team work my dear boy, team work.

Arthur Morgan: (hands Josiah his cut) Here you go.

Josiah Trelawny: Oh, jolly good. Go see Alden from time to time. See you soon, Arthur.

[“Friends in Very Low Places” mission completed.]

Sodom? Back To Gomorrah (Crack Safes)[]

[Arthur returns to the camp.]

Bill Williamson: Arthur, we need to talk to you.

Arthur Morgan: What is it?

Bill Williamson: We got something cooking you might be interested in.

Arthur Morgan: Am I gonna like the sound of this?

Bill Williamson: Been cooking since Horseshoe… but you went and kicked up all that commotion in Valentine. Now we was preparing to rob the bank there… until you got involved in all that nonsense and… I don’t know, I just feel like it’s unfinished business.

Arthur Morgan: That wasn’t my fault. It was just one of them things.

Bill Williamson: How come every time I get in trouble… I’m called a fool and an idiot… but when you get in trouble… oh, it’s just one of them things?

Lenny Summers: It’s a good point, Arthur.

Karen Jones: A very good point.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, well what do you all want me to do?

Karen Jones: Hit the goddamn bank with us.

Arthur Morgan: You really think it’s worth going back there?

Karen Jones: Four of us can hit the bank easy… but I ain’t gonna lie to you… there will be law if we linger.

Arthur Morgan: Anything serious?

Karen Jones: No, just local boys being rounded up and pressed into action.

Arthur Morgan: Meaning?

Karen Jones: If we go in quick and quiet… we can hit it just fine. If there’s four of us, I mean. If there’s four of us, I mean.

Arthur Morgan: And you all think it’s worth the risk?

Karen Jones: It’s a bank, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: So? Is the take good?

Karen Jones: According to the seller I met, yes. It’s the end of the stock sales. Plenty of money and plenty of people milling about.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I suppose. It’s worth taking a look at least.

Karen Jones: If I’m gonna be performing… I better go get changed out of these rags. Gimme a minute, gentlemen.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. So, Bill… this better be good.

Bill Williamson: It is good. We put a lot of research into this one.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so.

Leopold Strauss: Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Herr Strauss.

Leopold Strauss: That man, the debtor, Thomas Downes… apparently he’s dead.

Arthur Morgan: Dead? Well, no he didn’t seem very well.

Leopold Strauss: His wife… I believe he has a wife and child. She will assume the debt of course.

Arthur Morgan: Of course.

Leopold Strauss: When you can, head up there and collect. We lent them a lot of money.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Karen Jones: Gentlemen… let’s go rob ourselves a bank.

Arthur Morgan: What’s the plan then?

Bill Williamson: Oh, well we’re gonna send Karen on in ahead… as a distraction. Then we’re just gonna rush on in afterwards. Just a small bank in a little town… nothing that big in way of security. We just need to bring you along as a… insurance policy.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, that sounds about right.

[They saddle their horses.]

Bill Williamson: Okay, let’s move out.

Arthur Morgan: So, tell me again about this big, can’t go wrong, plan of yours?

Bill Williamson: Oh, it can go wrong. Anything can, once the shooting starts.

Arthur Morgan: Well, that’s reassuring.

Bill Williamson: Like I said, we’ll see how it looks. If we can get in alright, we’ll send Miss Jones ahead to the bank. They won’t recognize her.

Karen Jones: I’ll show you boys how it’s done.

Arthur Morgan: What are you thinking this time?

Karen Jones: I don’t know… fellers always like the lost little girl, but nobody plays the drunken harlot quite like me. Either should work.

Bill Williamson: Once she’s got ’em distracted, we’ll move in.

Karen Jones: When I was scouting the place the other day, there was only a couple of guards.

Bill Williamson: We deal with them, and any customers who are feeling brave… and you always fancy yourself as the vault man, right, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Now I see why you brought me.

Bill Williamson: Hey, I’m more than willing.

Arthur Morgan: Nah… best I do it.

Bill Williamson: Oh, and did Dutch tell you I’ve also been cooking up… some deals with them Gray boys?

Arthur Morgan: What? No. What kind of deals?

Bill Williamson: See, you don’t realize, Morgan. I’m out there putting in the work same as you. I been drinking with them a couple of times now, seems they’re looking for some extra security.

Anthur Morgan: Yeah, I’m sure they are.

Bill Williamson: Could be something in it for us.

Arthur Morgan: Well, just be smart about it, we got a lot of irons in that fire right now.

Bill Williamson: Yes, I know, Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Can’t believe you got me going back to Valentine.

Bill Williamson: Don’t tell me it ain’t irked you leaving that bank behind.

Arthur Morgan: Not really.

Bill Williamson: Work a town and not hit the bank? That’s downright pathetic.

Arthur Morgan: I guess we went a bit beyond working it. We shot the place to hell.

Bill Williamson: You did, Morgan, not me. I played it cool up there… couple of punch-ups, dealt with some O’Driscolls.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, is that right?

Bill Williamson: Like I said, you mess up, it’s just one of them things. I mess up, I’m the prize idiot.

Arthur Morgan: Well, Bill, I don’t know what to tell you.

Bill Williamson: Surprised you ain’t already ribbed me about that dynamite again. One mistake, and I’ll never live it down.

Arthur Morgan: What do you need? Pat on the back? A medal?

Bill Williamson: Just know, I got the lead on this one.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll see about that, once things get going. So, thinking this through… we rob Cornwall’s train, we shoot a heap of his men in Valentine, we rob his stagecoach…

Bill Williamson: This is just dawning on you now?

Arthur Morgan: And now, we’re going back to the one place he knew where to find us?

Bill Williamson: That’s the genius of it. Folk never look at what’s right under their nose.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t sure that’s always true.

Bill Williamson: What’s happened to you? You’re getting real nervy in your old age.

Arthur Morgan: The last few weeks happened.

Bill Williamson: Forget about Cornwall… he can’t have many men left at this point. Got a bit hairy in that barn, but we all walked away fine from that.

Arthur Morgan: Didn’t walk away with much.

Bill Williamson: If the four of us could deal with them in Valentine, and the four of us could deal with them after the coach robbery, I ain’t too worried.

Arthur Morgan: If you say so… We need to move quick once we’re in Valentine. I’m sure they ain’t forgotten us.

Bill Williamson: of course. In and out. Dutch is gonna love this…

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get it done first.

[They ride into Valentine.]

Bill Williamson: Keep it down now, we’re here.

Karen Jones: Good morning.

Bill Williamson: Okay, let’s leave the horses here off the main drag.

Karen Jones: Alright gentlemen… here we are.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, get ready… Karen, go to work.

Karen Jones: Course… Alright, keep it cool and follow me, fellers. So… We never decided. Is it lost little girl you want, or the drunken harlot?

Arthur Morgan: Uh… I think I’d like to see the little girl lost…

Karen Jones: So even you long to save the fallen women, eh Arthur? You break my heart… you really do.

[Arthur and Lenny laugh.]

Arthur Morgan: If you’re ready, get going.

Lenny Summers: Good luck, gentlemen.

Bill Williamson: We got this.

[Karen enters the bank.]

Karen Jones: (from the bank) But I’m ruined! I’m…

Clerk: (from the bank) I’m not sure this is quite the place…

Karen Jones: (from the bank) He said he loved me!

Bill Williamson: Okay, we’re going?

Arthur Morgan: No, hold on. Wait ’til she’s got them reeled in.

Karen Jones: He said he’d make a lady of me…

Clerk: (from the bank) Would you care to…

Karen Jones: (from the bank) I’m-I’m with child and it’s… I don’t wanna go back to the workhouse! Get your goddamn hands up! This is a goddamn robbery!

Arthur Morgan: Alright now… go!

Lenny Summers: Nobody move!

Bill Williamson: You heard him, nobody move!

Lenny Summers: Don’t make us hurt you! Here! Unlock the door.

Karen Jones: Okay, the door’s unlocked.

Arthur Morgan: (threatens the clerk) Oh, you think we’re here for fun? Come on, come on. Open the goddamn vault! Just open the goddamn door. Too goddamn slow! (to the others) I’m in! Someone come make sure the suit behaves himself in here.

Bill Williamson: Open the lock boxes now!

Clerk: I… th-the-the manager does that, I…

Bill Williamson: Goddamn it! Now what?

Arthur Morgan: Guess I’ll crack them or blow them up. Keep an eye out. I’ll be as quick as I can. Yeah, I think I should be able to crack these.

Bill Williamson: Alright, but you better be quick! (to a clerk) You shut the hell up and stay still!

[Arthur cracks the safe.]

Lenny Summers: Hey, keep still. If I see that leg move again, you get a bullet in it.

Bill Williamson: How are you getting on?

Arthur Morgan: I’m going as fast as I can. This is slower but it’s quieter.

Bill Williamson: Okay.

Karen Jones: How much time do you think we got?

Lenny Summers: I don’t know… not much. This is taking too long. I hear people out there.

Karen Jones: Me too. Boys, you need to move this along!

Lenny Summers: Hey, watch him, there.

Karen Jones: Don’t worry, I see him.

Bill Williamson: Come on, come on.

Karen Jones: I’ll keep a lookout at the door.

Bill Williamson: How’s it looking there?

Arthur Morgan: Pretty good.

Bill Williamson: Told you.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t count your chickens just yet.

Customer: Please let me go. I… I won’t say nothing, I swear.

Karen Jones: Shut the hell up and stay where you are. Bill, how’s it going in there?

Bill Williamson: We’re getting there. Few more minutes.

Arthur Morgan: That’s another one cleared. This is looking good.

Bill Williamson: How much longer?

Arthur Morgan: Nearly there.

Bill Williamson: Okay, you reckon that’s enough now?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe. It’s never enough.

Bill Williamson: Well, I am ready to get the hell out of here whenever you are.

Arthur Morgan: Last one.

Bill Williamson: Good, we gotta move.

Karen Jones: I think… I think we’re fine. C’mon, I’ll lead the way.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s go. (to the hostages) Everybody stay calm. All of you count to a hundred and keep your mouths shut, you understand me?

[They leave the bank.]

Bartender: Oh my God, someone’s robbed the bank!

Bill Williamson: Shit!

Customer: Somebody robbed…

[They shoot back and get on their horses.]

Lenny Summers: And look, look over there!

Arthur Morgan: Alright…

Arthur Morgan: Hyah, hyah!

Bill Williamson: Ride! Get the hell out of here! Look out more of the sons of bitches! You see any more of them? There’s more of them! We got more coming in! Where the hell are they coming from? Come on, get across! Gotta beat that train, Morgan!

[Our robbers manage to skip in front of a passing train.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright… I think we lost ’em.

Karen Jones: Thank you, gentlemen. That was…

Arthur Morgan: Stupid and dangerous… thank you, Bill.

Bill Williamson: We’re alive… and we’re paid. I don’t see the problem.

Arthur Morgan: And that is the problem. Still, this is a very good take. Dutch’ll be happy… even if it did come with a heap of trouble.

Karen Jones: Ahh, it was fun.

Arthur Morgan: Well, maybe you’re right. Now, go on, get out of here. I have some other business to attend to. Don’t head directly back to camp… and make sure you ain’t followed! (to himself) Mrs. Downes.

[He rides to Downes Ranch.]

Edith Downes: My husband’s not cold in the ground, and you’ve come back here. I nearly paid off what was owed.

Arthur Morgan: Your husband knew the rules when he took that money, Now, I’m real sorry about the way things turned out… but he had a choice.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t my fault about the way the world is.

Edith Downes: He didn’t have a choice. He was good, and he did good. There wasn’t no choice in that. And you’ve as good as killed him yourself… and don’t kid yourself. You had a choice.

Arthur Morgan: You speak as if killing were something I cared about.

Edith Downes: You ever wonder about eternity? You should.

Arthur Morgan: I hope it’s hot and terrible, Mrs. Downes… otherwise I’ll feel I’ve been sold a false bill of goods. Now, please… get me that money.

Arthur Morgan: Either you’ve got a lazy eye or a lack of respect. Which is it, boy?

[She sighs and goes into the house.]

Archie Downes: I ain’t got no lazy eye… nor respect for the likes of you.

Arthur Morgan: Well, maybe when your mother’s finished mourning your father… I’ll keep her in black… on your behalf. You think on that, boy.

Archie Downes: Well maybe you shall, sir… and maybe other events will transpire.

Arthur Morgan: You best stick to them books… because mark my words on this… vengeance is an idiot’s game.

[Edith Downes returns with the money.]

Arthur Morgan: Ah, Mrs. Downes… thank you for your punctuality. It’s next to godliness isn’t it?

Edith Downes: That’s cleanliness.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll have to take your word on that. Good day.

[Arthur rides back to the camp. “Sodom? Back To Gomorrah” mission completed.]

Sodom? Back To Gomorrah (Blow Up Safes)[]

[Arthur returns to the camp.]

Bill Williamson: Arthur, we need to talk to you.

Arthur Morgan: What is it?

Bill Williamson: We got something cooking you might be interested in.

Arthur Morgan: Am I gonna like the sound of this?

Bill Williamson: Been cooking since Horseshoe… but you went and kicked up all that commotion in Valentine. Now we was preparing to rob the bank there… until you got involved in all that nonsense and… I don’t know, I just feel like it’s unfinished business.

Arthur Morgan: That wasn’t my fault. It was just one of them things.

Bill Williamson: How come every time I get in trouble… I’m called a fool and an idiot… but when you get in trouble… oh, it’s just one of them things?

Lenny Summers: It’s a good point, Arthur.

Karen Jones: A very good point.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, well what do you all want me to do?

Karen Jones: Hit the goddamn bank with us.

Arthur Morgan: You really think it’s worth going back there?

Karen Jones: Four of us can hit the bank easy… but I ain’t gonna lie to you… there will be law if we linger.

Arthur Morgan: Anything serious?

Karen Jones: No, just local boys being rounded up and pressed into action.

Arthur Morgan: Meaning?

Karen Jones: If we go in quick and quiet… we can hit it just fine. If there’s four of us, I mean. If there’s four of us, I mean.

Arthur Morgan: And you all think it’s worth the risk?

Karen Jones: It’s a bank, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: So? Is the take good?

Karen Jones: According to the seller I met, yes. It’s the end of the stock sales. Plenty of money and plenty of people milling about.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I suppose. It’s worth taking a look at least.

Karen Jones: If I’m gonna be performing… I better go get changed out of these rags. Gimme a minute, gentlemen.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. So, Bill… this better be good.

Bill Williamson: It is good. We put a lot of research into this one.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so.

Leopold Strauss: Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Herr Strauss.

Leopold Strauss: That man, the debtor, Thomas Downes… apparently he’s dead.

Arthur Morgan: Dead? Well, no he didn’t seem very well.

Leopold Strauss: His wife… I believe he has a wife and child. She will assume the debt of course.

Arthur Morgan: Of course.

Leopold Strauss: When you can, head up there and collect. We lent them a lot of money.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Karen Jones: Gentlemen… let’s go rob ourselves a bank.

Arthur Morgan: What’s the plan then?

Bill Williamson: Oh, well we’re gonna send Karen on in ahead… as a distraction. Then we’re just gonna rush on in afterwards. Just a small bank in a little town… nothing that big in way of security. We just need to bring you along as a… insurance policy.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, that sounds about right.

[They saddle their horses.]

Bill Williamson: Okay, let’s move out.

Arthur Morgan: So, tell me again about this big, can’t go wrong, plan of yours?

Bill Williamson: Oh, it can go wrong. Anything can, once the shooting starts.

Arthur Morgan: Well, that’s reassuring.

Bill Williamson: Like I said, we’ll see how it looks. If we can get in alright, we’ll send Miss Jones ahead to the bank. They won’t recognize her.

Karen Jones: I’ll show you boys how it’s done.

Arthur Morgan: What are you thinking this time?

Karen Jones: I don’t know… fellers always like the lost little girl, but nobody plays the drunken harlot quite like me. Either should work.

Bill Williamson: Once she’s got ’em distracted, we’ll move in.

Karen Jones: When I was scouting the place the other day, there was only a couple of guards.

Bill Williamson: We deal with them, and any customers who are feeling brave… and you always fancy yourself as the vault man, right, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Now I see why you brought me.

Bill Williamson: Hey, I’m more than willing.

Arthur Morgan: Nah… best I do it.

Bill Williamson: Oh, and did Dutch tell you I’ve also been cooking up… some deals with them Gray boys?

Arthur Morgan: What? No. What kind of deals?

Bill Williamson: See, you don’t realize, Morgan. I’m out there putting in the work same as you. I been drinking with them a couple of times now, seems they’re looking for some extra security.

Anthur Morgan: Yeah, I’m sure they are.

Bill Williamson: Could be something in it for us.

Arthur Morgan: Well, just be smart about it, we got a lot of irons in that fire right now.

Bill Williamson: Yes, I know, Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Can’t believe you got me going back to Valentine.

Bill Williamson: Don’t tell me it ain’t irked you leaving that bank behind.

Arthur Morgan: Not really.

Bill Williamson: Work a town and not hit the bank? That’s downright pathetic.

Arthur Morgan: I guess we went a bit beyond working it. We shot the place to hell.

Bill Williamson: You did, Morgan, not me. I played it cool up there… couple of punch-ups, dealt with some O’Driscolls.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, is that right?

Bill Williamson: Like I said, you mess up, it’s just one of them things. I mess up, I’m the prize idiot.

Arthur Morgan: Well, Bill, I don’t know what to tell you.

Bill Williamson: Surprised you ain’t already ribbed me about that dynamite again. One mistake, and I’ll never live it down.

Arthur Morgan: What do you need? Pat on the back? A medal?

Bill Williamson: Just know, I got the lead on this one.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll see about that, once things get going. So, thinking this through… we rob Cornwall’s train, we shoot a heap of his men in Valentine, we rob his stagecoach…

Bill Williamson: This is just dawning on you now?

Arthur Morgan: And now, we’re going back to the one place he knew where to find us?

Bill Williamson: That’s the genius of it. Folk never look at what’s right under their nose.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t sure that’s always true.

Bill Williamson: What’s happened to you? You’re getting real nervy in your old age.

Arthur Morgan: The last few weeks happened.

Bill Williamson: Forget about Cornwall… he can’t have many men left at this point. Got a bit hairy in that barn, but we all walked away fine from that.

Arthur Morgan: Didn’t walk away with much.

Bill Williamson: If the four of us could deal with them in Valentine, and the four of us could deal with them after the coach robbery, I ain’t too worried.

Arthur Morgan: If you say so… We need to move quick once we’re in Valentine. I’m sure they ain’t forgotten us.

Bill Williamson: of course. In and out. Dutch is gonna love this…

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get it done first.

[They ride into Valentine.]

Bill Williamson: Keep it down now, we’re here.

Karen Jones: Good morning.

Bill Williamson: Okay, let’s leave the horses here off the main drag.

Karen Jones: Alright gentlemen… here we are.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, get ready… Karen, go to work.

Karen Jones: Course… Alright, keep it cool and follow me, fellers. So… We never decided. Is it lost little girl you want, or the drunken harlot?

Arthur Morgan: Of course, you know I like the harlot…

Karen Jones: You’re the only one. (playing drunk) You’re a… bunch of filthy sinners and heart breakers the lot of you. Now where is he?

[She wiggles her way to the bank.]

Arthur Morgan: If you’re ready, get going.

Lenny Summers: Good luck, gentlemen.

Bill Williamson: We got this.

Karen Jones: (from the bank) Where is he? Where is he? Have you seen him?

Clerk: (from the bank) I-I-I… I really think you should leave, madam.

Karen Jones: (from the bank) I’m not leaving, ’til I find him, boyo!

Bill Williamson: Okay, we’re going?

Customer: (from the bank) You’re a disgrace to your sex, madam!

Arthur Morgan: No, hold on. Wait ’til she’s got them reeled in.

Karen Jones: (from the bank) So are you. Don’t act like you don’t know me. All stuck up in here. Were not so goddamn stuck up last night… sorry, just between us.

Customer: (from the bank) I-I’ve never seen this woman in my life!

Karen Jones: (from the bank) Get your goddamn hands up! This is a goddamn robbery!

Arthur Morgan: Alright now… go!

[They enter the bank.]

Lenny Summers: Nobody move!

Bill Williamson: You heard him, nobody move!

Lenny Summers: Don’t make us hurt you! Here! Unlock the door.

Karen Jones: Okay, the door’s unlocked.

Arthur Morgan: (threatens the clerk) Oh, you think we’re here for fun? Come on, come on. Open the goddamn vault! Too slow. (hits the clerk) Too goddamn slow! (to the others) I’m in! Someone come make sure the suit behaves himself in here.

[Bill brings a clerk in the room.]

Bill Williamson: Open the lock boxes now!

Clerk: I…th-the-the manager does that, I…

Bill Williamson: Goddamn it! Now what?

Arthur Morgan: Guess I’ll crack them or blow them up. Keep an eye out. I’ll be as quick as I can. Reckon I’m gonna have to blow’em.

Bill Williamson: Okay, we gotta move before they blow. The law will be all over us! (to the clerk) Now, you shut the hell up and be still!

Karen Jones: I’ll keep a lookout at the door.

Lenny Summers: Hey, keep still. If I see that leg move again, you get a bullet in it.

Karen Jones: How much time do you think we got?

Lenny Summers: I don’t know… not much. This is taking too long. I hear people out there.

Karen Jones: Me too. Boys, you need to move this along!

Bill Williamson: How’re you getting on?

Arthur Morgan: Going as fast as I can.

Bill Williamson: We need to get out of here! How’s it looking there?

Arthur Morgan: Pretty good.

Bill Williamson: Told you.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t count your chickens just yet. That’s another one cleared. This is looking good.

Bill Williamson: How much longer?

Arthur Morgan: Nearly there.

Bill Williamson: Okay, you reckon that’s enough now?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe. It’s never enough.

Bill Williamson: Well, I am ready to get the hell out of here whenever you are.

Karen Jones: Gentlemen, hurry! We seem to have some company.

Bill Williamson: Sorry, partner. (knocks the clerk out) Shit, hurry up!

Arthur Morgan: I heard, go on!

[However… the evocations attracted the attention of the lawmakers. The bank is already surrounded.]

Lawman: Assuming folk ain’t dead in there, you won’t swing! I said, come out now!

Bill Williamson: What do we do?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know, gimme a second.

Lawman: If the shooting starts, you’re all dead.

Karen Jones: I’ll go… follow me.

Arthur Morgan: What are you insane?

Karen Jones: Probably.

[Karen leaves the bank with her hands in the air.]

Karen Jones: Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot, I’m… I made a terrible mistake.

Lawman: Get outta there, miss.

Karen Jones: Sorry…

[She starts shooting.]

Bill Williamson: Come on! Lenny, go right!

Lenny Summers: Right behind you.

Karen Jones: We’re shooting our way out of here, boys!

Bill Williamson: Let’s move! Come on, head for the horses!

[They jump on their horses.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright… Hyah, hyah!

Bill Williamson: Now let’s get the hell out of this goddamn town! There’s more of them! You see any more of them? We got more coming in! Look out! Goddammit, there’s more of them! Come on, get across! Gotta beat that train, Morgan!

[Our robbers manage to skip in front of a passing train.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright… I think we lost ’em.

Karen Jones: Thank you, gentlemen. That was…

Arthur Morgan: Stupid and dangerous… thank you, Bill.

Bill Williamson: We’re alive… and we’re paid. I don’t see the problem.

Arthur Morgan: And that is the problem. Still, this is a very good take. Dutch’ll be happy… even if it did come with a heap of trouble.

Karen Jones: Ahh, it was fun.

Arthur Morgan: Well, maybe you’re right. Now, go on, get out of here. I have some other business to attend to. Don’t head directly back to camp… and make sure you ain’t followed! (to himself) Mrs. Downes.

[He rides to Downes Ranch.]

Edith Downes: My husband’s not cold in the ground, and you’ve come back here. I nearly paid off what was owed.

Arthur Morgan: Your husband knew the rules when he took that money. Now, I’m real sorry about the way things turned out… but he had a choice.

Arthur Morgan: Ain’t my fault about the way the world is.

Edith Downes: He didn’t have a choice. He was good, and he did good. There wasn’t no choice in that. And you’ve as good as killed him yourself… and don’t kid yourself. You had a choice.

Arthur Morgan: You speak as if killing were something I cared about.

Edith Downes: You ever wonder about eternity? You should.

Arthur Morgan: I hope it’s hot and terrible, Mrs. Downes… otherwise I’ll feel I’ve been sold a false bill of goods. Now, please… get me that money.

Arthur Morgan: Either you’ve got a lazy eye or a lack of respect. Which is it, boy?

[She sighs and goes into the house.]

Archie Downes: I ain’t got no lazy eye… nor respect for the likes of you.

Arthur Morgan: Well, maybe when your mother’s finished mourning your father… I’ll keep her in black… on your behalf. You think on that, boy.

Archie Downes: Well maybe you shall, sir… and maybe other events will transpire.

Arthur Morgan: You best stick to them books… because mark my words on this… vengeance is an idiot’s game.

[Edith Downes returns with the money.]

Arthur Morgan: Ah, Mrs. Downes… thank you for your punctuality. It’s next to godliness isn’t it?

Edith Downes: That’s cleanliness.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll have to take your word on that. Good day.

[Arthur rides back to the camp. “Sodom? Back To Gomorrah” mission completed.]

Horse Flesh for Dinner[]

[Dutch told Arthur to meet up with John and Javier at the Grays’ mansion.]

Guard: Can I help you there?

Arthur Morgan: Sure… I was supposed to meet my business partners here, they… arranged a meeting, I believe, about some horses?

Guard: A feller with a scar and a Mexican?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, sir.

Guard: Out by the stables.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you… have a wonderful day now.

[He rides to the stables.]

John Marston: Listen, mister… we’re good men. Like you.

Stranger: You don’t know me… you turn up in this town… and you’re helping everybody. And everywhere… there’s troubles. Who are you?

John Marston: Like I said… we had a run of bad luck in the west. Lost some money on a failed railway speculation. We heard good men can do well in this country.

Stranger: Sure… and bad men. We haven’t recovered as much as I’d hoped from the war. My family try… my sons are good boys, but it’s been hard. Like I said, some people in the area will hold us back for ever. We need stability.

John Marston: I’m sure.

Stranger: We’re an old Scottish family. We work. My daddy taught that to me, I taught my sons. Work hard, but fair.

John Marston: And have you met my partner Arthur Morgan?

Stranger: No.

Arthur Morgan: I met your son, the sheriff?

John Marston: Mr. Gray here was saying how he had… problems with a family… a family of degenerates.

Arthur Morgan: Oh well, nobody likes degenerates.

Tavish Gray: That hag and her inbred sons… they’ve ruined this county. They killed my uncle, you know.

John Marston: And that ain’t right.

Tavish Gray: Problem is we can’t be seen to get too close.

John Marston: And?

Tavish Gray: We’ve got gold, Yankee… we’ve got gold.

John Marston: I ain’t no Yankee, friend… I ain’t nothing… my daddy came over on the boat from Scotland.

Tavish Gray: I’m Scottish.

John Marston: And the Braithwaites?

Tavish Gray: Goddamn peasants. I don’t know… mongrels… slave fuckers… all you got to do is look at them.

Arthur Morgan: How much gold?

Tavish Gray: Enough. These are prized horses I’m talking about… them they’ll get you… five thousand.

John Marston: Five thousand? For horses?

Tavish Gray: Easy.

Arthur Morgan: And where do we sell them, these… five thousand dollar horses?

Tavish Gray: Over in Clemens Cove. Feller over there will run them out of state… and give you fifty cents on the dollar.

John Marston: Mister, you got yourself a deal.

Tavish Gray: Just keep us away from this… publicly I mean.

John Marston: My sense is we keep all horse rustling away from the public.

[Arthur, Javier and John leaves the stables and get on their horses.]

Tavish Gray: Go to the stables on the south side of the manor. That’s where they keep the thoroughbreds.

[The gang rides out the Grays’ manor.]

John Marston: Crazy old fool.

Arthur Morgan: You should see the Braithwaite woman.

Javier Escuella: Hosea and Sean were planning on going over to the Braithwaites. You haven’t seen ’em?

Arthur Morgan: No, not yet. If they’re there already, they better keep their heads down. We don’t need this to be any more complicated than it already is.

John Marston: Five thousand dollars for horses? We’ve been robbing the wrong folk all these years.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about… but, if we get even a third of that, it’ll be worth it.

John Marston: So how are we gonna play this?

Arthur Morgan: The place is well-guarded, so there ain’t no point in blasting in there. We’ll make them think we’re there looking to purchase.

Javier Escuella: Three armed men?

Arthur Morgan: You’d be armed if you were about to spend five thousand on horses. We should go in the back way though, avoid too many questions. Careful, there’s a guard.

John Marston: I’ll speak to him, okay?

Arthur Morgan: Alright then…

Guard: Can I help you gentlemen?

John Marston: Yeah, we’re here to see about some horses…

Guard: Horses?

John Marston: Yeah, we had a an appointment with Mr. Braithwaite, I believe…

Guard: Yeah, I never heard about any of this.

John Marston: Our partner wanted to make a significant investment… in some stables down here… but… perhaps we should look elsewhere…

Guard: Well, I… okay then. Head on up to the stables… Someone’ll come see ya.

Arthur Morgan: That’s it, nice and easy. No need to rush. We don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention. Alright, I think that’s the stables just up ahead. Heads down, play it cool. We’ll head around the front. Hitch up there. Alright, let’s hitch up here. Let me do the talking.

Arthur Morgan: Hello there.

Stable Hand: Can I help you boys?

Arthur Morgan: I hope so. Heard you got some horses.

Stable Hand: We always got horses.

Arthur Morgan: Fine horses, I mean.

Stable Hand: I don’t get you, friend.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah you do, come on…

Stable Hand: Listen, why don’t you get out of here? You, scar face, and your greaser buddy.

Javier Escuella: Whoa!

Stable Hand: I don’t like officials.

Arthur Morgan: We ain’t officials. We’re connoisseurs. Looking to do some breedings. Come on now, partner…

Stable Hand: Okay fine, follow me. These here’s mainly the studs, available for purchase or for working. If that’s what you’re interested in. What is you boys interested in?

Arthur Morgan: We represent a famous, uh… stable and stud farm from, um… Saratoga.

Stable Hand: Is that so?

Arthur Morgan: Unofficially…

Stable Hand: Of course. This here’s Cerberus. Here you go, boy. Cerberus is a real reliable stud. Fathered many a race winner. This one’s, uh, Old Faithful. He was a champion, briefly, ’til he hurt his leg. Didn’t you, boy? Amazing runner though. He’s up for sale for a decent price. Boss’d probably sell him to you if you made the right offer. And this here is Old Father Time. My favorite horse. His coat might be a little thin for them Saratoga winters, but uh… bred right, he’ll produce another winner. Just look at those balls.

[Arthur snaps his neck.]

Javier Escuella: Uh huh? Greaser, huh?

John Marston: Ok, bandanas on. Don’t need nobody recognizing us.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, I’ll grab the white one in the middle, you get the other two. (to his horse) Relax, boy. C’mon.

John Marston: (to his horse) Good boy. Easy now.

Arthur Morgan: Marston, you’re gonna tether ’em up to Javier’s horse.

John Marston: Okay.

Arthur Morgan: Javier, you’re gonna lead the stallions.

[They lead the horses out of the stables.]

Arthur Morgan: Marston, you ride point. I’ll cover up the back. If there’s any problems… we regroup at Clemens Cove.

John Marston: Okay.

Guard: What are you doing?

John Marston: Let’s go, quick!

Arthur Morgan: Go, get out of here! I got the back!

Worker: What the hell you doing? Stop! Stop! We’re being robbed! I said stop these men! Stop!

John Marston: Out of my damn way!

Javier Escuella: Look out ahead! They’re coming out of the fields! Watch out by that wagon, more of ’em!

Arthur Morgan: They’re sending out riders! Go, I’ll hold them off!

John Marston: Damn, the gate’s blocked!

Javier Escuella: Go left, into the fields! There’s a gap in the fence. We can get out that way! See if we get rid of them in the trees!

Arthur Morgan: I think we lost them!

Javier Escuella: More on the road there! Hijos de puta!

Arthur Morgan: You see any more of them?

Javier Escuella: No!

John Marston: Don’t think so!

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get these horses to Clemens Cove quick, before we run into any more trouble.

Javier Escuella: Whoa, you okay there, boy?

Arthur Morgan: Shit, one of the stallions is loose! Keep going, I’ll get him!

John Marston: Hey Morgan, over here! You got him, well done. Clemens Cove is just over there, come on. Let’s get this over with.

Javier Escuella: Well… that could’ve gone smoother.

Arthur Morgan: That’ll be on my gravestone. You think they look like they’re paying five thousand for horses?

John Marston: I guess we’ll see.

[The gang finds the buyers.]

Stranger: What you boys want?

Arthur Morgan: Heard you was… heard you paid good prices for horses.

Stranger: Oh, we’ll buy more or less anything, pop.

John Marston: That so?

Clay Davies: Sure, pop. I’m Clay Davies, that’s my brother, Clive. We’re twins.

John Marston: John, Arthur, Javier.

Clay Davies: So what are you? Cuban?

Javier Escuella: No.

Clay Davies: I don’t like Cubans.

Javier Escuella: That so?

Clay Davies: Maybe… why what do you care? You ain’t Cuban.

Javier Escuella: Maybe I like Cubans?

Clay Davies: (laughs) You’re funny. He’s funny. Ain’t he funny, Clive? Clive don’t talk… we’re twins, but I was born first… he came out all yellow and black, but he’s okay. Yeah, I know these horses. They ain’t yours. But I like ya… and I’ll give ya… I can give you six hundred and fifty for ’em.

John Marston: I was told we could get up to five thousand dollars for ’em.

Clay Davies: And I was told that the moon was made of ladies’ tears… only it ain’t true. Not one little bit.

John Marston: But…

Clay Davies: I like you boys… but I ain’t got more than seven hundred on me. You want it, or you want to ride them fellers into town? And maybe someone there’ll hang you.

Arthur Morgan: We’re gonna need more than that.

Clay Davies: I ain’t got no more money, pop. Here. Take it, or leave it.

John Marston: Alright.

Arthur Morgan: You goddamn fool, Marston.

Clay Davies: Ain’t no one round here got five thousand dollars, boys… but nice meeting you. See you boys again I hope. C’mon. Hiya. Close the gate, Clive.

[Arthur makes another entry in his diary.]

Arthur Morgan: (offscreen) Believed a yarn, spun us by one of that Gray family… and imagined we was gonna be wonderfully rich. At the end of it we felt like prize idiots.

[“Horse Flesh for Dinner” mission completed.]

The Fine Joys of Tobacco[]

[Dutch told Arthur to meet up with Hosea and Sean at Braithwaite manor.]

Arthur Morgan: (talks to the guards) Hey fellers, I have a meeting with Mrs. Braithwaite. My associates are already here.

[He rides to the manor.]

Doorman: Ah, please come in, sir. This way, sir. A gentleman to see you, ma’am.

Catherine Braithwaite: So… your friend, the other liquor vendor…

Arthur Morgan: Hello, ma’am.

Hosea Matthews: Arthur, welcome. We were just playing cribbage. Arthur Morgan, Mrs. Catherine Braithwaite.

Arthur Morgan: Nice to see you again.

Catherine Braithwaite: Apparently. So this one… he as big and as dumb as he looks?

Hosea Matthews: Well, he’s surely big… but his intelligence is a matter of some conjecture. Some say he is as dumb as he looks… but, I think… well, he’s not quite that dumb.

Catherine Braithwaite: So these are the boys going to Caliga Hall?

Hosea Matthews: Yes, we could take care of that for you, but… one hates to be coarse… there is the question of money.

Catherine Braithwaite: (laughs) Oh, we’ve got money, Mr. Matthews.

Hosea Matthews: Paper? Bonds? Metal?

Braithwaite: She aint gonna pay you with a certified check… you Yankee numbskull.

Hosea Matthews: Ain’t childbirth just the most beautiful miracle? Seems a lady can birth monkeys after all.

[He and Arthur leave the room.]

Sean MacGuire: Well, Arthur… Hop on, I’ll fill you in on the way.

Arthur Morgan: No, I driving.

Sean MacGuire: Fine. Ready? Let’s get outta here.

Arthur Morgan: You was quiet in there?

Sean MacGuire: Took everything I had… that son of hers… I’ll shove that silver spoon down his throat and pull it clean out of his arse, the smug fucker.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… So what she got us doing at the Gray’s place?

Sean MacGuire: She wants us to torch their tobacco fields, said they ain’t had rain in weeks ’round here.

Arthur Morgan: What?

Sean MacGuire: Yep, using that back there.

Arthur Morgan: The moonshine?

Sean MacGuire: Burns faster than kerosene, that stuff. Said it’d be "fitting", she did. All I’m thinking is how about I try "fitting" my boot up your hook nose, you snotty old bitch.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Hosea really picked the right feller for tea at the manor, didn’t he?

Sean MacGuire: Oh, he was giving it his usual flannel. One of these families got gold stashed somewhere, he reckons. I mean, I’m all for sticking it to rich folks. I hate rich folks. But there really better be some bloody money at the end of all this.

Arthur Morgan: Hosea knows what he’s doing.

Sean MacGuire: Does he, though? The master finagler of nothing!

Arthur Morgan: Easy, easy.

Sean MacGuire: So far we’ve destroyed the Braithwaites’ still, tried to sell the shine back to them, now we’re on this fool’s errand. Which I’m very much looking forward to, by the way. They was saying Old Man Gray’s doubled security after that business at the saloon.

Arthur Morgan: We just robbed their horses too.

Sean MacGuire: That was you? Jesus.

Arthur Morgan: So… we’re just gonna drive on in there, is that it?

Sean MacGuire: Don’t worry, I got a plan. Wagons go in and out of there all the time… with supplies, equipment, payroll… Especially now they’ve taken on all that extra muscle. We’re making a delivery, that’s all. Just leave it to me. I can talk a dog off a meat wagon.

Arthur Morgan: Alright then…

Sean MacGuire: Whoa! Hold up a second. Are you not worried about them Grays, English?

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me?

Sean MacGuire: You not worried ’bout them Grays?

Arthur Morgan: In what sense?

Sean MacGuire: Well, they knows you.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… maybe you’re right… You know what? Here. I’ll go hide in back, if you can act naturally and… stop us from getting into a fight before we’re ready.

Sean MacGuire: I will try.

Arthur Morgan: Yes. Try and do an impression of a human being.

Sean MacGuire: I’m not gonna go that far.

[Both laughs.]

Sean MacGuire: We’re here. Stay out of sight, I’ll do the talking.

[Arthur hides in the wagon.]

Gray: Hey, hey hold it right there! Whatchu want, boy?

Sean MacGuire: (pretends to be retarded) I’ve-I’ve, there was a thing. A thing… at the saloon.

Gray: Whatchu talking about?

Sean MacGuire: Well, I’m delivering the supplies.

Gray: You’re not the usual driver.

Sean MacGuire: Eh, you want a bottle friend? Here. Have a wee drop. I’m new, I mean you no harm. I’ve come from Donegal. In Ireland.

Gray: You don’t say?

Sean MacGuire: They said you’d understand. Some kind of incident at the saloon, in town. I was told to bring this up here. Ask no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. That sort of business. Eh, before the officials got there, they said..

Gray: Okay, okay. Right this way. I’ll show you how to get there.

Sean MacGuire: Oh, thank you, friend. Have a drink.

Gray: Hamish.

Sean MacGuire: Good to meet you, Hamish! Fine bit of country you’ve got here. Ah, not as fine as Connemara, but fine nonetheless.

Gray: My people come from Scotland.

Sean MacGuire: Ah, is that right? Then, you and I are nearly brothers.

[They both laugh.]

Gray: Just over here. Straight down the path here. It’s getting so I can barely keep track of all these deliveries coming in.

Sean MacGuire: Yeah, when they said they was looking for more drivers in town, I jumped at the chance. I’ve never been a feller to kick a bit of honest work out of bed… So you folks have been having a hard time of it, have you?

Gray: Yes, Mr. Gray:’s got a heap of problems right now with another family round here… a bunch of covetous lowdowns trying to sabotage his livelihood. Disgusting.

Sean MacGuire: Dear oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that, Hamish. Sounds like you definitely deserve that drink.

Gray: You don’t know the half of it. Just in there.

Sean MacGuire: Right you are.

Gray: You can unload her here.

[Sean drives his wagon in a barn.]

Sean MacGuire: In here? The horses like a swift one do they?

Gray: Excuse me?

Sean MacGuire: Uhm, nothing… it’s grand. It’s quite a place you boys have got here. Reminds me of one of them big houses, out in Donegal. Real fancy places they was, Hamish, real… fancy, because… if some folks got all the money, they can build quite the fanciest places imaginable, eh?

[Arthur quietly gets out of the wagon, sneaks up on Hamish, and kills him while Sean distracts him with conversation.]

Sean MacGuire: Okay, we can hole up in here ’til it gets dark.

[They wait in the barn until nightfall.]

Arthur Morgan: How you getting on?

Sean MacGuire: Good… nearly got these things ready.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. There’s plenty of guards out there… Here’s how I feel we should deal with things… you head over to the dry barn…

Sean MacGuire: Sure… and you?

Arthur Morgan: I’m going to deal with the fields themselves. We coat everything in moonshine… and then we light things up… with these little fellers here. Thankfully it ain’t rained… and that old barn over there should go up like a torch.

[They collect bottles of moonshine.]

Sean MacGuire: How many of these boys you think you need?

Arthur Morgan: This should do it. Let’s head out the back. Look… once they get wind of us… there’ll be no turning back, so… move quickly.

Sean MacGuire: Of course. I’m rebel stock, boy… I was born burning down manor houses.

Arthur Morgan: Well burn quietly.

Sean MacGuire: Quiet, there’s someone coming on the left.

[A wagon drives in.]

Driver: Hi.

Gray 2: Oh, hey, I-I thought the wagon already arrived…

Driver: This one didn’t.

Gray 2: Strange… so what you got there?

Driver: Tools, payroll.

Gray: 2 Okay, drop it by the supply shed at the back of the fields.

Driver: Sure, see you later.

Sean MacGuire: You hear that? Payroll.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, let’s get this job done first, okay?

Sean MacGuire: Just let me deal with our friend here…

Gray 3: It’s gonna be a long night.

Sean MacGuire: Go on. You douse the fields, I’ll meet you at the barn.

Arthur Morgan: Try to stay out of trouble.

[He pours moonshine in the tobacco field.]

Arthur Morgan: Should be enough for here. Alright, next. That’s good for here. That’s good. That should do it.

[After dousing the fields with moonshine, Arthur and Sean return to the barn. Sean kills the guard, who is examining the surroundings, with a knife.]

Sean MacGuire: I’m gonna douse this too. I think she’ll go Arthur…

[Arthur burns the barn and the fields with bottles of moonshine.]

Sean MacGuire: Woohoo, would you look at that! Haha! Now let’s go light ourselves a fat cigar! Chuck another, Arthur. Really get this going. We’ll grab some horses from the stables, come on!

[The guards notice the fire. A firefight begins.]

Arthur Morgan: Not right now, we got company. Look out!

Sean MacGuire: This is bloody madness! Look out, there’s more of them! They seem to be taking it well.

Arthur Morgan: This is a goddamn mess. There goes our ride out of here! They didn’t tell you there’d be an army of them?

Sean MacGuire: They didn’t tell me nothing!

Arthur Morgan: Hosea better get us paid real well for this.

Sean MacGuire: Bloody right. The wagon we saw come in earlier, we can nick the horses from that!

Arthur Morgan: Alright, where is it?

Sean MacGuire: This way. Look out! Here come more of them! Come on! Stay with me! Shit, more of the bastards! This is what it’s all about, hey, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Glad you’re having fun.

Sean MacGuire: Down this way! Let’s go! See, there it is. Maybe they haven’t unloaded that cash yet. See, there it is. Maybe they haven’t unloaded that cash yet.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, come on. We’ll take those horses.

Sean MacGuire: I better see if the pay roll is actually in there.

Arthur Morgan: Hurry up.

[After killing many guards, they get on their horses and leave.]

Sean MacGuire: Oh boy! We did good, Morgan, we did good!

Arthur Morgan: Great, but let’s go.

Sean MacGuire: Yeehaw!

Arthur Morgan: Okay, let’s get the hell out of here fast!

Sean MacGuire: Too right! Follow me. More men up ahead! We’re going straight out the front gate! Jesus, that turned into a right party!

Arthur Morgan: You call that a party?

Sean MacGuire: That Braithwaite hag got her money’s worth alright!

Arthur Morgan: Let’s just get out of here first.

Sean MacGuire: I think we lost them.

Arthur Morgan: That we did.

Sean MacGuire: Quite a night.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Sean MacGuire: Interesting little fight Dutch has put us into the middle of here.

Arthur Morgan: I hope him and Hosea are right and that there’s some money at the end of it.

Sean MacGuire: Well, what now?

Arthur Morgan: Head on back to camp.

Sean MacGuire: You coming?

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[They ride back to the camp.]

Sean MacGuire: Here we are, home sweet home.

Arthur Morgan: You let Hosea know how we got on?

[“The Fine Joys of Tobacco” mission completed.]

Blessed Are The Peacemakers[]

[Arthur goes to see Dutch but finds only Micah in his tent.]

Arthur Morgan: Micah…

Micah Bell: Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called… Arthur Morgan: Hey Molly, where’s Dutch?

Micah Bell: Well… however it goes.

Arthur Morgan: I’m not sure that line of thought serves you or me very well.

Micah Bell: Well that’s because, cowpoke… you are a man of profoundly limited intelligence.

Arthur Morgan: No doubt…

Micah Bell: While you and the old man and Dutch have been running around… digging us ever deeper into shit… old Mr. Pearson might have gone and lightened the load a little. Pearson! Ain’t you curious?

Arthur Morgan: I guess.

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen.

Micah Bell: Dutch… you tell him, fat man.

Simon Pearson: It’s peace, Dutch… the O’Driscolls… I mean, I think there’s a way.

Dutch van der Linde: What on earth are you talking about?

Micah Bell: Get the words out properly, fat man.

Simon Pearson: I met a couple of the O’Driscoll boys on the road into town… things were about to get ugly… but you know how I am in a fight, huh? (pull out a knife) Like a cornered tiger. (laughs) Anyway… somehow it didn’t, but… we got to talking… and they suggested a parley… to end things… like gentlemen.

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen? Colm O’Driscoll? Have you lost your minds?

Micah Bell: You’re always telling us, Dutch… do what has to be done… but don’t fight wars ain’t worth fighting.

Hosea Matthews: They want a parley? It’s a trap.

Micah Bell: Well of course, it’s probably a trap… but what have we got to lose finding out.

Arthur Morgan: Get shot.

Micah Bell: We ain’t getting shot because you’ll be protecting us. It’s a trap, you shoot the lot of them… if it ain’t a trap, that slim chance…

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t see the point in any of this…

Micah Bell: It’s a chance we gotta take.

Dutch van der Linde: I killed Colm’s brother… long time ago… then he killed… a woman I loved dear…

Micah Bell: As you say… it’s a long time ago, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go… you and me, with Arthur protecting us… no one else.

Simon Pearson: What about me?

Dutch van der Linde: This ain’t the time for tigers, my friend.

Arthur Morgan: Uhh. Fine.

Micah Bell: Mount up then, Morgan. Let’s go then.

[They saddle their horses. Arthur follows Micah.]

Dutch van der Linde: You know, I’ve been fighting Colm for so long now… I can barely remember a time when it was different.

Arthur Morgan: And you’re still fighting him now, make no mistake of that.

Micah Bell: Here he goes… Doubting Thomas… is there any plan you ain’t sour on?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe you’re right. I’m just nervous. Let’s not waste any more lives needlessly.

Micah Bell: I ain’t costing lives here… I’m saving them. What did you say, we had Pinkertons coming after us?

Arthur Morgan: Because of Blackwater.

Micah Bell: And Leviticus Cornwall and his private army! Then… who knows when this local hillbilly thing will come to a head, hum? Can we really afford to be fighting on all these fronts, and O’Driscoll?

Dutch van der Linde: There is wisdom in that.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, I hope so, gentlemen, but… like I said, I’m nervous.

Micah Bell: Look, you ain’t even going to be the one in danger… we’ll get on over there… find a nice perch for you to settle into… you got that rifle, don’t you?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, yeah.

Micah Bell: Then me and Dutch walk right into the lion’s den, with you to cover us.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, just keep calm. Unless I give you a reason not to.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, we’ll be fine. We’ve got you.

Arthur Morgan: I will do my best.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, my dear and trusted friend, with you watching over me, I would walk into hell itself.

Micah Bell: As would I. Hey, up there, men on the ridge.

Dutch van der Linde: O’Driscolls, from the look of them.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t like having eyes on us.

Micah Bell: We’re close. You’ll be the eyes soon enough. Maybe he’s right, Dutch. Maybe I have pushed too hard. Got us into situations that… could have been safer. I just… I see all those mouths we got to feed, and I… I dream too big. Caring too much, that’s my problem.

Dutch van der Linde: Caring too much? There’s no such thing.

Arthur Morgan: This is horse shit. From both of you!

Dutch van der Linde: It might be! Micah might be full of shit. Colm O’Driscoll might be full of shit. The promise of this great nation, men created equal, liberty and justice for all… that might be nonsense too. But it’s worth trying for. It’s worth believing in. Can’t you see that, friend?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know.

Dutch van der Linde: Try. All I ask is you try.

Micah Bell: Alright, cowpoke. You’re gonna peel off up ahead. We’ll be meeting down on the plane. Find a spot just above us where you can keep an eye on things.

Arthur Morgan: Alright. Alright. However this shakes out, let’s aim to meet back at the fork in the road afterwards.

Micah Bell: We’ll be there, partner.

[Arthur rides to the observation position. He pulls out his binoculars to watch the meeting in detail. Soon three riders come galloping toward Dutch.]

Colm O’Driscoll: Hello, Dutch… it’s been a while.

Dutch van der Linde: Sure.

Colm O’Driscoll: So, uh… how’s your gang doing? They still believing in ya? Better world… pure world, hmm? How’s that coming along?

Dutch van der Linde: Just fine.

Colm O’Driscoll: How’s that score you stole off us?

Dutch van der Linde: Which one?

Colm O’Driscoll: (laughs) Oh, I like that. It’s like I said, this a charismatic leader. Lot of heat on us this time. Both of us. Whole heap of trouble. They offered me a price, Dutch… to bring you in.

Dutch van der Linde: Why didn’t you take it?

Colm O’Driscoll: Well… still might.

Dutch van der Linde: I’m… sorry about your brother.

Colm O’Driscoll: Yeah, well I never liked him much.

Dutch van der Linde: I… liked… Annabel.

Colm O’Driscoll: You always loved the ladies, Dutch van der Linde. I like that about you.

Dutch van der Linde: What are we doing here, Colm? Is this thing over?

[Colm smiles. At this moment, one of Colm’s men sneaks to unsuspecting Arthur and hits him over the head with the butt of his rifle. Arthur loses consciousness. When he comes to, three men stand over him. They kick him and taunt him.]

O’Driscoll 2: You ain’t dead, is you? Not yet, any way.

O’Driscoll 1: Handing him over to the law, it’s I don’t know… strange times.

O’Driscoll 2: They killed Seamus, fuck the whole lot of them. With this feller, Colm’s right, we can draw them all back.

O’Driscoll 3: True… where did Colm and Patrick head off to?

O’Driscoll 1: He’s escaping! Shoot him!

O’Driscoll 3: Relax! Relax… I got him. I got him. Did I kill you?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, not yet.

O’Driscoll 3: No, of course not. Not yet… but I will.

[He shoots Arthur and he loses consciousness. They put him on a horse and take him away.]

O’Driscoll 4: Ah, finally… Put his weapons over there.

[Arthur is put in the cellar and hangs upside down. After a while, Colm comes to him with a plate of food.]

Colm O’Driscoll: Arthur Morgan… it’s good to see ya.

Arthur Morgan: Hello, Colm.

Colm O’Driscoll: How’s the wound?

Arthur Morgan: I hardly feel it.

[He feeds Arthur with a spoon.]

Colm O’Driscoll: You will… septic, it ain’t nice. Now, tell me… fine gun like you… why you still running around with old Dutch? Could come ride with me and make real money.

Arthur Morgan: It ain’t about the money, Colm.

Colm O’Driscoll: Oh, no… it’s Dutch’s famous charisma. (kicks Athur) You killed a whole bunch of my boys… at Six Point Cabin.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t got no clue what you talking about.

Colm O’Driscoll: Oh, you lie, my friend… and I thought Dutch preached truth.

Arthur Morgan: Let me go, Colm… and end all this crap between you two… we all got real problem now.

Colm O’Driscoll: The way I see it… they get him… they forget about me.

Arthur Morgan: They ain’t the forgetting sort. If I were you… I’d run as soon as I had the money.

Colm O’Driscoll: Oh, I know you would… but see… we lure an angry Dutch in to rescue ya… grab all of ya and hand ya in… then disappear.

Arthur Morgan: So you only met with him to grab me?

Colm O’Driscoll: Of course… he gonna be so mad. He gonna come raging over here… and a whole lot of ya… and the law’ll be waiting for him. Oh, Arthur… Arthur, I missed you.

[He hits Arthur several times in the stomach with the handle of his revolver and leaves. Some time passes. Arthur swings around and grabs a knife from the table. He heats a knife over a candle and cauterizes his wounds. His cry attracts the guards.]

O’Driscoll: Shut your hole. I don’t wanna go to Mexico. I wanna go home… home! Hold on, I’ll be back in a minute. What the hell?

[Arthur kills him.]

O’Driscoll 2: What’s he still doing down there? It’s one thing torturing a man, it’s another thing putting him through stories of the homeland… He better hurry it up… I don’t wanna be here when the law comes for that side of beef.

[Arthur sneaks quietly through the camp, killing the guards with the knives he finds. He finds his horse and rides back to his camp.]

Arthur Morgan: Come on, girl… get me home.

[He doesn’t make it to the camp, but the girls find him on his luck.]

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Arthur…

Karen Jones: Arthur?

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: I told you it was a set up, Dutch…

Dutch van der Linde: My boy… my dear boy, what?

Arthur Morgan: They got me… but I got away.

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, that you did. Miss Grimshaw, I need help! Reverend Swanson?

Arthur Morgan: He was gonna set the law on us…

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, of course he was.

Simon Pearson: I’m sorry, Arthur.

Dutch van der Linde: It’s a bit late for apologies… Swanson!

Orville Swanson: Mr. Morgan… Mr. Morgan, you’re safe now.

Susan Grimshaw: Let’s get him to bed…

[Several people carry him to the bed.]

Dutch van der Linde: You are safe now, Arthur… you’re safe now.

Arthur Morgan: That’s pretty, Dutch… that’s real pretty.

Dutch van der Linde: Miss Grimshaw… will you sit with him a while?

Susan Grimshaw: Of course. You’ll be okay, Mr. Morgan… you’re home.

[Arthur Morgan:, holding on with all his strength, falls asleep on the bed.]

A few weeks later…

[Reverend finds Arthur sitting on the shore.]

Orville Swanson: I thought I’d be burying you, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Not quite yet, Reverend.

Orville Swanson: Good. How you feeling?

Arthur Morgan: Oh… about the same as you.

Orville Swanson: I’m sorry to hear that. Well… take care of yourself.

Arthur Morgan: You too.

[“Blessed are the Peacemakers” mission completed.]

A Short Walk in a Pretty Town[]

[Arthur rides to a butcher in Rhodes to meet with Micah, Sean and Bill.]

Micah Bell: We been waiting for you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I’m sorry to have kept you.

Micah Bell: Come on. Let’s get going.

Arthur Morgan: What’s the plan?

Micah Bell: We’re meeting a couple of the Grays over at the saloon. They spoke to Bill about a job… needing security.

Arthur Morgan: After the farce of stealing the horses for them, why we doing this?

Micah Bell: ’Cause we need to stay in with them… and they’re paying.

Arthur Morgan: So what kinda security they want?

Micah Bell: We’re about to find out. Now come on.

Arthur Morgan: This seem legit to you, Bill?

Bill Williamson: Sure.

Micah Bell: Dutch said we was to keep on dealing with them until we find this gold.

Sean MacGuire: Can we trust them?

Arthur Morgan: Can we trust anyone?

Sean MacGuire: Yeah.

Micah Bell: Let’s just see what they say.

Bill Williamson: They said there was some… big misunderstanding about them horses.

Sean MacGuire: And… what about burning their fields?

Micah Bell: They don’t know we had anything to do with that.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, that so?

Bill Williamson: Yeah. They think it was the Braithwaites. Listen, I know these Gray boys a bit now. This is on the level.

Arthur Morgan: We’re stuck in the middle of some ancient feud, but instead of playing both sides, we’re being used by both of them.

Bill Williamson: They were saying that Catherine Braithwaite…

Arthur Morgan: Hey, hold up. This don’t feel right.

Sean MacGuire: Now it don’t feel right? I could’a told you that-

[At this point he is shot in the head. The bullet ricochets off something metal, making a bell toll noise.]

Arthur Morgan: Shit!

Bill Williamson: What the hell…

[The job turns out to be an ambush! A big firefight begins!]

Arthur Morgan: Get down!

Bill Williamson: Dammit!

Micah Bell: Sons of bitches.

Bill Williamson: What the… ahh, goddammit! I can’t believe you shot me, you bastards!

Arthur Morgan: You okay?

Bill Williamson: I’m fine!

Arthur Morgan: Oh, Sean… you idiots!

Micah Bell: Is he dead?

Arthur Morgan: Look at him, of course he’s dead! How could you not think this was a trap?

Micah Bell: You sure you wanna talk about this now, Morgan? The cowards are in the gunstore! I’ll get the front, you take the back!

Man: None of these bastards gonna walk out of here.

Micah Bell: Real heavy over here, fellers.

Bill Williamson: You’re a goddamn bunch of cowards!

Micah Bell: You’re getting sloppy, Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: You see that window in Sean’s skull? Don’t talk to me about sloppy.

Micah Bell: Better in here than out there.

Sheriff Gray: They’re in the gunsmith’s! All of you, pour a broadside into those sons of bitches! I want them dead!

Arthur Morgan: You sure about that?

Micah Bell: So yeah, I’m thinking the Grays might be onto us after all.

Arthur Morgan: Now it’s sinking in?

Micah Bell: See that? Those cowards are running away.

Arthur Morgan: Looks like most of ’em.

Micah Bell: Not all of them.

[They walk through the town full of dead bodies to the Sheriff Office.]

Arthur Morgan: Sheriff Gray… And what about Bill? Where the hell’s he?

Micah Bell: We’ll find him later. We’ll find him later. Come on. Sheriff Gray! You need to get a hold on this town, it’s going to hell!

Sheriff Gray: Who do you think you are? A bunch of two-bit thugs from God knows where? You’re so dumb to think we don’t know what you been doing.

Micah Bell: Come out, Sheriff. It’s over.

Sheriff Gray: We put down far worse than you. A hundred times over. This is the Grays’ town. Always has been, always will be!

Micah Bell: Only Grays I see left around here… is you!

Sheriff Gray: You want us to come out? We’ll come out!

Bill Williamson: Shit…

[They come out of the Office. Bill is held hostage.]

Arthur Morgan: Oh… Bill…

Jock: Guns on the ground now. Both of you!

Bill Williamson: Don’t do it!

Arthur Morgan: You know we can’t do that. You put the gun down, Sheriff!

Sheriff Gray: I’ll blow his brains out!

Archibald MacGregor: You wanna join your little friend there, do ya?

Micah Bell: Either way, you’re a dead man. Morgan?

[Arthur and Micah use their Dead Eye ability and kill all the lawmen in a couple of shots.]

Arthur Morgan: (squats over Sean’s body) He was a good kid.

Bill Williamson: Well, how the hell was I to know?

Arthur Morgan: Let me see… they set us up once before… they didn’t like us… we destroyed their farm… (angerly) should I go on?

Micah Bell: Go easy on him, Morgan. He was out trying to find a lead, same as you…. same as Hosea. All you do is complain… when things don’t work out. Except when it’s your goddamn fault.

Arthur Morgan: (angerly) You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t give a damn about nobody but yourself.

Micah Bell: Oh, you act so high and mighty… but you’re no better than the rest of us. I ridden with you boys close on what… six months now? And all you ever done was complain. And you can fight… but you can’t think.

Arthur Morgan: You can’t do either.

Micah Bell: Okay, cowpoke.

Arthur Morgan: Bill, take the boy’s body. Bury him proper someplace quiet. Micah… best you and I don’t speak for a moment.

Micah Bell: (laughs) I’m just so frightened by you…

Arthur Morgan: Get outta my sight… pair of fools.

[Arthur rises away and makes another entry in his diary.]

Arthur Morgan: (offscreen) He was like an annoying little brother to me… what fun we had riding together. Goddamn mess we’re making of things.

[“A Short Walk in a Pretty Town” mission completed.]

Blood Feuds, Ancient And Modern[]

[Arthur finds Dutch in the camp. He speaks with some people.]

Dutch van der Linde: I know you worry. Arthur, have you seen that boy, Jack?

Arthur Morgan: No.

[Abigail rushes in.]

Abigail Marston: (worries sick) Where’s my goddamn son? Where is he? Where’s my son? They took him didn’t they? They took my son!

Arthur Morgan: Who took him?

Hosea Matthews: We think the Braithwaite woman took him. That Kieran saw a couple of fellers… sound like Braithwaite boys.

Abigail Marston: Where’s my son? If anything… where is my son, Dutch van der Linde?

Dutch van der Linde: We will find him, we will bring him back to you… and we will kill any fool that had the temerity… to touch one hair on that boy’s head. Abigail, you have my word.

Abigail Marston: Just get me back my son.

Dutch van der Linde: I will get that boy back, so help me God… right now.

Bill Williamson: Dutch, we just heard about Jack. You need some extra guns?

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, why not? Micah, Kieran, anyone strange turns up… you kill ’em! Rest of you, let’s ride.

[The gang gets on the horses.]

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, let’s go get that boy back.

Hosea Matthews: They must’ve figured out what we was up to, Dutch.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, we just got shot to hell by the Grays in town.

Dutch van der Linde: I know, I heard… about Sean too. I don’t wanna even think about that right now. We have to focus on Jack.

John Marston: I swear, I’ll kill everyone there.

Dutch van der Linde: Easy, John. Try to stay calm.

John Marston: I’m fine.

Hosea Matthews: How the hell did they get to him?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know, but we are getting him back and they will pay. I promise you that.

Bill Williamson: What about the gold?

John Marston: Who gives a damn about the gold? They got Jack.

Hosea Matthews: I hate to break it to you, but… I don’t think there is any gold. Or if there is, it’s hidden somewhere no one knows.

Lenny: What?

Hosea Matthews: I’ve turned every stone.

John Marston: For Christ’s sake, Hosea. After all that? Another perfect scam.

Hosea Matthews: We underestimated them.

Dutch van der Linde: No, they underestimated us. Enough talk. There’s no point arguing how we got here, this is where we are. And we are going to fix it. So come on! Okay, get your heads right. Nobody makes a move until I say so.

[They ride straight to the Grays’ manor.]

Dutch van der Linde: Alright everyone, dismount and come to me. We’ll go in on foot from here.

Lenny Summers: First Sean, now Jack. We should have stayed out of all this.

Bill Williamson: Bit late for that, ain’t it?

Dutch van der Linde: Quiet, we’re going to fix this right now. Come on, let’s get this done. John, you sure you’re okay?

John Marston: Like I said, I’m fine.

Dutch van der Linde: Follow my lead. Both these redneck families think they can ruin us? I don’t think so…

Hosea Matthews: There they are.

[They walk toward the manor, stretching out in a line. The manor, despite the late hour, is illuminated.]

Dutch van der Linde: Who steals a goddamn boy?

John Marston: I’m gonna let fly at those sons of bitches.

Dutch van der Linde: John, I need you to stay calm. (screams) Get down here now! You inbred trash.

Gareth Braithwaite: What the hell do you want?

Hosea Matthews: Easy, John.

Dutch van der Linde: We’ve come for the boy. You must’ve known we would.

Gareth Braithwaite: Shouldn’t have messed with our business now, should you?

Dutch van der Linde: Whatever complaint you have with us, alleged… or otherwise… That is a young boy. That is not the way you do things. Hand him over.

Gareth Braithwaite: Get the hell off our land.

Dutch van der Linde: If you ain’t gonna be civilized about this…

[Several men with rifles come out of the mansion. A firefight breaks loose.]

Dutch van der Linde: Watch those balconies!

[The gang kills Braithwaite men.]

Dutch van der Linde: Bill, Javier, cover left. John, Charles, Lenny, more fire on the right. Arthur, John, Hosea, with me. The rest of you, watch out here for any other arrivals. Get in there! Find Jack! And find that Braithwaite woman!

[The gang enters the manor.]

John Marston: Jack, can you hear me?

[Arthur loots the bodies.]

Dutch van der Linde: (to Arthur) Get in there! We have to find Jack!

John Marston: Where are you?

Arthur Morgan: Jack! You in here?

Dutch van der Linde: (to Arthur) Arthur, get up here and give us a hand!

Hosea Matthews: Barricaded… this must be where they’re holed up… There’s something… pushed up against it…

Dutch van der Linde: Open the goddamn door! Shit! John, Arthur, we’ll hold them down here.

Charles Smith: We got more coming in!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, get out there! We’ve got this door covered.

John Marston: Look out, more coming from the right! Are you gonna help me out here?

Bill Williamson: This family is finished, you hear me?

Javier Escuella: Tell us where the boy is!

Arthur Morgan: Looks like they’re running! Now, let’s find a way into that room.

[He helps John break the door.]

John Marston: Come on, this must be it. I can’t see a goddamn thing!

John Marston: One… Two… Three…

[The door breaks. There is a room with Catherine Braithwaite in it.]

Dutch van der Linde: You want me to kill you too, old woman?

Catherine Braithwaite: You bastards.

Hosea Matthews: Where’s the boy?

Catherine Braithwaite: We have lived in this house for a hundred and twenty years. We never had no problems ’cept for Yankees.

Hosea Matthews: Where is the boy? Who took him?

Catherine Braithwaite: You killed my sons.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, and I will surely kill the rest of them… unless you start talking.

Catherine Braithwaite: Oh, I know your type. Common scum.

Dutch van der Linde: (threatening) Where is the boy?

Catherine Braithwaite: You filth.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, we get her outta here.

Arthur Morgan: And what about them?

[Dutch kills the old bitch’s son. She screams.]

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s get this hag outside. Any more of her sons to deal with?

Arthur Morgan: Nope, reckon they’re all dead.

Catherine Braithwaite: Nooo! No!

[Dutch drags her off the stairs.]

Dutch van der Linde: That’s right, burn this dump to the ground! You boys sure Jack ain’t in here?

Hosea Matthews: We searched everywhere, Dutch.

[Catherine Braithwaite crawls on the floor while Hosea and John torches her manor.]

Dutch van der Linde: You got that one, Arthur?

Hosea Matthews: I guess that’s the end of the goddamn cribbage game.

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah… come here… There you go.

[Dutch puts Catherine on his shoulder and carries her out of the manor.]

Catherine Braithwaite: You damn yankee.

Dutch van der Linde: There you go.

[He puts her on the ground in front of the manor and puts a gun to her head.]

Catherine Braithwaite: I never liked you.

Hosea Matthews: Why’d you take the boy, Mrs. Braithwaite? Boys are off limits.

Catherine Braithwaite: You stole my liquor. You stole my horses. Ain’t no rules in war, Mr…

Hosea Matthews: Matthews.

Catherine Braithwaite: Yes… yes, that’s it.

Hosea Matthews: Where’s the boy?

Catherine Braithwaite: My sons gave him to Angelo Bronte. So my guess is Saint Denis. Either there… or on the boat to Italy.

Hosea Matthews: Let’s go.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, come on!

Arthur Morgan: What we doing with her?

Dutch van der Linde: Leave her.

Hosea Matthews: I told you she was crazy.

[They leave her in front of a burning house and the corpses of her sons. Driven mad, she runs back to the manor. The gang slowly walks away.]

The Battle of Shady Belle[]

[Dutch, Hosea, John and Arthur decide their next move.]

Hosea Matthews: It’s gonna work out, John… it’s gonna work out, listen to

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t expect you to understand this… but I have never been more proud of you… than I am right now, brother. You’re doing the right thing.

John Marston: If I don’t get the boy back safe… I’m… She… She’ll kill us all.

Dutch van der Linde: I know, but… looking at this logically, that boy is fine. They took him to scare us. Nobody takes a boy to harm him.

Hosea Matthews: He’s right, John.

Dutch van der Linde: What do you think, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: The boy’ll be fine, but… of course Marston’s scared rotten. We killed all those people… we stirred up all that trouble… for nothing.

Dutch van der Linde: No, no, not for nothing. For living. Now we get that boy back… and we go. Trust me.

Lenny Summers: Hey, Dutch. We got a problem.

Andrew Milton: Not a problem… visitors… a solution. Good day fine people. Mr. Van der Linde. Mr. Mathews, I presume. And… who are you?

John Marston: Rip Van Winkle.

Andrew Milton: Huh… good day, sir. Agent Milton, Pinkerton… Detective Agency. Agent Ross. Ah, Mr. Morgan… nice to see you again.

Dutch van der Linde: And to what do we owe the pleasure… Agent Moron?

Andrew Milton: I don’t know if you’re aware but this… this is a civilized land now. We didn’t kill all them savages… only to allow the likes of you… to act like human dignity… and basic decency was outmoded or not yet invented. This thing… it’s done.

Dutch van der Linde: This place… ain’t no such thing as civilized. It’s man so in love with greed… He has forgotten himself and found only appetites.

Andrew Milton: And as a consequence that lets you take what you please… kill whom you… please and hang the rest of us? Who made you the messiah… to these lost souls you’ve led so horribly astray?

Dutch van der Linde: I’m nothing but a seeker, Mr. Milton.

Andrew Milton: You ain’t much of anything more than a killer, Mr. Van der Linde. But I came to make a deal. It’s time. You come with me… and I give the rest of ya three days to run off… disappear and go and live like human beings…. someplace else.

Dutch van der Linde: You came for me? Risked life and limb in this den of lowlifes and murderers… so that they might live and love? Ain’t that fine.

[The gang laughs.]

Andrew Milton: I don’t wanna kill all these folk, Dutch… just you.

Dutch van der Linde: (hands in the air) In that case… it’d be my honor… to join you. Excuse me, friends… I have an appointment to keep with…

[Everyone is loading their weapons.]

Susan Grimshaw: I think your new friend should leave now, Dutch.

Andrew Milton: You’re making a big mistake… all of you.

Dutch van der Linde: (laughs) Yeah… dreadful. We have got something… something to live and die for. How awful for us, Mr. Milton. Stop following us… we’ll be gone soon.

Andrew Milton: I’m afraid I can’t… and when I return I’ll be with fifty men. All of you will die. Run away from this place, you fools. Run!

Lenny Summers: Come on.

Andrew Milton: Get your damn hands off of me, boy.

[Agent Milton leaves with his men.]

Arthur Morgan: What now?

Dutch van der Linde: We get outta here… and quick. Any ideas?

Arthur Morgan: I know a big old house… hidden in the swamps outside Saint Denis. I’m sure they’ll find us eventually… but it should buy us a few days.

Dutch van der Linde: A few days is all we need.

Arthur Morgan: It’s a spot out by Shady Belle. Lenny and I got into that dispute with the previous occupiers. Place is well hidden.

Dutch van der Linde: You and Arthur ride out… and make sure no one else has moved in. Lenny… you go follow those fools outta here… make sure that they leave. And, John… we’ll get Jack back and we’ll get gone. Rest of you get packing!

Arthur Morgan: Come on, John.

John Marston: This is crazy.

Lenny Summers: We’ll get packed up, but we need a new spot, Arthur.

[Arthur and John saddle their horses.]

Arthur Morgan: Follow me, I know the way. It’s gonna be alright, John.

John Marston: We should be going for Jack.

Arthur Morgan: We will, but we have to move everyone first… before that bastard Milton comes back with an army. We ain’t no use to Jack in jail, or at the end of a rope.

John Marston: I don’t even know what to think no more.

Arthur Morgan: Just gotta keep our cool, be smart about this.

John Marston: Smart? Are you joking? We made too much noise once again. We drew’em right to us. I mean, how many people we killed the past few weeks?

Arthur Morgan: Far too many.

John Marston: It’s Dutch playing his games. Hosea too. Getting involved with those two families. The master con men working their magic…

Arthur Morgan: They thought there was a lot of gold…

John Marston: Yeah, they thought there was money. Ain’t there always?

Arthur Morgan: Look, Marston, I don’t know what to tell you. Things don’t always work out, that ain’t nothing new.

John Marston: Jack’s gone, we lost Sean, Mac, Davey, Jenny… and for what?

Arthur Morgan: We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on.

John Marston: But one day we need to start learning from our mistakes.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, it ain’t all bad. We’ve had a rocky run, but we’ll be okay. We’ll get through it.

John Marston: (smurks) Dutch’ll fix it. Dutch’ll come up with a big plan. Right now, every plan gets us into worse trouble. We’re getting further from where were meant to be going

Arthur Morgan: Now you can’t put all this on Dutch. You’re worked up and rightly so. Alright, should be just down this path to the left here. Just don’t get too far into your head with all this, or you’ll never get out.

John Marston: It’s a goddamn mess. That poor kid. We chose this life, he didn’t.

Arthur Morgan: That’s it up ahead.

John Marston: Four walls and a roof we’re moving up in the world.

Arthur Morgan: You ain’t seen inside it yet.

John Marston: Come on… sooner we get this done, the better.

[They find a big old manor.]

John Marston: You sure this place is empty?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t sure of nothing.

John Marston: Alright, let’s leave the horses here and take a look.

Raider: Aw, shit! It’s them again! Boys, get ready!

Arthur Morgan: Damn it, still some here.

John Marston: I can see that!

[They start shooting the riders.]

Arthur Morgan: Get out of here. Now! Go! Any more of you upstairs, I’m coming for you! You hear me?

Raider 2: Where you creeps hiding? Come out where I can shoot you.

Arthur Morgan: Come and fight me then.

Leader: I knew you’d come soon enough. You, or some other coward like you.

[Arthur shoots him in the head without a word and continues exploring the manor.]

Raider 2: You think you’re tough, Yankee? Come in here and fight me like a man. That’s it… how about we fight?

John Marston: How’s it looking up there?

Arthur Morgan: I think we’re clear.

John Marston: Good. Come help me with this, will you? Here, give me a hand moving these bodies. Don’t want the others walking into this. Follow me. Alright, this way. We’ll dump the bodies in the swamp over there.

[Arthur dumps the body in the swamp.]

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I can deal with the rest of the bodies. You go meet up with the caravan and guide them in.

John Marston: Alright, see you soon… I hope.

[Some time late the others arrive.]

Arthur Morgan: Welcome home… all of ya… to my humble abode. We got fine living. Ignore the corpses and the alligators… it’s paradise…

Dutch van der Linde: I love it! Miss Grimshaw, Mr. Pearson… would you two kindly… work your magic? Arthur… take a ride with me. Come on…

Molly O’Shea: Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Yes?

Molly O’Shea: Could I have a word with ya?

Dutch van der Linde: Not now. Come on, Arthur.

[They get on their horses and leave the manor.]

Dutch van der Linde: Can you believe that girl? All I’ve got going on and she wants to talk.

Arthur Morgan: Everything okay with you two?

Dutch van der Linde: I got far more important things to worry about right now than Molly O’Shea.

Arthur Morgan: So, where are we going?

Dutch van der Linde: To take a look at this ’Eighth Wonder of the Civilized World’ Saint Denis, I keep hearing about. According to the map, the road up this way should lead us right in there.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, I guess this day ain’t over yet.

Dutch van der Linde: Not quite… good work back there, Arthur. Everything went okay?

Arthur Morgan: Few loose ends, nothing major.

Dutch van der Linde: And John?

Arthur Morgan: About what you’d expect. He’s taken it hard.

Dutch van der Linde: We’re going to get that boy back, whatever it takes. I need you to start asking around in the city for Bronte, subtly of course… public places, maybe start with the saloon. Anyone who can put us in contact with him.

Arthur Morgan: Of course. And what about the Pinkertons?

Dutch van der Linde: I’m fairly sure nobody followed us. We moved out fast. We should be safe for a few days here.

Arthur Morgan: And then?

Dutch van der Linde: I think we need to move a little further. Put some ocean between us and all of this. The mess with those two families… losing Sean… I see things differently now. For a long time, I truly believed a paradise lay somewhere in the west for us… but I just… don’t know any more.

Arthur Morgan: So, we’re leaving the country now?

Dutch van der Linde: Maybe. I’m still thinking about it. Whatever we do, we’ll need more money. Okay, there she is… a real city… the future.

[Before our eyes is a view of a dozen smoky chimneys and a smog-black sky.]

Arthur Morgan: Big cities… they’re…

Dutch van der Linde: Always repellent?

Arthur Morgan: Exactly.

Dutch van der Linde: I’ll find you in there… go see what you can figure out.

Arthur Morgan: Yes.

[They go their separate ways.]


The Joys of Civilization[]

[Arthur walks around town trying to find out something about Angelo Bronte. Before entering the saloon, someone put a gun to his head.]

Dutch van der Linde: Stick ’em up, cowboy.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, real funny, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: (laughs) I thought so. So, here we are in a strange land of Papists and rapists…. America’s very own Gomorrah.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, cities all look the same to me. So, how you get on?

Dutch van der Linde: I’ve been asking around about Mr. Bronte… and from what I’ve heard this establishment is our best lead… but I haven’t had any joy in there so far.

Arthur Morgan: So, I should just give it a shot?

Dutch van der Linde: I think so… just keep it cool.

Arthur Morgan: You know me.

Dutch van der Linde: I’ll meet you back here, anon.

[Arthur enters the saloon.]

Stranger 7: Funny you should say that.

Bartender: Well, you know how it is. I told him, I said.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, can I get a drink here?

Bartender: "That’s the state of Lemoyne for you. America’s dirty little French secret."

Arthur Morgan: Over here.

Stranger 7: That’s why we love it.

Bartender: Born and raised. I-I’m sorry, please excuse me. I, I-I seem to have some very impatient customers. Now, how can I help? You look like a whiskey man. Dollar, please.

Arthur Morgan: For a whiskey?

Bartender: Sure. That’s the real stuff, from Scotland.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… here, have one for yourself.

Bartender: Why thank you.

Arthur Morgan: So, mister… can I ask you a question? You ever hear of a feller by the name of Bronte?

Bartender: Who’s asking?

Arthur Morgan: I’m asking.

Bartender: No, leave it, friend.

Arthur Morgan: What you mean, leave it?

Bartender: Look, I don’t know what business you in… but leave it, friend… you and your pal that was in here before.

[Arthur finishes his $1 whiskey and is on his way out of the saloon when suddenly a drunk approaches him.]

Drunk: Angelo Bronte? Mister Big? Mister Italian-spaghetti-eating-long-streak-of-piss-big? He makes my skin crawl… some swarthy cocksucker… You know what I mean, friend?

Arthur Morgan: Where can I find him?

Drunk: Oh, I-I reckon you can talk to them kids in the alley… they’ll know how to get… Oh and, friend… Y-you be careful now. Immigrants… they’re not to be trusted.

[Arthur runs to the alley.]

Stranger 8: Hey, you got a cigarette, mister? Huh?

[He is surrounded by several kids.]

Arthur Morgan: Maybe… I’m looking for a feller named Angelo Bronte? Italian…

Cleet: I know him. Everyone knows him.

Arthur Morgan: Where is he?

Street Kid: We’ll take you to him… take you to him… but it’ll cost.

Arthur Morgan: I reckon I can pay.

Street Kid: (smugly) Five dollars.

Arthur Morgan: Where’s he live? New York?

Street Kid: I’m an entrepreneur. You don’t wanna pay… then I don’t wanna walk.

Arthur Morgan: Oh man… hustled by a brat… here… come on.

Street Kid: This way, let’s go, mister… You coming, Cleet? Stay close, easy to get lost around here. Come on then. You new to the city, mister?

Arthur Morgan: Pretty much.

Street Kid: Don’t worry, no one knows it good as me and Cleet.

Arthur Morgan: Is that right?

Street Kid: Hope you won’t need his services but you got the doctor on the corner there, nice enough feller. That’s Barrett and Schreiber on the right there. Famous book store, not that I’m much of a reader myself. Now, over here’s a real piece of art. That’s the Church of the Holy Blessed Virgin, mister. Modelled on a famous church in Toulouse, which is in France. You been to Toulouse, mister?

Arthur Morgan: No…

Street Kid: We’re Catholics here, mister, ain’t Baptists or nothing.

Cleet: My momma said they used to burn Protestants and all, but uh…

Street Kid: Bet they don’t have nothing so fine where you come from, mister. Look at them fine steeples…

[At this moment Cleet cuts off Arthur’s bag. The kids run away.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey, hey! You little pair of shits!

Cleet: Let’s go! That feller looks angry!

Arthur Morgan: You give that back!

Cheet: (jumps in a streetcar) Bye mister!

[Arthur jumps on a horse.]

Cleet: I’m being chased by the village idiot.

Arthur Morgan: Stop, you little shit! Little bastard got off.

Stranger: Damn street trash! You after that kid? That little shie went that way!

Arthur Morgan: Thanks for the help, friend.

Civilian: You know, I kind of miss old bobtails.

Cleet: Come on, keep up!

Civilian 2: I don’t. Bounced around so much, couldn’t even read the newspaper.

Civilian 3: Hey! Moron!

Cleet: Bye, mister! You alright back there, old man?

Arthur Morgan: You better stop right now!

Cleet: Just give it up, farmboy!

Arthur Morgan: Just give it up, kid! I’ll kill you, you thieving bastard!

[Finally Arthur catches Cleet and is ready to give him a beating.]

Arthur Morgan: You little bastard.

Cleet: I was just playing.

Arthur Morgan: Give me my things back.

Cleet: Get off me, mister. I’m a good boy, I wash.

Arthur Morgan: Give me my things.

Cleet: Here.

Arthur Morgan: Bronte?

Cleet: At home…

Arthur Morgan: Where?

Cleet: Big house on Flavian Street… opposite the park.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Cleet: Welcome to Saint Denis, mister. It’s quite a town.

Arthur Morgan: Get lost.

[Arthur returns to Dutch.]

Dutch van der Linde: This way, Arthur! Where you been?

Arthur Morgan: Getting robbed.

Dutch van der Linde: Who by?

Arthur Morgan: Bunch of children…

Dutch van der Linde: I won’t inquire anymore.

Arthur Morgan: But I found Mr. Bronte… Seems to be some Italian mister big in town… everybody knows him but nobody wants to talk about him. Apparently, he lives in a big house on Flavian Street… opposite the park.

Dutch van der Linde: Huh… good work.

Arthur Morgan: So what now?

Dutch van der Linde: We go pay him a visit. I’ll get John, you meet us there. Whatever it takes, we need to get that boy back.

[Arthur makes another entry in his diary.]

Arthur Morgan: (offscreen) I cannot decide which I like less… the swamps or the city. Both are full of parasite, reptiles and slime. We’re a long way of east of land we know… and far from real open country.

[“The Joys of Civilization” mission completed.]

Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor[]

[Arthur, Dutch and John meet in the park opposite to Mr. Bronte’s house.]

Dutch van der Linde: There you are.

Arthur Morgan: You boys ready?

Dutch van der Linde: Of course. What else do you know about this guy?

Arthur Morgan: Not much, just that he’s some slick, little, greasy-haired European who’s clearly got power and money. Now, listen, if we go in there and start shooting up the place, the boy’s gonna get shot. That I guarantee. Feller like this is gonna have a lot of protection.

Dutch van der Linde: Ain’t no one gonna get shot, Arthur, so everyone just relax. We’ll charm him. Trust me. This the place?

Arthur Morgan: Must be.

Dutch van der Linde: You okay, John?

John Marston: I guess…

Dutch van der Linde: (to the guard) Excuse me, sir. We have an appointment to see Mr. Bronte.

Guard: Who are you?

[When the guard comes to the gate Dutch slams him against the gates and puts a gun to his head.]

Dutch van der Linde: You get your boss down here and now, so we can talk about this like gentlemen. Run along now, boy.

John Marston: Was that the special Dutch charm I heard so much about?

Dutch van der Linde: Relax… I got this.

[The guard opens the gate, holding our bandits at gunpoint. They enter the courtyard with their hands in the air.]

Dutch van der Linde: Don’t worry, boys, we come in peace. We just need straighten a couple of things out with your boss.

Guard In Italian: Inside.

[Dutch, Arthur, and John walk into a room full of thugs dressed in the style of the Chicago Mafia. In the center of the room sits Angelo Bronte himself in a chair, dressed in a red robe and reading a newspaper.]

Angelo Bronte In Italian: Who are these clowns?

Guard In Italian: They’ve come about the boy we took.

Angelo Bronte In Italian: With money?

Dutch van der Linde: Why do you take his son?

Angelo Bronte: Excuse me?

Dutch van der Linde: I said… why did you take his son? We ain’t got no problems with you, sir… nor you with us… but if you wanna start one… there is gonna be a lot of folks dead in this room before it’s done.

Angelo Bronte: So, you walk into my city… stinking of shit and looking like this… and you come into my house, before you have a bath… and you tell me how to act? You ask me to show compassion? Have I not shown you almost infinite compassion already… by simply allowing you to breathe in my presence?

Dutch van der Linde: Indeed you have. Now… we are simple country folk. All we have is each other… and you have gone, and you have took his son… over some dispute with some inbred ex-slavers. It ain’t got nothing to do with anyone of us.

Angelo Bronte: (screams) You had nothing to do with destroying the liquor business?

Dutch van der Linde: We was innocent bystanders… and that which we weren’t innocent of, well we… we most surely were ignorant of.

Angelo Bronte: You, you, you twist words… you lie shamelessly… you think you are better than everyone else…

Angelo Bronte In Italian: I love you. Give these men drinks. Angelo Bronte.

[He laughs and shakes hands with Dutch.]

Dutch van der Linde: Dutch van der Linde… Arthur Morgan…

Angelo Bronte: Arthur, the pleasure is mine…

Dutch van der Linde: John Marston.

Angelo Bronte: …all mine, please.

Dutch van der Linde: So, can my friend have his son?

Angelo Bronte: Of course, of course. But… should I be out of pocket over a misunderstanding? Of course I know you would not want that…

Dutch van der Linde: No.

Angelo Bronte: No, no, no, so, how about this? You perform a simple job for me… and you get your son back.

Arthur Morgan: What is it?

Angelo Bronte: A couple of people have taken to grave robbing in the cemetery.

Dutch van der Linde: That is a fine place for it, the best.

Angelo Bronte: (laughs) I love this guy, I love you. See they’ve taken, not only to desecrating the dead… but they’ve done so without paying a tribute to the living. Thing is, they see my men, of course, they run a mile. So maybe you two head off… and you, Mr. Van der Linde… Why, you tell me more about my manners. (laughs) Salute. (Cheers.)

Dutch van der Linde: Salute. (Cheers.)

[Arthur and John leave the house and saddle their horses.]

John Marston: Grave robbers? You think he’s taking us for a fool?

Arthur Morgan: No idea. What choice do we have?

John Marston: None, I guess. This is idiotic…

Arthur Morgan: You know where the cemetery is?

John Marston: I think so, pretty sure I rode by it earlier. It’s real impressive.

Arthur Morgan: You know, you did good, holding your tongue in there.

John Marston: Do you trust one word that comes out of that bastard’s mouth? We don’t even know where Jack is.

Arthur Morgan: Listen, we found Bronte, we got in there… Dutch is with him now. All things considered, it could’ve gone a lot worse.

John Marston: That poor kid. I ain’t been a good father to him. I hope… he’s okay.

Arthur Morgan: He’ll be fine. I figure… the Braithwaites were going to hold Jack ransom, for all the money we cost ’em. They must have sent him here so we couldn’t get to him. But… Bronte knows by now there’s no Braithwaites left to pay him. Jack ain’t much use to him anymore. Let’s just get this done… and let Dutch handle the rest.

John Marston: I just hope you’re right. This way. C’mon, let’s find them and get the hell outta here. Stay quiet, we don’t wanna spook ’em.

[They enter the cemetery.]

Arthur Morgan: Quiet. Hey there, boy.

Drunk: Oh, uh, I’m sorry, I… I had a bit to drink. My friend… died… They can hear us, you know… they’re still with us…

[They approach the big tomb and pull out their pistols.]

Arthur Morgan: I hear something in there.

John Marston: You boys found my pappy’s watch yet?

[The night shootout at the cemetery begins! Ominous organ music plays in the background.]

Arthur Morgan: How many you see?

John Marston: Three, Four? Hard to tell.

Arthur Morgan: Bastards are trying to draw us out.

John Marston: I think we got one left. Let’s smoke him out. Can’t see worth a damn! We sure picked the right night for it. Reckon this is gonna wake a few people up.

Arthur Morgan: No doubt.

John Marston: I think that’s all of ’em. Alright, now let’s find their stash. Gotta be round here someplace.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, but we’ll need to be quick.

John Marston: We can’t go back to Bronte empty-handed. Let’s have a look where they first shot at us from.

Arthur Morgan: Robbing graverobbers… we’ve hit the big time. I think there might be something in here. Got it.

John Marston: Good, now let’s get out of here. (whistle sound is heard) Shit, it’s the law. Let’s go, maybe we can get out that gate. It’s locked, we’ll have to go back the way we came. Dammit. Come on. We best stick to the side.

Lawman: This place is like a maze.

Lawman 2: They have to be here somewhere. You try the left and I’ll go straight ahead.

[Arthur and John sneak out of the cemetery and get to their horses. They ride to Bronte’s house.]

Arthur Morgan: Well, it’s lucky I ain’t a religious man.

John Marston: Let’s just get back there, collect our side of the deal.

Arthur Morgan: You alright?

John Marston: He best not be playing games with us.

Arthur Morgan: He almost certainly is, but let’s just see. Keep your head, act normal.

John Marston: How’s he even gonna know we did what he asked?

Arthur Morgan: I got a feeling most things round here get back to him pretty fast. Like I said, we’ll just see where we’re at once we’ve got Jack.

[They get to Bronte’s house. Dutch is standing at the gate.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well… you took your time.

[A boy runs out of the house.]

John Marston: Jack!

Jack Marston: Pa!

John Marston: (hugs him) Am I glad to see you.

Arthur Morgan: Where’s your host?

Dutch van der Linde: Like I said, you took your time. Let’s get going. But a fine man. Hey, friend. Thank Mr. Bronte… for everything.

[They leave the house.]

Dutch van der Linde: You know, Arthur… Mr. Bronte has invited us to a garden party at the mayor’s house. And us, just simple country boys. Let’s go. We have a new camp set up, Jack, you’re going to love it. Alright, let’s get this boy back to his mother.

[The gang rides back to the manor.]

John Marston: You sure you’re okay, son?

Jack Marston: I’m fine… Papa Bronte said you’d come for me.

John Marston: I’m… I’m sorry.

Jack Marston: What for?

John Marston: For… that… for taking so long…

Jack Marston: I had a fun time. I had my own room with a big bed and a toy box. And lots of books.

John Marston: Did they… do anything to you?

Jack Marston: Have you ever had spaghetti?

John Marston: What? What’s that?

Jack Marston: It’s food… It looks like worms, but it’s delicious.

John Marston: Is that right?

Jack Marston: Papa Bronte teached me lots of Italian words.

John Marston: Don’t call him that, please…

Jack Marston: You know "cavallo"? That means horse… and "pantofola”, that’s a slipper.

John Marston: A slipper?

Jack Marston: They gave me two pairs, one for day and one for night.

John Marston: Well, er, I’m just glad you’re alright.

Jack Marston: Oh yes. I had the best time, but I can’t wait to see momma. Did she miss me?

John Marston: She sure did. Like you wouldn’t know.

Arthur Morgan: You had a nice night, then?

Dutch van der Linde: Most enjoyable… well the man’s an intolerable blowhard, but he stocks a fine bar. How did you fellers get on? Any problems?

Arthur Morgan: A whole heap of them. We about doubled the population of that graveyard.

Dutch van der Linde: You know, I thought I heard gunshots but the gramophone was playing.

Arthur Morgan: (sighs) Unbelievable.

Dutch van der Linde: Each to their strengths, Arthur. I went in there with a gun and left with a party invitation.

Arthur Morgan: So what’d you say this was… a garden party?

Dutch van der Linde: A big gala at the mayor’s house. I’m told every rich fool in Lemoyne will be there.

Arthur Morgan: And Bronte?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh he’ll be there too… seems to more or less run this city, at least that’s the way he sees it. Could open up some opportunities for us. It’s been a chaotic few days, but we can finally move forward now.

Bill Williamson: Hey, they’re back! I think I see Jack!

Dutch van der Linde: Abigail! Abigail! We got you your son, everything…

John Marston: We got him!

Jack Marston: Momma!

John Marston: He’s fine!

Jack Marston: I’m fine, Momma… they fed me good. Italian food. You ever eat that?

Abigail Marston: (crying) Come here, you silly boy. You got him. You got my son back. Dutch, Arthur, thank you… thank you. I got my son back!

Hosea Matthews: Jack, Jack, Jack… How are you, boy?

Jack Marston: I’m fine, thanks.

Hosea Matthews: Everything’s okay now. Abigail.

Jack Marston: Can I go play now?

Hosea Matthews: So?

Dutch van der Linde: Well… we met Mr. Bronte. He is… quite a character.

Hosea Matthews: Is he now?

Dutch van der Linde: You ever meet an Italian strong man before?

Hosea Matthews: Not outside of a circus.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, let me tell you all about him. John, you go be with your family. Arthur… thank you. Boys, we got some work to do… interesting work. But first let’s have a drink. (laughs) We got Jack back!

Hosea Matthews: Well, the boy’s safe, thank goodness.

John Marston: Thank you, Arthur, I… I don’t know how to say it… thank you.

Arthur Morgan: I understand. Come on… do as Dutch says. Go be with your family.

[“Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor” mission completed.]

[The gang celebrates.]

Uncle: That’s it, come on, come on in here. He’s back alright.

Hosea Matthews: Hey, make some room for John there.

Karen Jones: Come on! Are we celebrating here, or what?

Uncle: Good to have you back here, we’ve missed you. Hey, hey… how about a song, huh?

No, No And Thrice, No[]

[Arthur finds Mary-Beth reading at the camp.]

Arthur Morgan: Hello, Mary-Beth.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: How are you, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Fine… how are you?

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Well, I’m well I think. It’s been quite a run we’ve had but… but we’re still alive.

Arthur Morgan: So, no regrets?

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Regrets for what?

Arthur Morgan: Well, for joining this band of maniacs?

Mary-Beth Gaskill: If you’re a girl without means in this world… life is very scary. You boys cared for me. Before, no one cared for me. Well, life weren’t very nice, Arthur… not after momma got typhoid and… that was a long time ago.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: What about you? I heard you ran into that Mary girl.

Arthur Morgan: Yep.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: And?

Arthur Morgan: Got me thinking how that all ended. Long time ago now.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: What happened?

Arthur Morgan: She didn’t love me enough, I guess. Or… I wouldn’t change.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Well, she was a fool then, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Well, she put a lot of good years in on an outlaw… she definitely was a fool.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: In these books, life seems so simple but… in reality I… I can’t make head nor tail of it.

Susan Grimshaw: Mr. Morgan! Mr. Morgan, we have a problem… a real problem. It’s Tilly.

[Susan pushes Mary Beth out of the way.]

Susan Grimshaw: She’s been taken… by them Foreman brothers she used to run with. Come along.

Arthur Morgan: The Foreman brothers? Well what are they doing here?

Susan Grimshaw: Well, I don’t know what they’ve been doing here… but I can tell you what they’re going to be doing here… (find herself a gun) dying.

Arthur Morgan: Sure… do we need more guns?

Susan Grimshaw: You and I can handle this, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Where we heading?

Susan Grimshaw: I’ll tell you on the way… just get going.

[They get on the camp wagon.]

Susan Grimshaw: Alright, head for Rhodes. And quick.

Arthur Morgan: She’s in Rhodes?

Susan Grimshaw: No, she’s at a place called Radley’s House, just west of there.

Arthur Morgan: How do you know?

Susan Grimshaw: When we first got here, she told me she was worried that our camp… was near a safe house that gang she ran with used from time to time.

Arthur Morgan: And you told Dutch?

Susan Grimshaw: No. She spoke to me in confidence. I suppose I didn’t think it would be a problem.

Arthur Morgan: And now it is.

Susan Grimshaw: Oh yes.

Arthur Morgan: What do they want with her anyway? I think I saw one of the Foremans hassling her in Valentine.

Susan Grimshaw: Yes, they probably followed us down here. You don’t know what happened? She killed one of them, for good reason, but… clearly they don’t see it that way.

Arthur Morgan: Tilly?

Susan Grimshaw: Yes, young Tilly Jackson isn’t as sweet and innocent as you might think… but, like I say, she was defending herself. She fled and fell in with us right after that. I just hope we can get to her in time.

Arthur Morgan: It’s not too far.

Susan Grimshaw: If they’ve touched a single hair on that girl’s head, I will eviscerate the sons of bitches.

Arthur Morgan: See… you do care, Miss. Grimshaw.

Susan Grimshaw: Okay, I think that’s the place up ahead.

Arthur Morgan: I think there’s a guard…

Susan Grimshaw: I’ll deal with him.

Foreman: What you want?

Susan Grimshaw: Kind sir, we’re lost and in need of some help.

Foreman: No, get outta here.

Susan Grimshaw: Oh I see that kindly face of yours… and I know that for the right inducements, a gentlemen such as yourself could be mighty kind.

Foreman: No, get outta here.

Susan Grimshaw: Oh now, you keep saying that, but you don’t mean nothing by it.

Foreman: I said, get-

[Susan stabs him in the neck.]

Susan Grimshaw: You’ve said your last words.

[Arthur pulls out his gun and goes into the house.]

Foreman 2: What the hell?

Foreman 3: Goddamn it!

[Arthur quickly kills them.]

Arthur Morgan: (unties her) It’s okay, Miss Tilly. Now, let’s get you outta here.

Tilly Jackson: I thought they was… I…

Arthur Morgan: (hugs her) It don’t matter what you thought… it’s okay. Alright, let’s go.

Susan Grimshaw: Oh, come along, miss….

Tilly Jackson: Thank you, both of you.

Arthur Morgan: What happened?

Tilly Jackson: It was Anthony Foreman. He thinks he owns me.

Susan Grimshaw: I remember. Where is he?

Tilly Jackson: He went out hunting or something. There were five of them, I think.

Arthur Morgan: Well… we killed those fellers there.

Tilly Jackson: There they are.

Arthur Morgan: Come on.

Susan Grimshaw: Tilly, grab that gun. Anyone approaches, shoot ’em!

Tilly Jackson: (reloads a rifle) Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be just fine. Now catch that bastard! The one in front’s the boss. Bring him back alive, I ain’t done with him yet.

Susan Grimshaw: Alright, get after them!

[Arthur and Susan ride after the riders.]

Susan Grimshaw: There, straight ahead, I saw them go through those bushes. Were coming for your you bastards! They’re heading down the hill to the water. You got him. Oh, there they are, by the shoreline. Stay right on their tail, Arthur. (shoots her gun) Alright, I think that last one’s the boss. Lasso him and we’ll take him back to Tilly. Don’t kill him yet. I want Tilly to have the last word on this bastard. Come on. Get him, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Come here.

Susan Grimshaw: That’s it, now make sure you tie him up real good.

Anthony Foreman: You son of a bitch.

Arthur Morgan: Gonna make these nice and tight.

Susan Grimshaw: Alright, you bring that bastard back to Tilly, so we can all have a nice little chat. I’m going to head over there now to check she’s okay.

Arthur Morgan: With pleasure.

[He ties Anthony up and puts him on a horse, then returns to Tilly.]

Anthony Foreman: Do you have the first idea of what you’re getting into? I’m Anthony Foreman.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, thanks for the introduction, Anthony. Is that Foreman with an "e"? I want the undertaker to spell it right.

Anthony Foreman: Funny bastard. Who are you running with?

Arthur Morgan: She didn’t tell you?

Anthony Foreman: She didn’t tell me nothing. This rope is cutting into me.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t feel so good when you’re the one tied up, does it?

Anthony Foreman: She killed my goddamn cousin.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, don’t worry, you’ll be seeing him soon enough.

Anthony Foreman: What are you gonna do with me?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t sure yet. Reckon I’ll let Tilly decide what you deserve.

Anthony Foreman: You’re wasting your time with that girl. She’s a liar, she’ll screw you over like she did me.

[Arthur brings Antony to Tilly.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright, here’s your man.

Susan Grimshaw: Bring him here. Dump him on the ground here. I want to get a good look at this monster.

Tilly Jackson: So he’s still alive then?

Susan Grimshaw: (to Anthony) You see this girl… you leave her alone.

Anthony Foreman: She killed my cousin!

Tilly Jackson: Your goddamn cousin had it coming, Anthony Foreman!

Susan Grimshaw: I don’t care if she shot your daddy… and cooked your momma for breakfast… she’s mine, she ain’t yours.

Arthur Morgan: You know an old friend of mine… he always says… revenge is a fool’s game.

[He cuts Anthony loose.]

Arthur Morgan: Now… you want all your boys dead? She had her reasons.

Anthony Foreman: We was family, Tilly Jackson.

Tilly Jackson: You Foreman boys ain’t no kind of family I want.

Susan Grimshaw: Kill him, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: You want that?

Tilly Jackson: I want him to go away… and tell the remaining of his cousins… and the clowns he rides with… to leave me alone!

Arthur Morgan: Now, you think you can do that, Anthony? Or should I… slit your throat… and just save us all the bother?

Anthony Foreman: I’ll leave you alone. History… is done.

Susan Grimshaw: History is never done. It’s your call, Arthur… but I’d slit his throat. Go on. Finish the bastard off. You know my choice.

Arthur Morgan: Alright you…

Susan Grimshaw: Come on… let’s get you home.

[Susan and Tilly leave on the wagon. Arthur decides to spare Anthony.]

Arthur Morgan: Now get out of here.

[“No, No and Thrice, No” mission completed.]

Help a Brother Out[]

[Arthur meets a stranger in Saint Denis.]

Stranger 2: You kind sir. Will you help the poor?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t so kind.

Stranger 2: Yes you are, sir. You have it in you, I can tell.

Arthur Morgan: I’m a nasty bit of work, father.

Stranger 2: You’re wrong on two counts, sir. I’m a humble Brother. A penitent monk, not a priest… and you’re a magnificent bit of work. You may have made some… some poor choices… but which of us hasn’t?

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) You have no idea.

Stranger 2: But you do… and God does, and that’s enough for me… and for him.

Arthur Morgan: We shall see.

Stranger 2: That we shall, sir… but why don’t you hedge your bets… and give two bits to the poor? There are so many who will go hungry tonight.

Arthur Morgan: (tosses two coins in the bowl) Sure.

Stranger 2: Bless you, sir.

Arthur Morgan: How you getting on, anyhow?

Stranger 2: These are a somewhat apathetic lot I’m afraid.

Arthur Morgan: My, umm… my mentor says that America… is designed to induce apathy in people.

Stranger 2: That’s a wonderful insight. He must be a wise man, your mentor.

Arthur Morgan: (laughs) Well sometimes he’s a downright fool but… usually, he’s the best man I know.

Stranger 2: That’s wonderful. The, the thing is I’m… well, poverty will always be with us… but slavery, I-I thought we had banished that. But Saint Denis is acting as a staging post… for shipping slaves out to some of the islands.

Arthur Morgan: I don’t believe you, it’s 1899.

Stranger 2: Maybe you should have a look yourself. I’ve heard that the pawnbroker down the block… around the corner… the one with the green door… well they say he sells more than forlorn trinkets. Help the poor.

[Arthur investigates the shop.]

Shopkeeper: Hi there, mister. Feel free to browse.

Arthur Morgan: Shall do. A bit of a strange question, but you heard tell of slavers ’round here, buddy?

Shopkeeper: What?

[Arthur notices that one of the bookcases is regularly moving…]

Shopkeeper: Oh, er, nothing much back there, I’m afraid… just a few old books. (nervous laugh)

Arthur Morgan: This don’t seem right… What’s back here? It looks like this pulls out or something?

Shopkeeper: Pulls out? No, it’s just an old bookcase, seen better days. I must say, you’re acting very strange. (Arthur moves the bookcase) I’ve had enough of this. You’re crazy! I’m going to get help.

[Arthur pushes back the bookcase and finds a dark room behind it.]

Captive: H-hello?

Captive 2 In Spanish: Shhh, be quiet.

Captive 1 In Spanish: Is someone there? Please! Help us! Help, please!

Arthur Morgan: Please, I’m on your side. It’s going to be okay. (takes the shackles off him)

Captive 1 In Spanish: Please.

Arthur Morgan: Now don’t worry, I’m on your side. (takes the shackles off him)

Captive 1 In Spanish: Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

Arthur Morgan: Come with me. Don’t worry… you’re going to be alright now, I promise.

[He leads the prisoners out of the secret basement.]

Arthur Morgan: That’s it, come on. You’ll be safe soon. This way. Not much farther. Poor bastards.

Captive 2 In Spanish: I don’t know. We re free, and that’s what matters. We’ve got to trust him.

[He leads the prisoners to the stranger he met.]

Arthur Morgan: Brother?

Stranger: Brother Dorkins, friend.

Arthur Morgan: Arthur. Arthur Morgan. Come on. You were right… I found these two imprisoned in that shop.

Brother Dorkins: Oh, my… that’s… well, they are blessed to have met you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Trust me, in that they’re very unusual… I don’t think they speak much English.

Brother Dorkins: My brothers, come. Let’s go get something to eat.

Brother Dorkins: In Spanish: Food…

Arthur Morgan: (picking up the bowl) Hey, you forgot this.

Brother Dorkins: Oh, yes. Thank you, I… here. Payment… for your services. I could not have freed these men myself.

Arthur Morgan: Give it to the poor, Brother.

Brother Dorkins: Thank you, I will. Like I said, magnificent. Come on. Come, come, come. Come see me again sometime. I often work at the old church… on Gaspar Street in St. Frances.

[“Help a Brother Out” mission completed.]

Brothers And Sisters, One And All[]

[Arthur decides to visit Brother Dorkins at the church.]

Sister: Try again, please… read.

Street Kid: It is m… W… m… It is …….

Sister: Por favor… it’s warm, w, an upside down M.

Street Kid: I don’t get it.

Sister: Oh, you will. It’s like swimming, it takes time, but then it is easy… and the whole world opens to you.

Street Kid: I hate this, it’s too hard!

Sister: Take your time.

Street Kid: "I lick… I-I lick?"

Sister: Like.

Street Kid: "I like the soon… sooner…" Goddammit what does this even mean?

Brother Dorkins: Watch your language, please. "Summer." "Summer." "I like the summer."

Sister: Don’t worry. You know the letters, you know the sounds, you’re nearly there!

Street Kid: I got no use for stupid books.

Brother Dorkins: "I don’t have any use for stupid books."

Street Kid: If you ain’t, why you making us do it?

Brother Dorkins: No, you should say, "I don’t have any," not "I got no".

Sister: (laughs) I think you may be confusing things a little now, Brother Dorkins. Go over it first in your head. Take your time.

Arthur Morgan: Howdy, mister.

Brother Dorkins: Sister, my friend, Mr. Morgan.

Sister: Oh… Sir. Brother Dorkins told me about the wonderful thing you did.

Arthur Morgan: He talks a lot of nonsense… no offense.

Brother Dorkins: None taken. None taken at all.

[One of the street kids steals a crucifix.]

Brother Dorkins: Hey, stop!

Arthur Morgan: These kids, they’re the worst. (runs after the kid)

Sister: Don’t hurt him, please!

Brother Dorkins: We’ll be at the cathedral!

Sister: Oh no, my mother gave me that when I was a girl…

[The unexpectedly fleeing child is grabbed by one of the citizens…]

Street Kid 2: Get off me!

Civilian: You little bastards…

Civilian 2: (punches the kid) Where’s my watch, you little weasel?

Street Kid 2: I don’t know nothing about no damn watch!

Civilian 2: Last Saturday, I saw you steal it with my own two eyes!

Street Kid 2: Maybe your eyes don’t work so good no more.

Civilian 2: You kids, you’re nothing but trash!

Street Kid 2: Your breath smells like hot dog shit, mister.

Civilian 2: (slaps the kid) I’ll smash your dirty little face in!

Arthur Morgan: Hey you, why don’t you leave the boy alone?

Civilian 2: What’s it to do with you?

Arthur Morgan: I can hit a lot harder than you, I promise you that.

Civilian 2: Alright, forget it. Little shit ain’t even worth my time.

Street Kid 2: Thanks, mister.

[The child runs away happily. Arthur lifts the crucifix from the ground and hears a familiar voice.]

Familiar Voice: Hey… you want some company, mister?

Arthur Morgan: No.

Familiar Voice: You sure?

Arthur Morgan: Hey…

Familiar Voice: What?

Arthur Morgan: I know you. Mrs. Downes?

[The girl turns out to be the wife of Thomas Downes, from whom Arthur used to extort debts. Having hit rock bottom, she now has to work as a prostitute.]

Edith Downes: Oh, no. Not you. Get away.

Arthur Morgan: How, I mean…

Edith Downes: Now.

Arthur Morgan: Hey…

Edith Downes: Help.

Arthur Morgan: Hold on…

Edith Downes: This man is bothering me. Someone help me. Officer, help!

[Arthur has no choice but to leave quietly. He escape the law and find the cathedral.]

Sister: Every day, it’s a new challenge, Father. When I was younger, those challenges used to frustrate me. Mr. Morgan!

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me, Father… Sister. I got your cross.

Sister: (grasp) You didn’t!

Arthur Morgan: No, I did.

Sister: I hope the boy…

Arthur Morgan: He’s fine… physically… mentally he’s a piece of work but… who am I to say…

Sister: Brother Dorkins was right about you… you are the most wonderful man.

[She hugs him.]

Arthur Morgan: Brother Dorkins is… greatly deceived I’m afraid, but… I’m happy to help a little.

Sister: Thank you… you see it’s a thing, but… my mother gave it to me when I was a novice… shortly before she passed. You are the most wonderful man.

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me, Father… Sister… enjoy your day.

Sister: See, Father… Brother Dorkins found him… I told you… Brother Dorkins was fantastic.

[“Brothers and Sisters, One and All” mission completed.]

High And Low Finance[]

[Arthur returns to the camp.]

Abigail Marston: Jack! Jack! Where are you?

Karen Jones: Hi there, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Charles.

Charles Smith: You busy?

Arthur Morgan: No, why?

Charles Smith: Feller sold me these plans.

Uncle: Oh, what you gotta ask him for, Charles?

Arthur Morgan: Me?

Uncle: He’s just gonna make a big drama out of it… you know he will.

Arthur Morgan: Drama out of what?

Uncle: Only the easiest little bank score ever got taken.

Arthur Morgan: Why? I don’t like robbing banks now?

Uncle: You like complaining and whining. We never robbed that bank in Rhodes.

Charles Smith: Arthur’s good, he’s the best man we’ve got… and this is easy.

Uncle: But, he complains a lot.

Charles Smith: Turns out there’s a big weakness in the building. They replaced a window to improve security… but the bricks are real weak.

Uncle: The vault’s right behind.

Charles Smith: Feller sold me the plans, told me all about it. It’s an open secret in town… due to be fixed any day, apparently.

Arthur Morgan: And we got enough explosives?

Charles Smith: I think so.

Arthur Morgan: Well then, what’re we waiting for? Come on.

Uncle: Well just, no whining there, Arthur Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Shut up, or I’ll make you whine.

Charles Smith: Gimme this.

[They saddle their horses.]

Uncle: Been a while since I robbed a bank. I’m looking forward to this.

Arthur Morgan: Have you ever robbed a bank?

Uncle: Of course I have. What about that one up near Canada with you and Bill a couple of years ago?

Arthur Morgan: You was the lookout, and not a very good one if I remember right.

Uncle: Can you believe this, Charles?

Charles Smith: I’m staying out of it.

Arthur Morgan: Try not to get us trapped in a burning barn this time, Uncle.

Uncle: And you try not kill half the town over some imaginary gold.

Charles Smith: (laughs) He has a point there.

Arthur Morgan: Probably best we approach the bank from the back. Don’t need nobody recognizing us.

Charles Smith: I agree. It’s this way. Let’s cut through here. There’s the bank, just there.

[They stop on a hill near town and get of their horses.]

Arthur Morgan: I see it.

Charles Smith: Here, this way. Let’s rest here till dark.

Uncle: This is my kind of bank robbery.

[They wait until nightfall.]

Charles Smith: It’s time, let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: Alright. (kicks Uncle) Wake up, beautiful.

Uncle: What, already?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, come on. Alright… let’s see what’s going on.

Uncle: That boy over there… he’s a guard, for sure.

Arthur Morgan: Well, I’ll go deal with him.

Charles Smith: Silently, please.

Arthur Morgan: Of course.

[He kills the guard.]

Arthur Morgan: All clear…

Charles Smith: Good work, Arthur… Follow me. Grab that spool, Arthur… Unspool that wire to about thirty feet away.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Charles Smith: Thanks, this won’t take long. Okay… I think we’re all good… Ready when you are… Push the stick, Arthur.

[Arthur blows up the wall of the bank.]

Charles Smith: Let’s move!

Uncle: Make it quick! Law will be here soon.

Arthur Morgan: The safes look damaged. I reckon we should be able to pry them open.

Charles Smith: Let’s see what we got in here, check those other vaults.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, hurry up, we ain’t got long.

[Charles and Arthur loot the safes.]

Uncle: Let’s go gentlemen and quick.

Charles Smith: Coming! Let’s go.

[They leave the bank.]

Charles Smith: Let’s get out of here! Follow me.

[The gang successfully escapes the law.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey, hold up a moment, fellers…

Uncle: See, easy.

Charles Smith: Real easy.

Uncle: How’d we do?

Arthur Morgan: We did okay, I think. Here… and thank you boys, that was fun. Now don’t forget to give the camp its share, Uncle.

Uncle: Oh, as if I would.

Arthur Morgan: As if… Now… split up, both of you… let’s get moving.

[“High and Low Finance” mission completed.]

Fatherhood And Other Dreams - I + II[]

[Arthur receives another letter from Mary.]

Mary Linton: (offscreen) My Dear Arthur. I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to thank you for your help with Jamie. He and Daddy are still arguing, but - I understand that Jamie is thinking about going back to college. Whatever happens, I believe you saved his life and we are all truly grateful. Oh, Arthur, I have made such a mess of my life, time and again. Why can I not change and be the woman I want to be? Why couldn’t you change and be a man and put down all those fantasies that shroud your judgment? Life is very confusing and I see now that I’m not very good at it. I am afraid we have got ourselves into another mess. It’s not my fault, but I need your help. I’m staying at the Hotel Grand in Saint Denis. Oh, Arthur, I know it is wrong to ask you, but I have nobody else and for what we once had together, I beg of you, even though I am ashamed to do so. Yours, Mary.

[Arthur decides to help her. He rides up to the hotel in St. Denis and sees Mary standing on the second floor of the building.]

Mary Linton: Arthur! Arthur! You came.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I came. So, ah… what you need?

Mary Linton: Wait there, I’m coming straight down.

[She goes outside to Arthur.]

Mary Linton: Arthur…

Arthur Morgan: Hello, Mary.

Mary Linton: You came.

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Whenever you call for me, I come.

Mary Linton: Oh, Arthur…

Arthur Morgan: What’s wrong?

Mary Linton: Daddy…

Arthur Morgan: Your father? I’m a bigger fool than I even thought. (walks away)

Mary Linton: I’m begging you, Arthur… I know Daddy was not kind to you, but… but surely you cannot hate a man for the sin of loving his daughter… and wanting better for her than…

Arthur Morgan: Than me?

Mary Linton: Than the choices you make.

Arthur Morgan: What choice did I have? Did I ever have?

Mary Linton: Oh, I know… you had to live by your code… but your code is… well it’s not right.

Arthur Morgan: Has your way been right, Mary? With you, and Jamie joining a bunch of crazies… and hypocritical Daddy with his… drinking and whoring and gambling… Is that what a pure life has gotten you… begging me for help?

Mary Linton: Oh, Arthur… be kind to me. Please…

Arthur Morgan: (sighs) Sorry.

Mary Linton: I am… I should have asked someone else… but…

Arthur Morgan: But I’m the best guy you know at frightening decent people.

Mary Linton: It wasn’t that I didn’t love you, Arthur. You know that?

Arthur Morgan: I know.

Mary Linton: Oh, Arthur… we were so very young… think how different life could’ve been.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I think about it… a lot, but… it all seems so long ago and far away now.

Mary Linton: Will you help me try to save Daddy?

Arthur Morgan: Come along then… where we going? What’s the old loveable patriarch been up to now?

Mary Linton: Oh, Arthur… you know sarcasm is beneath you. He’s been gambling, and drinking, and other things…

Arthur Morgan: Oh, the filthy rotter… Where can we find him?

Mary Linton: He said he was going down to the Theodore Eckhart stables. Something about a horse. It’s down by the water in the warehouse district… near the train yard.

Arthur Morgan: Come on then…

Mary Linton: Don’t be a pompous ass, Arthur. It doesn’t suit you.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, should I leave that to Daddy?

Mary Linton: Leave Daddy alone… he suffers enough.

Arthur Morgan: Well I suppose I can take some consolation in that.

Mary Linton: Oh, Arthur… I should’ve ran away with you years ago.

Arthur Morgan: But you wouldn’t.

Mary Linton: No, I didn’t… but… well… I don’t know.

[They get on Arthur’s horse.]

Arthur Morgan: So what do you think he’s up to?

Mary Linton: I’m not sure… he keeps saying it’s a disgrace… a man of his standing has to ride around on some old nag.

Arthur Morgan: Standing? He’s usually falling down.

Mary Linton: Arthur… he wasn’t always this way. But… it has got worse. He’s drinking and gambling more than ever, pawning things off left and right, mixing with bad people. I’m just scared for him…

Arthur Morgan: Don’t worry too much, whatever it is, we’ll work it out.

[They ride to the stables.]

Mary Linton: This is the place. Let me go in and see what kind of a state he’s in.

Arthur Morgan: Sure. I’ll wait here, good luck. Scream if you need any help.

Mary Linton: Very funny.

[She enters the building. A worker sweeping the area is turned back to Arthur.]

Worker: You can’t stand there.

Arthur Morgan: What, in the street?

Worker: Yes, in the street.

Arthur Morgan: Is it your street?

Worker: Just get outta here.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Worker: I said, just get outta here.

[Arthur slaps him.]

Arthur Morgan: Listen, partner… I’m waiting on a lady… she’s a fine lady… she’s just gone inside. If I wasn’t waiting on this lady… you’d be dead already… but if you continue to irritate me… I’ll kill you and make my apologies to the lady. It’s your call.

Worker: I didn’t mean nothing.

Arthur Morgan: Apology accepted. Wait right there.

Mr. Gillis: Never been so demeaned in my life… a woman… my own daughter. I have half a mind to kill you myself.

[A drunkard in a red jacket and top hat walks out of the stables. Mary comes out after him.]

Mary Linton: Daddy.

Mr. Gillis: No.

Mary Linton: Oh Daddy, please come home… you’re tired Daddy… tired and unwell.

Mr. Gillis: I am no such thing… you get away from me, you head home… I insist upon it. Leave me be. Damn nuisance.

Arthur Morgan: (to the worker) Excuse me, partner.

[He walks to Mary.]

Arthur Morgan: Still as charming as ever, I see.

Mary Linton: Oh, Arthur. He’s up to no good, we better follow him.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Mary Linton: This way. Arthur, drop back a bit or he’ll see you. He went around the corner. Arthur, drop back a bit or he’ll see you. Hold up, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: You can see why he has such a high opinion of himself. We’ll just follow the smell.

Mary Linton: Arthur, come on. He just went between those crates. Come here, quick.

[They hide from Mr. Gillis.]

Mr. Gillis: Mind where you go, mind where you go.

Civilian: Sorry.

Arthur Morgan: Do you… think he saw us?

Mary Linton: I don’t think so…

Mr. Gillis: What did you say to me?

Civilian: I didn’t say a thing insulting.

Mr. Gillis: I’ll wipe that goddamn smirk clean off your face…

Civilian: (laughs) Ain’t you a little old for brawling, mister?

Mr. Gillis: Damn you.

Mary Linton: He’s heading across the road.

Arthur Morgan: You know, this is kind of fun.

Mary Linton: Shh. He’ll hear you. You could’ve cleaned yourself up a bit.

Arthur Morgan: I didn’t realize I was here to impress anyone.

Mary Linton: He just went left down that alleyway. What’s he doing?

Arthur Morgan: Let’s go find out.

Mary Linton: Hey, stop a second. You’re too close. What’s he doing? What do you think he’s doing?

Arthur Morgan: Well he’s either waiting for a woman of dubious morals or… he’s trying to sell something.

Mr. Gillis: So, Ashton, you got the money?

Arthur Morgan: Seems he’s selling something.

Ashton: Have you got the brooch, Mr. Gillis?

Mr. Gillis: Yes… here.

Ashton: Here’s the money. That is beautiful.

Mr. Gillis: It’s a family heirloom… it’s been in the family for years.

Mary Linton: That was mother’s brooch…

Ashton: Not any longer, Mr. Gillis. Enjoy the money… and, should you need any more… I can offer you a loan at a very reasonable rate of interest.

Mr. Gillis: No, thank you. I’ve heard what happens to folks who take loans from you.

Mary Linton: It’s not even his to sell… I’ve met a hundred men like you, Mr. Gillis. You’ll come crawling back soon enough.

Arthur Morgan: It’s just a brooch… at least he didn’t get himself killed. You’ll come crawling back soon enough.

Mary Linton: You don’t understand… mother left it to me.

[She comes around the corner in a rage.]

Mary Linton: You sold my mother’s brooch? How could you? That’s theft!

Mr. Gillis: (sees Arthur) You… oh, speaking of thieves, I… I see you’ve found your outlaw again.

Arthur Morgan: Hello, sir, have you been well?

Mary Linton: Daddy, how could you?

Arthur Morgan: Mary, wait here, I’ll go get the brooch.

Mary Linton: Don’t hurt anyone, Arthur.

Mr. Gillis: He’ll probably kill someone… Oh, but you like that, don’t you, Mary?

Mary Linton: I am ashamed of you, Daddy.

[Arthur goes after Ashton.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey you, Ashton, hold it right there!

[He has to steal a horse and go in pursuit.]

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn it. Hey, stop that coach. Get back here! Are you hearing me? Stop the damn coach! Goddammit. You stop right now. Pull over, now!

[Arthur catches up with the coach, throws off the driver, and drives the coach to a secluded place.]

Ashton: What the hell? You can’t do this! Do you know who I am?

Arthur Morgan: Get out of there!

Ashton: Leave me alone, leave me alone, it’s just a brooch,

Arthur Morgan: I want that brooch, it wasn’t Gillis’s to sell.

Ashton: I bought it fair and square.

Arthur Morgan: How much do you want for it?

Ashton: I guess I could give it to you for a hundred dollars.

[Arthur decides to pay.]

Arthur Morgan: (throws the money) Here.

Ashton: Here, take the damn thing. Crazy son of a bitch. You don’t know who you’re messing with! Somebody’s gonna pay for this.

[Arthur, ignoring him, returns to Mary.]

Arthur Morgan: Where’s your father?

Mary Linton: I don’t know.

Arthur Morgan: You want me to go find him again?

Mary Linton: Not really.

Arthur Morgan: Well, let’s take a walk. I’ll take you to the trolley.

Mary Linton: Thank you.

Arthur Morgan: I… got you your brooch back.

Mary Linton: I won’t ask.

Arthur Morgan: Probably best not.

Mary Linton: Hey… what are you doing now… right this moment?

Arthur Morgan: Why’d you ask?

Mary Linton: Well, I was… wondering if you wanted to do something? Head to the theater perhaps?

Arthur Morgan: Theater? Me? Sure, why not.

Mary Linton: It’ll be fun, Arthur. Let’s go to the Râleur, they have the strangest acts.

Arthur Morgan: Strangeness I can handle… it’s the normal business of life I can’t seem to get a grip on.

Mary Linton: You and me both, Arthur. Oh I’ve missed you.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t start…

Mary Linton: You’re an idiot… but you’ll always be my friend.

Arthur Morgan: Well of course I’m your friend, but… you ain’t always fair with me.

Mary Linton: If I was fair with you, and a good person… I’d have had you hanged a long time ago.

Arthur Morgan: Well… that’s true.

Mary Linton: So… shut up, and act like a gentleman… or at least try to for once in your brainless life.

Arthur Morgan: You’re not a very nice woman, Mrs. Linton.

Mary Linton: Well, look at the company I keep.

Arthur Morgan: I know, it’s quite dreadful, isn’t it?

[They walk into the theater.]

Mary Linton: It’s sorta beautiful, in a gaudy and tasteless way.

Arthur Morgan: It’s the only way I know.

Mary Linton: Thank you.

Arthur Morgan: Oh no, I-I didn’t mean it like that…

Mary Linton: I’m sure… you silly man. Come on, let’s go find our seats.

Arthur Morgan: How about here on the right?

Mary Linton: Sure.

Arthur Morgan: After you.

[The performance begins.]

Aldridge: Welcome! And thank you for that thunderous applause. I am Aldridge T. Abbington, the greatest assembler of entertainment since Nero himself! Do not doubt! As a child, when I walked the horse manure covered streets of St. Denis, I never dreamed of the stir I would create in this locality as a proprietor of the greatest show ever assembled!

Arthur Morgan: So… is this starting or not?

Mary Linton: Are you in a rush, Arthur?

Aldridge: I never dreamed of the stir I would create in this locality as a proprietor of the greatest show ever assembled! Prepare for the grandest excitement of your curiosity! Fire, snakes, and magic! I encourage any of you to dabble in all three if you have a settled aversion to manual labor as I do, for entertainment is a gift that will see you through the winter better than any packed larder or root cellar full of canned goods. Now… ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a truly stunning musical performance to the stage. Miss. Robin Koninsky!

[The crowd cheerfully applauses.]

Robin Koninsky: Thank you for joining us. Now let’s talk a little bit about this place we all love called Saint Denis! (singing) They come from Rhodes, Strawberry and Valentine. Singing a song and drinkin’ wine; Across Bayou Swamp and over the sea; We heading down to Saint Denis.

Arthur Morgan: That’s pretty good.

Mary Linton: I told you this’d be fun.

Robin Koninsky: If your wagon is broke get to the blacksmith shop; Don’t worry about yourself with plantin’ a crop; The girls are wearin’ a brand new gown; We’re heading to that Saint Denis town. Carpetbaggers, coal miners, and mountain folk; Loosen them stirrups and left off that yolk; Pretty young things say come with me; In the parlors and brothels of Saint Denis; The train’s a headin’ to the land of hoodoo; You won’t sleep a wink I can guarantee; Let’s go drinkin’ down in Saint Denis. There’s dancing and singin’ and howlin’ at the moon; In the streets and alleys of each saloon; The rich and poor and the bourgeoisie; France didn’t really give us much; ’Cept wine and crepes and fancy such and such; We pretend to be French, but can’t you see? I’d rather live in Saint Denis. Yes, I’d rather live in Saint Denis. So draw your money, come see your honey, in old Saint Denis!

Mary Linton: Excellent.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, come on. Let’s get out of here.

Mary Linton: Oh… okay. Sure, if you want.

Arthur Morgan: Reckon we’ve seen the best of it.

Aldridge: Flawless, perfect! I see you love her dulcet tones, right? Yes, she is pure spectacle and…

[Arthur and Mary leave the theater.]

Mary Linton: Alright, you better take me to the trolley now, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Of course.

Mary Linton: Quite ridiculous… but, shame we couldn’t stay longer.

Arthur Morgan: Sorry.

Mary Linton: My life wasn’t supposed to… is it too late for us, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: I can’t lie to ya. I’m a wanted man, Mary. If I… if anyone close to me, well they’re wanted too… and I can’t have you wrapped up in that. But it’s coming to end… this time it really is.

Mary Linton: Run away with me, Arthur. Run away right now, and don’t look back.

Arthur Morgan: I want to… more than anything I want to. But I’ve got some people I need to take care of. Once they’re free, then I’m free. Then I can disappear.

Mary Linton: But, Arthur…

Arthur Morgan: If we’re gonna run away anywhere, we’d need money… and soon, I’ll have some.

Mary Linton: I know you won’t run away… but it’s a pretty dream.

Arthur Morgan: Very pretty… but I will, once I get some money. Now, I had some… but then some fool got it trapped into a town… that I can’t go back to. That’s another story.

Mary Linton: I’ll write you.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah.

[She gets on the trolley and leaves. “Fatherhood And Other Dreams” arc is completed.]

The Gilded Cage[]

[Arthur finds Hosea at the camp.]

Arthur Morgan: Hosea.

Hosea Matthews: Hey, Arthur.

Dutch van der Linde: Come on. If we’re gonna make it to this party… we sure as shit better clean up a little.

Arthur Morgan: So we’re doing this?

Hosea Matthews: Oh yeah. Old friend Dutch van der Linde… has finally shown his true colors… social climbing.

Dutch van der Linde: Old Signor Bronte, that horrendous snake… has invited us to the ball, Cinderella. So my suggestion is… we go and get you a gown. (laughs)

Arthur Morgan: You son of a bitch.

[Some time passes. Dutch, Hosea, Bill and Arthur fancy dressed and laugh their ass off in a carriage. They drink champagne and discuss the upcoming event.]

Dutch van der Linde: We are ridiculous.

Hosea Matthews: Utterly.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t never been to a ball in my life.

Dutch van der Linde: Nor have I, if I am being honest.

Hosea Matthews: I used to quite often… there could be fine pickings.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, no, no, no, no. No pickpocketing. We are here to make real contacts.

Arthur Morgan: What kind of contacts?

Dutch van der Linde: Well I don’t know. We’ll find what we can. All I know for sure is… we are going to a party at the mayor’s house… and the guest of honor is the worst crook in town. I’m sure that we will find something.

[They laugh again.]

Arthur Morgan: (rises his glass) Okay.

[The carriage arrives at Mr. Bronte’s manor.]

Doorman: Gentlemen. Luca… I’m afraid the mayor does not allow guns at official functions… after last year’s incident.

[The gang hands their revolvers to the doorman.]

Doorman: Luca here will take you to Mr. Bronte. I believe he is expecting you.

Luca Napoli: Follow me, gentlemen. This way please, gentlemen. Signor Bronte will be so pleased that you made it.

Dutch van der Linde: We are honored to be here.

Luca Napoli: That’s wonderful, wonderful. Come come, this way. What a beautiful evening it shall be… Mr. Bronte is very good friends with the mayor. Good evening, Pierre.

Pierre: Signor Napoli.

Luca Napoli: A-as long as the mayor behaves himself, you know? Mr. Bronte he has, uh, that thing, you know? Respect.

Dutch van der Linde: Hosea, Bill, you join the party. We’ll meet you out back after we pay our respects to Signor Bronte.

Luca Napoli: Come, come.

Hosea Matthews: We’ll meet you out on the balcony when you’re done.

Angelo Bronte: Ah, the angry cowboys, you’ve arrived… and you’ve washed.

Bronte In Italian: For the first time this month no doubt.

Dutch van der Linde: This is quite a party you’ve invited us to.

Angelo Bronte: Yes, quite something… although I’m not quite sure what.

Dutch van der Linde: So… this is Saint Denis high society?

Angelo Bronte: Yes, apparently so.

Dutch van der Linde: And all these people… th-these are friends of yours, Signor Bronte?

Angelo Bronte: No, no, no, not quite… not quite… but they certainly are afraid of me. Like that one. See that wretch… he’s the Mayor. Henri Lemieux. He’ll do anything for a dollar… and I mean anything.

Dutch van der Linde: Politics is a foul business.

Angelo Bronte: Yes. Oh, and that one too. That is… Alberto Fussar. He owns a sugar plantation out on the island and he… comes here to whore and despoil himself. (laughs with Dutch) Oh, oh, and that… that is Hobart Crawley. A Confederate… major in the war. (laughs) A big hero they say, but that is his… his very young wife. I mean… a young mistress. That’s the natural order of things, yes? But a young wife… it’s unseemly. Oh, oh, the redskins. I have no sympathy for them because… I have no sympathy for them because… whoever is stupid enough… to be tricked by the Americans… they get what they deserve, huh? (laughs) Yes, hand a letter to the mayor. Oh yeah… that’ll save you. And that… that is Hector Fellowes. The self-righteous newspaperman. Maybe, maybe you will kill him for me one day?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, we’re not paid killers as such… not in cold blood anyway.

Angelo Bronte: I did not know you were so particular that uh… you wouldn’t help a friend.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, I’m willing to help in any way I can… within reason.

Angelo Bronte: I’m going to pretend to understand what that means.

Dutch van der Linde: I meant no offence, sir.

Angelo Bronte: None taken… none taken. All these vulgar people… they hate me.

Angelo Bronte in Italian: I look forward to watching you die.

[Italians laugh.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well, uh, it has… been wonderful conversing with you. But I can tell that you are very busy… and I won’t waste anymore of your time.

Angelo Bronte: Yes, yes, yes go enjoy yourselves… and mingle with these vulgar scum. It’ll make you long for the days… when you could shoot each other… and screw cows out on the open range.

Dutch van der Linde: Those sure were the days… Good day, gentlemen.

Angelo Bronte: Good day to you. But before you go… what exactly are your plans here?

Dutch van der Linde: We’ve not made any… well… we are going to need some money.

Angelo Bronte: Money… yes, of course. Well, there’s, there’s money at the trolley station. They keep a lot of cash there in the day. Now I could not involve myself in such matters… but you… as a guest, yes… As my guest, do it. Okay, good day, gentlemen. (laughs)

Dutch van der Linde: Goodbye.

Angelo Bronte: In Italian: Okay guys, now the good wine.

[Italians continue to laugh. Dutch gloomy as the night sky leaves the balcony.]

Luca Napoli: I’ll show you to the party, gentlemen. If you’ll kindly follow me. Gentlemen, enjoy your evening and welcome once again to Saint Denis. Ciao, ciao.

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen… let’s go ingratiate ourselves.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Dutch van der Linde: Go find the mayor if you can, and stay outta trouble. And steal nothing… unless it’s information.

Arthur Morgan: Of course.

Dutch van der Linde: Hosea, you go find us some place to rob. Bill, go make us some new friends. I’m gonna find out if old Cornwall and what’s-his-name, Milton, knows we’re here. Gentlemen, be well.

Server: Champagne, sir?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, hello, gentlemen. Featherstone Chambers… pleased to meet you.

Hosea Matthews: Good evening, sir… Alfred Lafonde.

[Arthur saves some gentleman choking on an olive.]

Arthur Morgan: You okay?

Guest: Oh, my Lord… The pesky nut… what a way to go, eh? Thank you, sir, oh… yes… thank you… Algernon Wasp.

Arthur Morgan: Hello… uh, Tacitus Kilgore.

Algernon Wasp: Hello, Mr. Kilgore… W-what is it that, uh… that you do?

Arthur Morgan: I’m, uh… I’m an adventurer.

Algernon Wasp: Oh! Me too… pursuer of the exotic and the remarkable. An aesthete in this land of common place… heathens. Mu card, sir. Pay me a visit in my… atelier… Algerie. I-I must just go and purge… I intend to stay thin… until I pass away. Good evening.

[Arthur walks to Hosea.]

Gilbert Knightly: You French, sir?

Hosea Matthews: Sort of, originally… I’m from Quebec, but I left many moons ago, and you?

Gilbert Knightly: No, I came down from New York, for a job. I’m a banker.

Hosea Matthews: A banker?

Gilbert Knightly: An investment banker.

Hosea Matthews: You’re the fellows who never lend me money when I need and when I’ve got too much, try to lend me more.

Gilbert Knightly: (laughs) And what do you do, Mr. Lafonde?

Hosea Matthews: Originally furs… but, now all sorts. Lumber, leather, even maple syrup… My partners and I represent twenty, well more like twenty-three percent of all the trade heading south from Quebec into the U.S.

Gilbert Knightly: And… who do you bank with?

Hosea Matthews: Oh… the usual bunch of clowns in New York.

Gilbert Knightly: Do you bank with anyone in the South?

Hosea Matthews: Not one I particularly like.

Gilbert Knightly: Well, have you considered Lemoyne National Bank?

Hosea Matthews: Oh, I need a big bank, sir. We borrow a lot of money, and generate a lot of cash. Some nervous, small town bank could finish us in a bad, year…

Gilbert Knightly: Small town? We handle more cash and cash equivalents than any bank south of Manhattan, including Saint Louis. Almost all the Caribbean trade banks with us. We work with all the remaining cotton growers in the U.S., who still use a lot of cash, and… we helped finance half the reconstruction projects after the war. We love big clients… and we love cash. Our branch alone, here in town, has more cash reserves on site than any bank in the entire country… outside of Wall Street and San Francisco.

Hosea Matthews: Well, perhaps we could discuss it further one day, Mr. Knightly. When it comes to bankers, I drive a hard bargain… but I’m very fair in business.

Gilbert Knightly: I would at least like the opportunity to show you our business.

Hosea Matthews: Thank you, thank you very much!

Gilbert Knightly: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my fiancée.

Hosea Matthews: Of course. And congratulations… a wife is a wonderful thing. (to Arthur) Could be interesting, I’ll keep investigating… What a loathsome selection of humanity.

Arthur Morgan: How’s your evening going?

Hosea Matthews: Met some interesting people. What about you? Did you speak to the mayor?

Arthur Morgan: I’m still looking for him.

Hosea Matthews: Well, look a little harder.

[Arthur walks to Bill to check on him.]

Guest: Camilla McClair, where ever did you get that hat?

Bill Williamson: Well, I’m not quite sure yet… Albert Danielson.

Camilla McClair: Why, that would be telling.

Guest: Oh you… you’re always so… stylish.

Camilla McClair: I try… mostly I fail, but I try.

Bill Williamson: Yeah… uh. I mean no, uh-uh no, it-it’s a new shirt.

Brynn Tildon: Are you new in town?

Bill Williamson: Yes, I come from the west, I mean the north… the uh, the-the northwest.

Arthur Morgan: It… really is a beautiful hat.

Camilla McClair: I got it from Mr. Wasp… he’s the finest milliner in the state and quite the most interesting purveyor of the exotic. But don’t tell anyone, sir… the women here are all desperate to know.

Hector Fellowes: Truth is an absolute, sir… don’t you think?

Bill Williamson: Well, I don’t quite understand.

Hector Fellowes: You are not, it would seem, the only one.

Bill Williamson: I was in the army once.

Hector Fellowes: Good for you.

Brynn Tildon: What do you do now?

Bill Williamson: Well, uh, I-I’m not quite, uh… I’m an American.

Brynn Tildon: Yes, but what do you do?

Bill Williamson: Oh, uh… Well I’m in between jobs at the moment.

Brynn Tildon: Oh, of course… of course.

Hector Fellowes: You shall be too sir, if you don’t sharpen up your morality.

Brynn Tildon: I’m trying sir, I’m trying.

Hector Fellowes: Well, try harder. Much harder.

Brynn Tildon: W-what would you like me to do, hit the mayor myself?

Hector Fellowes: Impudence… I see you’ve still got that. But it takes more than a steady line in insults, to succeed in newspapers… at least in mine. Good evening. (leaves)

Brynn Tildon: Prig.

Hector Fellowes: So hard these days, to find men of true morals. Especially in journalism!

Arthur Morgan: Indeed, it is.

Hector Fellowes: And you certainly won’t find many here… how do you, think they got so rich? Well, anyway… enjoy your evening.

Guest: You’re walking away from history, you fool.

Guest: Women and men both deserve to decide the future. This is meant to be the land of liberty.

[Arthur approaches a drunk woman in red dress.]

Lillian Powell: Ah! Get me a bloody drink, will you? A small one… just big enough for me to swim lengths in, you know?

Server: Yes, madam.

Lillian Powell: You know it… great fuck, I’m drunk! You know… I used to be a great beauty and… an even greater wit… Time… what a total bastard it is, huh? Then again, I always loved bastards… the real ones, I mean. Wedlock… hugely overrated! I tried it enough. Well, I mean… I tried both, you know, bastards and marriage… I even married a bastard… that didn’t work out so good… Oh my God, I should not have got up this morning. I’ll need to go… and sit down… and have a little rest. I’m just gonna… (loudly) Is anybody listening to me?

Dorothea Wicklow: …but as civilized beings, haven’t we moved past that? Apparently not… good evening to you, sir. I will go find some other people to threaten to hit me.

Guest: I mean, modern art is all very well, but my daughter could do better.

Guest 2: You’re not such a philistine as all that, Marie.

Dorothea Wicklow: That man may be stronger than me, but he’s got all the insight of a bullfrog.

Arthur Morgan: Probably.

Guest 1: Only the most foolish of women would fall for his nonsense.

Guest 3: Oh that’s quite unfair… I found him delightful… in that French sort of way… He reminds me of someone in a book by Balzac,

Guest 1: He reminded me of a hobgoblin… a spellcaster.

Guest 3: You’re very unkind, Marie.

Guest 1: I am honest, where is that waiter? I need more champagne.

Guest 3: Oh, me too…

Guest 1: How is your husband, Delores?

Guest 3: I hear he’s much improved… he’s in Tunis, I believe…

Arthur Morgan: Would you like some champagne?

Guest 1: Of course… thank you, sir, you are quite the gentleman… clearly not from this swampy hell hole.

Guest 3: Thank you.

Guest 2: Thank you.

Guest 1: Ladies, I’ll see you next week.

[Arthur finds Dutch speaking to some fine gentlemen.]

Dutch van der Linde: This is quite a town that you have here, Mr. Jameson.

Heston Jameson: Oh, I… I don’t live here, I was here for the poker,

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, you play?

Heston Jameson: It’s my weakness, my worst vice.

Hobart H. Crawley: Perhaps you should have it whipped out of you like you advocate whipping the sin out of others?

Heston Jameson: Not whipping, sir, working, and besides, my vice is between me and my maker. I keep winning.

Hobart H. Crawley: Every gambler says that, Mr. Jameson.

Heston Jameson: Yes, I know, but like I said, the next big tournament, which I will not be attending, is for a game too rich for my blood. I may be a knave, but I’m a sensible knave.

Dutch van der Linde: That so?

Heston Jameson: Well, sure, I’m not a wealthy man… I run a prison. The old river boat tournaments are for card sharks and rich fools… a really big stakes game attracts oilmen and such like, well, from all over. My pockets are not deep enough for that.

Dutch van der Linde: You are a wise man.

Heston Jameson: I’m a conservative man, at least.

Hobart H. Crawley: The fact is, since the war, the government has done an awful job of preserving law and order, Mr. Jameson.

Heston Jameson: Yes, well, I agree, Major. Well, at my prison, we are doing the best to remedy that failing. You know, my friend works in the Caribbean. He faces real rebellion. If we don’t act decisively, we will endure the same here and all of this… all these garden parties and civility? They will be doomed. I believe in civilizing the masses, sir… but the first order of civilization is order. Law and order.

Hobart H. Crawley: I agree.

Heston Jameson: Without law and order, we will have anarchy.

Dutch van der Linde: But with too much law and order, won’t we have dictatorship, or worse… (laughs) monarchy?

Heston Jameson: The law should be a dictator. That is the American way.

Dutch van der Linde: I thought the American ideal was liberty?

Heston Jameson: Sure… liberty under the law.

Dutch van der Linde: Very interesting. (laughs)

Heston Jameson: Major Crawley, Mr. Chambers, I must go speak to someone for a second…

Dutch van der Linde: (to Arthur) What a vulgar toad of a man…

Hobart H. Crawley: Did you hear him back there, "the law should be a dictator"?

Arthur Morgan: I wasn’t really listening.

Hobart H. Crawley: Lucky for you, and as for that other reller… Featherstone Chambers? What a windbag he is.

Arthur Morgan: He did seem full of himself.

Hobart H. Crawley: Anyway…

[Arthur continue to listen to the guests.]

Guest: The truth is, since the war, the country’s doomed itself.

Guest 2: I disagree. The war? The war was thirty years ago. I was just a boy. And since then, we have fought more wars and we will fight more again.

Guest 1: The country tore itself apart.

Guest 2: A-And what do you think, sir?

Arthur Morgan: I think war is a fine way of… thinning the herd.

Guest 2: (laughs) Exactly. This man is a realist.

Guest 1: I cannot believe I am hearing this. Excuse me.

Guest 2: Sometimes, sir, the innocent are the damned. Enjoy your evening, I must go see my wife.

Arthur Morgan: Good evening.

Algernon Wasp: Thank you again, my fellow adventurer. And do please pay me a visit at my atelier. Well, enjoy the rest of your evening. Stay away from the nuts would be my advice.

Guest 3: How was the show? I heard you went.

Guest 4: Outrageous! These dancers… well, I mean, if that’s French culture for you, sign me up for French lessons! Oh, would you like tickets?

Arthur Morgan: To what?

Guest 4: This cabaret show at the Theatre Râleur… it’s jolly fun.

Arthur Morgan: (takes the tickets) Thank you, very much.

Guest 4: My pleasure. Good evening…

Guest 5: It ain’t complex, Lemieux… and only an idiot like you, buddy, would try to make it so.

Henri Lemieux: I will not deny idiocy, sir, but perhaps now is not the time.

Guest 5: Typical pansy.

Henri Lemieux: You’re drunk, Ferdinand.

Ferdinand Newman: I’m not drunk, you fool… but this man… this man loves darkies. (laughs)

[Arthur pats Ferdinand holder and takes him away.]

Arthur Morgan: You are pretty drunk. What’s say you and me cool off?

Ferdinand Newman: Get your hands off me.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, sleep it off.

[He throws sod dunk Ferdinand off the party.]

Arthur Morgan: (to himself) Sit down and calm down…count to a thousand. Then you can rejoin the party.

Guest 1: Thank you, sir.

Arthur Morgan: My pleasure.

Guest 1: Henri Lemieux… I hope you’re enjoying my party.

Arthur Morgan: The mayor?

Henri Lemieux: Allegedly.

Arthur Morgan: That’s quite a place you got here.

Henri Lemieux: It’s not mine… and the city is horribly in debt… but we can still put on a good show. Do you know Evelyn Miller?

Arthur Morgan: My Lord… the writer?

Evelyn Miller: Well, we seem to have another deranged drunkard on our hands.

[Somewhere in the background, fireworks begin to go off.]

Henri Lemieux: Shall we?

Evelyn Miller: My Lord, they’re fantastic.

[A servant of Henri Lemieux approaches him.]

Pierre: Excuse me, pardon… excuse me, pardon… Messieurs, please… Mr. Cornwall was quite insistent, I’m afraid… he shouted down the telephone for several minutes.

Henri Lemieux: Mr. Cornwall is a horse’s ass… and a bad horse.

Pierre: I’m very sorry, sir.

Henri Lemieux: It’s not your fault… I’m a fool for trusting him. I’ll come and sign it in a minute… let me enjoy the fireworks.

Pierre: Of course.

Dutch van der Linde: (whispers to Arthur) Did he just say something about Cornwall?

Arthur Morgan: Yes.

Dutch van der Linde: Find out what.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[Arthur follows Pierre.]

Guest: Whoa!

Camilla McClair: Beautiful.

Guest 3: Ah! Oh my.

Algernon Wasp: Oh, wonderful.

Pierre: No problems?

Guard: Everything’s fine… we have the place well secured.

Pierre: Good, Mr. Bronte has a habit of wandering about and reading whatever he likes.

Guard: We’re watching him and his men like hawks.

Pierre: Thank you, Mr. Terapin.

Luca Napoli: Is everything taken care? The telephone, it keeps ringing.

Pierre: The mayor said he will sign later. Marie! Marie! Find that little reprobate jip and beat him. I will not have standards slip in this house! (he reprimands the guilty maid) Have you lost your mind? I said, have you lost your mind? Come here. Come here… look at me. Look at me! (slaps her) Who do you think you are? This area is not meant for the likes of you, you know this. The standards in this house are slipping. This is a final warning to you miss. A final warning! Now get out of my sight.

[After following Pierre, Arthur sees him hiding some documents in his desk. When he opens the table Arthur reads what is written on the documents.]

Arthur Morgan: Mr. Leviticus Cornwall… Top secret… extremely confidential. Very interesting…

[He returns to Dutch.]

Dutch van der Linde: Find anything?

[Athur pats his pocket.]

Arthur Morgan: I think so.

[Bill and Hosea enters.]

Bill Williamson: Nothing… this town is a waste of time.

Hosea Matthews: Maybe not… Arthur… Gentlemen… I think we’re done here.

Dutch van der Linde: What did you find out?

Hosea Matthews: There’s plenty of money moves through here, of course, and I… I think I found out how we can grab some of it. A big bank… a real one, I mean, but not yet.

Dutch van der Linde: A city bank?

Hosea Matthews: Maybe… and a stuffed one. If we’re gonna leave, that could be the one thing we need.

Dutch van der Linde: There’s also that trolley car station Signor Bronte told us about, and I heard about a high stakes poker game… Come on…

[They leave the party.]

Dutch van der Linde: Here comes Lenny. Alright, let’s get in… and go home.

[They get in their carriage and drive away.]

Bill Williamson: I ain’t never felt so awkward in all my life… all them folk, all so pleased with themselves. High society’s pigeon shit. If you ask me… it’s more like torture.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, that’s sort of the point of it isn’t it… let the people torture themselves.

Arthur Morgan: Here’s them papers I took.

Dutch van der Linde: Anybody see you take this?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t think so.

Dutch van der Linde: I might have an idea… let me think on it.

[The next day Arthur wakes up when Dutch walks in his small house.]

Dutch van der Linde: Interesting times…

Arthur Morgan: I guess. So, what’s next? Dancing lessons? Deportment?

Dutch van der Linde: More along the lines of armed robbery. Hosea’s handling reconnaissance on the bank. He and Abigail are gonna run some distractions. See how the law reacts.

Arthur Morgan: Good.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, and I spoke to Evelyn Miller. A fine man. Here helping the Indian chief we saw.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I met him too, with the mayor.

Dutch van der Linde: He’s lobbying officials in Saint Denis on their behalf. Maybe we could help?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe.

Dutch van der Linde: Now, I think there’s a lot of money on the riverboat. A lot of money. And Trelawny, he’s investigating for us. He says to meet him at the tailors.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Dutch van der Linde: One big score down here, Arthur, and we disappear. We’re almost heading home.

Arthur Morgan: And where is home?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know… exactly. But I can smell it. I’m gonna go investigate this trolley thing… old Bronte was talking about.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

[“The Gilded Cage” mission completed.]

A Fine Night Of Debauchery[]

[Arthur meets up with Trelawny at a tailor shop to help him with riverboat investigation.]

Josiah Trelawny: Ah, there you are dear boy.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, here I am.

Josiah Trelawny: Well, we’re going to need to get you smartened up a bit.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Josiah Trelawny: Well you can’t play at the tables on a Lannahechee River Boat looking like this.

Arthur Morgan: You can’t?

Josiah Trelawny: Not if you want to fit in so well… that no one will realize you’re there to rob the place. Now come on.

Arthur Morgan: Are we still doing that?

Josiah Trelawny: We are going to fix you up so fine, no one will notice a thing.

[They walk in the shop.]

Tailor: Hello. Can I help you, gentlemen?

Josiah Trelawny: Yes, my friend here is in need of a new suit. We are playing on the riverboat this evening.

Tailor: Excellent, well you’ll find all my inventory in the catalogue here.

Josiah Trelawny: Make this gentleman look like the duke he really is. It was the English’s fault his grandfather had to emigrate.

[Arthur chooses a fine three-pieces town suit.]

Tailor: A very good choice, sir.

Josiah Trelawny: A bitter and jealous people… You can see the aristocrat in his profile. Come on, let’s get you to the barber.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Tailor: Good luck tonight, gentlemen.

[They exit the shop and walk the streets of Saint-Denis.]

Josiah Trelawny: Herr Strauss has scoped the whole thing out, it’s quite ingenious actually.

Arthur Morgan: What is?

Josiah Trelawny: The action he has planned. Indeed, it’s not much of an action at all. You’ll play cards, and win. And you’re going to bet very big and flamboyantly while you win, and everyone’s going to think you’re some new money from the oil fields, come to lay it on thick and drunk. All the while, Herr Strauss will be signalling you in your line of sight. When you bust the place, they’ll take you upstairs to pay you off… and that is when Javier comes in and you take whatever you want.

Arthur Morgan: You don’t think they might see an armed Mexican coming into the safe with me?

Josiah Trelawny: Sure, they might. But perhaps not, you will see.

Arthur Morgan: The suspense is killing me.

Josiah Trelawny: Oh, don’t be so jaded. We both know this is just the kind of innocent fun you thrive on.

Arthur Morgan: Well, after the past couple of months, armed robbery don’t seem such an innocent pastime.

Josiah Trelawny: No. But we, you… all of us, will be done here soon.

Arthur Morgan: I hope so.

[They walk into the barber shop.]

Josiah Trelawny: My good man… could you smarten up my dear hick friend, here? This unlikely fellow has made himself a fortune in the oil fields, and learned himself not a lick of manners or gentlemanly deportment.

Barber: Well, very good, sir.

Josiah Trelawny: No, it’s not good… not good at all! Not if they’re gonna let him play big at the tables tonight.

[Arthur gets a haircut.]

Barber: There, very smart.

Josiah Trelawny: Come on, let’s get to the docks. I have arranged some transportation for us.

Barber: Hope you have a successful evening, gentlemen.

[Arthur and Joshiah get a coach.] Josiah Trelawny: George. To the Grand Korrigan please.

George The Coachman: Grand Korrigan, sir.

Josiah Trelawny: Well, look at you. From toad… to prince,

Arthur Morgan: This is a bit much, ain’t it? The coach?

Josiah Trelawny: We can’t whinny up there on horses like a bunch of countrified yokels. You’re a brash oil man with money to burn! Which reminds me… no shuffling and mumbling. Puff your chest out. Get outside yourself.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, alright, alright. This ain’t Hamlet. So, who’s the mark?(whisper) Is he alright, by the way, the driver?

Josiah Trelawny: Oh yes, don’t worry, George and I go way back. It’s a man called Desmond Blythe. Made his fortune in hosiery of all things. Likes to play fast and always keeps some extra collateral in the safe, upstairs.

Arthur Morgan: So… if Strauss is sitting behind him, how does he know what cards I got?

Josiah Trelawny: He won’t. But the dealer has recently become a very good friend of mine.

Arthur Morgan: Another one.

Josiah Trelawny: Don’t worry, Arthur… were all the authors of our own good fortune.

Josiah Trelawny: He’ll make sure you got the right cards.

Arthur Morgan: What could possibly go wrong? And what money am I playing with?

Josiah Trelawny: Don’t worry, that has all been arranged. Your chips will be waiting for you. Ah, there she is, come on.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Josiah Trelawny: Arthur, leave any weaponry here. They’ll search us when we get on. George, we’ll collect these from you later.

George The Coachman: Very good, sir.

Josiah Trelawny: Thank you, George.

George The Coachman: Good luck, sir.

Josiah Trelawny: Now remember what I said, Arthur, everyone is the author of his own good fortune.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, yes. Believe me, I heard every word.

Josiah Trelawny: Watch Strauss, listen to the dealer, and this should be a very lucky night. There they are.

[He walks to some gentlemen (Javier and Strauss) smoking near the boat.]

Josiah Trelawny: Gentlemen! How wonderful to see you, Arthur, you remember this pair of boys we met in New York? C’mon gentlemen, champagne is on dear old Arthur. He’s rich as can be and feeling luckier than a turkey that survived Thanksgiving!

[They approach the entrance.]

Guard: Hello gentlemen.

Josiah Trelawny: Hello, dear boy. C’mon, c’mon, let’s head aboard. Drinks are on Arthur… champagne…

Guard 2: I’m afraid we require all patrons to hand over their guns.

[In the evening.]

Josiah Trelawny: Good time, the tables await.

Javier Escuella: Right, I’ll go find myself a change of clothes.

Josiah Trelawny: You seem unsure?

Arthur Morgan: Robbing a heavily armed river boat without a gun… tends to bring out the self-doubt in me.

Josiah Trelawny: These people are virtually idiots. This is simple stuff. Now have a good time… but don’t lose too much money… or your wife is going to kill me

Arthur Morgan: Whatever you say.

Josiah Trelawny: Now, where can I get a cocktail?

[Arthur sits at the poker table]

Dealer: Are you joining us?

Arthur Morgan: Good evening gentlemen… Arthur Callahan. Sorry I’m late I had some, uh… unfinished business at the bar.

Desmond Blythe: Desmond Blythe.

Perry Eastep: Evening.

Dealer: Not to worry. Welcome to the game, Mr. Callahan. Okay, gentlemen, let’s play.

Desmond Blythe: I hope you’re a player. Been too many cowards at these tables recently. Nothing less dignified than a man afraid to lose a little money.

[The game begins.]

Arthur Morgan: Look at this… chips already stacked up waiting for me. I like this joint already.

Dealer: We aim to please, sir.

Arthur Morgan: So, how are we all faring?

Owen Gillis: Some better than others.

Arthur Morgan: If we all fared the same in life, now where would the fun be? Wait… not Desmond Blythe, the Hosiery king? I should have brought my other wallet.

Desmond Blythe: Not my preferred title, but yes… you should have.

[Everyone at the table laughs.]

Arthur Morgan: Hello, miladies.

Theodore Dixon: Damn it.

Dealer: Mr. Blythe wins with three queens.

Desmond Blythe: Goodbye, gentlemen. I guess it’s just you and me now, friend.

Arthur Morgan: Guess it is.

Desmond Blythe: Time to see if you’re really the man you seem to think you are.

Arthur Morgan: Likewise, Mr. Blythe.

Desmond Blythe: So what business are you in, Mr. Callahan?

Arthur Morgan: I’m an oil man, for my sins.

Desmond Blythe: Funny, I haven’t heard of you.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, you will. You know, I thought about getting into hosiery, but… I just look better in a suit.

Desmond Blythe: I would stick to oil, Mr. Callahan. I don’t think you have a future on the stage.

Arthur Morgan: You sound just like my wife.

Desmond Blythe: Sorry to do this to you, but I have no choice. All in.

Arthur Morgan: Call. Interesting… Pair of cowgirls.

[Arthur wins.]

Desmond Blythe: Shit… shit!

Arthur Morgan: I guess my luck held. Is that you done?

Desmond Blythe: Done?

Arthur Morgan: Bust… or… you got something else to play with?

Desmond Blythe: Meaning?

Arthur Morgan: Well, I heard… well, I heard there was some big boys on this boat. Maybe that’s not you… no offense.

Desmond Blythe: Sit your hillbilly ass down.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Desmond Blythe: I got a watch.

Arthur Morgan: Look at you.

Desmond Blythe: An expensive one… real fine… Swiss… a Reutlinger no less. It’s in the safe upstairs… it’s worth more than you.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I trust you.

Desmond Blythe: Now play.

Arthur Morgan: As you wish.

Desmond Blythe: So you must know Leviticus Cornwall, big oil man like you?

Arthur Morgan: Of course. We’ve crossed paths. I was fortunate enough to tour a little operation of his… up in New Hanover.

Desmond Blythe: I am one-hundred percent all in, Mr. Callahan.

Dealer: Don’t worry, sir, everyone is the author of his own good fortune…

Arthur Morgan: Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Pair of kings.

Desmond Blythe: Very good, but not good enough.

Arthur Morgan: Shit.

[But the dealer reveals some interesting cards on the river.]

Arthur Morgan: Uh oh. Yes, you little beauty.

Dealer: Hard lines, Mr. Blythe. Mr. Callahan wins with an ace-high diamond flush.

Desmond Blythe: Goddamn you… n-no offense.

Arthur Morgan: None taken.

[A man approaches the table.]

Pit Boss: Well played, sir. Unlucky, Desmond.

Arthur Morgan: Now… forgive my lack of discretion, but… where might I find this watch?

Pit Boss: It’s upstairs… shall we go and have a look?

Arthur Morgan: Why not?

Pit Boss: Gentlemen… are you new?

Arthur Morgan: Please cash these out for me.

[Pit Boss notices a new guard and walks to him.]

Javier Escuella: (with heavy ascent) I-I started last week.

Pit Boss: Good… sure. Perhaps you could escort us up to the office?

Javier Escuella: Yes, of course, sir.

Pit Boss: Thank you.

Javier Escuella: Follow me gentlemen.

Pit Boss: Come with me, sir. Well, you are having quite the night!

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, so far.

Pit Boss: I cannot believe someone gave a greaser a job.

Arthur Morgan: We live in strange times.

Pit Boss: Personally, I wouldn’t trust one with a gun, uh, but fear not… I’ve got my own little law giver right here. (shows his revolver)

Arthur Morgan: Very good.

Pit Boss: Next, we’ll be hiring negroes.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I know… I know.

Pit Boss: I think you’re going to like this watch, sir. I saw it earlier and it really is a handsome piece. Foreign-made, but you can’t have everything.

Arthur Morgan: Indeed.

Pit Boss: Well… here we are. Just give me one second, sir.

Arthur Morgan: Of course, take your time.

[Pit Boss opens the safe. At this moment, Javier hits the guard standing next to him with the butt of his rifle and aims it at Pit Boss.]

Arthur Morgan: Don’t reach for that gun.

Javier Escuella: Take his gun, Arthur.

[Arthur takes Shefield Revolver and pushes Pit Boss on the floor.]

Arthur Morgan: I guess you were right… only an idiot would give a greaser a gun.

[He loots the safe.]

Pit Boss: Idiot, huh?

[He pulls out another revolver, but Arthur’s hand is quicker. He kills Pit Boss.]

Javier Escuella: Shit! Let’s hope no one heard that Quick, clear the sale, let’s get outta here. Can’t believe that asshole had another gun.

Arthur Morgan: The view in here is looking pretty good.

Javier Escuella: How much is there?

Arthur Morgan: Must be a few thousand. Plus the watch.

Javier Escuella: Let’s go meet the others.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

[Arthur follows Javier.]

Javier Escuella: I reckon we’ve only got a few minutes to get out of here.

Arthur Morgan: If we’re lucky.

Guard: Was that a gunshot?

Guard 2: It sounded like one. C’mon!

Javier Escuella: And… how exactly are we getting outta here?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t too sure. This is what tends to happen when you leave Trelawny in charge of planning. All garnish, no meat. Probably involve us dressing up as dancing girls and can-caning off the side. Nice uniform, by the way.

Javier Escuella: Thanks. They’ll give anyone a job these days… Anyway, we shouldn’t give ourselves away, ’til we know we need to. Maybe we could still blend into the crowd when it all goes crazy.

Arthur Morgan: Which it surely will…

[They return to the main hall, pretending to have a good time together.]

Arthur Morgan: To the bar, señor!

Javier Escuella: I hope you had fun, sir.

Arthur Morgan: The time of my life… you boys sure know how to put on a show!

Javier Escuella: That’s wonderful… Ah, look, there’s your friend.

Josiah Trelawny: No sir, my friend is not a "no good cheat" and I beg you to take back the insinuation!

Arthur Morgan: Now, don’t be a sore loser, friend.

Desmond Blythe: There’s something I don’t like about the pair of you.

Josiah Trelawny: There’s plenty I don’t like about you… but I have the good manners to keep my mouth shut.

[A guard runs out into the hall, who, by the looks of him, has been robbed by Javier and he has stolen his uniform.]

Guard 3: There he is, shoot that man!

[Javier shoots the guards and throws Arthur his rifle.]

Javier Escuella: Come on, Arthur… we gotta get out of here.

Arthur Morgan: Come on, let’s get the hell out of here!

Leopold Strauss: Oh, how do you suggest?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know, this ain’t my show! And silly me I clean forgot to bring my gondala.

[He jumps into the river.]

Javier Escuella: Mierda!

[At the pier.]

Josiah Trelawny: Well… never a dull moment.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, that’s one way of putting it.

Josiah Trelawny: So… how much did we get?

Arthur Morgan: A few thousand I think. Pretty good.

Josiah Trelawny: Yes, indeed.

Arthur Morgan: And, this watch… apparently it’s worth a bunch, a… Swiss, a… a Reutlinger or something?

Leopold Strauss: Nice watch. Yes, it’s a Reutlinger alright.

Arthur Morgan: Well give it back then. Alright, come on. Let’s get outta here.

[The next morning. Arthur tanks on the street, smoking.]

Paperboy: Riverboat robbed! Read all about it!

[“A Fine Night Of Debauchery” mission completed.]

American Fathers I+II[]

[When Arthur rides through Saint-Denis a stranger calls him. There’s two Indians beside him.]

Stranger: Excuse me!

Arthur Morgan: Hey, do I know you?

Stranger: I believe we’ve met.

Arthur Morgan: We have?

Stranger: At that ghastly party.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, Evelyn Miller?

Evelyn Miller: Unfortunately so, Mr.?

Arthur Morgan: Arthur Morgan, at least sometimes.

Evelyn Miller: Can I say something rude?

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Evelyn Miller: The mayor thinks you robbed him. To be clear, he wasn’t very upset about it. He rather liked you.

Arthur Morgan: Okay…

Evelyn Miller: Do you… well, I mean to say… can you steal things?

Arthur Morgan: Is there a reason you’re asking me to incriminate myself, Mr. Miller?

Evelyn Miller: Well, I’m sorry. Have you met? This is Rains Fall:, a great chief… and his son, Eagle Flies.

Arthur Morgan: Gentlemen.

Rains Fall: We saw you on the wagon train… crossing the river at Cumberland Falls… and at the party, you were upstairs.

Arthur Morgan: Well you have great powers of observation.

Rains Fall: Yes, my people, if we are even a people anymore… we fought hard… we’ve made peace treaties… and those treaties were broken… and we’ve been moved and punished and… punished and moved.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sure.

Rains Fall: And now I am told we are to be moved again.

Evelyn Miller: Clearly contravening the peace treaty signed three years ago.

Eagle Flies: This will lead to war.

Rains Fall: No, my son, it will not. We cannot fight another war. They have got stronger… and we have become far weaker, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: It’s a bad business.

Evelyn Miller: It’s to do with oil… I know it is, but I need the proof. I believe there were some prospectors who were… on their land a few months ago who have filed reports… with Leviticus Cornwall and the State Government… claiming huge reserves of oil under their land.

Arthur Morgan: So, you want me to try to steal it?

Evelyn Miller: Obviously they can’t… and even more obviously, I would be useless. Listen, I-I realize that it is a ridiculous request, but we’re very desperate.

Arthur Morgan: I’m not a do-gooder, Mr. Miller. Gentlemen, I’m very sorry for your predicament, but… I’m a working man, I got problems of my own.

Rains Fall: We will pay you very handsomely, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: How much?

Eagle Flies: Told you, they’re all mercenaries.

[Arthur laughs.]

Arthur Morgan: There’s a price on my head in two states, my friend. The government doesn’t like me any more than it does you. Like you, I’ve been running for as long as I can remember… and like you, my time here is nigh on done.

Rains Fall: We understand, and we will pay.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you.

Rains Fall: You meet my son in a couple of days near Citadel Rock… just west of the oil fields.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Rains Fall: We are very grateful for your help.

Evelyn Miller: Gentlemen, that appointment with the senator… we should head over there.

Eagle Flies: It’s a waste of our time and his.

Rains Fall: No, we must try everything. Come along.

[A well-dressed man comes out of the building.]

Official: Hello, Mr. Miller… the councillor wants to apologize. He can see you now.

Evelyn Miller: We’ve been waiting, I don’t know how long.

Official: Or next month, if you’d like to reschedule?

Evelyn Miller: Come, perhaps the senator won’t mind waiting.

[Arthur meets with Eagle Flies near Cornwall Kerosene & Tar.]

Eagle Flies: You came.

Arthur Morgan: ‘Course I came, I said I would.

Eagle Flies: There’s a foreman… his name is Danbury. He has the files in the office above the refinery room. It’s that window with the blind drawn up.

Arthur Morgan: I see it.

Eagle Flies: If the… files are as incriminating as we believe… Mr. Cornwall’s men will destroy them… if they know you’re coming.

Arthur Morgan: There’s only one of me, son. I don’t intend for them to know I’m coming.What will the files say?

Eagle Flies: There’ll be a report from Leland Oil Development Company.

Arthur Morgan: And you got the money?

Eagle Flies: Yes.

Arthur Morgan: Any ideas how I… sneak into this place?

Eagle Flies: You could crawl under the fence… or hide in a wagon. They keep rolling in.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll go take a look.

Eagle Flies: If there’s a problem, call for me.

Arthur Morgan: I thought the whole point… was that this had nothing to do with you?

Eagle Flies: Ideally…

[Arthur comes down the hill where he and Eagle Flies was observing the factory and sees a wagon passing by.]

Eagle Flies: If you are quick, you could climb into the back of that wagon. Otherwise you will have to sneak past the guards.

[Arthur climbs into the wagon when it stops at a railway crossing.]

Guard: That you, Al?

Driver: Hey, Tom…

Guard: Picking up?

Driver: Yup… supposed to meet the early train to Saint Denis.

Guard: Okay… you better get a move on, then.

Driver: Alright, I’m going to start loading up.

[Arthur sneaks into the factory and finds Danbury’s office.]

Arthur Morgan: Ah… you must be Danbury.

Danbury: Who? What?

Arthur Morgan: Quieten yourself, friend, this won’t take long.

[He props up the door with a chair and starts interrogating.]

Arthur Morgan: Danbury…

Danbury: Yes…

Arthur Morgan: I need some papers, my friend… nothing important… a file… I’m from head office.

Danbury: You’re not from head office.

[Arthur punches him.]

Arthur Morgan: Does that seem important right now?

Danbury: No…

Arthur Morgan: I need a file by the Leland Oil Development Company. The one about the oil near Wapiti. I need a file by the Leland On Development Company. The one about the oil near Wapiti.

Danbury: I…I…

[Arthur kicks him.]

Arthur Morgan: Danbury… think, man… a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

Danbury: I…

Arthur Morgan: Especially all over such a nice floor as this…

Danbury: It’s here, it’s here!

[Arthur picks up the papers.]

Arthur Morgan: You done good, Danbury… real good. They’ll give you a promotion for this.

[Someone knocks the door.]

Arthur Morgan: Oh, Danbury…

Guard: Danbury? Mr. Danbury, are you okay?

Arthur Morgan: Tell the guard you’re fine.

Danbury: Yes, it’s just… I’m working… all’s fine.

Arthur Morgan: Now stay quiet… or head office will send me back to get you.

[He escape the office through the window .]

Guard 2: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hold it right there.

Guard 3: Weapons on the ground and hands in the air.

Arthur Morgan: Easy now, fellers.

Guard 3: Now. We won’t tell you again.

[An oil rig suddenly explodes.]

Guard 2: What the hell?

[Arthur uses the moment and runs to Eagle Flies.]

Eagle Flies: Come on, Arthur! We need to go! Did you get the documents?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, but we need to get the hell out of here.

Eagle Flies: They are coming after us!

[Arthur kills the pursuers.]

Eagle Flies: I don’t see any more of them!

Arthur Morgan: That explosion came just in time.

Eagle Flies: I was to happy to watch some of that oil burn. So you met Mr. Danbury?

Arthur Morgan: Yes, don’t worry. He was very obliging. I thought you wasn’t getting involved?

Eagle Flies: I thought you were gonna enter and leave silently?

Arthur Morgan: Thank you. You saved my life.

Eagle Flies: Thank you. I hope… well, I don’t know what I hope… but who knows… maybe these will be of some use. Here’s your money.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you.

[“American Fathers” mission ark completed.]

Horsemen, Apocalypses[]

[Arthur walks to speak with Sadie in the camp.]

Simon Pearson: I never been to Tahiti… I been to Bali, and Java. There is a man there with a body no bigger than a coconut… speaks seven languages.

Arthur Morgan: How you doing, Mrs. Adler?

Sadie Adler: How are you? Been quite a journey since I… well, since I joined you fellers.

Arthur Morgan: Yes…

Sadie Adler: And now you and Dutch have joined high society? My Lord above.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, it seems so…

Sadie Adler: I think my days in polite society are over.

Arthur Morgan: Well… I just saw Bill Williamson at a party at the… Saint Denis’ mayor’s house. (Sadie laughs) If he can do it, anyone can.

Sadie Adler: You get any leads?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I think so.

Dutch van der Linde: You know so, Arthur Morgan… come on, we need to talk. Mrs. Adler will you excuse us?

Sadie Adler: When you gonna let me come robbing with you, Dutch?

[Dutch and Arthur enter the mansion.]

Dutch van der Linde: My Lord, few more like her… we could take over the whole world.

Arthur Morgan: Few more like her… there wouldn’t be much of a world left.

[They go out on the balcony to smoke cigars.]

Dutch van der Linde: Yes, perhaps. Now… the trolley bus station… I went down there… I took a look at it… I think we can hit it.

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t never robbed in a city before.

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, well you leave the planning to me.

Dutch van der Linde: You’ll ride with me?

Arthur Morgan: Always. Is it just you and me?

Dutch van der Linde: No, we’ll need one more, I reckon.

Arthur Morgan: I say Lenny.

Dutch van der Linde: Not Micah?

Arthur Morgan: Well that depends if you want a massacre or a pay day,

Dutch van der Linde: Now I wish that there was something I could do… to make the two of you get along better.

Arthur Morgan: Well that’s easy… make him change.

Dutch van der Linde: Very funny. What is that?

[A headless horseman enters the gang’s camp. The women screamed in horror.]

Mary-Beth Gaskill: It’s Kieran!

Arthur Morgan: What the hell have they done to him?

Dutch van der Linde: Look, there in the tree line. Everybody take cover! O’Driscoll boys are coming!

[O’Driscoll gang enters the camp. A firefight begins.]

Jack Marston: Pa!

Abigail Marston: Jack, no!

John Marston: Jack!

[He grubs his son and carries him to a safe place.]

John Marston: Stay there.

Dutch van der Linde: Women and children, inside. Rest of you, hold your ground! Arthur! Get down there and help them. Arthur… we need your gun down there.

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn crap… Colm O’Damn Driscoll!

Molly O’Shea: What’s happening?

Hosea Matthews: O’Driscolls. Get upstairs, it’ll be safer up there.

Arthur Morgan: Hold in here. And stay away from the windows.

Hosea Matthews: You too, Mr. Pearson.

[Arthur opens the front door of the mansion to the rest of the gang.]

Arthur Morgan: Get inside, fast. Come on, quick! Don’t let anyone back through that door!

John Marston: Arthur!

[Arthur kills some O’Driscolls and returns to the mansion.]

Charles Smith: Look! Wagon!

John Marston: We’re getting overwhelmed! Fall back to the house!

Arthur Morgan: What in hell?

Charles Smith: Falling back!

Arthur Morgan: What in God’s name is going on? We’re overrun.

John Marston: Just keep shooting!

Dutch van der Linde: Everyone stay calm. We need something in front of that door. Get those doors barricaded, quick. Good. Now everyone, I got this. John, you take the windows over there. Arthur, you take the windows in the back… go.

Arthur Morgan: Is everyone accounted for?

John Marston: I think…

Arthur Morgan: Hey! I said, "Is everyone accounted for?"

John Marston: I don’t know! I think!

[Sadie screams.]

Arthur Morgan: That’s Sadie… I gotta go help her. Cover me! Mrs. Adler! Why didn’t you get inside?

Sadie Adler: And miss all this? Come on, Arthur.

[She enjoys killing O’Driscolls.]

Arthur Morgan: Now, we go back… We need you in the house, Mrs. Adler.

Sadie Adler: Oh no they don’t!

[Arthur forced to protect Sadie.]

Sadie Adler: Die, why don’t you?

Sadie Adler: They need us at the house, Morgan! You’ll die in this bayou!

Charles Smith: Bastards! You okay?

Sadie Adler: Charles, come on!

[After most of the attackers have been killed, Dutch emerges from the mansion with two pistols in his hands. He shoots at the fleeing O’Driscolls.]

Dutch van der Linde: Follow me. Run! Run! Cowards!

Hosea Matthews: We okay?

Dutch van der Linde: I think so… except for Kieran here. Poor kid. Mr. Swanson… would you take this boy and bury him… someplace near, but… not too near.

Orville Swanson: Of course. Charles, help me with the body.

Hosea Matthews: We need to get this place cleaned up. Mr. Pearson! Miss Grimshaw!

Susan Grimshaw: Already taking care of it. Come on now, work!

Dutch van der Linde: Colm O’Driscoll…

Arthur Morgan: That man can really hate.

Dutch van der Linde: So can I, Arthur… so can I. We need to get moving. Away from here.

Arthur Morgan: So we should start looking for another camp?

Dutch van der Linde: You ain’t thinking big enough, Arthur. You ain’t seeing the vastness of our problems… and our opportunities.

Arthur Morgan: I’m not sure I get you.

Dutch van der Linde: You will, son. You will. Meet me near the trolley station. We got work.

Arthur Morgan: (to John) Shall we?

John Marston: Yep.

[They start to carry the bodies. After that Arthur makes another entry in his diary.]

Arthur Morgan: (offscreen) He saved my life and I could not save his. Mrs. Adler fought braver than any of us. She is driven by powerful forces I scarcely understand. That’s what love has done to her I guess.

[“Horsemen, Apocalypses” mission completed.]

Urban Pleasures[]

[Arthur meets Dutch in Saint-Denis.]

Dutch van der Linde: There you are. Come on, keep walking. You’re late.

Arthur Morgan: A couple of days in this place you’ve turned into some clock watching city boy. What’s the urgency?

Dutch van der Linde: We need to leave… forever. We’ve been doing well, making money… but for us all to leave together… we need enough for a boat. Now I found a friendly ship captain… he’s willing to take us to Australia, or Tahiti. We just need to pay for passage and… give him money for land when we get there. No questions asked. We will disappear. Be reborn.

Arthur Morgan: Well, where the hell is Tahiti?

Dutch van der Linde: South Pacific. An untouched paradise.

Arthur Morgan: Who lives there?

Dutch van der Linde: Tahitians, I guess.

Arthur Morgan: We made a bit of money on that riverboat job, but… not enough for us to leave and live peacefully. Where’s the rest coming from?

Dutch van der Linde: In there.

[He nods towards the Cornwall City Railroads building.]

Arthur Morgan: So we are gonna rob that place?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, I didn’t think we was fixing the plumbing. I don’t know if you have noticed, but we are on the clock. I reckon we got a few days before the… Pinkertons show and then, well, we’re done. Now, we need money… Bronte said this place has got money. Come on.

[Arthur Dutch and Lenny put on their masks, take out their revolvers and enter the building.]

Dutch van der Linde: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a robbery… behave as I tell you, and none of you will die. Annoy me, and you all will. Now, remember, we just want money. Don’t make us kill you. Mr. M, relieve these fine folks of their valuables. Mr. S, check that room back there. I got this one.

[Arthur robs the clients.]

Dutch van der Linde: Dying is your choice, not mine. Kindly open that gate and let my acquaintance inside?

Stranger: Okay, okay. Ain’t got nothing else but this.

Dutch van der Linde: I said open the gate and let my acquaintance in.

Stranger 2: Of course, of course, just take it.

Lenny Summers: There’s nothing really here!

Dutch van der Linde: You’re sure?

Lenny Summers: Yes!

Dutch van der Linde: Then get out here and get ready for company. All of you! Behave. We don’t want to hurt any of you. Mr. M, check the safe.

Arthur Morgan: Sure… (to the worker) Open it.

Worker: I don’t think they keep much cash in there.

Arthur Morgan: There’s almost nothing here!

Dutch van der Linde: There should be stacks of cash in there… he told us there was… look again…

Arthur Morgan: There’s no stacks… a few dollars and coins, that’s it.

Lenny Summers: We got a problem. There’s a ton of cops out there.

Lawman: Come out now! We got you surrounded!

Dutch van der Linde: That greasy son of a bitch… he set us up!

Lawman: I said come out now!

Arthur Morgan: You think?

Dutch van der Linde: This seem like a good time for sarcasm to you, Arthur?

Lenny Summers: What we gonna do gentlemen?

Dutch van der Linde: Something! The trolley… the trolley! Follow me gentlemen!

[They run out of the building and jump into the trolley.]

Dutch van der Linde: (throw off the driver) Go… now!

Arthur Morgan: Does this trolley go to Tahiti?

Dutch van der Linde: I hope so!

[The gang shoot the lawmen.]

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, shoot us some space, boys! Look out on the right! We got some in those alleyways, Arthur!

Lenny Summers: And up on that balcony! Some riders coming on this side!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, cover our left with Lenny! Kid, you okay?

Lenny Summers: I’m good.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, coming out of the bank… on the right. That bastard must have called in every cop in the city! Outside the saloon! Oh damn, we are really moving here! Arthur, slow us down! Slow this thing down.

[He pulls on the brake handle…]

Arthur Morgan: The thing’s broke…

[The trolley crushes.]

Lenny Summers: Dutch!

[The gang is surrounded by lawmen. Arthur pulls his rifle.]

Arthur Morgan: Are you okay, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Sure, just about.

Lenny Summers: He’s fine.

Arthur Morgan: Ahh, shit!

Lenny Summers: Watch out… got some on the balcony here! How many of them are there?

Arthur Morgan: Just keep shooting ’til nothing moves!

Dutch van der Linde: This is our chance to move! Let’s go!

Lenny Summers: Through here, let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: You alright, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: I won’t lie. I’ve been better, son.

Arthur Morgan: Lenny, you keep an eye on him.

Lenny Summers: Of course. Shit, they’re in here too.

Dutch van der Linde: We can’t let them follow us!

Lenny Summers: This way, onto the street! Look out, they blocked the road! We gotta move, boss, stay with me!

Arthur Morgan: First the O’Driscolls jump us in camp, now this…. we need to wake up.

Dutch van der Linde: We’ll wake up after we get the hell out of here!

Lenny Summers: Let’s move up, Dutch. Eyes up! On the balcony!

Dutch van der Linde: Go right!

Lenny Summers: Okay, boss, let’s move. Riders, watch out! How you doing there, boss?

Dutch van der Linde: I’m okay.

Lenny Summers: Now’s our chance, let’s go!

Dutch van der Linde: Don’t damage that wagon! We need a way out of here! Head for that wagon! Hurry up! We need to get out of here, now! Took a real bang on the head back there, I’m seeing three of everything.

Arthur Morgan: You just stay down, I’ll hold them off.

Dutch van der Linde: They’re chasing us, take them out.

Lenny Summers: Looks like they ain’t giving up yet! There are more on my right!

Dutch van der Linde: Street on the left! They’re still coming!

Lenny Summers: Look out on the right, fellers!

Arthur Morgan: Just head straight for the bridge!

Lenny Summers: Damn, they blocked the road!

Dutch van der Linde: Hold on…

Lenny Summers: Damn, they blocked the road! Try to shoot it, Arthur! That’ll do it!

Dutch van der Linde: We’re through!

Lenny Summers: You see any more?

Dutch van der Linde: Just keep going, kid.

Arthur Morgan: You okay back there?

Dutch van der Linde: Don’t worry about me, just get us out of here.

Lenny Summers: I think we’re clear!

Arthur Morgan: You know what, Dutch… next time… let’s not damn discretion.

Dutch van der Linde: Seemed like a good lead.

Arthur Morgan: I know but…

Dutch van der Linde: Well, we made it… thanks to you.

Lenny Summers: Don’t mention it.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah. (counts the money)

Dutch van der Linde: You’re a good kid.

Arthur Morgan: And we each got… fifteen dollars. Oh, and a quarter… don’t forget the quarter.

Dutch van der Linde: Shut up, Arthur. He set us up. Played me like a yokel. Put the law on us. What did we do to him? What did I do to him?

Arthur Morgan: I guess he thinks he’s the king round here. He don’t want the likes of you. So… what’re we doing next, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: We just need money… one more decent take and we’re gone. The bank is our bet. Hosea agrees.

Arthur Morgan: Even after that?

Dutch van der Linde: Especially after that. I don’t feel so good.

Arthur Morgan: Ah, you just got a bash on the head.

Lenny Summers: Come on, I’m taking you back to camp.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, you did real good there, Lenny… just wish it could have turned out better.

Lenny Summers: Well, can’t win ’em all.

[Dutch and Lenny leave on the wagon. “Urban Pleasures” mission completed.]

Country Pursuits[]

[Standing on the balcony of his rotting mansion in the camp, Dutch calls out to Arthur.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, come up here.

[Arthur enters the mansion and goes up to the second floor.]

Susan Grimshaw: Hi there, Arthur.

Karen Jones: How you been getting on?

Mary Beth Gaskill: I stole a necklace last week... from a lady's house in the Mansion District.

Karen Jones: I don't like Saint Denis... it scares me... It's like a city built on... built on, I don't know what.

[Arthur goes out on the balcony. There’s Hosea there, sitting on a chair.]

Hosea Matthews: So, Arthur, you get the deciding vote.

Arthur Morgan: About what?

[Dutch and Hosea begin a lively argument.]

Dutch van der Linde: We take an insult and scurry off like cockroaches or deal with business the right way.

Hosea Matthews: We don't need to take revenge, we hardly know the guy.

Dutch van der Linde: This ain't about revenge, Hosea. Angelo Bronte don't mean shit to me. This is about the fact that we are planning to rob a bank in his town. A bank that he no doubt protects... a town where his men are gunning for us. Before we do that... we need to put him out of commission.

Hosea Matthews: I disagree. There's always an easier way.

Dutch van der Linde: There ain't no easier way. Now, I know his type. He is a vindictive little power broker who rules by fear. Now, we pull that stunt in his cess pit of a town... we're doomed. You wanna leave this place? Leave this country? We need that money.

Hosea Matthews: It just don't feel good, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: This is it. This is the last job that we are ever gonna pull. Before the year is out... we are gonna be harvesting mangoes in Tahiti. Farmers. But we need seed capital... and we need to leave. You know it. I know it.

Hosea Matthews: Forgive me if I can't think too much about the mango harvest... I'm...

Dutch van der Linde: This is it. Trust me. Arthur...

Arthur Morgan: If it's business, well... business is business...

Dutch van der Linde: Angelo Bronte stands between us and our future.

Hosea Matthews: You'll damn us all...

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, come on.

Arthur Morgan: You better be right about this one.

Dutch van der Linde: I am.

[They walk to their hitched horses.]

Arthur Morgan: I've heard that before.

Dutch van der Linde: And usually I have been right.

Arthur Morgan: If you say so...

Dutch van der Linde: Quit doubting, Arthur. It does no favors. Come on, we need to go see a man about a boat…

Arthur Morgan: A boat?

Dutch van der Linde: We're headed to a settlement called Lagras. I met a boatman there called Thomas who knows these waters like the back of his hand.

Arthur Morgan: Why do we need a boat?

Dutch van der Linde: So we can attack Bronte's mansion from the swamp, catch him off guard. He knows we survived the trolley station, so he'll be expecting some kind of reprisal.

Arthur Morgan: Ah, right. Okay, makes sense.

Dutch van der Linde: See, I do still possess some capacity for rational thought, Arthur.

[They saddle the horses.]

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, follow me. Thank you.

Arthur Morgan: For what?

Dutch van der Linde: For taking my side back there.

Arthur Morgan: It ain't about sides.

Dutch van der Linde: Feels like Hosea's lost his spine.

Arthur Morgan: But this move on Bronte... is it for the bank job... or revenge for what happened at the trolley station?

Dutch van der Linde: Both, neither, what does it matter? We need to hit that bank and Bronte has the police and just about everything else in Saint Denis in his back pocket. He also set us up and, lest we forget, took young Jack.

Arthur Morgan: I understand. We just got a lot of pots on the boil given all the folks who's out gunning for us.

Dutch van der Linde: You all seem to have forgotten how money is made and what it takes to support twenty people, let alone what it takes to give twenty people a new life overseas.

Arthur Morgan: With all due respect, Dutch... is this Tahiti plan really going to work out?

Dutch van der Linde: You tell me, Arthur. Is it? Have some goddamn faith. I am bending over backwards to make a future for us.

Arthur Morgan: I know, but...

Dutch van der Linde: But, but, but... when did you become so small-minded? If you'd rather we break up the family, go our separate ways, just tell me.

Arthur Morgan: Of course not.

Dutch van der Linde: This isn't a prison camp. I am not forcing anybody to stay. So either we're in this together, working together to get out together, or we're not. There simply isn't a reality in which we do nothing and get everything.

Arthur Morgan: I know. You're right. Just feels like we're on borrowed time again. I mean, the O'Driscolls found us.

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, we need to move and soon. Haven't I made that clear? I feel like I'm going in circles with all of you. Micah is the only one left with any loyalty. Anyway, here we are, let me do the talking.

[They arrive at a small remote settlement near the marshes and dismount. It's getting dark outside - you can hear crickets chirping and see lamps burning on the poles. Dutch and Arthur approach a black man moving boxes outside a house.]

Dutch van der Linde: Thomas. It is good to see you, my friend.

Thomas: (shakes hand) Hello, Mr. Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Thomas, have you met Arthur? Arthur, Thomas is quite the boatman. He's gonna help us get close to our prey. The other night, we had quite the adventure fishing for catfish... now, my friend... can I call in that favor?

Thomas: What do you need?

Dutch van der Linde: You know Angelo Bronte? (Thomas spits) Well exactly. We need to make a... social call. We were hoping you could row us in quietly one evening... around the back of his house.

Thomas: If anyone can, I can.

Dutch van der Linde: We'll pay you for your trouble.

Thomas: If you're bringing him trouble... it won't be no trouble for me.

Dutch van der Linde: Good...

Thomas: My business partner, Jules, he's out on the skiff... I'll need to check with him... plus, I need to check the traps. Would you come with me?

Dutch van der Linde: Of course. Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Why not?

Thomas: Shouldn't take too long, we can find him.

[They take the oil lamps and go out into the swamp.]

Thomas: Be lively. Mind you, there's a lot of gators. Uncommon number, big ones.

Arthur Morgan: Great...

Dutch van der Linde: Come now, Arthur. It'll take more than a prehistoric reptile to scare you, surely?

Arthur Morgan: Well, I just wanna see you meet your match when it comes to a, an ancient predator with a big mouth, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur here is something of a comedian, Thomas. More of a jester than a gunslinger.

Thomas: Well, if you say so, Mr. Dutch. This way, come on, this way. Follow me here. And stay on the high ground.

Arthur Morgan: You call this ground? It feels like water to me.

Thomas: Down here we can't be too picky there, Mr. Arthur. Got a couple of crayfish traps up ahead. Mr. Dutch, you keep a look out for company... Mr. Arthur, check the traps with me.

[Arthur goes knee-deep in the muddy swamp water and checks the trap.]

Arthur Morgan: This one's empty.

Thomas: Alright, I got a few more set over this way. Come on.

Dutch van der Linde: I don't wanna know what just touched my leg.

Thomas: Mr. Dutch, you sure you're the right fellers to be going after Angelo Bronte?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, he's much more the kind of reptile I can handle.

[They continue to walk slowly through the marshy swamp.]

Thomas: Now stay close, make sure you follow my line.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh I fully intend to, Thomas.

Thomas: You too, Mr. Arthur.

Dutch van der Linde: You can see why evening swamp-wading hasn't caught on as a pastime, can't you?

Thomas: I love it out here. Peaceful, nobody bothering you none. 'Cept for the Night Folk sometimes.

Dutch van der Linde: The Night Folk?

Thomas: Yep, some strange people round these parts. Wilder than the animals they are.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, this just gets better and better.

[Gradually they sink up to their breasts in the muddy swamp water. Arthur raises the oil lamp higher so as not to get it wet.]

Thomas: Whoa, stop where you are. It's a gator. Just stay as still as you can. Alright, let's keep moving. I got another trap by that small Island up ahead. I don't know what's taking Jules so long with that boat.

Dutch van der Linde: I think we are all equally keen to find him.

Thomas: Give me a hand here, Mr. Arthur. This trap is stuck in the mud... it happens.

[They take the trap out of the mud, but it turns out to be broken.]

Arthur Morgan: I guess something didn't want to be caught.

Thomas: My gosh... so it's true.

Arthur Morgan: What is?

Thomas: There's been talk of a big old bull... but people talk a lot of nonsense... I guess this was.... no, but only something huge could do this.

Arthur Morgan: Fantastic... well let's hope it bites you first, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Should we just keep moving? I don't really wanna hang around here much longer.

Thomas: Alright, I suppose this can wait. Let's go. Hold up.

[An alligator swims nearby.]

Dutch van der Linde: My God... there's no shortage of them.

Thomas: Good eating.

Dutch van der Linde: Us or them?

Thomas: Exactly... come on. We really should have run into Jules by now. I reckon we should split up so we can search both sides.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay. Arthur, since you appear so at home here, you take the right. We'll go left.

Arthur Morgan: What?

Thomas: Just keep your eyes open.

[Arthur walks through the muddy water for a while and comes out on a small patch of land.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey! Someone there? Hello?

[He notices someone in a tree with a lantern and walks toward him.]

Arthur Morgan: That must be him. Hey! You in the tree. What are you doing?

Jules: There’s a monster… a monster!

Arthur Morgan: You okay up there?

Jules: There’s a monster!

Arthur Morgan: Where?

Jules: Massive, it nearly ate me…

Arthur Morgan: Where’d he go?

Jules: It’s, it’s out there!

Arthur Morgan: What?

Jules: A big gator, biggest I ever saw! Big and nasty! Knocked me off the boat and chase me over here.

Arthur Morgan: You must be Jules?

Jules: Yes.

Arthur Morgan: Where is the boat?

Jules: It’s over there… I ran, I…

Arthur Morgan: Okay… and uh, where’d this monster swim off to?

Jules: I think that way… Good luck shooting that thing, you’ll need a cannon. Please get the boat, mister. I’ve been up here for hours. Like I said, the skiff’s just over there.

[Arthur finds a boat that is stuck in a huge snag.]

Arthur Morgan: I got the skiff… it’s over here! It’s stuck. Oh no…

[Dutch and Thomas come up.]

Arthur Morgan: I got it loose.

Dutch van der Linde: Good man.

Thomas: Alright, let’s get back to the dock.

[Everyone, including Jules, gets in the boat.]

Jules: Yes, please let’s go.

[They sail away.]

Jules: Thank God. So, er, who are these fellers, Thomas?

Thomas: Two new friends of mine, I’ll explain later.

Dutch van der Linde: Jules, we are very happy to have finally made your acquaintance.

Jules: I thought I was gonna be out here all night.

Thomas: What was you doing hiding up in the tree, boy?

Jules: This gator was huge, Thomas. Twice as big as I ever seen. Twice as angry too.

Thomas: Nonsense. Scared eyes’ll play tricks on you.

[The boat is shaking as if they had run into something big.]

Dutch van der Linde: Now what?

Jules: I think we hit a tree stump.

Thomas: Yeah, I’d thought we’d clear it. You gonna need to jump in and pull us free.

Jules: Me?

Thomas: Yeah, just do it, won’t take you a minute boy, go on.

Jules: This is a bad idea…

Thomas: We’ll see any giant monster… long before it gets anywhere near you… We got a couple of crack gunslingers here with their guns loaded! You’ll be fine.

Jules: You didn’t see the thing.

Thomas: Yeah, neither did you… it’s just a myth Jules, now pull!

[Something is dragging poor Jules underwater.]

Thomas: Jules?

Dutch van der Linde: Shit.

Arthur Morgan: He weren’t kidding…

Thomas: No, I’m going in!

Dutch van der Linde: No, no, we can’t lose the boat… Arthur’ll go.

Arthur Morgan: I will?

Dutch van der Linde: Hurry, Arthur.

Thomas: Quick!

[Arthur jumps back into the muddy water and goes to rescue Jules. He flounders in the water and calls for help.]

Jules: It got my leg! Help, it’s got my leg! Help!

Arthur Morgan: Come here, son.

Thomas: Hurry! It’s pulling him under! Hurry, please!

[Jules plunges under the water.]

Arthur Morgan: Shit! Where’d he go?

Dutch van der Linde: He must be close, Arthur. Come on. Come on Arthur. Find him.

Jules: Help! Help! Help!

Arthur Morgan: I’m coming.

Jules: Get this thing off me, help!

[He manages to get to Jules. He puts the poor man on his shoulder and carries him to the boat.]

Arthur Morgan: I got you, son. I got you.

Jules: Oh… God, no…

Arthur Morgan: Dutch… shoot something!

Dutch van der Linde: Hurry up, Arthur! Just, just don’t look behind you!

Thomas: Keep going!

Arthur Morgan: Fire off a couple of warning shots, just to pretend you care.

Jules: God, oh, God no… please hurry.

Dutch van der Linde: (shots) I got you covered!

Jules: My leg! Oh… Oh, God no… please hurry!

Thomas: Hang in there, Jules!

Dutch van der Linde: Quick as you can, come on!

Thomas: Hurry, hurry!

Dutch van der Linde: Here, give me the boy.

Thomas: Hang in there, Jules!

Dutch van der Linde: Give him here. Bring him here… come on, come on, quickly, quickly.

Thomas: Keep shooting!

Dutch van der Linde: Finish that son of a bitch, Arthur!

[Sitting in a boat, they shoot at ripples on the water.]

Thomas: You’re gonna be alright Jules, just hold on. It’s coming right for us! It’s still coming.

Jules: Oh God.

Thomas: Damn it, come on! Shoot it!

[The monster turns out to be a huge white alligator. It floats out of the water for a while, allowing Arthur to put several bullets into it. The alligator swims under the boat and disappears.]

Dutch van der Linde: I think he’s going.

Arthur Morgan: Shit, that is one big old gator!

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, your boy doesn’t look too good there.

Thomas: Here, take this, try to stop the bleeding!

Arthur Morgan: (bandaging Jules' leg) You’re gonna be okay, son. You’re gonna be okay. Just thank your old uncle Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: I heard that.

Dutch van der Linde: There’s still a lot of blood, you need to put pressure on it.

Arthur Morgan: I’ve stopped the bleeding… I think he’ll be okay, if he don’t get a fever.

Thomas: We can bring down a fever.

Dutch van der Linde: A fever is the least of our worries… look who’s back.

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn it.

[The white alligator decides to attack again.]

Dutch van der Linde: Put every bullet you got in him! Dead ahead of us! You see him? Shoot! Shit. Don’t let him get any closer!

[Arthur again seizes the moment and shoots the alligator as it emerges from the water.]

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, I think it’s had enough!

Arthur Morgan: For now… Jesus, can we get back now? You’re going to be okay, kid.

Thomas: Sorry, Jules… guess all them stories was true. Big and mad… that’s unusual. Normally the little ones is angry… big ones is lazy.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, I guess he never outgrew his anger…. kind of reminds me of you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: You know… I don’t think I’ve ever seen you squeal before, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: I weren’t the one squealing.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah well, you weren’t in the water with him… and this poor boy was nearly dinner.

[They return to the settlement.]

Thomas: Can we get some help? Jules’ been bitten. There’s a monster out here…

Woman: Oh, my God!

Thomas: He’s been bitten, but he’s alive. Just keep him warm… feed him garlic for the infection. (to Dutch) Thank you… both of you. I’m at your service anytime you need me.

Dutch van der Linde: Thank you, Thomas. Where can we find you?

Thomas: You just meet me back here.

Dutch van der Linde: Very good.

Thomas: Can one of you help me put the boat back out?

Dutch van der Linde: I’m going to head back to camp and placate the… irritable Miss O’Shea, who’s causing more trouble. I’ll collect the boys… meet you back here, Arthur.

Thomas: Mr. Arthur… old Bronte, he’s a bad man.

Arthur Morgan: I know…

Thomas: Killed some good folks… hurt a lot of people.

Arthur Morgan: Well, he definitely lacks a certain charm. I’ll see you soon.

Thomas: You be safe… we got monsters out here.

Arthur Morgan: Well…

["Country Pursuits" mission completed.]

Revenge Is A Dish Best Eaten[]

[Thomas agrees to take the gang to the far side of Bronte’s mansion so they can pay him a courtesy visit. Arthur returns to Thomas's settlement.]

Bill Williamson: So, Dutch… what’s Tahiti like, anyhow?

Dutch van der Linde: I have no idea… but I hear it’s paradise. Arthur, there you are. Come on. Thomas, let’s get going.

Thomas: Right you are.

[They set sail on a boat.]

Dutch van der Linde: (laughs) Hey, Bill… you were a sharpshooter in the cavalry weren’t you?

Bill Williamson: What?

Dutch van der Linde: When we get there… maybe you could help with the suppression fire.

Bill Williamson: I never said I was no sharpshooter.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, that’s right, w-what was it… the nation’s most loyal latrine digger… wasn’t that it?

[Everyone laughs. Bill looks at them with a sour face.]

Bill Williamson: Yeah, well I fought, and I fought well.

Dutch van der Linde: So you always tell us…

Bill Williamson: Taught me something you could do with learning. Them Indians were savages.

Dutch van der Linde: Watch your mouth there boy. Watch it. Only type of savage in these parts… are moonshine swilling, pompous, inbred locals.

Bill Williamson: Dutch, I saw things out there.

[Dutch suddenly gets very serious.]

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t doubt you saw things, Bill… but your tiny little mind… was too small to comprehend what you saw. What you saw, was people who lost everything to savagery. The savagery of peasants… failures come from Europe to reap some… awful vengeance on God’s last creation.

Arthur Morgan: Interesting way you boys got of preparing for a killing.

Dutch van der Linde: I’m sorry I wasted my life trying to teach you boys… love you though I do.

Arthur Morgan: Well, leaving love aside… (coughs) you think we got this?

Dutch van der Linde: Don’t you never leave love aside, Arthur… it’s all we got.

[They swim up to the mansion and disembark.]

Dutch van der Linde: Now you pick us up yonder. Thank you.

Thomas: Good luck to you.

[The gang slowly squats toward the house under the cover of night. They try not to make any noise.]

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, quick. Stay quiet.

[They climb over the wall.]

Dutch van der Linde: Lenny, Bill, you’re with me. Arthur, John, you take the left side. If you see a shot, you take it. Okay? Good luck, gentlemen.

John Marston: Arthur, let’s go. Find some cover, two up ahead. Have you got a shot?

Guard: Something creepy about these statues.

[Arthur kills the two guards with deft and accurate shots. A firefight ensues.]

Guard 2 In Italian: You’re making a big mistake!

Dutch van der Linde: Rain hell on these sons of bitches!

John Marston: Bronte! You son of a bitch, come out!

Dutch van der Linde: Stop hiding you bastard!

Guard 2 In Italian: I said we should never trust these sons of bitches!

Bill Williamson: Shoot all these sons of bitches!

Guard 2 In Italian: Take them down!

John Marston: This ends tonight!

[They kill all the guards and go to the mansion.]

Dutch van der Linde: This is not over yet! Head to the house! Let’s get in there!

John Marston: Shoot that lock, Arthur!

Dutch van der Linde: Now, we need to get that door open. Good! Now kick that damn door in!

Arthur fires a double shot from a double-barreled shotgun that Dutch throws at him and kicks the door open with his shoulder.

Arthur Morgan: We got more inside!

[He quickly kills two guards with guns.]

Dutch van der Linde: Bronte! Get out here and tight like a man!

Guard 3 In Italian: Send a telegram to Chief Lambert.

Guard 4 In Italian: Drop the damn gun, cowboy.

[In the house he is confronted by guards armed much better than those who guarded the mansion, but against the whole gang they do not stand a chance.]

Bill Williamson: Is that all you got, old man?

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, let’s spread out. He’s hiding somewhere.

John Marston: Coming down the stairs!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, have a look upstairs!

Arthur Morgan: Lenny, keep that door covered!

John Marston: Let’s check upstairs, he’s not down here!

Arthur Morgan: Where you hiding?

John Marston: It’s over, Bronte!

[After breaking down one of the doors and killing a guard, Arthur finds Bronte hiding behind a bed.]

Arthur Morgan: John! In here!

[Bronte aims her revolver at him and fires, but it comes up empty.]

Angelo Bronte In Italian: Oh, fuck!

[In desperation, he throws a revolver at Arthur and John.]

Angelo Bronte: (hysterical) Okay, okay, I’m sorry friend, I… no, name your price! Name your price, every man have a price… Okay, okay, no, I surrender, I surrender! I—

[John punches him hard in the face and Bronte faints.]

John Marston: Should we kill him?

Arthur Morgan: Nah, let’s take him to Dutch.

John Marston: You can carry him. I ain’t touching that piece of shit.

[Arthur puts Bronte on the shoulder.]

Arthur Morgan: I think Dutch wants to have a little chat, Mr. Bronte.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go, come on!

[They walk toward the exit of the mansion and hear the sound of gunfire.]

Lawman: Put your guns down!

Bill Williamson: Come on, Morgan… we’re getting the hell outta here!

[Arthur has to engage in combat. Because he carries Bronte on his shoulder, he can only use his revolver.]

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go, let’s go! Sorry, boys, nobody’s going to jail today!

Lenny Summers: Everyone okay? We nearly there, come on!

Dutch van der Linde: Stay with me, Arthur!

Lenny Summers: Everyone okay? We nearly there, come on!

John Marston: You sons of bitches backed the wrong goddamn crook!

Lenny Summers: Push up on them, boys!

[They kill all the lawmen and go to the boat.]

Dutch van der Linde: Get to the boat! Quick, get our new friend on that boat before any more show up. Put him in the front. Bill, you help.

Arthur Morgan: You got him?

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, Lenny… Alright, come on. Let’s get outta here.

[They sail away. Dutch slaps Bronte on the cheek to wake him up.]

Dutch van der Linde: Hey, big man. We gonna ransom you or what?

Angelo Bronte: You’re pathetic.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, I am? Cause from where I’m sitting… you’re the one deserving of pity my friend. All your men… all your money… it weren’t no match for a bunch of bumpkins.

Angelo Bronte: You are nothing. You do nothing. You mean nothing. You stand for nothing. Me? I run a city… and when the law catch up to you… you will die like nothing. I am this country. You… you… you are what people are running from.

Dutch van der Linde: I possess things that you will never understand.

Angelo Bronte: You don’t even possess your own men. A thousand dollars to the man who kills him… and sets me free.

[The gang members didn't even move.]

Dutch van der Linde: What are you gonna say now?

Angelo Bronte: They are even bigger fools than you.

Dutch van der Linde: No doubt.

Angelo Bronte: The law will find you… already the dogs are on the way.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh yeah. Oh, you’re right. You are so right. They are good at smelling filth, huh? So filth has got to be… disposed of!

[He dips Bronte in the muddy swamp water and holds him under the water while he makes a speech.]

Dutch van der Linde: Your friends the Pinkertons… gonna come and rescue you? You repulsive little maggot! Call them, now! You call them!

[Bronte chokes on the swamp water and dies. Dutch throws the corpse out of the boat and an alligator swims up to it.]

John Marston: Jesus. What part of your philosophy books cover… feeding a feller to a goddamn alligator, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: The part that covers weakness. That part.

John Marston: I don’t know.

Dutch van der Linde: Well I do. It ain’t nice, I know it… but it is us, or him. I figure it might as well be him.

[“Revenge Is A Dish Best Eaten” mission completed.]

Banking, the Old American Art[]

[Arthur returns to the camp. He enters the mansion where a lively discussion already appears to be taking place.]

Hosea Matthews: I’m telling you, Dutch, this is the way to do this job. The distraction’ll buy you all the time you need.

Dutch van der Linde: I… don’t like it…

Hosea Matthews: It’s the right plan. We’ve done the work. I’ve been in town, looking… watching and… and waiting, I’ve, I’ve… I’ve tested it as well as I can. It’s the right plan.

Dutch van der Linde: I know! I just… Well, between you and me, I’m… nervous, I suppose, I suppose that’s it.

Hosea Matthews: You’re never nervous, that’s been my job all these years.

Dutch van der Linde: I know.

Arthur Morgan: Gentlemen.

Hosea Matthews: Look, the bank… Karen, Tilly, Abigail, I sent them all. They all say the same thing. There’s no more than one armed guard. And the police… it’s a city, there are police, but as far as we can tell… the patrols will all be going this way… when Abigail and I cause the diversion… and that’s the opportunity.

Dutch van der Linde: What do you think, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Well, I don’t see we have a lot of choice. We linger around here we know we’re dead.

Dutch van der Linde: But the plan?

Arthur Morgan: We got a decent bunch. We know how to fight. Those city cops, they don’t seem so tough. As long as we move fast. I reckon doing it in the day, with a distraction. If that’s what Hosea is saying? It’s as good a plan as any.

Dutch van der Linde: I, I think I agree.

Hosea Matthews: And we do it at night… there’s the drama of just getting into the bank. Can’t do that silently. They’ll pick us off far easier.

Dutch van der Linde: I know, I’m… I’m just making sure.

Hosea Matthews: Every plan is a good plan if we execute it properly. Every problem we had was because we did not… execute… properly. Even Blackwater from my understanding.

Dutch van der Linde: You’re right. Let’s rob this bastard. Everyone, get ready. Look smart. Travel light. You got everything, Arthur?

[Arthur comes out wearing an expensive suit.]

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Hosea Matthews: we rob ourselves a bank… and within six weeks… we’re living life anew in a tropical idyll… spending the last of our days as banana farmers? Let’s get out of this godforsaken place… and go rob ourselves a bank!

[The gang responds with cheers of approval. They mount their horses and gallop forward.]

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go, let’s go! Crack that whip, Mr. Matthews! This is it, gentlemen. The last one.

John Marston: Where have we heard that before?

Dutch van der Linde: What has happened to you, John? You lost all your heart.

John Marston: I’m just trying to stay real about all this.

Dutch van der Linde: "Real". Oh, how I detest that word. So devoid of imagination.

Micah Bell: How soon are we shipping out?

Dutch van der Linde: Soon as we get a passage organized.

Dutch van der Linde: Boat down to Argentina and another around the cape.

Micah Bell: What about the money in Blackwater? We’re just gonna leave that behind?

Dutch van der Linde: Forget that, it’s gone. You all talk like it’s the only goddamn money in the world. We’re gonna take that and more, take it from the people who take it from us. This isn’t some hick town, hundred dollar operation. This is a big city bank!

John Marston: Right. With security, guards, police.

Dutch van der Linde: Hosea has done his reconnaissance, we’ve been over this. The plan. One last time. Hosea and Abigail draw out the police, we go in calm and fast. John and Lenny, secure the front doors, Javier takes the side exit. Bill, Micah and Charles, control the crowd. Me and Arthur deal with the bank manager and vault. Got it?

Hosea Matthews: Gentlemen, let us go ahead.

Micah Bell: Got it.

John Marston: Yep.

Hosea Matthews: Got it! Gentlemen, let's us go ahead.

Dutch van der Linde: How long do you need?

Hosea Matthews: Not long. Fifteen minutes or less. You’ll know by the noise. Any problems, we’ll see you in camp.

Abigail Marston: Good luck gentlemen.

Dutch van der Linde: Ride on! Everybody know the drill. We head in hard and stay calm. They won’t be expecting us. Any minor trouble, head back to camp. We’ll leave in a few days. You good, Bill?

Bill Williamson: Sure.

Arthur Morgan: Then ride on with Charles. We don’t want to be seen heading in like some posse of country outlaws.

Dutch van der Linde: This is it, cowboys! One more time!

Arthur Morgan: One more time.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s ride!

Micah Bell: Yeah!

[They're riding into the town.]

Dutch van der Linde: Nice and easy through town now, boys. There’s Bill, let’s hitch up here.

[They stop at Lemoyne National Bank.]

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen… robbing thieves, it ain’t no crime at all. Folk like this… they stole what this country could have been… Stay cool, fellers. Act natural. Wait for Hosea to do his thing.

Micah Bell: This, this’d better work.

John Marston: Looks like there’s law over the other side.

Dutch van der Linde: Have a modicum of faith, John, will you please? Soon as we get out, load everything onto the wagon here.

[There is a powerful explosion nearby. Powerful by the standards of the early 20th century, of course.]

Dutch van der Linde: (laughs) I love that Hosea, he’s a true artist.

[They pull out guns, cover their faces, and break into the bank.]

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen… Ladies and gentlemen, this is a hold up. Don’t do nothing stupid.

Micah Bell: Come on!

Clerk: Who do you think you are?

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, now then. Arthur, would you please have Señor Bank Manager here open up the vault?

Arthur Morgan: (punches the manager) Open the vault, come on!

[He enters the vault.]

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s make this quick, come on. Forget all the drawers, just get those safes open.

Arthur Morgan: I need the combination for these safes.

Bill Williamson: Tell him the combination… come on… speak…

Arthur Morgan: Got it.

Bill Williamson: Okay now, what’s the second number?

Clerk: Seventy-two!

Arthur Morgan: Alright, should be one more number.

Bill Williamson: Last number! Come on!

Clerk: Fifty-four!

Bill Williamson: You get that, Mr. M? Fifty-four.

Arthur opens the safe.

Dutch van der Linde: What did I tell you? Well, well, well.

[Arthur takes everything of value he can carry.]

Bill Williamson: Get outta here.

John Marston: We got trouble! Looks like the law!

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, let’s go.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

John Marston: Think we got a problem out here!

[The gang pulls out weapons and approaches the windows of the bank. It looks like they are surrounded.]

Andrew Milton: Come out, it’s over!

John Marston: Shit, Abigail…

[Apparently the lawmen caught Hosea. Milton brought Hosea to his knees and put a revolver to his head.]

Andrew Milton: Dutch, get out here! Get out here now!

Dutch van der Linde: Someone must have squealed.

John Marston: We never should have gone after Bronte, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Mr. Milton… let my friend go… or folks… they are gonna get shot unnecessarily.

Andrew Milton: Your friend? Ha, why would I do that?

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, Milton…

Andrew Milton: It’s over. No more bargains. No more deals.

Dutch van der Linde: Mr. Milton… this is America. You can always cut a deal.

Andrew Milton: I’ve given you enough chances…

[He pushes Hosea away. He stares out the windows of the bank for a few moments, then turns around. Milton shoots Hosea in the chest. He falls to the rocky sidewalk, squirms in pain for a few seconds and dies.]

Arthur Morgan: Goddamn it!

Andrew Milton: There’s your deal, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Hosea… Hosea! Goddamn it, kill those bastards!

[Arthur kicks out the window with his elbow and starts shooting at the lawmen. A fierce firefight ensues.]

Arthur Morgan: Throw every goddamn bullet we got!

Lenny Summers: Hosea! They killed Hosea!

John Marston: Goddamn it! I said this was a bad idea!

Dutch van der Linde: Hold them back, I got an idea! Just keep shooting!

Charles Smith: I see wagons coming in! Help me out here, Arthur!

Javier Escuella: Hosea… he isn’t moving!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, are you alive?

Arthur Morgan: Just about!

Dutch van der Linde: Get over here!

John Marston: There’s a goddamn army of them out there!

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, come on! Arthur, where are you?

John Marston: What if they’ve got Abigail?

Lenny Summers: That bastard would have shown her if he did.

John Marston: Shit, I hope you’re right.

Dutch van der Linde: There’s no way that we are getting out that door. Take this, and blow a hole through that wall.

Bill Williamson: This is worse than Blackwater.

[Arthur goes to the wall and sets the explosives.]

Arthur Morgan: Fire in the hole! Everyone back!

[He shoots dynamite and destroys the wall.]

John Marston: I don’t know how much longer we can hold them back.

Lenny Summers: Dutch is working on it.

John Marston: That is not what I want to hear right now!

[The gang runs out of the bank into the alley.]

Dutch van der Linde: Now get up to the roof and draw their fire! We’ll follow you up there!

[Arthur begins to climb the stairs to the roof of the bank.]

Dutch van der Linde: Get up there, I’ll cover the rear. We’ll get them out of here.

Arthur Morgan: That we will. Everyone move! I’ll hold ’em off!

[He shoots at the lawmen from above.]

Dutch van der Linde: You heard him! Let’s go!

Arthur Morgan: Get shooting, all of you.

Javier Escuella: Oh my God… come on!

Arthur Morgan: Where is everybody, what is going on down there?

Javier Escuella: We lost control of the bank… the others are trying to hold them off.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, shit! Gatling gun!

Dutch van der Linde: Nearly there, would you come on!

[When Arthur kills most of the lawmen, the rest of the gang gets on the roof.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur… we lost John.

Arthur Morgan: Killed?

Dutch van der Linde: Arrested… I couldn’t help.

Arthur Morgan: Well we better go or we’ll be next.

Dutch van der Linde: What you think?

Arthur Morgan: I reckon me and Lenny try and find a way across the roofs… so if you’ll cover us.

Dutch van der Linde: Sure, sure…

[Arthur and Lenny are running across the rooftops.]

Lenny Summers: We can get across here!

[Suddenly two lawmen appear before him and kill him.]

Arthur Morgan: No! Lenny!

[In a rage, Arthur quickly kills the lawmen.]

Arthur Morgan: Dutch, they got Lenny!

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, goddamn them! We can’t stop now, Arthur, or we’re all dead! We’re gonna have to jump! Arthur, go!

[He, along with the rest of the gang, run on the rooftops.]

Dutch van der Linde: All of you, we gotta keep quiet and keep moving, or we’re going to be dead in the next few minutes. Follow me, one at a time. Arthur, you go next. Come on, follow me. Keep it down, there’s law everywhere.

Arthur Morgan: We got the law below, watch out!

Pinkerton: Find these men, all of you! Find these men! You! You seen anything?

Pinkerton 2: No, not yet.

Pinkerton 1: Find them, find them! Come on, all of you. Keep alert.

Arthur Morgan: Shit, looks like they’re heavily patrolling round here.

[Dutch kicks the boards with which the window is nailed up.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur… Arthur! We can get in here. Come on.

[The whole gang climbs into the house.]

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t believe it.

Arthur Morgan: They knew we were coming… just like your ferry job in Blackwater.

Micah Bell: Ain’t nothing like that.

Bill Williamson: Well, what now?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know… This whole town is filled with cops.

Arthur Morgan: Well, how long we gonna stay here? A-a few hours?

Dutch van der Linde: We go back to camp… they’re gonna get every last one of us. I know they’re gonna be watching the roads. I got it…

Arthur Morgan: What you mean?

Dutch van der Linde: We stay here till night fall… then we sneak on down to the docks… we get ourselves outta here.

Bill Williamson: Yeah, but where?

Dutch van der Linde: Any place’ll do. That’s all I got. We leave… we lie low… we come back for the rest in a few weeks.

Arthur Morgan: I’m guessing it’s that… or we die out there right now.

Dutch van der Linde: Exactly! Now everybody… calm down. I mean... look at us.

[They wait until evening. Dutch slowly walks out of the house looking around. The others follow him.]

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, follow me… and keep your heads down. To the boats, come on. Guards up ahead.

Arthur Morgan: What now?

Dutch van der Linde: Just wait a second…

Guard: I even said it to Mavis.

Guard 2: The rats’ll have to come out their holes eventually.

Guard 1: We should’ve had ’em in Blackwater.

Guard 2: That won’t happen again. Milton’s got men on every street.

Arthur Morgan: We can’t stay here.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s cut through the train, follow me. Someone’s coming! Guard to the left! Get down and stay out of sight! Someone’s coming, duck!

Guard 3: Hey, I already checked the trains. No more than a quarter hour ago.

Guard 4: Alright then.

Dutch van der Linde: Come on. Shit. Stop, Arthur. Ah, dammit! We’re never gonna get past these fellers. Arthur… head over to the water, see if you can draw them out.

Arthur Morgan: Draw them out? How?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know. Make a noise, whistle or something?

[Arthur moves some distance away, hides behind the barrels and whistles.]

Guard 3: Jenkins, is that you? Huh? What was that?

[Arthur goes back to Dutch.]

Dutch van der Linde: Everyone, stay down and keep quiet.

Pinkerton: We’ve wasted enough time on these fools.

Pinkerton 2: Spencer said at least two of them are dead.

Dutch van der Linde: See them? What d’you think?

Arthur Morgan: Don’t know.

Charles Smith: They’re watching for us.

Dutch van der Linde: Maybe… maybe not.

Charles Smith: Well, they ain’t just waiting there for no reason!

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, let me think for a second…

Charles Smith: I’ll deal with them.

Dutch van der Linde: What? How?

Charles Smith: I can’t kill all of them silently so, when they chase me, you go the other way.

Dutch van der Linde: What are you talking about?

Charles Smith: You heard what I said.

[He goes to the Pinkertons.]

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, I like him.

Arthur Morgan: Real brave.

Pinkerton 3: What in the hell? Who is… Excuse me! Buddy! Hey, stop! Stop, stop!

[They run after Charles.]

Dutch van der Linde: That is one of the most beautiful acts I ever saw. Come on.

[The gang gets on the ship and it sails. It is pouring with rain outside.]

Arthur Morgan: What now?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, at least we got some gold.

Arthur Morgan: This boat ain’t going to Tahiti by any chance?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know. John, Lenny, Hosea… that wasn’t good.

Arthur Morgan: So what we gonna do now?

Dutch van der Linde: Guess I’m gonna introduce myself to the Captain. Give him some of this gold to secure his silence… and find out where we’re heading. How do I look?

Arthur Morgan: Like a shifty, no good killer on the run from the law.

Dutch van der Linde: Ain’t that the truth?

Dutch van der Linde: (clears throat) Excuse me, sir!

Captain: Hey, who are you?

Dutch van der Linde: Forgive me. A stowaway. Can I see the Captain please? I come in peace.

[After a few minutes of conversation, he returns to Arthur.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well, it’s gonna take a little more gold… but I think we’re gonna be okay. This Captain, he is a fine feller. A New Englander, from the Cape… the rest of the ship is Frenchmen. They’re heading down to the islands… taking some Pennsylvania coal. Now, apparently we’re gonna be able to slip ashore… in Northern Cuba in a couple of days.

Arthur Morgan: That so?

Dutch van der Linde: Apparently.

Bill Williamson: What are we gonna do in Cuba, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Hold up for a while, then hurry back… gather up the rest of our family. At least we got some money now. Money and loyalty. With that you can do whatever you please.

Bill Williamson: So you reckon they’ll follow us to Cuba?

Dutch van der Linde: Like Colonel Waxman on a jolly? I highly doubt it. I reckon we hold ourselves to ourselves… and this is done and dusted.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s hope so.

Micah Bell: I ain’t no sailor, but uh… that cloud look like good news to you?

[Some time passes. Dutch wakes up Arthur and the others in the middle of the night.]

Dutch van der Linde: Wake up. Everybody, wake up. Wake up! Come on, Arthur! Arthur, Arthur! Wake up!

Arthur Morgan: Why? What’s going on?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know, but we are getting off of this boat. You come on. Would you get a move on, you sleepy bastards!

Arthur Morgan: You go on ahead, I’ll be right behind you. Jesus.

[The ship is shaking violently. The cargo in the boxes is falling out of its places.]

Arthur Morgan: Dutch!

Dutch van der Linde: I’m okay… You?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah.

Dutch van der Linde: This ain’t moving.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, you go on ahead… I’ll try and find another way.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, goddammit!

[We see the view outside the ship. It's on fire. Arthur walks out onto the deck, trying to hold on to whatever he can. He notices Dutch already sitting in the rescue boat. It is being swept by a wave.]

Arthur Morgan: Dutch!

[He jumps into the rushing ocean, but his strength is not enough to swim. He drowns. “Banking, the Old American Art” mission completed.]


Welcome To The New World[]

[Arthur lies unconscious on the beach. After a while he wakes up, clears his throat and gets to his feet.]

Arthur Morgan: Where the hell am I?

[He slowly walks along the rocky shore. After a few minutes of aimless wandering, Arthur collapses exhausted on the sand. After lying there for a while, he gets up again and walks on, and soon he sees the smoke from the fire.]

Arthur Morgan: (exhausted) Dut… Dutch… Dutch… Boys…

[Dutch notices him. The stubble on his face suggests that it has been several days since the shipwreck.]

Dutch van der Linde: You’re alive. Arthur… you’re… you’re alive!

[The gang approaches Arthur.]

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur, it is a miracle. It is a goddamn miracle. Here, have something to drink. Have a drink. Somebody give him a goddamn drink! Oh, son. Son, take it easy. We got you… we got you.

[Arthur drinks water and rests for a while, then decides to talk to Dutch by the fire.]

Arthur Morgan: So… where the hell are we?

Dutch van der Linde: We are on the island of Guarma. Javier asked a local. It's a... old sugar plantation island. Second island east of Cuba.

Arthur Morgan: Is it anywhere near Australia or Tahiti?

Dutch van der Linde: It’s on the way I guess…

Arthur Morgan: So… what next?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know…

[Several armed men approach them from the top of a small mountain. The gang raises their hands in the air.]

Dutch van der Linde: Well, next I guess we’re gonna get shot.

Stranger: In Spanish: Get these men in chains.

Dutch van der Linde: Gentlemen… this is quite a welcome.

Stranger: Who are you?

Dutch van der Linde: Señor, por favor. We, are no one.

Stranger: What’s your name?

Dutch van der Linde: Aiden O’Malley.

Stranger: Is that so? What are you doing… Mr. O’Malley?

Dutch van der Linde: Surviving. We were lost at sea… in the storm.

Stranger: Is that so?

Dutch van der Linde: No, I’m in the habit of looking like this… is all of this really necessary?

[The gang is chained together.]

Stranger: We got enough troubles around here right now, Mr. O’Malley… without taking a chance on a bunch of vagabonds. Behave yourselves, and no harm will befall you.

Guard: Vamos.

Guard 2 In Spanish: Let’s go!

Guard 3 In Spanish: Let’s go, move!

Stranger: That means move! You’ve got a long walk ahead of you.

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t get your drift, mister, uh?

Stranger: Levi Simon. Senior Overseer for Alberto Fussar. We run the third most productive sugar plantation in the Northern Caribbean. Of course, where there’s money to be made, there’s trouble.

Dutch van der Linde: What sort of trouble?

Levi Simon: Oh, the usual sort. People wanting what ain’t theirs, and others telling them to take it.

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t get you?

Levi Simon: Labor troubles. And other thieves and pirates looking to disrupt our ways of working.

Dutch van der Linde: Well, how very upsetting for you.

Levi Simon: Not half as upsetting as it’ll be for them. Mr. Fussar has a lot of very powerful friends.

Dutch van der Linde: I will bet that he does.

Levi Simon: Bunch of Haitian pirates won’t frighten him. They’ll be strung up in the streets soon enough.

Dutch van der Linde: And do we seem like Haitian pirates to you, Mr. Simon?

Levi Simon: You seem like someone or other…

Dutch van der Linde: We was headed to Tahiti.

Levi Simon: You was going the scenic route! Just as soon as I know exactly who you are, you’ll be free. Meantime, you’ll not starve.

Levi Simon In Spanish: Corporal. Take these men to the jail, along with that peasant’s group of cockroaches. Any nonsense from them… shoot them all.

Levi Simon: Welcome to Guarma, gentlemen. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Arthur Morgan: So what now, "Aiden"?

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t know. What do you think?

Arthur Morgan: I think we gotta get out of here.

Dutch van der Linde: Yes, but they can’t find out who we are.

Arthur Morgan: Well, for now, we’re stuck then.

[They continue walking along the sandy beach, led by armed soldiers.]

Arthur Morgan: Well... for what it’s worth, I think I would have preferred Tahiti.

Dutch van der Linde: You and me both.

[They stumble upon another group of people who have been captured by Simon's soldiers.]

Dutch van der Linde: Who are these people?

Arthur Morgan: Who knows?

Dutch van der Linde: Well they got them chained and lashed, but they don’t look too dangerous. Excuse me, sir! Who’re our new friends here?

Guard In Spanish: Criminals.

Dutch van der Linde: What crime did they commit??

Guard In Spanish: Insurrection.

Stranger: Insurrection? That’s quite a word.

Guard In Spanish: Be quiet, Mr. Fuentes. Move it, all of you!

[Now there are more prisoners in chains - our gang is joined by insurgents. After a while the shooting begins - someone from the jungle shoots at the soldiers. When a soldier standing next to Arthur is killed, he jumps to the corpse and takes the revolver.]

Guard 2 In Spanish: Shit! Where is he? Does anybody have eyes on the shooter?

Dutch van der Linde: For once, boys, I don’t think they’re shooting at us! Hold them off us, Arthur.

[Arthur hides behind a rock and helps the unexpected rescuers kill the soldiers.]

Micah Bell: You gotta crank it, Bill! Come on, come on!

[All the soldiers are killed.]

Dutch van der Linde: Good work, Arthur. Everyone okay?

Micah Bell: Yeah… Yeah.

Dutch van der Linde: Damn… reinforcements.

Stranger 2 In French: My God.

Stranger 2: We need to get out of here.

Dutch van der Linde: Now we’re in trouble.

Stranger 2: Come on. Come on. Everyone follow me. Quick dammit. Come, come, come…

[They have no choice but to follow the stranger. They run away from the advancing soldiers when suddenly Xavier is shot in the leg and falls to the sand.]

Dutch van der Linde: Javier?

Javier Escuella: Get outta here. Get outta here… there’s a lot of ’em.

Dutch van der Linde: What you think?

Micah Bell: We gotta move, Dutch!

Dutch van der Linde: Don’t lose faith, son! We’ll find you!

Stranger 2 In French: Run, run.

Stranger 2: Go, go!

[The gang, along with two insurgents, are running from the soldiers chasing them. The soldiers try to shoot, but because of the dense forest they cannot hit anyone. Arthur is completely exhausted. He can barely move his legs.]

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, Arthur.

Stranger 2: Quickly… I have some guns stashed here.

[They hide in an old ruined castle and pass rifles and revolvers hidden in boxes to each other. The gang prepares to defend themselves.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey.

[A rifle is thrown to him.]

Dutch van der Linde: Hold them back!

[With a rifle, Arthur easily dispatches the soldiers.]

Arthur Morgan: Thanks for getting us out of there.

Dutch van der Linde: Bill, you’re with me! Let’s get up there! Arthur, you too! Come on, push up on them!

Arthur Morgan: Nice island you got here.

Stranger 2: It’s not my island.

Dutch van der Linde: They’re running away!

[At last the gang finds themselves safe. They decide to talk to the insurgents.]

Stranger 2: What you doing here?

Dutch van der Linde: I have no idea… running from somebody or something, I guess.

Stranger 2: Aren’t we all. Hercule Fontaine.

Dutch van der Linde: Dutch van der Linde… these drowned rats are Micah, Bill and Arthur.

Hercule Fontaine: Okay. Well, Fussar will be desperate to find you. We must be very careful.

Dutch van der Linde: So, who is this Fussar?

Leon Fuentes: A tyrant, driven by nothing but power and greed. Our only purpose is to work ourselves to death... to make him rich.

Hercule Fontaine: Leon wants the people to stand up to Fussar… but most are too afraid.

Dutch van der Linde: And you?

Hercule Fontaine: I am not from here. I bring things in and off the islands… behind Colonel Fussar’s back. Let’s, uh… let’s rest a moment. Down there is Aguadulces. Fussar’s compound. The sugar cane these poor men kill themselves farming… gets processed in that factory there.

Leon Fuentes: They’re little more than slaves shipped in from other islands. A group escaped yesterday into the jungle… hoping to find a way back to their homes.

Hercule Fontaine: Now Fussar’s men are out hunting them down. That old fort, Cinco Torres… my men and I use that as a hideout when we are here, Come on… I know somewhere you men can rest.

Dutch van der Linde: Can we trust you?

Hercule Fontaine: I don’t see you have any choice. I am the only one who can arrange a boat for you. But... I need something in return. Help Leon with that group of escaped workers… and then come meet me at the fort.

Dutch van der Linde: You help us get back our friend… and get outta here… we will do everything we can.

Hercule Fontaine: Thank you.

Leon Fuentes: Gracias.

Hercule Fontaine: If your friend is still alive… they will have him at Fussar’s compound. There is a cave hidden below the cliffs. It will lead you right there.

Dutch van der Linde: Thank you.

Hercule Fontaine: The workers are somewhere in the jungle. Hopefully we can get to them before Fussar does.

Dutch van der Linde: Of course.

Hercule Fontaine: Gentlemen, goodbye.

[He leaves.]

Micah Bell: Well… if this is a tropical paradise… so far it ain’t up to much.

Dutch van der Linde: I’ll go scope the… entrance to that cave. Arthur…

Arthur Morgan: I need to get some rest.

Dutch van der Linde: Well you’re right. We all need to relax. What a mess. I... am so sorry… boys.

Bill Williamson: Get some sleep, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: Micah, guard this spot. Bill... do some more scouting. Carefully.

[Arthur sleeps soundly in their new camp for a while. “Welcome To The New World” mission completed.]

Savagery Unleashed[]

[Arthur explores the nearby woods and finds a hanged man.]

Arthur Morgan: Shit, that don’t look good.

[Suddenly a poisoned dart flies into his neck from somewhere in the bushes.]

Arthur Morgan: What the hell was that?

[Arthur's consciousness blurs and he falls to the ground. When he comes to, he finds himself a prisoner. A sack is removed from his head.]

Captor In Spanish: Who are you?

[Arthur doesn't answer and Captor punches him in the face.]

Captor In Spanish: I asked you, who are you? So who are you? Who are you?

[He punches Arthur again.]

Captor In Spanish: We have a dumb one here. We have a dumb one. I’ll wake him up!

[A new punch.]

Captor In Spanish: Who are you? Who are you? One last time, who are you? Huh? Who are you? Who are you? Huh? Huh? Who are you? Where you from? Where you from? Where you from I’m asking you? What are you doing here? Huh? What are you doing here?

[After a series of brutal beatings, the author answers the first thing that comes to his mind.]

Arthur Morgan: I’m - I’m an American… my name is Leviticus Cornwall…

[Captor approaches the bound stranger sitting on a chair. Also nearby he sees Leon tied up, who also happens to be a prisoner.]

Captor In Spanish: Who is this man?

Leon Fuentes In Spanish: I never saw him before… he was following me in the woods, strange fellow…

[Captor beats him.]

Leon Fuentes In Spanish: No, stop!

[While Captor was enthusiastically beating the stranger, Arthur breaks his chair. Captor pulls out with a knife, but Arthur knocks him out with several hard blows.]

Arthur Morgan: You okay?

Leon Fuentes: I don’t know.

Stranger: Maybe there’s still time to get to the other workers.

Leon Fuentes: Oye. I think I hear voices coming from the other ruins down there. Let’s sneak down and take a look.

Arthur Morgan: Which way?

Leon Fuentes: I’ll show you.

[Arthur frees both of them.]

Leon Fuentes: (to the Stranger) Baptiste… you don’t look good. You should rest here.

Baptiste: Okay. You’ll need this.

[He hands Arthur the rifle.]

Baptiste: Go, go.

Leon Fuentes: Come, follow me. Stay close behind me. I know a way we can sneak around.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Leon Fuentes: Keep quiet and don’t kill anyone. If they catch us, they’ll murder the workers for sure.

Arthur Morgan: Who was that?

Leon Fuentes: One of Hercule’s men. Quick. Hide.

Guard In Spanish: Hey.

Guard 2 In Spanish: What’s happening? I tell you what… my grandfather always said Guarma is the island that God forgot… and now after being here a month, I know what he meant.

Guard 1 In Spanish: There’s nothing here… let’s get back… only three more months… then home.

Guard 2 In Spanish: Please.

Leon Fuentes: Okay, they’ve moved. Come on, keep close behind me. Come on, follow me. Another one. Hide, quick.

Guard 3 In Spanish: I wish Angel would hurry up.

Leon Fuentes: Okay, follow me. Keep quiet.

Guard 4 In Spanish: Angel… never was a man less appropriately named.

Guard 3 In Spanish: Devil would have been better.

Guard 4 In Spanish: Or Shit-for-Brains.

Guard 3 In Spanish: He’s sick. I bet he’s enjoying torturing those poor bastards.

Guard 4 In Spanish: His little weiner gets hard.

Guard 3 In Spanish: He was raised by rats.

Guard 4 In Spanish: Rats? He was raised by the devil.

Guard 3 In Spanish: How are you getting on over there?

Guard 5 In Spanish: Nearly ready… you know… much as I enjoy watching a socialist swing.

Guard 5 In Spanish: Hanging is a very tedious business… it takes too long.

Guard 3 In Spanish: You’re a sick man. It’s time to see the prisoners… see if the American has squealed yet.

Guard 5 In Spanish: Of course he’s squealed. They always squeal.

[They find workers who have just been hanged. Arthur kills the hangman with an accurate shot and shoots off the ropes along with it.]

Leon Fuentes: Get them down from there, shoot the ropes! Damn. They’re coming from behind us. Look out, there’s one on the roof! That looks like the last of them. That looks like the last one.

Leon Fuentes In Spanish: Come, brothers… you’ll be okay. This brave American has saved your lives.

Baptiste: Thank you, my friend. I’m Baptiste. I work with Hercule. We owe you our lives.

Leon Fuentes: Yes, thank you.

Arthur Morgan: My pleasure. This place… makes me miss home.

Leon Fuentes: Take care, my friend.

Baptiste: Hercule is getting a boat lined up… to get you and your men out of here. Just meet him at Cinco Torres.

Arthur Morgan: We’ll be there.

Baptiste: Good, good. Here, this is for you.

Arthur Morgan: Thanks.

Baptiste: It’s not much, but it’s the least we can do. Good luck getting home.

A Kind And Benevolent Despot[]

[Arthur meets Dutch, who is looking for the secret entrance to Fussar's compound.]

Dutch van der Linde: Hey

Arthur Morgan: Hey. O err… what’s the plan?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, I found the cave Hercule spoke of and also a… guide... She’s up ahead. I think we can trust her. Follow me, the entrance is along here. Just watch your footing.

[Dutch lights another torch from his torch and passes it to Arthur. They walk along a narrow ledge in the rock.]

Arthur Morgan: So, what do we do when we get Javier back? So, what do we do when we get Javier back?

Dutch van der Linde: Well… we’re gonna get the hell out of here. Then, set sail for the one place ain’t nobody gonna be expecting us. Get everybody together… and get ourselves back on course.

Arthur Morgan: And where would that be?

Dutch van der Linde: The place we just escaped from!

Arthur Morgan: You wanna go back to Saint Denis?

Dutch van der Linde: If it was you got left, you’d want us to go back.

Arthur Morgan: I’d want it, but I wouldn’t expect it.

Dutch van der Linde: Well that’s the point. Ain’t no one gonna expect it. We come back from the dead, gather everyone, and we leave before anyone… realizes we’ve even resurrected.

Arthur Morgan: An insect bite you or something? ’Cause you gone, friend.

Dutch van der Linde: We look like what we are. A bunch of desperados, on the run. But with the women, a change of clothes, we are a choir, or a gang of pilgrims, or something.

Arthur Morgan: Whatever you say.

[They approach the entrance of the cave. Arthur examines the entrance with a torch.]

Arthur Morgan: We’re a bunch of penniless fugitives on some Caribbean dump… sneaking through caves… while two of our best men got shot back home. How could I doubt you, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: You got no idea, Arthur… no idea at all. I will do whatever it takes for us to survive.

Arthur Morgan: I guess that’s what I’m afraid of…

Dutch van der Linde: Hold on.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Dutch van der Linde: Gloria!

Gloria In Spanish: You’re late.

Dutch van der Linde: Buenas noches.

[Out of the darkness comes an old lady with a lamp.]

Gloria: Dinero… the money… the gold.

Dutch van der Linde: (hands her a small bar) Aqui.

Gloria In Spanish: Give it to me.

[She... sniffs the bar.]

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, it’s genuine, you old hag.

Gloria: (grumbles unhappily) Vamos. Rápido.

[She walks away at a rapid pace. Dutch turns to Arthur.]

Dutch van der Linde: Now that gold right there… it’s the last bit of gold I have in my pocket from the bank. The rest of it is…

Arthur Morgan: At the bottom of the sea.

Dutch van der Linde: Exactly.

[Arthur sighs and follows Dutch into the cave.]

Gloria In Spanish: Follow me and stay close. Left here.

Arthur Morgan: You know, wasn’t Fussar one of the fellers Bronte pointed out to us at the party in Saint Denis?

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah… you’re right. I knew I’d heard that name before.

Arthur Morgan: So, I met up with Leon, that situation with the workers is dealt with. Captured, tied-up, beaten…

Dutch van der Linde: Poor bastards.

Arthur Morgan: No, that was me. Are you sure this Hercule feller ain’t just using us?

Dutch van der Linde: Almost certainly, but he’s the best chance we have right now of getting out of this place. Won’t be long before someone figures out who we are and sends word to the US.

Arthur Morgan: So what happened with John in that bank?

Dutch van der Linde: He survived, unlike dear Hosea and Lenny. The only one they took alive. Why is that you think?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know. I was already on the roof. I didn’t see it.

Dutch van der Linde: And Abigail, I presume she was able to slip away in time.

Arthur Morgan: What are you talking about?

Dutch van der Linde: You know, when I look back at all the chaos of the past few weeks, the apparent superficial chaos… I begin to wonder… maybe, for somebody, this is all going exactly to plan.

Arthur Morgan: I still ain’t sure what you’re saying, Dutch.

Gloria In Spanish: Shh. You can shut up now. We’re close.

Gloria: The door is stuck, you’ll have to lift it.

Dutch van der Linde: Pardon me, my queen. Arthur, come help me with this?

Gloria: Just lift it… lift it.

[Arthur walks up to the skewed barred door.]

Arthur Morgan: Okay then…

Dutch van der Linde: Just a… just a bit more…

[Together the two grown men manage to open the door.]

Gloria In Spanish: Finally… weaklings. Here. Just up here.

[They go out to the ladder that leads to the outside.]

Dutch van der Linde: This way?

Gloria: Si… then you pay more…

Dutch van der Linde: Okay… Just a second…

Gloria: (pulls out a knife) Pay more… pay now.

[Dutch knocks the knife out of the old woman's hands and starts strangling her.]

Arthur Morgan: Dutch? What are you doing?

[The old woman wriggles and refuses to die. Dutch slams her against the ladder.]

Arthur Morgan: Jesus. Easy, Dutch.

[Finally the old woman dies.]

Arthur Morgan: What was that?

Dutch van der Linde: Horrible old crone.

Arthur Morgan: But you killed her.

Dutch van der Linde: She was going to betray us, Arthur… couldn’t you tell?

Arthur Morgan: No.

Dutch van der Linde: Well I got some Spanish… she was.

Arthur Morgan: You keep killing folk, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: (slightly crazy) I am just trying to make sure that some of us survive, Arthur. Now… shall we proceed?

Arthur Morgan: I guess.

[He goes up the ladder. Dutch follows him up.]

Dutch van der Linde: Listen… son. You think I want any of this?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know.

Dutch van der Linde: Of course I don’t… but I made a pledge to you all. We would survive. No matter what.

[They get out and hide from Fussar's soldiers.]

Arthur Morgan: So how did you know she was going to betray us? What she say?

Dutch van der Linde: It was in her eyes… and the way she was leading us.

Arthur Morgan: But you said you knew Spanish.

Dutch van der Linde: I know human beings, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Are you going to strangle me next?

Dutch van der Linde: I’m doing the best I can.

[They hear the soldiers' laughter. Fussar and a group of his soldiers arrive at the camp. They drag Javier, who is tied to a horse, behind them.]

Alberto Fussar: But, my friend… I do not understand… who are you?

Javier Escuella: I come from Mexico… I never met those men.

Alberto Fussar: Does anyone believe him?

Guards: No!

Alberto Fussar: Mr. Simon doesn’t believe you… even the mule doesn’t believe you.

[One of the soldiers punches Javier in the face. Dutch looks away.]

Alberto Fussar In Spanish: Now, that wasn’t hard… So stop acting… we both know it wasn’t hard.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: It was pretty hard.

Alberto Fussar In Spanish: No. Next time… it will be hard. Well, it’s been a pleasure… I always loved… Mexicans.

Dutch van der Linde: I have had enough of this.

Levi Simon: Vamos, carajo.

Dutch van der Linde: We’re going to have to sneak around. This way.

[Arthur follows Dutch quietly, squatting.]

Dutch van der Linde: They’re all listening to that fool. They won’t notice us if we stay quiet. We need to deal with them…

Arthur Morgan: Well, I’m sure you got some ideas.

Dutch van der Linde: Shut up and help me kill them. On my count, you take the one on the right. I’ll take the left.

[Arthur approaches the soldier on the right and kills him by slitting his throat. Dutch has no choice but to quickly kill the soldier on his left.]

Dutch van der Linde: So much for the count to three… Okay, let’s hide the bodies. You grab that one. Over here.

[They throw the bodies into the bushes.]

Alberto Fussar In Spanish: (from afar) Men… I was just in America… do you know how they deal with striking workers there? Do you know?

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s head around the back of the building and see if we can find a way through.

Guard 2 In Spanish: I cannot wait to see you really squeal…

Alberto Fussar In Spanish: That is civilization. That is future. That is law and order and that is what we must bring to this place.

Guard 2 in Spanish: When we break your knee caps. Then you’ll start talking

Alberto Fussar In Spanish: That is civilization. That is future. That is law and order and that is what we must bring to this place. And this is how we will deal with them here… our duty is to be fierce.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: I don’t know anything… nothing… nothing…

[Dutch, meanwhile, peeks stealthily through the window of the house.]

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go in there.

Arthur Morgan: Why?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, you know me, Arthur. We’ll cause ourselves a little distraction… and then poof… we will disappear.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: I’m telling you.

Javier Escuella: Okay…

Alberto Fussar In Spanish: ...cowards are the worst traitors of all, for they don’t mean their betrayal, but it is betrayal all the same.

Guard 3 In Spanish: Fucking Guarma. It’s the armpit of civilization.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: Bastards, they don’t understand me.

Dutch van der Linde: Take the other side of this door.

Guard 4 In Spanish: It’s not even civilization. In a civilized country, I could sleep with women who wore shoes. You got anything to drink?

Guard 3 In Spanish: How did you know?

Guard 4 In Spanish: I know you!

Guard 3 In Spanish: Yes, I hid a bottle… I’ll go get it

Guard 2 In Spanish: Ah, indeed monkey. Ahhh. Ahhh…

Guard 4 In Spanish: Thank you.

Javier Escuella: Ahhh!

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, you take the nearest one on the left. I’ll deal with his friend.

[They kill the soldiers.]

Dutch van der Linde: Over here.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: Your mother should dance instead… damn queer.

Guard 2 In Spanish: Talk, friend… Confess… then die.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, now we need to create a diversion.

Arthur Morgan: Well, what do you think? Find another old lady to strangle?

Dutch van der Linde: That is enough, Arthur… this is a war.

Arthur Morgan: Well if this is a war, then we need to start blowing some stuff up.

Dutch van der Linde: (laughs) Exactly.

Arthur Morgan: Is there any dynamite?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh no, we don’t need dynamite, we’ve got a furnace and lots of sugar.

Arthur Morgan: Sugar?

Dutch van der Linde: Oh yeah… No problem, you’ll see. Go close the windows and the doors. Go on, quick. Create enough dust, this place’ll go…

[He cuts the bags open and starts shaking the sugar out of them.]

Javier Escuella In Spanish: Bastard. Damn it.

Guard 2 In Spanish: You monkey… dance.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay… we are nearly there.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: Your mother should be the one dancing… Go to hell.

Guard 2 In Spanish: Watch your tongue, monkey.

Dutch van der Linde: Kindling. Alright. Head on out and wait for me, I’ll get this going.

[Arthur comes out on the extension. Dutch throws the lamp on the floor and runs out, too.]

Guard 2 In Spanish: I cannot wait to see you really squeal… When we break your knee caps. Then you’ll start talking.

Dutch van der Linde: We’d better hurry. Follow me.

Arthur Morgan: Okay…

Javier Escuella In Spanish: I don’t know anything… nothing… nothing… I’m telling you.

Javier Escuella: Okay…

Dutch van der Linde: I don’t want to be too close to that building when it goes up.

Javier Escuella In Spanish: Bastards, they don’t understand me.

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, we can hide behind that well. That place has to blow soon, get ready to make a run for Javier. Now, let’s go!

[The warehouse explodes. A firefight begins. While Arthur kills Fussar's soldiers, Dutch takes Xavier out of his cage and puts him on his shoulder.]

Guard 3 In Spanish: Right here! Found someone!

Javier Escuella: Am I glad to see you.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright. Come on, son… it’s gonna be okay. I got you. Arthur, you cover us. Cover us! We’re gonna have to deal with these bastards first, Arthur. Stay there, Javier, Arthur and I will hold them off.

Arthur Morgan: You okay?

Javier Escuella: Fantastic.

Arthur Morgan: I figured as much.

Javier Escuella: Thank you.

[Arthur and Dutch, with Javier on his shoulder, leave the camp. Arthur kills anyone who gets in his way.]

Dutch van der Linde: Alright, let’s get the hell out of here. Follow me! Okay, let’s move! We’re getting overwhelmed here! Let’s go, come on! Shit, they’re coming out after us! Arthur, you got them? Come on, see if we can lose them in the fields!

Guard 3 In Spanish: Over here!

Dutch van der Linde: Head down towards the river.

Arthur Morgan: Is he okay?

Dutch van der Linde: He’s passed out.

Arthur Morgan: Or dead…

Dutch van der Linde: Oh he’ll be fine. I’ll get him outta here, you stay here, take care of these fools a bit.

Arthur Morgan: No problem, go, quick!

Dutch van der Linde: This will give us a chance to get to Hercule’s fort. I’ll meet you there, Arthur.

[Arthur defends his position for a while to prevent the soldiers from catching Dutch, and then he runs away himself. “A Kind And Benevolent Despot” mission completed.]

Hell Hath No Fury[]

[Arthur goes out on the shore of the ocean. He walks up to the overlook where Dutch meets up with Hercule.]

Dutch van der Linde: Alright. Now, we did what you asked.

Hercule Fontaine: It’s like I said… Fussar knows who you are… and knows the price on your head. It’s a big problem.

Dutch van der Linde: I see.

Hercule Fontaine: But, if we can silence him… then I can help you escape before anyone has time… to get here from America. That way, we all get what we want.

Dutch van der Linde: We want to get the boat you promised us.

Hercule Fontaine: And you will. But you have found yourself in the middle of a war, my friend. Fussar has called in the navy from Cuba. There’s no way a boat could leave right now.

Rebel in French: Hercule, Hercule, please… quick, quick.

Hercule Fontaine: (to Dutch and Arthur) Come. Follow me. Quick.

[They go outside and look out toward the ocean.]

Hercule Fontaine: So now we have a real problem. This must be the boat he called in from Cuba.

Bill Williamson: That’s a goddamn warship.

Micah Bell: You kind of have to hand it to this feller…

Dutch van der Linde: So I guess great minds think alike.

Arthur Morgan: So what now?

Hercule Fontaine: We fight or we run.

Dutch van der Linde: Any of you boys feel like running? So what do we do?

Hercule Fontaine: I will go get the cannon ready.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, let’s get to it.

[A large-scale firefight begins. Our American gang and local insurgents against a warship shelling the coast. There’s also large groups of soldiers.]

Bill Williamson: Morgan, shoot them men! Shoot them, the fellers on the beach!

Arthur Morgan: I see them.

Bill Williamson: There’s more coming down the right side of the beach!

Hercule Fontaine: Let’s prepare the welcoming party.

Micah Bell: Why the hell are we doing this? This ain’t our fight!

Hercule Fontaine: Do you want to get off this island or not?

Micah Bell: He’s using us!

Dutch van der Linde: Just shoot, Micah!

Micah Bell: More coming down the left side, fellers!

Bill Williamson: You said you were getting us a goddamn boat, Hercule!

Hercule Fontaine: I am! What do you want me to do? We are trapped up here!

Bill Williamson: They’re getting real close! Come on! Got one on the right, way back!

Micah Bell: Got one sneaking up on the right there, don’t let him get any closer! Right side, near the fort!

Hercule Fontaine: I’m gonna need your help, my friend.

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Damn, this is heavy.

[They pull up a machine gun.]

Bill Williamson: Damn… there’s a whole lot more of them turning up!

Micah Bell: This don’t look good, fellers.

Bill Williamson: Aw, damn it!

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go down and clear ’em off the beach.

Hercule Fontaine: Wait, wait. I’ll come too.

Micah Bell: We’ll guard this thing!

Hercule Fontaine: Grab the shotgun, Arthur.

Dutch van der Linde: There’s a lot of guns out there.

Arthur Morgan: So what do we do?

Dutch van der Linde: I say we push forward because if we don’t we are going to die here and now.

Arthur Morgan: Okay then.

Dutch van der Linde: Follow me! This is kind of fun. Okay, I think we can move!

Hercule Fontaine: Arthur, come on! Stay together and concentrate our fire!

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, let’s move down!

Hercule Fontaine: Yes, we need to push them back! The ship just hit their own men!

Dutch van der Linde: Very kind of you, Mr. Fussar!

Hercule Fontaine: There are boats coming from both sides!

Dutch van der Linde: Damnit! What do we do now?

Arthur Morgan: I think I got a plan. You cover the left side.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay.

Hercule Fontaine: Guess I’m following you, Arthur! Keep going. Just a few left now. Let’s get down to the beach, this is not over yet.

Dutch van der Linde: Just one more, take him out! I think that’s all of them! Good work, gentlemen.

Hercule Fontaine: Back to the fort, come on! Come on, we need to do something about that boat. Damn. Damn. He’s getting closer.

Arthur Morgan: What do we do?

Hercule Fontaine: Two of us must go and use the cannon.

Dutch van der Linde: You go, Arthur. I’ll gladly hold them off this beach a while longer.

Arthur Morgan: You sure?

Dutch van der Linde: Just certain, son.

Arthur Morgan: You think that cannon will be enough?

Hercule Fontaine: Only one way to find out.

Arthur Morgan: For Christ’s sake, how many men has Fussar got?

Hercule Fontaine: That is the problem. It doesn’t matter how many we kill. He will have the money to get more. Watch out! Damn! We’ll have to climb up around the side. This way! Wait, look! That one’s going right for Dutch!

Hercule Fontaine In French: Take that, asshole.

Hercule Fontaine: I got him. Let’s go! Up here, Arthur!

Hercule Fontaine In French: Shit.

Hercule Fontaine: You man the cannon… I’ll get you some more shot. Aim at the waterline… we need to put a serious hole in that boat.

[Arthur shoots Fussar’s warship with a cannon.]

Bill Williamson: And again, Morgan! They felt that one!

Hercule Fontaine: Out of ammunition! Reloading.

Bill Williamson: Yeah, they’re hurting! There we go! (laughs)

Hercule Fontaine: Yes, they’re going down! Let’s get down from here.

[The warship sinks.]

Dutch van der Linde: That was quite some shooting, boys.

Hercule Fontaine: Thank you.

Dutch van der Linde: What now?

Hercule Fontaine: Oh, they’ll be back… but, I found a boat for you… and he should be arriving on the dock anytime now.

Dutch van der Linde: Great. Micah, go meet with the captain. If he’s amenable and discrete… tell him we’ll be ready to set sail soon. Bill, come help me collect poor old Javier.

Bill Williamson: Sure.

Dutch van der Linde: Hercule… it was a great pleasure to make your acquaintance.

[Arthur walks away from the corpse-laden beach with a look of victory. "Hell Hath No Fury" mission completed.]

Paradise Mercifully Departed[]

[Some time after the battle...]

Javier Escuella: I thought I was dead for sure.

[Micah returns from a scouting mission he was assigned by Dutch.]

Micah Bell: Boys, we got a real problem. Nice Mr. Fussar don’t want us going nowhere. He knows just who we are… if he can keep us here for a few more days, well…

Dutch van der Linde: And what about the captain of the ship here?

Micah Bell: They got him trussed up like a hog… guards all over the place. Got us surrounded with gun positions… so when we try to sail out… he’s gonna blow holes in us.

Dutch van der Linde: This feller is really beginning to try my patience.

Arthur Morgan: And he ain’t even had you tortured yet.

Micah Bell: I like the man’s style… he’s thorough, nasty and vindictive. However… in this instance, I don’t see we got any alternative… but we go and free our friendly captain… and destroy the artillery.

Arthur Morgan: For once, I agree with you.

Dutch van der Linde: Hercule?

Hercule Fontaine: Oh, I’ll fight Alberto Fussar every day I can.

Dutch van der Linde: Alright. Bill, you’re gonna guard Javier on the ship here. Micah, Arthur, let’s get to work. Hercule, we follow you.

Hercule Fontaine: En allez. This way.

[The squad follows Hercule through enemy territory.]

Micah Bell: Quick, let’s get up around the back of that artillery post. There’s two guards. Arthur, come on. Get your knife ready. You take out the first guy and I’ll get the other one. Okay? Okay, we’re clear. Let’s plant the explosives. You got it secured properly, cowpoke?

[Arthur puts the dynamite inside the cannon.]

Arthur Morgan: I think so.

Micah Bell: Knowing you, I have my doubts.

Arthur Morgan: Shut up, Micah.

Micah Bell: (nasty laugh) Come on, run!

[They blow up the dynamite and start killing soldiers.]

Hercule Fontaine: Look out above us! One on the roof! Come on. There’s another set of cannons up ahead. Let’s go, push up on them! Let’s keep moving! Wait here for a second for the others to catch up.

Micah Bell: I’ll get the dynamite rigged on these cannons. There’ll be more coming.

Dutch van der Linde: We’ll hold them off. Up here, Arthur, we’ll have a better view.

[Arthur follows Dutch.]

Hercule Fontaine: Look, more of Fussar’s men coming through the fields.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, come on, let’s pick them off before they get too close! How are you getting on with those cannons, Micah?

Micah Bell: Nearly there! Okay boys we are live, stand back. Okay boys we are live, stand back.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go!

[When the squad blows up all the guns, all they have to do is save the captain.]

Micah Bell: The captain’s in that blue building, straight ahead.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, let’s deal with these bastards first! Alright, you get the captain out of that cabin. We’ll cover things out here. Come on! Push up on them! What are you waiting for? He’s in the blue building.

[Arthur kills all the soldiers in the area and enters the shack. He sees the captain lying on the floor and immediately runs to him, but Levi was hiding behind the door. He attacks Arthur and hits him in the head with the handle of his gun. Arthur falls to the floor.]

Levi Simon: I got you now, you bastard.

[Dutch walks into the shack. He has Levi in the crosshairs of his revolver.]

Dutch van der Linde: We are all bastards, my friend… but only one of us… is some would be emperor’s whore.

Levi Simon: We know who you are.

Dutch van der Linde: And nobody knows who you are… not even your goddamn father.

[Someone enters the shack. Dutch pulls out a second revolver.]

Alberto Fussar: You maggots are going to die.

[A waking Arthur also takes out a revolver and aims it at Alberto. A heavy atmosphere of carnage is about to break out in the shack.]

Dutch van der Linde: Eventually, I’m sure we will… but not today, and not because of you.

Alberto Fussar: The US Navy is on the way.

Dutch van der Linde: I am sure they are, which is why you’re going to let us leave, or you are dying right here, my friend.

Arthur Morgan: We’ve killed better men than you fools.

Dutch van der Linde: Enough… I’ve had enough of this. Arthur… the rifle?

Arthur Morgan: Sure. Are you men gonna give up and let us leave? Or you gonna die?

Levi Simon: Put your guns down.

[Arthur deftly tosses the rifle lying on the floor into the captain's hands.]

Arthur Morgan: Here!

[The captain quickly kills Levi. A frightened Alberto shoots several times in the air and runs away. Dutch shoots back, but to no avail. Alberto manages to escape.]

Dutch van der Linde: Damn!

Arthur Morgan: You saved my life… thank you, Captain.

Captain: I suppose you men are my cargo.

Dutch van der Linde: Dutch van der Linde. I am sorry you got hurt. Gentlemen… Back to the ship, come on! What happened to Fussar? He escaped?

[They run to the ship killing Fussar's soldiers.]

Hercule Fontaine: I didn’t see him! They have sent reinforcements! Another one, shoot him.

Dutch van der Linde: Keep going, just get to that boat!

Hercule Fontaine: Look out on the left! There’s one on the rock! Come on, let’s finish these connards! Keep going! Here. Fussar is up there I think.

Arthur Morgan: In the tower?

Hercule Fontaine: Yes. Yes, that’s him.

[Fussar loads the cannon.]

Arthur Morgan: This goddamn idiot. Come on!

Hercule Fontaine: He’s shooting, we have to take him down! Arthur, there’s another cannon up ahead on our left. Can you get to that?

Arthur Morgan: I'll try!

[He stands behind another cannon on the ground and destroys the top of the tower with a well-aimed shot along with Fussar.]

Arthur Morgan: I got him for you, Javier.

Dutch van der Linde: Captain, can you handle the ship?

Captain: I’ll be fine. Come on, we’ll get going with the tide… before I get any more surprise interviews with local officials.

Dutch van der Linde: Are you gonna be okay?

Hercule Fontaine: We’ll be like you. We’ll disappear probably… back to Haiti. Believe me, we’ll be long gone by morning.

Dutch van der Linde: Good. Thank you.

[The gang boards the ship. Arthur removes the gangway.]

Dutch van der Linde: We survived.

Arthur Morgan: Just about…

Bill Williamson: Well, what now?

Micah Bell: W-What now? What do you mean, what now?

Bill Williamson: I mean, we’re heading back to Lemoyne, again… and we’re all wanted men.

Dutch van der Linde: We slip ashore one by one… find out what’s what.

Micah Bell: And we don’t cut and run now? Head back to Blackwater.

Dutch van der Linde: No.

Micah Bell: Why not?

Dutch van der Linde: Because… the last thing they’ll be thinking is for us to turn up.

Arthur Morgan: We been on the run for a while now… and it feels like… like our luck has turned… you know? And it ain’t turning back. We had a good run of it, I guess.

Dutch van der Linde: We ain’t even played our hand yet. We just need to put some more money in our pockets… make our escape. Broke, alone, they’re gonna pick us off, one by one… and you know it.

Arthur Morgan: Maybe.

Dutch van der Linde: Not. Maybe. We need to split up… keep a low profile… try to track down the rest. But… carefully. See if they sent any mail… Arthur, you check Shady Belle. We’ll find each other eventually, we always do.

Javier Escuella: And then what?

Dutch van der Linde: Then we meet up, we gather the family… we get some money and get the hell outta there. That’s the plan.

Javier Escuella: We all acting crazy, and that… that’s not what I thought we were gonna be doing here.

Dutch van der Linde: We have been in a bad way. Listen… I will kill for my family. Any of you wanna judge me for that, that’s fine… but that is who I am. Anyone disagree? Anyone?

[Arthur stands silent, leaning against the boxes. “Paradise Mercifully Departed” mission completed.]

Dear Uncle Tacitus[]

[Upon reaching the port, Arthur says goodbye to the sailors and goes in search of his gang, stationed at the Shady Belle. As he gallops by the dying sky in the background playing Unshaken by D'Angelo. Arthur arrives at the mansion and yells, hoping that someone from the gang has stayed in the mansion.]

Arthur Morgan: Hello? Anyone here?

[He finds a letter written by Sadie on the table.]

Sadie Adler: "Dear Uncle Tacitus… I do so hope you enjoyed your vacation. Lucky you, leaving like that… and you always suggested you were too old for travel. I hope you and your cousins enjoyed yourselves. Me and your grandnieces have decided to take a trip of our own… as the place has become so dreary and godforsaken in your absence. We’ve gone to visit relatives… from my Daddy’s side, you are not yet acquainted with them, in Lakay. A small village just north of Saint Denis. It’s buggy and muggy… but apparently neither is too bad at this time of year. Please, come see us when you can. Yours sincerely, Caroline."

Arthur Morgan: Well, thank you… darling niece Caroline. I guess I’m coming to see you in Lakay.

[Suddenly he hears voices coming from outside.]

Pinkerton: Milton keeps sending us back every day to search this place.

Pinkerton 2: There quite clearly isn’t a gang of outlaws holed up here.

Pinkerton 3: Someone is here. Look… those are fresh foot prints. Looks like someone might be here right now.

Pinkerton 1: Sure, someone is here… there’s always someone everywhere.

Pinkerton 2: Well, let’s look around then… see if we can find something for Mr. Milton.

Pinkerton 1: I’d like to find a poisonous snake for him.

Pinkerton 2: That’s enough, Mr. Johns. You take Mr. Bunter and search around back. Mr. Orly, let’s head inside. Gentlemen, be careful.

[Arthur quietly kills 3 Pinkertons and rides to Lakey.]

Simon Pearson: Arthur! Arthur’s here!

Abigail Marston: Oh, Arthur, you’re alive!

Arthur Morgan: Just about.

[“Dear Uncle Tacitus” mission completed.]

Fleeting Joy[]

Abigail Marston: Come inside, come on, it’s raining. Hey everybody, look who’s here.

Arthur Morgan: How y’all doing? Hey, old man, wake up!

Abigail Marston: Hey, Arthur, they got John…

Arthur Morgan: Good to see you.

Sadie Adler: Yeah, he got arrested.

Arthur Morgan: He ain’t hung yet?

Sadie Adler: Not yet... they moved him to Sisika. He’s been working on a chain gang.

Arthur Morgan: (sighs) Howdy.

[Some time later, the rest of the gang arrives at the camp.]

Abigail Marston: Dutch, Dutch they got John.

Dutch van der Linde: Okay, okay.

Tilly Jackson: He’s back, he’s back!

Dutch van der Linde: How’d you folks find each other? What happened? Can… can somebody get me a cup of coffee or something?

Leopold Strauss: It was Mrs. Adler who saved us, Dutch. After the robbery in Saint Denis… she got us away from the camp before the Pinkertons turned up. Then Mrs. Adler and Mr. Smith… drove away the degenerates who were living here.

Dutch van der Linde: Mrs. Adler, we owe you. Thank you.

Tilly Jackson: It’s been real hard, Dutch… we… We been surviving, but only just. What we gonna do?

Dutch van der Linde: Things have been tough… there ain’t no doubt about that. Trust me… I am gonna get us outta here. This ain’t over.

Micah Bell: Ain’t none of you folks interested in our adventures?

Abigail Marston: Guess we’re more interested in escaping the hangmen on our tail.

Micah Bell: Cheerful nymph of the prairie, wasn’t you, Abigail?

Abigail Marston: Oh sure… my fair heart jumps for joy when I set eyes on you, Micah.

[Micah laughs.]

Abigail Marston: We buried Hosea, Dutch. Charles and I stole his body from the law one night and… gave him a proper burial. It was real nice.

[Bill bursts into the cabin.]

Bill Williamson: Well here you is. Well I asked everyone I could find… and eventually someone knew. Said you fools were out here. Shit… get me a drink or something.

Sadie Adler: Get your own damn drink!

Dutch van der Linde: In our absence, Mrs. Adler here has been looking after things. Now sit down.

[They hear a voice coming from outside.]

Andrew Milton: This is Agent Milton with the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Dutch van der Linde: Already?

Andrew Milton: On behalf of Cornwall Kerosene and Tar…

Dutch van der Linde: Aw shit.

Andrew Milton: ...the United States Government… and the Commonwealth of West Elizabeth…

Dutch van der Linde: Here we go.

Andrew Milton: ...we are here to arrest you. Come out with your hands up. (to his men) Give them to a count of five, then give ’em everything. Actually… Let ’em have it.

[The Pinkertons begin shelling the cabin where the gang is hiding.]

Dutch van der Linde: Everyone get down!

Micah Bell: Asked everyone you could find did you, Bill?

Sadie Adler: Arthur, follow me!

Abigail Marston: This is real bad.

Arthur Morgan: Just stay down, all of you. Where are we going?

Sadie Adler: This way, there’s a trapdoor into the other house. We can try to flank them. This way, Arthur!

Andrew Milton: You fools weren’t listening to me, were you? I showed mercy…

Sadie Adler: Okay, take the other side.

Andrew Milton: You fools weren’t listening to me, were you? I showed mercy… You mistook it for weakness.

Sadie Adler: Why’ve they stopped shooting?

Andrew Milton: Now I will show strength… and you may mistake it for brutality. There is no escape for any of you. I shall hunt you to the ends of the earth… and the end of time. I’ve killed your friends… and I’ve enjoyed killing them… and now I’m gonna… kill each and every one of you!

Arthur Morgan: This idiot is really… starting to irritate me. Come on!

[Sadie throws him a rifle. Arthur kicks in the door and kills a dozen Pinkertons. The real carnage begins. The cabin is almost completely surrounded - the Pinkertons are well prepared for the defense. It is only through his marksmanship and speed of fire that Arthur manages to survive in this chaos.]

Arthur Morgan: We need to push them back!

Sadie Adler: Okay, let’s go! They’re coming from the side! Come on, let’s push ’em back!

Bill Williamson: Don’t think for one minute you’re going to have all the fun by yourself!

Arthur Morgan: They’re hiding in the trees. Get after ’em!

Sadie Adler: We’ll kill every last one of ya!

Bill Williamson: I have had it with you bastards!

Arthur Morgan: Get those sons of bitches!

Dutch van der Linde: We need someone back here. They’re coming down the main path.

Sadie Adler: There’s more of them, get on that Gatling gun, Arthur!

Bill Williamson: Shit! We got more on the left here.

Arthur Morgan: Keep your head down, I’m swinging this around!

Sadie Adler: More coming this way, Arthur, to your right! More coming this way, Arthur, to your right!

Bill Williamson: That’s right! Run you spineless sons of bitches.

[The three of them destroy an army of Pinkertons.]

Dutch van der Linde: You saved us, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Well, me and… Bill and Sadie.

[Arthur's cough intensifies. He leans on the corner of the cart to cough.]

Dutch van der Linde: You okay, son?

Micah Bell: Well, we ain’t been back for more than a few days.

Arthur Morgan: What… what do we do, Dutch?

[Recent events have taken a heavy toll on Dutch's psyche. Normally calm and confident, he was now beginning to show signs of psychosis.]

Dutch van der Linde: Clearly we need to leave. It’ll take them some time to regroup. Mr. Pearson, Miss Grimshaw, start packing up. Javier, you and Bill… get outta here. Go scare off any scum still loitering about… we need a couple of days. Now! Please, gentlemen.

Bill Williamson: Sure.

Arthur Morgan: What next, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: We just need some time… I just, I, I need some time. Now we can’t go east… ’cos then we’ll be in the ocean… so we’re gonna have to go north, I guess? I just need somebody to buy me some… goddamn time, one of you.

Micah Bell: You’ll figure it out, boss. You always do.

Abigail Marston: What are you gonna do about John, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: John?

Abigail Marston: He’s in jail.

Dutch van der Linde: W-w-we’ll get him… Abigail. Just not, not yet.

Abigail Marston: There’s talk of hanging him.

Dutch van der Linde: It’s not gonna come to that.

Abigail Marston: Dutch!

Dutch van der Linde: Not now, Miss, I… not now.

[He leaves.]

Abigail Marston: I’m begging you two. He’s… they’re gonna hang him. It would break my… the boy’s heart. Please, do something.

Sadie Adler: We will.

[Abigail thanks them and leaves.]

Sadie Adler: Okay. I’m gonna go figure out how we rescue this bastard.

Arthur Morgan: Now?

Sadie Adler: Yes, now. Meet me at Doyle’s Tavern on Milyonne Avenue.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

[Arthur makes a new entry in his diary.]

Arthur Morgan: (offscreen) My Lord, what a goddamn mess… everything. Not sure what happens next. Whole thing has been hard on all of us… but most of all on Dutch… who seems half crazed by all we gone through.

[“Fleeting Joy” mission completed.]

A Fork In The Road[]

[As Arthur walks through the streets of Saint Denis he is struck by another attack of coughing, but this time the attack is so severe that Arthur falls off his feet and loses consciousness. When he regains consciousness for a moment he sees a well-dressed young man with a moustache dragging him. Arthur tries to signal him, but is unable to utter a word.]

Stranger: Mister, are you okay? Are you okay, mister? You don’t look so good. Let’s get you to a doctor. Come on, it’s not far. Just down the street here.

[Arthur somehow gets to his feet and, in a semi-conscious state, follows the stranger.]

Arthur Morgan: Give me a minute… give me a minute. I’ll be fine in a minute.

[He keeps coughing a lot.]

Arthur Morgan: There… I’m fine…

Stranger: Nearly there, just around this corner. Now you head in there friend, go on.

Receptionist: Can I help you?

Arthur Morgan: Doc… I need a doctor…

Receptionist: Oh, uh, just one second, sir.

Doctor: Come in, pal. Come in.

Arthur Morgan: Mister, I need some help.

Doctor: So it seems… and that’s Dr. Mister to you.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sorry.

Doctor: I was joking. Now look, friend, I don’t mean nothing, but… you got money? I mean before I start treating you ’cause I got a family.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I understand. (hands him $50) Here, will that do you?

Doctor: Sure, thank you. Now, what’s wrong? I mean, what appear to be the symptoms?

Arthur Morgan: Well, I think you’ve heard them… I’m, I’m coughing.

Doctor: Is there any blood?

Arthur Morgan: Sometimes.

Doctor: Okay now, here… breathe. Again. Let me see your tongue. Now say ahh.

Arthur Morgan: Aah… What is it?

Doctor: It’s not good news.

Arthur Morgan: Well I guessed that.

Doctor: You got tuberculosis. I’m really sorry for you, son, it’s a hell of a thing.

Arthur Morgan: Well what you mean?

Doctor: You’re real sick, you… It’s a progressive disease. Well the best thing is rest and… getting somewhere warm and dry, and taking it easy. Now, is that possible?

Arthur Morgan: Sure, I can just take my winters in my country club in California. No... it’s not possible.

Doctor: Well… like I said, I… I’m real sorry.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, well…

Doctor: Now w-wait, wait… let me get you a little bit more… energy today.

[He injects Arthur with something. It appears to be some kind of drug. Arthur leaves the doctor's office and walks slowly down the street as if he were walking on air.]

Arthur Morgan: (in his head) We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on.

Brother Dorkins: (in Arthur's head) You have it in you, I can tell.

Edith Downes: (in Arthur's head) He didn’t have a choice. He was good and he did good.

[The crowded city seems empty to Arthur. He notices a deer walking down the street and follows it. The effects of the drug wear off. “A Fork In The Road” mission completed.]

That's Murfee Country[]

[Arthur walks over to Dutch sitting on a chair and looking out over the marsh. He is playing chess in his mind.]

Dutch van der Linde: White to D4. Black to F5. White to G3. Knight to F6.

Arthur Morgan: You okay, there?

Dutch van der Linde: Working it all out. Once and for all, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What now?

Dutch van der Linde: We’re back… and I’m sitting here… and I am contemplating the great journey of the sun… and considering a famous chess move. Those oily enactors of a mediocre justice… the Pinkertons and their benefactor… the depressing millionaire Leviticus Cornwall… they want us, Arthur. They want us… and they are going to have us.

Arthur Morgan: Well maybe they ain’t the problem.

Dutch van der Linde: Meaning?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know it’s just… I can’t help but feel… we would’ve been better running off someplace else.

Dutch van der Linde: But the, the game ain’t over, Arthur. I mean I ain’t, I ain’t played my… my final move, but…

Arthur Morgan: I guess I’m more interested in saving lives than… winning at chess.

Dutch van der Linde: Then maybe life ain’t such a thing to cling onto so tightly.

Arthur Morgan: No doubt. What about the women?

Dutch van der Linde: You sound like Hosea. I miss… him.

Arthur Morgan: I asked you a question.

Dutch van der Linde: What do you think?

Arthur Morgan: We can’t stay here. That much is obvious. But where we gonna run to? I mean they chased us from the west, they… chased us over the mountains… they ran us into the sea.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur… do you have my back?

Arthur Morgan: Always, Dutch… but there’s more than your back to worry about. We need more money. We been on the run for months now… and I seen you… killing folk in cold blood… like you always told me not to. And I’m sorry but I can’t help but think that if we…

Dutch van der Linde: There is country… in Roanoke Ridge, past Butcher Creek… I believe we could hold.

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Dutch van der Linde: And you and Charles… you could take folks up that way. Micah… and I need to do some reconnaissance. I ain’t got a final plan, yet. Arthur, I ain’t got a… I just need time. I need time… and no traitors.

Arthur Morgan: Charles… will you ride with me?

Charles Smith: Always. Where we headed?

Arthur Morgan: Up past Butcher Creek.

Charles Smith: That’s Murfree Brood Country.

Arthur Morgan: That’s why I’m asking you to ride with me.

Charles Smith: I understand. What are we doing there?

Arthur Morgan: We’re looking for a place to hole up… even the law won’t follow us up there too willingly.

Charles Smith: Yeah. I did some scouting up there while you boys were away.

Arthur Morgan: And?

Charles Smith: You’ll see… I know the way. Follow me.

[They saddle their horses and move out.]

Arthur Morgan: We need to get this done fast. The Pinkertons will have reinforced in another day or two.

Charles Smith: Yes, the sooner we get out of here, the better. It’s quite a ride up there. I saw some canoes near the bridge up river which would take us right up to Butcher Creek. Might be quicker. What do you think?

Arthur Morgan: Yeah a boat’s probably a good idea.

Charles Smith: Okay, good.

Arthur Morgan: It’s good to see you again, Charles. Thanks for what you did in Saint Denis, real brave drawing them off us like that. I was worried you and Abigail had both got yourselves killed.

Charles Smith: I found a spot to lie low for a while then managed to get a ride with a wagon of workers heading out to the fields. Abigail said she somehow managed to slip away when they grabbed Hosea.

Arthur Morgan: You did good getting the others out of there, keeping everyone together.

Charles Smith: Everybody was pretty shaken up when I got back to Shady Belle. It was a tough few days, I couldn’t have done it without Sadie.

Arthur Morgan: So how did you find that spot back there? I assume the skulls on sticks weren’t an addition of yours…

Charles Smith: Old Strauss knew about it. The locals are terrified of the place, so we figured that might buy us some time. And it did… until one of you brought the law with you. And where did you end up again? Cuba?

Arthur Morgan: Not exactly. An island off of there called Guarma. Landed ourselves in a heap of trouble.

Charles Smith: Really? A tropical island… isn’t that just what Dutch wanted?

Arthur Morgan: I guess it didn’t exactly live up to his ideals… anyway… I ain’t always sure Dutch knows what he wants anymore.

Charles Smith: Perhaps not… but he’s always managed to figure things out in the past.

Arthur Morgan: I know… you’re right. I’m just… It’s been… Guess I just miss Hosea and his… wisdom, you know.

Charles Smith: Of course. There’s the bridge. There should be some canoes down to the right here. Well I see one anyway. That’ll do, come on.

[They pull the canoe down in the water and get in it.]

Charles Smith: Okay, Butcher Creek is a few miles up river. So, I spent some time up this way while you were gone. I ran into Rains Fall and Eagle Flies, the Indians? And I’ve been trying to help out a bit where I can at their reservation. Things are bad there…

Arthur Morgan: That’s not a surprise… they seemed to be in a lot of trouble and heading into more.

Charles Smith: Some men there spoke a lot about the Murfree gang that hides out in these caves… and we’re going to need to be careful. They’re animals. Everyone is terrified of them.

Arthur Morgan: Great. Dutch didn’t mention this…

Charles Smith: Well, hiding up here… it’s not a crazy idea. This is a spot nobody comes near, even the law. But just be ready… it won’t be pretty.

Arthur Morgan: So be it.

[Some of the time Arthur and Charles row the boat, then drag it in their arms and row again. At night they come to a small village by the river.]

Charles Smith: That's Butcher Creek up ahead.

Arthur Morgan: Who are they?

Charles Smith: The locals.

Arthur Morgan: They don’t look too friendly.

Charles Smith: Wait ’til you meet the Murfrees… Alright, let’s walk it from here.

[Arthur approaches one of the locals.]

Arthur Morgan: Can you help us? We’re trying to find a spot called Beaver Hollow.

Civilian: We don’t take kindly to outsiders around here.

Charles Smith: Come on, they’re not going to help us. I’m pretty sure it’s to the north, up the road here. Good evening. It’s a bit of a walk, we could grab those horses if you want? They probably won’t miss ’em if we get them back by morning.

Arthur Morgan: You can see why folks don’t want to come round here. Ain’t exactly a welcoming place.

Charles Smith: Lots of stories of people going missing round these parts. Just recently a stagecoach from Annesburg, disappeared without a trace coming through here.

Arthur Morgan: Guess that’s good for us, assuming these inbred bastards are willing to part with their home, which I’m sure they won’t be too pleased about.

Charles Smith: No. But I believe they hide out all over Roanoke Ridge, these caves are just one of their spots. Which is why we should keep it down. They might have lookouts around…

Arthur Morgan: Okay.

Charles Smith: You see that up ahead? Slow down, keep it quiet. It could be some of them. I say we dismount here and follow them on foot, see where they’re going. Follow me and stay quiet. Let’s get closer to them. Come on, up this way.

Murfree: Hold up. I need a breather.

Charles Smith: Definitely Murfrees. I say we deal with them from here. You take one, I’ll take the other.

Murfree: Why don’t you carry the body for a bit, huh? Why do I always do the carrying?

Murfree 2: Because I do the skinning.

Murfree 1: Well how about I do the skinning?

Charles Smith: What are you waiting for?

[They kill the strangers with a bow.]

Charles Smith: Good job. Let’s go, Arthur. We must be close now. Let’s stop and have a look from the top of this hill there.

Arthur Morgan: Okay… let’s see what’s going on.

Charles Smith: That’s the stagecoach went missing…

[Arthur looks through his binoculars and sees the mutilated bodies.]

Arthur Morgan: Jesus. They must be in the cave. Alright... let’s get on with this.

Charles Smith: Okay, what you think? We can head into the cave, or… flush ’em out with dynamite.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s surprise them in there.

Charles Smith: Okay, let’s get a little closer. Right, let’s get this over with. You see that? Someone’s coming out of the cave. I’ll keep watch, you deal with that one in the entrance… quietly. Are you dealing with him? Let’s move, come on.

Charles Smith: Okay, let’s move.

[Arthur walks through the caves mercilessly killing the local Neanderthals.]

Arthur Morgan: Looks like it’s on then, Charles!

Charles Smith: Someone’s down there, she’s alive!

Arthur Morgan: You weren’t wrong about these crazy sons of bitches.

Charles Smith: They got someone locked up in that cage!

Arthur Morgan: Charles, you see any more of them?

Charles Smith: Not for now… come on, let’s get that poor girl out of the cage.

Hostage: Stay away from me! Don’t touch me! Please don’t kill me!

Arthur Morgan: It’s okay, miss. Just calm down. We ain’t going to hurt you. It’s okay, it’s okay, shh… you’re safe. It’s okay. Come on… it’s time to go. It’s okay. Where you from?

Hostage: Annesburg.

[The crying girl they rescued was wearing only a nightgown. God only knows what she's been through.]

Arthur Morgan: (to Charles) What do we do with her?

Charles Smith: You take her there and… I’ll go get the others.

Arthur Morgan: Sure... you okay to ride on my horse a little? I’ll keep you safe.

[The girl nods silently. Arthur helps her onto her horse. They ride off.]

Arthur Morgan: Annesburg, right?

Hostage: Yes… They… they… they did…

Arthur Morgan: It’s okay, miss.

Hostage: The others… they killed them…

Arthur Morgan: You’re safe now. Just try to breathe.

Hostage: They’re animals… (cries)

Arthur Morgan: I know. It’s alright, miss.

Hostage: Why would they…

Arthur Morgan: Some folks is… just evil, ain’t no point trying to explain it.

Hostage: I haven’t slept in days.

Arthur Morgan: I know. What’s your name, miss? It’s okay…

Hostage: Meredith.

Arthur Morgan: You’re going to be home soon, Meredith, and this’ll all be over. Where in Annesburg?

Meredith Buckley: One of the mining cottages… if you get me to the main street, I can show you from there.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. Just try to relax, now.

Meredith Buckley: Just head for the main street, it’ll be easier to walk from there.

Arthur Morgan: Miss… we’re here.

Meredith Buckley: Oh… oh… thank God.

Arthur Morgan: So which place is yours?

Meredith Buckley: Up at the top of the hill. It’s near the blacksmith.

Arthur Morgan: Come on then.

[She notices a woman outside the house and runs up to her.]

Meredith Buckley: Ma!

Mother: Meredith? She’s alive… oh, she’s alive…

Arthur Morgan: She saw some pretty bad things I’m afraid, ma’am. Murfree brood got her.

Mother: Oh, my darling… How did you manage to?

Arthur Morgan: I just ran into them and found her.

Mother: Oh, thank you. Here, let me give you this. (hands some money)

Arthur Morgan: Oh, that, that’s okay, ma’am. You just… keep her warm and keep her safe.

[He says goodbye and leaves. Arthur notices a prostitute who leads a client into one of the houses.]

Arthur Morgan: Mrs. Downes?

Edith Downes: Oh no. You leave me alone. You just leave me alone! (closes the door)

Client: Thanks, buddy.

[Arthur gallops back to the camp.]

Dutch van der Linde: How you get on?

Arthur Morgan: Okay. Found a girl, took her home. You and Micah find anything?

Dutch van der Linde: Maybe… I think maybe I found our old friend Mr. Cornwall.

Arthur Morgan: You did? (spits)

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, he’s buying a stake in the mine in Annesburg.

Arthur Morgan: Relentlessly ambitious feller isn’t he?

Dutch van der Linde: Micah and I’ll sniff about… see if he knows we’re here… and exactly what his plans are.

[A very drunk woman approaches him.]

Molly O’Shea: So, Dutch… did you miss me?

Uncle: I found her, drunk in Saint Denis.

Dutch van der Linde: You’re back… How jolly, Miss O’Shea.

Molly O’Shea: It’s Molly, you sack of shit!

Dutch van der Linde: Back and drunk.

Molly O’Shea: Who made you… the master… the Lord God almighty.

Dutch van der Linde: Molly, calm down.

Molly O’Shea: I won’t be ignored, Dutch van der Linde. I aren’t him… I ain’t her… or any of your stooges.

Dutch van der Linde: Calm yourself, miss. You don’t owe me nothing…

Molly O’Shea: I don’t owe you nothing. Nothing!

Dutch van der Linde: Okay.

Molly O’Shea: I’ll spit in your eye. I told them!

Dutch van der Linde: I’m sorry?

Molly O’Shea: Yeah, I told ’em and I’d tell ’em again. Now I’ve got God’s ear.

Dutch van der Linde: You told who what?

Molly O’Shea: Mr. Milton and Mr. Ross… about the bank robbery... and I wanted them to kill you.

Dutch van der Linde: (pulls out his revolver) You did what?

Molly O’Shea: I loved you, you goddamn bastard! Go on, shoot me.

Arthur Morgan: (whispers to Dutch) She’s crazy… she ain’t worth it.

Dutch van der Linde: You told on me? You betrayed me?

Molly O’Shea: Oh, you’re not so big now, are you?

Arthur Morgan: (to Molly) Quiet! (whispers to Dutch) Just calm down.

Dutch van der Linde: Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: (whispers to Dutch) She’s a fool. Get her outta here.

Dutch van der Linde: You know the rules.

Molly O’Shea: (hysterically) Oh, not so big now… are we, your majesty?

[Dutch hesitates.]

Dutch van der Linde: (to Molly) You…

[At this very moment Susan comes out of the crowd with a shotgun. She shoots Molly in the chest. Surprised, she falls to the ground and dies. Susan reloads the shotgun.]

Bill Williamson: Damn.

Susan Grimshaw: She knew the rules, Arthur. What the hell is wrong with you? Mr. Pearson, Mr. Williamson… get this body outta here and get it burnt.

Bill Williamson: Okay.

Susan Grimshaw: Now get back to work, all of ya! Quit your lollygagging… get back to work.

[“That's Murfee Country” mission completed.]


[Arthur goes to sleep. He dreams of a young deer drinking from the lake. When he wakes up, he clears his throat and spits. The camp continues to discuss last night's event. The gang has settled into a small camp near a cave.]

Karen Jones: You’re a nasty woman, Miss Grimshaw, a nasty woman.

Susan Grimshaw: You think I wanted to shoot her?

Karen Jones: You seemed to like it, I saw that… beady look in your eye.

Icarus And Friends[]

[Arthur rides to Saint Denis to help Sadie get John out of jail. He walks into the bar where he is supposed to meet her. Throughout his conversation with Sadie, Arthur coughs intermittently.]

Sadie Adler: Any problems coming in?

Arthur Morgan: Nah.

Sadie Adler: Guess they know now we ain’t in the city.

Arthur Morgan: Who? Mr. Milton’s friends?

Sadie Adler: Yeah, they’ve had patrols out ever since you boys disappeared. Well, at least you’re alive.

Arthur Morgan: For now, yeah.

Sadie Adler: What happened in…

Arthur Morgan: Guarma? Nothing nice.

Sadie Adler: What happened to Dutch? ’Cause he seems…

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know. Seems as… what began happening in Blackwater, began happening… years ago, maybe. A slow decline, I guess.

Sadie Adler: What do you mean?

Arthur Morgan: I ain’t quite sure.

[They leave the bar.]

Arthur Morgan: What happened here?

Sadie Adler: I started gathering people up… as best I could after you boys left. And John… You know that part.

Arthur Morgan: I do.

Sadie Adler: And Hosea?

Arthur Morgan: Saw that too.

Sadie Adler: Well, we got Lenny’s body out as well. Robbed the morgue and buried them together. Follow me.

[They get on their horses.]

Arthur Morgan: So… what’s your plan here?

Sadie Adler: Well, I figure before we do anything, we need to make sure John’s even still at this prison.

Arthur Morgan: And how do we do that?

Sadie Adler: We need to get up high enough to get a proper look at the place.

Arthur Morgan: What? It’s on an island, ain’t it? Unless you’re planning on learning how to fly…

Sadie Adler: That’s exactly what we’re going to do. I’ve found us a hot air balloon.

Arthur Morgan: You ain’t serious?

Sadie Adler: Now the pilot, or whatever you call him… he thinks we’re just in it for a lesson, a bit of a tour. He’s quite the character, I think you’ll like him.

Arthur Morgan: You know… I’m impressed. You’ve really stepped things up. ain’t you?

Sadie Adler: Hey, we didn’t know if you was even coming back. Whole thing hit folks real hard. You can see it… Karen’s gone fallen fully into the bottle, Strauss is a bag of nerves… Swanson, well, Swanson’s actually gone and cleaned up his act. So I guess it ain’t all gone to shit. She a beauty, ain’t she?

Arthur Morgan: From here on the ground, yes.

Sadie Adler: Mr. Bullard?

[An elderly gentleman emerges from the balloon basket.]

Arturo Bullard: Ah, Mrs. Adler. It’s good to see you. Good to see you.

Sadie Adler: This is my friend I told you about. Mr. Morgan.

Arturo Bullard: Ah yes, Arturo Bullard, at your service, sir… at your service.

Arthur Morgan: Arthur Morgan.

Arturo Bullard: Well, it’s a nice fresh day for flying, sir. A day like today… and Icarus would have made it across the sea. You ever flown before, sir?

Arthur Morgan: No.

Arturo Bullard: Oh, it’s quite a thing… quite a thing. Now... put these on and hop in.

[The gentlemen get into the balloon basket. Miss Adler remains on the ground.]

Arthur Morgan: Well ain’t she coming?

Arturo Bullard: Oh, women can’t fly, sir… are you insane?

Arthur Morgan: They can’t?

Arturo Bullard: Oh no, sir, does terrible damage to them… to their… vapors. I thought everyone knew about that. Why, a delicate flower like Mrs. Adler… heavens above… or below.

[Sadie spits.]

Arthur Morgan: Where’d you find this guy?

Sadie Adler: I told you you two would get on.

Arthur Morgan: Are you sure about this?

Arturo Bullard: Certain, sir, quite certain. Missis… let us away. Wish us luck! I’ve only crashed twice… Now, pull on that rope… and hope for the best.

Sadie Adler: You boys have fun.

[Arthur and Mr. Bullard take to the air.]

Arthur Morgan: How did you get out of this?

Arturo Bullard: Up, up and away. Right, time to catch a few vapors of our own. It’s a little overcast, but I’m expecting some good wind… once we’re high enough. We should still have some decent views over the river. Now one hates to be coarse, but on the subject of ablutions. Liquids over the side, solids… do your utmost to level the situation until we land.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, Mr. Bullard.

Arturo Bullard: I had a client once who fell foul to a rotten oyster on the ascent. A decidedly harrowing experience for all involved. Keep going, sir. We need to get up above the clouds. It really is stunning up there, you’ll have seen nothing like it.

[Arthur stares at the clouds in amazement.]

Arthur Morgan: Oh… my God.

Arturo Bullard: Yes, heavenly indeed. Quite remarkable, isn’t it? And feels like we have a nice westerly wind so… keep her around this height. This particular vessel is state of the art, sir, imported from Europe. You won’t find more than a couple of these on this side of the pond.

Arthur Morgan: So long as it works. You sure you shouldn’t be doing this?

Arturo Bullard: Oh, not at all. A child could operate this, with a little supervision. Besides, Mrs. Adler told me you were very keen to learn the ropes, and we have plenty of those.

Arthur Morgan: She did, did she?

Arturo Bullard: Arthur and Arturo, how perfect is this? My mother was a keen student of the Italianate. My brother’s called Baldassario, so you could say I got off lightly…

Arthur Morgan: Look, I’m trying to concentrate here.

Arturo Bullard: Did you breakfast in the city this morning, Mr. Morgan?

Arthur Morgan: Not exactly.

Arturo Bullard: Well, I have a boiled egg in my pocket here that you’re very welcome to.

Arthur Morgan: I think I’m alright, thank you. Recalling the ablutions discussion.

Arturo Bullard: Well, just say the word. So, if I may ask, what got you interested in the pursuit of aviation?

Arthur Morgan: I didn’t exactly. Mrs. Adler thought she’d surprise me.

Arturo Bullard: A very nice woman. And no shrinking violet.

Arthur Morgan: Definitely not.

Arturo Bullard: I prefer slightly more feminine attire on a lady, but… variety is the very spice of life, as they say. Or is it though? Did you know they locked up the man who wrote that in a mental asylum?

Arthur Morgan: I did not, Mr. Bullard.

Arturo Bullard: See that building up ahead on the island? That’s the infamous Sisika Penitentiary. We shouldn’t fly too near to it, though, sir?

Arthur Morgan: Sorry, we’re going in for a closer look.

Arturo Bullard: What do you mean? Mr. Morgan, please, this is most irregular.

Arthur Morgan: You want a happy customer, don’t you?

Arturo Bullard: Look, this isn’t funny now. What on earth are you doing? The guards are bound to spot us.

Arthur Morgan: Calm down. They won’t care if we stay high enough. I’m just looking for a friend of mine. Poor bastard has a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I heard they got him working the fields in a chain gang.

Arturo Bullard: The wind… well this is most unusual.

Arthur Morgan: Relax, Mr. Bullard… here, take over. Keep us well away…

Arturo Bullard: I’ll do my best… this filly isn’t the easiest to control, you know.

[Arthur picks up his binoculars and looks for John among the prisoners doing field work.]

Arthur Morgan: That’s not him. Nope, not there.

Arturo Bullard: This was not the tour I had in mind.

Arthur Morgan: Looks like him… it’s hard to tell, though… Yep, that’s him… What are you doing?

Arturo Bullard: They’re shooting at us!

Arthur Morgan: I can see that.

Arturo Bullard: Ascend! Ascend! The wind speed is picking up… we should stay at this altitude. It’s… heading north westerly, so that should take us back to land. Dear God, I’m shaking like a leaf.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, we’re in the clear now, Mr. Bullard. You can get up.

Arturo Bullard: Good Lord, my heart is pounding. I must say… the specifics of this job were not described to me at all sufficiently.

Arthur Morgan: Well, it’s done now.

[They manage to escape safely from the confines of the prison. Mr. Bullard looks through the spyglass at the nearby town.]

Arturo Bullard: Ah, there’s Annesburg.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Arturo Bullard: Good Lord, is that… is that Mrs. Adler?

Arthur Morgan: Where?

Arturo Bullard: Being chased.

Arthur Morgan: Yes. Try and get us near her.

Arturo Bullard: Will there be more trouble, sir?

Arthur Morgan: I expect so.

[He takes the rifle off his shoulder.]

Arturo Bullard: I’m starting to rather enjoy this.

[With a few well-aimed shots, Arthur kills Sadie's pursuers.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey, Sadie! Up here.

Sadie Adler: You’re just in time!

Arthur Morgan: Shit, they’re O’Driscolls.

Arturo Bullard: Mrs. Adler has a lot to answer for.

Arthur Morgan: Yes, she does…

[He keeps shooting.]

Arturo Bullard: What a day!

Arthur Morgan: What was she thinking messing with the O’Driscolls right now?

Sadie Adler: Come on, Arthur! Let’s finish these bastards!

Arthur Morgan: Just ride, I’ll deal with ’em.

Arturo Bullard: I think I might need to adjust my fee.

[Unfortunately, the honorable Mr. Bullard catches a stray bullet.]

Arturo Bullard: Good grief… I’ve been…

[He falls from the balloon basket. Arthur throws Sadie a rope.]

Arthur Morgan: Sadie! Grab the rope, c’mon. Grab the rope!

Sadie Adler: Look out! There’s a bridge up ahead!

Arthur Morgan: Okay, I’ll come down and get you on the other side.

Sadie Adler: Nearly there! Alright, hold it there, Arthur. Got it! Up, up… let’s get outta here.

[Grabbing the rope, she hangs in the air. Her horse gallops forward. Arthur tries to get Sadie into the basket as quickly as possible.]

Sadie Adler: Arthur, hurry!

Sadie climbs into the basket.

Arthur Morgan: Come here. I think we’re gonna crash.

[Because Arthur is low enough to the ground, he begins to catch the tops of the trees in the nearby forest with his basket.]

Sadie Adler: You have a real habit of stating the obvious, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Hold on!

[They slide a few meters down the river and it cushions the fall.]

Sadie Adler: Did you break your neck?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t think so… maybe.

Sadie Adler: Damn it, look. There’s more of them on the other side. They must have followed us. Get behind something… this ain’t over yet. These goddamn O’Driscolls.

[A firefight begins. The O'Driscolls cross the river, giving the bandits precious seconds to kill them.]

Arthur Morgan: You can’t leave it for one day?

Sadie Adler: Just kill these sons of bitches! You ain’t goddamn men! Look out! More coming in behind us! You boys are a goddamn joke! You can tell Colm he’s next! Goddamn it! We got more coming out of the woods there. You’re all gonna pay for what you did! How many of you does it take, huh? How many of you does it take, huh? C’mon! Let’s move up and finish these bastards. Nearly there! Only a few of them left. Look at those cowards. Yeah, you run. I’ll catch up with you soon enough! Looks like we made it… that’ll show ’em.

[Sadie and Arthur kill an entire squad of O'Driscolls. After that, Arthur begins to reprimand Sadie.]

Arthur Morgan: The hell is wrong with you? I only left you an hour ago. You can’t stay out of trouble for one goddamn hour? You got that poor bastard killed for his troubles. I kind of liked him.

Sadie Adler: They got Colm. The government… they got Colm O’Driscoll. They’re gonna hang him in Saint Denis.

Arthur Morgan: Hang him? Okay.

Sadie Adler: He’s already been tried twice for murder… and found guilty.

Arthur Morgan: Sure, and no doubt he’ll escape again.

Sadie Adler: No he won’t… ’cause we’re gonna make sure of it.

Arthur Morgan: I… We have our own problems with the law… in case you ain’t noticed.

Sadie Adler: Dutch’ll wanna see him swing.

Arthur Morgan: Sure… Dutch, he wouldn’t even help us with Marston… and our situation is really messed up right now. You know how things is.

Sadie Adler: Bastard’s gonna swing… I’m gonna make sure of it.

Arthur Morgan: (loudly) Closely followed by Marston!

Sadie Adler: You saw him?

Arthur Morgan: Yes… in the fields.

Sadie Adler: Okay... then we go rescue him.

Arthur Morgan: From a state penitentiary?

Sadie Adler: No… but from the fields, yes. That we can manage.

Arthur Morgan: It’s well guarded.

Sadie Adler: Guarded, sure, but not behind bars.

Arthur Morgan: No, he’s not behind bars.

Sadie Adler: So, that’s how we’ll do it… bust him from his work detail.

Arthur Morgan: I guess.

Sadie Adler: (whistles for her horse) It’s best just the two of us go.

Arthur Morgan: (coughs) The two of us is all there is anyhow.

Sadie Adler: Good because two is all we’ll need. I’ll get us a boat, a little one… and we’ll sneak in and get him outta there. Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Whatever you say, boss.

Sadie Adler: I heard that.

Visiting Hours[]

[Arthur rides to Copperhead Landing to meet with Sadie and rescue John. He pulls up to a small dock where a boat is moored. In addition to Sadie, John's wife is on the dock.]

Abigail Marston: The thing is Sadie I really can’t… I must come, he’s my husband!

Sadie Adler: I know he’s your husband but it’s gonna be… well, it’s gonna be violent.

Abigail Marston: I insist!

Sadie Adler: Insist all you like, ain’t happening. Arthur, tell her.

Arthur Morgan: Tell her what?

Sadie Adler: She ain’t coming with us to collect her husband.

Abigail Marston: I...

Arthur Morgan: Abigail, you ain’t coming. That’s the end of the matter.

Sadie Adler: See, there, you heard him. Now let’s go.

Abigail Marston: But...

Sadie Adler: But nothing. It’ll be quicker and easier with just the two of us. Plus John will be calmer without worrying about you. Ain’t complicated.

Abigail Marston: Well… well I ain’t the crying sort, but… I’m real grateful.

Sadie Adler: Yeah, we know you are. We’ll bring him back to you.

Abigail Marston: Thank you! Thank you both!

[Arthur and Sadie get in the boat and sail away.]

Arthur Morgan: Alright, here goes nothing. The place is surrounded by marshland, should hopefully give us a bit of cover… to move in close enough to find a spot to look for John. This time of day, prisoners will probably be working the fields.

Sadie Adler: Then all we gotta do is take out all the guards… and row our way out of there. Seems simple enough.

Arthur Morgan: How many times, Marston?

[They come ashore and disembark from the boat.]

Sadie Adler: Okay, bring us over. We good?

Arthur Morgan: Uh huh.

Sadie Adler: Let’s head for that watchtower. Stay low.

Arthur Morgan: Okay. I’ll deal with him.

[He climbs the watchtower, sneaks up on the guard and strangles him.]

Arthur Morgan: Okay, come on up.

[Sadie climbs the watchtower. Arthur searches for John by looking through the scope of his sniper rifle.]

Sadie Adler: Alright… where’s John…

[Arthur kills several guards with a sniper rifle.]

Sadie Adler: Nice. I can’t see anything with you standing there. Wait, shit, I don’t think that was John.

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get over there and see.

[Arthur and Sadie go down to inspect the fields.]

Sadie Adler: Okay, come on, I think one of those guards was still moving.

Arthur Morgan: Where is he? You see him?

Sadie Adler: No…

[She points her gun at one of the guards lying on the ground.]

Sadie Adler: You... mister… you know John Marston?

Guard: He… he ain’t… he ain’t working today.

[Another guard with a rifle sneaks up on them unnoticed.]

Stranger: Put the gun down, lady.

[However, Arthur noticed him earlier and is already standing behind him.]

Arthur Morgan: No… you put the gun down. Now! Where’s John Marston?

Stranger: He ain’t in the work detail today.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, well I guess we’ll go and get him together.

[He takes him hostage and puts a revolver to his head. Together they walk through the fields toward the prison.]

Arthur Morgan: Try anything and I’ll blow your damn head off, you clear on that?

Stranger: Yes… very clear.

Sadie Adler: Oh no you don’t.

Arthur Morgan: Come on partner… why don’t you apologize to the lady for pointing a gun at her?

Stranger: Excuse me?

Arthur Morgan: I said apologize.

Stranger: I’m sorry, ma’am…

Sadie Adler: Ain’t no harm done…

Arthur Morgan: So, where do we go?

Stranger: Towards the entrance, I guess…

Arthur Morgan: And who’s in charge of this fine establishment?

Stranger: Jameson, sir…

Arthur Morgan: Jameson who?

Stranger: No, Mr. Jameson. Heston Jameson.

Arthur Morgan: Is he a nice feller?

Stranger: Uh… he’s been quite an exacting boss at times.

Arthur Morgan: I look forward to meeting him.

Stranger: They’re… they’re not gonna let you do this.

Arthur Morgan: That’s gonna be up to you, my friend. So, you a popular employee, my friend?

Stranger: Not especially…

Arthur Morgan: Well, I guess we’re about to find out.

Sadie Adler: Come on. March him straight up to the front gate.

Arthur Morgan: We better hope someone in there actually gives a damn about this fool.

Sadie Adler: Guess we’ll see. We’re gonna have to shoot our way out of here regardless.

[They are approaching the prison.]

Stranger: Hold your fire!

Arthur Morgan: Okay, friend, be cool now. Just do as I say.

Sadie Adler: Put the weapons down, now!

Arthur Morgan: Jameson! Is Jameson in?

Guard: He’s in Saint Denis.

Guard: They got Milliken!

Arthur Morgan: Got him and going to kill him… unless you bring me John Marston! Right now. You got one minute. I’m counting. (counts to three) Uh, Milliken is it? Will you count for me? I got talking to do.

Milliken: Yes, sir. Of course, sir. From one or four, sir?

Arthur Morgan: Oh, very funny… no, we must be at eleven by now.

Milliken: Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. (cries)

Arthur Morgan: Faster.

Milliken: Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…

Arthur Morgan: Now, hurry up.

Arthur Morgan: Eighteen.

Arthur Morgan: Or this poor fool’s gonna get his brains shot out… and over what? For nothing. M-Milliken… don’t stop counting, I can’t hear you.

Milliken: (in tears) Hurry up and bring that asshole out here you bastards! Come on…

Arthur Morgan: Don’t cry, buddy.

Milliken: I don’t wanna die.

Arthur Morgan: Hey… hey. I know, I know… (pats his shoulder)

[Several guards take John out.]

Arthur Morgan: John.

John Marston: Hello, you two.

[Sadie knocks the shackles off John with a shot.]

Arthur Morgan: Now, no funny business… or Mr. Milliken here, will stop crying once and for all.

[He kicks Milliken and runs away.]

Arthur Morgan: Okay, today’s your lucky day!

[The guards start shooting. Arthur hides behind boxes.]

Sadie Adler: John, take my pistol! Let’s clear these then make a run for it! Cover us! John, let’s move!

John Marston: Okay, let’s go!

Guard 2: They’re escaping over the bridge! Get after them!

Sadie Adler: Here come some more, get down!

Arthur Morgan: We can’t keep this up, let’s move!

Sadie Adler: More behind us, find some cover!

[They run to the boat killing their pursuers.]

Arthur Morgan: Let’s get to the boat, come on!

[Once they reach the boat, they quickly sail away.]

Arthur Morgan: You always seem to need rescuing, Marston.

John Marston: Nice to see you, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Ah, there’s some fellers coming here… don’t look too friendly, we best get out of here.

Sadie Adler: Come on, boys, let’s move. I'll row… you shoot.

Arthur Morgan: Seriously?

Sadie Adler: Let me, you… You’re a better shot.

Arthur Morgan: Right, fine. You just relax and enjoy yourself, John. Leave the real work for them as can still handle it.

John Marston: (smiles) Thanks.

Sadie Adler: Keep them off us!

John Marston: Thanks for the hospitality, boys!

[He manages to outrun his pursuers and reach the pier from which they set sail.]

Arthur Morgan: You know… I think I liked you better when you was all… you was all… trussed up like a prized chicken.

John Marston: No doubt.

Sadie Adler: Oh, hurry up. They’re gonna be on our rail soon enough… if you boys keep wasting time.

Arthur Morgan: That’s us told then.

John Marston: Hey, Arthur… thank you.

Arthur Morgan: Don’t mention it.

Sadie Adler: Let’s go.

[Arthur helps John get on the horse. They ride out in a hurry.]

Sadie Adler: We should get out of here quick before the law gets wind of this.

John Marston: So what the hell happened in Saint Denis? Is Abigail alright?

Sadie Adler: She’s fine, Jack is too. She managed to escape when they got Hosea.

John Marston: Hosea. That still don’t seem real, somehow. All them years, Arthur… he was like… like family.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah… we lost young Lenny too.

John Marston: No… what a goddamn mess. And did we… what about…the-the money?

Arthur Morgan: Lost somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

John Marston: What? How the hell did that happen?

Arthur Morgan: We hid on a boat, it was our only way out of there. The boat went down in a storm and… we ended up stranded on an island somewhere near Cuba.

John Marston: Cuba? Wait, you’re gonna have to tell me all this again.

Arthur Morgan: It’s a long story, but… things ain’t been good, John.

John Marston: You’re telling me.

Arthur Morgan: We’re holed up now in the mountains to the north… near Roanoke Ridge in some caves there. The Pinkertons caught up with us again and we had to move.

Sadie Adler: Yeah, seems Molly ratted us out, the bitch, so she’s dead too.

John Marston: Jesus, maybe you should have just left me to hang.

Arthur Morgan: And… I should warn you… Dutch didn’t want us breaking you out. Said it wasn’t the right time, so… it might not be the hero’s welcome you’re imagining.

John Marston: So much for no man left behind. I can’t stop thinking about this… in the bank… when they grabbed me, he saw it… The felt almost like he had a… a moment to do something and didn’t.

Arthur Morgan: Dutch ain’t himself right now… or… maybe he just ain’t who we thought he was.

John Marston: Guess we don’t need to worry about who’s his favorite no more…

Arthur Morgan: Guess not.

[They return to camp. Abigail runs up to John.]

Abigail Marston: You brought him back to me.

Sadie Adler: We told you we would.

[Dutch comes out of his tent. He looks pretty pissed off.]

Dutch van der Linde: John! What are you doing here?

John Marston: It’s good to see you too, partner.

Dutch van der Linde: I meant I hadn’t sent for you yet.

Arthur Morgan: I went.

Dutch van der Linde: But I said that…

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I know what you said. I felt different.

Dutch van der Linde: Is that so?

Arthur Morgan: Yes.

Dutch van der Linde: And when springing John brings the law down on all of us… what then, Arthur?

Arthur Morgan: Well I guess we’ll have another light on our hands.

Dutch van der Linde: Loyalty, Arthur, it ain’t… I had A GODDAMN PLAN. John... you are my brother… you are my son… I was coming for you…

John Marston: They… they was talking of hanging me, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: They was talking… they was talking. And now they may come and hang us all.

[He walks away in a rage. Arthur kicks the ground. Some time passes. Arthur sleeps by a tree and dreams again of a deer walking slowly through the woods.]

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Arthur? Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, sorry. I was miles away… thinking of, err… huh… I don’t know.

Mary-Beth Gaskill: Dutch said to tell you… he and Micah have gone to Annesburg… something about Mr. Cornwall.

Arthur Morgan: Cornwall? (long sigh) Okay. Thanks, Mary-Beth.

Abigail Marston: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Arthur Morgan: We ain’t done yet, Abigail. Dutch seems…

Abigail Marston: To have lost his mind? I know.

Arthur Morgan: Just be careful.

Abigail Marston: I don’t have to be careful. I… I have you as a friend.

[“Visiting Hours” mission completed.]

Just A Social Call[]

[Arthur goes to Annesburg to meet Micah. When he arrives at the designated meeting place Micah attacks him and pins him against the wall.]

Micah Bell: Was you followed?

Arthur Morgan: No.

Micah Bell: Was you followed?

[Arthur pushes him away and starts coughing.]

Arthur Morgan: I said... What is your problem?

Micah Bell: What is your problem, partner? You don’t, uh… you don’t look so good.

Arthur Morgan: What is wrong with you?

Micah Bell: Nothing wrong with me. I’m fit as a fiddle.

Arthur Morgan: Not inside you ain’t.

Micah Bell: I’m just a realist, friend.

Dutch van der Linde: Micah reckons there’s a rat.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, does he? On what evidence?

Micah Bell: We’s only back a minute, Pinkertons show up.

Arthur Morgan: We been on the run since you two fools went crazy in Blackwater. We barely escaped with our lives in Saint Denis… now we got a rat?

Dutch van der Linde: Well, Molly clearly talked. But, who else?

Arthur Morgan: Maybe we pushed things too hard?

[Micah grunts in a funny way, showing his displeasure and walks away, picking his ear.]

Arthur Morgan: Maybe time for folks like us is passed. We don’t need a rat. We got sloppier than the town drunk… and they know who we are… and where we are… and what we’re doing.

Micah Bell: Way I see it, best thing we can do is let the weak go… move on, get our money and start over.

Dutch van der Linde: That ain’t happening.

Arthur Morgan: Well, something’s gotta happen, and fast. Otherwise, Cornwall, them Pinkertons… they’ve got us pinned in here, and ain’t none of them stopping.

Micah Bell: Well, Cornwall’s why we’re here. Shall we, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Yeah, it’s time to go. Let’s head to the river.

Arthur Morgan: Ah, leave Cornwall alone. He ain’t… look, we need money, but revenge? Now?

Micah Bell: Of course it’s for money.

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: This better not be no stupid revenge mission, Dutch. It ain’t worth it.

Micah Bell: Don’t be ridiculous.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh, Arthur… it’s just a simple social call.

[He and Micah laugh. Arthur follows them.]

Arthur Morgan: So, what are we going to say to him, that needs to be said?

Dutch van der Linde: He has been hunting us since Valentine. He is the reason that Hosea got killed. His sugar business, is destroying the people of Guarma. This town, Arthur, is his town. He bought it just to destroy these folks. His sugar. His oil. His law.

Arthur Morgan: These are wrongs that you can’t right, Dutch. We’re wanted men.

Dutch van der Linde: So why did you go for John against my wishes?

Arthur Morgan: I didn’t want him hanged.

Dutch van der Linde: Neither did I.

Micah Bell: We’re gonna cut a deal, Arthur.

Arthur Morgan: What are you talking about?

Dutch van der Linde: We want out, and Cornwall wants us to stop robbing him... and we all know his money is what’s keeping the Pinkertons on our tail. He’s America, Arthur. And I want out. And he… he won’t let us go.

Arthur Morgan: This ain’t making a lot of sense, Dutch.

Dutch van der Linde: It will, son… It will… a deal… some noise… and then we’re gone.

[They go out to the pier.]

Dutch van der Linde: Cornwall’s boat is due in soon. Let’s get down here behind these crates.

[The bandits hide behind crates. Soon a large steamboat arrives at the pier. Milton and Cornwall get off.]

Andrew Milton: I wanna thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Cornwall.

Leviticus Cornwall: This was a business meeting, Mr. Milton. We are not friends. I have spent a considerable fortune with your agency… and still nothing. This Van der Linde robs me, and laughs at me. I asked for the best. I paid for the best.

Andrew Milton: We are very close, Mr. Cornwall. I know you’ve heard this before…

Leviticus Cornwall: Send a telegram to Goldberg in New York… tell him I won’t borrow at more than three point two percent. Sorry, no. I have heard it before… and get that army man to pay his portage charge.

Andrew Milton: We are doing all we can within the confines of the law.

Leviticus Cornwall: The law? I think we both know what you can do with your laws. Find me Dutch van der Linde! Bring him here, and leave the laws to them as need them! Good day, sir!

Andrew Milton: Come along, Mr. Ross. We have work to do.

Jansen: Mr. Didsbury… Mr. Cornwall.

Leviticus Cornwall: Now, listen up, Didsbury. What’s all this about strikes? I bought into this mine because of mismanagement… and I intend to make it a success, no matter what the cost.

Didsbury: It’s the wages. Folk feel…

Leviticus Cornwall: Folk feel? Business doesn’t give two figs about feelings, sir. Not two figs. It’s a nonsense that will bring a plague on both our houses…

[Dutch and his gang come out of hiding.]

Dutch van der Linde: Perhaps there is a plague on your house already, Mr. Cornwall.

Leviticus Cornwall: What do you want, sir?

Dutch van der Linde: I’m not quite sure, just yet.

Leviticus Cornwall: Your impudence will be your undoing, sir.

Dutch van der Linde: I’m undone already. Even my best friend here, he thinks I’m crazy… and like this poor fellow you are talking to… my feelings are hurt.

Leviticus Cornwall: You robbed me, sir.

Dutch van der Linde: And you robbed him. Funny world.

Leviticus Cornwall: You show a criminals’ grasp of sophistry, sir.

Dutch van der Linde: I did no such thing. You kill, I kill. You rob, I rob… only difference I can see is I choose… whom I kill and rob… and you destroy everything in your path.

Leviticus Cornwall: I’ve heard just about enough.

Dutch van der Linde: I’ll tell you what. You give me this ship, ten thousand dollars and… safe passage out of here. I’ll let you live.

Leviticus Cornwall: (looks at his boys and laughs) I’ll do no such thing.

Dutch van der Linde: You sure? Good, I prefer it this way.

[He quickly pulls out a revolver and kills Cornwall.]

Arthur Morgan: You’ve lost your mind.

[A fierce firefight ensues. Arthur hides behind the nearest box and starts shooting heads off.]

Arthur Morgan: You’ve lost your mind.

Dutch van der Linde: Noise, Arthur! Noise! Oh, shit, Pinkertons!

Arthur Morgan: What the hell have you done, Dutch?

Dutch van der Linde: Come on, Micah’s gone after those papers! Let’s find him and get out of here! They’re shooting from that building! Look out up there, on the left!

[They make their way to the station where Micah is hiding.]

Micah Bell: I found something interesting. Cornwall’s men are all over the place. Follow me, and stay close.

Arthur Morgan: We had enough heat on us before, now we’re going to be torched, Dutch!

Dutch van der Linde: This is the only way. You’ll see. Trust me.

Arthur Morgan: Trust you?

Micah Bell: You sure you got the lungs for this, Morgan?

Arthur Morgan: Shut the hell up.

Dutch van der Linde: Get a move on, Arthur! Let’s go, let’s go!

Arthur Morgan: You said this wasn’t a revenge mission!

Dutch van der Linde: It wasn’t! We got what we came for. Those papers.

Micah Bell: Finally putting that bastard Cornwall out of business for good! Me? I just follow orders, Morgan!

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s go.

[They saddle the horses quickly.]

Micah Bell: Well, at least we tried talking it out.

Arthur Morgan: You boys have lost your minds.

Dutch van der Linde: Oh… I felt a lot of guilt in this life, Arthur. I’ve killed too often and poorly… but not this time, son. Come on! Alright, let’s head for the hills, boys! They’re trying to block us off, go right.

Micah Bell: Look out! We got more ahead. On the left! More of the bastards!

Dutch van der Linde: They’re trying to cut us off again!

Micah Bell: Go left! Lose them through the river!

Dutch van der Linde: Look out, fellers, they’re still coming!

Micah Bell: Shoot the bastards! Looks like we’ve lost them!

Arthur Morgan: For now, maybe!

[They stop.]

Dutch van der Linde: Whoa. We all okay?

Arthur Morgan: Interesting social call.

Micah Bell: Don’t play dumb and superior at the same time, Morgan. We all knew sooner or later Cornwall had to go.

Dutch van der Linde: Let me see them papers.

Arthur Morgan: It’s more attention we don’t need. Feels like the whole world’s closing in on us. Dutch... it won’t be long before they find where we’re hiding out now… especially as we ain’t exactly hiding out.

Dutch van der Linde: We just need a distraction. Buy us some time. (looks through the papers) It looks like Mr. Cornwall’s company… has signed a railroad contract with the army… and they’re also moving dynamite down from, well… the Annesburg mines to Saint Denis to resell. And there’s bonds at his oil factory. Maybe there’s a way to get them off our back… and get the money that we need. Micah, you look into this dynamite. Take Bill, I guess. Arthur, you go too. We are gonna need a lot of it. And Micah, we need to talk. Figure out some things.

Micah Bell: Course, boss.

Arthur Morgan: Figure out what?

Dutch van der Linde: The plan. Getting outta here. Nothing’s changed.

Arthur Morgan: It hasn’t, huh?

Micah Bell: There’s an old house west of Van Horn. Meet me there when you can, Black Lung.

Dutch van der Linde: Let’s split up. We’ll meet up back at camp.

[Micah and Dutch are leaving.]

Arthur Morgan: This is crazy.

[“Just A Social Call” mission completed.]

Do Not Seek Absolution - I[]

[Remembering his recent encounter with Edith, Arthur travels to Annesburg again in an attempt to find her.]

Miner: I said, hell, even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

Edith Downes: Hey, you want company, boys?

Miner: Sure, because I wanna be pissing needles tomorrow… (laughs)

Arthur Morgan: Mrs. Downes…

Edith Downes: Go away, just go away.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sorry… (coughs) I’m really sorry, but I… well...

Edith Downes: Well, you’re sorry. Yeah, I heard you.

Arthur Morgan: But... well, I-I… This country is man unleashed. That’s the thing… and it ain’t my fault any more than is anyone else’s…

Edith Downes: Man unleashed? Then unleash goodness… not just hell’s feeble brother, sir.

Arthur Morgan: But how? I mean, all I know how to do is fight. I was set free to fight. Where’s your son, Mrs. Downes?

Edith Downes: Where you think? Down the mine… until he gets sick… which won’t be long given how hard they work him. See, foreman don’t like him… so he gets the worst of it.

Arthur Morgan: Well, maybe I could go and…

Edith Downes: Maybe you could just leave us all alone. Maybe… maybe you could just go fight some other battle.

[Arthur goes to the mine in search of Edith's son.]

Foreman: Hey, boy, your mom’s a whore, little boy…

Archie Downes: Be quiet, Mr. Dockery.

Arthur Morgan: Why don’t you shut up?

Foreman: Who’s this, your daddy?

Archie Downes: My daddy died… and this man, he killed him. What you doing here?

Arthur Morgan: Leave the boy alone.

Foreman: Why you kill his daddy? You after his momma?

Arthur Morgan: Stop bullying the boy.

Foreman: Get out of my business, mister.

Arthur Morgan: Leave the boy alone…

Foreman: Or what?

Arthur Morgan: Or I’ll kill you, too.

Foreman: You couldn’t kill no one. Look at you, all ragged and sick and weak. Clear off, you goddamn hermit. Clear off! You, and the whore’s son here.

[He punches Arthur in the face. Arthur blocks the next punch. A fight breaks out. One of the miners holds Archie back so this one doesn't run away.]

Foreman: Can’t even fight your own battles, Downes?

Archie Downes: Let me go.

Foreman: Hit me then.

[Arthur knocks Foreman to the ground. He shouts menacingly to the crowd, hoping that the others won't get into a fight. It's unlikely he'll be able to overpower the whole crowd.]

Arthur Morgan: Now who’s next? Let the boy go. Let him go! Come with me. Shame on you… he’s just a goddamn boy. Let’s get you outta here.

[He goes with Archie to the horse.]

Archie Downes: They’re gonna kill me. Now I’ve got no job and they’re gonna kill me.

Arthur Morgan: I’ve got some money… you and your momma can go someplace nice.

Archie Downes: Well, why are you doing this?

Arthur Morgan: I don’t know. Listen... take this… Try and talk to your momma… and get outta here. Now run.

Archie Downes: I'll try.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, good boy. I don’t wanna see you here again!

[Archie rides away on a horse. “Do Not Seek Absolution – I” mission completed.]

Do Not Seek Absolution - II[]

[Arthur goes to Annesburg to make sure that Edith and Archie have left town.]

Archie Downes: Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: You still here, kid?

Archie Downes: Well, yes… Momma… Momma can’t leave… or won’t leave… I don’t know, I said I had the money… she said your money weren’t moral. She said it’d be better to die than to take it.

Arthur Morgan: Maybe she’s right, I don’t know… I don’t know anything about morals.

Archie Downes: She’s still heading out… working, you know.

Arthur Morgan: I’m sorry, son. Sorry about all of this.

Archie Downes: She ain’t been back for a few hours. She left with some feller down the railway tracks. I did not like the look of him.

Arthur Morgan: Which way you say?

Archie Downes: That way… around the woods, towards Willard’s Rest.

Arthur Morgan: I’ll see what I can do.

[Arthur drives to the specified location. He finds Edith in the woods after hearing her voice from afar.]

Stranger: How ’bout a drink, deary?

Edith Downes: Oh, no thank you…

Stranger: Aw, I ain’t a baddie, I ain’t…

Edith Downes: Of course not…

Stranger: Well, deary… I been in jail, but it weren’t my fault…

Edith Downes: I’m sure.

Stranger: It’s nice out here, huh? It’s quiet…

Edith Downes: Nice? Sure…

Stranger: Feller could do… what he likes out here.

Edith Downes: I guess…

Stranger: You think I’m a nice man, deary? A kind man?

Arthur Morgan: That’s enough now, partner… you’re starting to scare me, let alone the poor woman… clear off.

Stranger: And who are you?

Arthur Morgan: Someone who don’t wanna hear no more of your nasty mouth.

[The stranger spits.]

Arthur Morgan: Push me, and I’ll put a bullet in you.

Edith Downes: I-I-I presume Archie sent you?

Arthur Morgan: I said clear off, before I deal with you.

Stranger: I’ll see you again, deary.

[He reluctantly leaves.]

Arthur Morgan: Listen… listen to me… (coughs) Excuse me.

Edith Downes: You sound like my husband.

Arthur Morgan: I know. Listen… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what happened, and I was a… a fool. And I’m suffering for my foolishness… But... don’t go and get yourself killed because of your pride. You have a son, Mrs. Downes.

Edith Downes: I’m just so ashamed.

[She begins to cry.]

Arthur Morgan: Ashamed? Of what? You loved him… you did everything for him… Let’s get you home.

Edith Downes: All right… let’s go.

[They get on a horse and ride into town.]

Arthur Morgan: I’m sorry it had to come to this.

Edith Downes: Stop saying sorry… sorry won’t bring Thomas back.

Arthur Morgan: I know.

Edith Downes: So you’re sick now too, and you think that affords you the opportunity for penance for cutting his time short?

Arthur Morgan: No. I ain’t looking for that.

Edith Downes: Okay then, so just forget about me and the guilt you’re carrying because no good can come of that for either of us. All you can do now is decide the man you want to be, for the time you have left. Help someone who can still be helped, or help yourself.

Arthur Morgan: I suppose you’re right.

Edith Downes: Or hang yourself, for all I care.

Arthur Morgan: You’re right to dislike me. I ain’t looking for that to change. Archie should be waiting for us just up ahead.

[They ride up to the house.]

Archie Downes: Momma, momma. Momma.

Edith Downes: Oh, you’re a silly boy, you’re… Oh, Archie. What will we do?

Arthur Morgan: Get outta here. Live someplace else, start over. Here, take this… I don’t need it no more.

[He hands her $590 – about $18,000 today.]

Edith Downes: I don’t want your money.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, I know you don’t want it.

Edith Downes: I don't.

Arthur Morgan: You sure as shit need it. I ain’t looking for forgiveness… it ain’t about that. Don’t forgive me… just take the money and get outta here, please. I know I ruined your life… I suffer for it every day, but… don’t let yourself get killed for… for pride. I seen it kill too many folk.

Edith Downes: I…

Arthur Morgan: Don’t say anything. Don’t thank me. Just take the money and, pack your bags. That’s all I got to say.

Archie Downes: Thank you, Mr. Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: I said don’t thank me. Get outta here… please.

[Arthur says goodbye to them and they go into the house. “Do Not Seek Absolution – II” mission completed.]

The Course Of True Love - IV - V[]

[When Arthur returns to camp, he finds a letter next to his bed. He reads it.]

Penelope Braithwaite: (offscreen) Dear sir. You were once very kind to Beau and myself and it pains me to ask you to show us further kindness, but I have nowhere else to turn and nobody else upon whom I can impose. I will, of course, pay you handsomely for your troubles. My family have turned quite mad and are threatening to send me away, to stop my work, which they say is disgracing them. As if their history of absolute moral depravity, utter debauchery and perpetual drunkenness did not disgrace them enough. Oh, I must escape, yet I am kept prisoner here. Can you help? Most days I am to be found at the cabins on the plantation. The main house and all it stood for are thankfully no more. Yours faithfully, Penelope Braithwaite.

[Arthur rides to the place Penelope has indicated. Already ready for the ride, she starts rushing back and forth with happiness.]

Penelope Braithwaite: Oh, oh, you came… You came… you finally came.

Arthur Morgan: I came.

Penelope Braithwaite: Oh thank you, thank you, you lovely, lovely man.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, calm down, miss.

Penelope Braithwaite: Oh, come on, let’s go, we ain’t got a minute to lose. They killed her… they killed Ms. Calhoon. All she wanted was a better lot for women… and they killed her, those pigs.

Arthur Morgan: Who killed her?

Penelope Braithwaite: I don’t know… my cousins, probably, or… Well, you met them, they’re animals. Not even animals, monsters… monsters, if God had lost all his powers of imagination. Can you... can you please take me to the train station? Beau will be waiting.

Arthur Morgan: Why couldn’t he come and rescue you?

Penelope Braithwaite: Well, if they saw me and him together they’d… lynch him and send me off to a nunnery… or maybe they’d lynch us both… I ain’t quite sure. They do so love hanging folk.

Arthur Morgan: Where you heading?

Penelope Braithwaite: Up to Boston.

Arthur Morgan: Good, they’ll like you up there. Come on, let’s go.

[They get on the horse.]

Penelope Braithwaite: Of course. I’m in your hands… just get me to Rhodes Railway Station.

Arthur Morgan: Okay, let’s try and get you a train. And Beau’s just waiting at the station? In the hope you’ll show up? Or I’ll show up to help you show up?

Penelope Braithwaite: He goes to there every day he can… makes up some excuse or other… I said he would see me there one day soon, and today he will. God willing.

Arthur Morgan: Well, well. If he’s there, that’s true love alright.

Penelope Braithwaite: I’ve hardly seen him since the rally, they watch me so carefully… and he’s waited, or… so his letters say… our families won’t let us out… and then all that business with Aunt Catherine and my cousins… you saw the house… and then Leigh Gray and those boys killed… so much bloodshed… you’d think this could be a new beginning… but everyone left alive… they’re even more angry…

Arthur Morgan: Maybe anger’s a complicated thing to let go of…

Penelope Braithwaite: Something good has to come out of this awful, awful feud. There he is… it’s him.

They ride up to the station.

Penelope Braithwaite: Will you ride on the train with us a little… just to the first stop?

Arthur Morgan: (sighs) Fine.

[They approach the station. Beau notices his beloved and hugs her.]

Beau Gray: You came, you came, at last you came.

Penelope Braithwaite: Beau… my sweet… my best of men…

Beau Gray: I’m hardly a man at all… but I love you, Penelope Braithwaite. Sir… how can we ever repay your kindness?

Arthur Morgan: Some of them jewels would do just fine…

Penelope Braithwaite: Beau, Arthur’s going to join us, I think we need the support. Please could you buy the tickets, dear Mr. Morgan? We can’t chance being seen.

Arthur Morgan: Sure.

Penelope Braithwaite: Thank you. We’ll meet you on the platform.

[Arthur walks up to the counter.]

Arthur Morgan: Can I have… three tickets to Saint Denis please, sir?

[The station worker turns out to be an acquaintance of his.]

Alden Carruthers: Of course. Oh, hello, sir.

Arthur Morgan: Hello, Alden, I hope all is well.

Alden Carruthers: Not terribly, but good to see you.

[Arthur hears voices at the station. Beau’s fat cousin manages to find him after all.]

Scott Grey: Hey, cousin.

Beau Gray: No, hey no, you leave us alone. (Greys grabs him) Penelope get back. No, we don’t wanna go.

Arthur Morgan: Excuse me, Alden.

[He goes out to the station.]

Penelope Braithwaite: Hey, you leave him alone! You leave him alone you philistine beast!

Arthur Morgan: Get on the train and get your bags, miss… I got this.

Iain Grey: Come here, Yankee.

Arthur Morgan: With pleasure, you goddamn fool.

[They start fighting.]

Arthur Morgan: Didn’t want to come back here without giving you a whipping.

Iain Grey: We should’a done this last time!

[Arthur knocks him out with a blow to the head.]

Arthur Morgan: Get on the train, Beau. Go to your woman. Now there’s only one of you.

Alden Carruthers: Oh my. Oh my.

[Arthur beats up Beau's fat cousin and runs to the train.]

Penelope Braithwaite: Arthur! Please, get on!

Beau Gray: You got ’em! Quick, come up on the train.

[The train pulls away from the station.]

Beau Gray: Goodbye Rhodes…

Penelope Braithwaite: Hello, future…

Arthur Morgan: Alright, all done. That is quite a family you’ve got there, son.

Beau Gray: I know, charming to the last. Then again, my uncle used to keep his own half-brother as a slave… so, what do you expect? Good manners?

Penelope Braithwaite: My uncle used to say things were better the way they were… when he can rape and kill with impunity… and he didn’t have to work a day in his life.

Beau Gray: Both our families… there’s good people in this county… but our families bully them and drove most of them off… whites as well as blacks. All over this silly feud.

Arthur Morgan: Yeah, well… how delightful.

[Beau notices a man riding a horse outside the window. He is holding a revolver.]

Beau Gray: Oh, my Lord.

Penelope Braithwaite: I think it’s my second cousin.

Arthur Morgan: What is with it with all these goddamn cousins?

Penelope Braithwaite: I think they found out about the jewels.

Arthur Morgan: Alright, keep your heads down… I’ll deal with this. Jewels? I knew you had some damn jewels.

[He steps out of the wagon onto the freight platform and starts shooting Penelope's relatives that coming up.]

Beau Gray: They’re coming from over the hill.

Arthur Morgan: You must have all the jewels in the state, the amount of your cousins is here.

Beau Gray: Up there. Look. More men.

Arthur Morgan: More men? More men? Penelope Braithwaite this ain’t about no star crossed lovers. She’s robbed her own family blind. Good for her, I guess…

Beau Gray: The ridgeline!

Passenger: What the hell’s going on? Is this a train robbery?

Penelope Braithwaite: Please… draw them away from the passengers. I-I couldn’t bear it.

[The train slowly stops. Arthur runs to the lead car.]

Arthur Morgan: Driver, we’re in the clear. Time to start this train again.

Beau Gray: It’s alright, it’s over.

[They drive to Fort Riggs. Arthur even have an opportunity to drive the train. He happily presses the horn having fun like a child. After a while, he stops the train.]

Beau Gray: Why have we stopped?

Arthur Morgan: It’s best you go on alone from here.

Beau Gray: Mr. Arthur, I didn’t know you could drive a train.

Arthur Morgan: Neither did I… but if I’m honest, it was kind of fun… and I didn’t kill any of us. Well, I… killed some of your relatives, but… they would’ve killed all of us.

Beau Gray: You are… a gentleman, sir.

Arthur Morgan: Oh, no I ain’t.

Penelope Braithwaite: Yes you are. I ain’t got much money but… these sapphires are worth a lot of money. Old family heirloom.

Arthur Morgan: That Braithwaite treasure.

Arthur Morgan: Thank you. Now... let’s get you off to Boston… before any more of your relatives show up.

Penelope Braithwaite: That might be wise.

[He approaches the sleeping coachman.]

Arthur Morgan: Hey, you there.

Driver: Yeah?

Arthur Morgan: This couple is heading up north, to the Boston line… they got money, they’ll pay you on arrival. That work for you?

Driver: Yeah, sounds fine. Get on in.

Arthur Morgan: Hey, uh… you carry protection on a journey like this?

Driver: Wouldn’t be much of a stage driver if I didn’t. Goes everywhere I do…

[He pulls out his revolver. Arthur deftly takes it away.]

Arthur Morgan: Miss Braithwaite is gonna hold onto this until arrival… on account of the treasure on your person.

Penelope Braithwaite: I don’t know how to thank you.

Beau Gray: You’re a fine man, sir.

Arthur Morgan: Just get out of here. All of ya.

[The carriage drives away. Arthur stares after them for a few minutes. “The Course Of True Love” story arc completed.]

The Delights Of Van Horn[]

[Arthur goes to Van Horn to meet Micah and steal the explosives.]

Micah Bell: Ah, there he is… old black lung Morgan.

Arthur Morgan: Shut up.

Micah Bell: Was you followed?

Arthur Morgan: (shocked) Excuse me?

Micah Bell: Was… you followed?

Arthur Morgan: Do you know who you’re talking to?

Micah Bell: I ain’t sure… I ain’t sure about much no more. All I know is there’s law whenever you’re around.

Arthur Morgan: (angerly) Oh, is that so? Because it seems to me… that since you been riding with us… there ain’t been nothing but trouble. Stirring things up all the time, getting in Dutch’s ear. Seems wherever you is, there’s Pinkertons, and vice versa. So you better watch your goddamn mouth, boy… (coughs)

Micah Bell: (laughs) Take it easy, cowboy… you’re gonna do yourself a mischief way you’re heading.

Bill Williamson: Micah, shut it.

Micah Bell: He started it! Dutch says we is to go on with plans to create a diversion. We got to get some explosives to blow up the bridge. Keep the army out of here a few days.

Arthur Morgan: I think it’s a real bad idea.

Micah Bell: I don’t think Dutch cares too much what you think.

Arthur Morgan: That’s clear.

Micah Bell: We gotta confuse them one last time… then he and I will head to Blackwater… collect the money and help everyone leave. He’s got a boat lined up.

Arthur Morgan: Blackwater’s a fool’s errand, everyone knows it... even a greedy moron like you.

Micah Bell: It’s Dutch’s choice, Arthur. You’re just a senior gun… same as the rest of us. Only you ain’t well.

Arthur Morgan: (angerly) I'm fine!

Micah Bell: Then you’ll do Dutch’s bidding. Which is robbing a stage that’s coming from Annesburg… full of explosives.

Arthur Morgan: Rob a stage… All we seem to ever do is rob a stage, you and me.

Micah Bell: Not me… you two. I got my own planning to do. You boys got this.

Bill Williamson: Shit. Guess we have. Come on, Arthur.

Micah Bell: And, cowpoke… take it easy. You could do with a vacation. (fake coughs and laughs)

Bill Williamson: Alright, let’s go.

Micah Bell: Have fun, boys.

[Arthur and Bill are saddling their horses.]

Bill Williamson: Micah says we should jump it as soon as it comes through Van Horn.

Arthur Morgan: So you’re taking orders from him now?

Bill Williamson: I’m taking orders from Dutch, same as always.

Arthur Morgan: The pair of them are becoming unhinged. You hear about Dutch killing Cornwall?

Bill Williamson: Hey, hold up a second, Pinkerton patrol over there. Okay, I think we’re clear. Let’s head on. Well that needed to be done.

Arthur Morgan: Right now? With the Pinkertons breathing down our necks.

Bill Williamson: See, I’m starting to think that you’ve gone soft, Morgan. Okay, let’s hold up here. So… the wagon’ll be coming from that way… down from Annesburg. And it’ll take the two of us to stop it completely, or it’ll never get done. So I was thinking, you go play dead… and I’ll take care of ’em.

Arthur Morgan: No… I’m the better shot, and… you, you’re the better actor. No, you play dead and I’ll cover you.

Bill Williamson: I got that... I got that. Oh, that’s them coming now, I think… it’ll be quite the show.

[Arthur takes up position on the second floor of the dilapidated house and watches. Bill pretends to be drunk and collapses ri