[Opening. Two prisoners are riding in a prison van.]

Lynch: Mr. Kane... wake up... Mr. Kane!

Kane: What?

Lynch: I need you to cover your head.

Kane: What did you say?

Lynch: Just cover your head NOW!

[The van rolls over. While Kane lies unconscious vaguely watching what is happening, Lynch deals with the police.]

Police: You are surrounded. Now come out here with your hands up...

Lynch: (to Kane) Hold out your fucking cuffs!

[He breaks the handcuffs on Kane with a rifle shot.]

Lynch: (to Kane) Get on your feet! Follow me! We’ll cover you.

[The police and Lynch's accomplices shooting and running around here and there.]

Lynch: (to Kane) Follow me. Into the Alley! Over here! This way! You ok? You got shook up pretty bad...

Kane: What the fuck is going on?

Masked man: I strongly advise you to do as you're fuckin' told!

Kane: Who the fuck are you to talk to me like that??

Masked man: Your glory days are long gone - old-timer... And stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Masked man 2: The truck is down - we'll need another way out.

Masked man: Shit! We have a problem – we need a new pickup.

Masked man 2: Got it. We’re heading north. They’ll extract us near the airport. And I don’t want any trouble from you two. NOW MOVE!

Masked man: They already got a chopper up.

Masked man 2: Get some smoke out - We need cover!


Masked man: We gotta find cover! We’re sitting ducks here! Move on!

Masked man 2: Use smoke as cover!

Masked man: Mr. Kane! Get inside NOW!

Masked man 2: Return fire!

Masked man: If we stay here, we'll die!

Kane: You smell that? Smells like gasoline!

[They burn out the police cars with the policemen.]

Masked man: Through the hole... Let's move! Move out! Go! Go! Move it!

[One of masked men throws a smoke grenade.]

Masked man 2: Fire in the hole! That should keep 'em off our back.


Masked man 2: CLEAR!

Masked man: Yeah, we're near the airport. Yeah, yeah, I see it... we'll be right there. They'll pick us up at the donut shop!

Masked man 2: The door is locked!

[The police shoots him through the door.]

Masked man: How many of them are there?!

Masked man 2: Shit!

Masked man: Shit! Get DOWN! GET DOWN! Return fire!

Masked man 2: Shit! We gotta get out of here! Shit... Here we go again.

Masked man: The doors open!! No good here -we need to move NOW! Choppers should be off our back! No fly zone this close to the airstrip. Not far to go - now move! And shoot anything blue that fucking moves! Head for the donut shop now! GO! GO! GO! (on the phone) WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! ...Yes… We can hold it… JUST FUCKlNG GET HERE. They’re only 2 klicks away. The pickup is on the way!

Masked man 2: So where the hell are they?!

Masked man: Just shut up and hold your position. They'll be here! There they are. I see them! Kane. WE ARE LEAVING! Get ready! 3… 2… 1! Go! Go! Let's go! Let's go!

Kane: Where are we going?!

Masked man: I think you know. Cover their fucking heads!

Lynch: Hey! Get your hands off me!

Masked man: Relax Lynch, you'll be fine.

Lynch: This was not part of the deal!

Masked man: What deal? Fuck it then, just stay calm.

Masked man 2: That's more like it.

[Kane is brought to a parking lot and taken out of the van with a bag on his head.]

Masked man: Get them out of here.

Masked man 2: We've got a small surprise for you.

Man with scars: Kane. I've been dreaming of this moment for 4 years.

Kane: I thought you were all dead...

Man with scars: I should fucking cut you up right here and now...

Kane: Well, why don't you?

Man with beard: Oh, rest assured that we will... You betrayed us Kane. You left us behind and you ran with it all.

Kane: The fuck I did.

[The man with scars hits him in the leg.]

Man with beard: Kane, we don't have time for this. We have both your wife and your daughter.

Kane: You've got what? I don't believe you... I wanna talk to them!

Man with beard: Shut up! I tell YOU what to do! You know I have to kill you, but I'm offering you a chance. Bring it all back and I'll let them go.

Kane: Carlos?

Carlos: I'm sorry Kane, but you know we can't bend the rules.

Man with beard: I treated you like a son... You have 3 weeks. No more.

Man with scars: (to Lynch) You know what to do. The car is over there, it should have everything you need. (he gave him a cell phone)

Lynch: (to Kane) Name's Lynch.

Kane: What's the phone for?

Lynch: I'll be reporting back to them every morning and night

Kane: Great, a lurking watchdog...

Lynch: If I don't call them back with good news, they'll start with your wife.

Kane: Not as long as you do exactly as I say. Let’s see what they left us in the car.

[He inspects the trunk of the car.]

Kane: This should be all we need for now. Take this, it's an earpiece. Don't ever take it out. (Lynch takes a gun from the trunk) Not so fast, this one is for you.

[They take some practice.]

Kane: Shit, and I have to keep this idiot alive! Listen. You won't survive long like that.

Lynch: What do you mean? Did you see that shot?

Kane: It's not yours shoot. I m sure it's great. It's about you not getting shot. I need you alive so you can keep making those phone calls. Just do as I do and try to keep as close to your cover as possible.

Lynch: So what’s the plan?

Kane: I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow and give it back to The7.

Lynch: Just like that? So you DO know where it is?

Kane: Just back off.

Lynch: What exactly did you steal?

Kane: I didn't steal anything! I thought they were dead.

Lynch: Ok. Ok... None of my business anyway.

Kane: Exactly... Now get over to that scaffolding.

Lynch: What for?

Kane: Just do exactly as I say.

[They go to the scaffolding.]

Kane: Pick up the rope. I'll show you how to rappel.

Lynch: I fucking hate heights.

[Lynch takes out a medicine bottle and swallows a few pills.]

Kane: What are they for?

Lynch: Nothing serious, it’s just for my stomach. Been taking them since forever. It’s...

Kane: Just pick up the damn rope. Fuck!

Lynch: Ah, shit! Where did they come from?

Kane: Fuck, they must've heard the shots. Let's get down to the exit.

Lynch: Fuck, just what we need. Still wanna rappel down?

Kane: Of course not. We take the stairs.


[They leave the parking and go to the city.]

Lynch: You still haven't answered me. What are we gonna do?

Kane: We just pick it up and give it to them. I know where it is.

Lynch: So you stole it and tucked it away.

Kane: The fuck I did! I've never even touched it. I just happen to know who took it and which bank he stashed it in. Is that so fucking hard to believe?

Lynch: It's in a bank? Fuck! I don't know how to rob a bank.

Kane: Well, I do. And if you just shut up about The7 and everything and let me handle it, I know a good vaultbreaker who'll help us out.

Lynch: What's keeping them?

Kane: Don't worry. He's never late. Here they are. Let's go.

Lynch: Right on time.

[They approach the truck, from which an old man comes out.]

Kane: Hey. I'm glad you could make it.

Old man: It's my pleasure. Never thought I'd see you again.

Kane: Neither did I. Who's the driver?

Old man: He's cool, don't worry.

Kane: Ok, so we're clear on the plan?

Old man: Sure, risky but doable. We'll get in there, quietly past the outside guards. Then you put the fentanyl gas in the vents up there, knocking out the lobby and securing us lots of hostages in case things get hot. Rappel to the loading bay. Fight to the vault. I open it. We exit through the front doors where Driver will be waiting for us.


[Kane goes to the back of the bank, stunning the guards along the way.]

Guard: Hey you! What are you doing here?

Kane: Let's get the hoods on. Ready?

Old man: We got company.

Kane: All clear.

Guard: What the fuck? Intruders! GET THEM!

Kane: (to Lynch) Just keep me covered.

Lynch: Long enough.

Kane: Lynch, secure the lobby.

Lynch: Fuck no! I’m coming with you!

Kane: Just do it! And keep things quiet until we get back.

Old man: Do as Kane says!!! We need all the hostages. Hey! I need to keep an eye on you.

Kane: Don't worry, we'll be up there soon.

Lynch: They're not gonna like this.


[Kane and the old man get to the safe. The old man begins to open it.]

Kane: Your hands are shaking... thought you sobered up.

Old man: I did. But that shit never really leaves you. Keep 'em all my back!

Old man: Got the first one. 5 to go!

Old man: 2 down! Still got 4 left! Got it!


Old man: Ok. Which locker? You got a key code? You're stealing your own shit?

Kane: Not your concern.

Old man: Not my concern... Not my fucking concern?!

Kane: (checking 2nd locker) Shit. It must be here...

Old man: This is bullshit!

Kane: We gotta open them, open them all.

Old man: Look. I've always trusted you!

Kane: (pushing him against the wall) Then don't lucking question me! Just blow ALL of them!

Old man: Ok. Ok, you fucking prick. But after this, you and I are done.

Kane: Lynch! What’s going on up there?

Lynch: What?!

Kane: Are there more cops?

Lynch: It’s so hot in this Goddamn gas mask… I got it under control.

Old man: We're done! Shit is gonna blow in 10 seconds - NOW RUN!

Kane: Dammit! Shit! Shit! Fuck! That old fucker took it!

Old man: Have you checked all of them?

Lynch: Hey, what's happening down there?

Kane: Oh, everything's cool, Lynch. We are done down here. Let’s go.

Lynch: (to the hostages) GET DOWN YOU FUCKS! Fuck... Get away from me… Where the luck did you come from? Trying to sneak up on me, are you? You stupid fuck. I've already killed you twice.

[Kane walks over to the place where Lynch was supposed to keep the hostages, but finds there only a shitload of corpses.]

Lynch: You want some?! I'll fucking give you some! Bitch! Fuck... Get away from me... Why do you keep doing that? You stupid fuck. What are you looking at?! Is that all you got?! Stop!! You're only taking it. Fake this!! Understood?! What are you?! A

Old man: Jesus fucking Christ! He killed the hostages. How fucked is that?!

Kane: LYNCH – STOP! That are you doing?!

Lunch: WHAT? Where the fuck have you been?


[Lynch continues to randomly kill hostages.]

Kane: Hey! Stop killing hostages!

Lynch: I’m not!

Kane: Snap out of it Lynch!

Lynch: Snap out of it? What the fuck is that supposed to man?

Kane: We gotta get out of here... Driver. What's the situation outside?

Driver: Well, it’s bad. Snipers everywhere and the cops have pretty much sealed off the whole area.

Kane: If we clear the way, can you pick us up?

Driver: Well worth a try, just remember, the meter is running.

Police: I repeat! Surrender your weapons and come out with your hands up... We have the place surrounded.

Lynch: Get down! I'll shoot the rest of you motherfuckers if you I up something stupid!

Kane: Still got the bag with grenades?

Lynch: Sure, over there.

Lynch: It's teargas!

Kane: Throw them back out! Get away from the entrance!

[Finally, the Driver manages to fit his van to the entrance to the bank.]

Kane: (to Lynch) Get in!

Lynch: That was great! We got away!

Kane: Great? What the fuck happened back there?!

Lynch: I... I told you! The gas mask was hot and...

Kane: So you kill everyone?!

Lynch: Listen! It was really warm. I couldn't see. And the police were everywhere... I'm telling you, they were swarming!

Kane: But why did you kill the hostages?!

Lynch: Why? What do you mean? They were waking up. They wouldn't stay still... I just tried to stop them.

Kane: Don't fucking talk to me. You just get your shit together. You hear me?!

Lynch: But at least we got away.

Kane: Nobody gets away with what you just did…

Driver: FUCK! When you ladies are done chatting…

[The police are chasing the van.]

Kane: You just step on it!

Driver: As long as you keep them off our backs!

Lynch: I would if this van wasn't swerving so GODDAMN MUCH!

Driver: You wanna drive, you fucking shit?

Kane: Both of you! Shut up and focus! (to Lynch) What are you doing? Get up here and help!

Lynch: I can’t...

Kane: What? Now you suddenly can’t kill the cops??

Lynch: I can't... I mean… fuck what happened back there?

Kane: You don't remember?

Lynch: Oh shit! Oh shit!Oh shit! Why do I always fuck up...

Kane: Lynch! I need your help here! Snap the fuck out of it!

Lynch: How many did I kill?

Kane: More than you wanna know.

Lynch: Damn it! I black out sometimes. I get violent and it’s so fucking horrible afterwards. I thought I could control it. I can! I can! I just need a few more of these.

Kane: Those ain’t exactly ulcer pills are they?

Driver: Hang on! They blocked the tunnel! You gotta clear the way or we're fucked!


Driver: Alright. We better get this shit done quick, I want the fuck out of here!

Lynch: I need some cover here.

Kane: Ok. Let's get the van forward. Get back in the van!


Kane: (to Lynch) So what’s the deal? You just get violent now and then?

Lynch: It's a little more complicated than that.

Kane: No shit.

Lynch: I get black outs. Lose control - I don't know, sometimes it just clicks.

Kane: Jesus Christ.

Lynch: What do you care?! We got what The7 want. Let's just get it back to them.

Kane: It wasn't all there...

Lynch: You gotta be shittin' me...

Kane: Driver, can you get as off the road?

Driver: I’m trying!

Lynch: I can't believe we didn't get it all. The7 ain't gonna like this.

Kane: Just tell them that I'm getting their stuff. I know I can get the last briefcase.

Driver: OK, there’s a subway up a head. HANG ON!


Lynch: Shit it’s leaking gas! We gotta move! What about the others?

Kane: Leave ‘em! Nothing we can do!

Lynch: Get down to the tracks!

[They descend to the stations. There they are overtaken by the police.]

Kane: Here it comes! Get ready!

[The train is coming.]

Lynch: About fucking time.

[They get in it and leave.]

Lynch: So you know how to at the rest? I fucking hope it's a better plan than the last one.

Kane: I don't have a plan yet. But I know a girl that might help us get the briefcase.

Lynch: Yeah, and what if she won't?

Kane: Then you'll just have to make her. I'll get us both passports.

Lynch: Passports? What the fuck for??

Kane: ‘Cause she runs a club in Tokyo. You'll hate it.

[They arrive in Tokyo.]

Lynch: We could've gone to the hotel first. 12 hours on a fuckin' plane, my neck is killing me!

Kane: Stop bitching, we still got a long night ahead of us.

Lynch: Bitching? I'm not bitching. I just hate being ignored. Could you at least tell me why you think she can get the briefcase, or you don't know?

Kane: Just do as I say and we'll get it. Keep it down!

Lynch: Hey! You still answer to me you arrogant fuck! (to the bouncer) Relax. I got nothin'.

[In the club.]

Lynch: You're right. I already hate this place. All these rich, spoiled brats…

Kane: Her office down the back. Just do your best to blend in. If she finds out I'm here, it’s gonna be hell getting to her.

Lynch: She won't even see you? That’s just great.

Kane: Look. Lynch, we've been through this conversation over and over again. Just stick to the plan.

Lynch: This place is stressing me out.

Kane: Then take your pills!

Lynch: Took the last one on that damn plane. Hate flying. Fuck! I hate people sweating on me... Where’s her office?

Kane: Up the stairs. Now shut up.

Lynch: Oh you’re so fucking full of yourself.

Bouncer: (to Kane) Hey! No access.

[He quietly kills him.]

Lynch: Shit! Be careful!

Kane: I don't think anybody noticed.

Club owner: Kane! What are you doing here?

Kane: Please, take it easy.

Club owner: I'm surprised to see you. Did my security let you in?

Kane: I let myself in.

Club owner: Does my father know you're here?

Kane: I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

Club owner: So, what made you come crawling back?

Kane: Yoko. I need your help here.

Yoko: And why would I help you? (she sees Lynch) You wouldn't.

[Lynch hits her in the face couple of times.]

Kane: That’s enough.

Lynch: Whoa, she's all limp! I didn't even hit her that hard.

Kane: It just makes our job easier.

[He throws Lynch a roll of duct tape.]

Lynch: What's this shit?

Kane: Just business, Lynch. Her father has the briefcase.

Lynch: For Christ sake. You just got your own daughter kidnapped.


Lynch: You had this all planned. You fucking psycho.

Kane: Let's just get her out of here.

Lynch: Just make sure I don't get shot.

[They go through the club shooting guards. Lynch carries Yoko.]

Lynch: Beating up and kidnapping women. You must think you are a big man, you cold son of a bitch.

Kane: Lynch! Get over here... I've found the fire exit.

Lynch: Nnng...

Yoko: Do you know who I am?!

Kane: Shut her the fuck up!

Lynch: Where is the Goddamn duct tape?

Yoko: I'm Retomoto's daughter you fuck head.

[She hits him in the balls.]

Lynch: Arrgg. Fuck.


Kane: We have to get to her!

Lynch: Retomoto?! What have you made me do?! Why didn't you tell me who she is?

Kane: Because you would flake out if you'd known.

Lynch: Flake?! I wouldn't have done it if I knew.

Kane: Just get a grip. We have to get hold of her. Fuck! The windows.

Lynch: She’s not that stupid.

Kane: Pick her up!

Lynch: Why can't you carry her!


Kane: (to microphone) Yeah, it's me… Are you ready?

Lynch: Who the hell are you talking to?

Kane: Our backup. We'll be down shortly. Everything is fine.

Lynch: You mean we have backup?! Why didn't we bring ‘em?

Kane: Because they can't know who she is. We need them for the exchange. Stay still!

[He pulls out a phone and dials a number.]

Kane: Mr. Retomoto. This is Kane... I know... I'm sorry, but I need my briefcase hack... Ungag her. I'll let your daughter explain.

Yoko: The fucking bastard kidnapped me. Whatever happens don't let him get away with...

Kane: I know how you feel but I don't have a choice either... 2 hours. The Nan Lu intersection, by the pagoda. We can still make this work.

Lynch: I have to give you that. You got some balls.

Kane: What?

Lynch: Dealing with Retomoto... hanging with his daughter and all. Did you bang her?

Kane: Fuck you! We all make mistakes and so what.

Lynch: Nothing.

Kane: Then just back off. I'm a little fucking edgy. All right?

[The next scene. Lynch, Yoko and Kane, along with several of his men, stand on the bridge and watch the pagoda where the meeting with Retomoto should take place.]

Kane: You ok?

Lynch: Yeah, yeah. Let's just get this over with. Is he there yet? I can't see him...

Kane: He's there all right. Time to move. You stay here and don't do anything unless I ask you to. You'll be fine.

Lynch: Sure, sure. We'll be fine up here. (to Yoko) You and me, right?

Lynch: (via radio) Kane, can you see anything yet? I can't see shit.

Kane: Not much, it's pretty dark. Just keep looking.

Lynch: Yeah. Yeah. I'll, keep looking.

Kane: And keep calm, Lynch.

Lynch: What the fuck do you mean by that? I am calm.

Kane: (to his men) Stay here. I'll do the talking.

Lynch: What the hell is going on down here?

Kane: It's alright...

Lynch: No, this is not cool. Fuck! If there is no one down there... Where are they?


[Kane walks up to the pagoda and finds a ringing phone. He picks it up.]

Kane: Retomoto... I was hoping to see you in person.

Retomoto: Mr. Kane. I don't have the patience for your blackmail.

Kane: You don't have a choice. You know I'll kill her.

Retomoto: I do. But if we took the time to sit down and find a solution...

Kane: I don't have time.

Retomoto: Kane. Relax. I'm aware of what happened between you and The7. I know about your daughter too.

Kane: I'm listening...

Lynch: What’s going on down there?

Kane: Lynch! Keep quiet.

Retomoto: You may find it hard to trust me. But there is a way we can solve this.

Kane: What’s on your mind?

Lynch: Don't fucking negotiate! Just get the damn briefcase!

Retomoto: Kane, we've done business before. I think in this case we have some common interests. We both stand to gain, if we get rid of The7.

Lynch: I'm serious! Just do as I tell you and don't fuck around...

Kane: Lynch, shut up!

Retomoto: Is there a problem?

Kane: No. No problem. Just give me a sec. Lynch! Calm the fuck down!

Lynch: Stand still, you bitch! What the fuck you bi… Damn girl just won't stay still... Stay down!

[A shot is heard.]

Kane: LYNCH! Retomoto! Don't…

[Retomoto’s men begin to attack the pagoda from all sides.]

Kane: Lynch! There are snipers everywhere. I need you to handle it for me! Grab the rifle. Can't you see him? Next to the van. 2 o'clock.

Lynch: I got him. I think we got 'em all.

Kane: Are you sure she's dead, Lynch?

Lynch: Could you calm down! I just saved you from snipers.


[Kane and his men are trying to leave the pagoda and get to the bridge.]

Kane: What happened up here?

Lynch: Shit! I just tried to stop her.

Kane: Is she dead?

Lynch: I don't know. Guess so. I was aiming for her legs...

Kane: Ah fuck! You fucking idiot! I can't believe you.... What the fuck is the matter with you?


[On the bridge.]

Kane: You just can't do anything right, can you!

Lynch: It’s not my fault!

Kane: What are you saying?

Lynch: Things were cool, 'till you started your own agenda, making deals and all that.

Kane: I was negotiating, you twisted fuck!

Lynch: Sure you were. You were a traitor once, why should that change?

Kane: I should shoot you right here and now!

Lynch: Relax. We can still catch up with them and get the briefcase!

Kane: Don't you understand? It's gone. We are out of time.

Lynch: You fucking quitter!

Kane: Call me what you want.

[They get in the car.]

Kane: Call The7. Tell them I'm coming. Tell them I got what they want. I’ll have to take my chances.

Lynch: Yeah, sure. Good luck with that.

Kane: They have my family. I can't run.

Lynch: I'll make sure you don't. Soon as I hand you over, my job is done. I don't need no trouble.

Kane: You just don't get it, do you?! You're as dead as I am.

Lynch: I don't think so, buddy.

Kane: And what is that supposed to mean?

Lynch: I have a deal with them.

Kane: Yeah, right.

[In the next scene, we make a small leap in time. Kane tried his luck in the fight against the seven and lost. He and Lynch were brought at an abandoned construction site.]

Man: You fucking lying traitors. You promised.

[He hits Lynch with his rifle. He loses consciousness and we hear voices in his head for a while.]

Voice 1: You can become one of us, Lynch. All you have to do is watch his every move...

Voice 2: ...and when he is dead, you get his seat.

Woman’s Voice: I hate this! It's ruining our lives!

Lynch: But Annie, I'm getting better! These pills seem to be working much better. Annie, I'm home... Annie? Where are... Annie? Honey wake up. Honey? Honey, wake up. Oh God no. No God don't do this to me, Goddamn you God... No! No...

Voice 2:...and when he is dead, you get his seat.

[Lynch comes to his senses.]

Man with scars: Sure you did! Hey, don't get me wrong Kane, I'm tucking thrilled it turned out this way.

Kane: I just need a little more time. You don't have to involve my family. They don't even know me.

Man with beard: Kane, stop. I can't listen to your pathetic excuses anymore. You failed. That's all there is to it.

Kane: Carlos, help me here.

Carlos: There is nothing I can do for them.

Kane: That's a fucking lie.

Carlos: I'll see to it that they get buried somewhere nice. Goodbye old friend.

Kane: Wait... you're leaving?

Carlos: We are flying to Havana tonight. It has already begun. Mute will take it from here. Your family will be here in an hour.

Kane: Do I get to talk to them?

Carlos: Of course you do.

Lynch: Like you can fucking believe that...

Man with scars: (to Lynch) Fucking bum!

[He hits his with his leg. Lynch loses consciousness again and when he wakes up, Kane’s family has already been brought.]

Kane’s Wife: Easy now Jenny, it's gonna be alright. Just stay close to me.

Kane: Jenny, don't cry. Please.

Man: Get on your knees.

Kane: Wait! Wait. I have to speak to them.

Kane’s Wife: I should have known it was you. You pathetic, selfish little shit. How could you do this to us?! We just got our lives back on track.

Kane: I'm sorry. I never thought they'd find you. It's gonna be ok. Trust me. Jenny please, look at me, Baby. I wrote you a letter...

Kane’s Wife: Trust you! Why couldn't you just stay dead!

Kane: No wait! Let me talk to them!

[The man shoots Kane's wife in the head. Seeing this, Lynch blacks out again.]

Lynch: You fucking liars! Kane! Get up and fight!

[A bloody fight begins. In the end, Kane smashes Mute with a shovel.]

Kane: You should have let me talk to them! YOU SHOULD… HAVE LET… ME TALK TO THEM

Lynch: Oh shit, there's more of them.

Kane: Jenny! Keep your head down! It's not over yet. I'm sorry. I'll fix it.

[Kane picks up a gun and shoots the remaining thugs.]


Lynch: The rest are running away.

Kane: Yeah, but you never know. Cover me. I need to talk to my daughter.

Kane: (to his daughter) Are you hurt? Look at me! Are you ok? I promise no one will hurt you. Let me see your face.

Lynch: Huh?

Kane: It's gonna be fine. Please. I won't let anyone do anything to you. I swear.

Lynch: Kane?

Kane: What happened back then... I wrote you a letter.

Lynch: Kane!

Kane: What?

Lynch: Listen!

Kane: (to his daughter) Please, you can't stay with me. It's too dangerous. Just run!

[Enormous truck arrives.]

Kane: Jenny! GO NOW!

Lynch: Sure that was a good idea? Sending her off like that?

Kane: I didn't have a choice, did I?

Lynch: Well, I don't know.

Kane: Listen, I gotta do some things that she shouldn't see, so you just shut up and help me carry my wife.

[They bury Kane's wife on the construction site.]

Kane: (to his wife) I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry it ended like this and I'm sorry I couldn't just die. But I swear, I'll find them all before they find Jenny. I'll kill them all before they even look at her.

Lynch: What's that?

Kane: A list... of dead men like me. Disowned and ruined by The7. They want revenge and nobody else is coming with me.

Lynch: I should be on that list too.

Kane: The fuck you should. You don't want revenge, you just wanna stay alive.

Lynch: You self centered shit. I'm not leaving you out of my sight until The7 and Retomoto are dead.

Kane: Well I don't know it I want any...

Lynch: Deal with it! Listen, my wife was murdered 5 years ago. Back then I didn't do shit about it. I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. I wanna kill them as much as you do.

Kane: Your choice. Get in, the men we need are only an hour away.

[They sit in an enormous truck and drive away.]

Lynch: You know where they are?

Kane: Some. We killed most of them, some we can't find. But there's a whole crew in a prison not too far from here.

Lynch: What?! You wanna do a breakout? We fucking just got out of prison.

Kane: Hey. Do you wanna come or not? These guys are all in one cellblock. It's gonna be quick.

Lynch: Ah, I don't like this. I need more pills.

Kane: You're not gonna be needin' 'em too much longer.

[Having sped up, they break through the prison wall.]

Kane: No going back now.

Lynch: Let's just fucking do it!

[A shootout with the prison guards begins.]

Kane: Shoot the glass!!!

Lynch: Ha, ha, ha. Always wanted to do this.


Kane: Watch out, snipers in the tower! We gotta get to the Control room to open the doors. Now move!

[They find the control room.]

Kane: Thapa, Rific, Shelley, Grimley, Madsen. Thapa, Rific, Shelley... Grimley, Madsen. Shit! They should all be here!

Lynch: What's wrong?

Kane: Ok. Rific's here. That’s good. (in the microphone) Rific! Get on your feet!

Lynch: What, there's only one guy here? Where the hell are the others?

Kane: Rific must know.

Lynch: Fucking hope so. Let's find out.

Rific: Kane... Thought I recognized your voice. Never thought you'd break in here just to kill me.

Kane: Rific, don't flatter yourself. I'm only here because The7 wants me dead and you've no fucking choice but to help me kill them before that happens.

Rific: The7 wants you dead? Ah. I love the irony of this, you fucking idiot.

Kane: Do you wanna come, or not?

Rific: I don't know.

Kane: You'll be paid, you greedy bastard. Just get out here and fight.


Kane: Where are the others? I need your entire team.

Rific: Grimley and Madsen got fried last year!

Kane: Fuck.

Rific: But Thapa is doing laundry work and Shelly has transferred to block B.

Lynch: This wasn't the plan, Kane.

Kane: Shut up! We'll just take what we can get.

Rific: (to Kane) Follow the orange line. It leads to the laundry room!

[Kane finds the laundry.]

Thapa: Kane, back off! Just because I'm not armed, doesn't mean I can't kill you.

Prisoner: Are you gonna get us out of here, or what?

Lynch: Up against the wall, punks!

Kane: Thapa, this is not a time to bear a grudge. I need your help.

Thapa: Me helping you?! You assholes RUINED MY LIFE.

Kane: I'm not a member of The7 anymore. Follow me... And take this.

[He gave him a rifle.]

Thapa: You're not?


Rific: The one eyed fucker got himself expelled, huh. Isn't that just great?

Thapa: No shit!

Rific: Yeah, we're picking up Shelly too!

Thapa: We are?


Shelly: Kane! Over here! There you are. Kane. I hope you can forgive me for what I have done.

Kane: I don't give a fuck, Shelly. I need to get you out.

Shelly: Out? Ah, he must have sent you here to....

Kane: Spare me your God talk, we don't have time. How do I lift the lockdown?

Shelly: You gotta get all the way up in the control room.

Kane: Alright, good. We'll be back to you.

Rific: And now you're taking a fucking weapon? What happened to finding God and all that?

Thapa: Just a death row things I guess.

Rific: You're full of shit.

Thapa: Yeah, maybe, just get a move on, okay. I want out.

Kane: I need everybody on here now! Need all the distraction we can get.

Prisoner: What the fuck? You're letting them all out?

Rific: Sounds like they're getting slaughtered down there.


Shelly: Hey, I see you! Down here!

Rific: That’s Shelly. He's still alive.

Kane: Can you get out?

Shelly: No. It only opened to the yard. You'll have to open the last gates from the tower.

Kane: What tower?

Shelly: Just fucking go on. You can't miss it. Kane? You know I won’t work with Lynch.

Kane: You know Lynch?

Shelly: I know of him. He killed his wife. Did a real nasty job of it too.

Kane: Wait a second, you killed your wife?!

Lynch: This isn't the time for talking and fuck your preacher boy! You don't know shit!

Kane: If I’d known that you killed your wife.

Lynch: Then what?

Kane: I wouldn't have fucking brought you along.

Lynch: Hey. I really don't think I killed her.

Kane: You don't THINK you killed her? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? They're fucking crazy!

Lynch: It means I can't remember shit from that night. But I'm probably not responsible for my wife's death, that’s more than you can say, right? Thought so… So leave it.

Rific: Oh fuck! We’re dead!

Thapa: Fuck! The stairs are burning! We have to rappel down.

Shelly: Kane look, I appreciate this, but keep Lynch away from me. I don't work with psychos.

Kane: You fucking work with who ever I tell you to.

Shelly: It's not right! It's not worth it.

Kane: Look, I know how rich you're gonna get. And I'm telling you, it's worth it.

Shelly: Fuck it then.

Lynch: Like you're a fucking saint...

Kane: Knock it off!

Lynch: We'll need a fucking tank to get out of here!

Kane: Get in the prison transport. It's armored.

[They leave the prison in the prison’s truck.]

Rific: Fuck, that was close. I can't fucking wait to get back at The7.

Kane: We’re going for Retomoto first.

Rific: We're what?

Kane: (to Lynch) After what you did to Yoko, he'll be looking for Jenny with everything he's got.

Lynch: You can't continue to blame me for that! It wasn't entirely my fault!

Kane: Just forget it Lynch. Besides, I want my briefcase back.

Shelly: I can't believe we're going back. I can't fucking believe it.

[Next scene. Kane and his team are standing on the roof of a building in Japan. They are wearing a hoodie.]

Kane: Get a move on – we're almost at the top now.

Rific: These clothes suck. I mean, I just got out of prison...

Kane: They got your ass all the way up here, didn't they? Now keep it down, we still have to make it across the roof.

[They kill the helicopter pilot and his guards.]
Kane: Ok. Listen. I rappel down first - plant the bomb on the window. When it blows - you hit that room with everything you got.

Everyone: Got it.


Lynch: Fuck I hate heights. I can't believe we’re going through with this.

[Kane rappels down.]

Kane: Lynch. The briefcase is there! And Retomoto won't even see us before he's dead.

Lynch: Mmm... If you say so.

Kane: You have 7 sec, 6 sec, 5 sec, 4 sec, 2 sec, 1 sec, NOW!

Rific: Let' em all!

[Going down to the meeting room, Kane smashes the glass with explosives and the whole team starts firing at the people inside.]

Kane: Secure the room while I get the briefcase.

Kane: (whispering to dead Retomoto) I owed you this for a long time. And I pay my debts. To the penny.

Lynch: Come on. You're the one talking about keeping momentum and shit.

Kane: Some things just shouldn't be rushed.

Lynch: That the fuck was that for.

Kane: Nothing. Let's just get down to the elevators and get the hell out of here.

[The door to the office break out. Kane and his crew are fighting to make their way to the elevator.]

Rific: Shit! - They just keep comin'!

[In the elevator...]

Lynch: What was that shit you did to Retomoto?

Kane: Nothing to do with you.

Lynch: As long as you're not losing it. Get these suits on, all of you!

Shelly: Who made you the boss, wife killer?

Kane: C'mon, Shelly, this isn't the time.

Lynch: Yeah, just suit up.

Kane: Just keep it cool...

Policeman: (speaking Japanese) Please Gentlemen, abandon the building. We have a minor issue on the top floor.

Kane: We are gonna be fine. We just need to get out to the car... we're almost there.

[A shootout begins.]

Kane: (on the phone) Driver. Where the hell are you?!

Driver: Sorry Kane, there are fucking cops everywhere. Look, just continue down the street, there’s an overpass. I'll meet you there.

Kane: We'll try.

Lynch: There they are! You fuckers! Don't be so fucking QUIET!!!

[Lynch shoots at passersby.]

Kane: Lynch! Cut it out! They're no threat.

Rific: Lynch! Relax, just take a deep breath. You're going to be ok.

Lynch: Don't fucking patronize me!

Driver: Kane. Where the hell are you?! C'mon! You've gotta hurry!

[They get in the van.]

Lynch: So, we're good?

Kane: Very good… Now we can get to The7. They're in Havana.

Lynch: But isn't there a civil war?

Kane: Well, It's their specialty to overthrow governments, Lynch, that's what they do. Havana is their retirement job.

Lynch: Why the hell would they wanna retire?

Kane: Everybody retires, look at us! We're way over the hill for this business.

Lynch: I'm not.

Kane: Fine, you're not, but The7 definitely are. And they need a place to hide out from all the shit they've done.

Lynch: Hmm. My wife always wanted to go to Havana. She said it was pretty.

Kane: Believe me, it's not.

[The next scene throws us in the midst of the battle. All gang members wear military armor.]

Lynch: Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! My ears are bleeding! I can't take any more of this shit!

Kane: Just get on your feet! We're moving in NOW!

Lynch: Now?!You're going to get as all killed, you idiot.

Kane: I don't give a shit. As long as we get The7. Alright! We’re nearly there! The reinforcements are waiting for us just behind the Church.

Rific: Kane, we need a break.

Kane: Well, you can't have one. I promise, today we kill The7. And today you get your reward.

Shelly: Thapa, he's right. We're gonna die if we stay.

Kane: MORTAR! Let's move.

Kane: Got here as fast as we could. How many of you are left?

Commander: Plenty. We're ready.

Kane: Now let's move!

Commander: Shit, we can't afford lose men at this rate.

Kane: Ok, listen to me. Lynch and I will try to get to the roof and see what we can do.

Rific: That's fucking more like it! Do some of your own dirty work for a change.

Kane: The rest of you, round up all the reinforcements you can and be ready to attack on my toe.

Lynch: You're getting them all killed. You know that.

Kane: I don't give a shit. If the men die, they fucking die. I just want to see my daughter again.

Lynch: You know what, you cold piece of shit? I'm beginning to think you did leave The7 to burn in Venezuela.

Kane: Just keep up Lynch.

Lynch: OK. You lead the way, you're so fucking smart.

Kane: Don't worry, Lynch. I will.


Kane: Doesn't look too bad, Rific. Don't think that there's more than a few BTRs.

Rific: Just get rid of them! We're ready down here. Lots of good men joining us. It’s looking good.

Lynch: We fucking did it!

Kane: Rific. We got them. Are you ready?

Rific: Sure. Sure we are.

[Helicopter fly by.]

Kane: Fuck!

Rific: Wow! What the fuck was that?

Kane: Just stay put, Rific.

Rific: We got it.

Kane: Rific, get everybody out! Now!

Rific: Thapa, Shelly. Let's Go! Kane, keep us covered.

Kane: Now is our chance. Let's move in.

Rific: Over there... let's rappel down.

Kane: Spread out! Spread out! Our only way is through file side entrance! Lynch and I are going in this way. I need the rest of you to secure the other entrances. No one gets out alive.

Lynch: Shit... where the hell are Carlos and the brothers?

Shelly: Fuck The7! Where's the stash?!

Kane: They should be here. They should all have been here!!

Shelly: I asked you a question!!

Carlos: There is nothing here.

Kane: Carlos.

Carlos: The brothers took it all. They knew we were losing and they ran.

Shelly: What do you mean there is nothing here?!

Kane: Shut the fuck up. Get him down here now! (grabs Carlos) Carlos. I'm only gonna ask you this once. Tell me where the brothers are. I need to find them.

Carlos: They just ran. But I can lead you to them. Fucking backstabbing traitors! Didn't even try to get the rest of us out.

Lynch: Just do it.

Kane: How fast can you get me to them?

Carlos: 3 days.

Lynch: This is stupid. You can't trust him.

Kane: Well, what the fuck! I don't have a choice.

Thapa: Kane, I can't trust you anymore. You're on your fucking own. I'm done fighting for nothing.

Lynch: How can you trust him?

Kane: He has always been my friend.

Lynch: Yeah, right... You know the rules, Kane! Remember? Or have you taken too many bumps on your fucking head?

Kane: Look! He knows where the brothers are, end of story.

Lynch: I think you're losing your focus, old man. And so did Thapa.

Thapa: I don't give a shit about Thapa. He's so fucking greedy we're probably better off without him.

[Next scene. The Jungle.]

Lynch: Shit. I hate all this walking.

Kane: Carlos says this is the safest way in.

Lynch: What?! We‘re taking orders from that prick now?

[They go through the jungle.]

Kane: So this is it?

Carlos: Yeah. You see the hacienda up at the end? That's where the brothers stay.

Kane: Looks more like a boot camp to me.

Carlos: Well. You know how they are.

Kane: Big airfield... trafficking from here too?

Carlos: Of course, but very low key.

Kane: No radios?

Carlos: No, none at all. Only Alarm flares to worry about. If we can get in the valley without any going off, we'll have a chance to get to the brothers.

Shelly: All very nice, but where is our payment in all this? We're not leaving empty handed again.

Carlos: There’s tons of heroin in the village. You can pick up as much as you can. Just help us into the valley and make sure to secure the airstrip. Quick! Get them before they fire off any flares.

Shelly: It hit the cliff!

Carlos: We got lucky with that one. Just be careful when we get to the poppy fields. Great, the bridge is up.

Carlos: Don't worry. This gorge is the only plate we can rappel in to the valley.

Kane: I need you to come over here.

Carlos: We’ll have to take them by surprise. We can't let them get away. The Hacienda is too close. Don't let the jeep get away! We need to kill them all! Quiet. They should be on the other side.

Shelly: Who?

Lynch: Yeah. What the fuck are you talking about?

Kane: Calm down. Carlos contacted some friends before we left. They should be waiting torus on the other side.

Lynch: I bet they are. Kane, are you stupid?

Kane: Lynch! These men are loyal to both Carlos and me.

Lynch: Loyal? Is that even a real word to you?

Carlos: Lynch. You don't know what you're talking about, so shut up. We need all the help we can get.

Lynch: What... You're just sending them away?

Carlos: We need them to go and secure the airfield. We don't want the brothers to slip away, and I think we have a better chance of getting close on our own.

Lynch: You want to take the Hacienda? Just us??

Carlos: And a few backups.

Lynch: That's suicide.

Carlos: We won't go head on. We'll create a diversion and slip in.

Lynch: A diversion.

Carlos: Call it what you want.

Lynch: Now where did that fucker go?

Kane: He'll be back.

Lynch: You don't know that. It's been 15 minutes now.

Carlos: I found it.

Lynch: Whoa! Keep that thing away from me!

Carlos: Relax. As long as it doesn't receive any bumps, you'll be ok. We'll place it on the main gate and blow it from a distance.

Lynch: And then what?

Carlos: Then we'll follow the ridge to the back. Is that so fucking hard to understand?

Lynch: Don't patronize me, Carlos.

Carlos: This track leads to the main gate. It's the safest approach.


Carlos: Good. Lynch, we will cover you from up here. You rappel down and plant the bomb on the gate.

Lynch: What? The hell I won't. You go.

Carlos: Christ! Listen, I'm a much better shot than you are.

Lynch: Either you go yourself or I'll fucking kill you now!

Carlos: Easy crazy boy.

Kane: Carlos. We'll cover you.

Carlos: Ok, I’ll do It. Why the hell dill we bring him?

Lynch: Just get a move on. Carlos.

Kane: Lynch! I'm only sending Carlos because I know you would fuck up.

Lynch: Whatever. As long as it’s not me crawling around with that mine.

Kane: Move!

Carlos: Just give me a second.

Kane: Ok, good.

Carlos: Soy yo Carlos.

Kane: Carlos? You with me?

Lynch: Fuck! I told you. Didn't I?

Kane: Carlos! What's happening?

Lynch: That fucking traitor...

Kane: We have to move fast.

Lynch: You idiot. You just won't accept it, will you. You shouldn't have trusted him.

Kane: I said let's move!

Shelly: I'll bet they're waiting to us.

Radio: It's Carlos. How the hell did he get out of Havana?

Radio: You're lucky I'm here...

Lynch: Wait, wait, hold on. What are they saying?

Radio: You see what I said? Kane is probably here as well. When are you finally gonna listen to me?

Radio: Trae a Jenny aqui arriba. AHORA!

Lynch: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Did he just say Jenny?

Radio: Asegurate que la chica este arreglada, queremos que Kane la retonozca si nos atata.

Kane: Fuck! They found her! I'm gonna rip their heads off.

Lynch: I told you it was a bad idea to send her out like that.

Kane: Lynch! Don't fucking go there!

[Kane and Lynch go the hacienda.]

Radio: Sorry old friend. I'll miss you, but you shouldn't have listened to Kane.


Lynch: Fuck. What was that?

Kane: Carlos... They just shot Carlos.

[They find Kane’s daughter.]

Kane: Jenny? Jenny, are you hurt?

Thapa: Step back. One more false move and I’ll kill you.

Kane: Just let her go.

Man with beard: Kane, what's wrong with you? Look what you're putting your little girl through. And your old friend Carlos.

Kane: Leave her alone!

Thapa: Leave her alone? Do you hear that? That's Kane's favorite solution.

Lynch: (whispers) Kane. The mine.

[Kane shoots it.]

Kane: Jenny! That little fuck took her!

Lynch: Take cover! We’ll get her back.

Kane: He's getting away!

Lynch: Kane! He won't get far! Shelly and Rific got the airfield.

Shelly: (on a jeep) C’mon! They're heading for the airfield. Get in now!

Lynch: Where the fuck did you come from?

[Kane gets in the jeep.]

Lynch: We've been trying to contact you for 30 minutes now. The others got ambushed in the village. It's all fucked. Listen! (we hear the shootout on the radio)

Kane: I don't give a fuck about the men! He's got my daughter and a fucking plane waiting for him! Just shut that thing off and drive!

Lynch: Kane! We can't leave them to die!

Kane: Look, without his brother around, that scumbag could do anything to her.

Lynch: Shelly! Rific! Can you hear me? We're on our way. It's fucked. They can't hear us. No. I think some of it is slipping through.

Kane: Shut up! I think I see them!

Lynch: Is Jenny there?

Kane: She has to be!

Lynch: This is it. It's straight ahead. Shit. They closed the gates.

Kane: Let's just get off and fight our way in.

Lunch: No wait! We can get around the fence.

Kane: Get a fucking move on!

Lunch: There's more on the right! There's mare on the left! There's more on the right!


[Kane and Lynch chasing the plane with Jenny on board...]

Kane: Get a move on! Faster! She's on that plane. Don't you get it?!

Lynch: Relax I’m trying. I can't go any faster! We're nearly there! Here we got! Shoot out the engines. Keep an eye on the towers! Just shoot the engines!

Kane: Faster!! It's taking off!

Lunch: Alright! Get the other one! It's stopping!

Kane: Let's tucking finish this.

[Kane gets out of the jeep.]


Kane: You stay here. I'm gonna kill him myself. Jenny!

Lynch: Kane! Don’t you get it? She doesn’t wanna be saved by you.

Kane: Jenny! I'm coming to get you. Jenny! Just hang in there! It'll be over soon! Jenny? Jenny. I'm here now. Are you alright? Baby, let me hold you...

Jenny: (pointing a gun at him) Get the fuck away from me, you murderer!

Kane: What? But why...

Jenny: I said get the fuck away.

Kane: Jenny. I'm your father.

Jenny: Shut up! I should fucking kill you! You abandoned us...

Kane: Honey. I'm sorry, I...

Jenny: For 14 years! Until we get dragged from bed and mom gets shot because of some shit you have done.

Kane: Where did you go?

Jenny: The police of course. They told me you were a murderer, running from death row! Then the brothers found me and told me what you did to them.

Kane: Jenny, these men...

Jenny: You fucking traitor! Why couldn't you just die...

Kane: I will... But first I'm getting you out of here, if you hate me or not. You understand? But we have to move fast.

[Kane lead Jenny out of the plane.]

Kane: Just stay close to me. It will all be over soon. Careful. We'll be gone soon. Just a little longer. Can you make it?

Jenny: I don't have a fucking choice, do I?

Lynch: Hang in there! We're close!! How many of you are left? I repeat. How many of you are left? Come in...

Kane: They can't hear you, Lynch. Let's just get to the chopper.

Lynch: But what about the men? We can't just fly out.

Kane: Jenny. Follow me. (to himself) I swore I'd kill them all... I swore I’d fix this... I could get her out now. I don't owe them shit! They all knew the risk. But I'll have to let them burn. Not in front of her.

Lynch: Kane!! Kane. What's it gonna be?

Kane: Fuck it.

[At this point, we are offered a choice - to fly away by helicopter or save Kane’s team. They go to the village.]

Kane: Jenny! This way.

Lynch: What? You want to bring her along?

Kane: She stays with me, Jenny. I promise everything will be ok.

Lynch: I fucking hope you know what you're doing.

Kane: Lynch. I don't leave people to burn. Not anymore.

Rific: (through the radio) Kane? Lynch? Carlos? This is Rific.

Kane: Rific, I'm coming to get you out. Who's with you?

Lynch: Kane, it's no use. They can't hear you.

Rific: (through the radio) Kane! This is Rific. We're burning down here. They can't hear us. Fuck. I can't believe we didn't see this shit coming. He's going to let us burn. Kane! We need you down here now!

Shelly: (through the radio) The fucker isn't coming back. Kane, you fucking traitor! You're not getting away with this! You piece of shit.

Kane: Jenny. Stay close to me. We have to get them out.

Lynch: Kane, this is seriously wrong.

Kane: Shut up. I'm gonna fix this. She'll be fine. Just stay close to me. Don't attract attention, but shoot to kill if you have to.

Rific: (through the radio) Kane!! We're firing off alarm flares now. It you can hear me, get us out. We're trapped in the church on the hill.

Shelly: (through the radio) Fuck Kane. He ran with it all. The son of a bitch.

Lynch: Look! The flare! Careful!! He's hit. Get some help over there.

Kane: I know. But we can't just rush into this.

Lynch: You think we can get up those stairs? What a fucking lousy way to die. I'm gonna miss you. Fuck. There's only Shelly left. We don't wanna give her more than one of those. She's too small.

Jenny: Fuck! I'm bleeding. Fuck! You got me shot!

Lynch: Don't worry. You'll be fine.

Jenny: Fine? Fuck you! I'm gonna bleed to death. We'll never get away from here.

[They find the church.]

Kane: (to Shelly) Don't shoot! It's me!

Shelly: Kane? Where the fuck have you been?

Kane: We lost your signal. We didn't know.

Lynch: (to Jenny) Easy now. It's just a minor wound.

Shelly: You didn't know? Kane. I heard you “I don't give a FUCK about the men. Just shut that thing off and drive".

Kane: (to Jenny) Don't panic. Just stay close to me. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. (to Shelly) Shelly. I had to get my daughter.

Kane: Doesn't matter. You're gonna die here too.

Lynch: We got here, didn't we? So you show some fucking gratitude.

Shelly: You idiot! We're fucking trapped here, for fuck's sake!! Stay trapped then. There's some boats at the pier. We’ll never get away from here.

[They fight their way out.]

Lynch: Come on. The pier’s burning. We have to hurry. Kane! I think Jenny is in trouble...

Kane: Jenny… Are you ok? Oh Goddammit. She's slipping away. I'll have to carry her. She can't be dead.

Lynch: Kane. She's dead.


Lynch: Fuck you Kane. I owe you nothing. That fucking boat's mine!

Shelly: Kane, she's dead, for fuck's sake.

Kane: You just stay here or I'll kill you.

[They make it to the boat.]

Kane: She'll be OK, Lynch. We got her out. I know she's gonna be OK.

Lynch: Fuck you, Kane! (got shot) You should have taken that chopper. It was her only chance, just deal with it. You didn't even fucking know her.

Kane: Jenny. Listen. I wrote you a letter. I have it here somewhere. It isn't finished. I wanted to send it to you, but there wasn't time. I know I should have written it earlier…


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