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Warning! Before you start reading, make sure you are familiar with the events of Mortal Kombat 11, as the DLC continues the story.

[After the second win, Fire God Liu Kang turns Kronika into a crystal and smashes it.]

Raiden: Our work is finished, Liu Kang.

Fire God Liu Kang: Lord Raiden.

Raiden: I am merely Raiden, now. You have proven worthy to take my place as the new Protector of Earthrealm, once it is restored.

Fire God Liu Kang: You honor me, Raiden.

Raiden: The honor is mine, Lord Liu Kang. The Sands of Time are now yours to shape. It falls upon you to architect a new history.

Fire God Liu Kang: The fate of all realms in my hands? Raiden, I cannot do this alone.

Raiden: I shall advise you for as long as my mortality allows. But have no doubt, you are up to the task.

Fire God Liu Kang: Then together. Let us begin.


[And he starts… creating. A fire portal appears to the right of the magic sphere, which is controlled by Fire God Liu Kang. The heroes hear a voice from another world.]

???: Cease, Liu Kang, before you doom us all.

[There are three figures coming out of the fire portal.]

Raiden: Shang Tsung!?

Fire God Liu Kang: Nightwolf? Fujin?! What are you—

Shang Tsung: Cease your magic before the Hourglass shatters.

Raiden: Even here at the dawn of time, you spew lies and deceit. We will not hear it!

Shang Tsung: In defeating Kronika, you destroyed her Crown. Without it, you can’t restart history. The Hourglass will shatter. All realms will be lost.

Raiden: Fujin, this true?

Fujin: Kronika’s every action was taken to ensure her Crow’s preparation. She would not dare to restart history without it.

[Fire God Liu Kang stops performing magic.]

Fire God Liu Kang: How do you know this?

Nightwolf: Kronika came to each of us. For our help, she offered places in her New Era. For refusing her, we were banished to a void beyond time.

Fujin: We could observe the events leading up to your siege of the Keep, but we were powerless to intervene.

Shang Tsung: But then you killed Kronika. The Vold’s seal was broken open, permitting our escape via the Hourglass.

Fire God Liu Kang: If you know so much about the Hourglass, how do you propose I reset the timeline?

Shang Tsung: With the Crown.

Fire God Liu Kang: The Crown is destroyed.

Shang Tsung: Only in our present. Not in our past.

Fire God Liu Kang: And while I cannot restart history without the Crown…

Shang Tsung: You can send travelers back into the current timeline.

Fire God Liu Kang: I see. I must return to the moment before Kronika’s defeat end that battle differently, so that her Crown remains intact.

Shang Tsung: That leaves too much to chance. Kronika must never process the Crown. Otherwise you cannot guarantee victory.

Fire God Liu Kang: What do you propose, sorcerer?

Shang Tsung: That you send me into the past to steal the Crown from my Island before Kronika sends Cetrion to claim it. I’ll then deliver it to Lord Raiden and together will defeat Kronika. With the Crown and Hourglass under our control, we can restart history safely.

Raiden: Why are we listening to this snake?

Shang Tsung: Because I am a snake who’s toiled beside Kronika, learning her secrets. I know them. Do you?

Fire God Liu Kang: He has a point, Raiden. Fujin, a word?

[They’re leaving.]

Raiden: How is it you conspire against Kronika? Did her promises of grandeur not suit you?

Shang Tsung: She wanted me to be her pawn, not her partner. She sculpted my entire existence to serve her, to collect souls for her Crown. When my purpose was served, she betrayed me, casting me into the Void.

Raiden: Your grievance does not fool me, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: Then trust that we have a shared interest in breaking Kronika’s stranglehold on our destinies.

Raiden: Inevitably, our interests will diverge.

Shang Tsung: This alliance is temporary. Have no illusions otherwise.

[Meanwhile Fire God Liu Kang and Fujin…]

Fire God Liu Kang: I understand your misgivings, but it is the only way.

Fujin: But the risk, Liu Kang…

Fire God Liu Kang: —will be rewarded. Say nothing to Nightwolf.

[They return to the others.]

Fire God Liu Kang: We will proceed with your plan, Shang Tsung. I must stay behind, to operate the Hourglass, but Nightwolf and Fujin will go with you, to supervise.

Shang Tsung: I welcome the assistance.

Raiden: I will join you.

Fire God Liu Kang: No, Raiden I need your counsel here. Have faith in Fujin and Nightwolf.

Raiden: (to Fujin) If I have faith in anyone, it is you, brother.

Fire God Liu Kang: I will try to send you back to the time merger. You should have enough time to claim the Crown before Cetrion delivers it to Kronika.

Nightwolf: Your confidence is inspiring.

Fire God Liu Kang: As the Keeper of Time, I am still a novice, Nightwolf.

Nightwolf: May the Great Spirit protect us.

[Liu Kang is beginning to spell. The scene changes to Shao Kahn’s arena. Kotal stands in shackles. Shao Kahn gives a speech to the raging crowd.]

Shao Kahn: You’ve suffered too long as this pretender’s hands. But I’ve returned, and I will save you from his madness! Only I can rebuild the empire. All realms will tremble before me! Outworld will again be conquerors, never the conquered!

[He calls his famous hammer and raises it up. The crowd chanting his name. Shao Kahn is getting ready to smash Kotal’s head, but Kitana and her army enter the arena, knocking down a massive gate.]

Shao Kahn: Where’s this boldness been hiding, Kitana. Had you shown it before, I’d have had no need for Mileena.

Kitana: My “sister” was an unholy monster. Exactly like you, father.

[They have a short fight. The crowd cheerfully takes this turn of events. At this moment, Shang Tsung, Nightwolf and Fujin emerge from a small sandstorm.]


Shang Tsung: When have we arrived?

Fujin: Immediately after the time merger, yes? The battle between Kotal and Shao Kahn?

Nightwolf: No. Look!

[Jade is releasing Kotal from his shackles.]

Nightwolf: It’s much later than that. This is Kirana’s battle with Shao Kahn.

Shang Tsung: Then we are almost out of time. We must escape quickly. Changing this battle’s outcome could cause Cetrion to claim the Crown earlier than expected.

Fujin: And guarantee our failure.

Nightwolf: Let’s go!

[They’re going down into an underground dungeon. They’re noticed by Kollector.]

Shang Tsung: We escaped the battle undetected.

Kollector: Shang Tsung!

Fujin: Or not.

Kollector: Where have you been hiding? You consort with Earthrealmers now.

Nightwolf: His business is one of yours, Kollector.

Kollector: My business collecting what Shao Kahn wants. He will pay handsomely for you.

Nightwolf: You’re outnumbered, Kollector.

Kollector: Am I?

[He snaps his fingers and the doors of the two dungeons open. Huge creepy beasts come out of them.]

Kollector: These are indeed strange days. How do Earthrealmers profit by protecting Shang Tsung?

Nightwolf: He shares our goal, Kronika’s defeat.

Kollector: You will be partners in death.


Nightwolf: Thank you great spirit.

[Meanwhile, Shang Tsung and Fujin are turning beasts into roasted steak. From above, there are the joyous cries of warriors.]

Nightwolf: Kitana has defeated Shao Kahn.

Shang Tsung: He always had more ego than skill.

Fujin: Come, let us leave while the crowd is distracted.

[Outside the arena…]

Nightwolf: No. We’re already here later than we wanted to be. Let’s go to your island now, and take the Crown. No detours!

Shang Tsung: Our rather public arrival at the Koliseum makes that impossible. Kronika’s Outworld allies will inform her of our presence. Go to my island now, we could be ambushed by Cetrion herself.

Fujin: And our combined power won’t stop her. We need help.

Nightwolf: But whose help? We can’t recruit any of our allies without altering this timeline’s events.

Shang Tsung: Sindel.

Nightwolf: Sindel’s a revenant.

Shang Tsung: Who can be restored to life. And who plays no major part in the battles that lie ahead. We can safely recruit her without disrupting events. It’s a tactic Kronika is unlikely to anticipate.

Fujin: She was Shao Kahn’s Empress, his equal in evil.

Shang Tsung: Because he had her bewitched. Returning Sindel to life will restore her original, more heroic self.

Fujin: And if we fall? The Sindel I knew wiped out most of Earthrealm’s champions in a single battle. If Nightwolf hadn’t sacrificed himself, she would have killed them all.

Shang Tsung: That is the power we need to assure victory against Cetrion. Sindel is the key.

Nightwolf: And I suppose restoring her will be easy.

Shang Tsung: Anything but. We can use Earthrealm’s Jinsei to heal Sindel’s body. But to break Quan Chi’s spell and revive her soul, we will need access to Outworld’s Soul Chamber.

Fujin: You have a different plan, Nightwolf? A better one?

Nightwolf: One hint of betrayal, sorcerer, and we will finish you. Where do we start?

[Shang Tsung is smiling radiantly.]

Shang Tsung: Earthrealm, to acquire the Jinsei.

[He opens the portal and all three of them go into it. Meanwhile, Geras and Frost come to Kronika.]

Geras: Shang Tsung, Fujin, Nightwolf. All were seen in the Koliseum. How is that possible?

Kronika: It should not be. Those cast into the Void do not return.

Geras: If Shang Tsung were to—

Kronika: I am aware, Geras. Take Frost and find them. We must discern from when and whence they came.

Shang Tsung: That will be sufficient.

Fujin: You two may leave. I’ll stay behind to secure the Grotto. (to Shang Tsung) Your aid is not required.

[Shang Tsung and Nightwolf head for the destroyed Shaolin monk temple. At the entrance, Shang Tsung stops Nightwolf. He disarms a trap of spears that has already been stumbled upon by a hapless temple visitor.]

Shang Tsung: These traps are excellent. Who knew the Shaolin were so diabolical?

Nightwolf: From you, that’s high praise.

Shang Tsung: Indeed.

[When they get inside, a sandstorm emerges and Geras, Frost, and an army of Cyrax cheap replicas comes out of it.]

Geras: Nightwolf, Shang Tsung… Come. Kronika is keen to question you.

[Shang Tsung and Nightwolf have no problem vanquishing the army of robots.]

Nightwolf: Kronika isn’t the future, Frost. We’ve seen it! Join us on the right side of history.

Frost: The only side is Kronika’s. My place in her New Era is assured.


Nightwolf: Nothing is assured, Frost.

[Meanwhile, there is a hot fight between Geras and Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung barely succeeds in casting away his enemy.]

Fujin: Is he finished?

[Geras stands up.]

Geras: I am eternal, Fujin. My will and my strength, infinite.

[He starts fighting all three experienced combatants. In the end, they all get defeated… except for Nightwolf. Though he’s barely on his feet.]

Geras: Of all the Nightwolves I have fought you are the fiercest.

Nightwolf: It must be why the Great Spirit chose me to wear the mantle.

Geras: You are also anomalous. No one has ever escaped the Void.


[After the fight, Nightwolf chops off Geras’ hands with his axes.]

Fujin: Was that necessary?

Nightwolf: To buy us time. We must be rid of him before he recovers.

[Geras’ hands are beginning to return to their original position.]

Shang Tsung: Fujin, summon the wind!

[They open the portal and Geras pulls into it.]

Fujin: Where did you send him?

Shang Tsung: Chaosrealm. Havik will keep him entertained.

Nightwolf: Let’s get to the Netherrealm. We’re running out of time to find Sindel.

[Shang Tsung opens the portal and they move to another dimension. Hiding behind the stones, they watch as Resurrected Jade and Resurrected Kung Lao lead large numbers of slaves.]

Nightwolf: No sign of Sindel.

Shang Tsung: Not entirely unexpected, given that she did not aid in the Keep’s defense.

Fujin: What was her role then? If she is such a formidable weapon.

[There are three dark figures going on somewhere.]

Nightwolf: Is it possible that—

[He’s suddenly getting sick.]

Nightwolf: Great Spirit!

Fujin: What is it?

Nightwolf: My revenant… he is close.

[They turn around and see the resurrected Nightwolf, Liu Kang and Kitana.]

Resurrected Nightwolf: The Great Spirit cannot save you.

[The heroes are preparing for battle, but the Resurrected Liu Kang fetters them with fire—snakes, which he releases from his palm.]

Resurrected Liu Kang: Take them to the Bone Temple.

[Fujin wakes up chained to the ceiling. At the sides, Nightwolf and Shang Tsung are chained to the columns.]

Fujin: Nightwolf! Shang Tsung! Nightwolf! Shang Tsung!

Nightwolf: Where are we?

Shang Tsung: Shinnok’s Bone Temple.

[Shinnok’s head, cut off at the beginning of the original game, is placed in some kind of bone mechanism. The head of Shinnok is subjected to constant torment. A mysterious figure emerges from the darkness.]

Mysterious Woman: Raiden’s violence against our Lord will not go unavenged, Fujin. Prepare to pay for your brother’s sins.

Shang Tsung: Sindel, you look well. Death becomes you.

Resurrected Sindel: Always the charmer, Shang Tsung. I will enjoy feeding Lord Shinnok your soul.

[She’s going to Nightwolf. The one, discreetly, calls the knife and tries to cut the chains.]

Resurrected Sindel: But you, Nightwolf… You get the privilege of suffering most. Only the best will do for the man who killed me.

Nightwolf: I should’ve saved you. Hopefully we will today.

[He’s released and they exchange blows. Nightwolf frees Fujin and Shang Tsung. Sindel, smiling, summons an army of slaves. Nightwolf chops them to pieces with his famous rotary move.]

Nightwolf: You can’t kill me Sindel. Not without killing my Revenant.

Resurrected Sindel: I’m not going to kill you. (laughs) As Raiden said to Lord Shinnok… There are fates worse than death.


Nightwolf: I can imagine few fates worse than yours.

[Meanwhile, Resurrected Nightwolf manages to drop Shang Tsung on the floor with his lightning. Nightwolf runs up to him and stops the torture.]

Resurrected Nightwolf: You will die by your own hands. Harming me only hurts you. My sacrifice will save the Matoka.

Nightwolf: Kronika has no love for our people. The Great Spirit—

Resurrected Nightwolf: Is a fraud! Who allowed us to suffer! Kronika is our future.


Nightwolf: Kronika is not the answer.

[In retaliation for the humiliation, Shang Tsung does the legendary "Your soul is mine" move. Apparently, it’s necessary for him. He’s nearly dead.]

Nightwolf: Shang Tsung, stop! We can restore him!

Shang Tsung: He wounded me. If I die, we fail.

Nightwolf: Sorcerer, I’ll…

[He goes to Shang Tsung, but Fujin stops him.]

Fujin: No, Nightwolf. Shang Tsung must live.

[Shang Tsung sucks energy out of Resurrected Nightwolf and heals his wounds completely. All that’s left of the poor guy is a skeleton.]

Nightwolf: Are you happy, now?

Shang Tsung: I am healthy, Nightwolf. That should be your concern.

Fujin: Both of you, please. We must make haste to the Soul Chamber.

Shang Tsung: Then let us hurry. And hope Sheeva is as eager to aid us as I anticipate…

[He’s heading for the throne room where Shiva sits. Two guard soldiers are standing next to her.]

Sheeva: Escort you and your "comrades” to the Soul Chamber?

Shang Tsung: Yes.

Sheeva: Have you come from the future only to insult me?


Sheeva: I am no sword for hire.

Shang Tsung: This request is far below your present station, your highness. But defeating Kronika depends on us reaching that chamber.

Sheeva: Why?

Shang Tsung: Because we must restore Sindel.

[His words shock Sheeva.]

Sheeva: My Empress…

[Nightwolf and Fujin bring a coffin to the throne room. Sheeva rises from the throne and sees the body of Sindel in the coffin.]

Sheeva: You’ve captured her Revenant…

Shang Tsung: Together, Fujin and I can restore her to life.

Sheeva: Why? To make a slave of her as Quan Chi did?

Fujin: So that she can aid us against Kronika. But you have my vow she will return free of all influence.

Shang Tsung: As I recall you were blood—bound to Empress Sindel…

Sheeva: I was her protector—for—life.

Shang Tsung: How it must have pained you when she died. That was not your fault. You could not save her, then. Now you can.

Sheeva: Then I w— No. We must present this to Kitana Kahn.

Fujin: Respectfully, your highness, if we approach Kitana—

Nightwolf: She’ll cut Shang Tsung’s head off.

Shang Tsung: Kitana never appreciated my contributions to the Empire.

Nightwolf: Like replacing her with an evil clone?

Shang Tsung: Yes.

Fujin: Time is short, Queen Sheeva. We must act now and beg Kitana’s forgiveness later— after restoring her mother. Will you help us?

Sheeva: By concealing you from Kitana, I betray my oath to her… But my life belongs to Sindel. You will be recognized by Kitana’s imperial guard.

Shang Tsung: True. They won’t take to me kindly.

[He’s turning into one of the followers.]

Sheeva: That will do.

[They come into some kind of sewer system, where acid rivers flow.]

Sheeva: We’ve made it this far. There’s a stairway beyond those doors. And at the top—

Shang Tsung: The Soul Chamber! I feel it.

[His eyes glow green magic.]

Voice: So there he was, neck deep in shit cowering in the business end of an outhouse. He picked a bad place to hide… and even worse place to die.

[Erron Black comes out of the shadows. Next to him comes Baraka and some Tarkatans.]

Baraka: Sheeva!

Sheeva: Follow my lead.

Baraka: Earthrealmers, Sheeva, and a coffin? What secret did you plan to bury here?

Sheeva: It is the Kahn’s business, Baraka.

Baraka: We’re equal partners, remember? The Kahn’s business is my business. (to disguised Shang Tsung) You are not Shokan. I know that scent. Smells like… Shang Tsung!

[He pierces it with his blade. The disguise of Shang Tsung disappears. The Tarkatans are preparing for battle.]

Erron Black: How’s that for strange bedfellows.

[He points two of his revolvers at heroes.]

Erron Black: What do you say we skip the preliminaries and y’all come with us quietly? We’ll have a nice, friendly chat with Kitana Kahn.

Sheeva: There’s no time for chat. We must get to the Soul Chamber, urgently!

Erron Black: Then go on and get to it. But we’re taking Shang Tsung and that coffin.

[Baraka orders to attack and one of the Tarkatans rushes into battle. Shang Tsung knocks him down with a fireball and he flies into acid.]

Shang Tsung: My sincere apologies.

[The fight begins. Sheeva fights with Baraka.]

Baraka: Takatan blood is shed! You will atone Sheeva.

Sheeva: Were you not warned? Tarkatans are all mouth and no ears.


Sheeva: You speak when you should listen.

[Erron Black starts shooting at heroes. They fight for the coffin, and Sheeva attacks.]

Erron Black: Time to spill it. Who’s toes up in that coffin?

Sheeva: Empress Sindel. We can restore her with the Soul Chamber!

Erron Black: Hold up, Sheeva. You’re resurrecting Kitana’s evil mama? Whatever your reasons… this ain’t a good look for you.


Sheeva: Know your place, Outlander.

[Nightwolf and Fujin are lifting the coffin.]

Sheeva: Let’s move quickly.

[Jade runs in.]

Jade: What in Argus’ name is happening out here? Shang Tsung! I thought I saw you slither away from the Koliseum.

Shang Tsung: You always were perceptive.

Sheeva: We have no wish to light, Jade. This is Sindel’s Revenant. We can restore her to life so she can join the fight against Kronika.

Fujin: Please, Jade… We must enter.

Jade: You have yet to convince me. Even if you do, the Soul Chamber is occupied. Kotal uses it to mend his broken spine. Disrupting him now could leave his injuries permanent.

Shang Tsung: I promise, we will not disturb him.

Jade: Your promises are empty, sorcerer!

Sheeva: We will not harm Kotal. As my ally, you should trust me. So much for Edenian loyalty.


Sheeva: You will recover.

[They’re entering the Soul Chamber. Kotal stands in a huge skull. He is surrounded by a stream of green magic.]

Nightwolf: Do we wait? Or do we wake him?

Sheeva: Kotal.

[Kotal wakes from his slumber.]

Kotal: Sheeva? What is… Where is Jade? And why is he here?

Sheeva: Later, Kotal. For now we must—

Kotal: I recall my captivity in your Flesh Pits all too well.

[He’s barely on his feet. When Kotal falls, Sheeva catches him.]

Sheeva: You need more time to heal.

Kotal: I am strong enough to kill him.

Sheeva: Today, he is our ally. With his sorcery, Sindel can live again.

Kotal: Necromancy is forbidden! You have taken leave of your senses. Reverse the spell you have cast on them, sorcerer!

Sheeva: Do your work! l can hold Kotal!

[Kotal tries to attack, but Sheeva stops him. Fujin uses wind magic to remove the coffin lid and take out Sindel’s body. He puts it in his skull. After that, he and Shang Tsung begin to perform the magic.]

Shang Tsung: It has begun!

Kotal: You dare obstruct my justice? If you wish to keep all four arms… Stand aside!


Sheeva: I’ll submit to Kitana Kahn’s justice, not yours.

[She strangles Kotal and he loses consciousness. Kitana and her servants enter the hall.]

Kitana Kahn: Queen Sheeva!

Sheeva: Kitana Kahn, l—

Kitana Kahn: Hold your tongue. Jade told me everything. Nothing good can come from that sorcerer’s hands.

Sheeva: He will restore your mother, Kitana Kahn.

Kitana Kahn: For a thousand years I’ve dreamed of seeing her alive again. But her soul deserves better than to be corrupted by Shang Tsung. This perversion ends now.

[Sheeva pushes her away.]

Kitana Kahn: How quickly your oath to me is broken, Sheeva.

Sheeva: I have been bound to your mother for millennia. I must honor her!


Sheeva: Forgive me, Kitana Kahn.

[Meanwhile, Shang Tsung and Fujin are completing the resurrection process.]

Kitana Kahn: (to Sheeva) What have you done?

Shang Tsung: Welcome back, your highness…

[She pushes him away.]

Shang Tsung: It pleases me to see you, too.

Sindel: Am I alive? Is this real?

Fujin: It is, Lady Sindel. A miracle we could not have achieved without your most loyal subject.

Sindel: Sheeva!

Sheeva: Empress, though today I have aided you… too often have I failed to protect you. I am not worthy.

Sindel: Aw, nonsense. Today, you give me the greatest gift. A second chance! Your duty is fulfilled. I am in your debt now.

Sheeva: Thank you, Empress.

Sindel: Where is my daughter?

[Kitana takes off her mask. She’s overwhelmed.]

Sindel: Kitana…

[She wants to hug her daughter, but Kitana’s retreating.]

Sindel: It is me, Kitana. Your mother.

Kitana Kahn: I… I want to feel joy… but all I feel is… I was only a child when you—you… How could you kill yourself? Why did you abandon me?

Sindel: I did neither, Kitana. After being forced to wed Shao Kahn, I ran afoul of Quan Chi. He accused me of “distracting” Shao Kahn. Then the miscreant murdered me, and staged my death as a suicide.

Sheeva: As I had always suspected.

Kitana Kahn: But—All the time? Everything I’ve been told about you, it’s all… lies? What can I trust?

Sindel: Trust… that I loved your father, Jerrod. Trust that I love you.

[They hug.]

Kitana Kahn: Oh, mother!

Fujin: This reunion is a blessing, but we have little time to celebrate. We must leave for Shang Tsung’s Island to finish our quest.

Kitana Kahn: I would go with you, fight by your side, but…

Sindel: Outworld needs its Kahn, I know. Rest assured, Kitana. I will come home.

[Meanwhile at Kronika’s Tower.]

Kronika: Sindel has been restored. Shang Tsung would only undertake such an arduous task if herald promised a decisive advantage.

Cetrion: She is but one mortal.

Kronika: And one of the few who can harm you.

Cetrion: I fear no harm.

Kronika: They are at Shang Tsung’s Island.

Cetrion: Your Crown! Shang Tsung knows.

Kronika: Then our time for preparation is over. Go to the island now. We cannot win their hearts, so do not try. Do not permit your better nature to compromise you.

Cetrion: I understand, mother.

[She transforms into a fiery goddess.]


[Heroes are arriving on the island. There are hanged monks all over the place.]

Shang Tsung: They couldn’t go on. I am touched by their devotion.

Nightwolf: I question their judgement.

Shang Tsung: Have neither of you any compassion?

Nightwolf: Not for fools who follow you.

Sindel: Are we not following him now? At least we do not follow that fool, Raiden. Then we would surely die.

[Something surrounds them and starts to move fast. Fujin uses his wind magic to knock down the enemy. It turns out to be Resurrected Kabal.]

Fujin: You may run like the wind, Kabal, but I command it. You should have devised a better plan.

Resurrected Kabal: There’s more to come.

[Resurrected Jade comes out of the corner. She hits the ground with her staff.]

Resurrected Jade: Rise, in Shinnok’s name!

[Hanged monks wake up and jump off their ropes.]

Resurrected Jade: You will be returned to the Void. Not even she can help you.

[Heroes start dating dead monks. Fujin strikes a crossbow at Resurrected Cabal, but he dodges the bolts.]

Resurrected Kabal: Too slow! I expected better, Fujin.


Fujin: Now do I meet your expectations?

Shang Tsung: Cetrion must be on her way.

Nightwolf: Sindel and I will occupy her. You two get the Crown.

[They’re splitting up.]

Fujin: I must ask, sorcerer… How long before you betray us?

Shang Tsung: I find your lack of faith amusing.

Fujin: When it happens, we will be ready.

[Fujin and Shang Tsung enter a room with the crown that is surrounded by green magic. Fujin wants the crown, but he hears the voice of a man smoking a cigar.]

Man: Do me a favor, Fujin and take one giant step back.

[It turns out to be Jax in Kronika’s armor. He is accompanied by Resurrected Noob Saibot.]

Jax: You too, sorcerer. Makes sense we meet again down here. Where you caged me up beat me within an inch of my life. The hell ain’t gonna return the favor.

Shang Tsung: Always so generous.

[They start fighting. Jax with Shang Tsung and Fujin with Noob Saibot. He sucks Fujin into the darkness, but he manages to break free.]

Fujin: A new trick, Bi—Han? Amusing, but insufficient.

Resurrected Noob Saibot: You lost to me at your temple, Fujin. Now, Kronika has made me even stronger.

Fujin: You did not win that fight. You ran away.


Fujin: You should have fled this fight too.

[Shang Tsung defeats Jax and tries to suck his soul through a fiery snake. Fujin throws it away with his magic.]

Fujin: Kronika’s promises can’t be trusted, Jackson. Bi—Han, Kano, Shao Kahn! Look at the scoundrels she employs!

Jax: That’s a card you can’t play, Fujin. Not when you’re buddied up with Shang Tsung.


Fujin: Kronika will not heal your wounds, Jackson.

Jax: Dammit, Fujin, you know what I’ve suffered. Kronika’s my one chance to prevent all that. Not just for me, but for Jacqui. For Vera. Shit. You’re a god. Ain’t no way you get how this feels.

Fujin: You know the only time Raiden and I ever fought? When left the Sky Temple to live among humans. "Do not become attached to them, Fujin. Sentiment will impede the execution of your duty." But warriors like you and I… we are strengthened by sentiment. We do not fight to kill enemies. We fight to protect our loved ones. That is why it cuts so deeply when we fail.

Jax: Well, I’ll be. Maybe you do get it.

Fujin: Kronika knows your pain. She manipulates you with it. Jacqueline is on her way here. Kronika expects you to fight her. Worse, even, break her heart. Is that someone who cares one whit about you or your family?

[Suddenly, the ceiling collapses. Sindel’s going down. Sharp tentacles come down, grab her and lift her to the top.]

Cetrion: You were to defeat me?

Sindel: I am not finished yet!

[She rips the tentacles with her hair and falls to the ground painfully. Nightwolf is trying to attack Cetrion, but without success.]

Cetrion: Abide Kronika’s will!

[Nightwolf reads a spell and places the Cetrion on the column of light. Sindel throws Cetrion with her hair.]

Sindel: Can you fight?

Nightwolf: I’ll do what I can.

Cetrion: Kronika offered the future but instead you will have none. Blame only yourselves for this fate.


Sindel: It is your fate that should concern you, Cetrion.

[She screams at her and Cetrion rolls away. Fujin and Shang Tsung jumped to the surface. Together they finish her — Shang Tsung’s fiery snake eats Cetrion alive. Jax is standing nearby and he’s kinda freaking out about what’s going on. Fujin heals Nightwolf.]

Fujin: Well, Shung Ting your strategy proved sound after all.

Shang Tsung: Of course it did.

[Young Jax and a group of soldiers rushes in.]

Young Jax Briggs: Hands over your head, Shang Tsung.

Jaсqui Briggs: You too, Sindel. That hair so much as twitches—

Jax: Ease up, baby girl.

Jaсqui Briggs: Dad? How did you get here?

Jax: We’re all on the same side against Kronika.

Fujin: Yes, and now we must bring this to Raiden.

[He takes out the crown.]

Jaсqui Briggs: Is that a crown?

Fujin: Kronika’s Crown. Without it, she lacks the power to restart history.

Young Jax Briggs: About time we had some good news.

Nightwolf: Now that we have this, we’re in uncharted territory. We’ve changed this timeline for good.

Shang Tsung: Correct. No one can predict what happens next. Not even me.

Sindel: I must return to Outworld, to aid Kitana Kahn.

Fujin: Thank you for aiding us. We will rendervous at the Sea of Blood in six hours.

Sindel: Until our next battle.

[Shang Tsung opens a portal. Sindel walks into it.]

Sindel: Sorcerer.

Nightwolf: I’ll go with the Briggs family to brief the Special Forces.

Fujin: May the Great Spirit protect you.

Nightwolf: May she protect you, Fujin, when Raiden lays eyes on you with Shang Tsung.

[Cetrion, defeated, returns to Kronika.]

Kronika: Without the Crown, there can be no New Era.

Cetrion: This failure rests on my shoulders.

Kronika: No. I underestimated Shang Tsung’s ingenuity. To escape the Void, to return from the future…

Cetrion: I will face him again, mother. This time I will succeed.

Kronika: I must go. With Shang Tsung in possession of the Crown, he’s become far too dangerous. And I doubt his new allies realize quite how dangerous he is.

[We’re moving to the Fire Gardens where Sub-Zero awaits the return of Scorpion, who must persuade Kharon to share his fleet.]

Sub-Zero: Your Shaolin masters, they are ready?

Young Liu Kang: They will fight until the last man.

Sub-Zero: That is likely what it will take.

Young Liu Kang: There will not be a fight if Kharon does not help us. Is there any word from Grandmaster Hasashi?

Sub-Zero: No. If we do not hear soon I will return to the Netherrealm.

[Scorpion appears.]

Young Liu Kang: Wrong Scorpion. This cannot be good.

Sub-Zero: Get Raiden.

Scorpion: The Fire Gardens, rebuilt? The Shirai Ryu are indeed restored.

Sub-Zero: Why are you here, Scorpion? Where is Grandmaster Hasashi?

Scorpion: He is dead.

Sub-Zero: And now you’ve come to finish us.

Scorpion: I understand your mistrust, but I am here to assist you!

Sub-Zero: I find that impossible to believe.

[Suddenly Shang Tsung appears, disrupting the flow of time.]

Sub-Zero: (to Scorpion) What is doing here?

Shang Tsung: We are not together.

Sub-Zero: (to Scorpion) If you are here to help prove it. Join me against the sorcerer.

Scorpion: I shall.

[Fujin walks out of the portal.]

Sub-Zero: Fujin?! Raiden thought you lost when the timeline was broken… But you stand with Shang Tsung?!

Fujin: We have urgent news for Raiden. Please, let us pass!

Sub-Zero: This may be the sorcerer’s trick.

Scorpion: The Fire Gardens will not be defiled by his presence.

[Sub-Zero freezes Shang Tsung.]

Sub-Zero: Why you have joined Shang Tsung is beyond me, Fujin. What has he done to corrupt your mind?


Fujin: Perhaps listen before you judge.

[He broke the ice with Shang Tsung. I mean he shot him and the ice shutters.]

Shang Tsung: Thank you, Fujin.

Fujin: The storm is not yet passed.

[Young Liu Kang brings Raiden.]

Raiden: Shang Tsung!

Fujin: We must speak with you, brother.

Raiden: "We," Fujin? Since when are you friends with this filth?

Shang Tsung: I am here to save you, Raiden.

Fujin: We all from your tragic future. In it, Liu Kang defeated Kronika, but their battle destroyed her Crown. Without this, the broken timeline couldn’t be repaired.

Shang Tsung: Our only hope was to return here, steal the Crown, and make use of its power.

Fujin: Now, we can change the outcome of the fight against Kronika. We can defeat her and fix time!

Raiden: I had never thought you gullible, brother. Shang Tsung’s schemes serve only to benefit him! How could you fall for such lies?!

[He takes out Shinnok’s amulet.]

Shang Tsung: Be rational, Raiden—

Raiden: Spread your falsehoods elsewhere, sorcerer! You will not deceive us!

Young Liu Kang: Lord Raiden! We should listen. He may be telling the truth.

Raiden: There is only one way to find out.

[He hits Shang Tsung with the power of the amulet.]

Raiden: Now, Shang Tsung. The truth!

Young Liu Kang: Raiden, stop this!

Raiden: Step aside, Liu Kang.

Young Liu Kang: Put down the amulet! Its darkness is taking hold of you!

[He hits Young Liu Kang too.]

Raiden: You also betray me!

Young Liu Kang: This is not the way. Shang Tsung is not the enemy this time.

[Raiden is going to hit Young Liu Kang again, but Fujin knocks the amulet out of his hands with magic.]

Raiden: The realms hang in the balance and you form this unholy alliance?!

[He turns himself into Evil Raiden.]

Evil Raiden: Enough of this madness. If you both must die, so be it!

Fujin: My brother is my problem. I will signal if I need help. Shinnok’s Amulet inflames your anger and clouds your judgement. Have faith in me.


Fujin: Now listen, brother. We’re running out of time.

[Evil Raiden is turning into a regular Raiden. He picks up Shinnok’s Amulet from the ground.]

Raiden: I am a fool. I have allowed myself to become a slave to anger. I will not allow my temper to fracture our resolve further.

[Shang Tsung is smiling. Fujin tells Raiden, Young Liu Kang and the others what will happen in the future.]

Young Liu Kang: Surely you jest, Lord Fujin.

Fujin: Not all, Liu Kang. Raiden’s power makes you a Fire God.

Young Kung Lao: Of course it does.

Raiden: Unfortunately, I cannot transfer my power to Liu Kang yet. First I must free his Revenant from Quan Chi’s curse.

Fujin: We will face the Revenants cool enough.

Raiden: What else can you tell us about the final battle? We must use every advantage.

[Unexpectedly, the sands of time hit the heroes. Everyone but Raiden, Fujin and Shang Tsung are frozen in time.]

Kronika: Lord Fujin, Shang Tsung. I trust you are enjoying your travels?

Fujin: You have already been defeated once, Kronika.

Kronika: Of course, Fujin. How else could you have escaped the Void?

Raiden: If you know this, accept the inevitable. Surrender.

Kronika: But clearly my loss was not your victory, Raiden. If your future “savior” had gained full control of my Hourglass, we would not be here. This timeline would no longer exist.

Shang Tsung: I see no harm in confirming your suspicion.

Kronika: Even if you defeat me, what then? Who claims the Hourglass? Surely you realize that Shang Tsung will break your alliance.

Fujin: We are prepared, Kronika.

Kronika: Are you? Have you wondered why Shang Tsung knows so much about my Crown?

Raiden: Because he did your bidding, gathering souls to fuel it.

Kronika: Shang Tsung is far too modest. The Crown is his design. No one, save me, know more about its power.

[Kronika’s words make Fujin suspicious.]

Shang Tsung: Had I told you, we would still be marooned at the beginning of time bickering among ourselves.

Kronika: You must decide, Raiden. Who do you wish to keep Time for all of creation? Me, or Shang Tsung?

Raiden: Neither, Kronika. You will be beaten. And if Shang Tsung betrays us, we will finish him.

Kronika: You are a fool, Raiden. Do not condemn the realms to oblivion!

[Raiden attacks Kronika with lightning and she freezes him in time. She fights Fujin and Shang Tsung. During the battle, the crown falls out of Fujin’s bag (or where he kept it, we are not shown).]

Shang Tsung: Fujin, the Crown!

Kronika: It is a mistake, challenging a Titan! Now I end your existence!

[Fujin crawls to the crown and puts it on. He is gripped by a terrible pain, but he brings it up and stops the whirlwind of time with one wave of his hands.]

Super Fujin: You are vulnerable, Kronika.

[Shang Tsung is calling for some demons to drag Kronika underground. Super Fujin conjures up a vortex that helps demons. Finally Raiden woke up and hit her with his lightning. Kronika turns into a handful of sand. The crown flies off Fujin’s head and he falls to the ground. The other heroes are unfreezing.]

Raiden: Brother! Are you all right?

Fujin: Yes… But the Crown…

[But… Shang Tsung already has it.]

Shang Tsung: Truly, my finest work.

[Raiden is slowly approaching him. After looking at the crown a little bit, Shang Tsung gives it to Raiden.]

Shang Tsung: I will instruct you in its ways.

Young Liu Kang: What just happened!?

Shang Tsung: Kronika came here to retrieve the Crown. We forced her to retreat.

Raiden: We must strike while she is weakened. Let us in the armies massing at the Sea of Blood. Together, we will storm Kronika’s Isle and take command of the Hourglass.


[Sindel sits in the palace and listens to Shang Tsung through a magical device, nodding a purple glow. You can’t see the sorcerer himself, though you can recognize his sly—ass crook voice anywhere.]

Voice of Shang Tsung: We will rendezvous at the Isle of Kronika. The fools believe victory is at hand. Their misplaced confidence will be their demise.

Sindel: Such a pity my daughter embraces their sentimental values…

Voice of Shang Tsung: Having second thoughts, Sindel?

Sindel: Hardly. Kitana courts a peasant and obeys the Thunder God. She couldn’t be a bigger disappointment.

[Now we finally see the sorcerer himself.]

Voice of Shang Tsung: One can only imagine. The Isle… Do not be late. An eternal empire awaits you…

[Sindel smiles and finishes the transmission. Someone knocks at the door.]

Sindel: Enter. Kitana Kahn.

[She bows.]

Kitana Kahn: Don’t be so formal, Mother.

Sindel: You are Kahn, Kitana. Command the awe of your subjects! Even me. I shall never tire of greeting you.

Kitana Kahn: Nor will tire of calling on you. Our battalion is leaving for the Sea of Blood. Queen Sheeva and the Shokan will follow as rear guard.

Sindel: May I request something?

Kitana Kahn: Mother, you don’t have to—

[Sindel looks at her.]

Kitana Kahn: Make your request.

Sindel: Sheeva—Queen Sheeva risked everything to restore me. Honor demands that accompany her into battle.

Kitana Kahn: Yes, it does. And that display of loyalty is sure to rally the Shokan’s spirits.

Sindel: Thank you, Kitana Kahn.

[She bows and then they hug. Later, Sindel decides to visit her husband in the dungeons. Two guards are beating him up, and preparing to kill him.]

Guard: Doesn’t know when to quit. Let’s finish him.

[Sindel screams at them and rips flesh from their bones.]

Shao Kahn: Wife. It’s you.

[Apparently he was blinded.]

Sindel: Hush, husband, I’m here. The Soul Chamber will heal your wounds. Then we’ll discipline Kitana and take back our throne.

[She hugs him. Suddenly Sheeva enters the dungeons.]

Sheeva: Empress? Tell me misheard. Tell me you would not betray your daughter.

Sindel: She takes after her father, Sheeva. Jerrod was a weak king, Kitana is a weaker Kahn.

Sheeva: Weak?! She defeated Shao Kahn!

Sindel: Yet she lacked the resolve to kill him! Now she will learn. Enemies must be crushed, lest they rise again.

Sheeva: That was true, once. But now there is a better way to lead.


Sindel: Elder Gods tremble before me, Sheeva. What hope did you have?

[A few Shokan enters the dungeon and sees an unconscious Sheeva.]

Sindel: Kitana murdered your Shokan brethren. Sheeva challenged her and suffered this punishment. Swear your allegiance and I shall see her avenged!

[They bow. Sindel takes Shao Kahn to the Soul Chamber. He restores his health and wears his iconic helmet. They hug.]

Shao Kahn: Wife, I have missed you. If Quan Chi were here, I’d hoist him by the ankles, and split him through for all the time he stole from us…

Sindel: Soon we will have the Hourglass. Eternity will be our empire.

Shao Kahn: We’ll have all the time we need.

[The room opens a portal from which Geras comes out wearing a new, cool hat, making him look like a superhero.]

Geras: Shao Kahn, Sindel. Come with me. Kronika has need of you.

Shao Kahn: Kronika?! Where was she when Kitana stole my throne? We’ll make her choke on her empty promises.

[You can choose your fighter — Sindel or Shao Kahn.]

Sindel: Allow me the privilege, husband.

Shao Kahn: It will be mine to watch you punish him.

Sindel: Your maker sends you to die, Geras.

Geras: As she has done billions of times before. Each time, the perfection of her design grows closer.


Sindel: All that grows closer is her defeat, Geras.

[She screams at him. Shao Kahn calls for his iconic hammer and smashes Geras’ head with a few powerful blows.]

Shao Kahn: A thousand years, and you haven’t lost a step.

[We got back to Kronika’s Tower.]

Resurrected Liu Kang: Now Shao Kahn turns against us?

Resurrected Kitana: Perhaps we should send the fleet.

Kronika: No. Shao Kahn and Sindel have unwittingly given us back the advantage. Their army will battle Raiden’s for possession of my Crown, weakening them both.

Resurrected Kitana: Then we crush what remains of them with strength to spare.

Kronika: The Crown, once again, will be mine. When it is, the New Era will begin.

[Finally, Kharon’s Fleet is set sail in the Sea of Blood. Cassie salutes Young Jax Briggs, who stands on the ship. Some approach her.]

Young Johnny Cage: Captain Cage, reporting for duty, sir! Uh, I mean ma’am!

Cassie Cage: Whoa there. Nineties Dad. You’ve already got one bullet wound too many.

Young Johnny Cage: I’m healed Cassie. Raiden gave me one of his "Thunder Hands” massages. Speaking of, where is Mama Bear?

Cassie Cage: She’s over there, waiting for Sheeva at the rendezvous. But we cast off in five. Where are they?

[Suddenly a portal opens and a lot of Shokans run out of it. Soldiers open fire.]

Cassie Cage: No… No!

[Despite the firearms, the superior number of Shokans is obvious. Young Sonya Blade bravely fights with her pistols, rope and abilities.]

Shao Kahn: Try that on me!

[Sonia dodges a hammer, but loses consciousness from Sindel’s leg.]

Shao Kahn: What a fine trophy for my arena!

[Young Johnny Cage and Cassie are running up to them.]

Young Johnny Cage: We doing this by gender, or is that sexist?

Cassie Cage: Just zip it and try not to die.

Shao Kahn: Enough prattle, fools. You will bow and serve the Empire.

Cassie Cage: Make us, you authoritarian asshole.

[You can choose who shut the trap of this little bitch — Sindel or Shao Kahn.]

Shao Kahn: Deal with the jester. I’ll school this unruly child.

Cassie Cage: You school me? Y’know I roasted Shinnok, right?

Shao Kahn: Ha! Shinnok schemed because he was worthless in battle. That you beat him only proves that truth.


Shao Kahn: Now you understand the power.

[After kicking the schoolgirl’s ass, Shao Kahn also knocks Young Johnny Cage out with one blow so he doesn’t humiliate his wife with his squalor.]

Sindel: The poor man is heartbroken.

Shao Kahn: Why waste tears on weaklings?

Young Johnny Cage: Those women are braver and stronger than fifty of you put together! Okay bozos. No jokes, no gimmicks, just kombat. You wanna get nuts? (laughs) Let’s get nuts!

[You can choose to kick the ass of this young talentless actor — Sindel or Shao Kahn.]

Shao Kahn: How many of his bones shall I break for you, wife?

Sindel: Surprise me.

Shao Kahn: (to Johnny) Twice you fought in the tournament, and twice you failed. Why Raiden thought you a contender baffles me.


Shao Kahn: Was that your best?

[He lifts Johnny off the ground and hits him on the head with his hammer. Sindel claps her hands. Meanwhile Shokan burns the bodies of the Special Forces unit.]

Shao Kahn: Seize the vessel and dump its cargo! We need speed to overtake Kharon’s Fleet!

[Sonia, Johnny and Cassie are chained up and taken to the portal. Meanwhile, on Kharon’s ship…]

Kitana Kahn: Raiden and Fujin have gone ahead to storm the Isle but we’ve lost all contact with our rear guard. Commander Cage, and the Special Forces, Queen Sheeva and the Shokan… and Mother.

Young Kung Lao: I am just going to say what we are all thinking—

Kitana Kahn: She did not betray us.

Young Liu Kang: Let’s not jump to conclusions. Look!

[They see two ships on the horizon.]

Young Kung Lao: Is that the Special Forces?

[Kitana’s looking at the spyglass.]

Kitana Kahn: No… Elder Gods damn you, Mother!

[At that moment Kronika in her Tower is smiling.]

Kronika: Kill each other.

[The massacre begins. Kitana, Kung Lao and Liu Kang bravely fight the invaders, while Sindel and Shao Kahn board the ship.]

Sindel: Now… Where is Kitana?

Shao Kahn: No doubt the little princess is hiding.

[Kung Lao’s hat flies by, cutting off some Shokan heads. Sindel catches the hat with two fingers.]

Young Kung Lao: Nobody is hiding, Shao Kahn. Not after your epic failure at the Koliseum. That belongs to me, Sindel.

Sindel: Have it.

[She throws the hat but Kung Lao catches it.]

Young Kung Lao: I hope you have more than that for the heir of the Great Kung Lao.

[You can choose your fighter — Sindel or Shao Kahn.]

Sindel: Find Kitana, husband.

Young Kung Lao: Why am I always right? You’re breaking Kitana’s heart.

Sindel: A eunuch monk can’t hope to understand the ways of mothers and daughters.

Young Kung Lao: You did not just call me a eunuch.


Sindel: (laughs) I could call you worse.

Shao Kahn: I have found Kitana. Come!

[They defeat Kotal and Jade.]

Kitana Kahn: Please, Mother… What spell has Shao Kahn used on you this time?

Shao Kahn: Naive girl, your mother is not bewitched. She never has been.

Kitana Kahn: She had a husband! And a kingdom! And you took them away!

Sindel: Oh, Kitana. My first husband, your father, was a fool. Jerrod believed that we were no better than commoners. He refused to assert the privileges of our throne. He traded away our powers, our divine rights. Edenia grew weak and vulnerable. Then Shao Kahn invaded embracing his power, taking what was his. Here was a man unashamed to assert his privilege, and who vowed to protect mine. I had found my true love. And to consecrate our bond… I killed Jerrod for him.

Young Liu Kang: You love Shao Kahn more than your own daughter?

Shao Kahn: Let the women be, Chosen One. You owe me kombat.

[You can choose your fighter — Sindel or Shao Kahn.]

Kitana Kahn: You should have stayed dead.

Sindel: Please, that wounds me, daughter.

Kitana Kahn: I am prepared to do much worse.


Sindel: Learn or be punished, child.

[Meanwhile Shao Kahn defeated Liu Kang. He drags him to his wife. All Shokan and Tarkatan bow to their new leader — Shao Kahn.]

Shao Kahn: Kitana was a false Kahn, a traitor to Outworld. She conspired with Raiden to lead you astray!

Sindel: He seeks Kronika’s power… Why? To destroy the Empire! All who followed Kitana are complicit in her treason. Your sentence is death.

Shao Kahn: But we will grant clemency now, and riches in the New Era… to all who renounce Kitana and fight under our command.

[All Shokan and Tarkatan chant Shao Kahn’s name.]

Sindel: Now man the cars, we have a battle to win! For the New Era!

[The defeated, lying on the floor, Liu Kang and Kitana try to reach out with their hands, but Shao Kang breaks Liu Kang’s arm with an iron boot.]

Sindel: Kitana shall be put in chains. Let her suffer the anguish of defeat. And what of him?

[Shao Kahn calls for his hammer. Meanwhile, the heroes and their huge army of Special Forces land on Kronika’s island.]


Resurrected Kitana: They are unaware of our army’s full strength.

Resurrected Liu Kang: We will unleash hell.

Raiden: We must capture him, quickly.

Shang Tsung: Now, Fujin.

[He painfully wears the Crown and breaks the gates to the Tower.]

Fujin: I need but a moment. Lead the charge!

Jax: Go! I’ll cover him.

[Raiden takes the air and leads the army to battle with demons. He comes down from the sky and chops the demons with his electric swords. Resurrected Liu Kang jumps down to face him.]

Raiden: Time after time, Kronika’s schemes have pitted us against each other. That cycle must end, Liu Kang.

Resurrected Liu Kang: You will have to kill me.

Raiden: I would rather save you.

[Suddenly Liu Kang’s leg breaks. He falls to the ground in pain.]

Raiden: By the Elder Gods!

[That’s because at this very moment Shao Kang breaks Young Liu Kang’s leg. Shao Kahn breaks another leg.]

Resurrected Liu Kang: Shao Kahn… He’s smashed my legs!

Raiden: Shao Kahn?!

[Shao Kahn’s ship arrives at the island. When the gangway comes down, Kotal’s severed head rolls off it. Shao Kahn commands to charge.]

Jax: There’s the Sindel I remember.

Fujin: No rest for the weary. Hold on to me!

[They fly forward using Fujin;s wind magic.]

Raiden: Fujin, The Crown! I must wield it against Sindel and Shao Kahn!

Fujin: I will do it. Save your strength for Liu Kang.

Raiden: No, brother. The Crown is our burden to share.

[Fujin hands the Crown.]

Raiden: (in Shang Tsung voice) Thank you.

[True Raiden flies in.]

Raiden: Your lies are revealed, sorcerer!

Fujin: Shang Tsung?

Shang Tsung: You should be more vigilant, Fujin. Now, bear witness, as the power to decide destiny becomes mine.

[He wears the Crown and a huge stream of green energy surrounds him. Shang Tsung makes yourself young, too.]

Fujin: This has always been your endgame, hasn’t it? From the moment you were trapped in the Void.

Young Shang Tsung: Kronika was wise to banish me. With this Crown, I am her equal.

Raiden: Your evil will not triumph!

[He attacks, but Young Shang Tsung has no trouble beating him up.]

Young Shang Tsung: All too easy.

[He flies to Nightwolf.]

Young Shang Tsung: How does it feel? Knowing that you will be the last Nightwolf?

Nightwolf: The Great Spirit will choose another. I may die, but the mantle will live on.


Young Shang Tsung: Fool. The mantle dies with you.

Fujin: His soul is not yours to take!

Young Shang Tsung: His soul and yours, are mine.

Raiden: You think us unprepared? Your treachery is expected, sorcerer.

Fujin: You are incapable of choosing the righteous path.

Young Shang Tsung: The path I chose ends with your souls sworn to my service. That future is now undeniable.


Young Shang Tsung: Now, I choose your destiny.

[He sucks the soul out of Raiden and Fujin.]

Shao Kahn: Let’s finish them.

Sindel: With pleasure.

Young Shang Tsung: No. Keep them alive. We can siphon their powers for eternity.

Shao Kahn: All the better.

[Meanwhile, at the top of the Tower…]

Resurrected Kitana: What now, Kronika? Shang Tsung has breached our defenses.

Kronika: Victory is still at hand. We will put down Shang Tsung’s defiance. But you will require more assistance. Dearest Cetrion, you have served me admirably. Now there is one final service you must perform.

Cetrion: Yes, mother… I understand.

[She kills herself and Kronika absorbs her power. Meanwhile, Young Shang Tsung, Sindel and Shao Kahn standing at her door.]

Young Shang Tsung: The Hourglass awaits.

Shao Kahn: Beyond that door: ultimate power.

Sindel: It will be our privilege to wield it.

Young Shang Tsung: Please, allow me.

[He opens the door gently and carefully with his green magic.]

Kronika: Shang Tsung, pretender to my role. Your strategy has been novel. But in the end, you will not prevail. Finish them.

[Young Shang Tsung, Sindel and Shao Kang begin to fight Resurrected Kung Lao, Kitana and Jade. They kill them all. Young Shang Tsung takes the form of Kung Lao and shoots down Kronika, soaring in the air.]

Shao Kahn: How easily you are felled, Kronika. Once your power’s mine, I will rule eternity!

[But then Young Shang Tsung betrays them! He throws them on the floor with his fire magic.]

Young Shang Tsung: Killing Kronika is my destiny. Yours to serve me. My obedient subjects, projecting my influence throughout the realms.

Shao Kahn: You’re drunk on the Crown’s power, Shang Tsung. In your stupor, you forget your place.

Sindel: He is a dog who betrays his masters. Come, let’s put him down.


Young Shang Tsung: My service to you is over.

[He sucks out their souls.]

Young Shang Tsung: Now yours to me begins.

Kronika: You have no one left to betray.

Young Shang Tsung: Concede Kronika, while you have time. I’ll let you live, to serve me in my New Era. Or would you prefer to be wiped from history?

Kronika: Sculpting the Sands of Time requires great power and skill. You may wear my Crown but you are not a Titan!


Young Shang Tsung: Destiny is mine.

[Beaten Kronika crawling on the floor.]

Young Shang Tsung: You should have accepted my offer, Kronika. I would have allowed you to wield great influence. Surely service is better than death.

Kronika: I do not serve. I am a Titan.

Young Shang Tsung: (laughs) You were, Kronika.

[He sucks her soul.]

Young Shang Tsung: Time and destiny are now mine to command. Every realm will bend to my will.

[He starts… creating. Suddenly a fire portal opens.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Cease! Before you doom us all.

Young Shang Tsung: Liu Kang. I thought your duties required that you stay behind.

Fire God Liu Kang: A lie, something you know well.

Young Shang Tsung: I see now. The Hourglass showed that only I could wield the Crown against Kronika, successfully. You let me win. And to ensure victory, you sacrificed the lives of your friends. How deliciously cold-blooded.

Fire God Liu Kang: They are not gone, Shang Tsung. They will live again in my New Era.

Young Shang Tsung: Your New Era? You underestimate my prowess, Chosen One. I have the Crown. I have absorbed Kronika’s power. You may have attained godhood, but I am the Keeper of Time. You are no match for me.

Fire God Liu Kang: Kronika said much the same, Shang Tsung. You will share her fate.



Young Shang Tsung: Long have I had visions of this moment. I will savor your death for eternity.

Fire God Liu Kang: You are mad, Shang Tsung! Your visions are nothing. Delusions of an addled mind.


[After defeating the god of fire, Young Shang Tsung grabs him by the throat.]

Young Shang Tsung: Breathe deeply in your final moments, Chosen One. For now your existence ends in shame! All the power that was once yours is mine… Forever.

[He sucks his soul and flies to the Hourglass to create his new world. Some time passes. Raiden and Fujin teleport to some evil overlord.]

Evil Overlord: Speak, minions.

Raiden: My lord, your will is done.

Fujin: Outworld, Earthrealm, the Netherrealm… all are conquered.

Raiden: Per your command Chaosrealm and Orderrealm are next. All realms will soon yield to your influence.

[The evil overlord appears to be Young Shang Tsung. He laughs.]

Young Shang Tsung: It has begun.


Fire God Liu Kang: Now hand over the Crown. This is your only chance.

Young Shang Tsung: My only chance? This is my triumph, and your final moment! Your worthless existence is at its end.


Fire God Liu Kang: Make no mistake, Shang Tsung. You have chosen this fate.

[He strikes him with a fire surge and beaten Shang Tsung turns to sand and literally crumbles.]

Fire God Liu Kang: No more timelines will be twisted by your evil.

[He gently takes the Crown from Shang Tsung’s head as he falls apart on the floor. Liu Kang starts to create his own world. Some time passes. Shaolin monks train in martial arts. While one of the monks is rubbing his statue alone in a small hut, the god of fire appears to him.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Kung Lao

The Great Kung Lao: Where did you- Who? Who are you?

Fire God Liu Kang: I am Lord Liu Kang, God of Thunder and Fire.

The Great Kung Lao: God of-

[When he hears the word "god", he bows immediately.]

The Great Kung Lao: Forgive my disrespect, my Lord!

Fire God Liu Kang: Enough, Kung Lao. You are humble. Not like the Kung Lao I knew…

The Great Kung Lao: The Kung Lao you knew?

Fire God Liu Kang: A story for another time. I have chosen you as my champion, Kung Lao. We have work to do. You must be prepared. Trained.

The Great Kung Lao: Trained? For what?

[The God of Fire smiles cunningly.]



[In this section you can read the final monologue of the DLC fighters who defeated Kronika in classic mode.]


OCP built me to serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law. So when I found Kano dealing arms to Old Detroit’s gangs. I had one duty. Apprehend him. I never thought the chase would to take me to a different universe, let alone end in a fight with Kano’s protector, Kronika. And when Kronika went down, something unexpected happened. Her power washed over me sweeping away the limits my designers had put on my programming. For the first time, I saw the depth of OCP’s corruption. It wasn’t just a couple of greedy executives. It was the whole damned company. OCP is making a killing playing both sides, selling to cops and criminals. When I get home, I am bringing them to justice. It will not be fast or easy. OCP has too much cash, and much firepower for me to clean things up alone. It is good thing this’ll be an “inter-agency” effort. Welcome to the future of law enforcement.


As the new Keeper of Time, I was overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Who was to design the destinies of mortals? As their protector I had spent eons safeguarding them. But while I had grown to appreciate mortals deeply… I understood precious little about their daily existence. So I used the Hourglass to live hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. They spanned the possibilities of realm, race, gender, and faith. Most importantly, I learned the simple joy of ending each day in the warm embrace of family. Humbled by my new wisdom. I bend the arc of history not to my will, but to the service of those who must live it. While it is beyond my power to guarantee outcomes, I will give mortals the chance to have better, more peaceful lives.


A lifetime of battle prepared me to conquer Kronika. But as the Keeper of Time I must be a creator, not a conqueror. I thought of the many sons and daughters I’ve lost in battle through the years. Imagined a better destiny for my kin. A history where the Shokan build rather than destroy. The results were catastrophic. Comfort and ease extinguished the dragon’s fire that once lit the heart of every Shokan. They became weak, corrupted fools. The timeline had to start again. War, for all its tragedies, is the forge of Shokan will. My people will fight. Many will die. But I will lead us to victory. And in the aftermath, the dragon’s fire will blaze in Shokan hearts for eternity.

Shang Tsung[]

Kronika’s power overwhelmed me, such that I would have been driven mad… Had I not spent centuries mastering the dark powers beyond the grasp of ordinary mortals. Now I am the master of time and fate. But Kronika’s fall proves that even Titans can be defeated. Though my new power lets me roam Infinite timelines and lead upon the souls of billions. I am vulnerable. To survive, I must return to the shadows, avoid confrontation and work my will through the hands of others. More specifically, through the hands of my fellow Titans… These monstrous beings are plied easily by appealing to their greed, vanity, and fear. Through them, every soul in eternity bends to my influence. In my New Era, morality will be exposed as the illusion it is. The cunning will prosper while the “good” suffer. This is the word of Shang Tsung… Have a nice day.


Before I was Nightwolf, I was a fool named Grey Cloud. Born into poverty resented my ancestors for giving up our future to colonizers… Kano offered a way out, promising riches if I stole my tribe’s most sacred relics. I was sorely tempted, but then I realized that by saving myself, I’d be surrendering the last of my people’s dignity. For the first time, I defended the Matoka’s pride. Kano was unimpressed. But as I lay dying, the Great Spirit came to me. By rejecting Kano, I had proven worthy of an ancient honor. The mantle of Nightwolf, legendary defender of the Matoka. Now, as I inherit Kronika’s mantle, the way before me is split. The Keeper of Time cannot also be my tribe’s defender. Which path do I chose? Even here at time’s beginning, the Great Spirit’s wisdom guides me. She calls me to restore history. The Matoka, I must leave to another. To the next Nightwolf Like all our sacred relics, the Nightwolf mantle belongs to the tribe. Any Matokan can prove worthy of its power. I enjoy imagining who will defend us next.


In the beginning… Shao Kahn invaded Edenia, murdered my husband, Jerrod, and forced me to be his bride. That’s the story, but it’s a lie. One told lest I lose the faith of my subjects, or of my daughter, Kitana. The truth? Jerrod was weak. Destined to fail. By betraying him and a better lover and the ultimate weapon… A conqueror to unite all realms and put them at my back and call. Then Kronika upended history, and I found myself confronting a future in which I’d been dead for centuries. My so-called family had called me in every way. Kitana broke my heart worst. Instead of uniting the realms, she sought to liberate them. As if the Wastelands’ savages could ever be more than serfs! Ever the caring mother, I had to discipline my little princess. And after that, I had to discipline a Titan… Now I have defeated Kronika. Outgrown Shao Kahn and Kitana. I have no more family. No more rivals. No more gods. I sit above them all, on a throne that unites all realms… and all realities. Whoever you are, wherever you are, when you are before me, kneel. For I am Sindel, Empress of Time, and you exist only to serve me…

Liu Kang[]

What does it mean to wield the Sands of Time? To be the Chosen One? It means making choices that break your heart. For the protection of all, I shared Kronika’s power with the people I trust and love most. Together we replaced the Elder Gods that Cetrion had betrayed… and became eternal guardians of the realms. Still… My heart longs for a simpler life. The kind one cannot have being the Chosen One, let alone an Elder God. What Kitana and I would not give for the simple pleasures. Perhaps in another timeline they could be ours


Kronika had manipulated me. In timeline after timeline, she stoked my anger and fed my arrogance, turning me against Liu Kang. My nose rubbed in my own fallibility, I was humbled. How could I be worthy to accept the mantle as Keeper of Time? I thought that to control time and destiny fairly, I must purge myself of all human emotion. Summoning the strongest magic, I burned away my fear and anger. All that remained was pure logic. But I learned quickly that the logical choice is often not the just choice. Unless tempered by compassion and heart, logic leads to decisions no better than those based on anger or fear. Now I am once more at time’s beginning. But on this journey through history, I will infuse logic with love. In this timeline, I will finally achieve peace for the citizens of all realms.


This was my dream vacation. I saw mayhem. Mutilation. It was all a gas… for a while. But these nincompoops? They didn’t really GET me. Not even that pretty boy, Ninja Mime. Good night, sweet prince! I’d “finished” just about everyone worth finishing in Earthrealm and Outworld. Even lovable old Netherrealm. I was a lonely heart in search of new friends. But as luck would have it, I had just the gizmo to find them. [gushing] And oh, the Hourglass spoiled me! Havik and I are going to be bosom buddies. And what’s that? My new pal knows an entire realm devoted to law and order? And he exists solely to disrupt it? Well I say, he and I need to get busy! Meet the League of Misunderstood Maniacs! We’re giving Orderrealm an enema. And when we’re done who knows where we’ll crash next. Maybe we’ll come to your house and slip live grenades under your pillow. Maybe we’ll gut your favorite pet. Or maybe we’ll just… break your TV right now! [maniacal laughter]


Cassie Cage: It was an epic accident that brought the Terminator here, rather than to his own Earth’s past. But it didn’t take long for him to adapt. He figured that terminating Kronika, and taking her Hourglass, gave him the best chance at achieving his mission objective. Destroying humanity so that the machines prevail. Turns out the Hourglass wasn’t the ultimate weapon. No matter how many times the Terminator re-booted history, the war between humans and the machines always ended the same. With their mutual destruction. He realized this war was a losing game. The only way to win, was not to play. So the Terminator used the Hourglass to build a future where machines and humans don’t fight, they cooperate. The Terminator knew that to preserve the future, no one else could learn about the Hourglass. The information stored in his machine mind was dangerous. It had to be eliminated. That’s why the Terminator threw himself into the infinite depths of the Sea of Blood. No one would ever find him, or unlock the Hourglass’ secrets. If you could ask him about it, he’d tell you he made the only logical choice. But in my book, that machine’s a hero.


I’d snuffed out every devil in Hell… until Netherealm Invaders showed up to piss me off. It would’ve cost a lot of power, fighting them alone. But they were being hunted by my new friends. Call them Fire and Ice. They argue. CONSTANTLY. Which is why I usually like to roll solo. But when it comes to killing demonic assholes, these guys don’t flinch. I can get along with that. The Grandmasters tipped me off to Kronika. Said she was resurrecting some Netherrealm god named Shinnok. But that’s not happening on my watch. Kronika’s just much a devil as Malebolgia. Both make promises. Both tell lies. Both underestimate me. That’s why I’ll make a new hell for them, where they can burn together… for eternity. [brief, creepy, satisfied laughter] The Netherrealm’s locked down, but there’s still eight Hells left to purge. It’s time to bring up the reserves. I made choices in my life that sealed my fate. I’m beyond redemption. But even the damned are capable of doing some good. So all you Devils out there, making false promises and spewing lies? We’re coming - and you don’t have a chance in Hell.