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[At the beginning of the game we see random newsreels with the voices of the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, as well as reporters trying to fill us in on recent events.]

Reagan: We must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is the weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and pray upon their neighbors.

News Anchor: Some U.S. intelligence analysts believe America is already in a state of war with the Soviet Union.

News Anchor: Are Soviet spies living among us?

News Anchor: 52 American citizens have been taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran.

News Anchor: An unnamed White House official claims that a Cold War disaster could be just around the corner.

[After that we hear one of the classified conversations - Agent Black calls President Reagan.]

January 9th 1981, 02:00

Black: Mr. President we have two names linked to the hostage situation: Arash Kadivar and Qasim Javadi. Just give the word.

Reagan: It's time to send a message. There will be no more hostages.


Alex Mason - CIA Operative
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
January 12, 1981

[Two men are sitting at a bar.]

Mason: You sure we can trust the police, Adler?

Adler: This guy has done more for less. He'll look the other way.

[Mason burns a photo of Qasim. A man with a police hat in his hands approaches them.]

Police Chief: Adler.

Adler: Glad you could join us, Hans. You remember Mason.

Mason: We clear to move on the target?

Police Chief: Qasim's in his apartment, but he's well protected. I can keep my men out of the area for 15 minutes. I hope you brought an army.

Adler: We brought enough. Pleasure doing business with you, Hans.

[Hand leaves.]

Adler: Come on. Woods is itching for a dust-up. We don't want to let him down.

[He and Mason walk out the back entrance of the bar, where a man is waiting with a car full of guns in the trunk.]

Adler: We're on the clock, Woods. Let's not keep Qasim waiting.

Woods: Hey, Mason - party favors are in the trunk.

[Mason choses a weapon. Woods closes the trunk. All three continue to walk down the street with guns in their hands.]

Woods: Dipshit probably thinks he's safe.

Adler: That piece of trash is a lot of things, but safe ain't one of 'em.

Woods: Do we really need to take this son of a bitch alive, Adler?

Adler: Qasim has info we need. Everyone else can take a powder. Apartment's just up ahead. Hans only bought us 15 minutes. We need to hit Qasim hard and fast. Let's go.

[They enter the courtyard of an apartment building.]

Adler: Let's help them ring in the New Year. Light 'em up, Mason.

[Mason shoots and they enter the building killing everyone who dares to take a weapon in hands.]

Adler: Go! Go! Go! There's Qasim!

Woods: Come on, Mason!

Adler: Qasim's headed up the stairs! We need Qasim alive! Qasim can't escape. Find him! Move. Move! Go, go! Hurry up! Let's go. Come on. There's Qasim! Move it! We can't let Qasim get away. Qasim can't escape. Watch it, Woods, we need him alive!

Woods: I'm just softening him up a little!

Adler: Go, go! He's bolting. Keep on him.

Woods: Jesus this guy is fast!

Adler: Go, go! Hurry up!

[They are pinning Qasim on the roof.]

Adler: Nowhere left to run, Qasim.

Qasim: We can work someth...

[Adler punches him in the face.]

Adler: You're up, Mason.

[Mason drags Qasim to the edge of the roof.]

Qasim: Wait! Wait-- No!

Mason: (dialogue option) Tell us where Arash is and you’ll live.

Qasim: I... I just handle the money... I have no idea where Arash is.

Adler: I don't think you understand the situation...

[He throws another guy off the roof.]

Qasim: You Americans have rules!! You have rules!

Adler: You took hostages. The rules changed.

Mason: (dialogue option) You have to tell my friend something or I can’t stop him from throwing you over.

Qasim: W-wait! He's in Turkey! He's meeting someone at Trabzon Airfield tomorrow night!

Mason: (dialogue option) Who’s Arash meeting with?

Qasim: I swear - I swear I don't know! They only communicate with coded messages.

Mason: (dialogue option) (Capture) You’re coming with us.

Qasim: This is not -

[Mason knocks him out.]

Adler: Alright, let's load him up. He'll find his voice soon enough.

Woods: Lemme know if he needs some help lookin' for it.

Adler: (via radio) Hudson, we're bringing you a present. He's in Trabzon, Turkey.


Hudson: (offscreen) Qasim is out of the picture.

Black: (offscreen) How long before we get Arash?

Hudson: (offscreen) The team arrived in Turkey a few hours ago... they should be in position shortly.

Trabzon Airfield

[The group infiltrated the base. Mason just kills a sentry with a knife and wipes it. Woods approaches him.]

Woods: Airfield is just up ahead... Let's go find this shithead.

Adler: Priority is to ID Arash before things go hot.

[They approach the landing field where the plane has just landed.]

Adler: Mason, check it out. Any sign of Arash? (looking through binoculars) That's not him. Nope.

Woods: Incoming truck. Left side.

Adler: Get eyes on it, Mason.

Adler: Arash might be in the truck.

Woods: I can't make out his face yet.

[A man who arrived by the truck kills everyone he was riding with.]

Woods: The fuck! He just iced everyone in the truck! That's gotta be Arash.

Adler: Hold fire, we need a positive ID. That's our man, take him out.

[Mason shoots him right in the head, but hits the soldier next to Arash.]

Woods: Shit, we missed him! We can't let him get away! Get Arash!

Adler: We have to stop that plane!

Woods: Quick, before the plane takes off! Get to that truck! Hurry! Let's go! Move it! Hop in! Come on! Get in!

[They rush after the plane in a truck.]

Adler: Go! Go!! To the left! Truck to the left! Look right! Enemy to the right!

Woods: Goddamn it! They're getting away!

Adler: We're not done yet. Mason, deploy the RC.

[Woods throws a small car out of the truck, which is controlled by Mason.]

Mason: On the ground!

Adler: Take out the landing gear! Get under the plane!

[He drives the car right under the plane and blows up, which causes the entire convoy of cars following him to crash. Mason barely makes it out alive.]

Adler: We've got Arash.

Woods: You should have freed the hostages when you had the chance.

Arash: Hostages! It was never about the hostages. His plan is already underway! You won't be able to stop him this time.

Woods: Stop who?

Arash: Perseus.

Adler: Bullshit. Perseus is dead.

Arash: Dead? (laugh) All this time, and you didn't even know! (laugh) Perseus will watch the West burn!

[Adler shots him in the head.]

Adler: Hudson will want to hear about this. Let's sweep the tarmac for survivors and get to Langley.

Woods: Who the fuck is Perseus?

[We move to the CIA headquarters. Against the background of random historical footage, Hudson tells the group who Perseus is.]

Hudson: 1943. Detailed information from the Manhattan Project was stolen from Los Alamos by the Russian spy known as Perseus. 1968. The Vietnam War. Viet Cong soldiers orchestrated by Perseus attempted to steal an American-made nuclear bomb from a U.S. firebase. Five days ago while on a mission, we acquired intel that Perseus is in play once again and planning an attack on the West. Perseus. The CIA's analysts consider him to be the single largest threat to the Free World.

Haig: Mr. Hudson, we're all aware of Perseus. We're also aware he's more myth than fact. I mean, personally I think he's nothing more than the Russian bogeyman.

Hudson: General Haig, allow me to introduce the man best suited to respond to that: CIA Clandestine Special Officer Russell Adler. He's one of the few people to even come close to capturing Perseus.

Baker: Mr. Adler, why should we take this "Perseus" threat seriously?

Adler: You don't have to, sir.

Woods: Yeah, but then a lot of innocent people are gonna die.

Baker: Why do you say that?

Adler: Sir, every time Perseus has come into play it's shifted the balance of the Cold War. After thirteen years of silence, if he's active, something big is gonna happen... something that will affect the Free World.

[Everybody stands up. President Ronald Ragean enters the room.]

Hudson: Sir.

Adler: Mr. President.

Woods: Sir.

Mason: Mr. President.

Haig: Mr. President, this is Jason Hudson and Russell Adler -

Reagan: I know their names. Who do you think approved their last mission? Is the threat real?

[Everybody sits at the table.]

Hudson: Yes, sir. We believe it is.

Reagan: Can you stop Perseus?

Adler: We can, sir. I've already submitted the requisition for my team.

Haig: Sir, their requests are highly irregular, most likely illegal. In the press gets a hold -

Mason: What the hell are you talking about? Do you know who we are?

Woods: Every mission we go on is illegal.

Haig: Sergeant Woods, plausible deniability is the backbone of our work.

Reagan: Al, we're talking about preventing an attack on the free men and women of the world. Give Mr. Adler whatever he wants. Gentlemen, you've been given an important task: protecting our very way of life from a great evil. There is no higher duty, there is no higher honor. And while few people will know of your struggles, rest assured the entire Free World will benefit. I know you won't fail us.


Hudson: This is Hudson.

Black: How long until we have a lead on Perseus?

Hudson: They're about to get started. Adler's in West Berlin. He should be at the safehouse soon.

Black: Do you trust him?

Hudson: Ha. I'm not the one you should be asking, Black.

Black: What about his team?

Hudson: It's a strong group. He chased down Sims, Azoulay, even pulled some strings to get Helen Park from MI6. We'll get them Mason and Woods soon.

Black: I'm not so sure about Park.

Hudson: She and Adler have that business from before. Of course he wants her there.

Black: And the new one?

Hudson: Bell? Don't get me started. That's the one we need to keep our eyes on.

[We are given the opportunity to create a character with the operative pseudonym Bell. ]

Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA (MKIceAndFire lol)
52.5200 N, 13.4050 E, West Berlin
February 13, 1981

Adler: Bell. Welcome to West Berlin. We've got a job to do. Park.

Park: Bell.

Adler: Let's get started. There's been a surge in Russian chatter in the last 48 hours. The CIA and the DoD are tapping their inside sources for anything substantial, but so far there're no leads on Perseus.

Park: MI6 has come up empty handed as well.

Adler: We'll have to start somewhere, so we're going back here... Vietnam, 1968. One of our closest encounters with Perseus.

Sims: Shit. Some part of me always knew that mission wasn't done with us.

Adler: Pull up everything we've got on the attack in Da Nang and run it past Park. She'll cross reference it with MI6.

Park: We're looking for code names, encrypted transmissions, Russian activity with the NVA - anything that could be a lead.

Lazar: You got it.

Adler: Bell, this is where you come in. We needed the best of the CIA in SOG, and that's exactly why I requested you again. Bell, this is where you come in. Head to the evidence board. We'll retrace our steps through Da Nang. Anything that could give us a lead on Perseus.


[Against the backdrop of maps, historical footage and photographs, the team develops a plan for further action.]

Adler: Alright Bell, we're going back to Vietnam. First time Perseus pinged our radar. It was late January, '68. We were a joint CIA SOG taskforce, embedded within the 3rd Marine Regiment near Da Nang. SOG was there to sniff out Soviet activity. Word had it Russian operatives were active in the region. That changed at Da Nang. Somehow Perseus knew about Operation Fracture Jaw.

Sims: Fracture Jaw? That one sure went sideways.

Adler: We launched out of Camp Haskins.

Sims: Yeah, I'll never forget that shithole.

Park: Good, we want those memories. No detail's too small, a face, a name. We're looking for anything that can lead us to Perseus.

Sims: This feels like looking for a needle in a haystack… in a field of haystacks.

Adler: Maybe. But that needle's somewhere. Remember... we had a job to do.

Sims: Fracture Jaw? That one sure went sideways.

[You sleep in the tent of a military camp. Adler comes up to you.]

Adler: Bell. Time to wake up. It's crank time.

[You take your M16 and follow Adler through the camp.]

Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA
Camp Haskins, Vietnam
January 26, 1968

Adler: Welcome to another day in the life of Camp Haskins. Our little oasis in the middle of this godforsaken shitstorm. You're pretty safe here.

American Soldier: So why haven't we bombed the shit out of 'em yet?

American Soldier: Shit like that takes orders... and assets.

Adler: Hey Butcher! How's the arm?

Butcher: Still hurts like hell, but at least I can move it!

[You go out to the helicopters. In one of it, Sims sits and reads a porn magazine, grinning.]

Adler: Hey, Sims! You know reading that shit’s gonna make you go blind. (takes the magazine from Sims)

Sims: Yup! That's why I want it all up here. (points to his head)

Adler: Bell, you're with Sims. You usually bring out the best in each other.

[You board the chopper.]

Adler: We got a new assignment. FOB 4 Ripcord is holding a vital asset that Charlie wants real bad.

Sims: What kind of asset are we talking about?

Adler: The kind you don't ask about. Ripcord has been taking a hell of a beating, so it's our job to secure the asset and get the fuck out. Relax. We got fast fliers providing combat air support for this mission. It'll be a walk in the park.

Chalk Two: Headsets on.

[You put on headphones with a microphone.]

Base Commander: (via radio) All birds check in when ready.

Chalk One: (via radio) Badger Niner-One good to go.

Chalk Three: (via radio) Badger Niner-Three rotors up.

Base Commander: (via radio) All birds, go go go. Crank up and pull pitch. All birds are in the air.

Adler: (via radio) You all sitting comfortably?

Sims: Aww, man, Adler! Why do I get the feeling you're about to give us some bad news?

Adler: (via radio) Because you're a smart guy, Sims. But the news isn't bad. In fact it could be very, very good. The asset at Ripcord is gonna have to wait a little while. We're breaking off from the armada. Taking a detour.

Sims: And... that's good because?

Adler: (via radio) A source tipped us off that there may be a heavy hitter in town, a Soviet operative known as Perseus.

Sims: Awww, shit.

Adler: (via radio) Appreciate the enthusiasm, Sims. If our source is right, we could be looking at an intel gold mine.

Adler: (voice from ‘81) ...first time Perseus pinged our radar.

[Helicopters start bombarding some small town. You're taking an active part in this as well.]

Chalk One: (via radio) Approaching the village now.

Chalk Two: (via radio) Roger that. Moving to establish an LZ.

Adler: (via radio) RPG! Chalk Two, light 'em up!

Sims: There! In the bell tower! Fuck yeah.

Adler: (via radio) Focus fire on the courtyard!

Sims: Nice shooting, Bell!

Adler: (via radio) Goddammit! More RPGs on the rooftops!

Chalk Two: Hold on, swinging around! Visual on LZ. Taking us down.

[The helicopter lands.]

Sims: You and me, Bell. Let's do this.

[You jump out of the helicopter and start shooting the remaining soldiers in the town.]

Sims: You sure about this, Adler? Streets ain't exactly empty!

Adler: (via radio) Your priority is securing any intel. Our source eyeballed the Soviets at a building in the center of town.

Sims: Let's go Bell! You're on point!

Adler: (via radio) Keep pushing forward. You're getting close. Sims. Bell. That's the building! Keep your heads down. We got this.

Chalk One: (via radio) Area clear.

Adler: (via radio) Okay. Get inside. See what we got.

Sims: Go, Bell. I'm right behind you.

[You go up to the second floor of the building. There you meet and kill not only Vietnamese farmers, but also Soviet soldiers in stupid uniform. There you also find a big red door.]

Sims: (voice from ‘81) looking for a needle in a haystack…

Sims: You hear that? It's on you Bell. Open the door.

[You burst into the room and Sims kills two Soviet radio operators.]

Sims: Adler. We confirmed it: Soviets on site.

Adler: (via radio) You sure?

Sims: Well, I'm staring at two bodies that sure as hell don't look Vietnamese to me. Bell. Grab that comms log. Let's see who the fuck they've been talking to.

[You pick up some documents with the title УКАЗ - Decree (the rest is unreadable).]

Sims: Mission accomplished. We have the intel. Let's bug out.

Adler: (via radio) Good work. Hang on to that intel. We're coming in to pick you up. Alright. Let's go rejoin the armada and get this fucking asset.

[You go outside where the helicopter continues to destroy Vietnamise farmers with a machine gun.]

Sims: Go! Back to the bird!

[You get on the helicopter. This time they let you sit at the wheel.]

Ripcord: (via radio) Badger Niner-One, this is Ripcord. We are still under heavy fire, VC are breaching the perimeter. What is your status?

Adler: (via radio) Were inbound now, Ripcord. Get that asset ready for transfer.

Ripcord: (via radio) Roger than, Niner-One. We'll keep the asset sale long as we can. Ripcord out.

Chalk One: (via radio) Badger Niner-One in the air.

Adler: (via radio) VC are all over the mountains. No civs here! All targets are valid.

Sims: Tear 'em up, Bell! Target the huts! Fuck yeah. Good shooting, Bell.

Base Commander: (via radio) Badger Niner-One. We have confirmed visual on an enemy bird headed your way…

Sims: Since when did the Cong have birds?

Adler: (via radio) They don't. Fucking Soviets. Take down that Hind! Yes! We got your ass zeroed!

Sims: I think you got him.

Adler: (via radio) Yeah. You got him. Good job, Bell. The fact they sent that Hind after us tells you how pissed they are that we snagged the intel.

Chalk One: (via radio) Ripcord base twenty seconds out.

Adler: (via radio) Ripcord, this is Badger Niner-One. We're on final approach.

Ripcord: (via radio) Roger that, Niner-One. The base is still hot, so watch yourselves. We'll do what we can to clear an LZ- and get the asset ready for transfer.

Adler: (via radio) Roger that, Ripcord.

Sims: Watch the caves! Bastards are dug in!

Adler: (via radio) Open fire! Multiple ground targets!

Sims: Pick 'em off, Bell. VC convoy on the road.

Adler: (via radio) Take out those supply trucks. Every one of them rearms the enemy!

Sims: Fuck yeah. Hell yeah.

Ripcord: (via radio) Badger Niner-One, this is Ripcord. You need to push back the VC reinforcements before we are overrun! Be advised: we have multiple birds in the air. Watch your fire.

Sims: Enemy's dug in all around the hillside!

Adler: (via radio) We don't have a hope in hell of landing if we don't take out those positions. Light 'em up.

Ripcord: (via radio) Badger Niner-One, our scouts have identified a significant enemy force approaching from the south! Divert to intercept!

Adler: (via radio) Roger that, Ripcord!

Sims: Keep it up!

Adler: (via radio) Take out those AA trucks!

Ripcord: (via radio) Badger Niner-One, they're breaching the main gate! We can't hold out much longer.

Adler: (via radio) Hold on, Ripcord. We're on our way! Ripcord's taking a beating! Take out those targets! Nice work.

Sims: Hit that armor!

Adler: (via radio) Stay on that convoy!

Ripcord: (via radio) Badger Niner-One, you are clear to land.

Chalk One: (via radio) Copy that, Ripcord. Badger Nine-One setting down.

Ripcord: (via radio) The base is still hot so watch yourselves.

Adler: (via radio) Roger that, Ripcord.

[The helicopter lands. Some soldiers run up to it.]

Base Commander: You Adler? MACV-SOG?

Adler: Yeah, yeah. Just hurry the fuck up already!

Base Commander: Yes sir. Thank you.

[A barrel of something radioactive is brought into the helicopter.]

Adler: Don't thank me. Thank Bell. He's the one who just snagged us a fuckin' phone book full of Soviet intel. Let's go. Now.

[Bell is holding a folder on the cover that reads “Народный комиссариат внутренних дел СССР”, “Персей”, “ДЕЛО №15974”. It translates as follows: "People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR (NKVD)", "Perseus", "Case No. 15974". The NKVD ceased to exist in 1946. It should say KGB on the folder. Or… Perseus is 60-70 years old.]

Base Commander: Godspeed, Commander.

[The helicopter takes to the air.]

Sims: A fucking nuke? Are you fucking kidding me, Adler?

Adler: It's a failsafe. That's all you need to know.

Sims: We that desperate already?

Adler: Not yet.

[One of the helicopters is shot down by a missile.]

Chat One: (via radio) -RPGS! BRACE!

[The downed helicopter pulls on Adler's helicopter. The co-pilot is thrown out, Bell has no chance to grab his arm. He only manages to grab Sims.]


Chalk One: We've lost power!

[The helicopter catches fire and begins to fall.]

Adler: (voice from ‘81) ...Somehow Perseus knew...

[They fall into some military camp… Vietnamese camp.]

Adler: Sims! Bell! You okay?

Sims: We're okay.

[The helicopter is surrounded. The Vietnamese kill the pilot.]

Adler: Fuck. Bell! Let loose with that goddamn turret before we're overrun!

Sims: Shit! We need air support!

Adler: Bell! Call it in!

[You throw a smoke grenade.]

Adler: Grab a weapon! Keep them the fuck off us! Where is that air support?

[They fight for their lives as they fight off a superior numbered enemy.]

Sims: Fuck! Did they miss us?

Adler: RPG! Wait! Here it comes!

Sims: Bell!

[You're being pounded while support planes are bombing the area.]

Adler: Still with us? You think we can call this a success, Sims?

Sims: Least the nuke didn't go off.

Adler: More importantly… we got intel on Perseus.

Sims: (offscreen) I told you we had a job to do.

Adler: (offscreen) It ain't done yet. Not by a long way.


[We see maps and pictures again. Hudson on the phone with Black.]

Black: How did the memory exercise go?

Hudson: Well, to hear it from Adler, it's working. Bell remembered finding that encrypted intel in Vietnam and is almost finished decoding it.

Black: Anything useful in there?

Hudson: Some names apparently. Possible leads. Park is trying to connect the dots.

Black: We don't have much time. Does the team know about our mishap in Berlin yet?

Hudson: No. But if it's connected to one of those names from Bell, they'll find out soon enough.

Black: You won't let that happen, Hudson. Don't say anything more than necessary.

Hudson: That's never been a problem for me.

Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA
52.5200 N, 13.4050 E, West Berlin
February 24, 1981

Park: We've finished analyzing the names Bell acquired at Da Nang. One in particular stands out. Anton Volkov. He's a Russian arms dealer working out of East Berlin. Admittedly, his connection to Perseus comes as a surprise.

Adler: We've got kill or capture orders on Volkov. So if we can't get to Perseus, we'll get to his men. Close off his resources... Force him out of hiding. Mason and Woods are still wrapping up business in Kiev, which means Volkov is ours. Gear up and we'll move out.

Lazar: We'll talk on the drive, Bell. (leaves the safehouse)

Park: MI6 has been tracking Volkov for several years; it is my strong preference that we attempt to capture rather than kill him. He holds answers to a great many questions.

Adler: Your preference has been noted, Agent Park.


[Adler shows slides with photos.]

Adler: Volkov heads the Russian mob that moved into East Berlin once the wall went up in '61.

Lazar: This guy has connections to cartels throughout Europe and the Americas.

Adler: Neutralizing him will not only hurt Perseus, but the global syndicate. He's a big fish.

Park: And here's our little fish... Franz Kraus. According to MI6, he's one of Volkov's information couriers. He has a drop with Volkov scheduled for tomorrow night.

Adler: We'll infiltrate East Berlin via the U-Bahn. A ghost station on the other side of the wall has the access point we need. From there we'll watch Kraus as he enters the city. Once Volkov Shows his face it’s kill or capture.

Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA
February 24, 1981
West Berlin, German Democratic Republic

Park: (via radio) We just passed under the Wall into East Berlin. Get ready.

[You and Adler ride the train and try to look like ordinary passengers.]

Park: (via radio) Adler, the back car is clear. We're good to go.

[You follow Adler.]

Adler: As soon as the train slows down, you and I'll jump off. Park, Lazar, wait till the next station. Bell and I will track down Kraus. Alright, the train's slowing down. Let's go to work.

[He opens the door of the car.]

Adler: All right, here we go.

[You and Adler jump off at the station.]

Adler: Careful, East German guards still patrol these abandoned stations.

[You pull out the tranquilizer gun.]

Adler: Patrol ahead. We can use the train to slip past. Movement on the platform. Let's take him out quietly. Careful. Take it slow.

[You kill the guard with a knife.]

Adler: Move up. This is the way out.

[You climb the ladder to the surface and German patrolmen approach you.]

GDR Soldier: (in German) What's going on here?

Adler: (to you) Shit, follow my lead. (in German) I work for the railroad. Let me show you my ID.

GDR Soldier: (in German) That area is off limits. You're under arrest, get down on the ground!

Adler: (in German) Walt, wait,wait. Just calm down. I'm sure we can figure something out. Let's...

GDR Soldier: (in German) We will shoot you if you don't listen. Get down now!

Adler: Now!

GDR Soldier: (in German) What the...!

[You pull out Adler's gun tucked behind his back and kill the patrolmen.]

Adler: Nice work. Let's clean this up.

[You hide the bodies with Adler.]

Adler: Kraus should be coming through the checkpoint soon. Let's get to the rooftop. (via radio) Park, Lazar, we're almost in position.

Park: (via radio) Copy that.

Adler: Come on. This way. Careful of the spotlight. They know how to lock a place down, I'll give 'em that. Keep an eye on that checkpoint. Kraus will be coming through any time. Look for Kraus with your camera. Damn... security's even tighter than usual. If they detain Kraus, he could miss his meeting with Volkov. Good job. That's our man, that's Kraus. On me. (via radio) Park, Kraus just crossed the Wall. What's your status?

Park: (via radio) Lazar and I are at the exfil point awaiting your arrival.

Adler: (via radio) Roger that. (to you) Our intel says Kraus and Volkov will meet at the bar across the street. Meet Hudson's contact inside - she'll have a blue umbrella. I'll stay out here and watch the street. Go to the bar and meet the Contact, Bell.

[You enter the bar.]

German Male: (in German) And no redactions like Martin over here.

German Male: (in German) You need to stop listening to your mother. All she thinks about these days is nuclear war. It's crazy.

Adler: (via radio) The Contact has a blue umbrella.

German Male: (in German) There is no "after the movie" part.

[You sit down at a table with a girl with a blue umbrella.]

Greta: (in German) My friend! I'm so happy you made it! (in English, quietly) Kraus is at the table over my right shoulder.

[You take out a transmitter disguised as a pack of cigarettes.]

German Female: (in German via transmitter) Good evening, sir. What can I get you?

Kraus: (in German via transmitter) I'll have a Berliner Weisse please.

Adler: (in German) Audio is loud and clear. Now we wait for Volkov.

Greta: Hudson didn't reveal much - he said you're after Volkov?

Bell: (dialogue option) What do you know about the courier over there?

Greta: Kraus is ex-Stasi so don't let his wholesome appearance fool you; the man is a killer.

Bell: (dialogue option) How long will Volkov be in Berlin?

Greta: Who knows? The man's like a ghost. I would guess no more than a day.

Bell: (dialogue option) The police are out in large numbers tonight.

Greta: One of my informants was picked up in a random sweep, just two blocks from here. The Stasi must assume there are more nearby. I would ask a favor of you. He will not hold up under torture for long. We need him rescued... or silenced. They're holding him here.

Bell: (dialogue option) I’ll see what I can do.

Greta: Thank you very much.

Adler: (via radio) Heads up, Bell. I think Volkov is walking in.

Kraus: (via radio) Where is Volkov?

German Male: (in German via transmitter) You were followed. Go home and wait for our call. There will be a new time and place. We'll take care of the tail.

Adler: (via radio) Bell, we've got trouble. There's two Stasi entering the bar. Get out of there, now!

Greta: Scheisse… Go through the bathroom, I'll hold them off.

[You go to the bathroom and climb out the bar through a small window..]

Adler: (via radio) Team, new plan. Meet outside Kraus's apartment. He's still our ticket to Volkov. I'm going to need more time. Rally up with Lazar and Park without me, I update you when I can.

Lazar: (via radio) Careful, Bell; the Stasi are everywhere.

[You infiltrate the nearby building and stealthily kill a Stasi.]

German Male: (in German) Is he gone? Thank you so much! I think I'll stay here until the Stasi have left.

Lazar: (via radio) Meet me in the building across from your current position. Keep a low profile. We already have enough trouble.

Adler: (via radio) Park, gimme a sitrep.

Park: (via radio) I'm in a storefront facing Kraus's apartment. He just got home. You?

Adler: (via radio) The Stasi are combing the area. I need to lay low. I'll catch up with you when the heat dies down. Bell, get to Park and Lazar ASAP. Out.

[In the basement you find a man who is being tortured by three Stasi and kill them.]

Richter: (in broken English) Just let me go. Please. You? I've seen your picture. They're looking for you.

Bell: (dialogue option) What happened?

Richter: (in broken English) I've been monitoring a nearby KGB field house. I don't know how they found me; I've done everything by the book.

Bell: (dialogue option) (rescue) Lay low, we’ll be in touch.

Richter: (in broken English) Thank you for saving my life. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Go ahead. I'll be fine.

[You go outside and start shooting Stasi with a machine gun, then you go to Lazar.]

Lazar: If that's your 'low' profile, Bell, God help us all. Follow me. Stay quiet, we don't want the locals ratting us out. Park's in the electronics store right across the street from Kraus's place. I was gonna pick her up some knackwurst from Der Braunbar, but it's closed already. Park is just up ahead.

[He leads you to Park.]

Lazar: We're back.

[Park works with wiretapping equipment.]

Park: A car pulled up near Kraus's building a few minutes ago, but I didn't have a good angle to... just a moment kraus is on the telephone.

Kraus: (via speaker) ...I know fucking procedure, no one followed me through the checkpoint.

Lazar: Bell, get eyes on Kraus.

Kraus: (via speaker) The briefcase is secure. It's been with me the entire time. Where and when? Yes, I know the place. I'll be careful.

Park: What do you think, Lazar?

Lazar: Sounds like Volkov wants Kraus's briefcase. We should place a tracker in it. That case will lead us straight to Volkov.

Park: One of us can sneak into Kraus's apartment. Avoiding Kraus and his wife might be the greater challenge.

Lazar: Bell volunteers. While he's doing that I'll check around the exterior for any unwanted guests. Park, you can keep an eye on us from here. I'll try to give you my best angles.

Park: Lovely.

[You go to the opposite building, where Kraus is.]

Park: (via radio) The Stasi are stopping everyone, be careful. Bell, I saw Kraus writing in a ledger. See if you can find it. Bell, if you're spotted by Kraus or his wife, the mission is over. You can trang the wife if you have to, but Kraus must go to the meeting. I'm about to phone Kraus' apartment. Get ready to enter. (you pick the lock) Nice work, now find the briefcase.

[Now you in Kraus’ apartments. You need to be absolutely careful.]

Edda: (in German) Hello? I'm sorry, there's no Freyja here.

Kraus: (in German) Edda, can you find my umbrella? I'll be leaving in a few minutes.

Edda: (in German) Yes, Franz. It's right here in the living room. I'll put it by the front door.

Wilhelm: (in German) Dad, are you coming? Mama, I can't find my blanket.

Park: (via radio) Kraus is leaving his office! Hide!

Edda: (in German) I'll be up in a few minutes, William.

Kraus: (in German) Brush your teeth, I'll be up shortly.

Park: (via radio) Shit, we missed the kid. Don't let Kraus see you.

[You collect the evidence about Operation Red Circus.]

Wilhelm: (in German) Dad, I'm all done!

Park: (via radio) I've lost sight of Kraus every time he enters that room. Have a look around. You're running out of time. Find the briefcase. I've lost your visual. Bell, have you found the briefcase?

Bell: (dialogue option) There are photos of what appears to be nukes.

Park: Understood. Just plant the tracker and get out of there.

[You shove the tracer under the lining of the suitcase after which you hear someone moaning. You open the closet door and see Greta tied up. At that moment, Volkov comes up behind you and hits you with the handle of his gun. You lose consciousness and come to your senses in some warehouse. Kraus and Volkov discuss your fate. There is also Richter with them.]

Volkov: You allowed him to break into your apartment?

Kraus: I-I can't explain it- how he got to the materials. But I brought him to you.

Volkov: That makes this much less unpleasant for you. Perseus has been looking for this one.

Kraus: Then you'll let Perseus know I captured him? We have Greta Keller as well. Her own colleague ratted her out.

Greta: You spineless piece of shit.

Richter: I'm sorry, Greta. The KGB's pockets are deeper.

Volkov: Ah, finally. (to you) Perseus has a large bounty on your head.

Bell: (dialogue option) Go fuck yourself.

[Volkov nods and a soldier kills Greta by breaking her neck.]

Volkov: She gets it easy. Do not tempt me to bring out my toys.

Bell: (dialogue option) I’m not saying shit.

Volkov: What kind of fool are you? Do you think you will die with dignity here? You are damaged goods. Only a grave can cure a hunchback.

[By the way, this is a really popular Russian expression “Горбатого могила исправит.” A similar expression in English is “A leopard never changes its spots.”]

[Volkov is pointing a gun at you. At that moment, a detachment of American soldiers descends from above.]

Volkov: Блядь, что такое?! (Fuck, what is it?!) Kill them!

[They even manage to hit Volkov himself, after which he runs away.]

Park: I'll secure the case. Get Volkov.

[She unties you and gives you a rifle. You run after Volkov.]

Adler: (via radio) Get after Volkov, Bell! Volkov went through therel Bell, take him out!

Park: (via radio) He's more valuable alive, Bell! Don't kill him! We can't let Volkov escape!

Volkov: So here we are, you and I.

[Without a second thought you kill Volkov.]

Adler: You did the right thing - one of Perseus' men off the board.

Park: Is it? I wanted him alive. MI6 could have gotten so much more out of him.

Adler: You can't win 'em all. Now let's get the hell out of East Berlin.

[You go back to base. We see maps and photos again.]

Hugeon: The information from Volkov confirms our worst fears; Perseus smuggled a nuclear device through East Berlin.

Adler: We can't be certain of that yet.

Hudson: He has it. I'm sure of it.

Park: We found encrypted geocoordinates with Volkovs nuclear intel: an unpopulated region within the Soviet republic of Ukraine.

Hudson: An aerial recon run revealed this....

Adler: I want to know everything that's going on inside this building. We'll need the others for this one. Mason and Woods will join us from Kiev. Bell, you'll infil here with Woods. Mason and I will be standing by for an extract. Park will handle comms. We have no idea how large or prepared their forces will be, so use discretion if you have to engage. It's time we took a peek behind the Iron Curtain.


Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA
The Zakarpatska Oblast, Ukraine, USSR
February 27, 1981

[You find yourself in the woods.]

Park: (via radio) I'm not picking up any extra chatter. You're in the clear, Woods.

Woods: Copy that, Park. Stay on comms. Keep Mason and Adler on standby. (to you) Let's go.

Park: The base is just over the next ridge. Get in, learn what you can, and get out.

Woods: Shit, Park, I'd planned to stay a while. See the gulag.

Park: Do that after we learn what Perseus has planned.

[You come out to a massive base, which is a truncated pyramid.]

Woods: Look at that monster. Reds could be hiding anything inside. Snap a picture. Ops will want to see this. Right. Time to get our hands dirty. I'm seeing guards high and low. Choose your target.

[You take aim at the guards on your way into the base.]

Woods: (via radio) I'm seeing guards high and low. On your mark, Bell. Two more out of the truck. Holy hell...where did you learn to shoot like that? Take point and head down the slope. I'll hang back and cover. Snap pictures of anything that looks important. Maps. Blueprints. Whatever you can find. Move into the base. We don't have all night. Find a way into the main building. I'll trail and disable the perimeter alarm. Got you covered. Shit. A patrol is approaching my position. Bell, find a way in. I'll follow around.

[You move around the military base without much trouble and kill soldiers on the way.]

Soviet Soldier: На базе посторонний! (An intruder!)

Park: (via radio) I'm picking up a lot of radio chatter. They're looking for you, Bell.

[Incredible luck ends when you try to pick one of the locks and get in. The room appears to be not empty at all. You are grabbed by a private of the Red Army.]

Soviet Soldier: Хм? (Huh?!) Посторонний! (Intruder!)

[The soldier disarms you with a punch of his proletarian fist and takes you in the crosshairs of his pistol.]

Soviet Soldier: Нужно подкрепление! (Call for backup!) Назови себя! (Identify yourself!)

[At this very moment Woods bursts into the room. He kicks the gun out of the soldier's hands and breaks his neck, while you pick up the gun and kill the other soldier.]

Woods: You're welcome. (points to your gun) You lost something. (via radio) Park. Bell found us a way inside. But we don't got a lot of time.

Park: (via radio) Then get moving. Woods: No arguments here.

Woods: No arguments here.

[You and Woods go down deep into the base. No one has heard the shots and screams of those being killed, so the alarm is off.]

Woods: Guards down below... I’ll move to the lower deck and engage on your mark. Alright. I'm set.

[You start shooting at the soldiers below.]

Soviet Soldier: Посторонний! (Intruder!)

Woods: All clear. Moving up. Be ready. Could be a thousand Reds on the other side of this door... Cover me.

[Woods breaks down the door and attacks the first soldier who turns out to be a manikin. The room itself is a hall with arcade machines, among which you can find Activision Gran Prix (1982), Space Tank (1983), Activision Kaboom! (July 1981) and Activision's iconic game - Pitfall! (1982).]

Woods: Not a fucking word, Bell. What the hell is this place?

[He looks out the window and sees a small built-up town full of stereotypes about Americans - Burger King, a fat boy with donuts (sorry, I don't know if he has a name), arcade machines, star-spangled flags, advertisements. Special mention should be made of the movie theater with advertisements “The Red Army is coming”.]

Woods: It's a Spetznaz training course! Made to look like Fucking Anytown, USA. Ah shit - they're starting! Fuck! Let's move! If they want a live fire drill, let's hook these fuckers up!

Soviet Soldier: Gibberish (Are they part of the drill?)

Soviet Soldier: Gibberish (We have a security breach!)

Woods: Advance! That all you got? Russian vehicle inbound! Now where'd the rest of those commie bastards run off to? Watch out! Contact! On the rooftops! Bell, head for that control tower! Push up! That elevator leads straight to the control tower. Grenade!

[And, of course, how we can go without a tough but very dumb Russian special forces soldier.]

Woods: Shit! That guy looks like a handful! He's hurt! Keep the pressure on! Timber, motherfucker! More coming down the elevator!

[Americans, too, do not stay in debt and use their hackneyed stereotype - always go up.]

Woods: Nowhere to go but up.

Park: (via radio) Woods, Bell, I'm picking up on a ton of radio chatter. What's your status?

Woods: (via radio) We got caught up in some kind of live fire drill. Place is crawling with Reds. We're still looking for intel.

Park: Bloody hell. I'm putting Mason and Adler on standby for extract.

Woods: (to you) She sounds mad. Does she sound mad?

Soviet Soldier: Нужно подкрепление! (Alert! We need backup!)

Woods: Looks like their command center. C'mon. Jackpot! Computer central. Computer central. Let's see what the Reds are really up to... Bell, hop on that terminal. Start poking around.

[Bell sits down at the "computer," next to which is a postcard that reads "Привет из СОЧИ” (Greetings from SOCHI). To the right of the monitor hangs a caricature of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev. The computer itself can speak English and even has text in English. The inscriptions in Russian correspond to what is written in the game interface.]

Computer: Welcome to the Soviet People's Warfare Analysis Archive... (you press the third option) Operation Greenlight... Restricted Access...

Woods: What the fuck is Operation Greenlight? Bell, can you hack into that? Of course there's a password. Look around. These Reds ain't that smart.

[You guess the password SOCHI and get the access.]

Woods: Nice.

[Once logged in, you select the first audio log.]

Hudson: (on record) We confirmed it. The nuke smuggled out of Berlin is a Greenlight asset. It's one of ours.

Black: (on record) If that gets out...

Hudson: (on record) No one will know. Not even Adler's team. The stakes are too high.

Black: (on record) High is an understatement. We're talking about an American nuke hidden beneath Berlin. I want to make sure you're committed, Hudson..

Hudson: (on record) The play has been called. The ball is in motion.

Black: (on record) Well, if the asset learns the truth...

Hudson: (on record) You're worried about truth now?

Black: (on record) I'm concerned about control... of the asset. Hudson: If we can't control the asset, we end the asset. Game over.

[You print the documents on Project Greenlight.]

Woods: I'm grabbing a copy! This doesn't make sense. Perseus infiltrated a CIA nuke program codenamed Operation Greenlight. Run by Hudson! The stolen nuke is American! And Hudson fucking knew!

[The alarm goes on.]

Woods: Shit! Time to go!


Woods: I can't fucking believe it! Park, come in! Park! Hudson lied to us! He fucking lied to us!

Park: (via radio) Woods? What are you talking about?

Woods: I'm talking about Greenlight! That's what Perseus is after and Hudson has his fingerprints all over it!

Park: (via radio) Woods, you're breaking up! Just get the hell out of there!

Woods: Oh shit!

Woods: Oh shit! Woods: That APC is gonna tear us apart! Use the facades as cover! Don't stop or we're dead! Up ahead! They're trying to cut us off!

Park: (via radio) Woods? Bell? What's your status?

Woods: It just went from bad to worse! Just make sure Adler and Mason are ready to extract at the extfil! We've got to reach that exit! Bastards are blocking the exit. We're gonna have to punch through them! Heads up. Got another heavy in the mix. Shit! The doors are closing! Two down!

[You climb into the APC and sit behind the machine gun.]

Woods: Good idea. I'll drive! Let's see, here, ignition, steering, gear shift. Alright, let's roll! Hold on, Bell!

[Woods goes into town...over the wall. You shoot at the soldiers.]

Woods: Bell, watch that fucker coming up on our right! God dammit! It's called urban renewal, you assholes! Fuck that guy. Keep shooting! I'm looking for an exit! Would it have killed them to put in some goddamn street signs? Would it have killed them to put in some goddamn street signs? There! I can see the exit! Hold on! Focus fire on those APCs! I'm gonna floor it! Oh, hell yeah!

Park: (via radio) Woods? Bell? What's your status? Woods: Gather everyone, Park! The whole team! Hudson has got a shit ton of explaining to do!

[The screen fades. In the next scene, we see Hudson standing by his car talking on a huge phone.]

Hudson: Yes sir. I'm on it.

[A car pulls up to him. Adler sits behind the wheel with Woods and Bell on the passenger seats. As soon as the car stops, Woods runs out, grabs Hudson and punches him in the face.]

Woods: You knew the nuke was from Greenlight and didn't tell us! What else are you hiding? Maybe I can knock the truth out of you.

Hudson: You might want to rethink that, Woods.

[Woods notices that Hudson is holding a gun to his stomach.]

Adler: Everybody stand down. This little pissing match isn't gonna help us catch Perseus.

Mason: Why didn't you tell us it was an American nuke?

Woods: He needed us to clean up his mess. The bastard's been lying to us all along.

Hudson: It's not a lie. It's an omission of fact.

Mason: That's what you do best, Isn't It, Hudson? Manipulate people... tell them your own version of the truth.

Hudson: There’s no truth, only who you choose to believe. Adler knows all about that. Don’t you, Russ?

Adler: Operation Greenlight. What is it? Tell us everything.

Hudson: Back in '58 the arms race was in full swing. Eisenhower was convinced that if the Reds moved on Europe, we couldn't respond quick enough. So he authorized Operation Greenlight: a top secret program that placed nuclear bombs in every major European city. The ultimate countermeasure to Soviet invasion. In ‘74 the bombs were upgraded to high yield neutron bombs, capable of terminating personnel without damaging infrastructure.

Woods: Thousands dying in a flash and you're talking about fucking infrastructure.

Mason: How’s that for civilized? We kill the people but preserve the buildings.

Hudson: We're trying to preserve our way of life.

Adler: How long have you known about the missing nuke?

Hudson: One of the Greenlight nukes went offline eight weeks ago. We suspected it was Perseus but couldn't confirm it until we saw the photos you brought back from East Berlin.

Adler: So, there's an American-made nuke in the wild and once Perseus detonates it... the United States becomes global enemy number one.

Hudson: We wouldn't have this problem if you'd done your job and killed Perseus in Vietnam.

[Woods wants to punch Hudson in the face again, but Adler stops him.]

Adler: Careful, Hudson. Next time I might not stop Woods.

[They enter the nearby building. Hudson stays outside to wipe the blood from his broken nose.]

Adler: We need to know what Perseus is planning for that nuke. Park, anything else in that printout Bell and Woods pulled from the base?

Park: There's mention of an excavation taking place in the Ural Mountains. Yamantau. Our insider within the KGB confirmed an active operation.

Woods: Yamantau... I thought Hudson and Weaver buried that place years ago.

Hudson: We did.

Park: Perseus wants to salvage the old mainframe.

Woods: Dragovich and Steiner must have left some good shit behind.

Mason: Steiner… Send me and Woods.

Hudson: You’re too close to this Mason. We can afford zero fuck-ups.

Mason: Bullshit. You know there’s no one better for the job.

Adler: It's my call. I want Mason and Woods on this. Find that mainframe before Perseus does.

Hudson: I'll contact our KGB insider, Belikov. He'll offer logistical support. Hell, Belikov may want to fly the chopper himself

Adler: Whatever Perseus wants at Yamantau... I want it more.


Alex Mason - CIA Operative
Mount Yamantau, Ural Mountains, USSR
March 3, 1981

[The group arrives at the landing site by Belikov's helicopter.]

Belikov: The first building is just over that ridge.

Woods: Thanks, Dimitri. We'll radio when we've found the main ramme.

Belikov: Woods, you know what the KGB does to double agents? Nyet?

[Woods gives him a baseball cap.]

Balikov: Daaaaaa. If they win this season, it's almost worth facing the firing squad. Eh, I've only one hour of fuel. So after that you find yourself a new ride!

Woods: C'mon! Let's get moving, Mason.

Mason: That's our inside man?

Woods: Don't let the smell of cheap vodka and caviar fool you. Dimitri's kosher enough. He knows where all the bodies are buried. Hell, he buried half of them. Heads up. Scouts on the ridgeline. We should drop 'em now before we get any closer. Good kill. Going loud, eh? I like it. Damn, Mason. Little pent up aggression?

Mason: Looks who's talking?

Woods: Shit, this looks dicey. But, hey, if it's good enough for the Reds...

Mason: Time to pay Ivan a visit.

Woods: See? Piece of cake. That's the ol' SATCOM building. Looks like it's hangin' by a thread. Good kill. See any more? They got snipers. Don't let them spot you. Stay low. Keep out of sight. Clean kill. Tango down. Clear! Push inside! I think we're in the clear. Damn. Look at this place... [Whistles]

Soviet Soldier: Кран почти готов для работы на седьмом участке. (The crane is nearly ready at dig site seven.

Soviet Soldier: Понял. Мы извлекли ЭВМ из хранилища данных и готовимся к транспортировке. Когда кран будет готов сразу дайте мне знать. (Copy that. The mainframe has been separated from the data vault and is being prepped for extraction. Inform me at once when the crane is in position!)

Soviet Soldier: Так точно. (Yes, Comrade!)

Woods: I think they said they're prepping the mainframe for extraction with a crane. We find the crane, we find the mainframe. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights...

[Mason is the one who is getting the evidence tape, which is signed in a very funny way for Russians - ЦИРКОВОЙ ОТЧЁТ - CIRCUS REPORT.]

[An almost completely destroyed base in the permafrost suddenly begins to fall apart.]

Woods: Ugh. Soviet engineering at its worst. Grenade! That's the doomsday bunker. We're getting close to the mainframe room. We'll cross on that cable. Reds on the helipad. Better take ‘em out before we cross. Reds on the helipad. Better take 'em out before we cross.

[The group again has to get to the other side of the base by rope.]

Mason: I went first last time.

Woods: Why change it up now?

Mason: Whatever.

[As she slides down the rope, she tears and the Mason falls down.]

Mason: Shit!

Woods: Mason! (via radio) What's your status?

Mason: Lost my damn gun. You're going first next time! I see a tunnel down here. You'll have to find another way inside.

Woods: (via radio) Copy that. Stay-

Mason: Woods? Great. [Heavy breathing] Damn, it's cold. Hmm. Crossbow bolt.

Soviet Soldier: Это место было заброшено после схода лавины. Я слышал что при раскопках были найдены тела с пулевыми ранениями. (This place was abandoned after an avalanche. But there are rumors that some of the bodies recovered had gunshot wounds.)

Soviet Soldier: Ты что, хочешь сказать что наше начальство скрыло вражескую атаку на советской земле? (Comrade, are you saying our superiors covered up an attack on Soviet soil?)

Soviet Soldier: Лавины не стреляют в людей. (Avalanches don't fire bullets.)

Soviet Soldier: Пфф. В любом случае нам пора идти. (Bah. We shouldn't be here, anyway.)

Soviet Soldier: Боишься привидений? (Afraid of ghosts, Comrade?)

Soviet Soldier: Я боюсь заблудиться и замёрзнуть насмерть слушая твои идиотские байки (If anything, I'm afraid of getting lost here and freezing to death while listening to your ridiculous theories.) Давай уже закругляться с обходом. (Let's finish this patrol already.)

[Mason kills the soldiers. Then he finds a bow and starts cosplaying Lara Croft from Rise of the Tomb Raider.]

Soviet Soldier: В любом случае разве здесь есть что-то важное? Не вижу ничего ценного. (What is so important down here, anyway? I don't see anything of value.)

Woods: (via radio) Mason! Do you read me?

Mason: Yeah, I read you. You gotta be close.

[He reunites with Woods.]

Woods: Over here! With the ruckus you made I'm surprised the entire Soviet Union ain't up our ass.

Mason: You've been busy.

Woods: That's what they pay me for. In here, chief. You see any dig sites? There. What's that?

Belikov: (via radio) Have you found the mainframe?

Mason: Bingo.

Woods: Map says that crane is hangin' over the atrium, which puts it in spittin' distance of the old computer room. There's a big crane on the West side of the base. Have your winch ready.

Woods: That's where we need to go.

Belikov: (via radio) Excuse me, my winch?

Woods: Ha! They got a crane. We got a chopper. Sorry, you're breaking up!

Soviet Soldier: Let's pack it up! We ship out in ten minutes!

Soviet Soldier: Здесь посторонние! (The intruders are here!)

[The team enters the fray.]

Woods: (via radio) Dimitri! We're pinned down! That chopper loaded?

Belikov: Thought you'd never ask! (bombing the area) Like your 4th of July, no? You're welcome!

Woods: Mason, we gotta get down there. Now! Keep moving! Turret! 12 o'clock! Shit! Find cover! That turret will tear you up! Hostiles! On the zipline! Nice work! Shit! Hope this one holds!

Belikov: Woods! I'm over the extraction site! Are you ready?

Woods: We see you, Dimitri! Hold on! Let's go, Mason! Mason, we gotta get down there. Now!

Belikov: Is the mainframe big? Because if it's too big, we can't lift off!

Woods: Uhhhh, no! It's regular size! Keep moving! Pick the pace up, Mason!

[The team climbs into the cradle.]

Woods: Dimitri, we're in position! Lower the winch.

Belikov: Lowering!

[Mason provides fire support. Woods ties the helicopter steel rope to the cradle.]

Woods: We're locked in, Dimitri! Take us up!

Belikov: Going up!

Woods: Woah! Shit! Careful up there!

Belikov: Блядь.. (Fuck...)This weight is most uncooperative!

Woods: C'mon! Pick up the pace, Belikov!

Belikov: Hang on!

Woods: Shit! Fuck! Slow down! Slow down!

Belkov: Speed up! Slow down! Блин, I'll handle the flying! You handle the shooting.

Woods: We're clear, Dimitri! Take us home!


[We're going back to base. Hudson is back on the phone with Black offscreen.]

Hudson: Hudson.

Black: We've finished analyzing that mainframe that Mason and Woods brought from Yamantau.

Hudson: And?

Black: Perseus was looking for the names of sleeper agents Dragovich used in '68.

Hudson: Give us those names. We'll get Adler's team to track them down.

Black: Perseus erased them.

Hudson: Fuck me.

Black: There's only one place you're going to find that information now. The Lubyanka building.

Hudson: What, KGB Headquarters? Why didn't Perseus get them there himself?

Black: I don't know. Maybe he's operating without authorization.

Hudson: I'll let Adler know. But we're gonna do this the right way, or we're not gonna do it at all.

Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA
52.5200 N, 13.4050 E, West Berlin
March 7, 1981

Lazar: Just got word. Belikov is back in Moscow.

Adler: You guys know the plan. Bell, you're with me. Lazar, be ready for exfil.

Hudson: Are you taking him into the KGB with you? Are you crazy? Wait for Mason or Woods to return.

Adler: I don't need Mason or Woods. I need Bell. He's got the skill we need.

Hudson: Are you enjoying this? You're risking the entire operation unnecessarily.

Adler: It's not unnecessary, it's calculated.

Hudson: Just understand that if you botch this we can't get those names. It's over.

Adler: I know you can do this. Hudson doesn't trust anyone he can't control.

[You follow Adler to talk to him.]

Adler: What's on your mind?

Bell: (dialogue option) Do you think we’ll actually get inside the KGB?

Adler: This isn't the first government agency I've broken into. The best are virtually impenetrable, but there's always a weakness. In this case, the weakness is the KGB placing too much trust in one of their own.

Bell: (dialogue option) So I’m the right person for this mission?

Adler: If there was ever an operation suited to your skillset, it's this one. I handle the talking. You get us the names. Why do you ask?

Bell: (dialogue option) You have no concerns? Is that the truth?

Adler: I wouldn't tell you if it wasn't.

Bell: (dialogue option) How well do you know Belikov?

Adler: I don't. He's not one of mine.

Bell: (dialogue option) Does that seems like a risk to you?

Adler: If I couldn't put my life in the hands of vetted strangers, I'd be in a different line of work.

Bell: (dialogue option) I have to ask. How did you get this scar?

Adler: Scar? You mean this? Is it noticeable? I jumped off a roof in Calcutta back in '75 while chasing a Soviet agent. The jump was successful… the landing not so much. Advice: always make sure you know where the utility poles are.

Bell: (dialogue option) Is Belikov one of Park’s agents?

Adler: No, MI6 focuses mainly on the perimeter. Agents in client states, smaller figures within the USSR. They go from the outside in. Belikov is one of ours... supposedly. I'm trusting Hudson here. The man can be a pain in the ass, but he's no fool.

Bell: (dialogue option) Okay. That’s all I needed.

[You approach Lazar.]

Lazar: Time to break out your Russian, Bell.

Bell: (dialogue option) What do you think about Park?

Lazar: Well, she's-

Sims: (laughs) You know what this dude thinks about Park.

Lazar: She's a true professional. I don't trust anyone at first, but after Berlin I realized she's the real deal. Park's one of the guys to me.

Sims: (laughs) One of the guys my ass.

Lazar: Yeah, yeah.

Bell: (dialogue option) You been to the Lubyanka building before?

Lazar: Hell no. KGB headquarters? Just between you and me-

Sims: And me.

Lazar: And Sims... I hope I never get closer than pulling up in a car and picking you up. This has every chance of going tits down.

Sims: "Up", man. "Tits up".

Lazar: "Up","down". What's the difference?

Bell: (dialogue option) Talk to you later.

Lazar: Yep. It's a long way to Moscow.

[You approach Hudson.]

Hudson: Have you come to convince me that you should be headlining this operation?

Bell: (dialogue option) My service speaks for itself. Years in the field and in intelligence.

Hudson: Is that right? Well, at least you're not hiding behind Adler, I'll grant you that. Now what is it?

Bell: (dialogue option) How well do you know Belikov?

Hudson: That's on a need to know basis. And from where I'm standing, there's no reason in hell you need to know that. You're to make contact with him and follow Adler's lead.

Bell: (dialogue option) Can’t Belikov just get us the names?

Hudson: Negative. Digging into the KGB's most classified database would blow his cover and burn years of posturing. He'll get you in, but he won't go near that list of names.

Bell: (dialogue option) Will we assume fake identities?

Hudson: We can't take the time to fabricate them. Belikov will get you uniforms, and from there you'll need to improvise. Strategically speaking, this borders on insanity. Which is precisely the type of work we rely on Adler for.

Bell: (dialogue option) And where does that leave me?

Hudson: Either as Adler's most trusted ally... or as cannon fodder.

Bell: (dialogue option) I’ll leave you alone.

Hudson: An excellent proposition.


Adler: The Lubyanka Building... KGB Headquarters in Moscow. The sleeper agent records are stored in the archives one hundred feet below ground in a nuclear defense command bunker.

Sims: Your only way in or out is through this high security elevator.

Adler: We'll need proper credentials. That's where our asset, Belikov, comes into play. Belikov has been our source inside the KGB for nearly a decade. He'll get us in. He came through for us in Yamantau, and he'll do it again.

Sims: This shit is crazy, even by his standards. You sure he's on board?

Adler: An immediate nuclear threat warrants every risk at this point, I’m sure he wouldn't disagree. Sims, get Belikov on the line.

Dimitri Belikov - KGB Head of Security
KGB Headquarters, Moscow
March 9, 1981

Belikov: Алло. Беликов на трубке. (Hello, this is Belikov.)

Adler: Извините. Я думал что это посольство Сингапура. (I'm sorry, I thought this was the Singapore Embassy.)

[Belikov establishes secure connection.]

Belikov: (dialogue option) The line is secure. Are you here?

Adler: We're almost to the tunnels. Did you get access to the bunker?

Belikov: (dialogue option) No, there is a problem. They suspect a mole and security has been elevated.

Adler: There's always a problem. Solve it.

Belikov: (dialogue option) I will have a bunker key for you soon. I have never let your team down.

Adler: Not yet. I know you have this under control. And one more thing. One of our East Berlin informants recently switched sides and fled for Moscow. We have reason to believe he's in the Lubyanka building today. He knows too much about our Berlin network. I'm thinking an early retirement.

Belikov: (dialogue option) I will take care of it.

Adler: Good man. Now I know why Hudson thinks so highly of you. We'll meet you at the basement entrance once you have the bunker key.

[Belikov disconnects the secure line. A military man walks into his office.]

Soviet Soldier: Comrade Belikov, you've been summoned to the conference room upstairs. Secretary Gorbachev is here from the Central Committee.

Soviet Male: I'm sorry. You'll just have to come back tomorrow.

Soviet Male: Hey Vasily, did the General come through here yet?

Soviet Male: No, not yet. I think he's still in his office.

Soviet Male: Even if Secretary Gorbachev wasn't here, I don't know if I'd be allowed to take you upstairs. Family or not.

[Belikov goes up to the second floor and enters the conference room, where many high-ranking military officials are already seated.]

Gorbachev: Comrade Belikov, have a seat. General Secretary Brezhnev has taken an interest in the new... security development. There's a mole within the KGB. The Committee wants someone from the First Chief Directorate to oversee Colonel Kravchenko's investigation. If you've not met him already, this is Imran Zakhaev.

Zakhaev: Thank you, Secretary Gorbachev. And thank you all for welcoming me with open arms. I can think of no greater tragedy than a home violated from the inside. The trust and love within a family is sacred.

Kravchenko: Apparently not everyone shares your beautiful sentiments.

Zakhaev: Comrade Belikov. As Head of Security, I understand you've practically exhausted yourself trying to unearth this mole. How has that gone?

Belikov: (dialogue option) Kravchenko’s interrogations have left me with no living suspects.

Kravchenko: (hits the table) I'm not a patient man, Belikov. Or a compassionate one.

Gorbachev: Until the mole is found I want security increased around the bunker. Zakhaev, do you have any recommendations?

Zakhaev: We should restrict bunker access. I also want to cultivate closer relationships with all of you. I want to know your hopes, your fears, your ambitions.

Gorbachev: Be thorough, but we don't want any significant disruptions. And you, Belikov. Who do you think should retain bunker access during the investigation?

Belikov: (dialogue option) Zakhaev and I should retain a bunker key.

Zakhaev: Comrade Belikov, my apologies! Even your bunker access has been revoked. We can't be too cautious, can we? Secretary Gorbachev, I believe it would be best it only General Charkov retains his bunker key for now.

Gorbachev: Very well. See to it.

Zakhaev: Worry yourself no longer, sir. I've already ordered the bunker keys collected from the men.

Gorbachov: Comrade Belikov, we are in grave danger from the capitalists. Our collective, our very way of life is at risk.

Zakhaev: The traitor will be caught, and he will pay a high price for his betrayal.

Gorbachev: Belikov, you are dismissed.

[Belikov comes out of the conference room. Now he has to somehow get the key for Adler.]

Belikov: (to himself) I'm being watched. I need a bunker key, but first I'll have to kill the cameras.

Soviet Female: It's humbling to see this place from the inside, don't you think?

[He goes to the security room.]

Soviet Soldier: Sir?

Belikov: (to himself) This area is restricted. If I'm spotted here I'll blow my cover.

Soviet Soldier: Sir. What can I do for you?

[Belikov chokes the soldier to death.]

Belikov: (to himself) Now I need to hide the body. How about one of those lockers?

[He shut down the cameras.]

Belikov: (to himself) I have to get a bunker key for Adler. He'll need it to access the vault. Unfortunately, Charkov now has the only one.

Soviet Soldier: Just want an update.

Soviet Soldier: Everything's fine.

Soviet Soldier: Okay.

Soviet Male: Yes, it's quite breathtaking, Did you know the revolutionaries took it from an insurance company?

Soviet Male: Hear about it? It's me... obviously.

[Belikov goes to the armory.]

Armory Guard: How can I help you, sir?

Belikov: (dialogue option) I need access to the armory.

Armory Guard: I'm sorry, Comrade Belkov, but Zakhaev has increased security measures. You'll need authorization from the War Room like anyone else.

Belikov: (dialogue option) (persuade) You know you can trust me. Do me a small favor and let me in.

Armory Guard: I'm sorry, I can't. Zakhaev would have my head on a pike!

Belikov: (dialogue option) (persuade) No time for bureaucratic papers. I’m investigating a lead.

Armory Guard: How important is pursuing this lead to you?

Belikov: (dialogue option) (persuade) Important enough to reward anyone who helps me along the way.

Armory Guard: Ah, a Cuban cigar would really distract me, I'm sure you could find a personal stash in one of the offices.

Belikov: (dialogue option) I shall return, Comrade.

Armory Guard: Good day, sir.

Belikov: (to himself) The guard won't let me in. I need to get what he asked for... or I can take him out.

[Belikov picks the lock of one of the offices where Richter is sitting.]

Richter: Oh. Are you here about my assignment?

[Belikov breaks Richter's neck.]

Belikov: Adler will be pleased. Now to focus on the bunker key. It is not easy being a double agent.

[He finds the cigar and returns to the Armory Guard.]

Armony Guard. Sir. What can I do for you?

Belikov: (dialogue option) (cigar) I have something for you.

Armory Guard: Wonderful! I'll let you in. But this never happened!

Soviet Male: I'm sorry.

Soviet Male: I tell the coffee machine I want sugar, what do I get?

Belikov: There is Charkov.

Soviet Soldier What can I do for you, Comrade Belikov?

Belikov: (dialogue option) I’d like to discuss my investigation with the General over tea.

Soviet Soldier: The General will be questioning a prisoner today, but should be available most of the time,

Belikov: (dialogue option) If you will excuse me, I need to attend to something.

Soviet Soldier: Just let me know when you're ready to meet with him.

Belikov: (to himself) I have a chance to kill Charkov. Kravchenko's office will have the poison I need.

[He goes to the interrogation room.]

Ivanov: Whoever you are, you won't get shit out of me.

Belikov: (dialogue option) Listen to me. Time is short and I need your help.

Ivanov: Help? You need my help? Save your breath.

Belikov: (to himself) Ivanov won't cooperate. Nyet. I should find leverage in the Records room.

[He goes to the archives and habitually kills the employee sitting there, picks the lock and finds the desired folder.]

Belikov: (to himself) The KGB has his wife and daughter's abductions already planned. That's good. I can use this to my advantage.

[He returns to the interrogation room.]

Belikov: (dialogue option) (prisoner file) I have read your file. The KGB plans to take your family.

Ivanov: What? What does my family have to do with any of this?

Belikov: (dialogue option) (persuade) If you help me I can guarantee your family’s safety.

Ivanov: Yes, anything! Please, what do I need to do?

Belikov: (dialogue option) I need you to kill General Charkov for me. I will unlock your cuffs. No questions asked.

Ivanov: Kill him...? I'll try. But swear to this: my own life for my family.

[Belikov unlocks Ivanov's handcuffs and leaves the interrogation room. At that moment Charkov approaches him with a cigar in his hands.]

Charkov: Belikov! I've just heard the most amusing thing! Let's chat once I'm finished here. (to Ivanov's guard) Comrade. How's our friend doing?

Soviet soldier: I don't know, sir. He doesn't have much to say.

Charkov: Ah. We'll see about that.

[He enters the interrogation room and closes the door behind him. Belikov overhears the conversation.]

Charkov: Citizen Ivanov - I trust you are enjoying your accommodations?

Ivanov: Go to hell.

Charkov: Hell is not in my future. Your daughter's future on the other hand… (punches Ivanov)

Ivanov: You fucking...!

[Ivanov kills Charkov. Seeing this, the guard runs into the room.]

Soviet Soldier: Be advised, we have a situation in the holding cell.

Belikov: (dialogue option) This is a tragic loss. Keep everyone out of here.

Soviet Soldier: Yes, sir!

Balikov: (taking the key) Okay, now I need to head to the basement and let Adler's team in.

[He goes to the checkpoint.]

Soviet Soldier: How can I help you, sir?

Belikov: (dialogue option) (bunker key) Open the gate, I’m doing a security sweep.

Soviet Soldier: Fine.

Belikov: (to himself) Adler's team will need uniforms to get past security. Luring two soldiers into the tunnels should do the trick. (via radio) Belikov here. Send a security detail to meet me in the furnace room. Immediately.

[He goes to the scary iron door, opens a window, and shines a flashlight in there. Adler comes out of the shadows.]

Adler: Wasn't sure you'd come through.

Belikov: I don't have much choice, do I?

DESPERATE MEASURES Emkay “Bell” Ice, Assault Team KGB HQ Basement, Moscow March 9, 1981

Belikov: This keycard gives you elevator access to the bunker.

Adler: What about uniforms?

Belikov: Sounds like they're here now.

Belikov: I will lead them through and distract them. You two do the rest.

Adler: Bell, take cover. Keep it clean. The uniforms are no good to us bloody.

[While Bell and Adler are hiding behind crates, Belikov approaches the guards he summoned.]

Belikov: Так-так-так! Я нашёл незапертую дверь. (There-there-there! I found an unlocked door.) Это нет никакого оправдания в некомпетентности. У нас есть очень строгий протокол чтобы это предотвратить, понятно? (There is no excuse for this incompetence. We have very strict protocols in place to prevent this, is this clear?)

[Bell and Adler sneak up on the soldiers and kill them by breaking their necks.]

Belikov: Good. I have to leave, but you should have everything you need. Now if stopped, you're reporting to Commander Sobol.

Adler: (to Bell) Get changed.

[Bell and Adler change into Soviet uniforms and hide the bodies.]

Adler: Here. Our weapons and keycard are in the bag. Come on. This way. Once we're in the bunker, we're on our own.

Soviet Soldier: He's in surgery.

Soviet Soldier: What, his heart?

Soviet Soldier: No, he's having his chest expanded. He needs room for one more Gold Star.

Soviet Soldier: Hey Oleg, have you seen Belikov?

Soviet Soldier: He just went through here. Why?

Soviet Soldier: Coronel Kravchenko wants to speak with him. Said it was urgent.

Adler: Товарищ. Можешь пропустить нас? (Comrade. Do you mind letting us through?)

Soviet Soldier: Ладно. (Fine.)

Adler: No metal detectors for us. We're going around.

[They are stupidly trying to get through the ID check room.]

Soviet Soldier: Куда это вы направляетесь? Досмотр обязателен. (What do you think you're doing? Everyone must go through the checkpoint.)

Bell: (dialogue option) We have Commander Sobol’s authorization.

Soviet Soldier: Вы должны пройти досмотр. (Go through the checkpoint.)

Soviet Soldier: Товарищ, поставьте вашу сумку сюда для досмотра. (Comrade, place your bag on the counter for inspection.)

Adler: В этом нет необходимости. Дайте нам пройти. (There's no need for that. Let us pass.)

Soviet Soldier. Не принимайте это близко к сердцу, товарищ. Досматривают всех без исключения. (Don't take it personally, Comrade. My orders are to inspect everything that comes through - no exceptions.)

[He is already opening the bag when suddenly Belikov approaches.]

Belikov: Товарищ, ты нужен Закаеву. Я разберусь. (Comrade, you are needed by Zakhaev. I will handle this.)

Soviet Soldier: Спасибо, товарищ. (Thank you, Comrade.)

Adler: Gibberish (You're running late, Belikov.)

Belikov: Я здесь, нет? (I'm here, am I not?)

Adler: (to Bell) Пойдём. (Let's go.)

Soviet Male: I was waiting to meet Olga Sokolova.

Soviet Soldier: And she never came down to reception...

[Adler and Bell enter the elevator.]

Adler: Take us down.

[Bell inserts the card into the slot on the elevator panel. As the doors close, Zakhaev enters the elevator.]

Zakhaev: Хмм… новые лица. (Hmm... fresh faces.) Когда вы прибыли? (When did you two arrive?)

Bell: (dialogue option) Last week, Comrade.

Zakhaev: Ах. Разумеется. (Ah. Of course.) Кто ваш командир? Я не расслышал. (Who did you say you report to again?)

Bell: (dialogue option) We report to Commander Sobol.

Zakhaev: Какое совпадение. Я как раз к нему на приём. Передам ему привет от вас. (Why I have an appointment with him now. I'll give him your regards.)

[He steps out of the elevator.]

Adler. It's assholes like that we gotta watch out for. Gear up.

[They change into American military uniforms, pick up a machine gun and get out of the elevator. I think there are easier ways to commit suicide.]

Adler: They won't be happy to see us down here, Wait for my word.

Soviet Soldier: И прежде чем Кравченко успел… (And before Kravchenko could even -- ) Оружие на пол! (Put those weapons on the ground!)

Soviet Soldier: Put those weapons on the ground!

Soviet Soldier: Gibberish (This area's off limits! How did you get down here?)

Adler: Bell. This way to the vault. Keep moving towards the vault! Advance! We're getting close to the vault! If things go south, we need to secure our exfil. Plant a gas canister in the vent. Good. Let's get to the vault. We're almost to the vault. There's the vault. Open the door. I've got your back. You grab the intel. I'll keep watch. We don't have much time before they get through. There's the list, Bell! Copy it to a disk! We're running out of time, Bell. They're cutting through. They're almost through the door! Get ready. There they come. Halfway there! It's almost done copying! I've got the disk! Let's go!

Soviet Soldier: Give up. You cannot escape.

Adler: They're locking the place down. Follow me. This way.

Soviet Soldier: Surrender, you will not get away. Put your weapons down now and you will not be killed.

Adler: I don't like this. We're sittin' ducks here. Keep moving. We need to find a way out. This might be a way out.

Soviet Soldier: You are surrounded. We have your friend,

Adler: They've got Belikov. Time for plan B, Bell. Activate the gas. When we move, get a mask on Belikov. I'll cover you. Come on. Move!

Belikov: Thank you, my friends.

Adler: What's the situation up top?

Belikov: They're on full alert, locking the building down.

Adler: What's the situation up top?

Belikov: They're on full alert, locking the building down.

Adler: We'll have to fight our way out. We're gonna need some heavier gear.

Belikov: I know just the place, my friend.

Belikov: There are heavy weapons by the elevator where they brought me down. We need to arm ourselves before reinforcements arrive. Keep moving. The gear is this way. There's the gear. Body armor, helmets, LMGs and explosives...

Adler: Let's get up top. Lazar, meet us in the southwest courtyard in five minutes.And Belikov is hitching a ride.

Lazar: Plenty of room in the backseat.

Adler: Once we get off the elevator, just keep moving towards the courtyard. Get the charge ready, Bell. Let's go, Bell. Drop 'em!

[They burst through to the exit.]

Adler Go, go! Don't stop!We're almost there! Keep pushing! Lazar should be just ahead. Go! Go! Get to the car. I'll cover you! Floor it! Drive! Park, we've got the list and we're heading back. Be ready to move.


Black: They caused a hell of a mess in Moscow. Was it worth it?

Hudson: Adler managed to get the list of sleeper agent names, despite himself. He's got balls, I'll give him that.

Black: Bell did well.

Hudson: Seemingly. But I think that team is getting too comfortable. They're acting like they know who they're dealing with.

Black: Perhaps.

Hudson: Turns out one of those sleeper agents is tied to Operation Greenlight. Theodore Hastings. He's a nuclear engineer based out of Salt Lake City.

Black: And you believe Hastings is the one he'll activate?

Hudson: Exactly. Total surveillance is already underway. It's only a matter of time before he leads us straight to Perseus.

CIA SAFEHOUSE E9, “DIE LANDEBAHN” Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA 52.5200 N, 13.4050 E, West Berlin March 12, 1981

Adler: This is it. The recent movements of Theodore Hastings has led us here. Cuba. Right in our backyard.

Park: A vacant government facility in the Cuban countryside has become a hub of activity for Perseus. And the likely location of the stolen nuke.

Lazar: No doubt Castro allowed it.

Woods: Twenty bucks to anyone can bring him down before me.

Lazar: Who, Castro or Perseus?

Woods: Whoever.

Hudson: We are not gonna let him move this nuke inside the States. It's time to take down Perseus once and for all.

Adler: Team, wrap up any unfinished business. Once we strike there's no turning back.

Hudson: Woods. Don't get any bright ideas over there.

Woods: You've got my "sure as shit" guarantee, Hudson!


Adler: Hastings left Salt Lake City- we tracked his movements all the way to Cuba. We have to assume Perseus moved the nuke there.

Hudson: Langley believes Castro could help Perseus smuggle it into the US, in exchange for a peek at the hardware, of course.

Adler: That isn't going to happen.

Park: What's the plan?

Hudson: The last read we have on Hastings came from thirty miles south of Havana. We suspect Perseus is using an abandoned compound there to hold the nuke. They're working under the radar so expect moderate security.

Lazar: I say we smash and grab. Parachute in. Grab the nuke. Skyhook out.

Park: And what if the nuke isn't there?

Lazar: Hudson is there. The only reason Perseus needs Hastings in Cuba is to prepare it for arming and detonation.

Adler: There you have it. Hudson will arrange our exfil while we're en route, If everyone's ready, let's move out.

[They fly to Cuba.]

Lazar: Adler's late.

Park: No, luv. We're early. Adler should be checking in right about -

Adler: (via radio) Park, we're in position.

Park: Copy that. We're moving to flank.

Adler: (via radio) All teams. We do this fast and loud. Find Hastings. Grab the nuke. Get the hell out. Woods? Light up this joint.

Woods: 'Bout fucking time!

Park: Go! Go! Go! Do the honors, Bell!

Adler: Contact!

Woods: Like fucking clockwork!

Adler: All teams, fan out! Advance to the main gate!

Park: Snipers! Up ahead!

Adler: Shooters! Second floor!

Mason: All gun turrets are cleared! Move up! Move up!

Woods: They're popping smoke!

Adler: Take out those MG's!

Cuban Soldier 1: Stop them!

Cuban Soldier Alert Perseus!

Cuban Soldier 1: The Americans! They are here!

Cuban Soldier 2: Keep them away from the main gate!

Adler: Park, take your team right there. Captain! Take your men around back!

Park: Copy.

CIA Soldier: Copy that! Let's move!

Lazar: (looking at corpses) What'd these poor bastards do?

Park: They finished their job.

Lazar: Hell of a reward.

Park: They've got closed circuit cameras. We could use them to locate the nuclear bomb.

Lazar: Sharp as ever, Park! Contact!

Scientist 2: Help us! They're trying to kill us!

[A scientist running towards our soldiers is blown up on a mine.]

Park: Fuck! Everyone alright? Bell, sweep for mines. Ambush! RPG! On the balcony!

Lazar: Park, waddaya say we finally grab that drink when this is all over?

Park: Your persistence is admirable, Lazar.

Lazar: That's not a "no!"

Park: Your persistence is admirable, Lazar.

Woods: Jeezus, get a fucking room, you two!

Park: Mason, you missed one behind the counter...

Adler: Thanks, Park.

Park: Keep looking. There. Hold it. Adler, we have eyes on the nuclear device and… ...bloody Hell, someone's killing the scientists!

Adler: Where?

Park: Get on the camera feeds Bell. 2nd floor! Room 27-B! Second floor! Center room! Upstairs! Let's move!

Cuban Soldier 1: I see them!

Adler: Meet you there, Park!

Park: Crude - but effective.

Lazar: Can't keep your eyes off me, huh, Park?

Park: Bell, use the C4.

Lazar: Clear!

Park: Adler, we're moving to the second floor!

Adler: We're pinned down! Move ahead we'll catch up!

Cuban Soldier 1: The lab! Keep them away from the lab!

Cuban Soldier 2: Protect the lab!

Cuban Soldier 1: If we do not stop them, Perseus will have our heads!

Cuban Soldier 2: There's only three of them! Kill them, you dogs!

Scientist 2: Please! They're shooting us! No! Stay away!

Lazar: They're really hunkered down! We must be getting close!

Park: Take out that heavy MG! 27-B! Adler, we're heading inside. Lazar, man the door.

Lazar: You got it, Park.

[They enter the room and find Hastings barely alive.]

Park: Bell, canvas the room. Hastings - start talking.

Hastings: Perseus! Was here! Shot us! Escaped!

Park: Perseus would never leave his precious nuke behind.

Hastings: He forced us to reverse-engineer the detonation codes! Give him full access to Greenlight....

Park: What? Are you telling me Perseus can detonate multiple nukes in Europe?

Hastings: I'm so... sorry...

Parle: Hastings! Stay with us! How many Greenlight devices can Perseus detonate with those codes?

Hastings: He can detonate… all of them…

Park: He'll wipe out half of Europe!

Adler: And blame it all on the USA. We need to find that son of a bitch Perseus!

Lazar: Time to go, no?

Mason: Contact Chopper coming in low!

Adler: (via radio) It's gotta be Perseus! All teams, head to the roof!

Park: Move! Move!

Woods: Adler, we got a shit ton of reinforcements circling this compound!

Lazar: Damnit! Door is jammed! Clear! Out of the way!

Woods: Adler! I got eyes on an HVTI South rooftop! Could be Perseus! He's climbing into a chopper!

Adler: (via radio) Take him out!

Lazar: The window! Out the window! Bell, let's go!

Woods: Fuck me! The chopper got away!

Mason: Fuck Perseus. We've got bigger problems!

Park: Adler! Where the bloody hell are you?!

CIA Soldier: Balloon is up and ready! Skyhook, this is Ground Team, confirm you have visual!

Adler: (via radio) Bogged down! Don't wait for us! Prep for Skyhook!

Pilot: Roger that Ground Team, we have visual! Fasten your harness, cross your arms and remember to keep your backs to the wind. Inbound in 2 minutes!

Park: Man down!

Adler: (via radio) Heads up, Park! You got snipers on the roof!

Cuban Soldier 1: I see them!

Cuban Soldier 2: They are on the roof!

Cuban Soldier 1: Shoot them! Do not let them escape!

Park: Copy that! Bell, take out those snipers!

CIA Soldier: We're sitting ducks!

Cuban Soldier 2: RPG's! Bring up the RPG's!

Cuban Soldier 1: Fire! Fire now!

Lazar: They're everywhere!

Cuban Soldier 1: A plane is coming! Quickly! Kill them now!

Park: Controlled bursts, Lazar! We're low on ammo! Know what, Lazar? I think I'm ready for that drink now!

Lazar: Ha! Don't tease me, Park!

Park: But we'll have none of that horse piss you call you bear. It'll be a proper drunk!

Cuban Soldier 1: Lay down suppressing fire!

Lazar: Get ready! Here they come! I'm getting low on ammo! Where is that plane?

Park: One minute! Stay focused, Lazar. I tell you what, when we get outta this - I'm buying!

Lazar: Now, that's something worth fighting for!

Pilot: (via radio) Ground team, this is Skyhook. Your zone is hot as hell. Can we lend an assist?

Park: That would be much appreciated, Skyhook!

Pilot: (via radio) Roger that. Help is on the way.

Park: Ground team to Skyhook. Fire at will!

Pilot: (via radio) Roger that. Clearing the roof now. That's a hit. Bullseye. Good impact. Ground team. We only got enough fuel for one more pass. Be ready for extract. You will not get another chance.

Park: Copy that, Skyhook!

Lazar: I can see the plane! Park, we need to hook into the line! Now!

Park: We'll do it in turns! Bell, you harness up first! We'll cover! Go! We don't have much time! Bell, hook in!

Lazar: Take cover!

Park: Shit!

[They are hit by a rocket.]

Park: [Staggered breathing] Bell?... I can't... reach the harness!

Lazar: Aggghh! My legs!

Pilot: Ground Team, we have contact in t minus 10… ...9… ...8...7...6...5...

Lazar: Move your ass, Bell!

Park: We're nearly out of time…

Pilot: 4...3...2...1…

[Bell decides to save Park. They fly away on a tether.]

Luzar: Noooooo!

Break On Through[]


[We're listening to the secret audio recording again.]

Black: Well, that was a goddamn fiasco.

Hudson: You go in with the Intel you have not the intel you want. We paid the fucking piper down there.

Black: You think this is Bell's fault?

Hudson: I don't know whose fault it is. I just know that Perseus doesn't have a single fucking nuke, he's got dozens.

Black: Millions of people are going to die, and the United States will take the blame. You need to find out where he's planning to broadcast the activation signal.

Hudson: How are we gonna pull that out of our ass?

Black: Bell knows where it is.

Hudson: Bell? This goddamn science project was a failure!

Black: Don't count Adler out yet. The man has a deep bag of tricks.

CIA SAFEHOUSE E9, “DIE LANDEBAHN” Emkay “Bell” Ice, CIA 52.5200 N, 13.4050 E, West Berlin March 14, 1981

[Adler drags Bell to the base.]

Adler: Come on. A little further.

[Bell falls to the concrete floor. Adler has to drag him by his feet.]

Adler: Sims. Get the gurney.

Park: Bell. I feel like I owe you. Bloody hell. We're going to lose a lot more than Lazar if we don't execute this next move correctly. We need you to hang in there for one more assignment. I'm counting on you again, Bell.

Adler: Sims. Get the dosages ready. All of them.

Hudson: Adler, stop wasting our valuable time! He's of no use to us anymore!

Adler: Stay alert, Bell. You're the key to stopping Perseus.

Park: You always have been.

Adler. No more half-assing it. We're doing an intracerebral injection.

Park: Injecting directly into the brain could provoke seizures, or worse.

Sims: Damn. Through the eye socket. You sure about this, Doc?

[Adler gives Bell a shot in the eye.]

Park: The memories should begin almost immediately.

Adler: Bell, listen to me. I need you to remember. Think back to our time in Vietnam. One more time. We need to finish what we started. We had a job to do.

[Bell recalls events from his past. Images, sounds, and voices flash before his eyes.]

Adler: Think, Bell. Perseus. Do you remember coming face-to-face with Perseus in Vietnam?

Sims: EKG is spiking! Shit. Heart rate's off the charts.

Adler: I need you to relax and focus, Bell. Your helicopter crashed. You made your way through the jungle, alone. You found a bunker. Do you remember the bunker, Bell? We need to know what's inside that bunker.

[A voice begins to sound in Bell's head. The brainwashing begins.]

Perseus: Do not trust Adler. Adler is lying to you. Do not trust him. Do not listen to Adler. Adler is lying to you. Do not trust him. He is lying to you. Find the truth.

Adler: (offscreen) During a mission to investigate reports of a Soviet bunker, your chopper was hit by ground fire.

Pilot: We've been hit! Stick's dead... we're going down!

Adler: (offscreen) According to your debrief, you woke up in the middle of a firefight. The crash survivors were defending against a VC attack. You can forward and picked up an M-16… ... or maybe it was another weapon.

[Bell picks up land weapons and plunges into battle.]

American Soldier: Clear these VC - we've got to find that bunker!

Adler: (offscreen) The remaining VC fled into the tree line. It was then you realized you were the sole survivor. You set off to locate the bunker. The path split near a ruin, so you took the right fork, not the trail to the left.

American Soldier: Down! Get down!

American Soldier: VC...

American Soldier: Let's move in close. Use our knives. Stay low. Use the grass for cover. They won't see us coming. Thanks for the assist. Good luck on your mission.

Adler: (offscreen) You heard Russian voices from a cave across the river so you went to investigate.

Russian Soldier: Доложить обстановку!

[Bell jumps down into the cave, lit only by the dim light from above.]

Adler: (offscreen) You equipped your shotgun and had a bow ready. That's when you discovered VC soldiers meeting with Soviet Agents.

[Bell kills agents with a bow.]

Adler: That's when you discovered VC soldiers meeting with Soviet Agents.

[Bell walks through the caves killing Vietcong and Soviet soldiers.]

Adler: (offscreen) Yes, Bell! That was the door into the Soviet bunker. Yes, good, the bunker. Now tell me about Perseus.

[Bell enters the bunker and the screen goes white.]

Adler: We almost had it. Let's run 6.

Park: Okay, ready.

Adler: Bell, we've got a job to do. According to your debrief, you woke up and the rest of your crew was missing. The VC were on the ground searching for survivors. You readied your bow to take them out silently. The path split near a ruin so you took the well-travelled trail on your left, not toward the waterfall on the right. You mentioned crossing a bridge near a village. The bunker was somewhere on the other side. At the fork, you followed the road right toward the sound of gunfire. Seeing a firefight, you readied your M-16.

American Soldier: Command, we've stirred up a hornet's nest! We need chopper support ASAP!

Base Commander: Roger that. Chopper inbound, ETA 2 minutes.

[Bell fights the Vietcong for some time before the helicopter arrives.]

American Soldier: Where's my goddamn chopper support?

Pilot: Red Team engaging hostiles. Threat neutralized. Returning to base.

American Soldier: Fuck yeah! Thanks, buddy. I don't know where you came from but you saved our asses.

Adler: (offscreen) Yes, this was the bunker entrance you described in the report.

Park: (offscreen) This could be the onset of another local seizure.

[Bell turns on the projector and sees some random pictures of the White House, the Kremlin, airplanes, etc. The pictures from 2 different projectors connect to a door. Bell walks into the Soviet bunker again. The screen goes white again.]

Adler: (offscreen) No, don't stop. Bell! Fuck. FUCK. Hand me the fallback scenario manual.

Park: Here it is.

Adler: Bell, we've got a job to do. According to your debrief, you woke up in the middle of a firefight. The crash survivors were defending against a VC attack. You readied a grenade launcher and charged ahead. The path split near a ruin, so you took the well-travelled trail on your left, not toward the waterfall on the right. Reports had the bunker across the bridge.

[Time stands still in Bell's world...]

Adler: Goddammit Bell. We're running out of time. You went left at the fork, not right. A few allies were pinned down on a ridge. You readied your sniper rifle to assist.

American Soldier: Command says we need to clear treehouse!

American Soldier: Command, this is Big Duke 4, we've got a possible Soviet command outpost in sight and VC all over us, requesting a napalm strike.

Base Commander: Big Duke 4, roger. Diverting air power to your area, thirty seconds out.

Pilot: Big Duke 4, this is Phantom 2-1. We've got eyes in the sky ready to deliver.

Pilot: Roger, here we come. Get your people back and heads down.

American Soldier: Did you see that? Place lit up like a tinder box!

American Soldier: Hell yeah!

Adler: (offscreen) Inside the house hit by napalm, you would find a hidden bunker door.

American Soldier: Go check it out. Bell!

Adler: (offscreen) I don't care if the door was fucking stuck. Open it.

Белл открывает дверь, однако она ведёт лишь в тот же коридор.

Adler: (offscreen) Park, give Bell another injection. Do it. Now!

Park: Heart rate is spiking. I'm not sure how much longer Bell can last. Good. Everything's stabilizing. Heart rate is coming down now.

[Bell runs down the corridor. The doors close in front of him. He hears a low whisper.]

Adler: (offscreen) Bell, go through a door! Turn around, Bell.

[Finally Bell opens the red door.]

Allor: (offscreen) What? The lab? What the hell is Bell doing in the lab? Bell, forget about the damn lab. I need to know about the bunker.

[Bell finds a meeting room.]

Perseus: Comrades... The United States and its allies slowly consume that which is dear to us.

[Time stands still. Bell connects to a computer and reads some encrypted files that have essentially no letters in them. Afterwards, the scene with him breaks off.]

Adler: We've known each other for years.

Park: It appears the subject's programming is beginning to take hold.

Adler: Been through the hell of Vietnam together. We've got a job to do. Can Bell survive another round?

Park: Now you're asking me?

Adler: Do it. We're not leaving empty-handed, Script 17.

Park: Ready.

Adler: (offscreen) Bell, we've got a job to do. We've been over this already… the bunker door was right there at the ruins, Bell! You went in! Bell, go into the bunker now! You're the only one who knows where Perseus is. Where he'll detonate the nukes. Where is he Bell?!

Perseus: Comrades... The United States and its allies slowly consume that which is dear to us. Our leaders continue to weaken under this threat. It is the moral duty of Perseus to act, when they will not. Soon we will possess an American nuclear bomb. The key to unlocking their entire Greenlight arsenal. Once we control the Greenlight arsenal, we will detonate them all from the safety of Solovetsky.

[We see the scene then Adler finds Bell in a car.]

Adler: Over here! We've got a live one.

[Adler brings Bell to the base.]

Adler: I've got to admit I'm surprised. I didn't think they'd recover so fast. We tried everything. Normal forms of interrogation weren't working.

Park: Breaking a subject's will and erasing their mind is a difficult and painful process.

Adler: That's a small price to pay.

Park: The CIA's mind control program has had a great deal of success with implanted memories.

Adler: You want me to tell them about my time in Vietnam?

Park: Lastly, you'll need a command phrase to trigger the implanted memories.

Adler: We have a job to do.

Adler: You had to reach the Soviet bunker.

Park: It appears the subject's programming is beginning to take hold.

Adler: We've got a job to do. We've known each other for years. Fought together, bled together. Been through the hell of Vietnam together. We've got a job to do.

Parks: And now the training's complete. We just need to give the subject a name.

Adler: Bell.

Identity Crisis[]

Sims: He's coming to.

Adler: Bell, no more fucking around. What did Perseus say? Where is he?

Bell: (dialogue option) Who am I?

Adler: You're disoriented, Bell. We'll explain everything later. Right now we need to help each other.

Bell: (dialogue option) Bullshit.

Adler: "Bullshit" is what your whole life will amount to if you don't come clean. Tell us where Perseus is!

Bell: (dialogue option) What did you do to me?

Adler: We gave you a second chance when you were shit out of luck. Now we just want some assistance in return.

Park: Bell, you were one of Perseus's agents. His associate, Arash Kadivar, turned on you at the airstrip in Turkey. Left you for dead.

[Bell recalls the moment before Adler discovered him. He is riding in the car with Arash.]

Arash: When the plane leaves Trabzon, it's stopping in Duga. This you know. Here's what you don't know. Perseus won't be there. None of these hired guns are going to leave Duga alive. We'll dump their bodies in the forest. Then we will move the weapons to Volkov in Berlin. From there we fly to Solovetsky.

[The car stops and Arash gets out.]

Arash: But I have other plans for you. Perseus thinks too highly of you. I don't want the competition.

[He shoots Bell and the driver.]

Adler: We were there. We found you after everything went down.

[The discovery scene is repeated.]

Adler: Over here! We've got a live one!

Bell: (dialogue option) You're lying! You put the shit in my head.

Adler: The CIA reinvented you, Bell. We needed to give you a new identity to replace the old. Sims and I both wanted you to be CIA. You didn't resist it as much as we thought you might. And we were able to utilize your language and cryptography skills as an added bonus. The bigger challenge was your memory.

Park: The CIA's MK Ultra program used Adler's missions in Vietnam as a template. We needed you to have that shared experience, that lifelong bond, to establish trust.

Bell: (dialogue option) You people are sick.

Adler: Are your hands clean, Bell? No. Count yourself lucky. You've only had those memories for a few months. Me, I've been living with them for over a decade.

Bell: How did changing my identity help you?

Adler: Interrogation didn't work with you. But thanks to MK Ultra's research, we had a backup plan. If you believed you were someone else, we could lead you to a place where you'd give everything up.

Bell: (dialogue option) What did I give you?

Adler: Enough to get us where we are today. But we're not finished yet. We've got a job to do.

Adler: Bell, come on, we've got a job to do. The trigger phrase kept you in line, but it didn't get us everything we needed. Your innermost secrets were always locked behind a door. Bell. I realize you probably hate us right now. What we've done to you. I just need you to fully understand the stakes here. What you do right now is not about me, it's not about you. It's about millions of other fucking people. It's about stopping someone who in the and has no true allegiance to anyone other than himself. So tell me. Where is Perseus?

Perseus: Once we control the Greenlight arsenal, we will detonate them all from the safety of Solovetsky.

Adler: This is your chance to define who you really are, Bell. Where is Perseus?

Perseus: (echo) ...from the safety of Solovetsky.

[TRUTH] Solovetsky. It's Solovetsky Monastery. ✓

[LIE] Duga. The radar array near Duga.

Adler: Solovetsky... Sims, get Washington on the line. Everyone else gear up, we're leaving now. You made the right choice, Bell. Come on. You're still one of us.

[The U.S. Army is preparing its full power for the attack.]

Hudson: Perseus. The CIA's analysts consider him to be the single largest threat to the Free World.

Reagan: You've been given an important task. Protecting our very way of life from a great evil.

Perseus: The United States and its allies slowly consume that which is dear to us.

Hudson: We are hours away from Perseus detonating nuclear bombs in every major European city.

Adler: We'll do whatever it takes. Some of us will cross the line, to make sure the line's still there in the morning. No one's gonna brand us heroes or villains. They don't know us. As for me... I've been chasing this ghost for thirteen years. That ends now.

Truth Ending - The Final Countdown[]

Emkay "Bell" Ice, CIA The Solovetsky Islands, USSR March 15, 1981

[U.S. troops drive a heavily armed military truck through the Soviet Union.]

Woods: Coming up on your right! Belikov really came through on this Soviet armor!

Adler: About time you caught up, Woods!

Woods: No way I'm missing this! Motherfuckers are gonna pay for icing Lazar!

Adler: You'll get your chance. Solevetsky's two clicks out!

Command: All units. EMP in transit.

Pilot: Starfish inbound! 400 knots!

Adler: When that baby hits we'll have twelve minutes, max, before the radio towers come back online! Our job is to knock out the AA guns and give our warbirds a clean shot! Let's take Perseus off the air!

[A moving convoy of military trucks gets under fire.]

Mason: Fuck me, that loosened some fillings! Light 'em up!

Adler: Now we're cooking!

Woods: Bad guys! Lots of bad guys!

Adler: Pour it on!

Woods: Push up! Push up! Go! Go! Go!

Adler: AA gun straight ahead! RPG! We're pinned down! Bell, toss out a smoke so we can move up! Mason, Woods, cover right! Bell! Plant your C4! Blow that thing to shit! Right. Stand back. C-4 is cooking! Nice work, Bell! Head for the church. Cut 'em down! Mason! Woods! Clear out any AA guns on the West Wing!

Hudson: Adler this is Hudson! Have you cleared the AA guns? We need to launch these bombers!

Woods: We're on it, Adler.

Adler: We got one AA cleared!

Hudson: You know that's not good enough! I can't risk an early strike! We only got one shot at this!

Adler: Contact! You don't think I know that? Just be ready to launch when I tell you, Hudson! Ah shit, I hate these guys! Take 'em down quick! Aim for the head! Aim for the head! We got maybe five minutes before all of Europe goes nuclear! Pick up the pace! Their power is coming back on!

Woods: Adler, you seeing this?

Adler: Woods! We're running out of time! I gotta tell Hudson to launch!

Woods. That's a big gamble if that gun ain't cleared!

Adler: Watch it! Heavy MG on the ridge! Hudson! Start your bombing run!

Hudson: Copy that! Get your team outta there, Adler!

Adler: Those bombers won't have a chance if we don't clear that last AA gun!

Woods: You better hurry the fuck up!

Pilot: Orders confirmed. Bombing strike imminent.

Adler: Bell, the bombers will be here any minute!

Pilot: Coordinates confirmed. One minute to bomb strike.

Adler: The radio towers are still booting up! We gotta chance!

Pilot: All units be advised. We are scorching earth. Clear all friendlies. Repeat clear all friendlies.

Pilot: Ground team, zone is hot! You are danger close! Repeat you are danger close!

Adler: Bell! We gotta go! Now!

[The planes destroy the base. Bell stays there to watch the explosion.]

Black: They did it. Mr. President. They stopped the nukes.

Reagan: Thank God.

Black: Thank the CIA.

Reagan: Did they get Perseus?

Black: No, sir. His whereabouts are unknown.

Reagan: And a Russian response?

Black: Nothing yet. We're seeing signs of confusion. It's possible this was all a rogue operation. Perseus may not have been following orders from Moscow.

Reagan: Well I'll be damned. Maybe we have something in common after all.

[The conversation ends. In the background of the black screen, we hear Hudson's voice.]

Hudson: We stopped him. Those towers are history. What's your situation down there? Come in. Woods, have you found them yet?

Woods: Over here! Give me a hand!

[Bell turns out to be alive. He is rescued from under the wreckage.]

Adler: Take my hand, Bell. We did it. This is a message to Perseus, and those that'll follow him. We don't just sit back and hope for the best... we'll make the best happen. This is how wars are won, Bell.

[Go back to base.]

Black: Do you have an update on Qasim Javadi?

Hudson: Yeah. After capturing Qasim Javadi we've convinced him he's better off working for us, rather than against us. The death of Arash Kadivar opens a path for Qasim to take control of their network. He'll give us a deeper insight into Soviet activity in the Middle East. And with our resources behind him, he should be able to influence regional affairs for years to come.

Black: What about Anton Volkov?

Hudson: After his death, elements inside the GDR saw an opportunity to reduce the Russian mob's influence in East Berlin. Two days ago, in a large-scale midnight raid, Stasi swept through the homes of anyone with connections to Volkov. Men. Women, and children were all gone before the sun rose. This will be a major setback to underground Soviet activity in Europe.

Black: How did the clean-up in Havana go?

Hudson: We were able to recover Agent Azoulay's body from the compound in Cuba. President Reagan personally reached out to his family, and his casket is in transit to Tel Aviv. As you know. Helen Park returned to London. She'll continue to recover from her injuries there. Afterwards MI6 plans to give her a task force dedicated to finding Perseus.

Black: What about the rest of the team?

Hudson: They got off Solovetsky before the Soviets could send in forces to investigate. We'll take some time to heal up, then it's back to work.

Black: We may have stopped Perseus, but his rats are still nesting all around us thanks to the help of one of our own.

Hudson: True. We failed to hunt down Robert Aldrich and his domestic network of spies. We may have to go to more extreme measures, like broad domestic surveillance. Which of course we're not authorized to do.

Black: Not yet. What about Europe?

Hudson: We may have saved it from getting blown to kingdom come, but it's still stacked with Perseus's agents. There's more we could have done there if we'd had the time.

Black: And Bell?

[His story is shown to us in person.]

Adler: Arctic air. Clears the head, doesn't it? Bell, you made two extraordinary sacrifices to stop Perseus. One was without your knowledge. The other... you made that decision of your own accord. I just want you to know that this little thing that's happened with you and me… It was always for the greater good. You're a goddamn hero, you know that, kid? Heroes have to make sacrifices. That's why when I ask you for one more, I hope you understand… was never personal.

[They pull out their pistols and simultaneously shoot each other. The outcome remains unknown.]

Lie Ending - Ashes to Ashes[]

Adler: This is your chance to define who you really are, Bell. Where is Perseus?

Perseus: (echo) ...from the safety of Solovetsky.

[TRUTH] Solovetsky. It's Solovetsky Monastery.

[LIE] Duga. The radar array near Duga. ✓

Adler: Duga... Sims, get Washington on the line. Everyone else gear up, we're leaving now. You made the right choice, Bell. Come on. You're still one of us.

[Bell secretly reports the data on the radio.]

Soviet Soldier: Так точно. (Affirmative.)

[They roll out.]

Hudson: Five years ago NATO intelligence detected a powerful signal of unknown origin. The new signal created radio disruptions worldwide.

Sims: Not to mention all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Hudson: NATO quickly tracked it to this facility in the Soviet republic of Ukraine. The Duga radar array.

Sims: It's an over-the-horizon radar system. Big improvement over their old missile defense tech. It uses a lot of juice. Could be used to broadcast any kind of long-range signal they want.

Adler: Like detonation codes to every Greenlight nuke in Europe.

Macon: Where exactly is this thing?

Sims: About 60 miles north of Kiev, between the cities of Pripyat and Chernobyl. It's nothing but thick forest for miles around.

Adler: A perfect hiding spot for Perseus.

Sims: We'll have to drop you in a little further out. No recon, no heavy support. Just a light infiltration squad.

Woods: Shouldn't be a problem. Just point the way.

Adler: Bell came through for us in the nick of time. I never doubted it.

Park: Adler. Still seeing no activity from our side.

Woods: Same. I haven't seen shit.

Adler: Alright. Everyone converge on the gate. You sure you're not forgetting something, Bell?

[They pick up their weapons and walk out to the base in front of the radio tower.]

Mason: There's nothing here. This can't be the right place.

Adler: We didn't see anything on our side either.

Woods: It's him! He fucking lied to us!

Adler: That true, Bell? You pull us out to the middle of nowhere Russia so Perseus can detonate those nukes?

[Bell gives the signal and the American special agents, who had previously checked the area, are surrounded in one second. However, the Soviet military is not too bright either. They fire RPGs at all enemies at once and hit Bell.]

Adler. I'm hit! Taking cover.

Park: Get inside, Adler! We'll cover you!

[A Soviet soldier helps Bell get back on his feet.]

Soviet Soldier: On your feet, Comrade! Ready for a little retribution?

Park: Bell, you're making a mistake!

[Bell kills Park with a sniper rifle.]

Mason: Park's down!

Adler: Don't back down!

Wood: We're gonna bury you, motherfucker!

Soviet Soldier: No mercy!

Mason: Should have stayed on our side.

Soviet Soldier: Forward!

[Mason dies next.]

Woods: No! Mason! You're dead, Bell!

Adler: Stay in it!

Woods: Bell, you shouldn't have fucked with us!

[After these words, he is immediately shot in the head. Bell enters the building looking for Adler.]

Soviet Soldier: Over here, Comrade!

Soviet Soldier: This is it!

Soviet Soldier: Your friend went through here. He is not far. Come out and play. You are running out of time. And space. The cat becomes the mouse.

[Bell finds Adler. He already has a bullet in his stomach.]

Adler: Glad to see you still care. Mind giving me a light?

[Adler tries to attack Bell with a knife, but loses. Bell stabs Adler in the throat.]

Soviet Soldier: That street dog should have been put down long ago.

[He takes off his mask. This is Perseus.]

Perseus: You remember my face, don't you? (via radio) Solovetsky. Stand by for the detonation order.

Soviet Soldier: Так точно. (Yes, sir.)

Perseus: I think you deserve this moment comrade.

[Bell gives the order to launch. What exactly he said we do not hear.]

Soviet Soldier: Так точно. (Yes, sir.)

Perseus: I wish we could return to Solovetsky to watch it all unfold, but that chapter is closed now. We begin the next one together. You did well. And to think after all this time, they still believe I'm Perseus. (laughs) As if Perseus could ever be an individual, working alone. So American. We'll need a new home now. The Central Committee will be more surprised than the CIA. Even if we made the best choice for the future of our homeland… Nyet. For humanity.... Their eyes will be as clouded as ours once were. Come. There is still much to be done.

[Against the backdrop of a nuclear explosion, we are telepor to the headquarters of the President of the United States.]

Reagan: My God. How many Greenlight nukes did he detonate?

Black: All of them, Mr. President.

Reagan: Does anyone know the bombs were ours?

Black: Materials related to Operation Greenlight were anonymously released an hour ago, presumably Perseus. Calls are beginning to come in from across the globe.

Reagan: That son of a bitch…

Black: You and Vice President Bush are to be moved to secure locations immediately.

Reagan: I want any business related to this thing erased forever. Everything. Can you make that happen?

Black: Of course. It's already begun.

[Amidst the fake news, we hear the voice of Perseus.]

Perseus: We will watch Europe burn. We will watch the empire of the United States collapse under its own weight. A world with two superpowers will become a world with one. The Soviet Union. And if the leaders of this new world order squander the opportunity we have provided them… then they too will be replaced.

[Afterwards we go back to headquarters in Germany.]

Perseus: Qasim Javadi. He fell into the hands of your former CIA friends. Qasim is too soft. I will need you to personally supervise this erasure. It is a shame you had to kill Anton Volkov. He was our most valuable GDR asset. But perhaps with the fall of the West it will not prove so great a blow. You say that Eleazar Azoulay perished in Cuba. We will not miss that one. His interference with our middle east assets will be a distraction no more. As for the rest, I was a pleasure eliminating them by your side. With the West in chaos, our key agents within the United States are in place and ready for the next phase of our plan. Now that Europe is in disarray, our agents within their respective governments can help cralt Europe's future. One completely aligned with the interests of the Soviet Union. My friend, we are just getting started.