[Bruce Wayne goes to his secret hideout. As he walks in, we hear a voice coming from the television.]

TV: Police and emergency services are urging Gotham residents to stay off the roads and in their homes tonight in light of the severe winter storm warning.

Vicki Vale: No man is an island, Bruce. You’ve been back for almost two years now… you can’t expect me to believe that Gotham’s most eligible bachelor is spending another Christmas alone.

Bruce Wayne: …you just ran out of time.

Commissioner Loeb: …knowing that tonight, we put to rest one of Gotham’s most heinous and relentless killers - Julian Gregory Day.

Reporter: Commissioner Loeb! Commissioner Loeb - any comment on the rumor that it wasn’t actually the cops who captured Mr. Day?

Gordon: There is no such thing as a ‘bat man.’

Reporters: Captain Gordon, Captain Gordon!

Gordon: No further questions. No further QUESTIONS.

Police Dispatcher: (over the radio) All units, all units, code ten at Blackgate Prison. Communication is down. Possible 2-11.

Police Officer 1: (over the radio) Delta 6-4, en route.

Police Officer 2: (over the radio) Dispatch. 5-9. Confirm code 10 - this is a break out?

Police Dispatcher: (over the radio) Suspect identified as Black Mask. Repeat: code 10, suspect is Black Mask. All units at Blackgate. Code 6. Code 6. Commissioner Loeb being held captive. Repeat. Commissioner Loeb is 701.

[Hearing this, Bruce gears up.]

Alfred: You do realize it is Christmas Eve, sir?

[Without answering Batman flies away.]


Batman: Looks like Black Mask entered the prison here. I need to find Commissioner Loeb - before it’s too late.

Warden Joseph: He said he’d leave my family alone if I did what he asked…

Mobster: I hope he keeps his word. Thing is, you ain’t gonna live to find out. Sorry, Warden. Black Mask can’t leave no loose ends lyin’ around.

Warden Joseph: What are you waiting for? If you’re gonna do it get it over with. No! Please!

Mobster: Oh I’ll kill ya all right. But by the time I do that eye won’t be the only thing you’re missin’.

Warden Joseph: What is that!? Behind you?

Mobster: Oh, camaaan. ’spect me to fall for that? I mean, try something original, you - (he turns around and sees Batman) And who do you think you are?

[Batman knocks out a mobster with one blow.]

Warden Joseph: No! Stay away! Don’t hurt me! I’d heard the rumors but… You… you’re not supposed to be real.

Batman: Who tore this place apart?

Warden Joseph: I don’t know what it is - it’s huge.

Batman: Where is Black Mask?

Warden Joseph: I - I don’t know. He’s here for Commissioner Loeb. Maybe one of his men knows where he’s headed.

[Batman leaves and after a few moments sees several scumbags, freely walking around the prison.]

Batman: These are Black Mask’s men. I’ll make them tell me where I can find Black Mask.

Criminal: What is that thing!?

Criminal: It’s - it’s the bat!

Criminal: I heard he was a myth!

Criminal: He’s come for us!

[He beat them up and start interrogating.]

Mobster: Just don’t - don’t hurt me. Please!

Batman: Where’s Black Mask?

Mobster: How the hell should I know?

Batman: I’m going to make you talk. How much pain you endure before that is in your hands.

Mobster: Screw you.

Batman: I don’t have time for this.

Mobster: Ok. Ok. He’s heading to the execution chamber - with Loeb.

Batman: Smart move. Now you get to take a nap.

[He sees something flying in corridor.]

Batman: A drone. That doesn’t belong here. Wonder who’s controlling it?

[He encounters a bunch of criminals.]

Criminal: We’re outta here!

Criminal: Move - before the guards find out.

Criminal: Crap.

Criminal: Oh no – it’s…

Criminal: I ain’t fighting him!

Batman: The only way to advance is to grapple up and over this gate. I should hurry.

Prison Guard: Please - I… I can’t take anymore.

Mobster: If you take Black Mask’s money, you do what he says. You give him lip instead, this is what happens.

Batman: What is that?

Prison Guard: But… he’s… he’s gone crazy.

Mobster: Talk like that’s what got you in this mess in the first place.

Prison Guard: Don’t hurt me. Please.

Vicki Vale: Let me out! Do you know who I am?

Mobster: This is Vicki Vale reporting live from Mike’s underpants.

Mobster: It’s him!

Mobster: We gotta him!

Mobster: We gotta stay and fight.

Vicki Vale: Is that? Its - it’s really him… Are we safe in here?

Cameraman: How should I know?

Vicki Vale: What if he comes for us? We need to get prepared.

Cameraman: Relax. I heard on the news he only hurts criminals.

Vicki Vale: And you believe everything you hear on the news? Who is he??

Batman: That area of the floor is weak I can use my explosive gel to break through.

Black Mask: They say crime doesn’t pay - but someone oughtta check the good police commissioner’s pockets.

Black Mask: - ’cause they’re LINED with MY money. And what have I got to show for it? My own men in the Slammer? Not no more. No. Tonight - we’re making some changes. Some big changes.

Criminal: You’re a dead man walking Loeb!

Criminal: You heard the man. Tonight’s our night!!!

Criminal: That’s right. He’s gonna kill Loeb tonight!

Criminal: ’bout time Loeb got what he deserves.

Criminal: Hell yeah it is!

Criminal: Now listen up. Black Mask’s let us out - so way I see it we owe him one. Let’s clear this place of guards, so he can make a clean escape.

Criminal: Hey - I didn’t sign up for gettin’ my ass kicked!

Mobster: Is that the best you morons got!?

Mobster: I thought you was on Death Row ’cuz you was cold blooded killers!

Mobster: Oh Madonna Mi! (Oh mother!)

Mobster: I can’t believe this.

Mobster: Black Mask’ll see you DEAD! You hear me!?

Mobster: Is that the best you morons got!?

Mobster: You ain’t gettin’ past me.

Batman: That wall beside him is weak. If I can find a way in behind it. I can take him down safely.

Mobster: Good. Looks like I soared him off.

Black Mask: Part of me wants to just flip that switch. But it is Christmas Eve… and he is the Calendar Man and that’s just too perfect to ignore.

Commissioner Loeb: What’s this all about, Sionis? Haven’t I always come through for you?

Black Mask: You may have. Gillian. But things have changed, e’re starting with a clean slate - and you’re not on it.

Commissioner Loeb: What are you talking about? I’m not on it? After all I’ve done for YOU. You can’t do this! I’m the Police Commissioner, dammit!

Black Mask: Show’ ver, boys. Let’s go.

Batman: I’m too late. Commissioner Loeb is dead. Black Mask has a lot to answer for.

Mobster: It’s the Bat! We’re never getting out of here!

Mobster: We gotta try!?

Black Mask: I told you to grab the memory card!

Killer Croc: You wanted it smashed, so I smashed it!

Black Mask: It had better be or the next thing that gets smashed will be your face!

Batman: The memory card is damaged, but I should be able to recover most of the data back at the Batcave.

Killer Croc: Thought I caught your scent.

Batman: I know, I caught yours.

Killer Croc: Time to make some money.

Killer Croc: Gonna put an end to this.

Killer Croc: You’re all mine.

Killer Croc: Did that hurt your fist?

Killer Croc: You tryin’ to run?

Batman: Your boss. Where’s he going?

Killer Croc: Only boss a’me, is me.

Batman: You want teeth. I want answers.

Killer Croc: Wait ’till Black Mask’s assassins get through with you.

Batman: What assassins?

Killer Croc: Whoever wins is gonna be famous AND rich.

Batman: At least we know he won’t be ugly.

Bullock: Freeze!

Gordon: Hold it right there! I’m taking you in!

Batman: Not tonight.

Bullock: No such thing as a Bat Man, huh?


Alfred: Are you back for the night, sir? Shall I warm up Christmas dinner?

Batman: No. It’s going to be a long night. Alfred. I just ran into a human-shaped crocodile - who told me Black Mask has hired assassins to kill me.

Alfred: Assassins, Sir? As in, more than one?

Batman: That’s right.

Alfred: And you heard this from the mouth of a crocodile man?

Batman: His name is Killer Croc. And he’s already behind bars.

Alfred: Whoah… I pity his cell mate.

Batman: Let’s see what else is on the drone’s hard drive.

Black Mask: (on video) Each of them gets one of these envelopes. I need them delivered – tonight!

Batman: They’re all hired killers - the best in the business. Black Mask isn’t messing around. Slade Wilson… Deathstroke. Former military, subject of failed medical experiment.

Alfred: Failed, you say?

Batman: Garfield Lynns, a.k.a. Firefly. Burns on 90 percent of his body. Hmm… his obsession is going to be his end.

Alfred: How unlike anyone I know.

Batman: Here’s a face I don’t recognize… Copperhead. Strange. These reports reference a male, not a female.

Agent: (on video) Fourteen escapes, huh? Well you won’t be getting out of - What the - ? Help! Help!

Batman: Floyd Lawton. AKA Deadshot.

Policemen: (on video) Freeze!

Batman: Says here he’s an expert sharpshooter.

Alfred: How on earth…?

Batman: Suspected of many assassinations. Dangerous - but reckless. Street tough named Lester Buchinsky. Calls himself ‘Electrocutioner.’

Alfred: Shocking.

Batman: Shiva. Her skill is unmatched. Bane. Here - in Gotham? Why would he be taking money as a hired killer?

Alfred: Is that Warden Joseph?

Batman: Mmm-hmm. Must be how Black Mask got inside Blackgate Prison. He uses torture for intimidation - and entertainment.

Alfred: Eight assassins after your head. What are you going to do?

Batman: I’m going to fund out who was operating this drone - and make them tell me what they know. Then I’m going to find Black Mask - and put an end to this.

Alfred: Sir - I may be stating the obvious here - but you do realize that since you and I are the only people who know the Batman’s true identity, those assassins will all fall their mandate if you’d just spend the evening here.

Batman: They’ll put innocents in danger to attract my attention. I can’t take that risk.

Alfred: And you think it’s a better idea to just put yourself in their crosshairs?

Batman: There’s only one person in Gotham who can get his hands on something like this. The Penguin. He’s been tracking Black Mask. According to the drone’s GPS, it’s next waypoint was a rendezvous with Penguin’s men at Jezebel Plaza.

Alfred: You sure this is wise, Sir?

Batman: I know what I’m doing.

Alfred: Well in case you change your mind, and want to train tonight Instead I’ll keep your training facility active. Sir - make your travels easier, I went ahead and set up some auto-nav points at different areas of the city. One of my present destination should take you right to Jezebel Plaza.

Batman: Alfred. I’ve got…

Alfred: I’m tracking it, too. It appears the control towers you use for your auto-nav-systems are putting out a jamming signal.

Batman: Storm damage?

Alfred: You’ll have to go down there and find that out for yourself, Sir.

Batman: Got it. I’m close to one now.


Hostage: I swear - we’re the only ones here. Look - Gotham Optics gets a call that the towers acting funny, right? So they send a guy over. But he never shows. Probably went home for the night, lazy bastard… Anyway - when he doesn’t report in, they send us over. There’s no secret plan here, fellas. We’re just doing our jobs.

Mobster: What - the? Grab the hostages!

Mobster: Y-you seein’ this?

Mobster: What the hell is it?

Criminal: I gotta hostage! Whaddya gonna do now?

Criminal: I ain’t messin’ around. Move it!

Batman: I should use my smoke pellets.

Criminal: Come on. Where are you?

Batman: I need to get up and out of danger. He can’t shoot what he can’t see.

Criminal: Go this side covered.

Batman: Attacking head on is a good way to get myself shot, and probably the hostage too. But they won’t expect an attack from above. Nobody ever does.

Mobster: Is that thing out there with you!?

Hostage: Are you crazy?! We were answering a service call! That’s it!

Mobster: You better not be lying to me…

Criminal: Get off me!

Hostage: Screw this! I quit!

Mobster: W-what the hell was that?! You think it’s the guy that hired us? You piss him on or something?

Batman: Get yourself to safety - and call the police. They’ll want to see what’s going on here.

Hostage: OK. I will.

Criminal: If I go. I’m takin’ the hostage with me!

Hostage: T-this was just supposed to be a service call. Fix the tower. In and out. I need a new job…

Criminal: Whoever you are - come near me and I’ll kill this guy I ain’t playin’.

Hostage: I can fix the tower - Whatever you want. Just please don’t hurt me.

Batman: All I want is for you to get yourself to safety. I don’t think this tower malfunction is storm damage. I need to set up a crime scene and find out that happened. I should start by identifying the victim.

[He scans the body.]

Batman: Victim’s name is David Shannon, a Gotham Optics employee sent here to repair a faulty network tower. But what killed him? Scanning the DNA impact on the wall should provide an answer.

[He scans the DNA.]

Batman: Impact analysis indicates the victim was killed by some kind of explosion, originating at that access panel. I should scan it for additional clues.

[He scans the access panel.]

Batman: It looks like the panel was rigged to detonate when swiped with a keycard. Someone really didn’t want this tower repaired. And It looks like that same someone left a set of fingerprints behind. (over the radio) Alfred. I’m uploading some prints for analysis. Let me know what comes back.

Alfred: Certainly, sir. Searching now… And here we are: They belong to one John F. Baker. He’s a rather unremarkable criminal. Small jobs, mostly. Only… That’s curious.

Batman: What’s curious?

Alfred: Mister Baker’s dead, sir. His body was recovered from the Diamond District just under an hour ago.

Batman: Looks like someone’s tying up loose ends. I can bypass the booby-trapped access panel with my Cryptographic Sequencer. But I’ll need the encryption codes from the victim’s access card. Reviewing the crime scene will show me where it is.

[He finds the keycard.]

Batman: This card has the codes I need to hack any of the network tower’s access panels. (over the radio) Alfred. Contact the GCPD. Let them know about the body. Send the data from my analysis too.

Alfred: Certainly, sir. Does this mean you’ve found the source of the disturbance?

Batman: I think so.

[Batman goes to hack the tower security system.]

Enigma: Well, well. If it isn’t the King Thug himself. Figured it was only a matter of time before you showed up. Sorry about the mess downstairs.

Batman: Who is this?

Enigma: Think of me as a great big mystery! One you’re never going to solve.

Batman: Enigma, then.

Enigma: Oh ho ho. You must think you’re so clever. Well how’s this for clever: I’ve taken control of towers all over the City. As long as they’re active, your Batwing’s useless. And it looks like it’s gonna stay that way. I mean, this one’s practically BEGGING to be taken offline and you still can’t hack it. Pun intended, of course.

[Batman hack the system.]

Enigma: Hmmm… Black Mask’s not going to like this.

Batman: What are you talking about?

Enigma: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Batman: (over the map) With the jammer offline I can travel here with the Batwing. Those relays are distributed security system. I wonder what they’re protecting… That must be there Enigma’s set up shop. I need to pay him a visit.

Alfred: I see you’ve regained control of the Batwing, sir. I suppose it’s off to Jezebel Plaza, then?

Batman: That’s the plan. But then… I’ve also got a lead on Enigma.

Alfred: Don’t overthink it too much, sir. We both know you’ll eventually wind up doing both.

Batman: If I don’t get to Jezebel Plaza before that arms dealer, I’ll have no way to locate the Penguin.

GCPD Dispatcher: Attention all units, we need everyone on assignment. No 10-108 until further notice.

Criminal: Hey! HEY! This is OUR TURF. You ’n your crew need to DISAPPEAR.

Mobster: We’re here to take it over! Dispatcher just mentioned. I could go investigate, perhaps stop the crime - but I also need to get to the arms deal at Jezebel Plaza.

Batman: This is a long bridge. I should use my Grapnel Accelerator.

Alfred: I hope you will try to keep a low profile tonight, sir.

Batman: Trust me. I’ll take out those assassins before they even know I’m there.

Alfred: It’s not just that. If some curious child looks out to see who’s pattering across their rooftop they expect Santa Claus, not a black-clad, bat-creature.

Batman: I don’t patter.


[Batman arrives at Jezebel Plaza.]

Batman: Looks like I’m the first one here. I need to find a spot where I can stake this place out unnoticed. Penguin. Not a dime changes hands in this city he can’t tell you about. If anyone knows where Black Mask and his assassins are, it’s him. But Penguin’s hard to find. His men are doing a deal here. I’ll make them talk…

‘Loose Lips’: Guys! So, little boys - what do you want for Christmas? Oh wait. I already know. Now let’s see if you’ve been naughty or… Nice.

Batman: Punk in the Santa Hat must be in charge.

Criminal: Where’s the rest of ‘em?

‘Loose Lips’: Easy, tiger. When you deal with us, you’re dealing with the Penguin. This ain’t some fly-by-night operation.

Criminal: What the crap?

[He beat the thugs up and interrogate Loose Lips.]

‘Loose Lips’: OK. OK. I give up! Get away. NO… NO!

Batman: Where is The Penguin?

‘Loose Lips’: I don’t know…

Batman: Where is he?

‘Loose Lips’: I swear.

[He loses consciousness and wakes up at the top of a tall building.]

Batman: Wake up.

‘Loose Lips’: What… what happened?

Batman: Time to talk. Where’s Cobblepot?

‘Loose Lips’: Let me go! Please… Stop, stop, I’ll talk, I’ll tell you anything you want to know! Please -

Batman: Too late. I already have what I need.

‘Loose Lips’: You’re crazy! You’re friggin’ crazy!

Batman: If I can read this SIM card. I may be able to locate Penguin.

[He hack the SIM and call Alfred.]

Batman: Alfred, I getting interference on my com systems. Is that on your side?

Alfred: No, sir. I’m seeing it as well. It’s from the nearby GCR tower. It’s the same signal jamming the Batwing’s auto-nav systems. I’ve highlighted the tower on your map.

Batman: I’ll need to stop that signal before I can track down the Penguin.

[Batman tracks down Penguin’s arms dealer.]

Criminal: I’m just happy to have work right now.

Criminal: But don’t you think it’s weird? We’ve never seen this guy or heard his voice? Nothin’ but texts from an unlisted number.

Criminal: Whaddo I care - long as the money shows up in my bank account.

[After beating up some thugs Batman hear Enigma’s voice on the radio.]

Enigma: Well look who just showed up! Have you really decided to try and take me on? Get to it. Then I’m looking forward to watching you fall.

Enigma: You know, if you’d asked nicely, I’d of opened It for you.

[Batman hacks the tower.]

Enigma: Congratulations are in order! Maybe you’re not as stupid as I’ve been led to believe.

Batman: Why are you doing this, Enigma?

Enigma: Direct! I like it. So I’ll tell you. Gotham is sullied. It’s filled with brutes who control this city through violence and intimidation.

Batman: You didn’t answer my question.

Enigma: Because you didn’t let me finish! I want to get rid of them, Batman. To improve Gotham’s intellectual and moral standing. But I’m not a thug like you. My approach is a bit more refined.

Batman: What you’re doing is no different than stealing. There’s nothing refined about it.

Enigma: Your response IS as predictable as it is banal. Goodbye.

[After disabling the jamming signal, Batman proceeds to study the SIM card, taken from the arms dealer.]

Batman: Now I can access the SIM card I took from that arms dealer and hack Penguin’s communications.

[He hears voices through hacked channel…]

Criminal: The Penguin’s pretty pissed off about the deal going 800th.

Criminal: Yeah - if I was involved in that. I’d be on my way out of the city.

Batman: Alfred - I’m reading a signal from Penguin’s men but it’s not associated with any known wireless frequency.

Alfred: Ah yes. I see it here. Looks like Penguin runs his own private wireless network using laptop transmitters serving as ad hoc com stations. He’s feeding his men frequencies via two-way radio. There are two of these com stations near your position.

Batman: Good. Mark them on my map. It loan find and hack those walkie-talkles I can triangulate Penguin’s position.

[He flies off the roof and goes to get the first SIM card.]

Criminal: I start my trainin’ tomorrow. Gonna kick ass in next year’s Boiler Deck.

Criminal: I already started lookin’ into some self defense classes.

Criminal: Self defense? What’s that all about?

Criminal: You know. Martial arts techniques on how to defend yourself from an attacker.

Criminal: Defend yourself? You just gonna stand there and defend yourself while the other guy walls on you? You won’t last two rounds.

Penguin: …the Bat Man? You expect me to believe that? Listen - I happen to know that the Bat Man’s got way more important things to do tonight than mess with our shipment.

Batman: I need to find the next com-station. Then I’ll be able to triangulate Penguin’s position.

[He goes for the second SIM card listen to the hacked communications along the way.]

Criminal: Mr. Cobblepot. I swear it was the Bat. He dropped Ricky off the roof of the clock tower straight into the Christmas tree.

Penguin: I don’t care what you think you saw. If you’re not back ’ere with my money in the next ten minutes. I’ll cut your damn eyeballs out. And then you won’t have to worry about seeing nothin’ ever again. Is that clear!?

Criminal: Yes, Mr. Cobblepot. I’m sorry, Mr. Cobblepot.

Criminal: stand guard. It’s some passive aggressive form of punishment.

Criminal: Reason we’re out here is ’cause of all the assassins in town.

Criminal: Assassins? Alter Penguin?

Criminal: No they’re after the Bat. Black Mask hired ‘em. But Penguin’s worried they might track him down or somethin’ like that.

Criminal: Wait a second! Ain’t he selling weapons to those guys?

Criminal: Some of ‘em - the one’s he ain’t scared of. But the rest - he don’t want ‘em anywheres near him. GCPD Dispatcher Potential assignment incoming. Keep this channel open.

Cop: I’m not the one you want!

Penguin: All right everyone, listen up. I know I oughtta cancel our annual Boiler Deck fights after what happened tonight at Jezebel Plaza, but just to show you what a nice guys I have. So get to the ship if you want in on this.

Batman: There you are. Onboard the Final Offer.


Batman: Penguin’s been hiding out on an old ship. No wonder he’s been so hard to find.

GCPD Dispatcher: I need any unassigned unit for special assignment. Stand by.

Batman: Penguin’s got snipers out. I’ll have to take the snipers down silently to proceed.

[Batman quietly flies up to the ship and knocks out the armed guards on the deck.]

Criminal: So, who’s the outside challenger this year?

Criminal: Some guy… Buchinsky?

Criminal: Oh, yeah. I heard a’him. Big guy with a big mouth. Calls himself… Electric…?

Criminal: That’s right. Want a sec - they ain’t gonna let ‘em use those gloves in the fight. Is they?

Criminal: Hope not. That’d shift the odds.

Criminal: Yeah it would. I gotta call my bookie.

Criminal: What is this?

[After dealing with the guard Batman comes inside the ship where he encounters bandits with knives.]

Criminal: You want to get cut, Batman?

Criminal: Looks like someone brought a bat to a knife fight.

Penguin: Welcome, welcome to this year’s Boiler Deck fights! You know. I always get a laugh outta you first round lot. That’s why I keep you boys ‘round. Well that an’ I need someone to clean out the pisser! An’ don’t think I didn’t notice those of you who didn’t bet on yourselves. You’re either cheap or lacking confidence. Neither are desirable qualities.

Criminal: The latest in military surveillance gear. Not bad.

Criminal: Yeah. Pretty sweet, right? My cousin was using these in the war.

Criminal: Boss find any buyers for ‘em yet?

Criminal: Nah. Penguin’s just been testin’ ‘em out on his own so far.

Batman: Penguin is hosting some kind of fighting tournament. That’s where I need to go.

Candy: All available hands report to an deck four. Engine room’s starting to flood. Needs to be pumped out pronto.

Criminal: Wish I had field duty - instead of cleanin’ up after the accident.

Criminal: Why’s it matter? At least it’s warm in here.

Criminal: Lefty? Ohhh… Lefty. Ych.

Candy: Hey listen up. Unless y’all want this ship restin’ on the bottom of the channel I need some hands in the engine room right now - as in NOW, now - to pump ’er out! All right, time for a status report: Decks 1 and 2: still flooded. Deck 3: about half flooded still. No real change there. Repairs on deck 4 are coming along quite well — and no thanks to most of you lousy lugs - we’ve got the flooding in the engine room under control. That’s all. Have a nice night. Enjoy the fights.

[Batman finds the arena.]

Penguin: Oh come on, ladies! Stop tryin’ ta keep yer dresses clean an’ fight. That the best you can do? You hit like a ponce! Alright lads, the rest of you losers-to-be are gonna have to embarrass yourselves without me. God knows you can do it. I got some business to take care of in me office, and I don’t want to be disturbed. Tracey’ll be running the fights til I get back.

Batman: Sounds like Penguin will be in his office. Tracey should know where that is. I’ll make her talk.

[Batman joins the fights.]

Tracey: Now there’s a naughty geeza. Proper naughty. An’e deserves a right proper welcome. Don’e lads?

Electrocutioner: You just saved me a lot of trouble coming here, Bat-Man. I’m-a kill you. Then, I’m-a jumpstart your heart - and kill you again! ARE YOU READY? I ain’t here to talk. I’m here to kick your ass.

Batman: This is your last chance.

Electrocutioner: Just think of me as a bat zapper. Now, come to the light.

[The fight begins. Batman knocks out Electrocutioner with one hit.]

Batman: Who wants to show me where the Penguin is?

Tracey: Alright you lousy mugs, time t’earn your supper. However much that hurts, you’ll hurt more if he gets to Mr. Cobblepot!

Tracey: He’s here lookin’ for Cobblepot, boys. Let’ make sure he don’t find ‘im.

Tracey: Boys! Fightin’ like this is an’ Cobblepot a bad name.

Tracey: You goin’t’ave that off ’im?

Tracey: Bugger it all! You lads sure are a disappointment. To the Casino, then. Someone’s gotta warn Cobblepot what’s comin’ ’is way.

[Batman kicks all the thug’s asses and interrogate one of them.]

Batman: Where’s Cobblepot?

Criminal: I ain’t tellin’ you jack.

Batman: A little more pressure and I’ll crush your larynx. What’s it going to be?

Criminal: All right, all right. He’s in his office. Only way is through the theater - on the other side of, the casino. But you’ll never get past Tracey.

Batman: Tracey is not a problem.

[He knocks out the thug.]

Batman: That worked better than the last interrogation.

[He goes to the casino.]

Tracey: If Mister Cobblepot finishes with his guest and finds out you numpty prats let the Batman spoil his Boiler Deck fights - what do you think he’s gonna do to you lot?

Criminal: Yeah. Heard the boss was just gonna send it to the bottom when he gets the new ship.

Criminal: Can’t say I’ll miss the ole rust bucket. What ‘ya think he’ll call her? Final Offer Two?

Criminal: You can’t call It that, Final Offer’s the final offer. As in, final. As in you can’t make another one.

Criminal: Good point. Well maybe a new name’s good luck. We could use it.

Tracey: All right, you lousy mugs, we’re on full alert. I want updates, updates, updates! Anyone seen the intruder? Is he still even on the ship? This is serious, lads!

Criminal: Full alert she says. An intruder on board, she says.

Criminal: Yeah - when was the last time we had an intruder on this ship?

Tracey: All right, you lousy mugs, we’re on full alert. I want updates, updates, updates! Anyone seen the intruder? Is he still on the ship? This is serious, lads!

Criminal: Full alert she says. An intruder on board, she says.

Criminal: Yeah – when was the last time we had an intruder on this ship?

Tracey: Oy! I got a message for the Batman – from your mate the Electrocutioner. Back on ‘is feet he is – and he says you may have won this round – but the fight is far from over. He’ll be back for ya. Batman. Watch your arse!

Batman: Buchinsky’s come to - and now he’s on the lam. I should have tied him up - and called the cops to get him. (over the radio) Alfred, I had a run in with one of the assassins - Lester Buchinsky -

Alfred: The Electrocutioner - are you all right?

Batman: Yes. But he managed to escape. His gloves put out a strong electromagnetic pulse. If you can isolate the signal I’ll be able to track him down.

Alfred: I’ll get to work on that. Where are you off to now?

Batman: I’m my way to the Final Offers casino. I’m going to make Penguin’s assistant show me to her boss.

[Batman gets to the casino.]

Batman: The casino. Penguin’s assistant must be nearby. I’ll make her tell me where I can find Cobblepot’s Office.

Criminal: Should I go bring it to him.

Criminal: You serious? We got’a move this cash before the Bat gets here.

Criminal: Right, right. Hey. You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?

Criminal: I’m thinkin you should shut the hell up and pack the money.

Criminal: But… There’s so much. He ain’t gonna miss it if I just take a little Christmas Bonus?

Criminal: You hear about the last guy who lined a few bucks? Penguin told him he could work it off - at the bottom of the harbor.

Criminal: Hey… I was just askin’.

Criminal: Less askin’. More packin’.

Tracey: Aren’t you a persistent pain in me bottle?

Tracey: Mister Cobblepot ain’t takin’ new visitors and there ain’t no way I’m lettin’ you into the theater to see‘em. So, you can be on your merry way. Show ‘im the door, lads. You let him get to Cobblepot and you’re through. You do understand that, right? (A few guys run out and the fight begins.) In the face you ponces! Boys, yer puttin’ me to sleep. Let’s see some action!

Batman: Sounds like Cobblepot’s office is connected to the theater. And the entrance is controlled from that security room.

Criminal: Nothin’. I just told her I was workin’ Christmas Eve and there weren’t a damn thing she could do ’bout it.

Criminal: Like that, huh?

Criminal: Yeah. Like that. Ain’t like she’s makin’ enough she can tell me what to do.

Criminal: You’re right. You can’t let them get the upper hand.

Criminal: That’s what my dad always said. ’Course mom would slap him right after.

Criminal: Where is’e?

Criminal: Let’s kill the sunova bitch!

Criminal: See? I told ya. Nothin’ to worry about. Last guys probably scared ‘em off.

Criminal: Heh. Yeah! I’m feelin’ better!

Criminal: Where the hell’s my passcard? Dammit.

Tracey: Come on, girl. You’re just on the other side of the theater. Step out for a sec and give me an ‘and.

Candy: Uh-Uh. I can’t. He’s doin’ business. You know what that means.

Tracey: Yeah. Means someone’s gettin’ hurt. But we got serious issues out ‘ere.

Candy: C’mon. Trace. You got a whole boat full a’brawlers. An what ’bout that ’Lectrocuter? He’s a nasty one, you’ll be fine.

Tracey: I’m tellin’ you - he’s not some ponoe in a fancy sun. He’s naughty. An ‘es moppin’ the floor with our best ‘n brightest. Not that that’s sayin’ too much.

Candy: I don’t know. Just handle it, sista! He’s callin’ me back in.

Tracey: Uggh! Now I’m really deep in it! Candy! She’s earned ‘erself a dry slap; she ‘as.

Batman: That better be lip gloss you’re reaching for.

[He counters her attack with a bat and puts her in a cage.]

Tracey: Cobblepot isn’t be happy after hearing about this!

[Batman tries to get to the theater, but meets an enforcer.]

Enforcer: Allo, son. You know you ain’t welcome ’ere. And you know what we do to trespassers? Well, yer ’bout ta find out, ain’t ya?

Bodyguard: You gotta know mister Falcone’s not gonna stand for this.

Criminal: You wanna end up on ice like your friends?

Bodyguard: You’re scum. All a’you. You got no idea what you’re startin’.

Criminal: You don’t get it. The Falcones are done. Finished. A dyin’ empire. It’s our turn now.

Bodyguard: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth.

Criminal: You callin’ me weak?

Bodyguard: Meek. It’s from the bible.

Criminal: Ah. I ain’t never read that book. But if you’re the prayin’ type should shut your mouth and pray your boss tells my what he wants to know. Else both’a yas are gonna be…

Criminal: Wha-!? How’d he get by us?

Criminal: You gave me a freakin’ heart attack.

Criminal: AH! He’s got me!

Criminal: Who’s screaming?

Criminal: Guys!? You see this!?

Criminal: That ain’t natural.

Criminal: Smoke’s coverin’ his tracks!

Penguin: Now where were we, Candy?

Candy: You suggested little Alberto over here - hey baby - try to convince his father to take early retirement. He disagreed… Called you a… Let’s see… ‘psychotic little bastard.’

Alberto Falcone: No… No, no, no, no, Please!

Penguin: Now you best listen Falcone… ‘cos this is the last time I’ll ask’. (threatening him with a zapper) What you gonna tell yer father?

Alberto Falcone: That we’re getting out of the weapons business. I promise. I’ll make him do it.

Penguin: I see your lips flappin, Berty, but they ain’t makin the sound I want to hear. (he zaps him a couple of times.)

[Batman crashes into the party.]

Penguin: You idiots better kill him, ‘cos if not, you better ’ope he kills you.

Alberto Falcone: Please! Don’t hurt me!

Penguin: Kick his arse you numpty prats! Don’t stand there! Get‘em! C’mon now! Remind me why I pay you ponces! Kill‘em you bloody wankers! What are you waitin’ for!? Punch him in the FACE! Are you waitin’ for a personal invitation?

[Batman kicks thug’s arses and gets to the Penguin.]

Penguin: Now hold on, hold on a bloody minute! I seen your act. I ain’t done nothing you’d not’a done.

Batman: Black Mask. Put a bounty on my head. Where is he?

Penguin: I don’t keep tabs on every geezer with a grudge. You’re not a popular bloke in this town.

Batman: You’re running out of time.

Penguin: Eck… Wait - Wait… Lacey Towers. There was a murder… it was supposed to be his safehouse… But ol’ Black Mask he’s got problems of’is own, I’d say. Someone broke in there and -

[Suddenly, Batman dragged off by something in the doorway.]

Deathstroke: It appears the game ls over before it even begins.

Batman: I’m not playing games, Slade. Tell me where I can find Black Mask.

Deathstroke: Make no mistake. I’m killing you for the money, but that won’t stop me from enjoying this.

Deathstroke: Weak.

Deathstroke: Aggressive.

Deathstroke: Your training is inadequate.

Deathstroke: That was a mistake.

Deathstroke: Not such a pushover after all.

Deathstroke: No more.

Deathstroke: Why the restraint, Batman?

Deathstroke: I see it will take more. Fair enough.

Deathstoke: A few tricks left, I see.

Deathstroke: Amusing.

Deathstroke: You’ll regret that.

Deathstroke: You’ll need to be faster.

Deathstroke: Are you afraid to kill? Is that it?

Deathstroke: Surprising.

Deathstroke: DIE! What are you!?

Batman: It’s over, Slade -

Penguin: Nice seein’ ya, Batman. Feel free to let yourself out. Kill him.

Batman: I can’t let Penguin get away. There’s more I need to ask him.

Batman: I can use Deathstroke’s demos to get up to the balcony.

Penguin: You’ll have more luck gettin’ into a nun’s skivvies than gettin’ into this room. Go on, then. Beat it a bit harder. Really make me feel it. Well, as you can see, I got me ’ands full. ’ave a and piss off.

Batman: Alfred. See if you can find a information on a murder at Lace Towers.

Alfred: Looks like police are on the scene now, Sir. Oh and this is interesting. They’re saying Black Mask is the victim.

Batman: Black Mask - dead? I’m on my way there now.

Batman: The Remote Claw I took from Deathstroke could be useful here. Alfred. Get GCPD to take a look at the Final Offer - moored at Dixon Docks. They’ll find Slade Wilson tied up and waiting for them - along with some of Penguin’s illegally obtained weapons.

Alfred: Another anonymous tip? Will do, sir.

Anarky: Oppressed citizens of Gotham, your cries for help have been heard! I am Anarky - voice of the people - here to save you from the plague of corruption that now infests this once proud city! Those hired and elected to keep us free and safe won’t lift a finger! And why would they? They’ve been bought and paid for; encouraged to turn a blind eye. If they won’t act, I will. At dawn’s first light - the sources of Gotham’s ruin WILL. BE. DESTROYED.

Batman: I should hurry to Lacey Towers - before the cops destroy all the evidence from the crime scene Penguin mentioned.

Batman: The cops investigating this crime should have a relay station set up. It will look like a mobile satellite dish - probably on a rooftop.

[Batman hacks the satellite.]

Cop: Rubio - what’s your twenty?

Rubio: On the balcony for a smoke with Jimenez.

Batman: Those men on the balcony - that could be my way in.

Rubio: Open and shut case. Penguin murdered Black Mask and his lady friend. I mean we found the bastard’s stubby like fingerprints right by the bodies.

Cop: Yeah, we got Penguin now. Like to see him squirm outta this one. Fingerprints. Two dead bodies. He’s ’bou to do some time.


Batman: The police believe Penguin murdered Black Mask, but why would he send me here if he was the killer? It doesn’t add up.

[Batman scans male victim.]

Batman: This crime took place days ago. The fire and the exposure to the elements make identifying the victims difficult. The male victim is wearing a black mask, but I can’t positively identify him as Roman Sionis without a DNA analysis - something I cant do in the field.

[Batman scans female victim.]

Batman: I can identify female victim based on her fingerprints: Tiffany Ambrose. Roman Sionis’ girlfriend - or one of them, at least. She was no angel. Long list of priors. But nothing to indicate she was the target here.

[Batman scans traces of fire.]

Batman: The fire spread as a result of a Molotov cocktail thrown into the room. It may have been intended to destroy evidence.

[Batman scans the point of bullet impact.]

Batman: The shallow trajectory of the bullet suggests the shooter could be someone of Penguin’s height. But the grooves on the floor suggest that the victim was killed by someone leaning back in a chair.

[He continues to track bullets.]

Batman: This bullet was fired from a revolver. Ballistics analysis indicates a low angle of trajectory. The shooter could have been someone of Penguin’s height. Ballistics analysis indicates a low angle trajectory. But the pat e in the gunpowder residue suggests the bullet was actually fired by someone lying on the ground.

[He study the fingerprints on the counter.]

Batman: These fingerprints are a match for the Penguin. But they’re on top of the soot from the fire. The cops were right - Penguin was in the room. But these prints prove he was here AFTER the murders were committed. The only thing I know for certain is that Tiffany’s committed. If he didn’t kill Black Mask, who did…? The only thing I know for certain is that Tiffany’s shooter was lying on the floor. But why?

[He study streaks on the floor.]

Batman: These white streaks are shoe polish. Whoever shot Tiffany was being dragged along the floor.

Batman: Besides the victims, there were two other people in the room: Tiffany’s shooter, and whoever was dragging the shooter. The location from which the male victim was shot may tell me more.

Batman: The DNA here doesn’t belong to either the victims. Whose is it?

Batman: The fight broke out when someone startled the shooter. It’s not clear who won the fight. It could have been either one of them. I should review the evidence to see if I can learn anything more about either the intruder - or the shooter.


Batman: Fabric analysis indicates the intruder was wearing a white suit or sport jacket. This fabric swatch could help identify the intruder, impact area I haven’t checked for clues but I still can’t identify the male victim’s shooter. There’s one oxidation suggests it has been here for several days.


Batman: This DNA is from the female victim. The level of oxidation suggets it has been here for several days. If I review the evidence. I may be able to find out what she was doing when she was attacked.


Batman: She was sending text messages to Roman Sionis - about someone named ’The Joker.’

[Having finished analyzing the evidence, Batman proceeds to conclusions.]

Batman: Someone killed Black Mask - but this crime took place several days ago - and I saw Black Mask earlier tonight. The only answers I have raise more questions: Who is ‘the Joker’? Was he the killer here? Or is he one of the assassins? I have a body, an unknown shooter, and an unknown assailant who attacked the shooter. I need to match the DNA samples against the records in the National Criminal Database to identify who was in the room.

Batman: (via radio)Alfred - I need access to the National Criminal database.

Alfred: Well, the only way to do that would be to infiltrate the Gotham City Police Department.

Batman: Then that’s where I’m going.

Alfred: Sir. You’d need to physically hack into their servers. If you insist on doing something that foolish you’ll need a powerful nonlethal weapon. I recommend coming back here to pick up your concussion detonator.

Batman: Not a bad idea.


Cop: 8-2? Come in 8-2. Dispatch, Delta 4-4. Can you raise Delta 8-2?

GCPD Dispatcher: Delta 4-4, no response from 8-2. Please proceed inside to confirm 8-2’s status.

Cop: 10-4. Dispatch proceed inside to confirm 8-2’s status.


Alfred: Welcome home, sir! The concussion detonator is on your workbench. Remember - if you, use that instead of your fists, you’ll do less lasting damage to those police office and civil servants.

Batman: Noted.

Alfred: Well played, air! You stopped the Electrocutioner with a single strike.

Batman: I just used his arrogance to my advantage. A textbook move a child could have avoided.

Alfred: True, but I doubt the rest of them will go down as easily.

Batman: If they do, we’ll be eating that Christmas ham sooner than you think.

[Batman leaves the cave and flies to the police building.]

Alfred: Master Bruce guards have been doubled at police precincts since Loeb’s murder. You’ll need to find a way to sneak in that won’t attract attention.

Batman: Understood. Thanks.

Cop: You believe what went down at the plaza?

Cop: Yeah. I heard. Ain’t buyin’ it though.

Cop: What do you mean? You saw the guy they brought in.

Cop: So wait… we give ‘em space to do their little arms deal, but then some ’monster in a cape’ drops‘em from a building and a Christmas tree breaks his fall? And one of his own thugs walks off with the cash. You buy that?

Cop: And so, what? Now we don’t get paid? No, sir. I’m gettin’ paid, one way or another.

Cop: Marks’s got the guy over in interrogation right now. You want to go and rough him up a bit afterwards?

Cop: Oh. I’m planning on it.

Cop: Like the way you think.

SWAT: It’s show time!

SWAT: Firing!

[Batman go inside the building.]

Cop: Hey - you hear that?

Cop: Yeah. Probably another water pipe bursting. Love to go take a look, but you know, my shifts over.

Cop: Loeb - Loeb understood. The problem is. Gordon ain’t a team player.

Batman: This won’t be easy. But if I’m going to access the National Criminal Database and find out what happened at Lacey Towers. I need to find the sewer room — without being discovered.

Gordon: I know everyone’s still in shock over what happened to commissioner Loeb, but we need to stay focused on our primary targets for tonight. So far Waylon Jones has been processed - and we’re following an anonymous tip on Deathstroke’s location - but we’ve got a ways to go before sunrise.

Cop: Yeah, well they was supposed to be guarding a crime scene, not gabbin’. No wonder the Bat got the drop on‘em. Tell‘em to keep their eyes open next time.

Alfred: Must you be so brutal Sir? These are city employees.

Batman: They’re as corrupt as they come - and they’re in my way.

Alfred: I wish you’d think twice about that approach, sir. You never know when you might need their help. At any rate, your objective is the GCPD Server room. I’ve marked it on your map.

Batman: I won’t be able to access doors like this with my Cryptographic Sequencer. I’ll need to find another way.

Batman: I won’t stand a chance against that many armed men. I can use Deathstroke’s remote claw to pass above their heads undetected.

Branden: Alright - listen up. While you jokers were playing clean-up crew at Blackgate, I was making us some money. I worked out a deal with our pal Black Mask. If any of us can kill the Bat before the assassins get to him, we get the bounty - all fifty million dollars of it. For those of you who ain’t too good with the math that means we all retire early.

Batman: If I’m not careful that guard will alert the others.

SWAT: That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

SWAT: Nice!

SWAT: Let’s take ’im down, then!

SWAT: Yeah, what are we waitin’ for?

Branden: Enough. We only get one night to get this done. So whatever they put you on tonight - I want you to blow it off. Finding and killing the Bat is your number one priority. That clear?

Cop: Then we treat him like any other scumbag. If we can’t find dirt, we make our own holding cells to go free?

Cop: What if Captain Gordon allowed all the perps in the -

Marks: So what does this ’disruptor’ of yours do?

[Batman rushes into the interrogation room.]

Loose Lips: Not you again!

Batman: Talk. Or you won’t be walking anywhere. Ever.

Loose Lips: No way! You gotta answer for droppin’ me off that rooftop, buddy.

Batman: No. You have to answer to me. How does this ‘disruptor’ work?

Loose Lips: Ask one of the pigs. They got it in evidence lock-up.

Batman: How bout we take a little walk up to the roof?

Loose Lips: Okay! Okay! You win. It… It jams weapons, overrides electronic locks, alright? Now… you gonna let me go!

Batman: How’d that work out for you last time?

[He knock him off.]

Hobo: Hey. We got rights!

Cops: Who told you that? Huh? Your buddy, Anarky?

[Batman take down the policemen.]

Batman: Get yourself to a shelter.

Hobo: You kiddin’? That’s where they round us up! You don’t get it. Anarky gets it, but you… you don’t get it, man!

Cop: Are you listening to me, I don’t care what’s going on out there, I gotta deal with this problem. If I don’t give this bastard what he wants, he’ll send…

Barbara: He’s out there catching the criminals that you let walk free!

Gordon: He is the worst kind of criminal. The kind who thinks their actions are justified - who acts completely outside the system -

Barbara: The system is broken!

Gordon: Barbara! Wait.

Branden: There’s 50 million bucks riding on this. So I don’t wanna hear any excuses. Bag the Bat and let’s get paid!

Cop: With Loeb gone maybe some positions’ll open up and I’ll finally make full detective. Think I owe Black Mask a favor. All these foot patrols are killin’ me. I need some new insoles.

Branden: What’s goin’ on down there?

Cop: Verified. Officer down. Dammit.

Cop: Come on, man. Your heart’s still beating.

Cop: We both might have to wait for that promotion.

Cop: Dammit. Check your sectors!

Cop: Stop bunching up Sweep this place clean!

Cop: He’s countin’ on me losing my composure. Don’t let that happen…

Branden: Officer down! Stay on your toes!

Cop: He’s pickin’ us off! Get to my position!

Cop: C’mon! You’re tougher than that! Dammit.

Cop: Another one! He dropped another cop! Don’t let this happen to you, unless you like eating steak through a straw.

Cop: We are not losing another cop to this bastard. I want him dead!

Cop: Somebody get over here!

Branden: Sound off! The Bat just to k one of you down!

Cop: I can breathe!

Cop: Man down here! Someone back me up!

Cop: Someone dropped a cop over here! Need assistance!

Cop: No way I’m winding up on the floor like some worthless mope.

Cop: He’s here somewhere. I want every sector searched!

Branden: Dammit! Watch your backs!

Cop: Hey! Anyone out there?

Cop: Dammit! Where’s the damn EMTs!?

Branden: Stick together! Watch each other’s backs! Anything moves: KILL IT!

Cop: Shouldn’t you be searching your quadrant?

Cop: Eh. I’ll leave that for the boys in SWAT.

Cop: Why’s that?

Cop: Ain’t you heard? Branden made a deal with Black Mask. They’re tryin’ to kill the Bat and collect the bounty.

Batman: They’re using a security protocol I’m not familiar with and the windows are reinforced glass. Hmm. The disruptor in the evidence locker might do the trick. Alfred. I can’t access the evidence locker. I need an alternate route.

Alfred: The ’evedence locker’, sir? Well, according to these schematics, it adjoins an old elevator shaft which you can access via the infirmary. You should be able to break in from there. I’ve added it to your map.

SWAT: It’s gotta look like an accident - like Gordon lost control. What we need is a classic prison riot.

Venom User: You want a riot? Let me out.

SWAT: Easy, tiger. There’s cameras around here: We ain’t letting no one out.

Criminal: Hey… what are you supposed to be?

Criminal: What the hell’s HE doin’ here!?

Criminal: He’s come for us!

Criminal: Hey! You! You broke my arm, y’know that!?

Criminal: I hear there’s a huge price on your head. Come to turn it in?

Criminal: Nice outfit, freak. I’m sure your parents are proud.

Criminal: Is… is that him?

Criminal: He’s workin’ with the cops now?

Criminal: He’s lucky there’s bars between us or I’d put the hurt on‘em.

Criminal: Now I heard the rumors - but I didn’t think he was real.

Alfred: Good - you’ve made it to the infirmary. Now look for an entrance to an old elevator shaft. That will take you to the evidence locker.

Batman: Got it.

[Finally Batman finds the disruptor.]

Batman: Now I should be able to bypass the security on the server room door. The disruptor should allow me to get past this gate.

[On the way out he sees some paramedics.]

Paramedic: 250. Charging!

Paramedic: Clear?

Paramedic: CLEAR!

Paramedic: Alright. Call it in. Let’s get him to Gotham General.

Paramedic: Will do - soon as he stabilizes.

[Inside the database room he finds Barbara Gordon.]

Batman: Easy… I need access to the National Criminal Database.

Barbara: It’s right here.

Batman: Hmmm… You must spend a lot of time here…

Barbara: Cool Pwnbox - you’re bypassing the network’s security. But you’ll need to physically bridge the intranet to the external telecom wires if you want to uplink remotely.

Batman: This kind of knowledge could get a young girl into a lot of trouble.

Barbara: They run under the building.

Batman: What does?

Barbara: The telecom wires. You can access them through the sewers. Wait… Why do you do what you do?

Batman: Because I made a promise. Get out of here.

[Cops enter the room.]


Barbara: You idiots. It’s me! What are you thinking?

Cop: Who were you talking to in there?

Barbara: Voice chat on my laptop you idiots! What decade do you people live in? Jeez.

Batman: Alfred. I’m on my way out - but before I can access the server remotely, I need to hack into the telecom wires under the GCPD.

Alfred: You should be able to access them from the sewers your map, which run below the building. I’ll peg the closest entrance on your map.

Branden: Remember, shoot to kill - and when Gordon asks, the Bat shot first.

SWAT: Sir - they say the Bat doesn’t have a gun.

Batman: Penguin’s man said the disruptor can be used to jam their weapons.

Branden: There he is!

Branden: Sonuva bitch! To the roof!

Branden: Stop him!

SWAT: You heard him! Go! Go!

[On the top floor, Batman unexpectedly came face to face with Gordon.]

Batman: I don’t want to hurt you. But you need to stay out of my way.

Gordon: Never.

Batman: Listen, I’m on your side.

Gordon: My side? My side works within the law. My side doesn’t leave suspects with broken bones, and missing teeth. We’ve earned Gotham’s respect.

Batman: If that were true, I wouldn’t be here.

Branden: Gordon! Clear the line of fire!

Gordon: You’ve got nowhere to run. Hold your fire! If he moves, take him down!

Branden: Move Gordon. I’m taking him down.

Alfred: Sir. I’ve highlighted a nearby manhole on your map. Those sewer tunnels lead directly under the GCPD.

Batman: Good work. Alfred.

Alfred: And Sir, do try to keep out of the uh… muck down there. Remember who has to clean your suit.

Barbara: Hello? …Hello? Batman? It’s Barbara. Sorry for, uh, hacking into your comms, but I need a favor. Some evidence crates have gone missing. Army-grade stuff and no one here’s doing anything about it. So I’m sending you their GPS location information. Use your weapon disruptor on any crates you find. It’ll fry their circuits and render the stuff useless.

SWAT: Don’t get me wrong. I’m in on this thing with everyone else. But how does he plan to beat those assassins at their own game? I mean they’re some of the…

SWAT: You know Branden. I don’t think he’s planning anything. Just doing the first thing that pops into his head.


[Batman goes to the sewers and finds new type of enemies – martial artists.]

Batman: Strange. These are Black Mask’s men. Not the kind of guys I’d expect to find running around in the sewers.

Mobster: Could be worse. At least he sent an expert martial artist to protect us down here.

Mobster: I said, you gotta hit the button to open the gate!

Mobster: Nah. I already ate! Just tell me how to work this thing!

Mobster: You there!? Come in!

Mobster: Alright, gimme another one.

Mobster: How many more we got to set?

Mobster: As many as Black Mask says we gotta set.

Mobster: What’s got into the boss? This ain’t like him bombing cop shops? Lotta these guys are on our payroll.

Batman: I’m under the GCPD. Why are Black Mask’s men planting explosives here? The cops have always been on his payroll.

Mobster: They’re comin’ up!

Mobster: They’re done already?

Mobster: Must be.

Mobster: Alright, let’s get ready to set the timers. And wake up Tiny.

Alfred: Master Bruce, you are directly beneath the GCPD. The telecom wires should be right under your nose.

Batman: Alfred. Confirm we now have access to the National Criminal Database.

Alfred: Connection confirmed. You can now perform DNA analysis. I’m also sending over the police file for the Lacey Towers case.

Batman: This photo is from the day of the murder. It’s a perfect match. The DNA tells more of the story… but here’s something the police overlooked. Roman Sionis owns the Gotham Merchants Bank… and he installed biometric security only he could access. Alfred - I have enough information to solve the Lacey towers case. Here’s what happened. By now, Gotham P.D. thinks Roman Sionis is dead – the casualty of a turf war. Murdered by The Penguin. But I know better. Someone spooked Sionis’ girlfriend. So he sent her to his safe house… which was anything but safe. Sionis showed up later, ready for trouble… And found it. Or so it seemed. Roman’s always been paranoid. It’s probably why he’s lasted this long. He’d sent in a decoy giving himself the element of surprise… but it wasn’t enough. There was a fight - Sionis lost. The killer didn’t hesitate to shoot the decoy, but he wanted Roman alive - to access the cash stored at the Gotham Merchants Bank. With Sionis under control all that remained was to tie up loose ends. But it wasn’t the fire that killed Sionis’ girlfriend… What kind of monster forces a man to kill the ones he loves..? The Joker. He’s the shadow I’ve been chasing. Now I know where I’m going - Gotham Merchant’s Bank.

Batman: Alfred. See if you can find any information on someone named ’the Joker’.

Alfred: Searching now, sir. Humh… There doesn’t seem to be anything coming up. What do you know about him?

Batman: Not much. But he’s taken Black Mask hostage.

Alfred: Hostage? So Sionis isn’t dead?

Batman: I don’t think so. From what I can tell, he’s worth more to the Joker alive. The Joker wants to use him to break into the Gotham Merchants Bank. I’m on my way there now.

[Leaving the sewers Batman encounter a strange trio of thugs that… sing to him.]

Criminal: You are very cordially -

Criminal: …cordially -

Criminal: …cordially -

Criminals: You are very cordially - invited to a party!

Criminal: And it will be a grand affair -

Criminal: …grand affair -

Criminal: …grand affair -

Criminals: And it will be a grand affair - hosted by the Hatter!

Criminal: We do hope that you can come -

Criminal: …you can come -

Criminal: …you can come -

Criminals: We do hope that you can come - to share in all the joy!

[The Hatter electrifies his thugs and contact Batman over the radio.]

Mad Hatter: Greetings and salutations, Batman. I am Jervis Tetch - inventor, entrepreneur, and part-time haberdasher. You must be wondering why it is I sought you out. Well. I have an employment opportunity I’d like to discuss with you.

Kidnapped Girl: Help me! Please! If you can hear this, he’s going to - Mmmmmppppph.

Mad Hatter: Oh. Don’t mind Alice, poor dear. Her mind is all aflutter. And who can blame her, after all she’s been through… But I’ll have her right as rain soon enough. Don’t you worry about that.

[Batman goes to Gotham’s Merchant Bank.]

GCPD Dispatcher: Any available homicide unit, please respond to 187 in the Bowery. Officers on scene report victim appears to have fallen from a nearby building.

Alfred: It’s midnight, sir. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Batman: You too.


Batman: Bodies everywhere. The Joker may still be here – in the vault. I should use caution. They’re all dead - but there’s something more sinister going on here.

[Batman breaks through the floor of the elevator shaft and finds himself in the parking lot of the bank, where he sees the Black Mask and his thugs loading money into the van.]

Black Mask: Think you can just waltz on into my bank, huh?

Batman: Roman. I’m here for the Joker.

Black Mask: The Joker? Never heard of him. How ’bout you doll? Know the Joker?

Laughing Secretary: The who?

Black Mask: And you, sir? Name Joker ring a bell?

Roman Sionis: You sunova bitch! You think you can steal from me and get away with it? You’re a dead man! Dead!

Black Mask (beating Sionis with a gun): Can’t… you just… play… along!?!

[Black mask takes off the mask… and reveal he was the Joker.]

Batman: It’s been you this whole time - you hired the assassins. You’ve been running Sionis’ operation.

Joker: Well, technically, it’s *my* operation now. Isn’t that right boys?

Batman: You’ve got me. Now let her go.

Joker: Oh life would be so simple if you were all I wanted. No - you’re just a teeny little distraction - compared to what I’ve got up my sleeve.

[He laughs ans shoot Batman couple of times.]

Joker: Here! Have a laugh on me.

[He pushes the laughing secretary away.]

Joker: Do you hear that? Sounds like eight tiny reindeer.

[He gets into the van and presses the detonator button. Parking lot explodes. The Joker is leaving.]

Batman: (checking secretary’s pulse) She’s dead.

[Now Batman will have to leave the bank through the upper floors, crowded with Joker’s thugs.]

Mobster: I’m tellin’ ya - he ain’t dead.

Joker: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Must be a bad connection. I thought I heard you say that after I SHOT HIM, and BLEW UP a building on him. THE BAT - SOMEHOW SURVIVED?!!?

Batman: Something’s jamming my signal. I need to figure out what It is and take it out.

Mobster: If he was dead, there’d be a body. There ain’t no body.

Joker: Since I know that’s IMPOSSIBLE. I’m going to let you reconcile my vision of reality with your version of reality and in case your pea-brain can’t parse big words, I’ll translate it into thug-speak for you.

Batman: The Joker knows I survived the explosion, I need to hurry, before he kills Sionis or anyone else.

Joker: Alright, my living room needs a new rug… So bring me the body of the Bat!

Joker: So much for my crack team of vicious mobsters. The only things I hear cracking are tibias and fibulas.

Mobster: Here he is! How’d he get to this guy without us knowin’!?

Mobster: Hey!

Mobster: Show yourself!

Mobster: Hey!

Mobster: Ouch! What the…?

Mobster: Ahh! Get it away!

Mobster: Look out!

Mobster: Waste a my time.

Mobster: Eh?

Mobster: I can’t see!

Mobster: Hey?

Mobster: There’s smoke everywhere!

Mobster: Grenade!

Mobster: He’s prolly blown to bits!

Mobster: Smoke… in my eyes.

Joker: Hark now hear, the Batman sings! It’s a song of broken bones, shattered limbs, and arms in a sling!

Joker: That didn’t take long. Maybe I should’ve left a few more of Black Mask’s goons alive, uh?

[Batman interrogates one of the thugs.]

Criminal: Stop! Stop!

Batman: Where’s the Joker going?

Criminal: Guy’s nuts man. Killed about a quarter of Black Mask’s men when they wouldn’t take orders from him.

Batman: Unless you want to join them, talk.

Criminal: He - he said something about the Steel Mill.

Batman: That’s Sionis’ mill.

Criminal: It’s Joker’s mill now. Ain’t no way you’re gettin’ in there.

Batman: I didn’t ask for your opinion.

[He knocks him out.]

Batman: Alfred. Pull schematics on Sionis Industries’ steel mill. Joker’s taken Sionis there. He’s going to kill him – unless I get there first.

Alfred: This Joker sounds dangerous…

Batman: He’s taken over Black Mask’s operations, and slaughtered the men who wouldn’t turn. He’s the one who hired the assassins.

Alfred: And it must be he who ordered the bombing of the GCPD. Oh dear lord. Shouldn’t you think about letting the police handle this one?

Batman: Not a chance. He’s mine.

SWAT: So I heard from one of Black Mask’s guys that the Bat is inside.

SWAT: The Bat? You serious?

SWAT: Nice. So we gonna collect that bounty?

SWAT: That’s the plan. Remember, there’s a bonus if we bring him in alive.

Mobster: What you think they’re doin’ in there?

Mobster: Whatever they’re om Black Mask deserves it.

Mobster: Heh. Yeah. I wouldn’t mind a few whacks at the old boss myself.

Mobster: Me neither. But - you think we can trust the new guy?

Mobster: A guy who calls himself the Joker? Hell, no. But ya can’t cross him neither.

Mobster: Ain’t that the story of our lives?

Mobster: He’s hiding in the shadows! Everybody perk up!

Mobster: No one’s gettin’ out.

Mobster: Oh no! Please!

Mobster: Eh?

Mobster: He got away from me!

Mobster: Another one! Yo! A little help!

Alfred: Sir. I have isolated the electromagnetic signal on Electrocutioner’s gloves. You can track him with your scanner now.

Batman: A bit late. Alfred. I’m about to get my hands on Black Mask and maybe, the Joker too.

Alfred: Right. Well, it’s ready to go, should you need it.


Mobster: The new boss’s one hell of an actor. I had no idea it was him under the mask.

Mobster: Me neither. He was the spittin’ image of Sionis. How long you think he’s been impersonating him?

Mobster: You see what happened down there?

Mobster: What are you going on about now?

Mobster: Listen. Anyone - including the Bat - opens that door they’re full of holes. That thing’s fully automated. Never misses.

Mobster: How do you know it works?

Mobster: Trust me, It works.

Mobster: So what do we do now, wise guy?

Mobster: Just wait.

Mobster: That’s your brilliant strategy - just wait?

Mobster: No. Just wait. I’m thinkin’ of a strategy.

Batman: I need to hack that computer - so I can find the security code for the door. Alfred. I’m uploading data from one of Black Mask’s servers. I need codes to bypass a security door in the loading dock.

Alfred: Receiving it now. Sir.

Batman: Interesting. Sionis had a pacemaker implanted. It says here he had Prolonged Q-T syndrome. Anything that raises his heart rate could trigger cardiac arrest. Sionis was having the Joker followed. These photos show him obtaining chemicals used in making explosives. If I find Sionis - he’ll know what The Joker’s planning.

Alfred: Sir. I’ve found those security codes you were looking for. You have access to the building now.

[Few minutes later…]

Alfred: Master Bruce - Looking through Sionis’ files, I found reference to a chemical similar to the compound you need for your glue grenades. I’m going to try to synthesize it in our lab. If it works. I’ll have a prototype for you as soon as the resin cures.

Batman: Good. I’ll need it. The more I learn about the Joker the more I realize - there’s something very different about him.

[Batman sees a shadow on the ceiling.]

Batman: What was that?

[Next he finds a loading bay with secret door in the wall.]

Batman: I’ll need to find a way inside that room.

Mobster: Why we gotta lock this place down anyway? Joker expecting the cops?

Mobster: I heard It ain’t the cops he’s worried about. It’s the Bat.

Mobster: The Bat. That guy for real?

Mobster: Well the boss seems to think so.

Mobster: Yah, well the boss also thinks green and purple are an acceptable color combo.

Enforcer: The Bat’s here, people. Get ready.

Mobster: Yes, sir!

Enforcer: I want him dead, you understand me? Deader than dead. He gets passed us and any of you that survive will wish you were deader than dead too.

[After taking them down.]

Batman: That’s more like it.

[Batman pass the secret door.]

Mobster: (from the moving elevator) Get them out of me! Help! No! Oh. God! Please NO! Get out! Get out! Get AH!

Batman: Who did this?

Batman: I can use my evidence scanner to examine the body for clues. No signs of assault… Hmm… His system shut down acute toxicity. He’s been poisoned.

Mobster: He just lost it. Started clawin’ at his skin and then he ran into the elevator.

Mobster: We should call for backup.

Mobster: So we can get laughed at cuz we can’t handle our jobs? Hell, no.

Black Mask: Let me out of here!

Batman: They’re holding Sionis in here somewhere.

Mobster: Huh?

Mobster: He’s here. I got ‘em!

Mobster: He usin’ smoke against me!

Mobster: What?

[Batman finds Roman Sionis tied to the chair.]

Black Mask: Very good. Now get your ass in here and untie me! You waitin’ for somethin’? Get me out’a this thing.

Batman: Where’s the Joker?

Black Mask: Go to hell.

Batman: Wrong answer. (he hits Sionis) By my count, there are still nine more ribs I can break.

Black Mask: You think that’ll make me talk – after what he’s put me through? The torture… Turned my men on me. Stole from me. Murdered my woman. He’s my kill. Not yours.

Batman: I can control your pacemaker remotely. Want to see what two hundred and fifty beats per minute feels like?

Black Mask: You wouldn’t…

[Suddenly a woman with claws drops from the ceiling and attack Batman.]

Batman: Copperhead.

Black Mask: Kill him and I’ll pay you whatever you want. Make him suffer and I’ll double it.

Copperhead: Hmph. An empty promise from a fallen long. I know about the Joker.

Black Mask: Couple a’freaks. You two deserve each other.

[Copperhead poke Batman with her claws.]

Batman: That did you do to me?

Copperhead: I killed you. And in a few more minutes, your body will realize it. Heh… That’s it. Use your strength. With every effort you hasten your end.

Batman: Must scan the room for… Copperhead’s poison. Female perspiration - Copperhead came this way. Ail I need is one drop of poison… There - It’s a powerful neurotoxin… Alfred… Uploading analysis of a neurotoxin. Need you to synthesize an antidote.

Alfred: Your Vitals are off the charts. What happened? Nevermind. Just get up to ground level so I can send in an air drop. And after this, you’re coming back here so I can have a look at you.

Batman: I won’t last long… without the antidote… I need to get back up… to ground level.

Alfred: (as hallucination) What would your father say if he could see you now? Throwing away your family’s hard-earned fortune on these frivolous nightly escapades! And for what? You’re not this city’s saviour. You’re a Wayne. And a spoiled, wasteful, disappointment of a Wayne at that. Have you forgotten what your family name stands for? You disappoint me… You disappoint me.

Commissioner Loeb: (as hallucination) Please! Someone help me! You could have saved me. If you’d only come sooner. What were you doing? You’re no hero. A real hero would have saved me.

Bank Manager: (as hallucination) You let me die. How many more must perish before you realize - you’re no savior. You’re a curse upon this city. A plague on all of Gotham! Leave us alone! We were better off without you. I’d still be alive without you! Please. You have to save me. Please! You. What’s wrong with you? You couldn’t save me? Why? Why didn’t you stop him? Why didn’t you save me!?

Copperhead: Is that the best you can do? You are not gonna like what comes next. Tell me. Batman. How will you defeat the phantoms of your mind? I see you falter. Ah, the poison grows strong! What is it you are doing, Batman? Oh, you still want to play? I will indulge you a few moments longer The thrill for me is watching you squirm. Batman! You look confused. You should save your strength. I’m over here. Batman. You are fighting phantoms! Still some fight left in you, uh? Pendejo! You think that will help you? Watch me! Right here, cabron! Time to finish you off. I like to watch my victims straggle. This is a fight you can’t punch your way out of. I’ll tear your throat out! You should be dead! I expected no less from a flying rodent.

Alfred: Sir. The drop container has arrived. Can you see it?

Batman: I see it…

Copperhead: You think you’re cured? My poison, is still in your veins and it will remain there as long as you live – which won’t be very long. You think these ties will hold me?

Batman: Maybe not. But I’d like to see you get out of this.

Copperhead: I know where he is - the Joker.

Batman: Tell me.

Copperhead: He’s called the meeting. All the assassins will be there. When you set me free. I’ll tell you where.

Batman: Thanks. I owe you one.

Copperhead: Wait! I can tell you the location.

Batman: You already did.

[He put Copperhead inside a container.]

Copperhead: What are you doing!? Set me free. Pendejo! Argh!

Batman: Alfred - send GCPD an anonymous tip. Tell them to look inside the shipping containers at the steel mill.

Alfred: Does that mean you’ve dealt with Copperhead, sir?

Batman: Yes. And I’m about to deal with the Joker.

Alfred: I don’t think that’s wise after what you’ve just been through. You should come back here for medical -

Batman: Not now. Alfred. Electrocutloner’s glows emit a, powerful electromagnetic signal which I can follow with my scanner. He’ll lead me right to the Joker. But I’ll need to get out of the steel mill first.

Copperhead: Let me out! You pendejo!

[Batman going to the exit of the factory.]

Mobster: Alright, that’s the last of ‘em.

Mobster: Thank god. My freakin’ back’s killing me.

Mobster: So now what?

Mobster: We wait for the guys to show up and pay for the stuff.

[Batman beats them up and notices a barrel.]

Batman: I should destroy the canister before moving on.

[He leaves the factory.]

Batman: Alfred?

Alfred: Sir?

Batman: I’m uploading a chemical sample. I need you to run a scan of the city. Look for high concentrations of the compound. Find the source and I can shut it down.

Alfred: Certainly. I’ll alert you as soon as I’ve found something.

Batman: Hmm. I’m not picking up Electrocutioner’s signal yet. I’ll need to get to higher ground. The central pillar on Pioneer Bridge should do.

Alfred: Sorry to intrude sir, but I’m receiving reports about a disturbance nearby. I’m sending the coordinates to your map. You may wish to investigate.

[Batman get the signal.]

Batman: There. I just need to track the signal to his location. Looks like the signal is coming from somewhere in the Diamand District. There’s the signal - looks like the Electrocutioner is inside the Gotham Royal Hotel.


[He find a back door to the hotel.]

Batman: The Joker’s booked out the Royal - but why are SWAT providing security? I need to find out what’s going on here.

SWAT: So what’s with all the train tracks?

Mobster: It’s a surprise. Now, why don’t you go back to your post and let us finish our work?

SWAT: I’m fine right here if you don’t mind.

Mobster: Who says I mind?

[Batman enters hotel’s parking lot.]

Alfred: Master Bruce. Has the Joker taken a room at the Gotham Royal?

Batman: He’s in here. And SWAT are doing his dirty work keeping Gordon and the media away from whatever’s going on inside.

Alfred: Doesn’t Branden realize It’s not Black Mask he’s working with.

Batman: I guess he’ll find out when I bring in the Joker. The Joker’s ambulance. He must be in the building.

[In an elevator.]

Alfred: Sir, do you know just where in the hotel the Joker is located.

Batman: Not yet. Why?

Alfred: Well It looks like there’s a security roof in the hotel lobby. You could use the cameras to find him.

Batman: OK. I’ll try that.

[In the hotel’s lobby.]

Batman: There are enough explosives here to take down this building. I wander what other surprises I’ll find.

Mobster: Ya ask me he ain’t intendin’ to pay up. Soon as one of the assassins kills the Bat. Zasz kill that guy - keep all the cash in his bank account.

Mobster: No way. Pull a stunt like that ain’t no one gonna trust him again. He’ll lose face with the other syndicates in the city.

Mobster: Hey man, look at what he’s been having us do tonight. You think he’s worried about losing face?

Mobster: You got a paint.

Mobster: Batman’s here!

Mobster: JACKPOT! Over here, he’s mine!

Mobster: Just watch out for the shadows.

Mobster: He’s gonna make us pay…

Mobster: You think you’re safe up there!?

Mobster: Haha. Got another one.

Mobster: Dammit! Another one. Over here guys.

Mobster: Wake up!

Mobster: Who’s gonna watch my back, uh?

Mobster: We gotta find this guy.

Mobster: Get it together or we’re all gonna go down!

Mobster: If you don’t wanna end up like this mamaluke, tear this place apart til we find ‘em.

Mobster: Cover all corners and find ‘em.

Mobster: Aaah! I thought you was him!

Mobster: Pay attention next time!

Mobster: Guys… It’s him.

Mobster: Hey!

Mobster: I found ‘em!

Mobster: Try ta use them things when I shoot ‘em down!

Mobster: Ha! Right here!

Mobster: He’s up in the rafters! Tear ‘em down!

Batman: I need to get inside the security room. I need to enter the security room and look for the Joker.

[Batman enters the room and watch cameras.]

Joker (in Black Mask): Friends, assassins. Welcome to our first quarterly performance review. As you can see here. Batman deaths are coming in far below projections. We are really going to have to turn this around. (takesof the mask) And by we I mean YOU. Got that, Mr… Cutioner?

Electrocutioner: Just who the hell - are you?

Joker: I’m the guy with the money… and the gun.

[He shoots several times at Electrocutioner, but deliberately does not aim at him.]

Joker: So when I hire you to kill the Batman, you shut the hell up and kill the Batman. Do you have - anything - else to contribute? I didn’t think so.

[He pushes Electrocutioner sitting on a chair and he flies into the window damaged by bullets.]

Joker: Mmmm! This fruitcake is fantastic! (sticks knife in the table)Anyone want a piece? Alright. Meeting’s adjourned. Get out there and kill the Bat.

[The killers leave the room but Bane is in no hurry to leave.]

Joker: Move it along, big boy.

Bane: No. He’s coming for you now. And when he gets here, I’m going to kill him. So you wait.

Joker: Well, this should be interesting.

[The scene ends. Batman continues his investigation.]

Batman: That lift should get me up to the ceiling, so I can get out of here.

[He picks up Electrocutioner’s weapon.]

Batman: Maybe Electrocutioner shock gloves could restore power to this platform.

SWAT: Six-five to Branden. Six-three reports. Sighting Batman in the building.

Branden: Excellent. What about Gordon?

SWAT: No sign of him. He’s got no idea anything’s going on here.

Branden: Alright. You men be ready to move when I arrive.

[On the upper floor.]

Alfred: Were you able to find the Joker, sir?

Batman: Yes. He’s in the penthouse.

Alfred: I see you profited from my advice. Yet again.

Batmah: Not yet. Getting to him won’t be easy. The elevators are down and the Joker’s men are everywhere.

Alfred: Well. I’ve no doubt you’ll figure a way up there.

Joker Thug: When do we get to off the hotel guests?

Joker Thug: Joker says we can kill any employees we find, but we gotta keep the guests locked up.

Joker Thug: Yeah? Why’s that?

Joker: Well, would you look what the Bat dragged in?! You know you are a little late for supper. Lucky for you, your dear friend Bane just REFUSED to start the meal without you. Apparently, he prefers his dishes served cold.

Joker Thug: What’s going on down there?

Joker Thug: Go ’head and beg. Ain’t gonna help you.

Hotel Employee: Please! Don’t. I have a family!

Joker Thug: Can’t see a thing, man…

Joker Thug: Think I give a damn about your family?

Hotel Employee: Please… don’t hurt me.

Batman: I won’t. I’m here to help.

Hotel Employee: Okay. Please. Please, they’ve got my friends holding them hostage in the overview bar.

Batman: Where is that?

Hotel Employee: The suspended bar - between the towers.

Joker: So, let’s see! That’s two hotel employees rescued for you, and oh my. I’m still WAAAAY ahead in the employees lulled column.

Joker: I know it’s tempting with all these goodies lying around but don’t go helping yourself to a gift.

Joker: They’re not for you!

Joker: There, there… Don’t feel left out! I’ve got a special gift just for you right up here… and it’s wrapped in about four hundred pounds of muscle.

Joker Thug: Oh crap!

Joker: Uh-oh, Batman. Hurry! Someone’s about to get shot! Well this unfortunate. For you, I mean. For me, it’s - it’s all entertainment! Where’d Sionis find these guys? Oh sure, they talk a big game, but put any of them in the old electric chair and they bawl like little girls. Trust me. I’ve done the research.

Batman: I need to get to the top of this ventilation shaft.

Branden: 6-2. Branden. Has Black Mask responded yet?

SWAT: Negative. No word from him since he entered the building.

Branden: Sonuva bitch Sionis thinks he can ignore us? What about Gordon?

SWAT: We got him investigating a B n’ E out at the abandoned amusement park. But word is Vicki Vale’s got wind of this.

Branden: Dammit. I’m almost there.

Joker Thug: Yeah. There ain’t no sign of ’im though. You sure I gotta keep watch?

[Batman gets a few floors up…]

Joker: Incredible. They really outdid themselves with this penthouse suite. The bathroom has three kinds of soap! I mean, who has time for all that cleaning!? I usually just hop into a vat of acid and call it a day.

Batman: What is this?

Joker: Like what I’ve done with the place? I know, I know. It’s a bit much. What can I say? I can be a tad… compulsive from time-to-time.

Joker Thug: When we bringin’ the hotel guests through?

Joker Thug: Soon. I hope. Thing’s Just about done.

Joker: Where did I get all of this you ask? Well - I got a great deal on an out-of service amusement park. You should have seen the look on the real estate agent’s face when we shook hand on the deal.

[Batman solve Joker’s puzzle and save people.]

Joker: Hmm… well technically that was cheating, but… ah, what can I say? I got a soft spot for cheaters! So bravo, Batman. Bra-vo.

Joker Thug: Oh, thank God.

Joker Thug: Lemme out a‘this thing.

Joker: HA! Nice try. No way out of there! Guess you’ll just have to wait right where you are until I start sending the hotel guests through. That’ll be a scream. You’ve got all these fancy little toys. I’m so jealous! Aren’t you resourceful? Now play fair. Don’t make me take your little belt away.

[Batman finds another puzzle.]

Joker Thug: Oh no. Not again. Please.

Joker: Now this, this one I like to call Joker Says. And right now Joker says, you’re going to make this poor man scream his head off.

Batman: If I try to pull him out, he’ll be electrocuted. I’m going to have to play along.

Joker: Woo, now this one’s my personal favorite. Reminds me of my childhood - the taste of the kettle corn, the clickitty-clack of the rides, the stench of the dead.

Joker Thug: He… he did it. Oh, God, he did it!

Joker: I think the one little thing you need to work on is that sense of humor. You haven’t smiled once tonight. And you know what they say: A smile a day keeps the reaper away.

Joker Thug: Keep your guard up. He could be anywhere.

Joker Thug: You crazy? There’s no way he made It through the trap.

Joker Thug: Just keep your eyes peeled. We let the Bat sneak up on us and we’re as good as dead.

[Batman beats the hell oft of Joker’s thugs.]

Joker: Feels like you should be done, doesn’t it? You run roughshod tough Christmas attraction, and now you can’t even find the door? The sad part is, there is no door. That’s right. NO ONE gets out. I’ll admit, it kills repeat business, but then… so do the rides. You want to know the awful truth? I’ve only been here in Gotham for a few days - and I’ve already accomplished so much more than you in the - what has it been - 2 years that you’ve been doing the whole costume thing? So. You’ve made rt to the end of my little carnival ride. Unfortunately, you’re supposed to be dead by now. Will you excuse me while I just go shoot the architect. Come here… you little…

Joker Thug: Boss. Please! Don’t!

[We hear a scream. After that Batman saves another hotel’s employee.]

Hotel Employee: Who are you?

Batman: I’m here to help.

Hotel Employee: There are more of them - they have my co-workers. They’re they’re forcing them…

Batman: Don’t worry. I’ll get to them before anything happens.

Hotel Employee: O.K. Hurry.

Joker Thug: The Bat ain’t showin’ up. You alright if we ice these guys?

Joker Thug: Yeah, what the hell. Let’s do this.

Joker Thug: He says we can klll ‘em!

Joker Thug: Guys! Look! I’m on TV! Hi ma!

Joker Thug: Hey, Vicki! C’mere, baby! Get a shot’a this!

[Batman defeat all the thugs and frees the hostages.]

Batman: The hostages are safe. I need to hurry to the penthouse - and stop the Joker.

[He gets up almost to the top floor and sees a complex system of bombs.]

Batman: I’ve never seen anything like this. These bombs are set to detonate December thirty first. I should be able to disarm them with my Cryptographic Sequencer.

Joker: Oh, no! You found my snowman bombs.

Joker: You just couldn’t wait til New Years, huh? Guess the fireworks are going off early!

[Batman does not have time to defuse the bombs and jumps out of the window, clinging to the news helicopter.]

Vicki Vale: Good lord! I don’t believe it! Tell me we still getting this.

Cameraman: Yeah, we still live.

Vicki Vale:This is Vicki Vale reporting live from the Gotham Royal Hotel where there’s just been a massive explosion! And now it appears the Batman - has been blown from the building by the blast and is somehow hanging from the bottom of our helicopter! Wait what’s this? Several armed men have gathered on a balcony.

Pilot: Those men have guns! We got to go!

Vicki Vale: We wait for him to jump.

Vicki Vale: After years of on-and-off unconfirmed sightings, with no recorded video, we’ve seen the Bat twice tonight and caught him on film! Could this be the turning of a new leaf for the mysterious vigilante? Is he about to become a public figure? One thing’s for sure - after what I’ve seen him do tonight, he’s on hIs way to becoming a household name. You saw it here - tonight. The Batman on live television. This is Vicki Vale, signing off.

Mercenary: They fight like drunken idiotas.

Mercenary: Patience, mis hermanos. Let the Bat have his fun.

Mercenary: Look at these gueros fight.

Mercenary: Once we kill the Bat, we kill the Joker and his men.

Mercenary: Alright brothers. The Bat is ours.

Mercenary: Let’s do this!

[Batman defeats all the enemiest and get into the hotel. He is on 40th floor now.]

Alfred: Sir. I’ve just seen the explosion at the Gotham Royal on the news. The hotel guests - are they safe?

Batman: Not now. Alfred.

Alfred: Sir? Are you alright? Your voice…

Batman: I’m fine, Alfred. I’ve dealt with psychopaths before but this…

Alfred: Sir. I strongly suggest you call in Captain Gordon. He could be a valuable ally for you.

Batman: I don’t need any allies.

Mercenary: I see the Joker’s men here have been eliminated. Good work. But remember. Our primary objective is the Bat. We must remain vigilant.

Mercenary: He will not get past us.

Mercenary: And this is the only way to the penthouse.

Mercenary: We can hope you are right. But only time will test your words. The Bat is coming.

Joker: So glad your boss and I could work things ot’rt. He gets the Bat, and I get to chat with you fine fellows!

Mercenary: This city is so dark and cold. Reminds me of my cell back in Santa Prisca.

Mercenary: Today is a fine day for killing.

Joker: Attention shoppers! Batman’s just taken out another member of your crew. Clean up in aisle three.

Mercenary: Bane is right! One of us went down!

Mercenary: Back to your feet! Hey!

Mercenary: Now I am getting angry!

Mercenary: You don’t want to end up like this do you? Do your jobs!

Mercenary: Spead out and keep your eyes open.

Mercenary: And so the fodder goes down.

Mercenary: You make me sick to my stomach.

Joker: I knew watching you fellas freak out would be good. But I had no idea it would be this good!

Mercenary: We kill his men a he still taunts us?

Mercenary: Where is he hiding, I wonder?

Mercenary: I should never have come here!

Mercenary: Hey! You still out there? I’m coming for you!

Mercenary: That’s it. Arm the proximity mines in the gargoyles.

Joker: Well look at that! Another one of Bane’s boys bites the dust. I’m shocked. Oh. Wait. No, I’m not.

Mercenary: Our prey is dangerous. I need assistance!

Mercenary: Hate to leave you, but I gotta look out for number one!

Mercenary: How do we stop this from happening again?

Mercenary: Here is an example of WHAT NOT TO DO!

Mercenary: Take a good look at what he did to this man. We will do double to him when we find him.

Joker: On the off chance you make it out of here alive.

Batman: I’ve got something really special planned for you!

Mercenary: I will kill that clown myself if he is not silent!

Joker: I don’t think he’s gonna be getting up after THAT.

Mercenary: Huh?

Mercenary: Put me dowwwnnnn!

Mercenary: Get him help!

Mercenary: Another one! Impossible!

Mercenary: Are we not BROTHERS?

Mercenary: Solve your own problems!

Joker: Will you two just give up? I want to get on with the main event!

Mercenary: I will take you down with me. Batman!

Mercenary: FACE ME!

Mercenary: We have been outmatched! We were not prepared for this!

Joker: Use more of those fancy gadgets, why dontcha? I mean - if I’ve got to watch a slaughter, at least spice it up a little!

Mercenary: How do I kill you!

Mercenary: I will not run from you, cabron!

Mercenary: This cannot be real.

Joker: In a not-at-all-shocking turn of events. Bane’s boys prove to be as brain dead as their boss!

Mercenary: Que madre! This cannot be happening!

Joker: You’ll have to excuse me. I guess you weren’t explime told that if you happen to see the Bat you can FIGHT BACK!

Branden: Branden to 6-4. I’m on site at the Royal. Anyone have eyes on the Bat?

SWAT: 6-4. He’s on his way up to the penthouse - to meet Sionis.

Branden: Good. When they come down, we’ll be ready for ‘em. Get in position.

[Batman gets to an elevator and trying to hide there but Bane finds him.]

Joker: (to Batman) Nice of you to drop in - and just in time.

Bane: He’s mine, payaso.

Joker: Eh - eh. Remember, you gave your word.

Bane: You have - one minute.

Joker: Do they even have manners where he comes from? You see, it’s a tradition in my house - to open one present each on Christmas Eve. Hmm… How about… this one?

[He pushes detonator lever and blows up the entire building nearby.]

Joker: And a partridge in a pear tree!

[Batman swiftly grabs him.]

Batman: (screaming) How many lives did you just take?

Joker: None - I think. That was just a little stocking-stutter - a construction site blocking my view. (picks up anther detonator) But this one isn’t.

[Batman snatches the detonator from the hands of the Joker and hits him with it in his face. But Bane comes back.]

Bane: I’ve long waited for this moment. With your death, I will find peace.

Joker: And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… I present to you, the death of the Bat-Man!

Bane: Let us see what you can do.

Bane: Your technique is predictable.

Alfred: Sir, I won’t stand by and watch you kill yourself. I’m calling Captain Gordon.

Batman: NO! Not now!

Bane: Very good. I see there is still some fight left in you.

Joker: Yes. Now beat it out of him!

Alfred: Gordon is on his way, Sir. You have to hold Bane off until he arrives.

Joker: Ladies and gentlemen, up next - more fodder!

Joker: Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a… well, a bat was stirring, but a few more blows to the head and he won’t be anymore.

Bane: When I’m done with him, I’ll be coming for you, payaso loco.

Joker: Ow! He hit you so hard it hurt me!

Joker: Oh, come on! At least make a fight out of it. I want my money’s worth! Fifty million dollars worth!

Bane: Is this all the fight you have to offer?

Joker: Looks like this is it. It was nice knowin’ ya. Actually, no it wasn’t.

Bane: Accept your end!

Bane: Over here, Batman!

Bane: Witness my strength.

Joker: Okay, I’m getting bored now. Let’s put a bow on it and call the casket maker, shall we?

Bane: Now we are getting somewhere!

[Bane finally defeated.]

Batman: You just ran out of time.

Police helicopter: STAND DOWN. Repeat, Stand down. Face down on the ground or you will be fired upon.

Joker: (shooting helicopters from the rooftop) Now this is what I call a party!

Bane: This rooftop’s getting too hot. (to Batman) You got off easy.

Joker: (to Bane) Just where do you think you’re going? Huh?

[Joker shoots Bane’s helicopter. Bane pulls out a rocket launcher and shoots the hotel behind the Joker. The explosion blows him away from the roof and he flies down, but Batman saves him.]

Joker: Now… Why? Why? Why would you do that? Newsflash: I’m the one who’s trying to kill you.

[The Joker kills two of his own thugs, who surrounded Batman.]

Joker: Those were two VERY bad men. The things they’ve done… You really don’t want to know. They deserved death - just like me.

[Joker attempt to commit suicide but Batman hit him in the face.]


Joker: (to Batman) I think he’s talking to you.

[Batman shots his grapple gun to Batwing.]


[Batman escapes.]

Gordon: (to Branden) Let me guess, he got away. Take him to Blackgate.

Policeman: (to Joker) Where’d he go? Huh?

Joker: Who?

Policeman: The Bat! Your partner.

Joker: My partner!?

Policeman: Who else would jump off a building to save your sorry ass?

Joker: You know, officer… I was wondering the same thing myself.


Psychologist: Welcome to Blackgate. We’re just going to do a quick psychiatric evaluation. Bad day, huh? Cops in this city - always beating on the sick and defenseless.

Joker: Tell me something, dear - have *you* ever had a really bad day?

[We enter the world of Joker’s mind.]

Psychologist: And what do you mean by that?

Joker: You of all people should know there’s nothing so CRUEL as MEMORY. The pointy, bitey little THUNDERBOLTS. Unwanted party crashers, SCREAMERS through your synapses. Inescapable, unrelenting… not at all friendly. You can’t even escape into MADNESS! And then you meet someone who changes your life. And you feel that you don’t even know who you are any more. Isn’t it funny how one little encounter can CLEAVE off little pieces of your past. DEFORM your memories and persona until you rethink your whole identity - and as you realize how foolish it all is - your LAUGHTER reverberates off the walls of your own emptiness.

Psychologist: Ohhhkaayyy… I’m going to need more specifics. How about we try some word association?

Joker: That sounds… delightful.


Joker: Now that’s a little trite, isn’t it?

Psychologist: Look… I’m only doing this to help you. Let’s try this again. Acceptance.

Joker: My favorite stage.

Psychologist: O.K. One more. And I need you to be serious for this one. Fate.

Joker: You want to know something funny? I used to think of Fate as EVIL - predetermined - not by some higher power, but by the rules of human NATURE. But tonight, that’s all changed.

Psychologist: What’s changed?

Joker: Have you ever had the feeling that your entire life has been building towards this one moment?

Psychologist: Is that how you feel?

Joker: Well now, yes. Now I realize that all the BATTLES, the BAD DAYS, the BRUTALITIES - it was all the hand of Fate at work.

Psychologist: So now you see fate differently?

Joker: Absolutely. Now I understand. There are no chance encounters. It was all meant to be. Everything leading up to who I’ve met tonight!

Psychologist: So you’ve met someone special?

Joker: Yes. And you might say it’s changed EVERYTHING.

Psychologist: Everything?

Joker: Absolutely. I mean, do you realize what a vile world we live in? How lonely it is to wade through all the wrath and filth on your own?

Psychologist: It is kind of lonely, isn’t it?

Joker: Of course. Of course! You understand! Even in a crowd of other screwballs, you’re so alone that you can kick, claw, yell, scream at the top of your lungs - and no one cares. It’s like you don’t even exist. I feel…

Psychologist: And how does that make you feel?

Joker: I feel adrift - floating - like someone’s pulled the stopper on my reality and I’m SUCKED down the drain Into something new. It’s all very exciting really. You wouldn’t know what that feels like, I’m sure.

Psychologist: I - might… actually. Can you tell me more about how this person makes you feel?

Joker: It’s like meeting someone I can actually relate to which, believe me, dear. I’ve NEVER felt before. You understand. You’re someone who’s not afraid to let go and fall. Free falling. And I didn’t pack a chute. Do you know what I mean?

Psychologist: Yes. Yes, I do.

Joker: I figured you would.

Psychologist: So… may I ask - who is this person?

Joker: Someone very, very special, but whose real name I don’t even know yet!

Psychologist: My name’s Harleen. Harleen Quinzel.

Joker: What a pretty name. Do your friends call you Harley?

Harleen: Oh, I don’t have a lot of friends.

Joker: Well, Harley, you got one now.

[Meanwhile, Batman himself is in deep thought about whether it was worth saving the Joker.]

Joker: Now… Why? Why? Why would you do that? Newsflash: I’m the one who’s trying to kill you.

[In his thoughts, he sees his family being killed and hear voices…]

Thomas Wayne: There’s no need for this…

Gordon: …the worst kind of criminal…

Barbara: Walt… Why do you do what you do?

[Alfred enters.]

Arfred: It fight be a bit anticlimactic. But I hoped you might finally be ready to celebrate Christmas Eve - now that the Joker’s behind bars.

Bruce Wayne: Bane is still out there. I’ve got to locate the signal from the tracker I placed on him.

Alfred: Even you must eat, sir.

Bruce Wayne: If you hadn’t called the police, he’d already be in custody.

[He listens to his radio.]

Cop: Dispatch, this is Delta 47, the Ellsworth building. Confirmed. Building was under construction. Appears to have been empty. No sign of any casualties.

Alfred: You know I made a promise of my own - to your parents.

Bruce Wayne: Not now, Alfred.

Cop: What’s the story bask at the precinct?

Cop 2: Place’s evac’d. Found bombs under the foundation. Same kind they found at the Royal.

Bruce Wayne: Sounds like this could be Bane or one of his men. If I hurry to the GCPD morgue, I can inspect the body and the autopsy report.

Alfred: Well before you leave, - I’ve run some tests on the compound you found at the Steel mill. Looks like a match for your ’globular projectile for non-lethal restraint’.

Bruce Wayne: You mean the glue grenade?

Alfred: Indeed. The resin has finished curing. It’s at your workbench. Of course. I’d recommend testing it here in the lab before you go but I’m sure you won’t listen to me. You never do. So I take it you won’t be testing it then?

Batman: It’s called field testing, Alfred.

[Batman is going to board his plane and fly away, but Alfred abruptly stops him.]

Alfred: Master Bruce. Stop, Master Bruce. BRUCE!

Batman: What are you -

Alfred: I will not in good conscience allow you to go. You’re out-matched by these assassins and -

Batman: I’m what? -

Alfred: …you’re not some hardened vigilante. You’re a young man with a trust fund and too much anger. You are in over your head and I don’t want this to be your end.

Batman: Alfred, who do you see, when you look at me? The boy whose shoes you used to tie every morning, the teenager you drove to his first date? While you are here every… the ONLY THING between the innocent and the predatory.

Alfred: You may be, but -

Batman: No. Not ’may be’. I am. When the mugger or the thief stops to think twice — that is fear. That is what I am. That is why they hired assassins - because I am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises.

Batman: So, no. Alfred - I am NOT in over my head. Tonight will not be my end. But it will be theirs.

[Batman flies away.]


Alfred: I trust you realize you can’t just waltz into the GCPD after everything that’s happened there tonight.

Batman: I know I can’t do that. I’ll have to find a way in that will avoid detection.

Alfred: Indeed. Look. I’m sorry about what I said before you left. I hope you understand it’s just because -

Batman: It’s OK. I understand.

[Near morgue entrance.]

Cop 1: So, you’re sayin’ Black Mask ain’t dead. An’ he ain’t the one who killed Loeb. And he ain’t in control of his gang no more.

Cop 2: Nope.

Cop 1: An’ some new guy in town took his gang over and did all that stuff.

Cop 2: Yup.

Cop 1: An’ that’s the guy who was tryin’ to blow up the station?

Cop 2: Yup.

Cop 1: An’ he’s in Blackgate now?

Cop 2: Yup.

Cop 1: So who’s in control of Black Mask’s gang?

Cop 2: You ever shut up?

GCPD Dispatcher: All units, getting calls about a disturbance. Standby for location.

[Batman beats up the cops and enter the sewers that leads to morgue.]

Batman: I should try to use my new glue grenade to plug these pipes.

[He identify the body.]

Batman: Hmm. It’s not Bane, but one of his men - the same one I saw at the riot in the precinct’s holding cells earlier. I should scan his corpse. The victim was dosed with a chemical that caused temporary deformation of his physiology. I’ll need to check the autopsy report to find out more.

[He scans the computer.]

Batman: That computer should contain the autopsy report I’m looking for. Interesting. The victim was using a powerful compound with many similarities to the street drug Venom at the time of his death. It changes the user’s muscle and bone structure, greatly enhancing strength for a temporary period. It appears that whatever this compound is, it reduces mental capacity in several ways - including severe damage to the brain’s memory center. Prolonged use could seriously compromise the user’s memory. There’s Bane’s tracker.

[He leave the morgue.]

GCPD Dispatcher: All available units - we’ve received reports of shots fired inside the Coventry Distric t. Witnesses describe two armed groups fighting over what appear to be chemical weapons. Requesting any available officers locate and secure the scene.

Batman: Chemical weapons? I should investigate.

Batman: I should hurry to Bane’s location before I lose the signal again. I need to use my Glue Grenade to make a raft.

[He find Bane’s hideout.]

Batman: My tracking device is in here somewhere – which means Bane is likely in here as well.

[He looks at Bane’s research.]

Batman: Impressive work, but it looks like Bane hasn’t found a way to counter the damaging side effects this compound has on the brain’s memory centers. Some of this research is dedicated to overcoming his own addiction and dependency on venom. He can’t survive without it. Project TN-1. Looks like Bane is experimenting with a new form of venom. Whatever it is, it must be what caused the physiological changes I saw in the corpse back at the GCPD.

[He enters a room full of photos and videos of Bruce Wayne and Batman. It’s shocked him.]

Batman: Alfred. Bane knows who I am. You’re not safe at Wayne Manor.

Alfred: Got it. I’ll call the police!

Batman: No. I can’t risk them discovering my identity as well. Just secure yourself in the Batcave.

Alfred: What are you going to do?

Batman: I’m on my way to you. I’ll… figure something out.

GCPD Dispatcher: (over the radio) Repeat: suspect is airborne in a jet pack, armed with a flamethrower. Multiple hostages on the Pioneers bridge.

Batman: Firefly. He must not Know Joker’s behind bars – and he’s putting those people in danger - to get to me.

Cop: (over the radio) Delta 6-5 to Dispatch. Who’s the O.I.C. at Pioneers?

GCPD Dispatcher: (over the radio) Captain James Gordon is the officer in charge.

[Batman leaves Bane’s Hideout.]

Batman: A lot of lives could be at risk at the bridge. If I can hack Firefly’s communication channel, I can learn more.

[He hacks the channel.]

Firefly: (over the radio) And if the cops try anything stupid, kill a few hostages.

Criminal: (over the radio) Sure thing. And uh… How long before we set the timers on the bombs?

Firefly: (over the radio) Not until the Bat shows. We’ll wait all night if we have to. There’s Million riding on this.

Batman: Alfred - Firefly has hostages on the Pioneers Bridge. I need to deal with him before coming back.

Alfred: (over the radio) Can’t you just let the police handle Mister Lynns - especially in light of what we’ve just learned.

Batman: I can’t abandon those hostages. They’re in jeopardy because of me. Because of the bounty Joker placed on my head. You’ll be safe in the Batcave.


[He flies to the bridge.]

Gordon: (over the radio) This is a hostage situation people. Get into position and prepare to breach on my order. Do not provoke or engage the suspect. He’s got hostages in the bridge sublevel. Just get yourselves into position.

Batman: I need to draw Firefly away from the bridge so I can approach safely.

[Cutscene. Firefly set on fire the cars on the bridge.]

Firefly: Listen up… The Bat is here. If just one of those stinking pigs sets foot on this bridge… set the timers. We’ll blow them all to hell! Wooohooo.

Batman: Gordon would never order a breach if he knew about Firefly’s bombs. I’ve got to stop him before he sends his men into a trap.

Cop: (over the radio) Dispatch, this is Marine 4. Where’s the tactical command post? We’re supposed to report to Gordon.

GCPD Dispatcher: (over the radio) TCP is inside the center pillar at the base of the bridge.

Bullock: Branden’s gunnin’ for you. You can’t trust ‘em!

Gordon: He’s a cop. Harvey. He’ll do his job.

Batman: Don’t send in your men. Firefly has the bridge rigged with explosives.

Gordon: Show yourself.

Branden: Branden to Gordon. We’re in place, awaiting your orders.

Gordon: You have a go.

Branden: Branden to Gordon. We’re in place, awaiting your orders.

Batman: No, call them back. If Firefly blows the bridge, there’s no telling how many will die.

Gordon: You’re the reason those people are in danger. He’s doing this for the bounty on your head. Give yourself up.

Batman: I’m going to bring in Firefly myself. Don’t send anyone else in until I tell you it’s safe.

Gordon: You’ll stay the hell out of this! You hear me?

Branden: No! Take him down!

Gordon: Branden! Branden, report!

Firefly: Captain Gordon I told you - the ONLY person I want setting foot on this bridge is the Bat Man. Test me again… and things will not got well for officer Branden, is it?

Gordon: Dammit. Anyone have eyes on Branden?

Cop: Bravo-Z. Command. That’s a negative.

Gordon: All units, maintain your positions. No one else goes in without my order.

Criminal: So let me get this straight. The bombs run on timers. Once we set ‘em, we got plenty of time to get off the bridge - right?

Criminal: Yeah but… do you trust ‘em?

Criminal: Who, Firefly?

Criminal: No. Him. I know I don’t trust. But how do you know any of the other guys ain’t setting their timers and not tellin’ us?

Criminal: I hadn’t even thought of that…

Batman: I need to make one of these guards tell me how many bombs Firefly has and where they are.

Criminal: So? What’re you gonna do with your share?

Criminal: Me? I’ma buy a boat.

Criminal: Look at this guy - A boat!? Moron. What’d ’ou know about boats?

Criminal: You can all quit your daydreamin’ My boy over in Black Mask’s crew said the bounty’s off.

Criminal: What?

Criminal: Said the guy who put up the bounty’s behind bars.

Criminal: Black Mask?

Criminal: Nah. It’s some other guy.

Criminal: Man - you’re crazy. Everyone knows Black Mask put up the bounty.

Criminal: Sounds like your boy don’t even know who put up the bounty in the first place.

Criminal: Believe whatever you want, i got my sources.

Criminal: Yikes!

Criminal: Spread out, dammit!

Criminal: You gave me a freakin’ heart attack!

Criminal: It’s him! I see him! That… thing!

Criminal: I see. I tear down those thing up there and that’ll cut him off.

Criminal: He can’t keep hiding up her.

Criminal: No! No!

Criminal: Hang on! I’m comin’!

Criminal: This guy’s been strung up like a trophy kill. Course he ain’t dead. Wait… maybe he’s comin’ back for ‘em?

Criminal: Found ‘em!

Criminal: He hung him upside down. Like… a bat.

Criminal: I see‘em! Get your asses over here!

Criminal: AAAH!

Criminal: I’m gonna wreck those things up there!

Criminal: Like to see him try to perch up there now.

Criminal: Hey! You okay, man? Need some help.

Criminal: Dammit!

Criminal: Hey! What the hell is going on!?

Criminal: Head’s up! He’s close by!

Criminal: You ain’t take me down!

Criminal: OK! OK! I surrender!

Batman: How many bombs are on this bridge!?

Criminal: Four! Four! One here, one directly above us - in the bridge sublevel. - and one more at each end of the bridge those are the big ones. That’s all of ‘em. I promise!

Batman: And I promise you a good night’s sleep. Four bombs on the bridge - with the largest bombs at each end. I’ll need to disarm this bomb before going after the others.

[He disarms the first bomb.]

Batman: One bomb down. Now to find the other three.

Cop: Five-two, command. Our target hit a gas main with his flamethrower. Fire in the north end.

Gordon: Dammit. I’m remotely engaging the fire door in that section to protect the hostages.

Branden: Let me go while you still got a chance.

Criminal: Got quite a mouth, officer Branden. In different circumstances - we could’a made a deal, but Firefly’s just payin’ us too well.

Branden: You idiots ain’t gonna live long enough to get paid. Firefly’s got a remote detonator. He doesn’t need you to set any timers. He’s gonna blow the bombs with you on the bridge - with all of us on the bridge.

Criminal: What’s he talkin’ about?

Criminal: He’s full of it. He’ll say anything to get us to let him go.

Branden: Didn’t you hear that bomb just go off?

Criminal: That explosion we just heard? That wasn’t one of the bombs. No way, no how.

[Batman beats up the criminals that holds Branden.]

Branden: Well look who it is… You just gonna stand there? Untie me.

Batman: You’ve been after the bounty on my head all night. It was never Sionis. The Joker put up the bounty and now he’s behind bars.

Branden: I heard. But I still got a score to settle with you!

[He tries to punch Batman but he easily counter it and punches Branden back.]

Batman: I’m giving you the rest of the night off. (to some SWAT) You took an oath to uphold the law. When I see you again I expect you to be following that oath - to the letter.

SWAT: Yes - yes sir. I’m sorry.

Firefly: (over the radio) What’s the status of our explosives? What’s the status of our explosion?

Criminal: Bomb’s secure uh, mister Firefly. Sir.

Batman: Firefly’s locked his hostages in a train car with explosives.

Criminal: Uh… Yeah. Good thinkin’. Whoa.

Criminal: Need a hand here! This guy got messed up bad.

Criminal: I told you to watch your back, didn’t I?

Criminal: Where are you!?

[Batman saves hostages in the rigged train.]

Gordon: Bravo-2, this is command. Report.

Cop: Source of explosion was an Oil truck on the bridge surface. Massive damage. No casualties observed.

Gordon: Copy. Keep me informed.

Hostage: Is… is he going to save us? There’s a control room. That’s how they raised the train up here. Lower it so we can get out!

Batman: That must be the fire door Gordon engaged. Gordon - open the fire door in the train depot so I can disarm Firefly’s bomb at the north end of the bridge.

Gordon: Get off this frequency. Now.

Batman: Listen - I’m on my way to disarm the bomb at the south end. Have this door open by the time I get back.

Gordon: You let me do my job and stay the hell out of my way!

Batman: Dammit. Alfred. There’s a fire door blocking my progress. I need codes to get past it.

Alfred: The police should have access to those codes. Perhaps Captain Gordon can…

Batman: Gordon won’t cooperate. I’m heading to get the other bomb. Get those codes to me by the time I’m done.

Alfred: Right. I’ll do my best.

[Batman gets out and makes his way along the half-destroyed bottom of the bridge.]

Batman: This is not going to be easy.

Firefly: Let’s see you cops breach this bridge now!!! You won’t even recognize it!

Batman: I need to deal with these last two bombs before I turn my attention to Firefly.

GCPD Pilot: Wait a minute - there’s someone moving around down there. Possible Batman spotting. Tracking target.

Gordon: Negative. Stay to your assigned patrol. If Firefly spots your target he could set off his bombs.

GCPD Pilot: Roger that.

Criminal: I mean, what are we lookin’ out for? What’s sneakin’ up out here in the middle of the channel?

Criminal: Oh yeah? And Santa Claus and his reindeer, too?

Criminal:\Yeah. And keep an eye out for the Tooth Fairy while you’re at it. Anybody gets through here and it’s your ass. Understand?

Criminal: I’ve got him! Over here!

Criminal: Get it off, get it off. GET IT OFF!

Criminal: So you heard about the Falcones?

Criminal: What ’bout ‘em?

Criminal: Word on the street is the Penguin’s pushin’ ‘em outta the gun trade.

Criminal: Penguin, huh? I always thought that guy was a chump.

Criminal: Who’s he Penguin?

Criminal: See that’s exactly my point. No one’s even heard of his guy - and he’s messin’ with the Falcone’s?

[Batman beats them up and disarm bomb number two.]

Batman: Only one more bomb to go - on me opposite end of the bridge.

Alfred: Sir. I have those fire door codes you asked for.

Batman: OK. I’ll call you when I’m at the door.

Alfred: I also thought I’d let you know - hostages you released have escaped. They’re telling tales of a hero who saved their lives.

Batman: I’m not looking for praise, Alfred.

Alfred: I figured you’d say that. Would it kill you to lighten up a bit, sir?

Firefly: I want to see the look on the cops’ faces when I blow this bridge into Christmas future!

GCPD Pilot: He’s burning vehicles now. Half the bridge is on fire!

Gordon: Keep your distance. Don’t provoke him.’The bomb squad is nearly here.

Batman: I need to get to that last bomb before Gordon and his men force Firefly’s hand.

Criminal: If it wasn’t the cops, then who was it?

Criminal: It’s gotta be the BAT.

Criminal: You sayin’ the Bat knocked these guys out, defused the bombs and released the hostages? Impossible. He’s only one guy.

Criminal: From what I hear - he’s got the strength of ten men.

Criminal: Please. Don’t give me that baloney. He’s only one guy and there’s no way one guy couldda’ done all this.

Criminal: You think we should radio Firefly and let him know the Bat’s here?

Criminal: We don’t know the Bat’s here yet. And Firefly will burn us to a crisp if we’re wrong. Let’s wait ’til we’re sure, ein?

Criminal: Man. I’m sure. Who else could do this?

Criminal: I don’t know. Like the National Guard or something.

Criminal: Yeah - or maybe it was Santa Claus and his army of angry reindeer. I’m tellin’ ya. It was the Bat.

Criminal: Fine. You’re probably right. But let’s just look around for some proof before we go calling in Firefly. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Criminal: What’s this?

Criminal: Fire extinguishers don’t just explode.

Criminal: Whoa!

Criminal: Hey!

Criminal: He’s here! It’s the Bat!

Criminal: Hey!

Criminal: Now yer in for it!

Criminal: Everybody get over here now!

Criminal: You wanna die!?

Criminal: It’s you or me!

Gordon: Alright. All units we are breaching. Move in people.

Batman: Gordon. I’ve defused three of the four bombs. As soon as I defuse the final bomb -

Gordon: We are breaching now. You’re too late.

Batman: Alfred. Open the fire door.

Alfred: As you wish, Sir.

GCPD Pilot: Mayday! Mayday! We are goin’ down. Repeat.

Gordon: Dammit! Anyone have eyes on Air One?

GCPD Pilot: Air 2 to command. Air 1 is down, Sir. No survivors.

Batman: Firefly will pay for this.

Criminal: He’s here somewhere. Just gotta keep our eyes open.

Criminal: There he is! Looks like it’s gonna be a merry Christmas after all!

Criminal: Take ’im down, boys!

Firefly: Finish ’im off! Any last words, Batman? So. Batman - this is how it ends! Get ‘em boys! Save some for me, boys! Finish ’im off! How do you want to die? The quick, incinerating flash of an EXPLOSION? Or… a nice SLOW BURN?

Batman: The Joker’s behind bars. There’s no more prize money. You can give up now or I can make you surrender. Your choice.

Firefly: Don’t hate me, Batman. I just want to melt your face.

Batman: Doesn’t sound like he’s coming down here to fist fight me.

Firefly: Come to the flames.

[Bossfight with the Firefly begins.]

Batman: I never defused the last bomb. If Firefly finds his remote detonator, everyone on this bridge will die.

Firefly: Geeeross! YeeeUK! What’s this? Bat spit? WHAT? You say arsonist. I say… arsonISTE. C’mon, baby. Woooo Hooo!!!! Geeeross! Aw… A bat that can’t fly. Too bad. (picks up his remote)

Batman: Don’t!

[Firefly pushes the button but nothing happens.]

Firefly: FLY, Batman, if you can! Three… two… one! Kerosene! Know what I mean? Melting! He’s MELLLTINNNNGGG! I am gonna burn you up gooood! Ooh… that SMELL! Now, I’m gonna watch you burn. I love this part. Oh, yeah! Woooo Hooo!!!! You’re gonna love this. Geeeross! Oooh. GOD, I’m good. What’s this? Bat spit? Ha HA! Momma drowned all the dummies! YeeeUK! Don’t make me laugh!

Batman: That won’t work if he sees it.

Firefly: Geeeross! Whoa! HA! YeeeUK! What’s this? Bat spit? Firefly WHAT? Let’s watch the fireworks! This is it! Where you gonna run?

Batman: Time to get in his face. I need to grapple onto Firefly. It’s a risk I’ve got to take.

Firefly: What - what are you doing? You never give up, do you? You’ll regret that. Got a good grip?

Batman: (punches him in the face) You need a new hobby.

[The fight is over. Gordon and his crew appears on the scene.]

Gordon: He did it.

Bullock: You mean the Bat? Don’t give him too much credit. Something tells me that if you hadn’t given the bomb squad the breach order, this bridge’d be at the bottom of the river.

Gordon: Get him out of here.

Bullock: Hmph.

Batman: (to Gordon) You didn’t listen.

Gordon: I’m not big on taking orders from wanted men.

Batman: I’m not big on taking orders from cops. I should have got to that last bomb.

Gordon: Yeah. And I should’ve given you access to that security door. But between the two of us, we covered it pretty well.

[But Batman is already gone. Classic. In the next scene Batman flies on his jet and calls to the cave.]

Batman: Alfred. …Alfred?

Bane: I am in your house, Bruce. Come home. Say your good byes. Once you’ve had time to turn grief to anger, then you’ll be ready to face me. I have left enough life in him for some final words… If you hurry.

Batman: Alfred!

[He flies to the cave. It’s nearly destroyed.]

Batman: Alfred!? Alfred!? My Detective Vision is down. Hang on. Alfred. The computer isn’t working. I need to restore Detective Vision before I can find Alfred. There. That should do it. Alfred!? Alfred!? No! Alfred - Can you hear me? I’m going get you out of there. Alfred? ALFRED? Alfred - you can’t -

Alfred: Don’t add me to the weight you carry.

[He dies.]

Batman: No… NO!

[He recalls his dead parents and the scene in prison, where two doctors carried out an indirect heart massage with an electric shock.]

Paramedic 1: 250. Charging!

Paramedic 2: Clear?

Paramedic 1: CLEAR!

[He tries it with his shock gloves.]

Bruce Wayne: Come on, dammit!

[This may seem incredible, but it works.]

Bruce Wayne: You’re going to be all right.

Alfred: I know I haven’t always been supportive of what you do, but I understand now. Go. They need you out there.

Bruce Wayne: I can’t defend Gotham. I can’t even defend my own home.

Alfred: Master Bruce -

Radio: Any available unit, repeat ANY available unit. Please re – (Bruce turns it off)

[Bruce recalls the people he can’t save.]

Alfred: Master Bruce - Now is not the time for doubt.

Bruce Wayne: I can’t do it. I can’t stop them.

Alfred: No. You can’t - not on your own. But it’s high time you realize that you’re a man not an island. And a man’s strength comes not from just brawn and intelligence but also from his allies. (he turns the radio on)

Radio: Priority one alert: The Joker has escaped from his call and is leading the riots at Blackgate. Repeat: the Joker has taken over the entire prison. Multiple casualties. Multiple hostages - civilians and prison guards. Again, we have lost Blackgate. Captain Gordon is calling on anyone, anyone for assistance.

[Bruce put on his mask again.]

Alfred: They need you.

Batman: No, they need us.

[He takes on the Batwing and flies to the Blackgate. Its time to end this.]


Criminal: Enough screwing around kill ‘em and let’s get outta here.

Criminal: Where’s the fun in that? I got a score to settle with this one.

Gordon: This is Captain Gordon Need someone on the inside to secure the main gate. Repeat This is Captain Gordon. I need someone on the inside to secure the front gates to Blackgate prison. Can anyone hear me?

Prison Guard: Thanks. Thanks for -

Batman: I could use your help. Captain Gordon is on his way. Secure the gates for him, then help him look this place down. The Joker cannot be allowed out of here.

Prison Guard: Yes sir. We’re on it. (to radio) Prison officer 4-7 to Captain James Gordon. What is your ETA at Blackgate?

Gordon: About five minutes. You getting those gates open?

Alfred: Sir -I’ve been listening to the reports coming out of Blackgate. Everything OK?

Batman: I should be asking you that. How are you feeling?

Alfred: It’s not every day that one’s heart must be crudely resuscitated by defibrillation. but I must say, I feel remarkably well, considering.

Batman: Good to hear. Any arrhythmia let me know immediately.

Alfred: Of course. But, honestly, Bruce I do think you have bigger things to worry about right now.

Batman: Something Is sending a strong electric current into the water I should be careful.

Criminal: How much further?

Criminal: Hey - Almost there. I can taste the fresh air.

Joker: Ho, ho, ho! Ha, ha! It’s me again with a little Christmas reminder. If you all want to get out of here alive tonight, what we are going to do?

Prisoner: Bring you the bat!

Joker: Very good! And how do I want this stocking-stuffer delivered? Alive or - dead? Hmmm. Looks like the Bat’s shown up early for our little rendezvous Do me a favor and keep him busy while I finish up in here? This is a little game I like to call KILL OR BE KILLED. Here’s how it works: You kill Batman or I kill you! Got it?

Hostage: She’s telling the truth. They’d never give the codes to an intern.

Joker Thug: Shut your face pops. Or I’ll shut it for you. Permanently.

Harleen Quinzel: Just kill me and get it over with.

Joker Thug: Think I’ll make you suffer first. That is, unless you can get me the meds I want.

Criminal: Hope we get to stomp some fools.

Joker: Look at all these psychopaths - just lining up for a chance to take down the guy who put ‘em here!

Criminal: Ain’t nobody got a sense a’humor ’round here.

Joker: And nary a whimper from Batman’s latest victim. Oh, who EVER will be next!?

Criminal: Hey! This guy’s hurt!

Criminal: You’re busted up bad, but still alive… dunno if you’ll walk again.

Criminal: Don’t think we’re gonna last too long, at this rate.

Criminal: There’s nothing we can do for him. We gotta look after ourselves.

Criminal: How’re we supposed to fight ‘em if we can’t find ‘em!?

Joker: What are you all standing around for?! The Bat just gave away his location.

Criminal: Ah, man. Just like the last guy - he’s all messed up!

Criminal: He’s alive. but he ain’t gettin’ up.

Criminal: Can you hear me? Hey!

Criminal: I don’t wanna end up like this chump, DO YOU?

Criminal: Enough already! Let’s get this over with.

Joker: Mmmm. The sound of breaking bones and grown men screaming. Music to my ears!

Criminal: Whoa. What ran this guy over?

Criminal: Jeez. Look what he did to you.

Criminal: You okay? Dammit!

Criminal: Take a good long look. You don’t wanna end up like this you better tighten up your act.

Criminal: Hide’n seek, huh? What we playin’ kid games?

Criminal: Things are gettin’ outta hand!

Criminal: AAAH!

Criminal: If we start to lose it, he wins. Now get out there and find him.

Criminal: Hey!

Criminal: This ain’t fair. He’s taking us out one at a time!

Criminal: What!? Who got you, man? Talk to me!

Criminal: Hey! What the hell’s going on!?

Criminal: Right. So, this is how he’s kickin’ our asses. Don’t let it happen to you.

Criminal: You ain’t takin’ me down!

Criminal: Smoke!

Criminal: Man can’t see!

Joker: I figured prison was the best place to find capable killers. Guess I was wrong.

Criminal: Whattaya think? He gone?

Criminal: I’m startin’ to really hate this holiday.

Criminal: This guy’s hurt! What do they call it, uhh CPR? You know CPR?

[Batman defeats all criminals and frees Harleen.]

Harleen Quinzel: First the Joker and now this guy? Honestly? Who else is coming my way tonight?

Batman: Are you ok?

Harleen Quinzel: What’s it to ya?

Batman: You were almost killed.

Harleen Quinzel: Eh. Occupational hazard. Look. I know why you’re here He’s in the panopticon. And he’s waiting for you.

Joker: Where, oh where, has my little Bat gone? Where, oh where, can he be? His cowl, his scowl, his temper so foul. I hope that he’s coming for me!

[Batman finds Deathstroke doing push ups in a cell.]

Deathstroke: Apparently the Joker’s afraid of me. Wouldn’t let me out – and for a good reason. I don’t like having my time wasted.

Batman: You should have known - trying to kill me was a waste of your time.

Deathstroke: Heh… Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore - not unless someone else puts up million bucks.

Batman: I wasn’t worried.

[He enters the panopticon access.]

Joker: Come on, Batman - Just a few more steps until you witness what I have in store for you! Bet your spine is just tinging with anticipation! I know mine is - like a young boy obsessing over that big, mysterious present under the tree. And what a mystery it is. You may not realize this, but you - you really opened my eyes. Here I thought I was hitting level ten - the tippity top of the fun scale… slaughtering gangsters, killing cops, exploding buildings. But now I know that the scale goes beyond ten. WAY beyond! How much is anyone’s guess, but together, you and me are going to push it as far as it will go. So don’t keep me waiting. If there’s one thing, I hate it’s an unsolved mystery.

[Batman enters the panopticon and sees Joker with the warden as his hostage.]

Batman: Let him go.

Joker: I, I understand you. You had a chance to let me die and you didn’t take it - I bet right now you’re wishing you had. I’ve killed - a LOT of people, I’ve brought the city to it’s knees crippled the police force and it’s not even time to unwrap our presents!

[The crowd cheerfully agrees.]

Joker: Zip it!

[Bane enters.]

Bane: Let’s do this.

Joker: Ok. Ok. So. What our friend Bane holds in his hand is - a heart monitor. Once he clamps it on, every beat of his vacant little heart will charge the battery on this electric chair. And when it’s fully charged – BZZZZZ!!!! So either you kill Bane -

Batman: No. I won’t kill him.

Bane: But you will. You Will fight me With all your resolve. Or you will die. Someone is going to die: You, me or the clown. The question of which one of us it is - is in your hands.

[The last fight with Bane begins.]

Bane: A compassionate man would be home mourning the loss of his servenat and life-long companion right now. Yet you’re here. There is nowhere safe.

Joker: On and - just in case either of you were thinking of gettin’ smart - try to remove the heart monitor - and… BOOM! More minced meat on the walls than a house made of hamburger. How’s that for a helpful hint, Bats?

Bane: Stand your ground!

[Batman loses. Suddenly Captain Gordon enters the panopticon.]

Gordon: Don’t move.

Criminal: (holding the warden) Maybe you shouldn’t move.

[Gordon with no hesitation shoots them in the shoulders. Gordon sees the electric chair.]

Warden: Careful, Jim. When that chair goes off - that’s two thousand volts - you won’t make it.

Gordon: You don’t need to -

[Joker frees himself from the straps and grabs Gordon.]

Joker: Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim Have a seat, Jimbo. We’ll fry together – like two little potato latkes.

[Meanwhile, Batman, pressed to the floor by Bane, recalls the paramedics from prison again.]

Paramedic 1: CLEAR!

Paramedic 2: 250. Charging!

Paramedic 1: I got a pulse!

Electrocutiner: I’m-a kill you. Then, I’m-a jump-start your heart - and kill you again!

Bane: May you find the peace in death that you did not find in life.

Batman: I’m not looking for peace.

[Batman stands up and the fight continues.]

Batman: I can use my shock gloves to temporarily stop Bane’s heart. It’s my only hope.

Bane: Your misery ends now!

Criminal: Finish ’im off!

Bane: Face me!

Joker: Woo! Look at him go!

Bane: There is nowhere safe.

Joker: Look, dear! I think Batman’s actually trying to kill. They grow up so fast.

Criminal: Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

Criminal: Knock ‘im out.

Bane: Witness my strength.

Joker: C’mon, Batsy! We’re half way dead over here!

Bane: Accept your end!

Joker: He is on a roll!

Criminal: Bane is kicking his ass!

Criminal: The Bat’s all over ’im!

Criminal: You’re through, Batman!

Criminal: You’re no match for Bane!

Joker: Uh oh, Bats. I think I feel a tingle! C’mon Bats! Kill‘em! If not for Jim at least do it to save me!

Criminal: Three packs’a smokes says Bane come out on top. Any takers?

Bane: Rise to the challenge!

[Batman uses his shock gloves to temporary stops Bane’s heart.]

Joker: He did it!

Batman: The game’s over. Joker. Let Captain Gordon go.

Warden: Yeah. Put the gun down, freak.

Joker: How ’bout I put you down?

[Joker shoots but Gordon takes the bullet.]

Warden: Gordon!

Joker: Well that’s the Christmas Spirit! Well, I’d love to stay and celebrate your victory, but I’ve got stockings to stuff, mistletoe to hang - and about fifleen skyscrapers to blow up before sunrise. Ciao.

[He runs off laughing wildly.]

Warden: Thank God you had your vest on.

Gordon: He’s - He’s got my gun.

Batman: Gordon, Joseph. I need your help - to stop the Joker.

Gordon: Our help? You’re the so-called vigilante. Or is one kill enough for you tonight?

Batman: Bane’s in cardiopulmonary arrest. I have only minutes to resuscitate him before it’s too late.

Gordon: You mean you didn’t -

Batman: That’s not how I do things. Now go.

[They go after Joker. Batman uses his shock gloves to revive Bane.]

Batman: Come on!

[After several attempts, Bane comes to his senses and grabs Batman by the throat.]

Bane: You leave me no choice, Mr Wayne.

[He injects himself with more TN-1 and transforms into a monster.]

Batman: Alfred - what do we know about TN-1? The compound I found in Bane’s lab?

Alfred: (via radio) I’ll start looking into it now, Sir. Master Bruce, the TN-1 Bane just injected will reach its full potency in ten minutes. If you can’t defeat him by then you won’t be able to withstand his attacks.

Bullock: (via radio) Bullock to Gordon. You read me? You okay?

Gordon: (via radio) Harvey. I need you to secure every exit out of Blackgate – sewers, front doors, I don’t care. The Joker cannot escape.

Bullock: (via radio) We’re on it. Bullock to Gordon. We got the place secure. Any update?

Gordon: (via radio) I’m with the Warden I think the Joker’s heading to Death Row.

Bullock: (via radio) We got the place surrounded. No way he’s getting out.

Gordon: (via radio) You better be damn sure about that.

Bane: No more grates! You in the vent again. I kill you! No more hiding in the vent, Batman! No more hiding here! You must fight! Fight me! I destroy grate! I want more! I crush you!

Alfred: (via radio) Sir, you have only minutes before the TN-1 takes full effect. Use those electrified doors to your advantage!

Bane: Now, die! I will be free! Huh? I kill you! Ha! I see you behind grate!

Gordon: This is Captain James Gordon in Blackgate prison. The Joker has us pinned down in death row. Requesting reinforcements. Repeat. This is Captain Gordon requesting reinforcements! Pinned down on death row at Blackgate!

Batman: Joker has Gordon pinned down in death row. I need to hurry.

Bane: Is Batman in the grate again? Come! Batman! Die!

Alfred: (via radio) Sir, If you can’t finish Bane off soon, that TN-1 will make him undefeatable.

Bane: You can not hide have now! Welcome death! Now, die! Face me!

Batman: It’s over, Alfred I’ve defeated Bane.

Alfred: (via radio) Master Bruce? Master Bruce - are you all right?

Bane: The Bat Man. I will… I must find the Bat Man.

Batman: Good luck with that.

Alfred: (via radio) Master Bruce - can you hear me?

Batman: Yes. And thank you for the help with Bane.

Alfred: (via radio) I trust he’s down for good this time.

Batman: He’s secure. And It appears the TN-1 Bane took damaged his memory - permanently.

Alfred: (via radio) Does that mean he won’t be revealing your identity?

Batman: Looks that way.

Alfred: (via radio) Glad to hear it Sir. And the Joker?

Batman: He’s still on the loose - but not for long.

Gordon: (via radio) This is Captain Gordon at Blackgate Prison requesting immediate medevac! Warden Joseph has been shot. Repeat Warden Joseph is down.

GCPD Dispatcher: EMT chopper en route ETA fifteen minutes.

Gordon: (via radio) Tell them to hurry up!

[Batman finds the warden. He’s seriously injured.]

Warden Joseph: …Sniper…

Batman: Where’s Gordon?

Warden Joseph: Sniper…

Killer Croc: Would ya look at who’s back for more?

[He grabs Batman.]

Batman: I’ve had enough of you for one night.

Killer Croc: Not yet you haven’t.

[Sniper aims at Batman. At this moment Gordon runs up to him and hits him in the back with a baseball bat.]

Gordon: Sunova bitch.

[Croc suddenly releases Batman.]

Killer Croc: Screw this. Want the Joker? Take ’im.

Gordon: Help me keep these guys off the Warden!

[A crowd of scum rushes into the room. Batman ALONGSIDE WITH Captain Gordon kicks their asses!!!]

Batman: You fight well.

Gordon: Had a rough childhood. This doesn’t make us friends you know. Joseph! They’re on then way. You’re goin’ to make it!

Batman: Where’s the Joker?

Gordon: He went through that door - towards the chapel.

Batman: Thanks.


[Batman rushes into the prison chapel. It’s time for the showdown.]

Joker: Oh bats What a night! Fresh off a kill and back for more, eh?

Batman: Bane’s still alive.

Joker: (checks his heart monitor) Now that’s not FUNNY. All this - all this rage. All directed at me, and for what? You know if you’d actually let me finish a sentence, you might learn something. You might learn that we’re not so different. Is all this for you or for me? You must know that I’m a lost cause. But there’s still hope for you. Yes. I’ve got great hopes for you. So c’mon. Don’t stop now! You just can’t get it through your thick skull!

Batman: Give up. You’ve lost.

[He beats him to the ground. Blood and teeth. For everyone he killed.]

Joker: That’s why you do it, isn’t it? You like the way it feels. It’s what you need. Come on, baby! Beat me ’til your knuckles bleed… And why quit there? You know there’s only one way to stop me.

[Batman starts to choke him, but then stops and knocks the Joker out. Gordon enters.]

Gordon: Any one of my guys would have killed him.

Batman: This city deserves better than that.

Gordon: You know, my daughter thinks you’re a hero. But I still have to bring you in.

Bullock: (via radio) Come in! What’s your 20?

Gordon: I’m in the chapel We got the Joker.

[Taking advantage of the second, which distracted Gordon, Batman disappears.]

Bullock: (via radio) Sunova bitch, you caught him? And how’d you do that?

Gordon: I had some help.

[The final video. All the scumbags are going to prison.]

Gordon: (offscreen) I keep asking myself why I didn’t bring him in. And I now know, the truth Is I let him go because of you. Because you believe in him. I don’t know… They put me in charge of a station full of rotten cops. And I can’t change them - any more than I can change this… this damn city… Or at least that’s what I used to think.

Joker: (on the way to Blackgate) …stopped his heart. That is funny. Good one, Bats. This is going to be fun.

Gordon: But maybe, maybe I can give them something to believe in. Maybe HE can give them something to believe in.


[After the credits we return to Deathstroke, doing push ups in a cell.]

Deathstroke: Figured you’d be by sooner or later.

[Someone throws a contract to him.]

Deathstroke: And what happens if I don’t sign?

Amanda Waller: You rot in here, or you work for me.


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