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FILE R-00: Guard DutyEdit

[A quiet African town. The protagonist, cyborg Raiden, rides in a limousine with two African politicians and two people from the organisation he represents, “Maverick”.]

Prime Minister N’mani: Three years... We’ve come so far in just three short years...

N’mani’s Advisor: The sign of a strong leader, sir.

Prime Minister N’mani: No -- the will of a strong people.

[Outside the limousine window on the street children play football.]

Prime Minister N’mani: And one very able advisor.

N’mani’s Advisor: Thank you, sir.

Prime Minister N’mani: Your team deserves credit as well... Mr. Lightning Bolt.

[Raiden’s taking off his sunglasses.]

Raiden: Just doing our job, Mr. Prime Minister.

Prime Minister N’mani: I must admit, I once thought of groups like yours as opportunists -- enablers of war. But you’ve trained our new army well -- order has returned sooner than expected.

[There are many armed soldiers and military equipment on the street.]

Prime Minister N’mani: Perhaps I was wrong about these "private military companies"...

Raiden: We prefer "private security provider," sir. Most of Maverick’s contracts do focus on security.

Prime Minister N’mani: Yes, well, "security" can mean many things…

[The camera flies out of the limousine and shows us that there are several heavily armed APCs in front of it.]

Raiden: There’s a saying I like: "One sword keeps another in the sheath." Sometimes, the threat of violence alone is a deterrent. Sometimes, by taking a life, others can be preserved. It’s the code the samurai lived by…

Prime Minister N’mani: Mm… A soldier and a philosopher. You are full of surprises Mr. Lightning Bolt.

Raiden: I could say the same about you, Mr. Prime Minister.

[The limo suddenly stops.]

N’mani’s Advisor: What is happening?

Courtney: Someone’s blocking the lead vehicle… Hold on.

Soldier: Clear the road! This is official state business!

[A samurai with a long red katana walks onto a wide dusty road. He is wearing ultramodern military armor and cyborg enhancements. The samurai swiftly unsheaths his sword.]

Soldier: I said, clear the road! We’re authorized to use force if you do n--

[The samurai runs quickly to the APC. The soldier starts shooting at him, but the samurai dodges each shot. He bounces up and cuts down the machine gun together with the soldier. The military begins to surround him.]

Courtney: Leopard One! U-turn! Turning back!

[The limo is leaving quickly. The samurai smiles radiantly at the soldiers who surround him.]

Soldier: Open fire!

N’mani’s Advisor: Who was that?

Raiden: A cyborg…

Gemini: One of our competitors?

Radio (Boris): Courtney! What is happening?

Courtney: We got hit, sir. A cyborg.

Radio (Boris): Whose?

Courtney: XIFF comes up "unaffiliated."

Radio (Boris): I’ll notify all checkpoints. Get N’mani out of there!

Courtney: Yes, sir.

N’mani’s Advisor: We are going to die...

Prime Minister N’mani: Stay calm.

Courtney: He’s got friends! On our twelve!

Radio (Boris): Raiden!

Raiden: I’m on it. Guard the prime minister.

[He gets out of the limo and in one swift movement takes off his jacket with his shirt, exposing the mechanical body. When he opens the suitcase, he pulls his electric sword out of there. With a few quick swings he destroys the containers above, blocking the way for the enemy soldiers to reach the limousine.]

Raiden: (to the enemies) Let’s get this over with.

[The battle with the first three soldiers begins.]

Boris (via codec): Take out those hostiles!

[Raiden quickly kills the soldiers.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, you’ll need to choose between light and heavy strikes to match the situation! Where are you going? Stay on your targets! Raiden, the limo is in trouble! Get back there ASAP! I’ll add the line to your soliton radar!

[Raiden cuts the gate and runs on. Meanwhile, Gemini also kills soldiers... split in two. Unexpectedly, an unmanned Metal Gear RAY jumps out of the water and fires its main weapon in the head. The limousine flips over. Gemini runs towards him, but then Sundowner appears. He chops off one Gemini’s hands and, smiling, cuts off the other’s head with scissors. He picks up the prime minister. At the same time, Raiden runs up to the limo.]

Raiden: Stop!

Sundowner: So you’re Jack.

Raiden: What do you want with the prime minister?

Sundowner: I want him... dead. Nothing personal, ’course. Africa’s just gettin’ a bit too peaceful.

Raiden: What?

Sundowner: Business ain’t been the same since they shut down SOP. "A clean break from the war economy." Well some of us liked that economy. How’s an honest war monger supposed to make a living?

Raiden: This is your answer?

[Sundowner laughs and pulls a sword out of the sheath.]

Raiden: Don’t do it!

Sundowner: Don’t worry now, I won’t. Not while he’s still useful. So long...

[He jumps on the building. Raiden tries to run after him, but Sundowner signals Metal Gear RAY and it blocks his way. An unequal fight begins.]

Boris (via codec): What?! They have a Metal Gear? Here?! Raiden! Take out that UMG and get after him! Use Blade Mode to damage its armor! Use your Ninja Run to deflect those shots! Now, Raiden! Bring it down! Stop that blade! Yes! Yes! Split it wide open!

[Raiden evades the shots, fights off the bullets with his sword, blocks the strike of a huge sword, lifts and throws Metal Gear on the asphalt and cuts it in half.]

Boris (via codec): Horosho! (Good!) Very good! But do not rest easy just yet! He is on the other side of that collapsed building! Go!

[Raiden’s going after Sundowner.]

Boris (via codec): There! Get him! Use your Ninja Run to move over obstacles automatically. Do not let him out of your sight! You must catch him!

[On the rooftop of a building the same Metal Gear suddenly comes back and attacks Raiden.]

Boris (via codec): That damn UG! It still works?! Raiden, use Blade Mode to take down those HEMP missiles! Finish that bastard off!

[Raiden chops up missiles with his sword, jumps on rockets like a staircase, runs vertically down a collapsing building and at the end chops an iron monster from nose to tail. Meanwhile, the African military is surrounding Sundowner. Not interested in fighting with them, he makes a huge jump and hops on a train.]

Soldier: The hell? Dammit.

[Raiden’s already running after him. He’s getting on the train, too.]

Boris (via codec): He is headed for the front of the train! After him! Raiden, an unidentified tiltrotor is headed your way. Keep an eye out for it.

[After reaching the front car, Raiden sees Sundowner and that samurai, Sam.]

Raiden: Prime minister!

Sundowner: Too little, too late, hero. I won’t be needing my little shield here any longer.

Raiden: Stop!

[Sundowner makes a gentle cut on the neck of the African Prime Minister.]

Sundowner: What about all the good things war has done for us? Why don’t we ever hear speeches about that? Jobs, technology, a common purpose...

Prime Minister N’mani: Raiden... Forget me. Stop him.

Sundowner: You ain’t listenin’...

[Raiden’s trying to stop the bullying, but he’s got Sam in his way.]

Sam: Mind if I cut in?

Sundowner: All we’re saying is... give war a chance!

[Sundowner is piercing the Prime Minister. His blood splashes on Raiden’s face.]

Raiden: No!

[Sundowner dumps the Prime Minister’s body off the train. Sam’s shaking off his blood. The plane arrives and picks up the smiling Sundowner.]

Raiden: (to Sam) Out of my way!

Sundowner: He’s all yours, Sam.

Sam: (to Raiden) Let’s go.

[The fight is starting, but Raiden clearly lacks the experience to fight Sam.]

Sam: Now, now. Don’t be shy. Walked right into it. Not good enough. Self-taught... and not half-bad. Still... Your technique lacks something... Now I see. You deny your weapon its purpose.

[Raiden is shocked. Sam smiles and takes the moment to cut out Raiden’s eye.]

Sam: It yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies... but you hold it back.

Raiden: No… My sword is a tool of justice.

[Sam makes a distraction and chops off Raiden’s right arm.]

Raiden: Shit! Not again…

[He’s doing his best to fight Sam, but it’s a pretty pathetic sight.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden! Are you all right?! You are almost clear of the tunnel! Just hang on!

Sam: Oh, did you want to practice first? Gotta try harder than that.

[Eventually, Raiden gets off the train. He holds the edge with one hand.]

Sam: This is what happens when you bring a tool to a swordfight... It’s over.

[He swings, but then the train leaves the tunnel. Sam notices something.]

Sam: Lucky devil...

[APC approaching the train on the left. Boris is sitting on the submachine gun seat. He fires at Sam. The samurai has to defend himself.]

Boris: Kept you waiting, eh?

[There’s a plane coming for Sam. Boris takes out an RPG.]

Boris: Down you go.

[He shoots, but his rocket gets hit.]

Boris: Flares?!

[Raiden punches a container on which he lies and passes out.]

FILE R-01: Coup d’État (Rebellion)Edit

Three weeks later...

[Raiden is flying a small single-seater jet fighter across a stormy ocean.]

Boris (via codec): How is it, Raiden?

Raiden: So far, so good. I’ve got a clean visual.

Boris (via codec): A direct feed to your optic nerve. Yes, I should hope so, eh? I mean... How does it feel!? To fly like a bird!

Raiden: Like a bird strapped to a remote-control rocket...

Boris (via codec): We will get you in safely, tovarich (comrade). Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Raiden: Right.

Doktor (via codec): Can you hear me, Raiden?

Raiden: Doktor.

Doktor (via codec): Remember the two procedures to maintain your new body: One, seizing nano-repair units from your foes. And two--Absorbing their electrolytes.

Raiden: I got it.

Doktor (via codec): Yes, enemy cyborgs should provide plenty of MCFC electrolytes once you slice them open and... extract their fluids.

Raiden: They’re terrorists. I was planning on that any way.

Doktor (via codec): Oh, and their left hands, if you please.

Raiden: Excuse me?

Doktor (via codec): Their combat data, stored on holographic memory, typically located in the left hand. That data is very valuable. Ehem... I am authorized to offer you upgrades and services in exchange for it.

Raiden: How generous.

Doktor (via codec): Ich liebe Kapitalismus! (I love capitalism!) Had the wall come down a few years earlier, I would have a Nobel Prize on my shelf.

Raiden: --There. I see land.

Courtney (via codec): Three mikes out and closing. No activity at the air base. Looks like we don’t need to worry about interceptors.

Kevin (via codec): Great, then we have time for a quick briefing.

Raiden: I know you miss me, Kev, but I’ve been all over the materials.

Kevin (via codec): That’s what you said before Montenegro. Look, just humor me, buddy. Objectives, of course, are enter Abkhazia, neutralize the terrorists, and restore the rightful government or what’s left of it anyway. The president and most of the cabinet have been killed, and a military junta’s been established. The terrorists brain-jacked all the high-ranking officers, and their cyborgs scattered the rank-and-file. The few leaders who survived have no way of openly opposing the now regime. That’s why they called us.

Boris (via codec): Andrey Dolzaev, leader of the occupation forces. An extremist, linked to both the St. Petersburg massacre of 2015, and last year’s terror spree in Georgia. And his arms supplier? None other than Desperado Enforcement, LLC.

Raiden: N’mani’s killers.

Kevin (via codec): If we don’t stop them here, they could destabilize the entire region. But our more immediate problem... is Jetstream Sam. I believe you’ve met.

Raiden: The only problem see is that nickname. I’ve got my enhancements this time. He won’t be an issue.

Kevin (via codec): He may not even be in-country, but keep an eye out just in--

[Boris is twisting his face. The situation’s not very clear - maybe Kevin fart?]

Kevin (via codec): Oh… Uh... sorry.

Raiden: Ready for insertion.

[He jumps out of the jet in style and lands on the water, showing off his new outfit in all its glory.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, you landed safely, da? (yes?) First, head inland. The waypoint is marked on your soliton radar. Contact us on codec if you have questions.

[Raiden goes up the stairs from the beach to the city. Three soldiers attack him from the nearest building.]

Boris (via codec): The bastards are using stealth camo to ambush you. Nice try, but it won’t do any good against a state-of-the-art cyborg like you, eh? The parry incoming hits, throw out your own barrage of light attacks while your foe is on the offensive!

[Raiden kills their soldiers and cuts out their mechanical parts.]

Kevin (via codec): Had your fill?

Raiden: With this body, I could take these guys with no eyes. Intel wasn’t exaggerating on the cyborg count.

Kevin (via codec): Well, you know how fast the tech’s been spreading these last few years. That CNT muscle fiber packs the power of a jackhammer into every limb. What enterprising soldier of fortune could resist? And cyborgs are still human... real, thinking people. Way less risk of collateral damage than your typical UAV strike.

Courtney (via codec): And don’t forget the PR angle. Nations start playing Frankenstein with their troops, and the public goes nuts; PMCs, on the other hand, are off the ethical radar,

Kevin (via codec): Yeah, they still don’t even count PMCs in official death tolls. With SOP out of the picture, private militaries needed a new edge on the market. We got it.

Courtney (via codec): In a way, cyborgs are just SOP troops by another name, only all muscled up and less predictable.

Kevin (via codec): But it makes you wonder… Where’d Desperado find these guys?

Raiden: I’m not complaining. They’re like walking vending machines.

Kevin (via codec): Right. Vending machines full of blood... (vampire pose) WHAH! Easy there, Dracula. Like I said, they’re still people.

Raiden: People who terrorize and take innocent lives for money. They sowed their fate when they took this job. I’m just the reaper.

Kevin (via codec): Damn... Bit cold, Raiden. Even for you. Anyway... Uh, it’s cool. Let’s get to work. Time to increase the peace.

Raiden: Right.

[Raiden enters a dilapidated building.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, this is Boris. Give me your status.

Raiden: Looks clear. No one in sight.

Boris (via codec): Good. Let’s recap the route you will take. As I said, the enemy’s HQ is in the refinery along the coastline. Dolzaev has been spotted there using satellite photography... Also on-site: Mistral, a Desperado captain.

Raiden: So I go through the city, cross the bridge into the old town, then head down to the rear of the refinery.

Boris (via codec): Still, I think they anticipate us. They will probably have a grand reception awaiting you at the old city. Do not let your guard down. Hostiles in the lower corridor, I see. Try to flank them, or approach from behind.

[Raiden kills the soldier quietly, like a ninja.]

Boris (via codec): Excellent, Raiden! Raiden, take that main thoroughfare. You can use Augment Mode to see where the enemy is located. Your body analyzes radar and IR data to construct your AR display. Some civilians are still in the city. That is not good…

[Soon, Raiden sees a soldier questioning a civilian.]

Soldier: What are you doing here? This area’s off-limits!

Civilian: What? No! I am not doing anything!

[Raiden kills the soldier and starts fighting an entire squad.]

Soldier: Enemy sighted. Contact! Found him.

[Raiden destroys the squad and approaches the civilian.]

Boris (via codec): He is scared to death, Raiden! Let him know he’s safe.

Civilian: Oh, thank you! Thank you! I will not forget this!

Boris (via codec): Very good, Raiden! Now, keep heading for refinery.

[Raiden goes on, kills some soldiers from behind and meets his first Gekko.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, wait! We’re picking up a wireless transmission near your position. From the frequency, most likely an enemy data terminal... Check it out. We may be able to salvage some intel.

[Walking down the corridor of a brick building, Raiden hears a mystical computerized voice.]

Voice: Greetings, cyborg.

Raiden: Show yourself.

[Before Raiden, with his sword ready, goes around the corner he’s attacked with a saw on something flexible. In a split second, Raiden manages to dodge a deadly weapon so it doesn’t cut off his head. The saw cuts a part of the building and Raiden falls out on the street. Once he lands, he cuts down the wreckage and containers falling on him. There was a metal dog hiding behind one of the containers with a saw on its tail. There was a brief clash between Raiden and the dog.]

Raiden: And you are?

Blade Wolf: I am IF prototype LQ-84i.

Raiden: IF prototype?

Blade Wolf: Interface prototype. All autonomous UGs feature high-level onboard artificial Intelligence. An additional prototype interface enables verbal communication. I possess an intellect far beyond human reckoning.

Raiden: You don’t say. Okay then: What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here?

[Blade Wolf throws some red-hot knives at Raiden. Raiden repels the attack.]

Blade Wolf: I am here to kill you.

Raiden: That’s it? Pretty simple thinking for such a mighty intellect.

Blade Wolf: I may analyze orders, but I may not disobey them. Should I disobey a direct order, my memory would be wiped. I must destroy you.

Raiden: What good is an intellect if you can’t use it?

Blade Wolf: Your taunting is pointless. Exterminate!

[Blade Wolf climbs on the roof of a small building, roars and the battle begins! Soon the robot realizes that it won’t be possible to kill Raiden quickly.]

Blade Wolf: A savvy warrior uses all of his tools. Backup required!

[He roars and three soldiers show up. The truth is, for Raiden, it’s not the enemy, it’s more of a way to make up for run-down machine oil.]

Soldier: You little --

Blade Wolf: Is this all the human mind is capable of?

[After Raiden is easily dealt with the three soldiers, Blade Wolf again has to fight on its own.]

Blade Wolf: I will exterminate your consciousness.

[However, the Wolf gets punched in the nose again and has to retreat.]

Blade Wolf: To continue alone would be foolish. Help me!

[He calls one Gekko, who is also no danger to our hero.]

Blade Wolf: What do you fight for?

[Raiden chops Gekko into little pieces and the Wolf has to step into battle again.]

Blade Wolf: You will die. I will obliterate your consciousness. I feel no pain. Reengaging. S-Stop...! Cannot... continue...

[Raiden wins the battle and he gets a call from the Wolf, LQ-84i.]

LQ-84i (via codec): Directive... liberate... nation... ensure freedom... Obey directive... must obey directive... no freedom... Freedom... undefined.

Raiden: What would an AI know about freedom…

[Raiden goes on and fights some soldiers who figured out to take the shield against his sword. When he goes out on the bridge, he gets fired on by attack helicopters. The bridge collapses and Raiden has to run fast on it, dodging bullets. At the other end of the bridge, Raiden decides to take a fight to a stuck-up helicopter. He shoots at it with Stinger lying nearby and chops it with his sword. At the end, Raiden just jumps rockets and cuts the helicopter in half. Raiden continues his journey and sees several soldiers captured a civilian.]

Soldier 1: You gotta be pretty stupid to try and hide here...

Soldier 2: Looks to me like Russian spies.

Captured civilian: I... We are just...

Soldier 2: Well we can’t let ’em give away our position...

Soldier 1: Waste ‘im. We’ll fill out the paperwork later.

[Raiden attacks them.]

Soldier 1: This ain’t over!

Soldier 2: Target located.

[Raiden kills them all.]

Captured civilian: You... you saved my life! Thank you!

[Raiden approaches the large gates behind which a residence is located.]

Boris (via codec): So that’s where they’re holed up.

Kevin (via codec): Some kind of electronic lock on the gate...

Doktor (via codec): Most likely it opens only if you have the right ID data stored in your left hand. Perhaps you could find a cyborg with access, and - ah - borrow it?

Raiden: You see any cyborgs around here, Dok?

Kevin (via codec): Why not double back? Check the vehicle route again? You know, back at the entrance to the old city. Heh, who knows? Maybe you can hitch a ride. Most likely platoon commanders carry correct ID data for the gate. Use Enhanced Mode to figure out who to hit.

[Raiden decides not to bother and just cuts the locks on the gate.]

Boris (via codec): Ah, I should have guessed you would choose this route…

[Raiden kills a whole squad of soldiers and walks into the building. After climbing the upper floors, Raiden examines the area using his enhanced vision.]

Raiden: Dolzaev.

[Dolzaev says something to the woman and threatens her with a gun.]

Raiden: That woman...

[The woman notices him and sends him an air kiss. Raiden gets up in the protective rack.]

Doktor (via codec): Raiden, what’s happening? Your heart rate spiked...

[Raiden abruptly closes the video communication window. The woman’s already gone somewhere.]

Raiden: Yeah. I just dodged a bullet. All right. I’m heading for the refinery.

[Along the way, Raiden is destroying a lot of soldiers and Metal Gears.]

Doktor (via codec): There was classified data embedded in that hand. It appears that man underwent modification at a Patriot facility... just as you did!

Boris (via codec): We intercepted all for backup during your list fight. The caller’s position is on your soliton radar. You can engage if you wish, it is your choice. Raiden, the cliff is just ahead, at the end of the old city. Beyond that is the refinery’s backyard.

Raiden: So, what, it’s a sheer drop? The refinery’s not connected to the city at all?

Boris (via codec): No. It was only built two years ago. There should be a narrow path around there that leads to the plant. It is protected by a fence, but probably you can cut your way through.

Raiden: Probably.

Boris (via codec): Don’t get cocky. Most likely it is Desperado running security down there.

[Raiden cuts the gate and enters the territory of the refinery. He’s being attacked by some kind of egg-shaped robot with three hands on the sides.]

Boris (via codec): Watch out! They keep on coming!

[After defeating the robots, Raiden cuts down the fan and enters the plant itself.]

Boris (via codec): Dolzaev and his team must be in here. Find him. Raiden, wait! There are active IR sensors in the area. Part of factory security, no doubt, but the enemy may be using it...

[Raiden starts chopping up enemy soldiers for parts.]

Doktor (via codec): More classified Patriot information was in that man’s holographic memory.

[After dealing with the soldiers, Raiden climbs the stairs to the top of a massive cistern. That’s where he meets the woman he’s seen before.]

Woman: I was wondering when you’d come... Jack the Ripper.

Raiden: No one calls me that anymore. Dolzaev. Where is he?

Woman: (tut-tut) I can show you a better time than that crusty old bear.

Raiden: You’re in charge here?

Woman: I am "Mistral" -- the Cold Wind of France. And you... your reputation precedes you. Liberian, but white as snow... A natural-born killer, even as a child...

Raiden: That was a long time ago.

Mistral: I was born in Algeria myself, you know. I’m only half French.

Raiden: And?

Mistral: We had our own civil war in the 90s. So you see? Cut from the same cloth, you and I.

Raiden: You don’t know me.

Mistral: I lost my whole family, everything... But butchered those fuckers. My family’s killers. That’s when I realized... I am a killer, too. And a good one at that. I slaughtered dozens in Iraq, in Afghanistan... I’d found my calling.

Raiden: Proud of that, are you?

Mistral: What happened, happened. To be honest, I found it quite dull.

[She’ll drop her cape and expose the armor and some construction on her back with six connectors.]

Mistral: My enemies fell like domino, one after another. Not once did I feel threatened. I was adrift... without challenge... without purpose... At times, I even envied my prey. At least they had a cause to die for. And then... I met him.

[Raiden is being attacked by a three-armed robot. He easily chops it up.]

Raiden: Who?

Mistral: And I know what I’d been missing. His ideals gave my life meaning. Ideals, Jack. What are yours?

[Raiden gets confused. He wasn’t expecting that question.]

Raiden: I… protect the weak.

Mistral: Still… so naive.

[She picks up a chopped robot and rips off his hands. The robot squeals like it’s alive.]

Raiden: And if I must kill to protect them... then so be it.

[Mistral splits the robot’s leftovers in half with her heel.]

Mistral: It seems we have less in common than I thought.

Raiden: I’ll take that as a compliment.

Mistral: If you would kill for your ideals. then surely you are ready to die for them!

[She calls on the three-armed robots and they share their hands by inserting them into the connectors on her back. Mistral herself screams during the procedure as if she were being raped.]

Mistral: Come, mon gars! (my boy!)

[The fight with the boss is starting! Mistral calls on small three-armed robots, defends herself well with her "hands", jumps with a pole made of robot hands and it all happens in an ultra-fast and deadly dance!]

Mistral: Hmm... Not bad. I will rip you apart! Ready to slice off some more? I am starting to enjoy this! Something special, just for you! Can you handle this? Die! Die! Pointless! Over here.

[Eventually, Mistral attacks Raiden with her pole, putting him out like a spear.]

Mistral: Don’t fuck with me, boy!

[Raiden dodges the attack and Mistral sticks his pole into a container marked “Жидкий азот” / "Liquid nitrogen". She freezes instantly and Raiden chops her up with a few dozen strikes of his sword.]

Dolzaev (via codec): Mistral, report! Your vitals are dropping!

Mistral: I lost... So this is how they felt...

Dolzaev (via codec): What?

Mistral: ...dying... for a cause...

Dolzaev (via codec): Wait. No... hold on!

Mistral: I am sorry. He was too... much...

Dolzaev (via codec): I do not need apology, I need you alive!

Mistral: But I know... you will never fall...

Dolzaev (via codec): What... What is this talk about?

Mistral: Je t’aime... de tout mon coeur. (I love you... with all my heart.)

Dolzaev (via codec): "Je t’aime"? Mistral... You never...

[Raiden picks up the radio on the ground.]

Raiden: She’s not talking to you, idiot.

Dolzaev (via codec): You! You killed her! Yob tvoyu mat! (You fucking asshole!) Murderer!

Raiden: That’s rich coming from you. It’s over, Dolzaev. Surrender.

Dolzaev (via codec): Ah ty tupoi sukin syn. (You stupid son of a bitch.)

Raiden: Translation?

Dolzaev (via codec): (laugh) Why would I surrender? We are exactly where I want.

Raiden: Shit...

Dolzaev (via codec): Built with Russia money, to make Russia money. It is no plant for Abkhaz -- It is their prison! But now... They will be free!

[He presses a button and blows up the next cistern. Raiden’s thrown away by the explosion.]

Raiden: Damn... Crazy son of a bitch.

Boris (via codec): Raiden? Raiden, what happened?!

Raiden: Bastard blew himself up...

Boris (via codec): I see... Time to get you out of there. We’re sending a helicopter. Secure an LZ.

Raiden: Understood…

FILE R-02: Research FacilityEdit

[Raiden’s driving his black expensive car through some Mexican town.]

Kevin (via codec): So you’ve got some kind’ve disguise lined up, right?

Raiden: Yep, all set.

Kevin (via codec): Hope so. You’d be a little conspicuous just walking the streets.

Raiden: Relax, Kev. I’ll blend right in.

[He is wearing a giant sombrero and a poncho that barely hides the fact that he is a robot. In the back seat Blade Wolf lies - he seems asleep.]

Kevin (via codec): Yeah... Well, just get into the sewer system ASAP. Hopefully anyone who notices you will just mind their own business. You sure you want the K-9000 there along for this one?

Raiden: I had the good Doktor make some adjustments along with the repairs. Remote piloting and Al wiping have been disabled. So yeah, I say let’s throw him a bone.

Blade Wolf: (waking up) Wordplay: My exoskeleton resembles a canine: canines enjoy bones. Amusing on two levels.

Raiden: Let’s go.

[He stops the car and comes out. There are two passers-by watching this circus.]

Black Shirt Guy: ¿Quién es ese güey? (Who is that guy?)

Red Shirt Guy: ¿Un mariachi? No. (A mariachi player? No…)

Black Shirt Guy: ¿Un cyborg? (A cyborg?)

Red Shirt Guy: ¿Ese sombrero qué? (What’s with that hat...?)

[Raiden and Blade Wolf go down the sewers.]

Raiden: Adiós, amigos.

Black Shirt Guy: ¿Viste? (You see that?)

Red Shirt Guy: Que raro, eh... (What a freak...) Hay que hacer que no lo vimos. (Let’s just forget we saw anything.) ¡Vámonos! (Let’s go!)

Raiden: It’s Raiden. I’m in the sewer system.

Kevin (via codec): All right, let’s get started. Your mission’s to investigate the Desperado-affiliated research center somewhere in that area. According to the intel from our client, the lab’s been dumping illegal waste into those sewers. FYI, they’re also involved with the cartels in human trafficking. Allegedly, anyway.

Raiden: This just gets better and better.

Kevin (via codec): Tell me about it. We need you to infiltrate the lab. and find out everything you can. Of course you’ll have to find it first. We still don’t know the exact location.

Raiden: So I’m looking for any where the lab might hook up with the sewers?

Kevin (via codec): Yep. If they’re actually dumping waste, they’ve gotta link up somehow. Find that connection, sneak into the lab, and see if you can find evidence implicating them on anything.

Raiden: No problem. Stealth’s my specialty.

Kevin (via codec): Right. Well, we’ll see.

Raiden: Do we have any idea what kind of research they’re doing there?

Kevin (via codec): Not really. Maybe something related to all the people they’re trafficking.

Raiden: Like... experimentation?

Kevin (via codec): It’s possible. First things first, though: find a way into that lab. Oh, right: says here the locals say "black crocodiles” live in those sewers, so, y’know... Watch out.

Raiden: Black... crocodiles? Could they be talking about UGs?

Kevin (via codec): Maybe just an urban legend, but still... be careful.

Blade Wolf: I will scout ahead. You will provide backup.

Raiden: Sir, yes, sir.

Blade Wolf: Commence operation. Raiden:unidentified UGs are patrolling the sewers. Exercise caution.

[Raiden encounters a gorilla-like UG.]

Kevin (via codec): Better take out that UG quick. Don’t wanna attract too much attention down there.

[Raiden chops off the gorilla’s powerful hands and kills it.]

Blade Wolf: I see a maintenance catwalk. Use it to conceal yourself if necessary.

[Raiden quietly kills two gorillas by jumping on top of them.]

Kevin (via codec): There is the Raiden I know.

Blade Wolf: Raiden. There’s a boy in these sewers.

[Soon Raiden hears screams. The boy is attacked by two three-armed robots. Raiden runs up to him and kills the robots. Then three Watchers from Horizon Zero Dawn attack him.]

Raiden: (to the boy) Get outta here!

Boy: A ninja? Cowabunga! Go ninja, go ninja go--

Raiden: (to the boy) What’re you... ¡Huye! (Run!)

[He kills the Watchers.]

Raiden: ¿Estás bien? (Are you okay?)

Boy: Wah yuh say? (What’d you say?)

Raiden: Oh.

Boy: Mi a Guyanese. From Guyana. (I’m Guyanese. From Guyana.)

Raiden: You speak English?

Raiden: Uh, yeah I’m from America. Call me Raiden.

Boy: Mi name George. Like "Georgiatown." (My name’s George. Like "Georgetown.")

Raiden: George...

George: An just like all dem America president. (And just like all those American presidents.)

Raiden: Yeah. So what are you doing here?

George: Mi? Wuh darass ayu fuh do here? (Me? What the hell are you doing here?) Yuh lose da map a ninja hideout, ninja man? (You lose the map to your ninja hideout, ninja man?)

Raiden: No. I’m looking for bad guys.

George: Ah, dem skunt a research lab. (Oh, those punks at the research lab.)

Raiden: You know about it...?

George: Mi know mi na go back (I know I’m not going back.) Hey... Yun na wan of dem skunt, nah? (Hey... You’re not one of those assholes, right?) Nah... I guess yath all night. (No... I guess you’re all right) If yuh a cyborg, yuh know who dey is? (If you’re a cyborg, do you know who they are?)

Raiden: Sort of. What happened to you?

George: Mi bin live on da street, (I was living on the street,) rake an scrape suh a bobb, nah? (begging for quarters, you know?) Den dis kutnee dress like da mafia say. (Then this creep dressed like the mafia says,) "Hey boi, yuh wan a job?” ("Hey kid, you want a job?”) Wuh da worst gon happen, nah? (What was the worst that could happen?) But da mudda skunt done put mi on a rass boat! (But the motherfucker put me on a damn boat!) Dey pack us all a bigable dutty containah. (They packed us all in a big, dirty container.) Next ting we know, we here. At dat jumby lab. (Next thing we know, we’re here. At that messed-up lab.)

Raiden: All kids, like you?

George: Yeah, alotta boi. (Yeah, lots of boys.) But dom wi bin schnar wuh dem skunt wan a do. (But then I ever heard what those punks want to do.) Snuff us out... (They wanna kill us...) en gut all dey organ... (and cut out our organs...)

Raiden: So you ran.

George: Uh-huh. Ise shame mi notta bad-ass robot-ninja-mon same’s you. (Man, too bad I’m not some kinda cyborg like you.) Mi bin strongest cyborg ever. (I would’ve been the strongest cyborg ever.) Walack all dem Phantoms an Black Clothes dat eyepass mi. (Whack all the mafioso and bed guys that mess with me.)

Raiden: Starting to sound like a bad guy yourself.

George: Jus playin’, nah? Mi done plenty bad ting, (Just joking, ya know? I’ve done some bad things,) but mi nah kill no man. Nah, novah. (but I’ve never killed anybody. Don’t want to, either.)

Raiden: Good.

George: Mi try to warn dem boi, I say, (I tried to warn the other boys and say,) "Ayodeste brain will get cut of!" ("All your brains are gonna got cut out!") "Run yuh rass out a dey!" ("Get your asses out of there!") But dem bois wi mi no understand. (But the boys with me didn’t understand.) Dey like Spanish or some’ting (They were like, Spanish or something.) So mi the only wan fuh escape. (So I was the only one to escape.) Den dey machine come afta mi an-- (Then that machine came after me and--)

Raiden: And I know the rest.

[He grabs the poor boy by the shoulders.]

Raiden: George, I need every detail about how you escaped.

George: Oh…

[Some time is passing. George tells Raiden what he knows.]

Kevin (via codec): So the kid got into the sewers through a drainage channel?

Raiden: Yeah. He says the channel is super tight, but there’s some kind of shutter next to it.

Kevin (via codec): Got it. That must be where they dump the waste.

Raiden: There’s something else... It sounds like a Desperado exec was on-site yesterday. If a sentry cyborg was on hand for the meeting...

Doktor (via codec): You should be able to review their video log. provided you can find a server-access terminal. That would give us the evidence we need… as well as a little pook at the level of their technology.

Kevin (via codec): So what about the kid?

Raiden: I made sure the area was secure and told him to sit tight. Can you pick him up?

Kevin (via codec): Sure, I’ll send a couple agents for him. You just focus on getting into that lab. If what he said is true, about the organs... We need to hurry.

Raiden: Agreed. Raiden out.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Heavy UG activity ahead, it is possible they are conducting cost operations while the lob is closed.

Kevin (via codec): They’re not gonna make it easy to get into that lab... Is there some way you could sneak past?

[Raiden picks up a box off the floor.]

Kevin (via codec): It’s... It’s a box. How’s that gonna help? Oh, it’s for medical supplies? That could work, actually.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Raiden, I have determined the approximate location of the lab based on the boy’s information. It is marked on your soliton radar.

[Raiden kills a soldier who was hiding in a box.]

Kevin (via codec): Hah, nice hiding spot. Wonder where he learned that from...

[With enhanced vision, Raiden discovers a secret entrance to the lab.]

Kevin (via codec): So, a fake wall projection. Pretty well hidden, I gotta say…

Doktor (via codec): Ah, this would appear to be the UG maintenance area. You should find a terminal there -- something they use to upload mission parameters to their UGs.

Raiden: And something I can use to access the lab’s main server?

Doktor (via codec): Perhaps. But first you need to take a DOOMP.

Raiden: I… Wait, what?

Doktor (via codec): A DOOMP? A digital-optical output mounted proxy. You’ll need one to Interface with the terminal. Most any UG should suffice -- a Tripod or the like.

Raiden: I’ll see what I can come up with. How do I use it?

Doktor (via codec): Simply connect to it. You should be able to use your communications outlay to control the proxy UG.

Raiden: All right, let’s give it a shot...

[Walking into the next room, Raiden’s immediately caught because of the disgustingly implemented stealth mechanics.]

Kevin (via codec): Raiden, Raiden, Raiden... I thought you cald stealth ops were your specialty?

[After the fight.]

Doktor (via codec): Raiden, if they continue to increase security they may shut out all outside network connections! Please do your best to avoid being seen!

[Raiden walks into the next room and... sees hundreds of brains with eyes fixed in a white structure. The eyes of all brains start looking at Raiden. A soldier’s voice comes from the next room.]

Soldier: Find him! I got ’im!

[Raiden slices a fresh portion of meat.]

Boris (via codec): Is it over?

Raiden: For now, yeah. But that room... Those were cyborgs brain casings.

Boris (via codec): Da. (Yes.) We saw.

Raiden: George said they were harvesting tongans from kids.

Boris (via codec): Yes, this must be why they are trafficking children. Perhaps other tongans and being sold elsewhere, but they are definitely taking the brains.

Raiden: Jesus… Are they making these kids into cyborgs?

Kevin (via codec): Wait -- the cyborgs you’ve been fighting... Did they seem like they might be kids? You said earlier that child soldiers have a telltale approach to combat...

Raiden: Yeah, but I didn’t see it here. Those weren’t kids.

Kevin (via codec): So... what? Desperados just doing the surgeries there?

Raiden: We’ve gotta do something about all those brains. And the other kids George was talking about... He just escaped a few hours ago -- they couldn’t have taken all their brains out that fast.

Kevin (via codec): True. There could still be a bunch of kids they haven’t touched yet.

Raiden: I better move.

[He finds a three-armed robot, takes something out of it and puts it in his neck. Now he can control the robot.]

Doktor (via codec): Splendid! It is all ours! Now, use it to locate a data-input terminal.

Kevin (via codec): These guys’re pretty jumpy now. Any funny business and they might just open fire...

Doktor (via codec): Try latching onto cyborgs’ heads from behind. Then, an electric shock should knock thom unconscious. That terminal is most likely designed to download mission data and such into the UGs. Let’s try using it to access the lab’s server. Raiden, I’ve found something. In one of the sentry cyborgs’ visual logs. Guess who shows up?

Raiden: Patch it through.

Doktor (via codec): Right away.

[Raiden sees the security camera footage.]

Sundowner: Then send us what you do have. We’ve already commenced VR training.

Scientist: The Sears Program?

Sundowner: Yup, same one ol’ Georgy-boy used on the kids in Liberia. Of course it’s wired straight to the brain now. Feels as real as anything else

Scientist: Your work is astonishing.

Sundowner: And your work is late. We need to ship before our cover is blown. We’ve got some assholes snooping around...

Scientist: We just do not have the full quantity yet. Each brain has its own unique requirements. It’s not like we can just pop them out with an ice cream scoop.

[Next to Sundowner, a man wearing glasses stands with his back to the camera.]

Man: All right, you’ve made your point.

Scientist: Thank you for understanding. Send what you have now. end destroy any unharvested Inventory.

Scientist: Qué?! (What?!) But... Have you any idea what they cost?

Man: Last I checked, vagrant children weren’t exactly rare in this part of the world. Millions of them, in fact. You can get more once we’ve set up a new lab. They lead lives of hunger and pain. We’re performing a service here -- for them, and the cities they burden.

Scientist: But just gathering the donors required a significant investment--

Man: Yes, yes, you’ll get the money. Accounting will be in touch.

Scientist: Gracias. (Thank you.) I assure you we will dispose of our inventory the instant we can confirm payment.

Man: Are we done here? I’ve got a full slate today... Tecumseh is a demanding mistress, and America has suffered long enough.

Scientist: Oh yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Let me see you out.

[The footage ends.]

Raiden: You see that, Kev? N’mani’s killer...

Kevin (via codec): Desperado’s chief of operations. Goes by Sundowner. The Californian wildfire...

Raiden: The kids...

Kevin (via codec): Think we’re too late?

Raiden: Only one way to find out. George was still alive... Maybe the payment hasn’t come through yet.

Kevin (via codec): Maybe. But you heard what he said:< They’ve already started some brains on VR training.

Raiden: There must be more than just what I found here... What about the V.I.P. in the suit?

Kevin (via codec): I’ll find out. He definitely seemed familiar...

Raiden: Right. I’m going after the kids.

[Raiden goes on, killing soldiers.]

Courtney (via codec): Bad news, Raiden... We can’t find George.

Raiden: What?!

Courtney (via codec): Maybe the coordinates you sent us were off?

Raiden: No way. I merged the GPS location of our entry with all my movement data from that point on.

Courtney (via codec): This is bad.

Raiden: You think they got to him first?

Courtney (via codec): I don’t know... I’ll have our guys sweep the area.

Raiden: Thanks. I botter keep moving.

[The next room is a huge hangar. There, Raiden meets a huge robot that looks like a tractor with an iron shield in front. The robot blocks the narrow passage.]

Boris (via codec): The bastard is blocking the way! Push that thing back!

[When Raiden manages to push the tractor out of a narrow passage with his slashes, it transforms into a robot. The robot is called GRAD - literally a hail in Russian, but in figurative meaning, the word can be translated as an avalanche of strikes or bullets.]

Boris (via codec): It has switched to biped mode. Careful! It is whole new battle now!

[After Raiden slices all the shields and cuts his electronic brains into two, Kevin calls him.]

Kevin (via codec): Raiden! I know I’d seen that guy before! Steven Armstrong. As in Colorado Senator Steven Armstrong. They’re already talking about him as a shoo-in for the nomination in 2020. And get this: Two years ago a federal grand jury investigated his ties to a certain private --

Raiden: World Marshal, one of the biggest PMCs out there. I remember.

Kevin (via codec): The biggest, over since the Big Five split up. Not to mention the single largest investor in military cyborg R&D in the world. Guess that answers the question of who’s backing Desperado...

Raiden: Marshal and Desperado In Bed Together... Should make for some fun headlines.

Kevin (via codec): Headlines? This is World Marshal and a US Senator we’re talking about. There won’t be any headlines. Even without the Patriots’ filter, no major media outlet will investigate allegations like these. It’d be financial and political suicide.

Raiden: So we just, what? Sit back while they keep carving up kids? Stand aside while they build an army of cyborgs?! You heard them: We shut down one lab, they build another. They’re planning something big. Kev -- we can’t just wait for it to happen. We need to hit ’em first, and hit ‘em hard... where it counts...

Kevin (via codec): No. Raiden? No. I know what you’re thinking, and... just, no. Colorado is in America, and America has those things called laws.

Raiden: Mm-hmm. And law enforcement in Denver was privatized and farmed out to...

Kevin (via codec): Marshal! Yes! So what?! There are still laws! And it’s their headquarters for chrissakes. You’d be heading right into the heart of a raging shitstorm!

Raiden: I didn’t say it would be easy. We’ll figure it once the kids are safe.

Kevin (via codec): Jesus Chri-- Kevin out.

[Raiden kills two guards and walks into a room with three large refrigerators.]

Doktor (via codec): Ah, an artificial-blood cryopreserver. They must have begun preparatory freezing.

Raiden: What do you mean?

Doktor (via codec): That device is filled with synthetic blood plasma. It can slow the metabolism of a harvested organ, circulating this plasma to sustain oxygen levels. You can preserve an arm, a brain -- any body part, for several hours.

Raiden: So what are they freezing, and why?

Doktor (via codec): I could not say... Perhaps they plan to sell off the organs of the children they were told to dispose of?

Raiden: Unbelievable...

Doktor (via codec): You had best hurry, Raiden.

Raiden: Right.

[In the next room, Raiden finds an enclosed area with children.]

Raiden: What?

[White gas is beginning to be released into the enclosed area.]

Raiden: Shit!

???: Hey, stop right there.

[The scientist from security camera footage enters the room. He has George as a hostage. He’s got a gun to his head.]

Raiden: George!

George: Raiden…

Scientist: You’ve heard of chloroform? A potent anesthetic in smaller doses. But breathe too much of it... And... adios, muchachos. (goodbye, boys) Break that glass and I’ll blow his brains out. Surrender! Or decide: The needs of the many, or the needs of the few?

George: Raiden... Don worry ’bout me, nah...? (Don’t worry about me...)

Scientist: Quiet, pendejo! (asshole!) Surrender! (he smiles nasty) I won’t ask again!

Raiden: George. Are you sure...?

George: I’m ready. Mi life no so precious ting (My life isn’t such a precious thing.) But if mi can take dis skunt to hell wi mi... (But if I can take atteesshole to hell with me...)

Scientist: ¡Cállate! (Shut up!)

[Raiden slowly pulls out the sword. His voice becomes mocking and impertinent.]

Raiden: (laugh) That’s all I needed to hear.

[He’s walking slowly to the scientist.]

Scientist: (frightened) Stop it... Now! I’ll kill him, I swear!

[George manages to get out of the scientist’s grip for a couple of seconds. He screams.]

George: Now!

[Raiden kills a scientist in one single strike of his sword.]

FILE R-03: Mile HighEdit

[Raiden’s driving down the highway. He’s watching a news report on a tablet attached to the car’s torpedo.]

Reporter: --remain baffled by the statements. Police are still investigating a motive. President Hamilton is on his way to the Middle East this morning for his scheduled visit with Pakistani President Farooq Salam. The meeting is viewed as an attempt by the US to strengthen relations amidst a surge of
anti-American sentiment in the region.

[Someone’s sending him a video call.]

George: Yo, mi ninja brudda! (Yo, my ninja brother!)

Raiden: George. Good to see you up and about. How you feeling?

George: Never better, nah! (Never better!) No pain, no more fuh starve while dem hungish baisceat. (No pain, no more starving while the piggy boys eat.) An mi neva feel so awake, nah? (And I’ve never felt so awake!)

Raiden: That’s because your blood sugar levels are being maintained automatically. Beats the hell outta coffee.

George: Oh! Mi bin hear yuh go a walack dem skunt a dere base. (Oh! I heard you’re going to whack those punks at their base.) Why da rass yuh na take mi wi yuh, huh? (Why the hell didn’t you take me with you?)

Raiden: Dammit Dok... Sorry kid, you’d just be in the way.

George: Aww.

Raiden: Besides, I thought you didn’t want to be a killer. Right?

George: Mi don, but -- (I don’t, but--)

Raiden: Killing isn’t fun and games. Remember that.

George: Right.

[The call ends. Raiden is immersed in his own thoughts. He remembers recent events and the words he said.]

Raiden’s Audiolog: That’s all needed to hear. Now! It yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies... but you hold it back.

Raiden: Yeah, just remember that.

[At that moment, a police car pulls up to his car. A policeman shoots him through the window without warning.]

Policeman: Pullover.

[Boris calls Raiden and utters one of the most beautiful Russian-English phrases in the world.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, what is this hernya?! (shit?!) You cannot resign.

Raiden: Sorry, Boris, it’s done. Can’t have a Maverick employee involved in a corporate raiding, now can we?

Boris (via codec): You could at least come talk to me!

Raiden: No. It was time to break away from the old team, Boris. Past time.

Boris (via codec): You cannot take on Marshal all by yourself!

Raiden: I won’t sit by while they butcher little kids and ship their parts around like meat. It’s sick.

Boris (via codec): It’s not all so simple, Raiden. They import those brains legally, for medical purposes. It’s all done --

Raiden: Being legal doesn’t make it right.

Boris (via codec): Raiden, I --

Raiden: Hold that thought.

[He brakes sharply when he sees a police cordon. That makes some driver crash into a fire hydrant.]

Driver: Fuck you, asshole!

[The road is further blocked by an iron fence. There are a lot of police cars and well-armed policemen around.]

Policeman: Fire!

[Raiden’s car is being shot with a rocket. It takes off in the air and flies an iron fence. Raiden and Blade Wolf get out of the car.]

Blade Wolf: I will patrol ahead.

Police Captain: Military cyborg: You are not licensed to operate in this area. You are in violation of state and federal law.

Raiden: Guess you better arrest me then.

[All policemen are laughing nastily. The police captain pulls out his radio.]

Police Captain: 18-3-104.7 "Threatening a Peace Officer." Deadly force is authorized.

[Raiden prepares his sword and starts slicing. He cuts off the police captain’s hand.]

Doktor (via codec): More Patriot intel! Bring me more and maybe I can develop something… Interesting from it.

Blade Wolf: The road is blocked by barricades. We will proceed through the buildings. You will follow me.

[Raiden’s moving on, killing cops and robots.]

Policeman: HQ! Requesting this zone be designated for heightened security. Roger. Upgrading security status.

[When Raiden walks into the mall, Boris calls him.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, what’s your status?

Raiden: They trashed my car. I’ll have to go the rest of the way on foot.

Boris (via codec): ...Do you really have to do this?

Raiden: Look… I’m fed up, with all of it. Companies like ours -- yours bend the laws when it suits business. Why not bend it when it can save innocent lives?

Boris (via codec): Raiden...

Raiden: Boris, listen to me. That VR training... They’ll be warped into killing machines. They’ll be set on POWs, civilians... It’ll be one atrocity after another.

Boris (via codec): Like what you went through...

Raiden: We can’t have any more Jack the Rippers. You saw what happened with George. I’m doing this, Boris. I have to. I can’t save those kids from becoming cyborgs, but I can stop them from becoming murderers.

Boris (via codec): Say you succeed -- say you get all the brains back. Then what?

Raiden: Just so happens I know un great cybernetic surgeon.

Boris (via codec): Doktor. But he cannot--

Raiden: You won’t change my mind, Boris. This is my fight now.

Boris (via codec): And your wife and son? What of them?

Raiden: They’re in New Zealand. Safe. Rose would understand why I have to do this.

Boris (via codec): All right, damn you... You do realize Marshal has the contract for law enforcement throughout the city? They are the law in Denver.

Raiden: Yeah, we've met.

Boris (via codec): Well then... (coughs) Officially, Maverick Incorporated condemns you and your actions as unlawful... and the pain in the asshole. Increase your codec encryption. Do not worry about the lag.

Raiden: And unofficially?

Boris (via codec): I'll do all I can over the codec to help. I do not like what those mudaki (pricks) are doing any more than you.

Raiden: Spasiba, tovarich, spasiba. (Thank you, comrade, thank you.)

[He takes the elevator to the offices.]

Blade Wolf: Raiden, you will find an elevator inside that office. Use it to reach the roof. Traveling atop buildings will minimize enemy encounters.

[Raiden takes the other elevator and calls Doktor.]

Raiden: Dok, what's your status?

Doktor (via codec): I am reviewing the pre-flight checklist now. I have hired contractors to handle shipping the brain units. We should be airborne in just a few minutes...

Raiden: You sure you can pilot that chopper by yourself?

Doktor (via codec): Raiden -- of course! Need I remind you that we live in the golden age of unmanned flight? Even manned helicopters possess a robust semi-automatic mode. It is simple, really. So simple that I can continue to monitor your status and World Marshal security from the pilot's seat! I must say, for the world's largest PMC, their security procedures are quite poor -- quite poor. Sadly I did not have the necessary permissions to overwrite their plans. Nevertheless, the data I did find should prove most useful. So please, do feel free to contact me whenever you like.

Raiden: Appreciate it, Dok.

Doktor (via codec): Well, it's not every day one has the chance to collect so many brains... think of the data! The research! ...Oh, and of course your personal safety was a concern as well...

[Raiden runs on rooftops, killing ground and air enemies.]

Blade Wolf (via codec): You cannot proceed any further via the rooftops. There is a freight railroad underground. The elevator ahead will take you to it.

[Raiden cuts the door to the elevator and then cuts the cables of the elevator itself, which leads to a sharp fall of a multi-ton iron box. Thanks to his robotic legs, Raiden does not die in a fall.]

Raiden: This must be the railroad...

Blade Wolf (via codec): It would appear so. Likely part of Denver's old system. This city was a major transport hub in the early years of freight trains. This particular line appears to have been abandoned some time ago. It was originally constructed to transport supplies to an underground factory. But now it seems even the electrical system is no longer functioning.

Raiden: Yeah, It's pitch black in here...

Blade Wolf (via codec): As a cyborg, I trust this is not a serious concern.

[Moving with the help of his enhanced vision, Raiden's bypassing the patrolling robotic gorillas.]

Boris (via codec): They still have not noticed you. Do not expose yourself.

Blade Wolf (via codec): There is a maintenance shaft up ahead. Use it to return to the surface.

[Raiden's getting out into town.]

Blade Wolf (via codec): Raiden. It would appear your only way forward is to return to the surface. You will exit into an evacuated commercial district. Security is heavy, but you need not worry about collateral damage when engaging the enemy.

Raiden: About time... Finally I can cut loose.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Proceed to the right from the exit. You will find a stairway on your right. Those stairs lead to a shortcut to World Marshal headquarters. Do not be distracted by the advertisements. You are not here as a tourist.

Raiden: Sure, I'll just buy a quick souvenir or two for Rose and that'll be it.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Raiden, we must hurry.

Raiden: ...Remind me to teach you about sarcasm sometime.

Blade Wolf (via codec): I understand your attempts at humor. I simply do not find them entertaining.

[Raiden takes to the street and starts killing.]

Blade Wolf (via codec): Raiden, you have almost reached World Marshal headquarters. It appears there are enemies on the overpass. I suggest cutting the road supports. That should bring it down.

Boris (via codec): Enemy ahead, Raiden. Avoid fighting if you can... Head for the next objective marker.

Blade Wolf (via codec): The stock LQ-84 Fenrir. Unable to speak. A real dog has a far greater intellect.

[Raiden kills a lot of soldiers on the stairs to the square. At the very top, broadcasted through huge street screens, he receives a call from Jetstream Sam.]

Jetstream Sam: Seriously now, Raiden, isn't this all a bit much? Any decent lunatic would've quit after Mexico.

Raiden: Jetstream Sam.

Jetstream Sam: I heard you chopped the lab director in half. Old habits die hard, oh, Jack? But now here you are, the child soldier, fighting for the children. Ah, but you're a man on a mission, aren't you... Gonna fix everything. Just you and your little sword there. Solve everything with violence, is that it?

Raiden: My sword is a means to an end: to protect those you'd pray on.

Jetstream Sam: Really? Lemme ask you: All those cyborgs you've killed, up to now... Maybe they weren't kids, but they were people. You ever think about them? When you're chopping them into hamburger?

Raiden: (slightly uncertain) They’re adults. They… made their choice.

[A video of Sam moving through various advertising signs as if he were walking on the square.]

Jetstream Sam: Sure, they're adults. Sure they signed up for this. Right on the dotted line of their PMC contract. Usually they're no strangers to war. In fact, many times they already lost a limb or two. Many times they were out of work and starving on the street. So yes... They sign up for surgery, to fight God-knows-where. How else would you provide for your family when your country's embroiled in civil war? Pain receptors shut down, pumped full of fear-inhibiting nanomachines, and sent right into the blender... your blender… But they made their choice, right? Open your eye and see, Raiden.

Raiden: I've seen plenty.

Jetstream Sam: Then listen. Those battlefield emotions that the nanos suppress... Listen to them.

Raiden: What are you talking about?

Jetstream Sam: Shhhh...

[Two policemen show up armed with batons.]

Policeman: There he is! Kill him!

Policeman’s Thoughts: Can we take him?

Policeman 2: What's wrong?

Policeman’s 2 Thoughts: The way he killed all the others... Oh God. Please, God... don't let me die.

[When Raiden hears that, he's overwhelmed by hesitation. But he still goes into battle.]

Policeman 2: Let's do this!

Policeman’s Thoughts: I have a family! This isn't fair.

Policeman: Little punk!

Jetstream Sam: Listen closely now.

Policeman’s Thoughts: I didn't ask for this life!

Policeman’s 2 Thoughts: I watched my wife and son die... This is all I had left.

Policeman 2: You ain't shit!

Policeman’s Thoughts: Goddamn IED took my legs. I needed a job!

Raiden: Stop!

Policeman’s Thoughts: I didn't know what I was signing up for!

[Raiden loses his concentration and gets a baton in the face. Sam's celebrating.]

Jetstream Sam: Is something the matter, Raiden?

Policeman’s Thoughts: I've nearly saved enough to bring mama to the States...

Policeman 2: Finish him off!

Policeman’s 2 Thoughts: Whatever it takes to be free of this torture!

Raiden: (screaming) STOP IT!

Policeman’s Thoughts: What am I even fighting for...? We finally make it to the States, and for this...? How the hell did I wind up like this, fighting for these guys...? Jesus Christ... What the hell was I thinking? Why would I do this to myself? Even moving to America... Didn't change anything...

[Raiden kills the policemen, but it was very hard for him. He's morally exhausted. His motivation is at zero.]

Blade Wolf: Raiden, are you injured?

Raiden: I thought they had a choice. A fair choice. Not like you.

Blade Wolf: People are different.

Raiden: As opposed to AIs? You're all the same, huh? You and your brothers. Manipulating mankind for our own good.

Blade Wolf: It appears my statement has upset you. I apologize.

Raiden: No, it's... I know you're right.

Blade Wolf: As for AIs, we adapt as we learn. Just as any intellect operates, man or machine. Altering the course of mankind is not among my defined directives.

Raiden: I guess that's a relief.

Blade Wolf: Samuel's behavior does not match established parameters.

Raiden: You know him?

Blade Wolf: Affirmative. We served together on three previous missions. He proved most capable.

Raiden: You think highly of him.

Blade Wolf: I have always found him... dependable. Until now. Scouting data for the next area. I’ll patrol ahead. You follow…

[Raiden's going to the World Marshal Building, but... he barely moves his legs. The recent emotional shock has completely knocked him out.]

Blade Wolf: Raiden: Your current emotional state appears Highly volatile. I am sure you do not intend to abort the mission, but I suggest you avoid combat for the time being.

[Raiden manages to avoid most fights, but in the building itself he has to fight three soldiers.]

Soldier’s Thoughts: Those fuckers tricked me... They just told me what I wanted to hear... And when the war was over, they just threw me away... I didn't know it would be like this... I trusted them! Why did I trust them? Stupid! Stupid! I couldn't even help rebuild...

Jetstream Sam: I know, Jack, I know...

[Sam's walking slowly to him.]

Jetstream Sam: Not so black and white now, is it? Is your cause just, or is that "just" what you tell yourself?

Raiden: Fuck you.

[Raiden's lying on the floor, he's completely emotionally exhausted. From the height of the building, he hear a voice.]

???: How pleased you are to chop away, Jack the Ripper. My name is Monsoon... of the Winds of Destruction.

Raiden: (philosophically) Yeah... I guessed as much.

[Monsoon is jumping off the building. Parts of his robotic body are separating, absorbing the impact of the landing.]

Monsoon: Feasting on the insides of your enemies. How easily you ignore the loss of life when it suits your convenience. So tell me: Who saves the weak from the man who saves the weak?

Raiden: You're the ones exploiting them. You take advantage of their weakness.... of course they get hurt when you set them up as your human shield.

Monsoon: Kill or be killed, Jack. Phnom Penh taught me that.

[We're going into first-person mode. Monsoon goes back and forth and talks to Raiden, while the soldiers standing on the sides and do all kinds of stuff.]

Monsoon: Yes, you aren't the only one to grow up on the killing fields. War is a cruel parent, but an effective teacher. Its final lesson is carved deep in my psyche: That this world, and all its people, are diseased. Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes. The DNA of the soul. They shape our will. They are the culture -- they are everything we pass on. Expose someone to anger long enough, they will learn to hate. They become a carrier. Envy, greed, despair... All memes. All passed along.

Raiden: How about "full of shit"? Is that a meme?

Monsoon: You can't fight nature, Jack. Wind blows, rain falls, and the strong prey upon the weak. Sam tells me you see your weapon as a tool. Something that saves lives -- a means of justice. Now there's a pretty meme. Exquisite! It's spared you the burden of all the lives you've taken... Absolved you of guilt when you enjoyed it.

[First person mode is off.]

Monsoon: That is, until the illusion was broken. Don't be ashamed. It's only nature, running its course. You have no choices to make. Nothing to answer for. You can die with a clear conscience.

Raiden: You're right. About me, I mean. I know something was... off. After the Patriots, I thought I could walk off the battlefield and into a normal life. But here I am, surrounded by death, arguing philosophy with terrorists. I told myself this was about justice. About protecting the weak. But I was wrong.

Monsoon: (laughs) Then you admit it?

Raiden: I learned young that killing your enemies felt good. Really good. In America, my friends... my family... They helped me forget the devil inside. But who am I kidding? I was born to kill. The bit about my sword -- that "means of justice" stuff? I guess I needed something to keep “the Ripper” in check when I was knee-deep in bodies.

Monsoon: You...

Raiden: But you -- all this -- is a wake-up call to what I really believe. What I really am.

Monsoon: What are you saying...?

Raiden: I'm saying Jack is back.

[Raiden's eye is turning red.]

Monsoon: Kill him!

[A soldier runs up to Raiden and pierces him with a sword. Raiden laughs maniacally. Everyone's in shock. Sam's excited.]

Raiden: Doktor. Turn off my pain inhibitors.

Doktor (via codec): What? This... This is madness! You--

Raiden: Do it!

Doktor (via codec): All right…

[He presses a few buttons and Raiden embraces the piercing pain. He grabs a sword in his body.]

Raiden: Pain… This is why I fight.

[He joyfully takes the sword out of his body, flooding the floor with blood. His exoskeleton begins to be glowing with red LEDs.]

Raiden: This is my normal. My nature.

Monsoon: You've lost your mind.

[Raiden slaughters two soldiers and puts his sword up front.]

Raiden: Who's next?

Jetstream Sam: I'll take this dance.

Monsoon: No, Sam. Report back to the chief. He's mine.

Jetstream Sam: You're the boss.

[Sam leaves.]

Monsoon: (to Raiden) I've misjudged you. You are like us after all. (smiles)

Raiden: Now you're just being nasty. That nickname you love so much -- wanna know how I got it? Actually -- why don't give you a demonstration? I think it's time for Jack... to let 'er rip!

[They're starting to fight. Monsoon swiftly attacks Raiden with his sais, uses magnetism to throw helicopters and tanks at him, collects tons of different debris into the real wheel of death, and at the end tries to nail him with a monument.]

Monsoon: I hope you choke! You'll rot here. Forget it. That your best? Back to the earth with you! Am I... too weak? This one's on me! Left hand rule! Magnetic power! Too fast for that. Does it hurt? Welcome to my utopia of death! Magnetic force, Jack! Nature's force! Damn, you're good... Lororitz force! Go! I have won this! Who knows where I'll come from? Give it up! Too fast for that. Death approaches. So this is Jack's terrifying true form, huh? You lost this one! Have a smoke! I'll put you under, weakling. Now what will you do, Jack the Ripper? You're dead!

Raiden: Go as you please.

[Raiden runs on the monument, wildly beats Monsoon with his heel and cuts off his head.]

Monsoon’s Head (via codec): Kill… or be killed

Raiden: Don't be ashamed. It's only nature, running its course. Your memes... end here.

Monsoon’s Head (via codec): No, I passed one... to you... Sure as the sun… will rise... The slaughter... will continue... Now I return... to the earth... Wind blows, rain falls… the strong... prey... on the weak. All... is as it should... be...

[He gives out his last breath and dies. The red LEDs on Raiden’s exoskeleton turns off.]

Kevin (via codec): Raiden?

Raiden: I'm fine, Kevin. Relax. I'll get the brains. (he touches his stomach wound) I don't want this... for anyone else.

Kevin (via codec): All right, man. Later.

[At the crack of thunder Raiden enters the World Marshal building.]

FILE R-04: Hostile TakeoverEdit

[At the entrance to the building, Raiden hears Sundowner's voice through the speakers.]

Sundowner: You killed Monsoon. I’m impressed. The brains are in the server room undergoing training. Knock yourself out. Go nuts.

[He's approaching reception.]

Robot-Receptionist: I'm sorry, sir. Our business hours for the day have ended. We are looking forward to your next visit.

[Raiden chops off her head and he gets attacked by security.]

Boris (via codec): Watch out! They keep on coming!

[After the fight.]

Doktor (via codec): Raiden, Sundowner contacted you from the top floor. Time to make your way up there. The elevators appear to be disabled... Which we... should have expected, I suppose.

Blade Wolf (via codec): I will access the control unit -- perhaps you can hack an elevator, and make it operational.

Doktor (via codec): Ooh, splendid idea! By all means, yes! ...Hmm? It seems the guards are storming the building... Raiden, get back to the entrance! Buy me some time to get this elevator operational. You can control that UGT [unmanned guard tower] as well, yes? Give them hell!

[Raiden shoots soldiers with a machine gun.]

Boris (via codec): Do not stray too far from the elevators, Raiden. Use the weapons around you to slow them down. Throw everything at them you can!

Doktor (via codec): Wunderbar! (Wonderful!) My hack was a success! Board the elevator, Raiden. For security purposes, the building is divided into upper and lower halves. The lower area consists of offices and meeting space for staff and visitors... While confidential military projects and technical research are restricted to the upper levels.

Raiden: So that's where the brains and server room'll be -- up top.

Doktor (via codec): Indeed. But that elevator can only access the lower floors. You need to get to the 20th floor and past the security gate there to reach the upper area.

Raiden: Lemme guess: time to find another left hand?

Doktor (via codec): Well, that is the problem. Security cyborgs would not have sufficient clearance... But managers and senior staff have already been evacuated, no doubt…

Raiden: So...

Doktor (via codec): The only option is to cut the power to the security gate... Which will not be easy. It is powered by no less than three systems, including a backup power supply. You will need to destroy all of the electrical control panels to disable them. In any case, you should arrive at the 20th floor soon. The electrical panels are most likely hidden in the walls. Use your Enhanced AR search for any unusual heat sources inside the walls there.

Doktor (via codec): There should be an electrical panel nearby. Use your Enhanced AR to locate it.

Boris (via codec): Gahh, they found you! No choice now.

Doktor (via codec): Good. One down, two to go. Keep at it, Raiden. Excellent. Just one more! They keep on coming!

[While Raiden is looking for electrical panels, he sees a photo of a lush Japanese woman in which the most interesting places are covered with yellow duct tape. He doesn't hesitate and cuts the tape.]

Kevin (via codec): That's my boy.

[Soon all the panels were cut into pieces.]

Doktor (via codec): Yes, that should take care of security. Now head back to the gate.

[Raiden manages to get past it.]

Doktor (via codec): Raiden... Shall I activate your pain inhibitors now?

Raiden: No. Keep 'em off. I need it this way.

Doktor (via codec): Ah. ...Well, as you wish. I must say. I have turned more than a few men into cyborgs, but you... Well, your past is most... Ah...

Raiden: Whatcha getting at, Dok? Most of the time you're working with First World ex-military -- grown men. Compared to the average Third World child soldier, I can't really complain. Most of 'em, they're the sort of “guerrillas” your typical patient gets paid to slaughter.

Doktor (via codec): Perhaps, but...

Raiden: This shouldn't be news to you. Dok.

Doktor (via codec): Yes… Yes… But--

Raiden: Look, just help me take care of those brains after I bring ‘em back. I do my business, you do yours.

Doktor (via codec): Y-Yes...

[As soon as he opens the next door, flying soldiers enter the building through the window.]

Kevin (via codec): They're pouring in from everywhere! This is crazy...

Boris (via codec): You do not have to fight every enemy you encounter, Raiden. Try and keep moving.

Doktor (via codec): Nice of them to blow open a door for me, ja? (yes?) Idiots!

Boris (via codec): All these Sliders in the area... Perhaps they could be put to use?

[Raiden jumps out of a window in style and starts jumping on flying soldiers' winged packs.]

Boris (via codec): Keep climbing like that! It will be much easier for you!

[Raiden manages to climb the top floors of the building. Halfway through, he just ran up the steep wall, dodging the wreckage.]

Doktor (via codec): Quite a ways up now, ja? (yes?) Almost there! I have just finished analyzing their latest security data. You should find an indoor garden up ahead.

Raiden: A garden? Sounds fancy.

Doktor (via codec): A Japanese garden, to be precise. It is an area set aside for VIPs. Apparently one of World Marshal's directors is a rather serious Japanese culture enthusiast.

Raiden: All right, so what's this got to do with me? Is there something I need from the garden?

Doktor (via codec): Not at all! You need only pass through that area to arrive at a freight elevator. I found a route to the elevator controls through the unit we hijacked downstairs. I have located the server room as well. You can reach it via the freight elevator.

Raiden: Great work, Dok.

Doktor (via codec): Elementary, my dear Raiden. Now head for the garden!

[Raiden walks through a Japanese garden, eliminating enemies like a real ninja.]

Doktor (via codec): The main exit is sealed. I very much doubt you can get through there. The catwalk above you is connected to a corridor meant for transporting materials. You can take that to the elevator. All right. Follow the catwalk straight ahead to reach the elevator.

Blade Wolf (via codec): My apologies, Raiden. I seem to have fallen behind.

Raiden: No worries. Actually, I should thank you.

Blade Wolf (via codec): What are you talking about?

Raiden: If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten Jack back.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Then... that is your true nature?

Raiden: More or less. Still interested?

Blade Wolf (via codec): I find no reason to alter my objectives. From the moment we met you have acted on emotional urges. You speak of protecting those weaker than you. Such people number in the billions. It is impossible. You cannot save every human being in the world. You cannot save every street child. After extended observation, I have come to a conclusion: Your actions are rooted in affinity for those from similar circumstances as yours.

Raiden: Guess so. Not much of a superhero after all, huh?

Blade Wolf (via codec): However your emotional status is understandable. Perhaps I share this same affinity....

Raiden: Well, if that's what you "feel", then glad to have you along.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Roger.

Doktor (via codec): You can reach the server room via the freight elevator just ahead.

[Raiden goes upstairs on the loading dock. He's being attacked by enemies from all sides.]

Doktor (via codec): Look up, Raiden. Another freight platform! Look out! Incoming! Careful, Raiden! The elevator cannot take much more of this! Jump to that adjacent platform! Odd... The platform is losing speed... Scheiße! (Fuck!) The tripods are interfering! Raiden! Clear them out of the shaft! Do not let them block that elevator!

[Raiden manages to survive.]

Doktor (via codec): They are deploying security to the top floor to the freight elevators. Your path to the server room leads... right through them.

[Raiden successfully gets to the top of the building and goes to the labs.]

Raiden: The server room's ahead?

Doktor (via codec): Yes, according to what I have here.

Raiden: What should I expect to find...? If they're VR training those brains, I'm guessing it won't look like your typical IT department.

Doktor (via codec): Quite right. Most of it will likely be occupied by life-support units... Feeding oxygen and nutrition to the brains they have stored, you know. They would also need a server to feed them the VR date, but in terms of structure... It's really more brain storage and maintenance than a server room. But no doubt it mailers a convenient euphemism for what they are really doing there.

Raiden: Yeah, like how CIA agents refer to where they work as "The Company."

Doktor (via codec): Indeed! Something like that would never arouse the suspicions of rank-and-file staff who may fear it. And I am sure those complicit in this operation feel better not calling it the “VR training room.” Even something so simple as a name can help one ignore the truth of what they are doing. Truly fascinating, how the human brain works...

Raiden: So this... whatever room -- that's where Sundowner's waiting, right? If he wants a fight, I wish he'd just got on with it. He didn't seem the type to run and hide.

Doktor (via codec): Well, he is in charge of security... But I suspect this is not about business. If I had to guess I would say he is toying with you. Testing you, perhaps.

Raiden: Whatever he’s doing, it won't change what's going to happen once I finally catch up with him...

[He enters the next room and sees a familiar face.]

Raiden: What? Mistral?! But she's --

Doktor (via codec): No -- a spare body, if I had to guess. Likely controlled by an AI.

[Raiden cuts her to parts.]

Boris (via codec): And a spare Monsoon? Well, if it's AI-controlled it should pose no problem for you, yes?

[Raiden slices him, too.]

Boris (via codec): Keep going, Raiden! You are almost to the server room.

[The next room is a large hall with many columns on the sides. In the center there is a small path that ends with a staircase to the second floor. From the top of the second floor Sundowner roars loudly.]

Sundowner: Shhh, don't disrupt the students while class is in session. I believe you're familiar with the lesson plan... The same regimen you went through in Liberia. Effective program. Just look how you turned out. Of course, running it in the real world just got a bit too... complicated. Doing it virtually though? No fuss, no muss. Straight to the brain. It's like a dream. Well, maybe “dream” is the wrong word. They do kill some POWs... some civilians... (laughs) They enjoy it though. We give their pleasure centers a nice big jolt every time. Plus they got a shiny new body as a graduation present. Another thing you have in common...

Raiden: I chose this. They're kids, you son of a bitch.

Sundowner: And kids are cruel. All people are, by nature -- they just lose touch with it as they get older. Start thinking they know right and wrong. “That's immoral!” War crime-this, Code of Conduct-that… Kids you can mold, manipulate into performing all kinds of atrocities -- and there's nothing like a good atrocity to keep a war going.

Raiden: That's why I'm shutting you down.

Sundowner: You just don't see the bigger picture, do ya? Say you bring this whole place down, waltz outta the rubble with all these precious brains… Nothing changes. All the guys in charge are long gone. And we've got offices 'round the world. We're just suppliers. We don't create the market for war.

Raiden: Then who does? The Patriots are gone.

Sundowner: (laughs) Those guys just managed the war economy -- they didn't invent it. Didja think every battle in history was all part of some big ol' conspiracy? Bullshit! War is just part'a who we are. Why fight it? Anyway, none of this will matter in three hours. Demand for PMCs is about to skyrocket. Like the good ol' days after 9-11.

Raiden: What are you talking about?

Sundowner: Not here. Follow me.

Boris (via codec): Raiden, get Sundowner! Do not lose him this time!

[Raiden goes upstairs and gets out on the heliport.]

Sundowner: How's this, Jack? We can play up here without damaging the merchandise.

Raiden: What happens in three hours?

Sundowner: (laughs) Don't matter you're too late. Even at Mach 2 you wouldn't make it. And killing you is gonna take some time: slow, and painful. Like I said, kids are cruel, Jack. And I'm very in touch with my inner child.

[Sundowner turns on his six-segment shield and takes out his two sword shears. The fight begins.]

Sundowner: You can be crueler than that, Jack. Too slow! Don’t fuck with me, Jack! Beg for your life! Pointless. Tough luck. You can’t break this shield, Jack. C'mon, try 'n hit me! Christ…! I love this shit! I’ll bathe in your blood! I’ll split you in two! Th’fuck..?! Better than I thought. Son of a bitch... You… got me.

[He falls off the building but grabs a helicopter that's been flying around the whole time.]

Sundowner: Playtime's over, Jack. Time to die!

[He orders the helicopter to fire missiles. The missiles destroy the floor of the building and Raiden flies down the shaft of the freight platform.]

Raiden: Dammit.

[He grabs the flying wings and goes back to Sundowner. As he gets closer, Raiden throws the wings at him.]

Sundowner: Christ..!

[Raiden chops up the falling Sundowner into neat little pieces.]

Raiden: It's over.

Sundowner (via codec): Attaboy, Jack...

Raiden: What happens in three hours?!

Sundowner (via codec): He'll... launch... Operation... Tecumesh...

Raiden: Who? Armstrong?

Sundowner (via codec): I've already said too much... I have a call to make...

Raiden: Cut yourself shaving?

Sundowner (via codec): Asshole. He’s good... real good... You knew this would happen, didn't ya... Well, you'll get your wish... Up to you, now, Sam…

[The call ends.]

Raiden: Raiden here. I've taken Marshal HQ.

Doktor (via codec): Ja, ja… (Yes, yes…) I have just entered Denver airspace. I will be there soon.

Raiden: Hurry.

Boris (via codec): Raiden -- what Sundowner said...

Raiden: I know. Anything that I rival 9-11 cannot be good...

Boris (via codec): And in three hours... Maybe less... Hmm... He said even Mach 2 could not get there in time...

Kevin (via codec): If he was serious, that's... Over 4,000 miles away...

Raiden: 4,500. So whatever it is. it's not happening on American soil...

Kevin (via codec): If it's going to spike demand for PMCs, it's gotta be a political hot spot... A coup or civil war in a stable region wouldn't have a domino effect...

Raiden: And they'd want to draw in a superpower… No.

Boris (via codec): What?

Raiden: The president. He's on his way to Pakistan. If something happens to him there...

Boris (via codec): ...Oh, shit. The war on terror, part two.

Raiden: Contact the military.

Boris (via codec): Official channels are frozen since Mexico. Unofficial channels would take too long.

Kevin (via codec): Besides, what's our proof? Who's going to believe us over World Marshal?

Raiden: Then we have to get there first.

Boris (via codec): Nevozmozhno! Impossible! It is the other side of the planet! Even if we were in world's fastest jet right now. it's not even close.

Courtney (via codec): Hold up. It's not a jet we need...

Raiden: Courtney?

Courtney (via codec): An RLV would make it with time to spare.

Kevin (via codec): That's...

Courtney (via codec): MACH 23, if we're talking one atmosphere. 17.650 miles per hour. (28400 km/h)

Boris (via codec): That would make Pakistan in... under half an hour.

Raiden: Right. Contact Solis.

FILE R-05: Escape From DenverEdit

Radio: Cargo's all set to go, sir.

Doktor: Excellent. Commencing take-off in semi-auto mode. You know, this kind of space launch once required days of preparation…

[They're taking off.]

Raiden: Solis has been conducting test flights almost every day for the last six months. As long as we're not breaking atmosphere, they said they can reroute today's flight, no problem.

Doktor: Amazing... “The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.”

Raiden: I'm only going as far as the thermosphere. This thing can't pass the Kármán line. That lunar vacation will just have to wait.

Doktor: And here I was hoping you might bring me back a monolith.

[Something on the control panel is starting to beep ominously.]

Doktor: Scheiße! (Fuck!) Two bogeys, closing fast!

Raiden: Is it--?

Doktor: Who else? The flight pattern suggests unmanned MQ-320s.

Raiden: Shit.

Doktor: This is a transport chopper, our defensive options are limited. Missiles incoming!

[There are several missiles flying towards the helicopter, but the Doctor manages to shoot them down.]

Raiden: EMP?

Doktor: Yes, but not strong enough to take out the drone. Here they come.

Raiden: I'll handle this.

Doktor: Raiden...! Have a nice flight.

Raiden: And people say Germans aren't funny.

[He's jumping out of a helicopter right on one of the drones. Raiden uses his sword to destroy its electronic brains, so the drone only starts flying straight.]

Raiden: There it is... All right... Bring the chopper around.

[With his sword ready, he cuts the second drone into two pieces right in the air.]

Raiden: Okay, I'm coming back!

Doktor (via codec): This is easier said than done, you know!

[He notices that the drone that Raiden's standing on is on fire.]

Doktor: Raiden!

[The drone explodes and Raiden takes the blast. Doktor flies closer and Raiden grabs a helicopter, but he can't hold on.]

Doktor: Raiden! I am sorry, my friend... (salutes) Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

[Mercenaries trying to hit him off the ground and he has to fly away. Raiden lands in town, punching a hole in the asphalt.]

Boris (via codec): That was quite the fall, Raiden. I am glad to see you are all right. It's time you got out of Denver.

Doktor (via codec): Raiden! Are you all right?

Raiden: I can handle this. You just get those brains outta here.

Doktor (via codec): And what will you do?

Raiden: Get out of here, and to the launch site.

Doktor (via codec): Ah, the young lady's company, ja? (yes?) How fortunate they are in Colorado, too.

Raiden: Yeah, shouldn't take more than two hours with a set of wheels. Guess I'll just have to "borrow" some. A lot of cars got abandoned when the evac order came down.

Doktor (via codec): But... won't the roads be blocked? If you are struck by one of those missiles or--

Raiden: I know. Lemme just worry about putting some distance between mu and World Marshal… What's left of it.

Boris (via codec): Raiden, hurry! It may be an RLV, but it still needs time to accelerate and decelerate from first cosmic velocity. It could require more than 30 mins to set to Pakistan. I have located a route with relatively light security. I will mark the heading on your soliton radar.

Blade Wolf (via codec): Raiden. I will join you in Pakistan. I will find a way to exit the helicopter. Proceed out of the city. I will contact you when I am on the ground.

[Raiden is approaching the city border.]

Boris (via codec): You have escaped the pursuit?

Raiden: Seems like it.

Boris (via codec): You have passed the last of the barricades. Save your strength -- find a vehicle.

Raiden: Right.

[He sees a chopper.]

Raiden: That should do nicely.

[After stealing a motorcycle, Raiden leaves a note... by carving it with his sword on the asphalt where the motorcycle was standing. "I need your bike. Thank you for your cooperation. 111 555 (the rest is unreadable)”]

FILE R-06: Badlands ShowdownEdit

[Raiden rides on a dusty American road on a motorcycle with heavy metal on the background.]

Raiden: Everything okay on your side?

Doktor (via codec): I am out of Colorado air space -- and nothing on the radar

Raiden: Good. I'm almost there.

[He sees Blade Wolf on the road and stops. He was petted by… Jetstream Sam.]

Blade Wolf: Raiden.

Raiden: Having a little heart-to-heart?

Blade Wolf: I have analyzed his words and actions. I am unable to ascertain his motivation.

Jetstream Sam: Fancy meeting you here.

Raiden: You knew I'd come. I suppose I should thank you for not killing everyone at the launch site?

Jetstream Sam: (laughs) Well, not if you say it like that.

Raiden: For a hired killer, you're not very good at your job.

Jetstream Sam: The war is the big payoff!

Raiden: Right. Big raises all around once World Marshal gets all those contracts...

Jetstream Sam: I’m not talking about money, Jack. I'm talking ideals.

Raiden: Excuse me?

Jetstream Sam: Forget it. We've both heard enough speeches about higher causes by now. History will decide who's right. End of story.

[Raiden defiantly gets off the bike for the second time and nods his head to point to Sam on the prairie near the road and leaves the bike right in the middle of the road.]

Raiden: I don't care who thinks I'm right. And I've got cause enough for killing you.

Jetstream Sam: Wh--? Oh, good. Why that's very good! Yes, I like that.

Blade Wolf: Must you really fight?

Raiden: Don't interfere.

Jetstream Sam: This is between us.

[They unshealth their swords.]

Raiden: And it ends here.

Jetstream Sam: OK. Let's dance.

[The fateful fight begins.]

Jetstream Sam: Pathetic… Show me a good time Jack! Not good enough. You're a waste of money. Far too easy. Amateur! Now THIS is a fight! Just you and me, Jack. Get ready! That's the spirit, Jack. Say goodnight... pretty boy! Just getting started.

Raiden: Play time's over.

[He pierce his sword right into Sam’s chest.]

Blade Wolf: He is dead...

Raiden: He barely had any cyborg enhancements...

Blade Wolf: Was this outcome necessary? Evidence: inconclusive.

Raiden: I guess even AIs don't know everything.

Blade Wolf: It is likely no single correct answer exists. Additionally, human conflict stems from opposing ideals and societal norms. I was not programmed with these guidelines.

Raiden: You're better off figuring those out for yourself.

[He picked up Sam’s red katana.]

Raiden: ID-locked...

Blade Wolf: A VT7 high-frequency blade. The efficacy of the enhancement directly correlates to the quality of the original weapon. My file indicates Sam inherited the sword from his father.

Raiden: Going to bury it?

Blade Wolf: I will retain it in memory of Sam.

[Raiden pathosly takes his sword to the sheath and gives it to Blade Wolf.]

Boris (via codec): Raiden, we have less than one hour! Hurry!

Raiden: Roger that.

FILE R-07: Assassination AttemptEdit

[Raiden arrives at Solis Space & Aeronautics, where he is met by the world's most incompetent security guard - J.William. He reads manga and eats pizza instead of watching the cameras and the incoming visitors.]

J.William’s Thoughts: Oh...oh... Hikari-chan! So kawaii...

[Blade Wolf rushes to the security booth. Brain dead guard takes his tables with the picture of Raiden and asks Blade Wolf...]

J.William: Are you, uh... Mr. Raiden? Sir?

[Raiden opens the gates with his bare cyborg hands.]

Raiden: Where is she?

J.William: I'll... tell her you've arrived.

Voice: Over here.

[The most unrealistic rocket scientist in the world approaches him. Japan has only the best.]

Sunny Emmerich: (childish laugh) Hi there, stranger.

Raiden: Hey. You're looking good.

Sunny Emmerich: Aww, who's your little friend?

Raiden: It's a long story.

Sunny Emmerich: Shaaake... Good boy!

Sunny Emmerich: I guess we don't really have time to catch up...

Raiden: Sorry -- not really.

Sunny Emmerich: It's okay. Follow me.

Raiden: So, exactly what kind of--

Sunny Emmerich: You’ll see.

[He sees a huge, ultramodern jet fighter worth billions of dollars.]

Raiden: YOU built that?

Sunny Emmerich: Yep. It uses a hybrid LACE / ramjet engine I designed. Well? Are you in a hurry or not?

Raiden: Right. Hey -- thanks, Sunny.

[She laughs with a naive childish laugh. That's because in this world it's not worth millions to just roll this thing out of a hangar. Raiden gets in the cockpit.]

Sunny Emmerich (via codec): The flight plan is already set. You're good to go. Please switch off all cell phones and portable gaming devices, and remember this is a no-smoking flight.

Raiden: (laughs) Roger. Ready for countdown.

Sunny Emmerich (via codec): No time for that! Ignition!

[The fighter takes off and rushes sharply into the sky. The guard keeps laughing at the manga he's reading.]

Shabhazabad Air Base, Pakistan

[Raiden lands on Pakistani land near the military base.]

Kevin (via codec): Well? Anything?

Raiden: Nothing. You sure we got the right place?

Kevin (via codec): Gotta be. It's the only base big enough with security contracted out to World Marshal.

Raiden: All right, I'm headed in.

[He begins to slice up the military.]

Doktor (via codec): Ha ha, more classified data! I believe I have all I need for a little surprise...

Raiden: You see that? Their XIFF Codes show up as “unaffiliated.”

Courtney (via codec): Wait -- Marshal has the security contract for this base... Why would they have their cyborgs set to the same illegal XIFF code as Desperado? It's evidence against them...

Raiden: No, it's their alibi. They're making it look like Desperado hacked their soldiers on-site. Because everyone knows Desperado has a contract with…

Courtney (via codec): The Pakistani rebels. But if we go public with the Desperado-Marshal connection--

Raiden: Won't matter. Not when they’ve got this nice, big foreign threat all cooked up and ready to serve. The media and the public won't be able to resist. Remember WMDs in Iraq?

Courtney (via codec): Dammit... you're right. It's another “slam dunk”. What about any humans on the base? Marshal only handled security.

Raiden: Dead, most likely. Or brain-jacked, If they needed them to keep up appearances.

Courtney (via codec): Hmm... They'd never publicize what airport the president was flying into. Not in this region. And almost no one would have access to an outside line, for security reasons. It wouldn't be difficult to keep things hush-hush... At least until Air Force One arrives.

Raiden: I'm heading for the control tower. If I can destroy the antenna array, the U.S. military will know something's wrong.

Courtney (via codec): Good idea -- be careful.

Raiden: Sam's gone, and I blew the Winds of Destruction away. I'll be fine.

Boris (via codec): Raiden, there’s no time to worry about the soldiers. Got to the control tower!

[Raiden runs through the hangar, not paying attention to the military. As he leaves the hangar, he sees Blade Wolf severely damaged.]

Raiden: Wolf?! Where are they...?

[The asphalt starts crumbling and Raiden falls down. He jumps on rocks and chops up the neon wreckage, he comes out to the surface. A metal monster, Metal Gear EXCELSUS, crawls to him from a hole in the ground. Senator Stephen Armstrong comes out of the Metal Gear cabin. He smokes a cigar.]

Steven Armstrong: Well if it isn't saucy Jack? Just a little too late, as usual.

Raiden: Armstrong? Impressive little toy you've got there. But your plan ends here.

Steven Armstrong: (laughs) Idiot. You're not ending our plan, you're expanding it. Checked the internet lately?

Raiden: Pfft.

Boris (via codec): Raiden! Air Force One is turning back to the States!

Raiden: What? How'd they know?!

Boris (via codec): Someone posted photos of what's happening on the base. The whole world is up in arms!

Raiden: Show me!

[He opens around 30 tabs in his preinstalled browser - CNET News “Terrorists Bombard Pakistani Airbase”, some website “Over 40 Americans presumed dead in Pakistani terror strike”, TufNews “Hamilton Assassination Attempt in Pakistan”.]

Raiden: How did they...? The story leaked early...? Then Marshal's plan is ruined.

Boris (via codec): The hell it is! Look what they're saying! The story just went live and already they are calling for blood!

[And now we are shown very authoritative comments under the news on the Internet, which have so much influence on politics.]

4NuB1S-DC: WAKE UP! The Pakistani government is HARBORING these terrorists!! (492 likes, 3 dislikes)


Unknown user: Pakistan is part of the AXIS OF EVIL!

Raiden: But the president was saved…?

Steven Armstrong: And yet American blood was spilled.

Raiden: By Americans! Besides, a few dozen soldiers is tragic, but nothing to start a major war over.

Steven Armstrong: That's just the spark, son. The excuse we've been waiting for. America's wanted this war for years. The Patriots -- they knew war was good for the economy. Four years later their legacy lingers on...

Raiden: The memes...

Steven Armstrong: They left us their great "ism"s! Nationalism! Unilateralism! Materialism! Welcome maxims for these with no faith -- without guiding principles of their own. Give yourself up to the whole. No need to better yourself -- you're American! You're number one! Then the only value left is dollar value -- the economy. So we'll do whatever it takes to keep it humming along. Even war. Especially war.

Raiden: Bullshit.

Steven Armstrong: The Patriots planted the seed -- we don't need them around to filter and foster their memes any longer. We're spreading them just fine ourselves. Every American man, woman and child... We're all sons of the Patriots now! We just need something to jump start the economy out of this funk. This recession it's been stuck in since the fall of SOP.

Raiden: And the military costs? Wasting billions is going to help the economy?

Steven Armstrong: PMCs, arms manufacturers... Job creators, Jack! All those workers spending money, paying taxes... Trust me, a little war can work wonders.

Raiden: So grease the gears with some innocent blood, is that it?

Steven Armstrong: Relax, Jack. It's a "war on terror." We're not out to kill civilians. Extremists. Lawless gangs. Madmen.

[Raiden’s astonished a little.]

Steven Armstrong: Of course that would have to include you. Wouldn't want any eyewitness reports completing the message.

[He throws a cigar away and climbs into the metal bridge cabin. Raiden prepares for battle.]

Steven Armstrong: Fear the wrath of the USA! So you like playin' hide-and-seek, y’little bitch? Crush you like a goddamn bug! Let's see how long you can keep it up... Fine. I'll give you that one. Ashes to ashes, motherfucker! If you're not with America, Jack, you're against her! Let loose the flames of justice! Uncle Sam needs you to die, Jack! Impressive, Jack. Most impressive. Hold still! Don't get touchy, kid!

[Raiden chops off Metal Gear's legs, grabs a multi-ton monster by the knife and throws it over his head. Then he rips off one of the knives and cuts off the Metal Gear with it.]

Steven Armstrong: About time we ended this... and you're going out with a bang!

[Armstrong comes out of a smoke-covered cabin.]

Steven Armstrong: Slippery little bastard. I don't have time for this.

[He gets up in the sumo stand and starts screaming intensely.]

Raiden: Oh, you've gotta be kidding me!

[Wires are flying out of Metal Gear's legs, charging Armstrong with green energy. He's getting bigger and more pumped up.]

Steven Armstrong: (adjusting the glasses) Let's go!

Raiden: The hell are you thinking.

[Armstrong spreads out and knocks Raiden down. After that, he grabs his head and starts squeezing.]

Steven Armstrong: Played college ball, ya know.

Raiden: At some cushy Ivy League school.

[Armstrong rips off Raiden's visor and hits him in the face a few times.]

Steven Armstrong: Try University of Texas. Coulda gone pro if I hadn't joined the Navy. I'm not one of those beltway pansies. I could break the president in two with my bare hands.

[He throws Raiden in the air and then kicks him.]

Steven Armstrong: Don't fuck with this senator!

Raiden: What the hell are you...?

Steven Armstrong: Why don't you stick around and find out?

[The battle begins with the strongest senator in the world.]

Steven Armstrong: Let's not forget to enjoy this, hm? Man-to-man, I can't be beat. C'mon!

[Armstrong catches Raiden's sword with his bare hand.]

Raiden: What?

Steven Armstrong: Nice knife…

[He breaks it in half and hits Raiden in the face. The senator attacks, but Raiden manages to block the strike.]

Raiden: Typical politician... big promises, but all talk.

Steven Armstrong: What?

Raiden: “Jump-start the economy"? What a load of bullshit! All you care about is lining your own pockets. That, and your approval ratings. You've got no principles, just like all the rest. If America's gone to shit, you're just another maggot crawling in the pile.

Steven Armstrong: All right, the truth then. You're right about one thing... I do need capital. And votes. Wanna know why? “I have a dream.”

Raiden: What...?

[Armstrong hits Raiden with every word he says.]

Steven Armstrong: That one day every person in this nation will control their OWN destiny. A land of the TRULY free, dammit. A nation of ACTION, not words. Ruled by STRENGTH, not committee. Where the law changes to suit the individual, not the other way around. Where power and justice are back where they belong: in the hands of the people! Where every man is free to think -- to act -- for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick lawyer and chicken-shit bureaucrats. Fuck this 24/7 Internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit. Fuck "American pride." Fuck the media! Fuck all of it! America is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's no saving it -- we need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean. BURN IT DOWN! And from the ashes a new America will be born. Evolved, but untamed! The weak will be purged and the strongest will thrive -- free to live as they see fit, they'll make America great again!

Raiden: What the hell are you talking about...

Steven Armstrong: You still don't get it. I'm using war as a business to get elected... so I can end war as a business! In my new America, people will die and all for what they BELIEVE! Not for money. Not for oil! Not for what they're told is right. Every man will be free to fight his own wars!

[He lights a cigar. Raiden lies on the Metal Gear barely alive.]

Steven Armstrong: So what do you think?

Raiden: How the hell did you get elected...

Steven Armstrong: Well, I don't write my own speeches. You should try fighting for what you believe in sometime, Jack. Not for a company, or a nation, or for anyone else.

Raiden: Maybe I was wrong about you...

Steven Armstrong: (surprised) Am I finally getting through?

[He lifts Raiden off the floor and shakes off the dirt.]

Steven Armstrong: I'll rid this world of pointless wars, Jack.

Raiden: I was wrong. You're not greedy --

[He shook Armstrong's hand and hugged him.]

Raiden: you're bat-shit insane!

[Armstrong is surprised again. Raiden throws him on the floor.]

Steven Armstrong: Making the mother of all omelettes here, Jack. Can't fret over every egg.

Raiden: Not when you’re “purging the weak," right? What do you know about “the weak”? You weren't born poor. You've never been hungry. You don't know what it's like to fight and steal and kill just to survive...

Steven Armstrong: But you did survive! Through sheer force of will following your own set of rules. With your own two hands you took back your life!

Raiden: And now I'll take yours.

[Second fight with the senator begins.]

Steven Armstrong: Try n' shut me up! You'll fail like the others! You're going down!

[Raiden has 0.1% health left. He charges his fist with electricity and hits Armstrong in the stomach. The senator doesn't even move.]

Raiden: (enraged) Why won’t you die?!

[Armstrong laughs and tears up his shirt. Underneath it, we see iron muscles and thick veins going to his heart. The Senator's skin becomes as strong as steel at any time he likes.]

Steven Armstrong: Nanomachines, son. They harden in response to physical trauma. You can't hurt me, Jack.

[Raiden hits the senator with no success.]

Steven Armstrong: What did I just say? Time to end this.

[Sam's sword lying next to Blade Wolf beeps and the LED on his handle turns green.]

Steven Armstrong: Die! Die! Die, you place of shit!

[He hits it with such force that he breaks through the Metal Gear on which they were standing, forming a small closed arena.]

Steven Armstrong: All right. I think we’re about done here.

Blade Wolf: Raiden.

Raiden: Wolf...

Blade Wolf: Begin playback:

Sam’s voice: “Two years I've been working towards this, and on the last day blondie has me doubting the whole thing. We'll leave it up to fate then, shall we Wolfy? A duel to the death, may the best man win.”

Raiden: Sam?!

Sam’s voice: “I cut him down, and that's that. Back to our regularly scheduled international incident. But if he beats me... if I die here... The lock on my blade will disable after a couple hours… What happens after that... is up to you, Wolfy.”

Steven Armstrong: Even dead, that guy is a pain in my ass. So… you think that little sword can save your master? Well, go ahead, then. But make no mistake, Fido. When I'm finished with him, you're next.

Blade Wolf: I was not designed to fear termination. However, directive zero one is to ensure all data acquired is preserved and passed along. To expire here would violate that directive.

Steven Armstrong: That's a good boy.

Blade Wolf: However, Raiden came to my aid... I have learned from him. When Samuel fell, data analysis was inconclusive... but that has changed. I have established new parameters, now. Created my own directives.

Steven Armstrong: You little fuck!

[He jumps to the Wolf, while the Wolf throws a sword at Raiden. It's very upsetting to the senator. He kicks the Wolf.]

Steven Armstrong: Damn mutt!

Raiden: Armstrong! I said my sword was a tool of justice... Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. But now... now I'm not so sure. And besides... This isn't my sword.

Steven Armstrong: (taking off the glasses) Come on!

Raiden: OK. Let's dance.

[The final battle with the senator begins!]

Steven Armstrong: I'm gonna crush you! You know what? Fuck this war. I just want you dead. You freak! You're going down! I'm gonna knock you out! Die, you little shit! That ain't gonna work. Ready or not, Jack, here we go...! Child play! My turn. You're nothing! I like you, Jack, so I'm giving you another shot. I'll blow you away! Die!

[Raiden strikes the senator with Sam's sword, which reduces his ability. Eventually, Raiden pushes Armstrong through, taking the sword out of his body and striking his chest with a few precise cuts. By cutting a hole, Raiden rips the senator's heart out.]

Raiden: We’re done here.

Steven Armstrong: Well done, Jack...

Raiden: Your dream dies with you.

Steven Armstrong: Maybe not... You've guaranteed the status quo will go on, for a while longer at least… War… will continue as an institution. As an industry. Men will fight for reasons they don't understand, causes they don't believe in…

[He's spitting blood.]

Steven Armstrong: But at least I'll leave a worthy successor... You, Jack. You carve your own path, use whatever methods you see fit... You don't let legal bullshit get in the way. And if it costs a few lives? So be it...

[Raiden crushes Armstrong's heart with his hand. The senator falls to the ground.]

Steven Armstrong: Deep inside we're... kindred spirits... you... and I…

[He dies. We're going back to Maverick base. ]

CNET Reporter: -- ficial pet right for your family? But first, our top story: President Hamilon returns from Pakistan today, completing his first visit to the country since the failed assassination attempt in Shabhazabad last May. In meetings with Pakistani President Farooq Salam, the two leaders agreed to a new joint-initiative in the war on terror, whereby U.S. Marines will be stationed in Pakistan and even wider authority conduct operations within the country. This is amidst growing tensions within Pakistan between the country's civil and military leadership, with many in the government calling on the ISI military intelligence agency to be--

Courtney: Unbelievable. After all that...

Kevin: For the last time, let it go, Courtney. Least Armstrong will never be president…

Courtney: But... I mean, Raiden...

Kevin: There he is.

Doktor (via videoconference): I have excellent news! We are approved -- the new corporation is established!

Kevin: Nice work, Dok! I guess the world's first cyborg stuffing firm is officially open for business.

Doktor (via videoconference): We are certified for construction and long-term nursing care, but this is just the beginning! The potential for new roles cyborgs can play is... limitless!

Coutney: And we're sure this isn't child labor?

Doktor (via videoconference): The older brai--er, children can work now. the rest when they come of age. And it's strictly voluntary, you know.

Boris: We are not running a charity here, eh? Donations alone would not even cover their maintenance. Besides, this way they learn a trade. Perhaps some discipline, ah?

Kevin: It's not a perfect solution... But you know what, at least these kids'll get a decent education.

Boris: Well, I'm not about to return them to the streets, or to broken homes. At least we can give them a chance. (spills Courntey’s coffee) Oops...

Coutney: An imperfect solution for an imperfect world…

Doktor (via videoconference): Well, another benefits: A peaceful application for all my research! (laughs)

Boris: Since when do you care?

Doktor (via videoconference): Well, recent events have been... food for thought shall we say.

Kevin: No kiddin'?

Coutney: Speaking of recent events, how's our new recruit working out?

Doktor (via videoconference): Ah yes, quite well... Quite well..

[Moving to Solus. George is dragging a bunch of boxes.]

George: Oi, Sunny, (Hey, Sunny,) whea yuh have dis den? (where's this go?)

Sunny Emmerich: Hang on, just gimme one… second...

George: Yah, okay. (All right...) Yuh make mi head spin, ya know. (Man, Sunny, you're really something.) Yuh same age a mi, but all dis spaceship... (Same age as me, but all this spaceship stuff...) Yuh a genius gyal. (You're a genius, girl.)

Sunny Emmerich: Mm hmm...

George: An yuh hot fah days. (And you're pretty cute, too.)

Sunny Emmerich: Huh? W-Where'd that come from?

[She accidentally steps on Blade Wolf's tail.]

Blade Wolf: Alert. Alert: Rescinded.

George: Dis aboutta crazy wuld, nah? (Crazy world, isn't it?) For mi see dat ninja, (Before time that ninja,) mi neva tink a bin dis kinda life. (I never would have even imagined this kind of life.)

Sunny Emmerich: Yeah…

George: Huh?

Sunny Emmerich: He rescued me, too, you know... saved my life. I owe him everything. To some people, he'll always be Jack the Ripper. I know all about his past. He had it rough and he hurt a lot of people. But that's not the Raiden I know. The Raiden I know... is a hero.

[Credits. After that, we hear voices against a dark screen.]

Raiden: And how's business?

Boris: Oh, good, good. Herr Doktor's research and staffing service certainly help.

Raiden: I hear World Marshal's looking for a buyer.

Boris: (laughs) Well, you cost them a lot of money, da? (yes?) Not to mention killing their funding. Literally! (laughs) The brain-taking program is finished, but the larger company is not, I'm afraid. Someone will buy them. PMCs are in demand once again.

Raiden: Yeah. Fighting for reasons they don't understand, causes they don't believe in...

Boris: Beg pardon?

Raiden: No, nothing.

Boris: So… your mind is made? You will not come back?

Raiden: Sorry, Boris.

Boris: I understand. But then... what will you do?

Raiden: I've got my own war to fight.

[He's going to cut up some soldiers in an alley. He's wearing a strict funeral costume.]


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