Here is a list of games that need to add character actions / events occurring in the game.

How to add actions?
Typically, in our wiki, actions are added to the brackets between the dialogs to describe the action or event that occurred. To start, do not use the visual editor, switch to the "Source" tab. We use italics for underline. Here's how it works:

<i>[Action.]</i><br />
<br />

<i> - opening tag. Any text after it will be highlighted in italics.
</i> - closing tag. Stops highlighting text.
<br /> - Line break. It does the same as pressing the ENTER key in a text editor.
[Action.] - inside these brackets, instead of the word "Action" you need to enter your description of actions.

Sometimes, for your convenience, I myself place square brackets in the text where action is needed. Try searching [].

Do not be afraid to change or fix something! I always be there to help you out.

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