Before you begin I highly recommend you to read or refresh in memory Mortal Kombat (9) and Mortal Kombat X Game Scripts as they part of the new timeline.


[Ancient temple. Shinnok tortured by lightning strikes.]

Shinnok: You--You should thank me, Raiden. Our battle changed you. For the better.

[Evil Raiden strikes Shinnok again.]

Evil Raiden: Be silent, Shinnok.

Shinnok: But you wear my amulet. Finally, you embrace the truth the Elder Gods deny. The truth I was cast out for speaking.

Evil Raiden: The truth I embrace Shinnok, is that mercy is wasted on those who defile Earthrealm. I will destroy our enemies before they destroy us. Starting with you.

Shinnok: How, Raiden? Not even you can kill an Elder God.

Evil Raiden: (charging) There are fates worse than death.

[He chops Shinnok’s head off with his lightning blade.]

Evil Raiden: I will deliver you to Liu Kang and your Netherrealm minions. You will serve as warning, and an emblem of my wrath.

[He teleports away. A woman appears.]

Woman: This was not your destiny, Shinnok. Once again, the Thunder God has upset the balance of history. But know this -- the arc of the universe bends to my will.

[She stops the blood flowing from the chopped head of Shinnok.]

Woman: It is only a matter of time.



[Special Forces base. Quite old Johnny Cage is standing in front of a company of soldiers. Sonya Blade enters. Years did not spare her.]

Sonya Blade: As you were. For twenty-five years, the Special Forces have been Earthrealm’s sword and shield. We’ve pushed back Shao Kahn. Defeated Shinnok. Yet none of our Victories have come without cost. Recently, Commander Jackson Briggs was honorably discharged. His wounds, both physical and psychological, left him no longer fit to serve. We honor Jacqui’s father, and we honor his sacrifice, by doing what he would do -- tirelessly defend Earthrealm. Sergeant Cage, step forward. Your leadership and warfighting ability have earned you promotion to Commander. But there are no family favors here. By Special Forces tradition, you have to pass one last test.

Cassie Cage: I need to kick the CO’s ass, ma’am. Your ass, ma'am.

Sonya Blade: All right then, Sergeant. Let’s see if you can take me.


Cassie Cage: Commander Cage, reporting for duty.

Sonya Blade: Congratulations, Commander.

[Johnny Cage approaches. He hugs Cassie.]

Cassie Cage: C’mon, dad. You really have to go?

Johnny Cage: You’ve got your duty, ‘Commander’. I’ve got mine.

Sonya Blade: Starring in yet another Ninja Mime sequel isn’t what I’d call duty.

Johnny Cage: I need to provide for you in the manner to which you've become accustomed.

[They kiss.]

Cassie Cage: Geez guys. I’m right here.

[Suddenly Evil Raiden appears.]

Evil Raiden: General Blade. Cassandra Cage.

Cassie Cage: What is it Raiden?

Evil Raiden: The Netherrealm.

[They go to the headquarters.]

Cassie Cage: We should open a dialogue. Maybe there’s an explanation. Liu Kang and Kitana were friends once.

Evil Raiden: They are irreparably polluted by Shinnok’s evil. They are no longer the champions we once knew We must strike them preemptively.

Sonya Blade: It's about time we brought the fight to them. What’s the target?

Evil Raiden: Burned deep beneath Liu Kang and Kitana’s castle is the Cathedral of Shinnok, the seat of their power. Destroy it and their undead army will fall, removing its threat to Earthrealm.

Cassie Cage: Aren't your powers weaker in the Netherrealm?

Evil Raiden: Yes. But I will have sufficient strength to occupy the undead army.

Sonya Blade: That'll buy us enough time to infiltrate the Cathedral. Destroy it from the inside.

Cassie Cage: We get pinned down in there, there’s no way out.

Evil Raiden: To ensure Earthrealm's survival, we must all be willing to sacrifice.

Johnny Cage: Y'know it's been two years too much of your grim and gritty makeover, droning on about sacrifice. You don’t have a family to lose.

Evil Raiden: I know loss, Johnny Cage.

Sonya Blade: Raiden’s right, Johnny. We're not ready for another war. We’ve got to take out Netherrealm’s army now, before Liu Kang can bring it here.

[Evil Raiden teleports Sonya, Cassie and her army to battle against armies of demons.]

Cassie Cage: We’re in position. Hope Raiden’s planned one helluva diversion.

Evil Raiden: Withdraw! Or feel the wrath of Earthrealm’s Protector!

[He uses Shinnok’s amulet and destroys several creatures. Meanwhile, resurrected Liu Kang and Kitana are watching the battle from a tower nearby. They sent reinforcements – Kabal and Jade along with fresh demons meat to beat.]

Jade: (to Kabal) Should Raiden get this far, eliminate him.

Cassie Cage: That burn victim's Kabal? Wasn’t he Kano’s goon back in the day?

Sonya Blade: Don’t let the scars fool you. He’s fast. Take out him and Jade. I’ll go downstairs and set the C4.

Cassie Cage: Roger that.

[They begin a massive attack on the tower. Surprisingly soldiers using the battle formation and tactics, so they don’t die very often. Rain enters the battle, fast as the wind. He kills one of the soldiers.]

Sonya Blade: Move! Charges on every column!

Kabal (to Cassie): You're a dead ringer for your mother.

Cassie Cage: I'll kick your ass on her behalf, Kabal.


Cassie Cage: You lose as fast as you run. Jacqui, where's Jade?

Jacqui Briggs: She bailed. Getting help, I'm sure.

Cassie Cage: General, how we doing?

Sonya Blade: Need ten minutes. The support columns are further apart than expected.

Cassie Cage: You need help?

Sonya Blade: Negative. Just watch our back.

Jacqui Briggs: Ten more minutes? We needed to be tail-lights in five.

[They hear a scream coming from somewhere above.]

Cassie Cage: Well we’re in the shit now. We have extra C4, yeah?

Jacqui Briggs: Yeah. Why?

Cassie Cage: Let's buy ourselves time.

[Meanwhile, the Evil Raiden is battling hordes of demons outside. Jade walks up to the resurrected Kitana and Liu Kang.]

Jade: Emperor! Empress! Earthrealmers have captured the Bone Temple!

Resurrected Kitana: But Raiden --

Resurrected Liu Kang: He's the diversion!

[Cassie sets the C4.]

Cassie Cage: Lock and load.

Sonya Blade: What's going on up there?!

Cassie Cage: Watching your back, General.

[Kitana attacks Cassie.]

Cassie Cage: Kitana. "Empress" of the dead.

Resurrected Kitana: I've not forgotten our last encounter at the Sky Temple.

Cassie Cage: How are your scars healing?


Sonya Blade: Move! Move, move, move!

[Sonya is trying to lead her soldiers, but Liu Kang gets in the way. He destroys the passage, burying the soldiers and Sonya under the rubble.]

Cassie Cage: General? General!!

Resurrected Liu Kang: She's trapped, Cassandra Cage.

Cassie Cage: How “The Chosen One” has fallen. Raiden's right. Whatever Shinnok did to you, you’re a lost cause.


Cassie Cage: Fuck. You. General, can you hear me?! General? Mom?

Sonya Blade: I’m here, Cass.

Cassie Cage: Hang tight. We’ll get you guys out.

Sonya Blade: They’re gone, Cass. And I'm not gonna make it.

Cassie Cage: What? I'm not leaving you behind!

Sonya Blade: Get your team home. That’s an order. Your duty. Mine's to finish the mission.

Cassie Cage: Mom, no! We can save you!

Sonya Blade: I love you, Cass. Give your dad a kiss for me.

Cassie Cage: Mom, no don't -- Mom? Mom!

[Sonya squeezes the trigger.]

Jacqui Briggs: She’s started the detonation sequence!

Cassie Cage: Override it, Jacqui!

Jacqui Briggs: There is no override! Commander! Our orders are to leave.

[The army of demons appears.]

Cassie Cage: C'mon, move it!

[The heroes start to run. They leave the temple.]

Evil Raiden: Your mother died a warrior's death. May we all be so fortunate.

Jacqui Briggs: You did not just say that.

[Cassie hears a familiar voice...]

Johnny Cage: Thank God you're back. How did the mission – No…

[He hugs Cassie. Meanwhile...]

Resurrected Liu Kang: Without the Cathedral’s power, we stand alone. We are vulnerable.

[A woman from prologue appears.]

Resurrected Kitana: Who are you? One of Raiden's Elder Gods, here to taunt us?

Woman: No, Kitana. I am much more. Behold!

[She restores the tower, destroyed by the explosion. Sonya died in vain.]

Resurrected Kitana: What power is this?!

Woman: I am Kronika, Keeper of Time The Sands of Time guide the destiny of the realms and every soul therein. I have carefully crafted them to keep the realms in balance. But my work's perfection has been irreversibly taunted by Raiden’s actions. The two of you have felt that pain most acutely.

Resurrected Liu Kang: What can be done? The past is the past, is it not?

Kronika: It need not be. I intend to wind time back to its beginning and restart history. But even with my vast power, I cannot create this New Era alone.

Resurrected Kitana: How will this New Era be different?

Kronika: In many ways. But most importantly, there will be no Raiden.

Resurrected Liu Kang: How do we begin?


[The guard brings someone in chains to Kotal’s feet.]

Kotal Kahn: For years you escaped my justice. Sucked dry the bounty of Outworld’s people. Today, your debt is paid.

Prisoner: Kill me, Kotal, and you lose profit.

Kotal Kahn: You mistake me for Shao Kahn. I do not inflict bandits upon the poor.

Prisoner: Shao Kahn approved! His word was law!

[One of the servants brings Kotal his sword.]

Kotal Kahn:  Your master is dead, so is his “law”. Never again will Outworld suffer from his corruption.

[he raises his sword but an earthquake happens. And as we learn its happened everywhere. The Sands of Time bring the younger versions of many Mortal Kombat characters straight from original games.]

Evil Raiden: By the Elder Gods!

[He disappears. Only Shinnok’s amulet drops on the floor. The prisoners realize themselves. The Sands of Time bring Skarlet, Erron Black, Baraka, original bald Kano and the ruler of the Netherrealm itself – Shao Kahn. On the other side appears Kitana, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jade and Raiden.]

Kotal Kahn: Raiden? Shao Kahn?

Shao Kahn: General Kotal?

Kotal Kahn: Kotal Kahn.

Shao Kahn: Kahn? Pathetic fool. You pretend to my throne!

Kotal Kahn: It is mine, by right and deed. You were killed, long ago. As was your repugnant spawn, Mileena.

Raiden: We were at the Mortal Kombat tournament. Kung Lao had just defeated Shang Tsung and Quan Chi.

Kotal Kahn: We are decades beyond those events.

Raiden: For us, they happened only moments ago.

Shao Kahn: What game are you playing, Raiden? What magic powers this delusion?

Raiden: If it is a delusion, it is one we all share. Is it possible that the past and future are colliding?

Kotal Kahn: Kitana, Baraka, Skarlet, all Outworld champions long since gone. If you have all returned, has...?

Jade: I am here, Kotal.

Kotal Kahn: Jade.

[Shao Kahn pushes Jade behind.]

Kotal Kahn: Osh-Tekk custom requires all refugees be offered assistance. I offer it to you, Shao Kahn --

Shao Kahn: I am no refugee! I am Kahn of Outworld. Vacate my throne. Or I'll soak these sands with your blood!

[They have a fight.]

Liu Kang: Lord Raiden? What do we do?

Raiden: I have not met Kotal. But he is reputed to be a man of honor.

Jade: It’s true. I know him well.

Raiden: Then we must navigate this crisis by aiding him.

Baraka: Stupid Osh-Tekk. Destroying your future, crossing Shao Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: It is you with no future, Baraka. Your Tarkatans are dead.

Baraka: Impossible!

Kotal Kahn: They allied with Mileena against me. Persist, and you will die again.


Kotal Kahn: Filthy Tarkatan. The orphan turned assassin.

Skarlet: Better to thrive in Shao Kahn’s court than starve in the streets. You Osh-Tekk may practice blood magic, Kotal, but I am the master.


Kotal Kahn: Pride will be your downfall.

Jade: Kotal!

[They kiss.]

Jade: I thought you were dead! What happened to you?

Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn betrayed me. Ambushed my legion. I was kept alive for Shang Tsung’s experiments. Only when he died, was I freed.

Jade: Seeing you again makes it worth living this nightmare.

Kotal Kahn: I will not lose you twice.

[Erron Black enters.]

Kotal Kahn: Go help the Earthrealmers. I will deal with this. (to Erron) Your future self is ally, not enemy, Erron Black.

Erron Black: To hell with the future. I live in the moment.

Kotal Kahn: Given who you become, I would not have thought you so reckless.


[Kotal goes to the arena, where mass battles between fighters take place. There he sees Shao Kahn.]

Shao Kahn: I will have my throne!

Kotal Kahn: Outworld rejected your pointless wars.

Shao Kahn: Empires must expand or die!

Kotal Kahn: Your conquests served you alone not Outworld's people!


Kotal Kahn: You are Kahn no more.

[A cloud of flies appears in the sky. Flies restrain the fighters and Kotal himself. Di'vorah appears from the portal.]

Kotal Kahn: D'Vorah.

D'Vorah: Shao Kahn! To me!

[Shao Kahn and his army leaves.]

Kotal Kahn: I have not known stranger days.

Raiden: Kotal Kahn. I am Raiden, Protector of Earthrealm.

Kotal Kahn: I know you.

Raiden: We are acquainted in your era?

Kotal Kahn: We were allies who became enemies.

Raiden: I am surprised, given our shared antipathy toward Shao Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: Everything changed after your defeat of Shinnok.

Liu Kang: Shinnok’s defeated?

Kotal Kahn: Our realms joined to fight him. But in victory, you were hardened. To protect Earthrealm, you lashed out at all realms you deemed threats.

Raiden: That cannot be.

Kotal Kahn: My Raiden wears Shinnok's Amulet as a symbol of his fury.

Raiden: Be assured, Kotal Kahn. I am not that Raiden. We have common cause. Both in solving this temporal crisis, and in defeating Shao Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: Agreed.

Raiden: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and I will return to Earthrealm and learn what temporal anomalies have occurred there. We must better understand the phenomenon we are experiencing.

Kotal Kahn: I will have my scouts track Shao Kahn.

Liu Kang (to Kitana): So, this is goodbye.

Kitana: Only goodbye for now. I can't leave while Shao Kahn threatens Outworld. I must seek justice for what he did to my family, and to all Edenia.

Liu Kang: I will come back for you. To aid you, Princess.

[Kitana hugs him. Raiden, Liu Kang and Kung Lao leaves. Meanwhile in Shao Kahn’s hideout.]

Shao Kahn: You evade my questions, D'Vorah. I routed your people. Burned this hive. Yet you aid me.

Prisoner: We can't trust her, Excellency. Kotal Kahn did, and she betrayed him to Shinnok.

Shao Kahn: Kotal "Kahn" How is it I'm dead and he sits on my throne?

Prisoner: You tried merging Earthrealm into Outworld. The Elder Gods Intervened, and Raiden killed you. That’s when Mileena became Kahn.

D’Vorah: After This One killed your daughter, Kotal claimed the throne.

Shao Kahn: You killed Mileena?! If this is true, you will die!

[Kronika and her servants appears.]

Kronika: D’Vorah is under my protection, Shao Kahn. As are you. I am Kronika.

Shao Kahn: The legends are true?

Kronika: I am displeased with how history has unfolded.

Shao Kahn: So you broke time?

Kronika: I stopped time. I enlist all those who disdain the current course of history. By merging past and present, we may draw upon allies from both eras.

Shao Kahn: How will fighting your battles benefit me?

Kronika: I offer a greater empire in the New Era, Shao Kahn. Raiden will not exist to thwart you.

Shao Kahn: You can wipe Raiden from history?

Kronika: It is an immense task, requiring great power and effort. My Hourglass requires protection while I work. Will your Outworld armies defend it?

Shao Kahn: They shall.

[The scene changes to Special Forces headquarters.]

Johnny Cage: I swear to god, I'm losing it. Can’t someone, anyone, explain to me what the hell is going on?!

Young Johnny Cage: Right? I’ve been in the future for a whole hour and I haven’t seen one jetpack. Not one!

[Raiden enters.]

Raiden: So it’s true I walked a darker path.

Cassie Cage: After Shinnok went down, you became a different person. Red lightning, black clothes. Authoritarian attitude adjustment.

Johnny Cage: Yeah, about that. What happened to Dark you? How come you're an only child and we got an evil twin?

Raiden: As an immortal, I exist outside the normal laws of time. That could explain why I am affected differently.

Cassie Cage: Thanks.

Young Jax Briggs: Weird, isn't it? Not being in charge.

Young Sonya Blade: That's what's weird?

Young Jax Briggs: That. And having daughters our age.

Young Sonya Blade: Look at her. How do I have a kid? With him?

Young Jax Briggs: At least she’s not an actress.

Young Johnny Cage: C’mon, at least think about it. We each get points off the gross. Coming this summer... Johnny Cage. AND. Johnny Cage! In: "Timequake"!

Cassie Cage: Any thoughts on what we do next?

Raiden: For months, I have been receiving vague premonitions of the future. But none of them foretold this. I must confer with the Elder Gods. Liu Kang, Kung Lao. Please assist the Special Forces while I am gone.

Liu Kang: Yes, Lord Raiden.

Jacqui Briggs: Follow me.

Young Sonya Blade: Commander?

Cassie Cage: Yes, Mom. I mean, General! I mean --

Young Sonya Blade: This is strange for me, too.

Cassie Cage: You have no idea.

Young Sonya Blade: What?

Cassie Cage: How do I say this? This morning, "we" were on a mission and… And you gave your life to save it.

Young Sonya Blade: Sonnuvabitch. Seriously?

Cassie Cage: Yeah. And now here you are. Young enough to be my sister.

Jacqui Briggs: Cass, you need to see this! Sat feeds show a Netherrealm incursion at the Wu Shi Academy.

Cassie Cage: Netherrealm? Taking out Shinnok's Temple was suposed to stop them.

Jacqui Briggs: It’s gotta be the time anomaly.

Liu Kang: We must help our Shaolin masters.

Young Jax Briggs: Why would the Netherrealm want to bust up your alma mater, Liu Kang?

Liu Kang: The Dragon Grotto. It's underneath the Academy. Earthrealm’s Jinsel energy bubbles up in its springs.

Cassie Cage: That’s no good. We’ve seen firsthand what happens when the Netherrealm screws wrth Earthrealm’s life force.

Kung Lao: They will not reach the Grotto. It is protected by powerful magic. The deadliest traps. I am sure our counterparts from your era are already dealing with them.

[Jacqui looks to Cassie with an awkward face, regarding of Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s future selves.]

Cassie Cage: Kung Lao, Liu Kang. You might wanna sit down.

[Liu Kang and Kung Lao realize there is something awfully tragic with their future selves, just as Cassie explains how they have fallen.]


[The legendary fighters walks to the Shaolin Temple.]

Kung Lao: I die in the Koluseum! You on a rooftop, fighting Lord Raiden? Our future, Liu Kang. It is insane!

Liu Kang: Obsessing over it will not change it.

Kung Lao: Neither will accepting our destiny as evil undead warlords.

Liu Kang: I'm not. But we can't change a future we don’t fully understand. Lord Raiden will guide us.

Kung Lao: Can we trust him? It appears he got us both killed!

[They find a dead monk on the steps of the temple. Walking inside they see dozens.]

Liu Kang: So many Shaolin! They died defending our sacred ground. The Netherrealm will pay.

[They go further.]

Liu Kang: Whoever came here knew how to disarm these traps.

Kung Lao: Do you know how? The monks never taught me.

Liu Kang: More likely you did not attend class. Watch for the pattern. And pick your moment…

[Liu Kang jumps. Kung Lao stops the blades with his epic hat.]

Kung Lao: Easy enough. What's next?

Liu Kang: Everything. Poison gas, shooting spears, flame jets --

Kung Lao: How about we avoid those?

[The room shuts firmly.]

Kung Lao: I did not do that.

Scorpion: I did.

Liu Kang: Scorpion. Of course you survived the time-merger...

Scorpion: You will not stop Kronika from restoring my family and clan.

Liu Kang: (to Kung Lao) If Scorpion doesn’t kill us, these traps will. Find a way to shut them down! (to Scorpion) Let's see whose fire burns hotter.


Liu Kang: Your fire is out, Scorpion.

Kung Lao: I can’t stop them!

[The room begins to fill with poisonous gas. Scorpion leaves. The monks fall into a cage. Suddenly the gas sucks away.]

Liu Kang: It’s stopped. Why?

[Resurrected Jade and Scorpion enters.]

Resurrected Jade: Our plans require that you live.

Liu Kang: Jade. What happened to you?

Resurrected Jade: An untimely death. Like yours, due to Raiden’s incompetence.

Liu Kang: You cannot turn us against him. We know about our deaths. They were caused by our mistakes.

Resurrected Jade: You have been deceived, Liu Kang. The truth is, Raiden murdered you.

Kung Lao: Lord Raiden may make mistakes, but he doesn't murder his followers.

Resurrected Jade: Is it not murder to send an ill-prepared warrior to his death? Raiden’s mistake cost your life, Kung Lao.


Kung Lao: I like the "real" you better.

Liu Kang: The Dragon Grotto's through there.

Kung Lao: What if the next Revenants we have to fight are... us?

Liu Kang: Then we fight them, Kung Lao.

[Meanwhile Raiden comes to the Elder Gods.]

Raiden: Elder Gods. I have come to seek counsel. The realms are in crisis.

Elder Gods: The crisis is grave, indeed, Raiden. Every being will be erased in a temporal Armageddon, even we Elder Gods. Already our power weakens.

Raiden: I will fight Cetrion. But how?

Elder Gods: You must find Kronika’s Keep and gain control of her Hourglass. Only then will time's momentum be restored.

Raiden: It will be done.

Elder Gods: Speak your mind, Raiden.

Raiden: Since this time-merger, I have learned about my future. That my champions fall. That I become a tyrant. If Kronika is defeated, will I be consigned to this grim fate?

Elder Gods: The restoration of time will not predetermine your destiny. That is for you to shape.

[Meanwhile the monks find their way into a secret cave. One of Kronika’s servants steals something that we don’t see.]

Liu Kang: Is there any point to us asking you to put those back?

???: They said you'd come.

Kung Lao: Who said?

Resurrected Liu Kang: Who do you think, Kung Lao? Welcome to your future. Courtesy of Raiden.

Liu Kang: Our future may be tragic, but it’s not Lord Raiden's fault. You’ve both been warped by Shinnok’s evil.

Resurrected Kung Lao: Shao Kahn snapped my neck in the arena. Raiden saw it coming, and did nothing!

Resurrected Liu Kang: I would have defeated Shao Kahn, but Raiden wanted the glory. His lightning cut me down.

Liu Kang: No. I don't believe that!

Resurrected Liu Kang: One day Raiden will betray you. Then you will believe.

Liu Kang: You spew Shinnok’s lies. You attacked Lord Raiden, and he defended himself. He did what he thought right to protect Earthrealm.

Resurrected Liu Kang: Protect?! Raiden enslaves Earthrealm. How was I ever so blind as you?


Liu Kang: How did I get so deluded?

Kung Lao: Is it me, or could they be telling the truth?

Liu Kang: Worry about it later. We have bigger problems.

???: You should’ve listened to your Revenant counterparts. With this power, Kronika will remake history.

[Kung Lao chops his head off with the hat.]

Kung Lao: That was easy.

[But the Sands of Time resurrect Kronika’s servant.]

???: I, Geras, am a fixed point in time. With every death and rebirth, I grow stronger.

Liu Kang: (to Kung Lao) The vials. (to Geras) Sizing me up?

Geras: Kronika has a keen interest in you. It's why she recruited your revenant self. Serve her, she will bless you.


Geras: You Shaolin monks exceed your reputation. I respect your spirit, but Kronika’s will must be done.

[He stops time, takes the vials and gives them to Kronika that appeared a second ago.]

Geras: It's dangerous to let them live.

Kronika: If they die, their Revenant selves will cease to exist. We need them to defend the Keep. Yet again, Liu Kang, you've chosen the wrong destiny.

[She teleports to Shao Kahn.]

Kronika: I now have the energy to resculpt the Sands of Time. The Netherrealm's undead army will protect the Keep as I work. Shao Kahn, when will you deliver the Outworld army?

Shao Kahn: Soon. It will be mine once Kotal is killed.

Kronika: And what is your progress, Sektor?

Sector: The Cyber Lin Kuei factory is modified to your specification. Production exceeds projections.

[Raiden returns to the monks.]

Liu Kang: Lord Raiden. What did the Elder Gods say?

Raiden: We must find Kronika. Wrest the control of history from her. If we succeed, our destiny can change.

Kung Lao: So what we were told is true? You were "Involved" in our deaths?

Raiden: Yes. Had the timeline continued, my decisions would have led to your deaths. But the Elder Gods assure me that such a future is not inevitable. This is but one of many possible timelines.

Kung Lao: That is a lot to take on faith.

Raiden: Rest assured, Kung Lao. I am aware, now, of what may come. I will not bring harm to either of you. You have my vow.

Liu Kang: Thank you, Lord Raiden.

Raiden: We must find Kronika’s Keep and strike it, as hard and fast as we can muster, before all is lost.

[They walk to Special Forces headquarters.]

Raiden: What have you learned about Kronika's effect on Earthrealm?

Cassie Cage: We’re tracking sites around the globe with major temporal anomalies. Picture’s still fuzzy...

Johnny Cage: Our kid's something, isn’t she?

Young Sonya Blade: Um... Cage, I m not your Sonya.

Johnny Cage: Sorry. Too easy to forget.

Cassie Cage: We’ve prioritized info that correlates attacks from the Netherrealm with time anomalies.

Raiden: Helpful. But we have more to worry about than the Netherrealm.

Cassie Cage: Yeah, we do. Grandmaster Sub-Zero reports heavy losses to his Lin Kuei clan. The time merger has resurrected his old enemy, Sektor.

Raiden: Sektor? Was he not the Grandmaster who years ago enslaved the Lin Kuei?

Cassie Cage: That's him. He's reactivating and upgrading the same factory he built to convert the Lin Kuei into cyber killing machines.

Raiden: Undoubtedly to construct new and more powerful Cyber Lin Kuei. Kronika may seek to co-opt them. What of Sub-Zero?

Cassie Cage: Already on his way to shut down the factory. Grandmaster Hasashi is going with him.

Raiden: Grandmaster Hasashi? Hanzo Hasashi?


[Sub-Ziro examines the terrain on the way to the factory. Scorpion is silently approaching him with his hand on the sword.]

Hanzo Hasashi: Your hearing is failing, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: I recognized your footsteps, Hanzo.

Hanzo Hasashi: Where's Sektor? I will not let him threaten my clan again.

Sub-Zero: The old Cyber Lin Kuei factory was defunct, buried beneath this quarry -- until the time disruption. Now, Sektor's returned and reactivated it. He's budding an army by processing Lin Kuei warriors kidnapped from my temple.

Hanzo Hasashi: I can see why you need me.

Sub-Zero: We could enter through that tunnel, but a frontal assault would be...

Hanzo Hasashi: Bloody.

Sub-Zero: Needlessly dangerous. There’s another entrance, less populated.

Hanzo Hasashi: And the rest of your plan?

Sub-Zero: We get help on the inside…

[They sneak into the factory and find piles of mutilated skinned corpses.]

Hanzo Hasashi: We’ll avenge your clan.

[Cyrax and a woman enter. The woman turns on the machine that makes cyborgs.]

Hanzo Hasashi: Cyrax is your inside man?

Sub-Zero: He was converted against his will. If we disable the behavior inhibitors that control him --

Hanzo Hasashi: He will turn on Sektor.

Sub-Zero: All Cyber Lin Kuei are linked to a common network. Cyrax can shut them down from within.

Hanzo Hasashi: Who is the woman?

Sub-Zero: I don't know Focus on disabling Cyrax. He’s the key.

Cyrax: We require additional candidates for cyberization.

Woman: Once delivered, how long before the next generation is ready?

[Sub-Zero freezes the woman. Hanzo attacks Cyrax. The woman quickly cracks the icy cage.]

Sub-Zero: Frost! I gave you a home. I was your mentor. Yet after all this, you ally with Sektor? He corrupted the Lin Kuei!

Frost: You corrupted our clan when you made peace with this Shirai Ryu filth! with Kronika’s help, I will restore the Lin Kuei’s honor.

Sub-Zero: (to Hanzo) Keep Cyrax alive. We need him. (to Frost) There’s no future in which you are fit to lead the Lin Kuei.

Frost: You always doubted me, Sub-Zero. Held me back. Kronika sees my true potential.


Sub-Zero: You deceive yourself, Frost. (to Cyrax) The upgrade, Cyrax. Is this Kronika's doing?

Cyrax: To better serve her, Sub Zero. We defend Kronika as she re-writes history.

[Cyrax activates other cyborgs.]

Hanzo Hasashi: So you're nothing but pawns?

Cyrax: We act to secure the Lin Kuei’s glory in the New Era.

Sub-Zero: Take the others.

[Scorpion teleports and quickly destroy the cyborgs.]

Sub-Zero: You’ve been enslaved, Cyrax. First by Sektor, now by Kronika. It ends today.


Sub-Zero: You will be freed.

[He destroys Cyrax’s behavior inhibitors.]

Hanzo Hasashi: Hurry before we face more Cyber Lin Kuei.

Sub-Zero: He'll need a moment to initialize.

[Someone punches Scorpion.]

Sub-Zero: Sektor? Show yourself!

Noob Saibot: Recognize me, little brother?

Sub-Zero: Bi-Han?!

Noob Saibot: Yes. It is I.

Hanzo Hasashi: You were killed, swallowed in a storm of souls.

Noob Saibot: Quan Chi’s creations do not die easily. Kronika offers me a new clan to lead. Its shadow will darken the realms.

Hanzo Hasashi: I've beaten your brother before.

Noob Saibot: Quan Chi unleashed your vengeance. Without him? You are weak.


Hanzo Hasashi: My strength is more than vengeance.

[Cyrax reboots.]

Cyrax: No. He ripped out my heart. Made me a machine.

Sub-Zero: Your soul is intact, Cyrax. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Cyrax: Kuai Liang, is that you? You look so old. And Scorpion?

Hanzo Hasashi: We’ll explain later. For now, know we share the same goal: the Cyber Lin Kuei's destruction.

Sub-Zero: We need your help, Cyrax.

Cyrax: I can disable their communications network. It'll shut down this factory and every Cyber Lin Kuei connected to it.

[Someone shoots a rocket at them, but Cyrax uses his net to catch it.]

Sektor: Frost warned me that you two had become allies. I did not think you capable of such dishonor, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: I'll stop Sektor. Help Cyrax.

[Sector shoots his flamethrowers at Scorpion but it seems to have no effect on him.]

Hanzo Hasashi: You started this fire. Selling out your clan so Quan Chi would slaughter mine.

Sektor: He should have killed you as he promised. Now I finish what he could not.


Hanzo Hasashi: For Harumi and Satoshi.

[Meanwhile Cyrax gains access to the mainframe.]

Cyrax: I’m in. I’ll reformat the system drives and shut us all down. Goodbye, Kuai Liang.

Sub-Zero: It is not the end. I will find a way to restore you. Anything is possible. Hanzo and I are living proof.

Cyrax: Please, don’t bring me back as a machine. I can't live like this.

Sub-Zero: Machine or man, you have a warrior’s soul. As long as I am Grandmaster, the Lin Kuei will welcome you.

Cyrax: Then until we meet again.

[Cyrax crushes giant cables and has a short circuit. Frost, Noob and Sektor leave.]

Hanzo Hasashi: They’ve escaped. We should pursue.

Sub-Zero: First we speak with Raiden.

[Meanwhile at Kronika’s base.]

Young Kano: Our lady Kronika’ll get all the service she needs. But I can't quote a fee until I know the job.

Geras: You will see.

[They come to a room with a damaged Sektor on the table.]

Geras: Can you restore him?

Young Kano: There’s some frame damage, Circuitry looks good. But looks like someone did a software Wipe. Fixing that won’t come cheap.

Geras: Once he is repaired, can he be replicated? Hundreds of times? Thousands?

Young Kano: (to Erron) That’s a tall order. But anything’s possible, with the right help.

Geras: Serve Kronika and she will provide.

[Old Kano comes from the shadows.]

Kano: Take the deal. Trust me. Otherwise, who can you trust? You weren’t kidding. S’like a mirror, reflecting the past.

Young Kano: How ‘bout that? Over fifty and still a ripper. (punches himself in the shoulder)

Erron Black: There’s still the matter of our fee.

Kano: We get paid in the New Era. Kronika'll make sure the Black Dragon come out on top. Not only in the black market. In every market.

Young Kano: Right then, let’s get to business.

[Special Forces headquarters. Jacqui tries to call her dad.]

Johnny Cage: Reach your dad yet, kid?

Jacqui Briggs: The network's still down. I hate being so far away. Dad must be climbing the walls.

Johnny Cage: Be patient. You’ll get through.

Jacqui Briggs: I know my dad's still alive, but it's like I'm seeing a ghost.

Johnny Cage: You and me both. But they aren't ghosts. They're definitely real.

Jacqui Briggs: Can this get any more bizarre?

[Briggs Farm. Jax searching for his phone.]

Jax Briggs: Oh, come on... Damn it! Come on, come on…

[The call fails. He can’t call Jacqui. He goes mad and drinks himself to sleep. Kronika appears.]

Kronika: Jackson Briggs. Do not fear. I have come to offer you a new life -- a better life.

Jax Briggs: That's awfully generous, seeing as we’ve never met.

Kronika: We have not met, but I know you. How valiantly you have served, how horribly you have suffered. That was not my plan for you.

Jax Briggs: Your plan?

Kronika: You were to retire distinguished, not in disgrace. Years from now. General Jackson Briggs. More importantly, your daughter was not to serve, nor endure the same tragedies you have. Your home should be filled with grandchildren. Help me and it will be.


Kotal Kahn: The Tarkatans, long extinct, have also returned.

Raiden: Shao Kahn will seek them out. He relies on their power.

Jade: Kotal’s scouts tracked a Tarkatan war party to the Kytinn’s Lost Hive, D’Vorah’s ancestral home. Her hand in Shao Kahn’s escape makes that our starting point.

Raiden: Please advise me of what you learn. I must consult with the Elder Gods.

[He leaves. Kitana appears.]

Kitana: When do we leave?

Kotal Kahn: Your duty lies elsewhere, Princess. I need you to enlist Queen Sheeva. Her support is critical, against both Kronika and Shao Kahn.

Kitana: Surely you can--

Kotal Kahn: Queen Sheeva does not trust me. No Shokan has Since my bloody battle with Goro.

Jade: Sheeva’s always respected your opinion more than anyone's. When she hears you support Kotal, she'll join us.

Kitana: If that is my duty, so be it.

Kotal Kahn: Thank you, Princess.

[He leaves.]

Kitana: Are you my friend or his consort?

Jade: It was my idea, Kitana. It's in your best interest. Succeed with Sheeva, and Kotal will pledge his loyalty to you. There's no bond more sacred to an Osh-Tekk like him.

[Soon Jade and Kotal Kahn ride through the desert.]

Jade: I remember when we could ride like this alone.

Kotal Kahn: My life has changed as Outworld’s Kahn. Thankfully, you have not.

Jade: You haven't changed much either, despite the years. You're still the same noble warrior I met in Shao Kahn's court. And now you're Kahn. I'm surprised no woman has claimed your bed and become your queen.

Kotal Kahn: Many have tried.

Jade: Yet they failed? Why?

Kotal Kahn: None of them were you.

Jade: There are fresh tracks leading into the Hive. If Shao Kahn's in there, he'll be difficult to find. The tunnels are endless.

Kotal Kahn: Set fire to them. If he's hidden, he will be smoked out.

Jade: Kotal, we don't know who else is in there.

[An earthquake happens and an army of giant bugs appears. They take Jade underground.]

Resurrected Jade: Hold her!

[Jade frees herself.]

Jade: By the Gods, it’s true? This is what I become?!

Resurrected Jade: Blame your loyalty to Kitana. It led directly to our death.

Jade: Then so be it. I would not trade Kitana's friendship for anything.

Resurrected Jade: it is pitiful you choose servitude.

Jade: She and I fight side-by-side, against Shao Kahn. His oppression cannot stand!


Jade: When called for a higher purpose, we must serve.

???: Ack-Na ! Kot-tek-hah!

Kotal Kahn: You will bleed for your betrayal, D’Vorah.

D’Vorah: This One acts only for the Hive’s survival.

[They fight and D’Vorah wins. She almost succeeds in feeding Kotal with her delicious maggots, like she did with Mileena in the previous game, but Jade interrupts the feast.]

Jade: You'd best flee, D’Vorah. Kotal is mine.


Jade: Wish to survive? Tell us where to find Shao Kahn.

Kotal Kahn: Ghosts of my past. D’Vorah spoke the truth. We are outnumbered.

Jade: Give me a few of your best soldiers. We’ll infiltrate the camp and search for Shao Kahn unseen.

Kotal Kahn: What you propose is dangerous.

Jade: Of course it is.

[She with a few warriors infiltrates Tarkatan camp.]

Tarkatan 1: Okot nara toka nit Ratash, oko nar?

Tarkatan 2: Nar hartak latah ratk.

Tarkatan 1: Alk Tarkata aka ha, Tetakh.

Tarkatan 2: No nakhut nay. Trakka tor no rakata.

Tarkatan 1: Kabak takarwak hakta kaht? Tak pakar rah batahat.

Tarkatan 3: Tor parkaht. Wak kaht nak Shao Kahn kolkat ha trabakar.

Tarkatan 1: Wakt hakka turk. Wak rakata raynar Kotal khanak.

Tarkatan 3: Nar oko papkhat.

[Jade and her warriors stumbles upon... a Tarkatan woman?]

Tarkatan woman?: Toh ha na? Taka ha na aki Tarkata? Nay... Nay... Trakka ti!

[One of the warriors is ready to kill her but Jade stops him.]

Jade: No.

Tarkatan woman?: Parkah...

Jade: It's all right. We won't harm you.

Tarkatan woman?: Nay ti oto nokorta.

Jade: We're looking for Shao Kahn.

Tarkatan woman?: Shao Kahn? Pakta ray Shao Kahn?

Jade: Please… We only need to…

[The camp rises in alarm.]

Kotal Kahn: With me!

[Jade fights for her life until she met the prisoner. Meanwhile Kotal smashes the army of Tarkatan he was outnumbered for.]

Jade: All these years and still you exploit others to rise above your station.

Prisoner: I have risen to my station Jade. Before Shao Kahn raised me up, Outworlders despised the Naknada. Now they fear us. Tell me that is not progress!


Jade: Fear and respect are not equals.

Kotal Kahn: Line them up. Execute them.

[Jade interrupts the executions.]

Jade: Kotal, this is cruel! Many didn’t fight us. There are children!

Kotal Kahn: You forget, in my time they joined Mileena in rebellion against me. These aren’t the same Tarkatans, Kotal. A better Kahn would offer them a warm hand, not cold steel.


Jade: Your heart has hardened, Kotal.

[Shao Kahn and his generals enter. He takes a long for the pathetic Kahn that lies on the ground. We switch to Raiden that comes to the Elder Gods but their temple lies in ruins.]

Raiden: It is too late.

???: Blame yourself for the Elder Gods' deaths, Raiden. Your actions have irrevocably altered Kronika’s golden balance of light and dark. Shinnok’s decapitation was the cap stone.

Raiden: You are a paragon of virtue. You should wish evil vanished!

???: I abide my mother's will.

Raiden: You were begotten by Kronika.

???: As was my brother, Shinnok. The darkness to my light. Nature demands equilibrium. Balance is perfection. You have stepped out of your role, made that balance impossible. That's why the New Era holds no place for you.

Raiden: You will not succeed.

???: Kotal Kahn is captured, Raiden. The combined might of Outworld and the Netherrealm will keep your forces at bay -- while my mother finishes her work.

Raiden: Do not underestimate Earthrealm’s warriors.

???: You are right to have been fond of these mortals. They were good souls.

[Meanwhile at Special Forces headquarters young Jax got new arms.]

Young Jax Briggs: Man. These arms are an upgrade. It’ll be payback time, next time I see Ermac.

Jacqui Briggs: Oh I made sure he got his.

Young Jax Briggs: I imagine 'future me' is out kicking ass with these right now.

Jacqui Briggs: Cassie told you that 'future you’ spent time as a Revenant, yeah?

Young Jax Briggs: Sounded horrible. Can’t imagine becoming Shinnok's puppet But she says I come back from it.

Jacqui Briggs: The experience haunted Dad. But then he -- you -- met Mom. She brought you back to life.

Young Jax Briggs: The love of a good woman? Like the sound of that.

Jacqui Briggs: She was Dad's everything. She died last year. Ever since, Dad’s stayed on the farm. He feels safer there.


Cassie Cage: Here’s how you access incoming reports. Swipe here to crosscheck them with past reports. The software can suss out the deltas.

Young Sonya Blade: Now that's progress.

Young Johnny Cage: So I marry Lieutenant Princess over there? I always have had a thing for blondes. Ever since Suzie...

Young and Old: Donardo. Junior year.

Johnny Cage: Take it from me, you didn’t miss much. That woman over there? She s the real deal.

Young Johnny Cage: Oh, I got eyes, brother. As Younger You, I solemnly swear to tap that at the earliest opportunity.

[Everyone looks at Young Johnny.]

Young Johnny Cage: What? it’s our destiny!

Johnny Cage: (grabs him by the ear) Out!

Young Sonya Blade: How the hell do I ever sleep with that guy? Who’s your father. I can't believe I just said that.

Cassie Cage: Look, my dad isn’t the Johnny you know. He. . Grew up. I like to think you rubbed off on him. As a kid, I looked up to both of you.

Young Sonya Blade: My Dad -- your grandfather -- was my hero. Called me Private Pun’kin.

Cassie Cage: Huh. That’s what you called me. We should get back to work.

Computer: Biometric verification required. ID verified -- General Sonya Blade.

Young Sonya Blade: General Blade? Dad would be proud.

[She gets to work. Johnny Cage meanwhile takes the younger self to some hangar.]

Young Johnny Cage: Untwist your panties, Older Me. I'm a star.

Johnny Cage: This is a military operation, not a movie set.

Young Johnny Cage: I'm only the best fighter here. But your daughter’s got me sitting at the kids table.

Johnny Cage: Our daughter is C.O. A little humility might earn her respect.

Young Johnny Cage: Dad always said, "Hungry people eat lunch, humble people serve it."

Johnny Cage: Dad was an asshole. Hollywood made us an even bigger one.


Johnny Cage: An old man just kicked your ass.

Young Johnny Cage: You got lucky.

[We’re back to Sonya.]

Young Sonya Blade: What? (to Cassie) You left me behind.

Cassie Cage: Excuse me?

Young Sonya Blade: My final mission.

Cassie Cage: How did you – Shit. No. I'm not doing this. Not now. Not with you.

Young Sonya Blade: Dammit, Cassie. You abandoned me?

Cassie Cage: To save the company! That was my order.

Young Sonya Blade: Who the hell gave you that order?!

Cassie Cage: You did. Read the full report, Lieutenant.

[Suddenly an alarm beeping.]

Cassie Cage: Go to Condition Red! We’re under attack! Repeat, we're under attack!

Young Johnny Cage: Yippee-ki-yay, right?

Johnny Cage: Follow my lead.

[An explosion happens. Erron Black and his people walking into the hanger. We switch to Kano and his army of clones. Sektor enters. He has new white-red armor and laser gun. Meanwhile Special Forces headquarters are preparing to fight back the intruders.]

Johnny Cage: Oh, that's freaky like Friday.

Young Johnny Cage: They shot our face, Johnny. They shot. Our FACE.

[He going berserk and start shooting randomly.]

Johnny Cage: He's gonna get us killed.

[Young Johnny takes Erron’s man and our Johnny takes Erron himself.]

Johnny Cage: Ooh! Funny way of saying howdy, partner.

Erron Black: I was saying goodbye.

Johnny Cage: Now why‘s a nice Texas boy like Erron Black in bed with the Black Dragon? Older You works for Kotal Kahn. He's one of the good guys, kinda.

Erron Black: When I pick sides, I pick a winner. Every time.


Johnny Cage: You chose... poorly. Cassie! Sonya!

[He finds Cassie on the floor.]

Johnny Cage: Breathe, kiddo.

Cassie Cage: They took Mom-- Sonya.

Cassie Cage: I’ll get her. Can we find out where they’ve gone?

Jacqui Briggs: Tarmac B.

Johnny Cage: On it. Keep her safe.

[Outside Sektor and his .]

Sektor: Take her.

[Johnny Cage appears on the damn tank. He rams the robots of Sektor and is going to crush him too, but Sektor has an aircraft stashed away. He sits on it and fires rockets at Cage’s tank. Johnny is evacuated and blows up his tank. Sektor’s aircraft lights up and he also has to evacuate.]

Johnny Cage: Two can play that game.

Sektor: Send another extraction vehicle.

Johnny Cage: You won't be online long enough for your friends to make it, Tin-Head.

Sektor: Johnny Cage. Cyrax defeated you when you were younger and stronger. As I am his superior, I am yours.

Johnny Cage: You’re forgetting the time I beat Shinnok, mano-a-mano. Oh, wait! You were dead when that happened.


Johnny Cage: Go back to the 90s. Who’s next?

Young Kano: I’m next, Hollywood.

[Johnny kicks his nuts. In slow-mo.]

Johnny Cage: Shit. As if Throwback Me wasn’t bad enough.

Young Kano: Oh, it gets bloody worse. Sonya and your little girl… they’re gonna die. Right in front of your face.


Johnny Cage: No one threatens my family. (someone shoots him in the leg) Oh! Motherf -

[Kano with Young Johnny Cage as a hostage appears.]

Kano: Well, well Got ourselves a full on generation swap here. Don’t think so. Between Ninja Mime and Lady Liberty, we’ve got all the leverage. We’re leaving.

[An aircraft flies up from which a Young Kabal goes out and several robots.]

Kano: Kabal. Go get my lesser half.

Young Kabal: And the base?

Kano: Taken care of.

[He pushes a button on a detonator. Kano, Young Kabal takes Young Johnny and Young Sonya Blade and leaves. Cassie runs for the aircraft.]

Jacqui Briggs: Cassie! Don't!

[She shoots a bug at the aircraft.]

Cassie Cage: Let’s go get them.

Johnny Cage: Anyone else hear that beeping?

[It’s Sektor. He almost detonates. Raiden appears.]

Raiden: Have I arrived too late?

Johnny Cage: You’re back in the nick of time!

[Raiden teleports the heroes to Scorpion’s dojo.]

Young Jax Briggs: Now that's what I call a miracle.

Cassie Cage: Yeah, Raiden. Thanks.

Raiden: Grand master Hasashi, I humbly request the Shirai Ryu's hospitality. My Sky Temple has been compromised. There is no safer place for us to gather.

Hanzo Hasashi: Lord Raiden. Welcome to the Fire Garden.

Cassie Cage: The Elder Gods are gone? Shinnok is Kronika's son? No wonder she sent the Black Dragon after me and Dad. We both kicked his ass.

Raiden: It is not vengeance that drives Kronika. She restarts history to balance light and dark among the realms.

Liu Kang: What can we do, Lord Raiden?

Raiden: Gather Earthrealm's forces. But that effort will be for naught if Kotal Kahn's armies cannot join us. Cetrion informed me that Shao Kahn has captured Kotal Kahn We must spare no effort to free him.

Liu Kang: Kung Lao and I will go. We will rendezvous with Princess Kitana.

Raiden: Thank you both May the Elder Gods protect – (he stops for a second) May you return victorious.


[Meanwhile Kitana negotiates with Queen Sheeva.]

Queen Sheeva: You are passionate, Princess Kitana. But I am not persuaded.

Kitana: Queen Sheeva, haven’t your people fared better under Kotal Kahn than Shao Kahn?

Queen Sheeva: In some ways. But we can only guess which Kahn will prevail in this struggle. We gain no advantage, choosing sides now.

Liu Kang: Princess!

Kitana: Liu Kang? Why are you here?

Liu Kang: Kotal Kahn has been captured by the Tarkatans. We must act quickly, before he is executed.

Queen Sheeva: My people will not rally to a Kahn held in chains.

Kitana: We have Earthrealm’s support, your Highness. With yours, we can guarantee victory.

Queen Sheeva: There is no path to Victory without the Tarkatans. If they can be swayed to Kotal Kahn, it would be to our advantage to join him.

Kitana: I will return, Queen Sheeva, with the Tarkatans at my side. Together we will march on Shao Kahn.

[Meanwhile Kotal Kahn is put in a cell.]

Shao Khan: What is it about Jade's blood that intrigues you, Skarlet?

Skarlet: Edenian blood is most sweet, your Excellency. It is also a rare commodity.

Liu Kang: Where are they taking him?

Kitana: To the Koliseum, no doubt.

Kung Lao: Then we attack now.

Kitana: We’ll never sway Baraka to Kotal's side by taking the offensive. We must turn Baraka first, then attack Shao Kahn together.

Kung Lao: The Tarkatans won't grant an audience Their instinct will be to attack.

Liu Kang: Not to mention Jade. At the first Sign of trouble, they could kill her.

Kitana: I have an idea.

[They go to the camp in disguise with Kitana as hostage.]

Liu Kang (as Kotal warrior): Who is in charge here?

[The heroes enters Shao Kahn’s tent. Skarlet interrogates Jade with her blood magic.]

Skarlet: Almost done. Then time to feast.

[Kitana and her guards walks in.]

Skarlet: Princess Kitana?

Liu Kang: Our gift for Shao Kahn. We Wish to join his fight against Kotal.

Skarlet: All those years, the Kahn’s high and mighty daughter. Now brought low by common soldiers. Have you learned, finally, that you’re no better than the rest of us?

Liu Kang: She is for Shao Kahn. We demand to see Baraka.

Skarlet: You won't be seeing anyone... Liu Kang.

Tarkatan: Nor arka! (Grab them!)

[The fight begins.]

[Skarlet runs out of the tent. Kitana runs after her.]

Skarlet: You betrayed your father, Kitana!

Kitana: I was Shao Kahn’s ‘daughter’ by conquest. He stole Edenia from its rightful ruler, the father I never knew.

Skarlet: Because your people, and your bloodline were weak.


Kitana: There is more to power than conquest, Skarlet.

[Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Jade appears.]

Kung Lao: As requested, zero casualties.

Kitana: Jade, are you all right? We must find Baraka quickly to save Kotal.

Jade: Baraka won’t join us. Kotal’s hate for the Tarkatans runs too deep. If I hadn’t stopped him, Kotal would've executed them all.

[Baraka and his army suddenly enters.]

Baraka: Yes. Kotal has made his intentions plain.

Kitana: Baraka, please listen. No more Tarkatans need to die.

Baraka: Kotal Kahn threatens all Tarkatans. In the New Era, Shao Kahn will rule.


Kitana: Hear me, Baraka I speak truth. Jade, Liu Kang, Kung Lao. Stand down!

Baraka: Khut! Nar kombat trakka! (Hold! Cease your kombat!) Speak. You’ve earned the chance.

Kitana: Shao Kahn has pitted Outworld’s peoples against one another for millennia. And for what? The honor of dying in his wars? We must fight for each other, Baraka, not with each other.

Baraka: Kotal wants us dead. He said as much to my face.

Kitana: Aid us, and I’ll make sure you sit at Kotal's table. Which do you prefer, Baraka? To be Shao Kahn's slave? Or Kotal Kahn’s trusted ally?

Baraka: No one's ever made Tarkatans such an offer. But these are your words, not his.

Kitana: Help me save Kotal Kahn. We'll ask him together.

Baraka: He offers less, I’ll slit his throat.

Kitana: If he offers less, Baraka, I’ll help you.

[We switch to the arena. Kotal sits in chains. Shao Kahn reads a speech to the people.]

Shao Kahn: You’ve suffered too long at this pretender’s hands. But I've returned, and I will save you from his madness! Only I can rebuild the empire. All realms will tremble before me! Outworld will again be conquerors, never the conquered!

[He is preparing to crush the skull of Kotal, but the gate is knocked out with a bang, and Kitana and her people enter the arena.]

Shao Kahn: Where’s this boldness been hiding, Kitana? Had you shown it before, I’d have had no need for Mileena.

Kitana: My ‘sister’ was an unholy monster. Exactly like you, ‘father’.

[She attacks Shao Kahn, but the Prisoner interrupts their fight.]

The Prisoner: Ungrateful shrew. Born to privilege which you throw away.

Kitana: Who are you to judge me?

The Prisoner: You have not known cold or hunger. If you had, you would value the gifts Shao Kahn gave you.


Kitana: Be grateful you still breathe.

[Shao Kahn fights Kotal.]

Jade: Kotal!

Kitana: Surrender or face the consequences.

Shao Kahn: Surrender on the brink of victory? You re as feeble minded as Jerrod --

Kitana: King Jerrod. The father you murdered and stole me from.

Shao Kahn: I wanted Jerrod’s wife, not his heir. I kept you only to appease your mother. Do not expect mercy this time.


Kitana: I’ll not inherit your cruelty.

[She unmasks him and slit his throat.]

Kung Lao: She did it!

Liu Kang: Of course she did.

Jade: Do you feel anything?

Kotal Kahn: Shao Kahn has crippled me. Left me defenseless.

Jade: Not while I am by your side.

Kotal Kahn: You would have me? Even with my hardened heart?

Jade: I know your heart. It can change.

Kitana: It’s over, Kotal Kahn. The throne is secure.

Kotal Kahn: Thank you. Baraka, Sheeva. I have not served your peoples well. Yet still you aided me. I will not forget.

Baraka: We don’t need charity. We will share in Outworld’s rule.

Kotal Kahn: That is up to her now.

Kitana: What?

Kotal Kahn: The throne is yours. You have united Outworld, Kitana Kahn.

Kung Lao: (to Liu Kang) She's now officially out of your league.

Kitana: I am humbled, Kotal. From this day on, may all our peoples fight together as one.

[Meanwhile at Scorpion’s dojo...]

Raiden: The news from Outworld is indeed hopeful. But the location of Kronika's Keep remains a mystery it is beyond the realms, and has proven to be beyond my sight.

Hanzo Hasashi: Do you know of Kharon, Raiden?

Sub-Zero: Kharon, of course.

Raiden: Who is Kharon?

Hanzo Hasashi: Master of the ancient ship of the dead. Sub-Zero and I met him during our time as Revenants.

Sub-Zero: He travels in the space beyond realms, transporting damned souls to the Netherrealm.

Hanzo Hasashi: If the Keep lies there, Kharon may know its location.

Raiden: Would he help us?

Hanzo Hasashi: It is possible, but I cannot be sure.

Raiden: I urge you both to investigate.

Hanzo Hasashi: We will leave immediately.

[Scorpion and Sub-Zero leaves.]

Cassie Cage: Locking down Outworld's army is huge. But still, I’d feel better if we had more manpower.

Raiden: The Shaolin will join us. Liu Kang and Kung Lao travel now to aid the monks’ preparations.

Cassie Cage: Good. I'll be leaving soon to go after Johnny and Sonya.

Young Jax Briggs: I’ll go, too.

Jacqui Briggs: We're both going.

Cassie Cage: No. Raiden needs you for an intel op.

Young Jax Briggs: We need to get Sonya back.

Raiden: Undoubtedly. But Kronika’s behavior makes it clear that, while mighty, she is not all-powerful. Otherwise why would she attempt to steal Jinsei?

Jacqui Briggs: Think maybe she’s still budding strength?

Raiden: A distinct probability.

Young Jax Briggs: Then what’s her next move?

Raiden: With the Dragon Grotto’s Jinsei fountain sealed, there is no greater energy source in Earthrealm than the Well of Souls beneath Shang Tsung’s island.

Jacqui Briggs: Then we'd better go check it out.

Raiden: I regret that I cannot join you. I must keep Vigil for SIgl‘is of Kronika further tampering with time.

Cassie Cage: We all have our duty.

Raiden: I am told you defeated Shinnok, Cassandra Cage. You will defeat the likes of Kano. But proceed with caution. If either Johnny or Sonya die, you will cease to exist. It will be beyond my power to save you.


[Sonya wakes up on a fenced arena in some kind of warehouse. A crowd rages around.]

Loudspeaker: Rise and shine, Sonya.

[She's looking at her gear. Her weapons are gone.]

Young Kano: Yeah, you won’t be needing that stuff, love. One thing we Black Dragon know, there’s no fun in a fair fight.

[Some punk that appears to be Kabal enters.]

Young Kabal: So Sonya’s the skank who burns me?

Kano: She more than burns you, Kabal. She goes black-ops on your arse. Shocks, knives, the bloody works. Patched you back together myself. Well, most of you.

Young Kabal: She’s dead.

Young Kano: Miss Law and Order really does that to him?

Kano: Nah. But now he’s motivated.

Young Kabal: Hope you’re ready for some pre-emptive vengeance.

Young Sonya Blade: What the hell are you talking about, Kabal?

Young Kabal: You, torturing me to get dirt on the Black Dragon.


Young Sonya Blade: Don’t believe every rumor you hear. I’m done entertaining you clowns! Get in here, you cowards!

Kano: (via loudspeaker) Tempting, love. But we think our next contender is a beaut…

[Somebody who's been beaten up pretty badly is being dragged into the arena.]

Young Sonya Blade: Shit.

[It appears to be Young Johnny Cage.]

Young Sonya Blade: I won’t fight him!

Kano: (via loudspeaker) You’ll damn sure fight, or you’ll both die.

Young Sonya Blade: Cut the shit. You’ll kill us whether we fight or not!

Kano: (via loudspeaker) Ah, you caught me love. But put on a good show, eh? It’ll be less painful.

Young Johnny Cage: C’mon. You’ve been dyin’ to hit me all day. Here’s your chance.

Young Sonya Blade: And give them the satisfaction of watching us fight? Like hell.

Young Johnny Cage: You said it: they’ll kill us whether we fight or not. Fighting buys us time to find a way out. So quit being a diva and hit me!

[She hits him in the face and stomach. Johnny can barely stand on her feet.]

Young Sonya Blade: Take a dive!

Young Johnny Cage: No way. These people know a dive when they see one.

[Sonya swings for another punch, but suddenly the gate blows up. Cassie and her men breaking into the room guns blazing.]

Young Sonya Blade: Three. Two.

[But… Erron Black blocks their way. He shoots Johnny in the shoulder. Erron cocks his revolver again to kill Johnny lying on the floor, but Sonya kicks him on the arm.]

Erron Black: Now ain’t this a thrill. Bagging the legendary Sonya Blade.


Young Sonya Blade: Lieutenant!

Cassie Cage: He needs a med evac. We’re gonna have to fight our way out to the rendezvous. You’ll need these.

[They're taking Johnny and retreating. Cassie's with guns in both hands kills thugs like in a shooting gallery. Kano shows up with a nine-barrel machine gun.]

Kano: Where do you think you’re going?

[Kano starts shooting the area. Cassie, Sonya and Johnny hide behind the truck. He notices them and sends a few big-caliber greetings to Cassie's chest. Sonya wants to return the favor.]

Cassie: No! It’s too dangerous!

[Sonya attacks Cano, jumping off a truck. They're exchanging punches. Young Kano comes.]

Young Kano: Best thing about this future, love? I’m alive, but you‘re dead as a doornail.

Kano: Worst thing is, it’s those Netherrealm stiffs did you in. Shoulda been me.

Young Kano: Let s have ourselves a do-over.

[Sonya kicks both their arses.]

Young Sonya Blade: You might be alive in this future, but that can change.


Young Sonya Blade: Let me give you a break.

[She steps on his throat.]

Kano: (with Johnny as hostage) Now this is a pickle. Can you break his neck faster than I can gut Pretty Boy?Don’t forget. It’s two-for-one. He dies, so does your little girl!

Young Sonya Blade: Thanks, Kano.

Kano: For what?

Young Sonya Blade: For reminding me of the rules.

[She pulls out a gun and shoots Young Kano in the head. Kano dies theatrically. Some time passes. Sonya bandages Johnny's wounds.]

Young Johnny Cage: Sweet move. I’m totally stealing that one for Timequake. How about… dinner sometime? Y’know, to thank you for saving my life? And apologize for being, well, me. No pressure. No romance.

Young Sonya Blade: Patience is a virtue, Cage. What is that?

[Geras, Kronika's henchmen shows up. The bullets do not cause him any damage. He kills soldiers one by one.]

Young Johnny Cage: Who’s the special guest villain?

Young Sonya Blade: Geras, Kronika’s goon. Allegedly, he can’t be killed.

Young Johnny Cage: I fought a dude like that in Fatal Infinity –hrnngh!!

Young Sonya Blade: Get him evac’ed. I’ll keep this thing occupied.

Geras: Sonya Blade. Mother of Cassie Cage.

Young Sonya Blade: Yeah, what of it?

Geras: Cassie Cage defeated Shinnok, son of Kronika. I am his mother’s vengeance.


Young Sonya Blade: Stay away from my daughter.

[Unexpectedly, Cassie enters the battlefield on a forklift. She nails Geras to the wall.]

Cassie Cage: Try coming back from this.

Young Sonya Blade: You okay?

Cassie Cage: I’ll be fine. I come from tough stock.

Young Sonya Blade: Listen. What I said back at the base, about the mission. It wasn’t fair. You’re a damn fine soldier. I’m so proud, I can almost picture myself dating Johnny. Almost.

Cassie Cage: I wish I could go back. Do our last mission over.

Young Sonya Blade: It wasn’t easy, finding out how I die--or, could die. But I re-read the file. You followed orders. Saved your squad. I’m just glad that my sacrifice saved Earthrealm – and you. Besides, you heard Raiden. Things’ll never go back to what they were. We all have to “choose our destiny”.

[Geras's blood is starting to come together.]

Young Sonya Blade: Liu Kang and Kung Lao weren’t kidding about this guy…

Cassie Cage: All squads withdraw! Evac, now!


Kronika: Geras failed. When he returns, I will strengthen him further for the final battle.

[Resurrected Liu Kang approaches her.]

Kronika: Speak your mind.

Resurrected Liu Kang: We’ve lost Shao Kahn, his Outworld army, and now the Black Dragon.

Kronika: While Raiden’s allies have burned precious time fighting Kano and Shao Kahn, our most important work has continued, uninterrupted, on Shang Tsung’s island.

Resurrected Liu Kang: That island is in ruins. What could possibly--

Kronika: Timecraft requires an abundance of raw temporal energy. Every mortal soul contains a lifetime of this power. Every hour, every minute, every second lived, is stored within.

Resurrected Liu Kang: Shang Tsung fed off souls. He collected them.

Kronika: In his Well of Souls which remains, untouched, beneath his island. A destiny I crafted for Shang Tsung, in case I ever had need. Shang Tsung’s souls will be mine.

[Resurrected Liu Kang smiles and bows.]


[Young Jax and his daughter are sailing on a giant warship.]

Young Jax Briggs: How’s the view?

Jacqui Briggs: No sign yet of the mystical barrier you mentioned.

Young Jax Briggs: Oh, you’ll know it when it comes.

Jacqui Briggs: How you feeling?

Young Jax Briggs: For the first time in a while, in control. I got tossed into the deep end of this world of gods and monsters. But now, knowing my future, I feel like I’ve finally come up for air. Those bad things that happened to me... I mean, will happen to me? Like Raiden said, it’s gonna be different. Isn’t this good news?

Jacqui Briggs: The things that happened to my Dad. That trauma he suffered. It’s why my parents met. They fell in love while he was in recovery. If they don’t happen, you and Mom may not meet. I may never be born.

Young Jax Briggs: Jacqui, I can’t pretend I get all this cosmic time stuff, but I do know you are here for a reason. You’re not just some random accident.

Jacqui Briggs: I hope so.

[They come to the ruins of some island.]

Jacqui Briggs: Shang Tsung’s island!

Young Jax Briggs: Here we go again. When I was here for the tournament, there were people everywhere. These guys looked a lot younger. Seems like only yesterday…

Jacqui Briggs: Guess after Shang Tsung died, this place did, too. Nobody’s home. So much for needing stealth. Should’ve brought the whole squad.

Young Jax Briggs: Kinda hoping Raiden’s wrong about the Well of Souls. I don’t wanna be here longer than we--

Jacqui Briggs: Multiple contacts!

Young Jax Briggs: How many?

Jacqui Briggs: Two! But one of ‘em’s circling us real fast!

[They're being attacked by the Resurrected Kabal and Jade.]

Resurrected Kabal: Kronika knew Raiden would send someone here.

Young Jax Briggs: Give me ten seconds with this guy.

Resurrected Kabal: Jax Briggs. We were partners under Quan Chi’s command. You’ll pm me again.

Young Jax Briggs: Got the wrong Jax. I haven’t been a Revenant. And I never will.


Young Jax Briggs: Times are changing, Kabal.

[Meanwhile, Jacqui fights with Resurrected Jade. Jade wins and uses her staff to raise the dead monks.]

Resurrected Jade: Rise in Shinnok’s name! You’ll not disturb Kronika’s work.

Jacqui Briggs: Disturb? Try ending.

Young Jax Briggs: You’re done messing with the Well of Souls.

Resurrected Jade: You’re not as strong as you think, Jax. As I recall, Sindel made quick work of you.

Young Jax Briggs: I’ll take the lady in green.

[Jacqui starts fighting with monks, often getting hit in the head.]

Young Jax Briggs: Was a time when you knew who to fight for But between Quan Chi and Kronika, your mind ain’t right.

Resurrected Jade: I joined Raiden against Shao Kahn. He led me to my doom. Now Raiden leads you there, too.


Young Jax Briggs: I’ll take my chances with Raiden.

Jacqui Briggs: Enough dancing with the dead. Raiden said this Well of Souls would be underground.

Young Jax Briggs: This way.

[They enter a dark cave. There are human skulls lying on the floor.]

Jacqui Briggs: This is Goro’s Lair?

Young Jax Briggs: Thankfully minus Goro. Shang Tsung kept me locked up here, back at my first tournament. Never thought I’d be back…

Jacqui Briggs: Remember where a Well of Souls might be?

Young Jax Briggs: Couldn’t tell you. I was pretty beat up. It’s all a bit hazy.

[Soon they find, well… a well… of souls.]

Jacqui Briggs: I’m guessing this is it.

Young Jax Briggs: That crown. Five bucks says it’s Kronika’s.

Jacqui Briggs: It’s drawing souls from the Well.

Young Jax Briggs: There’s no way that thing’s unguarded. Let’s grab-and-go before whoever’s on duty gets back.

Voice: I never left.

[There's a short fight going on. Our heroes lose.]

Jacqui Briggs: Who are you?

Noob Saibot: A deathly shadow. In life, I was called Bi-Han.

Jacqui Briggs: And I should know who that is?

Young Jax Briggs: The first Sub-Zero. Scorpion ripped out his spine. Left it in a heap upstairs, in Shang Tsung’s old throne room.

Noob Saibot: An event the New Era will wipe from history.

Young Jax Briggs: Hang on, Jacqui. I got this.

Noob Saibot: Ermac was weak. He took your arms but did not finish you.

Young Jax Briggs: Got that right. I’m just that tough.


Young Jax Briggs: Guess Ermac’s not the only one who’s weak. C’mon. Let’s get that thing and get outta here.

[Jacqui makes a brilliant decision to take the crown of the Kronika from the Well of Souls with her bare hands.]

Voice: Jacqui, wait.

[Jax comes out of the shadows.]

Young Jax Briggs: Mind. Blown.

Jacqui Briggs: Dad? How’d you get here?

Young Jax Briggs: I’ll give you one guess.

Jacqui Briggs: Dad, your -- your arms! Those look like Kronika’s design. What are you doing?

Jax Briggs: Giving you the life you deserve.

Young Jax Briggs: By destroying the universe?

Jax Briggs: Restarting it, not destroying it. Being a Revenant. The years I lost, the things I did. Your Ma held me together. But I was never the father you needed.

Young Jax Briggs: You’re talking nonsense, man. You raised a fine daughter. She’s one helluva soldier.

Jax Briggs: She shouldn’t have been a soldier! I never wanted you out there, taking those risks. If I hadn’t fallen apart, you wouldn’t have felt the need to enlist.

Jacqui Briggs: That’s not why I do this, Dad!

Jax Briggs: Please. Give that crown to me. I don’t want to hurt anybody.

Jacqui Briggs: This is seriously messed up…

Young Jax Briggs: Hang back, kid. I know I wouldn’t want to fight my Dad. How ‘bout we keep this between me, myself, and I? Never thought I’d stoop so low.

Jax Briggs: You don’t know how bad it gets. Losing your arms was just the beginning.

Young Jax Briggs: I know you suffered. You still do. But you don’t betray your unit, and you sure as hell don’t betray your family.


Young Jax Briggs: There’s gotta be a way to make this right.

Jacqui Briggs: He’s out, but he’ll recover How’re you?

Young Jax Briggs: Trippin’. You?

Jacqui Briggs: Ditto. We can’t leave him. Let’s get him and the crown outta here.

[They're taking the beaten Jax outside.]

Young Jax Briggs: If I never come back here it’ll be too soon.

Jacqui Briggs: I heard that.

[From heaven, like the goddamn Jesus, Cetrion comes down.]

Cetrion: Mortals! Surrender Kronika’s crown and the elder Jackson Briggs. No harm will come to you.

Jacqui Briggs: No deal. We know you betrayed the Elder Gods, Cetrion.

Cetrion: Kronika must restore the balance that Raiden destroyed. Can you not see, he s the devil in these matters?

Young Jax Briggs: At least he’s the devil we know.

Jacqui Briggs: Can we take an Elder God?

Young Jax Briggs: Cassie beat Shinnok.

Jacqui Briggs: Only because the Cages are born with crazy magic powers.

Young Jax Briggs: Maybe we have our own magic.

[He looks at Kronika’s crown at Jacqui’s belt.]

Cetrion: Stand down, please. Resistance only ensures your suffering.

Young Jax Briggs: I can’t let you do-

Jacqui Briggs: I’m not discussing it.

Cetrion: Your mind is too frail to Wield Kronika’s weapon. For your own safety, remove it!

Jacqui Briggs: It’s not time for safety. It’s time for action.


Jacqui Briggs: Eat your heart out, Cassie Cage.

[She's trying to take off the crown, but she's not getting anywhere. Jax approaches and, to our surprise, easily removes the crown. Apparently, the most powerful artifact has had no impact on the mind of an ordinary girl.]

Cetrion: You were warned. Mere mortals cannot control the Crown. I did not wish to harm you. But now you have forced my hand…

[She's making an earthquake. Jacqui falls into the abyss and barely grasps the ledge. The old Jax comes.]

Young Jax Briggs: The hell’re you doing’!

Cetrion: Give me the crown and I will spare her.

Jacqui Briggs: Don’t! Don’t give it to her! GO!!

Cetrion: Her life is in your hands.

Jax Briggs: Nobody here wants to hurt anyone. Now, please. Don’t let this happen to our girl.

Young Jax Briggs: Dammit!

[He throws the crown to his old self.]

Jax Briggs: Now bring Jacqui back.

[She closes the crack and moving Jacqui to the surface.]

Jacqui Briggs: Dad? How could you do this to me?!

Jax Briggs: I’m not doing this to you, Jacqui. I’m doing it for you. I love you.

Cetrion: Kronika awaits our return.

[They disappear.]

Young Jax Briggs: C’mon. This fight isn’t over.


Kronika: This will bring us our deliverance. Thank you, both of you. I sense apprehension, Jackson Briggs.

Jax Briggs: I’m not usually surrounded by so many friendly faces.

Kronika: We are unlikely allies, united for a common cause. Worry not. Liu Kang, Kitana. Are the armies assembled?

Resurrected Liu Kang: They’re en route. Kitana and I will see that they arrive as planned.

Kronika: Excellent.

[She puts the crown on her head.]

Kronika: So many souls! So much time! As my strength gathers, the New Era draws ever closer!

[At Scorpion’s dojo.]

Raiden: The report from Jacqueline Briggs. Her father’s actions have compromised our Situation gravely.

Cassie Cage: I know I can’t – I can’t believe he did this.

Raiden: Even if we locate her Keep, Kronika’s power now likely exceeds the might of our combined forces.

Cassie Cage: Maybe we should rethink using Shinnok’s Amulet.

Raiden: We cannot, Cassandra Cage.

Cassie Cage: I’ve seen what you can do with it. You held off the entire Netherrealm army. You weren’t even at full strength.

Raiden: I dare not risk the temptations of its dark power. Even now it calls to me… Despite Kronika’s advantages, we must attack as soon as we know the Keep’s location.

Cassie Cage: It’s been hours since we heard from the Grandmasters. What’s the plan if they don’t come back?

Raiden: They must, or else hope is lost.


[We teleport to some cave. Scorpion and Sub-Zero are watching Cetrion leading an army of cyborgs.]

Hanso Hasashi: Those warriors must be headed for Kronika’s Keep.

Sub-Zero: Agreed. But why not use Kharon’s fleet? The bridge clearly taxes her power.

Hanso Hasashi: The fleet’s bound to Kharon. It sails only by his command. That it’s still moored suggests he won’t help Kronika.

Sub-Zero: In which case he may help us.

Hanso Hasashi: It looks like Kharon is home, perhaps hosting some unwelcome guests. Return to Earthrealm. Tell the others we’ve found him. We’ll deploy as soon as I return.

Sub-Zero: Are you certain Kharon will aid us?

Hanso Hasashi: No. But he’s our best chance.

[Scorpion sneaks to Kharon’s hut. He's lying on a table wrapped in some kind of slurry.]

D’vorah: You should have aided Kronika, Kharon. Now you must suffer.

Kharon: I am immortal, D’Vorah. You cannot kill me.

D’vorah: This One needs only render you unfit to ferry Kronika’s enemies.

[She screams as Scorpion grabs her with his legendary move.]

Hanso Hasashi: Get over here! First Shinnok, now Kronika. You fight for lost causes.

D’vorah: This One ensures the Hive’s survival. You will not save the Shirai Ryu.


Hanso Hasashi: The Shirai Ryu will not fall.

[Suddenly he gets hit... from himself.]

Scorpion: Your clan of imposters will indeed fall.

Hanso Hasashi: I’ve restored the Shirai Ryu. Built a clan that’s never been stronger.

Scorpion: On a foundation of pretenders and outsiders! Kronika told me.

[Hanso kicks his ass.]

Scorpion: Without our original bloodlines, there is no Shirai Ryu. Our clan’s massacre extinguished them! Kronika will revive the true Shirai Ryu in the New Era.

Hanso Hasashi: Do not trust Kronika! She uses your anger to enslave you, as Quan Chi did both of us. I let go my rage, and it saved me. To save yourself, you must do the same.


Hanso Hasashi: It’s past time you were freed. We both know what truly drives you. It’s not Shirai Ryu pride, it’s your wife and child.

Scorpion: Harumi and Satoshi were stolen from me. Murdered. Seeing them again is all that matters.

Hanso Hasashi: We share this pain. I fought through Hell to end it. But Kronika’s New Era is not the remedy. She would resurrect Shinnok. The same devil who brought death to our family and clan. He cannot be allowed to return. When I revived the Shirai Ryu, I vowed our clan would ensure Earthrealm s protection. Help me keep that promise.

[He's reaching out to Scorpion. Behind his back, D’vorah appears and pierces him with her “sprouts.”]

Hanso Hasashi: Poison--

D’vorah: Kronika knew your past sins would distract you. Now This One ends your misery.

[Scorpion jumps in cuts off her “sprouts.”]

Scorpion: Now you die.

[D’vorah creeps away.]

Hanso Hasashi: Raiden is at the Fire Gardens. Enlist Kharon’s aid. Bring Raiden’s army to the Keep. You must!

Scorpion: You have my word.

Hanso Hasashi: The new Shirai Ryu are worthy. It’s heart, not blood, that makes them warriors.

[He dies. The wind and sad music brings us back to the dojo.]

Sub-Zero: Your Shaolin masters, they’re ready?

Young Liu Kang: They will fight until the last man.

Sub-Zero: That is likely what it will take.

Young Liu Kang: There will not be a fight if Kharon does not help us. Is there any word from Grandmaster Hasashi?

Sub-Zero: No. If we do not hear soon, I will return to the Netherrealm.

[Scorpion appears.]

Young Liu Kang: Wrong Scorpion. This cannot be good.

Sub-Zero: Get Raiden.

Scorpion: The Fire Gardens, rebuilt? The Shirai Ryu are indeed restored.

Sub-Zero: Why are you here, Scorpion? Where is Grandmaster Hasashi?

Scorpion: He is dead.

Sub-Zero: And now you have come to finish us.

Scorpion: I understand your mistrust, but I am here to assist you!

Sub-Zero: I find that impossible to believe.


Scorpion: You misunderstand my intentions.

[He's struck by lightning, and flying off.]

Raiden: Who sent you here, Scorpion?

Scorpion: My future self is dead. I am here at his behest.

Young Liu Kang: Grandmaster Hasashi sent you?

Scorpion: I honor his dying wish. Kharon will ferry your armies to the isle of Kronika. We must leave at once.

Raiden: Do you have proof of Kharon’s offer?

Scorpion: Only my word.

Raiden: Your word is worthless. At the tournament, I trusted you to spare Bi-Han, and you betrayed me.

Scorpion: A mistake born of rage. I seek redemption.

Raiden: Lies, Scorpion, you are a slave. And Kronika is your master.


Scorpion: Raiden, you must listen!

Raiden: Spout your falsehoods elsewhere, Scorpion! Kronika will not entrap us.

Scorpion: It is no trap! Kharon awaits you in the Netherrealm.


Young Liu Kang: Lord Raiden! We should listen. He may be telling the truth.

Raiden: There is only one way to find out.

[He takes Shinnok’s Amulet and hits Scorpion with its power.]

Raiden: Now, Scorpion. The truth!

Young Liu Kang: Raiden, stop this!

Raiden: Step aside, Liu Kang.

Young Liu Kang: Put down the amulet! Its darkness is taking hold of you!

[Raiden hits Liu Kang with the power of the amulet.]

Raiden: Our time has run out. I do what I must to save Earthrealm. Stay down!

Young Liu Kang: This is not the way. Scorpion is not the enemy this time.

Raiden: Liu Kang, do not interfere!


Raiden: Do not force my hand, Liu Kang. The realms hang in the balance! To defend them, I must command order!

Young Liu Kang: I thought it impossible, but the Revenants were right. You cannot be trusted.

Raiden: I do not need trust. I demand obedience!

Young Liu Kang: Enough of your madness. If you must die, so be it.

Raiden: This-- This has happened before…

[He sees a vision of the final battle with Shao Kahn.]

Raiden: Liu Kang, do not interfere! You cannot fight Shao Kahn! Liu Kang, stop!

Young Liu Kang: Enough of your madness. If you must die, so be it!

[They're fighting through a multitude of options for a possible future… We're back to the current time line, where Raiden manages to stop the fight.]

Raiden: (bows) I have been a fool, Liu Kang. Kronika’s puppet. We only battle because she wills it. I must help him.

[He heals Scorpion and helps him to get up.]

Raiden: I was wrong to doubt you. I, too, have been a slave to anger.

Young Liu Kang: I do not understand, Lord Raiden. Your rage was caused by Kronika?

Raiden: Yes. I succumbed to her influence. But then, our confrontation... It unlocked memories. Memories not only from this timeline, but from timelines that have come before.

Cassie Cage: Wait a sec. Timelines? Plural?

Raiden: Kronika has restarted time on countless previous occasions, using each timeline to learn and to perfect her plan. The details of each timeline are different. But in each one, events conspire to bring Liu Kang and I into conflict. In each one, he dies. Only Kronika has such power to control time and fate.

Cassie Cage: I don’t get it. Why do that?

Raiden: I do not know But be assured, Kronika will control us no longer.

[A sandstorm rises and Kronika appears. Time stops its course.]

Kronika: At long last, you see the pattern.

Raiden: The pattern, but not the purpose. Why set me against Liu Kang?

Kronika: Is it not obvious? Your combined power threatens my vision for the timeline.

Raiden: Liu Kang and I will not be divided further by your machinations.

Kronika: Oh, Raiden. Do you think this is the first time you made that vow? We have repeated this exact conversation so often, in so many timelines, I have lost count.

Raiden: This timeline will end differently.

Kronika: We have played out all possible scenarios, Raiden. You cannot win. You are welcome to try, of course. But without Liu Kang by your side.

[Liu Kang is kidnapped by Kronika via sand teleportation.]

Kronika: Enjoy these final hours, Raiden. They are all you have.

[Time is returning to normal.]

Cassie Cage: Liu Kang! Where is he?!

Raiden: Kronika has taken him to her isle. We must leave immediately. To save the realms, we must save Liu Kang.

[At Kronika’s hideout. Liu Kang is sitting chained up on a chair. He is guarded by armored Geras.]

Young Liu Kang: A new look, just for me? You shouldn’t have. What do you want from me!

Kronika: You will aid in my protection.

Young Liu Kang: Not likely.

Resurrected Liu Kang: I have mastered Shinnok’s sorcery. I will add your soul’s strength to mine, and finally avenge myself upon Raiden.

Kronika: My friends, Raiden’s armies are coming. They will fight us, and they will lose.

[We see Raiden and his army together with Kitana’s army sailing on Kharon's boat for the last battle.]

Kharon: Kronika’s isle lies beyond the fog.

[But from the fog appears something else...]

Kharon: Battleships. My ferries cannot fight a war.

Raiden: This fleet is under my protection. (to his army) If Kharon falls, our fleet cannot sail. Protect him at all costs.

[Meanwhile on the battleship...]

Frost: Ramming speed!

[Kronika’s army is sailing close to Kharon's ship. The battle with the cyborgs begins.]

Jax Briggs: I don’t want to fight, but I’ve got to. For Jacqui’s sake and mine.


Raiden: Let me help you. Kronika’s promises to you are a cruel deception. She is the mother of Shinnok, the architect of your Revenant enslavement.

Jax Briggs: But-- No. She’s Cetrion’s mother.

Raiden: Cetrion is Shinnok’s sister. In Kronika’s New Era, Shinnok will be the darkness to balance Cetrion’s light.

Jax Briggs: Which’ll only happen if the realms keep on fighting each other. What have I done? I’m a fool.

Raiden: It is not foolish to fight for your family’s betterment.

Jax Briggs: I’m sorry, Raiden. I promise to make this right.

[He's starting to fight the cyborgs. Geras appears.]

Geras: I have died a thousand deaths to prepare for this battle. My defeat is impossible. Yours, inevitable.


Raiden: I will suffer you no more.

[He's wrapping Geras in a chain.]

Geras: Drowning cannot kill me, Raiden.

Raiden: That is unfortunate for you. The Sea of Blood is bottomless. You will fall forever.

[Frost joins the fun.]

Frost: Now do I have your attention, Raiden? The warriors sinking your fleet are under my command.

Raiden: You have made a devil’s bargain with Kronika, Frost.

Frost: You ignored me my entire life. Kronika saw my talent from the start.


Raiden: Envy and ambition consume you.

Sub-Zero: Such wasted potential.

Raiden: The good she could have done, in command of these Cyber Lin Kuei.

Sub-Zero: She commands them? Not Sektor? If so, she is linked to them. They follow her thoughts.

Raiden: Then let them follow her to defeat.

[Raiden uses electricity to control Frost's brain. All the cyborgs are shut down.]

Jax Briggs: Candy ass bitch.

[Meanwhile Resurrected Liu Kang consumes Young Liu Kang’s soul. Young Liu Kang dies.]

Resurrected Kitana: Raiden’s fleet nears our shores.

Resurrected Liu Kang: The two of you will command the army defending the beachhead.

Resurrected Kitana: Where will you be?

[He smiles. Kharon's ships have almost reached the land.]

Kharon: LAND HO!

[Resurrected Liu Kang is coming to the ship. He is met by Raiden.]

Raiden: Time after time, Kronika’s schemes have pitted us against each other. That cycle must end, Liu Kang.

Resurrected Liu Kang: This time, it will.

Raiden: Your power! Is this Kronika’s gift?

Resurrected Liu Kang: A gift to myself, you could say.

Raiden: You stole your own soul Perverted your own nature!

Resurrected Liu Kang: It’s a lesson you taught me, Raiden. To fight my enemies by any means necessary.


Raiden: I have conquered the darkness within me. You must do the same.

Resurrected Liu Kang: Raiden! You will have to kill me.

Raiden: I would rather save you.

[He strikes him with powerful electricity. Young Liu Kang revives and realizes what Raiden is doing, thus teleport to the last location where Raiden and Resurrected were via lightning. Kronika seems shocked.]


[Young Liu Kang has become a fire-electric creature.]

Sub-Zero: Liu Kang?

Fire God Liu Kang: I am – and I am not.

Jax Briggs: What happened to Raiden?

Fire God Liu Kang: He is part of me. Bound to my soul. He made me a god. For now, at least.

Kitana: A god? Incredible.

Kung Lao: Now he’s out of her league.

Fire God Liu Kang: My Revenant counterpart. I have absorbed his knowledge of the Keep, of Kronika’s plan. I know where to find the Hourglass. We can beat Kronika.

Kronika: Out of desperation comes invention. I had not thought it possible for Raiden to surprise me. Our success is no longer certain. We must make haste.

Kharon: Brace for impact!

[They land on the island of Kronika and start fighting countless demons. Old Jax also helps in the fight.]

Jacqui Briggs: This mean you’re back?

Jax Briggs: This means I’m sorry, Jacqui. And hell yeah I’m back.

[The Fire God appears in the sky and crushes all the demons in one apocalyptic explosion.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Stand back.

[They're continuing their triumphant march to Kronika's chambers.]

Resurrected Jade: Is the battle lost?

Kronika: Victory is still at hand. The Hourglass is nearly ready. You will prevent Liu Kang’s interference. But you will require more assistance.

[She uses some kind of frost magic. Meanwhile, The Fire God and his friends stands at the door.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Whatever happens, I am honored to fight at your Side.

Kitana: Likewise, Liu Kang.

Kung Lao: Me too, brother.

Fire God Liu Kang: May the Elder Gods protect us.

[He melts the door and they enter the room.]

Kronika: Liu Kang, God of Thunder and Fire. Combining with Raiden has the benefit of novelty. But it is also too little, too late.

[The time stops… and starts to go backwards.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Kitana! Kung Lao!

Kronika: Raiden’s gift shields you from the power of the Hourglass. Regardless --Your allies are gone, while mine remain to defend me. Finish him.

[The Fire God fights the resurrected trio.]

Raiden: (voice) Earthrealm’s Jinsei flows within you. Let it fuel your fire.

[The Fire God does flame on and push the resurrected away.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Now stand down. I have no wish to harm you.

Resurrected Kitana: Harm me?! You already killed me! My fate was sealed the moment I joined you at Raiden’s side. It s a mistake I won’t repeat in the New Era.


Fire God Liu Kang: Our bond was no mistake.

Resurrected Kung Lao: Your ego knows no bounds.

Fire God Liu Kang: I did not ask for this. It was thrust upon me.

Resurrected Kung Lao: It should have been me, Liu Kang, from the beginning! Thanks to Kronika, it will be.


Kronika: Still, you are alive.

Fire God Liu Kang: Yes, Kronika. You were right to fear mine and Raiden’s powers combined.

Kronika: A demi-god’s power cannot rival that of an Elder God Cetrion!

Cetrion: As you wish, mother. You match me step for step.

[Fire God Liu Kang easily defeats Cetrion.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Because your heart is not in the battle, Cetrion. You fight for your mother’s vision. But as a goddess of virtue you know that her desired balance is folly.

Kronika: Heed me, Cetrion. He lacks our vision and wisdom.

Fire God Liu Kang: Please. No virtue is served by condemning the realms to endless war.

Cetrion: The greatest virtue is abiding my mother’s will, Liu Kang. I cannot fail her.


Fire God Liu Kang: Your heart betrays you, Cetrion.

Cetrion: I have failed you.

Kronika: Dearest Cetrion, you have done admirably. Yet there is one final service to perform.

Cetrion: Yes, mother. I understand.

[She kills herself and Kronika absorbs her power.]

Kronika: You will be exalted in the New Era, Cetrion. And you Liu Kang, have failed. History rewinds, giving way to the New Era! The realms as you knew them are undone. Erased. You cannot save a future that no longer exists! There is only the New Era!


Fire God Liu Kang: The realms will not fight your endless wars.

Kronika: Fight me further, and your friends are lost. They have no future unless I create it.

Fire God Liu Kang: The future you offer is not worth living. It will not come to pass.


[After second win Fire God Liu Kang turns Kronika into a crystal and smashes it.]

Raiden: (voice) Our work is finished, Liu Kang.

Fire God Liu Kang: Lord Raiden.

Raiden: I am merely Raiden, now. You have proven worthy to take my place as Earthrealm’s new Protector, Lord Liu Kang.

Fire God Liu Kang: Where do we go from here?

Raiden: The Sands of Time are yours to shape. You must return the Hourglass to the dawn of time and sculpt a new history. A better one.

Fire God Liu Kang: The fate of all realms in my hands? Raiden, I cannot do this alone.

Raiden: Yes. You will need a partner with whom you can share the eons.

Fire God Liu Kang: Kitana.

Raiden: Your destinies have always been intertwined.

Fire God Liu Kang: We are far in the past, but not so far that I cannot reach her.

Raiden: Return with her to the dawn of time. Sculpt the Hourglass’ sands to forge a better future. I look forward to meeting again, in the next timeline.

Fire God Liu Kang: Then I will not say goodbye.

[And he starts... creating.]

Fire God Liu Kang: Are you ready?

Kitana: Yes. But no matter how we sculpt the Sands, we cannot plan for every possibility. Mortals will make their own choices. New evils will arise.

Fire God Liu Kang: Each realm must choose its own destiny. Whatever those choices, we will face them together.


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

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