Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The story so far…

[We see footage from the previous game.]

Talion: I had a family once. A wife.

Ioreth: This is beautiful.

Talion: And a son. And I buried them along with everyone I ever knew. What has happened to me? Am I dead?

Celebrimbor: You are banished from death, cast adrift between the worlds of light and dark. We are bound together, Talion. My life and yours.

Talion: Who are you, wraith?

Celebrimbor: I shaped the history of Middle-earth. I crafted the Rings of Power.

Talion: Celebrimbor. Greatest smith of the Second Age. Sauron deceived you into making the rings. He tortured both you and your kin.

Celebrimbor: Perhaps that pain is what connects us.

Talion: I should have died with my family.

Celebrimbor: I thought you wanted revenge! But there is only one way to close the circle. To defeat Sauron.

Talion: The time has come for a new ring.


Dark Haired Woman: (offscreen) The world of Men is ending. I have seen it. I have felt it. In the fires of Mount Doom, a Ranger with a Wraith bound together in death crafted the one thing that could challenge the Dark Lord. A Ring of Power. But power can blind those who seek it, and even the strongest bound can be broken. The future I have seen CANNOT come to pass.

Talion: Celebrimbor...

Dark Haired Woman: (offscreen) Death calls to you again, Ranger. How do you answer?

Ioreth: Talion. This is beautiful... Where did you find it?

Talion: I still have a few friends left in Gondor. What's wrong, my love?

Ioreth: The past is the past. Nothing can be changed.

Talion: We must leave this place. We can go. Now.

Ioreth: You're too late. We're already dead.

Talion: No, no, no!

Celebrimbor's Voice: Wake up Talion. Wake up Talion.

Dark Haired Woman: The wraith calls to you. I call to you.

[Talion wakes up at the cave entrance.]

Talion: Wraith! Where are you?

Dark Haired Woman: (whisper) He calls your name. Talion... Talion... Talion...

Talion: Celebrimbor?

Celebrimbor: (whisper) Talion. Talion.

Talion: I will find you.

Dark Haired Woman: (whisper) You’ve come far...

Talion: Need to keep quiet.

Celebrimbor: (whisper) Come, Talion. Free me.

Dark Haired Woman: (whisper) These Orcs are preparing for war.

Celebrimbor: (whisper) Talion. Talion.

Dark Haired Woman: (whisper) He waits, but for how long?

Talion: Celebrimbor. What has been done to you?

Dark Haired Woman: You've kept us waiting. A spider does not forfeit its prey, Ranger. Not unless prize is set before it. I called you here for a reason.

Talion: You will return him to me. Now.

Dark Haired Woman: You are brave, for a man. But it is not your sword that will save him. How much are you willing to sacrifice? To suffer.

Talion: I have given up everything.

Dark Haired Woman: Not everything. Not yet.

Talion: You want the Ring.

Dark Haired Woman: You would give me the ring for the wraith.

Talion: And find myself beside him in your web.

Dark Haired Woman: I am Shelob and I deal only in truth. I wouldn’t give it up either.

Talion: Wait.

Celebrimbor: Talion… no...

Talion: Take your prize.

Shelob: I’m impressed, Ranger. He must mean something to you. (to Celebrimbor) Go to your puppet before he dies.

Celebrimbor: You have doomed us, Talion. Her power was vast before and now you have given her mine. I poured my life force into that ring.

Talion: Then we must take it back. Shelob!

[He tries to attack, but Shelob easily stops him.]

Shelob: The war you came to fight is not here. The ring is lost. So look to Minas Ithil and the Dark Lord's armies that surround it. Look to the Palantir, Sauron will not stop until all of Middle-earth is dominated.

Saruman: The Palantir must be protected.

Talion: (to Celebrimbor) Minas Ithil. I must know if Shelob’s vision holds true.


Talion: The spider showed us the truth. Gondor’s last fortress in Mordor cannot fall.



Celebrimbor: The Palantir is our concern. We must seize it before it falls into Sauron’s hands. With it, his armies will be unstoppable. The fate of the city matters not.

Talion: I will not let them be slaughtered like my brothers at the Black Gate. We need to do something. Taking out the Captains should buy the Gondorians some time.

Celebrimbor: And they could lead us to the Palantir. We must find a worm and make him talk.

[Talion attacks one of the orc captains.]

Orc Captain: It's called the Palantir and it's why we’re here. The city is just an obstacle between us and it. You find the Seeing Stone -- you bring it directly to me. This how we conquer the Middle-earth, lads.

[Suddenly, a short girl with brown hair enters the battle.]

Girl: For Gondor! You will die here, Orc!

[After defeating the orcs, Talion decides to talk to the girl.]

Talion: Why are you out here alone?

Girl: My raiding party was trapped in the lower city overnight.

Talion: How many of you were there?

Girl: Not enough.

Talion: Minas Ithil still stands.

Girl: We’re about to lose the Middle City, Ranger. They'll be closing the gate if they haven't already. We need to get up there as fast as we can.

Talion: I'll be right behind you. Wait! What is your name?

Girl: Idril.

Talion: Talion.

Idril: Don't fall behind, Talion. We've lost enough Men today.

[We hear the sounds of the horn.]

Idril: Do you hear that, Ranger?! They're closing the gate!

Talion: Then let’s cut a path up there!

Idril: Sergeant Tarandor’s going to need our help. Let's move!

Soldier 1: We thought we were dead!

Soldier 2: I don’t know who you are, but thank you!

Idril: Quickly! Under the gate.

Soldier 1: Get moving.

[Talion is not going to follow Idril.]

Idril: What are you doing?

Talion: I won't be long. Go.

Idril: (to soldier) Have the archers provide support.

[In the headquarters.]

Idril: We've lost the Middle City. We made them pay for every inch of ground, but they now hold it.

General: Then our fate will be decided here. Our inner wall is our strongest and we have double their archers.

Idril: We cannot match the Orcs for their numbers and ferocity.

General: Oh, our people have held back Sauron's forces before.

Idril: But some things were lost forever.

General: Yes. Of course they were. Go to the Great Hall. Secure the relics.

Idril: My place is here.

General: Make sure they are taken to Henneth Annun.

Idril: Is that an order?

General: You must understand. We must protect what is most precious (both) at all costs. Yes, that is an order.

Idril: Then I'll see it done. But I'll be back on the wall before the next assault.

[Idril leaves. Talion enters.]

General: A Ranger from the Black Gates? I hear you were all dead.

Talion: You heard the truth.

General: If you've come to fight for Minas Ithil, Ranger, report to Captain Baranor.

Talion: I've not come to join your army, General, but for the Palantir. And ifs safe-keeping.

General: Protect the city and the Palantir will be safe. However, our raiding parties are targeting enemy captain's in the lower city.

Talion: You wish to spread terror in their ranks.

General: Yes. It's about time they tasted fear.

Soldier: The Men are assembled, General.

Celebrimbor: We need to secure the Palantir now. The city is weak, and it will not hold for much longer.

Talion: We cannot leave the Gondorians to their fate. Castamir is right. By protecting the city, we protect the Palantir.

Celebrimbor: Look. The towers bear his mark. Those were my towers once. Now Sauron's corruption spreads beyond the borders of Mordor. He mocks me.

Talion: They give him sight.

Celebrimbor: Not without the Palantir.

Talion: We will dismantle his hold on Minas Ithil. We will shift the tide of war.

The Eyes of SauronEdit

[Talion goes outside and examines the city.]

Celebrimbor: These Haedir are but dark imitations of the Palantir, but we can turn Sauron's low craft against him.

Talion: These towers can give us sight.

Celebrimbor: We will purify them and make them ours. (touches the stone in the middle) Echadon i-vorn! Here we see all that has been lost, and all that will be lost if his corruption is allowed to return. This city is built on the ruins of my kingdom, yet some things remain. Those are my Barrows, still hidden from Sauron's sight. There I will show you why we must retrieve my ring.

Shadows of the PastEdit

[Talion finds a small cave that only wraiths can enter. There Celebrimbor tells about his past life.]

Celebrimbor: In a bygone age, my army marched on Mordor. We buried our honored dead in barrows like this one. Our greatest warriors are presented here, protected by powerful magic. And we used all our arts to bring the virtues of the Elves with us as we marched.

Talion: And you had the one Ring.

Celebrimbor: Yes… and with it I forged an army. I led the charge against Sauron.

[We see Celebrimbor fighting Sauron’s hordes.]

Celebrimbor: When Sauron revealed his betrayal, I took up arms against him. In my wrath, I was determined to punish him for his treachery. The new Ring – our Ring – is not marred with his shadow. It is perfect.

The Seeing StoneEdit

[Next scene. Baranor and Idril takes out valuables in a chest.]

Baranor: There's no time. We can only take the most valuable.

Idril: We’re taking everything.

Baranor: Idril, sacrifices must be made.

Idril: I will not sacrifice our past to fear.

Baranor: Ho these. Who are you?

Idril: Baranor, this is the Ranger I was telling you about.

Baranor: You've spilled much blood for Minas Ithil. We don’t even know your name.

Talion: Talion.

Baranor: Gondor thanks you, Talion. But we need all warriors at the gate.

Talion: The Uruks seek the Palantir and they will not stop until it is theirs. Where is it?

Idril: My father has hidden it.

Baranor: There is nothing safe, hidden or otherwise.

Talion: The Uruks will tear this city apart to find it.

Idril: These are desperate times, but we will not surrender. And we will not fall. We cannot --

[They hear explosions and run outside.]

Talion: I must defend the gate.

Baranor: To the gates! Quickly!

Talion: I will not let this city fall!

Celebrimbor: Then we must obtain the Palantir, it is the only way.

Soldier: Incoming!

Baranor: Form a skirmish line here, do not let any of them through!

Idril: I'll cover your flank!

Baranor: And I’ll cover yours!

Idril: You will never take the city! Stand together! For Gondor! That only the beginning, there'll be more! We have to find out what we're dealing with, this way!

Talion: The city can't take much more, I'll handle the Siege Beasts.

Idril: Baranor and I can manage here.

Celebrimbor: Talion, we must commandeer one of the Siege Beasts.

Talion: This should prove interesting. (Talion mounts the Beast) Let's see what this thing can do.

Celebrimbor: Here they come.

Orc: Run, you fools! That dumb beast is shooting at us!

Celebrimbor: We’ve pushed them back. For now.

Talion: Another attack will surely follow. We should return to the upper city... check on Idril and the others.

[Next scene. Idril sits on the steps holding a broken statue in her hands.]

Idril: It's not enough for them to destroy us. They wish to wipe away our history.

Baranor: At least they don't have the Seeing Stone.

Talion: The gates are holding.

Idril: These relics were my life. My father was right… We must salvage what we can and leave.

Talion: You have a valuable weapon. The Seeing tone gives you sight over your enemy. Use it.

Baranor: It is too dangerous. The Palantir is poison to men. None can withstand its influence.

Talion: I can.

Idril: Men before you have thought the same.

Talion: And if I'm wrong, I will fail as they have failed. But if I’m right, we win this war.

Idril: Then I will find my father and speak to him.

Baranor: She will hold you to our oath, Ranger.

[Talion goes outside.]

Celebrimbor: You put a lot of trust in her.

Talion: Give her time. Until then, we should return to Shelob. I need more answers.

Knife in the DarkEdit

War Troll: Umbri anai zadyash!

[Suddenly Gollum attacks the troll from behind and Talion kills it.]

Gollum: Oh, we saved you, Bright Master!

Talion: Gollum! And why would you save me?

Gollum: I wasn’t talking to you, stupid Ranger.

Celebrimbor: He is working for the spider.

Gollum: No… no… the Dark Mistress watches over Gollum. Gollum watches over the Bright Master. Bright Master kills the Dark Lord!

Celebrimbor: And the spider pulls the strings.

Talion: We share a common enemy in Sauron. And you can't always choose your allies. Lead on.

Gollum: Come, Bright Master. Gollum will show you a quicksier path!

Talion: That wasn't just a troll.

Celebrimbor: They are Olog-Hai. War Trolls. They're smarter, faster, and immune to sunlight. Sauron's forces are more powerful than ever.

Gollum: We hates them as much as we hates nasty Orcses! We keeps our distance so we don’t get squished and crushed into bits.

Talion: Like how you tried to crush my head with a rock the last time I saw you?

Gollum: But we didn’t! We could never hurt the Bright Lord! We makes up for it now, yes?

Talion: That is yet to be seen.

Gollum: Close, Bright Master! We're very close!

[Thay come to a cave there Shelob sits on throne and playing with spider.]

Shelob: I know why you are here.

Celebrimbor: Return what you stolen.

Shelob: Silence, Ringmaker. You forget yourself. Stolen… He begged me to have it. And what of you, Talion?

Talion: I’m here for Minas Ithil.

Shelob: You seek to save it… even though it may already be lost.

Talion: There must be a way. There is truth in your vision. Grant me another.

Shelob: To what end? For knowledge? To dominate? Oh, you don't have to tell me. Here is your truth.

[She shows him another vision. We see an orc sitting on a throne and speaks to someone.]

Orc: You want to move up the ranks? You got to kill. You wanna get noticed? Kill a pinkskin. The bigger the target, the higher you rise.

Talion: Idril. She dies.

Celebrimbor: Many will pass before Sauron is defeated.

Talion: This knowledge can guide our hand. If we kill this assassin, perhaps this future will not come to pass. She can be saved.

Celebrimbor: She will live or die and it will not shift the tide of war. It is Castamir who must be protected. If he falls victim to this assassin, we will lose the Palantir.

Gollum: We'll find him, precious. For the Bright Lord. We go to Cirith Ungol. Yes, we'll find the nasty assassin.

Talion: The assassin must be stopped. Gollum, you know where to find him?

Gollum: Yes, we recognized his curved blade.

Talion: A Morgul Blade.

Gollum: Yes. Stab, stab, stabbing, all the Warchief's bodyguards!

Celebrimbor: If we find the Uruk bodyguards he's targeting, we'll find the Assassin.

Gollum: The first one is near. This way! You’re going the wrong way! Careful. We sees a Morgai Fly nest.

Talion: What are those Orcs doing?

Orc 1: You're afraid. Just like the Captain. Admit it!

Orc 2: I'm not afraid!

Orc 1: Then do it, stand under the nest.

Orc 2: Fine! I’ll show you I'm no coward. There! See? I’m not afraid, which is more than I can say for our fearless Captain.

Gollum: The first bodyguard should be this way. No, no, no, over here.

[Talion kills his first target.]

Talion: Only a Morgul Blade could have caused these wounds. We're on the right track.

Celebrimbor: He's been dead for some time. We'll need to move faster if we want to catch up with the assassin.

Gollum: Yes, we knows where another bodyguard is!

Talion: As the assassin kills his way up the hierarchy, he'll continue to seek bigger targets. Like Castamir.

Celebrimbor: Yes. Castamir is the only one who knows where the Palantir is. He must be kept alive at all costs.

Orc 1: The Warchief is useless. I wouldn't be surprised if The Dark Lord himself thanks me for killing the glob and taking his place. I'll do a much better job of taking -

[Talion exploit the Captain’s weakness – Morgai Flies.]

Maku the Assassin: Get them away from me!

[They cross blades.]

Maku the Assassin: I follow through with my orders, so if you're here to stop me, you'll be sorely disappointed.

[Talion kills Maku.]

Talion: Let’s hope his death has changed what Shelob saw for Minas Ithil.

Celebrimbor: Minas Ithil will go the way of all flesh. We only need the Seeing Stone.

Talion: How much of your soul was lost in that ring?

Gollum: The Dark Mistress will be pleased. Oh yes, precious, she will...

Talion: Idril and Castamir should be safe for now.

Celebrimbor: But the siege of Minas Ithil continues. The Palantir is still at risk of falling into enemy hands.

Talion: We are behind enemy lines. This is a perfect opportunity to sow chaos within Sauron's ranks. The assassin had one more target on his list. We should finish what we started and kill the Warchief’s final bodyguard.

No Man's LandEdit

[Talion finds Baranor preparing for assault.]

Baranor: I almost feel sorry for the Warchief we're hunting. He'll be lonely without his bodyguards.

Talion: He'll join them soon enough.

Celebrimbor: The Warchief Baranor seeks is just one of many, and they will continue their attacks on Minas Ithil.

Talion: Then our path is clear, we have to kill them all. And we'll need help from the Gondorians to do it. Shelob’s visions will reveal our path.

Celebrimbor: We must tread carefully, Talion.

Rain of ArrowsEdit

[Back at Shelob’s cave.]

Celebrimbor: You put too much faith in the spider. She only shows you what she wants.

Shelob: Then tell me that you wish to see.

Talion: Minas Ithil still standing.

Shelob: Always so selfless. Nothing more? We saw some troubling things last time, didn't we...

Talion: I want to know my fate with the Nazgûl.

Shelob: Be careful what you ask for, Ranger. With prophecy comes torment.

[She shows him another vision. We see an army of orcs.]

Warchief: We take the city at dawn!

The Witch-king: (to Talion) Submit to your destiny.

Celebrimbor: I know that you fear, Talion. Shelob’s vision is not cast in stone.

Talion: The Witch-king.

Celebrimbor: Is it the power of Domination. The ring can enslave the minds of men.

Talion: What can be done?

Celebrimbor: Sacrifices must be made and many will be lost. But… we must hold to our purpose. No matter what the cost.

Talion: Lives can be saved. If the Warchief from my vision is the same one Baranor and his Men are hunting, they will need help.

Celebrimbor: One Warchief makes little difference.

Talion: Right now this one Warchief is the most immediate threat to Minas Ithil. I will not stand by while Baranor and his Men risk their lives to take him down.

[Talion finds Baranor.]

Talion: Baranor. I'm here to help. The Warchief you’re after is not one to be taken lightly.

Baranor: We've brought down Warchiefs before, Ranger. I won't turn down an extra sword.

Talion: Then we shall take him down then. I’ll take out his archers first. Your Men move in after I've cleared a path.

[He sneaks into the camp, quietly killing the archers.]

Celebrimbor: We usually work alone. I hope the aim of these Gondorian archers is true otherwise we'll be dodging friendly arrows.

Talion: They're experienced soldiers, they'll do their part.

[He kill the Warchief.]

Captain: (to Baranor) I'd say we're even.

Baranor: A good hunt. Less so for the Warchief.

Talion: And his archers. We should go hunting again.

Baranor: It would be my pleasure.

Celebrimbor: So, Talion, did we make a difference?

Talion: We cannot see all ends. We must return to Shelob.

Celebrimbor: The only reason to go back is for my ring.

Talion: Enough! This is about more than your ring. Or you! Her sight may be what saves us all.

Traitor's GateEdit

[He returns to Shelob.]

Talion: I’ve come to see more.

Shelob: I know.

Celebrimbor: You can see Sauron's fate, tell us his weakness. So we may defeat him.

Shelob: Your vision is limited. I would love nothing more than to see his torment. To see him beg before me. But my gaze is fixed upon the fate of Middle-earth.

Celebrimbor: When return that you have stolen from me, and I would bring Sauron to you in chains.

Shelob: Why would I do that, Ringmaker? You and Sauron are one.

Celebrimbor: (to Talion) Is this what you seek? Vagaries and riddles? She is not our ally.

Shelob: Certainly not yours. Come, Talion. See through my eyes.

[She touches his head and Talion sees another vision.]

The Witch-king: (to orc) Their defeat comes from within.

[The vision ends.]

Talion: Minas Ithil houses a traitor? But… who?

Celebrimbor: Do you doubt her?

Talion: Her visions have come to pass. You and I have both seen it.

Celebrimbor: Then Minas Ithil is fighting war on two sides.

[Talion goes back and suddenly meets Gollum.]

Gollum: Wait Bright Master! We knows how you can find the traitor.

Celebrimbor: Take us to him.

Gollum: A Warchief speaks to him through a messenger. We can shows you the messenger. Look there, do you see? The Dark Mistress offers her little ones. A nest, filled with her children. Wake them and sees what hey do! The little ones stings you, but doesn't kills you. Just a deep deep sleep. They will come back when no one sees and take the Orcses back to the Dark Mistress so she can gobbles them up!

Talion: A wretched fate.

Celebrimbor: What brings terror to our enemies is valuable to us.

Gollum: Come, the messenger is near. There, that's the messenger! Follow him and he will lead you to his master.

Talion: We'll take it from here. Stay fit of sight, Gollum.

Messenger: Out of the way. I'm on important business! Going to see the Man-Breaker. Just met with the traitor so I have valuable information for him.

Orc: I wasn't in your way. And if you've got such important business, why are you bothering to stop and brag about it to me? Get moving you maggot!

[Finally Talion sneaks into a Warchief’s fortress.]

Messenger: Man-Breaker! The Gravewalker is here, he's after me! I didn't tell him anything about the traitor. I swear!

[Warchief brutally kills him.]

Warchief: How many times have I told you all? Never speak of the traitor openly! Let this miserable dead glob be an example to the rest of you. The next maggot to even whisper the word "traitor" around me will get worse! (to Talion) I suppose you're here because of the little turncoat I have in Minas Ithil. Well, you won't learn anything from me!

[Talion defeats and interrogates the Warchief.]

Celebrimbor: You will kneel!

Warchief: (in Witch-King’s voice) Your disruptions have not gone unnoticed, Ranger. You test my patience, soon I will test you.

[Talion kills the warchief.]

Talion: This is the work of Witch-King. He taunts us.

Celebrimbor: We must my ring back.

Talion: And we will, but first we have to deal with the traitor within Minas Ithil.

Gollum: (dancing) Talion, cruel Avenger, that bloodthirsty killer he guts all the Orcses, cuts off ugly headses he plays with their brainses, makes mince of their faces!

Celebrimbor: (to Talion) He has his uses.

The ArenaEdit

[Talion returns to the walls of Minas Ithil. The orcs seem to be preparing a new attack.]

Talion: The Orcs' numbers have swelled beyond count.

Man With Eyepatch: They're preparing for another push.

Baranor: (to Idril) No one has seen your father since the last battle. I have men looking for him.

[One of the orcs climb up and look at the heroes.]

Baranor: What new devilry is this?

Celebrimbor: The Witch king himself comes to negotiate.

[The orc raises the dagger in his hand.]

Idril: My father’s blade!

Witch-King: (through the orc) My Orcs have your General. Send out the Ranger of the Black Gate to die at the hands of my champion and upon his defeat, your leader will be returned. Refuse, and all that is flesh shall suffer. I come for you Talion of Gondor.

[The orc melts in green flame.]

Talion: You understand...

Idril: That the Uruks are incapable of mercy? That my father may already be dead?

Baranor: Ignore their taunts. We mustn't allow them--

Idril: The Uruks love spectacle. If we can distract them in the arena, we can sneak into their camp and find my father. (to Talion) Can I ask this of you?

Talion: I’ll give them a show to remember.

Baranor: Try not to kill him too quickly.

[Talion enters the arena ready for battle.]

Celebrimbor: They seem to like their Champions chances. And it must be said, he has size on his side.

Talion: True. But you and I have him outnumbered.

Az-Tarmo the Blast: They cheer for you. Cheer for blood.

[Talion defeats the champion.]

Az-Tarmo the Blast: I have failed the Dark Lord. But his designs are unaltered -- he has plans for your city. Manfilth, and plans indeed for you!

[Talion decapitates him.]

Celebrimbor: You fought well ~- too well, Idril needs more time.

Talion: Should I dance for them?

Celebrimbor: Well, in a manner of speaking.

Talion: (to the crowd) I came into this arena to fight Sauron's champion. I am still waiting!

Rathak the Deathless: Ranger! Crowd wants a show, and they're going to get one! And that show is called ‘Ranger getting torn to pieces by the toughest Uruk in Mordor!’

[Talion executes some captains.]

Rash Firebelly (Nemesis): Come to this then, has it? Falls to me to do the job of offing this piece of Manfilth? With pleasure! You Maggot! Been a long time, Ranger. Last time I bloodied you was back in Udun, yeah? Well, this seems as good a place as any to end you good and proper. Come on, let's give the crowd a show!

[Talion pierces him with his sword.]

Rash Firebelly (Nemesis): Good brawl in front of a cheering crowd? Can’t think of a better way to go.

[Talion cuts him in half.]

Talion: (spits on the ground, covered with bodies) I have upheld my end of the bargain. And your champion-- has upheld his! For fighting this pitiful enemy, the Dark Lord promised mercy. Gaze on the Bright Lord – I make no such offer! (makes powerful blast of blue energy) Run! Run! Run to your master! And give him this message: I come for him!

Before DawnEdit

[Talion goes back to Minas Ithil.]

Idril: My father is being held in the Warchief’s camp, but we were spotted before we could attempt a rescue. Baranor wants to wait till daybreak. Hit them with a small company.

Talion: But you want to go back now. Alone. That is the way to suicide.

Idril: If I wait till dawn, my father will be dead.

Talion: I'm not saying don't go. (takes out her father's dagger) I'm saying don't go alone.

[They leave the castle and walk through the forest.]

Idril: The Uruks we captured last winter told stories of a Gravewalker. Half Man, half wraith. A demon.

Talion: And what do you believe?

Idril: I believe we'd be lucky to have him. Baranor and I overheard the Uruk they took my father to a nearby encampment.

Talion: A gavel. Always seemed an odd symbol for justice.

[They find Castamir in one of the tents. He is talking to some orc.]

Orc: You're not going anywhere, General.

Idril: Father!

[Castamir swiftly kills the orc.]

Castamir: Oh, Idril! You should not have come here.

Idril: I came for you.

Castamir: This is not what I wanted. For you, for any of us.

Idril: There are things we don‘t get to choose. (gives him his dagger) But we can still fight.

Castamir: You are your mother's daughter. Come... The reinforcements will be arriving soon.

Celebrimbor: What is "justice" if not a hammer to beat down the proud nail?

Castamir: Quickly, before more arrive.

Idril: Father... we...

Castamir: Quickly!

[They run to the castle. Baranor notices them standing on the wall.]

Baranor: The General returns. Open the gate. Open the gate!

Talion: General. The Seeing Stone. I can use it to--

Castamir: The Palantir is safe where it is. The armies of Gondor will come soon.

Baranor: (to Idril) You're safe. Good. (to Castamir) Come...

Idril: (to Talion) We’ve been waiting for Gondor for weeks. No one has come. Can you really use the Stone to defeat them?

Talion: Yes.

Idril: Then I will find where it's hidden.

Talion: (to Celebrimbor) We must return to Shelob. She can show us the location of the Palantlr.

Celebrimbor: The Palantir is here. The war is here. We must weaken Sauron's hold on Minas Ithil.

The FallEdit

[Nevertheless, they're returning to Shelob's cave ...]

Celebrimbor: Talion…

Talion: The ring is lost, but I will have my answers… Shelob! Minas Ithil is on the verge of collapse. We need the Palantir.

Shelob: The Palantir. Have I not given you sight over your enemies? That is what you seek, isn't it? (looks into Talion's sorrowful eyes) Oh, I will grant you your vision. but how much are you willing to forfeit in the bargain? Your soul? There's hardly any left.

Talion: (almost crying) I must know.

[Shelob hugs him and gives him a new vision, from which Talion understands that Castamir is a traitor.]

Talion: Castamir!

Celebrimbor: The final attack is coming. The Palantir cannot fall into Witch-king's hands.

Talion: We must return in Minas Ithil.

[They run to the castle. Apparently, the preparation for a large-scale battle has already begun.]

Soldier: (to eyepatched man) They're moving up to the lower city.

Baranor: Where are the archers?! I want every man with a bow up on the wall now.

Soldier: General Castamir pulled us off. We're to be held in reserve.

Baranor: Why would he do that? We're beyond reserves.

[Talion walks up to him.]

Talion: Where is Castamir? I need to find him.

Baranor: As do I. He hasn't been seen in hours. That sound.

[A huge ball of green flame shoots from the clouds of smoke on the mountain.]

Talion: The gate… Get down!

[The ball burns many soldiers, including the one with eyepatch. Everything happened as in the Shelob’s vision.]

Soldier 1: They're burning!

Soldier 2: Get water. Run!

[The Witch-King himself arrives on a Drake to watch what is happening on the battlefield.]

Captain: (to soldiers) Form up! Shields! Hold them back! Now – attack! Push them back!

[They burn a Warchief to death.]

Talion: (to Baranor) The city is lost! Save your people!

Baranor: Retreat! The city is lost!

[Meanwhile inside the castle...]

Idril: You betrayed us.

Castamir: I did this for you, Idril! For your survival. The Palantir means nothing! I would give all of Gondor to save you.

Idril: What of our people! Of our honor?

Castamir: There is no honor in death.

Talion: Castamir!

[The Witch-king appears in the clouds of green energy.]

Witch-king: You will deliver what was promised.

[Talion runs to him, but he is stopped by three Nazgûls.]

Witch-king: (handing down the Palantir) You will hold to our bargain. My daughter‘s freedom...

Talion: Castamir. No!

Witch-king: (takes the Palantir) She is free to die with her people.

[He kills Castamir with one sweep of his mace.]

Idril: Father! (screams)

[She tries to chase after the Witch-king, but Talion stops her.]

Talion: Idril! Leave. Now.

[He turns around and faces five Nazgûl.]

Nazgûl: Serve the Witch-king for eternity!

Celebrimbor: Return to darkness!

[Defeating the Nazgûl Talion finds the Witch-king standing on the wall and watching the battle. He turns around and stops Talion with a forceful flow.]

Witch-king: Submit to your destiny.

[Talion gets on his knees before him and was already preparing to die, when suddenly some elf in black clothes attacks the Witch-king from above.]

Witch-king: (to Nazgûl) Bring him to me.

Elf: Get up, Ranger! (to Nazgûl) You will not claim him today.

[Kills Talion with a dagger and leaves. The Witch-king sets the Palantir in its place and kneels before Sauron in his fair form as Annatar. Apparently, Shelob is also aware of the events.]

Witch-king: My Lord. I have the Palantir and we have located the New Ring. It is with the Spider...

Annatar: You have served me well. Minas Morgul is yours. Now bring me Celebrimbor’s ring.

Witch-king: And what of Shelob.

Annatar: Send the Nazgûl. All of them.

[Talion wakes up in some ruins.]

Elf: So it is true.

Talion: You killed me.

Elf: And yet you live. What is that like? To die and live again. Do you feel pain? Do you suffer?

Talion: What of the city? Of the Palantir?

Elf: The Nazgûl have taken both. They belong to the Dark Lord now.

Talion: Then I have failed.

Elf: Not if you keep fighting.

Celebrimbor: She wields the light of Galadriel. We can recover the ring.

Elf: Your rings are the cause of all this, Elf Lord.

Talion: You can see him?

Elf: I see him.

Talion: Who are you?

Elf: I am the Blade of Galadriel.

Celebrimbor: Since when does Galadriel work with assassins?

Blade of Galadriel: Great threats make for unlikely alliances. You know this better than most. (to Talion) Now tell me more about this ring.

Talion: We crafted it to defeat Sauron. But it was lost to the Great Spider, Shelob.

Blade of Galadriel: The Nazgûl will be drawn to the power of the ring.

Celebrimbor: We cannot let it fall into Sauron’s hands. The light of Galadriel. Give it to us.

Blade of Galadriel: Stay your hand. My light will protect us, but it will not leave my side.

Talion: We must move quickly.

Blade of Galadriel: Try to keep up! Come, Ranger!

Talion: Even Shelob’s brood fear the Nazgûl.

Blade of Galadriel: Come on! Don't stop to fight! We must hurry!

Celebrimbor: If the Nazgûl get my Ring from Shelob, all is lost!

Talion: Shelob has the power of the New Ring.

Celebrimbor: You need not remind me. But powerful though my Ring is, the Nazgûl wield rings of their own. Our only hope is the light of Galadriel.

Blade of Galadriel: And it shall protect us -- but I shall be the one to wield it. You are wasting time!

Talion: We are nearly there.

Blade of Galadriel: Ready yourself... and do not stray far from my side.

[They enter Shelob Cave. She is already fighting the Nazgûl.]

Nazgûl: (in Black Speech) The Dark Lord will claim his prize.

[Our heroes enter the cave and engage in battle with the Nazgûl. The Blade of Galadriel throws the Light of Galadriel like a grenade and all the Nazgûl disappear. Talion walks up to Shelob. She abruptly grabs his hand showing him another vision in which Talion defeats the Nazgûl and Sauron. She gives him the ring.]

Talion: Why?

Shelob: Sacrifices must be made.

Talion: Why now?

Shelob: Take the ring. Build your army. Your path will be made clear.

[Talion puts a ring on his finger.]

Blade of Galadriel: The Ringwraith has fled. Your must destroy this ring.

Celebrimbor: It belongs to us.

Blade of Galadriel: Your legend holds true, Celebrimbor.

Talion: This ring is different. We can use it to defeat Sauron. I strike down men corrupted by these rings. Do not become one of them.

Talion: When the time comes, I will do what is needed.

Blade of Galadriel: Perhaps. Get as far from here as you can. The Ringwraiths will return. They always do. Our paths will cross again.

[Talion takes the advice and leaves to Nurnen.]

Talion: Do you hear that sound?

Celebrimbor: That is the forest of Carnán -- and now our concern. Talion… We need to build our army.

Talion: Yes. There. That encampment is full of warriors.

Celebrimbor: Our warriors.


Celebrimbor: Our greatest assets are the power the Ring and stealth. lf possible we should remain undetected until we have tilted the odds in our favor. These archers will be more than just our weapons, they will be our eyes.

[Talion goes to the orc camp to dominates 10 archers.]

Celebrimbor: Strong as these warriors are, they cannot resist my Ring. Already our army consumes that of the Dark Lord. They are powerless to resist. He will serve us well. Let us test our warriors! A promising start but this is only the beginning: we require more warriors. Stronger warriors.

Violent NatureEdit

Orc: Go, go. It hunts us!

Talion: What creature haunts this forest?

Celebrimbor: Oh. Carnán is no creature. She is nature itself.

Talion: She calls us.

Celebrimbor: Talion, we must move with great caution.

[Talion finds an orc entwined with roots.]

Orc Entwined With Roots: Uugh! End it. End me. Aah, not you. Have some mercy, Ranger. Don't leave me like this.

Orc’s Memory: She’s picking us off one by one!

Carnán: Vat beasts come hundreds strong!

Orc’s Memory: Get out here and show yourself!

Carnán: Pit to peak. Enslave-ed are rivers and trees.

Orc’s Memory: What's this?! No. No, no. Nooooo!

Talion: I take it this is the work of Carnán?

Celebrimbor: This is the Forest of Carnán and she will protect it with the full power of nature.

Talion: This forest is possessed by death as much as life.

Celebrimbor: The two are bound together. That is Carnán.

Orc Entwined With Roots 2: You have no idea what you've walked into. You'll never make it out of here alive. Or dead. Or whatever you are!

Orc’s Memory: What is she? The caragors? The ghuls? She’s all of it.

Carnán: Feed you will feed a thousand mouths.

Talion: Why do these beasts not attack us?

Celebrimbor: They hear her song. They are part of her as she is part of them. Yet they will defend. She is watching us.

Talion: No... she's drawing us in.

Orc Entwined With Roots 3: Cut me loose, Tark. We'll, we'll fight our way out and - and then settle our differences. In here... in here we're just food!

Orc’s Memory: I've found it. The tree. She's the tree!

Carnán: Spirit of Carnán is tree and beast. Fang and claw. Root and spear!

[Talion sees a giant tree.]

Talion: Well, that wasn't there before.

[Carnán takes physical form, turning into a kind of lion.]

Carnán: Change-ed and unlike, this fleshling. Where is your rot? Your buddings... Do you grow, do you wither? No. No, no. A lifeless beast are you. But no... For you die and die. Not lifeless but deathless. A flesh-haunted thing.

[Talion is reaching for his sword...]

Celebrimbor: (stops his hand) Talion. We cannot defeat her.

Talion: What would you suggest I do?

Celebrimbor: Throw down your sword. And kneel.

Talion: I will not kneel to this… thing.

[Talion attacks and defeat Spirit of Carnán.]

Carnán: Tooth and claw will cure.

Celebrimbor: Keeper of the wild! Carnán!

Talion: Who do you call to?

[He has to fight with different forms of Carnán.]

Talion: I take it this is also Nature?

Celebrimbor: In all its fury.

Talion: Can you tell it to stop?

Celebrimbor: One does not reason with the wind.

Carnán: We burn with you. And return will we. Die alone we? Nature's tomb spanned sky and sea. We all die together.

[Talion defeats all the forms of Carnán.]

Talion: It seems this Carnán isn't as powerful-- (some roots draggs him underground)

Carnán: Unleashed to rise and rise again! In a hole go you!

Talion: What have we unleashed?

Carnán: The cry of the forests, the scream of the rivers.

Celebrimbor: Spirit of Carnán--

Carnán: Cease all cry and clamor! You have woken Tar Goroth, cracked and creviced until now. Eye-opened the Dark Lord-- he stokes its flames.

[Carnán walks out of the shadows. She looks like giant living tree woman.]

Carnán: Forge cage like kindling for shattering fire to come. Burn you! Burn we! A fire for all it will be!

Talion: What have we awoken?

Carnán: Un-death. Ringmaker, your forge sings. A crack across the land -- fire woken by a cold metal ring.

Celebrimbor: We hear your call. Allow us to help--

Carnán: Yes, you will. You, a deathless beast. You, a flesh-haunted thing.

Talion: We will find Tar Goroth.

Carnán: Go now. Your Balrog waits -- he rises in Doom shadow. Fight till death and rise again you will fight! Soon and soon. Undeath will defeat undeath.

[She leaves and Talion crawl out of the cave.]

Talion: It seems this ring has woken more than Sauron.

Celebrimbor: Yes, we must go to Gorgoroth and deal with this Balrog.

Talion: Orcs fight each other endlessly to climb the hierarchy.

Celebrimbor: Then we shall find the ones who rise to the top. They are who we want in our army.

Ring of PowerEdit

[Two orcs fight for power on the arena like a true warriors.]

Zunn the Shy: I've had enough of your mouth, Brûz. So now I’m gonna to kill you for all these Orcs to see!

Brûz the Chopper: I always said you were an optimist. Know what that is, mate? It's about sizing up a situation that's bloody impossible and saying “yeah, all right -- I'll have a go!” I'm exactly the same way.

[Brûz kills Zunn ripping his head off.]

Celebrimbor: I like him.

Orc: Brûz killed the boss! Come on, lads, get him!

Brûz the Chopper: Yeah come on then! Never can have too many heads! Ripper moves, Ranger! Reckon you’re going to skewer me? That little sword’s good for a tickle maybe, but you're gonna need more than that to take me down! I think some of that splattered on me! I’ll punch through your eyeballs and reach down and tear out your lungs! Oh, you've got to show me how to do that!

[Talion defeats and dominates Brûz.]

Celebrimbor: You will submit! You serve the Bright Lord now.

Brûz The Chopper: (cheerfully singing) Bright Lord. Dark Lord, same thing really. End result is me ripping spines out, which I like to do anyway, so either way is a win.

Celebrimbor: (to Talion) A fine addition to our army.

Brûz the Chopper: Name’s Brûz. From here on out, I will be your shadow. No one gets to you without my say so.

Talion: Don't worry about my enemies. They all follow eventually.

Brûz the Chopper: You wanna plant your flag in Mordor, you'll need to do it deep. There's a fortress nearby. They say it's ruled by two-headed troll. Big as a mountain and deadly smart, which I guess he’d have to be given the two heads. You take him down, you send a message to Sauron. And get yourself some nice new digs as part of the bargain!

Talion: We’re not going to do this alone. Gather your troops.

Brûz the Chopper: Will do. Ooh, just make sure you let me pop his his head off, won't ya?

[Talion continue to make to dominate orcs captains.]

Brûz the Chopper: How you going Bright Lord? Well, see you're expanding already. Beauty. You know what you should do is make that bloke your bodyguard. Anyone looking to carve his way across Mordor needs a guard or two. I mean, I don't obviously. Ugh. If it ever got to the point where I needed a hand on the battlefield I’d cut my own throat. But you you should have some added muscle. No shame in it.

[Talion continue to make to dominate orcs captains.]

Brûz the Chopper: Got yourself another hanger-on have you? You'll have a proper army in no time. But you gotta remember, an army needs orders to follow, and I ll tell you what's always a popular one: murder. Command that new follower of yours to gut some bugger you don't like and that'll free you up to gut somebody else at the same time. And remember to keep the target’s weaknesses in mind. If he’s terrified of fire, there’s nothing funnier than sending someone to clobber him with fire weapon. That’s proper music that is.

[Talion continue to make to dominate Orcs captains.]

Brûz the Chopper: Bright Lord! That bloke you recruited is a sneaky Bastard, he'd make a top backstabber. What you want to do is to make him Bodyguard to a Warchief, so he can, well, stab him in the back. Course, no Warchief's going to take on a Bodyguard unless he's prayed himself, and the place to do that is in the fight pits. How does surviving a few rounds make you trustworthy? No idea, but it's a bloody good laugh. And you’d be a drongo to trust Orc anyway so it all works out. Go on, have a go.

[Talion begins preparing for the siege. He trains his orcs in the pit and prepares equipment.]

The Witch-king’s VisionEdit

Talion: Clean wounds, and they never unsheathed their weapons. This looks like Eltariel's work.

Celebrimbor: She is indiscriminate. By the look of it, some of these would have made good followers.

Talion: We must find her before she eliminates all our potential recruits. Though if she did, we’d have little need of an army...

Blade of Galadriel: If you were looking for Ringwraiths, you're too late. But before I engaged him he was speaking to an Orc who was... different than the others.

Talion: There are Worms nearby. Perhaps they can tell uswhat is going on.

Celebrimbor: If we take them alive.

Blade of Galadriel: You don't decide whom I let live, Ringmaker. You'd both do well to remember.

[Celebrimbor interrogates a worm.]

Celebrimbor: The Nazgûl have dealings with special Orcs, what are they?

Worm: They're called the Chosen. I don't know what they're chosen for!

[He goes back to Eltariel.]

Blade of Galadriel: Were your messengers forthcoming?

Talion: The Witch king is using the Haedir to track the Ring.

Celebrimbor: They extend the Palantir’s reach. Orcs called The Chosen guard them.

Talion: Then the enemy may hold the Palantir, but the Haedir themselves are vulnerable.

Blade of Galadriel: So. We know their design.

Talion: And now we dismantle it.

The EttenEdit

[Talion with his army approaches the gates of the orc castle.]

Overlord: (in Black Speech) You should not have come. This fort stands strong. We will kill you all!

Brûz the Chopper: (to Talion) My Black Speech is a little rusty -- actually I don’t known a single word; language is a pain in the arse -- but to hazard a guess, he said “You’re all gonna die. Horribly.” My kind of bloke.

Talion: I’ll handle the Overlord. You focus on the defenders.

Brûz the Chopper: Define “focus.”

[Talion rises his sword.]

Talion: (to his army) Charge!

Brûz the Chopper: Leave it to me and I have this down quick as!

[The siege begins. Talion with his army captures victory points.]

Brûz the Chopper: I fancy this fort-capturing business! And once this one's yours, you'll need a new Overlord -- I'd like to throw my hat in that ring!

Talion: What have I unleashed.

Celebrimbor: His potential is nearly unlimited.

Brûz the Chopper: Right-o, now I’ll snuff the Overlord for you.

Talion: Killing the Overlord will send a message throughout this region. That message comes from ME.

Brûz the Chopper: Right-o.

[Talion faces the Overlord.]

Talion: This fort belongs to the Bright Lord now.

Small head (in helmet): Gah! Can't hear anything in this! I thought I recognized that voice!

Talion: Ratbag?

Ratbag: So much to catch up on! Where do I start?

Talion: How about your death?

Ratbag: What? You mean getting hit by The Hammer? Pff. That was a headache at most. I mean, you want to kill an Uruk, you got to take the head clean off -- does the job every time. Well, most of the time I think. I don't know, never really been sure about that.

Brûz the Chopper: Oh. I'm quite sure it's all the time. Allow me to demonstrate.

Ratbag: Brûz. Welcome. (to his Olog-hai) The Man is a friend. The Olog, watch him, make sure he don't do anything suspicious. Like, you know, kill me.

Talion: (shelter his sword) How did you end up here?

Ratbag: Well I was captured by some slavers. Actually they weren't all slavers. Two were cannibals. One was a necromancer. Fun bunch. They captured this Olog. He was in rough shape. We were cage mates until I sprung us out of there. Olog jumps out, arms go a flying, and then here were are, the best of friends.

Olog: (in Black Speech) We are not friends. You saved my life.

Ratbag: Oh, right! I should tell them about the fort thing. Thank you for that. It's kind of a long story... Ranger killed the old Overlord, now it's ours.

Talion: Ranger?

Ratbag: Oh. Yeah! I named him after you!

Talion: I’m honored.

Brûz the Chopper: It’s been nice catching up and all, but Bright Lord and me just came by to tell you that the fort is ours now.

Ratbag: Bright Lord? Well, you're welcome to it, Bright Lord! Me and Ranger are done with the Overlord game. It's a right pain. You got to feed your followers, train your followers. Make sure you don't get killed by your followers. Yeah, it's a right bother.

Brûz the Chopper: Well your worries are over, because now I'm Overlord.

Ratbag: No. Uh-uh. No no no no. Not you! Anybody but you! Whatever you need, Ranger, me and Ranger have got you covered. Wait... Ranger, Ranger. It’s a little confusing, isn’t it? But the point is, Brûz cannot be Overlord!

Olog: (in Black Speech) I agree.

Brûz the Chopper: Well I'm not working for these two. I'll tell you that right now.

Ratbag: That works out perfectly, cuz we got no current openings for halfwits!

Celebrimbor: Ignore these squabbling fools. They have their uses. But we must choose our Overlord with care.

Talion: You read my mind.

Ratbag: (to Brûz) Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm a mighty, vicious... Olog’s friend!

[Talion goes to the parapet and speak to his army. His words echoing through the castle.]

Talion: We fought and suffered. But still we stand. There is a power in Mordor: you! In the days ahead, we will fight other battles and claim other fortresses, but starting today Mordor belongs to you. Mordor belongs to the Bright Lord!

[He sticks his flag into the parapet and claim the castle.]

Celebrimbor: Now we have a foothold in Mordor.

Talion: We should upgrade our defences before Sauron attempt to reclaim what he has lost.

Celebrimbor: And there are more fortresses to conquer... and the Palantir is back in Minas Morgul. We must choose our your next move carefully.


Ratbag: Almost forgot to tell you one last thing. Now that you have my fort, it'll eventually come under attack – which, you already know, since you attacked it once yourself. Nicely done, by the way. Thing is, you don't always need to be on the defense. You have scouts who can sniff out enemy forts so you can go on the attack yourself. You know what they say, the best defence is a good offense! And don't worry about running low on Orcs. If you ever need new recruits you can go talk to a glob hey call The Headhunter. He'll sort you out. Oh Shrakh. I forgot to fill Ranger's feeding bowl before I left. He's going to be cranky if don't get back! I'm coming Ranger!

Brûz the Chopper: Ah, the fight pits. You know, this is more than just a place to pop so Orcs' heads off although that is something I cannot recommend enough. But the fight pits are where you test your followers, see what happens when they have a go at some other geezer. They're always bringing tough Orcs to fight, and if your fella survives, he'll be stronger for the experience. If he snuffs it, well, the one who done him in has what it takes, so there's a potential new recruit. And however it shakes out, your boys will love watching the show. Nothing boosts morale up like bodies going down.

[Talion watches a fight in the pits.]

Brûz the Chopper: See? Wasn't that a good time? Grog was drunk, laughs were had, blood was shed, and grog was drunk. Ah, there's no fight like a pit fight.

The Three TowersEdit

Nazgûl: Your fight is folly, Ranger. You accomplish nothing! The Haedir belong to the Witch-king. He tracks you, and soon, he will dominate you!

Celebrimbor: Hurry! They must not reclaim the Haedir.

Talion: They will not. A caragor would help us cover ground more quickly... Once we have retaken these towers, we should find Eltariel. She must know what is happening.

Celebrimbor: She could be watching us right how.

Gund the Chosen: This Haedir is not yours! I reclaim it for the Witch-king, for I am Chosen! An you are filth!

[Talion kills Gund.]

Celebrimbor: Have you thought about why Eltariel was selected to be Galadriel's Blade?

Talion: I can't presume to know what is in an Elf's mind. Surely this Galadriel would send the best.

Celebrimbor: I don't question whether she is the best... only whether she is the first.

Zugor the Chosen: Those who trespass will suffer. The Witch-king demands, as he demands I reclaim this tower!

[Talion kills Zugor.]

Celebrimbor: These Chosen are tenacious indeed. The Nazgûl are wise to create such powerful servants.

Talion: However powerful the Chosen may be, the ritual to create them is where they will be weakest.

Celebrimbor: Indeed. When the final tower is ours, we should turn our attention to finding the ritual's location.

Gubu the Chosen: My mission is almost complete!That Haedir belongs to the Witch-king!

[Nazgûl enters.]

Nazgûl: And so do you, Ranger! Join our ranks! Together we will serve the Witch-king!

[Talion defeats him along with his minions.]

Celebrimbor: With each tower we reclaim, the Witch-king's vision diminishes.

Talion: We will rob the Witch-king of more than his vision.

The ChosenEdit

[Talion sees Blade of Galadriel.]

Blade of Galadriel: There is another Worm we must intercept.

Talion: And what message does he carry?

Blade of Galadriel: Orders for three Captains to report to the Chosen ritual. He'll pass rough this camp.

Talion: Well he's going to find it curiously empty.

Blade of Galadriel: Since your interrogations, the Worms move under guard I'll move to high ground to eliminate the escorts.

Talion: Not all of them.

Blade of Galadriel: We'll see, Ranger.

Talion: Here they come!

Blade of Galadriel: Are you just seeing them now? This will be easier than I thought!

[They kill all the guards.]

Blade of Galadriel: Here he comes we must learn what he knows.

Talion: Are you deciding whom I let live?

Blade of Galadriel: Just get the information.

[Talion interrogate the Worm.]

Celebrimbor: Where are the Captains who would become Chosen?

Worm: They're coming from the fort! They should be here shortly.

Talion: Seems our friends are eager to meet us.

Blade of Galadriel: Good. Our ‘friendly’ competition is not over yet.

Nazu the Reaper: You! You will not stop me from being made Chosen! I am worthy. You are dead!

Grom the Wicked: This is the end for you! I will decorate the landscape with your insides!

Mogg the Watcher: We going to kill him, or what?

[Talion punishes them using fire and steel.]

Nazu the Reaper: I won't forget this, Ranger! You haven't seen the last of me!

[However, Talion manages to catch him up and rips his belly.]

Blade of Galadriel: Well that's three Captains who will not become Chosen, but there is no shortage of recruits to take their place.

Talion: Any who are selected we will target. If we cannot yet to stop the Nazgûl, we will slow them down.


[Night. Talion walks down the street and realizes that someone is following him. He ambushes and catches the pursuer.]

Baranor: Ho there.

Talion: Baranor?

Baranor: You survived.

Talion: How did you find me?

Baranor: It was easy. I just followed the trail of dead Orcs.

Talion: And Idril. Did she escape Minas Ithil?

Baranor: We were ambushed. I lost her. Many of our brothers were captured. Some remain in hiding. Sauron's armies continue to hunt us.

Talion: Idril is resourceful, but no one survives in Mordor for long.

Baranor: We have a way out. I just need to find her... and whoever's left.

Talion: Then we must find them all.

[Talion going to save 3 Gondorians.]

Baranor: Some of our soldiers were sighted in this encampment.

Talion: Tread lightly. We must be careful.

[Baranor grabs his back.]

Talion: Are you all right?

Baranor: I might need a moment.

Talion: You cannot delay. When you find Idril, escape to the West. Have a second chance at life.

Baranor: I've already lived two lives. I was born somewhere near Umbar. A Haradrim.

Talion: That is a long way from Minas Ithil.

Baranor: My Order sent me to Gondor as a guarantee of peace, but the Haradrim had other enemies. I was to return but by the time I was ten, we lost contact. I lived a good life in Minas Ithil. I was respected. I was happy. And then it fell.

Talion: So now you commence your third life.

Baranor: The only life that matters is the one with Idril. But we have to find her first.

Talion: And that we will.

Baranor: The Uruks use our soldiers as bait. Those are the lucky ones.

Talion: Have you managed to free many of your brothers?

Baranor: Not enough. Some weeks, we lose as many as we rescue.

[They rescue a soldier.]

Soldier: I am in your debt. Captain Baranor!

Baranor: Carros. Are there any others?

Carros: Idril. She's alive. We were on our way to the fighting pits when we were captured. She escaped. If I know Idril, that's where she's headed.

Baranor: She's alive. She's alive. I had not dared hope.

Talion: We will find her.

Blood SportEdit

[Talion and Baranor finds an arena where the Gondorian soldiers fights the orcs.]

Baranor: They make sport of our misery.

Talion: Then we will make misery of their sport.

[They save Idril.]

Baranor: I feared… I’ve search everywhere for you.

Idril: And I you.

Baranor: Come. I will escort you to Henneth Annûn. You’ll be safe there.

Idril: No. I’m not leaving Mordor. Not ‘till all of our brothers are free.

Baranor: Come now. We will speak of this later.

Idril: My father sacrificed all of Minas Ithil for my safety. I will not be protected any longer. Not by you… not by anyone.

Baranor: Idril. You will die out here.

Idril: Then that is my fate. But I am staying. Go. Go, reinforcements will be here soon. We will meet again.

[Talion leaves.]

Celebrimbor: She's a true warrior. She fears nothing anymore.

Talion: Yes. That's the problem.

Celebrimbor: Idril will never leave Mordor. She’ll fight until she dies.

Talion: That’s what I am afraid of.

The UninvitedEdit

Idril: Feel like a bit of treasure hunting?

Talion: Every Ranger likes to hunt. What did you have in mind?

Idril: The Uruks can be relied on for certain things. Their love of blood, treasure, and grog. (poison the barrel of grog)

Talion: I see how you’ve survived so long in Mordor.

Idril: Our numbers keep us from engaging them on the battlefield so we work by stealth and speed, and hopefully we can escape with our lives.

Talion: And a few of theirs. You understand that Baranor fears for your life.

Idril: I fear nothing any more. I couldn't survive here if I did.


Idril: I'd say that was one of our more successful missions, Gravewalker.

Talion: I can hardly remember the scared young soldier I met in the lower city.

Idril: You mean the one that saved your life from that Captain?

Talion: That's the one.

The Wages of WarEdit


Talion: Baranor.

Baranor: One of our scouts reported prisoners here. And far too many Orcs to handle alone. Let's each take a flank and meet in the middle.

Talion: I'll be there. And Baranor. You must be careful.

[Talion finds and frees prisoners, killing two captains along the way, arranging an ambush against him.]

The RitualEdit

Celebrimbor: At this time we attacked this Chosen problem at its source.

Talion: The closer we get the closer we come to facing their master.

[Talion sees the Nazgûl conduct a ritual over the three orcs...]

Nazgûl: Gilunai. Hukhag, tudgum snaga.

Talion: So that's how the chosen are created. I thought it would be more festive.

Celebrimbor: The Nazgûl is entirely focused on the ritual. This is the perfect time to strike.

Blade of Galadriel: Archers cover the approach. It would be wise to eliminate them quietly.

Nazgûl: Welcome, Talion. Come to join these three in service to the Witch-king? For that is your destiny -- you must know this. We will never stop. Not with the Chosen, and not with you.

Norsko Skull-Lopper: I serve the Nazgûl, as they serve the Witch-king. As you will serve him!

Nazu Scorcher: They'll hear you scream clear to Gondor!

Hura Cannibal: This won't take long. Let's go!

Nazgûl: Submit to our master! The Witch-king cannot be denied.

[Talion dominates all the Chosen orcs.]

Blade of Galadriel: Well fought. But this was not the last ritual, and it will not be the last fight.

To GorgorothEdit

Talion: So much death.

Celebrimbor: Death would be relief to these men. The purpose of this camp is torture.

[Talion rescues Baranor.]

Talion: Are you able to fight?

Baranor: More than able.

Az-Agur Dwarf-Hater: Dwarf-lover… You know what I like about you, coming into a death trap alone like this? You’re consistent. Consistently stupid, maybe, but consistent.

Narug Ghul Lover: You should listen to him. It’s a matter of – not so much life and death – as death and death.

Idril: Stand, Men of the West!

[Talion defeats Az-Agur and Narug.]

Az-Agur Dwarf-Hater: I’d rather die than share the world with Dwarves!

[Talion cut off his arm and kills him.]

Idril: (to Baranor) You're injured.

Baranor: It's nothing. You saved us. Again.

Idril: You were right. Staying in Mordor is certain doom, but I cannot leave.

Soldier: My lady...

Baranor: Then we'll be doomed together.

[Together with a handful of soldiers, they run into the depths of Gorgoroth.]

Reversal of FortuneEdit


Blade of Galadriel: The Nazgûl is holding some of your followers.

Celebrimbor: We must recover them.

Blade of Galadriel: Such loyalty to the Orcs.


Nazgûl: Together we will serve the Witch-king! We knew you would come. Now, join your army -- in service to the Witch-king!

[But Talion have other plans. He attack the Nazgûl.]

Nazgûl: Your fall is inevitable!

[Some Captains arrives.]

Ur-Lazu the Chosen: Ranger-boy. I call my boys and they come for you. We all come for you.

Ur-Benu the Chosen: We attack now!

Nazgûl: Join us, brother! Fall before us and rise! Submit to our dark master! It is folly to resist! Yield! And rid yourself of this wraith! Submit, Ranger! We will purge this foul Elf from you!

[Talion kills Captains and defeat 2 Nazgûls. He frees his followers.]

Celebrimbor: Our army remain strong. And we have all but assured the Nazgûl cannot track us.

Blade of Galadriel: But they are still not defeated. And as long as they are out there, we are not safe. You least of all.

[Next Talion decides to siege Terror Fortress lv80.]

Skûn the Merciless: This is where the Uruks turn the tide! This fort will stand for the Dark Lord! Before you storm these walls, know this: before the day is out, you will be hung from them! Not dead, but living!

Pâsh the Gab: Now's the time to strike, boss! On your order, of course

Thrak Skin-Chewer: He gives a good speech. Guess he'd have to this being the last time it will happen.

Talion: Charge!

[The siege begins. Talion and his army captured 4 Victory Points and goes to the throne room.]

Skûn the Merciless: Those who dare stand before the lord of this fort are swiftly put to death.

Talion: That's right. And yet you're still here.

[Bloody fight, but Talion's getting the upper hand.]

Skûn the Merciless: It won't do you no good, Manfilth. My brothers'll take back this fort and chop you to pieces.

[Talion decapitates him and goes out to his warriors.]

Talion: Victory is ours. Savor it! Sauron cowers before us. We have taken his fortresses and made them our own. Now, we stand at the very edge of history. Only one conquest remains and Mordor will be ours!

[He captures the fortress.

Carnán’s BaneEdit

[Meanwhile in some hellish pits an orc shaman calls for an abyss.]

Orc Shaman: Tar Goroth! We call you to the shallows. Rise and join our glory. Rise and join the Shadows army. Come to us. Rise, rise, rise!

[A new target, Zog the Eternal appears on Talion’s path.]

Talion: What do they unearth?

Celebrimbor: They are summoning death. But it will be death for all.

[Talion kills 10 acolytes that summon Tar Goroth.]

Acolyte: Soon, you will know the meaning of fire. Sauron's army will be unstoppable.

[His target, Zog, is among the acolytes. Talion cross swords with him.]

Zog the Eternal: What an honor to meet the most famous dead Man in Mordor. You really shook the world with that ring forging trick of yours. After that, Tar Goroth only needed a little coaxing. Now it rises to the surface. And it comes for you.

[Talion defeats him.]

Zog the Eternal: Don't be sad. It doesn't end here. I will wake all the dead of Mordor before we're done. All the lives you ended. And once they're risen, who do you think they'll come for? Oh yes, we'll meet again. Swallowed by the darkness!

[Talion finishes off all 10 Acolytes.]

Celebrimbor: Talion. It has begun. The Balrog is rising.

Talion: We will not give it the chance.

[He jumps into the fiery pit.]

Celebrimbor: Fools. No one can tame a Balrog.

[Tar Goroth has risen. He kills his summoners with a fire whip.]

Talion: This foe is beyond us, Celebrimbor.

Celebrimbor: Not with the spirit of Carnán at our side.

[The Spirit of Nature herself appears before them.]

Carnán: Woken by death's ring. Flames burn us! You woke him! You woke him!

[Epic fight begins.]

Celebrimbor: Talion. We must fire into its back!

Carnán: Back to pitted sleep! We bury again. You trespass my dominion.

Tar Goroth: Gaur. [Die!]

[He run from the battlefield.]

Carnán: Tar Goroth cannot escape. Leap, we must leap!

[Talion jumps on Carnán's back and they follow Tar Goroth.]

Carnán: Argh. Tar Goroth devours us. It is revealed! Into the eye of his trunk you fire.

[Tar Goroth crushes Carnán's head like a watermelon and runs away again. Carnán turns into a bird and flies in the wake.]

Carnán: No rest for you, no rest for we, Deathless One.

Talion: She is truly a power to be reckoned with.

Celebrimbor: The spirit of Carinhos witnessed Middle-earth's devastation and its revival many times over. She was here before any of us, and she will be here long after we have perished,

Frozen FlameEdit

[Talion meets Carnán again in a snowy forest. She’s in the form of a bull.]

Carnán: Tar Goroth fouls earth and sky. Plows a path of flame! Haste haste haste.

[Talion sits on her back.]

Carnán: It rages across lands. Scorches a path.

Celebrimbor: Tar Goroth will not be difficult to find.

Carnán: Escap-ed is Tar Goroth. Flees Mordor to burn your lands. He must be buried, he must be returned to the depths. Burns, it burns all.

Talion: The tracks... No. It's doubled back!

[Tar Goroth appears.]

Carnán: Lies in wait to rain down fire!

Talion: Where are we going?

Carnán: To ice! We go to ice! Our beasts become cinder, fleshling! Take aim!

Tar Goroth: Ghâshizik! [You will burn!]

Carnán: Rain hail-swords upon the Flame! Fell this beast to rot and weed! Flee we flee!

[They're bringing Tar Goroth to the ice field. He uses his whip of fire knocks Talion down from Carnán. Epic battle continues.]

Tar Goroth: Onguk nakhân. [Your end has come.]

Talion: What did he say?

Celebrimbor: Does it matter?

Talion: This Balrog is from another world.

Celebrimbor: It is up to us, now Talion.

[Talion wins.]

Carnán: We bring light to your abyss! An end to your fire!

[Talion sits on her back and the fight continues.]

Talion: This isn't working!

Tar Goroth: Umbruk Gûm nash! [Your world is Void.]

Celebrimbor: Now. We must attack.

Carnán: Strike like thunder. Fall like rain. Drowned is his flame!

Tar Goroth: Ghâsh-ishi umbruk ongizash! [Your world will end in fire!]

Celebrimbor: Dive now. We must send this beast to the depths.

Tar Goroth: Rogan gir’zikin! [You will never bury me again.]

Celebrimbor: Now. We must attack.

[They're drowning the Tar Goroth in the icy water of the lake.]

Carnán: Undeath will defeat undeath.

A Stench on the WindEdit

[Having defeated Tar Goroth, Talion goes to the Carnán’s Cave. She seems to be exhausted by battle.]

Talion: You've sacrificed much.

Carnán: Long afore. Buried was Tar Goroth by Carnán in Doom Shadow. Aghast my forest destroyed, my brood scattered. Now again find is buried. Drown-ed in ice. And from decay come bloom. The circle is unbroken.

Talion: There was an Uruk in Gorgoroth. This ‘Zog.’

Carnán: Chainer of Tar Goroth he. Death's midwife. Raise-ed Tar Goroth. Raise-ed Orclings.

Celebrimbor: A necromancer.

Carnán: He is near. Stains air with Orc magics. Cunning he, dwimmer-crafty. They rise like tidewaters. Baseborn, beset -- beset by death. They come for you.

Celebrimbor: By my oath, we will find him, and honor your sacrifice.

Carnán: Febrer the foul or return them to dust. Defile-ed is the land. Curse-ed is the maker.

[Talion leave the cave.]

Carnán: (via telepathy) Haste. The death-talker is near. A tormented beast is he. Blade to flesh and be done!

Celebrimbor: A foul creature. All our work will be naught if Sauron can raise the dead.

Talion: Ths Zog cannot be far off.

Carnán: (via telepathy) This Zog’s disease. Bring him to rot!

Celebrimbor: There. We must purify the necromancer totems. Only then can we end the ritual. We must purge this blight.

Carnán: (via telepathy) Close and closer still.

Zog the Eternal: We meet again. I am Zog, and I've been watching you for some time. You’re the inspiration for all this! What better army to defeat a dead Man than a legion of undead Orcs!

Orc: You will not disturb the ritual!

Celebrimbor: Talion, they will not stop rising until we drain the necromancer totem of its power!

Zog the Eternal: They rise. You're not fighting us. Ranger, you're fighting the future! The dead will take Mordor for themselves and not even you can stop us! Ooh, there's more fun to come!

[He leaves.]

Celebrimbor: We MUST drain the totem of its power!

[Talion drains the totem.]

The Best DefenseEdit

Ratbag: Ranger. You got trouble.

Talion: Generally the case.

[Brûz grabs Ratbag by the neck.]

Brûz: Don't bother the boss with your nonsense, you little whinger.

Ratbag: Whinger?! Honestly Brûz, that hurts... OHHH that hurts even more!

Talion: What's the trouble?

Ratbag: A broken rib, I think. But what I wanted to tell you is, the fort is being attacked! The Dark Lord knows you're here. And the door to my escape tunnel is jammed.

Celebrimbor: A test of our defences.

Talion: And our defenders. Brûz!

Brûz: Hmm?

Talion: Prepare to defend the fort.

Brûz: Oh that sounds like a job for Overlord whatshisname. Seeing as how I was passed over for that position.

Talion: (inexorable tone) You will do as you are told.

Brûz: Come on, Brightfella. I'm just having a laugh. You know how I love snapping off heads. I'll defend the fort like it was my own.

Ratbag: I'll help with the defence as well! I'll start with the food in the pantry. Make sure it hasn't been poisoned.

[Talion kills the attackers at the gates and brand the captain.]

Celebrimbor: Kneel before me!

Flogg Blade Smith: I will serve you. No harm will come to you!

Ar-Janek Fear Monger: Outsider! This fortress is the dominion of the Dark Lord! We will purge this place of traitors, and flay your Manflesh into a banner beneath which we will march to storm Gondor! Tremble before me!

[Talion defeats and brands him.]

Celebrimbor: Serve the Bright Lord!

Ar-Janek Fear Monger: I am yours, Master! I stand with you, Bright Lord!

Celebrimbor: They are targeting the inner gate! If these Orcs reach the Keep...

Talion: Then that is where they will die.

Orc: Right-o.

Celebrimbor: Submit to me! You fight for the Bright Lord!

Mâku Man-catcher: I heed your voice, Bright Lord. It'll be a pleasure. He won't be getting up!

Celebrimbor: On your knees!

Orc: Oh! Did you see that one, boss?

[Talion kill all the Captains that attacked his castle.]

Brûz: Reckon that's the last of them, boss.

Talion: Another attack will surely come.

Brûz: I hope so. This one was a blast.

Talion: You fought very well.

Brûz: Told you I'd defend this fort like it was my own.

[He's stabbing Talion in the back.]

Brûz: Turns out, it is!

[He's dumping Talion's breathless body off the balcony.]

Celebrimbor: Treason! We will retake our fortress. We will slaughter that wretched Olog and all who stand with him.

Talion: And what of the ones who stand with us? Clearly, their loyalty cannot be trusted.

Celebrimbor: All who resist will be made an example of.

Talion: Brûz has not seen the end of us.

Celebrimbor: We cannot let his betrayal go unanswered.

Talion: Brûz will pay for his betrayal.

Celebrimbor: And it will be a warning to all who dare follow him.


Ratbag: Ranger. You’ve got trouble. Brûz has taken over your fortress.

Talion: I figured that was the plan when he stabbed me in the back.

Ratbag: From the back, right through to the front… (laughs) I mean you were like bleeding… (laughs)

[Talion looks at him without smiling.]

Ratbag: Sorry, the point is the other Orcs know that you had Brûz with your “Suffer me now”. And Ans they know he broke free. Which has caused quite an impression, let me tell you. Orcs are lining up to follow him. Now. I'm not one to tell you how to do your business, but you need to put a stop to him right away. And you might want to mount a rescue.

Talion: A rescue?

Ratbag: Yeah, he’s taken over a bunch of prisoners. One of whom is your Overlord, I'm pretty sure -- you might want to save him?

Talion: Where.

Ratbag: This way. I mean really, it was like you were stuck on a spic and just--

Talion: QUIET.

Ratbag: There are three prisoners. You go in and do your thing. I'll stay back and scout the area. I'm a really good scout.

Talion: Scouts go on ahead.

Ratbag: And die. That's why I'm so good. Right, here we are! Commence scouting.

[Talion is rescuing one of his captains…]

Captain: Thanks for coming for me... eventually.

Ratbag: So far so good. There are two more prisoners.

Talion: Yes, you said three and we've got one. I can count.

Ratbag: Oh! Well that'll come in handy...

Skûn the Gut Ripper: Man Filth! Come to watch me work? I'm not surprised. I'm a bit of a legend in the execution game. I'll show you my skills--up close and very personal.

[Talion breaks and brands him.]

Celebrimbor: Kneel before me! I am your master!

Skûn the Gut Ripper: I heed your voice, Bright Lord. Only if I can keep the guts.

[Talion is rescuing 2nd captain.]

Captain: Thanks for coming for me. That was really starting to hurt!

Ratbag: So up ahead is the last--well, you know you've been doin' the countin'.

Talion: Yes, I know.

[Talion is rescuing 3rd captain.]

Captain: Lead on, master.

Ratbag: Well, I guess that's it then! You can get back to your warmongering and, uh… oh, hello.

[He's starting to have fun picking the pockets of the dead Orcs. Talion puts a sword to his throat.]

Talion: We are not done here. Brûz?

Ratbag: Oh right. Brûz. In his fortress. Your fortress! Had a lot of owners, that fortress. Oh when the fortress was mine. It was a wee bit drafty but on the views! I mean... I made a lot of improvements to that place

Talion: Like your tunnel.

Ratbag: Yeah! I had an escape tunnel. Smart thinking. I thought. You know, great if you need to get out. That's for sure.

Talion: We could use that.

Ratbag: Why? We don't need to get out.

Talion: We could use it to get back in!

Ratbag: Riggggghhht.

Talion: Where is this tunnel?

Ratbag: This way. I'm pretty sure...

Talion: (sighs)

[They'll sneak through a secret tunnel and enter the throne room.]

Brûz the Chopper: Welcome back. Boss. So what was the plan? Rescue your boys? Bring them here for some kind of reckoning? You brought along that little shrakh-stain Ratbag. Well tell you what? I've got some friends too, me! Yeah... We can have a real party--a right shindig, yeah? We can have some grog, play a few fun party games, like, oh uh... pull the arms off the Ranger! Have at 'im, boys!

[Talion strikes him with his sword a few times.]

Brûz the Chopper: Such a bugger, Ranger! Wasn't supposed to go this way. But you'll see me again, sure as shrakh in a caragor!

Celebrimbor: He won't get far. We will find him and use him to show all of Mordor what happens to those who oppose the Bright Lord.

Gruk the Gravewalker: Pretender! My name is known at grave sites throughout Mordor. The dead rise when they hear my incantations. I EARNED the title of Gravewalker, and now you sully the in name by using it for yourself. This ends now.

Mozû the Angry: This is way too much talk!

Ogg Slave Keeper: Ranger! You stinkin’ Tarks are all alike. Weak, cowardly, and useless!

Mozû the Angry: I think it's time we stopped talking and started beating!

[Talion executes Brûz’s Captains and comes out onto the balcony.]

Talion: This fortress is once again under my command. An attempted rebellion has been put down. Its conspirators have been put to the sword Its leader will soon suffer the same fate! You now hold this fortress for the Bright Lord. Here my enemies will find no weakness, no mercy, only the unassailable strength of my army!


Talion: It appears Ratbag has need of us.

Celebrimbor: Hear him out, but do not let him distract you from our true mission,

Ratbag: Talion! Ratbag needs your help. I've lost Ranger.

Talion: How do you lose an Olog?

Ratbag: He was taken! I found this messenger by his food bowl. (pulls out the severed head)

Talion: Isn't there an expression about killing the messenger?

Ratbag: Yeah. ALWAYS kill the messenger.

Talion: Well, that actually explains a lot. So what did he have to say?

Ratbag: He said, “If you ever want to see your pet again. Bring the Shrakh-eating Gravewalker-- (shakes the severed head)

Talion: Don't do that.

Ratbag: Oh, sorry.

Talion: You realize this is a trap.

Ratbag: Of course! But you owe me. And you owe Ranger! After all, we got rid of Brûz for you.

Talion: Not exactly how I remember it.

Ratbag: Well, we could quibble over details all day. But the fact is, we're your boys! What'll the other Orcs think if you don't stand up for one of your own?

Celebrimbor: He's right. Orcs follow strength. If we allow our soldiers to be attacked without retribution, it will be seen as weakness.

Talion: You may have a point.

Ratbag: I do? I mean, yeah, I do! Now come on, let's go get Ranger. Look at us working together, just like the old days!

Talion: Quiet, you'll give us away! Just like the old days.

Ratbag: Careful, that's a patrol.

Brûz the Chopper: There he is, the glorious "Bright Lord!" I knew that little sniveling crapper would manage to get you here!

Ratbag: Brûz! I'll show you sniveling... what have you done with Ranger?

Brûz the Chopper: Shut your trap! This is between me and the Gravewalker!

Talion: Then come down here. And we'll end this.

Brûz the Chopper: Nah, nah. This is just the beginning. First. It has to hurt. Then, if one of my boys kills you or that sniveling rat, so much the better! But if they don't, well, that's when the real fun starts, doesn't it?

[Talion kills the ambushers.]

Ratbag: Brûz! Come back here you rotten piece of Shrakh!

Talion: He's gone, but we'll see him again.

Ratbag: We'd better, because I'm not done with him!

Talion: Listen to me. We will find Ranger. And we'll take care of Brûz once and for all.

Ratbag: Well, I'm not just going to sit on my arse and wait. I will scour every inch of Mordor until I find him. And when I do -- You will be the first to know.

Talion: Fair enough.

Celebrimbor: Brûz is just the beginning. The more power we gain, the more others will seek to challenge it.

Talion: Then we'll kill them.

Celebrimbor: No, he must be made an example of. or others will rise to take his place.

Talion: Then we kill them as well.

Celebrimbor: Why kill countless challengers when you can stop it all by breaking one?

Talion: Because we are here to win a war, and not play your politics.

Celebrimbor: In Mordor they are one and the same.

The Archers of MorgothEdit

Carnán: Rise! They rise. Archers of Morgoth, let fly. Arise in haste. Archers are raised by acolytes of Zog.

Talion: Who are these Archers of Morgoth?

Celebrimbor: Morgoth was the first Dark Lord and these Archers, long dead, were one of his creations. they were masters of their craft and cannot be allowed to escape these caves.

Carnán: There they be.

Talion: We must destroy their totems before more of them rise.

Carnán: Their arrows sing. I bleed! I bleed! Flee their bolts and barbs! Flee!

Archer of Morgoth: Join us, dead man. We celebrate your darkness!

Carnán: To dust the archers go and Morgoth be damned. Find Zog and his acolytes, Deathless One. Cleanse them with fire and spare not a one.

The Poisoned RoadEdit

Ratbag: Ranger, we have to act quickly! Follow me!

Talion: Let me guess, you received another message from Brûz.

Ratbag: Aye, and you're not going to like what he had to say. Brûz snatched up some of your boys and poisoned them. He wants you to know that if you don't move, fast, they'll diel

Talion: He needs to be stopped.

Ratbag: While you sort this mess out, I'll get back to tracking Brûz. Heh. Ratbag and Gravewalker. We make quite a team! You're ignoring me, aren't you? Is it because I said Ratbag first? How about the Gravewalker and Ratbag? Better?

Ratbag: Okay, this is the place. You go do your thing and I'll go do my equally important and heroic thing.

[Talion rescues his followers.]

???: I've been expecting you. Brûz wants me to make you and your boys suffer. He didn't have to ask twice.

Orc 1: So that's it? That's why Brûz is so sore over the Tark?

Orc 2: Right, suppose you had to be there.

???: Brûz was a legend before he met you, undefeated in battle! You took that away from him! You’re going to lose everything you've worked so hard to build. Brûz will tear it down! Are you having fun yet? Brûz wanted me to keep you and your foolish followers entertained!

Orc 1: I hear Brûz killed the Gravewalker. Stabbed him right in the heart.

Orc 2: That's a load of shrakh. If he killed the Gravewalker then whose Men are we guarding?

Orc 1: I never thought about that. Now that is confusing.

???: Brûz is going to take his time with you. He's going to make you regret you ever crossed him!

[Now Talion needs to defeat Brûz’s followers. He brands their Captain.]

Celebrimbor: Tremble before me! Join my army!

Hoshgrish the Plan-Maker: I will be your chosen. I'll keep your guts safe!

Talion: I think I've had enough of Brûz and his antics.

Celebrimbor: You know what must be done. Death will not suffice. Make an example of him so that he will serve as a warning to all who would follow his lead.

Of Ghûls and GraugsEdit

Carnán: The brothers of corruption raise their dead. Haste. Haste.

[Talion mounts Carnán.]

Carnán: The stench of death surrounds. A confusion of ghuls they rise and rise.

Talion: As they rise, so shall they fall.

Carnán: Brood rages. Brood screams!

Celebrimbor: Talion, we must destroy the ghûl mounds. Only then will they stop. Talion, we must dismount.

Carnán: The ritual deatens them, angers them. End the ritual.

Talion: We won't be able to end the ritual if we don't get through these ghûls.

Orc: Destroy one totem and we will raise a hundred more!

Carnán: Drawn to its energy, the caragors. Driven by its corruption!

[Talion purifies the totem.]

Carnán: Our work continues, Deathless One. Be ready.

The Tower of SorceryEdit

[Talion goes back to destroyed Minas Ithil.]

Talion: Dark magics infested the very bones of the city.

Celebrimbor: It is no longer Minas Ithil. It is now Minas Morgul.

Blade of Galadriel: I tracked one of the Ringwraiths here after we drove him from Shelob's cave.

Talion: Came to lick his wounds. All we did was chase him off. Be on your guard.

Talion: Your ability to track the Nazgûl... another gift from Galadriel?

Blade of Galadriel: A gift... That is one way to put it.

Celebrimbor: We are here for the Palantir. That is all that matters.

Talion: Then we will have to fight our way to it. The city is crawling with Orcs.

Celebrimbor: They need not be obstacles. We can turn them into valuable assets.

Blade of Galadriel: The Nine will stop at nothing to seize that ring.

Talion: This ring is not their prize, it is their destruction.

Blade of Galadriel: The Ringwraiths cannot be destroyed. They always come back.

Talion: But you don't stop fighting.

Blade of Galadriel: No. Not ever.

Talion: To destroy the Nazgûl forever... there must be a way

Blade of Galadriel: If there is, I have not yet found it. Stay by my side, Ranger, and I will show you what a Ringwraith is.

[Suddenly a Nazgûl enters the battlefield.]

Suladân: The Witch-king has taken possession of this city. Now he will take possession of you!

Blade of Galadriel: Talion! The Light of Galadriel will shield us!

Celebrimbor: His dark power is no match for the Light of Galadriel!

Blade of Galadriel: Talion! Don't let him catch you outside the light!

Suladân: A special fate awaits the Ringmaker! I will annihilate your entire army!

Blade of Galadriel: To me, Talion! The Light of Eärendil defends us!

Celebrimbor: The Light of Galadriel is greater than his foul magic!

Suladân: That Ring belongs to Sauron! You cannot defeat the Nine! You will join them!

[Talions brands him and sees events from Suladân’s past. He, as human king, comes with his army to the smith where Sauron and Celebrimbor forge rings of power. Sauron offers Suladân a ring that poisons his mind.]

Guard Captain: What has been done to you?

[Sauron whispers something in Suladân’s ear.]

Suladân: Kneel before your King.

[The soldiers kneels. The vision ends.]

Blade of Galadriel: Were you granted vision?

Talion: Yes.

Blade of Galadriel: Then you understand. These were once great men. But they could not resist a Ring of Power--

Celebrimbor: Sauron's Rings were designed to subjugate their wearers. I realized that too late. But now I have crafted a Ring that is perfect. This one is pure.

Blade of Galadriel: Pure what, I wonder.

A SightingEdit

Ratbag: Ranger! I mean, Gravewalker! Or should that be Bright Lord? How many names do you have? Never mind. I saw Ranger. MY Ranger!

Talion: You're sure you saw him?

Ratbag: With my own eyes. I'd have gone into that cave and saved him myself but he's probably very heavily guarded.

Talion: If you found him, then it means Brûz wanted you to. It's another trap.

Ratbag: You don't think much of me, do you.

[Talion follows Ratbag… to the trap.]

Brûz the Chopper: Oi! What's wrong with you? You've got an army to raise and a war to win! But here you are wasting time trying to rescue a brainless shrakh! Well, you had better be quick, because a pack of my caragors woke up in a foul mood this morning so I decided to cut them loose. They haven't eaten in days! (runs away)

Ratbag: You have to save Ranger! I'll stay out here in case Brûz doubles back!

Brûz the Chopper: You should know that I've been a little rough with the big oaf. I figure at this point the pain of those caragors tearing him apart will be a relief!

Talion: (sees a barrel of powder) That's definitely not Ranger.

[It explodes.]

Brûz the Chopper: Of course it's not Ranger! Did you really think I was done toying with your Not even close!

Ratbag: Run!

Orc: Made it out alive, did ya? Well, we'll fix that.

Ratbag: Was it a trap? I saw Brûz double back and then I heard a bunch or explosions and then you killed a bunch of… oh right. It was a trap. But no worries, saw where he went. I’ll track him down!

The ScourgeEdit

[Nazgûl approaches the fortress of Talion.]

Celebrimbor: Helm Hammerhand. Of all the Nazgûl, his fall was most tragic. His rage knows no bounds.

Helm Hammerhand: The Dark Lord will have his prize, Ranger of Gondor. That fortress is a tiny island surrounded by a sea of darkness. And the tide rises against you!

[He summons thousands of ghûls.]

Tûgog Graug Catcher: You take the Shrieker, I'll get his pets!

Celebrimbor: You hold this fort for the Bright Lord. You will not falter!

Helm Hammerhand: You cannot win. The armies of the Dark Lord, like his powers, are limitless!

[He turns into some kind of wyvern.]

Helm Hammerhand: You are brave, Ranger. Your will is as strong as your fortress walls. The Witch-king will add you to his army!

Talion: He will need someone to replace you.

Helm Hammerhand: We will strike you down forever until you submit to him!

[Nazgûl is practically hammering Talion to the dust.]

Blade of Galadriel: You will not claim him!

[She strikes off a blow and blinds him with the Light of Galadriel. Nazgûl runs away.]

Blade of Galadriel: His wounds will slow him. What about yours?

Fire and FuryEdit

Talion: This Nazgûl was injured… we have the advantage.

Celebrimbor: Hammerhand was known for his strength in life, If anything he has grown more powerful in death.

Blade of Galadriel: I'm making a habit of saving you.

Talion: I think I prefer the version where you don't impale me.

Celebrimbor: Where is the Nazgûl?

Blade of Galadriel: Nearby. Can you keep up?

Talion: I’ll do my best. That was not the first time you faced Helm, was it?

Blade of Galadriel: I have faced each Ringwraith more times than I can count.

Talion: And you've never defeated them.

Blade of Galadriel: Not yet.

Talion: Then why do you keep fighting?

Blade of Galadriel: In the war against darkness, sometimes stalemate is victory.

Talion: For now, the battle must be won.

Blade of Galadriel: Of all Helm's servants, the drakes are most dangerous

Celebrimbor: If we could dominate one, we could turn the weapon of the enemy against him.

Blade of Galadriel: Like a Ring of power? You do nothing to dispel my fears, Elf Lord.

Talion: What happens to the Nazgûl when they are defeated?

Blade of Galadriel: Their spirit endures. It returns to Barad-dûr, growing in strength until it can again take physical form.

Talion: So. They are banished from death.

[The Nazgûl appears again.]

Helm Hammerhand: My master commands that you serve him... But your she-Elf friend. I will take her head and hands as trophies! I have felled better beasts than you! Smarter, faster, stronger! You are game! Prey! Nothing more! Feel the hot fire of my drakes, the cold steel of my hammer! I have hunted every beast in Middle-earth. And none has ever escaped me! Fall to your knees and await the final stroke! You will bleed, every drop wakening you!

[Talion brands him.]

Helm Hammerhand: You cannot hide from the huntsman! My torment ends-- and yours is simply beginning!

[We see a vision from the Nazgûl’s past. He was shot in a forest and his daughter taken.]

Siric: You should have given me your daughter's hand when I asked.

[We're teleporting to Helm’s Castle where he lies on his deathbed. Sauron and Celebrimbor approach him.]

Annatar: For your daughter's safe return... (put a ring on his finger)

[Helm is getting his strength back. He puts on his armor and goes to save his daughter.]

Bernwyn - Helm’s Daughter: Please don't fight him.

Siric: If you kill me, you'll start a war.

Helm: War has come.

[He kills his daughter and every soldier in the room.]

Soldier: My lord!

[The vision ends.]

Talion: (to Celebrimbor) You… How could you? You stood beside Sauron as he gave these kings the very rings chac doomed them.

Celebrimbor: Those rings were meant to bring order. Sauron deceived me. He deceived us all.

Talion: Knowing what you know now, still you crafted a new ring…

Celebrimbor: WE crafted a ring. Why else did you pick up my hammer? It is not noble Men we are dominating, but savage Orcs. And it is with this army that all Sauron has wrought will be undone.

Talion: No matter the cost.

[He leaves.]

Celebrimbor: A drake would have been a great asset.

[Eltariel leaves too. Tallion collects all the web pieces and reveal Shelob’s story. She sees a lot of soldiers approaching their castle.]

Shelob: We must stand against them. Destroy them!

Annatar: They will only keep coming. Sacrifices must be made.

Shelob: You would abandon me?

Annatar: Sacrifices must be made.

[She kills soldiers and crawls into a cave where she turns into a giant spider.]

Shelob: The Great Deceiver will pay for his betrayal. He will suffer. He will suffer. He will--

Worse Than DeathEdit

Ratbag: Ranger! I found Ranger! And I found Brûz!

Talion: This all feels very familiar. Will this Ranger explode like the last one?

Ratbag: No. Ratbag is sure this time! While you was off racing into a trap -- good job by the way -- I tracked down Brûz. The ugly shrakh never saw me! He's got my Ranger, the real one!

Talion: I'll handle this. Just keep out of sight. I don't want any more surprises.

Ratbag: Right, splendid. We'll do it your way. No faffing about.

Celebrimbor: Brûz doesn't expect us. We should strike now.

Talion: First, we save Ranger.

Celebrimbor: Ranger is expendable. Our priority should be making an example of Brûz.

Talion: He will be dealt with, but we have to make sure Ranger is safe.

[He finds chained Ranger.]

Talion: It's all right... it's all right. Easy. Easy. (cut his chains)

Ranger: (blackspeech) Figures Ratbag would come to you for help. What took you so long?

Talion: Can you walk?

Ranger: (blackspeech) I was tortured. I was starved, but yes, I can walk. And if we're going after Brûz, I can run.

Talion: I'll take that as a yes.

Ranger: (blackspeech) It is time to make Brûz pay for what he's done.

Talion: I take it you're ready to end this. That makes two of us.

Celebrimbor: Now, to make an example of Brûz.

Talion: An example all of Mordor will remember.

Brûz the Chopper: Oi! What the bloody blazes are you doing here? And who said you could let Ranger out of his cage?!

Ranger: (blackspeech) Who are you talking to? Is the Gravewalker insane? Fine. Just ignore my question.

Talion: The two of us are going to teach you a lesson.

Brûz the Chopper: You trying to hurt me? Ha! I'd like to see you try! That don't hurt! That's not gonna work! Didn't feel a thing! Gonna have to do better than that!

[Talion defeats Brûz.]

Celebrimbor: On your knees!

Brûz the Chopper: Enough, kill me! Just end it.

Celebrimbor: No.

[He shames Brûz, however, it isn’t shown how exactly.]

Ratbag: Ranger! C'mere ya big glob, you!

Ranger: (blackspeech) I see you weren't tough enough to save me yourself.

Ratbag: It’s good to see you too!

Ranger: (blackspeech) You’re an idiot. Learn some Black Speech. You embarrass me.

Ratbag: It’s almost like he’s talking. Thank you Ranger. Ah, Gravewalker. Thank you, Bright Lord. We are even--

Brûz the Chopper: (on his knees) I don't want the fort… I don't want the fort! I never wanted the fort!

Ratbag: Is that Brûz… you broke him. I'd rather die than live like that.

Talion: That's the point.

Ratbag: Come on Ranger, let's get out of here. This is giving me the creeps.

Ranger: You're a cruel one, Gravewalker.

Celebrimbor: Now every Orc in Mordor will think twice before challenging us.


Talion: Whenever I find you, I know the Nazgûl must be close,

Blade of Galadriel: As long as you wear that Ring, they will be closer than you like.

Talion: For now, I have no choice. How many Nazgûl are there?

Blade of Galadriel: Just one.

Celebrimbor: Isildur.

Talion: The King who cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand…

Blade of Galadriel: And wore it on his own. This is the legacy of your rings, Celebrimbor.

[Isildur summons 5 soldiers and disappears.]

Talion: These Men died in Minas Ithil...

Blade of Galadriel: These are no longer men! Do not hesitate! The only mercy for them is death!

[Talion kills them.]

Talion: Raising his enemies, denying them rest. turning them against their brothers... is there no foul stratagem the Witch-king will not employ?

Blade of Galadriel: There are bound to be many more... It's best they don't see us coming.

Isildur: Your armies become mine! They were your comrades -- now they are my slaves!

Blade of Galadriel: Return to your rest!

Isildur: Tremble as your friends turn against you! In ages past, I commanded armies of Men, and now they will again follow me!

Blade of Galadriel: Come, Talion, Isildur must be nearby!

Isildur: You will submit to the Witch-king... and at our sides, you will serve him. Or you will die... and I will raise you as my puppet. You have a choice before you.

Talion: You don't.

Isildur: (appears before Talion) All Men will perish and serve me! The Dark Lord's gaze is fire! You will share my torment - brother! You cannot prevail, foolish Ranger! My army is tireless. My army is infinite! All who resist will burn!

Blade of Galadriel: The light of Eӓrendil will protect us!

[She creates a light barrier. Isildur walks around him, lazily waving his sword.]

Isildur: You still do not understand -- but you will be made to. All who are called will serve the Dark Lord. There is no escape -- even in death!

[The ghost of Castamir, who was in command of Minas Ithil, appears.]

Talion: Castamir.

Celebrimbor: He serves the Dark Lord still.

Castamir: Minas... Ithil... Morgul! Open… city! Save... Idril...Minas Ithil... The city... Witch-king... Palantir… At all costs, at all… all costs...

[Talion releases him.]

Blade of Galadriel: Isildur will rise more of Gondor’s fallen. I will track him. You and I will meet again.

Talion: Well as long as I wear this Ring, I'm sure that's true.

The Burning ForestEdit

[The forest is in flames.]

Talion: They come for Carnán.

Celebrimbor: We must destroy their totems.

Carnán: These magics poison the forest, they poison Carnán.

Orc 1: He defiles the ritual!

Orc 2: We've found the Great Tree! All torchbearers to the clearing!

Carnán: Fouled is the air! Devoured by flame!

Celebrimbor: We must return to Carnán NOW!

Carnán: Flesh will feed the forest! Flesh for tree and brood. Come! Meet your end. Flame will devour your bones as mine! Come! The Spirit of Carnán will deliver death to all. Come, come!

[Talion kill all Orcs in the forest and purify their totems.]

Carnán: It is done. Come. Come, deathless one. All is burn-ed. Choke-ed.

Celebrimbor: The forest has been cleared. They will not be back.

Carnán: Curse-ed is Zog by furious hunger. A pact unfinished he will raise Tar Goroth.

Talion: Tar Goroth is no more. You saw to that.

Carnán: Put ear to earth and heed. Brothers of corruption hold gloaming vigil. Fire will rise from ice.

Celebrimbor: If Zog is able to raise the Balrog, it will be his thrall, and its power will be his. He must be stopped.

Talion: You're not coming with us, are you?

Carnán: The long winter calls my name.

Talion: But how? How could ..

Carnán: Forests of Carnán must rest in dwell. Carnán be still or all is ash. The circle cannot be broken. Go now.

Fire from IceEdit

[Talion travels to the lake where Tar Goroth was defeated the last time. There are four totems around the crack in the ice where he fell.]

Talion: The ritual has commenced.

Celebrimbor: We can waste no time.

Zog the Eternal: Tar Goroth! We call you back from your tomb. Rise and join our glory. It's working! Tar Goroth lives! It lives! You will not foul che ritual! Tar Goroth will rise, but not for Sauron. He will fight in MY army. A legion of the dead that will rival any army of Mordor! You will hear them when they come for they will chant my name: ZOG! ZOG! ZOG!

Talion: You don't deserve this life!

Zog the Eternal: Your body will be burned and scattered to the winds, Gravewalker! He destroys the totems!

Orc 1: Stop him! Mordor belongs to Zog!

Orc 2: Stop him before he ends the ritual!

Zog the Eternal: Tar Goroth rises! He rises! The horror, the horror!

[Talion purify all 4 totems.]

Orc 1: No. No. Nooooo! You will pay!

Zog the Eternal: Dimwit! I was about to pull life from death and you ended it! He was to be my masterwork and you ended it! This is how you die, Gravewalker!

Orc 1: Tar Goroth rises to the surface.

Zog the Eternal: Too slow, dead man. I will snatch this life and every other from you. Uh uh uh! You're the only thing in my way now. You are ended! Die! Die! Die! You will join Tar Goroth in the depths. The ritual cannot be ended!

[Despite the increased resistance, Talion is able to defeat Zog.]

Zog the Eternal: You've done it. You killed me. But let me tell you a secret: Necromancers never truly die. (maniacally laughs)

[Talion decapitates Zog.]

Talion: I think we did it.

Celebrimbor: Then Carnán's sacrifice was not in vain.

Army of the DeadEdit

[Orcs necromancers revive Zog.]

Zog the Eternal: By your craft, I am reborn, brothers! Look around you: the Orcs who took this city. This is OUR army. Not Sauron's. Not the Witch-king's. The dominion of those slave masters is at an end, for today. WE RISE!

Talion: Zog's acolytes have been busy.

Celebrimbor: A necromancer is never truly dead.

Talion: The arena is stocked with dead Uruk, victims of the siege.

Celebrimbor: An army in waiting.

Ashgarn the Tark Slayer: (mumble) I will drain YOU, filth!

[Talion kills resurrected Captains and purify totems.]

Orc Necromancer: Stop him before he ends the ritual! He has drained our totem!

Zog the Eternal: Dimwit! You understand now, don't you. The dead aren't dead. They're just waiting for someone who will listen, who will answer their call. Once you're out of the way, we will all rise again. We've been here before. How many lives do you think I have left? We could have been allies! We share a common enemy, Ranger!

[Talion kills Zog again.]

Zog the Eternal: Kill me, Ranger. I will wait among the dead. Then we will all rise together.

Celebrimbor: It is Carnán!

Carnán: Cleansed by fire to ash you go. Burn to cinder and never to return. I told you, Ranger: Undeath will defeat undeath.


The Bright LordEdit

Talion: Our forces are ready.

Celebrimbor: And Sauron awaits.

Isildur: Talion. This is your fate.

Celebrimbor: Isildur awaits.

Talion: We bring this war to them.

[He's giving a speech in front of his army.]

Talion: We have conquered the forts of Mordor. But it is still not ours. Sauron's army advances, ready to butcher every last one of us. But we will not die under his rule. We do not serve the Dark Lord. We will sally forth on the battlefield! And take this land for our own! You fight for Mordor. You fight for the Bright Lord! Charge!

[He jumps off the Black Gate and the epic battle with Sauron’s Army begins.]

Az-Gang the Tailor: Silky! Our final confrontation on the final battlefield. You will never get past me.

Mozû Ranger-Killer: That's enough threats. Let's make good on ‘em!

Orc: You fight for the Bright Lord!

Talion: Eltariel! Support the Orcs!

Blade of Galadriel: Never thought I’d hear that!

Talion: Push on!

Celebrimbor: Nan iChir Gelair! [I am the Bright Lord!] Join the army of the Bright Lord!

Az-Gang the Tailor: My mind is free.

Celebrimbor: (shaming the Orc) I scorn you.

Blade of Galadriel: Your army fights well! For Orcs.

Talion: They get the job done. In their own way.

Hûra the Panderer: Sugarflesh! Ignore the pain and come to me, Ranger. I have the sweet release of death you so desperately crave.

Talion: Eltariel! We must push through.

Blade of Galadriel: I'm pushing. You worry about your Orcs! Sauron’s throwing hos entire army on us!

Talion: Then he will lose it all!

Krimp Evil Eye: I see you! This stops now. You may have defeated the others, but you will not defeat me. This has been a long time coming.

Blade of Galadriel: Onward!

Celebrimbor: You will obey!

Orc: I fight for you!

Isildur: Your time has come, Talion. All that you have wrought has led you here. We are bound together in this brotherhood. This is the fate of kings and men.

Talion: It shall not be mine.

[They take out their swords and fight each other.]

Blade of Galadriel: For the Galadhrim.

Isildur: You died and he brought you back. You know, you know. The Dark Lord will remake you. We will devour Middle-earth. I died and he brought me back. Brought me back to this.

[Talion brands Isildur and sees the beginning of Peter Jackson's first film.]

Isildur: (putting the ring to his finger) I am the lord of the ring.

[The body of the murdered Isildur is being taken to Barad-dûr.]

Annatar: You will serve me for all eternity.

[Sauron puts his ring to Isildur’s finger. Isildur awakes. The vision ends.]

Celebrimbor: You are mine.

Talion: I cannot allow this. Isildur, I release you.

[He pierces Isildur with his sword.]

Celebrimbor: Talion no!

Talion: Find peace in death.

Celebrimbor: (angrily) He was not yours to release!

Talion: And he was not yours to enslave.

Blade of Galadriel: He did more than that. You broke Sauron's hold. You dominated him.

Celebrimbor: And I will dominate Sauron. His armies will be mine.

Talion: We are meant to destroy Sauron.

Celebrimbor: Sauron cannot be destroyed.

Blade of Galadriel: Celebrimbor is right. We fight and fight but evil always returns. Talion, we can end this here.

Celebrimbor: We must ensure Mordor is restored to light, not darkness.

Talion: I will not trade one Dark Lord for another.This is not the end I have fought for.

Blade of Galadriel: But you are not the only one fighting.

Celebrimbor: No. He is not. This is not about your petty vengeance. Or mine. This is about restoring order to Mordor. To all of Middle-earth. The end you fought for? You are but a vessel. And there are others. The Lady Galadriel sent you here for a reason. Together we can bring Sauron to his knees we can finish what our people started so long ago.

[He's reaching out to her. There’s a ring in his hand. She looks at Talion and takes the ring. Talion starts to bleed and fall to the ground.]

Blade of Galadriel: Our sacrifices are not in vain. This is the only way.

[Celebrimbor looks at him and disappears. A few spiders crawl up to Talion's dead body…]

Talion: See the future you have wrought. A Bright Lord instead of a dark one.

Shelob: You pitiful Man. I gave you sight and yet you still do not see.

Talion: You showed me a fate I could not change!

Shelob: You are wrong. When you and Celebrimbor forged a new Ring of Power, I saw where your path ended. Locked in battle against Sauron at the top of Barad-dûr.... and you won. Sauron was enslaved and the Bright Lord rose in his place. The armies of Mordor marched forth under his banner and Middle-earth fell under his heel. That is the future I fought against. The future you prevented. Because you saw Celebrimbor for what he was.

Talion: No.

Shelob: Your war is not yet ended. Talion. Whether a Bright Lord or a Dark Lord rules Barad-dûr, the balance of power must be maintained or all of Middle-earth will fall.

Talion: Minas Morgul.

Shelob: Yes. From there. Mordor can be held back.

Talion: How? The ring is gone.

I asked you once: how much are you willing to sacrifice? Open your eyes, Talion. Open your eyes.

[Talion's waking up. It stretches to Isildur's ring... and picks it up.]

Talion: As long as I have breath in my body, my fate is my own...

[He puts the ring to his finger. The screen fades. Having put on the hood and ink on his eyes, he goes to Minas Morgul.]

Orc: You must have rocks in your head. This is Minas Morgul and you are one man.

Talion: I am one. But we are many.

[A whole army of dead men appears behind his back. It’s time to capture Minas Morgul.]

Nazgûl’s Voice: Your day has come, Gravewalker. Give in! You will forget your pain. Your life. You will serve alongside us! The world of Men will fall! He will feed on you. Serve the Witch-king for eternity!

[He opens the door to the room with Palantir.]

Witch-king: Join us, brother.

Talion: I am not of darkness yet. And I am not your brother.

Witch-king: You will know true deathlessness. My armies. The Dark Lord will claim his prize. You will become one of the faceless. Your name will be wiped away. Your history. I am nothing. I am darkness. Minas Morgul will never fall. My ally! Isildur is gone. You will join the Nine. He will feed on you. You freed Isildur, but you will take his place. You will serve the Witch-king! You will become like me. One of the hollow men. Your day has come, Gravewalker. Forget the past. Forget their faces. The past is past. Join us.

[Talion manages to defeat one of the strongest warriors of Middle-Earth.]

Witch-king: You cannot see inside me. Nothing of my soul remains.

Talion: Then I banish you. Minas Morgul is mine.

[Witch-king disappears. Talion takes the Palantir in his hands and sees the Dark Tower without The Eye on it. Meanwhile, Eltariel/Celebrimbor enters Sauron’s chambers. The Dark Lord greets them himself.]

Celebrimbor: You will serve the Bright Lord now.

[Sauron takes off his battle gear.]

Annatar: In the body of Elf or Man, you are unchanged, Celebrimbor.

[Epic fight begins.]

Annatar: You lost the Ranger. That was a mistake.

Blade of Galadriel: We have never felt such power.

Celebrimbor: This is the power of the Bright Lord!

Blade of Galadriel: Cower before the light of Galadriel!

Annatar: You will fail here, Celebrimbor. Curse you!

[Annatar turns on his armor.]

Blade of Galadriel: Witness the might of the Galadhrim!

Sauron: Pretender!

Blade of Galadriel: The forces of Darkness cannot harm me! Fear me and despair!

Sauron: You are alone in the darkness!

Celebrimbor: You will submit to me.

Sauron: You are but a minion!

[Eltariel uses the Light of Galadriel.]

Blade of Galadriel: Now!

Celebrimbor: You will serve the Bright Lord!

Annatar: I serve no one! You will be devoured, Bright Lord.

[Celebrimbor almost manages to brand Annatar when he suddenly takes out a dagger and cuts off his fingers along with the ring -- Eltariel’s fingers to be exact. Annatar and Celebrimbor hugs and unite. Talion been watching everything through Palantir.]

Shelob: Sauron and Celebrimbor became one. Locked in a prison of perpetual war -- a Flaming Eye casting its shadow over Mordor. Talion had retaken in the city of Minas Morgul, but his war was far from over. His greatest battle will be fought against the shadow within himself and the tower to the east. To hold back the Darkness. To save the world of Men.

[To be continued?]


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