[The game begins with a wide shot at the painting "Cain and Abel. The Duality." The painting hangs in the house of some rich man who's been robbed by Two-Face henchmen. One of them moves the painting away and finds a safe behind it.]

Henchman 1: Look what I found!

Henchman 2: Don't touch it, man. He'll kill you!

Henchman 3: How long till the Boss gets here?

Henchman 4: He'll be here.

Henchman 5: Riley said he saw the Bat. Is he here too?

[The shadow of the Batman mask appears on the floor, but it quickly disappears.]

Henchman 4: In Arkham City? Why would he come here? You guys just need to chill the hell out.

[A window breaks.]

Henchman 3: It's Batman!

[A woman enters the room...]

Henchman 4: What the hell?!

Catwoman: Sorry to disappoint you, boys. It's just little ol' me.

[She quickly deals with the henchmen.]

Catwoman: Now that they're all taken care of, it's time to get what I came for out of that safe.

[She cracks the safe.]

Catwoman: Try and get one over on me, will you, Harv? I don't think so.

[Someone's putting a gun to her head.]

Two-Face: Get your filthy paws off that, now.

[Screen going white. We hear the sound of a discharge of electricity and the cry of pain.]

Hugo Strange: Wake up, Mr. Wayne. We have much to discuss.

Bruce Wayne: Strange? You won't get away with this...

Hugo Strange: I already have.

[We're going back in time, to the streets where a reporter, Vicki Vale, covers an important event for the city.]

Vicki Vale: This is Vicki Vale reporting live from Arkham City: the controversial super-prison built right here in the heart of Gotham. In a few moments, Bruce Wayne will be live on stage to explain his sudden interest in Gotham politics. The infamous playboy millionaire has never been one to…

Bruce Wayne: It's billionaire, Vicki, Millionaires are so last year.

[Screen going white again. We hear a scream of pain.]

Hugo Strange: I assume that you thought yourself untouchable. Well, as you can see, no one is untouchable.

[Bruce takes the stand. He's surrounded by reporters and photographers.]

Bruce Wayne: Thank you! Thank you, Gotham. Imprisoned behind these walls, gang leaders are fighting a bloody war in the middle of our once great city. Every inmate from Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison has been relocated to this facility. How can this be safe for the people of Gotham?

[Screen going white once more. Bruce is in pain again.]

Bruce Wayne: Shut Arkham City down. It's out of control.

Hugo Strange: Shut it down? By the end of tonight, I will be a hero, just like you... BATMAN.


Bruce Wayne: Today, I'm starting the campaign to close Arkham City and make Gotham safe again.

[Several soldiers run up to him.]

TYGER Officer: (via radio) Remember, Wayne is the priority target.

TYGER Soldier: Surround him! Hands in the air, Wayne!

TYGER Officer: (via radio) Target secured.

[One of the soldiers knocks Bruce out with a buttstock to the head. He wakes up in a small room. Hugo Strange has already turned off the lamp that shines into Bruce's eyes.]

Hugo Strange: I feel I should thank you. Capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier than Batman. And now that we have you, Protocol Ten is ready to begin. It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure and if you try to stop me, I guarantee everyone will know your secret.

[He comes out of the room. Ominously, normal light comes on and we see Bruce sitting in a barracks chained to a chair. Hugo Strange's voice is coming from a speaker nearby.]

Hugo Strange: (via speaker) You are mine, new inmates. Let me introduce myself. I am Professor Hugo Strange and I am in charge of the Arkham City Facility. Up until this point you have shown a total disregard for the law for society and yourself. From this moment on, you are no longer part of the society that you have shown no respect for.

[Bruce swings on the chair and frees himself. A guard enters the room.]

TYGER Guard: What the hell are you doing? Did you think we wouldn't hear you?

[Bruce intercepts his blow and throws him to the floor.]

TYGER Guard: Help me! Escape in progress!

[Another guard comes in, bumps Bruce's head against the monitor and throws him out of the barracks into town.]

TYGER Guard: Welcome to Arkham City, Wayne!

[The street ends up clogged with prisoners. TYGER soldiers strictly watch their behavior. There's a checkpoint nearby.]

Inmate: What are you doing here, Wayne?

Inmate: Did you kill your butler?

Inmate: You're going to die in here, rich boy!

Inmate: You're mine!

TYGER Guard: On the ground. Now! (shoots) What are you waiting for, Wayne? Line A. Move!

Black Mask: No one arrests Black Mask. No one!

TYGER Guard: Give up, Sionis!

Black Mask: Get me Strange!

TYGER Guard: Line A! Now! Don't fight it!

Black Mask: Stop it!

Inmate: Please! Help me!

TYGER Guard: You're nothing in here! Line A, prisoner!

TYGER Guard: Wayne! You're in Line A. Move it, rich boy!

[Bruce is lining up for the entrance.]

TYGER Guard: You two get out the way! Wayne! Get your ass up here!

Inmate: I did. What's it to you?

Inmate: I hate the Penguin.

Inmate: Bruce Wayne? You're on my list. Bang.

Inmate: Break his face! C'mon! Smash him in the face!

TYGER Guard: Move up, prisoner! I said, break it up! NOW!

[Bruce is getting a buttstock in the face again.]

Hugo Strange: Lower your weapons. Mr. Wayne will not be any trouble. Will you, Mr. Wayne? The cuffs can stay on. We don't want to make things too easy, do we?

TYGER Guard: Close the doors. Prepare for insertion!

[Bruce is being led to the door to Arkham City.]

Political Prisoner: I can't believe I'm going to die here.

Jack Ryder: Bruce Wayne? Great. There I was reporting on your crummy press conference and now here we both are. I guess that'll teach you to get involved in politics, won't it?

Bruce Wayne: Listen to me carefully. When they open the door, do not panic. Stay close to me.

Jack Ryder: Do you think I'm taking advice from some guy who's never even been in a fight?

Bruce Wayne: Stay calm. They're trying to scare us.

Jack Ryder: Sorry, man. It's every man for himself.

[They hit a long hallway with a lot of prisoners on both sides. Some of them jump the fence and try to attack Bruce, but he dodges and then helps Ryder.]

Inmate: Hey! Over here! Look at me, Wayne!

Inmate: You're gonna die in here!

Jack Ryder: Wayne! Help me!

Political Prisoner: Help me!

Inmate: When I'm done, you'll only have a face for radio!

Inmate: Hey! Where's your freakin' butler!?

Inmate: Wayne! You ain't gonna last five minutes in here!

Jack Ryder: Please, Wayne!

Inmate: Wayne! Can you spare me a dime?!

Bruce Wayne: On your feet, Ryder. I said, get up!

[While Bruce helps Ryder get up, one of the inmates hits him in the legs with a bat.]

Penguin: Welcome to hell, Brucey-boy. Lights out, rich boy!

[The inmate hits Bruce in the head with a bat. He wakes up in some alley.]

Penguin: Wakey-wakey, Wayne! Oh, what's up? Do you need me to call your butler?

Bruce Wayne: Cobblepot!

Penguin: Aw, you remember me. I'm touched. Your family destroyed mine, Wayne. This… well, let's just call this good, old-fashioned revenge.

[He puts on knuckles and tries to hit Bruce, but he dodges and breaks the Penguin's arm.]

Penguin: GET HIM!

[A few prisoners are coming in.]

Penguin: Hurt him! I think he's broken my bloody hand! Get this gate open! Now!

[After a few quick dodges, Bruce breaks the cuffs.]

Inmate: He broke free! How'd he do that?

Penguin: You're gonna pay for this, Wayne!

[Bruce beats all the inmates and knocks the Penguin out with one powerful blow.]

Bruce Wayne: I can't contact Alfred from down here. I'll need to get higher. Alfred, have you got my location?

Alfred: (via radio) Only just, sir. There's more interference than usual.

Bruce Wayne: I need an immediate drop on the roof of the Ace Chemicals building. I'm on my way there now.

Alfred: (via radio) Of course. I watched your incarceration on the evening news. Was getting yourself arrested a part of your plan all along?

Bruce Wayne: Not exactly, although I did get some one-on-one time with Hugo Strange.

Alfred: (via radio) And how was that?

Bruce Wayne: Not good. He knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. He also told me that something called Protocol Ten will make him famous. I can't leave Arkham City until I find out what it is.

[Bat Wing flies through the night sky and drops a metal capsule.]

Alfred: (via radio) Did it arrive, sir?

Bruce Wayne: Right on time.

[He opens the capsule with his palm print and suits up.]


Batman: Alfred, I took an encryption key from a TYGER guard. I'm going to hack into their communications.

[He hacks the net with his descriptor and a previously obtained SIM card.]

TYGER Helicopter: (via radio) All units, this is AIR TYGER 4. We have confirmation that Prisoner 4011 is in the courthouse. I repeat, Catwoman is in the Courthouse.

Hugo Strange: (via radio) Is she in danger?

TYGER Helicopter: (via radio) Affirmative. Target is being held by Dent. We believe he intends to kill her. How should we proceed?

Hugo Strange: (via radio) (laughs) Stand down. Let Two-Face have his fun.

TYGER Helicopter: (via radio) Understood.

Batman: That doesn't sound good.

Alfred: (via radio) No it does not. Mister Dent's predilection for all things binary may not bode well for Miss Kyle.

Batman: If there is one person in Arkham City who knows what's really going on, it's her. I need to find Catwoman now.

[Batman spreads his wings and goes to the courthouse. A gang of thugs meets him at the doorsteps.]

Inmate: Over in the courthouse, Two-Face is getting ready to skin the Catwoman!

[Batman easily beats them up and walks into the building. He goes up to the second floor and sees a hearing happening downstairs in the courtroom. A bunch of thugs are standing there with banners. Two-Face philosophizing with his best half.]

Two-Face: (undamaged side) The only way to get by in this place is to get ourselves some respect.

Two-Face: (skinned side) Fear. That's how we get respect. Show them all how we do things.

Two-Face: (undamaged side) We should be fair, though. This is a place of justice, after all.

Two-Face: (skinned side) Screw justice. Kill her and they'll all fear us. Bring out the defendant!

[He rips the blankets off the convict. It turns out to be the Catwoman. She hangs on a rope above a vat of acid.]

Catwoman: You certainly know how to keep a girl hanging, Harv. Hey, have you had some work done?

[Two-Face slapping her.]

Two-Face: That's for stealing from us. No one steals from us!

Catwoman: I'm sorry. I've been a bad kitty. Untie me and I'll make it up to you.

Two-Face: Let's see if the coin thinks you're telling the truth.

[He flips his coin. The undamaged side falls out.]

Two-Face: This court is now in session. Order in the court! Order! Order!

Inmate: (shots at the others) Be quiet!

Batman: Taking out the thug with the gun is the key. Without him, the rest of the room won't be a problem.

Two-Face: Fresh faces for the gang. Today we present each of you with an exciting new opportunity. Two opportunities. To join with us. To create a new force in Arkham... And take this place for ourselves! When the clown dies, we will own this town! We will RULE this town! Or you can just leave now. And we will hunt you down and kill you all! But let's not dwell on the negative. Let's have some fun! Fate delivered a gift to us tonight. A gift that will show everybody that we mean business. And you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, will be part of it. Help us decide if we should kill the bitch who tried to steal from us. Or let her go to do it again! Like hell we will. There are two sides to every story. Let's hear hers before passing judgment. Nah! Let's just kill her and be done with it. So what will it be, distinguished members of the jury? Is the bitch guilty? Or should we let her go steal from someone else?

Catwoman: Objection! Isn't that a leading question, Harvey?

Two-Face: Silence in my court!

Catwoman: Let me go, boys I've got places to go, people to see.

Two-Face: More like things to steal. Maybe I should just cut both your hands off... Or maybe we should wait for the verdict? Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. I'm hoping for a hung jury anyway.

[Batman knocks out an inmate with an automatic rifle and watches the whole time, standing on a rope under the ceiling.]

Inmate: It's the Bat! Run!

Inmate: What's he doing here?

Two-Face: Our friend Batman has arrived. Grab him and cut him in two! Hold still while I pass judgment! Damnit!

Catwoman: Are you just playing with these guys?

[The Knight of the Night takes out all the inmates in the courtroom.]

Two-Face: Your sentence is death, Batman! Objection!

[He shoots Batman in the chest.]

Two-Face: Overruled!

[After killing the Dark Knight, Two-Face approaches the Catwoman.]

Two-Face: Heads or tails, kitty cat?

Catwoman: Which one lets me out of here alive?

Two-Face: (flips his coin) Not this one. Time to die!

Catwoman: I vote for a stay of execution.

[She scratches it with her claws, untie her legs and bounces off a dangerous vat of acid.]

Catwoman: No gun, Harv? Shame. This is gonna hurt.

Two-Face: Two guns, bitch!

[He doesn’t have the time to shoot - Batman hangs him on the rope.]

Catwoman: And I thought it was cats who have nine lives. How's it hangin', Harv?

[She smacks his stomach with her foot.]

Catwoman: (grabbing what she's stolen) Come to kitty. Anyone ever tell you that you're full of surprises?

Batman: I figured you could use my help, Selina.

Catwoman: You're right. I think I chipped a nail back there.

Batman: Funny.

Catwoman: So what do you need, Mr. Detective?

Batman: Protocol 10. What do you know, Selina?

Catwoman: Never heard of it.

Batman: That's not what I wanted to hear. What about Strange?

Catwoman: I don't trust him. He's been missing for years and then is suddenly put in charge of running Arkham City. Rumor has it he's been working with Joker, planning something very special just for you. Maybe that's “Protocol 10?”

[Meanwhile, someone with the Joker's voice is watching the courthouse at the sight of a sniper rifle.]

Voice: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, watch me kill your favorite cat! (laugh and cough)

Catwoman: The ex-District Attorney here said something about... What the hell?

[Someone tried to shoot her, but Batman spotted the green laser beam in time.]

Voice: See you soon, Bats. (laugh and cough)

Catwoman: This place is dangerous. I like it. You expecting a kiss?

Batman: It was Joker. You're not safe here. No one is.

Catwoman: Nine lives, remember?

[She uses her whip and leaves the building.]

Batman: I need to locate where the bullet entered the court and where it impacted.

[Batman is starting an investigation.]

Batman: The bullet hit the floor here. Now, where did it enter the room? The trajectory the bullet traveled will lead me to the shooter.

[He goes to the nearby chapel. It was from her roof that the shot was fired.]

Hugo Strange: Protocol Ten will commence in 10 hours.

Inmate: Is he still in there?

Inmate: I think so. I can hear someone in there.

Inmate: Keep that door shut, man. I don't wanna go head to head with Batman.

Inmate: You didn't say it was Batman. Why the hell are we still here? We should run, or something.

Inmate: You think?

Inmate: Don't be stupid. If you keep that door closed, he can't get out and we're safe.

Inmate: Really? What's stopping him going out the back?

Inmate: There's a back?

Inmate: Yeah. Two-Face showed me. There's a basement. It's full of cells. There's some guy down there.

Inmate: And you didn't think to mention it till now?

Inmate: What's he doing here? He's not one of us, is he?

Inmate: I saw him. He appeared out of nowhere. Took out everyone in the court.

Inmate: At least the kitty cat got offed.

Inmate: He saved her too. And took out the boss.

Inmate: You cold?

Inmate: Course I'm cold. It's like 10 below out here and Harley left us outside to freeze to death. Crazy bitch. Bet she's nice and warm in there.

[Batman's dealing with them.]

Batman: I’m at the church. It looks like Harley Quinn is inside.

Alfred: (via radio) That dreadful woman is no doubt setting a trap for you.

Batman: Don’t worry, Alfred. Quinn never was too smart. I’ll be OK.

[He enters the church. Harley's throwing herself on him right away.]

Harley Quinn: Comin' through, B-man!

[But her attempt fails - Batman easily blocks the attack.]

Inmate: Let the lady go, bat freak! Or these people all get a bullet in their heads!

Harley Quinn: I think you should do what he says. It would be a'shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit. What do you think, Bat-Brain? Like it? What am I saying, 'course you do. Who wouldn't? So, anyway, here's the deal. Mister J is really not up to a visit right now. He's not feeling himself... Well, actually, he was earlier, but that's not what I meant. He's not doing so good and that idiot doctor sent from here didn't help. I've seen more smarts from these bozos. I've got to run, boys. If he tries anything funny: KILL HIM!

[She leaves.]

Batman: Attacking armed thugs head on is suicide. I need to disappear, pick them off silently, one by one.

Inmate: Don't you move, Batman. Just stay there and this will all end OK.

[He drops a smoke pellet and jumps on one of the gargoyles near the ceiling.]

Inmate: Where's he gone?

Inmate: He's vanished! He disappeared!

Batman: They don't know where I am. Good, let's keep it that way. Time to survey the room. Plan out my tactics. Four thugs, all armed, two hostages. This is gonna be easy.

Inmate: We need to get out of here!

Inmate: He's gonna get us!

Inmate: Batman! Can you hear me?! Try and get us and these people die!

Batman: That idiot thinks he's safe in the confessional. He's just made it easier for me to get in behind him.

[He silently knocks the inmate out and rescues the hostage.]

Batman: You'll be OK. Wait here and don't make a noise.

Inmate: Can you see him? Where is he?

Inmate: I don't know where he is. I can't see him! He could come from anywhere!

Inmate: Keep it together! Hello? What's happening? Answer me, man! What's going on?

Batman: He's got a hostage. I can glide to the scaffolding above him without being seen and take him down from there.

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: (to inmates) When this is over, I'm going to make you regret this.

Inmate: Shut up! Shut up!

[Batman is rescuing the second hostage.]

Batman: You're safe. Stay quiet.

Inmate: Can you see him? Where is he?

Batman: If I get behind those two without being seen, I can take them both in one move.

[He descends quietly from the gargoyle, comes to the inmates from behind and bumps their heads against each other.]

Batman: The room is secure, you're safe now!

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: Thank God. Yo, Batman, thanks for the help!

M.P.T. William North: I'll get you free, Doc.

Doctor: Thank you.

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: OK, people, listen up. We're in control here. Not these animals. I want this place locked down tight. All medical staff, check supplies. Find out if anything was taken.

Doctor: What about Stacy? Isn't anyone going after her?

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: I don't know if any of you just noticed, but Batman just saved our asses. If anyone can find her, he'll do it. OK, does everyone understand? Look after the wounded, keep the bad guys out. We're a team! Let's keep it that way! Thank God you got here, Batman.

Batman: After what happened at the asylum, I thought you'd settle for a quiet desk job.

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: Yeah, right. When Sharp closed down the asylum. It turned out that there wasn't much work for an ex-security guard who failed to stop a mass breakout. This is the only work I can get.

Batman: What happened back there wasn't your fault, Cash. What was Harley Quinn doing here?

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: That crazy bitch busted in a couple of hours ago with the rest of these idiots. Took something up the tower and then blew up the staircase.

Batman: Thanks. I'll check it out.

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: Wait! I mean, sorry, Batman, forgot: Couple of them grabbed one of the docs. Quinn said something about needing her to fix up the Joker.

Batman: If she's alive, I'll find her. You concentrate on securing this church. It should keep you all safe.

M.P.T. Aaron Cash: Will do. Hope you find the doc. Her name's Stacy Baker. She's one of the good ones.

Batman: (to himself) The gunshot came from the bell tower. I need to find a way up there.

[Batman finds his first Riddler’s Trophy.]

The Riddler: Hello, Dark Knight. Did you find that easy? You were supposed to. That was merely a taste of what is to come. You will regret trying to outsmart me. You will solve my riddles and you will collect my trophies. You may not want to, but you must. It's a matter of life and death.

[He climbs to the top of the bell tower, using his hook to move along the broken stairs.]

Batman: There's the gun. It looks like it's being controlled remotely by Joker.

[The room is filled with hand-made bombs from flammable barrels. Next to the rifle are two full-length Joker figures with TVs on their heads. The TVs are on and we see the scariest clown in Gotham.]

Joker: Well, look who it is. I haven't seen you for, how long has it been? Let's see, there was an asylum, some monsters, and oh, that's right, you left me to die. Now you probably don't remember it that way, but who cares? You just need to worry about the bombs. Hurry up now. Clock's ticking.

[Without losing a second, Batman runs to the window and jumps out of it, smashing stained glass. He spreads his wings and flies towards the near future. The bell tower explodes.]

Batman: Alfred, I've got a lock on the signal used to remotely control the sniper rifle. Joker's behind this.

Alfred: (via radio) Was there ever any doubt?

Batman: The radio signal should lead me right to him.

Alfred: (via radio) Good luck, sir.


[Batman starts exploring the city for a signal source. The search leads him to the Sionis Steel Mill. Batman hears Harley's voice coming from speakers all over the factory. Judging by the look of it, the Steel Mill was captured by the Joker gang long ago.]

Harley Quinn: Listen up, dumb-asses and listen carefully. As you know, Mister J... he's... he's not himself, and the last thing he needs is any so-called superhero coming in here and stopping his recuperation. That's where you come in, morons. You need to protect the Steel Mill, protect it with your life, because if you fall, I'll make sure your miserable lives don't mean zip. You get it? Good!

Batman: Alfred. I need to find a route into the Sionis Steel Mill.

Alfred: (via radio) Have you tried the front door, sir?

Batman: Why didn't I think of that?

Alfred: (via radio) It was obviously too easy. Let's see... If all other access routes are locked down, the only way in would be no... it's suicide.

Batman: The main chimney? OK then.

[Batman spreads his wings and flies straight into the factory's smokescreen. He lands on a thin steel wire over boiling steel.]

Batman: The steam from the furnace will boil me alive. I need to cool down the coals somehow.

[He's using his hook to open the flap. Part of the piano floods with a powerful stream of water and Batman moves on. He breaks through the floor with a special gel and walks under the floor of the loading bay. He hears the inmates' voices coming from above.]

Inmate: Yeah, Joker wants you to think he's sick. Then, wham! Gotcha!

Inmate: I don't know, man. He looks pretty sick.

Harley Quinn: I promised you some entertainment, right, boys?

Dr. Stacy Baker: Please. I did my best.

Harley Quinn: Well, you should have tried harder.

Dr. Stacy Baker: (scream)

Harley Quinn: That useless quack has failed Mister J. And you know what that means.

[The inmates chant "Kill!"]

Dr. Stacy Baker: Help me!

Harley Quinn: Stop! Change of plan, take her to the smelting chamber. Mister J wants this one to suffer a little longer!

Inmate: You're coming with us, Doc!

Harley Quinn: Right then, the rest of you idiots get out of here. You know what you have got to do! Go get the snowman and bring him back here right NOW! He's going to pay for screwing over Mr J. I need him back here like yesterday!

Inmate: Who was Harley talkin' about?

Inmate: Sounds like she's declared war on Freeze.

Inmate: Yeah. She sounded pissed. How's he connected to Joker and all this mess?

Inmate: How should I know? She's always freaking out these days. Joker really must be sick after all.

Inmate: I guess. I always figured he'd last forever. Know what I mean?

Inmate: Maybe it's got something to do with all that crap back at Arkham Island. You saw what happened, right?

Inmate: Only what was on the TV. He was like some kind of freakin' monster. He was, he was huge. I thought he was going to start ripping choppers out of the air.

Inmate: And then, next time we see him, he's all normal lookin'.

Inmate: Yeah, normal. Like he ever looks normal.

Inmate: OK, whatever. He looked like the Joker.

Inmate: Yeah. It was weird I don't buy it. This is all part of Joker's plan. It must be. He's gonna be fine. He's just screwin' with the Bat.

[Batman jumps out from under the floor, surprising the inmates.]

Inmate: Look out! It's Batman!

Harley Quinn: Well look who didn't get blown to pieces in Mister J's lovely trap! Don't let him get away again, boys. Hey, Bat-Brain! Don't ya have somewhere better to be?

[Batman kicks a whole gang of inmates' asses.]

Harley Quinn: What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead! Well there's no way you're getting to Mister J. We're safe and sound up here. You can just stay down there and burn!

[She leaves for the main office upstairs. Batman stays downstairs.]

Batman: Alfred, Joker's holed up in the manager's office in the Steel Mill.

Alfred: (via radio) I'm sure you'll find a way, sir.

Batman: Of course I will. Some of his goons dragged a doctor away. I'm going to find her first, then deal with Joker.

[There are muffled voices coming from the top floor.]

Harley Quinn: Oh, Mister J, it's a miracle. You look perfect... oh... no, it's not you is it?

Joker: Be quiet, Harley. (coughs)

[Batman goes to the assembly line.]

Inmate: No one said anything about the Bat coming here.

Inmate: So?

Inmate: I'm just saying. I thought the whole point of being locked up in here was that Batman was out there. You know, in Gotham.

Inmate: You scared of the Big Bad Bat?

Inmate: No! Not scared exactly, but... Well, he broke three of my ribs back at the asylum and my arm six months ago.

Inmate: Better make sure he don't come too close then.

Inmate: Easier said than done, man. You've never seen him in action.

Inmate: And when I do, I'm gonna teach him not to mess with me. Harley wants him dead, and I want a piece of Harley.

Inmate: Are you insane? Harley? Have you forgotten about her boyfriend?

Inmate: Way I hear it, the whole world will have forgotten about her boyfriend soon enough. Then I get a ride on the Harley.

Inmate: Or a bullet in the face. Seriously. Don't get too cocky. Batman's dangerous. Hell, Harley's dangerous.

[Batman pushes a button on a full-length Harley cartoon figure, with a heart in her hand.]

Harley Quinn: (recorded) Hello? Is this thing on? If you don't stop pressing that button, I'm… tell my Joker and he will be sooooo angry. Keep this to yourself, but I think Batman may be here. If you see him, kill him! Listen, If anyone asks about Mister J, tell them he's fine. No, don't tell them anything. Well, tell them that you're not going to talk about it, and then shoot them in the face. OK?

[Batman is trying to move on...]

Batman: They’ve got that doorway covered. I need to find a different way to get past Joker's men.

[Batman quietly removes security and walks into the Smelting Chamber.]

Inmate: It's gotten quiet out there.

Inmate: Stay here, I'll go check it out.

[But Batman's already knocked out most of the inmates!]

Harley Quinn: He's making you look stoooopid! I should be the one making you stupid. Hmmm? How about I make you all wear nice little dresses?

Inmate: Can I get you something, doc? How about a painkiller? Just tell us how to fix the Joker and you can crawl outta here.

Harley Quinn: How do you think poor Mister J is going to get better if you idiots fail to stop the rodent?

[Batman eliminates the remaining prisoners and knocks out an assault rifle-armed thug guarding the doctor.]

Batman: Can you stand?

Dr. Stacy Baker: Give me a second. What's wrong with these people? That crazy woman thinks I can fix the Joker.

Batman: What's wrong with him?

Dr. Stacy Baker: There's something in his blood, some kind of toxin. It's killing him. He blames something called Titan.

Batman: TITAN?

Dr. Stacy Baker: Yeah, do you know what he's talking about? He kept going on about his last laugh.

Harley Quinn: (via her statue) Uh, uh, Doc! Isn't that information supposed to be confidential?

Dr. Stacy Baker: What's happening? How does she know what we're saying?

Harley Quinn: Get that door sealed up nice-n tight, boys. We don't want the vermin escaping, do we?

[The mercenaries weld the front door from the other side.]

Dr. Stacy Baker: At least they won't be getting in. We're safe, right?

Batman: Wait here, doctor.

[He walks up to the power transformer and opens the lid.]

Dr. Stacy Baker: What the hell are you doing?

[Batman removes an element from the transformer and plugs it into one of his gadgets.]

Batman: I need to get out of here. Someone needs to stop Joker. Stay here. You'll be safe.

Dr. Stacy Baker: You sure?

Batman: If you hear anyone coming, hide. I'll be back.

[Batman's arsenal has now been expanded with Remote Electrical Charge, a special device that allows you to send electrical discharges at a distance. Batman quietly walks through the ventilation and comes out to the henchmen welding the door.]

Hugo Strange: Protocol Ten will commence in 9 hours.

Inmate: And what? We just wait for the Bat to try and break through the door, and then we jump him?

Inmate: That's the plan.

Inmate: It's not a plan. It's a suicide note.

Inmate: I'm not scared of him. The door's welded shut and he's just some freak in a costume.

Inmate: OK, then you stand in front.

Inmate: Why? You chicken?

Inmate: Will you two just shut the hell up and get ready? I don't like this anymore than you do. But if we've got one chance, It's that we all jump him. Together.

Inmate: It's the Bat!

[Batman deals with them quickly and goes out to the loading bay, where Harley and the Joker are hiding. He's taking out his new device. It gives Batman the means to control the chain hook and break the door to the Joker's office.]

Harley Quinn: How did you get out of the smelting chamber, B-man? What did you build? Tell me, tell me!

Joker: Harley! Get back in here! I think I'm dying!

Harley Quinn: Now see what you've done! Scram B-man! Coming, Mister J! What's wrong with you, B-man?! You come into Mister J's home and start smashing it to pieces? Don't you know he's sick!?

[Batman tries to climb into the office, but he gets hit in the face by a one-armed clown with a hammer named Abramovici.]

Harley Quinn: Surprise, B-man! Meet Mister Hammer! He's gonna teach you some manners!

Abramovici: You will die here, little bat! I will crush every bone in your body! I will leave you smeared across this room! You are not going to reach the Joker. I will stop you!

[Batman scatters a crowd of henchmen and throws a heavy clown to the floor with half a dozen powerful blows to the stomach.]

Harley Quinn: No! Why, why, why, why, why??!!

[Batman enters the office. Harley is crying over Joker’s body.]

Harley Quinn: You!

Batman: Get out of my way, Quinn.

Harley Quinn: Leave us alone, B-man... just leave me with him.

Batman: I said move!

[He pushes her away and she falls to the floor.]

Harley Quinn: This is all your fault! You've hounded him for years, beat him to a pulp, and for what? Why are you so mean???!!

[Suddenly, a real Joker is pouncing on Batman from behind. He uses his gas to take the dark knight’s will to resist.]

Joker: Surprise! You fell for the ol’ fake Joker gag, Batman.

[Harley hits Batman in the face with a bat.]

Harley Quinn: Batter up!

[She hits him in the face with a baseball bat and Batman passes out. Meanwhile the Catwoman sits on the roof of the next building...]


Catwoman: Sounds like the detective will be busy with the Joker for a while. Good. Gives this kitten some time to play. So, what next? Help tall, brooding, and handsome, or help myself to all the loot Professor Strange has locked up in that vault of his? I know, difficult choice, right? Hmmm, what will it be? Find Croc and have him rip a hole into the vault? Ask Penguin for some explosives? Not my style. I always prefer a woman's touch in these situations. Stay where you are, Ivy. I'm coming to get you.

Catwoman: I need to get my kit from my apartment. No way I can face ivy without my things. I'd be naked without them.

[Catwoman runs on the roofs of Arkham City and then graciously climbs into one of the buildings.]

Inmate: Can't kill people on an empty stomach! How are we supposed to find out where she lives anyway?

Inmate: Two-Face said she lives somewhere near here.

Inmate: So what? How does he know?

Inmate: How am I supposed to know. I don't question the boss. You shouldn't either.

Inmate: I know, I know. How come he's so pissed all of a sudden anyway?

Inmate: Oh, I dunno. Maybe it's because Catwoman left him hanging over that acid tank?

Inmate: Really?

Inmate: Yeah. He had her just where he wanted her and the bitch broke free.

Inmate: Seriously? How come I miss all this stuff?

Inmate: Maybe it's because you spend half your life eating that crap in those tins, and the other half on the crapper.

Inmate: Yeah, there's something wrong with it.

Inmate: Then here's an idea. Stop eating it and find out where Catwoman's been hiding.

Inmate: Lookout! It's the Cat!

[Woman cat cleverly defeats the inmates, climbs into her nest and grabs her equipment]

Catwoman: It's good to be home. OK, Selina, time to find Ivy. Let's hope she's forgiven me. Of course she has. She wouldn't hold a grudge. Well what do we have here? Weird, out of place plants, check. Mindless, hypnotized henchmen... check. The oh so subtle odor of rotting pumpkins... check. Looks like I found the entrance to Ivy's lair.

[She walks into the building.]

Catwoman: Hello? Ivy? You here?

Poison Ivy: You shouldn't have come here!

Catwoman: Oh, c'mon. You're not seriously going to hold that against me forever, are you?

Poison Ivy: You killed them all.

Catwoman: They were just flowers, Ivy. I'll buy you some new ones. I know a place that…

[Ivy knocks the Catwoman off her feet with a liana.]

Catwoman: C'mon, Red. Can't we just... Oh, for the love of...

[Ivy grows a few pods pn the floor from which drugged inmates come out.]

Catwoman: Hey, Pammy, here's an idea! If you want a boyfriend, how about trying the dating route? Beats this voodoo crap.

Poison Ivy: Don't let her hurt me. You can't outrun nature, Selena. My spores will fill your lungs and kill you from within.

Catwoman: You done, Red?

Poison Ivy: Do you really think you can beat mother nature? A billion micro-organisms will enter your bloodstream. Spores will grow, replacing the blood in your veins, and when I'm done, your flesh will be replaced with bark.

Catwoman: Are we done yet, Ivy? I just want to talk. That's all.

Poison Ivy: If you're still breathing, it's not over.

Catwoman: She's consistent. I'll give her that.

Poison Ivy: I've spent weeks perfecting the toxins that will destroy your pathetic meat sack of a body.

Catwoman: Look, Red, I just need your help.

Poison Ivy: Never!

[When Catwoman conquers all enemies, Ivy grabs her with her vines hanging her head down.]

Catwoman: Not again.

Poison Ivy: You've got some nerve, Selina.

[She touches Catwoman’s face with her poisoned tentacle. We move back to Batman, who's in a difficult situation. Harley Quinn is getting ready to take his mask off!]

Joker: Get back here, Harley! (coughs)

Harley Quinn: But I want to know who he is, sweetie.

Joker: No one's who you think they are, my dear. Why spoil the fun?

Batman: It was all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you.

Joker: Nice of you to say, but you of all people should know... There's plenty wrong with me.

[He comes out of the shadows with a big smile. His face is covered with boils and his right eye is filled with blood.]

Joker: Take my blood for example. I wish somebody would... This stuff is killing me!

Batman: Why should I care?

Joker: Because now there's a teeny little bit of me in you too, Bats.

[Batman dramatically looks to his left and sees he's hooked up to a machine that injects the Joker's blood into him.]

Joker: Oh, c'mon. Don't tell me it's not what you always wanted. Look, we're running out of time, I need your help. I nearly had a cure; it was so close and then it was taken from me.

Batman: So we both die. I'm fine with that.

Joker: Are you? Imagine, sucking down that last breath, knowing that Gotham is doing the same.

Batman: What are you talking about?

Joker: Oh, didn't I say? I've spent weeks shipping samples of my blood to emergency rooms all over the city.

Batman: So, that's Protocol Ten. Poison Gotham. I expected more.

Joker: Protocol Ten? (dramatic grasp) Never heard of it. Hold tight!

[He pushes Batman, tied to a chair, out the window.]

Joker: I'll be in touch!

[Batman wakes up with a phone attached to his chest with scotch tape. The phone’s ringing.]

Batman: I'm listening.

Joker: Is someone feeling a little down?

Batman: What do you want?

Joker: Oh, Bats, cheer up. It won't kill you. Oops.

Batman: Where is the cure? Who has it?

Joker: I had our cold-hearted friend Mister Freeze making it. But he's gone dark on me.

Batman: I'll find him.

Joker: I bet you--

[Batman crushes the phone, takes the SIM card out of it and puts it in his suit’s computer.]

Batman: Alfred, Joker's poisoned me. He may have poisoned Gotham too. Mister Freeze has the only cure.

Alfred: (via radio) What are you waiting for then? He's in Arkham City. Find him!

Batman: If only it was that simple. He'll be somewhere cold. He needs to be kept at sub-zero temperatures to survive.

Alfred: I don't wish to worry you, but it is the middle of winter out there.

Batman: I noticed. I've calibrated the cowl to track heat signatures. I'll find the coldest point in Arkham City.

[He starts flying around town looking for the coldest point. Along the way, he hears the conversations of different gangs of inmates sometimes kicking their asses.]

Batman: Freeze's lab must be this way. I'm definitely heading towards the coldest point.

Joker: I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. A hotline straight to my bestest friend in all the world. Just think, I can call you up whenever I get bored. I think our relationship is really maturing here. The next thing you know is we'll be exchanging emails
or meeting up for romantic dinners.

Inmate: Who do you think will be next?

Inmate: Quin Ds sending people out looking for Freeze. If he double crossed Joker, I'm figuring we'll be sticking him in sooner or later.

Inmate: I think we're going to need a bigger car.

Inmate: I'm telling you. It's all true. The Joker's dying in there, This is our last chance to show all the other freaks in this place who's the real boss of Arkham City.

Inmate: Yeah! I'm ready to go out there and kick some Penguin ass.

Inmate: Me too!

Inmate: We do this for the Joker! When we roll outta here, we find anyone who may know where Freeze is, and beat the information out of them!

Inmate: It's Batman!

Political Prisoner: If anyone can hear this, I'm on the root of the old Gotham FM building. I think it's on the North bank of the Gotham River. Someone's hunting me. I need help!

Inmate: Nah. Getting caught is their problem.

Inmate: True.

Inmate: Anyway, from up here we can see what the clown's planning.

Inmate: Who cares what he's planning. Everyone's saying he'll be dead soon.

Inmate: What the hell happened?

Inmate: Don't know. Gas leak?

Inmate: I saw him. He appeared out of nowhere. Took out everyone in the court.

Inmate: At least the kitty cat got offed.

Inmate: He saved her too. And took out the boss.

Inmate: So what now? Batman and Catwoman are free, Two Face is strung up and we're stuck out here in the cold.

Inmate: It's the freakin' Bat!

Inmate: Why'd he save Catwoman. She's a thief like us, right?

Inmate: She's better looking than you. And who say she's one of us? I hear she plays both sides.

Inmate: So what are we going to do now?

Inmate: I'm off to find Black Mask.

Inmate: Why?

Inmate: I used to roll with him. He'll remember me for sure. I can put in a good word if you like.

Inmate: Yeah that would be cool.

Inmate: Screw Black Mask. The real power in this place is Joker.

Inmate: You think? I heard he was sick.

Inmate: Of course he's sick. It's the Joker

Inmate: How did he know?

Inmate: He's got some kind of deal going with Strange. That's why he's got Freeze down there.

Inmate: Batman! It's Batman!

Inmate: Batman! He's here!

Inmate: I don't know. Maybe I was taking a leak?

Inmate: Look out! It's Batman!

Hugo Strange: (via radio) The perimeter wall is out of bounds to all residents of Arkham City.

Inmate: There you are, Bat. Get over here! I've found Batman!

Inmate: What?

Inmate: You're not getting past me again!

Inmate: What's the Bat doing here!?

Inmate: Lookout! Batman's here!

Inmate: Sharp must have paid off big time to pull this off.

Inmate: What the hell kind of plants are those?.

Inmate: They look kind of familiar.

Inmate: Since when have you been into flowers?

Inmate: I'm not!

Inmate: Sounds like you are.

Inmate: I'm just saying I'm sure I've seen them somewhere. Where was it?

Inmate: Back in your bedroom? Next to the pink satin sheets?

Inmate: Are you looking to get your head put through that window?

TYGER Helicopter: We've lost sight of Batman. I repeat, target is missing.

Inmate: Where is it?

Inmate: I don't know. I'm sure this is the place.

Inmate: So do we just wait?

Inmate: We have to. I'm hungry, man. I want to be first in line when the food comes.

Inmate: And you're sure it gets dropped off round here? How do you know?

Inmate: I heard one of Joker's guys talkin' bout it back there.

[Batman finally finds the coldest spot in town.]

Batman: The old GCPD building Freeze must be using one of the old forensic labs give got to get in there.

Inmate: What's stopping it?

Inmate: The door, it's shut tight!

Inmate: So what now?

Inmate: You two keep trying to get in. I'll blow their faces off If they try to get out.

Inmate: And then what? We just grab Freeze and take him back to the Joker?

Inmate: Sounds like a plan. Anyone got anything to smoke?

Inmate: Nah, I'm out. Since Joker and Penguin went to war, It's getting harder and harder to get what you need in here.

Inmate: I know what you mean. Maybe Penguin's crew has got some. Guess we can find out after we kill 'em all.

[Batman quietly knocks them out the fully armed inmates.]

TYGER Helicopter: Target in sight.

[On one of the inmates, Batman finds a radio with the Penguin's voice coming from it.]

Penguin: Can you hear me? What's going on? On, for the love of...

Penguin: If any of you idiots at the GCPD are still capable of breathing, switch to channel Puffin-Zero. Do you understand? Puffin-Zero. Now!

Batman: If I hack the radio, I’ll be able to listen in to all of Penguin's communications.

[He hacks the radio and enters the GCPD building.]


Inmate: The Joker's crew are still outside, Mr. Cobblepot.

Penguin: (via radio) Good. Make sure it stays that way.

Inmate: No problem. Listen up. The boss wants this place held tight. No one in or out. You see one of Joker's crew, waste 'em.

Inmate: What about Batman?

Inmate: Kill him too.

Inmate: Just like that?

Inmate: Just like that!

Inmate: What does it look like?

Inmate: How do I know?

Inmate: So how will we know when we find it?

Batman: Penguin's thugs have got this room locked down tight. I need to find different way in.

Inmate: What does Freeze do here, anyway?

Inmate: No idea. All I know is Penguin wants it. It's good enough for me.

Inmate: We can't find it. It's not here!

Penguin: (via radio) Let's get this straight. Are you telling me that you are all so incompetent that you need me to come down there and help you search a room?

Inmate: Err, no. I mean...

Penguin: (via radio) Well, it sounds like that's what you're saying.

Inmate: Please, Mr. Cobblepot. I didn't mean it. We'll find it.

Penguin: (via radio) Good. Oh yeah, one last thing. I hear Batman's coming your way. Good luck.

Batman: Penguin's keeping track of his crew using heartbeat monitors. He'll know each time take someone out. I need to
move quickly.

Penguin: (via radio) Are you mocking me about? Find him!

Inmate: Penguin gave an order, so MOVE!

Inmate: I've got someone here!

Inmate: This is no good. He won't wake up!

Inmate: How's he keep doing this? What's going on?

Inmate: Shut the hell up. We need to keep looking or we're all dead!

Inmate: What's wrong?! Too scared to show yourself?

Penguin: (via radio) I'm running out of patience. You're running out of people. Let's see what runs out first!

Inmate: You heard what the Penguin said, right?

Inmate: It came from over here! I'm sure of it!

Inmate: There's someone here!

Inmate: There you are, Bat. Get over here! I've found Batman!

Inmate: He's gone! I lost him.

Penguin: (via radio) Two down.

Inmate: We've got to find him. NOW!

Inmate: I know what you're doing and it ain't gonna work! Or now?

Inmate: Jeez! It's you. I could have killed you!

Inmate: Stop pointing that thing at me!

Inmate: He's here, Mr. Cobblepot. Batman's here!

Penguin: All alone, son. You'd better not piss me off by dying. I'd hate to have to wake you up to kill you again.

[Eventually, there's only one inmate left in the lab.]

Inmate: Please! I give up. Look at me! I’m dropping my weapon. You don’t need to hurt me!

Batman: Where's Freeze?

Inmate: He's in the museum! Penguin's got him!

Penguin: (via radio) I'll have to cut that tongue out of your head, boy. I don't like people tellin' tales on me.

Inmate: No! I'm sorry, Mr. Cobblepot. He made me tell him.

Penguin: You can leave him, Batman. I'm safe and sound here in my Museum. Try and get me if you like. I've got plenty of surprises ready for you if you do, starting right now.

[A mild earthquake happens.]

Batman: That doesn't sound good. Alfred.

Alfred: (via radio) Hello, sir. Have you retrieved the cure from Mister Freeze?

Batman: There were complications. Penguin has got his hands on Freeze and trapped me in the GCPD building.

Alfred: (via radio) You do realize that you will actually die if you don't get this cure soon.

Batman: Thanks for reminding me, Alfred. I'm in a police building. Cobblepot's obviously bribed some official into giving him the lock codes for the municipal structures. I'm downloading the unlock codes right now.

[Once out on the street, Batman is in for a little surprise… The bridge to the police station explodes.]

Penguin: (via radio) See. I told you it would work. Blow the bridges and cut off the clown's forces. Easy.

Penguin Thug: (via radio) But Mr. Cobblepot, we're stuck too.

Penguin: (via radio) So?

Penguin Thug: (via radio) We can't get back.

Penguin: (via radio) And your point is?

Penguin Thug: (via radio) Well, it's just... You've left us over here with the Joker's crew.

Penguin: (via radio) Try to take some of them down before you die, son. (laughs)

Penguin Thug: (via radio) You bastard....

TYGER Helicopter: We have visual on the explosion. Thermal scans show multiple detonation points. Over.

Command Center: (via radio) Roger that AT3.

Hugo Strange: (via radio) It appears that Mr. Cobblepot has made his move. Leave them to it. It will be interesting to witness how things progress as we approach Protocol Ten.

Command Center: (via radio) Affirmative. AT3, continue your patrol. Out.

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